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Wisconsin Unions vs. The Tea Party: A Classic Double Standard

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Loud protests by Wisconsin public employee unions against a budget reform proposal from new Governor Scott Walker have drawn considerable national network news attention since Thursday, the day Democratic state senators fled the state in a last-ditch gambit to prevent the bill from becoming law. A story-by-story analysis by the Media Research Center shows the Wisconsin protests are a perfect case study in the media’s longstanding double standard favoring left-wing causes while demonstrating much more hostility to the Tea Party and conservative protest.

Over the past several days, the liberal demonstrations in Wisconsin (bolstered by the national Democratic Party and President Obama’s Organizing for America group) have included signs just as inflammatory as the ones that bothered the networks during the health care debate, including several showing Governor Scott Walker as Adolph Hitler. Others have likened Walker to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin (“Scott Stalin”) and recently deposed Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak (“Walker = Mubarak”).

Another protest sign drew a cross-hairs over a picture of Governor Walker’s head, with the caption “Don’t Retreat, Reload; Repeal Walker” — an obvious parallel to a Facebook map posted by Sarah Palin last year, although that much-criticized graphic placed the target sights on maps of congressional districts, not any politician’s face. Yet none of these signs in the hands of liberal protesters have drawn the slightest complaint from network journalists. MRC analysts examined all 53 ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news stories, segments and anchor briefs on the Wisconsin protests from Thursday, February 17 (when they first drew major national coverage) through Monday, February 21. While eight of the 53 stories (15%) visually displayed one or more of the signs described above, none elicited a single remark from the network correspondents.

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  • DaNangMe

    I still don’t understand how anyone with gainful employment could willfully skip out on their job to participate in a protest.I guess since the Unions have aligned themselves with the American Communist party and have lost traction in a failing economy they helped create,they are desparate to regain some power.When will their members realize they nor the Democrats they paid to elect can fulfill all those promises made during the campaign?

    • DeborahTexas

      You’re right! The commie party are there! Yellow shirts if I remember the picture correctly, purple is SEIU.
      They breaking out all the scummy bottom suckers in Wisconsin!

  • tod

    The part I can’t stand there isn’t that many of them marching and they get all the attention they need,when We march you hardly hear anything.So we have to organize the largest March in the World to take our Beloved Country back before Putin is setting in the White House.

    • DeborahTexas

      lol…we get noticed…and we are growing!

  • Davekd

    Unions will be the downfall of the USA because democrats will cater to any group -no matter their demands- as long as they can be assured of the needed votes. What these union people don’t seem to understand (probably because of the ‘democrat blinders’ they all wear) that when we run out of money, the entitlement state is over. We are there now, and yes, it’s all over. I fear we are seeing only the begining of protests and worse that will spread across our country as benefits get slashed from stem to stern.

    • jimbo

      And frankly, even if we were not out of money, it’s still stupid to pay these imbuciles such rediculous wages and benefits which so far outpace the private sector. Why in hell did we EVER allow unions in a public sector? That was just plain stupid and it’s time to correct that ignorant error once and for all.

    • Andy

      We should have realized, years ago, that when the unions were strong enough to take a viable business down and put their employees out of work, then unions had outlived their usefulness. At that point in time the unions were no longer a friend of the worker they were in it for the POWER and have been ever since.

    • Am2sweet

      I’m afraid you are right. With the unions here copying the other countries in being less than peaceful or quiet they are getting more rude. Frankly the Drs handing out those fake excuses should lose their licenses. The unions busted and broke. The teachers fired. And the government workers laid off since the government has run fine without them. And the 14 missing dems taken from office with a new immediate election. And our so called president instead of doing all that or helping the governor to do that sent in help for the protestors.

  • Davekd

    Liberalism and political correctness will only die when it falls out of vogue. Once it’s no longer ‘cool’ to cling to the uber left B.S. liberals and their suffocating, socialist methods will be thrown out with the rest of the trash as it should be.

    • JoJo

      I think the only way that will happen is if parents start teaching their kids REAL American history. Once they have a strong foundation in the TRUTH, they will not be so easily swayed by the koolaid drinking teachers.

    • LD

      …or runs out of other people’s money…I’m just sayin’

  • Kris

    A good name for the runaway Wis. senators is fleebaggers. Democrats are quick to point the finger at conservatives for inflamatory signs and say we should be civil to each other and then the presidents own group comes out with these. All dems are as disgusting as the destroyer in chief! I will never vote for any dem even if it means I have to vote for a muslim cleric! Same difference, both are terrorists!

    • One2Stupid

      Kris, I love it! I’m working on my sign right now. Don’t copywrite it until I’m done

    • James

      Remember the MASSIVE Tea Party rally in Washington D.C. , that was almost IGNORED by the MSM ? ONE sign caught my attention. It read ” We came unarmed, THIS TIME ! ” I think that NO amount of e-mails, phone calls, or protests will make any difference. IT HAS GONE TOO FAR, and FREE America has its back to the wall !

  • Esnes Nomoc

    Nothing democrats do make sense until you realize that obama wants both state and federal governments to crash so he can declare martial law and take control, as two columbia professors devised. obama is using labor goons to push the event, but they won’t survive.

    • eggsbenedict

      That is exactly what he is trying to do. When he declares Marshall Law, the first people he will lock up will be Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and then the Republicans that have caused him grief. If the Constitution is set aside then we are finished, but I am sur there will be a lot of blood shed! God help us!

    • remesquaddie

      If that day comes, there will be a few million out there with pitchforks and torches headed towards WASHINGTON to clean up that cess pool once and for all. At the rate things are going, I would rather have a near anarchy than this almost 100% government control of our lives.

  • bozo19

    His agenda( POTUS) is creeping forward , just as he and his cronies hoped it would before he got elected.Where will it end? When his ass is in the ground or another country maybe with gaddafi or moberek.

  • borderraven

    From the Communist Party

    Tens of Thousands Protest at Wisconsin Capitol
    As we go to press, Wisconsin state employees, along with students and supporters from around the state are protesting inside and outside the state capitol building in Madison. Tens of thousand of students, teachers, health workers, public service union members and supporters have been part of the protests—sparked by a plan by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to double health insurance costs for public workers and restrict their collective bargaining rights to only the issue of wages. Hundreds of students are sitting-in and sleeping at the Capitol rotunda and thousands of others are marching throughout the central city area every day. One student from Madison said, “Egypt caught the wave from Tunisia, and now we are surfing the wave from Egypt.” Broader forces that currently define American politics are all focusing attention on this confrontation, including belligerent Tea Party reactionaries who have mobilized in support of the governor and been given major promotion. Stay tuned to for ongoing coverage.

    Note the Obama red shirts in the crowd.

  • Reality99r

    Wonder if Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg seeing the picture of (courageous) Scott Walker with a Hitler mustache?

  • Virginia

    Only God Can save us now so get down on your knees and Pray for our country.

  • cryingloon

    Obumma is trying to run this country the way they do in Africa……like a dictator because he is a Kenyan. That is the reason only a natural born citizen is allowed to be Commander-in-Chief.
    He was born in Mambasa, Kenya and noone has the cahonies to address it!


    My prsonal view point is that the Reagan alternative should be the standard here, “Get back to work or get fired” that kind of thinking holds a lot of sway government union or not.

    The overwhelming number of taxpayers who contribute to this privilleged group of government sissies are the boss here, the Gov. represents them and he was hired by unanimous vote to do his job, confront and bring the state unions to reason or go around them, he was mandated by the taxpayers, his boss and the government unions workers boss. This claim of right to collective bargaining is bogus and denial of right to work is pure discrimation…card check is a cruel joke and automatic percentage union dues are just another way for union leaders to collect more money to give to candidates of corrupted officials and not face the membership for a vote.

  • Joyce

    It’s unfathomable (sp?) that a union has the right to bully a country! What stupid companies allowed this to happen???

  • Sonny G.






  • Let Big Gubba’mint Burn

    Let big Gubba’mint burn, let big Gubba’mint Unions burn. Burn the man.

    Let all the Big Gubba’mint State Capitals Burn. Pull the police out let Big Gubba’mint and the Big Gubba’mint Union Thugs burn, Wi.,Ca. Il., Oh., Ny., Fl.

    Burn the man. Obama’s the man, the great enslaver, burn it GD down.

    “California Tea Party of Anarchy”, “BURNIT” our new call to arms “burn it the phuck down”. The summer of fire for Cali. All you 18 to 39 yr olds where is the California Hippy Freedom Loving Spirit. Have you all become slaves of Gubba’mint, slaves of Obama.

    Obama and his GD electric cars, those GD thing have more GD toxic chemicals and acids in them, each one qualifies as a SUPER FUND TOXIC SITE. You should see the list of chenicals in these and the list birth defects that go along with them. Let it all burn.

  • Bob

    What will the unions do if the commies take over? Do you see any unions in China or Russia?

    • Ted

      Thay are commies!

  • sean murrey

    the unions are the new communist party.

  • Hank

    Thank you for the lesson Warfield.

    1.The Conservative Movement (I trust you mean those folks that are commonly referred to as Goldwaterites?) be damned in this discussion. That is not what I am referring to. Conservativism is the preservation of tradition. The United States has a tradition of Liberty and State Sovereignty. Therefore, Conservatism could, and in the way I define it, does include these as fundamnetals. The Conservative movement had a flourishing in the 1950′s and 1960′s initialized or inspired by any number of events, but I look to Robert Taft and some of his predecessors in both Parties, as founders of the Conservative Movement as we know it, not Goldwater (nothing against him). Think 1910′s to 1940′s (or, if you wish, you could trace it back even further, but we have no need for any more tangents).

    2.Okay, here is my thesis:

    The Declaration tells tyrants to get bent!

    The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions both tell tyrants to get bent!

    The degree to which someone gets bent may or may not be relevent, but they both, in essence, say that.

    Ergo, my previous assertion. I would perhaps modify it by editing the ‘Pro-Nullification’ Document, and filling it in with ‘delves into
    what happens when the government ignores traditional rights’ Document. George III violated the Americans rights [perceived as traditional] as Englishmen (Magna Carta) similar to how a would-be tyrant might violate first, his Constitutional Mandate, and then, after the State Nullifies, violate the States Right to Nullify [percieved as traditional]. If a State Nullified, and then said tyrant ignored the Nullification, and the State had the fortitude and capability to do so, would not the next step be something along the lines of writing a document that goes, as you say, “WAY past Nullification”?

    And about that whole 1776/1787 thing: I did admit to my anachronism.

    3. I apologize for my lack of contextualization before, and I apologize for my lack thereof now, but Jefferson and Madison saw no need for explicit Nullification in the Constitution itself, as it would have been a SELF EVIDENT TRUTH that no UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW should be enforced or obeyed by a state, even if other states were to cowardly or to greedy to also nullify.

    Forgive me for not remembering this, but can not the temporary nullification of a law by a state, be then permanently upheld by a court?

    The Supremacy Clause only applies to Constitutional Laws. Any law that, in good standing, can be shown to be in violation of other clauses (Such as the Commerce Clause, which I believe is at the root of this entire discussion, whether 1811 or 2011) in accordance with original intent, should be rejected by a state, and THAT should be upheld by the courts, the supposed interpreters of the Constitutuion.

    4.The Resolutions were judged
    ‘Unconstitutional’ by FEDERAL Courts. Enough said.

    5.And yet, human nature leads governments astray, always. That is why there will always be the need for nullification.
    Amen to the rest, and my apologies for any insults. i do hope you read this. If not in this forum, I will seek you out elsewhere.

    Thank you,



    Don’t get me wrong, Taft had his flaws. I only bring him up as an example of a prominent conservative before 1950. I am more of a lower-case libertarian with several conservative streaks.

  • sean murrey

    they have obummers thugs there with the commies and marxists.

  • RJJ

    The ABC, CBS, and NBC Network Anchors get their marching orders from the top. Anchors must qualify for the job by being as far left oriented as the networks demand. The anchors don’t write the Demoncrat Evening News, the trash must be written and approved by network heads. The anchor’s job is to read the one sided slop with practiced facial expressions to emphasize the directional intent of the network. The anchors are therefor, nothing more than over paid pretty puppets.

  • Bill

    Maybe the media double standard is why viewership is falling on the three major networks. I, for one, stopped watching the news as portraid by CBS, NBC, and ABC a good number of years ago. They don’t get what damage unions have done and are still doing.

    I lost two jobs because of union demands. The unions asked for so much that in both cases the companies closed and moved to another state. They had so many paid days off, they were bargaining for their wives birthday off. The last demands moved all the manufacturing operations to Indiana and 300 people in Illinois lost their jobs. Including many white collar jobs like mine.
    Where did the union do anything that helped their members? The plant in Indiana was non-union.

    • Red

      The unions have very tight control of the hetworks. Does that answer your question?

  • Patriot13

    Funny, these doctors needed us to help fight Obamacare, but went over to the unions that are exempted from it to aid and abet their cause, which is nothing more than to continue leeching off the private sector for their benefits. Now the People are stuck fighting Obamacare with an ally we can’t trust.

    • Red

      The AMA was a big supporter of ObamaCare as was AARPand ABA.

  • Rusty

    News folks, please post the names of the doctors and their employers. Please post the names of those skipping out on work and their employers.

    Let the world see the truth.

  • Eddie B

    YESTERDAY-Unions……TODAY-Tea Party…..and I love America!

  • Randall Robinson

    Why aren’t Walker supporters and Tea Party people out there demonstrating in numbers at least equal to these anti-Walker demonstrators? I know, the pro-Walker people are AT WORK! But really, conservatives do politics on an ad hoc basis. Liberals do it 24/7, 52 weeks a year. I hate to see a leader with a spine, like Walker, seem to be left abandoned by those who supported his election. Conservatives go to vote and then go to sleep.

    • Sylda Nichols

      Randall Robinson, Obviously, you missed the comments when they told about the many TEA Party people that have been on the WI capital steps during these demonstrations. They have been there supporting the governor. They just haven’t been screaming, being obnoxious, leaving trash, bashing those who don’t care about our country.

  • GOD

    Today folks is the day to get your heads out of your a$$(you’ll never find obamathegoatfvcker view there). Stock up on supplies, learn some skills in survival, make a list of who to help and who not to help and anything else that will help you. Last but not least,do not shoot them till you see the whites of their eyes!
    Oh and “HI” there jackboot.

  • Julian

    It has been said the pen is mightier than the sword, I would say when used improperly it can be more destructive. Our fourth estate no longer seeks truth but wants to give opinion, thiers. If they were as wise as God this might be OK, but there not.

  • Marilyn W.

    Anyone who tries to do the right thing in this country since Obama was elected gets put down and ridiculed. Made to look like the worse person in the world. It’s called the Obama machine! I cannot wait until election time so we can vote him out! May God help us make it through until then. There is no man or woman that is going to save us, only God can do that. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. That is a command in the Bible. Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for our government officials to come to the salvation in Jesus Christ. God bless.

  • cheryl

    I swear if I see one more Union teacher screaming it’s for the kids I’ll puke.

  • Tim Singleton

    Just more confirmation that homeschooling is the way to go.
    I will not have my kids taught values that people like this find acceptable.
    Fire them all as far as I am concerned. I mean, it is not as if they are being asked to do anything the rest of the populace are not already doing.

  • Dennis

    So im lookin at the article and notice the little sign with the Gov. made to look like hitler.Ya know i wish people would actually look into something before they use it.The democratic liberal mindset is in fact closer to hitlers than the right conservative will ever be.Just research it you idiots.The democrazies would love nothing more than America to be like the 1940s Nazi Germany or better yet Communist Russia of old.Just look into their ideologies for *&&^% sake.I swear everyone has lost their ever lovin minds