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Adobe Experts: Registrar stamps confirm Obama forgery

Saturday, July 23, 2011

obama birth certificate

A close examination of the state registrar’s stamp on the Obama birth certificate released by the White House indicates the document is forged, according to the preponderance of Adobe experts consulting with WND.

There are two different registrar stamps evident on the Obama birth certificate: The date stamp, indicating April 25, 2011, and the text and signature stamp containing registrar Dr. Alvin Onaka’s signature.

Both registrar stamps appear to have been applied by a rubber stamp inked from a blotter.

The registrar stamps appear to be external objects that were imported into the document. The stamps were not impressions copied whole, the experts believe, but were created uniquely for the Obama document by a cut-and-paste process.

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  • http://AOL Jack R. Sutton

    This is no surprise. Obama is a fake. No one
    knows him or where he came from. He got
    elected by people who always get duped by
    a shyster who has been duping people for
    years. He is an expert at it. He should be

  • http://aol surghucjls

    So what else is new?? Why haven’t we waltzed his arse out of the Whitehouse along with his wife and kids?? It long overdue.

    • Jim Kennedy

      Simple: Because “We the People” are too stupid, and our elected officials are by-and-large feckess.

    • CarolinaRedHed

      And his mother-in-law……let’s not forget his mother-in-law! She travels with Michelle and the girls because she’s officially the girls’ so-called “nanny.” I’m sure they all enjoyed their tour of Africa at our expense.

    • john howard

      The evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors against Barry Soetoro aka barack h. Obama is
      so overwhelming it is criminal negligence the supreme court of the united states has not allowed a hearing on this matter. The justices should be held accountable for not upholding the constitution of the USA.

    • JPR

      The only reason he is still in office is because he owns all the judges and any legal group in the government who would prosecute him. He feels safe because no one will go after him in fear of a black uprising here in the US and there would be one because of SEIU and their cohorts.

    • Gordon

      Bigger question. What has happened to the complaint filed with the FBI along with documented proof of complaint? What pressure has AG Holder put on the FBI? Write or call your Congressmen and ask. I DID and I’m waiting for a reply.

    • Frank

      And don’t forget the main stream media who is in the tank for him.

    • bdevilandcanes

      the possibility of a black uprising is real. I for one would be able to defend my family and myself. This phony birth certificate must be exposed and allow this great country to return to the laws and rulings of the constitution. live free or die

    • skip gainer

      Once you give into fear you have lost your freedom. If you are worried about a black uprising do not. There are more of us than there are of them. People tend to forget just how barbaric the white race was at one time, but violence is not the answer. We are all Americans first and instead of fighting each other like they want us to. We should be helping each other to obtain a better life for everyone. Remember to hold a man down you have to stay down at his level!

    • udaman

      Bring it!!

    • jim

      so let there be an uprising

    • jim

      the problem we have is that too many of the people in the house and senate are of the same anal quality so they agree with him. there is enough blame on BOTH sides of the isle.

    • Richard

      Great comments folks. Here’s my comment: Let us please for the sake of our great Nation get this SOB out of the White House.

    • Mark

      The lying, phony bastard oughta be tarred, feathered & then imprisoned.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      The fact is obama is every bit as dangerous to our freedoms as any foreign invasion, and it wouldn’t matter if he was born at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, you have to love our country and defend our Constitution to be a REAL AMERICAN! Prosecution of everyone aware of his non-citizenship is demanded!

    • skip gainer

      Trad and feathered would be to messy. Obama should be water boarded till we find out who he really is. Then let the inner city people have at him, they are the ones obama is hurting most of all!

    • Diana S Wilkerling

      The reason he hasn’t been marched out yet is because the Democrats were complicit in getting him this job. Now if we had more Statesmen in the Congress, they would take the bull by the horns (Nancy Pelosi) and force her to admit that she and her crew failed to do ‘due diligence’ in vetting this man. Since THAT will never happen, and the Senate is still controlled by the Democrats, there’s NO WAY they’re going to do anything to unseat the man who promised to give them every single progressive/socialist agenda item he promised them! Unfortunately, that’s the State of our Union thus far. Are we there yet? (2012)…

    • Robert

      Look at where he came from and who backed him. You have to look no further than all the Marxists and Communists that he was raised around and then I believe George Soros who has financed him every step of the way.Since Soros hates the U.S. where else did Obama get his early money to attend college and finance his life??

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Diana: The answer is no and the tide is turning with the new blood in the House forcing the old guard to step up in force to dismantle this administrations agenda.

      When half of this country gets their head out from where the sun doesn’t shine and recognize Obama has to go and the sooner the better, the job is done and we can then begin eliminating Socialist Democrats from Congress. They are a big part of the problem as well.

    • Lloyd

      Along with removing this faker, Muslim, and his family out of the White House, make sure he takes all of his other relatives and cohorts also. It makes one sick to see how he has misused his position, the White House and Air Force One. He campaigns within and from the White House, and uses Air Force One to campaign around the country. And his wife uses Air Force Two to take vacation trips abroad, taking her family along. All at tax-payers expense, and even worse, our Congress sits there on their fat lazy incompetent butts, and says and does nothing.

    • Patricia

      I totally agree…

    • http://aol bluecb13

      Yeah Congress. When are you going to grow a set of “nads” and Throw him out,negate his decisions and throw his treasonous a$$ in jail?

    • Jacqueline Seidel

      How long is it going to take for “We the People” to get this guy out of the White House?

    • RGB

      DON’T forget mama in law.

    • vietnamvet

      The Supreme Court recently ruled on a case where they expanded a citizen’s ability to ‘have standing’ when bringing suit against the government or a government official.

      Remember, all of the earlier court cases were thrown out because the none of the plaintiffs had standing to bring the suit.

      No court ever heard any of the facts of the various cases.

      Since that Supreme Court ruling, someone should bring a new case into the legal system. A good lawyer would have to decide on a proper ‘complaint’ to file under, but something like ‘Defrauding The People’ sounds pretty good to me.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      I beleive he is not a citizen of the US. And do’nt forget, he said in one of his books,” I will stand with the brother and the MUSLIM”.He is a socialist.

  • ray

    With all the talk of a phony birth certificate, foreign student loans, a CT social security number – why is he still in office? Did pelosi and reid know of this? How many DC insiders know of this? Why does the liberal media never comment on this? Playing devil’s advocate here………just want to know why???

    • john howard


    • Nik


      Easy answer. Its all hogwash Ray. Obama was born in the USA, was legitimately elected president of the USA, and will remain president until at least January 20, 2013 — unless one of you wackos is actually crazy enough to make good on the death threats y’all post here. Thats why the guy is still in office. The country correctly thinks birthers are batshit crazy.

    • RNB

      Hey Nik,
      For someone born in the USA, he sure has a tough time proving it. Would you be unable to prove your country of birth? Probably not.
      Politics in America is today exclusively about retention of power for the elite political class, and the rest us can go toot.
      As long as you get yours, alles in Ordnung, eh?

    • Diana S Wilkerling

      …and I suppose in Nik’s world the grass is blue and the sky is green, despite visible evidence to the contrary. Wow.

    • Charles Martel

      Diana, it really is hard to fix stupid!!

    • Harrisonburg Bob

      The guy is a sham, and worse, he is a communist pig. Most of those who voted for him were idiots or complicit… Still no excuse. He should be impeached and turned our, immediately. All big donors should be investigated for un-American activities.

    • Harrisonburg Bob

      “out” No pun intended…

    • Jay

      Who cares what NIK says? A brain washed Lib or straight up communist for sure!

    • am2sweet

      The media doesn’t want to get on the bad side of Obama and lose any status they have. They always usually gravitate toward anyone with the most power. Right now that is Obama. They may be kinder in reporting things he says or does but they do make sure he gets coverage. I saw on TV today about the government having their own government owned news agency. I’m wondering how many mainstream media souces will be left out? That could cause some problems with the media that gets booted. Wonder how much they’ll love Obama then? Now, maybe some of them would finally go after Obama’s origional birth certificate. They would have the resources to do it and then put it as front page news everywhere.

  • hsabin

    He is still in office as our worthless congressional slime balls don’t have the guts to go after him and the Supreme Court won’t either. We get him out in 2012 through voting. GO TALK to all your friends, acquaintances, family, etc to vote for ANYONE but Obama – if he/she is a conservative – otherwise you can kiss America goodbye!

    • Terri Smith

      There is only one flaw in the “vote for anyone else” tactical approach. It divides those that vote against Obama between most likely a Republican and an Independent. Causing Obama to win again. Say there are even 60% of voters that will vote against Obama. If that 60% is divided 60/40 there would still be a chance that Obama would prevail again. We have got to get a single conservative to vote for. I vote conservative even though I don’t agree with all their policies…because any conservative is better than Obama. We need one strong candidate to win. And we have got to win, failure is NOT an option if we want our way of life to survive.

    • Srbela

      Terri, U are so dead-on-right. Don’t the American people know this, it’s only been true forever……” WAKE-U-AMERICA, ” and vote Conservative, stop worrying about what you might loose, if we don’t we will surely loose our country and way of life we’ve been so Blessed to have, though, perfect it may not be.

    • Tom

      Conservatives need to line up behind a republican ticket right now so we all throw our money in the same hat. I would like to see a Perry / Bachman ticket. All the liberals are donating funds to a single Obama / Biden ticket and they’re raising the most money. Please, let’s organize and narrow the field now before we’re wiped out by the far left wing socialist party of the world.

    • Ron

      It’s already too late to fix this just by voting. We have already been permanently saddled with Obamacare. The way the law was written, it would require a 2/3rds super majority to overturn it, and that’s just not going to happen! We need to prove this man a fake, ineligible to serve and therefore all laws signed by him are void. Otherwise we are doomed!

    • June

      If you voted for Obummer in 2008 to prove you were not a racist, you will have to vote for someone else this time to prove you are not an idiot.

    • Buck Reidenbach

      good one on voting against Obomanation to prove you’re not an idiot. But, my friends. If we don’t begin to harvest our own resources now, it won’t matter what the hell we do. That’s a fact.

    • Jerry

      WRONG!! If you vote for “anyone who is conservative” and 3 conservatives run against the liberal inhabiting the WH, conservative vote is split and he wins again. There must a 1:1 election and the conservative must out think and out maneuver BO. BO is NOT a stupid man; he IS highly intelligent and manipulative. He speaks in glittering generalities enough to allow you to draw your own conclusions and hear what you wish. Do not be fooled!

  • ChinaWildMan

    The first thing Congress should do on Monday would be to start Congressional Hearings on Obama’s fake birth certificate. Then start impeachment proceedings immediately. Kick the fraud out before he destroys the country.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate FALKENBERG

    Why waltz his ass anywhere? Toss him out. We’ll be gentlemen about the kids. But this man is a traitor to America and our number one enemy. His every move is designed to undermine and collapse our nation. He intends to put us all in bondage — taxes, internet control, gun control, media control, banking controls, education controls, international treaties, misplaced foreign aid, massive illegal immigration, quotas and affirmative action and mind control. There is really no end to the list. Did I mention EPA control of all industrial output? Control of our medical establishment and health care? Control of our automobile industry? Control of our energy production? I won’t go on — but you cannot name an area of American life that he doesn’t already have his hands on. And conversely you cannot name an area of American life where his efforts in any way expand or secure or protect our freedoms. He is a classical tyrant, would-be dictator, anti-American, pro-Islamic, communist — and we must work and pray for his removal from office if we’re to save our country.

    • Chris in California

      The definition of Fascism I learned in school 50 years ago is privately owned businesses controlled by the state. That’s exactly what we have going on here now. This country is going right down the primrose path the same way that Germany did in the mid 1930’s.

    • shawn corrigan

      you are correct , communism failed when stalin threw the farmers off there land starving many millions. hitler was smarter, fascism is smarter ,use the existing structure and control it, like the mob, more sinister than the mob because it is a lie. being for the people when it subjugates the people giving the power to the oligarchy and the brownshirts. however it is doomed to fail also, the only thing that can succeed is freedom, this is what the USA has had a dose of through the constitution, the test has proven to be a huge success, now we are busy dismantling the very document that gave the world a dose of the most beautiful form of government, a constitutional republic. read” shadows of power “, by james perloff
      the collectivists have been trying to destroy our freedom for a long time. we need to fight for the constitution, the john birchers have been trying, they are hated for it.

    • Sol

      Shawn —

      I agree with your sentiment.

      I know how easy it is to go off on a rant.

      I’d like to see American English adopted as an official national language (though I am not sure how to specify or who should say what is or is not official American – language evolves).

      One suggestion (this is sincere and not derogatory) … I think if proof reading, spell, and grammar checks are applied before posting (e.g., use “their” instead of “there” in correct context), a great reinforcement will be made — that people need to take care to speak and write in (American) English.


    • guest

      @SOL Blow it out your ass!

    • Rachel

      Very well put! You say exactly how I feel in a very disdinct fashion. I couldn’t have said it better!!! Too bad our Republican politicians can’t think this clearly and if they do have the gonads to say it!

    • Rachel

      My aforementioned comment was intended as a response to Falkenberg by the way ;o)

    • MarkBench

      There are times and places in history when the Obamanistas would be dragged into the street and imprisoned, hanged or beheaded.

      None dare call this treason. I do.

    • Charles Martel

      We need for one of those times to be now.

    • Nik


      More evidence that having a Black president has utterly unhinged the American Right. More toilfoil hat material from yet another Mad Partier!

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Nik:

      Here’s a black President for you.
      Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Herman Cain, JC Watts et al.


    • El Lobo Solo

      Hell !
      I’ll even take Bill Cosby.

  • Timothy W. Lucas

    I’d be happy to file the lawsuit, complaint, charges and what have you. Just tell me where I need to sign but why wasn’t this seen to three years ago before this damage was done. Who gets fired for not doing their job? Is everyone scared to move on this or just what’s the deal? Are we going to talk it to death or beat it like a dead horse? It keeps getting brought up so wtf?

  • http://none john eastiin

    The guy is a low life slime ball and when are we going to take this freak to judgement?

  • James

    Everybody has known that for months and nobody can do anything about it. Can’t “Patroit Update” quit whipping a dead horse?

    • Srbela

      It’s obvious, James, that you are not a fighter. Don’t you know you can “Never-give-up?. Remember the War for Independence? It all started there. I’m sure there were people just like you giving ” Negative-Lip-Service,way back then too. Thank God not to many listened. I’m hoping not to many are listening to you now, like I said, WAKE-UP, and smell the truth, we can win, we will have to fight, we have no choise. Ever hear of the song, Devil-in-Blue-Jeans, well, this ones wearin a White House. Don’t be a nay sayer, people need to hear we can win this war, Peroid. If ya can help us, at least don’t hinder us…Food for thought.

    • El Lobo Solo

      When life hands you a dead horse, make glue.

  • Doug Powlison

    Let Donald Trump take the investigation from here since no one else in the general media seems to have the courage or political will to save us from this unreasonable politician who has been caught in a lie more than once. This is totally ridiculous. Help Captain America!

  • Jerry

    Some people can do some thing about the traitor in office but they chose not to.

    • Nik


      Care to be more specific jerry? It wouldn’t be hard. Start with who, what and why.

    • MrC

      If you had the smallest idea of what you are talking about it would help you make a point but as of now you have not made a point except black people are so taken in by the liberal hype that all they can see is the freebees and I am tired of supporting you. Can black people see anything but color?

  • GDI

    The Democratic Party has become a sounding board and a safe place to gain power for the socialists, communists and progressives.

    As such, a vote for any Democrat is a vote against America.

    Obviously, the Republican Party has become a bastion for pretend Republicans, crooks and the right wing.

    The above two things are THE reason I resigned my membership in the traitor Republican Party and became a Libertarian.

    Democrats = Socialists and Destruction of America

    Republicans = Traitors to the Conservative Cause.

    Libertarians = Return to the ideals of our Founding Fathers.

    • Chris in California

      You forget the constitutionalist party who’s charter specifically calls for a return to exact meaning of the constitution in government and abolishing of all unconstitutional agencies and programs.

    • MarkBench

      Pretty much. The tea partiers have to take control.

    • Nik

      @ GDI
      Any vote for the Libertarian Party is a vote wasted of course, but please do go ahead.

  • Nancy

    I bore four children in Hawaii and what Obama has produced twice is not an “original” birth certificate but a copy given by the Hawaii State Dept. of Vital Statistics. He was born in Kenya and I remember watching a show on CNN where his paternal grandmother stated that she was in attendance at his birth in Kenya. The man is a liar among other things.

  • Texas Lady

    What has happened to our America!! We have given up our American heritage for multiculturalism (we are Americans first) , our family morals for sexual promiscuity, and the right to vote as a democracy (and the election of an eligible president) all for political correctness! When we finally wake up America it will ne too
    late! Is there ANYONE in Congress willing to speak up and look for the TRUTH! God help us all!

    • Nik

      @Texas Lady Rein in that hyperbole there Tex. Whoooooa.

      The creators of the only true “American” culture, Native Americans, considered what you think of as American culture as multi-culturally murderous while they were being exterminated, I suspect. American culture is changing, not ending.

      Nor have you lost the right to vote in democratic elections nor do you have to vote for illegitimate candidates — Obama being a native born US citizen and all.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Native Americans, aka Siberian Americans.

    • bdevilandcanes

      your comments and thoughts are childish-oh I guess you were one of the school kids(assuming you went beyond high school) from the Atlanta aera who was passed by the cheating superintendents and teachers who were 90% black. people like you and your socialists friends that have held the black community back. live free or die

    • http://yahoo george


    • Ron

      Ron Paul is the closes one to what you are talking about.

  • Ltjg

    This is OLD NEWS reported several times over. I want new NEWS saying something positive is finally being done about it. The only thing I can think of for reporting this over and over again is that if it is said enough times maybe someone will listen and finally get motivated to do something before election time.

  • Vern Nay

    Congress has no honor, their all either socialist scum or elitists or both, congress has become a breeding ground for corruption.We need to excercise our second amendment rights on the lot of them. The two partys are just opposite sides of the same tarnished coin.

    • http://TH Bob III

      When politicians figured out they can buy votes with entitlements our political system became a joke.



  • will

    with all this evidence, why is this SOB still in the white house. I dont get it.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      @ will—obama is only a symptom, the disease is “progressivism” that has been forced on our kids through the federally controlled Department of Education! Fifty years of radical “progressive” indoctrination has brought about a citizenry that doubts democracy and capitalism, and if the attack on freedom continues I predict a very dangerous “right wing” backlash! STOP OBAMA NOW!

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a. [bunch of names]) is a mongrel. NOW BEFORE you say I’m a racist, I mean he is a political mongrel! Everything, but Conservative American, went into making that political animal.


      I really wish the black man in DC as president was Colin Powell. Ain’t gonna happen an didn’t happen. But i just wish anyhow. And no I’m not black either.

  • http://gopusa Marcus

    I read the word Traitor ,Excuse me for pointing out that even a first year law student can overcome ,Treason or being a traitor to this country ,Who is he betraying ?? Kenya ?? Indonesia ?? Hawaii ?? We are describing a slick ,Weasel Lawyer here ,Who will convict this man ?? Eric Holder an Anchor Baby whose parents should have been deported ?? Comrade Obama AKA Barry Soetoro should have been deported or convicted of the greatest fraud in human history instead of winning the Nobel Peace Prize for what exactly ???

  • jondar2

    Barry is no longer a slick lawyer, both he and Michelle’s law license were revoked. Anyone know why? Who will look into it? Sure as hades not that “tingle up my leg” lame-stream media. The Donald says he doubts the validity of any birth certificate Oblamer has produced to date. Michelle referred to Kenya as Barack’s homeland and she has never been proud of America. What a bunch of blood-suckers they have turned out to be. Chicago/Acorn organizing, where they were taught how to “work the system” for their best advantage, all those trips around the country and abroad have cost the taxpayers dearly, they have taken every staff member and their families on many of those trips costing us billions of dollars. But, what the hell, they are entitled, so they think.

    • http://TH Bob III

      You can check it out on the web, nothing fishy there. I hate to say this but this has been put to rest a long time ago.



    • http://none Blackhawk

      They ain’t gittin the black vote anyway. Seems like some vote for skin color over America.

    • snipe

      If our elected “officials” won’t bring impeachment procedings, then we should vote them out of office. The “BIG ZERO” wins again folks!

    • johnk

      either that…..
      or they are all bought by one who has the money to do it.

  • guesswhat

    He owns the Justice Dept.and Eric Holder, has stacked the Supreme Ct with two of his devotees, proclaimed himself King when invading Libya without Congress, and owns the mainstream media. What do you give a guy who has everything? A beating in 2012. For him and in the Senate. We have some RINOs for sure, but, there are some good people who came in 2010 too. We need more.

  • billwhit

    If this Ba$tard Child of a TwoBit Skank wins in 2012, it will be time to take our country back by force! Apparently, none of our elected officials or the Supreme Court have the testicles to do it, then We, the People, will have to. Obama has proved to be a Liar, Corrupt to the Core, AntiAmerican, and AntiChristian, plus, every idiot policy he comes up with is a failure or is against America! Obama can’t even prove who he really is. Anyone But this Lying Ba$tard Child, B. Hussein Obama, in 2012!

    Americans, Keep your Powder Dry and your Weapons Clean!

  • http://aol dennis rackler

    please people wake up if you love this country vote out obummer to save this great country for our grand kids and the rest of our lives or our kids will be paying for there whole life they deseve a good life with paying for all of obummer crazy ideas
    that cost us all

  • Kat the conservative

    Good grief. It would take reams of paper to describe all the actions of BHO that I object to. I don’t think he is impeachable, but he is “defeatable”! Let’s get out and do it! In my humble opinion, we need to get moving on the solution and not waste energy on the travesty of the “commander-in chief” and his left-wing sycophants. Like my bumper sticker says, “You can’t fix stupid but you can vote therm out!!!

  • Gina

    I think it is the House of Representatives that start the impeachment process, maybe that is who we should be going after. Not only is the bc a fraud, he’s also attached countries without approval, he’s responsible for two American border agents being killed and numerous Mexican officers. He is now a war criminal. Everything is provable. I personally don’t think all blacks approve of corrupt, treasonous politicians.

    • http://none Blackhawk

      Of course most don’t but a majority does as do the Jews.They threw their brothers in Israel under the bus not unlike his (O’s) brother Soros did by helping the Nazi’s slaughter them.
      Both are despicable.

    • Chester

      They need to get a Special investagator like Bart Star that went after Clinton.

    • MrC

      I know it is hard to believe but many blacks see only color due to the long time thay have been told they were mistreated as slaves and were entitled to a free ride by our liberal congressmen. Has anyone ever owned a slave? then the black people should get over it and become a useful part of society.



  • Richard

    What we need is a new strategy!!
    We the people who are part of the Libertarian, Conservative, Tea Party, and Republican parties or other than progressive liberal believes should pick just one President and one Vice-President to support and elect.
    I suggest we pick for President a woman and for Vice-President a black man. Could that woman be Bachman or Palin? Could the black man be Cain or Keys? All 4 of these people have strong grounded conservative believes. There is no Perfectville; we will not find the perfect person, so let’s support whoever of the 4 is picked.
    The Strategy is the woman will draw out the women and the black will draw out the black vote. Have we not learned from what the playing cards of democrats? Who is their base? Attract them!!!
    In real life men have a very difficult time conversing with women. Ever watch women talking together, 90% of their language are body english. I think they can understand each other without speaking a word. As for the black man, the same applies; he is a male who will attract the male vote. And, he is black with the ability to converse with the blacks. They will trust him more than a white male.
    Using all the playing cards should be the strategy…….And, is the responsibility of our party leaders to select persons who can beat the democrats at their own game.

  • Fedupwithmoronstwo

    Impeachment is too good for obummer and his minions! Arrest and conviction on charges of treason are the only way to go! How can you impeach someone nor eligible to hold office in the first place?

  • Richard

    I know federal law enforcement is reading these postings to gain intelligence. A very worthy cause, But!
    It is the RESONSIBILITY of federal law enforcement to insure all federal codes are followed. If the documents Obama presented are forged, then investigate as you are mandated to. You are failing in your jobs if you don’t!
    I’m sure it is the responsibility of the FBI to chase this one down. If Obama has violated the Public Law, bring charges as your organization would against any other person. For God’s sake, this is the President of our country and if he is a fraud? Get off you ass’s and do something. Oh, you are afraid to because of political reasons and or job. So let’s stick our heads in the sand and ignore the whole idea.
    The old adage; if it quacks walks, and looks like a duck….What is it? A dog? What more can be said!
    You have a sworn responsibility to protect the Constitution and the people of this country against those who would bring harm to it.

  • DockyWocky

    So what if experts have determined the birth certificate was a foul fake? Nobody in the ranks of those gutless wonders is going to do anything, bercause we have already been had and there isn’t one political hack in DC that will rock the boat.

    If someone manages to organize a 10 million man march on Washington, they better plan on seeing it termed a “small gathering of malcontents,” and being ignored.

    The only thing left now is to see how Obama handles the physical burning of the Constitution, and accepting the nomination as the People’s Dictator.

    • bgr

      what war did he go too???Lybia? that’s not a war therefore he doesn’t need congressional approval. Oh yea, AT LEAST HE DIDN’T LIE ABOUT A WAR!!!!HMMMM.WMD!!! Just like a right-wing, twisting the truth, what Obama said was all of Islam was not our enemies. And a helpful hint he’s the only president to-date that has the highest attacks on those terrorist. Let me ask you this,So if we get a Catholic president in office should we say that we now have a child molester in office? and 2 he’s not Islamic. And What’s the name of that guy that attack our country, maybe you heard of him, but isn’t he dead and who authorize that attack? Your and idiot!!!!!!!!

  • http://http/ sean murry

    The reason we still got that SOB is our congress is spine less jelly fish.

    • Nik

      @sean No sean they just haven’t drunk the jellyfish juice like you. You’ll have to vote him out in 2012 if you want him gone — if you can.

      Right now at least all the polls have Obama crushing any given Republican nominee, with the guy the Tea Party loves to hate, Mitt Romney, coming closest.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      @ nik—anyone with a brain knows these polls are corrupt and rigged, just like the MSM ! Our nation is choosing sides and there will be insurrection before “freedom loving Americans “allow this big eared dictator to rule America! I consider anyone who votes for obammi as an enemy of freedom! All MSM assisting in their own enslavement!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Are these polls of all adults or polls of registered voters or even polls of those most likely to vote?

    • MrC

      I don’t know where you get your poll data but all the poll data I have read show oDUMBa loosing to any republican canidate.

  • Justwondering

    Obama, will be like the Sithi on Starwars! Even, with all of us voting him out of office, he will not give up his power. He will stay, because he would have put more of his kind in the cabinet, and the house, and the senate. He has two more years to this this horrible planting of this government, then he will just point and people will disappear! Until, someone decides a enough is enough and take him out, he will not go!
    This is why we must investigate any leader, to the max, before voting him in… if there is a United States after Obama, that is?

    • Nik


      just wondering if you’re really as freaked out crazy as you appear.

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      He can’t rule from a jail cell and that is exactly where he will go if this Congress would act. They certainly have enough proof he is not eligible to be the president.
      Think about all the classified information this imposter has seen. This is high treason folks and they are giving him a pass on this?

  • don


  • 2WarAbnVet

    We’ve seen a fake birth certificate, a fake social security number, and a fake President. Are our elected politicians so afraid of being called “Racists” that they won’t call a halt to this charade?

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      Fifty years of progressive indoctrination at the hands of our left wing Department of Education virtually insured the election of the first black to run for president! It’s just terrible that it had to be a militant left wing radical that hates America and the capitalist system! It’s too bad the first black president couldn’t have been patriots like Herman Cain or Allen West!

    • http://CoxHighSpeed poss


  • Khe Sanh Vet

    theres only 1 solution VOTE THEM ALL OUT !!

  • Khe Sanh Vet

    I’ve sent 8 requests to my rep from Maine NOT 1 has been ANSWERED I’ve added attachments of the reports of forgery ! first they were delayed ,then marked undeliverable !NONE of ( our ) rep’s want to take it to the judicial system ! in my opion they’r all cowards !

    • TooToo

      Obviously, he’s not “repping” you – vote him out!!

  • Bill

    If the confused and worthless Democratic voters think Obummer will get in for a 2nd term they are CRAZY! He should have never got elected in the first place.I hope the dumb asses got all the “CHANGE” and “YES WE CAN” out of their systems because this ALIEN is gone.

  • James Ferro

    What many of us fail to consider is that the American people in unison are the largest civilian army in the world. The number of armed households is staggering. There is no situation that we the people cannot solve. So if we cannot get action via the legitimate processes supposedly in place since this country was founded then we must take the just unified action necessary to secure our constitutional and God given rights, primarily to protect the futures of our beneficiaries. We cannot stand by and watch the evil few dismantle this great society without standing up to protect her.

    • Charles Martel

      James, i agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!

    • Ron

      James, right on brother! The only way a politician can become wealthy is to steal it.
      I don’t intend to spend any time in a FEMA camp. This field hand in the White house has never even managed a Dairy Qeen much less a country. He can play his race card all he wants. There are several black conservative
      canidates like Alan West that I would vote for in a heart beat.You realize of course that we are all probably on some malcontent list. I am 71 yr.old, heart problems,colon cancer survivor, but I can still lay down a 10″ pattern at 100 yards.I believe there are several million just like me, so if it comes to that, put all us old farts up front.

  • Ed Fesenmeyer

    Mike Stone Sr.—–I Love your last sentence!!!!Beautiful

  • Ed Fesenmeyer

    Mike Stone,,I didn’t see all your blogs…I meant that for your first blog…. sorry

  • tweety

    If all this is true, why isn’t it being demanded that some explanation be given, or that these individuals with the “proof” get some air time? It was almost like Obama just said the birth certificate was his and everyone said O.K. What’s with that?

  • Larry

    When are the Law Enforcement officials going to do the job they have been charged with and investigate these accusations and charge the persons responsible at the highest levels in our Government. To commit this crime at the Federal level should be treated as a very important matter and be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. This matter should be one of the most important matters sense it does involve the highest office in this land the President of the United States office. If this is not held to a higher standard then not one law in this country can be enforced because there should not be anything more important than the Office of the President of the United States of America. Unless the laws are not held to the highest standards in the Federal Government then no one in this country should ever hold any laws to be enforceable unless the Government holds those responsible for there crimes they are committing against the office of the President of the United States of America.

  • dodi

    I think that the dummicrats think that by not allowing anything the Republicans, Conservatives or Tea Party members want to get settled like not raising the debt ceiling, not presenting a budget, if they can keep that in the front of all of us and keep everyone thinking about that then we will all forget about the illegal, arrogant ass in the WH and nothing will be done about it. We can’t allow that to happen. We, the American people, have to stay on it or it will be forgotten about.

  • robert l

    most of the people in America know he wasn’t born in America and that his birth certificate is false,so why don’t congress,the supreme court and the senate do something about it?i know why.they are to busy kissing his back side.i don’t think it is a smart person in all of the federal government.

  • Dan Yerian

    The only reason that makes sence for Obama to threaten Social Security & V.A. funds would be to create caos, but I don’t think the American People are that stupid,if we can just make it to June 2013 the people will prevail!

  • William Henry

    This is a plea to Vice President Biden, if you say you are a American Patriot, then shoot that SOB boss of yours and I’ll vote for you in 2012, possible extending your presidency for the next term as well.

    • bgr

      hey idiot,William Henry,,,,Why would you make such a stupid statement. You just threaten a sitting president. Maybe I’ll notify the Secret Service. We need idiots like you locked up.

  • Wiley O. Tinker

    WARNIG!! If this government and the American people let this President remain in office with proof he is not a American citizen it will be setting a precedent that will allow any foriegn person to be elgible to run for President. This is what at stake here my fellow Americans.

  • Arlie J. Blood USAF(ret)

    The “man” occupying the White House has nver held a job or run a business.He was chosen by the “Chicago Group” to be their man. They prepare his speeches and he “reads them”.
    When is Congress going to do their duties Oboma goes to war without congressional approval.Where is my heros Newt and fellow ex Pow John M.Have they backed off doing duties. If they have, I fear for Americas future.
    Oboma has stated that if he has to make a choice, he would come down on the side of Islam.
    Wake up America. Study Islam’s long range goals. They have already reach number one. Put their man in the White House. Their long range goal is to rule our great country.We can take action to prevent this from happening or we can take off our shoes and join Obama in Times Square praying to Islam.

  • Yellow Horse

    NO SHIT!!! Hes too cheap to get someone that knows what their doing!!!


      NO! NO! “Yellow Horse” the guy he hired to do the job suckered him into letting him to the birth certificate copy work on an old Packard bell computer with antiquated MS DOS programing . Hint it was one of Obumus; undocumented campaign worker from south of the border who is now living incognito some where in the Mediterranean sea area.

      “Death to Political Correctness and to all who practice it”

  • Dannyboy

    You forget, Obama said he wanted a civilian force that is larger and better armed than the military. Now I wonder why he would want that….I.E. the TSA

    • Janette Jack

      and the IRS


      TSA is Federal not civilian DUH! As it falls under Homeland security as does customs and immigration, Federal protective service . etc. etc.

  • skip gainer

    We do not have a politician from either party, a judge that includes the supreme court, any law enforcement or news media to bring this out in the open. So what is really going on and who is obama really? Even our military is protecting obama. WHY!

    • Henry

      Because when one goes into the service he or she is sworn to obey and protect the President if not it is a act of treason.

  • paulg

    The time is NOW! I have felt since moments after this FRAUD popped on the scene that he is a TRAITOR. The BC released even to a layperson appeared as a terrible grade school project. Now that the EXPERTS AT ADOBE have verified this document as a fake its time to Take ACTION. EITHER our Reps take up IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS OR WE MARCH ON THE WHITE HOUSE and drag his ASS OUT! LIVE FREE OR DIE IS EXACTLY THE SLOGAN. Better to die defending FREEDOM IN OUR COUNTRY then live under any kind of repressive dictatorship. Failure is not an option! Under this demons so called leadership every aspect of FREEDOM HAS EITHER BEEN AFFECTED OR IS NEXT ON THE BLOCK. I for one will not sit back and watch this happen.


      OK “Paulg” you get the parade permit and I will bring a picnic basket so you and I can have lunch by the WWII memorial or some where CAUSe THERE AIN’T ENOUGH cajones left in this freakin country that would or could do it or so I am led to believe.

      “Death to Political Correctness In all forms and to those who practice it”

  • paulg

    @NIT WIT I mean NIK
    Hey NIK you have the most thumbs down votes on the most comments I’ve ever seen. Humm makes you wonder if maybe you rattle the one brain cell around. { kinda like one hand clapping } that maybe you wake up become enlightened, nawww….

  • proudamerican

    It’s an obvious forgery just as his tenure in office has been. Afraid of an uprising from blacks??? BRING IT! It will happen sooner or later anyway. They will lose and lose big.

    • njgirl

      You’re right. Now that DHS has put out their video telling minorities to watch out for white terrorists. They are looking to create a race war.

    • Ruth

      Don’t blame the blacks, he could have been a pathway to equal rights, but NO. He lied to them and turned on his own people. They are the ones that should rise against him and vote to stop the Socialists.

    • Brooklyn Jo Ann

      Ruth, he did turn his back on the black people. obummer does not know what or who he is. he does not know his own father, he puts his white mom down, lies, lies, lies. no matter what color we are, we are still human, we still bleed the same color, we all hurt the same way, SO WE NEED TO BE LIKE MARTIN LUTHER KING AND COME TOGETHER AND RID OUR COUNTRY OF THIS VERMIN. HE DID DIRTY TO ALL PEOPLE OF AMERICA. the only problem I am having and will have, why is the media his and soros media, letting this go by, and yet congress and senate do nothing. like I said, NO MATTER WHAT COLOR WE HAVE, WE ARE ALL IN THIS MESS TOGETHER, AND IF WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY WE WILL FIGHT TOGETHER FOR IT. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama, the terrorist who gets by with his dictator behavior!

  • Roger Lemay

    To commit treason, the (alleged) traitor must be a citizen of the country he (or she) is selling out.
    Just saying……

    “The FACTS will set you free” -Me