Kennesaw State University (KSU) recently paid ‘60s radical, Angela Davis, $20,000 to speak on Martin Luther King Day. Upon learning of this outrage, my first response was that the president of KSU should be fired. My second thought was that asking Angela Davis to speak on Martin Luther King Day was an insult to Dr. King and his legacy. Why such a strong reaction on my part? After all, many today don’t even know who Angela Davis is or what she did in the 60s. However, those of us who are old enough to have lived through that turbulent decade know that paying Angela Davis any amount to speak on any day borders on the criminal.

First some background on Angela Davis by way of Dr. Jefrey Breshears, founder of The Areopagus—a Christian Education organization: “…Davis is the unrepentant ‘60s radical, Marxist, and black racist who at one time was on the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ list. In her prime she was a leader of the Black Panther Party. She is also a retired professor with the ‘History of Consciousness Department’ at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a former director of the university’s Feminist Studies Department.” Just as an aside, the fact that a university would even have a “History of Consciousness Department” or a “Feminist Studies Department” is why Yale computer science professor, Daniel Gelernter said: “…colleges and universities are threatening to become an elaborate, extremely expensive practical joke.”

But teaching nonsensical college courses that amount to nothing more than empty politically-correct pandering, is hardly the worst of Angela Davis’ sins. Davis made the FBI’s Most –Wanted List” when she was a fugitive from justice wanted on charges of murder and kidnapping. In 1970 a young black man broke into a courtroom where a convict—also black—was being tried in the murder of a prison guard. He armed the defendant and two other convicts who were in the courtroom as witnesses. Together, this group of armed thugs kidnapped the judge, the prosecutor, and three female jurors. When in trying to escape, the armed convicts ran into a police roadblock. In the ensuing shootout, the convicts killed the judge, paralyzed the prosecutor for life, and wounded one of the jurors.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Angela Davis had purchased two of the guns used by the convicts in the shootout, including the sawed-off shotgun used to murder the judge. California law stated that anyone complicit in the commission of a crime was a principal in that crime. Rather than turn herself in and cooperate with police, Davis went into hiding. Three months later she was finally captured by the FBI. Brought to trial for her involvement in the murders, Davis’ defense was bankrolled by the International Communist movement. She was eventually acquitted by a jury stacked with sympathizers. However, few thought she was innocent. Davis has since become an advocate of eliminating all prisons, claiming that any black person imprisoned is a political prisoner. Dr. King must be rolling over in his grave that this advocate of violent overthrow of the establishment would be asked to speak on a national holiday established to honor him his non-violent civil rights movement. During his life, Angela Davis’ comments about Dr. King were derogatory, pejorative, and insultingly disrespectful.

Dr. King’s movement was steeped in Scripture, operated out of churches, included people of good will from all races and both genders, and was committed to non-violence. Angela Davis on the other hand was committed to secular humanism, rejection of all races except the black race, and the violent overthrow of the so-called white establishment. Dr. King believed in the promise of America for all people and rested his arguments firmly on the Constitution and Holy Bible. Angela Davis hated America and wanted to burn it down. To her the Constitution and the Holy Bible were just meaningless documents to be trashed along with anything else that did not comport with her violent Marxist worldview.

That a university would invite Angela Davis to speak on any day is bad enough, but that it would pay her $20,000 to speak on Martin Luther King Day is absurd. Why not just invite the head of Al Qaeda or ISIS to speak? After all, like Angela Davis they too hate America and want to see it destroyed. But money is not the real problem here. The real cost of pandering to racial and gender bigots cannot be measured in dollars and cents. In a guest column for his hometown newspaper in Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Brashears wrote the following about the damage done to higher education by pandering to Angela Davis and her ilk: “…the true cost of higher education cannot be measured in dollars alone. Far more troubling than the economic factor is the social, political and moral climate on most campuses. Ideologically, most of these colleges and universities function literally (not hyperbolically) as cultural Marxist indoctrination centers, undermining the very values that led to the founding of these institutions generations ago.”

What is especially troubling or at least should be is that parents spend massive amounts of money—often going into lifelong debt—to send their children to universities that are determined to turn the children against the parents; to make the values of the parents anathema to the children. Princeton University philosophy professor, Richard Rorty, once claimed that college professors have one main purpose. That purpose is to ensure that students who come to college with conservative or religious values “leave college with views more like our own” (in other words, more like those of leftwing Marxist professors). And you thought the job college professors is to teach students how to think for themselves. How 1950s of you.

Rorty even condescendingly warned parents that “we are going to go right on trying to discredit you in the eyes of your children” until “your views seem silly rather than discussable.” In other words, Rorty and his ilk in higher education are blatantly telling parents that they are going to charge them an arm and a leg to ruin their children. Yet parents continue to spend small fortunes sending their children to what Dennis Prager has called “the most Godless place in American society.”

Angela Davis should be in prison, not spouting anti-American propaganda to naïve, mushy-headed college students for $20,000 per speech. Further, those weak-willed, pandering, intellectually feeble college administrators who pay Angela Davis and her ilk to poison the minds of young students who are susceptible to their fabrications, distortions, and outright lies should be incarcerated with her. But what about the $20,000 Davis was paid for speaking at KSU. Here’s an idea. Why not require her to donate it to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Non-Violence.