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Congress Mulls Cuts to Food Stamps Program Amid Record Number of Recipients

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


ABC News’ Huma Khan reports: Congress is under pressure to cut the rapidly rising costs of the federal government’s food stamps program at a time when a record number of Americans are relying on it.

The House Appropriations Committee today will review the fiscal year2012 appropriations bill for the Department of Agriculture that includes $71 billion for the agency’s “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.” That’s $2 billion less than what President Obama requested but a 9 percent increase from 2011, which, critics say, is too large given the sizeable budget deficit.

More than 44.5 million Americans received SNAP benefits in March, an 11 percent increase from one year ago and nearly 61 percent higher than the same time four years ago.

The Republicans’ 2012 budget plan proposes changing SNAP from an entitlement to a block-grant program that would be tailored for each individual state, much like their proposal for Medicaid. States would no longer receive open-ended subsidies and the aid would be contingent on work or job training. It would also limit funding for the program.

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  • Patriot77

    No work, no eat!!!

    • susanm


  • Captain PJ

    The appropriation of money by Congress has never solved poverty or the resulting problems of poverty. The Democrats don’t understand how necessary it is to take a very long and hard look at government spending to avoid wasting taxpayers’ dollars.

    • Captain PJ

      Fact: The president’s 2012 budget goes in a completely opposite direction. It aims to make requirements less stringent by temporairly suspending for one year the time limit for ceetain age groups without dependents.

      Of course, the Democrats are accusing the Republican plan as “an attack on the poor.” Here comes the class warfare crap again.

  • rory hendrix

    welfare encourages the lazy to be lazier!
    there are many that truly need assistance, but there are many that are getting assistance from fedral programs across the board that should not be recieving any of them at all!!!

  • Viviane Avalone

    Captain John Smith (Jamestown Settlement) said that each healthy person, whether laborer or gentlemen, shall (must) gather (find or get) as much food to eat as he (Captain John Smith) did each day or be banished (sent away). The order did not pertain to the sick. The sick did not have to gather food and were provided food. This policy is sometimes called his no work, no eat policy.

    This policy may have come from 2 Thessalonians 3:10, which Paul said, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

  • william krebs

    Instead of just handing out free food, welfare etc., make it workfare. I see people with these govt. credit cards buying all kinds of junk, their big fat ass-es waddling as they pile up their food. You need a meal? A bed? Dig a ditch and I will give you a bowl of soup and a cot to rest your head. We are stealing wealth from those that work to create a dependent underclass that will always vote democrat, which is the ultimate plan.