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Imam Choudary: Royals May Be Attacked at Wedding

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Anjem Choudary, the British Muslim imam who advocates Sharia law for Britain and calls British soldiers murderers, says the royal wedding in London April 29 is a likely target for a terrorist attack.

Quoting Choudary, London’s Daily Mail reports that the forthcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton might well be a target, and Choudary won’t likely bat an eye if it happens. Choudary, an orthodox Muslim, has repeatedly and publicly justified Koran injunctions that “infidels,” meaning anyone who is not a Muslim, must die.

Choudary was nothing if not candid about what the royals can expect, the Daily Mail reported:

All Muslims should stay away from the public gatherings like the Royal wedding and the Olympics because there is a very high likelihood of an attack.

Prime targets most probably would be public gatherings like that, so I think Muslims in general should stay away to avoid injury.

Choudary also said such an attack must be applauded because of the royal family’s manifest evil:

If my brothers decide to use the opportunity when the world is looking at the Royal Family to pass a message so that we can avoid more deaths of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, that should be applauded.

Prince William has been on military duty in Afghanistan, as well as his brother.

I believe that the Queen and her children are supportive of the war in Afghanistan, which translates to us as a war against Muslims.

Choudary has a long history of hatred for his country and the West.

His Muslim street thugs disrupted a homecoming parade in Luton, just outside London, for British soldiers returning from duty in Afghanistan. British GIs, he says, are cowards and “brutal murderers.” And murdering non-Muslims is a holy cause because “infidels” reject Allah. He wants British Muslims to help terrorists and has called for the execution of Pope Benedict XVI

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  • tod

    The world is run buy money so I doubt that anything will happen at their wedding,after all their some of the heads of The New World Order,nothing happens without their OK.

    • True Patriot

      Just in case I would encourage William to carry a sword, and Kate put an AK-47 underneath her gown.

      They both seem to be warriors more like Dianna.

      Bar Wee and Mooochele aka Mrs. Darth Vader are not invited.

      William was quoted as saying he did not want the Obamas ruining his wedding. Way to go William, got him Mom’s Moxie.

    • Dave

      Who would want to bring a hot dog to a steak roast. NO OBAMA

    • Spar07

      Good Gawd, those muslims can’t leave anyone alone can they? What in hell does the royal wedding have to do with their bull? NOTHING!! How about all of us getting together and go destroy a mosque while they are conducting their services? But, that would place us on their playing field and we would be no better than them.
      However, it would be a good relief of the anger boiling over in me over this right now. Muslims are worse than PIGS with STDs.
      They, with their mindset, have no right to life!!!!

    • Eve

      How about people with pigs 3-4 feet deep around the royal couple? Surrounding them throughout the ceremony

      I gurantee, if something happens to the royal couple, these disgusting thugs better never see the light of day again!

    • Eve

      I’m wondering why… of the reasons maybe because barf and wife were not invited? This man is disgusting and should be kicked out of Britian……hmmmmm thought their claims of islam as a peaceful religion? Seems they claim that when it’s convenient.

    • crystal

      kind of like liberals claiming to be tolerant and caring! Only when it’s convenient!

    • Frank Suszka

      LOL Carry a what? Sword? Oh how quaint. What in the world will a sword do when the person with a gun is shooting at a secluded vantage point? And an AK-47 kept where? She would be dead before she could even think about retrieving it. Obama snubbed? Really? Do you know the facts? He wasn’t invited true. Do you know why? Would security have anything to do with it? The high security precautions that would have to be taken. Oh, you didn’t know that did you. It seems as though Obama will be going to England in May as a tradeoff for not being invited to the wedding. If it were my wedding I wouldn’t invite him and his wife either. It would save the American people a lot of money.

    • Nancy S Davidson

      Extra security might be the reason given but B.O. has disrespected the British since he came into office. He sent back a bust of Winston Churchill that had been a gift to the U.S.; gave the Queen DVDs of B.O.s speeches (wow, what excitement!) and just this week was too tired to see Gordon Brown. Goes back to the way his grandfather was treated by the British in Kenya. No love lost between B.O. and the English!


      You just hit the nail on the head.

    • Wayne

      Are there no laws in England against someone advocating the over throw of their country? If the the Royal wedding is disrupted in some way by Muslins or terrorist I think then the Britt’s will wake up and throw them out of their country as we all should do.

    • http://T Anna

      Bingo!!! barry hussein odumbo and bare arms michelle are baffoons and not welcome because of comments that bare arms michelle made about Princess Diana and they fact that the queen grandmother was highly offended when the baffoon michelle had the gall to hug her, YUCK, can you imagine that? Then barry gave the Queen an ipod with his teleprompter read speeches that someone had written for him. How rude… lol

    • http://x Patty

      Ovomit and”ugly dresser” weren’t invited because of the “gift” that Ovomit gave the queen,……….you remember. The newlyweds didn’t want some thoughtless gift from the Obamas……some gift that pointed out how wonderful Obama thought he was.

    • AppraisHer

      Hey Frank, security doesn’t seem to be a problem when Barry and Moochelle go on vacation or when he stops in the corner restaurant to campaign or when they went on their “dates” that cost us millions. Those two don’t care about the cost of security for our country or any other, if they were invited they would show up like the trash that they are. Guess they thought they could insult the Brits and still get an invite, thumbs up to Wm and Kate for their good taste. Oh…about Choudry, 3 taps to the forehead in Picadilly Circus.

    • Sues

      Calm down Frank. I believe he was being metaphoric. This is yet another problem with Americans. Loss of sense of humor and now the loss of use of the metaphor. What next? It’s not even our country, just a heavy ally. And believe me they’ve got Scotland Yard. That’s a heck of a lot better than our CIA or FBI. Save your anger for 2012 – there’s an election coming up. Get angry at Obama and vote him out. Hey, the Brits did.

    • WASP

      Throw that raghead in jail right now and have military security with real ammo, no rubber bullets. WTF is it with those limey retards? The rags are taking over their country and they stand around sucking their thumb. The dumbass E.U allowed MASSIVE raghead immigration into their countries, plus the birthrate amongst the native population has been low while the rags are propagating like rabbits. Smart move, and the libtards in the US are duplicating it here with Mexicans.

    • Am2sweet

      Come to think of it maybe the Royal couple would be safer inviting the Obama’s. Since he’s Muslim maybe the Muslims wouldn’t want to risk hurting Obama since he’s one of them and is working on letting them all take over this country. They wouldn’t want someone else as president who would kick out all the Muslims.

    • Karen

      Good for Prince William. Have a great day.

    • khatley

      I think the problem is simple to solve, and the British government is foolish for not taking care of it. Simply use one of the Assassins form MI-5 Black Ops to send this idiot to Allah.

    • Jeanne

      Another good reason to deport Muslims such as he for the safety of English citizens.

    • Spar07

      Deport all of them at the point of a gun telling them if they ever set foot on American soil again, NO holds barred!!!

    • henrard Théo

      ces musulmans ont une excuse Ils se cachent derrière leur livre saint qui leur prescrit de nous attaquer. Les vrais coupables sont NOS politiciens qui leur permettent de telles déclarations. NOS lois sont trop laxistes face à cette racaille ! Un lecteur belge.


      Je ne parle France.

  • David

    Why do the Brits allow this POS Muslim vermin to remain in the country? Where are the Patriots in England? Why is there not one willing to take this scumbag out. It would be easy.

    • Ileana Eliza Paunica

      I ask myself the same thing. They put in jail a frustrated airtraveler, who twitted that he would blow up the airport, which was not prepared to deal with so much snow, because he lost a flight to somewhere very important for him. But do not throw out of good old GB a wanna be gulag foreman, who want to transform the planet Earth in a sharia law gulag. Way to go!!


    • http://ACsays Ace


    • A. Juster

      Yes, there will always be an England as long as Scotland stands….and under A.Salmond even Scotland is having a hard time standing…

    • Sues

      Well, they do have the Scotland Yard. I’m sure those people will be working a lot of over time for this occasion. As for the Obama’s, it would be nothing more than another photo op for them both. Who wants that on their wedding day? Besides, the walls of West Minster Abbey might fall as the Obamas entered. And let’s not forget that Barry sent the bust of Churchill back to England during his first year in the WH. What a fool we have for a potus.

  • Kendall

    This scumbag should deported immediately along with the rest of the Islamist vermin.

    • jewel taylor

      He should be assainated!!!!

    • rebel 44

      jewel, I agree!! ISLAM DELENDA EST !!!

    • Toni

      One problem with that is he is a natural born Brit. I too think he is despicable, and should be jailed. His demeanor and followers only emphasize why we should limit immigration of Muslims to America. They will not assimilate, and want to overturn the Constitution for Sharia Law. Mark my words we are going to have serious problems with the Muslim population, their allegiance is first to Islam and second to America. When push comes to shove they will stand with Muslims. Hum…were did I here that? Oh yeah, Obama said that in his book. But he is not a Muslim? Anymore???

    • Irene

      The British, like the Americans, tend to cowtow to everyone and giving up OUR rights in the process. As for this one particular muslim, if he was indeed born in Britan, therefore a Englishman who cannot be deported, how about trying him for “TREASON”?!?! Works for me. And when you’re done with him, let’s deport hussein obama – not a legal citizen of the U.S.A., just Kenya.

  • Anonymous

    This bastard needs to mind his own f*cking business and leave everyone else the hell alone! I’m sorry about my language, but this a**hole infuriates the hell outta me!

  • Nina

    Amen to all of the above. If they don’t like our way of life, they should not be allowed to live among us. They were not invited to come to any of the western countries, they came on their own volition, so they should abide by our rules and subjected to our laws. What is wrong with the western world?

    • Allen

      What makes you so sure they weren’t invited?

    • just wondering

      If they were invited it was by their own that came before them. Normals sure don’t want them. They all need to go back to the cesspool they left because they thought it was so bad.

    • Am2sweet

      There was a listing a month ago of guests and the Obamas weren’t on it. Can’t do the whole list but regarding the countries listed where anyone was invited the U S was left out.

      Their Majesties H.M. King Albert II and H.M. Queen Paola
      Their Royal Highnesses H.R.H. Crown Prince Philippe and H.R.H. Crown Princess Mathilde
      Their Royal Highnesses H.R.H. Princess Astrid and H.R.H. Prince Lorenz
      H.R.H. Prince Laurent and H.R.H. Princess Marie Claire

      Their Majesties H.M. King Simeon and H.M. Queen Margarita
      H.R.H. Prince Kyril
      H.R.H. Princess Rosario

      H.M. Queen Margrethe II and H.R.H. Prince Henrik
      H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik and H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary
      H.R.H. Prince Christian, Page Boy
      Captain of H.M. The Queen’s Naval Household Lars Rosendahl Christothersen, Commander of Dannebrog

      H.E. Republic of Finland’s President Mrs Tarja Halonen and Doctor Pentti Arajärvi, LL D

      H.M. King Constantine and H.M. Queen Anne-Marie
      H.R.H. Princess Alexia, Mrs Morales and Mr Carlos Morales Quintana
      H.R.H. Prince Nikolaos and Ms Tatiana Blatnik
      H.R.H. Prince Philipos

      H.E. Iceland’s President Dr Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson and Mrs Dorrit Moussaieff

      H.I.H. Crown Prince Naruhito and H.I.H. Crown Princess Masako

      H.M. King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein and H.M. Queen Rania al Abdullah
      H.R.H. Prince Ali bin Al Hussein and H.R.H. Princess Rym Ali
      H.R.H. Prince El Hassan bin Talal and H.R.H. Princess Sarvath El Hassan
      H.R.H. Prince Rashid bin El Hassan
      H.R.H. Princess Noor bint Asem

      Former Yugoslavia
      H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander and H.R.H. Crown Princess Katherine

      S.D. Erbprinz Alois von und zu Liechtenstein and Prinzessin Sophie I.K.H. von und zu Liechtenstein

      H.R.H. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg and H.R.H. The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
      S.A.R. Le Grand-Duc Héréditaire Guillaume de Luxembourg
      H.R.H. Prince Félix of Luxembourg

      S.A.S. Le Prince Albert II
      Ms. Charlene Wittstock

      The Netherlands
      H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands
      H.R.H. the Prince of Orange, and H.R.H. Princess Máxima of the Netherlands
      H.R.H. Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Bridesmaid
      H.R.H. Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau and H.R.H. Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau
      H.R.H. Prince Constantijn and H.R.H. Princess Laurentien

      H.M. King Harald V and H.M. Queen Sonja
      H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon and H.R.H. Crown Princess Mette-Marit
      H.R.H. Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Bridesmaid
      Princess Märtha Louise and Mr Ari Behn
      Captain Frank Bondø, the Royal Ship Norge

      H.R.H. Crown Princess Margarita, and H.R.H. Prince Radu of Romania

      Their Majesties H.M. King Juan Carlos I and H.M. Queen Sofia
      H.R.H. the Prince of Asturias, Spain, and H.R.H. the Princess of Asturias
      H.R.H. the Infanta Doña Elena de Borbon
      H.R.H. the Infanta Doña Cristina and H.E. Don Iñaki Urdangarin

      United Kingdom
      H.R.H. The Earl of Wessex and H.R.H. The Countess of Wessex
      Commander Nick Cooke-Priest, Commander of HMS Kent

      H.R.H. Princess Benedikte and H.H. Prince Richard zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
      S.D. Prinz Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
      Ms Carina Axelsson
      I.D. Prinzessin Alexandra and Jefferson-Fredrich Graf von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth
      I.D. Prinzessin Nathalie and Mr Alexander Johannsmann
      S.K.H. Prinz Manuel von Bayern and I.K.H. Prinzessin Anna von Bayern
      S.H. Erbprinz Hubertus von Sachsen- Coburgund Goth and I.H. Prinzessin Kelly von Sachsen- Coburgund Gotha

      The Swedish Parliament (Riksdag)
      Speaker Per Westerberg and Psychiatrist Ylwa Westerberg
      First Deputy Speaker Jan Björkman, (Soc Dem), and Rector Karmen Björkman
      Second Deputy Speaker Birgitta Sellén, (Centre), and Agriculturalist Sven-Olov Sellén
      Third Deputy Speaker Liselott Hagberg, (Lib), and Police Inspector Göran Hagberg
      Secretary-General of the Riksdag Anders Forsberg, Sweden. Secretariat of the Chamber, and Birgitta Forsberg, M.Phil.
      Head of Section Lars Starell, Riksdag´s International Office, and Teacher Christina Starell

    • Chris

      We are unwilling to admit and call a muslim a muslim!! We are either stupid or afraid of the consequences! We must take control, before they do, since that is their very reason for being Here! They are here to convert us or kill us, that is what the quran tells them to do. Now, they even have a muslim in Our White House, to further their efforts!! Will you stand up and defend Our Lord Jesus Christ? If Yes, then stand with others who want to rid Our nation of muslims and strengthen Christianity!
      Goggle: Patriotic Christians Today and wear Our message, that 82% of Americans are Christian and God rules!! Choose Your side in this Holy war.

    • marylee

      maybe we should adopt the rules of Australia
      go by our laws…or leave

    • Eve

      Uh yes….but their prime minister loves her country and her people……and has courage………somthing our weenee leader feels nothing of the above. He hates Americans! Sorry, he’s NOT a leader…..he unfortunately just happens to reside in the white house…..because of an election that was “bought” for him

    • zephyr

      Believe me, don’t count on going by Australian law, we don’t enforce it. We have plenty of Muslims here, making trouble, trying to take over and making statements and they are all still here. Our leader is very much like Obama and we are headed in the same direction as the USA, just a little slower and less obvious if your focus is on sports and beer. Nuff said.

  • george

    Since they like Afghanistan and allah so much they should live there and practice their twisted beliefs there and not bother normal people!!! They can wear those condoms on their heads all they want there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dale

    There is no reason to allow such scum to remain in any country other than their own. They left their own countries or remained where born and are intent on destroying the countries in which they live. As far as I’m concerned not a single one of them deserves to live another second. If we don’t banish them then just kill them before they kill us. We’re ignoring all the flags. Why?

  • Bea

    I thought the same thing.
    Why are the Brits allowing this guy to suck air?
    His comments aren’t just bad taste. It is a threat and a warning.

    • George Winston III

      The UK is WAY more progressive/liberal/grabbing ankles than the US. The UK’s “conservative party” would be considered VERY moderate here. The UK is a lost cause in terms of its founding doctrines. The UK still believe that socialized medicine IS the way to go.. :(… but London is a very beautiful city!

      Oh, if you want more thoughts on the UK. You will pay tax about 10 times (even pay tax on tax…. on tax) to buy a car… then you have to buy permits, clean air cards, emissions testing, insurance, city passes (for London), and parking fees. All of that is of course VAT’d (VAT is their “everything” tax, stands for “Value Added Tax”). It’s what Obummer & Co. are trying to do here.

    • Toni

      And why has the USA given him entry into our country to go on TV for interviews? He is a terrorist, whether he is a Imam or not. The rhetoric is radical, and NY, Boston, Queens, Buffalo is filled with like minded scumbags waiting for the likes of him to plan the next attack on Americans.

  • George Winston III

    These people claim to be of peace, but they cannot do as the equally extreme other religions do and just shut up. They must spread their disease and try to infect as many as they can – or – failing that, to kill as many as they can as collateral damage to their objective.
    I would personally love to put a bullet into this Imam’s head, but he’s likely well protected.

    I have met several clerics, imams, and leaders of various religious organizations. The majority of them all preach the same story (love others as yourself, peace, etc.)… it’s these wackos who look for the single phrase that maybe misinterpreted into a “Jihad against the West” that we must be wary of.

    • notabobblehead

      Let’s not forget that their job, according to their “holy” book is to deceive the infidel, so lying is not just a part of their religion, it’s expected. When any muslim behaves peacefully and is kind they are suspect to me because of this. This religion of peace is nothing at all such. It unashamedly calls for the destruction of those who do not believe as they do. If the more “moderate” among them are not followers of this bloody mentality, then why do they remain muslim (barring the obvious reason of threat of death)? If Christianity were to call for all Christians to lie to deceive and murder innocent people simply because they would not “defect”, then I would not remain one if it were not my belief that this should be practiced.

    • Dave

      Just what obama the muslim does. He deceives America. Look at what he says and watch what he does. Not the same.

  • Harold Hamberger

    In this country voiceing threats against the President is a felony… Why do the British allow this Camel Jockey to make threats against the Royal family and remain outside the Law?

  • Jeff

    If anything should happen at/during the wedding, I’d have no pity for ANY mudslime in the UK. I’d be willing to bet too, that right after the riots that they caused against themselves, there will be a mass exodus of mudslimes!

    • Stephen Tareila

      Yes, and many to the United States since O’Drama has removed bad guys from the “These may not come here list”. Muslims and some really bad ones are coming to the United States in larger numbers!

  • Russell Atchison

    Its too bad the Brit’s didn’t kill more of the devil’s disciples. They will have their time and pass into history just like the Nazi’s. They the muslims may kill the weak but the strong and prepared will kill the pigs as they deserve.

  • GDI

    Britain needs to deport this person. He incites hatred.

    • http://ACsays Ace


    • Toni

      Obama would probably put him on his Religion Outreach Council along side of all the C.A.I.R. thugs who are plotting America’s demise. Muslim’s are allowed to lie to further the cause of Islam. It is in the Qu’ ran under Taqiyya (means deception in Arabic).You can read it on-line Qu’ran 3:28 and 16:106.
      Shariah Law dictates that non-Muslims be given three choices, Submit as a 2nd-class citizen (dhimmis), Convert to Islam, or be killed. Doesn’t sound like a tolerant, kind religion to me. The Qu’ran commands Muslims to carry out Jihad until the House of War (Shariah is enforced). Those Liberals that think it is a misunderstood religion, and anyone who speaks against Islam are bigots are playing right into the hands of these people. They are counting on fools like that to achieve their goal of bringing Sharia dominance to America and the demise of our Constitution. Liberal fools discount this ever happening. I’m sure the Progressives in France, England, Netherlands, Germany thought the same thing years ago. They are seeing Sharia entrenching in their countries
      and have said Islam/Muslim’s don’t assimulate. They have a serious problem now, and cannot reverse it. America must restrict Muslim immigration. We do not want this problem here.


      Obummer would make him the czar of sharia rights

  • BobRGeologist

    Islam is an absoloutist religion whose goal is to ultimately rule the world. This Imam deserves immediate deportation. He should be advised that any Muslim terrorist activity against the Royal family will resort in the
    deportation of all who who will not renounce their loyalty to Allah.

  • howard

    How twisted we have become trying to tolerate radical muslims who wish to destroy the very nations that have allowed them more freedom than any Arab nation would grant them. Example Michael Savage a patriotic American and talk show host, popular with millions who listen to his show daily, has been banned from Britain, but the British tolerate this?

  • JohnC. Freeport, NY

    This guy should be taken down! I volunteer.

  • SAM

    There will be open season on Muslims if anything happens at the wedding to the Royals or the crowds.

  • jewel taylor

    A bullet in the head!

  • Gloria

    Jesus warned us in the Bible that this was going to happen, He said to beware of Wolves in sheep clothing. Now the pack is all over the world and spreading like RATS. To bad our government “USA” weren’t Really Christians, maybe if they would have read our instruction book, ” The Bible” they could have seen beyond the all mighty dollar from the East, and kept those Murders out.

  • Christian Van Niekerk

    Every country, Britain, USA, France, Hollans, Belgium etc, deserves what they are getting from these evile savages.

    The Muslims are having babies, like mice breed. Their agenda is to take over every country and turn the world into one huge Islamic religion, with an Islamic caliphate.

    Yet, these countries are condemning Israel for protecting itself against this evil.
    These countries are all endorsing the boycott Israel, Divest from Israel, dont buy from Israel, etc, to satisfy the Arab/Islamic murderers of Israelis
    The French have even called Israel, “that shitty little country”
    The answer is to expel every last one of them, to return to their deserts whence they came, before they will be swamped by these evil savages.

    I also appeal to every countyry to wake up and support that small country, Israel from islamic expansionism.

    Stop trying to enforce Israel to hand over Jerusalem and any other biblical areas to those evil savages.

    Muslims cant even live in peace with Muslims as we see now.

    • Dave

      Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more, Christian.

  • Dave

    Amjem can spout his poison with impunity (and keep picking up his dole checks without blushing) because the Brits are so whipped and pathetic–starting with Prince Charles, who loves Islam and who said some years ago, “Instead of Defender of the Faith, why can’t I be Defender of the Faiths?”

    He bows to Islam every chance he gets, speaks of Muslim culture as if it has produced anything other than bloodshed and mayhem.
    His son William is so much more worthy. May the crown never go to Charles. May William and the English eject the Muslims from their island as resolutely as William rejected the Obamas from their wedding.

    • A. Juster

      Why do you lot keep saying the ‘ENGLISH’ as if they were the be all and end of be all?
      They are the weak point of the U.K. They are so PC they can’t even reason any more.

  • John

    Obama said the US should be more like the European’s I don’t think so. They ought to throw the Muslin’s out of the country. I don’t like the sob’s. What a miseralbe bunch or fantics.

  • http://http John Williams

    Gee aren’t they peace loving people? The Bible says you can tell the faith of a Believer in Jesus Christ by his works, applying this to Muslims you can tell the commitment of a Muslim by his hate.

  • Robert

    If Choudary has a long history of hatred for his country and the West, why doesn’t he go and live in a Islamic country? In fact, why doesn’t the UK export the radicals that want to harm instead of supporting the western ideals that give them this freedom?

  • Hugh Billeaud, III

    Send the Muslim bastard back to his ‘Paradise in the Sand’ with the rest of his murderous cronies. But, cut out his tongue first!

  • sean murrey

    Then they should hide weapons in the kates gown and william carry a 9mm.

  • Homer

    Understand this: the KJV Bible says that the Muslims is a wild man, and his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him Gen 16:12 Ismael was the father of the Muslims and he is a danger to this world. He will seek and continues to do so, to convert the world to Islam! SO NEVER TRUST a MUSLIM, especially the one in the w.h. They can’t be trusted! Taqiyya is lying to a Muslim and Jihad is the 6th pillar of Islam! “BEWARE”

    • Raymond

      Briton invited muslims into their land
      and now they will suffer for such stupidity…

      Muslims are brute beasts.

    • Raymond

      Homer says:
      April 10, 2011 at 9:36 am
      Understand this: the KJV Bible says that the Muslims is a wild man, and his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him Gen 16:12 Ismael was the father of the Muslims and he is a danger to this world. He will seek and continues to do so, to convert the world to Islam! SO NEVER TRUST a MUSLIM, especially the one in the w.h. They can’t be trusted! Taqiyya is lying to a Muslim and Jihad is the 6th pillar of Islam! “BEWARE”

      Hi Homer,
      i’m glad to see that i’m not the only person on
      this website who does his/her homework..


    • Raymond

      Homer says:
      April 10, 2011 at 9:36 am
      Understand this: the KJV Bible says that the Muslims is a wild man, and his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him Gen 16:12 Ismael was the father of the Muslims and he is a danger to this world. He will seek and continues to do so, to convert the world to Islam! SO NEVER TRUST a MUSLIM, especially the one in the w.h. They can’t be trusted! Taqiyya is lying to a Muslim and Jihad is the 6th pillar of Islam! “BEWARE”

      Hi Homer,
      i’m glad to see that i’m not the only person on
      this website who does his/her homework..

      Visit http://www.chickdotcom

    • Raymond

      Homer says:
      April 10, 2011 at 9:36 am
      Understand this: the KJV Bible says that the Muslims is a wild man, and his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him Gen 16:12 Ismael was the father of the Muslims and he is a danger to this world. He will seek and continues to do so, to convert the world to Islam! SO NEVER TRUST a MUSLIM, especially the one in the w.h. They can’t be trusted! Taqiyya is lying to a Muslim and Jihad is the 6th pillar of Islam! “BEWARE”

      Hi Homer,
      i’m glad to see that i’m not the only person on
      this website who does his/her homework..

      Visit –

  • Homer

    And OH By the way! This is happening to “BRITIAN” because of her stand against the Jews at the Balfour Declaration in 1917 (I believe) when Winston Churchhill gave land that legally belongs to the Jews to the Muslims. Winnie the Pooh, with the stroke of his pen gave Jewish land to the Muslims and made “Trans Jordon” That is why the Muslims are overrunning England! There is ONLY one way to change that, and I doubt Britian will, is to “RETURN” to the “OLD PATHS” Jer 6:16 So…England will be consumed by Muslims! The U.S.A. is NEXT if we do NOT return and resist these INFEDELS and reprobates known as Muslims!!

  • just wondering

    What I would like to know is this. If dying for allah is so wonderful,why are they still alive. Why don’t they just crawl up a mountain and blow themselves up. Why are they being warned to stay away from the wedding so they don’t get killed themselves,isn’t that how they get their virgins? If they really need to take other people with them, they can take each other.

  • George

    When are the Brits going to get smart and deport this idiot Imam? Our country is going to have the very same problems Europe is having with Muslims and it may not be to far off.

    • marylee

      I think sooner than we think!! They are in every state – and breeding like rabbits! Have heard in 20 years they will vote a muslim into the whitehouse, there will be so many of them that are “born in USA”!

    • zephyr

      You haven’t noticed their man is already in the white house?

  • stephen russell

    Get MI6 & MI 5 involved & Brit Royalk Army for defense.

  • marian cranford


    Plant a pig:
    The Spaniards’ Brilliant Idea !!

    In Seville Spain , local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a pig on the site, and made sure this would be known by the local press.

    The Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a Mosque on “pig soiled ground.” The Muslims had to cancel the project. This land was sold to them by government officials.

    No protests were needed by the local people…and it worked!

    Plant a pig

    In Texas they have an over abundance of feral pigs. They could send them all over the countryand just plant them everywhere!
    After all, contaminated soil would surely drift and they could create new job programs by having soil testers to determine where contaminated soil existed.

    Of course, high on the mountaintops of the Rockies or other mountain ranges they might find some uncontaminated soil, but then building a mosque there would pose some problems.

    Americans, put on your thinking caps and let’s find a solution to this problem of a spreading menace to the American way of life! If pigs are the answer, let’s do it!

    Your Committee for the Betterment of America !

    Let’s keep this going! Send it on!

  • Cathy

    I’m all for lining the perimeter of the ceremony with bacon. Hang bacon everywhere…cooked. The smell will be inviting to most but will be to Muslims like a silver stake in the heart is to a vampire.
    Seriously, God forbid, but if that should happen, every Muslim in every country should be banned and sent back to the hellhole they came from. Borders of all CIVILIZED societies should be closed to all people from the Middle East. The world should shun ALL Muslims. Let them raise hell in their own countries. We’re sick of them and their Sharia, burkas, sick beliefs and violent intent. ENOUGH and GET TOUGH!

  • Jack

    Why are they concerned with the Brits killing innocents, they kill more of their own people than the Brigs ever could!

  • patriot45

    And these people want everyone to believe this is a peacful religion? Of course if you’re totally ignorant, and have no idea what has happened and continues to to happen all over the world a total idiot might believe these radical hate mongers. How many Christian pastors would openly advocate hate and support the murder of innocent people. ZERO. But islamists do it everyday, and everywhere.

  • George B Vieto

    In the words of Dirty Harry Calahan “Go ahead make my day! and you feel lucky punk? Well do you.” in case the Iman is going to disrupt the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

  • Texan for America

    This idiot can threaten, or call for, the lives of people and nothing happens to him. But if a hard working decent man were to say those words, he would be thrown under the jail and might be question.

    Rather it is you, Choudary, and all Muslims who are cowards. Look at who you follow, a murdering rapist with no morals. Step out from behind your wall of morons and step into the light with a real man and see who walks out.

    Muslims won’t fight you face to face, they will hide, bomb you (with some idiot strapped to a perfectly good bomb), they will call you names (from afar), and threaten to kill you. Oh ya, and blow up everything they can.

    When was the last time you saw Obama, oops err I mean Osama bin Laden walking around with his head held high. NEVER… He is always talking from some remote location in his cowardly video..
    Thus, in short, it is MUSLIMS who are the cowards..

  • Will Turner

    The middle east all except the land of the Jews should be turned into a big glass field. Find the rags anywhere in the world and get rid of them, send them to the 72 virgins.

  • http://none dave buls

    you know what? if we would get out of Afghanistan, Choudary would have no argument. why are the US and the UK in Afghanistan? this should signal an end to this. Afghans don’t want us there, including the president of Afghanistan. if muslims don’t want us there, let’s get out!! then, we could have ceremonies in peace, and the muslims won’t get under our skin.

  • beto

    This MF’n SOB has a death wish and if anybody can deliver it, it’s the Brits. These are legetimant death threats. Why is’nt the law of the world doing anything about this. This is pathetic! The world has become nothing but currs/pussies to these neanderthal morons.