Another beautiful day in Oceania–birds are singing, flowers blooming, children are playing merrily in the sunshine…until the loving fist of Big Brother comes to whisk them away. Letting one’s offspring play outside in one’s own yard is unapproved parenting.

And “unapproved” is ungood. Let the State show you how it’s done, parents.

Florida officials removed two children from their parents’ custody because the 11-year-old boy was seen playing outside in his own yard, for 90 minutes.

How shocking!

The parents, being called Cindy and Fred, were on their way home, but delayed by traffic. Their 11-year old son got home before they did, and he didn’t have a house key, so he occupied himself by playing basketball in his yard. For about 90 minutes.

Emergency! Call the officers!

At least that’s what a neighbor thought, because they reported the alleged endangerment and the police called CPS.

So when Cindy and Fred arrived home they were arrested for child neglect — then fingerprinted, strip-searched, and held in jail overnight.

Their kids, meanwhile, including their 4-year-old boy, were removed from the home and from their parents’ custody for one month.

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