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Shock: Dept. of Defense Vindicates Fort Hood Killer

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

muslim soldier abdo

A shocking decision made by the secretary of the Army last month — in the case of an U.S. Army soldier with the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell who refused to deploy to Afghanistan claiming that Islamic law prevented him from killing other Muslims — vindicates Fort Hood killer Major Nidal Hasan. He made identical claims and threatened that “adverse events” would occur if military officials didn’t accede to shariah principles.

The subject of the Fort Campbell case is PFC Nasser Abdo, who was granted conscientious objector status last month, only to be brought up on charges last week — two days after being informed of the secretary of the Army’s decision — after child pornography was found on his government-issued computer. The news reports about Abdo’s arrest were the first to mention the Army recognizing him as a conscientious objector. After his arrest, Abdo is now claiming that the child porn charges are the Army’s way of retaliating against him.

musBy granting PFC Abdo’s conscientious objector claim, the Army may have created trouble for themselves in the court martial of Major Hasan for the murder of his thirteen fellow soldiers at Fort Hood. Hasan’s attorney can now claim that by refusing to acknowledge Major Hasan’s claims under Islamic law as a conscientious objector and granting him an honorable discharge, the Army created irreconcilable conflict that prompted the Fort Hood massacre. And they can use the secretary of the Army’s decision in the Abdo case as proof.

But they have also created a greater problem. By bowing to the dictates of Islamic law, which defines the killing of a Muslim by another Muslim without right as terrorism, the U.S. Army has tacitly endorsed a religiously bigoted position that it is perfectly fine for Muslim service members to kill non-Muslims, but killing their co-religionists is totally out-of-bounds and is grounds for an honorable discharge. Is any other religion granted such accommodation? Will this decision help or discredit those Muslims serving honorably with both their fellow soldiers and the Muslim community?

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  • DaNangMe

    There is no place for avowed Muslim extremists in our Armed Forces to start with and it is most puzzling that no more aforethought was given prior to inducting these traitors.The decision is even more questionable after the fragging incident by another 101st Abn. troop early on in the deployment to Iraq,not to mention many cases of translators and intel informants that have turned on our troops and set them up for deadly ambushes or led them into areas laden with IED’s.Abdo and Hasan should be Court Martialed and shot for treason.All others of the Islamic persuasion in the Armed Forces should be given a General Discharge immediately!Don’t allow another loss of an American Soldier to any such causes as the aforementioned.All enemy combatants should be terminated with extreme prejudice!

    • Captain PJ

      The notion that Muslims cannot kill other Muslims is irrelevant–largely because Muslims have been killing eachother for over a thousand years; and they’re still killing one another–they can just about justify anything according to the Koran.

      Muslims should not be allowed to join the U.S. armed services. And if this is some sort of “Constitutional” infrigement, then they should be restricted from the combat arms MOS’. Devout Mormans serve in non-combat arms MOS’ but we don’t have to worry about them killing their fellow soldiers.

    • ARMYOF69

      Now you’re talking. I would not trust a muslim in our uniform. Time to discriminate sensibly.

    • Cameron

      I’ve always thought that discrimination is not necessarily a bad thing. Because we automatically relate it w/racial bias we’ve come to think discrimination is bad. NO! Every body discriminates every day in decisions we make: coffee or tea, cereal or toast, blue shirt or green, & the list goes on. Discrimination to end a problem is GOOD. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, & sounds like a duck, it must be a duck; find out, & if it’s duck season, shoot it.

    • Captain PJ

      The problem is we are already required to swear a loyalty oath when we enter the armed forces or law enforcement or certain elements of government service. How do you initially weed out these kinds of individuals without discriminating against an entire religious group?

      You discriminate against the entire religious group. If Muslims claim they cannot kill other Muslims then they should be banned from military service…use their doctrine, their Koran to support their exclusion to serve.

    • Captain PJ

      I know this kin of statement is harsh and discriminatory, but the last thing I ever needed to worry about was the loyalty of one of my team members. One bad apple could screw up an entire mission and worse yet, get our fellow team members, platoon, etc. killed. You need to be able to depend on your buddies.

    • American Patriot

      If they are muslim discriminate period!!Kick every damn one out of any of our services,The muzzies keep laughing at just how stupid non-muzzies are, its like here you go, heres a gun and bomb making material shoot me or blow me up whichever you want!! Frigging idiots!!!!And thats the Dept of defense, it all comes down drom the muzzie odumbo!!

    • T.R.T.

      What would happen if there was a “sleeper muslim”, in each platoon,squad or whatever,who has orders from their muslim leaders, to open fire on our troops on a certain day and time. Before it could be stopped, all at once we would have scores of our service people dead or wounded!! Hopefully this is NOT probable but STILL possible! They all read and BELIEVE their koran,so which muslim do you trust?? That’s why they are called “sleepers”.(AAH, AAH, AAH NO FAIR PROFILING)

    • ARMYOF69

      I would go one step further. Throw him in into the front lines wearing his uniform, but no guns.

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      Oh I like that one just put them all on the front lines with no guns. So he had child porn on his computer, doesn’t surprise me after all his saviour Mohammed was a child rapist as I suspect most muslim men are and I wouldn’t let my girl child go near one of them. The United States military needs to wake the hell up and keep them out of the service. They cannot be trusted!! IT IS TIME TO DISCRIMINATE FOLKS!!!

    • BOB


    • Master Chief Tom

      You may be correct about your child rape claim. I was in the Muslim countrys in the early 70’s for 3 years and their sidewalk magazine kiosks would sell many books and magazines displaying young child abuse victims in the act with a fully mature man. These were on display to passerby and fully displayed to all for sale at magazine prices.
      I seen them at small shops and kiosks and they were as common as magazine racks here only we sell TIME and GOOD HOUSEKEEPING and they sell what will get you 10 years worth of TIME here! Actual acts were displayed on the covers like Corvetts on CAR & DRIVER. It was sad to see.

    • loretta


    • Mary Gee

      We try to be so politically correct and it will destroy all of us eventually…My goodness, why are we so gullible?

    • Dave

      And I will go one step even further, send their asses back to sand land, give them a camel and tatoo an American Flag on their forehead!!

    • Darcey

      Homosexual pedophiles are common in muslim countries. Although homosexuality is forbidden and punished severely, muslim men who sodomize young boys are not considered homosexuals or pedophiles. Islam claims to be anti-homosexual, but hypocritically allows and encourages men to love young boys.

      This is a very sad documentary video, the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
      also a website,

    • loretta

      send nancy, rosie, whoopie, jeannean, joy, those 2 dykes from main–susan and olimpia i think–and anny others–madcow for instance and drop them butt nekked into a taliban nest along af/pak border

    • Dennis

      Islam is a culture of death, where death is glorified. The Book of Revelation, Chapter 6, Verse 9, speaks about a pale horse. The word pale, in Greek, chloros, is usually translated as green or pale green. “…and the name of the rider that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, …” Green is the color of Islam. The flags of Islamic countries are mostly green. 96% of muslims are from Africa and Asia, the most hunger-stricken parts of the world. For a most revealing and sickening confirmation of this deadly cult, view the clips at this site:

    • Paul DeRosa

      Give all the Muslims Permanent Latrine Duty..This will make them feel right at home

    • One2Stupid

      Assign them to cook ham & eggs at the mess hall…..for officers;-)

    • Captain PJ

      I wouldn’t let them near the food supply at all. Nor would I assign them to the armory, combat arms or even combat support. I can’t even think of an Military Occupational Skill (MOS)that i would assign them to.

      Just in case you think I’m one of those “old-fashioned” or prejudicial officers, I can tell you that I was an outspoken proponent of women in the army and even having them do jobs within combat support elements.

    • Michael

      You’re right about the fact that Muslims have been killing other Muslims for centuries. I saw more dead Iraqis that were killed by other Iraqis than those killed by Coalition Forces by about a ten to one ratio during my last deployment (2006). I disagree, however, that putting Muslims in a non-combat MOS would serve any purpose as even the non-combat MOS personnel still carry weapons when deployed. Major Hasan was a Psychiatrist and still managed to kill American Soldiers at home station. We had a US Army interpreter (Arabic) assigned to our unit who immigrated to the U.S. from Sudan. I always kept my eye on him when he was around. Then one day I found his “dog tags” in the shower and there was a crucifix attached. When I returned them, I commented on it and was very relieved to find out that he was a Christian. After that, I felt a lot more comfortable with him behind me with a weapon.

    • Captain PJ

      Remember this: The Book of Koran is based on the writings of Mohammed. Mohammed was a warrior, a general, a mass murderer, who advocated an Islamic world. One world under Islamic Law and those who do not convert shall be killed. Mohammed “justified” killing fellow Muslims because they were “infidels” or non-believers of his particular interpretation of Islam.

    • Darcey

      In the past 10-20 years, over two million Christians have left the Middle East, mostly because of religious persecution by islamic muslims. A common islam saying is, “First Comes Saturday, Then Comes Sunday”. It is an islamic way of saying, “First we kill the Jews (who pray on Saturday), then we will kill the Christians, the Sunday people.” Their only mission in life is to kill all who do not bow down and worship their false moon god allah. This is where they get the crescent moon for their flags. These murderous pagans must be stopped at our borders!

    • patriot77

      The naked, ugly truth is that at some point we, the people, will have to take the muslim matter into our own hands if we want to survive. It is blatantly apparent that our government/military have no interest in doing anything about the Sharia-creep occurring in our country. It sounds radical, but how else will this stop? Very, very scary when you think of it.

    • FB

      You have the wrong religion. You are probably thinking of the Quakers, but I would need to research this. There are many of the LDS faith who serve in our Armed Forces proudly reguardless of branch. Some may have indeed chosen to become medics. The current President of our church has served proudly in the US Navy during WWII, as have many others. We have born arms for this Nation since the war with Mexico.

    • Captain PJ

      The U.S. military recognizes several established religions which have “approved” conscientiouis objector status. The Mormans, Quakers, and a couple of others are some of those recognized.

    • Captain PJ

      Sorry people–but it’s true. All branches of service recognize certain religious groups as qulified for conscientious objector status. The Muslim or islamic faith is NOT recognized because Muslims serve in combat all over the world.

    • loretta

      islem isnt a religion. its a stone age death cult and political org.

    • Bree,

      What did you say Captain? You were an outspoken proponent of women in the army and even having them do jobs within combat support elements? Did you hate women so much that you would put their very life in danger? Oh, what a terrible task master you must have been! God will forgive you I hope. Shame on you!

    • Captain PJ

      Are you serious? I hope not. Combat Support means units which support combat units from the rear eshelon. And many of these women weren’t exactly happy with even that–some wanted to serve in infantry units or in combat MP’s.

    • Bree,

      No Captain, I’m not – serious, I mean. Just joking and the “joke monster” hasn’t done too well tonight I see so let us carry on. Of course I know you to be an officer and a gentlemen and I’m sure you knew exactly what to do with those women.

    • Captain PJ

      Bree, most of the women in the army are fabulous troopers. They are better at technical jobs and do not stree out as easily as the guys.

    • Mike

      I’ll take it one step further and say all Muslims need to relocate to another country! They have been trying to destroy us and Israel! They worship Allah! Our founders gave us freedom of religion but Islam does not condone that, so why are we allowing a system of belief that will eventually remove our freedom to choose or murder us if we do not believe as they do!

    • loretta

      and as soon as we get them in one place, we can nuke em. bama has been looking for a way to get rid of our nukes.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      Personally I do not agree with the concept of conscientious objector status.

      The entire purpose of the Armed Forces is to blow things up and Kill the enemies of our country. If someone doesn’t like this they should not be in the military at all.

    • Connie

      The military already discriminates. If you are too fat, too thin, too young, too old, have only one arm, have bad eyesight, are deaf, and a thousand other exclusions you don’t serve in the military. Why should it be so hard to discriminate against muslims(who we are at war with) and homosexuals is hard to imagine.

    • Gene Freidus

      Why does a psychiatrist need a conscientious objector status? Is he going to “shoot down” the Muslim adversary by saying mean things to him? This is pure nonsense. If people are allowed to leave military service (remember, there is no draft) because they want to protect a group that is attacking the US-Surprise-that’s treason. Bye-bye.

    • Captain PJ

      Hasan’s lawyers can and will say anything in an attempt to get their client off. However, there is no logical reason that they can cite which justifies Major Hasan (I hate acknowledging this prick was an 04) from taking an automatic weapons and turning on “his own,” killing 13 service personnel.

      NO JUSTIFIABLE defense, including being denied “conscientious objector” status by Army officials. The mere fact that Major Hasan said that adverse event would occur if he was denied this status, is evidence of premeditation.

    • Captain PJ

      PFC Nasser Abdo was not assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. He had to volunteer and qualify to be a member–Air Assault School & Jump School (if he was jump qualified). The 101st is a “combat-ready” Rapid Deployment Force, and every member knows that they are one of the army’s first to fight divisions. He knew this goin in.

      Abdo’s claim that the army is using the discovery of child pornography on his GI computer as an “excuse,” is even more absurd than his conscientious objector claim. Possession of Child Pornography is a felony in all 50 states and a violation of federal law. Abdo is a coward and a pervert.

    • Mountain Woman

      Captain PJ, I want to salute and applaud you for your factual, well-stated posts! I just wish the Pentagon, other officers and the military judges would have your common sense and good judgment!

    • Francisco Miami Beach

      Captain PJ, you should run for office. i read your stuff and it’s awesome. You are not afraid to state the facts, even when you know the majority of people will disagree. 99% of the time everyone agrees, but, I like it that you say it like it is regardless.

      I also salute you for your service to our country.

    • Captain PJ

      Thanks Mountain and Francisco. I couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Southern California. Even my daughetrs think I’m too “damn conservative.”

      But, both were honor students and now attend university, and don’t drink or do drugs. So I guess me being a “damn conservative” had it’s rewards.

    • Mary Gee

      Most likely he volunteered so he would learn to fly more planes into our building.

    • Ladyliberty

      Where’s Dr. Kevorkian when you need him?

    • loretta

      forget the trial. just turn off the vent

    • Mary Gee

      An muslin psychiatrist has no business serving the US Military at any Branch…They do NOT
      know our culture therefore unable to solve any problems of help resolve any problems our men and women have….especially if they are mentally ill and are easily pursuaded against their own peers and even our AMERICA…

    • huh duh

      Not even a decent cover story to free and islamic murder.

      No muslim can give alligence to any

      government other than the mythical

      government of the old moon god allah.


      Can a good Muslim be A good American?
      This question was forwarded to a man who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years. The following is his reply:

      Theologically – no. . . . Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon
      God of Arabia .

      Religiously – no. . . Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah
      Except Islam (Quran, 2:256)(Koran)

      Scripturally – no. . . Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of
      Islam and the Quran.

      Geographically – no . Because his allegiance is to Mecca , to which he
      Turns in prayer five times a day.

      Socially – no. . . Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make
      Friends with Christians or Jews ..

      Politically – no. . . Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual
      Leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America ,
      The great Satan.

      Domestically – no. .. . Because he is instructed to marry four Women and
      Beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Quran 4:34 )

      Intellectually – no. . Because he cannot accept the American
      Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the
      Bible to be corrupt.

      Philosophically – no. . . . Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran does
      Not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot
      Co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

      Spiritually – no. . . Because when we declare ‘one nation under God,’
      The Christian’s God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to
      As Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran’s 99
      Excellent names.

      Therefore, after much study and deliberation…. Perhaps we should be
      Very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. – – – They obviously
      Cannot be both ‘good’ Muslims and good Americans. Call it what you wish it’s still the truth. You had better believe it. The more who understand
      This, the better it will be for our country and our future.
      The religious war is bigger than we know or understand. ….

      Footnote: The Muslims have said they will destroy us from within.


    • Bea

      and if they are not worthy to be in our Armed Forces, they are not worthy to enjoy our American Exceptionalism. Boot them out of the Country.

    • Dennis Patrick Foley

      This law is copletely wrong and is reason for the elimination for anyone who claims to be a muslim. It would seem that once you’re in the military and you have a weapon you can kill any service member you want and that, oh by the way, I’ll be picking up my
      “honorable” discharge on the way out and my pay for being in the service. C’mon, let’s not forget these assholes kill their own kind
      every day, like me being the Baptist that I am but killing the Catholics cause they are a different “sect” of Christianity. Take that fuckin fort Hood shooter and line that piece of shit against the wall and I’ll personally pay for the bullet for his brain. Good fuckin riddance you muslim piece of shit
      And don’t even allow a muslim to own a gun in America. If they don’t like it ship them over to Palestine and the next war they have with Israel they can wipe em out over there

    • Verus Langham

      The Major, who serves at the discretion of the Congress, should be made to resign his commission as a officer and relinquish all future pay and allowances. Not one dime of American taxpayer dollars should be given to a man who never served honorably as long as he believed the enemy was American troops. Thus said; I agree with you as to their agenda and it looks like yet another way of carrying on Jihad… like a Cong Sapper awaiting in ambush for the right time to waste a few Americans at every opportunity.. then hiding behind a dense jungle (bureaucratic red tape) until again he can inflict yet more casualties. What moron has opened up a way for this coward to wage his own brand of war while wearing the prestigious uniform of an American soldier?

    • Lory

      The only thing that should matter is that this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we are not subject to Islamic law, or any other law than that of the Constitution. Maybe the Secretary of the Army needs a history lesson, and a new job.

    • gaetano

      Americans must realize and remember this saying ,” ONE NATION UNDER GOD” and I do me Our GOD, NOT THEIRS. THIS FREEDOM UNDER RELIGION, Means that you could pratice the reliogion of your choice, but it should clarify that our nation believes in God. Now you don`t have to believe in God, but if you do, It’s OUR GOD , NOT THEIRS.

  • Jedediah

    Not only should Muslims not be allowed into the Armed Services, they should not be allowed into the country. Stop all Muslim immigration and strongly encourage those already here to leave.

    • CalBob

      Boy, do I agree with you….!!! Being it is a sociopolitical organization, the Constitution doesn’t come into play…Our immigration policies are flexible…just enter ‘o’ for the quota for any Arab for the time being, until we can get things ironed out.

    • huh duh

      Some one needs to explain to the d.c.cartel the requirements for citizenship.

    • Mary Gee

      starting with AUNT ZEITUNI.

    • ARMYOF69

      Who’s Aunt Zeituni?
      My limited Arab language knowledge say it’s something relating to oil.

  • Mark Matis

    So they jail Colonel Lakin, but let this raghead skate? Damn these Perfumed Princes and Princesses straight to hell, along with the God Damned pigs!

  • johnnywoo

    I agree,lets get all Muslims out of the country,starting with the Obamas!

  • stephen russell

    Why back the Ft Hood shooter?? explain this Logic?? I see None.
    Can U vindicate others for shooting radical Muslims?

  • Wayne

    Islam is antithetical to religious freedom and therefore it is perfectly logical that it not be allowed in the US. Just because a muslim is not devout (ie doesn’t want to kill infidels) doesn’t mean that we should allow them in the midst of our country – they just might start practicing their faith and then where will we be??? Oh…we’re there! Get a grip people! Yes God loves executioners too – that doesn’t mean we have to voluntarily place our necks on the chopping block.

  • Socrates

    what a crock of shit!

    “I object to killing muslims, but its okay to kill my fellow Americans…”

    Lock that SOB up and throw away the key.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      and put a ham in the prison with “him”” !!!!

    • Captain PJ

      Why waste a good ham? Just throw the prok waste used for cheap hot dogs or ground pork.

    • Francisco Miami Beach

      Pork shoulder made into carnitas is also too damn good for Major Hasan. This man should face a military firing squad.

    • AppraisHer

      Political correctness will ultimately get us all killed. Bowing to those who wish us harm is insanity and from what I see from the decisions being made by our high ranking military officials, our soldiers are nothing more than cannon fodder for political correctness. They have lost sight of the purpose of war. It’s not nation building. It’s not prosecuting soldiers for killing the enemy. It’s not protecting the bad guys from other bad guys. It’s not giving them billions of dollars to piss away building schools and roads, hoping that if we’re nice to these savages they’ll like us. IT’S KILLING THE ENEMY and the enemy is already here and being protected by political correctness! How stupid have we become?

  • shannon853

    what is being avoided here is the underlying fact. he claims under Islamic law! the citizens of this copuntry are not subject to that law and are subject to state and comstitutional law! if this is to be allowed, then any one can choose which law system protects them and use it for a better defence! islam law should be declaired not valid in the united states. if islamic law is legal all non muslum judges can legally be shot as non belivers! (is that a bad thing? they seem to rule from their asses instead of actual law!)

    • Willowspring

      The Constitution is and should remain the Supreme Law of the land. No other law under any circumstances should be used to decide any case in any state. When people come to America they should be required to learn the English language which by the way should be the official language in America. Legal immigrants should go through the same process that was required at Ellis Island when the major influx of immigrants came to the U.S. many years ago. Illegal immigrants should be immediately sent back to their country. If they return they should be put in secured tent cities in remote areas of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, (think Sheriff Arpaio.) They should be required to do manual labor that would benefit this country. There should be no TV, internet access, phones, books (except the bible, but no Qur’an because it is a political ideology not a religion), and have two meals plus one snack per day. They should remain in detention, period. They had their chance and threw it away. The government of the country of their origin should be billed for all expenses. If payment is not forthcoming, then no more foreign aid and no more commerce.

    • Mary Gee

      Excellent post.

  • Roger

    Hasan needs to be found in his jail cell hanging and dripping in pig blood.

  • Bill from Laos

    We are at war with Islam. WHY do we allow these people into our military?This is utter madness. Our love affair with “political correctness” will get us all killed! Am I the only veteran who sees through all of this shit and has the balls to say it the way it is? Give the Ft. Hood rag head major an honorable discharge, but imprison Col. Terry Lakin for challenging our phony excuse of a Resident’s eligibility. Where are our national balls, men?
    Ground up into cat food?

    • leithel1

      Unfortunately the people in Washington have no balls. They are queers that are attracted to their same sex partners. It is a cult. If you think I am wrong you have another surprise coming. I bailed out of Washington because I refused to participate. My pecker dosen’t go into anything with teeth.

  • onomando

    It truly amazes me these people kil one another by the hundreds (I heard today that now they kidnap 8-10 yr old little girls some older strap bombs to them and send them into restricted areas or markets killing the girl and others muslims an Americans.) And the army has given these dogs a pass to carry weapons an kill our brave soldiers because you think the coward has you back…yeah right! If these dogs were true soldiers they would stop using childern to do their so call terror act. These muslims are even praised by the president wow need I say more. He never misses a chance to celebrate their holidays. I hope there is a conservative candidate that will stand up take the damn gloves off stick out their chest an speak the truh like regan did so many years ago. Last thing God Bless Our fighing men and women love you guy and thanks for putting yourselves in these dogs paths.!

    • Mary Gee

      He is a Muslim…

  • L.E. Liesner

    When the General Officer Corps wakes up to the fact that their job is to win wars and not to be political lackeys to the corrupt politicians in Washington DC this country just might win a war and become a great country again.

  • Erik Osbun

    So it’s all right for this guy to kill Christians, but not to kill Muslims? Hell,
    Muslims are killing Muslims all over the place in Asia and the middle east. He wants the army to recognize Sharia law? How about him recognizing our sovereignty and our law? There is NO ROOM for Sharia law in a free nation. I say Section 8 the dude out.

  • Joe

    We do not have a draft…we have a volunteer army so if some one joins they know what they are getting into. So, no special conscientious objector status. They knew the drill when they enlisted!

    • http://! Jobabba

      Joe, you are absolutely correct! Nothing more needs to be said on that subject!!!!!

    • Captain PJ

      He could have requested being assigned ot an “non combat” MOS. The army does accept recruits that are legitimate conscientious objectors (Quakers, Mormans, etc.).

  • Kathleen Virnig

    How could this argument hold up -that Sharia Law forbids the killing of fellow muslims, when Irag and Iran were at war for seven years! How many muslims have killed each other daily in Muslim countries ,e.g.Sahdr Miksadhr(?) the Shiite cleric from Iraq who was constantly killing his brother Muslims during the height of the US invasion in 2005-6? This was a huge mistake to capitulate to this nonsense. Furthermore, what about the oath this American soldier took when he entered the military? When did oaths count for nothing? Surely a “religious ” person should respect his oath to God! He knew he would be going to fight Muslims when he entered the military.
    I don’t buy any of these false claims.

    • Captain PJ

      It dosen’t hold up Kathleen, to any right thinking human being. Islam is a religion of lies and contradictions. The Koran dose say Muslims are not supposed to kill other Muslims, unless…and the “unless” or exceptions are many.

    • Mary Gee

      these people do NOT pray to the same GOD we do.

  • ARMYOF69

    If WE THE PEOPLE allow the media, or the GOP itself to dictate who goes up against the current moron in charge, we are lost.
    WE must let both know that WE ARE IN CHARGE, not them.
    SCREAM LOUD AND OFTEN, no more RINOs……..

  • HOG

    All muzzies should be hanged from a tree, along with the hippie trash brass in our Military. Period. –HOG

    • JohnC, Freeport, NY

      If every American in this Country who hates Muslims, would capture and kill one Muslin, then, voila’ problem solved. To bad we are not that way. But, I think it is getting close to the time when we will have to do it.

  • Leo

    Don’t you people get it? If you want to live in this country you obey our laws and if you don’t like it you can go elsewhere. The constitution is the supreme law of the land period. End of discussion!

    • http://! Jobabba

      Yes, the Constitution used to be the Supreme law of the land but since Obama and his associates have come on the scene they have torn it to shreds!!!!!

  • Bill from Laos

    And while you’re at it, join us so we can remove this Traitor in Chief THIS
    YEAR! Who’s with us???

    Citizens Class Action Against Barack Obama

  • Paul DeRosa

    Obumma has taken it up the ass so many times by his Homo lover that he thinks it is the normal thing to do…Read all about his love affair with his boy friend

    • Mary Kay

      Paul, a friend of mine went to high school with Obama in Hawaii. She will only comment on the fact that he enjoyed chasing the ladies. Also that he ran for student body president as a senior………..and lost.

  • Imissgeorge

    This filthy pig should have been court martialed
    as soon as he started that can’t kill Muslims crap
    since this is a volunteer armed forces. Duh? We
    have no place for conscientious objectors. He should be in isolation rotting in prison.

  • Jack

    All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. We must remember Muslims [most] want to kill us. I say most because the moderate Muslims are not speaking out against these murderers. Hundreds of Mosques are being built in the USA. That should be a warning that they plan apermanent residency here and it’s not going to be a friendly one. These people are dangerous and we must stand firm against this movement.

    • HOG

      Muzzies are the enemy, period. Even that ‘cute’ one a couple houses down. They are satans soldiers, and they need to be met with firepower. Period. –HOG

  • One2Stupid

    Wow! I’m sure glad nobody tried this in World War II. Germany would be ruling the world.

  • Bill

    just kill him, you cannot get a fair trial anymore in these United states, it was an act of God that Osama was killed, as he never would have gone to rial in this country any more. 9/11 plotters 10 year anniversary and no trial that is bull shit. as we have Muslims in the White house and AG office.

    • Mary Gee

      Now that is another story…I, do NOT believe OSAMA is dead…NOBAMA has him away somewhere.

      AND, if he is dead, why did NOBAMA tell congress before had about his action?

    • Gary

      I trust the Navy SEALS. Osama is fish food.

  • J Ross

    If you are not ready to defend this country, I do not care what religion or race you are then you need to leave this country. If you do not leave on your own the rest of us will be ready to ship you out.

  • Larry

    So the terrorists that have been murdering there fellow Muslims are guilty of Islamic law but they continue to bomb and kill there own fellow Muslims anyway. Is there a double standard for a Muslim that kills his fellow Muslims and they can walk away free. This sounds like the Generals have no idea what they are doing and should be put out to pasture if they can’t understand we can’t have two sets of laws one that excuses the Muslims for murder but another that would sentence any other religion if they were to kill our soldiers the same way we have two sets of laws one for the poor and middle class and one for the rich and powerful.

  • Olesarge

    Can you say HYPOCRISY? I knew you could.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Our college fraternities used to do some tough hazing, some of it psychological. As I recall, the fraternity that used to be known for psychological hazing was Sigma Epsilon. Perhaps the military needs to engage in some hazing of recruits, early on, to test loyalty and psychological fitness – a new part of basic training. Wash the lemons out early instead of facing regrets later. Any Muslim who cannot fight Muslims is in essence placing himself in the position of being the “Man Without a Country.” He certainly does not belong in the U.S. military, and if the military educated him, he owes a debt to the United States government. The military needs to catch these guys early on, prior to making any significant investment in them, and wash them out. It is dangerous for our committed heroes to have to fight side by side with dishonest soldiers who have no commitment to our country. Our soldiers must be able to trust their fellows. These Muslims, as well as the homosexuals, are turning our military into a dangerous gangland of internecine fratricidal conflict – destroying it. This needs to be stopped!

    • Mary Gee

      and stop teaching these muslims how to fly airplanes….please

  • waltd

    People of this country should see how the childern are taught in Mulsilm school.Fathers take their boys to mosk on Fridays, and this is all you hear. Have spent time in the middle east, and it’s for real. Just look at what the Muslims are trying to do in this country. Gathering for the kill.

  • Bree,

    It seems we have Muslims in every level of our US Government and Sharia law in our lower courts. Now Muslims in OUR Military?? This is insane! Not hard to see a country self destructing from within. Please, somebody stop the madness!

    • Captain PJ

      Bree, I share your concern. We do not, however, have Sharia law in the lower courts. The United States Court system does not recognize Sharia law–not that certain factions of the Mulsim community haven’t advocated for it. Thank God we still have that!

    • Bree,

      Thank you Sir, I am glad for that correction and glad we do not have Sharia law active in our court systems – yet.

    • edf55

      Look at what is happening in Michigan and tell me again that there is no Sharia law in the Court system.

    • Mary Gee

      First things first…when they come into our country, we should have them remove the costumes they are wearing….if they refused do
      not let them in. escort them into a plane for their return to their beloved culture and country.

  • dale briggs

    we are so stupid some times it pi….me of to think that a good officer was put in jail because his believe was that the President of the U S A was not legitimate to be such i believe that so many others in our nation still believe also he should be reinstated with full pay and rank and charges removed from his file and all charges dropped if you fell the same get in tough with your congress person and let them know his name is Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin

    • Bree,

      Yes dale, I totally agree with you. He is a hero for sure.

  • http://! Jobabba

    It is mind boggling to even be having this discussion about Muslims killing other Muslims! Muslim Suicide bombers are killing innocent Muslims daily—-Women and children.
    Muslim Men kill their own Muslim Daughter’s for smiling at or dating someone of another culture! They absolutely should not be allowed to enlist in the Military. And for God’s sake let them get their Education somewhere other than the US. The taxpayer’s are paying for their Education in most cases anyway and then they want to kill the people paying for their Education! Our Soldiers should not have to be worried that they will be killed by the people that are supposed to be fighting the same enemy they are!!!
    God Bless our Troops!!!!

  • waynehrdcoc

    Terry, Lt.col. Lakin, has my vote. I am so sorry for him and his career, what a fine man he is . why has the U S population abanded him ??????

  • Old First Sgt

    If we must allow muslims in the military, make them drivers for the 0-7s and above. Then we will see how politically correct the wheels want to be.

  • Gary


  • Ernest

    Lets see conscientious objector, should be general discharge.
    Muslim officer isnt in combat should left in. After his “contract” comes back up let him have general discharge.
    Nidal Hassan deserves a firing squad. PERIOD.
    He signed up, he wore the uniform, when he killed fellow officers with provocation he gave up ANY rights to stay alive. Consecutive life sentences for each or one bullet for each dead person. My choice is a bullet. He doesnt deserve anything else, his religious connection be danged, his honor isnt worth spit. Ill load up MY 700 Remington 30-06 and stand the line to help Major Nidal Hasan deserves only a bullet soaked in pig blood, fed bacon ,ham and pork and dressed in pig skin.

    • Mike

      Yeah, start at his knees and work your way up!

  • aussiegirl

    I will keep saying it till I’m blue in the face…NO MUSLIMs should be allowed in Military, Government positions, any government employ, any food distribution, water and utilities,in fact only menial jobs like garbos, street cleaners, in fact that is even too good for them, they all should be heavily taxed as in Sharia law with us infidels, they love their sharia Law, lets give it back to THEM, in reverse…

  • Jim2

    The US Army is run by a bunch of political pussies. Hassan should have been summarily shot as soon as he could be taken to a wall in his wheel chair. Who cares what his motive was or wasn’t? Shoot the bastard and bury him in pig blood. As far as this latest muslim not be offended bull$hit, dishonorable discharge any soldier who volunteered for service and then objects to killing any enemy of the United States. If he does this on a field of battle, he should be summarily shot. Keep screwing with this crap and we can all kiss or @ss goodbye.

    • Mike

      The United States has lost its moral compass! Like Regan said” If we as a country forget that we are one nation under God, we are one nation gone under!!

  • Teeter

    This guy knew exactly what he was signing up for and should have NEVER been granted conscientious objector status. What is wrong with these people? And yes, they sure did open a can of worms with the Hassan case with this, and then many more to come.

    A relative who was deployed to Iraq said it was fairly common to come across men raping boys while they rolled through towns or while on patrols. And I think everybody knows the spill about what they do with little girls and women. The child porn is not surprising and neither is his response to being caught with it.

    These muslims in our military have also been getting respect from the army by way of giving them the areas and venue to practice their “worship services and prayers.” Kind of like the American high schools that have granted them control over when the schools football games will be played due to their prayers schedule and fasting periods. All while convincing these schools to take out any and all Christian prayers on the field or before/after a game.

  • skip gainer

    Everyday muslims kill other muslims all over the middle east. The muslims are using our PC political and social values against us. Wake up America because the muslims are taught to hate and kill us. Please do not try and tell me that islam is a peaceful religion, islam is not a religion. I have yet to see any muslims that do not believe in the quran, in which they are taught to hate and to kill us infidels.

  • Richard Popovich

    I don’t understand…, well yes I do…, kind of…, why our military allows Muslims to enlist. It’s politically correct, and hasn’t our military become a political tool of the President? After all, the President gives our military to the United Nations for its exclusive use to wage “keneic actions” against our non-enemies. The President can keep troops and wage “kenetic actions” for years, and now he dosen’t even need to consult Congress.
    So why not have Muslims in the Military so that they can turn on non-Muslims and protect our enemies? Antway, what does all this matter? Obama is now reaching out to an enemy; oh can’t use that word; attackers; not that one either,crap; my thesaurus just isn’t good for finding a synonym for terrorist. Now Obama is reaching out to the Taliban, in an effort to bring peace to the Muslim community of nations.
    But what about Israel? Well, if we just make them return to their pre-1967 borders, everything will work out well…, for the Muslim community of nations…, correct?
    It appears that Obama is embracing and accellerating armageddin. He wants America destroyed and Israel wiped off the map.
    Obama is indeed, “The Most Dangerous Man in The World!”

  • Mike

    We have lost our ever loving mind! What are the family’s of the 13 patriots thinking now. The wrong decisions are being made every day that says we are a nation that has gone under! Gods will be done.

  • Doug

    I firmly believe that anyone joining the military is totally aware they stand the risk of being called into a war or military action in which the possibility exists that you may be forced to kill someone who has similar beliefs.
    When you sign the line and swear the oath, you are swearing to defend the United States of American, its citizens and the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. You aren’t signing the line just to get a job or enjoy a benefit.
    If you refuse the duty you signed up for, I believe you should return every cent you were paid in food, clothing, allowances, salary, training . . . every form of compensation. If you’re a consciencious objector, you make it known from the start. If the military can place you in a non-combat role, fine. But, if you actively aid an enemy against the United States and kill military personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces or American civilians, it is my belief you will deserve to be thrown into a solitary confinement cell for life where you can practice your faith without leaking information, aiding an enemy further, or causing the death of American service personnel. You call that inhumane and cruel? So is what you would be doing to your fellows.
    Today my wife met a young serviceman in constant pain: a skull fracture and at least 50 broken bones thanks to AlQaida (sorry about the spelling). Not two weeks ago, a young wife — one of my daughter’s best friends — lost her husband in Afghanistan; he was gunned down while trying to save his people from an ambush. That SOB left my daughter’s friend a widow with two young children. So you will understand why I’m a bit upset right now.
    You see, the American public doesn’t suffer much of this. Being a retired member of the military, I’m sick of your excuses, BS, and the results of your refusal to fight. When you’re in combat, that muslim brother would gun you down in a nanosecond. You’re nothing because they don’t play by any rules except their own. You’re an American and that gives them a license to kill your backside.
    Get this straight, buster brown, until the American public realizes the other side doesn’t give a tinker’s daxxx about the rules and that the only American (to them) is a dead one, our people will never see the danger they’re in until it’s in their face.
    The mission of the military is not convenient; it is deliberate . . . all enemies foreign and domestic.

  • Bippy Bellito

    Wake Up. Islam is our enemy. It has no place in our military, especially if this kind of nonsense is tolerated by the Upper Echelons of government. What did these people enlist in the first place? Who did they think they were going to be fighting? The term “Islamic Extremists” is a redundancy.

  • SpiritualMadMan

    Immediate Discharge as a Conscientious Objector.

    The Scretary of the Army should be sacked for accedding to any law but the US Constitution. Period.

    He has violated his Oath of Office. Period.

    Can we start a petition to remove?

  • JIM


  • bozo19

    Does history not teach us anything or are we too dumb to recall… what did we do after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, I don’t think we appeased all the Japanese soldiers we had in our ranks, If I recall my history they were grouped together in a camp so we could keep an eye on them and they would not betray us. This method seems to work and as far as those pussies who cry “discrimination” they can be first in line to pick up the body parts scattered around after the towelheads next attack.

  • http://http/ sean murry

    Why in the hell are they allowing muslims in the Army? i think we better not have them in there.

  • Nik

    By the logic of many of the posters here Christians should be barred from the military because some Christian sects –Mennonites and Quakers among others — also claim CO status on the basis of their religious teachings. Or don’t yall remember “Thou Shalt Not Kill?”

  • http://N/A June

    Diversity Killed 13 at Fort Hood!

  • CJB

    Muslims kill each other all the time. And as far as child porn goes, he was probably just trying to follow in Mohammed’s footprints. That’s what you call a “devout” muslim.

  • http://n/a ms stars and stripes

    I agree with those who say we should notrecruit a muslim into the US Military because of their far-out “rules of religion” that they seem to tweat to fit a particular situation. This is like hiring a muslim to a pig farm as a pig handler and then “unbeknownst to all” the muslim says “I can’t do this job because I am a muslim and am forbidden to handle/eat pig. Shazam! Shocker! How dumb and ignorant are people becoming in this very serious and critical time in history? Instead of evolving into a higher state of mind it appears the intelligence level of the human being is diminishing into a ignorant and moronic state of mind. Dangerous, indeed!

    • Robert Norwood

      No one every lost money betting on the morons in this country.

    • ladybard

      Agreed, Robert, but I would put “traitors” in place of morons!

    • Jim Lindsey

      If it’s against sharia law for a muslim to kill another muslim, then, how can they stone muslim women for whatever reason, and kill muslim men because they disobey their laws? Why not just slap their hands, or something, instead of killing those whom they are forbidden by sharia law to kill????

    • plunder power

      My question is could the U.S. Army be training Jihadists how to attack within the U.S.?
      My response to this issue of Muslims in the Military is Discharge the Muslim objectors’ with General Discharges, not Honorable Discharges. What a mess they’ve made of our military.

    • plunder power

      I forgot to add that Leon Panetta is a BIG supporter of illegal aliens. The plan to offer them automatic citizenship for enlisting will surface in time for 2012. Problem is they don’t speak English, and can’t follow orders. Interpreters can’t follow them around. They will put others at unnecessary risk, if they pass training. But Obama doesn’t care…he’ll get more votes…or so he thinks.

    • JobsForAmericans

      i received an email from a group that said obama will try to pass amnesty with a presidential executive order.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      XSimply discharge the Muslim Butt-Wipes and then immediately deport tham back to their place of birth. Obviously, Obummer would be headed to Mombasa Kenya, Africa.


      Talk about MORONS!! Congress should Have Declared WAR on ALL NATIONS OF ISLAM before Midnight 2009 Certainly before 1 January 2010. They Have Declared Jihad (HOLY WAR AGAINST US)
      Now we are violating The Commie, booger flickn, nose pickin bed wettin, hand wrinin, knee jerkin, ACLU’s favorite “separation of Church & State, and Establishment of religion Clause They so Often employ against Any Governmental mention of any thing remotely Christian.

      Stupidity: like cream will always rise to the top.

  • Robert Norwood

    Islam does not concur with any Western ideals therefore Muslims should stay in Muslim countries – they don’t belong here.
    It is odd that we adhere to a Separation of Church and State principle in this country yet allow Mussi’s to parade it around everywhere and the government listens.
    Islam is not a religion it is government and should be treated thusly, i.e. allow nothing it advocates.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      Islam has been at war with the non-Muslim world for fourteen centuries. We have to be completely ignorant of history to deny this.

    • ARMYOF69

      Most do not even know what a Caliphate is.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      That fact being the case, we can legally destroy them as combatants. No American will care.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      As a matter of fact, the Geneva Convention states that it is legal to execute captured combatants who have no uniforms or identifiable rank structure. If we followed that proviso we wouldn’t have to run the summer camp at Guantanamo, would we?.

    • http://af ann fisher

      to all fellow americans–put an end to world hunger– serve the m—- with barbecue sauce. they must have 1 redeaming value! most likely not. thanks

    • Daniel from TN

      You are right. Islam is NOT a religion and did not consider itself a religion until the 1850’s when it saw an economical advantage to doing so. Islam is a government/political organization that only has an element of religion associated with it. Mosques are the equivalent of chapels. Calling Islam a religion is the same as calling the US Army a religion because it has chapels where religious services occasionally occur.

  • jim

    All part of the destruction of America. If a Muslim can kill Americans in the name of religion then the opposite is true also.
    I still find it rather amusing how so many highly educated people are still so damn stupid. Their children must really be proud–hey look see what my dumb Dad did this time.

    • BikerHoop

      My grandpa always said, “When you send an idiot to college, what you end up with is a college educated idiot.”

  • Colleen

    If you are a conscientious objector: why did you join any military branch?
    Also, if you are a Muslim and you take the oath to join the military, you are obligated under law to obey that law…..since when did it become ok to pick and choose which law to obey and which to ignore? Oh, I forget, that is what the Lying Muslim in Chief is doing!!!
    No moooooooooslims in the military…….PERIOD!!

    • ladybard

      An oath on the Bible has no bearing for them. And any oath taken on the Korime book cannot supercede its content, ie, if the Korime says “kill the khuffar and strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” – and it does – then that’s what they do!

      The Divinely Inspired United States Constitution – piffle and pig feed where they are concerned.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      That’s why I buy old quran bibles and burn them each week. Makes me feel REAL good!

    • alfred givens

      if these muslim folks take the oath to defend America then that is how it should be, regardless of religion. if that is against their religion, too bad, life goes on. get out of the u.s. army! muslims hide behind “reigion” to impose their ideologies on the u.s.! BS


      The Oath of Enlistment, Or Commissioning into the U.S. Military Says >>>AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC…
      So Why Doesn’t the Politically Castrated Military Brass Just Slap them with treason, Contempt of the Constitution, . How come the ACLU has been DEATHLY SILENT on this issue?? POTUS # 43 Apparently Did not Have balls enough to go to congress and ask them to declare WAR on all nations of Islamat least till “ISLAM coughed up those responsible for the Invasion of New York and Washington D. C. and They Were ACTUALLY INVADED , LET THERE BE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT, WE ALL KNOW WHERE THE INVASIONS ACTUALLY STARTED FROM. Led by Enemy Combatants from various Foreign Sovereign entities. Which had Already declared jihad, or Islamic Holy war on the U.S,.A. If Congress Had Had the Balls to actually declare war right after 9-11, We would probably be paying less than a buck a gallon for gas. An we would only read about Muslims and Islam in future history book cause there would not be any left to speak.



    • alfred givens

      if these muslim folks take the oath to defend America then that is how it should be, regardless of religion. if that is against their religion, too bad, life goes on. get out of the u.s. army! muslims hide behind “religion” to impose their ideologies on the u.s.! BS

  • http://thepatriotupdate Sandra

    No one should be surprised at this. They stick together and cover each others back. And the fact they government allowed this guy to walk proves which side the Obama Gang is on when it comes to religion. So do not to try and tell an American (a real American) that our leader is Christian. He and his gang are not.

    • http://af ann fisher

      miss cancel, are there any muslim animal welfare groups, safe houses for battered women and their children? been trying to find this info as the bible tells how to care for widows, orphans, and others. that must mean the koran is not for these groups. any ideas? thanks

  • Patricia McGehee

    There should be no more Citizenship, or Visa’s given to Muslims. All that are here without citizenship should be deported, post-haste. Believers in Shariah law should have their citizenship revoked and returned to the country of their origin. We do not need an internal battle with people that will not assimilate and try to establish their home rules and laws in America.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      When armed Patriots march on them, there will be no more Muslims left alive in America. That’s one way to deport them.

    • JobsForAmericans

      as muslim numbers increase in the USA we will begin to see them organized pushing for Shariah law.

      I would like to see all muslims who want to remain in the US to recant Shariah law. If they try to subvert they should be deported.

      No more muslims in this country…i’m about at the point, i want NO more immigrants period until our government settles this illegal immigrant issue.

  • james w. johnson

    Constitution?? we don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution!!
    shades of Siera Madre. there’s gold in them there hills!james w. johnson

  • AR

    This is a slap in the face for our great Military. Obama should be impeached at once. He has infiltrated our core roots with filthy islam and we should not stand for this. We need to all send this info to all of Congress. If they don’t do anything about it , next step our White House.

  • Otto

    Those in the Army who support killer Major Nidal Hasan must be hung by the neck with him.

  • walter

    Hang this jackass. He is a traitor.

    • Victoria

      Yeah, hang them with the Traitor in the White/Brown house too.

  • Carolyn In MS

    Even our military has been invaded by muslims that are not loyal to America. That is their intention, to infiltrate every aspect of our nation to bring it down.

    • Otto

      You can thank “our” government for being politically correct. Page after page in history shows government destroying their own nation. This is happening now in America.

  • GerryC

    Islam the “religion of peace.” The first thing the terrorist mass murdering psycho Mohamed did after making up his phony baloney mumbo jumbo Mansion family-like cult was to go and chop off the heads of 800 Jews and sell their wives and children into slavery for refuseing to convert to his “religion of peace”.

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    obama’s ratings are so bad that the Kenyan’s are saying that he was born in America!!

  • cosmo

    I can’t understand with all the responses in here and the majority that seems to exist, how can anyone be stupid enough to believe anything other than Obama is a traitor and out to destroy America?? I never talk to anyone or hear anything positive about the man and yet there must be some who still think he’s an American. What gives???? Is there really that much stupidity still existing?

  • Gbudfla

    What I’d give to see Gen Patton bitch slap this lying coward.

  • Wayne Ward

    This is why he cannot, under any circumstances serve in our military. He should also immediately be deported, because should the radical Muslims attack America on our soil he would be fighting against us. C’mon, common sense people.

  • Mike

    I can’t see this fellow’s problem. IF Islam is a religion of peace then those fighting against us are enemies of Islam. Not Muslims!! All the US has ever said is that we want peace and not to be attacked and freedom for peace loving people. Is someone lying to us about ” religion of peace” ?????

  • dale briggs

    guess what we have a man that has been using our tax money to campaign for another term and has left the vice president in charge to do the dirty work of trying to correct the mistakes of his administration if this is the best we can do GOD HELP US WE NEED OUR HEADS LOOKED INTO CAP the spending cut out the BULL S,,,,,IT AND GET TO WORK YOU KNOW WHAT HAS TO BE DONE GET WITH IT

  • Janelle

    I don’t know how any attorney would be willing to represent this guy after killing these service people. He should have given a dishonorable discharge then put in the PEN for life with no chance of getting out. If a non-muslim did this, they would throw the books at them.