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Bachmann and Pence seem ready for a shutdown

Thursday, April 7, 2011

bachmann tea party

The White House and GOP leaders are likely going to strike a deal on the 2011 budget, and some lucky Republican legislators will get to vote no.

Barring a political earthquake, those lucky Republicans will include two of the caucus’ most prominent members, Rep. Mike Pence and Rep. Michele Bachmann. Both want to cut deeper than the $33 billion accepted by Democrats, but neither is embracing the role of deal-breaker now offered to them by critical Democratic leaders, including Senate Majority Leaders Harry Reid.

On Wednesday, both legislators won repeated applause from at least 2,000 happy, chanting Tea Party demonstrators brought to Congress by Americans For Prosperity. Both called for deeper cuts and balanced budgets, both praised the demonstrators, but neither said they’d torpedo a compromise approved by House Speaker John Boehner.

When Bachman took the microphone, she made no threats against a Boehner-approved deal, even though she’s said repeatedly that she will not vote for any deal that doesn’t defund Obamacare. Republicans should “get serious about cutting spending… [because] the Democrats have us on a course towards bankruptcy,” she announced to cheers from the crowd. “We are reasonable, fair-minded people, saying [to the White House] ‘Get Your Act Together’… we know the how to stretch a dollar, we clip coupons, we go to dollar stores,” she declared.

In anticipation of a shutdown, she blamed Democrats, and then announced that “there is no such thing as a government shutdown… it is a government slowdown.” Social Security checks will be mailed, soldiers will be paid, and many government workers will remain on the job, she said. “Hold your member of Congress’ feet to the fire, because the American people are with you, and we will prevail,” she announced.

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  • sean murrey

    shut it down if the democraps can accept the blame.

  • Gary

    Cut the f’ing budget for crying out loud!!! 33 billion is pocket change.

    • Daniel Spickard

      They need to hold the debt ceiling over their heads!

  • MLatham

    Please do not allow this ‘shut-down to happen

    The world is watching !!!

    • David

      Fuck the world!!!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      I could care less about what the rest of the world thinks. All they know, is how to take our charity, yours and mine in the BILLIONS.

    • Aristophenes

      Who cares? The world is not the one who decides how we do things here. I am for isolation myself and forget about the world.

    • M. Thoms

      The world doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

    • Art

      That’s pathetic.

    • cheryl

      Yeah let the Dems have their wayl Your an idiot.

  • Red

    If Boehner caves in, that’s the end of the road for republicans. They will have no bargaining position once they give up the budget leverage. He has had so many cigars he can no longer understand what the voters demanded.

  • http://aol Diane


    • Daniel Spickard

      Amen to that! My rifles reasy!

  • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

    I receive a daily military newsletter. In yesterday’s post was the statement that our military might receive a paycheck for only one week (instead of two) in the event of a government shutdown. I do not think this is a fact and suspect that it is a liberal executive who is trying for fearmongering in the publication.

    • David

      It is not a fact. Our military will be paid on time no matter what happens. So will our seniors on SS.

    • Dave

      I don’t know the truth but I just saw a Republican Congressman on C-Span say that a Government shutdown will be very painful for our soldiers.

    • Helm

      My local news, had my local men & women in uniform and they said they will not be paid at all. Why? The constatution says that our first spending duty is to defense, is that not our milatery? They should be the first to be paid & the pres & dems should be last, but guess who gets theres no matter what.

  • Daniel Spickard

    We still have one trick up our sleeve to play. Use the debt ceiling as leverage. Either the Democrats cave in and pass the original bill, or the house says no to raising the debt ceiling. I don’t think that the Dumocrats are smart enough to think of that on their own.

  • tod

    Git-er-Dun shut it down!

  • ARMYOF69

    SHUT THEM DOWN…..for two years at least.
    I do not get anything from any government monies….screw those who do…

  • Randy131

    A compromise is coming, which will mean a victory for the Democrats, for the Republicans are afraid of the blame game. Then in 2012 the Democratic campaign slogan will be” “Why vote for a Repuplican who claims they are for spending cuts just to get your vote, but after they’re elected and the rubber meets the road, they know they have to vote with us for whats best for the American under-privileged and poor.”

  • Goober

    Unbelievable! All of this squack about 33 billion or is it 66 billion? When it comes right down to it, you wouldn’t be able to see even a dent in the Trillions that are being thrown away on Crap that doesn’t help even one American. 33 or 66 to Washington is nothing.

  • Reality99r

    All anyone has to remember is it’s the democrats who at the time were in control of the presidency, House, & Senate, who voluntarily, consciously, and deliberately FAILED to submit/pass a current fiscal year budget, for political reasons.

    • M. Thoms

      No Budget…no limit on spending!

  • E.B. Myers

    The Libs say this and that will be shut down.Military pay,SS, etc. They also say the repubs will be blamed for a shut down at election time.

    My question to all of you!
    If the gov. does shut down.
    When elections come, who will you blame for a shut down if it affects your finances.
    Frankly, I know the dems secretly want a shutdown so they can blame the repubs and the Tea Party.
    I say shut er down and lets find out what is non essential.

    • M. Thoms

      “Shutdown” is the wrong word. it is a “SLOW DOWN.” The essentials will still be paid, but it is all the unessential spending that will stop!! That is a GOOD thing.

      Pubs shouldn’t give away their leverage! They need to hold out for defunding Obamacare!

  • http://none B. Jay Schrock

    If there was ever a time to get the government spending under some level of control it is now. The Republicans are not risking a thing unless they permit the Demogods to continue on their destroy the country path.

  • http://x Patty

    I wish Mike Pence would change his mind run for President. I think he has a lot aof advantages. His is conservative and without baggage. He is on the right side of issues. Some of our favorites are going to take a beating and it will detract from the campaign. I think Pence would stand a better chance. We MUST unseat Obama.

  • xingqin

    Perhaps the shutdown would show just how useless many of these overfunded offices are and they could just be left shutdown. Deeper cuts, a call for a balanced budget, defunding of Obamacare, and the so called planned parenthood that allows government funding and baby killing all need to be made issues. Any one of these issues is enough to call for a shutdown. Reid wants to ok killing babies, wants an uncontrolled spending account, and he has no morals, nopatriotic feeling, and his only God is money.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    What part of bankruptcy the politicans don’t get?

  • Dan Creech

    Shut ‘er down!

  • Montie Rumsower

    EVERY time the republicans try to force a budget the first thing the dems scream is they want grandma to eat cat food they want to stop foodstamps. Why can’t they do ANYTHING without fearmongering. Lies deceit blame game and media hyperbole typical liberal trash.

  • Ben F

    Except for Isreal, cut the foreign & United Nations give-aways by at least half and/or cut off the United Nations funding completely, kick them out of the country, impeach Obama and fire all of his advisors & excessive IRS agents, quite printing new money & refuse to trade with countries who are trying to cause the demise of the American Currancy, then drill for oil