I was going to write about the local Occupy events here in the Upstate of South Carolina after their big dates of 5/1 and 5/5 but, thankfully, their movement was on par with a newborn’s bowel movement. I had my “Shut Up Hippies” Reagan shirt on and nowhere to go. There was one girl with a sign downtown but that was about it. I got a copy of a local entrepreneurial magazine “Capital at Play” to give her but she had packed it up and left by  the time I got back to her.

With that idea for an article a dead-end, I am turning to an idea that has been on the backburner since I started my opinion pieces. Long before I started writing for Patriot Update, I tried to bring the truth to the people in my inner circle. Though I rarely send a mass email, I felt the Presidential election of 2008 too important to pass without trying to make my friends/acquaintances analyze then-candidate barack obama. All based on my own research back then in the fall of 08, I presented what I thought were danger signs along with links to supporting materials, many or most of these links still exist (in a few instances below that had dead links, I replaced them with essentially equal links from before the 08 election…no revisionist history here). As with most mass emails, a few replied but mostly it was the Democrat zombies that ignored the truth and wanted to pick a fight. I have not read this email that I am cutting and pasting below but think it will be interesting to read it three years later. Was I right about the big o? The email below is unaltered and the only additions will be some photos and my new thoughts [placed in these brackets] as I read it with you right now:

Take a second and read before tomorrow…

Hi gang.

Sorry if you feel this is the wrong venue but, with such an important election tomorrow, I feel I have to reach as many people as possible. I compiled this information today.

I was speaking with someone the other day and running down a list of shady/questionable/evil/impractical aspects of Obama. She said if that were even half true, no one would vote for him. She also stated that I must have been getting my information from right-wing blogs or arcane websites. I pointed out that this was all mainstream news, though it was normally just barely reported and then buried. I googled and provide some links for support but you can check for yourself on any item you doubt. Can you actually vote for Obama if even a portion of this is true? Don’t be cowardly and discard this as just partisan politics. Have the guts to question your motives and your candidate if you are for Obama. 

  • Obama promises free healthcare [DONE], free college [WORKING ON IT], free daycare and even tax returns to people that DO NOT even pay taxes [DONE]. This is essentially establishing a welfare state in the US, as the Wall Street Journal states. What happened to paying your way in life? Getting student loans? Getting tax returns on taxes you have paid? All of this is wrong and look at what you are at risk of creating: (WATCH THIS ONE) Trickle-up economics will not work, has never worked, and is contrary to the foundation of our country. [IS IT WORKING FOR US NOW, THREE YEARS IN?]
  • What is ‘wealthy’ in Obama’s mind? He has gone from $300,000 being the threshold for paying more taxes, then it was $250,000, then $200, 000, then $150,000 and has been stated to be as low as $120,000 (HERE). To pay for his new spending, it will have to go lower still. In fact, he voted last year to increase taxes for people making as little as $42,000 and, if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire in 2010, he will again. Here are the facts about his tax plan and how it would hurt average citizens as well as small business owners: An argument against Obama’s tax plan 
  • The LA Times is currently sitting on a video they will not release that shows Obama at a going-away party for former terrorist and PLO/Arafat spokesman Rashid Khalidi. It is reported that the video, for which the LA Times has only partially provided a transcript, has Obama flourishing praise on Khalidi as his friend and states his hope of a continued relationship. The video reportedly includes others accusing Israel of terrorism, downplaying the holocaust. Other attendees included terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.
  • Obama plans to bankrupt the coal industry, even though 50% of our energy comes from coal. His out of touch energy policies will crush our economy and is hinged in a fantasy world where we can cut all current energy producing means magically and survive. Obama’s running mate has made similar comments about the coal industry. 
  • Obama attended a hate-filled, racist church nearly 500 times by his own admission (twice per year for 20 years). His long-time pastor, ‘I-won’t-say-reverend’ Wright, spews hate speech against other races and the US all the time. In addition to this, Wright has met with and supported Lewis Farrakhan and this is the same Farrakhan that calls Obama the Messiah [THE ORIGINAL LINK IS DEAD SO GO HERE]. Wright is the man that guided Obama’s spiritual growth for the last two decades and, when you listen to him, you can understand why Obama and his wife seem to hate the USA.


• Obama is a devotee of Saul Alinsky, 60s radical and self-described Communist, who stated that the US should be overthrown one city at a time. Obama’s wife quotes Alinsky in her speeches (when she is also stating America is a hateful country and she has never been proud of it before her husband ran). Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn bombed police stations, the Capitol and the Pentagon during the 70s. Ayers stomped on an American flag and declared “Guilty as hell, free as a bird. I love this country” when he was released from prison on a technicality. Dohrn, Ayers’s wife, served time for her participation in bombings. “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough,” Ayers told the New York Times in an interview released on Sept. 11, 2001. Obama first said they only lived in the same neighborhood. Then, when caught in that lie, said he was only on a charitable board with Ayers. That has since proven to be a lie too since Obama went so far as to provide promotional quotes for Ayers’s book and Obama even launched his political career at a party in Ayers’s own home. Most troubling, Ayers is involved in a radical school initiative that attempted to teach children Socialistic beliefs and he trusted Obama so much, he allowed Obama to control $100,000,000 in spending for the school. If Obama didn’t believe in the Ayers’s teachings, would Ayers trust him so? [THIS HAS ALL BEEN PROVEN TRUE AND IT HAS RECENTLY COME TO LIGHT THAT BILL AYERS’S FATHER WAS A FINANCIAL SUPPORTER OF oBAMA LONG BEFORE oBAMA CAME TO PUBLIC LIFE.]

• His own aunt, whom he speaks fondly of in his book, has been found to be in the US illegally, lives in a slum and has not spoken to Obama in months. Obama’s half-brother lives in a hut in Kenya, subsisting on a few dollars per year. This is a man that, in his speeches, says that we must be our brother and sister’s keeper. It is assumed that he means that taxpayer money should be used to keep them and not his own.

• Socialism seems to be an ever-present theme in Obama’s campaign. It is ominous that his Houston campaign headquarters proudly flies a Che Guevara flag but, now that time has passed, it makes sense. His infamous “…spread the wealth around” has been well publicized. That belief in itself should prohibit ANY American from voting for him. It goes against everything that our country was founded upon. [IS THERE ANY DOUBT NOW THAT THE MAN IS A SOCIALIST?]

• Obama, if elected, supports legislation that will end private union votes. This will mean that a vote to unionize will have to be public, coercing those that do not support unionization into supporting it under the threat of violence if they publicly state their opposition. This will lead to a vast increase in unions in the US and is so radical and wrong that even McGOVERN is against it. [BETWEEN ILLEGAL APPOINTMENTS TO THE LABOR BOARD AND THE MASSIVE ATTACK FROM THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION ON NON-UNION BUSINESSES, IS THERE ANY DOUBT AS TO HIS HATRED OF FREE ENTERPRISE?]

• Obama was a senator less than 200 days before announcing his bid for the presidency after stating he would not do so. Obama’s lack of actual accomplishments and resume padding began in the Illinois senate and I won’t even go into the gutless “Present” votes that he cast.

• Obama lied about adhering to public financing regulations for his campaign.

• Obama has a long, sorted history with slumlord Tony Rezko in Illinois and some of their dealings boarder on illegal. Do your research on how Obama got his home at a cut-rate.

• Obama has stated his support for militant Muslim in Kenya and may have been Muslim at one time. He lived in Indonesia when he was growing up and, in that country, one CANNOT attend school unless they are Muslim. One’s religion should never matter in an election but why lie unless it is true?

• Obama was the defending attorney for the completely corrupt voter-registration organization ACORN in the 90s and has continued a close association with them. “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” — Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007. Recent examples of voter fraud in support of Obama are readily available and ACORN had a hand in the recent subprime mortgage crisis, sharing the blame with Dems Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

• Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, mortgage banking institutions that were strong-armed by the government starting with the Clinton administration to provide subprime loans to undeserving applicants that never had any chance of paying back the loans, gave millions to members of Congress to keep them happy and assure their cooperation. Though he was only in the Senate four years, Obama is 2nd on the list of highest donation recipients. SECOND in only four years (behind only Chris Dodd who, along with Barney Frank, was the mastermind behind the recent mortgage industry collapse)! Now disgraced Fannie & Freddie heads are acting as advisors for Obama.

• Do your homework on Obama’s friend and crook, Franklin Raines.

• Even if you are in favor of abortion rights, Obama is FAR left. He fought to withhold care from aborted fetuses that were still living after the procedure and instead viewed them as medical waste. Also see here and here.

• After calling Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and Iran “small countries that pose no threats”, he stated that he would meet with their leaders unconditionally.

• Obama, though stating he wants to bring our troops home from Iraq, requested that Iraqi authorities delay suggesting troop reductions until after the election. It is assumed he requested this so the current administration would not receive credit for such withdrawals. This is underhanded and such an attempt to undermine foreign policy is also, by definition, treason (a violation of the Logan Act).

• Dems have stated their desire to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine, an antiquated law that will be used to destroy talk radio and any dissenting voice over the airwaves in America and, if Obama is elected, it is feared that they will get their way. The Democrat party already controls the print media and TV ‘news’ shows and they are now making a move to defeat the last stronghold of contrarian view.

• In defending his hate-filled preacher, Obama described his grandmother as a “typical white person” that harbors racism.

I just found this site and it goes into far more details than I ever could: theobamafile.com


I compiled all of this myself in a little over an hour. I do not live in a cabin in the woods somewhere writing my manifesto. I just love this country and respect the aims of our Founding Fathers and the patriots that bled and died for our freedoms. That we would now flirt with socialism is shocking and depressing. Do your own research and think for yourselves. If you think that the US is best as a nanny state that will quash competitive drive, production and innovation, vote for Obama. If you think it is the government’s responsibility to provide for every need you have, vote for Obama. If you agree with the adage “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, vote for Obama. (That quote is from Karl Marx, by the way.) If you agree with Obama and believe that the US is no longer a great country, vote for him. If you agree that we should kneel at the alter of the UN and become another lapdog of a one-world government, vote for Obama. If you just childishly want to vote “Against Bush” even though Bush is not running, vote for Obama.

On the other hand, if you believe that our country is a great country, vote for McCain. If you think that government should be smaller, vote McCain. If you think that pork spending should end, vote McCain. If you believe in supporting heroes that have actually worked for and suffered for this country, vote for McCain. If you believe in drill here, drill now as well as funding alternatives, vote for McCain. If you believe in actually working together in a non-partisan way, vote for McCain and his history of doing just that. If you believe in teaching a man to fish instead of just giving a man a fish, vote for McCain.


Just think, for one minute, about this mountain of evidence. Sure you can believe some of it may be an exaggeration…or a lie…or a mistake but you must admit that where there is smoke, there is fire. Once all is said and done, there is no way that you can support Obama and the aims of our Founding Fathers at the same time. No way. Vote for McCain and against socialism tomorrow. Think before it is too late.

So, how did I do three three-plus years ago? It seems the same problems exist for obama and, in fact, my fears have only grown. I TRULY hate to say “I told you so” in this case. I love being right but love my country more. I wish our President loved our country as well. I wish he was a uniting force. Instead, he is the closest thing to a Manchurian Candidate that we have ever had and I have not even touched on the massive amount of evil and corruption inflicted upon us by obama since slinking into office. In recent days, Glenn Beck has done a stunning and disturbing documentary on the lies obama has created to hide his real nature and the new book, The Amateur by Edward Klein, does a great job unmasking the real obama through interviews with those that know him best. Again, I ask us all to do our research, spread the word, and save this country. We are six months out from the most important election in our lifetime. Will we stand for liberty or surrender to socialism/progressivism?

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As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.