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Obama Frustrating Latinos and Blacks

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Obama is unifying the two minority groups, which together account for almost 90 million Americans and nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population, in a sense of shared disillusionment.

To be clear, majorities of both communities still approve of the job that Obama is doing as president. A Gallup poll released last month found that 85 percent of African-Americans and 54 percent of Latinos applaud Obama’s job performance.

But both those percentages are down from what they were in previous months. So much so that they either set or tied new lows. For various reasons, there are many disappointed people in these two communities that tend to give Obama high marks.

As loyal as most African-Americans are to Obama, there is a contingent of activists, intellectuals, and media personalities within the black community who are angry with him for abandoning some of their causes and focusing his attention elsewhere. And interestingly enough, when you hear these African-Americans talk freely about what they think Obama has done wrong, it sounds an awful lot like what Latinos are saying.

He is too quick to compromise with opponents, and cave in on his principles. Check.

He is foolishly wasting his time trying to please people who will only be pleased when he is removed from office. Check.

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  • sean murrey

    They have seen the light and now know what of president we have now.

    • RobinPC

      He should cheer up because he still has the main support from his supporting body, i.e. queers, lessies, bi-sexuals, tri-sexuals, and the boys in the queer club in Chicago. Hey, that is a huge majority of maybe half a percent of the population. Hey Ozie-boy, we love ya. Hahahahahaha!!!!!! What an ass!

    • Star

      Robin, I agree!! He attracts only evil!! He’s nothing but an undercover muslim terrorist–what a traitor!!!

    • muslim pig face throat slitter…

      Remember,obama is owned and controlled by the commie soros. If this was not true and obama was not on the take then why even have any meetings with this commie soros? The blacks and latinos do not care about america only what america will give them and obama will give the blacks and latinos a free tax paid handout just before elections and the blacks and latinos will vote obama. Only chance America still has is to force obama to show his real birth certificate or put him in prison for Treason.

    • Bob

      Hey Sean,
      This is a fire WE must keep stoking, adding logs to the fire and make sure the flame doesn’t die out. The more we get them pissed off at him, the better we will be come 2012. If we can get him to loose their vote, the vote of all the dead people in Illinois, and the Illegal Mexican and Brazilian votes, we may have a chance to get our country back.

    • Joel

      The large majority of Blacks will never repent from supporting Obama because their racism and covetousness keeps them blinded to the fact that he is an elitist Islamo-
      fascist in league with the Banksters and anyone else that can be won to his cause through their greed and covetousness.

    • treasuregem

      I agree, Joel. They call ‘us’ racists, yet they stick with him BECAUSE he is black, for no other reason, just like the mostly black jury found OJ Simpson innocent of two horrific murders.

    • muslim pig face throat slitter…

      you are saddly correct…..


      90% of all blacks voted for him…..
      CAN YOU SAY RACISM??????

    • Paul Wade

      It is true that 92% of the blacks in this country were fooled into voting for this idiot, but, 8% of us were not fooled. And if the 8% can grow into twenty to twenty-five% then that ass will be voted out of office. But we need to get the hearts and minds changed to do so.

    • muslim pig face throat slitter…

      Blacks and Latinos will still vote obama as soon as the elections get close because obama will buy there votes with tax dollars through free government handouts so do not be fooled or so quick to think the blacks and latinos will not vote obama back in. just give the latinos and blacks some free handouts and here comes the obama votes.

    • IGotAComment

      A small majority ‘has seen the light’ … but in Nov 2012, they’ll still vote with their eye focused on his skin color, not his political accomplishments.

      Only a strong showing at the polls by those who see his failures and his failing politics is going to defeat him.

      Would you destroy you brother even if he was evil? Well, that’s how they’ll look at it.

    • surj

      Sean murrey,”They have seen the light and now know what of president we have now” Not only they but we too have seen the light. How did he fool us all? Wake up time

  • Kenny G.

    Don’t worry folks, given enough time, this guy will self destruct, even in the face of his latest rise in the polls due to the death of OBL, which any well informed mind knows was initiated by the Bush administration and their “War on Terrorism”. I don’t think he calls it that now does he? Something like “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”. OH BROTHER!!!!

    • Victoria

      “this guy will self-destruct”. That’s what was said of Chavez. Hitler wasn’t taken seriously (except by Churchill) and the Ayatollah Khomeni was the best thing that happened to Iran.

      I believe that, if we don’t remove Obama from office in 2012, he will NEVER leave. He’s got too much help.

  • Colo43

    What principals ?
    This man has none, other than to take the USA down!
    These minorities should wake up to the fact that he only cares about himself.
    And he will only court them, until hes got their votes sewed up.
    Wake up America !

    • John Detwiler

      You hit the nail on the head. His concern is himself and the party he heads. To hell with the people. His desire is to control and change the United States to his idea of a Utopia. People had better get him and his clones out of office.

    • Boneyfingers

      Perhaps the blacks and minorities should be reminded that when the ship of state goes down, they well perish with it.

  • Chuck D

    Well said – Colo43!

  • singer23

    He lies and lies but the mainstream media never calls him on it, that’s why he is successful! I think he is an, “Idiot Savant,” Jarett,” is really running the country! He has no intellect, he can only recite the speeches she gives him, to read!

    • muslim pig face throat slitter…

      soros controls much of the main stream media and obama so what more can be said?

    • Boneyfingers

      Is there a connection between Valrie Jarret, and Soros? Seems they are both weilding a large amount of power, along with Holder and the Czars.

  • mad as hell

    Well if this nutball succeeds in comprehensive immigration reform, the latinos will swing back to him in a heartbeat. We do not need 11 million new citizens in this country, can’t even feed the ones we have. It’s all about
    re-election with Obarfa, then all bets
    will be off the table – he will do what he
    wants and put the nail in the coffin of America. Defeat the Liar-in-Chief and
    send him to Gitmo

    • bhscpa

      4 more years of Obama will permanently finish the grand American experiment begun in the late 1700’s. What a tragedy.

    • azwayne

      Maybe it’s time to stand up and show how to handle illegals regardless of exec orders and other bullcrap.

  • tod

    Truth always prevails!

    • Bob

      Tod, You are right, but do we have enough time for the truth to come to light and put this imposter where he belongs?

  • TakethePowerBack

    when it sounds to good to be “TRUE” coming from a politician. you can count on it being a false promise. and that is the truth.

  • Bosn


  • Arturo

    As Christian’s we must pray and obey!

    Pray to and obey God Almighty…not obama.

    • surj

      Arturo.” As Christian’s we must pray and obey .Pray to and obey Almighty..not obama.” You may be right ,but some times we have to do things which even your bible can’t help or do.How do you think your prayer going to help these people .see or these It is time you put your bible down and fight,or else you and your kind will parish. I suggest you read a book by Bat Ye’or ” The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam”

  • oldgringo

    Yes Obama is a teller of Tales…..Sadly the less educated a person is the more a believer they are of his tall tales….Times magazine tells the story of the killing of UBL….The article give some credit to G. Bush in the beginning and then continues for paragraph after paragraph to belittle our past President on one thing or another….It then continues to heap tons of praise on Obama for taking out UBL….Understandably knowing that Time magazine is the leftist ideal of a gobal governance mouth peice contolled by none other than G.Soros and Ted Turner were we to expect any thing different?…. Conveniently Time Magazine fudged or never bothered to tell the truth that Obama was not even near the WH when the stage was set for the raid on UBL compound…..He was out playing golf with his buddies…..Obama had been jerking Panetta around on the planning of the raid for over 16 hours and those in the situation room where tied of his dilly-dallying and all decided to launch the raid with out Obama’s consent…..Hillary Clinton, Panetta and Gates along with all others in the situation room gave to Go ahead for the attack on UBL compound by the Navy Seals without Obama’s presence….Obama was brought back to the WH from his golf outing to watch the minute by minute visual of the attack which he declared later “was the longest 40 minutes of my life.” Beware of what you read in the leftist global mouth piece publication which is known as Time Magazine!

    • Bob

      You said that barry wasn’t even near the white house when the decision was made and that they had to retreive him from the golf course, which is a politian lie. They actually had to go down to the local gay bath house and bring him back to put his signature on the piece of paper, and get set up for the photo shoot.

    • Joel

      Bin Laden’s liquidation was a false flag event, just like so many other major events in American history for the past almost 100 years. It was a CIA construct to advance their man for the final push to the goal of their globalist order. Partisan politics is nonsense. Its not Bush or Obama: its Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 AND Obama.

    • http://yahoo Fighting for Right

      I don’t believe you are quite right up there, get that noggin examined, fast!

    • surj

      Joel, When we have people like you in America ,we don’t need enemies for out side, like these
      Fighting for Right, you are spot on about Joel. just see

  • http://patriotupdate sick& tired


    • Bob

      Sick & Tired,
      When that happens, Halfrican will just say,
      Problem, we will raise the debt ceiling again and print some more. See how easy it is to solve the problem.

  • muslim pig face throat slitter…

    Blacks and Latinos are very easy to sway,just give them something for free and you own them.If Blacks and Latinos voted with the best interest of America at heart then obama would be done. Problem is,obama will give them something for free right before we vote then he knows even when he takes it away the vote will already be done and once again we will be under his thumb.Until Blacks and Latinos understand what is really going on they will vote for the lying democrats even though its the republicans that have given Blacks and Latinos more jobs and placed in higher positions then the democrats have done for them. Its just more lies and the democrats know the Blacks and the Latinos will buy into there false promises but after the election will be to late.Blacks and Latinos are among the biggest racist group period. look,the blacks want special treatment and the Latinos fly the mexico flag above the American flag and spit on our constitution. So,if the Blacks and Latinos vote for obama and we have four more years of commie leadership then America will fall and the Blacks and Latinos will be the first ones to cry.Sorry,the truth might hurt but its still the truth….

    • Am2sweet

      Correct, they only vote for those that promise freebies. Our main problem isn’t that they need educated but the fact that they are bought off so cheap. And another problem is how many Latinos are qualified to vote anyway? How many are illegals are voting which is being hidden by the Nazi left? And to say how stupid they are. The Mexicans come from a country where the ‘president’ rules and there isn’t a great amount of work or free enterprize. The blacks came from the same type country. So, what do they want? The government ruling them and telling them what they can and can’t do. They could have stayed in their own country for that instead of coming here. Send them all back to their origions so we can have our country back.

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      You may be right about the BLACK vote, BUT
      you are NOT right about the LATINO vote!
      So please get your facts straight before you

    • muslim pig face throat slitter…

      I am not trying to be racist just honest. Latinos feel America owes them something for free so you will have to get over it or show all America latinos are only here to better themselevs working wise.Latinos want free healthcare and free social security and free food stamps and until they prove different that is just a truth and fact. sorry if your latino and I know its never 100% of any one group for anything in life but for the most part,Blacks and latinos want something for nothing.The truth sometimes hurts but until the facts say different then that is that…

    • ARMYOF69

      You obviously don’t live in S.CA. A State that used to be an AMERICAN/ U.S.A. State. All we have here is mexican restaurants, graffiti and millions of illegal alien mexicans, with all their crimes. It’s difficult to believe that any LEGAL mexicans living here are actually voting for anyone other than the Democrats who are giving away the store to the illegal alien mexicans.

  • Major Black Cat

    Obama wants to buy the election with our tax money. Look at all the presidential edicts. He wants to be the dictator forever.
    He can declare Martial law and stop elections if he does not get what he calls immigration reform to get the votes of all the illegals in this country and buy the elction since most are on welfare or into crime and drugs.

    • muslim pig face throat slitter…

      Sad but true,your comment is soo true but sad. The truth hurts sometimes but lets just all wake up and stop voting commiecrats into office..

  • E.B. Myers

    With all due respect to a couple of posters on here.
    We, as a nation, always have been and always will be, a melting pot for the world.
    If everyone of a different origin were sent back to the country they or their ancestors came from,there would be no one here and this country would not exist.
    No, I do not want “illegals” here.And that means illegals from any country in the world.
    I want the people that come, and came here long ago, to believe in the constitution,our flag,our way of life,our freedoms and everything this country stands for. To stand up and defend our way of life to the rest of the world. Not destroy it from within.
    If a man or woman will stand with me and fight to defend our country and our constitutional freedoms, I could care less what his skin color or ethnic backround may be.
    Being an “American” comes first in my book, skin color or ethnic backround is all secondary.
    No, I’m not an evil, liberal,left wing idiot.I believe in the constitution and Bill of Rights the way they were written,for all AMERICANS.

    • muslim pig face throat slitter…

      Well said and I agree completely and I only mean blacks and latinos who want something for nothing are the ones who hurts us as a whole. The people who come here legally and want to better themselevs then i am for all of them. if Illegals come here for the free things and do not want to work and help make America better,then back they should go. We need to secure our borders and let in only those who want to make a better life for themselevs and no they are not entitled to free social security or healthcare or anything thing else until they earn it.

    • Tamera

      That is NOT true the Indians would remain as they were already here when intruded upon by the Spanish & French explorers/conquers. Tired of all the talking heads, empty suits full of fabricated lies to make sure that America falls & fails.

  • ED Bertolas

    The one good aspect is we will have no reason for a civil war . We need to stick together and fight of MUSLIMISM ……..

  • muslim pig face throat slitter…

    Latinos who are here Illegally are sucking us dry of money. They are here taking our healthcare and our social security and our welfare and food stamps.The biggest problem is obama and the democrats that are letting them crush us because the Latinos will vote obama and thats all thats matters to obama and the democrats and what happens to our nation does not matter to them. They will have more time to steal what they can into offshore bank accounts and we will be left holding the debt and the problems that come with it. Our elections are very corrupt and acron and the Black panthers will control the outcome for obama. We can put our heads into the sand but the truth is obama and the democrats will control this election and win at all costs.We can say this or we can say that but the reality is,obama and the democrats will corrupt the election like rahm in chicago and that is why we will not secure our borders. obama and the democrats will have Illegals votnig many times over. Look,obama does not even have to show a real birth certificate like our constitution demands so we should all get ready for the soon coming battle. you have been warned so no whinning when the battle starts.Its our fault we let obama in as president and now we must face the harm of his change that he ran on…..

  • red

    Then how does hussein has a 60% approval in the latest poll? Doesn’t make sense.
    I agree, those blacks are Lazy. They want something for nothing. They’re so Racists!
    Welcome to the United Nanny States of America. Responsible, barack hussein obama, muslim/liberal/anti-America/anti-Israel/Communist/Racist! Any questions?

  • red

    hussein: A smart woman said it to save her socialist country: “Eventually you ran out of other people money!”(Margaret Tacher/United Kingdom). What will you do then? You’re killing US while you’re living it high, like a Saudi king.
    Enough is enough. You came to divide, conquer, and destroy US. It’s time for u-2 GO!

  • muslim pig face throat slitter…

    obama has seiu and acorn and the black panthers as well as backing from soros and if we think this is going to be easy then we have another thing coming.obama and the democrats are very crafty. look,reid and pelosi wrote obamacare and rammed it through and even said we have to pass it to know whats in it and they are exempt from it. If its soooo good then why exempt yourselves from it? Then we voted reid and pelosi back into office… You would think Americans would not be so stupid or gullible but the majority are..Remember,when all the hope and change obama gives us comes forth,then do not whine and cry since the majority voted for it.America,shariah law is coming to and it is being installed into our nation as this comment goes out and be not fooled again,obama will let the millions of muslims already here have there shariah law enterchanged with our laws and then we are done….Wake up or give up the counrty we all love….. Sorry,the truth hurts or wakes you up,your chose…..

  • http://yahoo Fighting for Right

    What ever happened to the $430 Billion of the Stimulus money that was never spent – I’ll tell you what will happen, it will be used to buy votes – give aways, free-bees to those that will vote for Obummer, the rest of us will never see those funds.

  • Painted Horse

    obama is only around sick,disturbed,radical,kill crazy people!!!Like the black suposed to be rapper that sucks & wanted to kill pres. bush and condoned the killing of police officers. I know that obama has a split in his hair line,I think that they removed the “666” on his head!!!Only EVIL Is Around other EVIL!!!

  • T Lady

    What we have here is a classic case of Divide and Conquer.

    The Democratic Party has long been the Party of Divide and Conquer. Pitting two ethnic groups against one another for political gain is one of the oldest tricks in the Political Playbook.

    On a spiritual level however, it is contrary to how God wants us to live as His children.

    President Obama and the other Pander Bears (a moniker bestowed upon BHO by none other than Sirius/XM Conservative Talk Show Host Andrew Wilkow) are going to milk this Amnesty cow for as long as they can, based upon the faulty premise of offing Osama Bin Laden. What I mean by that is these fools honestly believe now that OBL is DOA, the Borders are practically ‘safe’ to open to any and all immigrants, regardless of their status. So while the Democrats attempt to grow their base with more Hispanics (from Mexico), more terrorists sneak across and infiltrate our system, which isn’t good for anyone, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, or Red.

  • Teresa Avila

    Let’s not forget that many of the Blacks and Hispanics that voted Obama into office, expected to get their “Gas and Mortgage” paid!! Do a search on YouTube under “Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!” It’s a 36 second clip that to this day…still blows my mind!!!

    I guess they aren’t getting what they voted for!!

  • Bill from Laos

    How can these people approve of what Obama is doing when all he’s done is increase our nation’s debt, add an albatross entitlement that will ruin our healthcare system and economy, neglected security on our souther border, and done nothing, NOTHING, to jump-start small business which is responsible for providing 85% of America’s jobs? Abandon the “mutual admiration syndrome” because he is a fellow black – he is half white, you know and he is indesputibly the worst (p)resident in American history. Furthermore, he lies like a rug – photoshop experts agree that his recently released “birth certificate” is another fraud. I’m ashamed that such a bum is in the Oval Office – and there are plenty of qualified African American men (and women) out there who would really make the black community proud. Open your eyes and smell the bulls–t!!