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Suicide Bomber kills 31 at Russia’s Biggest Airport

Monday, January 24, 2011

bombing moscow airport

A suicide bomber killed at least 31 people at Russia’s biggest airport, Moscow-Domodedovo, on Monday in an attack that bore the hallmarks of militants fighting for an Islamist state in the north Caucasus region.

President Dmitry Medvedev vowed to track down and punish those behind the bombing, which also injured about 130 people during the busy late afternoon.

“The explosion was right near me, I was not hit but I felt the shock wave — people were falling,” said Yekaterina Alexandrova, a translator who was waiting in the crowded arrivals area to meet a client flying in from abroad.

“Smoke started to gather — there was a lot of smoke,” she said by telephone. “Many of the injured went outside on their own in a state of shock. Then they began to announce information about where to exit.”

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  • Freedom

    These attack are unaccceptable. An attack on Russia should be taken as seriously as an attack on the U.S., Japan, India, Germany or anywhere in the world. This handful of mad dogs must be terminated and their support system eliminated. Political correctness and dancing with the devil is not appropriate when applied to mass murderers and dangerous fanatics.

    • rimshot75

      You are so correct. The enemy is Islam. We want to believe the Muslim claim that Islam is a religion of peace but the evidence screams to the contrary. In reality Islam hates all opposed to it and who do not accept it…to the point of killing its arbiters. We better engage this enemy soon while we still have the opportunity to do so.

    • APatriot

      One thing, Russia is not the United States and they don’t have a pussyfoot Congress to deal with like we do. You’ll see now how Russia deals with their enemies! That’s right,I said enemies.

  • Biff

    Islam is a threat world-wide

    • Am2sweet

      Yes it is worldwide and yet the stupid libs can’t realize that. If we aren’t careful the Muslims will be waging war right here on our streets. Between Obama not protecting our borders and being friendly with the Muslims it could happen.

    • skai

      “if we are not careful the muslims will be waging war right here on our streets….” They are already in your towns,cities,on your streets and neighbourhood, see and

    • skai

      “Islam is a threat to world wide” Sooner the non muslims realise the better.

  • Los

    Our national alliances and our national skepticism towards one another are mis-aligned. These diseased murderous animals that have nothing to offer the planet but death and grief seem unashamed through their attempts to badger the great nations into hating and suspecting one another – It is the animalistic suicide bomber types that must be expelled from our planet to ensure peaceful existence for all.
    These fanatics must be squashed like bugs that they are.

    • Steve

      They are not fanatics. This is mainstream Islam at work. read the Kur’an (old translation, not new sanitized versions.

  • Spiff

    Russia should not be surprised if some of the nuclear technology they have been selling to 3rd and 4th world countries does not come back to haunt them…In Russia!

  • ruth

    Did not Satan say to Jesus and Muslims,”Fall down and worship me as the god of Abraham and I will give you the world.” (in jihad).
    Does not Rev 3-9,10 warn of the synagogue of Satan that tempts the entire world…
    “Synagogue” of Satan shows that Satan is claiming he is the Jewish god of Abraham
    These are called fake Jews because they are not of the blood line of Isaac, But of Ishmael-Esau and because they profess to worship the god of Abraham.. but it is Satan…
    How else would Satan counterfeit god???/

    • Kimberly

      Wow! You said it Ruth. I’ve long searched for a simple way to state the obvious. Islam is a mirror or Christianity and it is indeed so twisted around the facts of God’s Word, that many are greatly confused by it. Thank you for putting it so eloquently! May God bless you :)

    • Bea

      Islam is not a mirror image of Christianity.

      It is a counterfeit.

  • ruth

    Russia will make them wish they had not been born before it is over…




      Well, at least we have a few commies we don’t have to worry about- Better over in Russia with your presidents friends–

  • James D. Burke

    Oh! what a glorious thing is “Political Correctness” At the Air ports of the world, it only allows a few hundred to be killed per month. Rather than adopting the Israeli method of evaluating passengers,we will merely undress or grope, – now, thats politically correct. Just humiliate the nation. How much longer will we tolerate this insanity?

  • SpiritualMadman

    REMEMBER! Islam is a peaceful religion…

    I also have land in central Florida and a Bridge in Brookland for sale… :)

    • emerutil

      Actually, Islam is VERY peaceful! What could be more peaceful than dead people??

  • James D. Burke

    Islam is THE religion of global death to all unbelievers. There are killing rituals among Islamics accompanied with all the pomp of a church wedding among Christians. Islamic believers are taught from birth to hate ALL un believers, especially Christians and Jews. Anyone who harbors them are complicit in their murders. You can witness to them if they don’t slit your throat first. Never-the-less, they can be converted.

    • emerutil

      Convert a Muslim?! What have you been smoking!

  • john

    The more they continue – the more they will turn a new generation against themselves.

    For every innocent victim the militant Islamist kills, he creats 10 new enemies.

    If Islam is to survive at all in the future – and if there are peaceful Islamists – they need to start now to confront the militants within their own groups. If not, I fear there will be bloodshed worldwide in the near future, and it will be the muslims mourning their dead by the millions as political correctness gives way to anger and vengence.

    I pray for peace, but I see it coming.


    Lets be the FIRST to push the button and end all this BS~

  • Bob

    Russia has (and still does) fostered terrorism throughout the world. Russia has also refused to help the USA with rogue nations like N Korea and Iran because it wants these nations to hate America and it wants America to spend its human and financial resources fighting these scum while it just stands by and laughs. While I sympathize with those injured and the families of those murdered by islam; I realize that this is just some chickens coming home to roost. Maybe (a big maybe) the Russians will now start sharing the burden of fighting the evil of islam.

  • Chris

    The Christians in this country need to stand strong for your faith in God, our creator. We may have much evil, but we have many more Christians than we have muslims so we will prevail! But only if we unite together to present a strong Voice for freedom. God will prevail, you can help. and show your support for our America!

  • Thomas Martin

    I’ve already heard Sarah Palin was the cause of it. They also meantion Rush Sean Beck and some old lady named Gilda?

  • john oliveros

    Why in the name of insanity is our
    Country importing Islam, the very
    enemy that vows to destroy us??

  • John Gaver

    But don’t you know? The bomber was following orders from Sara Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

    That’s what we’ve learned from the Arizona shootings. All mass killings of any kind are the fault of Sara Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

    After all, a good Muslim would never do something so dastardly, so he must have been under orders from someone truly despicable, like Palin and Limbaugh.

    At least, that what CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, the Washington Post and the rest of the blame-stream media will probably say.

  • Marshall


  • Doug Rodrigues

    The radical Islamics are as brainwashed as the Nazis were in Germany. The only way to control them is to kill them…nothing else will work. Toss in the factor of the Bleeding Heart Liberals preaching “tolerance” and “diversity,” we’ll always be unable to do what is practically the only method to control the assassins.

  • stephen russell

    Facing the US:
    Longer lines to TSA screening, arrive 8 hours before flight?
    More patdowns OR
    Improved sensors to sense C4 on persons body?
    Improved X ray scanners.
    Or automate TSA.
    Send messages to Wash DC, London, Paris.
    any airport can be HIT.

  • Bea

    Different take here:
    What I found strange was that Putin vowed to ‘have his Healthcare deputies ensure the victims are given good medical treatment’.

    He sounds like obuma; “ensuring good healthcare?!”

    Obviously it is his to GIVE.
    Sick, odd and weird.

  • Mike

    Islam is a heathen religion, there god is the moon (ever see their flag, the crescent on it), mohammeds fathers tribe worshipped the moon as their god, they called this god alilyah, when mohammed came into power he killed off all the other tribes or forced them to join his tribe, and then he changed his fathers gods name from alilyah to allah!
    when he approached the christians and the jews with his new god they soundly rejected him, which is why there is so much hatred throughout the koran for Christians and jews!
    Islam should be made illegal in any western or non muslem nation. convert them or kick them out, it is a religion of death!

  • John

    S.O.S.= Same Old $hit. Allah akbar ! See you at the snackbar. But don’t stop by the alcohol bar, or we will wrap you in duct tape and cut off your heads. Allah akbar !