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Obama threatens to hold up Social Security checks

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

obama interview

President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing the deficit in the coming weeks.

“I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, according to excerpts released by CBS News.

Mr. Obama’s comments followed remarks from the Senate’s top Republican, who said Tuesday that he did not see a way for Republicans and Democrats to come to agreement on meaningful deficit reduction as long as Mr. Obama remains in office.

Still, McConnell said Republicans would “do the responsible thing” to avoid default, suggesting that a deal on the debt ceiling could be reached without a “real” deficit reduction package.

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  • patriot77

    Mr. McConnell needs to go!!! This idiot is going to propose giving this moron in the Whitehouse more power!! We need to get rid of ALL the establishment Republicans. They are unwilling and lack the fortitude to do the right thing when it involves unpopular, but necessary, resolutions to serious problems. Let’s all let our rep’s and Senators know that we demand that they not cave and must not give this man sweeping powers to raise the debt ceiling at will!! This is absurd!!
    Oh yeah, go ahead, Mr. Obammy, hold back the SS checks. I’m sure the WELFARE checks will still be pouring out….and the FREE cell phones. Where in the hell are we living????

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      Roger that Patriot77.

      McConnell’s plan allows Obama to raise the debt ceiling three times in the next year with NO requirement to cut spending.

      As Michelle Malkin so aptly said “W.T.F!!”

    • StevenI

      I find it hard to believe McConnell would do such a thing. Unbelievable!

      And for Obama to use Seniors and Vets as a weapon of intimidation is utterly disgusting.
      This ranks up there with those who use their children as pawns to get at their ex-spouse after a divorce.

      Hope this gets published everywhere so Seniors and vets know what Obama is doing to them.

    • Ron

      This will probably gaurantee his defeat. He is the scummiest politician in my lifetime.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right Ron:

      Obama is America’s Robert Mugabe.

      AND soon we will be the United States of Zimbawee if he is not voted out.
      Anybody for Hope & Change????

    • http://windowslive mary m

      steven,I agree with you s.s. is my only major sorce of income i have to clean houses to make it. I worked hard 23yrs. for my s.s. i/we paid into this and it is so unfair that it isn’t there for us. and our troops should get the salary of the congress and the senate. instead of the pay they get.wish a bunch of seals would storm in and arrest him and do to him what he is doing to us. Oh yeah take michele,with him.

    • gataheart

      Been wondering why seemingly ‘patriotic’ SealTeams or others haven’t already done this? Is there NO group w/the means and ability that has sense enough to realize this Government in its entirety has been taken over by Outside Interests? Can’t fathom how ONE man has wreaked so much havoc (the damages are DONE!] in so little time w/SO LITTLE OPPOSITION.

    • Mary Steele

      Doesn’t surprise me at all, he says some really stupid things!!! He’s not helping anything so I worry every time he opens his mouth!

    • Charles Brandon

      If this idiot does withhold SSI checks someone out there will assassinate him for real. It would the Stupidest thing he’s done to date. Among all of the stupid things he’s done already.

    • azwayne

      Sorry you like at least 80% didn’t read the plan or your source is incompetent. Plan says real cuts must come with debt increases. They must be real because they would have to be approved by congress, showing incompetence of democrats in senate, should guarantee their loss in elections next year.

    • Patriot41

      az, and how do you propose that the Congress can deny the money request when it must have a 2/3rds majority vote to override the request? Democrats in the House would not allow that to happen, in the Senate neither. Also, the president still has veto power if they do not go along with him. Read on friend before you make such statements.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      WHY DON’T YOU STOP ALL FOREIGN AID $$$, all those worthless GOVT programs, fire your czars, & STOP ALL THAT MONEY TO THE ILLEGALS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE ????????
      JUST WHO IN THE H3LL ARE YOU WORKING FOR ??????????????????
      Oh , by the way, liberat LBJ stole the SS trust fund — & put it in the general fund & spent it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Betty Retired

      Our newspaper this morning discussed Mc
      Connell’s suggestion. At first I was angry until I read the entire article. “Obama could request increases up to $2.5 Trillion in govt. borrowing authority in 3 seperate installments over the next year, as long as he simultaneously propsed spending cuts of greater size. In essence, McConnell’s proposal would greatly enhance Obama’s authority to avoid a default, while also virtually absolving Republicans oif responsibility if one occurred.” Montgomery Advertiser July 13, 2011.

    • Captain PJ

      President Obama made this threat to raise the fear of the American people and put pressure on the Republican Congress. Do you all realize that Congress can pass a bill raising the debt ceiling by 1 or 2 billion while simultaneously cutting spending by the exact same amount each month, sending the bill to Obama for his signature and avoid the Social Security threat?

      If Obama refuses to sign it when it arrives at his desk, then it is he who refuses to pay seniors their social security check. Obama is a notorius liar and I believe that Obama is bluffing. Can you imagine our egotistical, narcissistic president having to live with being the first president in American history to defualt on American loans? Can you imagine people calling him the “anti-senior president.”

    • murph

      I’M SICK OF HIM.

    • warren reynolds

      o would rather see the piece of shit get his handed to him in the election than have someone kill him, death would be to easy, a full out defeat on election day would harm him more than death, why? Because that’s how a narccacist thinks.

    • dwight


    • gataheart

      Agree w/you Warren. Although I’d rather see him ‘escorted from the White House in cuffs under Military Guard’ and put in detention until his ‘Birth Issue’ and Loyalty Issue(S) are resolved ..then HUNG in the public square before ‘live’ television for his TREASON. No secret dumping at sea.

    • gataheart

      Been wondering that myself since he [WHOEVER ‘HE’ IS] became POTUS. Would it not be a Patriotic Act?

    • Richard Higgins

      Killing Obama 1) Gives us riots that would end up in untold hundreds being killed, 2) Gives us another idiot equally as inept at being president as a president, and 3) Gives that idiot an almost certain sympathy win in the 2012 election. The way to seriously hurt our Socialist Muslim in Chief is to see him totally humiliated in the 2010 election like Carter was.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      It would instantly make a martyr of him. I don’t believe I could stand to see him revered. Also the Buffalo Woman would be adored forever. .

    • http://windowslive mary m

      AMEN murph

    • http://aol Jose Clutesman the spanish Jew

      the Social Security doesn’t belong to the goverment, where doe’s this half breed get off, that he will stop retire people’s checks!!! i bet he want stop the welfare checks for all of the niggers……..

    • gataheart

      I’d “LIKE” your comment except I cannot condone the use of the ‘n’ word ..but certainly applaud your remark otherwise.

    • LadyLiberty

      Hey Captain PJ,

      Obama threatens that he can’t promise that the Social Security, disability checks may not go out on Aug 3rd.

      Well, Newt Gingrich on Hannity last night has the perfect answer for this predicament.

      To call Obama’s bluff: Republicans should pay the Social Security Payments that are due in August.

      1. Just post 100 billion dollars as the Raising the debt Ceiling for paying August’s Social Security payments.

      2. Then post 100 billion for the Spending Cuts for the Social Security payments.

      This can be done each month; up until the 2012 election day. The Republicans look great and they did their job by matching and balancing dollar for dollar the spending cuts and raising the debt. Republicans could ask Obama now what are you going to do? But, in reality this plan will work and is the best plan I have heard so far and your job is done. Republicans saved the day!!! And, Obama looks like a Jerk.

      Please Write/email your congressmen to let them know this plan before McConnell screws everything up. I have written to Boehner, McConnell, and my district house Rep. this morning.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      i saw that ,too. Sounds like a good idea to me. That would really fix him up and help the country at the same time.

    • Captain PJ

      Gingrich’s plan is superior to anything our Congress has in the works. And I must admit, Gingrich’s 100 billion ammounts sounds more realistic than my 1 or 2 billion suggestion.

    • azwayne

      You are right and that is solution, doesn’t fit well in politicians play book to steal more from taxpayers.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Captain, Again I support your Wisdom. I saw this discussed by several people on Fox News last night. I watch Hannity every chance I get. We must be watching at the same time (smile). I agree also with everything you said about Bachmann yesterday. I love both the women. All canidates have something good to say and very productive. It is still too early for ME to make a commitment but I do have my favorites so far ( The Ladies). Both show more enthusiasm, more desire, more passion, more excitement, more hope and generally much more courage than some of their counterparts. Pawlenty is a good man but way too dry. My hero Newt also has great things to contribute and a great Historian but I think he serves his Country better right where he is. He does have some fabulous ideas but again perhaps around for too long to Run. I will support any of the canidates all the way no matter WHO is nominated. I think it is best if all of them focus their attacks on Obama instead of each other. They should all stand United against a common goal. They should all congratulate each other for mutual deep concerns but try to point out WHY their plan would be better. No Bashing of each other. That should also pertain to us here on this site when we exchange ideas, look for common solutions and support each other. Please ignore Bozos like DEFEATCONSERVATISM. As much as I wanted to bash him yesterday for insulting a new BLOGGER (MistyinGa), I simply gave a thumbs down. Feeding into him only entertains him or her. Nothing to contribute except insults trying to anoy good people because he is bored with his Video Game. Ignore people like this. Stay focused and find sound solutions. Thanks for always being here Captain. You are a Good American and have much to contribute.

    • Captain PJ

      I do not feed into Defeat’s tirades of stupidity and obviouis attempt to distract us from our discussions. I think that’s the mission of Defeat: to get all of us so upset with his/her posts that we leave the site and go and do something else. If you think about it, this site is also a sort of “grass roots” movement where we are able to voice our opinions and communicate with others out there who feel the same way as we do.

      I missed Sean Hannity last night as I was watching the All Star game–what a waste I admit, but I am a baseball nut even more than I am a political hack.


    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Ltjg:

      Re: D Feet

      D Feet needs to change his socks from Maoist monotone gray to a more colorful red,white & blue. I recomend Mohair from south Texas angora goats.

    • Patriot41

      True PJ, and in the process McConnell has insured that the GOP leadership has lost all creditability. This is the mentality of the middle of the road moderate leadership in the GOP. Obama did not offer up this deal, Sen. McConnell did, explains everything!

      If the conservatives in the House have any common sense and decency, they will go ahead with a proposed budget cutting out discretionary spending, capping all spending and going forward with the balanced budget amendment without raising taxes. At this point in time, that is the “ONLY” option they have left to establish any creditability with the citizens of this country.

    • Captain PJ

      McConnells plan is a NO GO. Boehner, Cantor and the rest of the Republican Congress think it’s no good. McConnell will change his mind as he’ll look like a dufus if he doesn’t.

    • slapjack

      I haven’t seen to damn many politicians that live up to your expectations in DC. I’ll bet your one of thise closet voters who can’t seem to get you ass to the voting booth but constantly bitch about everything.

    • StevenI

      I vote every election moron! Unless Obama has Acorn vote for me, I will continue to vote.

    • azwayne

      Everybody on every site better bitch until the rinos and brain dead liberals are thrown out of DC. It’s frustrating when we know our votes are matched bt illegal aliens and prisoners and the dead from chicago cemeteries, then to fight prepeogrammed computers controlledby SEIU. Zyeh it’s time for voters to demand some ethics


    • warren reynolds

      Look the only thing Boehner has to do is say this on tv.
      “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

      — Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

    • Chess Game

      obama will find a way to distort his own words, he will use it to say something else. Just like John Kerry, obumer speaks at both sides of the mouth.

      obama the affirmative action president with no credentials and no scruples.

    • E5HMFIC

      Withhold checks !!! – Retired; Vets; Military, etc.
      Who wants to bet that the Black Bastard of the Whore House as well as all of Congress get paid

    • warren reynolds

      What’s NOT funny is instead of holding payments to foregn countries, and other useless programs like planned parenthood the piece of shit would rather fuck the old people and service members, this guys does not give a shit about you, me, or my family, he obviously doesn’t even care about his daughters or he wouldn’t be setting them up to pay off his enormous debts he is trying with all his might to build up, it’s real simple you can check on snopes, he is overwhelming the system to cause systematic failure, then he can claim marshall law and be the leader he really wants to be.

    • gataheart

      Along with costs to keep them Black happy at home making more babies for some hardworking man’s tax dollars to raise ..and don’t forget all them illegals, we gotta do the humane thing by them too ..WITH YOUR DIME! THAT’S why we NEED MORE OF IT!

    • gataheart

      [above spoken as third person -just to clarify ..NOT my Position!]

    • warren reynolds

      what we need to do is make welfare recipients work for their checks, cleaning trash on the roadways, highways etc. work in the shelters for homeless, if you don’t work the 40hrs each week then you don’t get a welfare payment for that week, women on welfare that keep having babies, tie there damn tubes, it’s not fare for we the tax payers to pay for these parasitic types, if they don’t like it they can move to Mexico, oh wait, Mexicon won’t let them in if they are not wealthy.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      JUST WHO IN THE H3LL ARE YOU WORKING FOR ??????????????????

    • Bill Putnam

      The answer to your question is; Muslims, and socialists! He, and his radicals are purposely bring down the USA. He hates successful white people. Especially white, Christian people. If you read his 2 books, he makes it quite plain. He’s a muslim, and racist against whites. The healthcare bill exempts muslims from the fines for not buying insurance. That means non- muslims pay for muslims healthcare. read it on page 107.

    • gataheart

      And HOW is it that Congress nor the Supremes will ACT to take this cabal OUT? Goes to show the whole Government is corrupt! As the ‘o’ says about someone w/something to hide ..He and his Chicago Thugs most probably have or ‘created’ something on everyone, you know ..BLACKMAIL! Tell them PUBS ..WE DON’T CARE WHAT THEY HAVE ON YOU. DO RIGHT BY AMERICA! [Why do they call it BLACKmail?]

    • John

      An entitlement is a “right” and cannot be expunged.

    • gataheart

      Any and Everyone but the American ..I think he really hates the WhiteSide of Himself!

    • http://windowslive mary m

      que dub, that was so well spoken. i keep saying that how can they not pay es when it is our money they are holding back it doesn’t belong to them, And not to pay our troops is just imoral our troops should hold their guns at him and say now do we get our pay or not? Bet he would caugh it up looking down a barrel

    • gataheart

      and that so literally!

    • Bill Putnam

      Notice that BHO threatens to keep SS checks, but not welfare, food stamps, Bennies for illegals, etc, etc. People on SS were forced, along with their employers to pay into SS. Now BHO and the Dems not only tax our SS, but now they threaten to keep it. He is purposely trying to bait us into a revolution. And to think, Ronald Reagan was almost assassinated. Kennedy was way to conservative for the progs. Only real conservatives get killed. BHO is afraid to withold welfare checks, because he knows the low life’s would kill him, instead of voting for him. He’s buying their votes with the money we contributed to SS and medicare. He knows that he has lost our votes anyway.

    • Jean

      I have been told that BO gets away with so much crap because there are all these Republicans who are complicit with what he is doing! I wouldn’t have believed it…but guess it is true. They are not the Republicans I grew up with!(Well, maybe some of them are…they have been there so many years. They need to serve a term or two and get the heck out of there!)
      And why can’t the Social Security checks go out? Is Michelle Obama planning another world trip…taking all of their relatives and friends at our expense?

    • Patriot41

      Many of the same liberals who were protesting Vietnam back in the 1960’s, the rebellious radicals, are now in Congress.

    • Lee

      Take another very hard look at McConnell’s suggestion! I wouldn’t want to play poker against this man!
      He’s up to something, and it won’t be good for Obama!
      As for the SS checks, take Obama’s paycheck, his bank account and his old lady’s “shopping cash,” and there will be plenty to pay the SS checks!

    • gataheart

      Hell, just take her food allowance from her.

    • Patriot41

      Lee, what McConnell is doing is raising the white flag of surrender by saying he as a Senator (supposedly one of the most powerful entities in our govt.,) cannot deal with the president. That is pure crap to put it mildly.

      His motive is to let the president continue his wild spending in hopes that he will overdue it, which he has already, and turn the public against the democrat party. That might be a good plan except for the fact that in the process it will drive this country into bankruptcy that it cannot recover from.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Yeah, pay every damnn country in the world foreign aid $$$$$$$$$$, and pay all the illegals all of our tax $$$$$ —- but don’t pay Social Security !!!!!!!!

    • gataheart

      And give our money to Brazil to drill OUR OIL to sell to us! TIME is way past!

    • BUD


    • BUD


    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Bud:
      Terrific idea!
      Lets all write our Congressman. Tell them that if SS checks or any pension/military pay do not get sent out on time, publish a list of all reciepients of monies you mentioned et al.
      See what the reaction of the public will be.

    • Thomas Martin

      patriot77, you put the blame on the wrong man, the damn democrats fail to deliver a budget before the election in November.

      The scum bag democrats want their cake and eat it too.

      I say don’t raiser the ceiling one bit, don’t pay anybody but the military, no goverment pay, no welfare no body. I’ll bet they can ways then to cut their damn spending.

      I’m sixty seven and draw social security and that piece of human waste barack hussein obama makes the threat of no social security checks going out in August, pick on the people who has paid into this slush fund for the democrats to steal and use for other thing.

      These people in all three houses always seem to get their pay no matter what.

    • gataheart

      I’m not yet on SS, but if I were’d be a cold day in hell before I’d starve while that mule and his Black Panther Hatin America, WannaBe Jacqueline/Kennedy gave my money to his BLACKside BRO’S and whatever Other ILLEGAL Receivers of my Government taxed ‘security’ funds MADE BY AND TAKEN FROM ME ..if it isn’t there, it’s fraud, theft and embezzlement!

    • patriot77

      Sorry, Tom, I put the blame right where it belongs! He does NOT get a pass because he has an “R” after his name!! This is about RIGHT and WRONG!!!

    • Al

      Wonder if the checks to the Pres. and White House staff, the House, Senate, Justice employees and all government agency workers will also not be made after August 8?????????????

    • Al

      The date was entered as August 2 not 8!

  • Jacqueline L.

    Every single person dependent on these checks should have the numbers for the White House and their Senators next to the phone. Stop all work (if they do any) by swamping the phone and e mail systems expressing your outrage.
    Tell Obama and his family to stay home in DC and do the work he is paid for instead of junketing around the country campaigning.

    • Lee

      I heartily agree!

  • DaNangMe

    I refuse to believe that failure to raise the debt ceiling and taxes jeopardizes the revenue to pay out those checks.Excessive spending is the clear and present danger and that is crystal clear.Obama is posturing in hopes the House won’t call his bluff.I hope Boehner stands fast and McConnells alternative plan crashes and burns when he comes down off those bad drugs.

    • EdinNola

      If he carries through with his plan, I suggest that the folks that put McConnell in office, as well as those who elected the others who vote to increase the debt limit, get out the vote against these traitors. Beyond that, Obama MUST Go – OMG. The worst thing that has ever hit this country.

    • BUD


    • gataheart

      Wouldn’t removal of vOmit and BbbiDen make BOEHNER PRESIDENT?

  • Retired USAF MSgt

    Obama has good reason to believe Boehner will cave.

    McConnell handed it to him yesterday.

    • Patriot41

      That he did Retired, in spades!

  • One2Stupid

    Social Security funds are supposed to be in a “locked Box”. The funds were intended to be kept seperate from the “General Revenue” account. Now I know that the money has been stolen and used for non-Social Security functions but doesn’t the money collected each month still go into an account just for S.S.? Why is that money not being used to guarantee payments?

    • slapjack

      Our illustrious Congress has used it as a CASH COW forever. We must demand that congress be on social security and medicare just like WE THE PEOPLE instead of the Master Plan they have. Congress is not a social elite Job. They were elected to represent us, not see how much goodies they can get for the lousy job they have been doing over the years. Wake up America we have a COMMIE Low Life in the WHITE HOUSE and a bunch of stuipd idiots representing us.

    • Patriot41

      For the simple reason that is has already been stolen and used by our great politicians.

  • http://PatriotUpdate flatcreek

    I wasn’t aware that sambo had to sign my SS check, one more reason to impeach him

    • gataheart

      Why do you think the ‘o’ wants to take away private ownership of guns? He’ll do THAT by executive order next, of course.

      No matter what Issue raised ..I see revolutin as America’s ONLY future. Unless She goes into Oblivion w/out so much as a whimper.

      You see, O has a different view of Camelot than we. Caucasians and Republicans can sit at the back until he decides which Internment Camp to send us to. You do KNOW that’s next?

  • Widows Mite

    Holding the social security checks and seniors hostage in this negotiation puts a flag on the field for me. I did not think we negotiated with terrorists foreign or domestic. The money Obama is holding up is mine. I would prefer they cut me a check for what I have paid in and let me manage my own money-I am confident I can manage it better than Washington.

  • Tony in MO

    And where are all those Democratic Party morons who have insisted that the Social Security Trust Fund is just “fine and dandy” with no problems? If the Social Security Trust Fund is so “safe” why is the Prez now saying that “there’s no money to pay SS” if they don’t give him his way to boost the deficit limit?

    • Sparky

      He’s not saying, “there is No money.”. He’s saying, he might decide NOT to give it to SS recipients!!!

      What a guy!!!

  • John Wayne

    McConnell needs to go! To give those Communists in Washington another blank check is, at least sheer folly and at the worst, CRIMINAL! So Obamantion will hold SS Checks? Let him do just that and see how many Obamanation lovers jump down his lying throat!

    • gataheart

      It’s my bet that Obamanation lovers will get theirs. Only the others. And otherwise, they can surely get benefits as minorities.

  • http://http/ sean murry

    We seniors will remember this threat to our ss on election day.Threw this bum out.

    • Jeanene

      Senior Citizens have good memories. We know there has been so Social Security increases for three years and prices going up. However, his staff at the White House are the highest paid staff the White House has had. The money to pay Social Security payments in the fund. Once again this man is lying to us and thinks we are too dumb to care. His admission that we were not aware or caring what was going on. WRONG WE ARE DAILY AWARE of what they are doing

  • mad as hell

    McConnell is caving to the messiah – not surprisingwhat a fool. As for the threat to hold up SS checks, how about holding up the funding for the POTUS pet agencies like
    ACORN (whatever their new name is), NEA, EPA,PBS and the other liberal sewer holes?
    There needs to be a new commercial of
    Obarfa pushing grannie over the cliff –
    what a moron..

  • proudamerican

    BUT ILLEGALS WILL STILL GET EVERY DIME????? It really doesnt take rocket science here people! obama is the enemy, the rest we can handle! How could you be more obvious??????



  • Higgy

    This is perhaps the worst lie Obama has made during his campaigning and presidency. There is plenty of money in the treasury to pay all our bills. If social security is held back it will be because of the slime bag boy blunder. He authorized ‘fast and furious’ so he could impose stringent gun control. Now he wants to hold seniors hostage so he can get more money to give to terrorists or otherwise waste.

  • tweety

    Typical scare tactics. Obama, if the deadline comes about, clearly as the choice to prioritize who gets paid and who doesn’t. So let him push Social Security to the back burner in favor of Planned Parenthood and High Speed Rail. How do you like that, granny?

    • gataheart

      Hell Mister, he’s GOTTA keep paying for those Black and Illegal NEWBIE ‘..rATS’. Why lose your base? Why not TAKE from [weaken] your opposition to enhance and build yours? THIS COMMIE IS GOING TO ANY AND EVERYTHING HE WANTS SO LONG AS WE LET HIM!

  • James Carpenter

    Need any more “proof” that “Barney” is a FAKE?

    I wouldn’t trust Sachmo to organize a dog-fight!!

    Vote him OUT in 12 !!!!

  • mew

    This government if so corrupt it is pathetic! They are all a bunch of morons and need to go! They couldn’t give seniors a 2% cost of living increase but it didn’t stop them from raising their salaries much more than 2%! This was supposed to be a secure fund, if the government kept their hands out of the cookie jar we wouldn’t be short on funds! If SS is so good, why aren’t the government workers required to be a part of it instead of having their own safe fund which will give them much more in retirement SS? You are all a bunch of theives

    • gataheart

      and the honest, hardworking American? ..’slave’ to the NEW ORDER.

  • Rodger in WA

    With that statement, Obama has earned the title Scare Monger In Chief. Interruption of Social Security checks is a flat out lie.
    So is failure to raise the debt ceiling reuslting in default of payments on US debt. If the debt ceiling is not raised, there is sufficient monthly revenue to pay interest to holders of on US bonds.

  • C. Strasburger

    Mitch McConnell is right now talking about making a historic capitulation. So fearful of being blamed for a default, McConnell is proposing a compromise that lets Barack Obama raise the debt ceiling without making any spending cuts at all.

    Consider sending McConnell a weasel as testament to his treachery. His address is 601 W. Broadway, Room 630, Louisville, KY 40202 and the phone number is (502) 582-6304.

    Here are the facts:

    President Barack Obama has announced that he may not be able to mail Social Security checks out on 3 August if he has not been given an increased debt ceiling to borrow more money for the government. The blackmail attempts have officially begun. Give us more money now, or watch the entitlement recipients in YOUR Congressional District start to get it.

    According to James Pethokoukis, the US Treasury is not precluded from specifically making the next Social Security payment by actual liquidity. “Social Security payments Treasury needs to make on Aug 3. $22 billion. Treasury cash balance on Aug. 3: $74 billion.”

    This implies these payments would be stopped as a result of fiscal priorities greater than making Social Security payments that totaled an amount greater than the $52Bn that the Treasury would have on its books as of 3 August 2011. As concerned American citizens, we are owed a dutiful and factual accountings of what those specific priorities happen to be.

    This is, after all, the most honest and open administration in the history of terrestrial democracy. Isn’t it?

  • Skydiver

    All of Bozo’s pay and allowances should be supsended permantly, and he should be placed on a strict budjet!

  • Pointdan

    Obama is a serial liar.
    RINOs are only slightly better.
    Vote TEA PARTY in November, 2011 & 2012 !

  • Donald Mitchell

    If we don’t get paid next month it wont be because there isn’t any money in the social security coffers,there is quite a few years of payments left. It will be because the scumbag obumer wants it tat way

  • warren reynolds

    I really hope both of his daughters marry white men. LMAO that would kill him. :)

  • warren reynolds

    What has he and his family spent on vacations with taxpayers money in 2 1/2 years? My guess is that the amount is closing in on 1 biilion dollars……

  • Dodi

    If he holds back the Social Security checks, I can imagine that would be the end of him. I sure wish I knew who to believe. With some saying that there is enough money coming in to pay the Social Security, the interest on the debt and other bills that MUST be paid and others say the opposite. I hope that the House remains firm and make this idiot the target instead of the Republicans. I hate scare tactics!

  • Jennie

    How low can you go Mr. O? Just panic the Social Security recipients who are dependent on their checks. You, sir, are a pathetic excuse of a human being!! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • ChrisCross Charleston

    This dumb idea would mean the end of his reign of terror if he pulled this stunt off. He is such a bully and a dumb one at that, isn’t he? Do you think he comes up with such ideas on his own or is there another idiot he allows to put such words in his mouth? The frightening thing is, he won’t touch nor speak the word “entitlement” because it those who get them that put him into office. What a time in U.S. history we are living. Is there any wonder that the Bible is silent concerning the USA. There won’t be much of one left if any at all and certainly not a world player.

  • shannon853

    hold up social security? far better idea, hold up pay for congress and above until they set a budget that pays 5% on the debit of congress (with 10% of their pay going toward that cause), one that stops any and all aid of any type to illegals, stop allowing congress from raising their wages or benifits and force all american businesses and industry back to american soil.

  • Jim Buzzell

    Obama can not do anyting congress has not authorized him to do; he is the chief executive not the law maker. Wake up America it is who you send to Washington to represent you that is the basic problem; the House and the Senate make the rules, the chief executive implements those rules… Over the years the Legislative Branch has abdicated they powers and responsibilities to the executive branch to provide cover for their short commings, but this last election proved that the American people are now awake and responding.

    • huh duh

      It’s a communist set up, congress has seventy card carrying communistm including bo and pelosi, plus the dud from nevada, don’t believe it check it out, but you do your own home work if your a real patriot.

    • Patriot41

      Actually Jim, it is the House that controls the purse. In 2010, the citizens of this country who believed the GOP candidates for Congress, voted for someone they thought would keep their promises to cut spending without raising taxes. They had in fact, awoke. Problem is, they got candidates who apparently do not believe in keeping their promises. I don’t see how you can hold the citizens of this country liable for liars.

  • Vern Nay

    The elder taxpayers like me have had SS deducted from their pay their entire working life.That is money I paid into my retirement fund, its not money that congress, the president or anyone else has the right to use or borrow. Its nothing short of extortion or thievery for any branch of Govt. to use in any way. You steal from me obama and you will DIE.

  • stRanger

    The Regime has recently claimed that Social Security will be solvent until the 2020s. Now the Dissembler-in-Chief says it’s broke.

    —-ing LIARS!

    Why doesn’t the wimpish Retreatocrat Party call him on this?

    —-ing RINOs!

    I’ve had it with Republican LIES, all they really do is help push the Communist/Democrats along.

  • jazurell

    Notice how Obama centers on the most vunerable of society, the retired folks. He won’t not send out welfare or foreign aid, but social security for the elderly??? Sounds like he’s become a one man death panel.

    • gataheart

      You said it first. Why put out good money to the Class your ObamaCare(sNot!) intends to ‘slash’?

  • http://Facebook Que Dub


  • emerson

    hey obama and all you liberal a-holes! KMA and go to hell. tell you what, maybe we won’t know whether we will be able to pay our TAXES this year. you low life POS scum. you all ought to be tarred and feathered for scaring old people. bet the g-damned welfare checks and food stamp CREDIT CARDS get funded. stop using your chicago street thug tactics on the people of this country. we are not all as stupid as your former constituents on the south side of chicago or the ignorant white tree hugging yuppies who blindly followed you. any republican who falls for your b.s. is going to be thrown out with you in 2012. that’s a fact, not a threat.

  • Doctorsh

    And just how would the media portray a republican or conservative president if he/she threatened to withhold social security payments?

  • Raymond

    This comes as no surprise.

  • scout

    Obama, don’t threaten us seniors with not paying us back OUR money or we will be IN YOUR FACE. Obama is history.

    • gataheart


  • Jane

    BHO is a “donkey hole”(ass hole) & should be impeached since I do not believe he was born in Hawaii. Born in Kenya. I totally agree that the Prez,, congress should have their pay stopped until they get their act together & NO new taxes, balance the budget & no more expensive trips for big mama Michele What a pair of dip shits!

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Hank

    Sex as a weapon, using your kids as pawns, deprivation to control discipline and behavior all scare tactics and I’m appalled Obama made those remarks, just stupid and senseless. What hold back on 40 million Americans, you can bet Government will get paid, they already got raises some up to 16% and how about the 30 million barrels of oil released, you can bet 10 million of it goes to Air Force One. What can we do, they won’t impeach him, the way it looks we can’t even vote him or congress out, what’s next another revolution in this country, all these old timers so called leaders in Congress gotta go, it’s out of control reckless spending, irresponsible politics, this is not what being elected to serve the people is all about. It seems nothing said or done is enough to stop it, even this post falls on deaf ears, it changes nothing, our government leaders are just “worthless”. How do you get 50 million people riled up and pissed off enough to do something. Just sounding off to your Congressmen and Senators isn’t cutting it, that’s so manipulated and controlled it’s sickening. It’s called the best Government in the world, then why am I so sick and disgusted with it, they are an embarrassment to us and the world, shame on them, shame on us. I don’t know just felt like venting some.

    • gataheart

      Said well.

  • Larry

    Obama will pay himself if he does hold up the Social Security checks he thinks this will look bad for the Republicans he has another thought coming because this is the problem of every Representative on the hill in Washington DC and even those in the State Capitols. If this SOB’s can’t balance the check book like they are being paid to do then they are of no use to the tax payer and We the People will jest have to solve the problem by firing every one of the Dirty SOB’s and put some monkeys in there place that can do a better job than they seem unable to do.

  • ARMYOF69

    Folks, we have totally lost the U.S.A. There was no battle that led to this, more is the shame for that. Now it’s every man for himself,and I do believe we would probably be better off with “almost” anarchy.
    We are currently in 99% government control, time to turn that all the way back to the early 1800s.

  • Casey

    I thought there was plenty of money in SS, at least that’s what we’ve been told
    Isn’t that separate funds

    • Patriot41

      Good Lord Casey where have you been living? The SS trust fund money was moved into the General Fund back in the mid sixties, I remember Paul Harvey telling the citizens about that move the day after it happened.

      Every twenty years or so, legislators have been raising taxes on SS telling us it is necessary to sure up the fund for the next twenty years. In the meantime they are spending the hell out of those funds for all of their hair brain port used to get re elected.

  • TaterSalad

    Barack Obama’s hand-picked regime has 11 steps in bringing a total fascist, police state to the United States:

  • Rebecca

    He is holding us HOSTAGE !!! This is a terrorist act !! WE HAVE GOT TO STOP THIS AHOLE. The S.O.B. needs to have HIS check held. If there’s no money it’s because HE’S SPENDING IT ! OMG ! WAKE UP EVERYONE !!!


    • Patriot41

      Actually Rebecca it is extortion of the worse kind and instead of holding up his checks, he should be tried and convicted of extortion.

  • Jean P.

    Calm down. He doesn’t have the authority nor the ability o cut off Social Security. It is merely a threat that he doesn’t have the BALLS to try. As with most of his rhetoric, he just has DIARRHOEA OF THE MOUTH. hE WILL BACK DOWN WHEN HE FINDS OUT THAT HE IS NOT RUNNING A DICTATORSHIP.

    • Patriot41

      for Jean, LOL LOL LOL, keep believing this if it makes you happy. In the meantime you had better put away some food to eat when you can no longer buy a loaf of bread with the play money that will be left from this mess.

  • Daniel

    From Sen. Obama’s Floor Speech, March 20, 2006:

    The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

    At the time, Senator Obama was urging Congress not to tolerate an increase that would bring the debt ceiling to $9 trillion. Under President Obama, the debt ceiling has been raised to $14.3 trillion. Even without counting most unfunded liabilities, the national debt is now calculated to be nearing $14.1 trillion. It increases about $4.22 billion per day (each citizen’s share stands at roughly $45K). Thus, Democrats will soon demand that the debt ceiling be raised, lest the sky fall. When they do, they will be asking for a significant boost in a ceiling that is already 60 percent higher than the one Barack Obama said was “a sign of leadership failure” five years ago.

  • Clark

    Another bullshit threat by the commie, kenyan, muslim, negro puke, o’scuma. There is enough revenue coming into the government daily to pay our military, the interest on the national debt etc. In case o’scuma doesn’t know, which this dumb jig probably doesn’t. social security is supposed to be a trust fund, meaqning it doesn’t neede ordinary revenue to fund it. I hope he does hold back on military pay and social security, it would definately mean the jig’s demise!

  • VET



    Let the self serving politicians take the pay cut! ( The Dirty Bazz Tards! ) stole
    Our Soc Security $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • SHER

    Tell Congress to cut their salaries in half or more.
    Pervert Wiener walks away with a severance package of over 1 Million Dollars.
    We need term limits on all in Congress including President of the U.S. .

    How did a person that hates America Israel, white people and everything else get elected?
    Voter Apathy and Ignorance!!!

  • http://Facebook Que Dub

    WHY DON’T YOU STOP ALL FOREIGN AID $$$, all those worthless GOVT programs, fire your czars, & STOP ALL THAT MONEY TO THE ILLEGALS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE ????????
    JUST WHO IN THE H3LL ARE YOU WORKING FOR ??????????????????

    • Daniel

      He’s working for the Muslim antichrists..

  • Howard-the Banger Club

    Great comments. We can’t do much right now other than email our Senators/Congress/President/State and local government. But, 2012 is just around the corner. Governor Rick Perry for President and Congressman Allen West, VP. They are both smart, moral men who believe in our Constitution and are for the people. Go to their web site and learn more.

    • pearl

      We are on the brink of complete economic collapse and they continue to rain abuse on our poor economy.If they raise the debt ceiling by 2 TRILLION DOLLARS as they intend, we will not have a country by 2012. Don’t any of these fools realize that!?!

    • grannyb

      If this bum would give back the money that he spent on the Hawaii vacation @ 1.6 million we could get paid next month & there after. Amen

    • http://Firefox PeterNJ

      Let ’em take my check from me. Then i could live as high on the hog as the illegals !!!

    • Dee

      Do they do not realize it, because they are fools.

    • Honest1inVA


    • http://verizon Jackie K.

      Hey everybody!!!!! Let’s all send obama some peas!! Just put some dry peas on an envelope and mail it to the white house. You might also give him some instructions as to where he might put them if you like. Granted it won’t do a lot of good but it will tie up the mail room for a while.(put a fake return address on it. They won’t accept it with no return address)

    • America with a Birth Certificate….

      Sponge Bob Square Pants would be better than obama.Information has been released that obama recieved foreign aid to go to college and foreign aid is only given to foreigners. Hello America,how long will our elected officals let obama remain as president knowing he is not a citizen? Hello America,lets get obama out now. Impeach him or just remove him but do it now.

    • bob

      did you see anything that says….third generation welfare being held up?,or his Obamacare,or aid to muslim countries,…no just the payments for the folks who woked their whole lives,or the disabbilked vet who gt that way tru combat…..

    • http://Homepatriotupdate Terry

      How is it possible that you pay ss , I pay ss, we have been doing this for over 35 years along with millions of other Americans, and some how the so called president
      Tells you that you might might not get your check. What does he have to do with social security. How is it possible that we pay all these years and because of bad times the money is not there. Where did it go? The social security system is it’s own department. Impeach the poor idiot before he hurts himself..

    • http://Homepatriotupdate Meagan

      It is comforting to know that when my mom and dad retire in the next year, that the system they have been paying in for all these years is controlled by the government and they don’t care a rats ass about them or you. GOOD JOB GUYS.YOU HAVE CONFIRMED EVERYTHING I THOUGHT ABOUT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. YOU ALL ARE CROOKS AND HAVE NO INTENTION OF SAVING AMERICA OR AMERICANS. IT IS ONE THING TO REMAIN SILENT AND THOUGHT A FOOL .HE HAD TO SPEAK AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!!! .

    • El Lobo Solo


      Good questions all.
      If the Govt. (aka Obama) can’t be trusted to pay out our Soc. Sec. checks, then it is time to 100% privatize the system. Not just partially. Isn’t this the same arguement our Libs friends tell us about why we can’t privatize the system, “..that it would be too unstable & unreliable”.
      Well you Libs, what have we got now????

    • http://verizon Jackie K.

      Looks like we have an unstable and unreliable president.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right Howard:

      Its always darkest before the dawn.
      November 2012 will be here soon enough.
      Prepare, donate & vote.

  • http://google Stanley Bokunewicz

    Entitlement my ass the only entitlement is the acess cards that the welfare bums and the illegall ahol3es receive. ss receipents paid into social security all their working lives not like the low life that receive welfare. If ahole nigger holds up the ss checks him and the monkey can say goodbye to their happy life in the white house.

    • Sue

      There’s a fraud in the WH, natural born citizen means just that. Both parents must be citizens of the United States.

    • Russell Atchison

      I say go for it, stop the payments. It would be interesting to see all the illegals running around looking for money. Of course the bad thing is the real deserving people would suffer also. It might be worth asking them if they would mind. I am on SS and could care less, Social Security was never meant to be a retirement by its self. So mismanage leads to being entitled.

    • gataheart

      O ain’t saying he’s gonna take from the illegals and the lazy babymaking babyfactory bros and sisters ..he’s gonna hold it back from whose money it is so ke can keep them babies BIG MAMA’S happy.

    • north mex vet

      He is stopping Social Security not welfare and food stamps… he will not hurt is people

    • Barbara Pearson

      Mr. Obama is also threatening to withhold payments to veterans. That means no military retirement pay, no veterans disability pay, perhaps no pay even to active duty military. My husband and I both served a combined 46 years of our lives for a measly pittance of a retirement check that we still have to pay taxes on. We both have disabilities and my husband recently retired on Social Security and I am too disabled to ever work again thanks to Uncle Sam’s military. So if the federal government reneges on their obligations to those of us who gave a good part of our lives to serve our country and protect even your freedoms, what do you propose we live on. Perhaps it would serve the president’s purposes even better if all the “worthless” seniors and disabled vets would just starve to death. Save the government the cost of setting up death panels.

    • Apache6

      The last time,he threatened to not pay the Military,we’re going to have to drag this guy out of the White House OURSELVES!!

    • Honest1inVA


    • Apache6

      DITTO,Honest1,and de-fund ALL the alphabet groups.PS.COCKED,LOCKED,and READY to ROCK!!!!!

  • David R. Nemirow

    This man would actually stop the SS Retirement checks if he could, in order to create a major crisis for which he already knows the solution. Then he would use the solution to get people to accept anything from him to be saved. “Rules For Radicals”, Saul Alinsky. Read it if you haven’t. Remember also the words of Rahm Emanuel;” Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

    • Back Bencher

      Never let a good crisis go to waste! A proverb from a pol to be sure! Let’s review just a bit. Social Security, according to the Supremes, is a tax, not a benefit. So the change you get back is due soley to the largess of the guv ment!

      I once read, in the WaPo I think, a cartoon comment that said “Nothing is too good for our vets! And when we can give them nothing, that is exactly what they will get! Welcome, retired and retiring Americans to the US Veterans’ side of the fence!
      If you want to get what you think you are entitloed to, go get elected to Congress. OKay!

    • Greg K

      David: Solid analysis. the Saul Alinsky name needs to be spread around. Hillary did her masters thesis on him and is an admirer. Obama and his crew are out to destroy our republic…I say republic because there is a difference between a republic and a democracy…like the big difference between our 1776 revolution and the French revolution. How to fix it? We may have to die in the streets with our guns in our hands? We will try politically and at first peacefully demonstrate…but if our rights are tramped on via taxes, repression of the 1st and 2nd amendments, freedom of religion…ATF coming and arresting us in the middle of the night, criminalizing Pastors/others because they don’t agree with the left’s agenda and say so… I can’t think of anything better to die for… we will have to fight just like in 1776. I am ready to meet my Lord. I hope this isn’t the case but they know that and are trying to circumvent the 2nd amendment. they know it is the gun that keeps a people free…it is the last step in government repression and the history of the world’s greatest murders bare witness to this.I am not a war monger but a man of peace but I am very concerned about what is happening. Second part…the Islamists are in bed with the Alinsky followers. Please read “the Grand Jihad” by Andrew C. McCarthy. The Islamists have violence and murder as their mantra and proclaim it at the top of the hills and I believe we have an Islamist if not an outright sympathizer in office. It is well documented on how this unholy alliance has been formed and uncovers the fog so you can clearly see the danger. 3rd piece…Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh etc..need to try to reach the youth with the facts…there needs to be a new, edgy marketing to the youth. We need new young lovers of the constitution working with them. They must come from every background and from a broad spectrum of colleges. It can’t be done with the current approach. They have been public schoolized for 18 or more years and were duped by the Obama campaign. 4th: The Republicans are weak to say the least. John McCain did not want to be president and if he did he didn’t show it by his body language. We need new blood to go out in public and say just what I said. To put it out there and calmly, courageously lead our country. We must get better organized and funded. The people with the big money have the most to loose or gain but they must step up. Any publications that you have read, that are solid in their clarity, I would appreciate you giving me the title and author. Most Sincerely Greg

    • Kenneth

      Very well said. Hopefully it will be read by millions and they will see the merit in what you write. There is a sad day coming for our nation and I hope it will be limited to the cutting off of benefits to those who have been “using” the tax payers for their own sustenance causing them to get up off the couch and go to work to earn a living on their own. But if the worst situation has to occur, then there are a lot of patriots who are “ready to meet God” if necessary to save whatever can be salvaged of this great nation for our decendants. May God save the USA.

    • Apache6

      Ditto,Kenneth,”GIVE ME LIBERTY,OR GIVE ME DEATH”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose Sanchez

    The House should challenge Ovomit on his threats to hold up Social Security payments. As far as I know, the SS Trust Fund is not exhausted and the government by law is obligated to pay recipients what the have coming and on time. The house should initiate a bill that obligates the government to pay SS reciprients and military personnel during a federal government shutdown. Challenge the Democrats and Ovomit stop the bill. Close down the EPA, the Energy Dept, The Education Dept, and Agricultural Dept and put the employees on furlough until a debt deal, without tax increases, is agreed to.


  • Ian Michael Noone

    Mr. Bokunewicz made a comment about welfare bums…Well there are a lot of people out there that do abuse the system, but there are also a lot of people who have families and are out of work due to the administrations screwups. There are disabled that rely on that card to survive. Don’t lump in all users of welfare as bums. Some of these people would love to work, and they have to do something to feed their families. That is unless you are willing to help personally. Apparently you are one of the lucky ones that got to keep their job, or at least able to find another one. But one thing I do agree with, and that is drug testing those who receive. Also proof that they are either disabled or are currently looking for work daily. That should weed out the bums.

    • mickey

      No one is saying anything about the deserving except obama. Why is education and health included in SSA.

      The better question to obama is “Are you starting with the funds you allowed to transfer to the illegals?”

  • Hub

    America is far from broke…we have gold, oil, coal, minerals and food products. Those in power must try to control the masses by keeping many from getting rich too. Its fear that drives Washington D.C.

    • http://none mose

      If he wants to get reelected put the $500 trillion he took from start his ObamaCare which is a blow in the A**..Taking our tax payers money should be against the law..Its not his to take.We have a bunch of self serving traitors running our country..No raise for Seniors,but they get one.We were just informed we lost our Medication help,out State drop the income level,itputs a lot of people out.Senator Durbin is one who voted for Obama care and the Dream act.Election day we can vote against him

  • lizaz

    This is extortion of the worst kind…scare the seniors so they revolt and demand a raise in the debt ceiling and new taxes for everyone. I hope most seniors are smart enough to ignore his corrupt statements, and if he tries to stop SS checks, he will incur the wrath of WE THE PEOPLE in Nov 2012. It will be a huge backlash and he will go down in flames…..start packing!!!!

    • Texas Granny

      This is one Senior that is not afraid. I do believe that Obama did this as just a scare tactic, he doesn’t have the authority to stop SS checks from going out, but should he it will be political sucide for the Muslim-in-Chief.

    • HappyKat

      The muslim in chief has done many things since taking office that he doesn’t have the authority to do. And our congress has let him get away with it. They let him get away with everything because it is what they want too. But letting Obumma do it gives them a scapegoat to blame for doing their bidding.

      The shutting down of services has been going on for a long time. Just one example; we used to have a good mental health system that took care of the people who needed it. But the state governments shut the mental hospitals down so they could use the money for other purposes. Now we have a glut of homeless people who, under the old system, would have been taken care of by the now defunct system.

      Now they are calling the bought and paid for social security system an entitlement. If they tell a big enough lie loud and long enough it will become the new truth. Once they can convince enough people of it they will dismantle the SS system but will find some way to keep taxing us for it.

      And the most insidious tax of all is the inflation caused by the Fed and the treasury printing money with no backing that reduces the value of the money already in existence. That means that your savings and any other assets you already own are being taxed on the sly by the system of printing fiat money.

    • Patriot41

      HappyKat, no truer words spoken!

    • Chris


    • http://Homepatriotupdate Meagan


  • pamela patrick

    SS should never have been touched by the government, as far as I am concerned they stold from the hardworking people of this country. This is money they put in and worked very hard for and this ass wipe calls people on SS free loaders. What about all his ILLEGALS on welfare,food stamps,meidcal etc, now they are free loaders. IT IS TIME TO GET RID OF OBAMA AND ALL OF HIS FOLLOWERS, IT IS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS, STOP ALL SERVICES,AND NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES. CLOSE OUR BORDERS AND PUT ARMED MILLITARY THERE, WE ARE AT WAR WITH MEXICO. OUR PRESIDENT IS DISTROYING OUR COUNTRY.

    • gataheart

      Amen, Pamela. The World comes here becomes our (?) responsibility to ‘raise’ them? I WORK TO FEED, CLOTHE, SHELTER, EDUCATE, CARE FOR MYSELF! SS $ was paid in by like, hardworking LEGAL citizens. It is IS IS STILL THEIR MONEY ! Converted!


      Uhhh, he may be your president, but he ain’t mine. Don’t blame me for this guy winning an election, I didn’t vote for him. If people would look past Rush Limbaugh’s personality and listen to what the dude has to say, and Shawn Hannity and the others in conservative talk radio, you people would have known what an evil person he is. The only thing they have said about him I don’t agree with, is they call him an idiot. HE IS NOT AN IDIOT! HE PURE, COMMUNIST EVIL AND ALL THE OTHER DEMS AS WELL. IF YOU VOTE DEMOCRAT, HAVEN’T YOU PEOPLE REALIZED THIS BY NOW! Besides, this ain’t yo daddy’s democratic party, or was it? hummmmmmmm think about it!

    • Cathy

      Corky, I agree with you 100%. If it comes down to delaying social security checks, I think that will backfire upon this pretender that we have for a president. He assumes he will frighten the seniors, and they will scream for their representatives to give in to Obama’s demands. He is a liar and not to be trusted, and I don’t think he is eligible to be the president as I don’t think he is a citizen. We’ve had bad presidents before, but Jimmy Carter was a prince compared to this one.

  • Tony

    This president will do anything to make the Republicans look bad and come out looking like the hero. He is evil enough to harm the seniors as long as he still get his piece of the pie. 2012 cannot come soon enough.

    • warren reynolds

      I wish I had the millions to run tv adds from till election day, all you have to show is obama’s comments prior to and even into his presidency and then compare it to his actions, hw would lose 98% of his supporters.
      Welfare Parasites not included in these figures.

    • gataheart

      I have 4 Highway Billboards in Kansas City, MO that I bought LED [video] permits to upgrade so I could do just that. They took my money, promised the ‘upgrade permits’ and when the permits arrived they said “NOT good for LED UPGRADES”. Stole my PAID FOR extensions to my FREEDOMS OF SPEECH, PRESS, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. And stole my money. We got NO RIGHTS anymore. But I would like to donate a generous portion of their lease values toward SAVING AMERICA.

  • OHNO


  • warren reynolds

    • How the Federal Reserve created the massive stock market and real estate bubble that wiped out the life savings of a generation…
    • The reason why U.S. government officials intervened and STOPPED state investigations of mortgage fraud…
    • How most of the $700 billion in American taxpayer bailout money went to FOREIGN banks — and why the Obama Administration did everything it could to prevent the public from finding out…
    • The truth about the world’s $672 trillion derivatives market — and why the worst is yet to come…
    • Why real estate prices continue to plummet lower and lower and will stay down for decades…
    • How you can survive the coming era of hyper-inflation… out of control taxes… and continuing record unemployment…
    • And much more!
    you can get this book and read about all this garbage the book is called Robbed Blind Who’s Really to Blame for America’s economic Crisis.

  • Miriam

    Obama’s actions are really disgraceful, as he tries to scare the elder, the sick and our armed forces with threats to hold their checks, if we don’t raise the debt limit.Rather than lead, Obama is dividing our nation. Rather than find solutions, he is playing political games.
    If we sit still and Obama is re-elected in 2012, there won’t be much left of the America we once knew.

    • Texas Granny

      What do you expect? Obama is a foreign born Muslim who hates America and Americans. Obama is not above throwing anyone under the bus if it will benefit him.

    • warren reynolds

      I think he would definately throw his family under a greyhound if it was the only way he would get elected. He threw his Mom under the bus because she was white.

    • gataheart

      Can’t really blame the man ..she ain’t Blaak. And especially in that era ..only certain type White Women ran and cavorted with Blacks know the Noun white chicks are looking for that(those) lifetime government dole out check(s) and/or hunkameat(s) ..whichever. No sane White Man would ever have em afterwards.



  • E.B. Myers

    SSI payments do not fall under discretionary spending.
    You can bet your ass congress will get paid.
    The government wants to keep the American people under their thumb.

    • Texas Granny

      Time to fight back wouldn’t you say?

    • warren reynolds

      yes, I wish someone would arrange one, we could easily get more than a million people to march on Washington, Just need someone with a national platform to arrange it.

    • gataheart

      Early on, had hopes ‘theDONALD’ was answer to that cause. Were Conservatives to March on DC, the Nation’s Economy would HALT! THAT would put a crimp in taxation!

    • Patriot41

      Warren, isn’t that what already happened a year or so ago? Don’t look like it did a bit of good as far as getting attention in Congress. The march to the polls in 2010, was more effective.

  • Tpearl

    Its time to hold his income for good !!!were his INCOME IS A BIG FAT ZERO FOR GOOD , DO NOT GET YOUR 200.00 AND GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL!!!

  • warren reynolds

    just for fun, google obama homosexual and read about his gay lifestyle. LMAO

    • Janice

      All ready done that.About his bath house in Chicago. I think just looking at most of his pictures, will tell you, without reading the articles. He’s sickening.



  • Bill K

    Obama is banking on the American public to be stupid and easly scared by bold face lies. Like Rush Limbaugh said the House could pass a bill to pay the SSA, Arm Forces,ect. first. What worrys me the most is the scared Rublicans. They simply can’t have faith in the TRUTH and the American public. If they cave to this liar President, then kiss the Rebulican Party goodbye.

  • MistyinGa

    Is it possible that “we the people” could hire some type of legal representation to sue Obama? I believe if we got organized we could do it. I am willing to pay my share of the legal fees. No one is listening to our demands. We have to act now . I’m beginning to wonder if this is part of his plan to start civil unrest which of course would allow him to enact martial law. If we dont get someone to represent our interests soon we may well end up in being dead or worst yet roommates in a fema camp somewhere.

    • Harrisonburg Bob

      Our legal representatives are our elected officials… You get what you pay/vote for. Garbage in, garbage out. Look at NY Congressman Anthony Weiner – I rest my case.

    • warren reynolds

      many people have tried to do just that over his citizenship, the liberal judges just throw the case out.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Misty, I read everything you wrote yesterday. After reading what DEFEATCONSERVATISM wrote, I am happy to see you here again contributing your thoughts. Do not respond to people like this. They have nothing to offer. They are simply looking for some kind of sick entertainment. In answer to your concern…I know which side all my Military friends would support. You have nothing to worry about. They all realize the true enemy especially since he is threatening further Military cuts of those that defend our Country when now at the present time many if not all of their families are struggling to make ends meet. The President can pass out as many Medals as he pleases and give a bunch of Lip Service but we all know he is not sincere, can not be trusted, and is only doing and saying things for our Military to make himself look good.

    • distressed

      Yeah! I agree. I have even wondered if the whole gun to the drug lord thing has to do with setting us up to declare martial law.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Distressed, He would be surprised when the Military will not Honor his Martial Law and Turn against him and instead support their fellow Patriots.

  • Harrisonburg Bob

    Obama is a Marxist. Until America reacts to that, nothing will happen for the good. As long as we keep our head stuck in the sand, it will only get worse. Collapse is coming and it is going to bite everyone except those who are prepared. When the government comes to get your “stuff”, you know you waited to long to do the right thing. Unless you are ready to take/make a stand, you can kiss it goodbye.

  • MistyinGa

    Sorry for the typo (in)

    • warren reynolds

      Don’t worry about typo’s, there are not many liberals on here and we won’t give shit about them.

  • Ed C

    It’s time for the americans to take back USA and impeach the so call president. Just think is wife went on vacation tax payers cost $800K, which is approx $320K loan money. Also time to stop white house spending.

  • warren reynolds

    Agreed, shut the flow if aliens off at the border and don’t let anymore in, then use Mexico’s alien policy, if they can’t prove that they will never need public assistance then and only then make them citizens the rest deport their sorry asses, these people are an enemy invasion no matter how you slice it.

  • Ray

    It makes me sick. Did Ob ma say he would hold up his check or the congress peoples checks? No. Why not . We cant print them either.He wants to make seniors made so they wont vote for the Republicans. Play the gane O Bom Ma

    • gataheart

      KEEP THEM PRESSES RUNNING! Bankers [FED] don’t care how much play money they pass around. They just want that real money paid back in interest. More the Merrier!

  • warren reynolds

    I wish Col. Allen West from Florida would run, he is awesome and cannot be called racist by the left.

  • Justwondering

    Why, is it that we must wait for reelection?
    He has never servered as an American. Remember, he never saluted the flag in his past. He always makes good promises that he never keeps and then turns around and blames somebody or something else for it.
    Why must we wait for reelection? His friends are our enemys? He really hates America and what she stands for. Why wait? Impeachment and then deport him!

    • warren reynolds

      go to IMPEACHOBAMA>COM and sign the petition, get all your friends and relatives to do the same, i have probably accounted for a couple hundred signatures on that thing.

    • Larry W

      Having a “REAL” petition would be best with REAL signatures. These on line petitions are just gimmicks and are NOT delivered to congress, because Congress will not accept ANY online petition. ASK you congressman if you don’t believe me. The on line petition is used souley to track and gain names and addresses it is NOT what you think…call your congressman, he will tell you!

    • gataheart

      I typed in ImpeachObama(dot)com and it did a dance and then opened up Google results for Obama’s Official Reelection Campaign website.

  • RonnyG

    In the words of that Great Communicator Ronald Reagan: “Well! There you go again!”

    Barry is holding the Republic Hostage with his demented scare tactics! This is the Playbook of the Progressive, Liberal, Moral Relativist, Marxist, Scialist Democrate Party in full bloom for everyone to see!!

    When Barry compares Ronald Reagan with compromise, it was Ronald Reagan and the Presidental Leadership that put the compromise agreement together with Tip O’Neal! Barry is trying to Lead from Behind, in his Man/Boy “Its my way or the highwy” arogant attitude, without the Leadership that Ronald Reagan established in his Presidency!! Barry should be ashamed by trying to compare himself to the Great Communicator, President Reagan!

  • Johnny American

    What will the Blood sucker obama do when to wake up one morning and look out the window and see about 10 Millions USA Citizens around his place with TAR Buckets and Sacks of Chicken Feathers for him and his whitehouse staffs to wear when they are deported out of the USA.This I see will happen in the nearing days when he stop the peoples and military check his ass will be cook by the peopels and for the peopels of the USA,And its will be done with the help of all Races not just the White are Black along but together We can get ours country back from a planted muslin president

  • MistyinGa

    Warren I agree with you a whopping 100% on deporting illegals! Ga. is trying, however it is going to be an uphill battle, you do know that rev. Al Sharpton was in Atlanta last week leading protestors against Georgias new immigration law!!!

    • warren reynolds

      Yes and I don’t know why the press even covers him, he is worthless racebaiter just obama. It would be hard for anyone to be less signifcant in life, ( my life anyway)

    • Dawn

      Maybe Al sharpton and the rest of the “race baiters” will let a few illegal families live with them. They can feed them, clothe them, pay for their healthcare etc., etc.. He is a joke. He needs to quit starting mess and get a real job. Illegal means illegal. Breaking the Law. They should be sent home.

  • warren reynolds

    We need to start boycotting everything we know liberals have their hands in, example:( – A conservative advocacy group is urging its supporters to cancel their policies with Progressive Insurance, after Peter Lewis, the company’s chairman, reportedly gave $8.5 million to the American Civil Liberties Union. The multi-million dollar donation will help the ACLU advance its liberal agenda, including its “war on Christmas,” the American Family Association warned. In an email message, AFA Founder and Chairman Don Wildmon urged his supporters to “sign a letter to Chairman Lewis, letting him know” that his donation to the ACLU is prompting conservatives to cancel their insurance policies. The AFA recently announced that it was ending its boycott of Target stores, after the retailer promised to use the word “Christmas” in its advertising and in-store promotions.


  • warren reynolds

    Hit them where it hurts the most, in their wallets, make damn sure the wine you buy did not come from pelosi’s winery, the fact that she owns one sickens me, she got several hundred obamacare waivers for people in her district, Fucking commies make me want to pull my last seven hairs out.

  • am2sweet

    Shows what a dirtbag Obama really is that he would withhold SS checks instead of cutting a couple of his pet government programs. That is just cruel. That would be almost like threatening his kids or something.

  • Justwondering

    Why is it that, we just tell each other how terrible that he is? Why not just urge our real elected officals to investigate him. Then, after the fndings, impeach him. Then, strip him from everything and deport him off our soil. After all, muslims will help each other. So let them, help him and his family. This will remove him from ours!

  • Stinkfinger

    Should an agreement not be reached before Aug. 2ed there are many ways for the administration to order spending so as to meet obligations such as social security, disability payments, & servicing the interest on the debt.
    This is just Obama wickedly threatening to do maximal harm to our seniors & the disabled if he doesn’t get his filthy way.
    The man is a monster!

  • distressed

    Sounds like a threat. I hope we all remember come election time, how heartless he is. I don’t think he would have a problem with euthanizing that part of the population if he had the power. All you have to do is look at obamacare.

  • MistyinGa

    Ltjg, you are a kind soul indeed. Thank you for your kind response.Yes you are right I should not give “defeat” a second thought however, I did leave him a rather scathing response this morning. How someone could be so disrespectful to vets and their families is simply unbelievable to me…Again thank you for your service to this country and your kindness.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Misty, You are more than Welcome and Thank You also for your flattering words. I read some of the scathing words others have posted in your defense. I wanted to reply but everyone else said all that needed to be said. A person like this is not Worth the time of day. He is truly a very poor excuse for being a human being. Actually, He is proving he has not evolved yet into a Human being (LOL). I am happy that one persons response did not deter you from returning and that you are back trying to be productive and accomplish a goal and get positive feedback.

  • keith

    This low life obama is no longer my President. My 91 yr old mother called me today crying, upset that she would not be able to pay her rent. He had her in tears what a low life bturd. My mothe r will be takeen care of no matter what…. There is a big stink in Washington

  • Red Rock Bob

    Well roudie Doudie drum sticks.

    Now his Aunt that was an ILLEGAL till just a couple months ago . She is receiving over an sbove $1700, a month plus free Housing. I will wager she will get her check , Hell or High water.

    This lop eared Queer ( Better know as BIG DADDY amount the Gay’s. ) There is no connection between them ears.

    An any way you look at it , Blame the Republicans . For all his illegals , an terrorist , he , BIG DADDY has brought on board , an millions more on the way. Look at House Bill 1388, that he passed behind your backs. 6/24/2011. You just spent 20,000,000 to move members supportes of HAMAS terrorist organization to the USA>: housing ,food , transportation, the whole Enchilada : to verify that

    Thats you BIG DADDY , at his finest hour . Today will will try an blame BUSH

  • joelsk44039

    According to a major investment banking firm, the “government” has adequate income to pay SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, the Military and interest on the debt, even WITHOUT an increase in the debt ceiling. So why does the Obamaniac threaten to stop paying SS benefit checks? To frighten the ill-informed among them into supporting his disastrous spending policies!!

  • Sam Parker

    Dear leader had better remember lots of Seniors are Viet Nam vets well trained in the use of firearms, who depend solely on our EARNED SS checks.

  • Candy


  • Air Force Cop retired

    What gives that Mutha uFck’r the right to hold off paying out social security checks as a threat, if they don’t come to an agreement, and allow the debt ceiling to be risen? Which is SOP for the Communist strong-arm tactics right out of Lenin’s playbook. That’s our money, I paid cold-hard cash for 44 years to FICA. It’s not some freebe that this illegal Muslim is handing out to his Chicago drug-dealing soul-bros or non-farming ‘Black Farmers’ living in the big cities! This is a disgrase, and for this alone, he should be impeached.

  • MistyinGa

    Here’s an idea, take every piece of paper currency you have and write impeach Obama on it. Start today. I’ll cash in my bigger bills for singles so I can get the message out there as many times as possible! It will catch on and maybe even garner some media time its worth a shot.



    • Ltjg

      Now that is a BRILLIANT IDEA!!!! I will start doing this also (smile).

    • Glen

      I just took every bill in my wallet and wrote that on them. Great idea!!!! Thanks MistyinGa! You have a fantastic day!


  • mickey

    How can anyone impeach obama when he is illegal anyway? Are they special procedures for illegals as far as impeachment is concerned? Quite a quandry.

    Keep calling him obama or “Mr” if you wish, don’t use Prez.

    The real dems are catching on. Not all of them are socialists. Better to bring the good dems under blue republican than to consider them all socialists.

  • Ron Alford

    That would be the quickest way to get him fired.

  • Bree,

    Withholding social security checks is more than a threat, it’s like firing the first shot, a test. Who’s going to react and what is the response going to be? To me, this is literally a battle of survival of the integrity of the United States and our US Constitution. Pray tell, where in the world are our House of Representatives in this fight?

  • MistyinGa

    Bree, good afternoon, I left you a response to your post. It broke my heart. If you get a chance go back to the perry palin blog. Also someone left a message for you to respond to a few minutes ago…thank you for being so kind.

    • Captain PJ

      Misty…don’t take the rants of Defeat personally. I don’t. Ive been reading Defeat’s and others like him/her for months. Their intent is to disrupt our discussions and political (conservative dialogue and ideology) because the left fears this kind of thought and dialogue. We’re doing in 2011 what Obama and his followers were able to do in 2007-2008. That’s why the Tea Party movement frightens them so much and they do everything they can to vilify and demonize and marginalize them. And they do the same to conservative websites.

      Yes, what was said was cruel and ridiculous–but, that what defeat does…rants and raves and his/her pointless tirades are intended to distract. So don’t get discouraged and your particpation is always welcomed and appreciated. Most of us, as you probably have already figured out are polite in our disagreement.

      Nice to have you aboard–and God Bless you and your family and the great state of Georgia. Ft. Benning-Home of the Infantry!

  • Dawn

    So, social security checks and military checks on hold? I bet those welfare checks go out though. They are just trying to scare people. He and his administration are a joke!! If he pisses off the military, watch out.

  • D. Rafferty

    If Social Security Checks don’t go out the President and Congress should not get their pay checks either.

  • Glen

    Go ahead you lying piece of crap, stop the SS checks. I dare you!!!!You don’t have the balls to do that but more importantly, you cannot do it. You just want to make people think you can because that is what Chicago and Kenya type thugs do. I want you to keep saying things like that because it might just piss off enough people who voted for you the last time that you won’t get their vote this time. I love it when you say things like that because it just may wake up enough people. Ignorance is curable but stupidity is permanent.

    As a reminder to all of you, Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement programs like welfare. We “WORKING” Americans pay for it so it is a debt that is owed us. Also, illegals cannot collect Social Security unless they are legals who have paid into it.I have yet to see any factual proof that illegals can collect SS. Now, maybe they can collect Welfare and Medicaid but not SS.If anyone can prove me wrong on this then I welcome the factual proof. However, if that happens I will definitely be pissed off all over again.

  • Captain PJ

    Obama is either playing chicken or he’s outright bluffing. He’s so committed to tax hikes that he’s willing to drive over a political cliff to get them. Unwilling to compromise on spending and unwilling to cut his beloved stimulus to pay our creditors, President Obama is threatening to prevent Social Security checks from going out on 3 August. “There may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” Obama said. And, that wasn’t it, Obama continued, “This is not just a matter of Social Security checks. These are veterans’ checks, these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out.” First, that statistic tells us that something is wrong with the country. There are a grand total of 300 million people in the country, right?

    If each person receives one check, that means that nearly a quarter of the American population is being paid by the government, which means they’re being paid by fellow taxpayers. And yet Democrats think that statistic isn’t high enough–they want to spend more to up both the size and scope of those checks. More importantly, however, Obama’s statements that he may have to stop Social Security, veterans’ and disbility checks shows just how bankrupt the country is. If we literally don’t have the cash to pay those checks out of our current stockpiles, how is borrowing more money going to cure the problem?

    • Captain PJ

      There’s another problem for Obama, too. By tacitly admitting that government benefit schemes are month-to-month, he’s admitting that the underlying structure of these systems is not self-sustaining–like Democrats kept telling us. Now that’s a major shift for a man who, in August 2010, proclaimed, “Social Security is not in crisis…We’re going to have to make some modest adjustments in order to strengthen it.” More than modest adjustments are in order (Mr. President) id Social Security recipients are one congressional vote from going without their checks.

      Seniors should also realize at this point that the GROWTH of government has bankrupted them. The money they gave the government over the course of their lives to be put in some mythical lockbox somewhere, some misnamed “trust fund,” is GONE. That magical “trust fund” is nothing of the kind–it is a financial structure full of IOUs. The cash was raided long ago, distributed to ther seniors, other unemployed people, other government dependants. America’s benfits system is no longer self-funded. IT IS CHINA FUNDED.

  • vietnamvet

    I would say we will get those Social Security checks.
    Why? Because ‘debts’ get paid first, then the day-to-day expenditures.

    The Social Security ‘coffer’ would not (ever) be empty if Congress had not been raiding it for decades. Instead, there is nothing in there but IOUs.

    But, guess what! An IOU is a ‘debt’.
    So, pay up, Obama!

    • Captain PJ

      Our estemmed commander-in-chief has now embraced a binary choice: he can screw either current taxpayers or he can screw past taxpayers. Those who depend on their Social Security check to pay the rent are now being asked to suffer a double burden. The burden of paying their original Social Security tax as well as the burden of forgoing their expected return. The alternative is asking those who currently pay taxes to suffer a double burden: paying a higher tax rate and then forgoing their check somewhere dwon the road. Of, of course, President Obama can elide the choice altogether by placing the burden on future generations.

      Obama would like to choose a third option–nut those dastardly Republicans are stopping him from dumping fiscal insolvency on our children and grandchildren. Unwilling to fundamentally rethink his governmental approach, Obama has now been forced into this game of Liar’s Bluff. And he has made his choice: SENIORS, WHO ARE MORE CONSERVATIVE THAN YOUNGER VOTERS AND WHO DONATE LESS MONEY TO POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS, WILL PAY THE PRICE!

    • http://verizon Jackie K.

      Yes, he knows that he won’t get our vote anyhow.

    • Apache6

      This would be political suicide for OVOMIT !!

    • dean

      i think you are right on w/the name….can you believe he is blaming the republicans for his screw up. he is not for america. but i think he needs to take a cut in pay and so does congress. we need a american president.. i hoe folks vote wise this time… his specch always say yes we can change change but no one asked what change was…. he has done more harm than any preisdent in history.hios color has nothing to do w/ being for america and not bring it down.

    • Captain PJ

      Another problem for Obama: those seniors have children and grandchildren–and we don’t like to see our grandparents paying the price for President Obama’s fiscal irresponibility. The answer is simple: Cut government and pay what is owed, both to our foreign creditors and to those citizens who PIAD INTO THE SYSTEM–and free Americans to pursue their own business in the process.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Social Security and Medicare would not be “broken” if all government employees, including all legislators, were made to be a part of the system instead of being exempt from it. Congress got tinkeritus and borrowed heavily from Social Security money set aside in the general fund tipping the scales. By shifting around I.O.U.’s, they manipulated funds like a legalized Ponzi scheme until the I.O.U,.’s came due and are now finding themselves in trouble. They are the ones responsible and yet voted themselves raises in a lackluster economy. Instead of fixing the imbalance of trade and stimulating domestic jobs, they continued to follow big business demands with corporate welfare and outsourcing of domestic jobs resulting in higher unemployment, lowered tax revenue, and higher draws for unemployment money from the budget. 2 major wars on terror don’t help, nor do military expenditures for new toys like the Raptor and stealth naval vessels that cost several billion apiece. There are other items that could be cut but lack the emotional value necessary to sway public opinion because they do not affect us directly. If left unchecked, we stand to become the next emerging third world country in our lifetime.

    • dean

      yes all the iou’s but look at how our government acted instead of running america they fought like little 4&5 year old’s and spent our tax dollar’s+ then call on us who they have stolen from to pay more tax dollars to bail ’em out just like a 5 year old. we need to impeach obama and all of the government. but the facts are so scarry so much more than obama holding the vets and seniors hostage to get his way.. just like a 5 year would do temper fit… but thisis very serious alot will strave or alot of vet will lose a care take because if the system doesn’t pay the care giver will not be there and alot could die.. we do not need to sit back and allow our leaders to do this they made the mess they should be cut in pay to pay back not us we did not do this.. look at how they live 2,000.00 dollars bottles of just wine by our tax dollars that is how they get paid.. we pay for the jets and all the food they eat by our tax dollars while we hardly make it from day to day. they need to live a more simple life but they need to grow up take their own blame stop passing the buck. and the seniors paid their taxes to get the ss check that was agreement between the government when those taxes were taken i have said all along even when i was a child the people should be able to have a account that has their money there when they retire so the government will keep their hand off… after all when we go shopping if we don’t have the money we don’t but the nice pair of pants or shirt or dress or what ever sometime we have to put food back because we do not have the funds .. the government need to live more simple and stop the waste of 100.00 steaks and 2,000.00 bottles of wine and the jet rides . our tax dollars pay for all this. we need to demand the waste stops help starts w/ america not abroad as it has now we have no money that was ours for when we needed look at the leaders how they wasted their life style needs to change we do not need to pay tax dollars for their large pay checks… they have not worked for us they wasted our money as well as what they earned so…. greed… doesn’t turn out! we do not need to help our government we did that wasn’t enough… we need money to live and some aren’t doing that very well w/ all the cost of daily living. they need to live w/in their means too!and we need to do real soul searching on next election… but i think we ned to fire all the government and start off again with a very tight budget for them as well we are on a tight budget because of our governmenti know ican afford to be taxed anymore . i can’t tell you when i have bought a new outfit.i live w/ what i can do so should our starts at home not abroad.

    • Olesarge

      Until the 1960s the Social Security funds were in a locked account and could only be used for the intended purpose. It was LBJ (A Democrat) who had those funds released to the General account. He claimed that they could be better managed and controlled that way. The real reason was so he could pay for the Viet Nam war. Don’t take my word for it. Do the research yourself.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Why is it that when budget talks come to an impass, that retiree’s have to be the ones to suffer cuts? No one has mentioned holding up comgressmen and women’s pay. Perhaps if we were able to, than they wouldd have more of an incentive to work things out. No one has mentioned repayment of the Social Security “loans” Congress gave itself, congressional raises, 2 wars costing trillions to operate, Government contracts lent to contractors delinquent on their own taxes, the NATO defense budget of which we pay 75%, The First Ladies entourage of over 100 personal staff whenever she travels abroad, Welfare that has become a legacy instead of a helping hand, Government Grants (most of which are useless), Privatizing NASA, Government healthcare and pensions. I could go on but I’m sure that there are others out there with their own ideas and the only way Congress will know you are not happy is to contact them. Otherwise, they think everything is ok and that we are their own personal ATM machine. We are expecting millionaire congressmen and women to create a balanced budget when thay never had to do one for themselves and have no idea what it is like to go paycheck to paycheck. Wake up America or we will be the next third world country to emerge.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      And all that $$$ billions going to illegal’s welfare, food debit cards, S.S., cash supposedly for school($10,000/semester), & housing!!!!!
      Many collect & don’t go to school. I know that some had $3,000 on food cards–also moose slums, too!!!

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      $200 billion comes in as taxes, and it’s enough to pay the “bills”.
      ~~ $30 B goes just for interest on the loan !!!

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      barry hussein ovomit had better be careful about those threats to hold my money that I worked hard for over the years and put into the Social Security coffers. That dang LBJ started taking money out of the SS coffers and no one ever put a dime back just put in IOU’S. It was the dumocraps who stole our money and now barry hussein ovomit threatens us. Better be careful you fn lying criminal fraud of a muslim imposter and usuper-in-chief. You are HATED barry!!!!

  • Ed

    When is our Congress going to grow a pair of balls and tell these greedy bastards that it is going to stop or they will tell the American people the truth about government corruption?.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      The reason that this will never happen is that, I was always told by a very wise person growing up, that you could never buy a Congressman………….. but you could rent one. Congressmen vote not what is right, but what will get them re-elacted and gain their party power. Special interests have full time lobbyists that also make large campaign contributions. Who do you think they will listen to? They need to have term limits with maximum number of terms allowed to break this cycle/. Then maybe, the good old boy network will disappear.

    • amackey

      Because they are as big a part of it as the President !

  • Ed

    You folks wanted “CHANGE” so you voted in a nappy headed jig and now you don’t know what to do with him. I suggest you impeach him or Tar and Feather him and run him out on a rail.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Re: Nappy headed jig

      Acutally Ed, I kind of like the smiling, personable, charming & sometimes witty Black side of the Prez. persona. Its just the Liberal, European socialist White side of Obama I don’t like.

    • Janice

      I dont like anyside of the liar. How dare the idiot, threaten to hold up people’s S.S. checks. They have worked and paid into their S.S. all their working years. It belongs to them. Maybe, he should skip his japenese steaks for awhile. You must like your granma going hungry. That little bit of money, is all some people have to pay their electric, and eat for the month.

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      barry is a liar, he isn’t going to take our Social Security… he just wants to scare all the poor people out there!!!!!

    • letitsnow1

      how the hell dumb are you, obuma is an arab-muslim, he’s not black , like you fools fell for, ha, ha, ha! fools!

    • Chess Game

      He is an elitist socialist. He and his elk live live kings on our coin. obama is a fascist pig.

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      Awwww barry hussein ovomit wants to be black desperately and he isn’t either black or white… ha ha ha ha ha ha he is just a lying criminal fraud of a muslim usurper-in-chief who is destroying my country. he is HATED!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • andy of Fremont NE

      they should do to him what they do to a crippled horse

    • Charles Martel

      No, that’s much too fast!

    • Daphney

      What do they do to cripple horses?

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      They shot them!!

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      Sorry about that… they shoot ’em.

    • BERTA


    • haasstrep68

      First of all, I did not vote for him, because we really had NO choice for President. I used a black majic marker and voted “no,” and destroyed a $3,000.00 voting machine. As for the ObamaNation and Bite-Me and Bohner and Bitch McConnell, deciding whether get our social security checks or not, if me and my wife do not get our checks on the first and third, as of 9 A.M. on the third I am filing a brief quoting the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which is a federal question that a federal judge has to answer. If the federal judge doesn’t answer this question, I will call the bar association to see if I can get his license pulled. I Have done it before and it does work. I am 5 and 0 in federal court. Since the ObamaNation, Bite-Me, ‘dirty’ Harry (Reid, devil of the Senate), Bitch McConnell and the U.S. House; Bohner and Pelosi and DeGette wants to dictate to us on our future they will added to this lawsuit. Our future is for us to decide, not the ObamaNation and the cronies in DC. Go to website:

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Sic ’em. Go for it. But I’d start a class action going to gain more clout with sign up sheets. You alone are not as much of a threat but a few thousand signatures of support, it would have more impact.
      Where do I sign?



    • a constitutionalist

      I honestly haven’t been able to get past the backroom deals, payoffs to his friends,underhanded schemes to steal our liberties, and repeated and felonius lies as well as the lavish and extravagant lifestyle he and his wife are enjoying to actually consider much less care what color this bas*ard is ! ! !

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Remember, the President is just the spokesperson for his/her political party and as such, is the frontman for all political discussions. When people vote, they think that they are electing a person when in reality, they are appointing the party he/she represents and its ideology.
      Bush / Cheney took the golden goose that president Clinton left us with a budget surplus and shot it. Now Obama / Biden wants to cook it. A dysfunctional Congress is more concerned with who has power than with what is good for the nation and will use whatever leverage each side can muster to overthrow the other in spite of the consequences. There are other issues that should be on the budget chopping block but are not because they do not have the same emotional clout that would get the public upset enough to care about especially if these issues do not affect them directly.
      1. 2 wars costing trillions.
      2. Congressional pay raises in a poor enonomy.
      3. Welfare that has become a legacy instead of a helping hand.
      4. Repayment of Social Security money borrowed by Congress.
      5. The NATO defense budget of which we pay 75%.
      6. Government healthcare and pensions.
      7. Privatising NASA.
      8. Government Grants in a resession.
      9. Government contracts let to contractors delinquent on their own taxes.
      10. Oversized government.
      These are but a tip of the iceberg – please feel free to add and pass along.

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      Yea I’d like to add to your list…
      DEFUNDING omamacare
      DEFUNDING the Lybia conflict
      barry and mooshelle vacations
      Expensive “dates” for barry and mooshelle
      Disallowing government flights for congress


  • LeRoy

    Again, let’s scare the old folks. If I remember correctly, the President does not have the authority to stop payments. Say what you want to about him all that needs said is he is a “True Liberal”.

    • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

      i disagree. “house boy” obama is not a “true” anything.

    • Charles Martel

      I like that Niels, “house boy”!!! It sure fits! LOL

    • a constitutionalist

      I disagree, he’s a true LIAR ! ! !

    • haasstrep68

      Obama is a true Black Muslim terrorist, a dictator. I wouldn’t put it past him to be one of the people that destroyed the twin towers in New York. He’s definitely our #1 enemy on our own soil. They’re destroying us from within. Wake up America! And Hillary Clinton is in on it. She is with the communists as was Bill Clinton. She was the ex-first lady and she has her hands in this thing; corruption. If someone would investigate and take fingerprints they would see her fingerprints along with the ObamaNations and the Bushes all over this thing. She’s as TREASONOUS as Obama is. They have been planning to destroy and divide this country for years. In other words sell us out. Hillary proved her betrayal when she sold Arizona and our gun rights to the U.N. These U.N. countries hate us. They’re our enemies. See the website: to see where your future is going.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      A little more fiber in your diet please. If you have proof of these alligations, I will stand by your side and defend what yoy say with my last breath. However, lacking that, focus instead on the political party that chose him and their reasoning for doing so. POWER. Pure and simple. While the Republicans (and I’m one by the way) were busy redistricting to gain advantage of political strongholds in the elections, the Democrats saw a way to play the race card that transcends all boundaries for one purpose. POWER. The result is the first affirmative action president in our history and we all know how that is working. Let’s face it, the two party system has failed in that they only represent whatever special intrest group grabs their attention. Unless the common voter can support a permenent lobbist in Washington, our chances of ever being heard are slim to none. One side represents interests of large corporations and the ultra rich while the other the desparately poor. Either way, if you are a working person, you are the one that pays.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Jope Kennedy told his son Jack when he ran for president, keep the majority of the public preoccupied with emotional issues and the banks happy with financial issues and you’ll be a good president. Like a magician that distracts you with one hand while the other works the “magic” we have been led, like lemmings to the cliffs, and need to learn how to sort through the political fluff in order to arrive at the truth and find our way back. We have allowed ouselves to be emotionally pre-occupied when we should focus on the source of the real problems. Who borrowed from Social Security? Who launched us into several recent wars? and who got us an affirmative action president in the White House? Who has granted corporate welfare to billionaires? Think about it, it’s not that difficult.

  • J.M.R.

    i guess no one told that chimp dick-tater thats our money and to keep his criminals hands off it

    • Pearl

      I think the Pres. should stop his check and the checks of all the senate… lets see how they live on NOTHING…

    • Daphney

      i think the president should stop lying to the public and check out of the White House pernmently!

  • Terry

    If I am not mistaken, the Social Security Tax is taken out of OUR paycheck. It is supposed to be seperate from payroll taxes and is not supposed to go into the general fund. Obama said that he could not guarantee that the funds would be there. If athe funds are not there, that sounds like “misappropriation” and JAIL for someone.

    • Chuck

      Congress has been misappropriating funds from Social Security for some time, now. How do you think the Bill Clinton administration and Congress balanced the budget?

    • Robert Wayne

      The first president to steal money out of the social security fund was Lyndon Johnson…that’s right the same LBJ who got thousands of Americans killed in Vietnam so that he could make millions with his shipping company sending supplies to southeast Asia. Also the same LBJ who started the porch monkey welfare rolls at the expense of white taxpayers. And things have continued to get worse and worse.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Robert, a little history lesson is in order. Being a draftee and Vietnam combat vet, I wanted to know why we got into Vietnam in the first place and did a little research. 1. WW II. Japan attacks Manchuria in 1939 and S.E. Asia in 1941 and the allies boycott Japan from getting raw war materials in an effort to curb their militaristic expansion tendencies. Japan retalliates with its attack at Pearl Harbor and we are at war. The League of Nations sends emmasaries to both China and Vietnam for permission to build airbases there from which to strike back at Japan. In return for permission to build our airbases, we are asked to help them purge their country of Japanese troops. Vietnam sees this allied help as a means of unifying their country when the war ends. The allies do not see this the same way and only see this as a means of defeating the Japanese.
      2.When Stalin invades Germany, and Germany finally surrenders, the war with Japan is still raging. Truman and Churchill still need Stalins help to conquer Japan. Stalin agrees to do so only if he can keep land he took invading Germany and they both agree. Japasn surrenders but Stalin never gives back the land he took in eastern Europe setting the stage for the cold war that followed.
      3. Ho Chi Minh declares his own government at the end of WW II but this goes against what the big 3 determine in Potsdam at the end of the war in Europe in 1945. France petitions the meeting for a return of Vietnam to pre-war status meaning French re-occupation. Disappointed that Vietnam is not granted independence, uncle Ho approaches Stalin and Mao for help on the side, and gets it to help expell the French from his country.
      4. It is now 1950 and the Communists start a war in Korea. with Stalin holding onto eastern Eurpoe, and the war in Korea in full swing, President Eisenhower fears that the domino effect has begun and that Vietnam is the kingpin holding communism at bay. With the French expelled, that means we now enter the war in south vietnam where the French left off.
      5. Esienhower and his predessesor Kennedy only send advisors and supplies to south Vietnam but the government there is corrupt and failing. The country stands on the brink of collapse when the TET offensive of 1968 occurs and Johnson is now president. Being more concerned with failure and saving face then how to exit this war and bring the troops home, Johnson is forced to escalate the war and enter in a never ending escalation spiral with no apparent way out.
      6. Nixon enters the oval office while I’m in Vietnam in 1969 and initiates his policy called the Vietnamization plan that puts pressure on the South Vietnamese to take on a greater portion of the war in their own defense. He does this so that eventually, he can bring the troops home.
      7. I returned home with the 1st Div. in 1970 as part of that redeployment. Saigon fails in 1975 and the world never came to an end as predicted.
      Each president had the opportunity to back away from the war in S.E. Asia and each gambled that it would not escalate during their tenure. Johnson gambled too and lost. Each in some way gained from this war either through appropriations or military contracts leading to political contributions and each is responsible letting fear and paranoia dictate ocver logic and common sense. Had Vietnam been granted independence at the end of WW II by Churchill and Truman while Ho Chi Minh was an ally, we never would have had to fight a war there. Johnson may have had shipping interests but other politicians were also involved and none were angelic. Johnson’s misfortune was that all hell broke lose on his watch. That same fear persists today and is currently driving the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is little incecnticve to end it either with a strong military industrial complex lobbying heavily, along with Exxon/Mobile that kick started this whole thing back in Iraq over oil. We knew where Bin Laden was for 5 years in Pakistan and let him sit to keep the war alive and only now was he captured because Obama saw a political opportunity with an upcomming election in 2012 to capture the s.o.b. to put political points on the scoreborad for the Democrats.
      Truman and Churchill are originally responsible for partitioning off the middle east after WW II because of the huge oil deposits there resulting in pissing off the local natives. It took this long and Bin Ladens money to get the terrorist movement organized, financed, and up and running. Clinton once had the s.o.b. but let him go. So you see , it was not Johnson alone with ulterior motives.

    • rok alwar

      You’ve got it right…I was not a dratftee but I served from 69 to 72…..SS checks, to my knowledge cannot be stopped because the money is there…..ra

    • Warren the Wordsmith

      Most of this is generally correct but one error must be addressed, it was the Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 2, 1964, that Johnson used as a reason to escalate the Viet Nam war, not the TET offensive. Johnson was about done by the TET Offensive with Nixon taking over in January, 1969.

      I have some reservations about keeping the war going to increase politicians bank accounts; that is a little too trite and the typical belief of shallow thinking citizens who like to jump on that kind of bandwagon.

    • letitsnow1

      doesn’t it,might be time to send his ugly ass to jail along with his fat ass wife!

    • JohnC, Freeport, NY

      Social Security was always in a separate fund. It always had a surplus. The government kept borrowing money from the SS fund, and gave them IOU’s. Bill Clinton comes along, and takes the SS fund and adds it to the general fund. How do you think Clinton balanced his budget? Of course the Libtards like to say they left GW Bush a balanced budget and he blew it. Pure BS. Since then, we get our SS checks from the general fund. That is Liberalism for you.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      According to Devvy Kidd, “Hiding in a state of denial isn’t going to change a lie into truth. People don’t want their comfort zone disturbed because sadly, most Americans would rather continue to live on their knees, blindly doing whatever they’re told, because to stand up to tyranny is too much effort and requires courage. Sadly, America’s manhood has been transformed into something more closely resembling sissy hood.

      Why does the government have to “find” money to meet social security payments if there’s a so-called “trust fund”?

      The simple answer to this question is that there isn’t any trust fund and there never has been. When a worker voluntarily applies for this number and authorizes their employer to withhold this tax, that amount is simply credited to an individual account: a bookkeeping entry. This so called trust fund is just bookkeeping. Over the decades, Congress has simply played the shell game with moving around ink.

      As a tax, this revenue is used by the government to fund various unconstitutional expenditures like prophylactics for Pakistan, payments to the communist UN, the Federal Department of Education, building schools in Bosnia or paying farmers not to plant. This is probably the one, single legal fact that most people simply don’t understand: social security is a tax and is used by slick, career politicians to keep “old people” in line by clever manipulation to get their vote. It’s despicable and yet, our senior population continues to vote for the same cretins that cheat them, election after election.

      Because these taxes are funding this socialist operation called the federal government, the monthly out payment to social security recipients doesn’t come from some big vault full of money labeled ‘SS Trust Fund’ that the government writes checks against. The government robs Peter to pay about 43 million Paul’s, a pittance each month. Because there is no money in the U.S. Treasury, it simply becomes more debt for future generations. ”

      Without dedicated budgets for anything, double dipping will continue by Congress. You can only spend the money once at home but Congress does not see this the same way. Made up almost entirely of millionaires, they have never had to budget for anything and see us only as their personal ATM machine running what amounts to as a legalized Ponzi scheme. Wake up America. Time to replace Congress. They need to have term limits and maximum number of successive terms. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Congress has borrowed from this supposedly dedicated fund, and does anyone know what the money was used for, or if they paid any of it back?

  • Mort

    Leroy, do not count on Oboma not sending out SS checks He does what he wants, legal or otherwise. He is an habitual liar. You cannot believe anything the man says.

  • Deborah

    Any other president would try and reassure his people. Instead Barky lies and uses threats and scare tactics against our most vulnerable population of seniors, vets and the disabled.
    I am ashamed to call this man our president.
    He is a vile human being who cares nothing for the people that he hurts, in fact I think he enjoys doing this.

  • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

    just so you know, the democratic party has two candidates for president. “house boy” obama and noone. now the democrats have a choice.
    i believe i will wager for “noone” to win the election by a hefty majority.

    • Daphney

      Let’s hope so. I think it time for pretty boy floyd to get the hell out of the White House. His game is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Vote Obama Out The Next Election !

  • http://patriotUpdate Norman Marquis

    Were a Constitution country not a communist country in case you genuine patriots forgot. And as for immigrants go you can’t expect most of them to know the constitution which we as Americans grew up with. Ever wonder why the government floods our country with immigrants so they can take away our god given rights as free Americans. So with that said IMMPEACH THE COMMUNIST BUM!

    • Charles D. Carter, RA

      Unless you are a native born American Indian, you come from immigrant stock. It is the entreprenuer in each of our forefathers that made this country what it is today. When the Pilgrims landed, most were soldiers of fortune. None were carpenters, lawyers, teachers, or farmers. This had to come later. There was no built society to conquer. They lived in mud huts and many starved. Without Indian help, most all would have died.
      Immigrants of old were “naturalized”, when they arrived here to become citizens. They fought in several great wars, started up our industtry, and led the way in technology without regard for race, creed, or religion. It is the illegal immigrants that big business likes to use to break unions, and, to pay out unlimited welfare to buy poor votes. This is how we got an affirmative action president. While liberals may appear to be the problem, corporate welfare has also long played a role in depleting our budget. Large corporations that pay less in taxes than you or I, offshore plants that sock away untaxable profit money in offshore banks, and an outsourcing of American jobs all contribute to eroding our economy. Domestic jobs will help restart the economy since they are the ones that pay most taxes, buy high priced items like housing and motor vehicles, and they are the onse who start small businesses which are the real financial backbone of America. Until we fix the imbalance of trade, stop fighting wars for corporate interests, and make government truly accountable, it ain’t gonna change folks.

    • rok alwar

      You are a certain extent– but the Spaniards and the Englishman arrived in N & S America as “Conquistadores;” not as Inmigrants…true, later on thousands of inmigrants came to both N&S America, but they arrived mostly legally. I am a Cuban-American & arrived as one of the original refugees in ’62, with a visa waiver..legally!!
      And besides, even the Native Indians were inmigrants…the law is the law– & all countries have Inmigration Laws that must be respected…Illegals must do what legal inmigrants do: ASK FOR PERMISSION to enter the greatest and best country in the world: USA.

  • Carolyn In MS

    Hope he does and then let the low down socialist see what we seniors will do to him. Go to you tube and watch video “Marxism in America.” This retired general tells it like it is. Obama and his followers or advisers are destroying every freedom in America we have. They are bound and determined to make us into a third world country with a dictatorship. We have closed our eyes and minds far too long to allow this man and Congress to do this. We need to start protesting loudly to Obama and every Congressman in Washington.

  • Dale

    These low lifes have robbed, raped and plundered the SS account and they all need to be thrown out of office and put in jail.

  • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

    gots an ideer. how about all the conservative young’uns teach the oldsters how to twitter and facebook, etc. so all those on fixed incomes can keep up with the truth and vote more wisely. y’all kin begin w’me.

  • Out Of Work

    Does that idiot have any idea what THAT would do to the economy? People who paid in all their lives who are now on fixed income not being able to pay rent/mtgs, car payments, or buy food, gas, pay ins. premiums, etc. Not only would if affect the soc.sec. recipients, it would affect all those people and services they pay for each month. He is such a JERK he doesn’t even understand Econ 100. And, who the hell is HE to make that decision after his wife and family just spent $800,000 of taxpayer money on a vacation? He’s a bully who tries to use thuggery and scare tactics….the b*****d.

    • letitsnow1

      i trun hom off when i see him coming on tv, he is a discusting piece of shit, and his dam cronies. people better really wake the hell up before it’s too dam late. oops, did i curse a little, oh well i don’t give a dam!

    • Charles Martel

      Me too, i always hit mute when i see him & can’t stand to even look at the devil.

  • Red Rock Bob


    Over five thhousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Isreal, “Pick up your shovels , mount your asses and Camels, and I will Lead you to the Promised Land”

    Nearly 75 years ago , When Welfare was Introduced ) Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shouvels, sit on your asses, and lite up a Camel , this is the Promised Land ”

    Today , Congress has stolen your shouvel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and Mortaged the Promised Land! I was so depressed last nite thinking about Health Care Plans , the Economy , the Wars, Lost Jobs, Savings , Sociaal Security, Retirement Funds, etc… I called a Sucide Hot line . I had to press 1 for English , I was connected to a call center in Pakistan , I told them I was Suicidal. They got excited and asked if I could drive a truck…

    People : we are screwed .

    • letitsnow1

      those mother-f—ers!

    • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

      i like your style. ask ann c. if she has a job for you.

  • Hal

    For those of you who are not aware,the social security trust fund is full of IOU’S.Our trusted elected officials have robbed the money to bail out failed programs in the past, thinking that we were too dumb to catch on. They were in hopes that somehow a surplus would occur at some point and they could “sneak” the money back into the trust fund without us knowing the money was missing. What a neat “Ponzi scheam”.

  • Captain PJ

    Obama is either playing chicken or he’s outright bluffing. He’s so committed to tax hikes that he’s willing to drive over a political cliff to get them. Unwilling to compromise on spending and unwilling to cut his beloved stimulus to pay our creditors, President Obama is threatening to prevent Social Security checks from going out on 3 August. “There may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” Obama said. And, that wasn’t it, Obama continued, “This is not just a matter of Social Security checks. These are veterans’ checks, these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out.” First, that statistic tells us that something is wrong with the country. There are a grand total of 300 million people in the country, right?

    If each person receives one check, that means that nearly a quarter of the American population is being paid by the government, which means they’re being paid by fellow taxpayers. And yet Democrats think that statistic isn’t high enough–they want to spend more to up both the size and scope of those checks. More importantly, however, Obama’s statements that he may have to stop Social Security, veterans’ and disbility checks shows just how bankrupt the country is. If we literally don’t have the cash to pay those checks out of our current stockpiles, how is borrowing more money going to cure the problem?

    • Captain PJ

      There’s another problem for Obama, too. By tacitly admitting that government benefit schemes are month-to-month, he’s admitting that the underlying structure of these systems is not self-sustaining–like Democrats kept telling us. Now that’s a major shift for a man who, in August 2010, proclaimed, “Social Security is not in crisis…We’re going to have to make some modest adjustments in order to strengthen it.” More than modest adjustments are in order (Mr. President) id Social Security recipients are one congressional vote from going without their checks.

      Seniors should also realize at this point that the GROWTH of government has bankrupted them. The money they gave the government over the course of their lives to be put in some mythical lockbox somewhere, some misnamed “trust fund,” is GONE. That magical “trust fund” is nothing of the kind–it is a financial structure full of IOUs. The cash was raided long ago, distributed to ther seniors, other unemployed people, other government dependants. America’s benfits system is no longer self-funded. IT IS CHINA FUNDED.

    • Captain PJ

      Our esteemed commander-in-chief has now embraced a binary choice: He can screw either current taxpayers or he can screw past taxpayers. Those who depend on their Social Security check to pay the rent are now being asked to suffer a double burden. The burden of paying their original Social Security tax as well as the burden of forgoing their expected return. The alternative is asking those who currently pay taxes to suffer a double burden: paying a higher tax rate and then forgoing their check somewhere dwon the road. Of, of course, President Obama can elide the choice altogether by placing the burden on future generations.

      Obama would like to choose a third option–nut those dastardly Republicans are stopping him from dumping fiscal insolvency on our children and grandchildren. Unwilling to fundamentally rethink his governmental approach, Obama has now been forced into this game of Liar’s Bluff. And he has made his choice: SENIORS, WHO ARE MORE CONSERVATIVE THAN YOUNGER VOTERS AND WHO DONATE LESS MONEY TO POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS, WILL PAY THE PRICE!

      Another problem for Obama: those seniors have children and grandchildren–and we don’t like to see our grandparents paying the price for President Obama’s fiscal irresponibility. The answer is simple: Cut government and pay what is owed, both to our foreign creditors and to those citizens who PIAD INTO THE SYSTEM–and free Americans to pursue their own business in the process.

  • MistyinGa

    I have gotten singles for two twenties about to start writing a message for Obama. If you missed my earlier post it is imperative everyone start writing impeach Obama on your currency spread the word to everyone you know!!!

    • Daphney

      I think Obama should be impeached! he is only concerned about his next election. Shame on him threating to stop checks because he can not have his way.Hope the American people will see him for who he really is. He has no concern for people if he is willing to cut checks off without studying the the chaos it will bring to many. He should have taken that 30 day temporary deal at least it would have look like he had some concern. Vote Him Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MistyinGa

    I have gotten singles for two twenties about to start writing a message for Obama. If you missed my earlier post it is imperative everyone start writing impeach Obama on your currency spread the word to everyone you know!!!

  • Red Rock Bob

    Doesn’t it make you sick to the stomach . When the pres keeps repeating over an ,over President Obama.

    Why don’t they say King Big Daddy the first King for America.

    By now most he don’t give a dam what Happens to the elderly . We are all suppose to line up an jump into the Grand Canyon , to save $$$ for his Dam ILLega’s an Terrorist he is bring in . Just gave 20 million Plus to bring Hamas Terrorist to the USA. Therefore where ever this bastard can find a quarter , he will give it to some dam Illegal , knowinf that they are going to vote for , Him , King Big Daddy , the queer.

    • Daphney

      Because he is not fit to be a King.
      Vote Him Out Next Election!!!!!!!!!

  • Captain PJ

    Paying their fair share is the president’s phrase for wealth redistribution. What Obama really means is that entrepreneurs and other successful business owners are not paying high enough taxes, and that all of the money they earn should be “contributed” to the government for wealth redistribution to those that Obama considers worthy.

    Of course, Obama supporters, the bulk of whom do not seem to pay income tax, are, according to this definition, already paying a fair amount of tax (ZERO). It is the rest of America that is not paying their “fair share.” Obama offers no criteria to what is fair or not, so that is why he seems to think it is perfectly acceptable to require 20% of Americans to pay 78% of the taxes and then criticize them for not paying their “fair share.”

    • Captain PJ

      Working people is invoked by Obama to demonstrate commitment to average Americans. Of course, what Obama really means is that he supports the primacy of UNIONS over other American workers. According to Obama’s definition, the vast majority of Americans, including small businesses owners (like me), are not working people at all, regardless of how many thousands of hours they work. In Obama’s dictionary, only UNION members are working peopla and deserving of special preferences and consideration.

  • Captain PJ

    Do you all know that Obama abruptly stormed out of his White House Debt-ceiling meeting this afternoon, saying, “I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I won’t yield on this!”

    • Olesarge

      I saw nothing on that. How do you know this for sure. I just can’t imagine any reporter allowed in the White House to have the brass ones to report that.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Yes, I saw that.Also. saw the idiots on cnn gloating about it. They said “it’s his house and he can throw them out if he wants to”. How about that!!Since when did “WE the people” give him our house??

    • Daphney

      He storm out because he could not handle the truth. And he has no concern for the American people. As far as i am concern he presidents the was hurt when he did not defend DOMA.
      Vote Him Out Next Election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daphney

      Corrections: As far as I am concern his presidental was hurt we he do not defend DOMA. Vote Him Out!

  • Chess Game

    If the social security checks don’t go out because obama is using seniors shields, so he can blame republicans, he has another thing coming. why don’t we ask that he does not get his fat check either.
    The social security withholding by obama is a scare tactic. Let him do it. He will have all the senior citizens raging. We need to have the Republicans published a list of Who is getting paid, if the SS checks do not go out. He will have a hard time giving money to those who should not be paid any money, like planned parenthood, acorn or any organization linked to it, public radio, and others. We need to see who is getting paid. Send emails and/or calls to the republicans in office.

  • W Smith

    Let’s stop payment on the most overpaid stooge in Washington. Beyond that I can think of about 535 others. BO reminds me of Elle Woods minus the brains.

  • bluqe

    Boy oh boy, Obama has brought out the very worst in us all. This is our president and yet I know all these vile comments are so very true. It is hard for me to believe he has been such a negative factor on so many of us. We need change for sure in next Nov. election, because this guy has distroyed all hope.

  • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

    bluff away, “house boy” bluff, bluff, bluff.
    we know where you live, “house boy” and we know you for what you are. we are not dumb sheep. dumb maybe, but not sheep.
    “house boy” just committed a cardinal sin in politics. say you’re gonna take my money away if you don’t get your way. ha. you just told all of America “i cannot be trusted.”
    “house boy” is a one term non-American president. vanish. poof. gone.

  • MistyinGa

    I believe this is simply a hollow threat by a desperate man. Have you all forgotten that democrats get social security as well? I do not believe for one minute that Barack Obama would actually follow through because he would lose to much support from his base. Not to mention that it really would cause civil unrest. One thing I know for sure is ,you are supposed to respect your elders not cause them to lose sleep at night worrying that they may lose what for many is their only source of income .What kind of evil have we allowed into our whitehouse?

    • Captain PJ


      Don’t forget that at one time, at the hands of the Left, the top tax income rate was higher than 90% or that it was 70% before the Reagan cuts. Indeed, it’s ironic that leftists like Obama depict conservatives as hyperbolic and extreme for sometimes using the terms “socialist” and “Marxist” to describe Obama. They donlt offer a substantive defense against the claim, but use the same argument they offer against all charges about Obama’s radical behavior, namely that an elected president couldn’t possibly be a radical or a socialst and certainly couldn’t be a Marxist. No, it must be impossibe becuase that’s the stuff of spy novels.

    • Olesarge

      “What kind of evil have we allowed into our whitehouse?”

      One who couldn’t care less about anybody but himself.

  • Olesarge

    If Obama does hold to his threat I think that would be a major political mistake. There are a lot of Baby Boomer’s out there who are reaching the age to collect Social Security and their numbers are growing every day. Mix those with the Disabled Veterans from as far back as WWII and Korea up to the present Iraq and Afghan War and that could be a lot of upset voters. There are a lot of blacks among them. This could get them so mad they may get their revenge at the poles next year. I don’t think he can afford to risk that. He may be evil, devious, cunning and a lier but Stupid he is not. If he is bluffing, then for his sake he better remember the first rule of Poker. “If you bluff, be prepared to have your bluff called.”

  • Arlene Gan

    If you pass this bill many like me who are disabled will be homeless, some of us have no living family, our spouses have passed and have no pensions from them, we can not afford health care as it is and we are doing with out our medications as it is. Now you want us to lose our homes and leave us hungry! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THS PICTURE!

    There will be more deaths on your hands…

  • BimBam

    Will someone please remove this effing kenyan negro out of office?

    He does not belong there that is why we have a Constitutional requirement.

    I hold the entire Congress for putting this simian in office. They should also be removed and tried for treason.

    And for you dimwits that believe the MSM and put this idiot Alfred E. Neumann in office should now take your head out of your arse and go clean up!

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Did you know that Barbara Boxer and others are calling for an investigation about Rupert Murdoch and his orgs.This started with the hacking in London and his news nedias over there. As you know, Media Matters has sworn to bring Fox down, so I feel sure this is all connected. Obama would like nothing better than to silence Fox.I am afraid we are in for a lot of trouble and this is just the beginning. The dems. will stop at nothing to get a complete take over if it means destroying the USA.

  • Deborah

    I am a retired social worker and I have seen first hand who is on SSDI. I would say professionally that at least 50% of the people who collect SSDI and who have never paid into the system are more than able to work. They get benefits because they are drug addicts or have supposed anxiety disorders or depression and claim they cannot work. But they can go to the beach everyday and hang out with their friends.
    I know of one man who inherited over 1/2 million dollars and put it in a special interest trust and continues on SSDI, medicare, section 8 and food stamps and also uses several thousand a month out of his trust fund. He is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and claims he cannot work. So the people like me who have worked all out lives and paid into the system pay for scum like this.

  • Misty

    The jerk should be made to give up his own salary and all those expensive vacations he’s been taking since he went into office. We taxpayers have had to foot the bill for Obama and his brood. Now it’s time for him to make a few sacrifices. If he thinks cutting off government checks will balance things out then let him be the first to give up his salary.

  • cheryl

    I don’t know how this debt ceiling thing will turn out but there is one thing you can bet on. In August Obama will be spending millions on his vacation in the Hamptons. Some sacrifice.

  • James

    I hope that I understand this correctly. The federal government wants to borrow more monies in order to continue to service the national debt payments as it is most important that the United States does not default on it’s debt. This seems like a nobel prsentation until one thinks it through. Social Security deductions have always gone into the federal governments general accounting fund and then borrowed by the government with the promise to repay. Would it be too novel of an idea to tell the federal government too repay the debt that is owed to social security? I am not opposed to being fairly taxed but I am opposed to being cheated. The current administration is operating like a criminal enterprize with no one to in ant branch to say ‘that is enough’!
    There are so many politicians operating beyond the law we the people don’t stand much of a chance short of harsh lessons that may have to be taught to these legislative, judicial and executive branch types. I could sight examples that yeilded results from local to state levels but this is not the correct form. I say invest in heavy metals.

  • Waynef2000

    We need to change congress! Do you believe in competition? Do you believe that Congressmen are elected and then immediately start campaigning for their next election?

    Go to “”, see the new proposal to get “We the People” on the ballot. This is not a political party, it is a way to run against THE INCUMBENT be they democrat or republican, they are virtually all crooks. Be a Patriot, go to

  • James Pratt


  • Florida coolpop

    Everyone complaining about that wannabe dictator, no one does anything ! It is so simple, cut off the electricity to Washington D.C, until he either comes up with documantation that he is not illegal or step down ! Try four hours the first time ! Also require that the EPA be done away with !
    Let the people in DC know why they have no electric !

  • http://aol bluecb13

    This idiot is finally falling back on the only weapon he has left. Fear!!! “Your not going to get your Social Security Checks”. is BS. All he’s doing is trying to put fear into seniors so they will pressure the congress to cave for Obummers budget of more taxes for he and the Democrats to spend.

  • Marilyn

    The Mafia a–hole holding my Social Security check hostage while he throws a temper tantrum so he can get his way.May a giant lightning bolt come down and hit him in the a– or up his.Since he says he has money he is not using you can give it to us since you are threatening to take ours you worthless pile of shit!Do you think this is the way you will get re-elected?Dig a little deeper and you will be back where you started,down there, it gets real hot SATANS SPAWN!You are a true nightmare from HELL!I still cannot understand how anyone with any intelligence or common sense could vote for this vile slime.

  • JBragg

    I agree with what you have written Deborah. I have health issues and would much rather be working but cannot. I rely on my SSD to pay rent/mortgage payment and use what is left if any for food. I am afraid if this does happen my family and I will be homeless!! I too know people who receive SSD and are able to work roofing jobs ( getting paid under the table). I do not know what to say other than I will not vote for Obama ( and did not in the first place)!!!

  • Richmond Saylor

    Obama doesn’t hav a heart,he is not for u.s,a you see it come on law makers get him out this country,,please