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Look Who Wants 500% Bump in Funding for Government Media

Sunday, January 2, 2011


“Net neutrality” rules must be implemented for content control while the government should quintuple federal funding for public and community broadcasting, Ben Scott, the State Department’s recently appointed policy adviser for innovation, argues.

Scott’s writings, last year in a radical magazine, were in an article co-authored by Robert W. McChesney, an avowed Marxist activist who has called for the dismantlement “brick-by-brick” of the U.S. capitalist system, with America being rebuilt as a socialist society.

McChesney is the founder of the George Soros-funded Free Press, which petitions for more government control of the Internet and news media.

Scott and McChesney also recommended the U.S. impose ownership limits on local radio, TV, and cable channels while pushing for more control of the media by the FCC.

The two were writing in the January/February 2009 edition of Tikkun Magazine, run by avowed Marxist Michael Lerner. Lerner has been accused of using the magazine to justify Palestinian terror and has written articles in which he suggested the 9/11 attacks were a response to U.S. policies.

“Whatever issue tops your list of priorities, real progress will be impossible unless we first change our media system,” wrote Scott and McChesney. “Currently, access to communications and control over media content are vested in the hands of corporate titans.”

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  • Patti

    My parents survived Facist Germany in their youth, in their old age they are experiencing in the United States a government just as evil as that of the Nazis.

    • Lex

      Yup! If anyone thinks this detestable Communist, piece of human debris occupying the White House isn’t evil, they’ve got another thing coming. Some “Americans” are just too caught up in their sports and meaningless activities to realize their freedoms are being taken away.

    • murph

      Most people are working 10-12 hours a day trying to live the American Dream. They don’t have time to indulge in politics. And, believe me, that’s part of the plan.
      We had BETTER see an active Supreme Court in the near future……..dealing with impeachments and outright firings.
      Those that have lost their jobs and homes NOW have time to see what’s happening in our illustrious, corrupt government.
      And there’s not going to be any holding them back if it continues.

    • Gene

      That won’t happen, as osama obama stacked the deck against the USA and OUR CONSTITUTION!
      Screw the commie 1/2 breed!

    • ken

      Anyone waiting and expecting SCOTUS to intervene is as blind as the rest. Scotus (appointed by POTUS) was taken over long ago. Congress is the only hope, and a very slight one at that.

    • Bob

      Amen – sports (and other mindless pastimes like “American Idol”)have become the “opiate of the people”.

    • Dennis V Brooks Sr

      One of our Great Countries Greatest Problems, is the Public School promoted ‘Dumbing Down of America’…It is showing up more and more, but definitly kicked in, in the early 70s…Instead of people using the gifts, that God blessed them with, to Invent, to create, to Manufacture innovations, to keep America great, and provide Employment, but instead, more and more are escaping reality, and accountability in hours, upon hours playing computer and video games, and checking out who did what, and said what on Facebook, Twitter and other brain drains…If more folks cared as much about supporting the American farmer, as they do ‘farmimng on face-less book’, we could make a huge impact on the future of American agriculture!! We have folks arranging daily schedules, who rush home to harvest make believe farms, who won’t spend 5 minutes monitoring the daily news, unless a celebrity has a problem…yet Complain about Not being able to Purchase what they Deserve!! I’m praying that our new congressional leaders, promote an End to Long Term Lazy Benefits aka Undeserved Unemployment Benefits, just because the recipient can’t find something they like, or pays what they Think they are Worth…We Must Return to Total Accountibility and Responsibility, before We Lose Everything our Parents and Grandparents worked so hard, fought so intensely, sacrificed so lovingly to provide for us.

    • Rowdy

      One major difference. Here we have become aware of what is happening and it will not be allowed. The bus is about to come to a complete stop while we figure out how to get it in reverse. If you are one of those that should get off the bus without to many repercussions now would be a good time.

    • Fred

      In reading these comments, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I finally got on the right page. If only someone would do something about what’s happening to our country.

    • wasadoc

      Yeah, somebody like our senators, congressmen and the supreme court.

    • mike

      people are doing something about its the tea party the only chance we have get on board and we can stop the govenment and turn back the nonsence

    • Jean Barton

      I am working for America, what is wrong with you doing something for america or you just lazy

    • Del Lawson

      The someone is you and me.
      Join the Tea Party. Join 9-12 and
      be that someone.

    • steelmagnolia

      Yes. There are m-a-n-y TEA (taxed enough already) teaparties in each State. Elections having been already held are now in the hands
      of our chosen leaders. We are the watchdogs.
      Then there’s 911 and, ACTforAmerica (regarding impending shariah laws and the takeover of the Islamics and many more grass root organizations for returning to the American Constitution. Turn off the trash TV, liberal media, come help us save our Nation as we said.

    • BigIron

      That “somebody” you want to fix our Country for YOU … IS YOU. Stop the crying for “mommy” to come and make it “all better”! Get off your bum and get busy DOING SOMETHING about it yourself! Contact your local “tea party” group for a start; they’ll help you get started with the process. Then learn as much as you can about what is really going on with our Republic and how we got to this low point. We CAN fix it IF we ALL work together and that includes YOU!

    • Jon

      That is one of the root causes of our problem. The “somebodies” that needs to do something are you, myself, and every American who has up to this point done nothing. Call, visit, write, phone, fax or email your congressman and tell them exactly what you think, and furthermore, exactly what you elected them to do. And do it now and do it frequently so they cannot possible forget or misinterpret what your mandate for them is. Then do the same thing with Obama and his administration. Speak up or forever be prepared to be shut up by the socialist.

    • Am2sweet

      I knew I was referring to the Dems and libs as Nazis for some reason. They all need to be sent over to Russia. Or maybe Iran would suit them better.

    • Dan


      Why would you want to do that to Russia? My wife and I have a Russian exchange student living with us. She questions the intelligence of anybody who voted for any democrat.

      More and more (legal) Russian Immigrants are seeing that the Democrat party has a strong resemblance to what they escaped from 20 or so years ago.

      Send the liberals to Venezuela or North Korea or as you said, Iran.

    • Jim

      today’s democrat party is made up of socialists,Marxists and communists with a sprinkling of liberals and chairman obama has become the dear leader of the peoples republic of the USSA

    • vin

      your right big government is absolute evil

    • don

      obviously you never fought for or defended this great country. If you don’t like your freedoms. Like free speech, religion, and you want the government to take care of you, then move to europe. the constitution will be reborn and all you bleeding heart liberals will have to work. waaaa

    • BigIron

      This IS a GREAT country BUT it has fallen into neglect and has begun to rot from the inside. BIG GOVERNMENT IS EVIL as our “founders” knew a big central government would become if allowed to have unlimited “powers”; that is why we have a Republic and the Federal Government is Constitutionally limited in its “powers” and the States are also limited in “powers” by the prohibitions of our Constitution. 10A

      The PROBLEM is that our “great” Country is no longer functioning (operating) as the “constitutionally limited republic” that it was intended to be; that was our Country’s “greatness”.

      We, the People, have neglected our Constitution for too long trusting in our government, elected officials and educational system to “do the right thing” for our Country and her people. Well, human nature being what it is they have done the wrong thing when faced with the ability to wield almost unlimited “power”. Now We, the People, are faced with the daunting task of fixing that which is most severely broken due to the neglect of the people and the deception and contempt of those who currently wield the “power” within our Country.

      It is time for the people to stand-up and “Restore our Republic” and the “Rule of Law” (our Constitution) or prepare to get down on their knees as the slaves our leaders (master) desire to make them (us)!

  • Kevlar Linc

    George Soros-funded “Free Press”….how’s that for a misnomer?

    • http://msn Jim

      George Soros should be charged and tried for treason and hanged

    • Bob Boyd

      You are so right and I wonder who has the balls to do it?

    • stevor

      It won’t be Obummer because Soros owns Obummer (and a lot of Congress, too)

    • mike

      do you know what soros s job was in nazi germany was it was to round up the jews and he loved it when people got caos did you know that he ruined the curencies in great britain , france and thats how he made his money curencies dropped and he purchaced gold as this was happening he broght it down single handed and quess what hes doing know hes behind acorn as well as hunderds of scams that you the tax payer are paying for like ncp he goes in disguess as a charity giver and a nice guy and people have no idea what he is realy about

    • Lulu

      NO ONE that is in our Congress today!

    • Chuck

      My better half will do it shes a red head and I will help LOL

    • Jmac

      Thank God for redheads and others with the guts to point to the vile actions of our so called president, FURER OBAMA, aka Comrade Obama.

    • Jean Barton

      We do. The citizens of America. My great, great, great grandfather fought for the Revolution, my other grandfathers fought for Civil War and my other grandfathers fought for TEXAS. IT IS TIME FOR US TO BE AND SHOW WHAT WE ARE MADE OF. AND IT IS NOT SHIT

    • NRA4ever

      What we need to do is make a list of the bad guys sorted by most dangerous. Same as the list we had going into Iraq, with Saddam on top, only put Soros on top, and work down from there systematically taking out each of them until there is no threat. Then we can rebuild our country back to what it should be, following our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    • Jim

      chairman obama is PUBLIC ENEMY # ONE

    • Eric

      Just let a black ops unit pick him up, and drop him in France, where he is already convicted.

    • Gwendolyn

      Explain. Convicted of what in France?

    • Lex

      I’m with you! Hang him on a very public stage: the U.S. Capitol West side for all malevolent and would-be Commies to see and think twice about committing additional treason against the Constitution.

    • God Loving Patriot

      Being that Soros is not a US citizen he could not be tried for teason. I would settle for drawn and quartered or shot before a NAZI firing squad led by his NAZI buddies of days gone by or his new NAZI buddies that are currently illegally squatting in the peoples house located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC. or simply hung would work as well.

    • warren

      Barry my be hung although the word for a hanging is hanged.

    • BigIron

      I’m not sure of the following but …. Treason is a “military” crime and does not require citizenship for guilt only that a person be guilty of a certain type of action against “our government”. I think he would qualify. There is no Statute-of-Limitations on Treason or Fraud. What we need to do is to find a way to place him in a proper jurisdiction for prosecution.

    • Rowdy

      Nah I say carefully research and determine for sure that each suspected offender is guilty and then they are presented in public places around the country continually on webcam, and the people are allowed to come and administer punishment to the animal, 1 an hour. On a stand in front of the animal would be a bowl of salt, a straight razor, and a pair of tweezers. Allowed a six inch shallow incision, or one quarter ounce of flesh anywhere on the body without causing a loss of any senses, sight, smell, hearing, taste, and the application of salt. I think my choice would be a narrow thin vertical strip of skin anywhere on the inside of the leg’s. When applying the salt you start at the bottom and just toss a little bit on the very bottom of the cut and then wait about two minutes and then move up a little more, until done. There would of course be a doctor on hand to ensure the medical stability of the animal other than the continual loss of weight. He would be toured around the country twenty four hours in each stop and some breaks to let the animal heal up and get a little health back each time leading them to believe it was over. Ha Ha Ha. Oh yea eventually the doctor would have to call it due to infections, from which the animal could not recover. “I’ve never felt quite so evil” not sure that is a good thing, but someone has to do the job and they will feel a lot more evil but it has to be done.

    • http://none Another God Loving Patriot

      I agree with most of the above. I would sure like to know why Obama is not being impeached!! He does NOT qualify to run for the top spot in our Government! We need to get back to the teachings of the brilliant man, Thomas Jefferson!!

    • Rowdy

      This is not all soros, there are many others even more powerful than him, among the big money boys in the world, he just has the biggest mouth. They are all equally behind this and the people should unite with the military’s (that are composed of the people to begin with) and eliminate these country enslavers, and money hoarders from our world and put their assets into the economy again everything would be fine. We could go back to a world without people trying to enslave the working class. The example of what happened to the last ones that did should act as a pretty good deterrent to anyone else doing it again for a while. Each country and or state for that matter, could go back to having it’s sovereignty. And clearly the people would be in control (at least for a little while). I imagine the whole world would flourish beyond imagination. My biggest fear is that men can not accomplish this task and The LORD will have to finish what we start. Win WIN situation. Pretty good odds I say pray and go for it.

    • BigIron

      Ron Paul is right about the Fed and “sound money”. He has been right on the “money” and true to his cause, refusing to back down and suffering much for his beliefs. Ron Paul and those of other men of character are those whom we should support in the days to come.

      The 10th Amendment delineated how “power” was to be distributed among the Federal government, the State governments and the people (individual/s).
      The Federal was delegated ONLY certain limited “powers”; the State governments and the people retained ALL the rest of the “powers” EXCEPT for those “powers” PROHIBITED to the State governments by the Constitution. An example of such a prohibition is the 2nd Amendment which is a “prohibition” that applies to BOTH the Federal and the State governments via 10A.

      The CENTRAL BANKS and CORPORATIONS ARE our enemies as are all who desire such unlimited powers and domination over others.

    • Anna Salerno

      As would barry odumbo and his thugs plus nancy piglosi and harry reid. They are all traitors and need to be tried for treason, then led to the firing squad or escorted out of this country!!!

  • karen1951

    Nothing like creating a crisis to excuse regulations that will only create an environment that WILL be problamatic.

    • http://patriotupdate jlbs

      Mark Strein likes to say the Libs are very good at solving problems that don’t exist. I couldn’t agree more.

    • http://patriotupdate jlbs

      OOPS! Mark Stein

    • John Sowers

      His last name is spelled Stein.

    • Liam

      I think it’s styne

    • stevor

      You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until the collapse the whole economy, cause rioting, declare Martial Law, ask the UN to “help”, and have the UN take over as a New World Order (which Soros and many presidents OWNED by the corporatists have talked of for decades)

    • wasadoc

      Hope those UN suckers are ready to take on all the armed rednecks in this country.

    • Chuck

      wasadoc–The problem with that is,under martial law,our esteemed presidunce cancels ALL of our constitutional rights(IF there are any left)and ALL of the armed forces come under his direct command,to use as and where he sees fit,even mass killings of”the rioters”,and don’t think for a moment he would hesitate to do that!!

    • BigIron

      Our “rights” come from our CREATOR; they are not granted to us by ANY MAN nor by our Constitution nor any law; our (unalienable) “rights” sit above all else but our CREATOR.

      I know Barry thinks that he’s “GOD” but that’s his delusion not mine. Only our CREATOR can take MY or YOUR “rights” away, not any MAN. We must NEVER forget that our “rights” actually supersede any law. 9A

      Thanks to our government schools a great many people today think that a “privilege” is a “right”! And our government has done nothing to disabuse them of that misconception since it is to the benefit of those who desire power that our “rights” be brought under their control as “privilege” and if we can be made to think that our “rights” are just “privileges” then they will then have the “power” to control or deny our “rights” at their whim.

      The problem IS “foreign” troops on OUR soil will see US as “their” ENEMY, not their friends and neighbors; that is exactly why these treaties and agreements are being put into place. I want OUR military back in our Country, not foreign troops. UN troops or other foreign troops in our country I would consider as our enemy until shown otherwise.

    • ken

      1. If anyone thinks this tarted with Obama, you need a mental fitness exam. If you think it is JUST democrats, you need the same. If you think this started recently, you have no vision into history, and probably do not understand the true conception of liberty. I myself was where many are now about 15-20 years ago and have learned much. Most people wouldn,t understand liberty if it slapped them in the face.

    • Double Ace

      That coould happen but I must say I have a hard time seeing some of these good ole American boys willing to go down without a fight. I wonder just how many soldiers would turn on their own families, and friends to support the traitors? I am not sure where the UN would get all the troops necessary since it has always been the US that took the brunt of any UN action. I am not too worried about the Germans, French, Italians, etc. I can’t see Japan playing. Maybe China?

  • Patrick Henry

    So one of the main goals is to give more voice to minorities? Well, election of a minority to president has sure been an “unqualified” (to choose a term at random) (sarcasm on) success (sarcasm off). Why don’t we just have the Army (led by some gay guys wearing pink tutus) come take all our property at gunpoint and “spread the wealth around” to these wonderful minorities? They’ve done SO MUCH to deserve it.

    • Goldie

      Hey!! How do you think we got so many of these “minorities”. The majority of these people sat on their tushes and had one baby right after another and didn’t do diddly squat toward getting a job or an education or doing anything except being leeches on society. Now we got Mexican women popping out kids one after another and getting all kinds of government services that the working public has to pay for. Makes me madder than hell!!!!!!!!!!!!


      And it was ALL done by DESIGN by the Marxists within our Government! They are STILL supporting their agenda with OUR MONEY! It’s up to our STATE GOVERNMENTS to harness the Feds by withholding our tax money going to a Central Government operated by an ILLEGITIMATE administration!

    • BigIron

      It is really good that more and more people are beginning to see the patterns and the plan. Bringing the plan to fruition has not been and is not a job for those with a short attention spans or inability to delay gratification but they may have “jumped the gun” again! Let us hope that is the case and that we find a way to put an end to this destructive menace once and for all.

  • Lynn Longwill

    I say anybody who doesn’t like the Capitalist system that this great country was founded on, needs to be escorted to the border and booted out. Mexico? Cuba? Americans should not conform to them but vice versa. Adios!

    • Jenn

      this should also be applied to the morons of Hollywood who agree with Ovomit.

  • Pickle Packer

    A George Soros funded Free Press would be like Pravda or Tokyo Rose. We need unbiased reporting and that can only be obtained on stations like Fox. Anything that has to do with George Soros is evil. He has brought down 3 or 4 world economies and is now trying to destroy the U.S.

    • NRA4ever

      The sick thing is he thinks it’s a joke or a game.

    • Aunt Jo-Jo

      What”s the name of that group that Michael Savage talks about all the time.? The Hindenberg group? Or something like that. They consist of Soros, Bill Clinton and many other commies that are all in this together.

  • Thomas Berquist

    He comes more propaganda. Tighten your seat belts and keep giving this administration H**L!
    Time is growing short for us. We MUST tell our friends and neighbors what is really going on in this country.

  • Q Tip

    This is further evidence of the Soros funded efforts to control not only the conservative media voice, but the desire on his part to squash and control American freedom as we know it. Obozo is nothing but his puppet idealogue. Soros is the man behind the curtain in Oz. Let’s pull the covers and take America back!

    • Jim


  • Peg

    God help us! This has to stop or it will be the end of America!

  • Eric Belko

    Who the Hell is running this show?

    The State Department’s recently appointed policy adviser for innovation????

    Don’t Congress and the American People have in say on this?

    Clear these traitors out, and clear them out now!

    • Robert Morrow

      Their is no controls of the FCC or FDA (which approves poison drugs that kill over 200,000 citizens per year and all to increase Profits for the Pharmaceuticals),FTC,EPA,TSA,USDA, Federal board of (Propaganda)Education and on and on. Why? your own Elected Official, sold out you I & the Republic for their 30 pieces of Silver. These Agency have all ready told your corrupted elected officials to go P** up a Rope. I have written both my Senators over and over again but to no prevail as they have sold out to the highest bidder. Both my senators should resign in disgrace. They both are guilty of aiding and abetting the criminal Act of Bribery, when Reid bribed two Senators for their vote on Obamacare, which no one read or understood, plus being written behind closed door. I keep asking why hasn’t Reid been Impeached? Well he is protected by the Brotherhood of Corrupt Elected Officials who would sell their own children in Slavery for the Dollar.

  • Rowdy

    S _ _ _ _ that SOB. and his boss. This has to be stopped. The internet is the last form of communications among people that is somewhat free and greatly enhances the joining all of us together as one group. They know if they are to be successful they have to stop the internet.

    • Bobcat

      we need to stop them first

    • Lex

      …with all of the firepower we can muster before they begin a methodical, door-to-door gun-grab with their BATFE jackboots. Can you say Warsaw, Poland 1939… a repeat of Krystalnacht?

    • Bill

      Kenya’s village is sorely missing its idiot. Let’s send him to the place of his birth. His grandmother will remember where it is.

  • Transparency Now

    Abuse of the language such as marked above is an absolute disgrace. These charlatans can NOT be trusted. They can’t even discern TRUTH. See how they twist the truth so that business takes the blame? This is progress to the sewer of failed past relics. History is being ignored and/or perverted.

  • Tom

    He just wants money for his programming, which no one, not even other liberals, really want to listen to at all. Send these people to Castro on boats.

    • Phillip in TX

      Why waste the fuel for the boats? Make them swim there and if they don’t make it, oh well.

  • robert craft

    ben scott you need to go to some foreign country to see if you can help them.we don’t need your surely don’t know what your talking about.go get a life.

  • Tom SC

    These little ferries are gonna keep comming out of nowhere and going nowhere until we show the chief Elf the exit to the WH and wanabe king Soros to his toumb.

  • Ross

    So the next phase will be government sponsored book-burning events, I suppose.

  • Chuck

    I agree the government should take more control over the media and I think they shouod start with this clown and shut his butt down

  • 1953 Korean Vet

    Somehow, I found out that the son of G.Soros
    worked as a reporter at the N.Y. Times-! I
    wonder how much N.Y.Times stock–has Soros acquired-? (We know that the “NY Times has
    been one of the most “Liberal Newspapers”-!)
    Perhaps, this reveals–their major Motive, if
    Soros is involved-!

  • Craig Sacramento

    Just one more proof that liberalism and progressivism are both very serious mental diseases. Mr Scott should apply for for a media job in Pyongyang, he would be right at home there!

  • Bobnip

    When Hollywood depicts a German Officer in the SS for a war movie they usually have them wearing glasses identical to this Marxist Scott’s. It’s ironic that those subscribing to evil Ideologies take on an evil appearance. Is the smile genuine? No, it is a smirk directed at us ignorant Americans that were blind enough to put people like this in positions of authority in this country. Any effort to increase “free press” you can be sure is a move toward cloaking the truth!

  • Eric

    It’s time for Congress to act, and if they don’t, they need to get a strong reaction from us.

  • Eric

    How do we go about removing this Scott, from office?

    • Mike

      With a .45 if all else fails. That would be permanent and we don’t need to worry more about his next attempts on our freedom.

    • Mary

      No, Mike, for the next one to take his place is usually worse. Revolution and assassination is never the answer to our national problems. God is the answer and it takes voting in the right people and holding their feet to the fire to do what is right according to our Constitution.

    • Phillip in TX

      Sorry Mary, I agree with Mike. He did state “if all else fails.” Everything failed with King George then our forefathers took care of business.

    • Mary

      Phillip, God does not fail those who do what is right in His sight.

  • Jack

    How come soros is not arrested? (I don’t capitalize names I have no respect for.)

    • Anna Salerno

      Neither do I Jack that is why I always refer to the president as “barry odumbo” he deserves no respect from me only contempt… ;o)

  • Lex

    Soros is a piece of low-life, detestable s_ _ _! Obummer ought to witness his hanging on the front row of the gallows on Crapitol Hill to teach him a lesson. Gutless Republicans, whom we voted for in November, should grow a pair and have this puke loser of an Eastern Europe (former Communist block) anti-American scumbag, arrested and executed without delay!

  • Carl

    The “Messiah” and all his buddies worry about the corruption in Afghanistan, Packistan, etc. When are they going to realize that this country now is probably more corrupt than all the rest of the world put together.

    • BigIron

      Remember that what is “corrupt” is defined by those in charge for “their” benefit which may not be the same as “our” benefit.
      EX: Our current “war on drugs” incl. Columbia and Afghanistan.

  • Delores Smith

    May I suggest that together you build and dismantle a brick house? That will most likely destroy your urge to destroy our system of Capitalism. If it doesn’t, it might make you realize that you are puppets of Obama and Soros.
    Delores Smith

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Lord knows, the poor darlings haven’t ripped us off more than would be sufficient to content any other Marxist.

  • Norm_Nav

    Back to the Constitution. It is our only hope, the founders fully understood the process of usurpation on the way to tyranny, the constitution has all the tools necessary to resolve the issues of the day. There is much to be done, but first and foremost, get friendly with the constitution, know it, understand it and demand that our elected officials do the same.

  • Colette

    This is Affirmative Action at work. Scott and Mcchesney coouldnt figure out what being REAL MEN means.. So they took the Coward’s way out. Wonder if they’ll edit THAT!

  • Jdavidc

    soros is a citizen but his citizenship should revoked and he should be tried for treason and hanged in public for the world to see…….

    • icetrout

      Gorge Soros learned much from his NAZI MASTERS :X

  • Brian

    Anyone who thinks that BHO does not know what he is doing is lost in the forest. BHO could care less about the 2012 re-election: He is looking at the bigger picture. He wants to play a larger part and receive a bigger slice of the globe- a Totalitarian state, Communistic Regime whatever, as long as he is allowed to keep growing in the New World Order- He wants so badly to help bring it to pass, otherwise he will be forced to just fade away: this is not an option for a malignant narcissist.
    Praise God that WE THE PEOPLE have come back to life and will not allow this to continue.

    • NRA4ever

      He’s trying to drive the country into a crises so he can declare martial law. That way he won’t have to worry about the election.

  • Maureen Probst

    I believe that Congress needs to pass a new bill acquiring all who are nominated for a government job should be vetted including the President of the US and his administration!

    I also believe that Congress needs to demand that both parties, who are running for the highest office of our country, to submit the ORIGINAL long form, doctor signed, letter head, birth certificate starting 2012…before any campaigning begins prior to the elections. If any birth certificate is not handed forth or even any type of adjustments to the birth certificate is created, then that person is OUT of the race for president and the other is ruled elected as our president…..All problems solved!!!!

  • guest

    I have witnessed alot of fearsome thing’s in my lifetime but this current adminstration is top’s them all. I alway’s beleived there were a few good men in Washington but am hardpressed to continue beleiveing this. It took years to ‘make Obama’. How is it..those in the know did nothing to stop this evil? The chant in reference to the holocust..’never again’ seems to have fallen on deaf ears as the similarity is frightening to hitler versus obama.

    • Socratic

      There are no similarities between the fascist who killed millions and Obama. I would love to spend time disabusing you of these false comparisons, but that would be akin to unlearning Pavlov’s dog to not salivate.

  • terry scott

    i see a lot really good arguments and reasoning. what i don’t see is pettions started to take care of this trash. as for fox news they do not report the truth any more than anyone else. they control approximately 48% of all cable and tv around the world. what needs to be done is someone to truely stand up and get petions started.

  • real patriot 1

    Obama gave all in the state controlled media a Guarantee to protect them for the rest of their lives. there are some that have got in so deep, they cant turn back and they are very afraid now. for their very lives. you are going to say im crazy. Chris Matthews might come out of the closet and blow the lid off of everything Obama doesnt want us to know. You see. Chris Loved JFK. alot. I dont think Obama is what Chris had in mind. He may hate us . but i think he will finally cave to save america. the things he knows about the real Obama. Chris , turn from the dark side, join FOX.

  • Socratic

    Damn, you people salivate to key words better than Pavlov’s dog did to the bell.

    • Phillip in TX

      Watch out or I’ll drool all over you.

  • Double Ace

    What’s with all these pansy liberals. Do they all look alike. Doesn’t this loser remind you of Alan Combs? They all look like the kids that used to get their butts kicked on the playground.What a bunch of sissies.

  • John M

    I’m not exactly sure of the amount, but we started a revolution against the Brits over a .03cent tax! Things have changed in 200 plus years haven’t they. But the basic principles are still the same, we still don’t seem to have any representation in government(taxation without representation)and we some how seem to be answering to a monarch again. I imagine the Brits were as pissed off as we are about the Birth thing because GeorgeIII rd’s family was German! Granted 2 generations removed, but you get my point. Now this joker wants to start shoving things down our throat using government money(taxes)just like another German Government was doing 60+ years ago. We’ve been hearing about “Death Panels” and things like Health Care that is going to bring us down to the level of other countries doing the same thing.We arll know this, but you better not say anything, because we are to busy giving benifits to the illegals. The point is, during the Cold War and even in the 50’s do you think any of these Commie type Senators and Congressmen couldn’t have gotten away with this? Ca’ mon America! This is crap! We are starting a new Era in a couple of days, lets get behind these Tea Party types, they seem to think in terms of whats right, not what can benifit me.

  • Tee

    I say we revolt. Vote them out, O dummer especialy…he’s the head rouster that’s got to go… Sites like this would dry up like a popcorn fart, and where would we be then… suckin off the nipple of big Goverment…


  • Gwendolyn

    Our recourse, friends of America, is to hold to the fire the feet of every elected Congressman in DC. It is their job to know what is going on, and protect, “We The People” from the likes of obumba and his Czars. Constant calls, faxes, letters, and more calls to all of their offices will get results. Visit the offices in person, and leave messages. Hint of a donation, and you might even get to speak to the big guy or gal! The squeaky wheel gets the grease, folks. The blacks and Mexicans all roared loudly, and got their way. It’s our turn now. Lets do it!

    • James Roe

      Good on you Gwen!!!!

  • James Roe

    If George, Sorry,Soros was required to give back to The us govt all his money except what he feel Americans need to live on.Probably $20,00o annually, He might have some creditability.

    Until then he is just an out and out commie

  • bob


  • Phillip in TX

    How about zero dollars? That would do more good for the country than wasting even more tax payer money.

  • Henry

    Another Marxist czar appointed by the Anti-American Impostor of a president.

  • Les Capuzzo

    Let’s RID THE Democratic RATS! Anyway we can!Stand up for OUR Republic!

  • guyb

    Hello America, Once again our elected officals are going to take away your freedoms. Now they want to control the media. America,we must stand up for ourselves or we will fall prey to the feeding frenzy our elected officals are on. Remember,we voted them into office by the people and for the people. Why are they against us? GREED… Our elected officals have sold us out and they only care about money for themselves and more money for themselves and it does not matter to them what happens to our great nation. They have offshore bank accounts and low lifes like soros and there other finacial backers get earmarks and uncontested government contracts and our elected officals get there kickbacks(BRIBE MONEY) put into there offshore bank accounts.Its time America lets our elected officals know that TREASON is a hanging offense….America has killed off anything Christian and they are backed by the aclu and the muslim community. America,we must act now… Call any elected offical you can and email them also and tell them you are against the selling of America and that you will fight to keep America free. God Bless Our Troops and there Families……The koran says to kill the jews and the infidels and all those who will not convert to islam…. America,will you convert to islam or will you die???? I am going to fight to the end….. I will not convert to islam and I will not make a prayer rug and face mecca ever…..America is a CHRISTIAN NATION and I do not care if our muslim president says we are not a CHRISTIAN NATION..Where are all the so called CHRISTIAN PASTORS??? Why won’t they stand up and speak out??? Our CHRISTIAN PASTORS are mostly wolf’s in sheep’s clothing… They will not stand for JESUS even though they talk a good story on sunday… WHERE DO YOU STAND????????

  • Reta Aronson

    If the “tingling’ has stopped in his leg maybe he will wise up.

  • sean murrey

    they keep fooling around this feather they want to put in thier cap will hit them in the ass.

  • TowTruck

    Here are a couple messages for these morons. To Ben Scott…. start putting your job application out there for the fast food industry, punk. After this administration is done….. so are you. You’ll be like the plague.. no one will touch you. As for Robert W. McChesney… come and take it a*shole…. if you think you can. One thing for sure in regard to liberals… you don’t have the balls. You can sneak around in the dark of night and the shadows of a well camouflaged campaign and do you dirty work but you would NEVER hold up against ANY Conservative American face to face. We’ve got a lot of bricks waitin’ for you. Let’s see if you’re man enough to take one.

  • http://none Gene Edwards

    What exactly does a director of “innovation” do? I could think of some innovation myself. Like, getting just about all the politicians on a slow boat to China or somewhere where they can find people to agree with – other socialists, etc. What a sad country we have become – once united, since Obama it has become one giant mess. We have gone from the San Andreas Fault to the Obama split. Have you felt the tremors yet – they are coming?

  • Towncar07

    Wow, it took some time to sift through all these posts, and it looks like 97% FOR THIS Country’s imposed suicide mission should blow up in the socialist face.
    YES, let’s make it happen…restore sanity to an insane Administration…and that means YOU, you newly elected representatives…NO compromise, except to Constitutional principles. No retreat…NO WAY !

  • Frank

    What idiots like Scott and McChesney don’t understand is after the collapse and before these idiots can be in charge we WILL hunt them down. They won’t get to participate in their socialist utopia.

    • Mike


    • Bob Bosso

      I can see it now, Ben & Robert hanging from a telephone pole with a sigh around their neck proclaiming… I am a Traitor!

    • http://thePatriotUpdate Annette

      Yes Yes Yes You are so right. We are all so sick of our government and their lack of leadership.

    • hijinx60

      Can you just imagine what it would be like by now if the 2010 elections hadn’t turned out like they did?? I don’t think that anyone had any idea just how close we were to being totally socialist…

    • FreedomNow!

      Yeah, what people don’t also know is how close this country was to going into revolt and chaos! At least a tax revolt! The lid is still simmering and all bets are off if the Republicans wuss out and kiss up to the devious democrat establishment, which includes the media.

    • jonrod

      And a whole lot of free loaders out there that don’t give a dam, as long as Uncle keep giving them money for doing nothing.They could care less who is in charge.

    • Apache6


    • Raymond

      Hi Apache6.
      This is NEPATRIOTS12 from VISION2AMERICA. I just wanted to let you & the others on
      that website know that said website has kicked me off because of what I was posting
      about Islam & Obama’s strong connection to terrorists. Please share with others
      what VISION2AMERICA has done. Sincerely, Raymond aka NEPATRIOTS12.

    • NRA4ever

      I know who you are and everything you say is correct. I think you and I have the same view on things, and what needs to be done. This is a serious subject, and deserves serious action. The final decision may not be pretty, but it will be just and deserving.

    • Vince

      Raymond. I was on V2A a few times this weekend. Did they tell you it was for the content of your postings? I did see that you wrote very very many comments.

    • Raymond

      Hi Vince.
      I posted a couple of things that show a strong
      link between Obama & terrorism. I also posted
      a comprehensive list of what types of people
      voted for Obama, it was shortly thereafter I was
      informed by Vision2America that my posting privileges
      were revoked. No, they don’t say specifically why. Raymond

    • pretzeldude

      Damn right. I’m available to be used as needed.

    • Robin

      New Hunting Season reg’s and limits – Jan 1, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011 – NO LIMITS on the number, age or sex of Policitians and beurocrats to be taken during these dates. All animals must be field dressed and hanged in a tree for pictures. None of the meat can be resold for profit, it must be donated to the homeless. Minimum caliber is 30.06 and hollow points are allowed. Also only for the persue of politicians NO license is required, only proof of sucess in the hunt. If this year is a success, then it will probably be extended into 2012.

    • Dale A

      A wanted poster Dead or Dead might be in order since they enemies of the country.

    • http://yahoo mike


    • T Lady

      That’s right. What goes around comes around. And you can bet your next paycheck that if the American Meople (a term coined by talk show host Andrew Wilkow) elect a strong, principled Conservative for POTUS and we take back the Senate and retain the House, the Leftist Pigs will all cry ‘FOUL’ when these rules are aplied against THEM.

    • T Lady

      OOPS! misspelled applied.

    • http://msn dino

      This is why Obama and hillery Clinton want to take your guns away from you. This way they can control you better. Why do you think Germany and Russia took there peoples guns away from them befor the second world war. This way they can also make this a marxist country.

    • Bonnie

      It is this wild talk of killing, etc. that makes people look on conservatives as uneducated hicks. I know it feels good to blow off steam, but it would be better if all of you worked out a strategy to vote these people out, investigate them and publish what they are up to. Expose them and vote them out. Let them know that you and others know who they are and what they are doing. That is absolutely essential to stopping them and taking back control as we have started to do. Keep up the spirit though.

  • sean murrey

    this punk ass kid is nothing but a commie.he needs to have his young ass kicked.

    • rimshot75

      …I’d come help ya. But I figure you will want that pleasure all to yourself…Kick him in the head once for me. On second thought, kick him in the ass; that’s where his brains are; it’ll do more damage.

  • Tom

    Robert W. McChesney, an avowed Marxist activist who has called for the dismantlement “brick-by-brick” of the U.S. capitalist system, with America being rebuilt as a socialist society.
    Hey, if you want to live in a socialist society, then move to Cuba or any other country that has socialism and leave the Patriotic Americans alone,we don’t want you here.

    • Keith

      The problem is if they move to another country they will not be the one’s running the show, they will be under the thumb of a dictator. Whereas if they change things here then they will be able to dictate what happens and you know they will not live by the same rules they want to apply to everyone else.
      I say we need to stand up to Washington and kick all of them out by force and then start over, maybe the new congress will understand what they need to do or be run out on a rail also.

    • Buyerbwear

      Kick these jerks out, along with Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Rangel–all those leftist liberal moronic scum–but leave my Congressman Kenny Marchant alone! He is an avowed CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN!!!

    • Dee

      Who in their right mind voted for this a$$?

    • simple

      He was appointed, not elected.

    • Pam

      No one in his right mind voted for Obama and crew. It was the idiots who did.

    • Raymond

      Who voted for a muslim you ask.

      Those who hate America, and they are many.
      Those who embrace what is evil.

    • jeff keil

      I’m filled with sorrow but happy it won’t always be like this! Read the Bible, prophacie profacy profficie is beeing fulfilled!!!!!!!!

  • Reasonable Doubt

    “…he suggested the 9/11 attacks were a response to U.S. policies”.

    And may I suggest the slaughter of the Democrats in the mid term elections was a response to Barack Obama’s policies…and had not a little to do with free media’s exposure of the communists, socialists and Mao lovers that Barack Hussein Obama has burrowed deep into the body politik…like lice.

    • Gerry

      “Shadow Governt”

    • Gerry

      Hit wrong keys, “SHADOW GOVERNMENT”

    • Janice

      Gerry, you mispelled again, We don’t have a Government….We have a Governut !!!!!!

    • Jerry

      At least they aren’t suggesting that Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks. That’s a fresh new tactic. I can’t say they’re getting any smarter, but at least they’re on a better track.

      I wonder if any ONE of these blithering idiots could name ONE country where socialism-marxism is a success. I’d bet they would say the USSR; now that was a big success right? All Reagan did was stand there and yell, “Tear down this wall Mr. Gorbachev” and the whole USSR fell apart.

      I wish he was here now to tell Soros, “Kiss my a** Mr. Soros” and the whole socialist empire would come tumbling down.

    • http://thePatriotupdate JOHN KING

      Pres Ronald Reagan had ‘STARWARS’ to back up those words, the U.S.S.R. knew it was over, any foll knows that.

    • http://thePatriotupdate JOHN KING

      FOOL, damned Arthritice, LOL.

    • Bob

      hang in there John,LOL,I know how that old arthritis can be.

    • Apache6

      Or CRABS!!!!

    • Fishnutt

      Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but maybe it’s time to put on the paint and clean my gun.

    • Kurt

      As I have said in the past: Forget the Ballot, use the Bullet.

    • NRA4ever

      It’s sure alot cheaper…

    • June

      In the first place there should be NO “government media” – -that’s purely a “propaganda tool” and barry already has enough help with propaganda from the “lamestream” media! Congress can start cutting the deficit by “defunding” npr and pubtv!

    • jonrod

      And may eventually be necessary. Why do you think they are constantly after our guns?

    • Aged Flatulence

      we all know it needs doing be none of us has the balls or the where withall to do it, seems we just yap yap yap??


      My weapons are already cleaned and loaded.


    People like Robert W. McChesney should move to a socialist country if he and others do not like our capitalist system while billions of people currently living in socialist countries would love to come to America and live. People with ideas of McChesney start planning their departure from America as fast as they can.

    • rimshot75

      And how about we take up a collection to get them one way tickets to any flea infested, socialist pit they choose? I will write the first check!

    • Steve P.

      I will not write any check or give any monies.
      I will, however, be happy as a clam to lay my hands on him, ‘politely’ convince him to accompany me ocean-side, and put his sorry ass on a kayak with no paddles and have him towed to sea.

    • Buyerbwear

      Okie, dokie. Either way, count me in.

    • NRA4ever

      Tie an anchor to him and throw him in.

    • Buyerbwear

      Mine is the second check. What are we all sending? Oh, and we will probably need to include enough for their escort out of the country–don’t want them sneaking back in!

    • Apache6

      I say fly them to N.Korea!!!!

    • Bj

      how bout to the ends of the Earth and lose em there?

    • Observer

      That is North Korea!

    • Gerry

      They all need to be tried for treason. The communist/socialist democrats.

  • Larry

    Obama is not shy about letting the people he chooses to help him rule the United States Socialist party is he. Its to bad that most people here in the USA will never be able to read this and all the other articles that show up because most people only watch the cartoons and Big bird they have no interest in the Government and what they are doing to our country. If they would take a little interest in what these people are doing then we could put a stop to it before they get a to far along. Obama seems to be moving faster and must feel he needs to finish his control of our government before the next election when he will not have another chance to pull it off.

    • viva

      More people would read about this if YOU and all others would send email to all on your list, include the url for this site. Just click on it above, right click and click “copy”. Address your message to someone and right click again, and click “paste”, in the text. Easy.

    • YesIcan

      Larry the big bird watchers are the ones on welfare. I’m glad they don’t pay attention! If they thought their check was in jeopardy they would join Acorn. We don;t need that!

    • jerry

      TREASON for sure. And they don’t understand that their actions are carrying out islams plan for enslaving America and the world. Does no one realize the so called health plan is a stealth JIZYA

    • jonrod

      Why do you think Obana spends so much money keeping his records and former friends out of the lime light? Its not birth papers he concerned with but his true leanings.

  • Julianne

    I hope this does not happen. If they want
    that much let them pay for it themselves by
    taking cuts in their pay and out of their
    pockets The government has raped the american
    people and Amercia enough.

    • robert good

      Julianne, Socialists NEVER want to use their own money for their plans. They always wish to use government {our} money to bring about the downfall of capitalism in America. They feed on government money and confiscation regulations that they maneuver into place to place the public under government {their} control. Who would have believed, a few years ago, that Americans would have sunk to such a level of ignorance as to elect an illegal Socialist/Communist as president of America. So sad!

  • CREW

    What a dope! This is what happens when the the DOE takes charge of our kids. Indoctrination! The liberals are writing our text books and this is what they spew! Foul garbage!

    • Fed up with Fed up

      If you have kids and noticed if they watch the Disney Channel, how much these kids are being indoctrinated. My Michelle Bell on TV showing people how and what to eat (kids eating it up-no pun intended), kids talking about global warming, left wing radicals actors/actress’ having parts in most of their shows, and commercials of young stars wanting change (I remember when Castro promised change and look what Cuba got). It is not only schools, colleges, universities, but it is everywhere. How do you stop something like this.

    • Pineapple

      you stop them with ballots or bullets, whichever it takes.

    • Bea

      They’ve rigged the ballots, with impunity.

    • susan horace

      It is amazing that noone has killed the president as of yet. I guess us white people are afraid the the blacks causing problems.

      Well we need to get strong and if they get in the way, they too will fall.

  • Ron Hob

    They are all Idiots !!! Maybe they could get something done in Iran??

  • danm3096

    I don’t contribute to public radio or public television. I was tempted to once back in the 1970s but I detested the bias liberal message they persistently pushed. Because of the way they push liberalism I protest the fact that my tax dollars are given to advance the liberal doctrine. These entities are suppose to be nonbias. But as it is, they are more of a detrement to our society than a benefit. In fact we are subsidising subversive factors which are actually us (our country).

  • danm3096

    In the previous comment I inadvertently left out the word “destroying. Sorry!

  • John Wayne

    This radical and others like him need to be exiled to Siberia!

  • rhurt

    Way to go Larry-says. At first your statements seem far out, but then when one looks at the elections and sees Alaska, California, and Conneticut we see the far out become the here and now. We see also the established Republicans, and RINOs from the previous mentioned states that choose to be the opposite of Conservatism. I’m afraid that when the next election comes along, there won’t be any choice-RINOs-Dems.-and joined at the hip-Republicans. That is the time to vote in a third party or you can count on business gone-no as usual-just gone; as well our freedom. People just don’t want to learn, accept when the money runs out and the opportunity also runs out to earn money. Those of us who are considered extremists will be the ones that the idiots will come to begging for food, shelter, and protection. Now, if you want something different then choose a candidate that will disavowl the RINOs, Socialist/Communists, Democrats. If Newt Gingrich will make the change and draw the line in the sand-so to speak. Maybe he will become useful as a leader-he certainly has the know-how, experience, and has called the enemy what and who they are-the Muslims, and the White House. He fails as of yet to make the distinction between RINOs and Conservatives. The RINOs aren’t just the 8 normally mentioned-but also the good old boys -the elite of established Republicans. The difference has to be the nation vrs the constinuents. RINOs have repeatedly put pork into every bill they’ve made; as well as Republicans-non Conservatives, these are the enemies of freedom and the Constitution. If we were to begin drilling for oil immediately we would very quickly towards a financial stability by selling energy to our friends, allies, and our enemies-control is ok by the way; free from our enemy’s pertrolium-type control and our controling their customers.

    • Gwendolyn

      Newt is certainly my pick. I never understood the women complaining about his “baggage” (divorce) years ago. Heaven knows, Clinton did much worse than get a divorce! He did a wonderful job as Speaker, and his “Contract with America” was spot on! He loves America and could take control!

    • Rick

      Newt is a double talking liar, there are better conservatives than him to represent us. He sat on a couch in front of the nation’s capitol with Nancy Pelosi and agreed with her on the global warming issue, a video of that is on you tube. Just go to you tube and put Pelosi-Gingrich on global warming in search and you can view this double-talkers video. Later he did the drill baby drill chant. He can’t have it both ways!

    • YesIcan

      Thanks for the link on Pelosi-Gingrich More of this needs to be brought into the light. This is a good example of established politicians should not be considered for political office. I’m beginning to believe that if they can spell politician then we should not vote for them. I didn’t vote my senator back in, then later I find out he voted for s510 the food safety bill which has little to do with safety and every thing to do with more control. It’s rare to find a politician that can handle power without abusing that power. Case made TERM LIMITS.

  • Betty

    you know last night it dawned on me why they wanted the dadt to pass because it will help take care of the gays the muslins want have to they will kill all gays and the gays dont even know it yet thair is all ways a plan for what dems do and obama puts that left hand on it. for every gay gets killed in the milatery one less the muslims will have to deal with wake up people GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • S Rubicon

    Yes, we can suggest they move to another country where socialism is already entrenched, but!!! They will not move there because, those nations are poverty stricken qwats. In addition, those doing the moving are the very people looking to control the change here in America for two reasons. They want to be the ones controlling everyone and they want to be the ones who profit from such changes.
    These are crony capitalists. In short, their brand of capitalism is the most corrupt there is. Their socialist polices become policy & regulation of the system. The tinkering they have done in America, with things like the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), that demanded banks & other lenders either make no interest no down-payment, no income verification loans to people who if prudent banking policies were applied would never have gotten the loans many got.
    One of the numbers no one will release to us is…. exactly how many of those loans or securitized loan credit default swaps, were a direct result of or were the bulk of, the failed financial systems?
    Wanna bet many of those instruments that failed were directly tied to loans that should never have been made. And BTW, many bankers were threatened with all sorts of federal bureaucrat audits, NGO attacks on them using laws like CRA, plus all sorts of vicious media attacks because, the lending institutions may not have loaned money to what we now know are people who should never have gotten a loan in the first place.
    More money for ‘government media’. No way! Why should taxpayers pay for government imposed propaganda? Why should we pay for news that has been manipulated or processed to provide what liberals call an unbiased viewpoint?
    Think about this. Whether you agree on Climate Change on not…. the US media has revealed very little about the international controversies on the subject. How many know Spain’s “Cap & Trade Green Jobs Program”, has cost that nation two jobs for every one green job created, and that nation is still putting out an increasingly larger amount of CO2 each & every year?
    How many have heard even Al Gore is backtracking on at least three of his critical points in his exaggerated movie An Inconvenient Truth? (Which now is looking more & more like it had very little truth in it!)
    ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, & a host of print publications (all of whom are losing serious market share as consumers look elsewhere for actual truthful news reports), do not seem to be enough for liberals. For decades liberals frothed at the mouth over any implication someone might want to even look at possibly investigating media bias.They screamed free speech, we can say anything at any time, no matter what & if you do not like it, change the channel.
    Now, we have liberals infesting our federal bureaucracy (now you know what they like big government, huh?), who want to impose
    “fairness” rules. Local control for fairness,
    etc. These people have no interest in fairness. They want media to deliver their line, with no presentation of an opposing point of view or a presentation that implies or even directly attacks or mocks any view but their views.
    They want to control all media & they see fair & balanced as a threat to their ability to indoctrinate & use their propaganda to indoctrinate any & all.
    No money for none of it! We need less government. Note: The ultra liberal Air America failed abysmally. Why? No one wanted to listen to the drivel that was spewed on a daily, if not hourly basis with no representation of any opposing point of view, unless that presentation was to mock, deride, & debase opposing views.
    The last thing we need is the government controlling the internet. Why?
    Liberals need to shut down the internet because it is where actually free news media exist & the liberals cannot have any hearing the real truth about what they are doing.
    They really do want a one world government or one world governance controlled by the United Nations. Years ago such statements were branded as conspiracy theory by crazy people. Today, liberals & globalists talk openly about the Security & Prosperity Partnership that incorporates Canada, Mexico, and…. America! Its real folks & w/o a free media that is not infringed upon of limited or that must present views according to localism councils that set times amounts of news & decide what they say is fair or accurate… we got problems.

    • Allan

      You are indeed well informed. You are correct about loans to purchase homes that the lenders knew the borrowers would be unable to pay. My daughters in real estate and rental management knew a disaster was about to happen but they were in no position to avert an awaiting crisis. It isn’t right to be coerced into something that will fail.

  • http://yahoo Gordon Wollesen


  • http://yahoo Gordon Wollesen

    Me again.. I have seen just how GOOD European style systems work. NOT HERE IN THE USA. Government control out of control. Is this what Obama wants?? NO WAY IS MY IDEA.

  • DeborahTexas

    I’ll do everything I can to help those opposed to the commies in our government. RINO’s included!
    We have to come together to replace the Elitists desire to control our every action!!
    Replace those in office with Patriots!!
    “Give me freedom or give me DEATH!”
    “My only regret is that I have only one life to give for my country.”
    “Remember the Alamo!”
    “Surrender is not an option!”
    Don’t forget where we came from, strive to get it back. Let’s work together!!

  • GregP

    They may be marxist or communist or socialist – if they are not capitalist then they dont belong here – where does our government stand – well let them continue to violate our constitution people – you know like allowing them to make any law retro-active is allowing just that – taking our civil liberties and constitutional rights away one by one – Keep up the good work – you speak yet dont do anything to stop it – no law should be retro-active or in violation of our US Constitution. TSA, FCC, Home Land Security – all are in violation of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution – were are our voices against that? Think about it. No matter the reason there should NEVER be any justification to allow states or federal governments to violate any part of the Bill of Rights or our US Constitution.

  • Thomas Martin

    Democrats cannot help themselves they’ve got a sickness it’s called socialism. what they all could do is take a great big dose of STFU and wait for 2012 whan we send their sick ass home.

  • Mike

    Wait untill 2012 when more democraps will be Fired

    • Fritz

      maybe it would be more fitting:
      Wait until 2012 when more demorats will be exterminated

  • Jerome Daniel Ford

    Just some more evidence of the young and dumb in positions of power

  • Faye Shamblin

    We have so many of these idiots due to Obama Soros and those rear kissers Reid and pelosi then we have all these czars that are eating our tax dollars that Obama put into offices in the WH with out going through congress not that bunch of dumbcrats would have had the sense to vote against…they had those noses stuck so far up Obama’s rear they could not see day light….We need to get rid of Obama NOW!!!! plus all these other idiots he has give our rights to their dumb wants…Good Riddance to all the dumb o crats.

  • Bj

    From wanting to do away with bake sales at schools to this. What else is this clown going to find to jerk our chains about before his term expires? For all of those who voted him into office I hope to the Good Lord (yes I said Lord and not his God or whatever he worships) he has a lightening bolt hit him and wakes up to see a revelation hit him as to what he’s done to the American People or at least his daughters see how stupid his actions have beeen toward the American People. Should they carry the name American Citizens for the love of God and Country please let them see what injustices have been done.


    “Whatever issue tops your list of priorities, real progress will be impossible unless we first change our media system,” wrote Scott and McChesney.
    Absolutely correct!
    As the media is already 95% leftist or marxist, to be neutral many papers/magazines and media MUST be shut down and GIVEN to the other side, the conservative side. Then maybe, we will have parity. 50/50 Only fair and really neutral.
    What’s not to like mchesney? And your fool partner?

  • Raymond

    When Islamic terrorists massacred 186 children and 148 other non-Muslims on the morning of September 3rd, 2004 at a schoolhouse in Beslan, Russia, many muslims celebrated the high-profile event.

    While rumors of a Quran desecration or a Muhammad cartoon bring out deadly protests, riots, arson and effigy-burnings, the mass murder of non-Muslims generally evokes yawns. In the six years following 9/11 more than 10,000 acts of deadly Islamic terrorism were perpetrated, yet all of them together fail to provoke the sort of outrage on the part of most Muslims that the mere mention of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo inspires.

    This critical absence of moral perspective puzzles many Westerners, particularly those trying to reconcile this reality with the politically-correct assumption that Islam is like other religion. The Judeo-Christian tradition preaches universal love and unselfishness, so it is expected that the more devout Muslims would be the most peaceful and least dangerous… provided that Islam is based on the same principles.

    But beneath the rosy assurances from Muslim apologists that Islam is about peace and tolerance lies a much darker reality that better explains the violence and deeply-rooted indifference. Quite simply, the Quran teaches supremacy, hate and hostility.

    The book of Islam (61% of which is about non-Muslims) draws the sharpest of distinctions between Muslims and non-believers, lavishing praise on the former while condemning the latter with scorching generalizations. Far from teaching universal love, the Quran incessantly preaches the inferiority of non-Muslims, even comparing them to vile animals and gloating over Allah’s hatred of them and his dark plans for their eternal torture. Naturally, the harsh treatment of non-believers by Muslims is encouraged as well.

    So, what does the Quran, believed by Muslims to be the literal and eternal word of Allah, really say about non-Muslims?

    The Quran Distinguishes Muslims from Non-Muslims
    and Establishes a Hierarchy of Relative Worth

    • Observer

      Perhaps we need to re-establish the Eye for-an-Eye principle. You insist on doing this, and we will kick your ass. And maybe we won’t count, so you will probably think that we are unfair. Tough!

  • DeborahTexas

    NO! The media should not be using tax money!
    Audit the government!

    • Raymond

      Most of the media is not interested
      in the truth.

  • Joseph

    Robert W. McChesney Eat S#!* and DIE

  • Joseph

    What is wrong with this person does he live in this country?

  • anonymous

    We all understand don’t we that this and other sites are monitored? It has taken too long already for some of us to fully comprehend the extent to which we are already enslaved: for the rest who either don’t want their boat rocked, believe that WE are the crazies, or believe things will go back to being ‘normal’ if and when the criminals now in control are turned out…they don’t understand the depth of the treachery. This socialst/Marxist and his henchmen have put in place a construct which may not be easily reversed…if at all. Folks, this is not a schoolyard game. This illegal alien WAS GROOMED FOR SOME YEARS as the puppet we see …the REAL POWER BEHIND THE FOOL IS A BEAST NAMED SOROS AND A COMMUNIST MAFIA much more insidious than the ‘old’ Mafia. Our ‘education system’ was coopted decades ago and the curriculum purged of the REAL HISTORY and greatness of our country so that most of us really have been denied that knowledge. There was a time, many years ago, when in weekly ‘assemblies’ at PUBLIC SCHOOLS BIBLE verses were read while we stood, GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL were sung by all assembled…the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE WAS RECITED BY ALL and we all from kindergarten on felt the pride and love of country that were deliberately squeezed out of our schools..replace by all the abominable filth which has destroyed the souls, the bodies and the spirit of our youth. From reading these comments it’s obvious that most if not all of you good people are a good deal younger than I am. I am fortunate to have lived through the BEST OF AMERICA..but then, it makes it that much worse for me having to witness the promised’FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE’ie; DESTRUCTION OF THE ‘LAST BEST HOPE FOR HUMANITY’. For the sake of my children and grandchildren..for all people of good will who want only to live in peace, unmolested, free I pray that GOD will intercede on our behalf. Long Live America…and may all the traitors, the treacherous dogs be consigned to HELL! Again, this is much more than ‘politics as usual’, your crooks or my crooks…the nation has always had its ‘subversives’and we have always have brave men and women ready to DEFEND and PROTECT the CONSTITUTION against ALL ENEMIES FROM WITHOUT AS WELL AS THOSE WITHIN. BUT WE HAVE BECOME SOFT…AND IGNORANT. TOO MANY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE LOSING AND WHAT THAT EVEN MEANS! FOR GOD’S SAKE, PLEASE! READ SOME HISTORY…THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, THE RUSSIAN, HITLER’S GERMANY/WORLD WAR TWO, GULAGS, CONCENTRATION CAMPS, THE HOLOCAUST, STALIN’S MURDEROUS REGIME, THE KILLING FIELDS OF CAMBODIA, THE USELESS SLAUGHTER OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS IN VIETNAM, THE BITCH OF THE VIETNAM WAR..HANOI JANE FONDA..PUT DOWN YOUR IPODS,USE FACEBOOK AND OTHER ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ TO RALLY FRIENDS TO THE CAUSE. iT MAY WELL BE IN GOD’S HANDS AT THIS LATE DATE…perhaps HE has forsaken us [and why not …have we not murdered 50 plus million of the least of HIS in the cruelest way?].With HIM there is always HOPE…I know, some of us voted for ‘hope and change’ almost believing a savior had been sent. What we got was a repulsive, despicable never-worked-a-day-in-his-life narcissist change agent/socialist pig. Now it’s time for another ‘change’ and the only REAL hope for the world.

    • Allan

      Yes ANONYMOUS I also am from the Old School and saw the introduction of T.V. and from tubes to transistors etc. We were so Proud of Our Heritage; our Founders, Our Religious Freedoms and by gum we were Proud and rightly so of our Government. Things weren’t always perfect but our Government”DID” yes did work for we the people. I am not certain of when the turn around began but I do believe it was caused by the “ACLU’ and weak Supreme Courts in California. Although the Atheists have the Right to believe whatever they wish: I PERSONALLY believe our down fall began with the removal of Prayer,and assembly respecting our Nation, Our Constitution, The Ten Commandments and so forth that made our hearts beat with the Beats of Our Great Nation “AMERICA” It is not the fault of our youth but “Our Courts” where we didn’t expect such disasters to spring forward from. Our Government and Courts began to write the chapters for the ever acceleration of decay of moral values for the purpose of One Global Power with Socialistic Values in lieu of the Power of the People for the People which made America the most affluent Nation in the World. We the People have been put on Notice that we will be governed as the small elite asserts upon us. Apparently the truth of America and how it gained it’s prominence is being hidden from our youth. Something is definitely lacking in the education process of our American Youth. Foreign Countries are much better educated today than in America. The reversal gear that America was forced into certainly is apparent to Older Americans. The government probably doesn’t want us around to remind young voters what America should be like today; in place of what it has become. We were Proud and WISE.

  • PrimeTime

    I don’t know about you, but when I see statists in their marxist garb entering my wallet area looking for funding, I admit, I get a little nervous.

  • Public Citizen

    Who besides me sees the irony in something called “Free Press” advocating “more control”???
    Of course, anything with George Soros fingerprints on it should be instantly suspect of “Through-the-Looking-Glass Logic”.
    Also, what is the State Department doing meddling into matters pertaining to internal regulation?

  • Tommy

    The far left forgets the results of 2 fifty year studies comparing socialism vs. capitalism. Both of these tests proved beyond a doubt that capitalism, though not perfect, is far more beneficial to the middle class than any other system. These results are available on line. Just search North Korea vs. South Korea and East Germany vs. West Germany.

    • Allan

      The prosperity of Capitolism is exactly what the government is attempting to prohibit although they speak otherwise;;;they are speaking with forked tongues.

  • KNY

    Another obamabot. They’re all the same. If it’s bad for the country they’re for it!

    Move to Chavezville…you should be very happy there.

  • Jerry Alexander

    He is another of Obama`s strange looking helpers.

  • emerson

    this scott idiot is from the state department so this is being spearheaded by that illustrious moron hillary clinton. no surprise there, she’s been pushing for internet regulation since that piece of scum she was married to was president. no one wants to listen to these vapid liberals as proven by msnbc and cnn whose ratings are sub-0. just another way to waste tax-payer money and produce nothing beneficial for anyone. you know, what democrats and liberals are best at. ignore these fools and kick obama’s ass in 2012 or impeach him now.

    • Observer

      Impeachment would be nice, and appropriate for the scum.

  • secession

    Drama,drama,drama,drama,drama,drama,drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Demorcrats Republicans the CORPRATION OF THE USA. The CEO BARACK OBAMA takes his orders from the Rothchilds,Bilderbugers,CFR,TLC,etc.Gooogle Act of 1871. Go to Join the movement.Research it,now is the time.

  • G

    Controlling the airwaves is strictly the way losers hope to force themselves to be winners. Even the birds of the air and the fish of the rivers are not safe from their wicked, sickness. Due to a little known thing called, the “Truth;” the Global Warming, Environmental lie has not quite worked out for them. Therefore, might the birds falling from the sky, and the fish washing up from the river, be in some sick way, their way of manufacturing an environmental crisis? In other words, might the Global Warming lie, have been much more successful, had it not been for America’s freedom of speech? Therefore, they no doubt think; they can be much more successful the next time if they can control what their intended; target (Americans) can, and cannot hear. Too bad they can’t control the Holy Spirit. Some things don’t have to be told over man-made airwaves. The Holy Spirit is here and smart enough to let anyone who wants to hear; know, what’s going on.

    • The Enemy

      G: The problem is that so many of our people don’t want to hear, nor do they care as long as their government subsistence keeps rolling-in.

  • Mickey


  • StevenI

    Perhaps it’s time to get rid of Organized Political parties all together. They are just like Big Corporations now.

    Replace them a list of candidates and what they believe in/stand for. If you agree with what Candidate A says, vote for them for example. And make Election Day a National Holiday because your vote is that important.
    Instead of campaign contributions, have the government give each candidate X amount to spend on their campaign. That way you do not have to be RICH to run for office as is the case now. Elect average people to lead our country. Average people holding office represent the average American. Today; Rich Lawyers in office represent elite rich special interests.

    Joe Plumber for President!

    • The Enemy

      StevenI: And require all prospective voters to take a basic civics test—IN ENGLISH ONLY—before they are allowed to register. If they don’t have a basic knowledge of our Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, our founding principles and the separation of powers, they should not be voting! JOHN BOLTON FOR PRESIDENT!

  • The Enemy

    “Government”, which is actually “taxpayer” funding for media should be stopped IMMDEIATELY!—In total! Why do we, The People, have to support this waste? If NPR and the other media who feed at the government trough can’t survive on their own, with the help they get from George Soros, LET THEM GO BANKRUPT!

  • henryknox

    It is so typical that they are using the fact the the airways are controlled by the FCC to justify more controley of the airways. They need to make the airways “fair” because the FCC controls them!

  • George

    This also goes along with George Soros’s plan to have news reporters from NPR in every state attorneys general office during elections in the future. It’s all about controlling the elections and the outcomes and we should not be funding any support for this as they have been too biased in their reporting to begin with. They can go after donations.

  • Observer

    I see the morons are in full bloom throughout Washington. They seem to be getting an early start this year. Must be the cool weather.