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The Nazi Origins of Apocalyptic Global Warming Theory

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


One of the primary pioneering theorists on apocalyptic global warming is Guenther Schwab (1902-2006), an Austrian Nazi.[i] In 1958, Schwab wrote a fictional novel built off of Goethe’s (1749-1832) Faustian religious play entitled “Dance with the Devil.” While a few scientists since the late 1800’s had contemplated the possibility of minor global warming coming from industrial pollution, Schwab used Goethe’s dramatic approach to convert the theory into an apocalyptic crisis. The book outlines many looming environmental emergencies, including anthropogenic global warming. Guenther Schwab’s very popular novel was an apocalyptic game changer. By the early 1970’s, it had been translated into several languages and had sold over a million copies.

The success of Schwab’s book helped him to establish an international environmental organization called “The World League for the Defense of Life.” Not surprisingly, Werner Haverbeck, former Hitler Youth member and Nazi environmental leader of the Reich’s League for Folk National Character and Landscape, later became the chairman of Schwab’s organization. In 1973, Haverbeck blamed the environmental crisis in Germany on American capitalism. It was an unnatural colonial import that had infected Germany like a deadly foreign body.

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  • just wondering

    Sure, let the idiots spend a day in the northeastern part of the U.S.They’ll be yelling ice age in no time.

    • Dave

      No one with a brain would. People with brains realise that the northeast part of the United States is just a tiny part of the globe.

    • http://facebook Que Dub

      Ohio has been colder than normal for a long time now !!! We are just now getting back to normal!!

    • J.Copernicus

      Du bist eine douchebag.

    • Bob Miller

      There has been NO global warming since 1999! Period! Scumbags, like Algore have attempted to perpetrated this fraud to line their own pockets, that’s all!

    • JOSH

      Check out the Nasa photos of ANTARCTICA.

      They show that over the last few decades Antartica has GROWN more than areas of the Artic have shrunk.

      The new ICE AGE is going to take everyone by surprise !!

    • Alton

      I get so tired seeing the poor Polar bear on the ice floe. I am not expert of the Arctic circle,but spent one year there. No one in their right man would try and photograph the bear when the ice was solid because its totally dark for months and brutally cold. Funny things happen when the sun finally comes up for 24 hours a day, temps rise, ice melts, that’s just the way it is.

    • miker5

      I’d like to tell Al Gore what he can do with his “hockey stick”. I’m freezing to death.

  • stevor

    Well, that says something about Al Gore, he seemingly have STOLEN the idea from a Nazi.

    • Kelly Kafir

      AND he created the internet too!

    • Jim Rogers

      Thou must open thine eyes. The Nazis stole it from Al Gore.

    • Loyde Williams

      Is Gore that old? I know he is creaky and cranky, but that nonsense was posited in the early 1900’s No wonder he is so out dated

    • Richard Peck

      I think it is funny after him being defeated on the last election , how he let himself look and act like a bum for awhile there. He looked like he was on speed or something. He cleaned up fast when he got that environmental gig going.

    • Michael

      Dems. have no need or actual historic accuracy. Love story was writen about Al & Tipper; Before they met. And remember Hillary was named for Sir Edmund Hillary; Before he was a known Explorer. Pathelogical Evaders of the Truth.

    • Colleen

      The truth is only relative to them: relative to whatever agenda they are trying to shove down our throats and up our bums!
      Call it what it is: truth is inconvenient to them!

    • Schadenfreude

      Ja, Al Görebbels

    • Dave

      AYE!! Wasn’t he the Nazi propaganda minister?

    • jim

      Surprise, surprise, ole algore exploited and bankrupted the country, by spewing his CRAP to anybody STUPID enough to fall for his LIES and made HUNDEREDS of MILLIONS of dollars along with ole nancy the painted cadaver and barry the Socialist with their investments in eco companies stock!! They both should be tried for TREASON!!!

  • Esteban Cafe

    Freeze or fry, the problem is always Capitalism and the solution is always Socialism–in this case, National Socialism.

  • mesaman

    Gore plagiarizing Schwab? Surely you don’t doubt his “sky is falling” mentality. It has made this arrogant, egregious nitwit a fortune. The real similarity is between the Nazi concept and Gore’s thinking.

  • brian doherty

    I am not surprised. The socialists are the ones who are always attempting to cul the herd but they never seem to be the ones who get culled.

    • Will

      Funny how the gaia worshippers are never the ones who want to die for gaia.. I always encourage them to lead by example but I never get any takers.

    • Barbara

      They never redistribute their wealth either.

    • nibor sgnuoy

      We don’t get “culled” because we are smarter than the average “citizen” . Keep in line, the Koch brothers love you all.

  • Rick

    All the global warming deal is doing is making Al Gore rich.I think we should all be standing outside with aeresol cans because here in the Northeast it`s been nothing but snow,ice and freakin cold all winter long.

    • Budman68

      But Dave says that’s only a tiny part of the planet, so it doesn’t count.

  • frank marks

    man must always learn to reconcile with the powers of nature.. never the powers of nature with those of man.. if god or whatever created this world wants it cold it will be cold if it is to be warm it will be warm.. our job as humans is to find our humaness and learn to live for those around us never for ourselves..

  • Spar07

    No surprise coming from an idiot like Al Gore. I always felt that he got his idea from someone else. He is too stupid to come up with something as insane as this. He can take his, (the Nazis) global warming and shove it. We just finished off with 20 inches of snow here in the Midwest. And he tries to explain that global warming instigates colder and more hazardous winters?? I wonder where he came up with this lame brained idea.

    • Dave

      Of course Al Gore got his idea from someone else. The scientists who have been studying this for most of their lives.

    • Budman68

      And both the Northeast and the Midwest are just tiny parts of the planet, so neither counts. Along with Siberia, etc.

    • David Busch

      Hey Dave,

      Stop giving us Dave’s a bad name. Do you realize what an idiot you are and sound like? You are the people Al Gore makes money off. Stupid shits like you. Tell you what lets just shut down the oil industry, okay? See how long your little butt lasts in the deep freeze. You must be on the Global Warming take also. Insufferable losers who asses the rest of us have to carry. Notice how Dave is making an opinion on the internet that is powered by what? Oh yeah the evil fossil fuel that is killing us all. The enviro wackos like Dave are the communists of our time and must be defeated again. Obama included. It is pathetic people like Dave are Americans. They have no clue what an American is. All they care about is stealing other peoples hard work and ideas through taxation, regulation and oppression.
      Liberals . . . the real evil of our time. Hope you wake up, Dave. You are believing a lie called Global Warming, wuss.

    • http://PatriotUpdate BOB73

      Yes there are a few scientist that believe in global warming, but most do not.

    • Dave

      The few scientists that believe in global warming are the ones that have been paid tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to LIE about it!

    • Morning Glory

      ………….and they’ve been doing a great job of making up their data to fit their hypotheses~~

    • Russ

      Your nuts

    • Sly

      He bases his entire theory from the script of “Day After Tomorrow”. This is the left’s/Hollyweird’s futile attempt to sway the minds of the public into buying into what Al is pitching.

  • Dean

    There used to be a time when science was defined as something absolutly proven beyond the shadow of a doubt was reality and true. And a theory was an idea that did not meet this rigid requirement. Now even if some things are proven to not hold water such as Global Warming the supposed scientific community just looks the other way which puts them in a position of untrustworthy science since it can not be absolutly proven. Remember back a few decades ago and we were all going to freeze to death due to some theory that turned out to not only be unprovable but a total lie to gain money. This is no different. Its all a scheme to make everyone pay for a total lie and only helps Al Gore and his buddies get richer. Science has became about greed instead of fact and can be bought off for the right price. And then you wonder why our scientific expertise in the world is gradually falling to the lowest levels ever. Wake up America before its to late!

    • Teresa

      is called “The Love of Money”….

    • Linda in PA

      Dean, I totally agree with you. You have said everything I would want to say. You
      speak volumes…too bad greedy people never listen or learn.

    • http://PatriotUpdate BOB73

      its all about money. the global warming scientist are racking in big bucks on grants that you and I pay for. Just another Y2K, 2012, global warming.The world as we know it will probably will come to an end and it will be for the best. But that is in God’s hands not ours. We will be the cause of it because we have turned away from Him

  • frank marks

    goats to the left and sheep to the right

  • Bill Michael

    Global Warming, Carbon Emmissions, Climate Change, etc. have never been about anything other than an attempt to establish the very first GLOBAL TAX. The Global Tax will be collected and redistributed by the United Nations as an excuse to take from the rich and give to the poor but in reality it is the beginning of the so-called “One World Government” that Utopians and Conspiracy Theorists are raving mad about. Can you imagine a “Global Ruler”, or a Global Congress (or Parliment), and a Global Court system in charge of and supported by the nations of the entire planet? There are people who want this. Let us all hope and work to make sure it never happens.

    • Teresa

      Look around…it’s already begun

    • http://PatriotUpdate BOB73

      It’s inevitable…..and all ready written

    • chic

      The UN was the beginning of 1 world gov’t.

  • Dennis

    But dont you people understand? Its the warming thats causing the cold.The hotter it is, the colder it gets, dont you all know this? Sheesh, how did these people even pass grade school.I mean,come on now!!! lol

    • Bobcat

      I was just thinking the exact same thing!!!!!

    • mike

      Thats why I bar-b-q….in the refrigerator and keep my beer in the oven…it makes sence if you don’t think about it !

  • Gary Franklin

    2-16-2011; 1-one world globalist have been around since the beginning, Nazis, Communist, Socialist, Liberals, all have 1-one thing in mind taking power and enslaving the people under them. Al Gore likes his families war money, now he is getting rich pushing his fear mongering stories, so he don’t have to work. Preparing for him and his pals take over.

    • Bobcat

      Gore and odumbo are just a couple of bricks shy of a full load.

    • http://n/a dave

      What I don’t understand is how, exactly, is Algore getting rich? What knucklehead is actually paying to listen to him speak? Honestly, if all it takes to make millions is to talk to an audience of moronic americans staring and blinking like the South Park Children, then sign me up!

    • http://PatriotUpdate BOB73

      Hey , Just ask Bill Clinton

  • nibor sgnuoy

    You people are on glue. Now it’s a NAZI plot?? Man, you will try anything to keep on driving your hummers guilt free. And its climate change, by the way, the globe will warm, the ocean currents will change, soon, and Britain will be like Canada. That’s just the simplified version since that is all you idiot/morons will understand. Unbelievable.

    • Dave Capade

      Since all the energy the earth has and has ever gotten is from the sun we should send our global taxes there and tell the sun to “cool it”. We would receive the same results as giving it to the Gore Core.

    • Furd Burfull

      and; what you fail to understand is, if that happens (it won’t anytime in the near future)
      It is a natural process due to the spining and fluxation of the earth axis. The Gobe desert has sea shells all over it; why? it used to be a sea, long before “man made warming” Over time and shifts in the axis things change naturally and not from some fecial eating hocky stick fraud looking for a high dollar grant.

    • nibor sgnuoy

      Yo, FURD,??

      Do you drink polluted water? Do you let your children? Probably not. Why not? Water pollution must also be naturally occurring since we humans aren’t able to affect the ecosystem. Or, what, I suppose we can affect it on a limited basis, but surely not to the extent that it would adversely affect the air. What is acid rain then??
      If we can affect smaller ecosystems, why not this little blue spaceship we are on? And, what if climate change is a myth. Then anything you do to ameliorate it will just be for your immediate area. Is that bad?
      But what if it’s not a myth? And you keep on going on with your typical little life? Then you have just sentenced your five little kiddies to a life of misery. Good for you.
      Oh, but it’s OK, God will provide. Amen

    • David Busch

      So Nibor??

      Why don’t you tell us what life we should all lead? Are you living in a tent? Are you not using electricity? Are you shitting in a can and composting it? In other words are you leading by example or are you the typical liberal who thinks is better than everyone else and doesn’t have to follow the rules you set for everyone else who are not the “elite” like you? Insufferable liberals. Why can’t their liberal mom’s chose abortion, since the libs love that “choice” so much (I wonder is abortion really about choice or $$. Actually I don’t wonder. It is all about the $$ just like the scam of Global Warming). Libs . . . why not abort yourselves to get rid of your “carbon footprint”. Please libs. Save the planet . . . drink the spiked koolaide and become the martyr’s like your terrorist friends you support.

    • Dean

      You need to drop that crack pipe and wake up! There is not a bit of real science to back up this man caused B.S., If you think paying carbon taxes will save the world, then you are truly delusional! This is just another false religion, because it’s takes one hell of a leap of faith to believe this crap!

    • King Richard

      How gauche, I don’t drive a hummer, I drive a Bentley Continental Mulliner for Gawds sake! And my Lear Jet has afterburners to help with the carbon emissions, so take a pill. I use low-sulfur diesel on my yacht when I cruise the Med, and I drink only Burgundy which has been fertilized by natural animals and not all those…yuck…chemicals. You are such a peasant!

    • Jack

      nibor, how can you be such an stooge?

    • Ron

      go read the Vulgate, bozo bioyeeee:)

    • GEORGE

      go back to where you came from, you dont belong here in america, your a nut job just like gore and obama.

    • John, Illinois

      Go look at magazines in 1978–Business Week, Mother Earth News, Etc. They were tauting the “COMMING ICE AGE”. And back about 1948, the magazines were talking about “THE EARTH IS WARMING”. It seems to me that a major “E

    • Russ

      I know were I would like to drive my Hummer If I could get Al to bend over

  • Rick

    Better get the Brits some mittens Robin says it`s gonna get cold give me a break!

    • nibor sgnuoy

      Don’t worry, where you’re going it will be balmy. Look busy, Jesus is coming.

  • Rick

    If Al Gore and all the Climate change nut cases really believed in the cause they would be donating all the billions they are making off of it back to it instead of lining their pockets at the expensive of all of us.

  • Demiurge

    Look! No author! Oh, that’s right, you don’t do authors here. This is a website for cowards and racists who pretend to be patriots, when they’re really just the rebirth of the No Nothings. Here’s a statistic for you. 80% of American men haven’t read a book in the past five years. And here you are. Where the f#%$ is the unsubscribe button. Too cowardly for that too, I see.

    • the7thson

      Hey, Einstein! If you were to click on the link (if you’re capable of something that complex), you’d find that the author is clearly identified as Mark Musser.

      A few requests:

      1. You say this site is for racists. Please back that up with at least one specific example of racism espoused by this site.

      2. You mention the “No Nothings”. Are you, perchance, referring to the “Know-Nothing” Party of the mid-19th Century? If so, please learn to spell it correctly.

      3. You say, “Here’s a statistic for you. 80% of American men haven’t read a book in the past five years.”. Please cite your source…or is it the same source as your accusation of racism – your own febrile imagination?

      4. As for the “unsubscribe” button? Look at the bottom of the e-mail which contained the link to this site.

      Please use the “unsubscribe” link – the average IQ of the readers of this website will skyrocket with your departure.


    • nibor sgnuoy

      And here’s a stat for you: You have an IQ of a gnat. That’s a little annoying fly, but I’m sure you have seen them in that back water you live in. Or is that just in you cobweb filled mind?

    • the7thson

      Wow! I’m impressed! That was almost clever – albeit a bit infantile.

    • David Busch

      Typical Lib. Nibor you are so easy it is pathetic. You have no facts, you can’t produce any. It is just “feelings” to you and of course to libs feelings are facts. So what do libs do when they can’t debate the issues with substantive facts (cuz they don’t have any)? They resort to name calling and character assassination . . . but all they are doing is revealing themselves for the commies they are, the denail they are in because you know what? It is very easy to feel somethning when you can demand that someone else must fix the false problems you libs make up and of course with someone else’s money . . . you know all the people and companies libs blame for the problems and crises the libs make up. What a waste of life to be an angry, miserable finger pointing liberal. I almost feel sorry for losers like Nibor. You are ill Nibor. You need help big time. You keep wasting your wasted life!

    • nibor sgnuoy

      OH Man, I am there with you. I have tried and tried to get out of this red neck, god will provide, Where’s Obama’s birth certificate mail list, no luck. Let’s just see how many times our comments can be hidden before they kick us off.

    • Jack

      Demiurge, I notice you’ve lost your marbles. Perhaps I can help you find them.

    • GEORGE

      your just another nut job, go back to where you come,your not needed here.

  • Chris P

    What a load of rubbish. Tea party members are clueless morons.

    Gullible fodder for their industrial overlords.

    You people are soooooo DUMB.

    • nibor sgnuoy

      You go Chris! Although anything you and I say can’t be understood by the great unwashed on this site

    • Dr. Spock

      Great unwashed…hummm, now that clearly must refer to all the leftist hippies of the 60’s, who now fill many of our academic institutions of lower learning. LOL

      Not only were they unwashed, they littered their minds, quite like you did, with deviant ideas of sexual behavior, dreamy political theories devoid of historical facts, a monetary policy and understanding of gimmee gimmee, and the intellectual curiousity of a lemming. Oh, I nearly forgot…and they did, with few exceptions, join the DNC.

    • Phyllisofical

      Whoa, Doc! My last name is Lemming and my husband and I are college graduates. We are very intellectually curious, are conservatives and are fighting for the restoration of this country! So, easy Doc. Some people unfortunately have a name of an animal through no fault of their own (genealogy and marriage in this case) but that doesn’t mean they have the capacity of that animal. After all, we are all human, aren’t we? I’m referring to people here.

    • GEORGE

      another nutjob just like gore and obama.

  • Dan

    Look at photos of the Ruhr Valley of the 1930s with the industrial complex, or the photos of Krupps Foundrys that armed the Germans in both World War I and II, and tell me environmental havoc was the product of American Capitalism. Hogwash!!!


  • Thomas Martin

    Global warming is a crock of crap to make money form stupid people, don’t be one of them. Look at how many volcanic eruptions has happened in the last hundred years, well before that idiot Al Gore was produce probably after his parents were drunk and did not expect this turd to pop out nine months later.

    One of the volcanic eruption produces more distruction than mankind. I’m retired and have seen many winters and summers too, and some times the years are hotter and some time cooler, damn it muct be a natural thing as this old world has lasted the test of time.

    Al Gore is global warming every time he opens his mouth out comes more hot stale air.

    Al Gore is living proof you cannot fix stupid.

  • http://?? sandra holland

    my daddy told me weather runs in cycles from warm to cold to warm again. i suspect global warming is just one of those cycles.
    it was before my time, but wasn’t there a great north east blizzard back in the 30’s?

    ~~ maybe?

    how about la nina — wreaked havoc around the west coast for months~~wasn’t that just a few years ago?

    don’t forget katrina ~~ humongous hurricane!
    and, of course, all the baby Noahs floods.
    you fill in the rest of the memories.

    • Marcie

      There was a huge blizzard in New York City in December 1947. I believe it was even more snow in one storm than they’ve had this year.

  • sean murrey

    they are full of shit.

  • James D. Burke

    Germany has enough dead bodies in their own graves and need not import from anywhere else. All the “isms” spread across the world except capitalism has square miles of graveyards filled by evil dictators who only wanted to secure their dictatorial positions. So, they just slay their opposition and get on with satiating their lust.

  • Rikard

    Ya, Das ist fur shur!!!

  • Steve

    Demiurge rants about “don’t do authors…” but fails to go to the full article on where the author is credited. I guess it’s just too tough to understand that this page is just a highlight from that article. Demiurge can’t read either since the “cowardly” unsubscribe button is always available at the bottom of the Patriot Update email subscription that links to this page.

  • ConservativeNotRepublican

    Funny how all of the policies liberals have been promoting for the last 50 years are the same policies that will change the climate of the planet. I mean really, how convenient. Anyone who thinks that American government policy and paying more taxes will change the climate of the planet is stupid beyond belief. You might as well go out and scream at the sun and tell it to cool down.

  • sean murrey

    they are full of it.

  • Char

    Al Gore should give his Pulitzer prize back and the money for he did not and does not deserve it anymore than the jackass president deserves the one he got.

    • the7thson

      Remember, the only reason the Nobel Committee gave the award to Obama-lama-ding-dong was to give a big middle finger to W.

    • GEORGE

      obama is not my president.

  • James D. Burke

    Under Capitalism we can plant crops and raise our own food. Under the other “isms” Dictators plant bodies and increase power. We have choices to make. It’s either one or the other. If we have oil on our property, we can drill and provide fuel to others — if government doesn’t get in our way. If we have coal on our property, we can mine it and provide fuel for others IF – government don’t get in our way. Yes! we have choices to make. God Himself created Nationhood when He stopped work on the Tower of Babel. And God said nothing about “Global Warming.” But there is going to be a place that will satisfy the yearnings of Al Bore.

  • James D. Burke

    But, he won’t make any money on it !!!!!!!!!

  • William Barry

    We just got the best weapon we could have in this fight handed to us on a silver platter!

    Global warming theory has its origins in Nazi ideology? Couldn’t be better!

    From now on, all global warming believers are “Nazis by proxy.”


  • Delfin J Beltran MD

    Just parse the concept, ‘Anthropomorphic Global Warming’ = Incresed heat content of the gas,solid,liquid mass of the planet earth caused by its inhabitants” Any high school student that paid attention in class knows that the heat content of the air(gas) in the atmosphere in infintismally small compared to either the total heat content of the waters of the earth, which in turn is seriously smaller than the total heat content of the solid earth beneath our feet that includes molten stone at the core.To believe that the respiration, coughs and farts of living creatures causes this horrendous mass of solids and liquids to be altered by half day temperature chnges of the air had best return to the womb for more thorough cooking before contaminating the populaous with further insanity.

  • fred

    Hey, folks are warming up, getting hot, maybe
    there is something to this warming bit, better stand back and keep your fingers off the keys for awhile to let things cool down.

  • Lone Ranger

    Always follow the money. Who is richer than ole Al Gore after his “revelation” on global warming. Been around long enough to see scare tactics at work. Global cooling, global warming, global ozone depletion, Swine flu, bird flu, chicken little the sky is falling flu. Not to say there are never any dangers out there but seems like there is always somebody making money big time on the latest scare. Ever notice all of the new drugs out there that are available to cure all of the diseases that we’ve never heard of before? After awhile you can smell liars a mile away and it sure is smelly out there.

    • GEORGE

      wait till you see what obamass is going to be worth after his run. he is not my president, just a muslim kenyaasshole

    • James D. Burke

      Yes!!!Lone Ranger, My wife and I were in Papua New Guiena when the “bird flu” fiasco trummeled its way across the globe and millions of chickens were needlessly killed in 3rd world countries. It was truly a “slaughter of the innocents” 8 birds died in Turkey and If memory serves me, there was less than a hundred globally, i.e. if there wasn’t another Al Gore counting them, and who is to say these chickens didn’t die of old age. I was stunned by the insanity of the useless slaughter.

  • Lone Ranger

    Sorry, for the rant. I forgot that Al said the core of the earth is several million degrees. That explains everything. We’re melting down from the center out. Sorry to be so skeptical.

  • http://wildblue C. Derr

    I was born in 1947 and at 5 or 6, i remember my father telling me that one world government was coming in my life time and that it was not a good thing. I did not understand what he was talking about at the time, but i sure do now. Remember folks, in the next election, a vote for Obama or most of the liberals is a vote for one world government. Resist as if your life depends on it because it does.

  • Dave

    Hmmm – wasn’t the Pope a Hitler Youth member also?

    • James D. Burke

      I don’t know, Dave. But according to Malachi Martin, Author of “The Keys of This Blood,” 732 pages including index, says the pope is vying for global power with the New World Order. Recommend reading. Book was printed in 1990—Simon and Schuster. May be hard to find. Never-the-less, an extremely important read.

    • the7thson

      Yes, Dave. Please bear in mind, though, that membership in the Hitler Youth wasn’t necessarily an endorsement of Nazi beliefs. Membership was compulsary for all young boys in the Third Reich.

  • Les

    Well the Dems nose is broke or they choose not to smell! OR MAYBE they are waiting for someone to TELL THEM HOW TO SMELL! Unfortunately…….. they have an equal vote and can be easily swayed. Fools!

    We must have Faith that the TRUTH will prevail!

    • The Enemy

      To Les: Indeed, Sir! And this forum is an excellent place to point-out truth to liberals who are brave enough to accept the truth. Thanks, Patriot Update, for this forum! Let’s hope we can sway the mind-set of many liberals before the 2012 elections. The fate of our beloved USA rests in the balance.

  • The Enemy

    It’s astonishing how easily liberals with a phony agenda can sway the minds of people who have no common sense and can’t think for themselves>>>usually liberals also. If Earth wasn’t in a warming cycle, but a cooling cycle like back in past decades, the propaganda perpetrators (a.k.a. manipulators of the gullible) would be screaming doom from an approaching ice age. Now they have stepped out of the “warming” arena to just cover both warming and cooling with the catch-term “climate change”. We thinking Patriots aren’t buying their crap. We know it’s all about “people manipulation”.

  • JoAnne

    So… Guess I just don’t understand any of this.
    Global warming and global cooling have been on this earth for eons…Look at the glaciers
    that were once in Iowa, Colo. among other places. Sure am glad they melted.

    • Joe Myrick

      The glaciers are melted as needed by the creator who put them there after the great flood. You see our God is the global warmer when he wants to be, not when man wants him to be. Satan is a liar and a thief, who has deceived the nations from the beginning. Al gore is just one of his servant slaves. Do not believe in his lies.

  • Ron

    Al Gore is the anti Christ, this will be shown more clearly in the next few months . . . jk:) oh, and Soros,the Clintons and BO are the four horsemen(woman,in the case of Hilary)of the apocalypse:)

  • germeten

    We should do alternative energy to free ourselves from Big Oil & Middle East price thralldom, NOT for climate concerns, which is in the Maker’s hands, like when the next big comet hits, or supervolcano lets go.

  • http://NaziOriginsofApocalypicGlobal Another Theory

    Is this something the government is NOT telling us? And Al Gore has made it fit his agenda. Over the millions of years the earth is old the weather has and always will change. We can do nothing about it. But what we can do is find out exactly what the scientists are doing to complicate/or accelerating the changes earth is normally taking by trying to duplicate the “BIG BANG” that created the universe. Information is shown below.
    There are two things that need to be considered concerning the change of weather. There was not much media coverage about the change of the Earth’s magnetic pole.
    A National Geographic News report described as a gradual shift of the Earth’s magnetic pole at nearly 40 miles a year toward Russia because of magnetic changes in the core of the planet. The shift has caused Tampa International Airport “TIA” to close their main runway until January 13, 2011. Google: Tampa International Airport Magnetic Pole shift

    Also, this could be the reason for the mass dying of thousands of birds that fell dead from the sky around all around the world January 2, 2011 and fish dying by the millions all around the world. “Migratory birds use head scans to detect the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field”. Google: articles on mass deaths of birds and fish all over the world
    The scientists tried to explain the death of the birds – it was the fireworks from New Years Eve or some kind of trauma. They are not going to tell the truth because there is nothing they can do about it.
    The next possible reason or in addition to the above: how many know of the Collider in Switzerland that scientists from all over the world built underground and is now up and running since March 30, 2010. The purpose of this experiment is scientists trying to recreate the “BIG BANG”. Those scientists that don’t agree with this experiment feel it could create a “black hole”. And could it affect the acceleration of the pole changes? Google: Collider – Switzerland

    Consider the recent extraordinary change of weather that has been affected ALL OVER THE WORLD and how these two things could affect what is happening – especially the acceleration of volcanic activity and earthquakes over the past year.
    Check all this out and come to your own conclusion.

    • Joe Myrick

      nothing that God cannot repair, and he is aware of the future events and his good son will be coming to straighten all of the damage out. Quit doubting and believing the lies left by Satan’s worshipers who worked to hide the historical truth. Both man & dinosaurs have existed in this age, as evidenced by drawings of both on rocks. This earth is not as old as you think. Al Gores have been here from the beginning. The first men on the earth figured out how to manipulate for political gain, which involved hiding evidence that would have steered things away from their power grab.

  • Juris Doctor

    Al Gore and his kind need to look at the Data. The so called disappearing ice caps and glaciers have completed recovered. The pictures they are using to bilk people into donating money to this fake cause are from the late 1990’s, and this was brief warming period that only lasted a few years. If I would put forth a scheme and collected all the millions they collected I would be arrested and put in JAIL…!!! Why haven’t they…? U.S. Attorney General or one or more of the State Attorney Generals need to launch and investigation and bring the people to Justice…!!! Forget Global Warming, they need to be JAILED for all the money they taken/Stole from the American public and the world public at large.

  • Dick Bachert

    Why, Algore, you sly old fox. And all along we thought this was YOUR idea. At the very least you should look up Schwab’s grandkids and share some of your global warming booty with ’em.

  • Thomas Wilson

    I always knew Al Gore was a fool, now here’s irrefutable proof. A theory postulated by the propaganda of a Nazi Scientist!! Sieg Hiel!!!

  • El Love

    I thought Al Gore invented global warming…

    • James D. Burke

      El Love, he didn’t invent anything except how to twist his mouth while emitting foul air. Of course, he has a follower who wants to be a “fundamental” changer. So far he has hybridized America and is on the way to further destroying the fertility of the nation. There’d be no job losses if “busy” politicians would tend to the constitutional mandate.

    • El Love

      it was sarcasm ……. since he says he invented the internet….. I know a fraud when I see one and have never believed in the global warming BS. Al Gore is an opportunist — plain and simple. He is making literally billions off this scheme all the while living very un-green himself…

  • WayneT

    Al Gore is another idiot just like Obama. Obama is ruining our country on prrpose. He can’t be that stupid.

    • James D. Burke

      You are right, Wayne, he is doing it on purpose.

  • Robert Eby

    All along i said to myself that trying to clean
    up the atmosphere is the cause of any effect on the atmosphere



    Uhhhhhh, nowadays it’s being called “climate change” and I say, it sure do.

  • Count Peteric

    Al Gore lets his Dick do all the thinking for him and Global warming he wants credit for what the Nazi though of first to fool the people… Maby he a Nazi too…



  • craig

    These Global warming advocates will still be advocating the Global Warming theory when they are up to their eyeballs in ice! This current winter, Global Warming? I don’t think so, however Al Gore will try to twist it around to blame it all on Global Warming. Right now the Sunspot activity is abnormally low and has been that way for quite a while now. Solar output is diminished when sunspot numbers are low, thus we see a downward trend in our temperatures. These variations are far larger than anything we could bring about!

    • Pathfinder

      If Godzilla shows up on the capital mall; Al Gore will blame that on global warming. (I can’t claim this as originally mine. But I have forgotten who should get the credit for this quote.)

    • Jenn

      Wouldn’t that be George Bush’s fault? =)

    • anticsrocks

      Charles Krauthmammer on Friday said if Godzilla appeared on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Al Gore would blame it on global warming.

      This was on an episode of the PBS show, “Inside Washington.”

      Partial transcript:

      GORDON PETERSON, HOST: It’s been a terrible winter. If global warming is the problem, why are we having such a tough winter? Well Al Gore told Gail Collins of the New York Times there’s about a four percent more water vapor in the air now in the atmosphere than there was in the ’70s because of warmer oceans and warmer air, and it returns to earth as heavy rain and heavy snow. That’s what Al Gore says.

      CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, if Godzilla appeared on the Mall this afternoon, Al Gore would say it’s global warming…


      …because the spores in the South Atlantic Ocean, you know, were. Look, everything is, it’s a religion. In a religion, everything is explicable. In science, you can actually deny or falsify a proposition with evidence. You find me a single piece of evidence that Al Gore would ever admit would contradict global warming and I’ll be surprised.

    • James

      Craig, how right you are. Yes, the global warming Wacko’s ARE claiming that our record breaking COLD temperatures are PROOF of Global Warming.

  • ricbee

    So maybe Gorrrring read it as truth.

  • Randall Robinson

    We shouldn’t be surprised. The official name of the party nicknamed “Nazi” was the National Socialist Party of Germany.

    • slobo

      National Sozialistisce Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, i.e., National Socialist German Workers Party (Union), you schweine!

    • gman041

      We have our own brand of Nazi’s in America. They are called the Democratic Socialist Party.

    • gman041

      They are a bunch of Jackasses who believe in global warming, abortion and gun control. They are for taxing our citizens into the poor house, giving away our sovereignty and kissing the ring of every tin horn dictator in the world. They voted for a foreigner who promised change to be our president and think the 800,000 patriots who marched on Washington in opposition to his socialist programs are the enemy. Because of these fools our country has never been so divided since 1861. We are at a cross road from which there will be no turning back once crossed because these two philosophies our so opposite that they can no longer exist together as one people. May God save America.

    • M.C.

      This hits the nail square on the head!

    • Pathfinder

      I seem to recall a “National Socialist White People’s Party” headquartered in Arlington, Virginia AKA “The American Nazi Party”.

  • Infidel

    Oh those poor polar bears!!!! Maybe the garbage from the science ships in the artic can sustain them till frosty the snowman comes back!
    Algore has “remorse” cuz his daddy made all those millions from COAL MINING!!!! Its just taken him this long to come up with the Ponzi scheme that is global warming and more importantly the government sanctioned theft called CAP AND TRADE. That fat slob should be getting HUGE royalties from inventing the internet.

    • Raul Espinoza

      It’s still Bush’s fault

    • cyoder

      I assume you are being sarcastic.

    • http://GlobalWarming? Jane WIlson

      Well I just wish that there were some way to get the polar bears off the melting glaciers,
      & have them in a place where they could be taken care of until the glaciers eventually
      come back.
      I don’t think there is global warming at all
      we freeze every winter, it gets very cold
      all over the U.S. with the 40 below zero in
      & such in the North! I think global warming
      is just a way to get more of “our money”!
      The Lord put this universe together for us to live on & he wouldn’t have (as I heard the other on the news in 25 years it will be
      1000 degrees on earth)! DUH!!
      Jane We live in the South! Olive Branch, MS & it is has been VERY COLD here too…..

  • Raymond


    Refuting the Myth of Man-made Global Warming

    Arguments based on science, news, and common sense. This site is non-partisan and non-religious based. In fact we fight the new faith based religion of global warming. Don’t keep arguing the subject, just tell them to go to!

    • Pathfinder

      @ Raymond : Actually, I may do both; argue and send them to this website. Thanks for this information resource.

    • Raymond

      You’re welcome.

  • slobo

    Actually, it was the heat und smoke from die Nazi ovens that contributed to global warming in der fatherland…



  • Yellow Horse

    Al Gore was only in the global warming for the money!! Barak is only in the pres. for the world domination & power!! Both have taken advantage of America, both have lied to get their way. And what I’m wondering is, people always put a fake foot forward,Exeragerate things,Etc.,What are these guys REALLY LIKE,behind closed doors,AND WHAT ARE THEIR REAL AGENDA’S!!

    • emerson

      well, i think the “message therapist” shows gore is an abuser of women. he was a pothead in college who got elected on his father’s name. by the way, his father was known as the most stupid man in congress and al seems to have assumed that titled. this guy is such a bore and a-hole, old tipper was on medication for years just to live with him. liberals whined for years about this fool having the 2000 election stolen from him. thank God he wasn’t elected. as for “global warming”, its all b.s. and al gore knows it-they are in it strictly for the money. the only thing damaging the atmosphere is the putrid air emanating from al gore and his ilk.

  • Eric

    Why does this NOT surprise me?

  • Chuck

    Wish some of you guys sounded a little more educated, but you know what? You’re right.

    Algore (alien creature from another planet) is a front man(?) (standing, of course, to make a ton of bucks) for the One-Worlders who want to use the Kyoto Accord, since it undercuts national sovereignties, as a device upon which to build a world government.

  • Jill

    Global warming and anti capitolism go hand in hand.

    • Pathfinder

      Environmentalists are like watermelons : green on the outside and red (communist) on the inside.

  • Dave

    Here in Montana it is CLEAR and STILL, the snow is clear up to my ass and still coming down!
    But that does not disprove your phoney global
    warming theory Al Gore, it’s the many days of
    below zero temperatures on the thermometer
    you IDIOT!!!

  • BobRGeologist

    It is interesting that AGW may have originated with the Nazis. I knew it had to be someone ignorant of the climate history of Earth. Our problem has been an inadequate sun several times in the distant past, severely impacting life to the extent that over 98% of all species that ever lived are extinct. There is no evidence that it has ever been overly warm. In fact life has florished in the warmer times. During the present (Holocene interglacial) man developed his civilizations during the warmer periods and struggled to survive thru the colder times. A huge portion of man’s present development has occured during the warming that brought us out of the “Little
    Ice Age,” since 1300 AD. I believe we need to warm up a few more degrees now because as long as our polar regions are iced up, we are vulnerable to another 100,000 year Pleistocene continental glaciation in the Northern hemisphere.

  • ron

    In europe they have been selling carbon credits…money for nothing really a shell game with nothing under the shells yet billions have been traded…this cant go away once you have big money involved…I say the whole lot of whoever purpotrated this scheme and kept it going should all be publicly chastized if not throw in jail. I am however afraid of what gets on the news as science….somebody does a study who? it doest matter they did a study and the results show whatever they wanted it to if you stretch and bend them but thats ok cause the story will be printed as fact and many go along off the cliff because its SCIENCE…oh just for the record I did not come from an ape…just look how much play evolution got…they dont even call it the theory of evolution its just evolution..that sums it up well SCIENCE..or lack of it.

  • http://N/A Dave Sanchez

    Gore does not even consider that the (Solar Cycle) Sun is the major influence factor of all of the weather on Earth and the other planets in our Solar System. The weather on all the other nearby planets have also been affected and warming up as of late which should prove to anyone of intelligence that the Sun is in a hotter phase at this time in history. One only needs to check Gore’s bank accounts to see what is really heating up over the last few years. The guy has positioned himself investment-wise to make a bundle. Dave Sanchez.

  • RichFromShowMe

    algore banks on the weather changing, as it has for millions of years, has recruited millions of “useful idiots” to carry his message and is the founder of this giant global Ponzi Scheme that earned a Nobel Prize.

    Madoff must be laughing. His scheme only stole a measly few billion dollars from working America.

  • scott moore

    The church of global warming, which seems to be fading, is actually recreating itself into a global religion that is based on many wild and rediculous philosophies.
    I am so glad that you guys and others in the press wont let this movement spread its demons undergroun by exposing their methods and rituals…….

    • Pathfinder

      22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools , 23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: 25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator , who is blessed for ever. Amen. Romans 1:22-25

  • http://aol Diane


  • Kris


  • Raymond

    Hi Everybody.
    Check out
    Read out their article on “global warming.”
    This website is ultra leftwing. Please tell them
    what you think of their nutty idea’s.

  • John

    If you notice the scientists who report global warming data always use the term global warming and do not use the term man made global warming. The only people who use the term man made gw are uneducated laymen like Al Gore and his uneducated followers.

  • BOB

    Want to see just how absurd the global warming scare is-aside from the climate gTE EMAILS-LOOK UP THE NEWSWEEK APRIL28,1975 article “THE COOLING WORLD” the same fearmongers were telling us we are going to starve because of shortened growing seasons,”the drop in food output could begin…within 10 years””the evidence has begun to accumulate so massively meteorologist are hard-pressed to keep up with it” Some even propose”melting the ice cap by covering it with soot” WAKE-UP DMIT IDIOT CLIMATECHANGESHEEPLE

  • Frank Bates

    I do imagine that these Demos all trade some of their ideas when they get all of the Demo bigshots and head for that castle in Bilderburger and plot how they can steal more money from us peons, twice a year they do this, how can they live with themselves, money makes man into creatures. Frank

  • Rob

    Education is no excuse for stupidity.

  • Paul427

    I’m glad the cold winter has caused all the casual listeners to the alarmist global warming tripe to finally consider the reality of the claims. While more water vapor in the atmosphere might result in more precipitation and snow, it would NOT result in deeper cold. If one of these specialists in meteorology would simply take a course on glacial and Pleistocene geology (as I did in graduate school), they would finally discover the conditions deemed necessary for continental glaciers to form. Instead they simply run half-cocked that the sky is falling, begging us for irresponsible reforms that will only foster the destruction of the economy and stunt all future growth. Shame on them!!! Science doesn’t back what they say and neither does the meteorological condition (from which they have pontificated their nonsense). Dr. Richard Lindzen, MIT scientist who is not a slave to NSF funding has the heartbeat of this fraud, but is just one man known almost exclusively to the scientific community. His is a rational response born of a true scientist who has worked in this field for years. I believe he also initially served on the IPCC before rejecting its claims as well as direction. In addition, 32,000 credentialled scientists have rejected their stupidity (10,000 or so who have PhDs – I’m one of them), and yet the alarmists can’t seem to understand why the American people reject Cap & Trade. Personally, I think the current director of the EPA is behaving disgracefully with her high hopes of CO2 regulation (and I severely question her so-called expertise). She seems more a political puppet, much like the current director of NASA, another gem in this battle for a sane understanding and response. By the way, has anyone considered that it might just be immoral for them to remain ill-prepared for a potentially steadily increasing cooling condition of the Earth in the next quarter century? I probably shouldn’t say that too loudly because the environmental whack jobs will take off again as they did in the 70’s. Perhaps the best contributions that they should make for society would be to run petting zoos…since they appear to love animals more than people, maintaining that the world is overrun with them. Their rants to this point often make me wonder if they have secretly obtained the blueprints of Hitler’s concentration camp ovens so they can make future plans for population reduction. I wouldn’t be surprised. Evil does as evil is.

  • Will

    Like a TV Minister chubsy Al is rolling in billions,thanks to the sheep of America.