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Illinois Lawmakers Propose 75 Percent Income Tax Hike

Friday, January 7, 2011


Gov. Pat Quinn and the leaders of both houses of the Illinois General Assembly have agreed on raising the state income tax.

If the bill passes, the plan would raise the personal income tax rate from the current 3 percent to 5.25 percent. That’s a 75 percent increase. In real dollars, that would mean if you currently owe $1,000 in taxes, next year you would owe $1,750.

The increase is for four years. After that, the personal income tax would go down to 3.75 percent.

The Democratic leaders in the Illinois General Assembly believe this income tax increase, a corporate tax hike, and a $1-per-pack tax increase on cigarettes would erase the state’s $15 billion budget deficit.

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  • sean murrey

    i am glad i voterd for brady i knew this was going to happen.

    • wayne

      Ya right lol, ansd if you think for one second it will ever go back down you are so in LA LA land hahahahaha.

    • JMF

      Wayne, Indeed! There has never been a politician from either party that will revert to the original tax!!

    • Gus

      Like you I voted for Brady, like you I knew this would happen. Unfortunately, now Illinois will follow California and suffer “Liberal Mental Disorder!”

    • jjtotten

      Exactly the reason we recently moved out of California. Things are going downhill so fast that they can’t keep up with the changes. Businesses are being taxed so hard that they are just pulling up stakes and moving to other states.

      It used to be a nice place to live.

    • Think about it!

      Not to worry. They’ll fix all that. They’ll just make it illegal to move out of state.
      The truly exasperating thing is the solution is sitting out there in plain sight.
      North Dakota has had its own bank for decades and is weathering this Federal Reserve created “crisis” just fine.
      1-The Colonies issued their own money and the economy flourished until the king made them stop.
      2-Andrew Jackson eliminated the central bank and the economy boomed. [Someone tried to kill him.]
      3-Lincoln created money separate from the central bank. [Someone did kill him.]
      4-John Kennedy had debt free money ready to go into circulation. [Then he went to Dealey Plaza.]
      Our problem is private control of our money.

  • rayz

    thank you ill. now mi can reduce corp and ind. taxes, as well as mbt and start excepting and helping ill. business’s move to mi. ill. can jump start the mi. econemy at a faster pace. are you listening gov. synder?

  • willythegeek

    That’s as stupid as the last presidential candidate out of Ill.

    • Barbara

      The same people who voted obama into office will think this is a good idea.

    • Sheri S

      The IL taxes are one of the reasons we moved out of IL to IN 26 years ago! The taxes were terrible–moved to IN with 10 acres and twice the house and our taxes were more then half what we paid in IL! Progressives running the state have totally ruined the state–NEVER HAPPIER AFTER WE MOVED! Actually had money left over every month!

    • Sheri S

      My comment should have read “our taxes were half” what we paid in IL!

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

    And the politicians wonder why people and business move away…



  • rgperrin

    Yeah, sure, the Illinois income tax will go down to 3.75% in five years–that is, after going from 3% to 5.25% for five years. And at the same time, there will be universal brotherhood and world peace.

    • Flagwaver70

      Just like they told us that income tax would NEVER be increased. LOL!

    • Barbara

      Idaho’s temporary sales tax will be 3%. It was temporary until the state sales tax was increased to 4%. That was temporary until the tax was increased to 5%. The state sales tax is now 6%.

    • Bucky

      Like you said Barbara, the 3% sales tax was “temporary” until it rose upward to 4 % then etc. My how politicians have a way with words… politician speake, “temporary” means until it’s raised again!

    • Archer

      Just like a lifetime warranty now means only about 7 years…for the reasonable lifetime of a product…or some such nonsense.

  • Larry

    What would balance the states budget is to fire every one of these dirty SOB bastards that can’t control there spending. These two faced lousy SOB’s can’t balance there own check books so why the hell do people send them to protect there money and if the stupid people do not fire every one of these Jackal’s then you deserve everything bad that will happen to you. This goes for every State and the Federal Governments in this country and if need be any local governments wherever it leads fire each and every dung sucking politician in this country.

    • rimshot75

      You got that right! You can’t spend your way out of debt and into prosperity; when oh when will these idiots learn? (When o when will we get these imbuciles out of office?)

    • Archer

      Hopefully in about two years.???

    • Jim

      The sad part is only imbeciles, and criminals, seem to run for office anymore.

    • conservadiva

      Do we see why perhaps the colonists preferred a “religious test” to hold public office? And it did successfully deter criminals from running, until the repealed the law.

  • Flagwaver70

    Is it any wonder the WH thinks the American taxpayers can absorb any tax increase the POTUS deems necessary? Now, he even has more folks from Chi Town to help him fleece the public. Can we survive two more years?

  • Marti

    Really? Reduce the budget deficit or just give them more of the peoples money to squander? When will all this spending stop? I would bet, that in four years, instead of going back down they will find reasons to continue with the higher rate or worse yet, reasons to hike it again….And this is where our great president got all his “governing experiences”! It’s a sad day for for all of us until this kind of tactics is stopped.

  • Jerry

    Its the SOB democrats including the butthole that claims he is President that is totally responsible for the economic mess the states and the country is in. Why do people keep voting for inept people to handle funds. I can’t understand how the handle their individual check books without going broke if it is the same way they handle public funds. In every state that has economic problems it has been democrats that has caused the problem.


      THEY SHOULD ALL LIVE BY THE LAWS THEY MAKE!!! 1st years start at min wage and pay for all their ins, ect. and WE THE PEOPLE vote in their raises as we se fit. Let them start paying SS, medcare. I bet they would leave things alone.
      mmm maybe.

    • Jim

      You’ll just force them to sell more of their votes to make up the difference.

    • Budman68

      Because the majority or the electorate belongs to the parasite class, and they know that any increase in the tax rates will not affect them!

    • J. C. in Sc

      The solution is term limits.
      One term and out; convene a constitutional convention to take away the ability of our so-called representatives to control their pay, take away all retirement except social security. I personally believe that each state should pay their representatives. There should also be an amendment to define the rules of order in each house. Too often the party in power changes the rules to their favor.

  • Pinky Lee

    This is an example of government by HOOK or CROOK. It is the foundation of SOCIALISM and the MUSLIM law. Just impeach him and jail all the White House personel. That way we wouldn’t need to pay his salary for life.


      speaking of muslims.. you know that in the obama care they are exempt from it and all penalties.

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      SAY WHAT?



    • Archer

      2012 baby! 2012.

    • http://AT&T Jim

      Is there any possible way to get ‘him” and his cronie czars out before 2012?

    • J. C. in Sc

      Impeachment and jail time! The House might do it, but it would never get through the Senate…too many dems.

  • Barbara

    I wonder how the people who actually work for a living are loving the progressives now. suckers!!!! Chicago is a cesspool and they are going to get what they deserve. But they will probably back it becasue they are so progressive. They love to give their money to the people who sit on their asses and do nothing.


    its a shame that the rest of Illinois has to be fleeced to keep that open cess pool Chicago running. now the biggest low life that ever breathed air is running for Mayor. unreal. Emanuel is a devious bastard.

    • Archer

      Speaking of Emanuel, what an absolutely abhorant representation of that name. Good to remember that God is still in control and WILL have the last Word.
      “The kings of this world have torn it apart…” “But the kings of this world wont have the last word.”

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      Anyone remember the song “Thieves, thieves
      tramps and thieves” sung by Cher? That song
      comes to my mind every time Rahm Emmanuel is
      mentioned. As a matter of fact, even when Michelle is mentioned. What rip offs!

    • http://AT&T Jim

      Illinois should secede from Chicago, any place North of I80 shold be left out of Illinois!

    • Jim

      I live North of 80 and resent that, while Chicago is nice place to visit, but not eat, shop or park in, Daley bankrupted the city dressing up the place. Rahm won’t have any money to squander, it’s already a shit-hole; it can’t get much worse for the inhabitants. Cook County is the root of the problem, let us fumigate the slime from it and Chicago will follow suit, but until then we must all suffer.

  • shannon

    think i could go for that if the tax for lawmakers went up 120% for ever and ours would go to 2 percent after the proposed years and no other increase ever!

    • http://Yahoo Richard

      Better yet, decrease their salary by 50%.

  • http://Yahoo Richard

    If you want to reduce the Illinois deficit you should reduce spending not increase taxes.

    • Jim

      That won’t ever happen, it’s too logical!

  • Robert Hamilton

    I guess the lawmakers in Illinois do not want people to remain living and working there. People who are working and paying low taxes have more money to spend stimulating the ecomomy. Low taxes mean employers are able to hire more people, give raises to put money back into the State. How are you going to make money from people who are not working or people who move out of State? Why not raise the income taxes on Gov. Pat Quinn and the leaders of both houses of the Illinois General Assembly?

  • Charlie Coombs

    As a Texan, allow me to commend your lawmakers on imposing this tax. Every time you do something like that, we get a flood of hard working, productive, contributing workers and businesspeople, while the whiners, the hangers on and the dependent stay behind. We need such people!

    Thank you!

  • cheryl jessup

    Well you idiots who voted for Quinn deserve this but none of the rest do. Illinois is going bankrupt if it isn’t already.All I know is that I retire in one year and am going to Texas where my son lives. Screw Illinois.

    • Lawrence

      people kinow that Obama will bail them out with our money. Our biggest threat is the government we elected. It is about time to load and lock my friends.

  • Mark

    I am from Illinois and I cannot believe the idiots voted this jerk back in. What doe’s a guy like me do. I have had my business here for 21 years and now I wonder why I should get up and go to work. What is the incentive. Now you can see why communism doesn’t work. People have NO incentive to excel or work hard because it all goes to the STATE whether that state be the State of Illinois or The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic. There’s no difference to me.
    He who has the money, has the power. Would you as a citizen rather hold the power over your own destiny, OR the government hold the money, thus the power??? If the latter, then you are a communist.

    • http://AT&T Jim

      Even the 2nd graders that I volunteer with are smarter than most of the demo’s that are running Illinois and the U.S. into the ground, bankrupt, etc!

    • Jim2

      I disagree. They aren’t stupid, they are corrupt pigs and communist.

  • JDH

    As a lifetime Illinois resident, I can assert that this is just another example of Chicago raping the downstate taxpayers. I can remember when the state income tax rate raise temporarily from 2% to 3% to help the schools and offer propeerty tax releif. Same way when the state lottery and casino gambling came in to raise mone for the schools. The schools got zilch and property taxes went up. The 5.75% tax will be a permanent taxe increase, the debt will not go down, an nobody will see any benefit. This being done by a lame duck congress in the most corrupt state in the union. What they have said to the Illinois taxpayer is BOHIC-if you don’t know what that means, ask any ex army man.

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      As Elton John sang…”it’s sad, so sad, it’s
      a sad, sad situation and it’s sadder all the


  • Paul

    Will the last one to move out of Illinois turn off the lights? Or does that take a union member to do it? Boo hoo

    • Howard

      (2) union members (1) to hold the light and the other to spin the latter lol.

    • http://AT&T Jim

      Heck, You’d need more than two! There would also be two to hold the ladder , two or three standing around and at least one or more supers to watch and make sure the others didn’t “work” too hard!

  • Dave

    Yeah right…after 4 years the rate will go back down….

  • Howard

    In 1939 Philadelphia Pa. enacted a wage tax of 1/2 percent. This tax was only suppose to last (1) year. I moved out of Philadelphia in 1974, far as i know it still exists.
    I moved from Philadelphia county to Bucks co., worked in West Trenton New Jersey and you know the bums of Philadelphia still tried to collect from me since my pay check was dispersed from a dispersment center in Philadelphia. My HR Dept. wrote them a letter for (2) years stating that i didn’t live in or work in Philadelphia finially they got the message. This is an example of power getting into the workers wallet.

  • gman041

    This is what Democrats want to do all across America. I just cannot understand why a working person would vote for such idiocy?

  • Stu Strickler

    I’m glad I don’t live in your state! Move out while you can afford it!

  • xingqin

    Illinois has voted democratic for many years and this is the results—they do not manage they steal and will continue these efforts as long as we allow it. It is tea party time in Illinois

    • http://AT&T Jim

      I really like “TEA”, but I wish the ones in Springfield and Chicago would have a “COOL-AID” party!

  • harold brewer

    the union is kill all job in the usa

    • Tony

      I worked in a satellite plant of a large corporation that was based in Chicago, and it was a good company until our plant went union for 16 years, and (1) strike that lasted 120 days.We got very little for our dues,so we decertified the union. Then we saw the union reps wanting to know why we were decertifing! By the way the higher ups in the Chicago corporation belonged to the Masons and our only union president was a Mason.Well 18 years after the decert the company got even and shut our plant down, and making another existing plant in another state half again as large as it already was.That’s what THE USWA and THE MASONS did for the plant i worked in.

  • Tom

    I am from IL. I voted for Brady, who was not a good politician. This is the land of the prez without a birth cert., other than Kenya. You will get what happens here if Obama is not stopped. This state will try to keep Obamacare, even if the other 49 repeal it, or is it 56?

  • rainier4311

    Dummycruts never learn. They really don’t. Especially in a corrupt state as Illynoise. My home state Washington is just the same, although they have a different tactic. You don’t vote the liberal agenda, you get no money for critical projects. They would rather kill someone rather than let a liberal agenda go down.

  • Sam Bane

    Must be good. Afterall, Ayatollah Obama is from Ill. and ain’t he good. Just another shinning example of Chicago politics. Opps!! I believe Ayatollah Obama just appointed another chicago thug to his staff of Czars.

  • G-man

    The Democrats are no dummies. They do all of this crap on purpose. All they want is control and power.Many of the republicans have done the same.I was a bush supporter, but not any longer.Especially since he did did what obama did in doing those stimulus packages. Obama just expanded upon what bush did. We have all been fools in always voting in these criminals into office, and letting them have their way. They dont care about how the taxes affect us. They just want a piece of the pie. Why do you think they keep uping the taxes. they know that it doesnt work, they just want to milk the system for as much as they can while they are in office. Why is it that Nancy Pelosi is now worth 21 million dollars since she has been in office. Isnt she supposed to be a public servant. In the meantime are service men and women are making around 20 thousand are year and they are putting their lives on the line, along with being separated from their families. We have to recognize the wolves. for who they are and quit playing the democrat and republican game because a lot of republicans have also sold us down the river. Just the democrats are worse.

  • G-man

    sorry about some of my spelling. I didnt realize I had made those mistakes untill I had posted my comment. This is the first time I have ever done this. Keep up the awareness of what is really going on in our country. We need to put honest people into office who really care more about people rather than padding their bank accounts.

  • harold brewer

    the union is killing job in the usA for power work union or no jobs

  • Robin

    Why the $1 tax on cigerettes? why should smokers pay for the problems of ALL?? Where is the $1 tax on a bottle of beer, or on a pack of condoms? This is unequal taxing, obviously without representation. That is not legal.

  • James

    Do any of you remember a sign that one of the ( fellow ) Tea Party members held during the Washington, D.C. rally ? It summed it ALL up rather neatly. ( brevity is the soul of wit ) The sign simply read : MORE IS NEVER ENOUGH ! By the way, another sign read : We came unarmed, THIS TIME !

  • American Patriot

    Vote the scum bags out or Civil War them out

  • Holly Marcyoniak

    IF THE GOAL IS TO DESTROY IL. THEN THIS IS THE WAY TO GO !~~~ why are those in charge so brain-dead ??


  • Irish

    Isn’t this the state where Obammy came from and Rham (deadfish) came from.

    How will Oprah make a living with all that tax?

  • Irish

    Never been to Ill, and probably never will go there. I’d like to invite all the good folks from ILL. to come to the great conservative State of LA.

    All liberals are not invited.

  • Ironclad

    Oh No! This means more yanks will be moving down here to Texas!