Fast food workers may very well be meeting their worst nightmare. While they were out, protesting for $15, Miso Robotics were busy creating, “Flippy.”

Flippy is a quicker, more efficient alternative to humans, and could quickly take over the fast food chain market.

Earlier this week, CaliBurger – an international chain that operates in twelve countries, including the US where it now has seven locations – announced it would roll out Flippy in more than 50 locations by the end of 2019, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. For now, the robot is getting a test run at a location in Pasadena, California, near both the CaliBurger and the Miso Robotics headquarters (which I assume could be very helpful if the robot suddenly becomes sentient and seeks to meet its creator).

While they state that “Flippy” is not currently meant to replace people, I think it is quite clear that this will quickly become the agenda.

Why would companies continue to put up with protestors and underperforming employees, when they could save money and work more efficiently with machines?

Fast food jobs absolutely do not deserve $15 an hour. They are a minimum wage job because they require minimum skills. No one is supposed to support themselves for the rest of their lives at a stepping stone job. You work there while you grow and better yourself to move on to a better career.

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