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Report finds Army, FBI put PC ahead of security

Friday, February 4, 2011

nidal hasan

A Senate report on the Fort Hood shooting is sharply critical of the FBI and its failure to adequately share information with the military about the alleged shooter’s extremist views.

And it says the Pentagon has failed to make necessary changes to identify violent Islamic extremism as a danger so that commanders will more readily watch for it and discharge service members who express those views.

According to portions of the report obtained by The Associated Press, military supervisors had the authority to discipline or discharge Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 in the shootings at the Texas military post in November 2009.

But the report, which was being released Thursday, said the Defense Department did not inform or train commanders about how to recognize someone radicalized to Islamic extremism or how to distinguish that from the peaceful practice of Islam. The report was requested by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and its ranking Republican, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

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  • warren reynolds

    does not suprise me, we can all thank the liberal left for the mess our country is now in.

    • Oldsailor65

      Warren Reynolds–you are absolutely correct. Almost all of the problems the United States is having can be traced back to “LIBERAL ideal and LIBERAL decisions. Liberalism is destroying the country.

    • http://underdevelopment amirizar10

      That’s right old-mate: although it happened on GW’s watch, the liberal congress continually put obstacles on his path which contributed greatly into not only terrorist actions here at home, but the number of dead soldiers and marines in the war-front, but don’t expect them to belly-up anytime soon.

    • EddieW

      And the Liberal ideal IS the “progressive” Democratic party!! They want NO Morals, and they want no freedom for the people…and I greatly fear, they have succedded…The republicans now want to make the Patriot Act permanent….
      Patriot Act Permanent…are they insane? If you want a Fascist Police State, that is the perfect vehicle to implement it, it is being done even now, using the exact same thing both Hitler & Stalin did…have neighbor spy on neighbor…they are teaching kids to do this in school, Walmart is pushing it, The FBI is asking garbage men to spy on us…and now that they have again passed the Patriot act unnaposed…There is very little if any chance to prevent a tyrannical Police State from being implemented!! It’s already now too late to stop it, and making the Patriot Act permanent, will guarantee it can never be reversed!! I guess too many people have hated these freedoms, and in less than 2 years…, they will all be gone!!! Hope they can be happier under a Tyrannical Police State!!!

    • bill d

      many of our liberal leaders and cabinet members are self acknowleged progressives or modern progressives,even the so called President, openly and proudly claims to be a progressive, but not only are they in the demoncrat party but there is some contamination in the republican party as well just not as wide spread.

  • Bob

    This is what happens when an organization is run by gutless careerists who are afraid to rock the boat. This can be expected from the Fools, Buffoons, & Idiots (FBI) because it has never been anything other than the tool of the politicians. But, the military used to have men of principle who stood up to presidents when they were wrong. Now it has been infiltrated by liberal scum who are actually traitors both to the military and to the country because they obey the arch-traitor Maobama.

    • J. R. Hill

      Bob: You really need to educate your self and learn the facts. I am a retired FBI agent and I risked my life for you on many occassions. I addition, I arrested corrupt politicians and some corrupt law enforcement officers. It is people like you that cause good people to shy away from the challenge of law enforcement. Yours is a self fulfilling prophecy, because of criticism like yours coming from many directions, many will not enter the profession. What a disgrace.

    • Bob

      No you need to wake up, if the FBI was anything but a bunch of morons, there would be no drug lords, no sex trafficing or other such things. I once gave evidence of government corruption to the FBI and no action was taken so it is you who are the disgrace; you drew a fat government paycheck and lived off of us while doing little to solve crimes and now you are drawing a fat government pension while probably working a second career as a thieving consultant. Your letter is self-serving and you have the same “hero” complex that is common to most of those in law enforcement. This article is the truth – the FBI is PC to the core and PC is destroying America.

    • J. R. Hill

      Bob, you are a pathetic soul not to appreciate what people do to protect you. Have you done anything to protect your country? Again, it is the shameless attack from people like you and some of the other who have commented that will keep honest and talented people from the occupation. I am very saddened that of the comments about this matter but I have seen it increase a lot over the years. So, I have done my job and I am proud of it even though you are not. Again, disgraceful.

    • Charles Martel

      Bob, you said it!! Amen!! and Amen!!!

    • bud

      gotta agree with your opponent on this. the FBI only goes after the weak, the infirm, and those who show too much patriotism. you guys once in awhile do something right, but it is not often. as far as “critism keeping many from entering the profession” – that is a bunch of crap. You people grade an agent’s ability to advance based upon their PC – not their abililty. of course is isn’t only in your organization that this is the rule.

    • Patriot45

      I disagree wiht the FBI Agent. This country’s ecurity agencies have failed before and they failed this time as well. I submit that the jealousy between the FBI, and the CIA has caused a rift in our security that may never be closed. They can’t work together without bickering, or passing blame so they both need to be cleaned up. In addition, this administration becasue of it’s desire to create a huge and most benificent government has polarized this country so badly we may never see our precious republic shine again.

    • I B Patriot 2

      There are many fine people in the FBI and the CIA. The issue is there are to many ‘climbers’ who only care about their own promotions. The military is the same way. Right now they are the ones that are calling the shots. Witness 9-11. Agents in Minneapolis tried to warn of the attack, but the leadership wouldn’t listen. An organization can only be as good as it’s leadership allows.

    • Lee

      Reference Pearl Harbor!
      Two lowly radar operators saw the Jap planes coming, but, because they were “only enlisted sailors” were ignored!

    • Don Johnson

      “Patriot”, The “rift” between the FBI and the CIA was created by Ms Jamie Goreloch (Holders’ present deputy), with her establishment of the “wall” that PREVENTED agencies from sharing information.

    • LS

      As I remember it, the Democrats erected a wall between the FBI & CIA they could not share information.
      The Patriot Act took the wall down which was re-established under Obama.

    • Bucky

      That’s bullshit….J.R. How many times have you stopped a car load of so called “citizens” at night on a dark desolate road and YOU are the only officer out there? Probably none! You would have gotten your starched underware in a knot because you knew the confrontation was not going to be very pretty. Us local LEO’s did the dirty leg work and made the actual arrests while you “holier than thout FBI’s” did the photo op’s for the local TV sound crews so you could look on the late news.

      The PC garbage of the FBI and US Army Command at Ft Hood cost some innocent lives because they have been castrated by the current administration. Live with it!!!

    • J. R. Hill

      So Bucky, very sad to see someone who represents themselves as a police officer, shamelessly attack me and the FBI. It appears you do not have a clue what the FBI or its personnel does. I have risked my life on many occassions just like everyone in law enforcement does. You should be ashamed to attack fellow law enforcement if in fact you are a cop. I have come to the aid of my peers in blue on many occassions. Shame on you.

    • Lee

      Problem here is that there have been some “holier than thou” agents who have pushed the local law enforcement aside to do everything “their way,” and won’t accept the locals’ evidence–even though they may have all the solid evidence and witnesses needed.
      Fortunately, the “holy” ones are very, very few, and have been more or less weeded out over the years.
      The FBI is much better than it has been, and will continue to improve. Perhaps the fault is the citizens, not theirs, in that we expect them to be everywhere at any time, any how. They aren’t supermen, but only men trying to do a dirty, miserable job that I, for one, wouldn’t/couldn’t do!

    • DaveP

      JR- The FBI is FAMOUS for letting the locals do the dirty work while they get the photo ops. Also the information highway is one-way with them. They pump the locals dry and give noting back. I was a cop for 32 years and I’ve been there-done that and got the T-shirt to prove it. Would I help out a fed if he/she needed help? Of course, but that doesn’t change the reality. The PC bull$#it in this country is going to kill us all eventually. Why are we so afraid to do what has to be done. Because we’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings? Get real!!!

    • Tinman

      Ruby Ridge is one example of Alphabet soup Jackboots. The Federal Bureau of Idiots is nothing to be proud of. By the way j.r. hill I know if you were an Oath Keeper, you would not be talking like a liberal.

    • Oldsailor65

      We could use another crooked old fart like J. Edger Hoover. He had crap on all the Presidents which made him very powerful. If we had someone like Jedger maybe we could find out the truth on Obama.

    • Harley

      I doubt anyone will ever get the straight story on big “0”

    • Don A.

      @Harley- now that’s funny! A corollary line would be:

      I wonder if anyone will ever prove the gay story on J. Edgar Hoover.

    • Lee

      Boy, wouldn’t that be fun!
      Would love to know just what’s in his sealed records!
      Just what is he hiding?

    • Robert H.

      Obama’s records would read: Bought and payed for with Saudi Oil. School records cannot exist for men that did not exist in a given place/time.
      No one that ws at Harvard at the time Obummer claims ever saw or heard him; over 400 “classmates” ..

    • Lee

      Sir, I have nothing but respect for the FBI, but Bob’s comment has been echoed more times than not by my brother, who hates the organization passionately, because he doesn’t feel it has the best interests of the American people at heart right now! In some ways, both of them are right–you agents have to work within the perimeters of your organization, and sadly, for far too many years, you have not been allowed to work with the CIA, NSA or others charged with the security of this nation!
      That has to change, and right now!

    • Robert H.

      FBI leaders are Appointed by the Administration. So, they are PC to the core.
      the rank and file do a dirty job “ass they are told to do it” or they leave and go to work for local Police agencies.



    • Wants Odumdum Out

      JR……… how long were you on the dole? I have personal knowledge of the FBI and most of them are shitty employees like the balance of the federal govt.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Amelia

      Thank you for your service. I think most people who go into the FBI or CIA or Military really care about protecting this country. I think all things break down when the advise given is ignored or told not to act on by higher ups.
      I bet there are times when you just want to hit your head against a wall, because those you report to either don’t care, or want a different outcome. But if I had had a loved one killed in Waco, I would go through hell to find out WHO let this bastard continue in the Army and sue their ass for every penny they had. Thank you

    • American-American

      Thank you Mr. Hill for your comments. But a bigger thanks to you and the many who have done exactly as you say. Unsung heros in many respects. There is a problem with political correctness infiltrating all of our organizations though. I don’t blame those out there risking their lives! I place the responsibility on all of us for not putting a stop to it, to the liberals who have been eagerly indoctrinated and to those who see it and do not stand up out of fear and intimidation. We are all responsible. Bless you for your contribution to the safety of the best nation in the history of the world!

    • http://underdevelopment amirizar10


    • Am2sweet

      You are right on that. I had friends who were in the military and would never have thought to put up with or agree with what’s going on now. Seems the ones with morals have disappeared and left idiots taking care of things. I am still confused as to why no one will stand up to Obama about anything. I would love to tell him to his face what I think of him.

    • Lee

      Then, you would probably get that silly “stare down,” which is used on reporters he doesn’t want to answer–perhaps because they speak the truth?
      He’s an actor–not a statesman!
      Would love to know his true name, because I DON’T think it’s “Barack Hussein Obama!”
      Where is the real person by that name?
      I heard from one source the true person died at birth. Could this be another case of “The Great Pretender?”
      Well, we know one thing–he sure pretends to be a “president!”

    • Daniel from TN

      Republicans do not stand up to Obama because they simply do not have the courage, and never have. Others don’t stand up to Obama out of fear: not fear of Obama but fear of Soros, Obama’s puppetmaster.

    • Am2sweet

      I am a Republican but would still love to talk to his face. I guess I don’t have sense to be afraid of him.

    • kjk

      In reply ,what do you think talking to this dictator is going to help? He ignores the law of the land,why do people ,including Reps think this man is going to leave or change his ways by any normal means? His agenda is clear at this point ,over throw America and install a dictatorship! people need to realize he and his corrupt cabinet has a bigger picture than u see,and no talking or political posturing is going to get him out! Laws are good only to law abiding citizens ,criminals pay no heed to the law,there you have mr. obummer. It may be to late folks, welcome the new slavemaster!

    • Eve

      Not all of them. Lt.Col. Lakin is in prison right now because he wouldn’t follow orders under a president he believed was not lawfully nor constitutionaly vetted to hold the office, thus not really our president in legal terms. My belief is that Obama has spent millions to cover it up for a reason. I applaud our men and women who serve this country in what ever branch and I do understand how difficult it is with the PC that is thrown at them right and left. But I also believe the generous and patriotic citizens of this great country will right the wrongs, whether they are deemed politically correct or not.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Buffy

    We really need to wake up in regards to the reality of Islam. Why is everyone so afraid of saying what it really is? And now Minnesota is called an Islam state??? And courts are considering Shariah law??? We need to check our facts while we still can.

    • Nancy

      I agree. Freedom to practice one’s religion is one thing, but Islam has demonstrated a strong tendency toward violence. And I really don’t care to hear the usual liberal blogs about the history of Christianity and Judeism. We’re talking about right now, in this day and age. Islam is the only religion in modern times that advocates murdering their own children and wives to advance an archaic doctrin.

    • http://underdevelopment amirizar10


    • Old Eagle

      But wait, there’s another religion – Secularism. Don’t they promote killing babys and the sex trade? I mean freedom of choice and sexual liberation?

    • Lee

      Not quite the same thing!
      While full religion demands giving one’s self and all possessions up to that religion, secularism means the individual does have a choice whether to believe the doctrines or not–it is also called “free will!”
      My family has tried all sorts of religions, and find Paganism is the best for us–but even that gets the boot if the doctrine intrudes on our personal beliefs and freedom!

    • Oldsailor65

      Islam is not a religion of peace and love. I think the Constitution should be ammended to make it clear that Sheria Law WILL NOT ever be accepted in the United States. I think Oklahoma has passed such a law.

    • Nancy

      Yes, Oklahoma passed a law that Sharia law would not be recognized here, but CAIR and the ACLU jumped on it like a duck on a june bug, and now it’s tied up in court. Which is very troubling indeed, that our courts would even consider the case.

    • seigrella

      I could not agree more re: NOT RECOGNIZING the barbaric law known as Sharia. Those men who propose to rape a woman because of sharia law should be raped themselves. We are an “open” Country that has always welcomed foreigners. However, if they choose to come to the USA, then they should adapt to our customs and laws, not the other way around. If the muslims want sharia, then they should go back to their original counties. If they want to stay in the USA, then blend in and accept our laws. DO NOT EVEN THINK TO IMPOSE SHARIA UPON US. AND IF ANYONE INSISTS ON SHARIA AND THE RAPING OF WOMEN FOR ANY REASON, MAY THEY BE DAMNED AND MAY THEIR VISAS BE CANCELLED FOR EVER! YOU CAME TO US, THEN ADAPT, BECOME ONE OF US RE: THE LAWS OF THE LAND. ELSE, GO BACK TO WHATEVER HELL HOLE YOU CAME FROM AND DO NOT BOTHER US. We are a Country of Laws and NO ONE IS EXCEMPT FROM OBEYING OUR LAWS.

    • Lee

      Yes, Oklahoma did pass such a law–which was stricken down by a paid-off judge (unhappily, it was a woman), who decided maybe Oklahoma should consider Sharia Law.
      The people of Oklahoma had voted in the law, but were ignored. The state is now working on overturning the judge’s decision!
      No, NO law other than the Constitution should be considered in this nation! Any muslims who try, should be not only jailed, but shot!

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Nancy. Only commenting on the common mistake that many use when reffering to Islam.

      “Religion” and “Islam”, 2 words that can’t be used together.

      There is no Religion in Islam.
      Islam is a practice of Barbaric Pagan Worship, of a self appointed God.

      No “love” preached, only how you will be punished if you don’t adhere to Islam, how non-believers will be punished, how Islamic Muslims can NEVER have non-beliver friends, and are encouraged to lie, to advance Islam.

      Islam is NOT, and NEVER WILL BE A RELIGION.

      Sadly, our own Government is using “Freedom Of Religion” to advance Islam in America, and they gain ground daily on the goal of Islam to be THE DOMINATE “RELIGION” IN AMERICA’. Meaning of course, all others will have to cease to exsist.

      The DOJ files Lawsuits on behalf of Islamic Muslims to defend them, and the ACLU is also involved, using that incorrectly applied “Freedom of Religion” category.

      Areas of the US are now practically Islamic States, to say nothing of about 26 Muslim Training Camps HERE, in the USA.

      Thanks to POLITICALLY CORRECT idiots in Government and private sectors, we now have prayer time at work places, demanded by Muslims, foot baths are just beginning to appear, demanded by Muslims, and Muslim Holy Days are demanded by Muslims, in order they can have days off from Public Schools.

      What will be next? Taxpayer money is already being used to rehab Mosques overseas, and to help in building them here, with zoning regulations changes demanded by Muslims.

      My opinion is to never use ONLY the word “Religion”, when speaking of Islam, even tho our own Government ruled that it is, but to refer to it as it is,

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Christians, Jews, and Muslims took turns exterminating each other for centuries.
      Some use that argument to condem Jews and Christians as not being better than Muslims, but the same.
      However those arguments fall short of the fact that Muslims have never stopped killing, and continue to this day.

    • Daniel from TN

      Islam is not a religion. It is a political/military organization that has the appearance of a religious element associated with it. Mosques are the equivalent of chapels. Calling Islam a religion is like calling the US Army a religion because it has chapels where occasional religious services occur.

    • kjk

      But the big obummer has not read up on the muslim take on the black man,from what I understand blacks are the slaves to be used until no longer needed by the cult and then discarded. obummer is clearly a cult puppet,until the overthrow of christianity in America is complete. I cannot pray for his soul,and God forgive me, I dont think he has one. I donot worry about what is going to become of mine I am good in my God ,but fear the wrath that our sons and daughters will have to endure if this cult is not defeated,I pray for Gods intervention in this and ask for forgivness for the sins we have commited that allowed this monster to take hold!

    • skai

      ” We really need to wake up in regards to the reality of Islam.” This is the reality see ” Why is everyone so afraid of saying what it really is? Because they may be labeled “Racist’s”.This is from Muslim’s Quran Sura 2:193″ Fight against them[infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” That is what muslims are doing all over the world. ” And now Minnesota is called an Islamic State? And courts are considering sharia Laws?? I would give 50-60 years that States like Minnesota will be Islamic, because once the muslim population reaches 50% or over they will demand their own land where they can live by their Islamic way of life. See Pakistan and Bangladesh were carved out of India , so same thing will happen in USA.” We need to check our facts while we still can” When you have naive Americans who think Islam is in America just as any other religion are misguided,Lefties ,CP brigade.

  • Mutantone

    And since he was part of the transition team for Obamaommunist he had to have been cleared by the FBI then as well as selected by the administration to serve on that team wonder if that precluded informing the military? and If he had such ties why would he have been selected for the transition? Oh wait Muslim brotherhood is allowed as part of homeland security to assure our safety.

    • Teresa

      There were 52 members of congress associated w/CAIR and Haamas before the election. We have trained them in our FBI, CIA, law enforcement and military. Every single person in Homeland Security and Congress knows about this and yet there is absolutely NO transparency on it!!! Obama himself has had meetings and rec. donations from Haamas assoc. and once confronted said he returned the money but was never returned. So, tell me….where does his loyalty lie????
      We find ourself at a cross-road in America where the government is loosing control of it’s people and their plan for the NWO they seek. We need to PRAY hard, for times will get harder, much, much harder.

    • Lee

      Obama has also sent over $4Million to Palestine, which has ended up in Hamas’ hands! Yet, he denies he did so!
      The man is obviously in the pockets of the muslim radicals, and is pushing this country slowly, but surely into muslim hands!
      When are we going to get the Democratic Party to realize what he’s up to?

    • Daniel from TN

      Democrats/Liberals already know what he is doing. They believe when the dust finally settles they will be in charge, exclusively.

  • tod
  • Teresa

    Again I plead for you all to read Muslim Mafia. If you want to know the TRUTH to what is going on here in America with the jihads and the FBI cover-up’s. The documentation is there! Go to judicialwatch some of the documentation is there! Do not loose faith, there is some good officers out there. Holder is leading the way per Obama. We can NOT be tolerant any longer! WE HAVE NO RIGHTS UNTIL WE RECOGNIZE THE ENEMY! PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES! Do not let the media blind you or keep you distracted! Their goal is to destroy our Constitution, our family values, our RELIGION is extremely important…they think themself superior for that purpose alone. They think they can destroy us because of our greed, and so far because of governments greed it’s working! They have planned this for years and they underestimate our faith! PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD, NOT MAN…..FOR HE TRULY IS OUR ONLY HOPE….People say God works in mysterious ways…but so does the devil, so I beg you all…keep your prayers flowing for the Lord does hear them!

    • Teresa

      Judicial Watch uncovered documents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that detail a two-day meeting on January 27 and 28, 2010, between DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and Arab, Muslim, Sikh, and South Asian “community leaders.” Several of the individuals and organizations represented had controversial radical ties including the Marxist-Leninist terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hezbollah, Hamas, and others.

    • Lee

      Whose god?
      The christian one who ran off to ON?
      No, thank you!
      The true Gods are coming back!
      Them, I’ll believe!

    • skai

      I see you are aware of the dangers of Islam to America,yes the book you suggest i good but also read a book by Bat Ye’or ” The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam” ” We have no right until we recognize the enemy”Muslims have declared war on America,but we[majority of us]are still not aware of it. and and Yes,muslims want to destroy our way of life and impose their way of life on us, halal meat and food,Sharia-Laws, Sharia financing/banking,Islamic holidays.see Time to wahe up.

  • OSB

    The law should charge the commanders and FBI personnel that knew what Hasan was doing as they failed to give the commander in Fort Hood the heads up on this piece of garbage.

    • Lee

      Which goes right back to the pretender in the white house!

  • E.B.

    Most in public service are not “OATH KEEPERS” plain and simple.
    Nor do they even know what’s written in the constitution or Bill Of Rights.

    Anyone watch Fox when the rag head told Hannity “exactly” what their agenda is.
    Folks we had better heed that message,there are lots more of them than there are of us.
    I’m not sure if these are just radicals or if that’s really what the Koran teaches all Muslims.If it’s all of them then we need to make use of the FEMA concentration camps today.

    • Teresa

      My father served on USS Enterprise, had 11 uncles serve, am related to Alvin York, 16 cousins serve in afganistan and iraq…do you know what they ask the military men now on questionaire? If they were asked would they disarm citizens, family members? I know ALL about the corruption in the MILITARY and the government for I have been told stories that would drop every one of your mouths! But I will tell you this, it does not matter what lead us to the point of where we are now what does matter is WE have to work Together as a FREE nation UNDER GOD if we expect to survive!

    • seigrella

      That is what the Koran teaches: that if you are not Islamic, than you are of the Devil and game. Let the hunting season start. Oh, wait. Open season started with the Twin Towers … And it will end when Islam once again rules the world.

  • cactusbob

    Authors are just beginning to put together the connections between many Environmentalists and the transition to socialism and Marxism. Holly Swanson’s “Set Up & Sold Out” is a very thorough one, and Idaho Congressman Curtis Bowers’ “Agenda”is another.

  • http://underdevelopment amirizar10

    Misfit, malcontents, and the stupid are not to be thrown away with the Muslim-terrorists, and all other America haters bathwater. That is one of many American principles that our enemies also use, spinning them against us.

  • FirstSeaLord

    If you recall German history, Dear Adolph told the people exactly what his agenda was, and they still voted him into office. As Mr. Obama, he told them in a way that made his plans sound exciting, and good for the entire population. Even as he began his getting his destructive laws passed, they still cheered him as a savior. The more the citizens hurt, the more they supported him, until he no longer needed their votes. Unless we wake up and acknowledge that we have a president with no proof of US birth, no experience that obviously is being manipulated by people like G. Soros, we are doomed.

    • seigrella

      I would love to agree with you, however, the state of Hawaii did have a copy of the Birth certificate on display, and it includded all the watermarks, and other distinctions that poved the authenticity of the certificate. Unfortunately it has been removed from the net. However, if you email or call Hawaii’s birth record department, they may be able to email you a copy of it ….

  • R. McKenney
    Follow this link and ask yourself who investigated, or did anything. The Senate is being threatened right now. I.E. Arizona shooting of a House Congresswoman, a week before 35 states were getting together, in Augusta Maine to appeal Obama Care. The Congresswoman shot was a close friend of Boehner, who is not interested anymore in anything but compromise with the Dems. The Presidents now have too much appointment power, I.E. nearly 40 CZARS that haven’t been vetted by Congress. There are powerful foreign networks in this country that verge on Mafias. No one is safe anymore.

  • Tet Vet 1968

    I uncovered a pallet of stinger missiles in a Bedouin Camp in Yemen in 1993. (Marib area) I asked the tribal chief what they were doing with them and they explained they were paid in weapons for fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. I memorized the lot number and went to the US Embassy in Sana’a and told them about it. They told me that I was crazy and not to spread lies.
    On arrival to the states I went to the federal building in Honolulu and talked to the FBI and they treated me like something that was stuck on their shoes.
    So I have lost all faith in our Intellegence gathering agencies and the FBI. The PC crowd has destroyed them and this will lead too attacks and needless American deaths.

    • Bob

      Thank you for showing courage in trying to do the right thing – we need more like you but, unfortunately, what we will get are more smug, self-congratulating, PC bureaucrats like Mr. Hill.

  • http://yahoo Patrick Fallon

    where were the FBI when the Saudis were learning to fly planes but didn,t care about learning to land in Florida they knew this was going on because of who they were they would not do a thing had it been a poor man from the U.S A smoking a joint the FBI would have busted him for drugs and when you think about it who investigates the investigators

    • Lee

      The FBI was watching them, but were told not to interfere with their “freedom” to enjoy our freedoms. Therefore, some of this business of 9/11 could be laid on someone in the Clinton Administration. The FBI has been watching muslim activists throughout the nation ever since 1993, but have been hampered by political manuvering in Washington. Don’t forget their budget money comes from Congress, too!

    • couthbaron

      This is correct, FBI backed off the first WTC bombers in 1993 when they were discovered by the Muslims, who then cried about “profiling.” Read the sordid sorry liberal details in Andrew McCarthy’s “Willful Blindness, a Memoir of the Jihad.” Mr. McCarthy was the lead prosector of the Blind Sheik and the other terrorists who did that bombing. Not only did the FBI blow 9/11, they blew 1993 as well. Our government agencies are being destroyed by bureaucracy and liberal infestation.

  • Ron Schroeder

    Our Father in heaven said He would not send another flood but we know the world, as we know
    it today, will end.——-HOW?

  • oldgringo

    Recent read in the left wing TIME magazine…..Obama has confessed he is a Christian and a believer in Jesus Christ…..Only a Muslim would lie about a thing like that.

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Islam allows, and encourages, Muslims to lie to anyone about anything, as longs as it is in the name of Islam cause.
      That’s not a “rumor”, it’s written instructions.

  • tod

    I’m writing this wrong on purpose because they won’t leave it up .So I’m leaving off the begining http,just add it to this. :// if you what to help get rid of Barry.

  • http://http John Willaims

    How quickly we all forget the past. The Executive Department made it clear that profiling was not an acceptable practice especially regarding peaceful Islamic extremeists. Well I declare, is it possible that this President was WRONG. You be the judge especially at the next Presidential election.

    • The Enemy

      To John Williams: He ain’t “wrong”, he is deliberate! The evidence of all that this Hugo Chavez wannabe in the White House has been doing suggests that it is all be design to tear our beloved America down!

    • Daniel from TN

      They don’t allow profiling because it works, which means the Liberals can’t take personal credit for stopping the bad guys. If they can’t get the credit then no one will. Thus, profiling is prohibited. Go figure!

  • http://http John Willaims

    Why do we always BLAME organizations or building for ones own stupidity. The Pengagon didn’t screw up or the F.B.I., the nations President and Media did.

  • http://http John Willaims

    What is PC?

    • Lee

      PC = Political Correctness.
      Origin unknown at this point, but used extensively by politicians and fools!

    • Daniel from TN

      It has expanded to being the justification for banning people from doing what they know is right.

    • seigrella

      PC = Political correctness

  • florida coolpop

    Has anyone ever thought that if all the anti gun assholes would of not messed with the second amendment that there would of been people in that room that would of been able to stop that Islamic bastard at the very beginning ? , The same in the schools and universities etc,etc, Leave the second amendment as it reads in the constitution , and crime will be decreased !

    • Lee

      The Ft. Hood shooting was on an Army Post!
      ALL weapons, other than those used by security, i.e.– MPs and Gate Security, are locked in the ARMORY of each company! Weapons are distributed ONLY for training and deployment! With training, each and every piece of equipment, whether it is weaponry or otherwise, HAS to be accounted for–or the guys don’t go home for the evening!
      It is obvious you and a few others don’t know the military!

  • The Enemy

    “Political Correctness” is killing us! I’m glad Bill O’Reilly is taking a stand against it!

  • confused

    Gentlemen you can narrow the problem down to a more simplified group. Most people can no longer do their jobs because of LAWYERS! That is the group killing America.

  • R. Hurt

    Is the author of this article naive and untrained about Islam? Peace loving Islamic practice is not real. Read the Koran and then tell me if there is such a thing as a peaceful practicing Muslim. How about the 1,000,000 plus Iraqi Christians exiled from their homes since we liberated them from Sadam Hussein, and how about all of the other Christians in the world that are being killed daily. Take a look at the Voice of the Martyrs’ magazine-there are terrible pictures of a brutalized woman with a burnt face over her entire face-then take a look at all of the Mercy Killings that are destroying children. YES it is the majority of those so-called peace-loving-murdering- Muslims which takes up most-at least 70% of the Muslim faith that are responsible for the killings. I refer everyone to a chart on Muslim control of every society that there is a 60% majority-as listed on This chart depicts the genocide that the Muslim world is committing upon Christians and Jews. It is no longer just the Islamic Terrorist groups that are activily killing and removing non-Muslim faiths-as they have been doing for the last 1300 years-right up to this very day. The main voiced, written, and chanted goal is for world conversion or death to the world if it will not convert to serve Allah as a practicing Muslim. The Muslim faith is totally about killing, destruction, and genocide-just do the research and don’t listen to the lying major media or to Obama about being a Christian.

  • confused

    LAWYERS represent our enemy, ACLU (lawyers) most congresspersons are LAWYERS and your president is supposedly a LAWYER. Show me a LAWYER, I will show you a problem! Sorry for those of you who like PC.

  • Dave USA

    The G.D. LIBERALS are DESTROYING the most WONDERFUL, and GREATEST nation in HISTORY. Those B*STARDS !!!!!!!!! Gays in the military, now they want WOMEN in combat. And the list goes on, and on, and ON, of the SICK, DESTRUCTIVE changes that LIBERALS are trying to FORCE down Americas throat. Liberals are SICK IN THE HEAD. They are TWISTED, DEMENTED DEGENERATES. Liberals are MENTALLY ILL. And they ARE RUINING America.

  • Bob Garcia

    confused is right lawyers are the problem in this country, their greed is never fulfilled. Most but not all of them.

  • George B Vieto

    Another term for political correctness is “The follies of man.” as said by Tomorrow’s World newsletter I get from time to time. 13 people lost their lives because the FBI and other agencies were asleep at the switch.

  • David S. McQueen

    Who doesn’t know that al Qaeda has declared war on the USA? Who needs to be trained to recognize a “radical Islamist”? Get a clue: If they are from the Middle East and they say they want to kill you for Allah, they are a radical Islamist.

  • dmc

    You people have gotten so politically correct that all normal hard working god fearing people have been placed in grave danger.

    Its about time that you start profiling the high risk groups, and if the ACLU doesn’t like it then buy them some one way tickets to Cairo.

    And while your at it put a sign on their backs stating, ” I support Mubarak”.

  • DaNangMe

    I fault the Army primarily on this one with some complicity going to the FBI.The investigative report said Commanders had not been informed or instructed in recognition of radical Islamic Jihadists among their ranks?Puh-leez!This guy had red flags throughout, even in his performance reports and no one should need instruction for acknowledgement of that.As for the FBI,Ruby Ridge,Richard Jewel,and Wen Ho Lee come to mind.Enough said.


    These agencies have the power and use it on a daily basis to read if a dime is laying on its front or back from a satellite 35 miles away and they cant spot these bad apples among us. BULLSHIT more political correctness at its worse. Shame on the entire bunch.

  • Gregory Peter DuPont

    I am NOT suprised one bit….no mention of the cell phone video a survivor shot during the mass murder,or why he was ordered to erase it….so much for the best and the brightest looking out for us.
    Islamicists are murderous scum….they espouse a Nazi like ideology devoid of ANY introspection,or critical self analysis.They are incapable of “live and let live” or “mind your own business”…and we cater to them at our peril-wake up already!

  • Gregory Peter DuPont

    I am NOT suprised one bit….no mention of the cell phone video a survivor shot during the mass murder,or why he was ordered to erase it….so much for the best and the brightest looking out for us.
    Islamicists are murderous scum….they espouse a Nazi like ideology devoid of ANY introspection,or critical self analysis.They are incapable of “live and let live” or “mind your own business”…and we cater to them at our peril-wake up already!
    Until the world stops making complianc and cowardice before evil a virtue,this will continue;and the world will be worse off for it.

  • JoeS

    Rule 1. We must not offend those who are trying to kill us or destroy our Constitution.
    Rule 2. See Rule 1.

  • Marie1

    Just a thought about Obama.If and when he runs again for president.We should make sure he hands over all his papers that will qualify him to be president.First question Where is the Birth Certificate? Done, end, No B.S. No running for president.

    • CHET

      Question for the agent: Does the FBI play any part in the vetting of political candidates?

  • Daniel from TN

    Federal law enforcement agencies placed political correctness ahead of safety? That’s a real news flash!

  • Tinman

    there were 24 question (if I remember right) that were asked in certain branches of the military. One was if military personal would have a problem firing on Americans, this was around the late 80’s or early 90’s. When you go into the military you take an Oath to the Constitution, not to some pea brain piece of sh1t politician.

  • CHET

    The revelation of the corruptness of J Edger Hoover did the FBI much harm and the fact that he-(they) blackmailed corrupt political officials instead of prosecuting them caused the public to lose confidence in many of our law enforcment agencies. When a citizen has certain knowledge of a crime and fails to report that crime, quite often thet can and are prosecuted for complicity in that crime.
    Somehow that does not hold true in the higher agencies such as the FBI and CIA etc.
    Many of the policies that they follow quite often allow politicians to be above the law.
    For example the agents or departments can not will not make an arrest without the permission of the director–the director will not give that arrest order until he has cleared with the administration–the administration will not give the ok unless the crime is so flagrent that they decide to sacrifice the perpetrator to save face of the party or administration –thus they are above the law if it can at all possibly be hid! and that my friends has been demonstrated time and again case in point–the late honorable Ted Kennedy–Just one example why people have lost faith in the Enforcment arm of government!

  • CJM

    The average American citizen did not need a government report to tell us what we have been saying all along–that government officials, including the military, have been practicing PC as opposed to enforcing policies. To tell me that there was a lack of training to recognize those military persons who were radicalized is pure bunk. Seems to me the reporters should have just stated the facts: no one was doing their job and was kowtowing to Obama and his cohorts in order to save face. Get real–if we average American citizens knew this all along, how is it that trained military personnel didn’t?

  • Eve

    I would think anytime you hear someone screaming, “In the name of Allah” and then sets loose with firing his weapon and killing as many people as he can, there is NO doubt that this is a TERRORIST. Oh that’s an awful name to label them, totally politically incorrect and reserved for grandmothers and grandfathers who go to tea parties, or veterans who risked their lives for their country. This is so similar to the illegal aliens who invade our country daily but don’t offend them by labeling them aliens, no, no, call them illegal immigrants. We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings these terrorists and aliens.

  • sean murrey

    this is why this country is in theshape it is in because of this pc bullshit the left loves.

  • Adrian Vance

    This is what we get for having too many Generals and Admirals. They turn PC and start wimping out trying to please everyone. We can do a lot more with a lot less of military brass. Cash them in!

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  • http://yahoo scout

    It’s just amazing what the American people will tolerate.

  • couthbaron

    The problem is liberalism, and the stupidity of the American People who went to the polls in November 2008. The entitlement mentality, identity and grievance politics, pandering to whiners, stealing taxpayer money to buy votes of all who call themselves victims, all the things that the Democrat Party stands for, this is the rot from within that voted for Obama. Yes, American People, you voted for decline and you got it.

    You see it right now in Egypt. Just like Jimmy Carter undermined the Shah of Iran in 1979 in the name of “Human Rights,” Obama is undermining Mubarak in the name of “Democracy.” Liberals are big on phoney spin words. But the reality is that just like Carter brought us the “Islamic Republic of Iran,” Obama is bringing us the “Islamic Republic of Egypt.” He has said that he thinks we should negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood, the founder of Hamas, al Qaeda, and the sponsor of terrorism worldwide. He is a Muslim, and the liberals voted him in. This is the kind of stuff that destroys civilizations. Oh, he says he is a Christian, but even if he was, do you call that Jerimiah Wright stuff “Christianity?” Oh, but he sat there 20 years and did not “hear any of that.” But you liberals voted for him, dragging all the rest of us down.

    Read “The Grand Jihad,” by Andrew McCarthy, and “Muslim Mafia,” by David P. Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, and you will understand that the Ft. Hood thing is just one of the cancers that liberalism has spawned. Liberalism is the end of the West.

  • John

    Where is the JAL they have so much to lose and they have been silenced.Even there liberal media money isn’t going to save Isreal