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Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

glenn beck

Reports this week that Joel Cheatwood, a senior Fox News executive, would soon join Mr. Beck’s growing media company, Mercury Radio Arts, were the latest indication that Mr. Beck intended to leave Fox, a unit of the News Corporation, when his contract expired at the end of this year.

Notably, Mr. Beck’s company has been staffing up — making Web shows, some of which have little or nothing to do with Mr. Beck, and charging a monthly subscription for access to the shows.

Were Mr. Beck to set off on his own, it would be a landmark moment for the media industry, reflecting a shift in the balance of power between media institutions and the personal brands of people they employ.

It is possible that Mr. Beck and Fox could agree to a new contract. But his relationship with the channel has been fraught from its earliest days in 2009, and lately both sides have been anonymously sniping at the other.

Asked on Tuesday whether Fox News intends to renew his contract, a Fox spokeswoman said, “it’s not up until December” and declined to comment further.

Mr. Beck declined an interview request about his future plans, but through a spokesman, he provided a statement. “Roger Ailes has built the most important voice in America today — Fox News — and it is an honor to do my show there every night,” he stated. “I have no intention whatsoever of doing the show I am doing now on Fox anywhere else.”

Mr. Beck has been contemplating a cable channel of his own for more than a year, according to the people who have spoken with him about it, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Mr. Beck may not be able to actively pursue such an arrangement until his Fox contract is up.

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  • Edna Utter

    What kind of show would he be doing? What is wrong with his show on Fox?
    He tells the truth what else can he do.
    What is the charge to his own site?

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      It would be so great to have even just one place to turn where there was old fashioned news reporting…you know…just the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth…”who, what, when, where, and how.”

      America has finally murdered true journalism…long live propaganda

    • Laura

      What is different about Glenn? He actually gets into content, context, connecting the dots. Nobody else takes the time and effort to research a person or topic with the same vigour and report on it honestly and openly. You don’t get a free pass with Glenn. America is obviously hungry for this thing we call TRUTH.
      Glenn, you have my trust and the trust of my family. Thank you and we will tune in if you leave Fox. My concern is for the older crowd who are not computer savvy…how will they tune in?

    • Jacquie

      The article seems to be misleading in that it produces no facts that Glenn Beck is leaving Fox, it only makes supposition about it which makes it misleading. Don’t like it when someone tries to plant a thought in my head that isn’t true.

    • Wite pour

      what? once agan I am outraged by the way our pundits let us down sometumes?! glenn beck needs to tell the truth so god damn him and wite pour everybody can i get an amen

    • ARMYOF69

      What are you rambling about?


      I am new to Patriot Update, but glad to meet all you guys that think Glenn Beck is honest, down to earh, and smart. I wish he could or would run for President. Fox news is the only news channel I watch. If they take Glenn Beck off I guess I will just have to keep up with the news on web sites like this. How dumb of Fox to let him go. I thought they had more morals than CNN, but I guess I am wrong.

    • randy

      Welcome American Gal. I dont think Mr Beck is Pres material but his show is great I hope he stays on Fox. Oops gotta go O Riely is on and I dont want to be a pin head.

    • Indy500Racer

      Randy I must disagree with you that Glenn is not Presidential material He may not have political backing but he is smart, truthful
      (which may be a detriment)and resourseful.
      Glenn Beck has more Presidential potential than most if not all the big names, simply because they are all politicians and cant be trusted

    • Kurt Englehart

      HAHAHAHAAHHAA Just the best EVER! You need to come on here and post under your real name so i can use this quote as my signature. HAHAHA. PLEASE. I will even pay you for your time.

    • Martina

      Fox is the only news channel my husband and I watch too. But we’re starting to get really sick of Bill O’… He is becoming a chameleon, one day he believes one way, the next day it’s another, and some days he flip-flops right in the middle of a show (like tonight). And his interrupting is maddening when you’d really like to hear the guest! He’s a sell-out… how does he manage to keep that prime-time spot?

    • Hank

      Welcome there!

      I won’t take it out on you, but Glenn beck is an idiot!

      He only tells the truth when it benefits him personally, and is only sincere whenb he makes stuff up. Pathological Liar! Money Grubber, Sleaze Ball, Fruitcake, Fat, Interloper, Inexperienced, Crude, Hysterical (not as in “funny”, but rather “hype”, “lies” and unbacked “speculation”), and a trend follower!

      Name one bandwagon that Mormon nut has not yet ridden to fame and fortune!

      I have listened and watched for a long time, and while he always comes around, he ALWAYS initially rejects conservative and libertarian ideas and policies until he has time to figure out how they will serve his purposes, be they financial, self-aggrandizement, or pertaining to his sick eschatology.

      Boehner cries, but Beck screeches and moans and wells up and gives in!

    • joanc

      Please say it isn’t so. Our family would miss him and the plain truth he delivers. There is no one, that tells us what others refuse to air. He has his facts carefully researched,and so far there hasn’t been any rebuttals from the people he reports about. Truth stands on its own.Thanks Glenn. The lame steam media gives viewers mealy mouth service, and appear to be cheerleaders for the administration and unions Oops! sorry – that’s redundant, because the administration and the unions speak with one mind and the media lame brains follow their lead. For a good laugh, watch Maddow, Schultz and Matthews on MSNBC, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    • Martina

      Yeah, I’m ashamed to say, Schultz is from my state (won’t say which one that is, it’s too humiliating). But I can tell you he is the laughing stock of this state, and nobody likes or respects him that I know of, literally NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON I’ve ever talked to.

  • Scottie

    Well if he leaves Fox, I won’t be looking for him.I like Fox just the way it is .

    • Constantine Ivanov

      If Glenn leaves the FoxNews, it will be a huge money saving for me: I watch FoxNews ONLY because of Glenn and will terminate my subscription for TV completely because there is nothing to watch else.
      My heart is bleeding watching how formerly good (?) people are selling their souls to obama – O’Reilly, Krauthammer, Hume, Kelly. What’s left to watch? Rivera? Smith?

    • conservadiva

      Good point! What was with that Obama – O’Reilly interview?? O’Reilly was such a wimp. That sealed my opinion of O’Reilly, useless.

    • http://x Patty

      I too am getting tired of Orielly and all his bragging about his WIMPY interviews. He seems to think that if he is rude and interrupts and bullies the conversation, that he is giving an indepth, though interview. He also is soft, and it shows, on liberal issues, such as illegal invasion of our side of the border. I still like him OK, but he is not a favorite.

    • Ken

      I hate Bill O’Riley’s interruptions also, and he does it a lot to Beck. If you ask someone on your show, I am sure they didn’t come there to hear you spot off. Isn’t that why you start your show as you do, so you can spot off without anyone’s interruption. Then your whole show becomes a series of nor stop interruptions. Beck gives people the chance to make their points and only then does he interrupt. Don’t get me wrong, having a person ramble on and on isn’t helpful either and O’riley seems to make sure the Liberals have plenty of time to do that.

    • anthony san diego

      Notice he doesn’t interrupt Bernie Goldberg, why’s that?

    • True Patriot

      O’Reilly is in love with the sound of his own voice. He is an arrogant narcissist who kisses up to Obama and covers for this illegal communist muslim usurping fraud

      He has gone out of his way to lie over and over again that O is from Hawaii, which is a lie; and so has Glenn Beck.

      I am sick of all news media covering for Obama who has still not produced his birth certificate or other documents.

      O’Reilly and Beck have attacked those of us trying to unseat Obama, and they have gone out of their way to do it.

      Hannity is one of the few that has not attacked us or tried to marginalize those of us trying to unseat Obama the illegal fraud.

      O’Reilly, Beck and Megan Kelly have continued to marginalize our work, or ignore this most dangerous issue that faces our nation.

    • Hank

      You ARE a True Patriot, True Patriot! Say it like it is. Beck is more clever than the othe Foxes, but he is one and the same.

      All these fans here are nothing more, just fans. Glenn Beck is just a ‘conservative’ excuse for another Charle Sheen.

      Celebrities and their fan clubs have no place in the political arena!

    • ARMYOF69

      I have had my doubts about O’Reilly for quite some time. His cover always is that he wants to be fair. There is no fight from him , that’s for sure. I shall definately go look for Glen and give up FOX .I wish Glen the very best.

    • readmylips

      O’Reilly tries to have it both ways. It doesn’t work.




    • George

      Boy your right some of them ought to be at MSNBC especially your humble correspondent.

    • Martina

      What???? How did you get so many positive ratings? I agree about Bill O’Reilly, but Kelly, Hume, and certainly Krauthammer are not libs. They are just more measured in their responses, and not so hysterical… but definitely conservative.

    • Martina

      And as far as Rivera and Smith… can’t stand either one of them either… never could stand Rivera, but Smith didn’t used to be so bad!

    • REMEsquaddie

      Jerry Rivers is a racist to start with.

    • Faulkner

      I agree! Beck is ok but I’m getting a little tried of him.I think Fox news is better without him.

    • Constantine Ivanov

      Gold is found in smallest nuggets, and yet, thousands of gold diggers devoted their lives to find some.
      I am also not delighted with some fragments of Glenn’s shows.
      But mostly his show is nothing but gold nuggets.

    • Peter Ulan

      Good point, Constantin
      Most of people having experience living in socialist paradise recognize the value of what Glen Beck is trying to do. And most of Americans do not see how close we are to the point of no return.
      During recent election half of Americans volunteered for slavery we have lived in the USSR.

    • Devasahayam

      And typical of libtrash, you can’t even see the inherent contradiction in your post!

    • http://att Bill


    • El Lobo Solo


      “Beam me up Scottie, there’s no intelligent life forms on MSNBC”.

  • David in MA

    It would be a big loss for FOX.

    • Meg

      I agree! Not sure if most of our journalists know how to tell the truth or do they just like to sensationalize! God Bless America.

  • Debbie

    I love Glen Beck’s show because he tries to be honest and is so sincere! He is one of the most intelligent hosts I have seen on television. He will sorely be missed if he leaves!

    • Constantine Ivanov

      Dear Debbie,
      what caused your diminishing of Glenn?
      Are you sure he just “tries to be honest and is so sincere”?
      I thought he IS honest and so sincere…
      Mea culpa?

    • J R Williams

      If Glenn goes it on his own, I hope he plays in the same time slot as oreally who has become a boring, insufferable ass. Many years ago he made a New Years resolution to quite wasting our time (I’m speaking of O’Reilly), yet, whenever he has a guest host we have to suffer through a 15 minute old segment of his because he’s so afraid we’ll forget what he looks like. Then, he keeps shoving that sleezy bleeding-heart liberal Rivera down our throats. If I wanted to watch Rivera (which I don’t) I’d watch his shows on weekends (which I also don’t).

      Glenn Beck is such an intellegent change of pace — and he doesn’t just give his opinion, he backs it up with words right from theie own mouths.

    • ARMYOF69

      I agree wholeheartedly. Te only real reason I do watch the factor is because I like to listen to Miller. He makes his show when he is on. Miller should have a show of his own, he is very clever, and extremely witty.

    • True Patriot

      Dennis Miller is great. I wish he had a show.
      He tells it like it is. He used to be Liberal but woke up after being around the Saturday Night Live crowd.

      He is a strong advocate for Conservatives in America, and stands behind our troops and helps them.

  • rob mull

    America would miss Glenn Beck as the flowers would miss the rain. I do fear for Dr. Beck and [his] family’s lives because the secular, liberal progressives know that Glenn had a great deal to do with setting their cause back to the 12th century, just like the radical Muslims [they] have incorporated into [their] bitter, evil hate for Judeo-Christian ideoloogy and America.

  • Thomas Martin

    I like Glenn Beck and know he spends many hours trying to get the message across about the evil doings of barack hussein obama and his band of thieves.

    I would hate to see him leave Fox news, but know where ever he goes he will do well.


      Glenn will likely do well where ever he goes and will hopefully be able to do a lot of good. My concern here is if he leaves a channel that many get for one that is not as readily available, it will be our loss. The education he provides is invaluable. I only have minimal cable service and they are taking channels away every few months.

    • Constantine Ivanov

      It’s, of course, good that he will be OK.
      But it’s not the issue.
      The issue is whether WE THE PEOPLE will keep getting the information NOBODY BUT GLENN is willing and able to deliver…

    • Dorothy Jean Kroum

      Absolutely need Glenn explaining the problems and solutions. Wish he would sell dvds of the programs. I’d like to share with my sons who can’t get the programs. I dvr daily so I can watch later in case someone disturbs me at GB time.

      Thanks Glenn.

  • T Morris

    This is so disturbing to me and countless others I am sure. Glenn is the only one who tells the complete truth about what is going on in the world today. He is the reason I got cable! If Fox would give him a better time slot, I think his ratings would improve tremendously.

    I will be lost without him but I wish him the very best in whatever he does. He really cares about our country so I think he will make his show available to us somehow!

    • Cindy Maddux

      Fox should have wised up just months after signing Beck on. They should have moved O’Reilly and Beck around in their time slots. O’Reilly is a complete idiot and so self righteous, I really can’t stand to watch him. The only reason his rating beat the other cable news channels in his time slot is the competition itself. He has none. If Glenn was on another any other channel at the same time slot as Bill, Glenn would wipe him out. And his stupid name and town, name and time, name and town is soooooo annoying I actually mute the tv when I know he will be saying it. And what is with the dumb words he come up with at the end of the program? The majority of them would never come up in normal conversation. Seriously, when was the last time anyone used the word Popinjay!

      Glenn has opened up so many people’s eyes and is so thorough in explaining everything it would be such a loss if he is not on television anymore. All of his critics run their mouths calling him a conspiracy nut but I am still waiting for even one of them to PROVE HIM WRONG. They can’t! He has such a great research staff and he does not say anything, either on the radio or television programs, that he cannot back up with facts. The only thing that I disagree with him on is that he is very quick to criticize anyone one that thinks obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen and I really wish that he would back off of it a bit.

    • Cindy Maddux

      meant name and town, name and TOWN (not time), name and town. But I’m sure everyone knows that. :-)

    • Beverly Charbonneau

      You amd many of the others commenting are so right about O’Reilly. He is such a bore and has such a huge ego…I get so sick of his touting his awful interviews (he loves to think he is intimidating). He’s just another publicity slug; in fact refers to himself as a celebrity. Move him out of his time slot and put in Beck (if he’s available) and O’Reilly’s #1 would plummet to zero in no time. He has nothing but a show full of inane trivia.

    • Dee

      Glenn is the only reason I got a DVR, since I work during his time slot. I’m hoping this is all rumor, and he won’t be leaving since he is the ONLY source for TRUTH and FACTS. God Bless you Glenn for all you do for America and Americans!

  • David-3749

    I hope you stay with Fox. But I will follow you where ever you go. Keep up the good work.

  • bob




    • Kurt Englehart

      could it be even fox news think glen beck is crazy?

    • ARMYOF69

      Kurt, you’re really the fly in the ointment.

    • Kurt Englehart

      Amryof69 your really funny. post more please

  • David

    Please don’t leave FOX news Mr Beck. Your voice is needed now more than ever. You speak the truth of what is really going on in America and the world in general. I hope these rumors of your leaving are not true. God bless you Sir!!!

  • marylee

    no matterr what I’m doing each day – I’m in front of my TV at 5:00 or taping it! This man is a wonderful person and at least we hear the truth! I do not watch any other news, only on FOX – but no one else has the nerve to expose what is going on in our government.

    • Eddie B

      No one else?!…..WRONG……Michael Savage.

    • True Patriot

      Michael Savage is great. He calls out the liberals, and the phony fraud TV anchors.

      He once called O’Reilly Mr. Fake Pancake Make Up. He can be so funny, but he tells the truth and drives the liberals nuts.

      He is my favorite radio commentator next to Rush. Awesome Patriot for America.

    • Kurt Englehart

      Mr Pancake Fake face! that is funny! hahahahahahahahaahaha

  • Ron Gethim

    Fox is probably under pressure from the Messiah to can him. Beck is shinning too much light on the cockroaches in DC. I hope he gets his own network and opens the flood gates on this usurper.

    • http://yahoo Bernie

      In response to your feed. You sure are on the right track. He should expose all the THUGS being as no one else will. He sure pulled the wool over everyones eyes now didn’t he?

    • David

      There is nothing that empty suit in the half White House could do to pressure FOX. America is realizing what a mistake it was to elect this loser. Glad I didn’t vote for the Muslim bastard.

    • Dr. Lynda

      If Glenn intends to leave FOX for his own station, I hope he has a license for the station prior to leaving. It seems to me that the FCC could muzzel him by just refusing to give him a license for a station. You know that it would make NoBama pee in his tidy whities if Beck were to be nullified by a simple act of refusing him access to the airwaves.

      Personally, I believe Glenn should stay with FOX for several reasons:
      1. Up to this point, they have stood behind him even when attacked and threatened by George Soros;
      2. People know where to find him every day at the same time;
      3. His following originated with FOX viewers;
      4. He is well established where he is and who he is and that is at and with FOX.

      Of course, this could all be a propaganda blitz by the mainstream media to stir the pot. Who knows. I just know that America NEEDS BECK!!! He is the voice of reason and reality that is not being heard from ANY other source.

    • Martina

      I agree with most everything the rest of you good conservatives are saying. It would be a HUGE loss. There are, however, a few others that are also as good or almost as good… probably none ‘better’ though. I like Rush, of course, … and Sean Hannity, who seems a little more humble and down to earth than most, and genuinely caring. Savage, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Levine… there are others! but Glenn is definitely at the top of the heap.

      And someone got it right, I wouldn’t put it past the FCC to bar him from obtaining a license if at all possible!!!

    • Martina

      Oh, and I’ve also said the very same thing many times… they should switch Glenn and Bill’s time slots. Or better yet, take Bill off the air! My husband and I keep asking each other what the heck is going on that they even keep him, and especially in such a prime time slot! Does he have the goods on someone? Related to the right person?

      I seriously fear for some of these brave talkers’ safety… and none moreso than Glenn. He does go out on a limb and says more daring and courageous things than anyone else… (with the possible exception of Rush). You just KNOW that they have to have tons of security. But when they’re out in an open venue, like Glenn was in D.C., that scares the crap out of me!

  • http://yahoo Bernie

    It would be a BIG LOSS to Fox News if they lose Glenn. I watch him daily and tape if I can’t. He seems to be the ONLY one who knows what the hell is going on in this world, and he has the PROOF to back anything up. Too bad the other so called news networks can’t do the same instead of all their lying. PLEASE don’t let Glenn go.


    Glenn Beck is a shining star of knowledge in the dark sky of what passes for news these days. His intelligence work to ferret out the links between all the unsavories in the world surpasses the capabilities of the FBI itself.
    If he leaves FOX NEWS he will be greatly missed.

  • Paulee

    The only guy who tells the total truth in the media today. Nobody else comes close. True, he goes out on a limb sometimes, but he also encourages you to do your own research and homework. This would be a big loss for Fox News. I don’t think O’Reilly has near the charisma that Beck has. The left wingers hate him. He exposes them for the frauds that they really are. He is thorough, accurate and can back up his statements. Compare him to a bozo like that “tingle up my leg” Idiot Matthews over at that awful network. Guys like Matthews are losers. Beck knows what he is talking about. I hope Fox has enough sense not to let him get away.

  • Paul Smith

    That might be a good thing. Beck might finally get to take on the big issues that are denied to him today like Bozo’s (non)eligibility.

    • ARMYOF69

      I have a feeling that you may be right. I wonder if Fox execs., are not allowing him to go all the way with information that they do not want exposed. I wish Glen and his family all the very best, I only worry for his health.

  • Idarae

    What will be will be, personally I put all my faith in Jesus Christ. and know where we are in time, and have no fear or worry! I have only peace!

    • kathyb

      I too put all my faith in Jesus, but he doesn’t want us to be dormant!!! He wants us to put prayer back in schools,in Congress, to stop abortions, to follow His teachings. AND STAND UP FOR AMERICA AND FREEDOM!!!

    • Mom of Three


    • Kurt Englehart

      Look dude, i pay taxes just like you. And to be honest I DONT WANT people besides me and those i choose to teach my child about God. My aunt and uncle had 8 children and they felt like they wanted their children’s education to have more to do with the Lord. You know what they did? They ENROLLED THEM IN CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS! OMY! Yeah, he took on two, sometimes 3 jobs just to do it, but he didnt ONCE thing the government had the RIGHT to intrude in that the holiest of things. How can you at one moment want Small government, then in the SAME breathe, ask them to intrude upon my responsibility as a parent to educate my child about God? How dare you.

    • mtiller


    • Martina

      ??????? is right! A bit edgy are we??? I’m not sure who’s being attacked here.

    • Kurt Englehart

      “I too put all my faith in Jesus, but he doesn’t want us to be dormant!!! He wants us to put prayer back in schools,in Congress, to stop abortions, to follow His teachings. AND STAND UP FOR AMERICA AND FREEDOM!!!”

      I’m “attacking” crazies who in one post say this dribble, and in the next cry foul when the government is to large. My taxes pay for those schools you want to start praying in. I don’t want morons like you teaching my son about God and religion.

  • Reality99r

    FOX needs a worthy competitor don’t you think?
    It is the American way for an enterprising spirit to create his own business.
    Professor Beck’s Mercury Cable Channel would be a worthy honorable addition to help get the word out and to further grind the lapdog networks into the dung heap of irrelevancy.

  • conservadiva

    This entire stunt with Libya has proved that Glenn Beck is CORRECT about everything he has said about Obama. Obama has ignored Congress and gone around the American people’s Constitution, to unite himself to the UN in a bombing mission on a country that was not attacking the USA. What other plans does he have against other nations and against the USA in league with the UN Security Counsel? Beck is absolutely CORRECT!

    • kathyb

      yes, ob wants to be ruler of the world, and I for one saw that and that is why I did not and will never vote for him. I do not know why he isn’t arrested for treason. He supports every other country except the USA! He needs to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Kurt Englehart

      Sounds like Iraq…

    • Martina

      Call me a conspiracy theorist, but all that’s going on makes me wonder what all got discussed behind closed doors between O-Bumpkus and international leaders of countries who hate us, when he was on his apology tour overseas!

      And especially now that we’re hearing after the fact, that the rebels in Libya who we are helping are for the most part, not people we share common goals with, to say the least!!!

  • Ka thleen

    I’ve watched FoxNews exclusively since it first launched. In the past two years, however, I’ve noticed distinct changes and they have not been for the better.

    Fox’s founder, Rupert Murdoch, did not launch FoxNews because he was a Conservative. Rather, he saw the opportunity to make a fortune by “finding a need and filling it.”

    Hopefully Glenn Beck will do the same by establishing his own network – one that will not bow to the politically correct; one that will not pander to LaRaza; and, one that will in the words of Paul Harvey give “the whole story.” If I had the financial means I would have started my own channel two years ago.

  • Meg

    Glenn Beck has been the only source for me on what is really happening with this administration. He has all the facts -something none of the nightly news programs ever have. I simply can’t believe how and why they are all in the Obama admin.’s pocket.Without Glenn this country is lost!

    • Kurt Englehart

      and a chalkboard. and EVERYONE IS A Nazi. If my grandfather, who fought against the Nazis, could hear Beck call other Americans such a thing, he would fucking climb out of his grave and mash that fucks face in. He showed me a gun one time he took from one Nazi officer and kill another with. I bet he would use that.

    • Martina

      Did it ever occur to you, genius, that the people Beck is calling Nazi’s are not TRULY Americans. Geesh!

    • Kurt Englehart

      No really he call Americans of all walks of like Nazis, just because they don’t agree with him. Watch Beck last night. I can see how he gets you dim-witted types all hopped up.

    • El Lobo Solo


      “Nazi”, you mean National Socialist Party.
      Get it, Socialist!!!!

      The only thing the Communists & Nazi’s disagreed upon was the color of their T-shirts. One Red the other Brown.

  • just wondering

    Does it really matter where he goes? He’ll still have the multitude following him. I’ll go wherever he goes. I like the truth.

  • wayne

    Glen beck can’t go nowhere!.We need him doing what he’s does best. Keeping us all informed .We need you glen beck.I don’t trust no one in our goverment,they don’t care their destroying this great country and they don’t care. U love this country and what u do we need to hear the real truth.Thank you glen beck! For all ur hard work saving r wonderful usa

  • Jan

    Like so many replies I’ve read here, I, too, tape Glenn when I’m involved in other things. The only reason I watch FOX is because Glenn is there. I don’t watch O’Reilly, get tired of his constant interrupting his guests for one thing. I’ll probably turn off FOX permanently and just listen to conservative talk radio. As a side, have you noticed how many commercials are on FOX? Even my 11-year-old granddaughter commented on it. Goodbye, FOX.

    • kathyb

      I too am disgusted with the changes with Fox News, I used to watch them all the time, now I am bored, do not like them kissing up to obama, am sick of Charles K, and O’reily kissing his butt (and most others). They are cowardly and weak and they make me sick. Whatever they say now is not believable!! Just more liberals!!!

    • Andy

      The commercials are there because they know the viewers are there to watch them or they wouldn’t waste their money advertising on Fox. The advertisers also pander to the age group so they offer gold, silver, viagra, etc. I can’t get home in time to watch Glenn Beck so I, too, record the shows and when I play them back I can fast-forward through the ads. Works for me.

  • Doc

    Certainly, Glenn has my constant vote as the Number 1 news reporter for factual content, if not just being conservative. But I would still maintain my connection to Fox News. If nothing else, at least THEY strive for a fair and comprehensive approach to the news–not like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc.

    In the upcming election for 2012, I would trust Fox. Unlike a lot of writers on here, I like to listen to ALL sides and make my judgments based on all facts. The reason I don’t like some of the commentators on Fox (and other channels as well) is the constant interruptions of guest speakers. I would at least l;ike to hear a defense of opposing viewpoints (so as to either laugh, or –gosh–even agree!!).

    Fox News better represents opposing views, if only the commentators would shut up, and allow that view to come through. I like to witness and understand a rationale and deliberation before I vote on anything.

    I would hop over to Glenn in a heartbeat, but still maintain my “foot in the door” to Fox. Just report the news, don’t try to influence it with emotional commentary and stressed opinion–leave that to your guests, and ask educated preparatory questions.

    We are human, subject to possible error(s). Therefore it’s helpful to understand as many facts and opinions otherwise–not just one side.

    We are AMERICA after all, a land of many people and opinions, and not under a dictatorship in politics AND news gathering.

    • REMEsquaddie

      I’ve got news for you doc., we ARE under a dictatorship. He says…we do.

    • Kurt Englehart

      lol your funny. the very fact your allowed to come on this website and say the things you do IS PROOF that we are not. Saddam would have had your Females raped and enslaved and a bullet in your head if you lived in Iraq while he was underpower. You would be publicly stoned by your own family in Iran, and if they didnt throw the first stomne they would be next. I love how spoiled Americans like you think and Act. You take for granted the freedoms you have and wish away the ones that don’t involve you, or so you think they dont involve you.

    • REMEsquaddie

      Kurt, the first amendment is almost gone, but the second is not. That’s why.

  • Bluqe12

    I am not a big fan of Mr. Beck but he does have something important and profound to say. Myself, I just can not take too much of it over the long haul. I would though find it hard to believe that Fox News would in anyway want him off thier station. I am not a T V financial guru, but my feeling is this guy brings in a ton of money. That truely is the American way. Beck can get tiresome after awhile, but he is less of a blowviator than O’Riely.Sometimes when he starts I just have to change the channel. When you compare either of these men to what CNN spits out daily as hard news, Fox is a total winner.
    The others should really be embarrassed, they are so biased and twisted.

    • Mom of Three

      I also turn the channel when Glen is on, but for an entirely different reason–the truth he speaks literally scares the Hell out of me! Since it comes on late at night, I can’t sleep after watching his show!!!! I either had to quit watching him or get used to having no sleep–you know which one won. Wish I had a DVR so I could watch him earlier!!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      I know how you feel. Unfortunately , the truth can hurt and scare. We who are mature, have to face it, unlike our leadership. God will persevere.

    • Kurt Englehart

      You think Mature, is coming on a website and bitching, which is all you prob do lol. GOOD GAME

  • TaterSalad

    I’d like to leave a comment but the Glenn Beck show is ready to come on and I haven’t missed a show in 2 years! Case closed!



  • bfr

    I hope Beck stay on good terms with Fox and perhaps they could contract him do a special every three months or so

    He has a strong message to give and it needs to be continuously presented from time to time. He is more right on with the truth then any other conservative pundit on Fox.

    Perhaps they should offer Sarah Palin a contract to do a conservative talk show if Beck leaves. I think she would be good and that would even more so increase the viewer audience for Fox.

  • JP

    Glen Beck is a breath of fresh air,in a media that does not inform us of what is really happening to this country politically.
    Professor Beck, not only belongs on the tv airwaves, he should also be a roving instructer lecturing thru out our education system.

  • Flowershopper

    It’s scarey to think of FOX News without Glen Beck. How long would we have to be without him, if he leaves?????? How and where would we find him? Exit FOX News if THAT happens….

  • REMEsquaddie

    I do hope Glen sets up a channel to compete with Fox. Fox will lose big time. We shall then get THE WHOLE TRUTH , . GO GLEN ….

  • sean murrey

    beck tells the truth not like the lib media that lies.

  • Colette

    I’m sure the globalists that own the Fox network can’t HANDLE the TRUTH he delivers… Those scumbags will crumble in ratings without Beck.

  • alf

    Glenn Beck has some very rich and important friends that could easily fund a new network for him if he chooses to go it without Fox. He truly is the only choice for factual news.

  • Am2sweet

    Everyone has expressed the same things that I and my family have said. Frankly we trust Glenn Beck and would want to follow him where ever he end up. We also like Hannity too but O’Reilly isn’t really a conservative. It has seemed more and more that he is on the side of Obama and tends to defend his actions. Nothing can defend Obama’s actions as they are so insane. Maybe Glenn Beck will be better off with his own network and then no one can tell him he has to cater to Obama or anyone else.

    • John Hand

      U.R., may be right about O’Reilly. My wife has been saying the same thing, O’Reilly is not looking as conservative as we would like. I am tired of him saying ‘Obama is an intelligent man’ for instance, or ‘intelligent and articulate.’ Obama is articulate yes, meaning he can read from a monitor, but intelligent? No way. His handlers write down what he is to say. Obama wants to HAND CONTROL OF THE US MILITARY over to France or England or who knows concerning Libya. No president, ever, has suggested such a thing. We should never ever turn control of our military over to another power. That is the goal of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT advocates. Next step, neutralize the USA by handing all our assets militarily over to the UN, and then….

    • ARMYOF69

      Handing control of our men the war path to another foreign entity is beyond scary. The last time that happened was in WWl , and a french general took over. The french at that time were sacrificing their young men to trench warfare including chemical attacks without any real considerations. Meantime, the french generals were living in luxury away from the fracas.

  • readmylips

    A word to Beck. Ophrah thought she was big enough to start her own station and she is going down the toilet. My advice….stay with FOX.

  • W.J. Buscher

    This day and age information is hard to find that is reliable and honest. I have checked most of Glens stories out in the past and found him to be honest and correct. I now consider him as a true source of intelagence. in that light I would miss that valuable daily information, but will try my best to follow him.

  • George B Vieto

    Say it ain’t so. Glenn leaving Fox News? I hope not.

  • John Hand

    One problem Fox has had: The public wants to see and hear Beck, but the prime time slots were already taken up by Bill, Shawn and Greta. Then at 10 (CST) they all start repeating, so they could not put Beck on except for before 5 when no one can watch while working/driving, or at 1 AM (CST) when most people are sleeping. There just isn’t a slot for Beck in prime time, and that is a killer. This might have a lot to do with it, but if Beck leaves for a pay cable show, I won’t pay Glenn. Listen to me…

    • ARMYOF69

      I have been listening to Glen on my SIRIUS radio in my car most of the time, and catch anything I miss by having it on the DVR everyday. Glen is on FOX at 2pm in Californication land.

    • Kurt Englehart

      Use lyrics from Liberal Rock Bands much?

    • ARMYOF69

      Kurt the Turd.

  • Gidge

    I hope Beck stays at Fox. He has had the Red phone to the WH for sometime now and noone from the WH calls to contradict anything Beck says, must be all true then. But if Beck said something that was not true that phone would be ringing off the hook. Whatever Beck puts on the air has been verified. The only problem I have with Beck and Bill is they both agree Obama was born in the US and this hurts me deeply to hear them say that. There is more evidence of Obama being born in Kenya than in Hawaii. Kenyan newspaper after the elections front page said Kenyan born Obama now Pres. of the US. Plus much more evidence from Kenya. Congress is chicken for not bringing the elegibility up, District Courts have been borght by the Administration and the Supreme Court keeps ignoring it, they say its should be up to Congress.

  • http://EXPOZ... Jody Wolfe

    You know…I watch Fox because of Glenn Beck…
    I will follow Glenn Beck where ever he goes, We need him, we really do…There is not 1 brave man that could come “close” to Glenn Beck…I am afraid anyone else would be watered down, Not Beck…
    We Need You Glenn…..America depends on you. Wheather or not you agree, You are the White Knight…Stay with us…..

    • Kurt Englehart


  • ARMYOF69

    I also pray for Glen and his family daily.

  • Eliza

    God help us without Glenn Beck !! BUT, I am sure he will NOT leave us – wherever he goes, whatever he does, he will retain his current audience. I will listen and watch him as long as we have radio and TV !! Without Glenn, FOX will plummet!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim Walton

      “entertainment and enlightenment” is NOT news….it’s “entertainment” journalism, Beck is not a saint we can’t live without and he will do what he needs to do to make the most $$$ he can, just like all the rest including FOX “News”, at the end of the day the $$$ is what it’s all about for all of them, without the divison they ALL create, they would cease to exist

    • ARMYOF69

      Tim, NEWS is what happened in the past, usually the humdrum crap that the media want to feed us with their editorial interpretations. Not interested in that.
      I want to know what people who run our lives are doing, and what they intend to do to us. BIG DIFFERENCE,.

    • Martina

      Tim, you just might want to double check which side practices the the most diversionary tactics/hypocrisy/ and most of all projection! Ever heard of Media Research Center? Check them out!

    • Kurt Englehart

      just done reading a story or two from the MEDIA center blah blah,…

      here is one of the gems
      Bozell Column: Flunking the Citizenship Test
      It’s terrific that Newsweek is asking about whether Americans can pass our country’s own citizenship test. But do journalists see building civic knowledge as an important part of their job?

      Funny thing is he is saying , pretty much, it is the american medias fault american dont know Justices and the like. YOU believe that THE MEDIA’s FAULT!

    • Tim Walton

      Martina, at the end of the day they are all driven by the bottom line, and as far as who is smarter , libs or conservatives, Indys have ’em both beat

  • Kurt Englehart

    After read the post here about Glenn Beck and Fox News, I just shocked. Really I’m about to shit my self, so be back in like 5 minutes.

    Ok im back, and after gathering my self, i have to say… WOW.

    To think there are people out there who think Fox News isn’t rightwing enough and they “love” obama. What world are you people living in. Furthemore, Glenn Beck for President? I can’t believe even the most Beck loving person didn’t come unglued on that lady. I seriously stumbled upon one of the most overzealous rightwing shitpiles I’ve ever encountered in my life after read thru these comments.
    He has had the Red phone to the WH for sometime now and noone from the WH calls to contradict anything Beck says, must be all true then.

    “He has had the Red phone to the WH for sometime now and noone from the WH calls to contradict anything Beck says, must be all true then.” Gidge

    What a jackass lol.

    On another note i feel the need to address this issue, and since someone brought it up…
    “Next step, neutralize the USA by handing all our assets militarily over to the UN, and then….”


    Know i know it isnt fox news, but bare with me and just go read it.

    Next site please…

    I mean have anyone you even HEARD of the AMERO? That A-M-E-R-O, kina liek the EURO! Hey thanks GW. Bush. Seems Obama isn’t the only one you have to worry about selling you off.

    • Kurt Englehart
    • Kurt Englehart

      Real quick before you discount The Canada one

      Here are the author credits
      Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at:

      You have to Love her.

    • Kurt Englehart

      MODERATOR! get him he is being informative, which is counter to the mission of this website!!!!!

      Love it!

    • Eric Cartmen

      LOL the moderator took down my post! LOL that is AWESOME. Stats and figures contrary to what others post will not be tolerated here at the “free press” site lol

    • Martina

      Informative???? Yes, I guess you probably would think so. Read above…

    • destiny_2012

      This is terrible news. I sure hope Beck stays with Fox. He makes the station. He’s the best they have. Many I would get rid of but NOT HIM

  • http://notsure Dorthy

    I am so glad that others feel like I do about Oreilly. It is apparent he is cya by making excuses for Obama all the time. I don’t watch him anymore.

  • Kurt Englehart

    LOL the moderator took down my post! LOL that is AWESOME. Stats and figures contrary to what others post will not be tolerated here at the “free press” site lol

  • Kurt Englehart

    WoW that was quick! Somebodies Censorship must have got REVOKED!

    • Kurt Englehart

      Pretty funny the mods come here to “review” what i have posted, yet allow people to make outrageous racial comments. Typical republicans.

  • Bill

    Fox news should move Glenn Beck to prime time.Im sure his ratings would be even higher.If Fox gets rid of Glenn what will we the people do to get the truth.Beck & Hannity are my favorites.

  • horatio 2

    Beck is without doubt one a phenomenon: ignorance so profound as to make one’s eyes glaze over, smug, not always right but never in doubt. Has helped equate the term
    “conservative” with uneducated, angry, confused and lost.

    The whole point of this parade of clowns is that elections are decided by 5%. If you can shift 2.5 % of the public from one electoral choice to another — that’s the margin of success. And certainly there are that many nitwits belonging to the gun wielding, nativist, anti-evolutionist, birther fringe.

    That’s it folks.

    • Martina

      I suggest you take a look at the stats regarding IQ/education level/whatever… of conservatives vs. liberals!!!

      I would venture to guess you’ve never even watched Glenn’s program! I was winding up for a long explanation to penetrate your poor delusional state of mind, but it’s not worth it.

  • Paul Revere

    The Fox Network is owned by Rupert Murdoch, need I say more?

  • http://google murvin darnell

    i want to hear it from glenn. media is to shabby.

  • Fran

    If Glenn Beck did more research on the Bible instead of the U.S. Constitution, he would find out that God’s Kingdom or heavenly government is the ONLY hope for the U.S. AND the rest of the world! He still wishes to believe that man can still solve all his problems on his own, which will never happen! God’s kingdom will put an end to all of these governments on earth (Daniel 2:44), so Glenn would accomplish more in the way of “truth” if he brought this fact up.

    • Sensible in San Antonio

      I can only think that you have not watched the Glenn Beck show regularly if you have not heard his repeated call to faith and referenced his confidence in divine intervention! GB has always emphasized the importance of God and our relationship with Him as our source of strength and wisdom. This begins the process of combating our own personal demons in order to become our greatest self and fulfill the mission we were created for. The fact that GB talks about personal responsibility and charity toward others further exemplifies his agreement with biblical principals. How much better off would the world be if each of us would take ownership of our own sins,debts,
      mistakes,problems,etc.and began to remold our lives in a way that is honorable, fair, faithful and charitable? If you like GB or not, he remains the only tv media source for true and critical reporting of today’s most challenging events. He calls out corruption wherever he sees it and does not shrug from the opposition and personal attacks he faces
      from some of the most rich & powerful people and organizations in the world!

  • El Lobo Solo

    OK! So Glenn Beck leaves Fox for another gig. I say give the time spot to Mark Levin.
    Neal Boortz will do or lets get Rush to bring back his TV show. YES!!!!!