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Town Proposes Random Drug Test — Of 6th Graders

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A proposal to conduct random drug tests of young students in one New Jersey town is raising some eyebrows.

Students at Belvidere Elementary School could be adding drug testing to their list of lessons when they move into middle school.

The Board of Education will vote Wednesday on a plan to randomly test sixth, seventh and eighth graders to see if they are under the influence of drugs. School administrators said they were confident the proposal would pass.

Elementary School Principal Sandra Szabocsik said school officials want to use the testing “as a deterrent.”

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  • tod

    More of the government sticking their noses where they don’t belong,taking our fredoms one at a time or more.We need to cut back our government to where it was in the 40’s or even more.

    • Jim Mancini

      Perfect solution.Nice to see some one on the right track.

    • Juris Doctor

      Hey Jim, let the Government come to your work and a random drug test you. That’s a good idea, let start with you. Government is taking way to much control. Can’t you see that, or are you a Progressive? And we all know what that means!

    • Bill

      for the last 12 years every job I was sent on required a test and a clear for employment EVERY job. and the people on welfare just wait for the check. makes sense to me???

    • Neil

      Yes it is the perfect solution but you forgot all of the important parts. Drug test all of the welfare people, all of congress, and all other government workers. The Police are already getting tested in my town.

    • Todd

      Drug testing should probably start “AT THE TOP – the VERY TOP” seat in our government – then work it’s way down and FLUSH the system until we have level headed clear-thought individuals representing the whole of America. Test the students randomly” How about testing ALL teachers and faculty – randomly with a minimal requirement of 1 random test each month?

    • John

      Ha Ha Ha! Not a bad idea. Maybe we can get Obama to quit smoking…(as if anyone cares)


      right on!!!

    • billb

      Let’s not forget to test the teachers, custodians, and the members of the school board.

    • stoney


    • Jody

      Nice to see that at least you have enough intestinal fortitude to voice your opinion (as you are granted under the 1st Ammendment; no matter how bleeting-heart or assinine it is….), bravo. However, I’m certainly happy You were not responsible for founding this country as we would have Surely gotten our butts handed to us by the ‘Brits.
      How-bout you Actually read the Constitution of the united States of America; along with the Bill of Rights, and see if you Truely comprehend its’ meaning. The Idea here is that We, the People, have Unalienable Rights; which are Not to be infringed upon, and the “government” are Our servants….NOT the other way around.
      However, if the family which the child is collecting “welfare”, etc. (especially due to laziness and the like), then they have; by accepting such from the “government”, consented to such. In that case, I would agree with you whole-heartedly.
      Generally speeking though……… You line of disassociated-reasoning is what has gotten us to this quasi-socialist/marxist-regime-state in the firt place……..
      Get a clue eh ?

    • Larry

      May I add that when a welfare recipient is found guilty of possession/ sale of any form of drugs, they be removed from the recieving welfare rolls.Relative works in state corrections facility. Visitor arrives with 3 welfare benefits cards, same picture, 3 different names. Now what do you suppose she does with those, besides use them as a form of ID to visit the inmate.

    • Jody

      Larry……by All means, please do add !!! LOL
      Well, I’d have to guess, cause’ I’m not entirely sure…. but here goes:
      Perhaps….uuuuuhhhmmmm….defraud the “govt” (We, the People) of even more FRN’s which are Illegally and Unlawfully confiscated (Stolen) from us through “taxes” ???
      Do I get a prize…………?!? LOL

    • Bob StrongBear

      You are kidding, Right Jim? If not, why start so late. Why not start when they enter kindergarten-better yet implant a chip that will send a signal if illegal substances show up in their blood. That’s me being sarcastic!

    • Bob

      Why don’t they go test the parent’s for not teaching their children any morals? Oh, I forgot,we no longer can teach that…just hand out condoms!

    • Jody

      ….Amen Brother !
      That is one of the Many reasons why we actually Educate our children and Not send them off to the Social Indoctrination Networks, formerly known as “school”…..LOL

    • Robert Young

      Unfortunately you are correct. If parents try to discipline their children they will be put if jail for child abuse. By today’s standards my mother would have been in jail for child abuse. However, I did not feel abused but I did learn what was acceptable conduct and I remembered the lesson.


      East there Mr Young or you’ll have Doc.Spoke turning in his grave.


      Doctor Spock I meant to say.

    • icetrout

      How bout to 1776 ?

    • http://same choppo

      Hay Tod,,,we all want the GOV,to do what it is designed to do,,keep America safe,Not control..But the problems of DRUGS back in the 40’s as you stated,was non existant..for the most part,neither were cigaretts,only in the citys,,Kids today can do it all,,A loose cannon is what we got today, kids needing a buzz all the time

    • That Mouthy Lady

      Yes! The *18* 40s!!!

    • Joan

      Why doesn’t Congress take drug tests? I bet they’d find more there than in a sixth grade!!!!!! Then maybe they could be EXPELLED?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Apache6

      How about random drug tests for all liberal elected officials!!!

    • Edward Chandler

      I think with all the crooks we have in Congress that should be the first place to start testing.

  • al

    good idea as long as it includes all congressional and senatorial members ,oh what the hell from the president down…only then …

    • http://VisionAmeica Mike Tanco

      Why don’t we make it mandatory for members of Congress too. That would really set an example for everyone. Mike Tanco

    • Denise

      I agree and also think that they should do random testing on people that are just sitting at home collecting welfare!

    • URKiddinMee

      Random hell! Every welfare deadbeat and bood mare should have to take a drug test when picking up their check each month. Fail the test, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

    • Marcus`

      AMEN TO THAT!! Maybe then America wouldn’t be going so far in debt. Its sad when “we” the working citizens of America, the people that keep this economy afloat are the ones paying for these slack asses drug habits. I’m outraged that nothing is being done about this!!

    • icetrout

      Real good idea to start testing Cops for steroid use :O

    • skanondo

      3 to 1 that 20% fail

    • Craig Somerville

      I have a better idea, how about people picking up there welfare or unemployment checks. If it’s good enough for 6th, 7th and 8th graders why m.not people on government assistance

    • Eric S

      Spot on….if I have to be tested to have a job and pay my taxes, so should those who spend my money. I’d also like to see welfare recipients tested. I don’t want a dime of my money paying for their dope.

  • tommy shaw

    get them used to being slaves young


    i am all for random drug testing of kids in school.if i had kids i would test them myself.

    • Gorba

      Ernest, Yes, and that would be for you to decide. Not for the government nor the school board to decide. Where’s the probable cause for this illegal search? You seem to be for giving up our rights.

    • URKiddinMee

      Maybe we should have YOU tested to see whether you have an IQ high enough to breed!?


      Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have any kids???

    • Joan

      If you were a good parent you’d know right at the start and nip it in the bud! All of this control belongs in the home. As does sex education. The government does not know best!

  • ron

    Test your own kids.
    Keep your f***ing hands off mine or I’ll blow them off!

  • Tony

    There is no way this is legal. When the Supreme Court upheld the random testing of students in extracurricular activities, they specifically referred to the fact that the students could avoid it by simply not participating in the activities. The first parents who challenge this will win.

  • Carl

    Only if teachers also be submitted. More often than kids.

  • Jack

    Congress and the pres. should be randomly tested. Look at pelosi, you can’t convince me she is not on anything. Home schooling is your best option. Thank God my kids are grown I would take them from school immediately. The hand that rocks the cradle controls the world.

    • Mike

      Don’t know if a botox addiction would show up on a standard drug test.

    • Greg

      AMEN!The only way to protect children for the brainwashing taking place in the public schools is for more parents to EDUCATE THEMSELVES/OR BE EDUCATED about the garbage, including politically correct brainwashing by the Liberal Left that CONTROLS our public education system, and then CARE ENOUGH to take the initiative to get their child/children out of the public school system. SAVE YOUR CHILDREN WHILE YOU CAN!!!

  • Jack

    I know a lot of teachers and lawyers and they all smoke dope.

  • Roy Holt


  • Steve

    Who in the hell gave these Nazis the right to test my child!

  • Bernard Zamostny

    I like the idea that Tod said about pairing our government bact to the ’40’s the 1840’s

  • John

    When was it ok to take the responsibility of the child out of the parents hands and place it into the governments hands? If the child’s parents want their kids drug tested that is one thing, but when a government official demands it. That is crossing the line. If we as a country are to survive, the government must shrink by two thirds. If this does not happen in the near future then we will become what others are trying to get out of and that is a third world country. When some Mexicans are staying home instead of crossing the boarder because of the sad state of this country you know it’s bad.

  • Jim

    I am not sure as to what this will accomplish other than adding to the costs of that school system. If our gov’t wanted to make a REAL difference then they would require all WELFARE recepients take a drug screen, those who fail could never receive any form of these so-called entitlements. This would save billions of dollars and revive our Social Security program that has been robbed and given to these money sucking deadbeats.

    • Texas John

      I completely agree with you. They need to drug test everyone who receives any type of a government check on a regular basis. That should include food stamps, social security for disabilities, and politicians pay checks. As far as social security for retirees, leave them alone, they have paid their dues.

    • skanondo

      i hear you. i know of one couple that pop out kids just to collect welfare. the husband can’t work because he says it makes him too tired. after about the 5th job in eight months, someone ought to wise up.

    • Mike

      So working makes him tired, but sex doesn’t? If I had any say about him getting a check, it’d have to at the end of a long day in the mines. Tired, my a$$. somebody needs to show him what tired is.

    • Larry

      They neuter dogs don’t they ? Perhaps that would save hjs energy.

    • Greg

      You are absolutely correct; however, they care much more about getting votes from those they put on entitlement programs than they care about saving money. Therein lies the problem that can be summed up in one word: GREED

    • Carol

      I agree. In the last 2 yrs. the number of people on welfare rolls have incresed by 17%! There was a women who came into the ER after an accident and her mother was concerned because she was the family moneymaker. She already had 4 kids and the mother was worried that she couldn’t have anymore thus loose their welfare payments. Where does this end! Also, the women had a very expensive blackberry. Where did she get the money to buy that?

  • jon

    please answer: why does this country consume all these drugs? what are they hiding ? what are they trying to prove? are they so weak dumb minded ?i guess this is a badge of honor to be the largest users of illeagle drugs in the world. gee, we should be very proud of ourselves.

    • Sumerian Man

      Jon, beleive it or not the gov. gets what it pays for. The real purpose of school busing was to dumb down the white population and as you can see it worked perfectly – 30 years and three trillion dollars later they feel pretty safe that they can do just about anything they want and we wouldn’t know the difference. And we wouldn’t, if it were not for those parents who care enough to make time to teach real life\world to their children. Public schools are a lost cause solely due to gov. interference and mandates. Teachers who care have no place there, and those who do teach public school usually have their hands tied to school\gov. policy. Too bad for all of us. Home school is the only answer. Only hope parents are smart enough to take up the challenge.

    • Robert

      I had my share of good caring teachers when I was young in school, I’m talking the 50’s/60’s/70’s, some college professors I thought weren’t worth the spit out of my mouth, but that was my opinion. The teachers union is to blame for our decaying public schools. N.Y. State supreme court just ruled that a teachers bad performance eval is public knowlege and CAN BE PUBLISHED!! The teachers union went beserk and is appealing the the outcome saying it is unfair to the teacher, what about the kids? You can’t even get rid of a bad teacher in N.Y. They take them out of the classroom, and put them in a classroom with other deadbeat teachers collecting their salaries but doing nothing. No wonder we’re broke

  • sue

    How about testing the teachers as well? This comment COMEs from a retired teacher!!


      I’m sure you, of all people would know!!!!!!

  • william e rauh

    Good….I have taught 6th graders that sold drugs from their bikes

    • Mary Mahonan

      If that happens here, my boys are out! We send them to private school so I don’t think it would happen here, but public school wouldn’t surprise me. More government control. Definitely unlawful.


      Well william;
      Sounds like you were really concerned!!!
      And, may I be so bold as to ask how you intervened in the situation???? You didn’t, and don’t lie, your a typical lazy ass teacher waiting for the union to get you more perks (you decide the variety)~

  • Chuck Polley

    Of course all school personel will also be randomly tested corret? Of course not. The teachers and adminstrators can be drug addled and skip the random testing, but god forbid a student test positive. What a bunch of hipocritical idiots……….

  • Bob

    Having had a bright, 28 year old son, who was a doctor, die from cocaine four years ago, opened my eyes to drug use and that in the companies I own. I am about as conservative as they get, but have realized that the average age kids get introduced to drugs is between 12 -13 years old. I don’t want the government sticking their nose in my life, but random drug testing of some type, at home, school or work is the only way to truly know if a person is using.

    My son became a doctor at prominent NYC hospital and was treating patients, three months earlier he passed his drug screen with flying colors. Why? Because he had warning, from the hospital, about his drug test and cocaine leaves the body in 48 hours.

    A year ago at one my businesses we did a random drug screen of two employees, they must go within two hours for the test. The tests came back clean, but noted an unknown substance. Shortly there after one overdosed on heroin over the weekend, but the doctors saved her. The other,who was her boyfriend, was so high on heroin when the police arrived that he was immediately taken into custody. He had a prior record of drug use and is now in jail for 1 year. Both of these two were in their early 20’s.

    My point, don’t brush off random drug testing. You would be surprised what an epidemic this is with people from 12 years old up. Be wary of the school or government being the enforcer of these invasions, but DON’T BE A NAIVE PARENT. Read the book High Society; it’s sobering.

    • Sumerian Man

      Just so you know I gave you a thumbs up for your posting. Only parents that suffer as you have could ask yourself what could you have done differently. My point is even if you knew what was up do you really think you may have changed the outcome? As a parent, and one really familiar with the drug problem of our youth, I doubt you could have. What possible good do you think the school board\gov. could do? Send them to phony drug consuling? Maybe put them on even more dangerous anti-depressants? Or throw them out of school, or maybe just lock them up. Were talking about local, state, and federal agencies here, they can’t fix themselves and their own problems and you would trust them to fix yours and your childs. Hasn’t worked for anyone I know yet and unfortunately I know way too many. I say no to mandatory, random drug testing on these grounds alone not to mention it being unconstitutional.


      I sure am glad he wasn’t treating me- He not only wasn’t to bright, his parents and school didn’t do so well either- Don’t be so fast on passing the blame, for government intrusion and loss of more freedoms of any kind~

  • shannon

    better start at the top to find out what they are snorting or smoking!

  • kenny1801

    they NEED to drug test OBAMA and his BAND of THIEVES and CUT THROATS!!!!

  • Texas John

    As much as I am against the illegal use of drugs, I am more against government intrusion on our lives, and that is exactly what this is. I believe that whoever came up with this idea is probably on drugs themselves, and trying to divert the attention away from them. Isn’t that how those immature libs do things?

  • mo

    Can one assume that the Board of Education will also be drug tested?

  • A Conservative Male

    If we allow the rights of citizens to be stripped by School Boards or any other Gov’t. entity, we are then the ones to blame. Take a stand and recall all those school board members and find people with some Constitutional sense to sit on those boards.
    Our children are not pawns to be played like a chess game by those who have nothing better to do then find one thing after another to remove us from our Founders words.

  • FGW0369

    These are minors. Wouldn’t they need parental consent? Yep, another reason why I homeschool…like I need more!

  • John Bliss

    I am reading a lot of posts, none of which pointed out this: When you have mass random drug testing, the chance of getting a False -Positive reading is as high as 60%! What public school has extra money to WASTE of testing that may or may not be valid. Don’t believe me, this is from the CDC. Center of Disease Control! Poppy seeds can read as heroin, some teas will test positive for grass, toothache meds will trigger for coke! Get the idea???

    • Karen

      Yes, John…but then the school can say, “AHA! See! We KNEW those little urchins were into stuff.” And the parents will never know it was a false positive, and li’l Johnny and Janey will then be forced to go to counseling and, no matter how they protest, their parents won’t listen. WHY???? Because once you send your child to a Government School (i.e., Public School System), you relinquish so much that eventually you believe the hype that they MUST know what they’re doing…after all, THEY are PROFESSIONALS! Don’t you just love it when the State becomes the Parent?

    • 1NJslave

      New Jersey has officially become THE nanny state of America! How much do want to bet that the results become public information?

    • Keith Halderman

      Marylin Vos Savant has a column in Parade Magazine because she is supposed to be a genius. One time someone asked her if you had a population where only 5% used drugs and you had a test where you got 5% false positives, what were the odds that a positive test result would be accurate? She replied that only 50% of the time would the positive test be true. Therefore only half of those young children that are labeled and stigmatized as drug users will actually have used drugs.

  • stanley Kerns

    If we didn’t welcome with open arms such things as “Medical Marijuana” we wouldn’t need to be doing this. Medical Marijuana, like all businesses has a business plan–and that plan calls for growth. Odds are aging baby boomers aren’t going to abandon their tv’s and set out to become dopers. SO–it is our school yards that will supply that growth–I would just as soon my daughter not be offered drugs on a daily basis.–And there is only one way to find out who the dopers are.

    • 1NJslave

      Yavult mein heir……I’m betting that you are one of those parents that spends about 15 minutes(if that) with your child. I know if my child is “experimenting” with drugs because my children are everything to me. Everyday I cry for the daughter that I lost(not from drugs). There is NOTHING in the world that I wouldn’t do to have saved her. Since then, I learned that my children are everything. I do not need someone testing MY child, I can do that job just fine, thank you!

  • silence dogood ll

    If we are going to drug test students, I would like to drug test the people who work for the American Taxpayer. I wonder if a paid school board can pass or fail the test. Can Congress or the Senate; and what about the military and all its officers and commaders? After all fair is fair. I get drug tested when I get a new job – shouldn’t they as well.

    • Robert

      The military has been doing random drug testing since the mid seveties, and it continues today. I know, I served for 13.5 yrs in the specwarcom. It’s affectionately known by the service members as “Operation Golden Flow”

  • Dick

    I agree,lets test them AND all recipients of public aid in any form, and all elected officials! Think this sounds ridiculous?
    Now your thinking. Don’t stop!

  • Rick

    What ‘wonderful’ progress we are making; random drug-tests for 6th graders, why just 50 short years ago the biggest problems we had in schools was gum-chewing and running in the halls! Now we have 11yr olds on heroin, contracting syphilis…Way to go dEpartmont o’ Ejamakatshun! Anyway, why the lower limit of the 6th grade, why not 5th, 4th…Hell just start em’ in kindergarten or better yet in nursery school?

    • Robert

      If they get their way, they’ll be coming for your babies diapers to test.

  • 1NJslave

    Hey everyone, that’s my town that we are talking about here!!! I think it’s just GREAT that some PUBLIC employee wants to subject my child to a drug test! God only knows what type of questions that any of them may be asking my child when they have a little one on one. May I suggest that EVERY employee and board member get tested twice a year.I would also like to have the person who came up with this idea in the first place undergo a psycological exam and have the results put in the news!! After all, am I not the PUBLIC employees boss(you know, the TAXPAYER)?! Where are our freedoms going folks? Let me inform this audience that I do NOT condone the use of illegal drugs. But I do not condone some PUBLIC employee sticking their nose into my childs business. The teachers job is to TEACH, not screen for drugs. IF they would do their job and TEACH, perhaps we would have a far more intelligent student body. It’s no wonder why American children are falling behind other countries.

    • mark101

      I had a friend whose 4th grade kid was asked in school if his dad or mom ever spanked him. He answered “Yes, when I deserved it”. The teacher called DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) who showed up at the home unannounced with the police and demanded entry to the house and removed the children until DYFS could “complete the investigation”. The kids were put in “foster care” (some woman with 5 other foster children) for a MONTH, while DYFS “completed” the investigation. The parents were cleared of any wrongdoing, and the kids were returned. The parents now have a permanent record with DYFS (In NJ if you ever have involvement with DYFS even if there was NO WRONGDOING, your record remains on file). The kids are embarrassed about the whole thing. All the Neighbors SAW the kids being removed from the home (with all the flashing lights in front of the house).

      This is my worry about what happens with “False Positives”…

    • That Mouthy Lady

      I was caught in the gears twice with such idiots. Once from a crazy aunt (now deceased) whom everyone in the family knew was nuts & she hallucinated a lot. She accused me, her landlady at the time, of abusung her. It took me 2 years to win that battle!

      It didn’t help that an obstreperous rookie with NO experience (still under her 6-month probationary period–yet allowed to keep all her records secret from her boss???!?) did NO checking on my aunt’s background before citing me & my roomie as abusers. The morons covered up all the mistakes they made.

      The other time was when some damned officious do-gooder social worker decided _I_ was crazy, & forced me into a reaaaaally bad nursing home for 4 months. I immediately demanded a psych evaluation, & was of course proven sane, but these nanny state bullies are SO out of control! I pity any parents they ensnare!!

      Were I the one who’d had their kids housed with strangers, I would have sued!!! Grrr!


      Your 100% correct and with the money teachers make, they could certainly afford
      recreational substances~

  • pamela

    This is ridulous, I know 6th graders are at risk, However they should be testing anyone that receives any kind of aid from the state.They should be tested before they get any and everytime they receive any. Our congress and Senate and all government should be tested too.

  • Thomas Martin

    There is no way Obama Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi are not on drugs.

    Test all the people that try and control us, yes test your damn selves first. We all ready know you’re full of shit. we know the truth is not in you people of the government.

  • Joyce from Loris

    At least the article said that the program was strictly limited to voluntary participation. Parents AND students must agree to do this. I wonder how many parents will allow this to be done to their child? If lots of parents agree to it, will the school board feel bold, and change the rules to MANDATORY, forcing all to participate? I am all for any program that will keep children off of drugs, and YES, many children get their drugs from good old mom and dad’s stash. But this is just too much, if made mandatory.

  • Raymond


  • Karen

    ….and now you know yet another reason why so many people homeschool


    I am absolutely against the government doing this. I do believe that random drug testing should be done for ANY goverment job, Presidency on down….I will tell you that as much as I am against it you would be surprised how many young kids they would catch taking legal prescription drugs right out of their parents homes…the good I see here is that they may help catch a problem that otherwise might not be caught. These drugs are readily available to them and 6th graders and younger are doing them and not just welfare families. THey are also very addicting. just a thought

  • Jason

    Hell, if they did a drug test in my town we would not have a police force or sheriffs dept. It would also do away with a circuit court judge. I have two employees that tell me they get their best drugs from the police and deputies.

    NOTE- I work construction and they know I believe what they do on their time is their own business. It is grounds for automatic dismissal if they come to work high, or if I find any drugs in my work vehicles. And No, I do NOT do any drugs, aspirin is about the strongest thing I ever use.

    • Texas John

      You are actually the only employer that I have heard using their brain. I have been complying with the drug tests for over 15 years now so that I can earn money to pay bills, and support -with my tax money- those who don’t have to pass them. I don’t agree with the illegal use of drugs, but if somebody is going to break those laws, it should be up to law enforcement to do their job, not employers. And it should not be any of your business what they are doing on their own time. I have been saying for years that those tests have turned alot of good old potheads into alot of really bad alcoholics.

  • guyb

    Well,how about we drug test our elected officals and audit them as well. Lets give our school boards a drug test. This is just another attempt to bring our focus away from the things that are going on. How about we drill for our own oil and create some jobs in our country and stop giving the middle east our money so they can buy bombs to kill us with. We spend over 5 trillion dollars on imported oil every ten years and we could just keep that money in our own ecomony as well as all the jobs created by drilling for our own oil. Our elected officals have sold us out. About that birth certificate…..

  • tjefferson

    Why don’t we just get rid of the public schools, they are having a huge problem of their own, they cant find qualified teachers so lets blame the students, I am all for an internet school, good bye teachers good bye teachers union good bye taxes, pensions. Public Schools BAD. UNIONS BAD.

  • Bev

    When they come out of the stall, will they hand them a condom? What a bunch of hypocrites! Yeah let’s make sure those underage kids won’t be producing drug babies. Why don’t they just teach them ABSTINENCE in all things IMMORAL!!!!! But no. They might be interfering. Pffffft! And this isn’t?!?? This is just one reason my kids went to CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS!!!! People, if you treasure your rights from government buttinskyness, don’t put your kids in public schools to be brainwashed!

  • frank

    You must fight this in your school. The rest of us must help them. our rights will be taken 1 by 1. A Hitler victim said it will not affect me. A year later he was gased



  • Norm

    Why stop at the 8th grade?

  • Lisa in NC

    I am ashamed to say that since my husband lost his job, we have been on Food Stamps. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to know I can at least feed my kids! Please know that not everyone on government assistance is on the take….we’d love to be buying our own food and WORKING. Of course, we also don’t have flat screen tv’s or cell phones (and only one car), so I know we aren’t like many others I see using a Food Stamp card while playing with their i-phones. Will you guys still let me call myself a Conservitive?? 😉 LOL

    And I would gladly take any drug test before receiving our benefits.

  • Larry

    Perhaps it’s time they drug tested the school boards & employees of all the schools in New Jersey. It’s the goose/gander issue.These schools are becoming dictators. Another school wants control of their students till they graduate, If they drink or do drugs, even while off campus or at home, the schools want authority to punish the students. Pretty soon these schools will provide the students with brown shirts as Hitler did in Germany. The students even turned in their own parents. ZIG….HEIL !!

  • patriot

    Ant parent who would allow this to be done to their child is not a parent, they are part of a problem that encourages the “government” to invade the rights and privacy of American citizens. This nonsense has gotten to the point of America becoming a government controlled nation. And what does the school board think gives them the right to participate in gestapo tactics such as this .They work for the citizens, not the other way around. And people like that wonder why an ordinary citizen “loses it”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond

    This year, American’s for Life is committed to working towards defunding Planned Parenthood.

    Planned Parenthood recently released its 2008-2009 annual report; and behind the polished presentation and colorful charts is a staggering fact: Planned Parenthood received over $363 million in federal funds during this time – all at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

    Planned Parenthood used this money to end the lives of 324,008 unborn — while their abortion “referrals” undoubtedly resulted in tens and tens of thousands of more deaths.

    And going into 2011, their taxpayer funding is set to increase.

    $327 million alone is allocated for the Title X Family Planning Program which funnels funding to Planned Parenthood.

    $710 million is allocated for international family planning which provides funding to organizations such as Planned Parenthood that promote and perform abortion overseas.

    It seems there is no end to the money that will be poured into Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers and advocates.

    • Larry

      Those same abortion supporters ie; George Clooney, Hollywood lefties etc. want the same government to go to war in Somalia & other 3rd world countries to save those starving children. Whats wrong with this picture.You have to give Them credit,they are very good at spending other peoples money!

    • Texas John

      I saw a TV show that showed George Clooney living in Italy, why does he even have a voice in what we true americans do?

  • Mike

    Who the HELL do you people think you are? What this country needs is less government control. You people in congress can’t even balance a budget but you know what’s the best for our FAILING Country. Give our COUNTRY BACK TO THE PEOPLE. I am just sick of all you politicans. The only reason your there, is to fullfill you own personal agendas. I am so Happy that you are excluded from our new health care program. Just Tell me one thing. If the program is so good, why don’t you have it.

  • sean murrey

    maybe we should test obummer for drugs he acts like he is on them.

  • Malcolm Koch

    Oh, happy day! Drugs are destroying our schools! Ask any teacher. No educator can expect to teach a student influenced by drugs. Or ask yourself if a teacher has a right to teach in a drug free workplace. This presumes the teachers, administrators, janitors, all model a positive behavior and are tested too.
    Hoorah! New Jersey school cleans the swamp.

  • Beto

    This is an outrage! These are public schools not juvenile detentions. If anyone is gonna do any testing let it be the perents. Drugs are a big problem for our children these days, but it is still the parents responsability to educate the children on moral and ethical values. If any deviante behavior is suspisioned upon the child, then it is the parents responsibility to police the childs behavior and actions. What the government is emplying is that as parents we have failed. And if this does pass who’s going to be responsible for the childs negative behavior? Surely not the government. They have nothing to do with protecting/stopping and defending our borders from all the drugs etc. If anyone is to blame it’s the government for failing to enforce our federal laws and protect our sovereignty.

    • Jim

      Public school teachers are the ones that need to be tested; although I don’t think their fascist union would allow it.

    • John


      I agree, my sister has been a teacher for 23 years and she is a nutjob.

      According to her:
      She has the toughest job in the country(although she knows nothing other than teaching).

      She is greatly underpaid(a 9 month job with countless days off).

      She believes because of her profession that she is more intelligent than others(yet she “stupidly” voted for Obama without checking his background).

      She claims that she is not respected properly for all the “good” she does for the community(like no one else does anything good for the community through their profession).

      …on and on…

      I suppose I love her as my sister. But if she wasn’t…I would have nothing to with her.

    • Beto

      We can not afford to dis-own our own. Love conquers all! Stay good the fight!

    • Gene

      Apparently most teachers are failures as most of you can’t spell the King’s English.

    • apatriot2

      I agree, more then drug testing needs to be done on the Teachers, the whole edugcation department for this Country needs to be revamped. I donlt like the fact they want to teach our children in k-12 it is ok to be gay and teach them the fundamentals on HOW to be gay. No one is born gay they are MADE.

    • Jammer

      Unfortunately most parents nowadays have failed to teach their kids right from wrong, or police their actions. I would rather have my child tested for drugs then subjected to the homosexual propaganda they are today….THAT is what the school has no business doing!!!!!!

    • Beto

      Hmmmmm so much for the simplistic point of view, that, or an oxymoron. Nice try though. But that just doesn’t work!! If we’re gonna be fighting the good fight, we need to be “true” to our beliefes. No doubt of anyknind! Aim tried and true, United We Stand Devided We Fall!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • muslims are pigs

      jammer says,… “I would rather have my child tested for drugs then subjected to the homosexual propaganda they are today….THAT is what the school has no business doing!!!!!!”

      The school is subjecting your child to homosexual propaganda??? Look at what you said,………… because you don’t know the difference between the word THEN or THAN!

      “YOU PEOPLE” need to go back to school and learn the language you didn’t learn when you were in school.

      Yeah,… you are right on when you say the parents don’t police their kids! They don’t teach them how to speak either! What a loser. lol

    • Teresa

      If you allow them to test for drugs and become the parents….you don’t get to choose what else you want them to teach your children or not teach them. This is the problem. It is time parents just take responsibility and teach their own children. This is just the reasons homeschooling is becoming so popular.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Don Quinton

      I have to submit to preemployment, random , and post incident or accident drug testing so why ar you against 6th grade students submiting to drug testing are your school age children doing things that would embarras you in your country club or social circles!! Test them if they arent doing illegal drugs then they should have no fear . As i see it WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER !I f you arent a user you arent a looser!

    • momto3

      Don, please remember that you are an ADULT. These are 11 and 12 year old minors! Any industry where accidents can lead to injury or death routinely have drug testing as the safety protocol. I have a hard time justifying public safety is at risk if a 11 or 12 year old is not drug tested. I think that it is irresponsible for parents to not be aware if their sixth grader has a drug problem. Kids this age are not clever enough to hide the problem from an alert parent. At this age, successful intervention is possible; it depends on a good parent.

    • Beto

      A man with nothing to hide has nothing to fear. That is the truth. But to subject our children to the wrong doing of others wrong doings is unjustified. And yes Mr. Don Quinton this “is my/OUR Country”.! Buy the way you delivered that jesture only signifies your Dis-Allegience sir. The door is right there where you entered, you can exit it, just as easily as you entered.

    • Manny

      Whew… Beto!!! Did you go to school?? Don’t let your enthusiam for the subject overcome your ability to spell. Slow down and tell us what you really wanna say.

    • Beto

      Manuela… if you can’t see the forrest fore the tree’s then step back son. Cause the last thing I need is your intelectual ravings of stupidity trying to justify my comments and spelling’s. Now have a good heart and go ta HE11. Oh I’m sorry did I miss spell that too. Awwwww to bad maybe I should go to your country (tu tierra natal) where they teach alot better), LOL!! Let me ask this simple question? What the hell has Mexico ever done for the greatness of Humanity and to advance the greatness of humanity? or including The U.S.A.? other than taking a free lunch, over, and over ,and over again. My (Our) Social Security number is not an entitlement!!! And should only be distributed to those who put into it!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell do you people think you are!!!!!!

    • Crews Who

      A lot of these people do pav into social security, but under some kids name, or someone lets them use their #. I have seen this – an illegal comes here, ingratiates himself with a woman with kids, then works on that child’s #. The woman supports the guy, and he sends money home “Mexico”. The IRS could see this, as there is no way little 3 yr old Michael could be working at a meat factory and paying in taxes. What happens when little Michael getrs old enough for SS? Illegal has already reached retirement age, and signed up for SS. (Note: I am not naming specifics here. Not necessarily Michael – and not specifically a beef company.)

    • muslims are pigs

      Hey, at least he didn’t use “then” for “than” !

    • Whackajig

      Testing is obviously needed. Are you suggesting we wait till the kids commit serious crimes to test? If you think that kids are not using drugs before high school then you are more stupid than a democrat. Not more stupid than I think, just more stupid than the liberals.

    • A parent aged 70

      This whole thing is a result of many passing the buck. Beto, your letter is an example of a well thought out missive with many spelling and punctuation errors. When my kids were in school, I was told those things didn’t matter. That the thought was more important than the presentation of same. I consider that those teachers fell down on the job. We now have a nation of people with no idea of our language, grammar, spelling, or how to write. Thinking, too, has gone by the wayside.
      Now, instead of teaching, they’re concentrating on health?!? I know not what to expect in a nation of uneducated and under educated people. The “Ugly American”!

    • Beto

      A D- from an honest critic. Thank you madam. I’ll be more vigilante of my grammar and punctuation.

    • Pepe

      Maybe you should read the whole article! It’s a voluntary program parent and student have to sign up!

    • Beto

      Give em’ an inch and they’ll take a mile… don’t you get it!?

    • Jimmy

      The testing should definately be done in random fashion INSIDE the public schools.

      There are many parents today that care less what their children are doing. All of these kinds will easily join with other students in doing drugs.

      Today there is little training that shows a child the proper way to live in this world.

      So to make things a little better ALL students, all teachers, and all other staff should be randomly tested by an outside agency.

    • Erich Auerswald

      As corrupt as NJ is, someone should check to see if the testing is being done by one of the politicians friends.

    • Loretta Balga

      Your spelling and punctuation imply that you are relatively uneducated. Maybe you could try reading books, and laying off the television. Then, perhaps, the points you are trying to make could be understood.

  • Kevin Johnson

    This is what happens when you kick God out of public life; especially the schools. The liberals are looking around and wondering, “What happened? Why are the children behaving this way?” Duh! You kicked God out and now you have an entire generation that has been raised with no moral compass to guide them.

    • RNL

      You got that right on all of the above except Kate Gray

  • Bruce

    No, I think they want to target those that are weak of mind and indoctranate them to be a card carrying communists.

  • kategray

    As much as this appalles me. there are young children that are on drugs. Most parents will say not my child. But if you check with a lot of the young people they will tell you, yes they started and their parents never knew. And this is at a state level and not at the federal level. Drugs are rampant in the middle schools now.

    • Jim

      So when some jack-booted thug grabs your kid out of their desk by the arm and accompanies them into a stall and demands a sample without giving any privacy or reason, you’re ok with that?

    • Whackajig

      You are a freaking liar. The people who will be doing the testing will not be “jack booted thugs”. Those doing the testing will not just jerk a child by the arm from the desk. How stupid must a person be to not know the reason for testing. And you lie also about the privacy matter…… any sample requested will certainly be made in complete privacy.

    • A concerned grandparent

      And you know this how? Are you privy to information the rest of us are not? How can you be certain that all of the “niceties” will be observed?

  • Publius

    “Elementary School Principal Sandra Szabocsik said school officials want to use the testing “as a deterrent.”

    I guess ‘education’ as a deterrent didn’t work….

    • ValDM

      I have a better suggestion. Why not have everyone on welfare drug tested? If you have to be drug tested to receive your paycheck, then all recipients of Fed dollars should be drug tested. This includes the teachers.

    • Park

      Amen. That should have been started years ago

    • John

      You’re so Right

    • Whackajig

      Education about the evils of drug use can be the strongest deterrent, but a permissive society and parents still leads to abuse. Education does not always work, I bet your parents regret the money they spent, huh? Eduction, to be effective, must be the right stuff. Just look at our POS college profs and the liberal POS graduates they turn out. Thank God that some of these kids begin to think for themselves and learn to embrace conservatism.

  • Jason

    Of course these kids are on drugs..It’s called Prozac and Ritalin Pushed on them by the Biggest Pusher in the world the pharmaceutical companies.
    Nevermind the street pusher. These big corporation drug dealers will damage your child way before they ever meet the street pusher.

    • NJNurse

      I have to agree with you Jason and here’s why. Many years ago my Doctor wanted to put my son on Ritalin because he was hyper and I asked him if there was any long term studies done on the drug and he said no. I told him I would not put my kid on a drug that the long term effects were not known and that was that. Years later a study did come out saying that a child on this drug had a bigger chance of becoming a drug abuser because they never learned to manage the everyday stresses of growing up because they were always in a drugged state. I’m so glad I listened to my inner self. I controlled my sons problem with diet and we skipped the drugs.
      In a nearby town I know of people who were forced to place their kids on this drug and told they would take them to court and make sure the kid got it at school if they didn’t give it to them at home. My nephew was among this group and today is a raging drug abuser. I wish I knew the other children so I could see how it all turned out for them. I implore everyone to use your brain when it comes to this kind of thing, there is always alternative methods.

    • http://Yahoo Donna

      I agree’ Proof in my life,raised 6 kids by myself,school insisted my youngest go on Ridilin or be expelled'(she was very intelligent and got bored easy,I’d say the teacher was’nt doing her job to make education interesting enough’) On Redilin 6 months,and I took her off it,and changed schools. Today she is addicted to drugs and alcohol,always looking for that high she had as a 10 yr old’

    • Whackajig

      Which do you think we should eliminate, the drug companies who do the research and find new life saving drugs, or the doctors who diagnose and then prescribe the Prozac and Ritalin?

      If the pisspoor parents of today could control the behavior of their kids, there would not exist a demand for drugs to keep the kids in line.

      You blame the drug companies and I blame the parents. Placing the blame on the manufacturer of the drug is like blaming the bat manufacturer for a death from bludgeoning with a baseball bat.

      Why not just blame George Bush? The shallow thinking liberwhiners blame him for everything else.

    • James

      The schools get paid for every kid diagnosed as add/adhd or whatever so every “troubled” kid has a disorder and lack of parenting is the other reason kids are put on prozac,ridilin etc, its easier to put the kids on something than take care of them.

  • Guy Tuten

    That is just wrong they are trying to get them used to following the gov. orders and not asking questions.

  • NJNurse

    I am sure glad my daughter goes to private school because if she was in public I would be the first to scream. I would home school if that ever came to pass in all schools.

    • Whackajig

      More than 100 thousand people die every year due to the stupid mistakes made by nurses. Have you made yours for 2011 yet?

  • Burt James

    If there is a Birth Certificate on file at the Department of Commerce, then the child is listed as an asset of the corporation AND they have the exclusive right and authority to impose a drug test under the guise of protecting their interests. If you don’t like this, then change it! Eliminate the Federal Legislative Demon-ocracy and it’s expansion, and return to a nation of Nation State Republics they way it was befor 1860!

  • Am2sweet

    Think about what is wrong with this picture. Drugs are all but forced on our kids then we find that it’s bad for them. Our government is turning our kids into druggies so they’ll be dependent on the government. Sounds like a plan they’ve had for awhile.

  • Jim

    how about drug testing the town fathers, seems they are on someting

    • Jerryw

      How ’bout ‘bama and his crew?

    • Whackajig

      Obungle has freely admitted that he smokes ( a very addictive drug) and that he has used pot and cocaine. He has NEVER said that he has quit using drugs. I did not vote for that POS kenyan muslim anti-American.

      We do not need to test odumdum, we need to remove him from office by any method.

  • USAF VET 61-65

    We have to do something drastic to get this country back on track. I think we confuse liberty with license nowadays. As a Catholic school student back in the 40’s and 50’s we had strict standards of conduct and achievement demanded of us. We had respect tempered with fear for all authority and we had a well-functioning society. This free spirit, do your own thing philosophy is all a load of crap and it is destroying us. America needs to go backward in Time to saner days. We are so far gone that this putrid modern Culture is accepted as matter-of-fact. We have been turned into a nation of pathetic, physically unfit mush heads by the entertainment mongers. We must change and tough love tempered with discipline in the schools is a good place to start.

    • http://Yahoo Donna

      I agree with this statement,but would also add,that it use to OK to civily spenk your kid if he did something aginst good morals,(lying,stealing,misbehaving really bad) Now,you can’t and it’s showing up in how they rule and control their parents and the whole household.Have seen it in many families.Just makes you want to slap the little suckers’

    • James

      Don’t know where you live but in Texas we spank our kids and if someone has anything to say we’ll spank them too.

  • Rob

    And what about the drugs given to our children by psychiatrists as part of their behavior modification program. Isn’t our school system just wonderful?

    • Whackajig

      Hey Rob……… kids end up in the psychiatrist’s office because they have a problem a little greater than talking in class. Parents cannot cope with some little shits so they are sent to consultation and sometime analysis. Drugs are often overprescribed, but still a valuable part of helping some kids live a normal life.

      What is your suggestion? What do you want to do with the incorrigible kids? Talk to them? Yeah that works great. How about we execute them now or just incarcerate them, is that what you suggest in place of drugs?

    • Beto

      With this type of advice maybe you shoudl’ve taken yourn own.


    What they need in the schools was a person from my past ” Sister Loretta Austin ” she had a way of grabbing your ear that sent terror through you lol. It’s gone from that to some snot nose punk telling a teacher ” I’ll sue you ” . The school’s are milling out nitwits, drug tests at 6th grade level, we thought chewing gum on school grounds was criminal. Im not totally blaming the teachers but the entire system is rotten.

    • Whackajig

      The schools absolutely need improvement, but the problem begins in the home. Modern parents have abdicated the education of the child to someone else. Baby sitter, nanny, preschool or whatever, the parents don’t wish to start their children off with the correct frame of reference, too busy earninng the almighty dollar.

      Much of the blame falls on Mom. She used to stay at home and raise the children, instill in them good basic values, giving them the foundation for necessary society skills. Now, the plasma TV and the BMW 5 series is more important than the kids.

      Make your choice………… big house with pool and a fancy car OR great kids?

    • Beto

      Wrong wrong wrong again. My Mother was probably the most important if not most significant substance in my upbringing.

    • A concerned grandparent

      Not all mothers have to option to stay home with their children. What about the single parent homes? Whether through divorce, widowhood, or low wage job for the husband, MANY, if not most, mothers would much rather stay home with their children than go out and work a job in addition to her household responsibilities. Your generalizations are non-productive and make you appear insolent and vindictive.

  • USNpops

    I wish I could disagree with this premise. It seems so wrong in so many ways.

    But reality is that our kids in as low as the 5th and 6th grade are being indoctrinated into using Marijuana by their peers. I have a Great Grandaughter who is 13 and has been caught using MJ. Her answer when caught, “All my friends are using it”. Asked where she got it, “At School”. Asked From Who “i cann’t Tell or I’ll get beat up”

    Best we can do is try to teach her that it is not good for her, and hope we can have a positive influence. But we and her parents cannot be with her 24/7 and can only trust that she will straighten up. And the School’s answer, we have no indications that there is a drug problem on our campus, but we’ll watch for it.
    And in most states there are laws trying to be put in place tomake Marijuana legal. So what is the example for our kids.

    • njgirl

      USNpops: I have a 24 year old son and a 29 year old son. When my youngest was in the 4th grade he came home from school and told me he had been offered marijuana. When I asked him what his response was, he said, I told him to get lost! The one who offered it to him was another 4th grader. I had told both of my boys that they could talk to me about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. I told them that I would not judge them. I would tell them when they were right and when they were wrong. Neither ever got into drugs or drinking. I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, because my husband and I put our sons before material things. We could have had the bigger house, the expensive cars, but they are just things. I’m sure it would be a BIG HELP if they would close the borders and stop the flow of drugs. If you can’t get it, you can’t smoke it or use it.

    • A concerned grandparent

      Way to go! That’s exactly what our children need! And you don’t have to be a stay-at-home mom to instill those values. I had two children and they both turned out great.

    • Beto

      This is your/our new Presidents M.O. establish fear, failure, so that we the people can fall to their arms. Never give up, never surrender.! “The Truth will always reign supreme”!! Fight the Good Fight!!

  • Max Willsey

    Big brother is watching or big government
    Now they want to treat our children like druges and criminals. Our schools and government is going to hell real fast. All we need is a government that controls us and our children. shove it up your a@s Obama and you liberals.

    • njgirl

      Our schools and govt. have been going to hell for a VERY LONG TIME! Check out Charlotte Iserbyt’s website: You’ll learn much about the government’s takeover of the school curriculum.

  • Jill

    First of all if a jr high kid is under the influence of drugs, it would be apparent. This is a waste of time and a way to get a governmental foot in the door to take away more freedoms. Hey government Leave those kids alone. Another brick in the wall.

  • William Sanders

    If you take the time to actually READ the article, you will find that it is VOLUNTARY and the students and Parents have to consent to the testing. Meaning that only the students that do not take drugs will be tested. Thus wasting more taxpayers money on a scheme to enrich a drug testing company.

  • http://drugtestson6thgraders Daniel Spickard

    I’d feel much safer if our children were given random drug tests. How ever the parents should be notified and given the chance to straighten out the problem before authorities are called. Which would you rather have, a child in jail, or one in the morgue?

    • momto3

      If parents would pay attention and watch for obvious signs, they would see their child has a drug problem; we wouldn’t need testing of all students. Parents are sooo detached and uninvolved in what their kids are doing nowadays. I make it a point to talk to my kids every day and know what they are doing. I also keep them involved in sports. They don’t watch the junk on tv or play video games. Parents need to be parents first and leave only the education to schools. Teachers are not the parents, nor should parents expect them to be!

    • njgirl

      I agree with you that parents must be parents first and involved with their kids, however, since the govt. controls the school curriculum, I wouldn’t call it education, more appropriate would be indoctrination. That is why more than 2 million children are being home schooled today.

    • Whackajig

      Which would you rather have, a child in jail, or one in the morgue?

      The poster Dan Spickard asks a question. Well, to answer truthfully, if it were not my child, I would much prefer that the drug users reach the cold stainless steel table just as soon as possible. We spend untold millions housing and feeding criminals most of whom are black and hispanic. Would society actually suffer a loss if we just snuffed those POS’s?

  • emerutil

    The 4th Amendment, People!!

  • RP

    CORRECTION, These are not PUBLIC schools they are Government schools. So many people turn their children over to the government for education or should we say dumbing down. Go ahead and let the union / government run schools teach political correctness, sex education in 1st grade and test for drugs in grade school. Our kids future is doomed.

  • hijinx60

    I heard a teacher say that an excuse was the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie. All that this school has offer is an excuse. My grandson has hydrocephalis and asthma and has to take medications. Just who are they going to report it to when they find his ‘drugs’ in his urine? And then what??

  • Dodged5

    Short of money to buy pencils, paper, and other supplies. Can’t pay for chorus, band, drama, or other school activities but they can come up with the funds to pay for random drug testing????

  • Q Tip

    How about we test the meatheads in D.C., in particular the White House, Attorney General’s office, and every one of the no good “Czars”. They are acting like Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Remember the 4th Amendment!!

  • Robert M

    I wonder how many of the parents that are against this are drug-heads, themselves?

    Test ’em. If they’re peeing bad, send ’em home. Same with the career welfare bums. Pee for pay. Dirty pee, no check!!!!

  • John M

    You know we have all heard about frivilous law suit’s that waist time and money, and there isn’t a person I know who believes that the police are doing the job they are supposed to be doing…now I ask you, is this the most absurd waste of time and money you have ever seen. We have schools whose budgets are being cut, extra activities being cut, and in my state, the home town of the man who is supposed to be representing our district in DC has a school system where the kids can’t bring their books home.
    All you baby boomers out there, is this BS or what? These people who are in power are completely out of touch! GOD HELP AMERICA IF THIS IS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE! Oh and by the way, if these kids haven’t been exposed to drugs yet, I can garantee they are thinking about it now. I don’t imagine it occured to any of the cops, but why don’t you try arresting some of the thugs you see hanging around the school yards.
    Oh, and my home state is Washington, on the left coast.

    • BJ Graves

      John – by your comments I would have to say no, you aren’t on the left coast. You are on the west coast.


    Hey Here is a good idea,
    Lets’ vote to give the parents the law that will be on their side to have all school teachers and school board members and school superintendents and other persons connected to school activities random drug tested. Lets not forget OBAMA and those in his adminisration, And All Congressman and All Senators, lets’s find out who are the druggies inside our government. If they want to do the drug screening on us American Citizens then lets’ do all American citizens!!!….. Of legal age of course.

    Fight For Your American Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Indpendence, these documents are not just for Politicans, they are yours, even more so!!!

    Tea Party Patriot
    American Patriot

  • Stephen

    I do not support the ACLU by any means but I remember a case here in GA about 12 years ago where a school (I believe it was in the Atlanta area) wanted to open and randomly check for drugs in the kids lockers. I don’t know what the out come of the law suit was but I believe the school loss the case. The ACLU filed a law suit saying that the checking for drugs was unconstitutional. If that’s true, how can this be Constitutional?

  • http://huh Ed Newhall

    They should include the teachers and staff.
    Lots of jobs now require passing the drug test so it is never too young to begin it.

  • Barbara

    We don’t need the government taking more control over us. Back in the 80’s when my kids were in middle and high school they got into trouble sometimes it would be with a kid in a gang and when I’d ask what they were going to do to the kid in the gang their answer was always NOTHING they were to scared to do anything about gang members.
    I did everything by the book, I tried everything to get my child on the right path but every time I went to get help the answer was always the same.
    When my daughter was using meth and I called the police on her I BEGGED them to arrest her, show her a lesson praying it would wake her up. They would not arrest her, telling me she would only post bail and be right back out on the street. In other words they didn’t want to deal with her.
    Same thing with my step son, I would go through his room to check for drugs and I had told him I did not allow drugs in my home. I found a bag of pot and give it to his dad, when the step son came home his dad confronted him with it and the kid went nuts, kicking and yelling. I called the police on him and I asked them to arrest him for the pot, I even gave to bag to them and they told look I don’t think you want to do this cause it could go against your husband. I don’t understand why that would be cause it wasn’t my husbands.
    Thank God the kids are grown and no more drug problems
    My daughter is now an EMT and has been sober for 5 years
    My step son is a hair dresser and doing great, don’t know if he still does drugs or not he lives in another state and we don’t see him very often. I pray that he isn’t doing anything.
    The answer to the problem is for everyone to take responsibility for themselves.

  • Tripmom92

    As a parent of 3, I would want to know if my kid was involved with drugs. A lot of parents today are so involved with work and their careers that they seem to forget that it is their responsibility to raise their kids. They are letting the government do it for them and the government is indocrinating
    the kids with the their morals and values not those of the parents. Parents need to step up to the plate and do their job. Be an active part of their kids lives. If mom needs to stay home to do that.. then do it .. it will be worth it in the long run. Stop putting material things above your kids.

  • Theodore Sattley

    Instead of adding drug testing to the curriculum, I propose that the parties that advocate this policy be given a course in remedial civics. There is a law against unreasonable search and seizure and no judicial precedent mandating proof of innocence. Send this poorly crafted P.O.S. to its proper place, the trash can!!!

  • Raymond

    Once Upon a Time a Muslim Broke into a House

    AMuslim burglar broke into a Christian home one night. He shone his flashlight around, looking for valuables, and when he picked up a CD player to place in his sack, a strange, disembodied voice echoed from the dark saying “Jesus is watching you.” He nearly jumped out of his robe, clicked his flashlight out and froze.

    When he heard nothing more after a bit, he shook his head, clicked the light back on and began searching for more valuables. Just as he pulled the stereo out so he could disconnect the wires, clear as a bell he heard, “Jesus is watching you.” Frightened, he shone his light around frantically, looking for the source of the voice. Finally, in the corner of the room, his flashlight beam came to rest on a parrot.

    “Did you say that?” he hissed at the parrot.

    “Yep,” the parrot confessed, then squawked, “I am just trying to warn you.”

    The Muslim relaxed. “Warn me, huh? Who among the Jinn of the underworld are you?”

    “Moses,” replied the bird.

    “Moses” the Muslim laughed. “What kind of stupid infidel would name a parrot Moses?”

    “Probably the same kind of infidel that would name their Rottweiller Jesus,” the bird answered.

  • Jeanne Ballard

    Welcome to the police state

  • gingergirl

    I think we’d be better off drug testing welfare recipients! Especailly those that have been livng off the system for years, decades, generations!

    • Pam Stewart

      I totally agree with you on that one!!

  • Pam Stewart

    People read the WHOLE article. This is a voluntary sign up…parents and children have to sign up for the drug tests. This is not only going to be used as a deterrent, but this also will give the child a way out of what could be a sticky situation. We all know at this age kids just want to belong but do not want to participate in some actions but feel they have no choice, this could be their way out of a problem such as that. At least the parents will have a say so, unlike some things like Planned Parenthood where they keep EVERYTHING seceret. I just don’t think this is a bad thing, people just need to watch carefully and make sure it isn’t being abused.

  • Raymond

    Q. How can you tell a groups of Obama supporters?
    A. They are the ones burning the Constitution & the American flag.

  • American superdude

    Wow,Lets drug test are little ones,okay,how about we drug test our leaders? When will our elected officals stop it already? Our elected officlas keep slapping our faces and we keep saying okay. Lets cut there paychecks until they focus on doing the best job possible for our children.If we secure our borders and stop the flow of drugs and crimnals into our nation we would not have a drug problem. If people can not get drugs they go through withdrawals and then they become better people anyway.You can not use what you can not get. Our children and our nation deserve a drug free society. Lets fumigate the white house and start over with people who love our country and are born in our country with a birth certificate to prove it… God Bless our Troops….

    • Nancy Calvary

      I would rather be slapped a 1,000 times than to find out my child is drinking and doing drugs. It’s easy to place blame than it is to solve a major problem. Teen drug abuse is on real.

  • Deeana

    Lets test Nancy Dumplosi she looks and acts like she has been smoking dope and crack all her life, is their anything in that brain of hers but space. Lets start with her first then test the other Morons!!!

  • Frank J. Hurley

    At the start I notice one word (random) This means priveliged persons would not be tested. But the intersting comments that others wrote hit the situation right on the head of the problem. My comment is our U.S. government is in the drug business besides all of the other crap they are forcing on the working class.

  • Yellow Horse

    Ug, we need um to GET THE HEL- out of any kind of public concerns. Just live at their houses alone & collect 10 billion newspapers & pass it on, to the rest of the nuts.

  • Nancy Calvary

    We wouldn’t have this problem if parents would be parents. Do you really know how many middle schooler’s are on drugs or have tried them? Little Johnny orders his parents to stay out of his room and out of his business. Huffing, choking, and smoking are drugs of choice. I’ve worked in the school system all children aren’t angels. Parents don’t even reconize the signs until it is to late. Note to reallity teen drug abuse is a big problem.

  • MeanGene

    Apparently the most teachers are failures as most of you can’t spell or write the King’s English. Please take a college English class.