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LA Senator investigates oil money sent to Brazil

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter reinvigorated his pursuit Friday for the reasons behind why the administration is providing South American countries money to produce oil.

“U.S. domestic energy policy cannot be based on crippling access, stifling permitting, and increasing taxes on production – as President Obama has recently proposed – while at the same time loaning billions to foreign government-owned entities to produce abroad,” Vitter said. “These loans may well create numerous jobs domestically for U.S. businesses to sell product overseas. However, there is no doubt that domestic production creates domestic jobs that cannot be shipped overseas.”

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (ExIm) has loaned Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, and Columbia’s national oil company, Ecopetrol, $2 billion and nearly $1 billion

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  • Bea

    Did you listen to the whole ad by Stansberry and Associates?

    It was to get you to invest in Petrobras!

    That is George Soros; and the Brazil oil rigs that Obama banned from drilling in OUR OWN GULF!
    Our rigs went to Brazil to drill and we are paying them.
    They are drilling DEEPER than ours were in the ‘dangerous gulf’!

    Follow the money, Honey.

    • slo

      Press is ignoring it, sad

    • EddieW

      Since Sorros gave Obozo 500 Million for his Pres. campaign, and owns most of the stock in the brazil oil, he gets a few Billion back on his investment!! simple business deal!

    • http://x Patty

      Eddie? Isn’t that amound illegal? Isn’t there a limit on campaign fund contributions? It {the Brazialian oil deal} would be a conflict of interest, anyway.

    • Hank

      Just a few days left.

      Try this experiment with me!

      Click on my name to send two particularly obnoxious fellows packing. One a RINO and one an avowed Communist.

      I will not deny for a second that this is personal, but at the same time it can be fun.

      No need to get too nasty (I have already done enough for everyone I am sorry to say), just give ‘em what-for!

    • Idarae

      Patty, if you really want to see whats illegal go to and also and you will wonder what is wrong with this picture. Obama is neither a US citizen,or a Lawyer he flunked out of Columbia at one time, homeless,junkie, among other things..Check it out…

    • American 2

      When did Obama ever worry about conflict of interest??????

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      JUST LIKE ALL THAT $$$$ “”he”” GOT FROM moose slum COUNTRIES !!!!

    • T.R.T.

      Where did Obama get the money to loan out to BRAZIL? He should have put it towards the national debt! China bought up all the oil that will come from these new wells long ago. So much for U.S.A. being “their best customer” as stated by Obama.

    • Nanna Gail

      T.R.T.: I wonder if the $500 Billion dollars BO and company STOLE from Medicare was used to send to Brazil. I would have said “Used for his Election campaign”, but it was still in the coffers from what I have heard until they signed the stinking OBAMACARE into law last year, and then it was gone.

    • John B

      I think it is time our Congress step up and do what we sent them to do! Stop Obama! Stop him from giving away the money we must borrow to give! Congress, get you backbone, or we WILL Send others who will!!

    • Dee

      Damn george soros and damn obummer

    • LindaG

      That’s about the craziest comment that I’ve seen all day! What do you mean no big deal?? It’s not his own personal money that he used to invest, it’s tax-payer’s money and it is a bi deal! He doesn’t have the right to use mine or your money to pay off his cronies period! Explain to me just one way that this transaction helps out the USA!

    • Chuck

      PETROBRAS is state owned.

    • Retired USAF Chief

      The AP is not; Obama Strengthens George Soros’ Oil Interests In Brazil.

    • Andrée N

      It is my understanding, Tim, that the evil George Soros sold his shares of Petrobras and is not longer a shareholder … according to Glenn Beck. Do you have other information?

    • American 2

      The last I heard from Glenn Beck was that Soros largest investment was this Brazilian drilling company……. to the tune of $900 million.

      This is just part of Obama’s plan to redistribute the wealth from the US to other countries…….. and bankrupt the US !!

    • Chuck

      The U.S. has no money and owes $14 trillion dollars. Does that mean we are bankrupt? Do you have some way to pay $14 trillion?

    • steamroller

      OMG, Bea! No, I didn’t know that! I didn’t listen to the whole Stansberry ad — it was too long! But, when I heard an ad for it the other day, I did think to myself, “Who can afford to pay for all these ads?” I should have put my thinking cap on …. $oros, of course!

    • Nanna Gail

      Steamroller: Like yourself, I found it toooo long and always wound up closing it down. I did however know that Soros was a shareholder of Petrobas. I was told about that 2 years ago, by a friend in Vermont. What I can’t understand is, if I am not mistaken, Martin Weiss PHD, is one of those touting this Stansberry video as a good thing. Will have to do some research on this and make sure I am not giving them a bum rap here though.
      Martin Weiss, is head of Weiss Research Inc. and he is also the one who has just given the USA a credit grading of “C”. I have been taking investment and economic advice from Weiss Research for about 8-9 years and they have always been right on.

    • Lenora Barber

      Is there any way to find out how much money obama got, or is getting, personally, from either Brazil or Soros? Just wondering!!

    • delores hill

      All you have to do is remember the money that Soros gave during obamas election and you have the reason we are giving our American jobs and American money to Brazill

    • Richard

      It leads to all and we pay.

      The stage has been and continues to be set nationally intentionally or unintentionally to divide and keep freedom loving people from standing as one. They will never stop treating all of us like fools and we keep acting like fools. It is easy to unit socialist fools and separate independent thinkers and earners. Thus we lose again. There is only one way out. Vote all of them out!

      I am just blindly tossing seeds. If you are convinced that it cannot be done then I am not the only one here pouring perfume on pigs in here. I may be the only one not singing to a choir.

      Protect your right for self-persuasion. Only those with a strong will to maintain numbers and a defensive army will prosper. The two party system is of one breed, greed. Acquired power by taking and enough people gladly granted for payments or sainthoods since the early 1800’s.

      The more people that engage in distraction the easier it is for the focused. Go to or some blogs allow you to click on my name or keep believing that you can turn a pig pen into a play pen without removing the pigs.

      I am not selling anything or earning anything when I ask you to go to, just trying to get us to work together as one. In some blogs you can click on my name.

    • rt

      Who ever is running against Obama has a lot of ammunition during the 2012 campaign. Why is this man allowed to do whatever he wants? Isn’t this the reason we do have three forms of government. Why are we paying these other countries to produce oil? MAKES NO DAMN SENSE!!!!!!!THOSE JOBS CAN BE HERE IN THE STATES PROVIDING A LIFE FOR MANY AMERICANS, AND LESS DEPENDED ON FOREIGN OIL. AMERICA WAKE UP OUT OF YOUR SLUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rt


    • Red

      The real question is why? His most vulgar crime was the laughable forgery he presented as his birth certicate. A criminal act of the first water and almost nary a peep from the media.

  • http://ThePatroitUpdate Steve

    Why would our president put so many restrictions, taxes, and penalties on domestic oil companies to drill in Untied States? Even if we could get the oil, (and there’s plenty at home) there is no way to refine it. There is no incentive for domestic oil companies to research, drill, and refine are own oil. Why are our gas prices so high? Ask Obama. If you don’t think this intentional then your head is planted so deep into the sand, all your going to see is China. Our country is intentionally being destroyed so it can be built back up the socialist way. Right now, today, there is 3% of the world population that is controlling the rest of us. The intent is to have a one nation world! Wake Up! This didn’t happen over night.

    • David in MA

      My question is how can the president do any of these things without the involvement and consent of congress?
      obozo is acting illegally, obozo is a criminal.

    • Retired USAF Chief

      He’s doing it on the orders of George Soros by way of Executive Order.

    • Hank








    • Nanna Gail

      Exactly right Retired USAF Chief. Obviously, there is no way to stop BO, without first STOPPING SOROS. If you know what I mean. They all should be arrested and charged with HIGH TREASON.

    • ARMYOF69

      SOROS CAN BE STOPPED with one piece of very hot lead.

    • stevor

      Yes, Obummer IS acting with the “consent of congress”. They’re all bought off and those who weren’t bought off are probably being blackmailed or threatened that they’ll lose their jobs and they care more about their own finances than that of the “peasants”.

    • http://x Patty



      The President is not supposed to run the country, it is supposed to be Congress….but for some unknown reason “they” are not doing their jobs. I am starting to wonder how many of them are getting kick backs from all of this, plus the fact they have no nads. I feel that some of the old timers in Congress know that their gravey train is going to be cut off in 2012, and they are afraid. Maybe that is why they are doing nothing…..get as much as they can get now, while the getting is good for them.

    • Red

      They are obviously afraid, but of what, I don’t know. Our dictator tries to pass a forged document as his birth certficate and the main stream media barely mentions it!

    • jackm70

      Porter Stansberry is a fraud. Ask anyone who followed this turds lead on investing in a company called Antigenics. Stansberry claimed over and over again that this was the best investment he has ever seen in his entire career. What a crock of s#*t. Of course the stock shot up for a while, then tanked because his reports were dead WRONG.
      This AH couldn’t afford the thousands of radio ads they’ve been playing hawking his internet video. Somebody B-I-G is behind this phony initiative. I wouldn’t believe a word this POS says.

    • CUFFIE

      The question is this: If a man/woman has a really good investment idea, what does he gain by posting it on the internet? As another poster wrote: Follow the money, honey.

    • randy131

      They buy lots of the stock first, put it on the internet as a great investment to get other fools to buy it, and when they do and start driving the price of the stock up, the ones who put it on the internet sell before the bubble burst and make huge profits off those fools, who listened to what they said when they put it on the internet, who then bought the stock.

    • Retired USAF Chief

      You’re right, it’s the Soros “New World Order”.

    • CUFFIE

      I agree Soros is a big part of it. However, so are the Clintons, the Obamas, and a lot of people (including supposed conservatives) that you would never suspect. There are two books: (1) Brotherhood of Darkness (this is a good beginning lesson) (2) Hope of the Wicked) Both are good. Also, don’t take too lightly what is going on with HAARP. My brother was on the team that discovered radar that could detect low-flying planes. That was NORAD. My guess is that, over the years, NORAD morphed into HAARP, which is much more advanced and has far-reaching goals and consequences…many of which are not benign. He must be turning in his grave.

    • Bill

      It just about has to happen this way. The only thing standing in the way of the antichrist is freedom loving Americans and especially Christians. The antichrist is going to be handed power. The world has to be socialist and have the people under government control in order for this to happen. There is no doubt in my mind about this. And just like Noah’s day; corruption and violence rule the day —

  • 1minuteman

    im glad he is at least investigaing this. if nothing else he might be able to expose what obama is doing and hurt obama in 2012. we need a lot of investigations into obama and fast.

    • Roberta

      Right ON!!!! Be careful the left will play
      the race card against you.

    • Ray Mason

      I’m a white guy. They can call me racist all they want, doesn’t bother me anymore. The real racist in this country are not white.

  • Roberta

    The approx. 40% that received more back from
    IRS than they paid in will continue to vote
    from Obama despite high oil prices. Barack
    is their sugar daddy.

  • bsfurg

    Has obama agoen to far to stop him now.. and when will the american wake up and do some reading and checking on obama he is such a crook that its hard to keep track of whats hes doing… did we ever think we would have a president that is trying to take america down for his own purpose… 57% of the ppl still think hes for them and there safty… we cant let him get that far.. somethink has to be done to stop him…

    • dotherightthing

      They are fools. It is glaringly obvious that it is a strategic plan to bring down the United States financially, culturally, morally…they will crash the economy, just like Soros did to so many other countries and then the One Word government and global currency will be implemented. I believe this is where all this is headed. Obama does not love America, has no respect for Her history, he does not share our narrative.The issue of “checking his college records” is more a matter of “follow the money”–the Saudis funded his education and greased the wheels for his admission to Harvard…there was a reason…and we are all seeing it play out.

    • Nanna Gail

      dotherightthing: He didn’t count on the strength of the American people in his endeavours to bring our country down.
      Yes, the American people WERE “asleep at the wheel”, but now many, many, of them have awoken and are ready and willing to fight. I count myself among those ready and willing. If I die trying to save our country, so be it. Don’t count America down and out yet.
      God Bless America and her Patriotic folks.

  • sean murrey

    i invest in american companies not other countries stock good to see a congressman with a pair investigating this sham.

  • Madman

    Just sit back and except the little checks
    from Obama and when you find out that’s not
    working well you can wipe the crap out of your eyes and off your face and wake up!!!!!

    • Retired USAF Chief

      Where are you going to get those checks when the money runs out? Print some more worthless paper.

  • Rubicon

    On the race card… that has been used so often in so many unrelated cases, that the word & its meaning no longer has the moral authority it once held. If we all are, so too are Obama, Holder, Soros, Wasserman-Schultz, & so many other Democrats. We should really be referring to them as socialists. They are developing the new National Socialist Party here in America. They are using any race to promote their plans, when in the end they will dump any of the useful idiots. The sycophantic media thinks they have a lock w/ these people. It will be a bad day for them when those same politico’s crush any media type who speaks or writes anything the new socialist order does not approve of.
    Years ago, these were conspiracy theories. Today, even in their own words, all now know its not a theory, its the real thing.
    The opposition candidate may not fit your bill exactly. But, having Obama do a round two is worse. His hold on the federal bureaucracy is dangerous & that must be broken up. That is why big government is a problem. Once it gets its tentacles into the nation it becomes a self perpetuating cancer that will overcome all reason.
    Personally, I believe our real problem, the real threat, is voter fraud. This time around, since the socialists know the public is on to their crazed plans, they will do anything & everything to pull off the vote. And the media will go all out to help them.
    Look for this administration to try to control internet content using the FCC & regulations designed to limit access & content, to those who speak out against this administration.
    We had better be prepared to uncover & expose every instance of fraud. Lets make sure those votes found in the back of storerooms or car trucks, do not get counted. They are plants. They show up when their candidate needs the boost to win.
    Lets make sure we challenge any vote that appears illegal or questionable. If thats racist, then I am a racist. But I say, its the law of the land & I along with all others have a right to demand our laws are obeyed & the vote is legal!

    • http://x Patty

      Excellent, Rubicon…………I totally AGREE with you…..voter fraud is the MOST dangerous threat. Even if we, the majority vote the Muslim out, and he cheats, we aren’t rid of him. We MUST secure our voting apparatus……..Another poster on this site suggests that we get a copy of the voter list, available under the Freedom of information Act 1974. They {the registar of voters} must make them available. Form a group or through your organization {perhaps the Tea Party} and get these lists. I’m contacting my Republican Womaen’s organization for assistance in my area of southern California. Find out who is dead and still voting! She says it’s actually allowed in New York for the dead to be included on the voter rolls! Get those laws changed! We must be vigilant or we’ll get stuck with this monster again…..

    • dotherightthing

      Contact The have webinars. Individual states are starting their own groups to insure voter integrity. We had or first Gotomeeting 4/28. King Street Patriots sponsored an all day seminar 3/28 and had 1000 in attendance from 27 states. We can do it, we just have to get out there and start. We must stop them now or our country will be gone forever. Get involved.

    • http://x Patty

      dotherightthing, Thank you for responding. I’m going to check your info out. Hope I can find a group to join. It’s so important. I wish I had a way to contact you personally. How can we trade info????

    • Nanna Gail

      dotherightthing: I just went to TruThe Vote and have saved the site to my favorites. Will get registere and see what I can do to help in that direction. Thanks for the Info. I was going to contact local republican or Conservative to try to get some info, but now I have it.

    • Bill

      Another strategy of the left is to run a third party candidate as they did when Clinton got elected twice. We must not be fooled again – the stakes are too high —

    • beths

      20 years ago in an Atlanta suburb, I suddenly had to substitute as a Republican watcher in the computer room. I was not familiar with the system but was informed as to the process and gave my go-ahead to begin processing. The next day I asked for a print-out of the process and source code. I found out that they had started before I gave a g0-head and there was a back door in the code to stack the votes. Additionally I saw Democratic employees carting the voter boxes to upper floors for ‘off the street employees’ to recount the ‘shafts’.

      I had a friend run for state office and not even win the relative count of relatives in those precincts.

      I agree that elections are stolen.

  • Erik Osbun

    Soros is directing Obama. He is a bad man.

    • Walker


      The Soros/Oboma connection is the root of all this evil.

      It seems to be the main septic flow of all that spews forth.

      Roger A. Walker
      Disabled Vet.

    • Red

      You, my friend, are an idiot.

  • slo

    Question must be asked, Where is it America’s interest to drill off Brazil and not off our shore? Why do we prevent drilling off Florida, but China can? Obama is sucking Soro’s Pinxx oops nipple



  • MontanaMEL



  • Frank Zappa

    Don’t worry “Smacks My Mammy” Buckwheat NObama to the rescue. He’ll fix everything!!! He was responsible for sending BILLIONS to other countries to pay for OFFSHORE JOBS while screwing the American People, and there is no end in sight.

    He is responsible for the degradation of the US Economy, THE DOLLAR, in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Obama is nothing more than an order taker, he does what he is told to do by the elite of this world. HE is SCUM of the highest order. He should be tried as a traitor, a heretic, and also for treason. He is also GUILTY of falsifying a birth certificate, which is a FELONY. But don’t worry he will never see a day in court, he will, NEVER be prosecuted for his crimes, “So Much For Equal Justice Under The Law.” We as a country have lost the GUTS to prosecute those who have WILLFULLY made attempts to destroy and SPIT on the Constitution that others have given their lives for. Obama when spelled out in this comment comes out as an error in spelling, that should tell us something. Get a F****king Clue, IMPEACH THIS CRIMINAL.

  • ARMYOF69

    Good for you David, but PLEASE start wearing a bullet proof vest. In past presidencies several good guys were done in by the administrations,and no-one was held culpable. BE SAFE MY FRIEND.

  • George B Vieto

    It figures that George Soros and President Obama are in the same page together with the Brazil oil deal. Soros helped The Joker get elected and The Joker has to help George Soros in his delusion of his view of utopia succeed.

  • CJB

    One more thing: Contempt of court in the gulf moritorium could be an impeachable offense. AND one more possible count relating to Obama-care. Maybe Vitter is one of the few that will stand up and fight the regime that is obviously lawless. If you’re in La. you should contact this repto see if he’s got the nads….

  • Patriot Fire Fighter

    “People WAKE THE FUCK UP”!!! This “NIGLET” in the white house is a “FUCKEN COMMIE”!!

    • Walker

      Patriot Fire Fighter,

      Good Commnent, but you do not have to use such fowel language, just because Obama is bending the Eagles wings back, to **** it in the @zz, does not mean you have to spell it out.

      Half-Breed, American Indian/White
      Disabled Veteran
      Poor Speller

    • Red

      OK. What do you suggest we do? What are you doing, anything? Thought so. When you get active and show some initiative people might listen to your ramts. In the meantime, why don’t you encourage everyone you know to VOTE for Trump.

  • mary cutaia

    obama must be stopped – we cannot afford him
    sending 2 billion to brazil while that money
    can be used in our country or why should he
    send 20 million to palastinians ( why not to
    israel) we should be helping us citizens.
    this authority must be stopped – where is the
    congress (our elected officials) we should go
    to dc to protest

    • indysam

      Don’t forget the “other” billion to Columbia for their oil exploring and drilling.
      Every hour that AFI flys around it takes 3600 gallons of foreign fuel, plus 4800 gal burned with each take-off. The campaigner-in-chief is eating our oil reserves and helping to drive up the price of oil. Besides that AFI, there is the C131 that carries his armored vehicles and support equipment-each at $70,000 per hour of flight time. But YOU need to cut back and buy an electric vehicle. Do as I say, not as I do.


    It is probably a way for this moron in chief to salt away billions into a bank account for his own use anytime he needs a SLUSH fund.

  • EdinNola

    Go for it Senator. We can either sit around wringing our hands and watching the Communist in Chief destroy the country by carrying out his “agenda”, or we can do something about it. You are speaking for those of us who are Americans, and a lot of us who have given some portion of our lives in it’s defence. Strange how many of the administration have neither served in the military or in any other worthwhile job prior to being placed in the position of authority over us. And how they do exercise that power!

  • Timothy

    It is beyond comprehension that people still idolize obama. They will go to their financial graves praising this abomination.

  • richard wagener

    Everyday these guys pull something else and all of it is detrimental to America. I can’t think of one good thing Obama, Reid, or Pelosi did for the good of this country. None of what they do anymore, no matter how dispicable, surprises me anymore. I guess I’m numbed to the point that the Dems, the Press will do anything that it takes to keep their power. As Rush always said whether they are doing it on purpose to destroy this country, or out of ignorance the results are the same. The sad part is the type government they are seeking already exists China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, all they would have to do is move there to live in their Utopia. Why do they insist on destroying this great country. They don’t want God in Public Life, prayer in school, they hate the Constitution because, as Obama says it limits what he can do for, I mean do to this country. None of them have the brains they were born with, if they ever had any. They are the foreign enemies referred to in the oath all veterans took when they raised their right hand and swore to “Protect and defend this country from all its’ enemies whomsoever….

  • http://aol roger

    this man has been lying for over 2 years. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth.


    Living in Lost Angels, I have noticed a vast reduction of the OBAMA car stickers in the rear of the cars. I see one once in awhile, as opposed to being surrounded by them at the time of his election for many moths. I see this as a good sign. Perhaps the ones who voted for him then, will do no such thing in 2012.


    I hope he can do some good because the plan is apparently to let as many undeserving foreigners apply to drill for oil on our national deposits as possible and push the American companies and the friendlies out of the biz… This leftist agenda is designed to bring it home to all Americans that we have had it good for to long and that we have been nothing but imperialist for our entire history.

  • Lisa Helm

    Maybe the prices are so high to keep us from traveling to protest. No better way to shut is up than to prevent us from traveling.

  • Walker

    Great comments, especially the Soros/Obama connection.

    Obama is the enemy within and those who voted him in, are Traitors that I can forgive, if they do not do so, again.

    Roger A. Walker
    Disabled Veteran

  • DRBtech

    Motor Mouth has stolen my money(2 billion dollars) and given it to a foreign country(Brazil). That makes him a dirty low down thief and I say that is an impeachable offense!

    • Red

      Tell your representative in the House. That’s where impeachment has to start. Tell him often, they have short memories. Remind that person that you pay their salary and provide all the benefits and in return they are supposed to do what you tell them to do, not what they randomly choose to do.

  • MarianLee

    Under Federal Appropriations Law, Obama may not ” spend/give/loan” ANY money that is not authorized and approrpiated by Congress….So, under what legislative authority (read “law”) passed by Congress is Obama “giving” the Brazilian petro company billions? Where the f**k is Congress all the while this is blowing up?

    • Andy

      It’s what Glenn Beck has been saying for a while now…Obama is making Congress irrelevant. He is making many executive decisions and giving us the finger every time he does it.

    • Red

      He spends money daily without the consent of Congress and, if you don’t like it, his answer is – “try to stop me.”

  • don

    Soro’s wants to control the world and obama wants to control the united states. It’s called world dominance or communism which ever you wish to call it, if they keep going they will own us.