As election approaches, remember the ills of our nation as you consider the Pavlovian process of rewarding them with reelection.

By the end of this week, the folks elected to lead and govern our Republic will be looking at busting out for a five-week vacation. Yes, I know, they say they’re coming home to be with their constituents. So I challenge you, whatever your voting registration, observe how many of them conduct town hall meetings or listening tours, because here’s what’s facing them in the real world, outside the D.C. beltway:

1. They’ll be coming home to high food commodity and gas prices, which are not part of the consumer price index calculation. Any solutions?

2. We still have issues with many of the Veterans Administration hospitals and outpatient clinics. Any solutions?

3. They’ll see that many who once had a full time equivalent job are now working multiple part time positions — and a government mandated minimum wage hike is not the panacea. We need free market economic reforms that promote small business and private sector growth, not the snail-like recovery Americans are experiencing. It would be better if states made that happen and indexed a wage hike to the rate of inflation.

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