That is an amazing amount of golf. Do professionals even play that much?
Check it out:

As much of the nation huddles in a dangerous deep freeze, vacationing President Obama on Saturday wrapped up his two-week Christmas vacation by playing his 160th round of golf in his sunny birth state, Hawaii. The temperature: 79 degrees.

His latest round means that Obama has played golf an average of once every 11 days in office.

During his break in Hawaii, Obama played nine rounds of golf. On Thursday, he played at Kaneohe Bay on Oahu with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who is also on vacation on the island.

That outing won the attention of at least one network. CBS This Morning co-host Norah O’Donnell reported Friday: “President Obama doesn’t get a lot of time off, but when he does, there’s a good chance he goes golfing. And the president has played 159 rounds since he took office, including 27 games in his home state of Hawaii. That’s according to a CBS news count by Mark Knoller.” Knoller is the long-serving CBS radio reporter well known for his accurate presidential statistics.

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