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Administration approves 200 more new Obamacare waivers

Monday, May 16, 2011


The Obama administration approved 204 new waivers to Democrats’ healthcare reform law over the past month, bringing the total to 1,372.

The waivers are temporary and only apply to one provision of the law, which requires health plans to offer at least $750,000 worth of annual medical benefits before leaving patients to fend for themselves. Still, Republicans have assailed the waivers as a sign of both favoritism and of major problems with the law.

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  • Insurgent

    So what are these waivers?

    • http://n/a John

      Any law that requires or allows a waiver should not be a law at all. In fact, Congress should make it a law that if there are any waivers to a law the law no longer exists! VOTE obama OUT IN 2012! PASS IT ON!

    • JoJo

      You’ve got THAT right! It’s such a no-brainer. Oh…wait…those are the people that voted for this person to begin with. I don’t even see HOW this could be going before the Supreme Court. Those liberals and RINOs that voted for this should be horse whipped.

    • Randy131

      These waivers, which means those who they are issued to, do not have to abide by the new Obamacare law, and are given mainly to Unions and large companies with minimum wage employees, who if they had to abide by the law, would go bankrupt. So all these waivers are really identifying those who plan to drop their healthcare insurance when Obamacare takes full effect and covers those who don’t have coverage, on the governments dole. This is going to increse the number of 50 million people who were uninsured and couldn’t afford healthcare insurance, and whose employer didn’t provide any, the whole reason Obama and the Democrats forced it upon the American people, to make sure all Americans had healthcare insurance. This will also increase exponentially the cost to the government that Obama and the Democrats claimed it was going to cost, and the other companies that can’t get waivers will then also drop their provided coverage, for the penalty will be less than the cost of coverage they provide, so then all company provided healthcare insurance will no longer exist, and everyone, except the very rich, will be dumped on the government subsidized healthcare insurance, making it more costly to the government than Medicare and Medicaid together, is today, which the government can’t afford and is going broke because of. Obamacare will be the straw that broke the back of the USA financially.

    • dolores

      This bill takes healthcare back about 60 years when only the rich could afford good healthcare! The rest of us went to city owned hospitals that no longer exist or city run health clinics staffed with people who barely got their medical degrees.

    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      Thw waivers are very simple,from the most Transparent administration ever,if you donate to obamas re-election campaign fund then you do not have to have obamacare. obamacare is only for those who oppose obamacare and do not donate to obama. Then you will have to pay more for healthcare and recieve less care and you will be forced to have it. Nice…. For all you obama voters,i hope you get sick and have to see a doctor,for anyone who still votes obama,doctors can not help you,you are terminal,and for those who do not vote obama,please vote again.obama and the democrats will try to finish off America its just a question of,are we going to let them do it. And for all you muslims out there,eat pig dung you scum sucking camel licking worthless trash diggers.

    • American with a birth certificate…

      Wow,I am with you. You must have been done really wrong from some muslims. Do you have family lost at 9/11? If so,I am sorry about your loss. America loss a great deal to the muslims on 9/11 but now we must rise up and take back our still great nation. Lets not give up America,lets just stop voting democrats into office and lets for sure not vote obama in 2012. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops….

    • jim

      for UNION THUGS, no doubt!!

  • http://donothaveone Sandra


  • Lou

    What is the point if nobody but republicans have to join this program. ALL THE DEMOCRATS HAVE GOTTEN WAIVERS.

    Kill the whole d a m n thing.

    What an idiot.

    • ARMYOF69

      And, do remember, that their Lordships in both houses and the King of America , have their own special health care program which we the paying people are NOT allowed to have. And , of course, their Lordships do not want themselves on our stinking healthcare plan. Why is this legal?
      Can you say; American Royal families?
      Isn’t that why we booted King George out????

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Hell’s bells…at this rate, the White Mosque will grant every American a waiver by election time in 2012.

    • Throw Out

      Instead of “change”, “believe” and “hope”, those waivers will become his next Kool-Aid for the sheeple. He will grant a waiver for those who vote for him.

    • murph

      I LOVE the comment “White Mosque” !!
      Out of over 2,000 pages of this idiotic healthcare bill………probably not half pertain to actual healthcare. All the union shops get waivers, all the BIG corporations get waivers, all the MUSLIMS get waivers…..what’s left? You and Me.

    • JoJo

      That’s something that gets me. Muslims are allowed to drive, yet not required to have insurance because it’s considered gambling? What about the fact that if you move to this country that you must insure your car if you want to drive. Driving is NOT a right, it’s a privilege.

    • Julie

      Only as a bribe to try to get us to vote for him!!!!!!!!! But obviously there are a lot of us who see him for the lying A_ _ that he really is!


    We are allowing a dictator to destroy our country. What happened to The United States of America? This stuff is REALLY scary!!!

    • http://windowslive mary

      Chip I agree with you. and why can’t normal people of the law see what he is doing to our there that many people for obummer? surly there is more good ppeople in this world than bad.


    • http://gmail judie

      Our elected officials today have no backbone!
      They just want to make sure that they get elected next time around.
      But hopefully they are wrong. All of them are the same!!

    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      The problem is most black people will vote obama as long as they get there government handout.If the blacks and latinos would see through obama we could turn our nation around,problem is,minorities only see what they can get for themselves.the truth hurts but if the blacks vote obama then there is a good chance he will win. The best chance against obama is still his right to be president. Still no real birth certificate and his college records are still sealed,real Transparent right???? obam is a muslim commie pig dung chewing camel licking anti American and if anyone votes obama they hate America as well.

    • ARMYOF69

      All lawyers are in the direct and indirect employ of government.
      We do not stand a chance against all those lawyer gangsters. Remember, the majority of our politicians ARE LAWYERS. The other lawyers are their bottom dwellers.

    • Julie

      That’s because the House of Representatives don’t have the balls to impeach him and if they do, they obviously think the senate won’t go for it!

  • Bill from Laos

    This diasterous law, as well as this disasterous Resident, must be repaled for the good of the nation. We need Patriots to join us! Take a stand now, or shut up under Comrad Obama’s socialism.

    Citizens Class Action Against Barack Obama
    18 months to election day 2012 and counting!

  • Linda

    What is it going to take to get this man out of office? I don’t see anyone running for president that can beat him. If you disagree with him you are a racist. What do I have to do to get a waiver, become a democrap or join a union???????

    • Jenn

      Call me a racist. I will take that as a compliment.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      A Badge of Honor.

    • Insurgent

      If you voted for Buckwheat in 2008, it proves you are not racist.
      If you vote for Buckwheat in 2012, it will prove you are a frickin’ idiot !

    • RICH


    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      There are no bigger racist on the planet then blacks. They cry racism everytime they don’t get there way.obama sides with anyone who is anti white and the proof is in his actions. ruckers cricket players and drunken professors who get caught by white police officers ect. America,wake up already…

    • ARMYOF69

      90% of all voting blacks voted for ODUMBO.

    • ARMYOF69

      DITTO here then .

    • Buzzymuzzwelle

      Herman Cain can beat him. I’m certain of it. Buzzy

    • Ron

      I agree plus the fact that he is not a politician makes him a lot more trustworthy,
      businessmen are known for keeping their word.
      GO CAIN

    • Goober

      Who’s Herman Cain? I’ve never heard of this guy till now. What makes him so much better than what’s running? What has he done for anybody?

    • Miss Vi

      How about Alfred Newman from MADD magazine?? Or Archie Bunker???

    • WVF

      Miss Vi, didn’t you know the Imposter-in-Chief is Alfred E. Newman? He’s just part black now.

    • Bruce Brotnov

      Herman Cain has “done something”. Unlike 95% of Obama advisors, Cain has been a CEO to include running Godfather’s pizza. I listened to him in the GOP primary and am convinced that he has the best chance to beat Obama (they can’t use the race card on him as he is all black and not 1/2 white). He is conservative and tells it like it is and understands the economics of business and not like most of those in Washington who are lawyers (esp the Dems) who live of the blood of business and do not produce anything themselves.

    • Penny Richardson

      I watched the debate and was also impressed with Mr Cain
      I am looking for some insite in to why several of my friends who are on Medicare and have a chronic medical condition, have been recently let go by their physician of many years?

    • anthony san diego

      Herman Cain is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, read about him before you vote. Remember Obama’s empty promises? Remember how so many jumped on the bandwagon because of his rhetoric? Don’t be fooled by another “wannabe” who promises what you want to hear. You want a black man for president, start a grass roots support for Alan West, he’d be a much better candidate than anyone running at the moment.

    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      Cain also will not take birbe money as he is already rich and owes nothing to campaign contributers and is for the people. He does have good ideas and being black has nothing to do with it. Herman Cain would be a great choice.

    • candie

      if you have never heard of herman cain, you are not very informed… he was in the first republican debate.. hes a very successful businessman, with a good common sense about money, which is what we really need right now. i like him, i think hes smart, and i do think he could beat obama. obama could not use race against him all the time.. how refreshing that would be..

    • Brenda Choate

      Herman Cain is a successful buisness man, educated, and only commits to a plan when he understands all the details. I have not met him but as a business man he turned around Godfathers pizza. I do know that in order to take a poor performance business and turn it into a success you go in and learn what the problems are and come up with a plan to solve them. He deserves the time to check his record out.

    • Bren in VA

      Who is Herman Cain? Hey Get out from under your rock – He ~IS~ Moving & Grooving! Met him at VA’s State Tea Party mtg in Richmond, VA October ’10.
      I hope MORE citizen get behind him & not some RINO our Media & old Repblcn dogs ~Choose~ for us!

    • TB

      He’s the founder of Godfather’s Pizza. He’s a self-made business man NOT a politician. He can do a better job than Obama and he’s black so no matter what…it’s black against black and no chance to be called a racist in 2012. I’d vote for him.

    • Ben

      First, he is not a politician!!
      Not part of the Washington croud.
      A business man who has run a business.
      A black man w/ integrity….

      Do some homework.

    • ZOOMER165

      FORE HEAD .

    • Julie

      If nothing else they won’t be able to call us racist’s if we vote in a real black man and not a halfbreed!

    • margaret

      Congress may as well stay at home and collect the money.
      If waivers are not illegal , what is?
      Equal liberty and justice for all.
      Laws for all or laws for none. That is the American way.
      This boywho would be kinnnng needs to be charged with the treasonous crimes he is committing.
      Where is Congress???

    • Timothy

      Linda, better become a democrat and join the union. That ought get you a waiver.

    • grecko

      Sarah Palin will blow them all away just watch!!
      We need a non GOP or Demstroyer to clean the crap out of the house! AND get the house in order!

  • mtnmedic1

    I have an idea; with 26 states fighting against this and every union and democratic friend getting a waiver, why not call you reps and senators and let them know you are a conservative family that would like to request a waiver for your family. Lets jam up all the phone lines once again! Also call the White House switch board operators.

    • Stephen Frazier

      Better yet, convince two more staes to join in and with 28 you can call a constitutional convention and change the @#$&$&*## thing.

      Just make sure you try for a state that doesn’t have a lot of people who have never heard of Herman Cain. You don’t want people that uninformed voting anyway. That is how we got to this point in the first place.

    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      Why not call every rep out there and remind them that Treason is a hanging offense and America is home to many cowboys with ropes…

  • Lamar

    If the present administration admits that this program is so bad that they have to grant all these waivers they must realize that it is unfair and illegitimate so they grant waivers to the favored.

    • njgirl

      Otherwise known as WAIVERS FOR FAVORS.



    • cmckeon

      I agree, we need to get this guy out office, i hope all realize the damage that is being done to our Great America.


    first of all this is not an administration this is an ongoing criminal conspiracy !

  • JIM

    under the communist democrat health plan we will all have insurance……we just wont have any doctors to treat us but hey you can always call the vet and set up an appointment for your sick dog ,wink wink, the communist democrats are Americas enemy and bho is Americas number one enemy

  • charles

    there is a solution
    The TRAITOR in the white house

  • Peggy Griffin

    I want a waiver! No, actually, I want a new President who will respect my rights and uphold our Constitution, not the lying arrogant marxist gasbag who is presently occupying the White House, destroying our economy, and taking a wrecking ball to our Constitution. Is that too much to ask?

    • jan

      you got that right sister!

    • ZOOMER165


    • Stephen Frazier

      Well, in order to GET such president you must hope and pray that we get enough voters with a working brain this time instead of millions of guilt trippin idiots who only voted for the guy to convince themselves that they are not racist.

      What America did was tantamount to hiring a child abusing babysitter so you can convince yourself that you believe in second chances.

      We need to quit bashing Obama and turn our INTELLECTUAL guns towards the clowns that put him into office.

  • Obama Bin Lying

    Federal Legislators should get together with State Government sueing for “UNCONSTITUTIONAL Commerce” and use in court battles to prove the point. I believe granting these waivers is proof they agree to that the instate commerce for these companies is illegal. I’m sure they could use this to their advantage with this case

    • Ben

      If we put Buckwheat (BO0 backin he will extend the waviers to his favored “pals”

  • Bill

    If we don’t get someone (anyone) with an ounce of sense and not a blatent liar, we just might re elect Obama Bin Laden… Think about that.. Who can be that person? In my opinion the slate now available sure isn’t much better than what we have.

    • Hal Noyes

      You meant “Obama Bin Biden”, didn’t you?

  • Angela9

    I want a new president that knows how to lead! Waivers for whom? I sure have not gotten one and the way I understand it the dumbocrats and muslims have gotten waivers. This traitor has to go!

  • Am2sweet

    Who are we supposed to pay for this so called insurance anyway? If it’s the government then if everyone gets waviers then who’s going to be paying for this garbage anyway? I demand a wavier for all Christians on the premise that our religion says we are entitled only to health care we choose. And we don’t choose Obamacare.

  • moses

    i will not be a part of this so called law oboma and the reast of them can kiss my ass and go too hell ,this pick and choose law is not a law it is a scam a lie on the american people ,all of those hitlers can suck on it ,they will never get one pinny from me.

  • C.Stanley

    This President is by far the worst President in the history of our country. They have two methods of campaigning! These are class warfare and racism charges against anyone who goes after Obama! They can’t answer criticisms,so this is the only answers they have. It will just get worse!

  • kenne

    I couldn’t agree more with charles. he is a treasonous dictator that needs to be convicted and execcuted for what he has done to the country and our standing in the world.

  • murph

    Michelle Bachmann is an outstanding candidate. She’s absolutley anti-amnesty, and wants closed borders.
    That’s the first step to getting things under control in this Country.

    • State Cop

      Yeah that’s what they all say until they get elected, then they do their own agenda…Who can you really trust if they are a politician, Republican or Demorat

    • Stephen Frazier

      Great point! So, what do you suggest? Throwing up our hands?

  • proudamerican

    All democrapic contributors no doubt!

  • Tommy Gun

    Check out all these Repubs runnin’ for the Oval Office in 2012 they have all got dry bones in their closet except maybe Sara Palin!! What everyone needs to do is get ALLEN WEST to run Hey Check this man out from
    head to toe He’s Clean all the way. Great American Great Patiot and is the guy that can & will get this beautiful ol’ USA back runnin’ on all cylinders. Go ahead check him out then you decide………….

    • murph

      If West would run……..I’D VOTE FOR HIM!!

  • CJB

    I wonder if the do nothing GOP chickens will de-fund the appropriation money the snuck in to that POS. I haven’t heard a thing….

  • BCASS2


    • cc1

      HEAR, HEAR.

  • spike

    Did you all know that if you are on a jury in a trial of someone who is being prosecuted under an unconstitutional law, you can hang the jury and tell the judge why you hung it?

  • larry

    Why is the GOP so quite, my God they have a treasure trove of missteps and lies this idiot has said and done, yet nothing. Newt didn’t last long….he’s all done, stick a fork in him. Good bye Newt…..idiot

  • spike

    We need to get all 50 states to secede from the Union and start the government all over again.

  • pj powers

    i don’t want the federal government involved in my private life at all. that includes my health insurance, who i choose for health care professionals and what sort of care i need. if my insurance doesn’t cover something and i choose to pay for it myself, that is my business. the federal government should be involved in certain things that affect the country as a whole, but they do not need to be involved in personal matters. this is a personal matter.

  • Mary A Hailey

    doesn’t having a waiver make it a guideline rather than a law???

  • Matt Tonning

    Lets start wavering all laws we don’t like?

    I want to drive my car 120 MPH — Can I get a waiver for that?

    I don’t like seat belts. How bout that?

    If it is a law then it shouldn’t be able to be wavered. OBAMACARE “?Law”? In or Out?
    I vote OUT.

    • Barb

      I am very much against the– if I want to do it well ok I will but I don’t want any consequences.

  • Barb

    Join the Tea party , it is going strong & gaining momentum. We can defeat the dems if we all get together.

  • Count Peteric

    What the Hell … Where’s mine……

  • Brenda Choate

    Did you know?Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution states: The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.
    Granting waivers on any part of the Obama health care law is illegal under the Constitution since it does not adhere to the Uniform portion or Section 8.

    • PJL

      exactly right, it is discriminatory and therefore inherently unconstitutional to single out any specific demographic of the society for treatment different than any other

    • randy

      brenda,thing is,they dont care what the constitution says..their trashing it..

    • Brenda Choate

      Maaybe so, but we as Americans can file a class action suit if the states fail. The eiscrimination charge has alot of validity with so many special dispensations being given out by the Administration.

  • RICH


  • E.B. Myers

    Newt didn’t last long, that’s right. He is proposing a health care law just like Obamacare. I’m thinking Newt is not my man for 2012. He lost any future vote of mine with his comments on healthcare.
    Didn’t these fools listen !?. No government forced healthcare. PERIOD !

    Spike,you may not be too far off track.I’m about ready to kick the federal Gvt. to the curb,without any bennies or pay. Let the 535 politicians pass and enforce anything they want on THEMSELVES.

  • Q Tip

    obama bin lyin is acting like the king, giving waivers, appointing new czars. He did one thing right-gave the go ahead to get bin Laden. Now he’s doing his victory lap, while over 9% of our citizens are out of work, and our economy is on the brink. He is doing everything he can to suppress capitalism. He is the biggest jerk to ever occupy the Oval Office. I will work for anyone who runs against him, even if it’s Mickey Mouse. Come to think of it, Minnie would be a much better 1st Lady-at least she is a lady! Vote this sucker out in 2012.

  • PJL

    whatever happened to “equal treatment under the law”

  • scout

    Our government is more corrupt than countries like libya, egypt, syria, iran and others.

  • Faye

    Yes no good just waivers I want rid of obamacare all together… yes we got rid of one crook but we need to get rid of another one Obama he is as bad bin laden…crooks always crooks

  • don

    I think osma buma,brothers that didn,t get killed in the attack on osma will come after him.I hope

  • June

    Where are some good lawyers that could tell us what we can do to get rid of this administration. They are using our money to buy votes. Isn’t that illegal? Its called payoffs for votes. I’m sure there are a few lawyers that aren’t being paid off. If the govenment is supposed to uphold the constitution then we should have the same healthcare as the President.

  • Fourth ID

    Time for the Republican,Conservative,Libertarian and the Tea Party to file for a waiver for the people they represent.All file individualy.

  • KeithJ

    Quite simply: any law which does not apply equally to all citizens is flawed and should be declared unconstitutional. If only the Supreme Court would take up the issue, then companies, individuals, and the government itself could stop wasting time, money, and effort over a bloated bill which never should have seen the light of day.

  • Edward Ferrer

    Linda: Don’t be a Defeatist! Besides, how do you know that you can’t find anyone to beat
    him in 1912? Don’t join a Union nor be a Democrat, that would be a waste! Do this for
    yourself and us. Gather your weapons and get
    ready to “run for the hills”, or join a guerilla! Defeatism is NO option! If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain!
    Remember 1776? Back them it was a question
    of Living Free or Dying! One thing is certain
    for many of us, we REFUSE to go like sheeple
    to the Slaughter! We refuse to put on chains!
    Have any Faith? KEEP IT! God is In Control and
    He is ABLE! I refuse to live in despair! NO WAY! MARANATHA to you!!

  • oldgringo

    I would like a Waiver too…..Permanently!
    …..How do I get One?

  • Michael

    if these 26 states have completes against our leader? then do not put him on your state ballot. besides he still needs to produce a true birth certificate, not a put together one.

    • Carl

      Herman Cain is our answer! Don’t even think about nominating Romney (Mr. Failed RomneyCare in Massachusetts) and Former Speaker Newt – {Mr. Climate Change} guy that sits on a couch with Nancy Pelosi and spouts off liberalism. Are you kidding?

  • WVF

    Now let’s see now . . . there were 1,000 waivers issued before . . . now there are another 200 . . . so who does that leave left? I’ll be damned, it is just the average American citizen who did not offer campaign money to Obama!

  • Daniel rom TN

    More waivers. No surprise there. We must vote Obama out of office in 2012. If not, I fear the country will break out in civil war again: the government against the people. The government sees this possibility coming. That’s the REAL reason behind all the gun control legislation: The politicians are afraid of the people if and when the people get pushed too far and the people decide to push back. After Obama is out of office then his eligibility MUST be fully investigated. That may be the only way to repair some of the damage he has delibratelt brought to OUR country.

  • james w. johnson

    there is a term, miscegenation, i think it is called.
    white on black or black on white, the offspring are properly called MULATTOS. not white or black. MULATTOS.
    james w. johnson


    In spite of all the persuasive hype that was spewed during the debate over the disastrous bill, known as “Obamacare”, President Obama surely knows that his socialist takeover of our healthcare services is seriously flawed and extremely unpopular among the taxpayers of our Country! He is now feverishly doling out waivers to labor groups, unions and political friends — exempting them from having to participate in his nationalized plan. The rapidly growing number of companies, unions, and states bursting out of the Obamacare escape hatch is UNBELIEVEABLE!

    In September, 2010, Obamacare promoter and Democrat Rep. Ron Wyden applied for a special state waiver from the very federal mandate he advocated for everyone else.

    Soon after passage of the bill, McDonald’s got it’s own Obamacare waiver after informing federal regulators that it couldn’t afford ObamaCare and would have to drop its affordable health insurance plan for nearly 30,000 restaurant workers unless it got a pass.

    In early October, the Obama administration announced it had granted waivers not only to McDonald’s, but also to several other firms and of course, labor unions! ALSO, Obama and Congress are Exempt.

    Oh yes, Muslims are also exempt.

    The end result will be that many private health insurance plans will be forced out of business and the costs will soar. The Department of Health and Human Services is providing this means of skirting this very unpopular and flawed law by offering waivers to the special friends of the Obama Regime.

    Obviously, the best answer to this extravagant dilemma is to repeal Obamacare altogether.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      If Obama spent 1/100th the time representing the people of the U.S. as he does illegals, cronies, and muslims we would have a great nation again.

    • Goodforall

      He does not know how to represent anyone else! Nor does he even care-isn’t that obvious by now?

    • Rosemary Mariotti

      Msgt, you are so on the money.If he put more time into being a leader and not a destroyer of this wonderful country, that you and millions of others put their lives on the line to protect. My husband served 4 years in Air Force during the Korean war. This disgrace has no clue what America is all about.
      God bless.

    • EddieW

      Obozo, our Liar in Chief represents only the Muslims, and the destruction of this country!
      Can he get that job done in two years? dunno, but he’s really giving it his best!!
      G. Sorros who gave him 500 million for his Pres. campaign, got a big payback, 10 BILLION to drill for oil in brazil!! A total Sorros operation!!

    • squeak

      Yes Eddie, Obama wants to get oil from the gulf of Mexico to bring the price if gasoline down. Which will cost us more money then it is worth ! Isn’t that convenient, we paid soros to drill there so now he wants to buy oil from mexico { pay back time to soros}, how stupid does he think we are ?? We will show him on !

    • squeak

      OOPS, Will show him on 2012 !! Sorry !

    • Bj

      Sorry but I’ve got to disagree with you. I come from the Great State of Louisiana and the jerk actually wants no part of drilling in the USoA if he can get away with and especially to the tune of satisfying us the American People. He’s hell bent on destroying this Country and doesn’t give a damn about us as people. When he was down here in Nawlins all he was doing was presenting himself along with his family for a photo op just as he’s done for his term in Office. Every law he’s signed might as well be thrown out because it’s not worth the ink that was applied to the document. Any of us who have pets would have a better chance in seeing them make better leaders than what this Administration is and has done. Say what you will but for what this jerk’s done to this Country and the people of the US it sickens me and 2012 can’t come quick enough for me. One last thought, when he was down here in New Orleans he made the decision to have the Coast Guard pay for each bird found whether it was dead or alive. Do you know of any other leader of this Country that would’ve done that? And as for his wanting to drill in this Country, I repeat it won’t happen because he doesn’t give a damn about us or this Country.

    • murph


    • http://PatriotUpdate R. Gore

      It appears that obama and his cronies are hell-bent on destroying this country through unending entitlements to illegal aliens (a sure vote getter)and ever increasing tax burdens on the remaining population segment which foots their bills.
      He has abandoned his oath of office as certainly as he has abandoned our borders to a tidal wave of illegal emigration, and he continues to alienate our allies with his insulting behavior while ass-kissing the muslims.
      He represents everything that is wrong with his party and it’s aims and goals to make the USA no better than a third-world backwater.

    • M. Thoms

      And, many of those coming across our open borders have the same ideas about this country as does Obama.. They hate Americans and would gladly see us destroyed so they can take all that we have worked for over the last two-hundred-plus years. They have the same agenda as the muslim in the White House.

      It is easier to come here and “take our country and our good life” than it is to work and make it for themselves.

    • THUFF

      It was big but short news when Obama swore in as Senator on the Koran and made the statement that it would be a great day when we were ruled by the Koran rather than the constitution. Maybe his version of USA is to revise to USSA (United Socialist States of America) with Islam the only and mandatory religion allowed. Check out the map of Russia when it was the USSR. Hey wait, the R stood for Republic. Twisted Huh.

    • Johnnygard

      This stupid story has been around for a couple years now. Folks, it’s not that hard to check these emails that you get – before you pass them on as gospel truth. Stick to the facts you deal with in real life every day – gas prices, unemployment, inflation, etc. etc.

    • K. Von

      Wow your one of the few that remember that day! Why was that not brought out during his election process?

    • mireader2011

      Be interesting to know if he actually used the Bible for his swearing in as President of the USA … or a Koran in disguise. He could use the Koran if he is reelected; there would be no consequences since he can’t run for a 3rd term. Rather than find out, lets defeat him in 2012!!
      Regarding health care waivers.. Isn’t participation by all an element for the success or failure of the program? The little man would once again be left holding the bag.

    • Bill O

      Retired, USAF SGT, Put all those together, and they wouldn’t add up to 1/4th the time he spends giving our money to UNIONS !!!!

    • Glub Glub

      Thank you for your service as I thank my family back to and including the Continental Army Soldiers. This person is a liar. He was not born in the USA, he is not working to improve anything in the USA, he is dedicated to the goals of his handlers (including very wealthy beings in Chicago). We must stop soft peddling these usurpers, labeling them socialists. They are not. They are the usual brand of Communist infiltrators and liars. Call them what they are. I believe that the majority of Americans are tired of Big Daddy’s Shell games and disgusted with his mooning us. Anyone looking for him to do anything in support of our Constitution, 2nd Amendment or his Oath of Office to DEFEND our Country/Borders/Citizens against INVASION/INVADERS need only look to his recent speech on our Texas border. He is preparing to drown the USA in the Ocean of Amnesty.

    • Frank

      The Problem we are facing will be even worse if he gets elected again.and with the illegal aliens entering our border mr obumm will be assured of getting another term in office unless someone in CONGRESS OR SENATE HAS GOTTEN BALLS OF IRON AND LEAD IN THE IMPEACHMENT OR REMOVAL OF AN INELIGIBLE PERSON SEATED IN THE OVAL OFFICE FROM WHICH HE DRIVING THE COUNTRY “GOOD OLE USA” INTO THE GROUND TO BECOME WORSE THAN A 3RD CLASS COUNTRY.

    • David Roberts

      We must not forget the thousands of students being pumped out by Public School Systems and Colleges/Universities who have been brainwashed into thinking that Socialism is a good thing and Capitalism is bad, even though it created the most sucessful Nation in history. They just taught them a different history than the factual one. They are ready made Liberal voters.

    • America1st

      Yes, Obamacare sucks! That said, Muslims most likely will not qualify for the waiver.

      It has to do with the section of the bill adressing exemptions (section 1311(d)(4)(H)and the IRS Tax Code(section 1402(g)(1).

      Do a little research before posting comments that show either your bias or reliance on other’s misinformation. Things are bad enough on their own merit! We do not need to claim things to make conditions sound worse.

    • Sumerian Man

      I’ve done the research and it is very clear that most Muslims along with the Amish, Menonites, Mormons, some others, and yes, even Scientologists can apply for and receive waivers if it is the practiced norm for them to dispell insurance (gambling) of any type as set forth in their religion or faith. As a (real, not HR Block etc.)former tax professional I have read and understand the code very well. As for the unions and most other waivers, it is only a temporary releif measure, they will also have to conform sooner or later, but rules change and extentions could go on indefinately depending on who you are and how well you’re connected. Politics as usual in D.C. Have you ever heard of Dhimmitude?

    • America1st

      Yes I’ve heard of Dhimmitude. What does it to do with the tax code and this section of the healthcare bill? There’s not enough muslims here to overcome the backlash from non-muslim Americans (as well as politicians who want to be re-elected) if they get a blanket pass just because they’re Muslim. Besides, it takes more than just being Muslim.

      I agree that a small amount of Muslims may qualify for a waiver, but the vast majority do not meet the current requirements necessary to get it. Many have or do receive Social Security benefits and that in-itself disqualifies them. As you know, being a “Tax Professional”, that is a fact. I don’t know you, but your need to qualify yourself as “not HR Block” tells me you think you’re above those who work for that company and others like it. Labeling them less knowledgable gets you what? This does not make your statements more trustworthy. It just shows your ego needed some personal stroking.

      Based on the 6 “do not likes” and, hence, the minimization of my prior comment, it’s obvious those on this forum seem to only “like” those who agree with them. A little truth seems to offend!

      I’ll leave those people alone.

    • Sumerian Man

      From the Congressional Research Service:
      In order to qualify for the religious exemption, an individual must be a member of a recognized religious sect or division (as described in 1402(g)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) by reason of which he or she is conscientiously opposed to acceptance of the benefits of any private or public insurance that makes payments in the
      event of death, disability, old-age, or retirement or makes payments toward the cost of, or provides services for,
      medical care (including the benefits of any insurance system established by the Social Security Act, such as Social
      Security benefits and Medicare). Such sect or division must have been in existence at all times since December 31,
      1950. There is no list of specific religious groups that qualify for the exemption. For more information, see CRS Report
      RL34708, Religious Exemptions for Mandatory Health Care Programs: A Legal Analysis, by Cynthia Brougher Only $29.95
      The code you cite; 1402, refered to by PPACA 1311, is from 1950, for American Indians, Ministers, and Amish or similar cults, last updated 1997. If you want to see the new hidden rules snd applications for the PPACA you have to pay. That’s how it works. The tax code will most likely not be updated until all the horses are in the back in the barn and safely bedded down. America 1st. I believe you have our best interests at heart, but keep in mind you will never get the whole true story from our politicians until way after the event has taken place and it’s too late, or difficult to change it.

      “Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam”. Now I didn’t write this but I believe it’s true and I couldn’t help but think what a sneaky way for our Muslim president to garner more converts and votes, all while still satisfying those stupid, liberal democrats and further still keeping to his agenda of tearing down our Christian built and based America one brick (E.O.) at a time. Am I paranoid? You betcha!

    • Sumerian Man

      As far as not enough Muslims here, you may find this 7.5min. video very interesting and be sure to remember where Obama was in 2008.

    • Johnnygard

      I would have to question your research. My research shows America1st is closer to fact.

    • Sumerian Man

      Read above statement.

    • David R. Nemirow

      Yes, by all means do your research, but don’t spend as much time researching the law as you do studying Obamas’ past and present associations. You know what I mean. He recently claimed he intends to have more drilling in the US for oil when just a couple of months ago he declared an area of Alaska nearly the size ot Texas off limits to protect polar bears. Trust at your own peril.

    • America1st

      Proof he’s now in campaign mode. God, if only there was a way to get him out. Even Biden would be better!

      His far left/Socialist associations are scary at best. In my opinion, they’re traitorous!

    • Bonnie


    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      You have wisdom. Thank you….

    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      They will qualify as they claim any trpe of insurane is gambling thus giving them there way out. It is you that needs to do your homework first and you are most likely a far left democratic scum sucking pig dung chewing camel licking anti American muslim athletic supporter. America will over come obama and the far left devilcrats even if it means hanging all white house elected officals for treason and taking out all scum sucking pig dung chewing cameol licking anti American muslims including the commie muslim in charge…..

    • http://yahoo mike


    • ARMYOF69

      It’s coming.

    • Apache6

      And the REPUBLICAN’TS do nothing!!!

    • squeak

      Apache6, Give the republicans control of the senate & then they can have their hands untied to be able to pass bills without the democrats control. You know they only have control of the congress { house } so they can only go so far ! We all will take care of that & will vote republican senators, right ?? God Bless !

    • val

      Look at what McConnell is proposing with the new drilling (anti I should say) legislation. Vitter is fighting hard to oppose the progressive left and now his own party filled with RINO’s. BO and the progressives marxist are throwing at much as they can at the system to shut it down. I hope and pray we can get him out in 2012. If we can’t get the people to understand it’s going to get MUCH WORSE with him in there for another 4 then we can just kiss the American way of life good bye. So use our brains and try and reach those who are reachable by showing them the facts. They pay at the pumps and go to the supermarket also. They must be feeling it in the pocket book and as it continues and worsens they have to realize this is NOT all BUSH’s fault. Not that I’m a Bush fan, but, this economy is has come from a long long list of Big Gvt pres. Not one in my lifetime (59) has ever held the line on the size of fed. gvt. so what cha think that’s about. We the People have not been good stewards of our land and for not paying attention for so many years we have come to the time of BO and all he brings to meet his goal of a One World Goverment.

    • Sandy/LA,CA

      Let’s face it, America! We have an administration in power who are Anti-American!!! It doesn’t stop with Obama, but also includes the Democratic Party itself, who have turned themselves into a kind of Party they have never been before. Remember JFK? Read some of his speeches and see if he sounds like todays Democrats! We are being run by elected leaders who have NO LOVE for this country or it’s people. There are signs of it that come out every day! Just think of Obamacare and how it wants to shorten the lives of the elderly because they are “Dead Weight!” They no longer pay into the system only take out,but what they don’t want to acknowledge is that this money they are taking is their money they have paid in over their lifetime, but the government spent it, so they must go! Bring in the masses of lower class workers to replace them! We can’t let this administration continue beyond 2012! One more step in the direction they are taking us, will be our LAST!!!

    • Benny

      I agree! The only remedy for this monster we have been introduced to as “Obamacarer” is to repeal it. If it gets enacted we are in serious trouble and our healthcare system will be regulated by bureaucrats and those who really need help will be denied or put on a waiting list to wait to die. What’s wrong with the American People? Haven’t you had enough of the lies and deceit of this administration yet? Obamacare is not the only thing that MUST go. Obama himself MUST go! He has singlehandidly done more to hurt this country and destroy our way of life than anyone in the history of this country. We must vote him and his supporters out in this upcoming election. Make yourself heard! Get out and vote and remove this cancer we have called Obama once and for all!!!!

    • catman

      RIGHT!!! However in order to have a “leader” in the WH, we must first FIND ONE! So far I am not impressed with any of those in the running. Somewhere there is another Ronald Reagan out there. Will he or she please stand up!!! Maybe it’s time for a woman to take over. So far Sarah and/or Michelle Bauckman are looking pretty darn good to me.
      Of course I’m just a dirty ol man!

    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      obama said he would have the most Transparent administration ever ,right?Okay,it is trasparent that he hates America and is a scum sucking pig dung chewing camel licking anti American and so are all his appointments.Sorry to put down camels… Its wake up time for America….

    • American with a birth certificate…

      pelosi and reid proved obama will not keep his word about transparent.Now we must face the facts about all the votes acorn and the black panthers and the soros groups will get him as well as the dead voters that will vote 20 times each and acorn and soros will count the votes. America,we better wake up if we still Love our great nation….

    • drafonfFIRE01

      yes it must, but when you deal with a government that doesn’t give a DAMN about the people this is what happens

    • Carol

      How can I get exempt?

  • Joe G

    Sometimes people are in to big of a hurry for CHANGE and unfortunately this causes making bad decisions when maybe waiting a little longer might produce the results we where really seeking. Having said that I believe Mr. Cain definetly has the credentials and the fortitude to be my president in 2012. Newt in my opinion you just blew it with your decision to side with O dumb ass and obamacare,our choices are limited but getting O d… a.. out should be our first priority. I believe that we need to unite with all Americans who believe in freedom and justice to prepare our selfs and have our banners etc;ready 30 days before the election and voice our disgust with Obama and that any candidate white black or green will do a better job getting our country back. If there are any republican leaders out there who need a volunteer with lots of time on his hands please contact me via j-oe-spen-thouse at I know you’ll figure out my address. Thanks,….Joe

    • http://PariotOutpost Daryl

      You are so right on Cain. If anyone would listen to what this man says and believes then they would see. This man is a Constitution enforcer and stands by it.I have read that Paul is the man but if people would really listen to what he really says then they might change their mind. Don’t get me wrong, he has said some things right but his real agenda is not all that good as of now.

    • Mea Culpa

      Dear Creator and Father, please forgive us for the shame we have brought on ourselves by being negligent in protecting this great country and in enabling evil in many areas of our society and government to usurp control. We are confused and lack confidence in knowing who to select as our next leader. Guide us to someone who respects You & Country & Constitution & Citizens with all their heart and soul. Help us have the courage and fortitude shown by our Founders who were devoted to you, to elect that person as our next President. Help us to return to you and the blessings of our Republic and Freedom so that you may once again Bless America. Thank you, Father.

    • http://aol Pam

      Amen Mea Culpa.

  • Joe G

    Good job Maxine,No president,king or leader should ever take sides with one group or an other,and as you said(maxine) O d… a.. only sees those who will side with him and the hell with everyone else.We have got to stop this maniac before he takes away any more of our freedom.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      He doesn’t see himself as the President of the U.S.

      He actually believes he is saving the downtrodden from the U.S.

      He has surounded himself all of his adult life with the haters of our country.

      By his friends shall ye know him.

    • we’re not stupid

      How true you are – and if he continues to issue waivers to his friends, companies that GAVE HIM LOTS OF MONEY during his first campaign and other cronies – then you know who will be paying for the entire “obama healthcare” – those who can’t afford it. We must get this man out of office and while we are doing that we should clean out some of the other idiots both on the democrat and also the republican side.

    • Bonnie


    • M. Thoms

      Every politician and every company that supports obama and obamacare should be the FIRST participants! If it is such a great program then the “leaders” should be proud to embrace it for themselves.

      We need to get rid of the premiere healthcare program for all the politicians (that we pay for)…. and let them experience the same “rationing of care” they want for us. After all, we do the work and provide all the money to run this country! If any of us deserve “the best,” it should be the “producers” rather than the “theives.”

      The way these politicians present this obamacare, you would think that they are doing us a huge favor by passing a 2,500-page monstrosity of a bill that no one has read and that includes not only obamacare but a lot of other things that we are NOT going to like! For this they think they should be re-elected!? Or, maybe they know something that we don’t and they are not worried about another election..

      And, what are the Republicans doing, and where is the “repeal of obamacare” that they promised!

    • Benny

      I agree wholeheartedly! Anyone who holds a government office who supports this lunatic is guilty of TREASON and should be treated accordingly! Those of you who hold an office in our government be warned, your time is limited. You are condemning yourselves to being voted out this time. You may not believe me but then you didn’t believe it the last election, now did you? If you are a supporter of Obuma, you need to pack your bags and get your resume updated because you will no longer reside in DC and you will be looking for a job!

    • American with a birth certificate…

      Treason is a hanging offense if that means crimes against America. Most of us agree that obama did not spend millions of dollars to cover up this fake live certificate gargabe. He has covered up his real birth certificate and his college records and all his records we do know of are radical like the people he hungout with to the church he went to for over 20 years. if I went to a church for 2 weeks i would know how the pastor really feels and what he is preaching about.America is not stupid or gullible and I believe we will repeat the worst mistake in U.S.History. Voting in obama has been about the worst mistake in history.

    • David R. Nemirow

      Retired USAF MSgt: You are very much correct. In “Dreams From My Father”, an Obama book, you will see that his father wanted to tear down the colonialists all over the world like England, France, Spain and the USA. I think he is trying to carry out his fathers dreams. All his actions and decisions convince me that I am not being paranoid.

    • pig dung chewing muslim slayer…

      I have a dream of obama riding his camel into a hole full of pig dung and trying to bring America with him. His czars and other appointments as well as his cover up of his real birth certificate and college records speak volumes… America,its wake up time….

    • American with a birth certificate…

      I understand your dislike for muslims that are trying to kill us Americans and slowly take over our nation but what have camels and pig dung ever done to you?

  • Edward Bathen

    All this means is that there will be countless thousands of new welfare recipients on the dole and the idiots in the White Mosque now have those countless thousands as Demogogic votes!
    I’m registering as a muslim and like oblama will change my religious values as needed.

  • Andy of Fremont NE

    > Dear Activists: Two Items: Mark your calendar Wed, May
    > 18th Republican Forum Luncheon with guest speaker Jon
    > Bruning, U.S. Senate Candidate. ACTION
    > ITEM:
    > an important message from Stephanie Reis of ACT!
    > Omaha. Stephanie has been involved at the local, state and
    > national level in opposing and exposing terrorism.
    > Omaha, NE is going to be subjected to
    > Muslim prayer calls five times a day unless we stop it now.
    > I encourage you to
    > join ACT! Omaha to keep updated on the
    > issue

    • catman

      When Omaha starts having “prayer call” five times a day, what are the infidels to do?Stop in their tracks and bow? HORSECRAP!!
      And of course the Muslims will be all upset over us infidels not respecting their religion so they will probably just try to do away with us. OK, but you pieces of pig dung had better get me with the first shot because you won’t get a second chance.

  • bobby strock

    Without a doubt Obama ia a worse President than Carter. Obama has done nothing for the US in 2 years, he love the illegals and spends a lot of time taking care of them. He also spends a lot of time with the Muslims and the remainder of his time being a racist and letting the blacks do what they want to do, if the whites did what the blacks do, they would be called racist and tried for a hate crime. The best thing for the US is for Obama to leave, take Jones, Wright, the Attornedy General with him and leave the US on a one way ticket. We do not nee any of those people in our society

    • Bill O

      It’s not that Obama loves ilegales, they are just votes, as are the people in all government programs are !!!

    • M. Thoms

      Illegals are “votes” for the democrats, but many have the same goals for this country as does obama… many are America-haters here to get what they can before the golden goose is stuffed! Any benefits they are given here are a lot more than they would ever expect to have in their own countries. So, Socialism suits them just they are easily satisfied with what the government is offering. Why work, just vote!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    If Obamacare is so wonderful, why are so many folks stumbling over themselves to opt out? Why are they allowed to do so?

    • Pineapple

      O’Bamacare will fine those who don’t buy health insurance. However, the fine will be less than the cost of insurance. So, people will pay the fine instead of buying insurance, until they become seriously ill.

      Then they will buy insurance, which cannot be denied them.

      This will bankrupt the insurance companies and force everyone into the government option.

      This was O’Bama’s plan all along.

    • Princess of Orange

      Pineapple that is what I think. Also… here’s the goal of Big Daddy’s handlers who are owners of mega mega businesses all over the USA and elsewhere… under Obamacare they can stop providing employees with health care benefits. That cuts their HR dept employees, releases corporation from ongoing meetings with insurance providers to negotiate best deals for employees, reduces all kinds of related costs. It means more and more money in Big Daddy’s handlers’ pockets… (payback) and the employees kicked to the curb and must join Obamacare. If anyone thinks Big Daddy is helping Unions or SEIU, they are goofy. He has and is using them. He plays the shell game. When the members are jumping up and down with loyalty and vote for him and support his programs, he will ShapeChange and slip into the OvalOffice again, then the Union leaders will find themselves down the drain and the gummymint taking over leadership of the Unions headed by Big Daddy’s Czars. Probably why the former Union leader Stein(?) left after many and long visits to the OO. Trumka(sp) doesn’t see what’s coming. They are a neat package and are being wrapped up with a ribbon, and Rahm will tie the bow. Big Daddy and his handlers are Communists. Big Daddy has no loyalty to any country, religion or any God, only to himself and his commie friends. Watch out! They are here now and they are already parading in California (not too surprising) claiming victory for Communism.
      It’s all a plan, folks… just like Bush cooperated to clear out a bunch of people in Iraq to make room for “immigrants” who want to leave Russia etc., but can’t find room in Israel. Remember the Road Map designed by Bush and Sharon? It was a Treasure Map with a big x on Iraq. Didn’t see that coming? Neither do the Union leaders see what’s coming. Neither do many Americans now, but when they wake up… Commies Go Home.

    • Johnnygard

      I wonder how the Dems in Congress would dodge and twist if this was pointed out to them.

  • squeak

    Shocking Details Of obama’s Gangster Government

    Gangster government is a devastating and revealing look at the momentous first two years of the Obama administration and its subversion of our Constitution and laws. It casts a hard look at a president whose training on Chicagos’ political playground shines through every bent law and every broken promise .

    In gangster government you’ll learn, among other shocking revelations: How the Obama administration has used ” CZARS ” and ” recess appointments ” to install powerfull bureaucrats, some with extreme views and shady pasts, without congressional oversight. How the Obama administration ignored the Constitution and reversed 100 years of laws to reward its friends { The United Autoworkers } in the GM and Chrysler bailout. Why even the pretense of ” cutting costs ” in the Obamacare came second to rewarding the Democrat- supporting trial lawyers’ lobby. Why, ignoring federal law , the Obama administration is trying to shield the TSA workers who search passengers at airports from private sector compitition. How the trillion dollars ” Stimulus ” was directed overwhelmingly at protecting government workers supported by the taxpayers. Why ” Green Jobs ” are all about shaking down the taxpayers for favored businesses- not about truly ” sustainable ” energy or jobs. How the Obama administration bullies private businesses and even state governments that do not cooperate with gangster government. VERY INTERRESTING !!

    Davd Freddoso is a politicalreporter for “the Washington Examiner” and author of the New York Times.Previously he covered Capital Hill for the National Review Online and was a reporter for Human Events and the Evans -Novak Political Report. A graduate of Notre Dame and Columbia School of Journalism, he lives with his family in Washington, D.C.

    • M. Thoms

      The Congress could have stopped all this from being done! Why didn’t they! Our government is not setup to be “ruled” by one man. Our laws give the politicians a way to deal with someone like obama…they just WON’T!

  • squeak

    OOPS, The name of the book is:” GANGSTER GOVERNMENT ” by David Freddoso. Sorry forgot to put this in the article. Thanks



  • David W. Wisner

    The ONLY truly ACT of AMERICAN PATRIOTISM that WE THE PEOPLE can DO, is NOT GO TO WORK FOR A WEEK! Mr. ‘NOBAMA’, his administration and ALL of his ‘LEFT-WINGED DEMOCRATIC BUDDIES’ will be out in the ‘COLD’ when NO TAXES are collected from anyone, then NO ONE IN D.C. WILL GET PAID’!!

    This country was NOT founded by ‘ONE MAN’, but by SEVERAL MEN who were INSPIRED by GOD to set this country up as a UNITED NATION under ‘GOD’! NO ONE MAN (Mr. NOBAMA)IS GOING TO ‘RULE’ OR ‘CONTROL’ it by his ‘PUNY’ attempts at being a CZAR, TYRANT, DICTATOR or a ‘CRUDDY MONARCH’!! WE THE PEOPLE have the POWER and AUTHORITY to “UPROOT” this ‘PRETENDER’ and kick his butt to the side of the road! Mr. NOBAMA and his ‘ACORN BUTT-BUDDIES’ are the ones who MIS-USED and ABUSED our system of VOTING to get into the Presidency in 2008. Now it’s WE THE PEOPLE’s turn to TAKE BACK our VOTES and put an END TO ‘ACORN’ once and for all! Then WE THE PEOPLE can VOTE again in FREEDOM OF OPPRESSION from ‘ACORN, the DEMORCRATS and Mr. NOBAMA!

    NO ONE MAN WILL EVER CONTROL THIS COUNTRY! But when BIBLE Prophecy is fulfilled, there will be ONE who will control the entire WORLD, and when he’s in POWER, mankind will never know rest or peace!

    Please, GOD Bless AMERICA, her PEOPLE, and her TROOPS! ABBA FATHER, please help us out of this ‘POLITICAL MESS’ that we allowed ourselves to get into and protect our PEOPLE from Mr. NOBAMA and his Administration and those “BACK-STABBING DEMORCRATS”, and that includes “NEWT GINGRICH”! Did you know that a ‘NEWT’ is a SALAMANDRAIE LIZARD that comes from a ‘SUB-SPECIES’ of LIZARD?!


  • sean murrey

    Dont the unions kiss his ass to get waivers along with his suppoters.

  • Donald Barnes


  • Sugar

    I can’t wait until 2012 and Obama is out of office!

    • ladyswiss

      We have to make darn sure that happens. OUT!
      From what I am hearing, not many are going to vote for him – vote would be about 10%.
      But, the dirty tricks, unions and illegals – how can we be sure the voting process is legit???????

  • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

    Since Trump has folded- I am going with Cain-he is the best for as sensitive a job as president-afterall- look at that freak in the oval office now-one parasite-unsuitable,illegitimate,unskilled,a pompous know-it-all that does not listen to we the people-the scum is a TRAITOR

    • Benny

      Enrico, I see your logic with supporting McCain. I do have one concern with McCain though. That concern is that when he ran against Obuma in 2008 he had a great number of opportunities to destroy Obuma and expose him for what he is and he did not seize those opportunities. I’m afraid that he will repeat that performance and we are not in a position to take that chance by supporting McCain as a candidate for President again. I do not know why McCain did not tear Obuma’s ass apart in the preliminary race in 2008 but we are in a position that whoever we nominate to run against this idiot in the Whitehouse now MUST not falter in his opposition to Obuma. If our candidate fails and Obuma is elected to another term we are doomed as a country and we will no longer be allowed to be a free peole with the rights afforded by the Constitution because Obuma will destroy the Constitution along with our rights afforded by it. I respect Mr. McCain and wish him the very best but I just don’t think he is tough enough as a politician to defeat Obuma. Don’t sell Obuma short. He is a deceitful liar and will do ANYTHING to manipulate the vote and thinking of the American People. Our candidate for the Presidential election must be a savvy and politically tough individual who is informed of the way politicians deceive and lie and cheat in every election. I am not recommending anyone. I do not know who will be best to defeat Obuma! Hopefully, God will hear our pleas for help and answer our prayers and show us how and who we should support. PRAY!! and VOTE! Everyone MUST vote or we are going to lose to this asshole again!!!!

    • Johnnygard

      Benny, He meant Herman Cain, not John McCain, who is not running this time.

  • moonshine

    If you are a major contributor to the Democratic party you are eligible for a waiver. Republican voters and contributors need not apply. Only the Republicans and their supporters are required to pay for their own health care, as well as health care for illegal aliens, welfare receipents, and others under the banner of Social Justice, aka Socialism. Get the picture?

  • Q Tip

    Martin Luther King said, “Judge a man by the content of his character, NOT by the color of his skin”. This is how I personally judge Barry. I supported Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court because of his great character. Ovomit HAS NO character worthy of note. He is a BAD president who is undermining our capitalist society, and whom we MUST DEFEAT in 2012.

  • Painted Horse

    The only thing that needs to be temporary, very temporary is obamas presidency, like will expire in 3 days!!

  • USAF MSgt. Ret Bee

    I judge by the action ones takes also the company one keeps and this President has shown me more than I ever needed to see, it pains me that there are so many others out there that are so blind because of the color of his skin, well my skin is the same is his and I did not vote for him, the reason was not that I did not want an American with darkskin, to be President but I did not want this particular person to be the one mostly because I knew he would make it almost impossible for another good fine American of darkskin to get a chance, I believe he has ruined it for the future. I wish the Media would do it’s job and be the true Eyes & Ears they were suppose to be for “WE THE PEOPLE”!

  • ARMYOF69

    Seems to me, that we can all create our own laws to nullify any law we don’t like.
    I do like that. It’s what is being done here, after all.

  • Julian

    How many laws have been passed with a don’t wory we won’t enforce it? right now.

  • ARMYOF69

    TYRANNY is loose on this once great country.
    Whatever happened to our Constitution?
    It’s now sitting in some politicians’ trash can . At least that’s how its being treated.
    SHAME ON WASHINGTON, after all the blood that was spilled by this country’s brave people, in THEIR fight against tyranny. I guess, it’s our turn next.

  • PapaLee

    Besides our government failing us completely, too many eligible voters are failing the rest of us by not voting. We all need to do whatever we can to get the silent majority to vote. That is the only way we can defeat the clowns in DC. Once we have control, we must get terms limits installed to prevent people like Reid, Pelosi, and Durbin from staying in Congress.

  • Dave

    Is not he one of the enemies we have been sending our troops over seas to eleminate? I see the same thing only he is doing it as the enemy from with in!

  • ladyswiss

    I opted myself and my husband out, right or wrong. I did it because Obamacare is so wrong and I detest the man (man?).
    I received an acknowledgment from Sebelius, but not for my husband so far.
    I wanted to make a statement.

  • David Roberts

    200 more reasons why ObamaCare is a disaster & failure.

  • skip gainer

    This is great, not only does Nancy get to keep her air plane, now her constituents in her district. I wonder if obama is pandering for the gay vote and you can double down if you are Latino and gay!But whats going to happen to the gays when sharia law is installed. I have a gay brother that would help anyone in the world and if need be I will die protecting him!

  • William

    Just want to ask anyone out there do you feel like me? Our governent is discriminating againest me and you because we do not work for a Union. All the unions are getting waivers. Is there anyone out there that is not in a union getting a waiver? Nancy and Harry their state unions are getting waivers. All of Obama friends are getting waivers, were is the justice in that. I for the life of me can not understand why our attorney generals is not bring a law suite againest the Federal government for discriminating againest ME/US every day citizens? Attorney generals were are you? (As Larry the cable guy says get her done.)

  • soulstraw

    America has become a racist country in denial, it sickens me! 200 racists comments from the KKK teabaggers!Republisheep are complete morons.
    Maybe they should examine what the waiver and actually know something before saying stupid things. Lets review for the stupids (Republisheep).
    The health care law that takes effect in 2014 requires a minimum lifetime maximum of $750,000. Insurance plans must be at this limit if started in 2012 or 2013. Companies that have been providing plans to there employees with less then this amount may apply for Grand father status for 2012 and 2013 but will need to raise the lifetime maximum to $750k in 2014.
    I guess flexibility this is too confusing for the small minds of Republisheep. Trust me the majority of American realize you guys are stupid. And as always you just need to read a few comments to realize this assumpition is correct.