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TSA Shuts Door on Private Airport Screening Program

Saturday, January 29, 2011

TSA grandma

A program that allows airports to replace government screeners with private screeners is being brought to a standstill, just a month after the Transportation Security Administration said it was “neutral” on the program.

TSA chief John Pistole said Friday he has decided not to expand the program beyond the current 16 airports, saying he does not see any advantage to it.

Though little known, the Screening Partnership Program allowed airports to replace government screeners with private contractors who wear TSA-like uniforms, meet TSA standards and work under TSA oversight. Among the airports that have “opted out” of government screening are San Francisco and Kansas City.

The push to “opt out” gained attention in December amid the fury over the TSA’s enhanced pat downs, which some travelers called intrusive.

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  • tod

    TSA is completely UnConstitutional,and We all need to pray for Jesse Ventura to Win his case against TSA and the Government!

    • rafael


    • grady

      I agree that everyone should stop flying to send a message. But theyll just move the tsa to the bus terminals ,train stations, highways etc. Its all about control of citizens( just like natzi Germany). I agree we should resist or we’ll share in the same fate they did.

    • John

      You hit the nail right on the head. Ever see a libtard program that wasn’t about CONTROL ? Gun control is not about guns: it is about CONTROL. Health Care is not about Health Care: it is about CONTROL of 1/7 of the national wealth and redistribution of it, along with CONTROL via buying votes. Taxes are no longer about providing funds for government’s legitimate activities: taxes are about CONTROL of how much one can keep of his earnings, and confiscation of the rest to redistribute it and use the funds for CONTROL of votes via redistribution. Whenever you see a libtard program proposal, beware ! The freedoms you save may be your own. ALWAYS ask yourself- What is the real, underlying intention of this proposal? Just say NO to libtards.

    • Skycamsgram

      You are absolutely correct.

    • Pat R

      Our taxes that they steal from us don’t fund the government. They go to the Fed. and IMF.
      You people do not get the fact that the “gov.” in DC is the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, a for profit corporation. It is illegal and has been since it began in 1871.
      If people only knew what this IMF owned Corp. has done to “WE THE PEOPLE”, there would be hangings on the steps of the capitol building.
      Get educated!

    • Montana B Green

      Did that 8 years ago. And have convinced over a dozen of my friends to join the NO FLY ZONE.

      Try Video conversing for business.
      Face Book to keep up with your friend and family.
      The train is relaxing.
      Short trips take the bus.
      Your car will take you everywhere in the US. If you must fly consider private.
      The TS, Homeland security (ie) Patriot Act is a federal government sponsored ponze scam.
      There are plenty of laws on the books to stop all this without adding more bureaucratic union controlled crooks into an already bloated and dishonest program.
      Strip searching grandma will not stop a terrorist unless we start profiling the way Israel does.

    • Mitchina

      Yes! Jesse will only loose if he is in front of a corrupt and Obamalicking Judge. He does not give up easily. Contribute to his efforts if you can – I support him 100% and if you have ever seen his show, you know he AIN’T AFRAID of our tyrannous gvt.

      Also, Jon Corbett has filed his own lawsuit and started a blog, TSA Out of Our Pants!.

    • Pat R

      The Judge will probably be bought and paid for by Obama and thugs.
      Every de facto court in the United States is a private Corporation. Even our county courts.Every one has a Dunn & Bradstreet # and is traded on the Stock Exchange. Check it out!
      You’ve been lied to long enough, I’d say since 1871. Your Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, (anything printed on bonded Bank Paper) is used to trade on the Stock Exchange. We are the collateral for the massive debt that DC has put us under.
      I know what’s been happening to this Country, and pray that People will open their eyes before it’s too late!

  • Bea

    We need to give as much grief and resistance as possible to the TSA gropers.

    It is not about security!
    Please believe me…I KNOW!

    • Robert

      Indeed control is the sole agenda. Americans love to wear apparel and sing hymns flaunting our alleged freedoms. And judged by the standards of a former East Germany or Soviet Union or a current African state, we are half free. But judged by the standards of our own history we are not.

      Americans could have shut TSA down in one week by simply refusing to pass through the screeners gate. The price – A delayed business trip? A vacation closer to home? Longer travel time on the road? Oh what a price to pay? After there are boogy-men out to “get us” and take away our freedoms. What nonsense.

      We are fools.

    • Roxanne Roth

      “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

      Benjamin Franklin quotes

    • skip

      good one… here’s another from that good ol’ coot… ~Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote! ~Benjamin Franklin

    • viva

      And if Americans stop flying, for only a short period, THAT will put the Airlines out of business. Now could there be any better way for the Obee administration to ruin and take over the airline business, as well as everything else already done? Our economy is in tatters already!

    • Pamela Harper

      “We the People” at work, & in plain view. We can make a difference!

    • danE

      Get rid of the TSA? We can’t even get rid of IRS, obama, traitor judges and congress. Americans won’t even opt out of the xray scan that is probably killing them slowly. The destruction of America will continue because Americans are divided.

  • Natalie

    TSA is a slap in the face to EVERY american who have fought for our freedoms and an insult to the price many of those americans have had to pay for us to be free. The TSA has YET to protect any americans from terroristic attacks.. they have only robbed americans of their freedoms. No other country utilizes these methods of security.. NONE.. the methods are not proven and physically harmful to those exposed to the scans. Those americans who feel this is OK in the name of being safe.. the fact is there is NO ONE that can guarentee anyone 100% safety. There is an inherent risk in everything you do… even walking down the street.. It is unfortunate that people are willing to give up freedoms they did not earn under the guise of “safety” when there are other options that will keep us safer and not dishonor our country men who earned us these freedoms.

    • Robert

      “the methods are not proven and physically harmful to those exposed to the scans.”

      The intensity of radiation exposure generated by these machines is indeed harmful to the skin, as anyone with a backgound in radiochemistry or radiation physics well knows. The medical doctor here only knows what we tell them.

  • True Patriot

    Not only do we need to keep the pressure on these thugs, we need to keep the pressure on DC until we get this dangerous fraud out of our White House.

    These type of insane dictator thug policies will continue until we remove the cancer in Wash DC

    • Ross Richard Blankert

      Chicago politics gone national is what we are getting. I used to like Chicago forty years ago. Now folks are leaving Illinois because the taxes are going up higher than anywhere else and businesses are leaving with the jobs. Take these policies national and we will be Egypt in a few years. If we go this route, there are plans to suppress the internet, and the population. It could already be happening because our media will not report what is going on if the government tells them not to. Yes, the media lies.

    • T Lady

      Yes…just as many companies have left California for Texas and Utah. You may also note New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent trip there, offering corporations angry with Pat Quinn’s ill-fated decision a tax break in the Garden State. Illinois will soon become the armpit of the Great Lakes region.

    • greatscott

      Illionois ALREADY IS the armpit of the Nation. I live next to Illinois in wisconsin and since the sta eof Illinois anounced a 66% state income tax hike, companies are making plans to come screaming across the border!

  • FAS1

    To tod and Bea: Maybe you both have a better idea for the airport screening procedure????

    • svw

      Learn from the Israel screening proceedure…….profiling dummy!!!!!!!!!

    • Charles Martel

      ABSOLUTELY YES!!! But you see, that’s not PC!!! So the right thing to do can’t be allowed!!

    • Tony

      There’s only one way, PROFILING!No exceptions,and that encludes muslim women.

    • just wondering

      ESPECIALLY muslim women. Didn’t they ever notice a bomb fits better under a burka then spandix pants or tight jeans?

    • Joe

      I do.. let Americans be armed at they are in most other places. It works everywhere it is tried. There is only crime in victim disarmament zones.

      Also are you aware of El Al’s security record? They have never had a hijacking or a bomb and they DO NOT GROPE Israeli citizens!


      ~A man WITH a gun is a CITIZEN, A man WITHOUT a gun is a SUBJECT~

    • Anne

      FAS1 – The TSA found a better way for 84 million Mexicans. The citizens from a country whose government is totally corrupt, barely functioning due to continued violence, and infiltrated by drug cartels can get a biometric card from the newly created North American Union (the first step to making the US into a country like the EU) and they can pass untouched and unimpeded by swiping the card in one of the kiosks located at airports or on highways throughout our nation. But for some reason the TSA can’t seem to trust Americans enough for this procedure — it maintains the only way for us is to be strip-searched and sexually groped. I wonder if TSA is actually so naive as to think that the drug cartels won’t either obtain such biometric cards or bribe those who have them to use their person or trucks to bring loads of illegal drugs or people to our country. This illogical action only serves to support the theory that the current TSA unconstitutional actions against American travelers is for the purpose of control, not one of safety.

    • Ross Richard Blankert

      The TSA is part of a government program to cause the airlines to have to be taken over by the government. If they go bankrupt, the government will say they are too important to fail, bail them out, then take them over. If people refuse to fly, the airlines will go under. It is working already. More and more people are driving to grandma’s house for Christmas. Who want’s to fly? Who wants someone to grab their junk?

    • Jobabba

      OH Anne, you are so right!!!!

    • George Hebert

      Isreal, has a justifiable policy of screening.

    • M. Thoms


  • Ilene

    What’s the difference between this administration, his shadow governemnt of czars with Chavez?

    • josie


  • David

    I pray for Jesse and I will help him anyway I can to put a stop to this travisty and insult to the dignity of the American people. Americans aren’t the root evil here and never has been.Foreign nationals are the ones that should go thru this along with foreign freight.

  • David in MA

    Instituting socialism peacefully and not through the barrel of the gun is such a complicated and drawn out thing.

    When was the last time a terrorist bombed or threatened to bomb, anywhere in America, after boarding a commercial flight in any American airport? If my memory is correct, they all came from air terminals from OUTSIDE the United States….this is not about airport security, it is all about conditioning Americans to government intrusion in matters of the Constitution, which, it seems, the Superme Court agrees with, sadly!

    • Dolores

      There is no justice in our courts anymore as the lower courts for the most part are either socialist or are following party dictates instead of laws or constitutional fundamentals.
      The SC is definitely socialist, anti-constitutionalists, hand picked, bought and paid for by the Big O himself…..Justice no longer exists in America !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    Learn from Israel……profile DUMMY!!!!!!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Dab Young

    TSA is just another heavy handed government program designed to make us into sheep before we get sheared.

    This is not my America!

    • M. Thoms

      Wait until TSA Agents come to your home, confiscate your guns and your computer, and maybe even arrest you!!!

      Where the heck did they get this kind of POWER!

    • True Patriot

      Problem for TSA is they are not winning. Americans are rising up against this tyranny in our country, and now this fraud in our White House. Like I said before unseat Obama and all of this tyranny will end. O has to be unseated as he is an illegal communist muslim usurping fraud.

      And the likes of the Communist/Marxist thug Eric Holder from the Dept of Injustice will go down the drain with this train of thugs, criminals and frauds. We are winning, but to listen to all news media on TV you would think we are just supposed to lie down and be treaded on.

      Yes even Faux News is corrupt. they took a hard left turn around ’07 just before this Obamamao Se Tung and Mrs. Darth Vader usurped our White House. Time for these frauds to be removed NOW!!!

      Congress do your job, you work for us. Do it or be voted out, every single one of you including Cantor who looked like a complete idiot on Meet the Press with the Communist Anti- American David Gregory.

      Why can’t the muslims capture some of our liberal radical journalist. Now that would be Karma would it not? And good riddance.

  • Roger Minnick

    Too FAS1,.. a hearty H*ll YES ! How many planes from Israel have ever been hijacked or bombed ?!? ZERO ! But they screen through profiles,.not muggings.

  • Lynn Longwill

    Political Correctness be damned….we need profiling…..not all Muslim are terrorists but it seems that all terrorists are Muslim.

    • Dena

      Well to be fair, they aren’t all of Arabic descent but they are all followers of Islam!

  • Gene Z

    Many of the Democrats in the congress have admitted they are socialists, so what do you expect. Way do you think they hate the tea party and people like Sahra Palin,Fox News, and Rebublican talk TV and radio shows? They hate anyone that exposes them. Thats why they are trying to push the Fairness Act. There now looking to control the internet.

  • Tony Isle

    Maybe we should do what the Israelis do…it’s called profiling and it’s working. When I was growing up, profiling was called good police work. If someone gets mugged, one of the first things that is asked is if he/she got a good look and can give a description. In order to be politically correct, what are the police supposed to do? Look for everyone even if they don’t fit the description? Wake up people!

    • Jobabba

      Yes, we have had FBI Profilers for many years and they have been quite succesful!! OH wait—-maybe it only works on NON TERRIOSTS!!! We sure could learn a mighty lesson from Isreal!

  • Raymond

    3 Supreme Court Justices Skip Obama Speech

    Three conservative members of the Supreme Court — Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito — boycotted President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, one year after Obama castigated the court in his address to Congress.

    During last year’s address, Obama criticized the court for its Citizens United ruling that allowed corporate financing of political ad campaigns.

    “With all due deference to the separation of powers,” Obama said, “the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates.”

    Democratic senators seated next to the justices reacted with thunderous applause, as the six justices in attendance sat somberly. Justice Alito couldn’t quite hold his peace, however, and mouthed the words: “Not true.”

    This year, Alito skipped the speech to travel to Hawaii and deliver a speech.

    Justice Thomas — who says justices hear “catcalls, the whooping and hollering and under-the-breath comments” — is usually a no-show at the State of the Union.

    Scalia has not attended the speech since the 1990s and has called the event a “juvenile spectacle,” adding: “I resent being called upon to give it dignity.”

    There was speculation that Chief Justice John Roberts might skip the speech, which he has criticized as a “political pep rally.” But he did attend, along with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the Citizens United opinion that Obama excoriated on national television last year.

    • Pamela Harper

      Hats off to Scalia, Thomas, & Alito for not attending the fiasco. At least they are letting the fraud-in-charge know that he’s not all that! It would be nice for his blind followers to SEE what’s going on before it’s too late.

    • Dena

      they are willfully blind!

    • SpritualMadMan

      Who is willfully blind???

      The skipping Justices?

      The American People?

      Or the Astronomical Black One in charge that is busy (like an Astronomical Black Hole) sucking everything free inside and evouring it?

    • Dena

      There isn’t any real reason for the Supreme court justices to attend the SOTU other than for the “showing of face” or politeness. Personally it’s a waste of time for them to go!

  • Raymond

    Q. Why is Obama opposed to profiling
    at the airports?

    A. Because his friends and family would
    be arrested.

  • Raymond

    Sexual assault is still legal at
    the airports.

  • Born in America


  • Rodney Galles

    Left undaid in all these comments is the elephant in the room. TSA workers are unionized and the Unions will never brook a non-union competition.

  • lonetrader

    The searching is bad enough. But, what about when a person decides that they don’t want it. They walk away and are arrested. I want to know, arrested for what? For deciding not to fly or be searched. What is the charge. I am thinking of doing this just to get arrested and sue the crap out of them. Talk about unconstitutional.

  • Born in America


  • Bruce

    El Al employs professional agents for their profiling tasks. Their agents are all college educated, and receive extensive training (months to years) and continual reevaluation. Our system is NOTHING but a glorified make work program. We use GED holders (if that) and they receive a four-day PC-dominated feel good intro. Of course, no TSA agent is left behind and none are allowed to fail this training. We pay more and receive less for this service than any thinking citizen should be happy about.

  • Double Ace

    What evil powers are at work here? First we have a president who cannot prove he is eligible to hold the office. Then we have czars appointed who are not vetted by any branch of our government. Then we have elected representatives who refuse to proceed with forcing Obama to prove he is an American citizen or have him removed. We have a theif and a crook as the Senate majority leader who rules like a South American Dictator, and is changing the rules to make it even easier for him to control the Senate. We have elected conservatives into the House of representatives and they are standing around doing absolutely nothing to challenge Obama’s elgibility. We have the SPeaker and Rep Cantor saying they believe he is a US citizen> I would like to know what evidence they have that the rest of us don’t that makes them say he is elgible to hold the office. When are Americans going tosay enough? Are we going towait until we have no freedom left? Wake up America!

  • Double Ace

    What evil powers are at work here? First we have a president who cannot prove he is elgible to hold the office. Then we have czars appointed who are not vetted by any branch of our government. Then we have elected representatives who refuse to proceed with forcing Obama to prove he is an American citizen or have him removed. We have a thief and a crook as the Senate majority leader who rules like a South American Dictator, and is changing the rules to make it even easier for him to control the Senate. We have elected conservatives into the House of representatives and they are standing around doing absolutely nothing to challenge Obama’s elgibility. We have the Speaker and Rep Cantor saying they believe he is a US citizen. I would like to know what evidence they have that the rest of us don’t, that makes them say he is elgible to hold the office. When are Americans going to say enough? Are we going to wait until we have no freedom left? Wake up America!

  • Raymond

    A “Black Widow” suicide bomber planned a terrorist attack in central Moscow on New Year’s Eve but was killed when an unexpected text message set off her bomb too early, according to Russian security sources.

    The unnamed woman, who is thought to be part of the same group that struck Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on Monday, intended to detonate a suicide belt near Red Square on New Year’s Eve in an attack that could have killed hundreds.

    Security sources believe a message from her mobile phone operator wishing her a happy new year received just hours before the planned attack triggered her suicide belt, killing her at a safe house.

    • SpritualMadMan

      Now thats’ GREAT NEWS!

  • Ed

    Wow. You haters manage to turn every topic into an anti-Obama rant! The TSA and it’s methods were created by Bush & Cheney & the Republicants! Right wing extremists just like you! I dislike it just as much as you do but don’t Fox-ify all your facts and call these faschist methods Socialist, and then make Democrats elected after the TSA was created responsible for it!

    • James

      Ed, Bush and Cheney were NOT Right Wingers. They both believed in the ” New World Order ” which is a phrase from the National Socialism of the THIRD REICH ! History is repeating itself, from WW II Germany when ” at least it is safe to walk the streets and the trains run on time. ” Papers please !

    • Dena

      everything is NOT about bush vs. obama. This is an intrusion on American rights and responsibilities. We do NOT need big brother telling us how much they trust us only to refuse to profile the logical trouble makers! If the government would get it’s collective head out of it butt and do things the right way (meaning logical) we wouldn’t be having this problem now!

    • SpritualMadMan

      Bush & Cheney did not mandate the sexual groping! Nor did they revoke the ability of Airport Authorities to hire their own screeners…

      Hussein obama did!

    • M. Thoms

      Somebody please “Crack this nut!”

    • squeak

      Ed, What the hell are you talking about ?? Where have you been the last two years. Bush & his administration had nothing to do with what your president obama is doing to this country. Obama has been the president for the last two years,remember ? This country has changed to obama’s muslim,communist ways & will continue if we do not vote him out 2012. When he ran for office it was all about change & that is exactly what we got! America wake up before we lose all of our country’s’ freedom,rights,constitution,etc. God Help Us !!

  • thenetprophet

    Besides “opting out” of the ionizing radiation and having some pervert reviewing your body image, only to be groped by another pervert, I have another suggestion that is perhaps even more powerful:

    DON’T FLY, unless it is a matter of life and death, or oversea! Seriously. Drive. 1) If 1 in 10 decide to avoid the whole scam in the first place, imagine what will happen to the revenues of the airlines AND airports within a few months. 2) You might actually be significantly more peaceful, and be given some windshield time to spend some time w/God in prayer, think of solutions to things at home and at work, think of new ideas whether in finances, technology, etc. 3) You may well have some time to SEE this beautiful nation first hand, instead of flying over it all the time.

    We need to use effective, peaceful resistance wherever possible, right now. That also includes exercising your first amendment right to free speech. Contact your local, state, and federal thieves (I mean, politicians), and if you have to fly, and are proded into action, make sure you are not QUIET. When groped, make a very loud accusation that will embarrass the perverts.

    See for more info on a new way to get the word out that “they” cannot stop: “V” for Victory which can be posted nearly everywhere, and written with a Sharpie on FRNs (you know, the debt notes in your pocket).

  • James

    To anyone old enough to remember the days when ” George Orwell ” was approved or required reading in hi school, none of this in new. We see all of this for what it is. BIG BROTHER LOVES YOU. A couple of years ago, during the ” health care ” debate, a Democrat ( Marxist ) in Washington, D.C. spilled the beans. He said ” we have to pass this bill so that we CAN CONTROL THE PEOPLE . ” Does NO ONE remember ?

  • kmw

    “A union for Transportation Security Administration employees said it supported the decision to halt the program.”

    Now we know the REAL reason for this change.



    • Concerned!!

      Richard, you don’t know what you are talking about….TSA Does not control the borders… It Never has and never will, If you want someone to do something about our borders you need to talk to the White house and tell them to stop fulling around with some stupid fence, instead build the GREAT WALL of AMERICA, the Chinese built there’s many centuries ago it worked very well then and it still works very well today.

  • Dena

    Has anyone considered that the bombers typically come in via OUT OF COUNTRY flights? Intense profiling IS justified to keep the loons out and the nonsense that is known as TSA needs to be gotten rid of. I hate to think of the number of perverts who are working for TSA and getting their jollies by viewing the scans or doing the pat downs. Truly disgusting and un-American.

  • Delia

    Please call and email your congressmen. Let them know we want to have the TSA entirely de- funded! Congress has the power of the purse they can take away the money and cut the deficit at the same time! We get two birds with one stone.

  • Clarkesville Girl

    These issues are not just Republican or Democrat. We the people could have stopped this before it was initiated, but it seems we just sit on our laurels and ignore what is happening. Most folks want to let the other person take charge of anything politcical because there is something more “important” to do, like watch the games on TV, or whatever generates pleasure to their lifestyes. All these blogs are well and good but we’re just preaching to the choir. I have sent my opinions to my state reps via paper and pen, stffed in an envelope then sent via USPO. I have heard responses. So take time to verbalize to your state reps. It really works.

  • Delia

    Write your congressman and request they de-fund the TSA. I would like to see a long list of federal departments eliminated! Congress has the power of the purse if they eliminate the funding for a department the department is gone! They have a lot more power than the president and it was supposed to be that way. They just need to have the testicular fortitude to do what needs to be done!

    • Bobcat

      most of these departments werent here a few years ago and can be eliminated, that would save a lot of money.

  • Larry

    I agree with Clarkesville Girl, break out the pens and paper and write!!!!


      Don’t waste your time writing to a secretary of your representatives office- I know two personally and my state senators never read your mail or email and a series of pre formatted letters are sent back to you-
      Once elected they do as they are told by their owners, like slaves, and that’s not the American people- LOBBYISTS AND UNIONS~

      “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

    • James

      Sadly, I think that the time for writing letters and sending e-mails has past. If our Founding Fathers had done that, we would still be under the Crown. It appears that the People of the American Heartland have awakened. To quote Admiral Yamamoto, of the Imperial Japanese Navy, ” I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant. ” Dec. 7, 1941

  • http://l LEE FISHER

    Posting on this site is well and good, now use these same amount of energy and time to send a STRONGLY worded note to whichever socialist represents you in congress. “lets sit together”, “comprehensive immigration reform”,”investment” “contribution”, and we elected these ass+++++s? Puleeeeze! Call them, ride them, make them fear us for a change! Put them in your sights.Oh,I forgot,

  • Edward Hale

    Call or write your Representatives and Senators, and continue to blog righteously to replace costly obnoxious TSA activities with efficient, effective profiling oversight. While foreign terrorists are still the most evident, we are beginning to see domestic terrorists; so we must use effective techniques to detect them, too.

  • Bobm



    Not only is the TSA an embaressment and un-necessary harassment to Americans, it is a laughing point for most of the world. The only exception is the terroists. They could not be happier – death by a thousand cuts. The bigger point is that the TSA along with the DHS is out of control. Congress has to get control of this agencies budget and find out where all this cash is going. Who wants to pay for the TSA when their efforts are only 70% or less. I am sure that if congress tries to cut their budget – the come back is – well if you cut our budget and something happens do you want to be responsible. Its like police – we have so many that we are keeping the lions out of the cities. We are doing a good job because there are no lions here.

  • WVF

    I am a true Conservative, though registered as a Republican, because I would be embarrassed to register as a Democrat. Here’s the bottom line: as George Wallace said back in 1968, “There’s not a dimes worth of difference between the two parties.” Here we are 43 years later and nothing has really changed. Don’t forget who put the Thugs Standing Around (TSA) agents. It was George W. Bush! Now, Obama is using that tool to really work we Americans over. When President Bush put in place the first 10,000 agents, I knew we were in deep trouble. He totally and royally screwed up! The last count I heard was that there is now 67,000 TSA agents in addition to another 35,000 administrative members of this august body. I thank God everyday that I don’t have to fly the way I used to, which was two or three times a week. I live out west and my family lives in Florida, and if I need or want to visit them, I will drive as long as the current rules remain in place for flying.

  • Concerned!!


    • M. Thoms

      This conversation is for GROWNUPS!

      You obviously have no knowledge of which you speak (or you are a Moron.)

    • squeak

      Concerned, YES, but in the mean time we DO NOT want to be groped & sexualy abused. Never have we had to go through such a humiliating situation at an airport. This has all come about since the obama & all his shady czars been in office. What sense did it make when the muslim women where omitted from being searched in that manner when some of them are bombers. We were doing just fine being checked before we board the plane when Bush was in office. So what do you think this is all about ? Control, Dictating, Socialist country !!

  • Bill

    One more issue, Again Call your representatives. Demand that the eligibility of Obamba be checked, If not legally American Born then get him out of office now, If proven legal then Impeach NOW!
    Remove Janet Napolitano’s from office, but even more Remove Homeland Security, Enough with American Harassment for other lands attacks on America or Big croup Business’s Attack on America, some say the twin towers going down was not all jet fuel, one building fell that was not even hit? If they can’t point their heads in the right direction then Remove them, There Panty raids at American Airports are beyond constitutional and for what results? Every flier attacked by them should sue! Notice Muslims can walk right on by, so where is their reasoning! There is there security threat as they try to finger little 4 year old Ann!
    Nevada Senator Harry Reid and his bullshit needs to be stopped now, Investigate his election, it is so full of questions, Union maintenance on voting machines then premarked ballets reported by many voters? The voting machines going down so many times and all, if he was not put into office again by election fraud I would be surprised. Investigate, if fraud there remove him, charge him with appropriate crimes, try him and use proper punishment, if guilty Imprison!
    We have so many anti American agency’s working right now all need to be removed. The Unions are now counterproductive and just making mob bosses richer. They need to be gone! FEMA restructured to be under federal government (your Congress and Senate) and State Governor controlled or removed and an emergency response agency put in place which does not have total power in an emergency, FEMA is just to secretive and dangerous, Just what are these rumored FEMA camps investigate and if real why, the real reason, expose this and destroy them if there, If there some heads need to literally fall! WE need out of the UN and NATO no further funding or troops, what that would save us would go a long way in paying of our now Nations debt, No Foreign troops on American Soil whatever! Not even for training, remove them!
    The Federal Reserve Banks needed to be taken down well they never needed to be placed, American money controlled and ran by Foreign Bankers? Hell no put us back on the gold standard, but NO more Federal Reserve! IRS has stolen from American long enough, one straight sales tax to all. No more IRS! the education department gone, replace at state level! Get the gay thing out of government, for so few they are trying to control way too much, there sick agenda may have to be looked at as normal but not more entitled to any thing! These people should not have any say or contact with our youth!
    ACCION Remove! The EPA Remove and retrain new people to work with business to cut damage to the environment, we need the jobs and we need the place to live work it out without destroying the environment or the factory!
    A less bloated Government, More government and higher wages then civilian working same job not acceptable! Bring all jobs and benefits in line! Cut the amount and size of Agency’s! Quit promoting waist within Agency’s! This use all available funding this year so we will be eligible for more funding next year must stop!
    No loans to any country especially Mexico until we become finically solvent again, Make efforts to collect on old debts or use them pay off moneys owed to them or other countries now.
    Dam it man what does it take CLOSE THE DAM BORDER, put a fence up. Deport all Illegal invaders, Anchor Babies are a thing of the past, make is so on our law books, no more squat and drop for American citizenship we don’t need their numbers or their debt any longer. Welfare and food stamp all government aid programs need a thorough house cleaning, most done away with and new programs built, better screening, No more welfare family’s one generation after the other, if they can work they work I am not paying for them anymore! Audited all who get government support, some need help for real, others just use it instead of working, this comes to an end. Training put in place to put those on any assistance that can work will work. Open lettuce fields up to them, let them work!
    WE have a lot to do with our government to make it work, most needs a good cleaning, and diet, over bloated and in our bossiness we need it confronted, wages and benefits in line with normal American jobs.
    Put Americans first on employment, end Affirmative Action enough damage there, now equal ability considered for jobs not the sex or color of a person’s skin, Affirmative Action has been used to beat the White man down long enough!!! Remove it now!
    And there is so much more. But a Start, again first Close the Border! Then investigate the eligibility of our anti American pro Muslim, socialist one world favoring Obama.


    Remember, now the unions are the government and privacy is going to take the brunt of the fall from inalienable rights…

    Re Pare this government…toss out the government unions.

  • http://yahoo scout

    We need to put a stop to these EXECUTIVE ORDERS. It’s not government by the people and for the people. It’s dictatorship. We gotta get’em outta there.

  • john

    if you fly and are groped by one of these assholes. simply grope them back. this should put an end to their activities when they get some of their own medicine…

    • http://yahoo charles


    • Jobabba

      John, if the citizens tried to Grope the TSA back they would quickly be arrested and jailed! Thats how this administration works—–Do as I say not as I do!!!!

    • Bobcat

      slap them or punch them,(TSA) for getting to familiar

  • Rusty Jones

    When the first “wanding” of air line passengers, and also airport visitors, began, my wife and i went to the Pittsburgh, PA. airport, to see our son, who had a connecting flight, thru Pittsburgh, PA. on his way to his home in Connecticut.
    This was the early start of checking everybody for bombs, etc., who came into the airport, whether going on a flight, or just entering the building.
    So, the gropers ran their wands over us, and immediately, the steel braces on my artificial leg set the alarms off! I tried to explain, but those people felt that they had to make an example of how good they were doing their jobs, so, slathering at the thought of getting a feather in their caps, i was forced to stand, spread-eagled, against a wall, in plain sight of other passengers! I had to remove my jacket, my shoes, and cap, which they checked very well.
    All the while i tried to explain about the steel braces—did no good. My jacket, etc., was tossed on a table, and i was led away! Finally their superior came along, and they informed him they had caught a suspicious person! My explanation to him got me released, and i was allowed to go and meet our son. No apologies were forth-coming!And, i caught a guy making off with my jacket! What a way to treat a disabled WW II Veteran!

  • Carol Goodwin

    I haven’t used any kind of mass transit since well before 9/11. If I must be somewhere, I drive. No TSA in my garage!

  • http://yahoo charles

    i persoaly did like the ideal of being groped period ,because of the fact that they tsa do not change their gloves for each person.A nurse does it ,a doctor ,a surgen, a food preparer does too, so what the hell is wrong with the tsa, they are infridging on our rights too a healthy scan,and should be sued by every person who has been scanned by the dirt ass gloves of the TSA, I WILL NOT FLY BECAUSE OF THE SCUM FROM TSA AND OTHER PEOPLES PANTS BEING BROUGHT INTO MINE BY A DIRTY SON OF A BITCH OR BASTARD OF THE T.S.A.,NOTHING AGAINST PEOPLE WHO FLY AND ARE PADDED DOWN BY TSA , BUT SOME INFECTIONS CAN NOT BE SEEN FOR A PERIOD OF TIME AND CAN BE DEADLY, SO REMEMBER THAT EVERY TIME TSA PUTS THEIR HAND IN YOUR PANTS OR DRESS OR WHAT EVER YOU ARE WEARING, THANKS FOR SPREADING MORE GERMS BUT NO THANK YOU NOT INTERESTED IN SPREADING GERMS

  • Diane

    Look at the grandma in the photo getting felt up between her breasts…yea she sure does look like an arab terrorist wanting to blow Americans up doesn’t she?

    What Americans need to do TOGETHER is find a good attorney group like ACLJ and file a class action lawsuit. The number of Americans must be HUGE in order to make a statement and get noticed.

    In the lawsuit, they MUST protest and PROVE the FACT that the terrorists are now putting bombs in their body cavities which makes them undetectable by the cancer machines and sexual assault whereby rendering the TSA as null and void! AND also prove that racial & name profiling would have stopped the last two attempts. They sure didn’t look like a WHITE grandma Edna!

    Soros and the socialist/commie liberals are behind this takeover and control of America.

  • http://YAHOO Bob tellit likeitis

    Flying is such a screwed up mess. First the T.S.A then the flight the seats are to small and no leg room. kids screening / crying. the plane packed like a sardine can the air is bad the charge for baggage a rip off your lucky too get a glass of water on the trip. they fly you all over the country go threw 3 airports just to go across the country. your trip 2000 miles you fly 4000.

  • Obamistake

    So the TSA’s enhanced patdown procedures targets nearly every American flying, i.e. Caucasian, Black, Asian, Latino, etc. etc., and violates their Fourth Amendment rights. How does this prevent Islamic terrorism?

    Big Sis Napolitano’s See Something Say Something Citizen Spy campaign implores us all to spy on our neighbors…our Caucasian, Black, Latino, Asian, etc., etc. neighbors. How does this prevent Islamic terrorism?

    The MIAC report, the PNAC study and DHS’s own website describes gun owners, Ron Paul supporters and those supporting ending the Fed as terrorists. How does this stop Islamic terrorism?

    If you haven’t already please read Orwell’s 1984.

    pg. 153. Julia and Winston are having another encounter. She explains to him how, “The rocket bombs that fell on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, ‘just to keep people frightened.'”

    What didn’t exist in America BEFORE 9/11? The Patriot Act and the DHS.

    • Robert jones

      The TSA need to profile and forget the politically correct crap. Goverment need to think and use there head. A foreign concept in our government today.

    • Popa

      Perhaps they are using their heads. Their goals do not match yours and mine. It is just possible that the ‘mistakes’ Congress and the administration have been making are intended to cause massive problems in the US so that they can do a complete takeover!? (After taking all of our money.)


    • http://InStateofRepairs Syx Daligee

      “Popa says:
      January 30, 2011 at 7:48 pm
      “Perhaps they are using their heads.”
      You are right!

      “Their goals do not match yours and mine.”
      Right again here too!!!

      “It is just possible that the ‘mistakes’ Congress and the administration have been making are intended to cause massive problems in the US so that they can do a complete takeover!?”

      This is EXACTLY What they want!!! If All of the people are mad and Totally upset, they are in a NEGATIVE Mood and STATE of MIND !! And when wer all angry and in a Nagative State, We are Easier to be CONTROLLED By the Government and The ones Who Run this Puppet Show! Control Control is What THEY Want.
      WE ALL Can do Wonderous things in a POSITIVE STATE OF MIND!!!!!! We have Certain Powers to Use that can Help us ALL! Like if 3 People at least all get together and get in a Good State, they can actually Raise their Conciousness Level to get into the Astral Plain. This is like being in a dream that you can control. Your Spirit is able to let you fly and do all sorts of Cool Stuff! Now Seriously, I can and have went into the Astral Plain. If interested in this,let me know.
      We ALL need to get Positive to DESTROY Their System of NEGATIVITY. We Will NOT Use Violence, but with Real Kindness to each other and to Ourselves! Total Goodness to Every one will Spread Waves of Positive Energy out to Knock Down their tower and we once again can be Free!
      EVERYONE Stay POSITIVE!!!!!!

      “(After taking all of our money.)”

      YES! They are doing it Illegally and Unconstitutionally! The Federal Reserve is not part of the Real Federal System. They are about as Federal as Federal Express!
      {You Tube Carries Tons of Videos on this.}’

      Your Comment is Right On The Money!!Thanx!!!

      Be Good to Yourself and ALL of Your Family and Friends!
      Later. Syx.

    • L.C.D.

      Could I fly on your astral plane rather than say any commertial airline? All kidding aside, you are correct. After all the nastyness going on, if they want to pat anyone down it needs to be in privacy instead of in public, preferably, not at all!

    • Phyllisofical

      Wasn’t Jared Loughner using “dream” states when he killed the folks at Giffords’ political rally? This doesn’t sound good to me at all. You can keep your astral plane suggestions out of the positive suggestion category.

    • Tea Leaf

      Popa, You have the right answer! This administration is shoving America over a cliff finanically, while seizing power from the three branches of government and concentrating it in the executive branch only! The unreasonable search and seizure of Americans is just another way of taking away our rights as citizens and pushing america closer to a communistic form of government.

    • David

      Well Popa, you are just a little smarter than the rest of the nation I believe. You finally figured it out didn’t you? Now all that needs to happen is for the rest of the SMART IDIOTS to figure this out. I love this country.haha. Where else can everybody talk everyone to death? Everyone is waiting for someone else to do something. Where is the law. Sorry, we have none anymore. We are a land without law anymore. We are sitting and letting the communists take us over and our children, so they can have thier way with us and our children. Believe me they won’t have any mercy for us. They want us annialated, and they will if you let them remove your weapons . Go down with a gun in your hand if you have too.

    • John Hunter

      They need to use where head? “There” has to do with location. “Their” has to do with people.
      Our schools are doing a poor job of teaching
      the difference between there and their.

    • David

      Do you wear Horn-rimmed glasses and a twill blazer with elbow patches? Do you feel a little thrill when someone uses lay, lie, who, whom, whose or who’s incorrectly and you get to correct them? Yeah, get away from your books and computer for awhile and go outside, or even, dare I say, go talk to a real live human being you stiff bass custard!

    • Joyce

      What an “educated idiot” you are! A lot of people haven’t had the great education you seem to have had. At least they’re trying to get their point across, and everyone has the right to their opinions regardless of how they spell. It’s STUPID to laugh at spelling errors rather than focus on the gist of the comments. It shows your intolerance toward people who don’t have the same command of the English language as you think you have. Get real! This bogus feeling of “superiority” is one reason our country is so divided against itself on all fronts.

    • clh

      There was nothing wrong with the correction made. He did call the person names, only pointed out the correct spellings and made a comment that the school systems are not teaching as they should. That is the truth.
      I do not take offense at being taught and glad everyday that I can learn something new no matter how small it is.

    • dottie

      John Hunter, the reason things doesnt get done is because the word police is so busy policing.

    • Uncle John

      Some have mentioned just who we need to correct, and many have missed the whole point!The simple minded putz who keeps tell you and I how its all for our own safety, IS the problem! Change their minds with a swift kick in the ass, and then dump TSA. Anybody can “porfile” these bums so who needs TSA?

  • Dean

    These people aren’t going to give us our rights back, we have to take them back!

    • Horserider

      Dean, you are so correct. Certain people in this country are NOT listening.It’s time to change that and if they don’t like it, then they should get the hell out while they can.
      Think of all the people who fought through the centuries for this country to be who it is.We can not let them down.Thanks for being a great AMERICAN.

    • Sam

      The primary person who is not listening is the President. He has his rdical socialist adgenda to complete. He cares not what the average citizen thinks, says, or does. If you are looking for scruples or compassion you are not going to get it from him.

    • rocketw

      It is IMMORAL for the TSA to molest people in the manner that they’re doing, and it is also immoral for people to subject themselves to molestation. Whatever religion one professes, or even if none is professed, we all know that there is objective morality “out there.” We MUST take care of business with the TSA. As things are now, we aren’t allowed to board an airplane secure in the knowledge that our sense of right and wrong with regard to people touching us sexually will be respected. ACTIONS must be taken!!!

    • muslims are pigs

      If EVERYONE that flys would stop and protest the t.s.a. and not do any flying for any reason,… for 2 weeks what do you think the airlines would start saying??? That would stop this bullshit of groping everyone!!

      That would be something every person could do to actually do something instead of just running their mouth.

      I want to go to Europe, but I refuse to go through this bullshit t.s.a. and I will not fly until it is stopped, I don’t give a damn how long it takes!! That is what one would call ACTION no matter how small it may be.

      Our government is not trust worthy, they are now under the influence of a communist dictator type obama. his minions are following his orders,…. he is a traitor to this Country. he is an illegal alien in the black house!

      he is worse than any criminal in a SuperMax federal prison.

    • http://NONE CW


    • Ken

      Obama is a puppet, put in office by individuals with big money and power. Obama hasn’t had a original thought since the days they taught him to stop drawing in sand and act popularly. He says what he suppose to from a teleprompter. The teleprompter makes sure he says it in the way that makes his handlers happy. He no more understands America then he does the constitution. What he knows about the constitution is what someone else told him it is all about. History to him is what someone else has given to him, he hasn’t learned it on his own. The American history he knows wasn’t written by an American author, it’s by those who hate America and what it stands for. He is sincere about what he thinks is good for America, but that doesn’t mean what he is saying is what Americans think is right for them, but he delivers it so it sounds like it does. The message is there, you just have to make sure you understand the words in the way they are intended. It’s more about what he doesn’t say then it is what you think you hear. IN the end we get the same results, more division among Americans, the economy continues to get worse, and we are going more and more into debt.

    • DMAC

      the man has no heart. He has been having his strings pulled for so long he has no idea about America. Or being a real patriotic American leader. He is under the control/influence of to many anti American people.

    • http://NONE CW


    • Char

      You havae to go to the one pulling the puppets strings. Obama is controled not in control.

    • Regina Warner

      You are also RIGHT…they will not give us back we have to take our rights back. thanks and hope enough read the thought. regina

  • Obamistake

    July 4, 2011. Let’s have a Rally for our Rights in D.C. and protest the DHS, the TSA and Big Sis Napolitano.

    • Apache6

      It will be one of many this summer!!!

  • terz

    We as Americans must all come to the realization including those jack-ass’s running our government that we are at war and
    its a world war at that, and the muslims
    started it over a thousand years ago.
    when every one realizes this fact than we will have a better system of defense.
    but also we must also under stand who the muslims are and the various ethnic back grounds.

    • Jeanne Ballard

      Everyone needs to understand that Islam is not only a religion but a theo/political idea as well. We keep treating Islam as a religion and we are going to get an a** whopping!

  • remesquaddie

    It’s all about more power for government paid workers. They are already acting as a union, which is what is coming. The folks that works for governments, fed or state are all one enormous union, police, firemen, administrators and many more. And they want more power as they grow. Screw them.

  • Jeff

    The whole thing is a farce.
    I mean the Federal government, including the TSA.

    I recently wrote a letter of complaint to the FCC, their responses begin:
    “Dear Consumer”


  • americanpatriot

    My plan .. very simple all muslim looking people that want to enter America.. have a room that they are striped.. no bombs they can enter after they are finger printed and photographed.. and back ground checked it works for Israel it will work for us… plus pay 1000.00 entry fee for all the expences they have caused

    • american

      Great idea lets vote on it.. you cant vote if your muslim or democrat AMERICANS ONLY

    • Apache6

      I say don’t let any muslims into the country,and kill all the ones we already have!!!

    • emily

      We need to do like Australia. This is our country and if u do not like our way of living, we didn’t ask u to come here and you have the right to go back to whereever you came from. We speak English here and if you try to speak another language, then you are out of here. Lets weed them out.

  • americanpatriot

    Oh im sorry did i make you mad well just leave america.. ok

  • Yellow Horse

    Close the borders…. nothing but carefully screened incoming flights…. No one coming from unfriendly nations that are Terrist ruled would be allowed in america….Deport any person that are not americans of any race… Have raids on all business in america & fine the hel out of the business if any illiagals are found. The business that constantly hire illiagals are the ones to blame… If business were not hireing they would leave on their own!!Then the business would have to hire real americans that can’t find a job because they can’t hire illiagals. They are the REAL PROBLEM!! JUST STOP THEM!!!Then your airport security should be a lot less introusive, just a regular common sence check!!

    • Joe

      but then the ACLU would get involved as they always do

    • squeak

      Joe, The ACLU is nothing but socialist as obama is ! We need to get rid of them also ! Did any of you hear the latest that obama is in bed with the muslim brotherhood in Egypt? He had the leaders at the white house known to anyone. That is why he has been standing back & not helping the people of Egypt,only making a couple of speeches here. I was asked how in the world was he elected Senator & president & I wanted to scream at this person & say it was people like you that voted for him. The american people was sucked in all his huge lies & promises. I telling everyone they better wake up & get this so called regime out of washington or we all are doomed !! Can’t you americans that voted for him see the writing on the wall ? Can’t you see what he has done to this country so far & he is not done yet. Wake up america, this is your country also so you have to fight like hell as we all will do ! Goe Help US !!

    • squeak

      Joe,sorry I made some spelling mistakes,in a hurry.

    • Rich

      Join us in implementing E-Verify. Join us at NUMBERS USA.COM . Thanks, Rich

  • germeten

    Federal agents have no jurisdiction outside of federal territories, unless states let them in. This is an issue between citizens and their states. The Feds can’t “cancel” a program that’s already outside their jurisdiction, all we need is local sheriffs to revoke their permissions and send them packing. By all means keep filing lawsuits, the feds have no constitutional authority over private transportation, however much they assert otherwise, and the right to travel is constitutional, no mere “priviledge.” But all this was hatched by the Council on Foreign Relations, that globalist fortune 500 think-tank who proposed in policy papers a “Department of Homeland Security” as the answer to terrorism, 11 years prior to 9/11. The CFR has been determining US national & foreign policy for dacades, including the merger of US, Mexico & Canada into the North-American Union, with open borders and cheap labor, backed by GW.

    • USPatriot

      I think you may have a good idea there!

  • Buckaroo 63

    How can a Constitutionally illegal bureaucracy with sometinmes under-handed, sometimes over-handed and sometimes heavy-handed bureaucrats tell a state airport what they can and can not do? Rediculous. People of the States learn your Constitution and stand up for your rights by getting rid of totally illegal non-sense from the general guv!

    • Dave

      John Marshall, who sat in the Virginia legislature at the time they ratified the Constitution, and who, in 1824, in Gibbons v. Ogden, said, regarding Congress’ Commerce power, “what is this power? It is the power to regulate. That is—to proscribe the rule by which commerce is governed.”

  • Crew

    It doesn’t have anything to do with terrorism. If it did, they would screen the right people. It has to do with seeing just how far they can push us as they take every right we have away from us,

  • rjgallip

    Some of the states have already told the Feds to back off. How on GODS green earth do these people think they are going to enforce their socialist agenda. We knew they were going to try and unionize TSA (62000 votes), that is still part of a minority. We will over come.

  • Rob M

    They plan to use the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system to incorporate Social change. They plan to destroy the financial sector and the economy in order to initiate martial law.

    • Jerryw

      The problem is is that there are too many other forces in the world for the Cloward-Piven strategy to work as they would have it. I.m not sure if I should be happy about this or not, but they should be very careful or both of them will end up being burnt at the stake. I wouldn’t mind that in itself, but I don’t think any of us would like the results at all.

  • Transparency Now

    I’m not flying.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t fly either, now that I know those f**kers are gonna molest me and s**t!

    • Del

      I’m not flying either !! will drive or stay home .

  • Timothy May

    I was with the TSA from 11-2002 – 12-2007, that is, from the beginning. The only reason for allowing certain airports to use private screeners was that DHS regs prohibited non-Americans citizens from working as TSA security officers. In other words, when the TSA replaced all the private screening companies, the TSA had no choice but to toss out all the non-citizens whose native language was other than English. Those airports that used the private screener program allowed them by the TSA had a strong need for screeners who spoke various foreign languages simply because there were many people coming through their doors who could not, or chose not, to speak English.
    Thus, it makes perfect sense for the TSA Director to say that there is no need to continue the private screener program beyond those airports that are already using it.
    Get off your soap box. Use your head and get some facts and think before jumping to conclusions.

  • Raymond

    A 63-year-old Southern California man who had explosives in his vehicle was arrested outside one of the nation’s largest mosques in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, authorities in Michigan said.
    Dearborn police said Roger Stockham was arraigned Wednesday on one count of making a false report or threat of terrorism and one count of possessing explosives with an unlawful intent. Stockham had a large but undisclosed quantity of class-C fireworks including M-80s, which are outlawed in Michigan, Chief Ronald Haddad said.
    “I was comfortable with the fact that we had taken him off the street — he isn’t going anywhere,” Haddad told The Associated Press Sunday afternoon. “I think the society he wanted to impact is safe.”


    • Rich

      He should have had seven pigs inside the truck to turn loose in the mosque instead!

  • Gene

    It’s the Jackasses that voted for Obummer that we need to worry about.

    • John


      Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them, like this quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out – we have a lot of work to do.

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Soensaeng

      Why is it that the american people are being pat down, X-rayed and scrutinized? I have worked in secure environments in the military….. in all honesty the security ( so called) at the airports is a JOKE!! People seem to forget the muslims that tried to bomb the Glascow Scotland airport. ( view the BBC news report at the following link)

      No background check would have ever caught them ( they had never done anything before)…. they were law abiding British citizens… all but one of them were medical doctors. The TSA’s ( if they had of been around then wouldn’t have caught them either.) You ask why not? Because they tried to bomb the main concourse to the airport terminal. The area that the public comes in & out of freely. TSA’s would be better made use of working on our borders screening and patting down illegals trying to sneak into the USA.

    • Soensaeng

      Non-Mexican illegal immigration from Mexico

    • http://GOOGLE GAYLE


    • Taco

      “…heads stuck in the sand.”

      …because they stick their hands in the mailbox for their monthly hand-out. Uncle Sams’ runnin’ a fine plantation!!

  • Nellie

    Everyone that fly’s should have a 10 finger back ground check and this would stop all the terrors, We still have the borders which is always under attack from Muslim terrors., web page Border patrol and refugee resettlement both give the truth of what is happening in our country.
    I flew too Denver and had no problems with being checked.If I would have been subject too a pat down I would refust too fly too,

  • frosty

    We are already labeled terrorists. If we arent willing to kill, be killed or imprisoned for our beliefs then any discussion is pointless. If we dont act NOW then we just need to sit down , turn on the t.v. and resign ourselves to being the cowards and sheep that this tyranical government thinks we are. I’m sure our children will thank us for the future we will have chosen for them if we fail to act. Surely they would rather have us around for long oppressed years to come than to have us sacrifice our lives and reputations for Freedom and Liberty for generations to come.

  • jreast

    This is all about keeping government union workers on the job. Too many were being replaced by non-union folks and many more would have been if this program were alllowed to be continued. These private sector workers are more effective, more courteous, more reliable, probably paid less, and surely receive less in benefits –
    and can be fired if they do a poor job, unlike the government workers

  • Homer

    It is Napolito that needs to go, and then to revamp the whole system just like Israel does! Look at the sucess they enjoy! Get a program that works and stop doing what TSA is doing…screwing up! That is why I do NOT fly! I will not have anyone fondle my private parts and x-ray me with the equipment they have! So…boycott the airlines and they will respond to what really needs to be done!! It isn’t the way they are going I’ll tell you that now!!

  • Marianne

    Would a Constitutional Lawyer PLEASE give documentation on the authority of Federal Gov’t agencies to over-ride state policies and law?

  • Homer

    Speaking of Muslims, they are NOT fit to be U.S. citizens, they have an allegence to Allah, and to Mecca, and to Muhammed and to killing those who are not muslims and according to the Koran they are NOT to make friends with a non-muslim and further more they are permitted to lie (TAQIYYA) to further Islam and they will do anything needed to conquer this nation and any other! NO There is NOT a Muslim fit to be a U.S. Citizen!!!



  • http://GOOGLE GAYLE

    So, help me UNDERSTAND, they want to pat everyone down that flies in a plane, meanwhile, illegals are crossing the borders at record speed and they want to give them amnesty ! So, how many terrorists are crossing the border??? Nothing makes “sense” anymore when it comes to the decisions of our “political leaders”.

  • Karen W.

    If you are willing to pay 50 to 100 more you can fly private. Oh and you get the luggage and food actually included in what you pay for the flight. Wow…what a concept. The pilot decides whether you fly with him. Oh and um NO TSA!

  • Wally

    I do not like what is happening in America, but I hear people say, we have to talk or we have to vote. That is to of the boxes and after two years we get “WTF” form illegal boy in the white house. We the people are not going to get our rights back unless we use the Third Box and the libatards and bozones are trying to take that away. So unless a very large army moves on D.C. to remove the terrorist, save your breath or the dumb bastards will tax that too!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Don Quinton


  • Vincent

    Obama is a Kenyan, born and bred. This is an admittance from his own mouth. Every appointee is in valid. Every Executive Order is moot. All the Bills he has signed are not law. The worst part is that both the Dems and Repubs know the truth. HE IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN A u.s. CITIZEN. True Americans must speak out and demand his arrest.

    • Jack Coppola

      Vincent, you are 100% right! What troubles me is that in this great country not one person has the balls to confront Obama. I would almost bet my life that he is not a citizen of this country. I truly believe he was born in Kenya. I only wish that he would return there.

  • Jack Coppola

    Everyone should do what I’m doing. I refuse to fly while this intrusive “feeling up” is taking place. JUST STOP FLYING!!! People make me sick to my stomach. They are like so many cattle. If we all stop flying, you’ll see a change. C’mon people. Wake up!!!

  • Villa Merkle

    Cancel the whole dam program, it is just an exercise by the Globalists, who told Obama, to get the American people used to being oppressed and everybody knows it!

  • Tom

    The half-wit pedophiles and other sex criminals want their gig. LOL.

  • Robert Smith

    If this crooked corrupt government was to allow contractors to inspection/searches then these evil weasels would not have total control over you. Big Brother knows how to do it best and remember he is always watching. Revolt/Rebel or be a slave.

  • emily

    I read where the Gov. of Hawaii who is a friend of Obumba said he was going to finally solve this problem and would prove that Obumba WAS born in Hawaii, but to his shock when checking both hospitals he found NO birth record at either hospital under any name that he went by. SO why aren’t anybody making him prove that he is a US citizen?

    • Kathy

      Good question Emily; I’ve been asking that on several internet forums and don’t have an answer yet.

  • Horserider

    This is a start. We are demanding it here and now.Arrest the SOB and lock him up. How’s that.At least plughead is an American but a bit dumb at that once they move him up to pres. Him we can get committed.

  • I’ve Got NoAgenda

    In the morning!
    I think you all should check out the No Agenda podcast, they talk about all sorts of issues like this. Hosted by podcast legend Adam Curry and columnist\Tech guru John C. Dvorak @ or you can find ’em on Itunes, just search for No Agenda

  • Gary

    TSA should be disbanned. they are trespassing on our rights as americans. Congress ought to be following the money on these envasive back scatter machines and locate the kickback the manufacturer is giving to TSA mismanagers. They really have to be dopes to think they could use these stupid machines on Americans without an arguement. The Obama administration has turned a deaf ear to Americans and got their clocks cleaned in the 2010 elsctions. We can’t wait until 2012 Congress needs to act now. American’s “Boycott Flying.”

  • Kevin MG

    It is our turn us rebel just like whats happening in the middle east.
    They are tired of the same old thing with their leaders who have been in power for 30 years in some cases.
    Sounds like the old turds that spend a life time in the Senate we have today.
    One difference are these turds are re elected by ignorant voters.
    It is one thing to have one’s state Senator to represent their state but these fools who are re elected decade after decade have the power to affect the whole nation’s policies and direction.
    This crap has to stop.
    Same old special lobbyists.
    Same old Union backing favorites.
    Same old racial tactics catering to each different race for support and photo opps.
    Americans are all races.
    Politicians divide us into groups for special favors.When will this stop.
    Age doesn’t show how smart you are.
    With failure after failure from these lifers,spending is all they know.
    Our time to march in the street will happen.

    I don’t care what party you belong too.
    Term limits are the only way to stop this cycle of idiots who spend their entire life
    thinking they are so important and irreplaceable.