How many troops do we have stationed all over the globe?  To
get an accurate (verifiable) figure, it would behoove us to
approach the military, itself.  Whether we can trust any of
government anymore, or not, they should come clean with us.

There are countries at war with each other or at each
others’ throats in various parts of the world, not to even
mention Ukraine, Syria, Israel, etc.  And it’s very much
about borders.  Can anyone even imagine entering ANY other
country without a passport, visa, identification, etc., and
have not one person challenge us?  It’s just not done.
Borders have a purpose.  Every country has a duty to protect
its own cities, farms, factories and citizenry and its
borders alert all others that herein lies an autonomous
enclave and they can receive permission to come and go with
the government’s invitation.  With proper identification and
permits, most counties are friendly and invite vacationers,
travelers and a certain number of immigrants to enter
peaceably.  All countries detest illegal entry.

There are troops currently stationed on home soil that could
be given this mission that would have nothing to do with the
United Nations, any other government and could compose a
realistic new “Southern Command” worth its salt.

Ok, bring enough of those protecting or prying into other
governments’ business back home to protect our own borders.
With 1575 miles of border from San Diego to Brownsville,
Texas, station one at every mile, with cell phone, arms, and
backup every few miles, three shifts, with a backup shift or
two and there we have a totally secure border with less than
10,000 troops.  For the immeasurable loss of troop lives in
the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention
everywhere else in the world, we would have a force with a
“real” mission to guard their and our own borders from all
enemy combatants, illegals, foreign murderers, rapists,
infiltrators, spies, drug traffickers and human smugglers.

I think we could fashion a very workable plan and it would
cost billions less than building a fence, an egregiously
bloated congressional budget filled with everything
conceivable that had nothing to do with the border, and it
could take effect in a matter of weeks.  The legitimate
Border Patrol could continue to do its job at regular
portals but the Army would secure the miles of open space
and tunnels that permit illegal entry, subversion and other
crimes that now offer utter chaos.

We already have the troops; we already have the equipment,
and probably more transportation than necessary to do this.
Give the Army a mission – and we can all be protected.  To
do this, however, needs a CINC worth his salt and a military
to override his resistance.  I’m sure there are enough good
commanders with the knowledge, wisdom and experience to
effect such a plan, logistics, etc., to get the job done.

There are probably many other concepts of secure borders;
if there are better, let’s hear them.