In states around the country, it is the state level religious liberty legislation that has protected committed Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others from being forced to provide goods and services against their will in gay marriage ceremonies.

Georgia is facing a very close election. Public polling has the Democrat leading the Republican for the U.S. Senate seat. The Republican Governor is neck and neck with Jimmy Carter’s grandson. And Georgia’s Chamber of Commerce today wants Georgia’s Republicans to publicly stand against Hobby Lobby, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and religious liberty in general. Many of the state’s Republican leaders will do exactly that because they are so beholden to the Georgia Chamber.

It would be a very good time, with twelve days left, for conservatives to get Republicans in Georgia on the record to find out if they support religious liberty. Georgians have twelve days to get public pledges from their legislative and executive leaders on whether they would protect Georgia’s small businesses from persecution. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce wants to make Christians care in Georgia.

Georgia’s Republicans need every vote they can muster, but conservatives need some immediate assurances the GOP will support religious liberty protections in return for a vote.

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