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ObamaCare repeal on the ballot in Florida

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature has put an amendment on next year’s ballot aimed at thwarting the federal health care overhaul.

Republicans derided the federal law as “Obamacare” in debate Wednesday before a mostly party line 80-37 vote in the House.

The Florida measure would ban government requirements to buy health insurance, which the federal law would mandate for most citizens.

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  • tod

    Barrycare is 100 % UnConsitutional,Period!

    • tod

      Ron Paul for President and Allen west or Herman Cain for Vice President!

    • justmyrtle

      Absolutely correct!!!!

    • American with a birth certificate…

      Perfect, You are a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT….

    • Rick Toronto
    • Richard

      I liked the head line, alone.

      I am just blindly tossing seeds.

      Protect your right for self-persuasion. Only those with a strong will to maintain numbers and a defensive army will prosper. The two party system is of one breed, greed. Acquired power by taking and enough people gladly granted for payments or sainthoods.

      There are three Organizations that each physically focuses on one the top three cancers that are destroying the American culture. Your physical presents, like all things are needed in order to move mountains. We need to stand together and turn Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness into a laser beams.

      The more people that engage in distraction the easier it is for the focused. Go to or some blogs allow you to click on my name. Explore only the top three banners. No one is making any money when you do this.

    • Sophie

      Richard, why don’t you stop writing your crap
      in every column we see? No one is interested.
      Get it?

    • Lia

      And which Liberal party are you a member of? Or do you just make sarcastic remarks for the lack of something intelligent to do?

    • Jo Ann

      She is not very intelligent, but let her write, that means she is reading everything we write, I live in Florida now, and I hope all the states do this ballot vote. this sophie is undercover for obummer, anyone who is so negative and likes ripping people apart are all in with the radical. so be it.

    • trvlkids

      Obviously you are wrong Sophie. Also, people are entitled to post what they wish!

    • justmyrtle

      Come on Richard, keep up the good posts. Conservativists love them!!!

    • justmyrtle


  • Stu Strickler

    tod would be 100% correct.

  • Carole Sandler Kahn

    Barry, himself, is unconstitutional. LET’s DRAFT ALLEN WEST and beat the pants of OBAMA in 2012. America needs to go WEST.

    • Barbara

      I hope West DOES run when he’s ready — he’s the most straight-talking representative in D.C., and that includes my high school buddy, DeMint!

    • justmyrtle

      I think West is a great answer for Republicain candidate for president but not better than DeMint, in fact DeMint/West would make a great team!!!!!!!

    • CUFFIE

      Reply to Barbara: “when he’s ready” are the key words. Let’s not try to push a candidate into the race who is not ready. All that does is ruin chances for the future. Thsnks for your insightful post.

    • Lia

      Amen, amen and A M E N!!!! As a Floridian, I can’t think of anyone I want more than Allen West….he is fantastic!!!!

    • http://patriotupdate jlbs

      As an Iowan, there is no one else I would rather see in the White House.

  • Hal

    Allen West would be a real problem for the Communist/socialist/liberals. They would lose their ‘race’ card if he were elected… which they play whenever they are confronted with truth and logic. Why, they might even have to learn RESPECT.

    • Ken

      Wow, teaching an old dog new tricks, that will be very interesting. Especially when the old dog is call liberalism. Come here so I can put on your pretty sock collar, good boy, I mean it.

    • Lia

      Not a chance…they can’t even spell the word, respect….let alone understand what it means.

  • Wayne Wathen

    I think the Florida is far to crowded. At least with fewer people getting health insurance it will help reduce the population as well as help the funeral industry. I know of only one person, my sister’s good friend who died because she didn’t have health insurance.

    • Ken

      I just lost a friend who didn’t have health insurance, because he wanted it that way. He was a patriot. Home schooled his kids, and they actually knew what real history is. He was a God loving American who loved what America stood for. He was born on the fourth of July and God took him yesterday May 4th. He left behind two boys and three girls. Not once did he curse the government for not giving him medical insurance.

    • David Roberts

      Your friend was a “true” American, indeed.

    • Borrys

      No, she died because she had an accident or some health related issue.

      Having insurance does not guaranty that you will live.

    • Thomas Martin

      wayne wathen, it’s a dam shame it was not you that died, you useless piece of crap.

    • Lia

      As a Floridian, let me tell you that if you live here in our beautiful state, LET ME SUGGEST YOU MOVE TO MONTANTA or wherever you want. Your are a sadistic creep with absolutely no morals!!!

    • celia jardeleza

      Your IDEA and your SPELLING and GRAMMAR just showed your IGNORANCE. Go live in Chicago or California – you will find a lot of your KIND.

  • Guy

    the system we have now works pretty good just kick all illegals off of it and out of the country and quit sending money out of country if the need food send food not money like all the money we send to the middle eastern countries

  • Steven Coy

    Why are we going this route, when we now have proof that Obamanation is not an American born citizen? His long form birth certificate states his father was a Kenyan citizen at his time of Birth. End of Story, start emailing and calling your reps and demand his removal and a very long stay in our worst Federal Prison and all involved in this Treasonous cover-up.

    • Patricia L Brake-Ludwig

      O lies all the time. He is antiAmerican. He is socialist. He was an awful student. Has anyone talked to people in Kenya? Is there a monument there to O’s birth there? Is he a closet Muslim? He sure believes in violence. He is too much a tax and spender. He needs a very,very low balanced budget, and NO increase debt ceiling.Cut spending.Fire all czars.No foreign aid,no Ge corporate aid.

  • http://msn don


    • justmyrtle

      When that time comes he will know GOD and it will be too late for him when,”Every knee shall bow and every tongue will comfess that JESUS IS LORD.

  • randy131

    Its truly an awful situation when the US Supreme Cout refuses to do its job, and defend the US Constitution, and the rights of the American people to decide what is in their own best interest, and not be forced buy the federal government to purchase something they may not need or even want. This is not the America I grew up in, or was taught about in our schools, what has happened to us? Where are the true American Patriots, for they are surely not sitting on the US Supreme Court, nor very many of them in our US Congress? Do we have to take up arms to restore our rights, those guaranteed by the US Constitution, and return our heritage to what the Founding Fathers planned and gave us? Why do the American people let these liberal progressives twist and spin the words in the US Constitution into a meaning that was never intended by those who wrote it, which is really the job of the US Supreme Court who has abdicated their responsibilities, and power to over-see that the other two branches of government do not exceed their proscribed authority and power over the American people, by enslaving them through making them subjects of the government, as those that are subordinates of kings, instead of the government’s authoritative benefactors. How much more will the American people accept, in the degradation of their rights and freedoms, before it becomes to late to change back and return to the type of government the Founding Fathers instituted for our heritage? If what has been happening keeps on prevailing, when is it time to take up arms before it is to late?

    • Daniel from TN

      SCOTUS did not refuse to hear the eligibility case altogether: It refused to give the case a fast track. Fast track means the court agrees to hear the case BEFORE it goes through the lower courts. The court stated the eligibility issue will have to make its way through lower courts like most other cases. Unfortunately, that may take several months to years, unless Congress decides to do its job and investigate the issue. I do not see that happening; Democrats will not turn on one of their own, regardless; and Republicans simply do not have the courage to address the issue..

    • David Roberts

      Don’t bet on your opinion of the Republicans courage. They may surprise us.

    • Daniel from TN

      I hope they do surprise us, but I’m still not going to hold my breath.

    • Sophie

      We can only hope…Boehner hasn’t exactly come through yet with “flying colors.”

    • Lia

      Boehner controls 1/3 of the government. Without the Senate, his hands are tied and “bodyoder Reid” still has control next door. The man is trying but he can only do what the House can accomplish.

    • Lia

      IT isn’t courage with Republicans, it’s lack of numbers in the Senate…unloess and until they can gain control, there is little they can do.

    • Allan

      There is no doubt Repubs are closer to conservative values. However, if they had a majority, would the same thing happen that happened to the Dems between 2008-2010? There are Rinos like John McCain, or Scott Brown, that would derail potential bills. We may need a 3/4 majority to get a 2/3 vote, and that isn’t likely. Still too many representatives/senators serving themselves and their reelection needs.

    • Stan

      What has happened to our Country is that the Democrats have placed Liberal Activist Judges on the Supreme Court who care more about making decisions per thier political affilliation than the Constitution. They have infested the ranks of the Federal court system in the same maner to legislate from the bench and get thier way.

      I agree we need to keep to the intent of the Constitution as our founding fathers wrote it. I would like to remind everyone that our Founding Fathers in thier brilliance, left us with another document eaqually as important as the Constitution. It was the document that led to our Freedom and the making of the Constitution possible. It was the ROAD MAP they used to gain Freedom. It is still our ROAD MAP today. It is the Declaration of Independence; it tells us what to do when a Government becomes destructive to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and governs against the will of the governed. It states that it is our Right to do so.Read the Declaration of Independence,it is still our Road Map today. Don’t let government forget it.

      Write your congressmen and Senators, call them, e-mail them; let them know that they stand on the brink of being booted out together; all at once.

    • subby

      Stan: If the judges are judging per their political affilliation than the constitution. Wait until they have to stand before the real JUDGE GOD? I wonder what they will say to HIM GOD?

    • gaetano

      the answer to all your above questions is ,


  • Dusty1

    Now it would be great if all the other states that are a party to the lawsuit against Obamacare (I think there are 26 total) would all do the same and put this on their state’s ballot and let it get voted down. This could be done before the Supreme Court gets it.

    • Barb

      I would love for that to happen. Unfortunately, I live in Illinois…and you all know who is running the show here!!!

  • David Roberts

    I’m thinking of moving back to Florida, just so I can vote for the “repeal”. If Col. West gets on the ballot, he’s got my racist vote for sure. Hail to the Tea Party!

  • tod

    We need to March on July 4 !

  • http://PATROITREPORT george k morrison

    these are the same people who run a coffee shop in the capitol building this place has never made a dime in profit as well as the postal service now what the hell makes these people think they can run car companies or insurance companies without screwing that all up don’t forget the 11billion loss to the taxpayer by the idiot in charge & he thinks he needs another term to complete his great economic plan GOD HELP US ALL IF HE GETS ANOTHER TERM…..IMPEACHMENT IS THE BEST WAY OUT

  • Ladyswiss

    Get rid of Obama AND Obamacare. NOW!
    I lost my health care I worked 46 years for
    thanks to this Chicago goon.
    I am fed up and angry!!!!!!

  • CJB

    BHO/Soetoro could easily get a contempt of court article of impeachment for implementing Obummer-care after the court ruled it uncondtitutional. And one more of same over the drilling moritorium, is lodged with the Obarry Interior Dept. If only congress had the balls ….

  • Am2sweet

    Good for Florida, they have the right idea. Obamacare should be the choice of each state since our politicians persist in pushing this. I don’t think it’s even legal for anyone to make you have insurance or anything else. Especially the government.

  • Thomas Martin

    Well, I don’t think it’s just me who has come to hate this crooked government and their better than us attitude. I for one want this piece of obama crap care repealed, every damn bit of it.

    Lets send a message to these ass holes in the senate and congress and that idiot in the oval office.

    We the people are tired and sick of you bunch of thieves lining your pockets at the tax payers expense.

    Remember you work for us, and we damn sure can fire your sorry asses at election time.

    God bless our brave men and women in uniform for having to answer to the worst piece of crap that every held the oval office.

    james earl carter, barack hussein obama stole your title, oh, you’re still a damn idiot though.

  • Lia

    With this on the Florida ballot, I can hardly wait to vote. As a veteran, I am intimately acquainted with “government run healthcare” as I am a VA patient. My care is not free. Each visit and prescription is paid for
    We do not have the best doctors and they make mistakes that most civilian doctors would be sued for.
    The members of the government don’t have enough sense to tie their own shoes, let alone run healthcare.
    Abolish EPA, IRS, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, NPR and stop all foreign aid….WHY IN HELL ARE WE SENDING AID TO CUBA??????

    • sean murrey

      Lia i am a vet too they have taken good care of me i get my mdeicine form them i do pay a copay for my mdeicine dont be harsh on them they trying hard to carec for us.

    • Barb

      Please make sure all your friends and family go to vote, too. We have to stop this country from going in the direction it is headed.

  • sean murrey

    Obummercare they can wipe thier ass on it, it is not right for the govenment to force this on us.

  • wiseOvOwl

    Too many states passing laws against this devestating unconstitutional law. I feel a constitutional amendment in the making by the states.

  • American with a birth certificate…

    Crimes against America are called TREASON and TREASON is a hanging offense. obama and reid and pelosi have gone behind closed doors(TRANSPARENT RIGHT?)and gave us obamacare and rammed it down our throats with no time to read it(PELOSI SAYS WE HAVE TO PASS IT TO KNOW WHATS IN IT). Hello America,are you okay with this? I am not….I say we hang our elected officals in the white house for TREASON and start over with people who Love our great nation and was born here with proof. I will donate 535 ropes,will anyone step up with some very tall trees?

  • American with a birth certificate…

    Lets repeal obama then we would all care….

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama

  • http://yahoo Barbara J

    I think we should elect Donald Trump for president. He seems to know how to run a business. He says we need to stop sending money to foreign countries. If there is a reason that those countries need our help they need to pay us for our help.We need to stop sending our jobs over seas. America needs to be saved and the time is now. Obama is laughing at us because he is killing our country. He needs to be impeached and NOW