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Holder and Big Sis: Protecting You Against Americans 24/7, 364

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


NAPOLITANO:  What I’d say to the American people is that we are — uh, and thousands of people are — working 24/7, 364 days a year to keep the American people safe.

RUSH:  What is the one day they are not working to keep people safe?  It can’t be Ramadan because that’s like a month.  What is the one day? Well, she said “24/7, 364 days a year.” (interruption) No, because in leap years it would be two days. It would be 366. Election Day?  Maybe it’s Election Day.  Martin Luther King Day?  What day are they not working to keep us safe?  Obviously here a… What would you call this?  A gaffe.  And so on Morning Joe today, Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) they were talking about this gaffe, 364 days a year to protect the people.  

Scarborough said, “Help us out here, Andrea.” (impression) You know, I come from the No Labels group, and I don’t know what 364 means anymore because we don’t believe in labels and numbers are labels. So what is she talking about here?  “So, if Janet Napolitano says we’re not going to have to worry about terrorism because we’ve got people working 364 days out of the year…” By the way, Joe, you’re a No Labels guy. What are you doing talking about “terrorists” for? Isn’t that a label? I’m distracting myself. So, if Janet Napolitano says we’re not going to have to worry about terrorism because we’ve got people working 364 days out of the year are they giving us a heads up to let us know the day they’re all taking off so I can keep my family home?”

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    She was told to say that to get BO off the hook regarding the 57 states remark.

  • Am2sweet

    LIke I’d believe she could keep us safe. She’s another of the problems letting all the illegals in.

    I think Obama said 57 states because he was counting Mexico, and a few other countries that are connected to Mexico.

    • Dee

      I read someplace that islam has 57 states, maybe that was what obummer was referring to.

      This whole administration is an abomination.

    • Gus

      Actually the 57 comes from 57 Islamic states where his real loyalties belong!

  • Sam

    Obama said 57 states because there are 57 Muslim states. Obama claims to be a new Christian and he gets confused. (Sarcasim)

    • Am2sweet

      I didn’t know there were 57 Muslim states. That proves that he was no doubt born in one of them.

  • Esward Chandler

    Holder and Big Sis should have no place in our government

  • Jim

    Incompetant boobs engaged in suicidal nincompoopery!

  • sean murrey

    hloder is a crook along with big sis idiot.

  • sean murrey

    what a bunch of idiots holder and janet are along with the rest of those cohorts.

  • Dean

    There must be some big satanist holiday, is it Halloween?

  • tod

    This site has taken away our free Speech,is any other site out,there that still has free speech.It smeems as this site has been taken over.Please let me know.

  • Mark

    Oh, I feel so safe now. I think I would feel safer locked in a cage with a lion who hasn’t been fed in months and wrapped in raw meat! These people are the epitome of evil!

  • charles cureton

    Again, the intelligence of those who are
    supposed to be running the country. What a
    bunch of losers and jerk offs!!!!!!

  • DaNangMe

    Took notice that Napolitano went to the funeral of the slain Border Patrolman but didn’t bother to stop in to speak with the Head of the Arizona Sherriffs Assoc.Didn’t visit with Sherriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County either. That would obligate her to admit all her rhetoric about the safety of the border is just a big lie.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Holder is the first openly racist Attorney General by his demonstrated not prosecuting the Black Panthers at the voting poll. Napolitano is a joke who may as well have Obamas hand controlling a handle and lever behind her back as a ventriloquist would control a dummy. I find it hard to believe that Mapolitano believes what she herself says! However, there are a sufficient number of stupid citizens (mostly Democrats) who hang on her every word as fact.

  • Jason

    As I said before on this subject to the “Over Protection State” of the government…I Am Not Afraid, Stop Protecting Me! I have a better chance to be struck by lighting or die by a bee sting than attacked by a Terrorist. Quit taking my Rights for protection. Let me carry a gun and I’ll protect myself.

  • Thomas Martin

    Holder and Napolitano are both eleven eggs short of a dozen, just the kind of scum bags Barack Hussein Obama likes to surround himself with so he don’t seem so dumb, it almost works.

  • Julian Newton

    I am sure forigners are laughing hartily at us. The election of an unqualified individual is a shame we will never live down. Especially as they continue to let it be covered up so they don’t have to deal with the ball of worms there error has created oblivious to the fact that the longer it goes on the worse it will be. Maybe they feel like the deficit they will let the kids worry about it.

  • cheryl jessup

    Big sis has no more right to run Homeland Security than Bonnie and clyde have running a bank

  • William Henry

    The correct phrase is, the inmates are finally running the asylum. I kept hearing the mantra, prior to the November election, wait until Nov 2, the election is over and the republicans caved. They gave that sanctimonious clown in the white house victory after victory. What’s our new mantra going to be, wait until 2012?
    This election was wrought with voter fraud and what is holder doing about it? The military is still being disenfranchised by our government.

  • LF

    Oh yes, the liberals have a day in the year set aside especially for them- it could only be April Fool’s Day!

  • Robert Olson

    Are these evil devils going to protect all 57 states.