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Obama Signs Bill to Keep Guantanamo Open Another Year

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Barack Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama, in a setback to hopes for the quick closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison, reluctantly signed a bill on Friday barring suspects held there from being brought to the United States for trial.

Making plain he would fight to repeal language in the law obstructing civilian U.S. trials for Guantanamo terrorism suspects, Obama said he was left with no choice but to sign the defense authorization act for fiscal 2011.

“Despite my strong objection to these provisions, which my administration has consistently opposed, I have signed this act because of the importance of authorizing appropriations for, among other things, our military activities in 2011,” Obama said in a statement.

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  • dave stoops

    What? The Liar in Chief wants to continue to break his solemn campaign promise another few years? Why does that not surprise me? Is it because the stupid bastard doesn’t know what he is doing and has never appreciated or accepted the concept of honor, truth, and personal responsibility, or is it because he is just a piece of crap with no moral basis?

    • EddieW

      The Liar in Chief is batting 1000!!! EVERY promise he made is broken…the man cannot tell the truth!!! I have a cousin like that, a pathological liar…he cannot tell the truth, even if he knows you know it..perhaps because the truth is Sacred!!! and what have they to do with the sacred???

    • walt

      no he did spend 1 million for a date with his wife and mother-in-law in new york

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

    GitMo should stay open.
    But, Obama’s word is about as good as he handshake; not worth anything.

    • willythegeek

      I agree GITMO should be like HOTEL CALIFORNIA, you can check out anytime you want; BUT, you can never leave…

    • walt

      obama needs to keep it open so he will have a future residence

  • Wayne Butler, Tennessee

    An oral contract is about as good as the paper its written on.

  • Lulu

    What number LIE is this one?

  • Sam Bane

    Looks like the Ayatollah is eating a little crow.

  • http://n/a Ron

    As a new President, Obama thought that he was supposed to do things, and Gitmo was one of them. He acted rashly and stated it needed to be closed without call those who ran it for consultation. When the President calls, that person goes, consults and returns to report what the directive from the CIC was. He never allowed himself the luxury of merely saying, “in this particular instance, I find that I made a rash decision and I now recind it and wish the prison to remain open until there is no further need for it. By the way, am I an Obama fan? No, and absolutely no! Never was nor will I ever be. He does not have enough judgement or experience to hold the job, and he has ruined all his chances for re-election but he is too arrogant to see or believe it. Perhaps a mandate of the people will prove to him that he is out on his ex-Presidental butt in 2012. Vote him out! Or impeach him, it si the choice of the people themeselves.

  • Luang Tom

    But, but, but….he PROMISED to close it.

  • DE Navarro

    Every positive thing Sultan Obama has done has been nothing more than an extension of a Bush decision.

    Funny he wants to blame the man for everything going wrong right now and then extend his policies. Certainly ironic and probably a bit lunatic too.

  • RJJ

    Gitmo remains open for the simple reason that it is the best place in the western hemisphere to put vicious and homicidal, looney Muslim terrorists. When Obama/Holder wanted to bring them into the US, there was citizen outrage. Oboner reacts well to citizen outrage.
    And the fact that he broke a promise means nothing because the OBoner Media considers lies and broken promises OK as long as they come from a Demoncrat. Hmmm…. Just like the Muslims.

  • Mr T

    Barry Soetero would have said anything to get elected. Now he needs to cover his rear by keeping the terrorists in Guantanamo. Eric Holder still hasn’t announce his decision. Niether one would make a decent branch manager in the real world.

  • Roger

    Will this bill be placed with the other resultant documents coming from the various committees, summits and meetings held by this prevaricator in chief?

  • Mark

    1st smart thing he has done since he has been in office. It should have been permanent though because these are enemy combatants, not criminals. We are at war.