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Shariah and democracy are incompatible

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Last Sunday, as the media were reporting that the Muslim Brotherhoodwas sitting down with Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, the BBCreported in an unrelated story that British Prime Minister David Cameron had announced that “state multiculturalism has failed.”

For those of us who have been calling for years for the United Kingdomand Europe to become “intolerant” of the radical Islamist threat to our culture, this is a thrilling and gratifying moment. (See my book “The West’s Last Chance,” Regnery Publishing, 2005, particularly Chapter 7.)

It is the obligation of both citizen and statesman to avoid both illusion and self-delusion when considering national threats. And so it is ironic that on the same weekend that the British government finally removes the scales from its eyes and looks straight-on at the mortal threat that aggressively asserted Islamist values pose to our civilization, in Egypt – at the constant hectoring of Washington voices – the remnants of the Mubarak government begins its halting, perhaps inevitable march toward the illusion of Egyptian democracy.

Regarding Egyptian democracy, I agree with the tone of Mohandas Gandhi’s answer while in London in 1931 to the question of what he thought of Western civilization: “I think it would be a very good idea.” I, too, hope for – but doubt – the plausibility of Arab Islamic democracy.

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  • Will

    The two together does not work.They are two different belief’s.Also one is hostile toward the other. It will never change.

    • michael

      The “melting pot” concept in countries like
      Europe and America, was simply a failed social engineering pursuit of governments to allow inclusiveness. It is not until our enemies , like a Trojan Horse infiltrate our country and attempt to force their objectives and dominate our society and rule of law. There needs to be a common belief system to maintain the cohesiveness for a society to function and thrive.We are long beyond that. The insane have now taken over the insane assylm.

    • kid777

      I agree 100%, islam is the “Trojan” horse.

    • http://yahoo mike

      islam is the enemy and should be exterminated on site and i want in on that war death to islam

    • Daniel from TN

      We need leaders who are more like those in Australia and New Zealand. When Muslims asked if they could live separately under Sharia law, the answer was an emphatic “NO.” They were told they would have to live under the law of the land and if they did not like that then they did have one more right: They had the right to leave the country.

    • Carol S Key

      Our founding documents state we have “certain inalienable rights that come from God” and are immutable.

      Muslims don’t believe in God and further believe that Sharia law contains and controls their people.

      Maybe that is why dogs and cats don’t like each other…no commonality!

    • Jobabba

      Carol S Key, If all I have heard and read Sharia law is incompatible with life ( if you are not Muslim) Their Quran says they must kill all infidels, (those of us who are not Muslim and do not intend to convert)!
      There is not a Democratic shred anywhere in that religion ( or law as it is called).


      this link will open your eyes to the fact that islam will NOT blend into True FREEDOM, as the ‘CONSTRAINTS’ in the koran refuse to allow for FREE Thought.

      as it is said, the TRUTH sets you free!. qapla’

  • shannon

    will, just say it! muslum, go home!

  • Mmom

    We have laws in this country. These are the laws we should be going by!!!!!

  • john

    Democracy works for us, for the muslms that don’t want democracy, they can leave as soon as possible. We are not going sharia!

    • John

      Easy to say, hard to avoid. Look at Lebanon. For decades Lebanon was considered the ” Switzerland of the Middle East.” Little by little, the demographics of Lebanon changed. When the Muslims, who outbreed any other religion, became the majority, Lebanon changed. The Muslims brought in Sharia law wherever they could, killed, persecuted and exiled non-Muslims, and took over Lebanon. Look at Lebanon now. It has changed from the ” Switzerland of the Middle East ” to the $hithouse of the Middle East. The Muslim strategy is to move in, breed like cockroaches, establish a majority, and then take over the host country that is foolish enough to let them immigrate into the host country. Get them out NOW ! The culture you save may be your own !

    • Howard

      Can this cancer be cured?

    • Andy

      Yes Howard. This may be the only cancer that responds to a lead infusion issued by Doctors Smith & Wesson.

    • Jobabba

      John, you are correct but sadly I think it is too late to get them out, they are overtaking this Country faster than most people realize!

    • Stephen

      That’s because liberals do not believe all the horror stories about islam. At least, that’s why so many so-called Americans are willing to become a muslim.

    • Am2sweet

      Do you know how many of those cockroaches we have in this country? Considering the way they breed I’m afraid to think of how many more there are now as opposed to a year ago. We need not only Drs Smith & Wesson but also a bunch of new pig farms everywhere.

    • Freddyc

      Let them have Sharia: Suree ya look good down the barrel of my gun.

  • tod

    We know everything we need to know about Shariah law from 9/11.

  • craig

    People must realize that Islam and our way of life are forever and unalterably incompatible! We should not tolerated the incursion of Islam into any of the western nations. If they want it in the middle east, then it should be solely their problem. Indeed their ultimate aim is world domination. This has been tried before and has fortunately was stopped. Indeed this problem is particularly bad as Islam infiltrates and can easily become an enemy “within” which is insidious and can destroy a nation without firing a single shot. Indeed one must realize that Islam is much more a totalitarian style of government than it is a so called “religion”.

    • apatriot2

      I agree Islam is not a religion at all they just call it that for whatever reason. It is a culture, and a way of life for the past 10,000 years, yeah, they say they pray to Alla but alla was not a God he was a power hungry killer a mortal human, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t matter how bad BO thinks our culture and thiers will live together it won’t work. They belive in the Quarn the teaches you to lie,kill do anything to get what you want. The Bible is just the opposite. So how can you trust someone that will kill you to take over your country?

    • TheCarpathian

      For the past 10,000 years? Really?

      For 8,000 years before the birth of Christ?

      Can you give us a more specific date … like Tuesday the 23rd day of the Eigth Round moon, 7989 BC?

      Or how about this: give us the link to show us how you’ve done your homework to find this outrageous statement.

      ’nuff said.

    • http://comcast ron

      wherever alaha is its forever.if god gehovia would let him talk, what would he say.


    When in the history of America have we ever changed the laws of our country in favor of one sect of people? If Sharia law is entered into our books without the input of the rest of America there will be an uprising for sure. We are having enough troubles with the illegals being able to skirt the law as it is.

    • jb80538

      Let’s get the party started and start the game of cowboys and muslims!

    • Howard

      Yea a neck tie party.

    • Jobabba

      Excuse me but we are changing laws every day here in the good ole’ USA to benefit Illegal Aliens and Muslims! Our Elected Officials think it is the Politically Correct thing to do! God Help US!

  • Sager

    When sharia is part of Islam, it ceases to be considered a religion. It’s a way of life. It is also called Sharia Law. We have enough laws here already without adding these 2 century old, archaic laws. How could any woman in the USA be sympathetic to Muslims and Sharia after generations of struggling for equality. It would be a terrible step backward.

  • Take back America.

    These people do not need to start a war that they know they will not win. America will not stand for shariah law.

    • Jobabba

      Take back America,
      I hope you are right but so far we haven’t had a choice as to what and how much this administration will stuff down our throats. They make the laws in the back rooms and even the lawmakers dont have time to read it until it is too late!

    • Joe H

      The war has been going on for some time now!!
      While America sleeps. The only good thing I see of the Obama regime is it may serve to wake up America. I just hope it’s not too late.

  • Take back America.

    That picture is a prime example of shariah law.Public execution oa woman. What did she do, look at a man other than her husband/slave owner?

  • jb80538

    I’ve felt that way for a long time. muslims want sharia law. sharia goes against the laws of the US. Murder is still murder unless you hang the “honor killing” label on it…No, murder is still murder and penalty for that crime should be death! Ok if you’re liberal, life with cushy treatent in prison.

  • Roger

    If this Pr**K in the whitehouse gets another term, which I believe he will I would venture a guess there would be some sort of government backed sharia law in this country, all in the name of FAIRNESS to your Muslim brothers and sisters….Notice I say yours because I have no muslim friends nor want any.

  • Anonymous

    Democracy now and forever, Sharia NEVER!! F**K SHARIA!!

  • factsonlyplease

    I am astounded that we here in America are even discussing whether or not to implement sharia law here or not! Are we nuts??? I will say it as plainly as I can. This is the United States of America- not the middle east. How dare anyone even consider this! Go ahead and try to implement our laws overseas and see what happens! IF YOU DONT LIKE THE LAWS OF THIS LAND- GET THE H*** OUT NOW! We are not the least bit interested in your laws. I guarantee no loyal REAL American patriot is considering this as an alternative. It has to be those stinking dems. trying to give away the farm again! It’s not YOUR farm to give away you morons!

  • ReddFrogg

    Not only is Shariah and Democracy incompatible, it is also unconstitutional and incompatible with our Constitutional Republic and our Civil Laws. Remember… The USA is NOT a Democracy. IT IS A REPUBLIC!

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands…”

  • sean murrey

    democracy is for us not this shit called Shariah law.


    Since Oboma we are now dealing with more threats from overseas, deaths from the mexican drug cartells, rapes,deaths and loss of jobs, not to mention billion of dollars for the illegals. Now we have Arabic language, and culture classes in the Texas public schools to be mandatory in k thru 8th grade as part of a federal funded grant. The explaination is that it is the language of the future, and we should be prepared. So why is anyone surprised that this administration wants shariah law added. If we balk about it, it would not surprise me if Oboma sues us as he did for Mexico.

    • Jobabba

      No, Obama will just write the Sharia law in the back room like they did Obamacare! Dont kid yourself, we wont have a chance to bulk at it!!!

  • Thomas Martin

    Barack Hussein Obama and democracy are incompatiable too. he wants to destroy the country and is hell bent on doing it.

    Remember all Muslims are terrorist, need I repeat it.

    We need some one like the prime minister of Australia. She said Muslims who want Islamic Sharia law were told to get out of Australia.

    God, she is a power send to those Australian’s as she is doer not a appeaser like sissy boy Barack Hussein Obama.

    Barack Hussein Obama bows down and kisses their ass to appease them, well that’s because he’s one of them.

    I cannot wait until that piece of human waste is voted out of office.

    We the sane people who did not vote for this garbage knew he was a evil vile person the first time we saw him. Allen Keys is right this Obama is a liar 100%

    Barack Hussein Obama’s administration is the worst in history thanks to the likes of all the other scum bags like Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank Chris Dodd and the list goes on.

    Democrats are like poisons they’re bad for, and will kill you if given the chance, just look at the Obama health care bill, Those evil evil vile scum who wrote this crap should all be required to take the death pills a death panel has for us all.

    No wonder that don’t want the crap, but shove it down our throats. We the pewople and the surpreme court will strike this bill unconstitutional, and if they don’t they should all be impeached.


    Does anyone doubt where Oboma stands on the American culture and Americans ?

    • The Enemy

      MARILYN: YES! The liberals still support the king and his fellow outlaws! They are like blind sheep being led over a cliff.

  • mesaman

    We should be proud to be muslim. Look at all the cultural ideas they have espoused; minarets shaped like phalluses, chanters that are one step away from hip hoppers and Detroit yodelers, the finest quality racing camels, how to blow up women and children on $40, how to lie, cheat and steal from the infidels without getting caught, and most of all, how to scare the crap out of an American president.

    • The Enemy

      To mesaman: How about the stoning of women for being promiscuous? How about the genital mutilations of women? How about denying women the right of being educated, driving, voting, etc? Is this what the women in Hollywood want here? It seems so, since they are in love with the king and his fellow outlaws.

  • Bill

    Saying Islam and Democracy can coexist is like saying Communisim and Democracy can coexist. They are two differnt world views and are entirely incompatable.
    I gnorance
    S lavery
    L ies
    A ssault
    M ayhem

    • Howard

      Wow Bill you got right to the core of this subject.Perhaps we need to put this on bill boards through out the country!

    • Charles Martel

      Bravo Bill!! God Bless You Brother!! Stay In THE FIGHT With us!!!

    • emjay98

      You should think about haveing bumper stickers made with that on it. I bet you could make a bunch of money!!! Good idea.

  • The Enemy

    Sharia law is coming to our shores! If we don’t get rid of the king in 2012, WATCH OUT!

    • Jobabba

      The Enemy,
      Why wait until 2012 ? I have been posting the address of a web site every night where you can sign a free petition that is delivered directly to Congress. It is a petition to impeach Obama! Very few people have signed it and I hear so many negative comments about him that it just boggles my mind! Anyway I will post the address again in case anyone wants to do something constructive about him!


      It may look strange and is kind of long but type it just as I have written it and it will come up. If you dont want your name published there is a place to check that. Maybe people are afraid to sign it, but my thought is there is more to be afraid of that is on the Horizon!

  • David

    Wow! I am astonished! It doesn’t seem like many of you even know what form of government we even have. A Democracy? Two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Our founders abhorred a democracy because historically all democracies end in dictatorships. They thought it was the worst evil on the planet!
    We are a Republic, folks! With a Constitution to protect the rights of the minority. NOT, I repeat, NOT a democracy!
    And, communism and democracy fit quite well together (along with fascism, socialism – different terms for the same thing) because one of the main methods of ushering in these forms of government is a democracy.
    In fact, our government is prime example of forces working to convert it into a democracy and then to fascism or corporatism. We are already well into fascism; as Rutherford B. Hayes, civil war hero, general and our 19th president, said after being elected in 1877, “A government of the people, by the people and for the people NO LONGER. A government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.” (caps added for emphasis)
    The Muslims are a distraction. The real damage is being done out of sight by powerful influences (international bankers as Ron Paul calls them) and they have working to destroy the United States for over a hundred years. Think not? Read David Rockefeller’s (former chairman of Chase Bank – the financing arm for the Bolsheviks (communists) in Russia and the fascists (Nazis) in Germany) memoirs. Read “The Plot to Seize the White House,” “War is a Racket (by Gen. Smedley Butler, U.S.M.C., the most highly decorated soldier in U.S. history),” become educated and realize that we are being played. Kennedy warned us, Eisenhower warned us as did Lincoln, Jackson, Jefferson and Madison.
    Check out – listen to Kennedy’s warning. Check out

  • Charles Martel

    And islam and God are INCOMPATIBLE!! In other words, satan and God, are incompatible!!! Any part of this you don’t understand???!!!

  • Tinman

    PORK FED THE BA$TARDS PORK AND MORE PORK! Help our troops send PIGS to the middle east. That will get rid of them Carpet Chewing, Butt Fu_king, Sh1t for Brains Cult Members!.

  • http://YAHOO Bob tellit likeitis


  • Stanley

    You people let the illegal intruders spit, burn, stomp, fly the flag upside down, fly it under the Mexican flag, don’t fly it at all at American schools, burn it! Allow the courts to fine an American citizen 85 K for protecting his property from illegal’s that was cutting his fence! The American citizen allowed this to happen! The surrounding citizens should be jumping up and down! They tell you to leave your own country if you don’t like it or go on back to Plymouth Rock or Europe! Do you gutless wonders think you deserve to live in this country? Go on crawl back into your holes back to your pathetic worlds and back to sleep! They’re right, you don’t deserve to live here!

  • Daniel from TN

    Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political/military organization that has a small religious element associated with it. Mosques are the equivalent of chapels. Calling Islam a religion is like calling the US Army a religion because it has chapels where religious services occasionally occur.

    • Samson Moore

      Good point and people should make their context more clear. That’s why I use the word “Islamic”.

  • http://Yahoo Fran

    Name one Moslim democracy!!

  • Rick Johnson

    I refuse to buy anything from any store, restaurant, gas station, cell phone store or anywhere else that I see them running the place. If there wasn’t so damned many of them, their RELIGION would be a cult and Janet Reno would be driving tanks into their mosques to stop them from abusing women and children.

  • billb

    we need a suicide bomb squad at ever masque, every muslim associated protest gathering and give them some thing to think about that they understand and relate to

  • thomas yaros

    sharia law will not stand in usa . there will be a armed rebelion. case closed

    • Samson Moore

      Right on! I’m ready.

  • Richard Popovich

    When we say the “pledge” it is: “… To the flag, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands…” Our form of government is not a democracy. The term democracy is thrown around as though it is the ultimate form of government. It is not!
    The Founders warned us about “democracy” as one of the worst forms of government. Sharia law is not compatible with our republican form of government. If it is embraced, it will hasten our demise.

  • Stanley

    These people are here to stay and you will do nothing about it! This is Arabs country, theirs and the Mexicans. Get along with them, learn their languare and culture. Maybe if your good and can contribute to their society–they won’t send you back to Europs!They’re on the winning side! It’s not your side! They have your women, money, children,and property! If you don’t do what they say, they will kill you!!!!