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House GOP Considers Privatizing Medicare

Friday, January 28, 2011


Months after they hammered Democrats for cutting Medicare, House Republicans are debating whether to relaunch their quest to privatize the health program for seniors.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is testing support for his idea to replace Medicare with a fixed payment to buy a private medical plan from a menu of coverage options.

Party leaders will determine if the so-called voucher plan will be part of the budget Republicans put forward in the spring.

“No decisions have been made on the details of our House GOP budget.” Michael Steel, a spokesman for Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Thursday. “There are a lot of ideas out there, and we’re going to listen to our members and the American people.”

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  • rose

    I would prefer to have my social security dollars put into a private fund than into
    the hands of the feds. Once they have your
    money, it becomes their personal piggy bank.
    They have been dipping and dipping into this
    fund for years without being held accountable for squandering your money!

    • Ginger


    • Charles McMurrough

      Rose, I couldn’t have said it any better.
      It’s the continued RAPE of the taxpayers.

    • George

      Great time for true input. Have transparant open discussions on radio and TV. Take deception from ‘Out of the ‘closet’ and ‘Back Room’.

    • Dan

      Rose is right on. In fact, the more government programs that can be privatized the better.

    • Bobcat

      AMEN to that!!!

    • Diane

      Bush was right on privatizing S/S, eg. in silver, gold or other minerals, NOT 401Ks or IRA’s as an option. If the tax consequence wasn’t so obscene, I’d dump my IRA’s in a hearbeat.

    • Bob

      Any law passed should include the lawmakers to be included in the same plan. And, add all public employees to the same plan as the rest of us. Then let’s see their honesty towards American Citizens. As an add-on, when an illegal seeks medical help, put a tourniquet and ship them back to their corrupt country.

    • Robert M Sterling

      I think all of congress & government and government should have the same hallth care, medicare and social security we have!!!

    • TheCarpathian

      Rose, dear Rose:

      The feds have not squandered the money we have been putting into the Social Security “Trust Fund!” NO! They have only borrowed it and replaced it with an IOU in the vast Federal Lock Box. Feel Better?

      The money is still technically there. But it can only be spent when the IOUs are called in and cash is diverted from elsewhere to cover the shortfall. If the money was in a bank account, it could gain interest, but alas, this is a concept is foreign to the creative accountants at Treasury. Better to have IOUs so the actual money can shore up Grape research, european schools, vast foreign aid to countries that would sooner see us dead or any other hair-brained project that logically cannot work – but is given the funds by a pork-barrel legislator.

      ’nuff said

      Problem is, there is no cash to divert. They have squandered THAT money and left the checkbook empty.

      See? You can trust the feds with your money.

      And the Easter Bunny will stand guard on the vault door with help from Ninja Lawn Gnomes and the Kung Fu Panda.

      Best is to just subsidize the individual premiums of seniors. The v ast, impersonal Bureaucracy will shrink and the insurance companies — acting under rules set by the feds — can take care of business. That is basically what happens with Congressional Health Care and what happened when I was a federal emplloyee “many moons” ago.

    • Peggy DeMoss

      I am for everyone (including all government employees – those that receive a check from our treasury) being put on social security. No more free retirement for these individuals who think they serve us – they only serve themselves. Remember, the democrats don’t want us to quit social security.

    • http://patriotupdate Melvin Robinson

      Peggy you need to relize that not all federal employes get there medical coverage. My wife is a federal empolee and she uses my medical coverage and that she also pays into medicare, state and federal taxes. Look at Presdient Obama’s aunt that lives in the state of Massachuetts, she is not a citisen but lives in low coast housing, she gets a paycheck every month free she is disabled, and she is going to collage on a free tuation and free Limo serivice ride to and from school on the tax payers dime that she never paid into.

    • Barb

      If this is true, which it probably is, she & others like her need to be cut off. That may sound heartless, but my husbands state pension is being cut & he actually worked to earn it. We will probably be out in the street & nothing will be done for us because we worked for what we get.My son at 42 had a ruptured brain anuerism , couldn’t work (wanted to but can’t get hired) and cannot get help.How is that fair. He worked for many years, they said he didn’t have enough credits.I think it would have taken a matter of a few months to a year to qualify.

    • Jobabba

      Barb, it is true about Obummer’s Aunt! I saw an interview that a journalist did with her and she said she thought she deserved to be supported by us tax payers! She thinks it is her right!

    • Colo43

      We can thank Lydon Johnson for the start of that dipping into SS.
      it should have never been allowed in the first place and certainly must end.

    • Buckeye

      Yes and remember Bush Sr. when he said “READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES” that was because he raided social security and gave all of rich friends the money. Bush Jr. and his henchmen took it all and except on paper there is not a dime left.

    • Bruce

      The dems raided the lock box long before Bush 1 & 2 were in the W.H. It is always the dems that take away government promises. Remember when the illegal imigrants were given SS benefits by warming, sweating Al Gore? Last I checked, Big Al was a Democrat.

    • Terry Winters

      When Clinton left office in Jan 2001 he left 2 Trillion in surplus in SS. If people remember he vetoed the budget led by the Republicans on 2 occasions in his first term that had cuts in Medicare. This is the main reason why he was relected. If you know your history Bush Jr. gave 1 Trillion back as a rebate and used the rest on the wars. I am an Independent but how soon people forget ot just do not want to know the truth. God Bless All.

    • danm3096


    • http://n/a Ed Botting

      The prices will go up and up, just like the “privatized” post office.

    • Otto

      Exactly. Medicare is not broken therefore does not need fixing. To turn it over to profit making Big Business would be a drastic mistake. The GOP had better fix their own earmarks and out of control spending before they attack the senior citizens health plan.

    • Diane

      Poor OTTO! If you think SS is not broken, you are sadly mistaken. LBJ BROKE it beyond fixing. Are you living like an Ostrich? It seems like it.

    • Frank

      Hell, we do not have to prioritize social security, just make congress take all the damn illegals off of it! Hell they (Illegals)make more than any senior citizen does or have congree pay the illegal out of their exhorbent salaries!!

    • stevor

      “Private fund” typically means Stock Market. That would sound good except that the Wall Street gang manipulate the stock market and skim off the top of it.
      With all that money in the stock market, it’d be more for them to skim off.

      I wish there was another option to do with the money.

    • selveamiche

      You just prefer to be raped by a private organization. Did you not pay attention to the Wall Street meltdown? How are Madoff’s investors better off because he was “private”? You need to stop worshiping the private sector. Government and the private sector are run by the same people. I guess you just feel safer.

    • selveamiche

      What part didn’t you like? Maybe you are one of the Madoff types who scammed his or her own clients. Oh, Private Capitalistic God of the Righteous United States, may you reign forever. Put your trust in men and they will disappoint you. That’s an understatement.

    • Am2sweet

      Rose, you are right. As long as they can have a company that isn’t under the thumb of the government it would be ok. Our problem is that the government is taking over too much private businesses.

    • Ham Radio Guy

      Rose, there are two kinds of “feds.” One kind wants to change the Constitution, and the other wants to restore it. I don’t have to tell you which is which.

      Johnson ruined Social Security by allowing the money to be placed in the general fund. He and his party are entirely to fault. It was not helped by reducing the Social Security payroll deductions by 2% this year. It is pure nonsense to reduce the revenues of an economically challenged program. If they knew anything about economics, they would have reduced the federal income tax; which would have been a real stimulus to the economy.

      Like many others, I am now in the position of hoping Social Security and Medicare will be alive as long as I am. I also hope they are not successful in implementing the scam of stealing everyone’s IRA and 401K and using the money to support Social Security. That is truly a communist plan to “share the wealth!”

    • danm3096


    • John

      If I was still paying into SS & medicare, I would elect this, but I’m not. I’m retired. So what would be my lot – to start paying for coverage (again)?????

    • Mitchina

      Now, now people… what ever would we do without all those government workers and union membership dues?

      You are all just being so silly now.

    • Robert LoPresti

      I don’t want my retirement money handled by any private company that will be unaccountable for the results. I don’t want congress, private companies or corporations, or wall street or anyone else to have access to my social security. Social security has paid us for about 80 years without default why should be change it now?

  • Frederick Smith

    As one who is on Medicare I can ill afford a plan that costs me anymore than I already pay. Being as you people do not have to pay for yours ever I think another position may be in order. If you want to privatize it for those who would become eligible after 2020 then by all means but as a Republican I can say it’s a bad Idea and don’t mess with Social Security, but make all the funds for Social security stay in that fund no Exception, no Borrowing, got it..

    • The Enemy

      To Fred: I hear you, buddy, as I’m on Medicare and SS too. But it is imperative that steps be taken to PRESERVE these programs, as the feds. are wrecking both. Therefore, I am for privatization. We can see how well privatization can work, if done right, by looking at Galveston County, Texas.

    • Jobabba

      Enemy, What do they really mean by “PRIVITASATION”? ( I PROBABLY DONT HAVE THAT spelled right). I would like to know a lot more about that option. I agree with some of the comments that said if the Fed would keep their freakin’ fingers out of the SS fund we have now it wouldn’t be broke! I do fear the unknown. Many of us have to live on SS and don’t really want to become homeless. The Congress and Senators dont have to worry because they are “set for life” with their amenities. And most of them are very wealthy because you cant get elected to the Garbage Patrol without tons of money!!!

    • Robert LoPresti

      You can hopefully remember what Wall Street and private corporations did with our money in 2008; we almost lost everything…Why should we return to that level of insecurity…???

    • GenEarly

      There are NO FUNDS ,hasn’t been any since LBJ.What planet have you been living on? You are a prime example of Cut,Cut,Cut,but not my pie!

    • murph

      Genearly………those of us on SS and Medicare already, had carefully gauged our financial resources and responsibilities according to current SS mandates, so we could retire financially adequate.
      Most are too old/sick to return to the work force to pick up the slack. Considering the job market, it would be nearly impossible. If our funds (which would have been more than adequate if the Feds had left them in SS and Medicare) are decreased, we stand to lose our homes among other losses. We made a forced bargain with the government that this wouldn’t happen. And YOU decide we’re crying over cut-backs?!! We’re down to the bone NOW. If they take any more…….we may as well be dead. Obama will have won.

    • Barbara

      Why can’t they just leave medicare & social security alone? We paid into this the entire time we were working, so leve it alone & REPLACE what you stole from us. If you want to cut something, cut MEDICADE.

    • Bobcat

      if we can get the illegals out of there and the one who have not paid into it out of there, there would be money in there for the people who did. and medicare

    • Mitchina

      My mother is 74, lives with my sister (and could with any one us, she just chooses her fav town) and still works part time at a department store. Maybe we should have all thought about that before we got here. I for one already know I am totally screwed when I become dependant, been preapring my son for this all his 10 little years of life so far. Told him last night, he better keep his grades up, do exta work and know what how to make and live off a dollar (which is now about 35% worth) because he can’t expect me OR the gvt to bail him out.

    • R A C

      Your are incorrect in saying that the folks in Congress do not have to pay for their health insurance. The plan they they are covered by does require monthly payments, has a yearly deductable, and a co-pay.

    • rod56

      you are incorrect..they do not have to pay for is all payed by the AMERICAN PEOPLE…

    • Colleen

      Absolutely correct! We pay their salary, therefore WE pay their payments.

    • R. CAMPER

      maybe true, but they do not have to take Obamacare and they get to keep their health care at the reduced rates that they now pay. Representative Bobby Schilling, Illinois 71st Congressional District, will keep his own medical plan and has refused to accept the gov. subsidized health care. The rest of the Feds. should follow his lead.

    • sal

      RAC you are an idiot, We do pay for their health care, their salary is paid w/US taxpayer money….moron

    • lois

      I say also, don’t mess with our social security that we have worked for years and paid our dues..We are sick of the government borrowing our money to bail out terriorists’ countries.Besides, why aren’t all of us afforded the same insurance plan that government employees have. I want their plan.

    • Mark

      Lois, would you clear something up for me? My question is, do you want the same plan that the government officials have for free? I hope you are not advocating for free health care. We are broke as a nation and that is not reality. I am pretty sure you are a rational person, but I haven’t got time to read all the posts. Just curious. Have a great day!



    • Bill Richardson


    • Barb

      Sorry to hear that,hope we can rid ourselves of this god forsaken healthcare plan. I use health care loosely. Too many earmarks to qualify.

    • squeak

      Lois, It is the same old crap,the americans have to cut & get the shaft so the congressmen & senators can keep their jobs with great wages & raises,healthcare,pensions & all their perks ! We are the ones that have to pay high taxes,gasoline prices,cigarette taxes,etc so we can give washington the good life while we have to cut,cut,cut our lifestyle. There is something wrong with this setup. They work for us,shouldn’t we tell them what they will get for healtcare, pensions,wages,jobs & perks, RIGHT? We all are there supporters,why do you think they fight to get reelected? TERM LIMITS ?

    • Misty

      Ahh when did they start charging for Medicare Part A. I know you have to pay for Part B and your supplement.

      The stuff you are getting now happens to be from the kids that are working now but since now one is working your in trouble. And those kids working will benefit from their kids if it lasts that long. Cause what you paid into it is long since gone.

    • Dave

      Medicare has administative costs equal to 2% of total program costs; Most private insurers are around 20%

    • azwayne

      Could we please see details for this quote? Figures based on what? With the millions lost to fraud and any crook in the country, you would make us believe the government can manage anything efficiently. Do you realize when government paid BC BS to administer medicare or other companies in each state it was cheaper and little fraud? Now please facts?

    • Dave

      This lists the study – medicare admin costs and private insurance costs. The difference is much lower than I originally stated but this still shows the efficiancy of Medicare.

      New England Journal of Medicine, 2003 3.6% 11.7%

      Council for Affordable Health Insurance, 2006 5.2% 16.7%

      American Medical Association, 2005 3.1% 14.1%

    • Pepe

      Where did you get those figures? What we need is true competition in health care then and only then will costs come down.

    • Elizabeth Skoglund

      I agree! Stop the extremism. Don’t correct one error by producing another. Don’t mess with Medicare and Social Security. And don’t forget that we paid into it.

    • Dan

      Where have you been Elizabeth? SS has been “messed with” since the LBJ administration. Our money has been used for other government spending since then. Basically, government stole the money from the SS fund.

    • JoJo

      Social security was created to be a SUPPLIMENT to one’s retirement income, not a retirement plan. Unfortunately, too many people figured that they didn’t have to plan for their future because the government would take care of them. People need to wake up and realize that a LOT of things need to go, and nothing will change until people get rid of the NIMBY attitudes. Congress wants to work a plan that will take 40 years to impliment. That won’t cut it. I think privatization is the way to go because the government doesn’t care if time and money is wasted, it can raise taxes or print money to get what it needs. Private businesses are held to a higher standard. Raise the retirement age to collect SS and medicare, and have those that are under 48-50 go into the new system. Twenty years should be more than enough time for people to save and rearrange their portfolios. As for medicAID, no more entitlements to illegals.

    • Pepe

      You are correct JoJo SS was meant to only be a supplement. Privatization and competition are the only true fixes. People crrently on it should be left alone.

    • GLS

      Well said… if someone wants a government funded retirement plan, try living in Russia. Like THAT’s working!!! SS is meant to be supplimental.

    • lynn arnett

      Frederick….I totally agree with you. I suppoet the idea of making changes to both Medicare and SS onthe basis of a graduated scale…ie, all thos already on Medicare or SS, SEE NO CHANGES, but those 55 to 65, see a additional 6-month waith for either program, 45 to 55 an additional years and so on back to age 18. I also agree that there need to be legislation passed that prohibits andy borrowing fromthe SS fund.

    • Uncle Ho

      To late it has already been plundered.

    • Jack

      Mr. Smith you are being conned, there is no money in the Social Security trust fund the
      crooks in D.C have spent it.
      If my money was in the market I would get three to four times what the government is paying out. Why do you think for two years there has been no cost of living raise in
      your check?

    • Bobcat

      and for those two years the cost of medicare has went up, so we have actually lost money on SS

    • GERRY

      Plus groceries and gas!! Gas over $3.00 per gallon.

    • iitywybad

      I am also on Medicare, and obviously you are not very well informed. I have Medicare Complete Secure Horizons provided through United Healthcare Secure Horizons and it doesn’t cost me anything. United Healthcare takes the Medicare Part B premium and provides everything except that I pay $39 a month for dental, vision, and hearing coverage. I pay the same co-pay for doctors, hospitals, and prescriptions that I paid before I retired 8 years ago. Maybe you should do a little research and find a Medicare Advantage plan that is best for you. Private companies do EVERYTHING better than the government except for the Military.

    • eileen

      Sorry, you certainly DO pay for your Medicare Part B. It comes out of your Social Security check each month!!! $110. Also, United collects over $800 per month from the government for carrying you.

    • Nina


      At least you have someting to collect each month. By the time I retire, there will be
      nothing left.

    • stevor

      It’s all a massive Ponzi scheme. Those at the top of the pile will get money and those on the bottom will get nothing.

    • squeak

      Stevor,when you pay into SS for around 50 years as we top people{ as you stated} did you will have earned SS also. So we top people are not getting anything we have not earned. There is no free gratis here ! Only illegals,welfare,etc get the freebies ! Are you one of them ??

    • http://none Karl

      Looking at the down Market today, and the 11,000 value for the Dow, I am not too strong on taking Medicare and putting it on the DOW. I am old, 76 years and I do not want Democrats to change what I paid for back years ago. I am now using Medicare as insurance in my last few years. Hope it stays there! Also I am a Republican.

    • anthony san diego

      “but make all the funds for Social security stay in that fund no Exception, no Borrowing, got it..”
      Are you suggesting that we continue to trust politicians?
      Either you’re young and foolish, or old and on the way to senility. There are ways to privatize social security without giving that power to thieves and liars.

    • Bill


    • Ham Radio Guy

      Fred, I’m there too. I do not see how they can draw a line and say that everyone currently on Social Security and Medicare need to find a new source of funds. I paid into these plans all my working life, and know that MY MONEY was used for people that were then receiving benefits. Now its payback time. It’s not my fault that the government squandered the money! The government needs to be FIXED! Does anyone know of a good vet?

    • squeak

      Frederick, I agree with you. We paid our dues through the years so now it is our turn to get the benefits due to us, right? GOP DO NOT MESS WITH OUR MEDICARE & SS. If so then you MUST change all your benefits. WE americans are sick & tired of getting the leftovers from you people in washington. We will see to it in the next election You will be on the outside looking in !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!

  • Larry

    I would like to know if any of the medical field will be consulted or are they going to jest ask the bartender at there watering hole they spend most of there time at.

  • dave stoops

    sure is nice to finally get some adult leadership back in the GOP

  • The Enemy

    I can’t wait to hear the avalanche of whining from the liberals on this proposal! They will be foaming at the mouth and uttering all kinds of hateful comments and calling conservatives all kinds of slur names! WHAT A GREAT SHOW IT WILL BE! As a Medicare recipient, I totally support the privatization of it as I do Social Security. The feds have wrecked both programs and we know that private enterprise can run ANYTHING better than the feds can, with the possible exception of the Dept. Of Defense. We need look no further than Galveston County, Texas for proof of this.

    • Debbie

      They wreck everything. Look at stamps.

      “Oh,,,we lost money this year. Let’s just add to the price again”.

    • Ham Radio Guy

      Since you mentioned Texas, it is a fact that the party of excess taxes is responsible for the tragedy that happened at Ft. Hood. It was Bill Clinton that issued the order that military personnel could no longer be armed while on base. That is why there was no one able to stop Major Nutjob and all those people died because of that order.

  • GenEarly

    This Federal Monstrosity will either be down sized to Constitutional limits (No Social Services: Education,Health,Human Services,Housing,SS,Medicare,Medicaid,etc.)OR fall of it’s own weight(DEBT)and Default. Either/Or

  • helen

    Absolutely the the medical doctors should be consulted because as we are headed, we are loosing the best of them.

    • Ginger

      providing the medical doctors are American.

  • shannon

    remove social security from the general fund and place it back into it’s own. time congress repays what they stole from it by taking it from their millions of personal assets they have gained from their positions. next, place them into socialsecurity and stop their free ride of full retirement for one term. make their terms limited to two for lifetime and they can not shift from house to senate or visa virsa. make them state employees as they are prepresenatives not the government themselves.

    • lois

      Sharon, you are absolutely right….our voices had got to be heard….

    • Ginger

      heres a way to save -have retired politicians have to take cuts in their pensions-unlike us, the retire with full salary & benefits, Imagine the money we could save. Plus they should have to have the same health care as the average American–after all-they are our employees, without us & our taxes they have no jobs.

    • Thomas E. Davis

      Your comments are totally deceptive. NO federal employee, i.e. NONE retires on FULL pay and/or benefits. They also pay into Social Security. There is enough solid tangible fault wirh our gevernment that we will address finally in 2012. Personally I am boosting for Sarah Palin amd Michele Bachmann to be on the Republican/Conservative/Tea Party Presidentiasl Ticket in 2012.

    • anthony san diego

      You are correct Thomas. Unfortunately, so many citizens are fed up with political harlots that they neglect to research the facts and thereby look foolish when they publish ignorant comments.

    • Jacqui

      The only ‘change’ that can clean up the mess created by these self-indulgent political elites is to limit their time in Congress. Check out –

    • Fred

      if the GOP wants to get this mess straightened out for our great country, they must make all Representitives and Senators be part of Social Security and whatever Health Care is mandated by government. These people are no better than all other AMERICANS. This is the only way to make them honest and accountalbe. “Let them reap what they sow.” Return all the moneys stolen from Medicare and Social Security. Give less money away to our Enemies. Open all oil fields to exploration and drilling. The only responsibility the government has is to protect our borders and our citizens.
      Have every Representitive and Senator memorize the Constitution of the United States. If they can’t resight it then they can’t remember it and they should find another way to serve the people then serving in either the House or Senate. Maybe their local Department of Sanitation. Our government has grown to big and spends too much money and their systems allow for coruption.

  • Mike Stewart

    Why do Conservatives complain when we take money from an entreprenuer and pass it to someone as an entitlement, yet when I (29 year old white male) complain about having to pay a social security tax that will never benefit me older folks get pissed?

    The problem with Republicans vs Libertarians is that they want to pick who wins. Why not a fair tax and everyone realize that the government’s role needs to be cut in half. Private business with smart government regulations to prevent crony capitalism… enough said!

    • GenEarly

      REAL Conservatives don’t complain.Progressive RINO Republicans like their Socialist cousins in the Dimicrat party complain and wail as they steal your money. I’m 63 son, and I don’t want or need your money,you earn it, you keep it!

    • R A C

      “smart government regulations” is an oxymoron. And just what genuine conservative “older folks” have a problem with your complaint about having to pay into a system that is clearly backrupt, and it’s obvious that the liberals will block fixing it?

    • anthony san diego

      Why not downsize government instead, remove the income tax entirely and get back what is outlined in the Constitution as the way to fund the federal government? By the way, we need to get rid of the FED as well. Since our country’s inception foreign bankers have controlled America’s wealth… that’s you and I and every other citizen.

    • Bobcat

      what’s wrong with the way the constitution had it set up? it worked that way for years till they started to get greedy!!!

    • sal

      You are correct about the FED. Only problem is look into history and see what happens when a president tries to get rid of the FED. Ever hear of JFK getting a few bullets in his head ?

  • Smokey Bob

    “The Enemy” comment above sounds like mighty good sense to me.

  • Seen2Much

    Take your SS contribution statement to a financial advisor and ask him to calculate how much you would have if the money had been put into a modestly performing mutual fund over the years and have much you could get per month in income had you been allowed to do that. After the initial rage you will feel at how badly you have been scewed by the government, resolve to get even by voting every democrat out of office, then go and spit on FDR’s grave. The only hope our children have is to privatize SS and all its derivatives.

    • lois

      I agree but when George Bush wanted to go forward with privitization, he was persecuted.

    • Lawrence Brown

      Bush was called a villian for wanting to privatize S.S.,because we listen to liberals cry.Liberals wanted to control the money for pet projects they have. If someone was able to take SS money from age 25 to 65 they would have a lot more money for retirement. Invest it in multiple things and tell government where to go. There are many other things that would benefit us if they were privitized.

    • Richard

      S.S. benefits are taken from he who works, a substantial piece removed for handling costs, and the remainder is paid directly to those receiving benefits.
      Old folks are deceived into believing that government will take care of them during retirement, the working class victims are pauperised and billions of dollars are prevented from the business capital investment pool.
      Social Security has done and is doing exactly that for which it was designed: The financial/economic distruction of the USA.

    • Bob

      Quite right, FDR was a true son of Satan, not the savior many scumocrats make him out to be.

  • Donna Pederson

    Has anyone ever got a bottom line figure as to how much our gov’t has taken out of Social Security over the years. They need to pay it back. 2nd get rid of all the corruption and waste, then hire a company that knows what in the heck they are doing because the people the gov’t hires to work at S.S. don’t know.

    • Richard

      Government has really taken nothing out of Social Security. The so-called “trust fund” is a phantom that has never existed. All the taxes collected under S.S. must be applied to the general revenue and “cannot be earmarked for any particular purpose”. (Supreme Court decision, 1935).

  • Vin Bickler

    Go for it GOP! Ryan is right in so many ways. Now is the time to straighten out the mess in D.C.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    If there is oversight it might be a good idea. Private insurance agencies can be just as crooked as government agencies. The first thing we need to do is pass an amendment that makes everyone in Washington subject to anything they pass. If I’m using it so should the Congress and Senate, retirement, health care social security, everything.

    • lois

      Yes, Yes. Yes………

  • Lee

    I’ve been paying Medicare taxes for many decades and will likely need that service a lot sooner than I’ve been paying in. The current situation of ill funded and poorly managed proves that our politicians are NOT capable of managing our money. Why then would ANYONE want to keep it as it is? Granted, it is a risk to try something different, but what can we lose, seeing as Obama is cutting what Medicare will pay to the point that won’t be any doctors or hospitals that take Medicare when I need it?

  • LaVerne Henry

    It needs to be in an acct that the Feds cannot touch. Priority is mandating the Feds pay back what they have stolen. Do not use banks, China will own them soon. America needs to exercise their rights and demand honesty and transparency. No more band aid approach. Federal workers need to have the same medical plan as the people. Common sense is not the norm it seems in Wash. Stop the handouts, foreign give aways and worry about America and its people. Take a trip to a SS office and do your homework . You will be mortified at what you find and how much money would suddenly be found. Disabilities need to be examined yearly, the fraud is out of control. With all the federal workers on the payroll have them earn their salary. Just some ideas.

  • ruce

    A “modest” proposal. Write me a check for all of the money I have put into the SocSec AND Medicare system from day one including interest at the rate of two percent. I will sign a Waiver stating I will NEVER claim any benefits from either system. I get my money back at a fair interest rate, the gummint has one less person to “take care of” and I can have a nice retirement and buy one helluva medical insurance policy. Of course “them” not having to take care of me is a problem because they would then have less power over me and that makes “them” unhappy.

    • lance

      i like the idea of takeing all the money i’ve put into social security and medicare and put all that money into a priv ira or investment.then just draw off the interest per mo.i think i would be far ahead than iam now better in fact

    • George Houchens

      But … make sure the repayment is based on the present value of the money contributed back then … to cover the inflation that has occurred since our payments.

  • Myrtle B

    I think the government should be made to pay back every cent they took from SS. They don’t have to worry how they are going to live if it runs out or is taken away from the older people who have worked all their lives and have to depend on SS to live. I pray that God will soon come back and take us away from all this mess. God help us all.

    • Richard

      Your wish may be closer than you realise, Myrtle. A recent report said that the EU is on the verge of economic/financial collapse due to the debacles in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and England.
      A very charismatic, knowledgeable and capable man must rise out of the EU and provide all the answers to overcome disaster….can you guess who that man may be?

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Let Ryan do his job before criticizing the idea;; there are ways to get coverage; 1.] present a menue of options designed to fit each person’s needs; 2.] have variable deductibles, 3.] have a HSA option, 4.] create high risk pools for the infirm;5.] allow interstate selling, 6.] invest the money contributed into no load muni-bonds and get 6% of the unemployed back to work to increase contributions NOW; OBAMA.

  • Richard

    We must do with Social Security what General Pinochet did with the program in Chile: Privatize it. The way to get that done is consult with Sr.Jose Pinera of the International Center for Pension Reform….or find another General Pinochet to get America back on track.

  • 90 & Counting

    I’m using Medicare and on SS. If we do nothing else, just get some honest Rep to find and eliminate all the waste in Medicare/Medicaid and jail those who do it. SS, I don’t know what to think. We can’t trust anyone these days, and probably never could. But we can hope and pray.

    • Richard

      “God is still on the Throne, and prayer changes things.” (Southwest Radio Church of the Air, circa 1938)…just as true now as it was then, so buy some knee pads and get to work.

  • Devasahayam

    I hope they next consider privatising the other New Deal ponzi-scheme, Social Security!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    If you are uncomfortable with new ideas think how uncomfortable you will be when the program crashes. Private companies will be more conscious of extreme users; an example if you do not mind;”””””” my exwife cost the plan $65,000.00 by electing to have corrective retina surgery even thought the DOC told her it would probably not help; her vanity cost all of us. She is now and EX.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    20% of the people use 80% of the benefits; it needs to be monitored by a profit oriented system; it cuts the frivolous abuse. HMO, PPO”s get the costs down. At least you and the Doc will be making the choices; you will still have access to cadillac treatment if you can pay for it.

  • George Houchens

    Just don’t create private program like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, two “private” firms with government oversight that have destroyed the real estate market and cost the American taxpayer billions due to destructive management behavior and politically influenced government oversight.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Privatize Medicare only??!! How about privatizing EVERYTHING the government is involved in, except the military. The post office, social security, etc. And take the opportunity to shut down those agencies that cannot justify their existence via the Constitution…the EPA, Dept. of Education, FCC, and all the rest of them.

    • Arizona Don

      Sounds good lets do it!

    • Lance Calkins

      Milton Friedman the great economist would agree: He said the department of energy is a big drain on the economy and helps big companies keep out competition that can’t comply with the excessive regulations the big companies helped write and make big campaign contributions to get passed. Same goes for HUD which benefits the property owners at the expense of taxpayers. Cut every program not authorized by the constitution at get back to sound economics.

  • Jim

    Part of Mediare is already privatized if you purchase a Medicare supplement policy to cover what Medicare does not cover. Most people who purchase a medicare supplement want the Doctor deductible and the Hospital Deductible covered. Choose a plan where you have to pay the deductible and your premium for the plan would be less. The more you want the insurance companies to pay the more it will cost you.

  • Arizona Don

    The liberal argument against privatization of healthcare is the profit. However, the profit would undoubtably be less that the current waste. So it sounds good.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    This type plan must have over sight;; Dodd and Fwank refused to allow Bush to audit them, that created this mess; libs always want to blame someone else; it was their negligence that drove the car into the ditch; to quote our inept leader.

  • God Loving Patriot

    Being on Social Security and Medicare (not because I want to be or have to be but because I paid for it) I am all for privatization thus I will be in control of my health care rather than some nit wit paid by mine and your tax dollars to deny care that is needed. Simply divert the funds currently being paid to Medicare to the Social Security fund, thereby raising the Social Security benefit for those that are on these disastrous programs now. This would allow those on Social Security now to afford private insurance provided provisions are made for pre-existing conditions. Another hard cold fact is just about every person in America has some sort of pre-existing condition. (Thank UNCLE BLOOD SUCKER and BIG PHARMA for this)

    Several of the private insurance companies could create group plans such as one would find at just about any company that has employees and make them available to those currently on Medicare, thus one would then have a choice of plans and companies. The alternative is to allow the nit wits in Washington to continue to plunder away and steal what is not there and has not been there for years as both Social Security and Medicare were both raped and plundered by the politicians many years ago.

    Fact Social Security and Medicare are both unsustainable SOCIALIST entitlements. If America is as she was founded to be, a FREE REPUBLIC, we should not have either of these SOCIALIST entitlements to start with.

    What I am referring to is an old phenomenon called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (seems that we have all forgotten about this what is deemed as an antiquated concept) which we should all be participating in rather than relying on uncle BLOOD SUCKER to provide us anything.

    One only needs to look to the annals of history to see what is happening to our once great Republic turned SOCIALIST DISASTER. Travel with me to 1935, when the second worst thing that ever happened to this once great nation, FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) signed into law the Social Security Act. Now use the Grey matter between your ears God gave you for critical thinking for about 1/2 a second. What is the first word in the Social Security Act?. Well now imagine that the word is SOCIAL. Now take a look at the Roman Empire, what happened there? The same thing that is happening here, we are falling from within just as the Romans did.

    The sad truth is, we are reaping what we have sown.

    At some point the generations coming up that are say under 50 are going to have to find another way to provide for their retirements such as what I made reference to above, the
    phenomenon called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!! When one is forced to take such drastic measures, they will be amazed at what they are able to do.

    • Phyllisofical

      What’s really frightening to me is all the under 40 (even under 25!) age disability recipients. The “American dream” at the rescue mission here is to be on SSD! That way, they can still use drugs and alcohol and have you and I, who worked hard to pay into Soc. Security, support them! I’m sure there are deserving applicants but most I see are scamming SS. As a Voc. Rehab. counselor, I saw many folks with disabilities. Out of hundreds I counseled, only one woman on my caseload was truly incapable of working any job. If we required community service of some kind to get any kind of entitlement check, it would clean up the rolls fast!

  • Marie Wnek

    I would like to see Medicare privitized. I’m surprised doctors accept us Medicare patients. When you review what Medicare actually pays the doctor you see it is a very small amount. Like every thing else in governent Medicare was to provide new jobs. Most of Medicare dollars go for processing the paper work.



  • http://YAHOO Bob tellit likeitis


  • Vera Jackson

    Talk about unfair–let me tell my story. At 78, I am still working a 40-50 hour week, paying into SS and Medicare. Because I am productive, I am being penalized. I am being forced to pay an additional premium on Medicare B, just because my total gross (including SS) is over a certain amount. And, even more aggravating is the fact that I rarely make any claim to benefits. Anyone want to top this injustice?

    • Phyllisofical

      You are very blessed to be healthy and still able to work if you want to. Many seniors are not in that category.



  • Marlene, Deer Park, WA

    Privatizing Social Security was shot down, as will be privatizing Medicare. I’m told I’m in the final stages of my emphysema and if I lose my Medicare coverage, I’ll have to spend a great deal of $’s to cover private insurance. Those are $’s I’ve been setting aside for years to cover my ‘dying expenses’ so my kids wouldn’t be saddled with my end-of-life costs. Judging from the expenses my sister ran up while dying from the same disease, I know the costs are out of sight. For myself, I don’t want privitization. That would destroy my sense of independence and self-worth, which will be all I have left when I’m on my death bed.

    • squeak

      Marlene, write your congressmen, senators & yell like hell to drop that privatization of medicare. Iam also against that. I have done a lot of yelling & told them we will be watching & we will surely vote them out in due time. That would put millions of seniors that are on medicare in a hardship position so my blessings are with you. We need to stop washington of striping the american people of their money & dignity !

    • DeborahTexas

      Marlene, charity should come from the local churches not the government. Hopefully you live in a republican county full of God loving Christians. This can be a really good thing overall. You’re right though, people are getting the shaft once again.
      Government should have never been allowed to touch our money!

  • http://PatriotNews Carol37

    STOP paying all the ILLEGAL ALIENS our Social Security money. They haven’t paid one penny into the system and have NO right to OUR money.
    Obama and his cronies have been taking us down the road to SOCIALISM from the beginning. Soon we will be starving.

    Privatizing it will mean the Stock Market. WE ALL know about all the crooks, ciminals who raped the American people. Leave my money right where it in and give it to those of us who are rightfully due their payments.

    No increase of $250 in 2010 and 2011, yet the people in high offices give themselves an automatic raise of at least $5,000 per year. They don’t care about those of us who have worked all our lives and can no longer work. Selfish B*****DS! Let’s CLEAN HOUSE and get rid of them.

  • zOmer Nisley

    I wrote a book “End of the Rainbow” a number of years ago. In a computer program, putting 10% of wages (by you and and/or your employer) will in 36 years at compounded interest be earning enough interest if retire at full salary in 35 years, The earning “pot” will go to pay a life-time of income taxes. It is is a win-win situation. Privitazion with controlled guidelines is imperative.

  • sean murrey

    i got to see what it is i wish to read the details.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Karl Landgren

    Two questions: 1)When has Big FedGov ever been an efficient OR effective entity for delivering goods or services? 2)What article or section of our Divinely inspired Constitution (the Supreme law of the land) authorizes Congress to interfere in our retirement planning, or our doctor-patient relationship?
    Of course, those who have paid into the system for decades should get their money back. And, moving forward, we need to phase out a lot of FedGov programs and projects. Many departments, agencies, bureaus, and divisions must be disbanded and several others significantly downsized. The Dept’s of Energy & Indoctrina–I mean Education– could possibly be the first to go. And states can exercise our powers to manage schools, housing, medical policies, etc., as (and IF) we deem necessary.



  • C Wagner

    I want the so called government public servants to have to pay for their own insurance premiums just like the American public. I want their benefits to come out of their salary just like ours. I want to stop paying for their body guards round the calendar. I want to stop paying for limo rides to their lavish parties. I want to stop giving them in excess of 25 Million dollars to run their campaigns. If they don’t have the money to pay for their bid for their high paying jobs then they should not be running. I want the president to ride in a public plane just like we do and I want him to go thru the ex-ray machine just like we do. If it is good enough for the American public then it is good enough for the President. I want term limits for all elected officials. I want them to be held to the same standard that we the public are held to, meaning if they do not produce good laws and give the best judgments then they should be fired and not be able to hold their office for their full term. I think that if they were not efficient in their jobs and tasks then they should be given a review and told that they were not working up to par and fired or at least not rehired for another term. I think that they should not be being paid a kings ransom if they are not a good party member. I think that if the American public only makes on average $55,000.00 dollars for their salary then that is all that they should be paid and then if that is all that they make and when their jobs are over let them try to live on Social Security. I don’t think that they will be able to save a whole lot out of their salary if that is all that they make as a public servant. I can’t believe that they have the gall to call themselves PUBLIC SERVANTS. What a misleading title. Servant……… What a laugh. It has gotten so out of hand………….. Their salaries are so high that it is a laugh for them to call themselves Public Servants.

  • Diane

    Congress Needs to take Social Security out of the General Budget and make it it’s own entity like it was intended to be before that IDIOT Johnson put it in the General Budget to make the deficit look smaller because of the VN War. Since then Congress has acted like they all have glue stuck to their hands and have used it to pay for everything except what it was designed for. Why should kids with ADD and a host of other “illnesses” including bad behavior get several hundred $$$ each month when they are too Young to work to pay into SS? I had to work for my measley Social Security check each month. And I am not referring to anyone who has worked and is on SS Disability.

  • Betty

    I have news for all on medicare you pay so much every month to have it I have it last year on part B it cost me $1,158 I am 70 years young still work I still pay in to ss I pay federal tax,ss tax plus medicare tax it coste me $5,055.65 in all boy what I could do with that about now. nobody gets any thing for free except you know who

  • USAF VET 61-65

    The Fixers who got America into this colossal Mess are getting ready to do another fix and we can be sure we will be even further down the creek when they are done. Medicare, Social Security, Healthcare and indeed the entire US economy are in tatters for one simple reason: We have allowed moronic, half-witted gnomes with elitist philosophy to become our leaders and give away our industries, jobs and treasure to profit rich opportunists, foreign and domestic. Our people are unemployed. Those who still hold jobs make so little that 46% pay no Federal income tax. Social Security tax collections are way down because of low pay. We are expected to “compete” with 35 cent/hr peasant slaves in a Communist dictator State. The entire US economy is in mortal danger and we allow these idiot fixers to continue their schemes, giveaways and machinations. This is insanity…and some may dare call it treason.

  • DeborahTexas

    1. As long as the deductions are not withheld out of my pay AND 2. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, with interest!

  • Crew

    I agree with the lady who talked about the 25 yr old getting disability. I know of a 7 yr old that got it. It was so easy, now his Mom is going for it. Neither one of them had to go to a Dr. Never heard of that before. Makes me sick.

  • Barb

    I changed my state retirement to stocks, bonds etc. when the option was suggested. I now have 8 times more than I would have had. It has to be carefully done of course. Mine was & I wish my husbands had been.His is going to be gone because of govt. mismanagement. Some people took care of their own & lost a lot, but I didn’t. Could it be any worse than it is now?

  • Raymond

    CHRISTIAN HOTELIER TO LOSE HOME OVER “BIAS” AGAINST HOMOSEXUALS (Friday Church News Notes, January 28, 2011,, 866-295-4143) – The following is excerpted from the Daily Mail, Jan. 24, 2011: “Christian hotel owner Hazelmary Bull has certainly had her faith tested to the limit this week. Yesterday, she was planning to make a four-hour round trip to visit her desperately ill husband Peter, 71, in hospital, where he is recovering from a triple heart bypass and valve replacement surgery. How, she fretted, was she going to tell him that they were teetering on the brink of financial ruin? That there was little hope now of hanging on to the Cornish guesthouse they’d owned for 25 years; the home they’d poured not only their life savings into, but also their heart and souls. In the end, 66-year-old Hazelmary just couldn’t bring herself to do it. On Tuesday, Peter was undergoing a nine-hour operation at the exact moment his wife of 47 years was sitting in Bristol County Court waiting to hear their fate. In a landmark ruling, which will have far-reaching implications for many Christians in Britain, Judge Rutherford ordered the Bulls to pay civil partners Martyn Hall, 46, and Steven Preddy, 38, £1,800 each in compensation for refusing to allow the couple to stay in a double room at their hotel. The gay couple, IT workers from Bristol, sued the Bulls for £5,000 in damages under the Equality Act (Sexuality Orientation) Regulations 2007, after they were turned away from seven-bedroom Chymorvah House, near Penzance, in September 2008. The Bulls argued that, as devout Christians, they let their double rooms only to heterosexual married couples and that their beliefs prevented them from allowing same-sex couples to share a double bed–although gay couples could stay in single or twin rooms. This week, however, the judge ruled that the Bulls’ actions amounted to direct discrimination, on the grounds of sexual orientation, as there was ‘no material difference between marriage and civil partnership.’ … Hazelmary says: ‘We are not homophobic. Had Mr Hall and Mr Preddy booked into twin rooms or for a cream tea, we would have more than–welcomed them. For us, it’s a case of loving the sinner, but not the sin.’”

  • Raymond

    CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOLING FAMILY BROKEN APART BY NEW JERSEY AGENCY (Friday Church News Notes, January 28, 2011,, 866-295-4143) – The following is excerpted from WorldNetDaily, Jan. 20, 2011: “It’s every parent’s nightmare. Army Major John Jackson and his wife Carolyn, devout Christian homeschoolers with a history of serving as adoptive and foster parents, had their five children taken away in April 2010 by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services–and despite the collapse of the evidence against the Jacksons, DYFS hasn’t returned the children to their parents. During the course of a nine-month legal battle to regain custody of their children, the Jacksons say they have encountered prejudice against their religion and homeschooling as they fight a state agency determined to see the children adopted by strangers no matter what the evidence says. According to the Jacksons, DYFS employees, contractors and foster parents alike have demonstrated anti-religious bias, including one case supervisor who refused to allow the Jacksons to pray with their children as they wished, for the reunification of the family. ‘You can pray about other things, you can pray that they’ll be happy in their placements,’ said a DYFS worker identified by Jackson as Denise Hollerbach. Jackson accuses DYFS of fraudulently misrepresenting statements by himself and his children to build a case against him, ‘brainwashing’ the children by telling them they have been abused and ‘isolating’ them by not allowing them to be assessed independently by U.S. Army investigators. The father of five claims DYFS suppressed a medical report concluding that injuries suffered by daughter Chaya Jackson could not be proven with ‘medical certainty’ to have resulted from child abuse. Dr. Mark S. Finkelstein of the Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children wrote, ‘It is equally possible that this injury may have occurred in or around the time of birth or in the later post-neonatal period’–before Chaya was adopted by the Jacksons. ‘DYFS kept this out of the court. We had to get it and provide it as evidence,’ said Jackson. … ‘DYFS had the information to exonerate us before they removed our children, but they continued on to try to gather information to remove the kids,’ said Carolyn Jackson. ‘It’s been difficult to work with them and try to walk in integrity and love when you know anything you say will be turned around and used against you.’”

  • Raymond


    1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare
    to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

    2. $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food
    assistance programs such as food stamps,
    WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

    3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on
    Medicaid for illegal aliens.

    4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on
    primary and secondary school education
    for children here illegally and they
    cannot speak a word of English!

    5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for
    education for the American-born
    children of illegal aliens, known as
    anchor babies.

    6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to
    incarcerate illegal aliens.

    7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison
    inmates are illegal aliens.

    8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on
    illegal aliens for Welfare & social
    services by the American taxpayers.

    9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed
    American wages are caused by the illegal

    10. The illegal aliens in the United States
    have a crime rate that’s two and a half
    times that of white non-illegal aliens.
    In particular, their children are going
    to make a huge additional crime
    problem in the U.S.

    11. During the year of 2005, there were 4
    to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that
    crossed our Southern Border, also,
    as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from
    Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds
    of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and
    marijuana, crossed into the US from
    the Southern border.

    12. The National policy Institute estimated
    that the total cost of mass deportation
    would be between $206 and $230 billion
    or an average cost of between $41 and
    $46 billion annually over a five year

    13. In 2006, illegal aliens sent home
    $45 BILLION in remittances to their
    countries of origin.

    14. The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:
    Nearly One million sex crimes committed
    by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .

    $338,300,000,000.00 WHICH

    • Jobabba

      Raymond, you are so right on with the 14 listed items! Now if they would stop all of the madness and stop giving illegal Alien lawbreakers our taxpayers money and if Congress and the Senate would defer their salary increases to themselves for a year or two I believe our Country could recover!!!

  • stephen russell

    & more reforms under Privitzing Medicare:
    o OK Chinese herbal RX in the US.
    o OK holistic healers into US
    o Ok organic RX vs prescription RX
    o more OTC Organic RX.
    o OK Dayspa visits.
    o OK medical Pot for medical use nationwide.
    o OK spicy, vegan diets to improve Lives
    o OK red wine & choclate.
    o Use more organic foods vs processed.
    o Change frozen food prod to more Organic Frozen vs as is now.
    o CUT Medicare DC bureaucracy alone to Fund.
    o Issue Medicare ID card to acess above Services nationwide.

  • Margaret

    Has anyone stopped to think of the quality and Nationality of the Doctors that will be moved into place when Obamacare is inforced?
    The Physician that are close to retiremrnt will retire to avoid the Tusami of patients that will implode the system…The Dr.’s will be Muslim and foreign,non English speeking…It is coming…Top Down/Bottom UP…Guess what Race will be on the Bottom? Ummmmm….No one ever mentions this part of our near future….

    • Guy Tuten

      Hey in the small towns it is that way now here where I at In North Florida to find a American Dr. that works G.P. is very rare the place I go to has around 6 Dr’s. I think and they are all from the Middle east so you get what you can get because most American Dr’s wont take medicare or Medicaid so what do you do

    • Suzanne

      I totally agree. I live in a suburb of Washington, DC and just TRY to find an American doctor here. Some do not undertand English fully – except to send you the bill. And this is under Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • anthony perna

    Obamacare has taken billions of dollars out of medicare and medicade. If the money is put back and the seniors end up as good or better care than before Obamacrae care. GO GO GO. This has to be a promise that’s enforced and no empty words or lies.


      For many years that seniors contributed to medicare, it is NOT FAIR for the government to charge high premium when it is time for the seniors to enjoy the fruits of its labor. So, if the republicans can change this expensive “malpractice” system to help out these struggling old patriots and heroes of this country; is a good news. The government should NOT deduct anything from the benefits of the retirees, especially those receiving the social security benefits, because it’s their money; in fact if these money is deposited in the bank, it would have earned interests not deductions. The government should find a way to improve the lives of the people, especially the seniors, NOT to punish them. The new republican congress should get rid of all the wasteful, worthless, and useless programs that only bankrupt AMERICA, especially the WELFARE and the MEDICAID, because they are FREE programs for illegals and freeloaders.

    • ROSINA

      As a senior I applaud you Oscar. Thank you.
      When you think that ‘fraud’ has caused Medicare to be almost bankrupt without another 500 billion taken away by ruincare to give to Medicaid which is paid by tax dollars, it is a fraud in its own right.
      We have paid for SS and Medicare for so long. But we continue to have monthly deductions for Medicare and then the 20% still to pay, plus another yearly deduction. How much more are they going to take away?
      Nastiest of all, of course, are the death panels, and the prohibition to spend OWN money on care when Medicare will not?
      I wrote to the BUMMER and told him I wanted what HE has. DID HE WORK FOR HIS?

    • Mary

      I worked 35 years and paid into the S.S. fund and NOW I pay $1300.00 per year which is taken from my S.S. benefits for my medicare
      health plan and still have to pay 20% of total bill if I get ill….God forbid I get seriously ill, this is really scare me…

    • silverscribler

      Because of my job, I have significant experience in this area. First, many people mistakenly expect that Medicare is going to pay for everything and be completely free health care once you retire. That is not and never was the case. The money that was taken out of you while you were working was only for Medicare Part A–the Hospital, 100 days of skilled nursing home care, blood after the first three pints, hospice and limited home care. That’s it.

      Part B, the part that pays the doctor, emergency room, lab tests, surgery, all that other stuff comes with a premium. If you have adequate coverage, such as a state health plan, group coverage, or military benefits, you may be able to refuse part B. It depends on your situation because if you refuse it and don’t have comparable coverage elsewhere, you have a large penalty to get it later. Part B has a premium, and it also has co-pays and deductibles. The problem with Medicare is that there is no annual out of pocket max–meaning your costs have unlimited risk. That’s why people usually get a supplement or something to put a ceiling on their costs.

      Privatizing Medicare may sound like a good idea to some–until you stop to think, they tried that under the first Bush. They were called Medicare Advantage plans and are one of the top items slated for Medicare cuts. They involved huge premiums–as much as $1500 per month per person–plus your part B premium, being sent to a third company. The company had to renew with Medicare every year, and if they didn’t or Medicare turned them down, people found themselves scrambling for something else that would be at least as good. Although there are plenty who disagree with me, I regard Advantage plans–even though they have helded some people–as a big rip off to Medicare which Medicare itself authorized.

      So if they want to go the route of privatizing Medicare again, it needs to be something better and more stable than the Advantage plans, and it needs to be something that does not see the big money lobbying of the AARP. If the AARP wants it, you can be sure it’s because they see a way to reap huge profits, not because it benefits seniors long term.

    • Ham Radio Guy

      You are SO right. An additional problem is that they do not get the information out to allow the people to know what their choices are.

      I was fortunate enough to learn a co-worker had arranged a meeting with the company’s heath insurance broker about Medicare, and I realized that I should attend the meeting as well. What I learned was one MUST sign up for Part A upon turning 65. Part B could be deferred (without a penalty) if another plan was in effect, such as a company plan if one decides to continue working until the Social Security age of 66, which is what I did. If I had not gone to the meeting, I had planned to not do anything until I retired at 66, which would have been a costly mistake.

      As for AARP, I would not want to have anything to do with them. Some years ago, I learned that they are owned by a few people that spend much of their earnings on whatever they want; some of it being detrimental to society. The small percentage of their earnings they spend on building new hospital wings is only a drop in the bucket compared to what is available. A large portion of their earnings goes to political support of unconstitutional gun control laws. Not only is this a direct violation of the Bill or Rights, but it may appear to be a way for them to drum up business; since every one of the 40 states that have become “right to carry” states have seen a REDUCTION in violent crime rates.

      As an alternative to AARP, I have chosen Kaiser. Including Part D, last year my premiums were $74 per month and this year they have gone up to $77. My wife has Blue Cross, and she pays four times what I do; WITHOUT Part D.

    • Carolyn

      How can you possibly think that will happen???

    • John

      With O’dumb@ss anything is possible….

  • DaNangMe

    By and large, I agree with most of the comments.For Medicare and Social Security alike,the biggest problem with solvency is fraud and allowing unassociated govt. programs to use the funds on the pretense of replacement.When Newt Gingrich suggested”cutting the growth of Medicare”back in 94,it got the GOP crucified and got Clinton re-elected.401K was a peachy idea except that success hinged on Wall St. and govt. regulation with a heavy penalty for early withdrawal and a stiff tax rate regardless of when you cash in.Wall St. nose dives on 9-11-01 and over the last two years have virtually destroyed most 401K’s.I guess my point is the only safe place for any money you designate for retirement is in your own possession and in the form of a negotiable commodity other than U.S. currency.

    • sam

      It has best be in something that the government can’t “federalize” (steal).

    • ROSINA

      They are about to be stolen for a pittance.
      Do not buy gold coins in the US if you can. They will be confiscated.
      That sneak has his ‘executive orders’ which are scaring me. Are they in the Constitution?
      When did they start? Anyone know?

    • Ham Radio Guy

      Don’t forget, he and his party say the Constitution is a “living document.” Once it is officially declared “living” it will be easy to kill it. The original intent of the Constitution is easy to understand if we would only read it, and forget all about what we have been told “it means.”

    • Sarah

      You are right — ‘Executive Orders’ are UNconstitutional just like ObamaCare. All laws of the land MUST go thru Congress for debate or they are not worth the paper they are on. The exception to that is orders dealing with Defense during war times. As far as 401K’s, alot of people cashed theirs in last year and lost up to 50% of their funds, however, they should have held on to them because they are gaining back their value and by mid 2011 should be where they were in 2008. IRA’s are possibly at risk if all of it is in one account or bank. You are allowed to have as many IRA’s as you want and as long as your yearly interest is under $400(each account), the 1099s copies do not go to the federal government (or state for that matter). You can buy Gold in the USA, but the government cannot confiscate what they dont know about. Keep them, along with your guns in a safe deposit box, unregistered.

    • John

      I don’t see that happening Sam….

  • Norma

    I have been reading all these comments about the problems in America, and because of no respect for another person’s rights, crooked government has taken all Americans for a ride. The past can’t be fixed. What would fix us is to elect a president and congress in 2012 that were honest, possess integrity, and care about the people, not the money. Maybe the men have had the job too long. Maybe we should vote for Sarah Palin and a female partner, and let them handle things. Most household wives do better with the budget they have to work with than all government entities. So how about it, gals? Care to tackle the problems? I think you could do it ! I’ll vote for you !

    • June

      Norma-I’d vote for Palin/Bachmann. or Palin/Brewer in a heartbeat – -I’d even “volunteer” to serve as a “senior” adviser (I’m 73) do ya’ think I’d qualify??

    • John

      Or Huckabee/ ??

    • Ham Radio Guy

      Women and homosexuals both need to STOP acting like they are some sort of ethnic group.

      What ever happened to equality for all?

      No one is smarter than another because of their sex, race, or whatever. Education, knowledge and experience are helpful, though.

    • Sarah

      not ethnic group — try MINORITY!

  • Richard

    Social Security is in desperate need of reorganisation. The Cato Institute has devised a plan that would work: “The 6.2 Percent Solution: A Plan for Reforming Social Security”.
    It is well worth a read:
    The 6.2% of wages invested by each worker in his own personal account would go into the investment capital pool for real economic growth rather than directly into the pockets of retirees who would then use it to buy lottery tickets.

  • frank marks

    go baby go..
    privatizing medicare is the correct way to go.. it will save everyone money.. i would rather pay my own bills directly then have the fed govt take my money with the promise to pay them for me. next month look to privatizing the failed public school system free enterprise and personal individual responsibility is the way to.. go baby go…

  • Linda Joy Adams

    Medicare is already privatized! Govt contrqctors not subjuect to internal audits, or criminal investigations let along prosecutions for blatant theft are in charge. These are often subsidiearies aof international conglomerates that have little to do with health care. There’s a $4 million dollar theft by one of the largest by stealing my claims and id and turning them into 17 a piece by creating phony Medicare numbers o the illegal offline, hidden computer system that has no security protections. ( Like the one Madoff used to fool the SEC)( he went to jail because he was;t a govt contractor. insiders have estimated a trillion dollars is owed back to Medicare by the insurance industry that had computer records altered in order to have Medicare pay the claims.Current, assigned, investigators can’t do anything to stop the multiple thefts that is said to be pervasive that started 8/08 and continues. The first theft included all claims back to 1/06. Medicare officials don’t even have the 500 fraud reports as that govt contractor, Vangent, refuses to forward them in violation of the terms of their own contract with CMS. Most have no idea this has occurred as the overpayment is transferred back to ‘ sit’ in the system and only one notice and one check is issued. The new web site that shows claims is programmed to hide the thefts as one has to leave the suffix off their Medicare claim number in order to access it. The phonies are created by using varying suffixes on ones own SSN or spouse;s if they have Social Security on a spouse. On my ssn they used A, TA, T, M. using my spouse’s ssn; B,B2,B6,D,D4, D6, E,E1, TB, TD, TE, W, W6. SSA and FTC OIG couldn’t get the FBU cyber crimes to investigate as Congress has passed those full immunity laws that allow govt contractors to steal our tax dollars and ration our health care. If that isn’t ‘death panel’ laws, what is? Linda Joy Adams

    • Carolyn

      Linda Joy Adams, I think you are absolutely correct. Nearly all of the waste & fraud is in the system itself.

  • Sherwin

    Medicare 101-what politicians won’t tell you.
    The gov’t pays many thousands of dollars a year to insurance co.s for each enrollee in a
    medicare advantage plan, so you can have Managed care.Buy a Medigap plan, you pay around $200 a month, no managed care , you get really sick, go where you want.Old people
    that can afford good insurance, are too cheap to buy it.Drug plan is extra.Moochers abound.I know about such things.

    • ROSINA

      But Medicare Advantage Plans have more services than ordinary medicare. We all pay a monthly fee-nearly %100 deducted from SS. This is higher than it should be as it goes to fund this Advantage Plan which only 7million seniors use. Out of about 38million or more! So, they are subsidised by the rest of us. The seniors I mean. This is not really fair.

    • CJM

      Glad to hear you are so well misinformed. “Old people” CANNOT afford to pay the excessively high premiums for Medicare B, let alone the D portion. We cannot purchase Medigap because it is an expense our regular stipends allow. Many of us do without medical care because we cannot afford the co-pays tacked onto the Medicare healthcare system, let alone afford transportation to the doctor’s office. You seem to think most of us have high-paying pensions along with our Social Security. What you did not consider is how many of us exhausted our nest egg to care for chronicallly and/or terminally ill spouses because there was no help to defray those costs. The reality is this: only 98% – 95% of Social Security stipends have the money you talk about. Get your facts straight before trying to blanket all of us under your opinion.

  • Raymond

    You Cannot Speak Freely or Use a Gun In Canada.

    Early one Sunday morning last August, Ian Thomson, a 53-year-old retiree, woke up to the sound of three masked men firebombing his Port Colborne, Ontario home. Mr. Thomson, in order to stop the men from burning his house down and him with it, ran out of his home with his Smith & Wesson revolver dressed in only his underwear and fired of a few shots which stopped the firebombing of his home. 1

    Well, so far so good. Having a gun saved his life.

    But Mr. Thomson lives in Canada, so when he handed over the video footage of the incident to the Niagara Regional Police, he was charged with careless use of a firearm and later, charged additionally with pointing a firearm and two counts of careless storage of a firearm. The Crown recommended he go to jail according to his lawyer.

    Since the men were masked, there was no way at the time to tell if the men were Muslim, which is lucky for Mr. Thomson because if the tapes showed that he was shooting at Muslims, he would have been additionally charged with a hate crime, since it is illegal in Canada to say [see my article Richard Warman is a Pedophile Worshiper] or do anything against Muslims, no matter what they do.

    This is what happens when a country cares about so-called Human Rights: the innocent citizens are the ones who do not have any. Canada only encourages criminality by muzzling her citizens’ guns. Canada only encourages Islamic terrorism by muzzling her citizens’ speech.

    • http://x Patty

      Absolutely outrageous! Where has this world gone? Why are Canada and the US protecting Muslims? Please, someone answer……

  • Christa

    Just look what happened to the Child Protective Agency after they were privatized. It is the Child Abuser Agency now. They abuse and kill more chldren then any one else in this country. Leave the Medicare alone.

    • Mary Steele

      Here in the York/Poquoson office, a report was made about a woman that left dangerous tree branches hanging and she even let one of her children use a pruner on it while standing under it!! If that had come down on her it could have punctured her eye out or punctured her ear drum if her head was turned! The head of that office told me that “it was the tree, not the parent or guardian” so they couldn’t do anything. When I said “if she let her children play in traffic, it’s the traffics fault?” she yelled at me and repeated there was nothing they could do! So other problems don’t surprise me none!! And by the way, the woman I talked about is a teacher’s aid at an elementary school, which I found out they spend more alone time with the kids than the teacher. She don’t have enough sense to protect her own kids, how can she protect elementary age kids?

  • Carolyn

    Raymond, It isn’t just Canada.

    • CJM

      His point is well taken since Canadians gave up their right to own firearms and have independent health care……..and this is where the US is heading if the current administration has its way.

  • Mary Steele

    If Medicare and Medicaid recipients could be put into a private insurance program “of their choice”, for a lower cost, then they should!! Medicare and Medicaid is getting ripped off and nobody is doing what they should to prevent it!!

    As far as Medicaid, recipients must be forced to go to school or return to work so they can get off of it instead of having baby after baby and force taxpayers to keep paying!! Virginia has this program in place but it is not enforced!!

    • jesussaid love

      Mary, the “overhead” of Medicare and Social Security are about 5%. That means for every dollar that goes into the system, 5% is wasted on salaries, paper to print checks, and all of the administration of the programs.
      The average private insurance company has an overhead closer to 30%, mostly because salaries are much higher (many CEO’s make millions for doing a job that is not any more demanding than the heads of government agencies who work for a fraction of the pay) they spend a lot on advertising to convince you they are better, and have the biggest fanciest buildings in any city.
      Obhama care caps insurance plan overhead at 20% (still to high in my opinion) which is at least a start. Privatizing Medicare may not lead to better care for the elderly, or even cheaper care. But you can bet salaries of top executives will go up!

  • Chusks

    Obamacare (please excuse the capital letter is the POS name) is not anything about medical healthcare. It is all about turning this country into another third-world socialist banana “republic”. It is all about taking all the money from the PRODUCERS and giving it to the NON-PRODUCERS who sit and watch oprah and Jerry Springer all day on TV.

    It is also all about eliminating all the “baby-boomers” (all 76 million of us) because we can remember how America really was before the commies took our government. If they can’t or won’t line us against a wall and shoot us they will kill us out with lack of medical care.

    They (the commies) think they can change the mind-set of the youth in the government-run schools. Maybe so, for awhile. But, the human spirit will live on and the commies will fail once again, like they have before, time and again.

    The best thing we can do right now it learn what the heck is really going on and stop it. Our military has already passed the buck. The SCOTUS won’t touch it. Congress is afraid to push the issue. Our only hope to stop the commies is in each State and our state militias.

    God Help Us!

  • Transparency Now

    How about just plain LESS government?

  • Guy Tuten

    medicaid is fine when done right I have a son who works every day and is paid 10.a hour he is taking care of his wife and 4 children 2 are his and 2 hers by former marriage the company he works for does not offer insurance so because of low pay high rent and lights etc they are just making do they get a few food stamps not a lot but some and the children are covered by medicaid his 2 children are 1 & 3 so childcare would cost more than his wife would make a week and I used to work with a senor center and some of those old people did not get 500. a month and less down these are people that are 65 to 80 years old these people deserve to be helped they are American citizens not illegals

  • CJM

    I am against privitizing Medicare and Social Security. Privitization is much more costly (check out the prison system–private prisons have the greatest number of escapes, charges of brutality, and infringement of inmate rights—-and YES, inmates do have rights. All of us have the right NOT to be abused, censored, starved, and outright neglected) in the long run as well as detrimental to the people the agency is supposed to serve. Had congress and other government agencies not taken monies set aside for Social Security and Medicare, we would not have this mess. A sound government is small, efficient, and HONEST.