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Obama Would Fear Rick Perry the Most

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A recent state-by-state comparison study by the Texas Public Policy Foundation found that Texas had a state tax burden of 8.4%, compared to a U.S. average of 9.7%.  And the Texas gross state product grew 94.5% over 10 years, vs. 66.3% for the rest of the country.

Texas far outpaces other states in job creation.  Michael Cox and Richard Alm, director and writer-in-residence, respectively, at Southern Methodist University’s William J. O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom write:  “From January 2000 to June 2010 [Perry’s tenure], Texas had a net increase of nearly 1.1 million jobs—more than any other state by far.  In fact, Texas’ outsized gains eclipsed the total of the next five job-creating states: Florida, Arizona, Virginia, Utah and Washington.”

More importantly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Texas created 129,000 new jobs in 2009—a recession year.  That was more than half of all the jobs created in the country.

Not being able to defend his own economic record, or attack Perry’s, Obama would try to paint Perry in a negative light.  That wouldn’t be easy.  Perry served three terms in the Texas House as a Democrat, and supported Al Gore’s 1988 presidential bid.  That was when there were still some conservative Democrats.  Perry switched to the Republican Party in 1989.

Because Perry is from Texas, Obama would accuse him of being in bed with the oil and gas industry.  And yet Perry just signed a law requiring gas drillers to publicize the chemicals they use in “fracking” to extract the gas.  As the Wall Street Journal reported on June 20, “Environmental groups said the law doesn’t go far enough, but they agreed it was an important step.”

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  • Captain PJ

    I agree that if Govenor Perry decides to run (and every indication is that he will), in all likelihood, he could be the Republican nominee and then go on the defeat Barack Obama. I think Obama has good reason to worry about Perry. Like I had said before last week, Perry has several advantages over Obama:






    • Captain PJ

      HE HAS CREATEd MORE JOBS THAN OBAMA: Of all the issues that will face the nation in 2012, the one the weighs even now the most on the minds of those around household dinner tables is where they will find the next month’s paycheck. I have previously detailed the deterioration and the inexplicable refusal of solutions that will work by the Obama administration.

      President Obama was hired to make the economy better, to lower unemployment, to see Americans grow wealth, and at every level he has failed. It’s bad enough that one out of ten workers can’t find work. But the most damning statistic is that one out of five families is working as hard as they possibly can, but still can’t pay their bills. Meanwhile, over that same period of time Governor Rick Perry has overseen job growth in Texas that sits at 47% of all jobs created in the entirety of the United States–just during the two and half years Obama’s been in office. Not bad.

    • righthook38

      It seems so cut and dried, doesn’t it? Obama clearly has not fixed the economy, and has, in fact, made it worse. But liberals refuse to concede that point, and say that if it weren’t for him, it would be much worse. Really? If it weren’t for him, we would have bounced back from 2008 a long time ago. It’s absurd, but you can’t tell them anything. They refuse to see it. This election should be a no-brainer, but I fear it won’t be so easy.

    • http://thepatriot Denise

      Obama and his flock of liberal loones, don’t want to fix the economy. They are hell bent on its destruction. They are not builders of anything, just like their Muslim pals, they destroy everything that they touch. they kill and destroy with a satanic zeal.

    • boneyfingers

      from an Oregonian..picture this–
      I happened upon a comment on the subject of “Dhimmitude”. And those who are advocating for O’s policies ought to look this term up on any Search Engine, see if this is the life they want for themselves and their posterity. Then those “Happy Go Lucky” Liberals who believe this will be some sort of utopia after Obama ushers in “Islamic Law” into American need to digest this term and ask themselve if this is what they expected of Obama and his policies. I considered my self to be somewhat realistic in my expectations at the unthinkable prospect of O’s re-election, but I must say I was stunned at what I read. So even we who love America should read about this “Dhimmitude” to strengthen our resolve to make BHO a one termer. People need to read, reason, and resolve to keep the United States of America safe and strong.

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      You are correct. The problem is many who vote for obama have no brains.

    • Clodmcgoo

      Obama is a shoo in if he can get the same dead people that voted for him in 2008. The illeagles who voted twice played a big role in his election also. Get rid of ACORN and any Republican can beat him.

    • andy of Fremont NE

      all they wanted was the first black man as a president.No other reason. I hope they are now happy. I sure as hell not

    • frank1737

      I agree with you 100%. I am also from Oregon and I have found out that the vast majority of Obama Lovers reside in Bend, Eugene, Sprongfield and Portland. As far a I as far as I can tell they still have teir heads in their Butt!
      Perhaps if Perry would run, there may still be a slim chance that they may come out and see the light!

    • daves

      I refuse to concede the point. But I base my beliefs on what economists have said.

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      If brains were gasoline dave,you would not have enough to prime a piss ants motor scooter.Do you still live in America?Liberals are brain dead commies.

    • frank1737


      As a vet, you should be careful with your remarks. what I understand, if this once Great Country has to go into a revolt because of this Low Life Communist Obama, the people who support this sorry S.O.B. are just drawing targets on themselves!!!

    • daves

      Don’t worry Frank – as a former Marine, I am ready for you.

    • RJRansomed

      Love the handle! Righthook…good one!

    • karen miller

      I believe Perry needs to do more on the illigal issue He hasn’t because he wants the Mexican vote. I need to see him do somthing stronger on the boarder issue.

    • RJRansomed

      My concern, as well, is that Perry is yet another one of these hegelian dialectic NWO “insiders” just like Bush. They all play both sides against the middle and guess what folks….we are the middle. You know, the ones that are paying for this entire mess. Anything, at this point is better than BO but it would appear that anyone that has gotten that far up in Politics is corrupt. We need to go by results because it all we have. The BO results are clear….VERY STINKY!

    • http://windowslive marym

      I sure hope he runs.him with bachman would bea good ticket

    • Michael D. McLeod

      Obama fears a real man like Rick Perry! Obama is a big sissy and has no backbaone. He has not been a President since day one. He wasn’t evern a real senator. I hate this idiot!

    • Kookie

      Oh, I hope he runs. He sounds just like the man to do it. Yes, Obama will make up all kinds of lies to run him down, but people will know the truth.
      Obama knew nothing about being President and still doesn’t. He claims to have been a Constitutional Law Professor but he was NOT. He was just a law lecturer. And he and Michele’s licenses were both revoked. If he likes Africa so much, why don’t they both go back there.

    • Saw Dust

      When they lose they can take all the czars too.

      America, Love it or leave it! It’s evident they don’t love America so will the last Lib out please shut the White House door!!!

    • RJRansomed

      The Birth Certificate? Phoney through and through. Read Jerome Corsi. He has proven it. There are ONLY 9 egregious errors in that phoney piece of trash. The print is wrong, the ink is wrong, the doc numbers are wrong etc… It’s really sloppy work. You would think he could do better given his resourses and delaying tactics for over 3.5 years. Afterall, he did con half of the freeworld. How gullible liberals are! My brother, the jackboot neomarxist nazi thinks he is a hero…talk about a dichotemy! My brother the racist, has an affinity with this President. NPR is his porn (according to his own wife) so what should any thinking person think? BO is a quasi muslim. It is Pantheism really and this is fine with ole lucifer. Being the antithesis of the actual Creator, he is not jealous. If he has the opportunity, he will take anyone to hell. People just cannot be thinking clearly. HE LIED and LIED…said he was a Christian because his handlers told him he C/N not be POTUS if he didn’t. Bush too. Anyone who thinks that either one of these men where God fearing people, is a fool. I’m talking the real God, of course. The illuminati, the elite folks that attend the G20 summits, the CFR and the Bilderberg meetings…they are called luciferians or illuminati. You see them make the pyramid sign. Beyonce and her uglyass husband do it all the time. Hah! They wish! They would not be spared to lick anubis’ toilet! Those that make the sign are actually wannabes. It is a closed club and you can only get their by blood. Don’t try to tell me that he is a muslim, how can he be a luciferian? Ask “Rev” Wright. If people would take the time to educate themselves, they would see that at the root….they are exactly the same. The same goal. The illuminate will use the muslims to slaughter the undesirables. Take a look at the Georgia guidestones. 90% of the population must die. The Birth certificate is just the tip of the iceberg. All of BO’s docs are either phoney or MISSING. Do the math! How can an idividual that is soooo in the Government system (never had a job that was not paid or subsidized by the Government) lose ALL of his documents? Ask anyone who has ever worked for the Government…The Government documents EVERYTHING! Heres the deal: The NWO put him in so he could bring down the Government. They are using the same technique that they have always use. Destabilize, demoralize (a VERY important component) desensitize and lull the unknowing mind numbed robots to sleep with their iPods and their 3DTV. A few chemtrails, MKUltra and HAARP and viola!
      Our debt is over 200 TRILLION if you count unfunded liabilities…this is how they will do it. Soros did it before. They plan to mark everyone (on the planet) by 2017. Everything that BO has done is in preparation. If you think that the Healthcare scam was to provide healthcare to the needy…well, just take the mark now, OK? He is the consumate Judas goat. Go ahead and call us conspiracy theorists but do your own research! There is no way out but for God Almighty.

    • DestroyCapitalism

      Stop worring about “Creating Jobs” Industrailised society forces eveybody to work to hard and too long hours. I want less work in the world. Lets return to a agrarian, non money based world. then youll still have WORK to do, you just wont have a JOB. Theres a differece between those two words. ALl the Indians did WORK of some kind. None had JOBS. I HATE THAT WORD, IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE LANGUAGE

    • JR

      1. Perry has not created more jobs than Obama.
      2. No president has done more to reduce the tax burden on small businesses or incentivize investment in small businesses than Pres. Obama.
      3. Perry has routinely sold out basic allegiance to constitutional principles for political expediency; it is Obama who best embodies the core convictions of this nation.
      4. State sovereignty is not a presidential issue; it is a state politics issue – the president has to be worthy of being the federal executive, not holding the weakest statewide executive office in the nation.
      5. Candidates who appeal to competing conservative camps are positioned to win the GOP nod, but will have a much harder time winning the general election, which favors centrists like Obama.

    • EdinNola

      What you been smoking guy. You are living in someone’s dream world and you need to get back to reality. The rest of us are living an Obama nightmare. Communism has been proven time and time again to be great to sway tiny minds, but as an ideology from which to govern, it just doesn’t work. You can’t realistically defend Obama. OMG – Obama Must Go

    • BHC

      That you call welfare!

    • daves

      So what specifically has President Obama done to hurt the economy?

    • vic

      I know you can read and write look it up stupid I did

    • http://windowslive marym

      oh my gosh open your eyes look at the shape our countrys going in

    • Rotten

      Obamites cannot read. That’s the first principle of obamanomics. The second one is you have to be stupid, and you qualify. Congratulations daves! You are da man!

    • Johnnygard

      Specifics: 1. The threat of Obamacare has businesses afraid to hire people. (And others are afraid to start new businesses)
      2. The threat of higer taxes on businesses and people makeing over $250,000 has the same effect.
      3. Stopping drilling in the gulf and other places keeps gas prices high.
      4. Inflation caused by his policies is costing all of us.
      Now give us some specifics of what he has done to HELP the economy. (Stimulus has been a proven failure)

    • daves

      Johnnygard – those are irrational fears for the most part. So far President Obama has only lowered taxes. There have not been any increases.

      The parties share blame for the current fiscal situation, but federal budget statistics show that Republican policies over the last decade, and the cost of the two wars, added far more to the deficit than initiatives approved by the Democratic Congress since 2006, giving voters reason to be skeptical of campaign promises.

      Calculations by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and other independent fiscal experts show that the $1.1 trillion cost over the next 10 years of the Medicare prescription drug program, which the Republican-controlled Congress adopted in 2003, by itself would add more to the deficit than the combined costs of the bailout, the stimulus and the health care law.

      The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report in August that said the stimulus bill has lowered the unemployment rate by between 0.7 percentage points and 1.8 percentage points” and “increased the number of people employed by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million.”

    • RJRansomed

      Yep. BO has a lot of blind followers but in my experience they are all very weak minded people of VERY low character. Simpering syncophants that would follow a gnat straight into hell for the warmth. There are also legions of die hard marxists that blindly serve the NWO believing it to be utopia and BO will get them there…Too bad they do not know what a marxist is or the results of marxism. Mao killed up to 60 million yet they hail him as a god. “Promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves to corruption”. Amazing that so many gays think he is great. Do they not understand that he is muslim and they are nothing but an end to the means? They have fantasies of lopping off the heads of those whose loafers float. They should try reading the quran or the hadith. Sure, right now it looks like he has thrown them a few bones…those bones will only be lodged in their swollen little gullets at the reckoning day!

    • Pearl Blevins

      Where have you been for the past two years?

    • Rick

      Where have you been? You certainly are not aware of any statical proof of any of your liberal comments. If so, prove them.

    • daves

      The parties share blame for the current fiscal situation, but federal budget statistics show that Republican policies over the last decade, and the cost of the two wars, added far more to the deficit than initiatives approved by the Democratic Congress since 2006, giving voters reason to be skeptical of campaign promises.

      Calculations by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and other independent fiscal experts show that the $1.1 trillion cost over the next 10 years of the Medicare prescription drug program, which the Republican-controlled Congress adopted in 2003, by itself would add more to the deficit than the combined costs of the bailout, the stimulus and the health care law.

      The House Republican leader, John A. Boehner of Ohio, has called for immediate cuts in “non-security discretionary” spending to prerecession 2008 levels. Independent analysts say that would require eliminating about $105 billion — or more than 20 percent of spending by departments like Education, Transportation, Interior, Commerce and Energy — a level of reductions that history suggests would be extremely hard to execute. (Since 1982, nonmilitary discretionary spending has never dropped by more than 5.5 percentage points in any given year.)

      At the same time, most Republicans are calling for the permanent extension of all Bush-era tax cuts, which would add $700 billion more to the deficit over the next 10 years than President Obama and Democratic leaders have proposed by continuing only some of the lower rates.

      Republicans say extending the cuts will spur economic activity, but that is hardly guaranteed. And the cost of either plan is astronomical: Mr. Obama’s plan will add more than $3 trillion to the deficit; the Republicans’ plan will add more than $4 trillion.

    • daves

      As we have written before, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report in August that said the stimulus bill has “[l]owered the unemployment rate by between 0.7 percentage points and 1.8 percentage points” and “[i]ncreased the number of people employed by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million.”

    • RJRansomed

      Non partisan? You must be kidding! The sooner we all realize that the Government is all on the same side, the better. You are either very naive or you are drunk on the nitro green koolaid they are serving. I think you are a plant. Your nose is way to brown to blame cupcakes.

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      barry hussein odumbo has spent more money during his presidency, so far, then all the presidents did since we have had presidents. barry alone holds this record of the highest debt ever all in his short time in the White House! Sometimes I wish we could think of a way to tax the liberal’s stupidity. You are as dumb as a door knob!!

    • Johnnygard

      Creating 3.3 million jobs while causing the destruction of millions more than that, is not progress. Check the current unemployment statistics and tell me if we have more people working than in Jan 2008, or fewer.

    • Captain PJ

      And it only cost $247,000 per job. Sounds pretty economical to me…NOT.

    • LH

      Is JR short for Jihadist Radical?

    • URKiddinMee

      You are just more living proof that liberalism truly IS a mental disorder!

    • RJRansomed

      So nice to know there are people with deductive reasoning skills left! These libs are so dull. They spit out there little NPR, CBO, CBS garbage and they actually think they are well fed. They eat with the pigs and degenerates. Liberalism IS a mental disorder!

    • Timothy May

      1. What is the source of your information?
      2. Do you have a college or University degree and if yes, from where?
      3. State Sovreignty is most assuredly a concern of the president. The constitution has set very strict limits on presidential power, and the protection of State sovreignty according to the 10th Amendment is of vital significance.
      4. Given this constitutional fact, it follows that the governorship of a State is in reality the most powerful and influential position a person can hold next to that of the president.
      5. Remember that a State is in reality an independent Nation that has freely chosen to join the union, surrendering some of its prerogatives in exchange for the benefits it expects to gain from joining the united States.
      Mr. Lincoln was quite wrong when he started an unnecessary war over his misguided and erroneous belief that the federal government created the States and could dictate to them in whatever way he wished. But what Obama has done, and is doing, and proposes to do, including proposing to usurp to himself the legislative powers of the Congress, makes Lincoln look like a saint…

    • Terry Elliott

      JR, you must be living in a lead cave. You really don’t believe these lies that you are spewing, do you? No wonder this nation is in so much trouble, what with idiots like you out there regurgitating such mindless drivel.

    • George Ortiz

      You sir must be a Liberal.if you can’t see all the harm our Socialist President has done in the last 2 years, then you sir are Ignorant or blind to all the damage this president has caused.Rick Perry has a Ten year winning track record to his credit. what is Obummers track record.He has caused Class warfare,High unemployment,Obamcare that will bankrupt our Nation.It’s a shame when you see many Black voters vote his color and not his policies.And worst yet,he is a doubled minded man in all his way’s,meaning you can’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth. He is the most dangerous President this country has ever had.From the Biblical standpoint he is an enemy of Israel. why do you think America has suffered so many Catastrophes since he has been if office? it’s because he attacks Israel.God’s word says I will bless them that Bless you,and I will Curse those that curse Israel.My Liberal friend it’ time to wise up and seek the Truth,and that truth is Jesus Christ,He is your and the worlds ONLY HOPE.

    • vic

      gosh BuBa i thought all JR guy were smart NOT

    • RJRansomed

      Yo, stupid. SHUT UP if you can’t do any better than that. While I am not impressed whatsoever with anyone being indoctrinated at a University (I was) it still helps to know some facts. ANYONE makes BO look like a saint. Even perhaps you, vic



    • Rotten

      work would be more appropriate. he’s too dumb for school.

    • pat78

      Did you know that Perry is a RINO Builderburg wannabe! He’s the “pretender”. Check out some of the issues he tried to force down Texans’ throats! We need a true Conservative, non-arrogant type like Herman Cain.

    • Florine Goldfarb

      No Christie Copy and past links in browser.

      Mark Levin Praises the Conservative New Jersey Blog Site

      Chris Christie: A Conservative Myth – Intro | Conservative New Jersey

      No Perry: Copy and paste in browser

      » North American Union Conspiracy Prepares Republicans to Run Rick Perry for President Dvorak Uncensored: General interest obse

      Check out Representative Thad McCotter for 2012 Copy and past McCotter 2012 in browser

      McCotter 2012

    • Gilda Caudron

      How do you know Perry is a Bilderburger?


      PS-Check your spelling next time.

    • BHC

      no we need ALLEN WEST

    • ChristianPatriot

      No, we don’t need Herman Cain, another male that will keep screwing up. Herman Cain has not a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. We need a true blue Christian American conservative…Michele Bachman. It will take a woman to turn this country around.

    • http://T Anna Salerno

      Gilda just google Perry and Bilderberg Group and you too can read about it…

    • Dave

      JR, Get off the crack dude. 0 for 5.

    • Goodforall

      This is a prime example of what smoking crack daily does to your mind-it makes you delusional, as obviously this ignorant soul is!

    • daves

      Do you have anything constructive to say? Maybe argue the point instead of slinging insults?

    • andy of Fremont NE

      the TRUTH hurts doesn’t it

    • John

      Arguing with idiots is a total waste of time and effort.

    • Loraine Isenberger

      It would seem that you honestly believe all the ‘stuff’ the Democrats hand out as their success stories. Let’s see. More jobs-yes, in the government. States rights a responsibility of the state-no I believe it is in the Constitution. Oh that silly thing.! Why bother to follow it. It is soooo inconvenient at times, especially when I want to get my way. Keep it up. The rest of the country may finally find reason! in what is said by the opposition to the Deomocrats!

    • Elaine

      You may be right because there are alot of goofballs out there just like you. You have no common sense at ALL

    • David Ellis-Anwyl

      What have you been smoking? Keep drinking the Kool Aid with you liberal friends and you will never see the 2012 steam roller before it turns you into a flat Stanley.

    • Linda, Indiana

      Just what flavor koolaid was that?

    • daves

      Who drank the Kool-Aid?


      Or Flavor-Aid, if you want to be accurate with the Jonestown reference.

      On this board Liberals accuse(d) Conservatives of ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’. As a liberal myself, I laughed. Of course it made sense to me that the conservatives bought into the rubbish Rush et al. were spewing. So imagine my surprise when I started reading a board populated by very-Right-wing types, and discovered they were accusing us of ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’!

      So here are two questions:

      1. When it comes to political conversations, which group (Left or Right) was the first to accuse the other of ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’?

      2. Which group, now, uses the phrase most often?

    • Elaine

      You may be right, because there are alot of goofballs out there just like you! You have no common sense at ALL

    • LadyLiberty

      Hey JR,

      What Planet are you from and what are you smokin?

    • Rotten

      JR and daves are married.

    • H

      its people like you that put that worthless oblamea in the chicken house to start with. move to DC and move in with him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg

      Obama is so far left of center it is crazy. He smiles and speaks well with a telpromptor as he destroys America. The worst President ever by far.

    • daves

      President Obama is President Bush light. Other than Obamacare he has pretty much kept the same policies on war, terrorism, and taxes.

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      obamacare wants to turn America into a socialist country dave. wake up man. the first step to turning a country that is free into a socialist nation is through socialized medicine.obamacare is socialized medicine. read page 58 and 59 of the socialized medicine bill called obamacare. If you are 76 years old or older there will be no money spent on cancer treatment for you are old and dyling anyway. hello dave,the democrats have a tv ad showing a republican pushing a lady off a cliff in a wheelchair and blame the republicans for trying to kill off the seniors. pelosi says we must pass obamacare to know whats in obamacare. hell dave,the democrats voted on a bill they did not even read. dave,would you swim accross the everglades before you looked for gators or look for gators first?How can our elected officals even have the nerve to vote on a bill before reading it? dave,that is reckless. Wake up man,America will stay free even if it means we take out all those who oppose freedom. obama is a socialist muslim commie who somehow has covered his past and the far left liberal media commies help him hide his past. dave,wake up man. Don’t you love your country?

    • http://! Bobcat

      he makes clinton and carter look good

    • Robert

      JR,you are one sick puppy!! However,you are an excellent commie!!

    • http://PatriotUpdate rogiedidgie

      You sir, are an idiot!

    • CarolTex

      Ha! What a laugh. If Obama is a Centrist, then I am a die-hard communist. What are you smokin?

    • daves

      What makes you think otherwise?

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      Thats soooo sad that you are taken in by a great speaker who is anything but what he says he is.obama says one thing and then does another. Blaming everything he does wrong on the republicans shows a true lack of leadership except to those that let the far left media do there thinking for them.obama has lied and not kept his campaign promises but that is okay for those on government handout programs and for those who let the media decide for them what to do and when to do it. For those who want a leader who is honest and tells it like it is,those people will not vote obama even if they fell for his lies in 08.A true leader does not lie and look to blame but takes charge and gets the jobs done. No more obama.

    • Kookie

      Obama is not a great speaker – He is reading his teleprompter which someone else has written rhetoric that no one understands.
      If Obama has to talk without his teleprompter, notice how every other word is ummm, uhh, ohh, and so on.

    • crewchieff

      Dream on asshole, your Obozo has done more damage than any other president, but then again you must be from the West Coast you know how I know, because people living out on the West coast are so far from reality, it’s not funny…like I said Dream on asshole he will be defeated there’s no question or doubt!!!!



    • Richard William Faith

      You certainly seem enthusiastic about obama. Just to figure out whether you’re simply mesmerized by him, or he has done something special to merit your loyalty, support and defense, I ask you:
      What has obama done to merit your loyalty, support and defense? You are the eighth person I’ve asked this same question, here and on various other websites. If you can give a coherent and reasonable answer, then you are a remarkable person indeed. So far, NOT ONE of the seven before you has given me ANY ANSWER WHATSOEVER! I’m having a HARD TIME trying to find JUST ONE PERSON who KNOWS WHY he supports obama.

    • Army

      Your comment might be the most idiotic I have seen since this fool was elected into office. You OBVIOUSLY do NOT own a small business (I do) and has NOT lowered small business taxes one Iota!!

      In fact, his ridiculous OBAMACARE has increased the insurance costs I offer my employees by 15%, and it has not even gone into full effect.

      He continues to dangle raising taxes on what he deems millionaires and Billionaires, however, if you make 200k as a single or 250k as a couple, your now in the highest tax bracket at 39% again.

      What color is the sky in the liberals world??? The last time I checked my math, 250k was EXACTLY 25% of 1 million dollars and 200k was 20%.

      How in the world can the liberals math and think that the rest of us small business owners who make over 250k in revenue, not realize what a fool this guy is!

      Are you liberals really this STUPID??

    • tarkas

      Wow, do you have any real facts, statistics, or supporting information for these very interesting claims you have made for Obama.
      The most curious one is that he is “centrist”.

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      Wake up man…. obama used the stimulus to line the pockets of those who own corporate jets and create jobs through his shovel ready jobs program. Now he says there is no such thing as shovel ready jobs and makes a big stink about corporate jet owners not paying enough.He says corporate jet onwer not paying another 300 million a year which is what his plan calls for keeps people from going to college and maybe even hurts the food industry. Okay then,how about that wide body wife taking all those tax payer paid vacations with her family and friends to the tune of tens of millions of dollars and obama’s golfing trips that costs the tax payers tens of millions of dollars.Look at all those people who will not get to go to clooege because obama and his wife spend millions on vacations and worthless trips. obama has taken 10 strokes off his golf game since he became president and I hope that is because he wants to change jobs to the pga. Wake up man and smell the stink’in roses.

    • Johnnygard

      JR, Your #2 statement wins the prize! That has to be the stupidest thing ever put on the Internet!

    • Kirk

      From what I see Rick Perry is a worthy nominee but I worry about anyone who once supported Al Gore. Perhaps he’s had a revelation but still there are candidates who appear to be life long conservatives presently on ticket.

    • azwayne

      His membership in Bilderberg Group and in support of NWO should disqualify if we know what’s going on.

    • Diane Long


      Anyone know if Perry was behind the Interstate Corridor between Mexico and the US running all the way up to Canada?

      I heard about it. Just don’t know if he was wanting that, which would entail expropriating land from Americans and the Toll way would be running it and getting the money for the running of it.

      Just wondering!!!!

      Anyone out there know, please email me.

    • http://N/A Ricardo 36


    • W M McCrocklin

      Yeah! But he also is one of the coldest and most egotistical politicians I have ever met… and I have met quite a few!

    • littledog

      He was at Bilderberg and is rumored to be their chosen “Dictator of Amerika”.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Oh cool! The Bilderbergs are running things? How do I apply? Do I need to get my tin-foil hat before or after?

    • daves

      I tried applying for one of those Obamacare Death Panels but it turns out they do not exist.

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      dave,does your mommie allow you to play outside? Get out of your mommies basement and see what the hell obama is really doing to our country. grow up man.

    • pat78

      You need millions more than what you have!

    • fred

      6. Perry is Christian, not m00-slim
      7. He will build a wall between Mexico and SW border

    • lee

      Bull crap!

    • BLH557

      Actually, Perry vetoed the fence/wall idea.

    • pat78

      A wall is not going to do it just like the Berlin Wall didn’t keep out Communism. No need for the Berlin Wall after Communism spread all over the world!

    • lee

      You are LYING! Rick Perry is for Cap and trade! Rick Perry worked for Al Gore! Rick Perry is a Bilderberger! Rick Perry supports government tyranny by supporting TSA Molestations of innocent American citizens! Rick Perry is a FRAUD!!!!! NO to the New World Order! NO and HELL NO to Global government!!!

    • Jerry Black

      Lets see-three terms as a Democrat, supported the idiot that invented the internet and global warming. Sounds like a good Conservative candidate to me-NOT!

      What are you people smoking?

    • Bcorp

      The media is still screaming loud and clear who the real threat to Obama and the left is. Sarah Palin, attends the showing of a movie about the facts concerning her performance as a leader. What does the media do, make up lies as to her reaction. Why they continue to make things up show just how much they fear a Palin candidate. These lies were so stupid as her every move there was on film. What this reveals is how desperate the left is to not have Palin enter the race.

    • http://ThePatroit Jerry Campbell

      The liberal far left fear both women republicans.

    • daves

      Over the opposition of oil companies, Republican Gov. Sarah Palin and Alaska’s Legislature in 2007 approved a major increase in taxes on the oil industry — a step that has generated stunning new wealth for the state as oil prices soared. …
      BP Alaska, which runs Prudhoe Bay, said earlier this year that it had delayed the development in the western region of the North Slope as a result of the tax. ConocoPhillips cited the same reason for scrapping a $300 million refinery project.
      “What the tax has done is take away all the upside,” said Doug Suttles, president of BP Alaska. The U.K.-based oil company paid more than $500 million in taxes to Alaska last quarter — far more than it earned in profits from Alaskan oil, according to Suttles.
      Investment dollars are flowing instead to places that have a better return, like the massive deep-water projects offshore in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, where ConocoPhillips said the government take equals less than 50 percent of the barrel.

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      Its been put to a halt because the epa. they do not want bugs or lizards or guppies getting upset.obama wants to kill the oil industry and take our rights away too. obama has not been honest with the American people. About that birth certificate,if he has a real one then just show it and shut everyone up. Oh,he doesn’t have to,the corrupt democrats backed by the atheist commie soros just pays people off or distorts the truth. obama said he was a Christian,okay,no Christian on the planet would cancel our Christian national day of prayer only to pray one week later with 50,000 muslims all day. obama is a socialist muslim who lied to America and the American people.

    • daves

      “We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?” –Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada’s single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      Where do you gets this stuff dave? Come out of your mommies basement and see the real truth. people are hurting dude so wake up.

    • daves

      It’s easy to find the facts. Takes about 5 minutes to look up the quotes or the laws I mentioned here.

    • pat78

      I’d vote for Palin long before Perry! The only reason I voted for him again for Gov. of Texas is that he was the better of two bad choices!

    • dusterdog

      Captain PJ you leave out the most important fact >Rick Perry is an American Obamie is not

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      Captain PJ, I agree with all your comments on this site as you show alot of knowledge and insight into your comments,they are not just thrown out there but well thought out. I thank you for that.What is your take on obama stealing the election with all the corrupt democrats in office with him? I believe there is so much money and power on the line that I just feel our elected officals are all very corrupt(both parties) and we are stuck voting for the lesser of two evils.I do feel obama is very corrupt and the way the far left media hides his past and what he really stands for should be a wake up sign for all Americans to do there own homework on people before they cast there vote.Perry and Michelle or Michelle and West or Christie and Michele or any combo of these would be fine by me. God Bless America…..

    • pat78

      Not Perry. He’s a RINO. If we are to have a fighting chance, we can’t afford to have another George W.

    • scout

      I would vote for anyone opposing Obama but remember Rick Perry is a member of the Bilderburg Group. Do your own homework. Let’s not get caught with our pants down again.

    • Luchia

      Hey Scout, before you ostracize Perry for going to a Bilderberg meeting, you need to do a google search and read all the politicians that have been to one. You don’t even know what they discuss there, no one knows for sure.

    • dusterdog

      When you go to vote let the news media be your guide.Who ever they like don’t vote for them who ever they hate vote for them

    • pat78

      Tea Party Patriots need to be louder than the media!

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      Very good advice…..

    • Johnf1234

      most importantly read paragraph #3 in the article… 2009 more than half the jobs created in the country were in Texas that year……….
      Obama cannot compete against these statistics,
      his policies have taken it the other direction….
      he may claim that he created or saved 2 million jobs, but most of those were OUTSOURCED to China and Brazil and India..


    • Scott

      Nice write up but most people are so stupid they over look the most important problem with this scum bag! So the question is who would want another George Bush running this Country? Then you would have to understand the serious problem that we would be faced with if this scum bag was ever elected like Romney- #1- They are BOTH Builderburger members just like Mr Obama & Mr Bush Jr & Sr is and has been for many years. These Scum Bags are brought up by design for the Banksters to keep there New World Order going and have there puppets doing there dirty deeds! It does not matter if Obama, Romney, Perry are there because the end result will be the same. People are complete Pigeons and there minipulated two parrty system! Its like in 2008 Mc Cain or Obama that would not of Mattered because they are both members of the same corrupt American Killing Machine! There is only one real person and RON PAUL is the ONLY American. These are all others designed by the Elite to make you think this disaterous two party system works, and that is a complete joke also. People wake up, America will soon be Bankrupt and it wont matter what puppet you elected!!!!

    • Luchia

      Get a grip on yourself, will ya. Go take your meds or smoke a joint.

    • Daniel from TN

      Let me add one item to your list PJ.


  • Carpenter

    You Tea People need to stop being so selfish!

    What if GOD is not done punishing America with another 4 years of Obama? And many on the left deserve to be OBAMMITIZED. They deserve exactly what they are getting.

    This is what happens when you put your faith in a false God. Actually the Obama is more of a Pharaoh figure.

    And I understand that you don’t think that its fair that you get punished for the lefts sins (abortion, homosexuality, idolatry, ect..) but you aren’t free from guilt yourselves. So stop being so selfish. They deserve thee Obama! America deserves to be Obammunaited.

    If you Righty’s spent more time saving the lost (the left) from Hell then there wouldn’t be as many that deserve divine judgement! If you so called Religious Rightists spent a little more time on EVANGELIZING then there wouldn’t be any Leftists to vote against you.

    The bottomline is that you are just as guilty (as the left) of not following Christ.

    • Frank

      I’m in the middle and I want no part of another 4 years of this _a_$_$_h_o_l_. Another 4 years totally destroyes this country.

    • ShadyRay

      Carpenter You are going to take this as an insult. But it is not meant to be. Get help soon because you truly need it. May God bless you and help you.

    • http://aol frank s

      next time you comment be sure to take your medications before commenting, and don’t go out without supervision.

    • ccle1

      Judge not lest thy be judged!
      You presume to know the people that post here? Concern yourself with your own salvation.
      God knows the hearts of all men and those who sin, and you know who you are, will all face their own judgement day.

    • lee

      Tough pill to swallow but you speak the truth!

    • LadyLiberty

      Hey Carpenter,

      Are you from the same planet as JR?

      Plus, God knows we are not perfect…but getting there.

    • Rotten

      JR, daves and Carpenter are a three sum. They loves each other.

    • crewchieff

      So Jack, Can I safely assume that you’re for Obozo??, You know, I live here on Left Coast right now and I’m working really hard on getting back to sanity (other wise known as Texas)Gov Perry may not be perfect, but you know, he’s done more for any state than any other Governor has done, and you know something else too?? Obozo has done more to promote racism, promoted incompentent people to positions of authority, and most of them were his so-called “Brothers and sisters” and promoted the ideology that whitey owes them everything for their so-called “suffering” when in fact a lot of them (Not everyone mind you but a lot of them) don’t want to go work, and oh yes let’s talk about the faggots as well who also feel that the world owes them a living when the poor fools don’t realize that they’re living a lie but they won’t admit to it..Gov Perry and Texas may not be perfect in comparision where I’m living right now, it’s damned close, in this state here alone the mayor wants the public to pay for sex change operations on demand, so I think that Texas is doing a hell of a lot better than both the left coast and the nation

  • James

    I do hope Republicans aren’t stupid enough to allow social issues such as abortion and homosexuality to re-elect Obama but if the past is any indication… Just saying!

  • D

    “Toll Road” Perry is a RINO and cares more about his hair than any constitution or law. He’s been bad for Texas, since unlike the “study” spoken of in this article, Texans have more debt per capita than Kalifornia! Go to and click on states and see for yourself. Perry may scare B.O. and that is great but what we need is someone who’s gonna scare the rest of the devils (the bankers aka the Federal Reserve) out of this country for good!

  • TexGuy

    Who the hell are you. Since your a god, why don’t you wave your wand and get all the punishment done at one time. I have found that your type of “witnessing for God” just pushes people further away from Him. You can keep all the lightning bolts for yourself!!!!!

    • lee

      Biblical DUMBBELL!

  • Jim McMahon

    Rick Perry has done a good job in TX with the economy and he certainly looks the part. But anyone who thinks he’s a conservative is sadly mistaken. Rick Perry was John Kerry’s campaign manager. I’m afraid it would be a BIG mistake for conservatives to endorse this guy.

  • Vigilannie

    This is such a LAUGH!! Perry is such a RINO – no fear from obama there! hahahahaha. Whoever wrote this article either doesn’t have a clue or wants Perry to win so the agenda remains vertually the same….

  • Patriot Diva

    Perry seems attractive as a candidate. However, the electorate must make absolutely sure that whatever candidate we choose has no ties to the Bilderberg group, the Councial on Foreign Relations, etc…. If any candidate is for the New World Order, we MUST show them the door!!!!

    • 1minuteman

      his is why i would rather have bachman who has never wavered on her conservative views and did not go from democrat to republican. i dont like flip floppers. did perry cange to republican because he belives in t or because texas is conservative over all. that bothers me. he has drpped the ball on the TSA bill in texas as well. i would rather rely on solid bachman or even better allen west.

    • CarolTex

      If you really knew anything about Texas, you would know that Texas used to be a Democratic state. When John Connally was governor of Texas, he was a Democrat. That is before the Democratic Party got to be so liberal. After they got so liberal, Connally switched parties and became a Republican. Texas has always been a conservative state. Texas didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left Texas. Rick Perry switched to the Republican party for the same reasons that John Connally did………….it more closely follows the values which he and other Texans hold true.

    • Namcy

      minuteman ; Bachman is already in office , and she is aware that this imposter in the office without proof of citizenship .

      But , when she was presented with the subject
      of his ineligibility ; she just laughed at the person.

    • vic

      Show me anything wrong about the Bilderburg group not hearsay and I might listen, I’ve heard secretive power groups of distinction,no derog other than conspiritory B.S find something!!!!!!!!

    • lee

      You need to go onto you tube and look at a “ChangeDaChannel” video called “Fall of the Republic” so you can at least be informed about the very dangerous organization called the Bilderbergs.

    • littledog

      Since candidates are chosen by NWO they are all for NWO.

    • Greg

      Perry has to convince me he isn’t a globalist. We don’t need another elitist democrat light leader.

    • dusterdog

      Patriot Dive;You have hit it out of the park.We must take our country back.We will never do it if we let those that you pointed out controle things.Wish every one thought as you do.

    • Luchia

      Diva, please post on this blog, who has atteneded a Bilderberg meeting and who “belongs” to the group. I think it would be interesting for all of us to view. I think you’d be surprised to find out who has been invited to a meeting.

  • Adrian Vance

    Perry would be OK, but I fear he may revert to type, like GW Bush and be another RINO. His Democrat background haunts him.

    For political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Now on Kindle.

  • Dave

    Any candidate that can make voters believe that Obama fears them most will be the leading candidate.

    • http://N/A Ricardo 36


    • lee

      Well said!

  • proudamerican

    This could be the man to do the job people. We will see very soon! Michelle Bachman for VP?

    • LG

      Whoever is the Republican nominee, I think, should get Rubio as their VP running mate. It would help take away many of the Hispanic votes away from Obama.

    • PDR

      I to think that Rick Perry is the guy we need up there in OUR White House. In fact, I have seen that even some beltway Republicans are scared of him. I think if a spade is a spade, he will call it a spade. That scares all the weak so called politicians who are up there now that are there for a paycheck and benefits and are scared to rock the boat, to get things done. I don’t care what party they are from, if they are not doing the job right, get rid of’em. Rick Perry would be a great POTUS and if the Republicans have a problem with that, then screw them to. Do your job Republicans. Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out Of The Way.

    • George Ortiz

      Way to go pard. your right on with you comment

    • ccle1

      I’m a Texan and it concerns me that Perry may run. I had to hold my nose when I voted for him for Governor again! He has met with The Council on Foreign affairs, I know but I don’t know if he is a member.
      Perry is always out for himself. He will make shady deals or whatever he needs to do for power. He is very weak on Illegal Immigration, which we need the opposite!

    • Jerry Robinson

      Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! Rick Perry and Michelle would be a dream team. Unstopable & Unbeatable to.

      I only hope Rick Perry announces soon he is in the race! Or let us all know he is out of it.

      Perry & Bachman in 2012 My Dream Team

    • vic

      I would like to see the candidates announce thier running partner way ahead of time.Dare to be bould and dare to be different

    • sb36695

      I think a trifecta would be Perry/West & Bachmann as Speaker. I get tingly thinking about it!

    • http://patriotupdate michele

      How about Bachmann/West or West/Bachmann? He is military and she is an honest conservative. What a great combination.

    • coggin

      Definitely! They would make a powerful ticket.

    • lee

      Rick Perry is a “globalist”. He will cater to the New World Order takeover of America. He will help bring about the total destruction of our nation.He is nothing more than a pawn for global governance.

  • Insurgent

    I am not sure Perry would carry Texas if he ran against Buckwheat, the LFN from Mombasa, Kenya.

    • Frank

      Hey insurgent! Being from kenya,if your really there now,I’m sure you back this pieceof$_h_i_t that calls himself our president because you know what he really is. Keepyourf_u_kn mouth shut because your foreign$_h_i_t.This president a dog from your country and the reason you love him is because he’ll sneak all your kind into our country to attack it and make it a 3rd world country.

    • Insurgent

      Don’t get your panties in a wad Frank. Buckwheat, who is currently impersonating a president, was born in Mombasa, Kenya. I was born an American and currently live in the US but will be moving to another country, one that still has a democracy. I do not believe in socialism and have no desire to live under socialistic rule.

    • lee

      Hey Frank, can you read at all? He called the “Lying F**king Nigg 888ahhh” “BUCKWHEAT” so uh, obviously he’s not an Obama supporter…OBVIOUSLY no duh?

  • JUDY


    • lee


  • JUDY


  • Frank

    Becarefull what you wish for because the Texas Voters don’t like Perry. They said he wants to legallize all illegals and a large majority of the businesses in Texas are owned by foreigners.Perry sounds like he’s not much more different than obama. OH YA they also said Perry’s wants government run health insurance.

    • patricia

      Is your last name Soros by any chance.

    • Frank

      NO BUT YOUR the garbage on the right that’s ruining our country. My choice is Hermine Cain or Michelle Bauckman.Perry’s just another obama and george soros Dick. Maybe that’s why you like perry.

    • ccle1

      Okay, you’re hearing it from a native Texan.
      He is from the same mold, part of the clan, Neo Con’s.

    • vic

      Frank,Frank, Frank, Herman and michelle are great But so is Perry.

    • lee

      @ Patricia…go to you tube and look at ChangeDaChannels video…. ” The Obama Deception”

    • PDR

      Funny, I haven’t heard all that crap your spewing about Perry. You must be one of those who are scared of Rick Perry and are just trying to muddy the waters, or the wall. Think about what you are saying jerk wad, You said” The people of Texas don’t like Rick Perry”. Well, seems to me that they like him enough to elect him to a third term as their Governor. You need to go sit in the shade and drink some more Obummer buck wheat flavored Kool Aid.

    • George Ortiz

      Another Great Insight from a Highly Intelligent person.Good Job on your posting.

    • Frank

      NO pdr I want all this muslim assshole has done undone. I don’t sit on just one website listening to the onesided. Go to Conservative Byte and while your add it look up the name Barry Soetoro on search and see whos picture appears above the name. All I’m saying is if your really worried about getting this country straightened out you betterexpand your websites and learn all you can about everyone.I voted for McCain and Pallin because obama’s a muslim and the liberals are anti-americandicks but every believed the dogs call for change and look where were at.

    • pat78

      You’re out of line, PDR. We did hold our nose and voted for the lesser of two evils! We didn’t want him for a 3rd term, but we really didn’t want Bill White. Look up what Perry has done to Texas as he’s tried to advance the NWO agenda. It’s on the net!

    • John

      If, as you say, the Texas voters don’t like Perry, who the heck voted him into office time and time again? I’m for anyone who stands up to the administration from hell and basically tells it to kiss his posterior. That’s why I voted for him each time.

    • Frank

      It’s a different story on Conservative Byte John. Alot of Texans that voted for him wish they didn’t and there were a hell of alot more nas there than yas here. Seeings he’s for legallizing all Illegals and wants government health care that’s 2 strikes against him. If he wants my vote he better come out in the debates and tell us he’s against both. I already cut out Romney,Gingrich,Ron Paul and Donald Trump if he runs.

    • lee

      Illegals, who do you think? and ACORN voters who the heck else? It was election fraud that’s how “stink” Perry got elected and re-elected!

    • ccle1

      We made a strong stand with Debra Medina but Perry had the name recognition and won the Republican ticket.

      I had to hold my nose but there was no way I would vote for Bill White the Democrat!
      Just like I held my nose and voted for McCain, I really voted for Palin, not that it mattered, they stole the election just like they are preparing to do in 2012!

      Soros has bought mutiple Secretary of State elections so he can make sure they can fudge the numbers! We will need look-outs at every voting precinct!

    • Lisa Philbrook MD

      As a native Texan, I would like to set you straight on a couple of things. First, Gov. Perry has NEVER said he wanted amnesty for all illegals, although until recently he wasn’t tough enough on border issues. Second, Gov. Perry has NEVER EVER supported govt. run health care. He is, in fact, very supportive of the TX Medical Assn and supports physician-owned facilities. He also supported tort reform here, which is why the TX Medical Board can’t keep up with all the new license applications. Doctors are moving here in droves.

    • Ken

      My what a strange list of baseless accusations of what Gov. Perry believes or supports. Searching his public commentary re: the charges you make, I can’t find anything that suggests he supports anything you charge.
      How about a 3-term governor? That doesn’t speak of voter animosity unless you meant illegal alien voters.

    • Frank

      Well Ken maybe you should be reading the comments from other news and websites and other people I’ve talked to have heard the same thing. Make sure you look up the name Barry Soetoro so you can see just how much of a liar Barry is. We don’t need another liberal or far right _a_$_$_hol in office again.Needs to be right down the middle or nothing.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      “Right down the middle”? Really? People who think like you are the true extremists. When it comes to issues like big government vs liberty there is no middle ground any rational and responsible person can occupy. Sure, once one side wins there should be some moderation, like if liberty wins then moderation is that government still exists, but at that point we are far right. To take a middle ground on liberty vs government would be to make the ideals of both sides meaningless, and in that case, why take a position at all? “Right down the middle?” Please spare us such nonsense.

    • lee

      Oh, have you forgotten to mention the bused in ACORN voters as well?

    • lee

      “baseless”?… EVERYTHING thing that’s said here about STINK Perry being a “globalist”, a “Bilderberger” and a close political ally of Al Gore is absolute TRUTH.But to ALL “liberals”, the truth always is just too painful!

    • cel

      I’m from Texas and i like him. I voted for him many times. If he ran for Prez, I would vote for him too. Would hate to lose him though…

  • nonyabusinesspa

    Obama will go down as the biggest FRAUD in American Presidential History!!

    • fed up

      I certainly hope so, and being a senior, I hope I live to see it!!!

    • Jerry Robinson

      Its so Sad for Obama that he won’t be remembered for being the First Black President but the very worst of the worst Presidents in USA History

    • warren reynolds

      if we could get rid of him right now, today, he would be known as the man who brought America to it’s knee’s to the brink of destruction. This country would not last another 4 years of him, there would be marshal law and rioting long before a second term would be done.

    • dusterdog

      Warren reynolds.Remember the peanut farmer.When he left office 22% interest rate on borrowed money Inflation running at 17% per year.Democrats suck,why can’t people get that through their stupid heads?

    • Frank

      You hit that right on the head. Look up the name Barry Soetoro and see whos picture is above the name.

  • Terry Elliott

    Whilst I perceive that any republican that gets the nomination via the primary system would triump in 2012, Gov Perry would win in a landside. As for me, he is the ideal candidate, based on his successes during his 3 terms in office. Run Rick, run!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://aol Edward

    Look folks, Perry/Rubio in 2012 equals Game over for the democrats for many, many years! It would be a landlside.

    Most of all, Both great Guys for America that would restore America correctly and quickly.

  • Joe

    That’s a laugh! Obama would fear Rick Perry the most!? Yeah,Right! For those of you who don’t know, Perry was once a Democrat and was also Al Gore’s campaign manager for Texas in 1988. Don’t believe me? Go to Google and look it up.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Ronald Reagan was a Democrat too once. If that sort of thing matters to you I don’t know what to say. I guess you want your conservatives born rather than made through life experience.

    • kimmy

      yea, well years ago I too was a democrat, then I wised up, saw what they stood for and along with Ronald Reagan I too changed parties. Times they are a changing. I want to move to Texas!!!!

    • PDR

      Well, like they say,The Great Ones Get Over It. Let he ( that would be you in this case) who has never made a mistake, cast the first mud ball. Do you fell better now Mr. Perfect.

      Rick Perry will do a fine job as POTUS if he runs and wins. He has been on the other side and knows how they think and work, and has made the necessary course correction. So shut the hell up!

    • lee

      Why don’t You, you lemming, “shut the hell up”?

    • vic

      If he runs he will win

    • pat78

      For patriots sake, PDR, do your homework! We only have one silver bullet left. Let’s not give it to Rick Perry!

    • George Ortiz

      Hey Joe Wise up and smell the roses. YOU must be a Liberal too,you guys just don’t get it or your on welfare .

    • John

      And then he got smart. Unlike most democraps who stick with the party because their daddy was a democrap, Perry wised up and saw what the democrap party had turned into and didn’t like it. Joe, you keep drinking that KoolAid and smoking that dope and everything will be all right for you.

    • Joe

      John, It appears that you are the only one who is drinking Kool-aid and smoking dope because you really don’t know what Perry stands for…talks a good conservative line but walks like a liberal and that’s what he has done as the Texas governor. I do my due diligence on all candidates and I see that Michelle Balkeman is so far the only true conservative out there.

    • pat78

      Herman Cain is a true Conservative, businessman and could be the first true Black president!

    • 4istoomuch

      Yes, Perry was a Democrat but not a left leaning Democrat.The Democratic party was not what it is today by no stretch of the imagination. He saw the error of his ways and become a Republican. Obama fears him because Perry’s record speaks for itself.

    • lee

      Wondering why all the absolute TRUTH you are telling is being censored as “low rating”? Everything you said is absolute documented TRUTH!!!

    • Frank

      Thank you for that info Joe. Now I know why everyone has suchahardon towards my comments against Perry.They’re eitherliberals backing an old Democrats or far right.

    • Roger

      I have lived in Texas 76-years, and I have been a Republican for the last 40-years. It is true that about 95% of Texans were at one time Democrats….but most of them were conservative Democrats. When the socialists hijacked the party,nearly all went with the conservative Republicans. Only the yellow-dog democrats in Texas stayed with the Socialists. Maybe some of you younger folks do not understand yellow-dog. They are the ones that if Fidel Castro run as a democrat, they would vote for him. That has caused the problem today as a Castro type was pushed by the left democrats and won the presidency. The corrupt unions, all the fringe groups, and mindless independents with Soros’ and union money beat down America. The GOP bears part of the blame too for naming a liberal candidate.

      It is now most important that we name a strong social and fiscal conservative to carry freedom’s flag. We can win…we must.

  • Ed

    Rick Perry and Chris Cristie would make a strong leadership and fix all that is wrong with America. We didn’t need CHANGE all we needed was a return to Christian Values and common sense. All the JINGLES and HYPE don’t amount to much except a false high. We Texans get things done by SPEAKING SOFTLY AND CARRYING A BIG STICK. God Blesses the People who praise Him, Texas does!!.

    • PDR

      AGREE !!

    • Calvin

      I’m from NJ and I’ll tell point blank: Christie is no Christian. He’s just a typical secularized Catholic. He even eliminated the pro-life position from his website when he ran for governor. He also nominated a muslim lawyer who’d defended terrorists for a state bench position. He’s stolen from the state and weakened our defense against terrorists and crime by taking a state police copter scheduled to be patrolling the coast and NYC corridor to his son’s baseball games (he did finally put the reimburse the state, I understand, but only after he papers reported this and even then, he wasn’t “sure” that he would until public opinion weighed in). He also took $173,000,000 in federal grant moneys for a tunnel project, but “changed his mind” and reneged on the start of the project, he told the feds (when they correctly requested the money back), “Come and try to take the money back!

      If you think Christie’s a Christian, I’m sure he’s got a tunnel project to sell you.

    • Frank

      If it comes down to Perry or the muslim scum that’s in there now I’ll vote Perry but with all I’ve been hearing I just pray your right.I love this country and even at 53 would go to war and fight obamas radical muslim friends in the middle east.

  • Norm Houde

    Where does Rick Perry stand on the rights of pre-born people?

  • http://PatriotUpdate Debbie

    Well, since Obama cannot run legally(and I sure hope they get the credentials this time) and the Bilderergs most likely want Perry, I would say he is most likely to win unless this country stands up for our freedom and votes for the right candidate.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      That’s “Bilderberg”. Didn’t they provide the proper spelling in the documentation for your tinfoil hat?

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      The tinfoil hat was for the Bilderberg nonsense, not Obama’s eligibility to run. People with legitimate concerns should be careful not to mix them with beliefs in elite rich people trying to control the world. The colonial period pretty much proved there isn’t any profit to to be had in controlling the world.

    • Frank

      HEy Eddie obama wasn’t even qualified to run for president. Look up the name Barry Soetoro on search and see the picture that goes with the name.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Not my point. Based on your seeming correction I expected to see some sort of Bilderberg emblem, not Obama’s picture. Obama’s picture was what I already was pretty sure was there. The constitution I care about, fairy tales ablut rich people trying to control the world, I don’t have time for. If it’s actually happening they will fail and lose most of their money doing it, because they would be idiots.

    • PDR

      How would you know they want him??

  • ed

    APerry Bachman ticket would be a landslide
    victory that America need to return to a GOD’s nation. Thus stop this FRAUD in our current goverment.!!!

  • D

    I will gladly vote for the blades of grass under my dog’s sh*t rather than see obama (capital ignored on purpose)be in charge for another millisecond. The fact that his actions and false claims of everybody is a racist for not following him is terrible. He has made being a racist a minor thing and a willingness to claim racism in this country a common occurrence. As a black man, he is the most offensive thing that has happened to me in my 38 years. He has welcomed back racism and if the black community does not let racial bias voting influence them, we are looking at 1963 all over again. When you spend $4million to hide your past their is a reason. I have had 16 jobs in 39 years and I only have 1 ss#. He has 19… Wake up everybody!

    • PDR

      Well then, the Black Americans need to vote against him. Obummer is not who should be representing them. His color is not an issue with many Americans nor with me. His qualifications and eligibility are. I would like to see people like Alan West, Herb Cain, Condolesa Rice, Marco Rubio, etc.etc. in the White house versus this clown who just wants to act as a dictator with his queen using our Corporate Jet to run around the world and party and play golf and try to screw us all the time with his lies. Raise the debt ceiling so he has more money to spend on his useless programs and illegals and what else.
      It amazes me that Black Americans and Hispanic Americans continue to vote for people like him and his kind. Has anything ever changed for them when they put these people in Government? No it hasn’t. Your mortgage does not get paid, gas doesn’t get put in their cars etc.etc. Do they not understand that when they watch candidates like him on TV and see them speak in public, that they are watching and listening to a multi-millionaire who doesn’t give a crap about them. All he wants is to get in office, that’s it. He has no intention of helping them out. But they continue to buy the BS line. That goes for candidates of All ethnic groups, who lie to disadvantaged/low income people also.

    • Aberdeem

      The people that would vote for Obama have no
      mortgages. They have welfare.

    • pat78

      Oddly enough, the brainwashing continues on the local level. I used to be a social worker here in Texas, went to many of those who were on Welfare and needed extra such as to pay their “light” bill. They could go to Democrats who had “special funds” to help them out of their scrape, so of course they would vote for whomever they were told to vote. They live a life of drama that surpasses what is really happening to our nation.

    • Fenderman52

      It’s a shame really, but blacks almost always vote for blacks no matter how corrupt or incompetent they are. It might be a long time before there’s another black president in America after this fiasco. I blame the GOP for this. They had a great black candidate, Alan Keyes, but they kicked him to the curb. Keyes would have made a black president that ALL of America could have been proud of. If the GOP had run Keyes instead of that pitiful shrub McLame and put Sarah Palin in as VP it would have been a landslide victory of epic proportions and a new chapter in the history of American politics.

    • Aceituna

      Years ago I was hoping that Alan Keyes would win the Republican nomination. There were several Republican candidates that I had to hold my nose to vote for, but they were the lesser of the evils. Keyes ran for several of these elections. I would have been proud to be able to vote for him.

  • Patriot41

    From what I have seen thus far, he could be the answer for who will carry the South for the GOP. He appeals to christians, conservatives, patriots and even to a lot of blue collar democrats. I don’t see Cain, West or Gingrich doing that. I don’t see Huntsman, Romney Santorum or Pawlenty doing it either, at least not in the South. Ron Paul would carry the libertarians and some of the Independents, but I doubt he could carry the whole of the South. Unless another southerner with name recognition jumps into the race, it looks like Perry is one part of the ticket.

    Popularity wise, that leaves Palin and Bachman. If either one of them win the primary and pick Perry, Obama is on his way to parts unknown.

  • http://at&t robin hood

    were does perry stand on the illegal scum, i will vote for no one if they think amnesty is a good idea. he must stand tall and show he has some balls. that alone will put him out in front of the rest of the ballless backstabbers

  • wdcraftr

    We don’t need a RINO…We need a strong conservitive, if not Tea Party candidate, to undo Obama’s liberal policy’s, not just take office and ignore all that has been done by this administration. He may have an understanding of job creation, but what about the wars, budget, heath care, immigration etc. This is not the candidate that I want.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      I agree we don’t need a RINO style campaign like Dole’s or McCains, and we certainly don’t want someone who will waiver when it comes time to get rid of Obamacare, or who will aggressively seek amnesty, or fail to support our allies, but I think any candidate who says the right things will be unlikely to 180 once they win. So we can rule out Romney and Huntsman for now, but Perry’s fine thus far.

    • PDR

      Scared of him are ya? Need some buck wheat Kool Aid?

  • The Enemy

    Or maybe all the hype about Obama fearing Perry is designed to sway people toward Perry.

    And, if so, who’s pushing it? Secret Obama operatives?

    Be careful, voters, and study all candidates very carefully! Obama is a cross between a sneaky snake and a squid and his tentacles spread far and wide.

    Let us not forget how the lame-stream media favored McCain for the GOP nominee last time, who turned-out to be milk toast against Obama.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      The Dems may believe they can make Perry into Bush and thus run against Bush once again. It certainly would be an attractive strategy to them, but if that’s what they’re thinking, I say let’s play along. The Dem’s don’t realize just how badly that plan would backfire on them. Perry’s dofferent from Bush in all the places that matter and where they are similar, Obama wont look good in contrast.

    • PDR

      I don’t think Perry will be a problem. We need him and a good VP ( Bachman, Palin, Rubio, West,and others). All are good and the Democraps, and Commie, Liberals, and Progressives etc.etc. are scared of him. Thats a good thing.

  • Protector

    I Challenge someone of Rick Perry’s values to step up and be counted like all of us Military Personel and Veterans have done for our Country. If you don’t we will have to do it ourselves

  • Carpenter

    I still think that thee Obama is a Divine PUNISHMENT for the Libertarian/Tea People because of all of the horrible things that they said about GW Bush who is a good decent Christian man.

    Now I’ll admit that Bush is not perfect but at least when I look at GW I don’t see someone who is headed for HELL. I cannot say that about most of the Tea People.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Aha! So you’re one of those incomplete thinking Christians. The ones that read the beatitudes and think Christ was talking about poor people getting money from a government that forcibly takes from rich people. Just an ever so wee bit of schollarship on your part and you’d realize He was talking about humility and true compassion, voluntary compassion. These things are antithetical to government programs that attempt to redistribute wealth. Ceasar and God are not the same, Christ makes that clear, but apparently you missed that.

    • Fenderman52

      Eddie your post struck a nerve with me. I agree with you all the way. The Bible says we are to “Lay up our treasures in Heaven,” but that’s impossible when the socialist government grabs your treasures to be redistributed first. God will bless us for giving to the needy but I doubt he’s going to reward us for just paying our damn taxes.

    • PDR

      What about yourself mud slinger? What are you scared of?

    • Ken

      Hhhmmmmmmmmmm. If you can’t say “that” about Tea Party people, it’s very clear you don’t know any!!!! Get back under your rock; the sun’s shining.

  • http://http/ sean murry

    he would fear anyone running for the presidenty to put this country on the right track.

  • Robert David Hummel

    I agree…Gov Perry, may be a significant struggle for the PREZ>…However… THOUGH LEAST KNOWN,(by Name)…REP.(R),FL> ALLEN WEST……..WOULD BE A IRONIC ..BUT POWERFUL CHALLENGE…Beyond ALL others.

    • Starapple

      West is the Best. I voted for him in my district here in Palm Beach County.

  • Soroseetsdik

    No- He fears Michelle Bachmann the most, as she is the one who will go right at him like a cornered momma grizzly.
    We have seen this before and this time– Attack an American business woman, Mother, Taxpayer, true Representative of the people at your own peril.
    You attack one Patriot American female – You attack them all..

  • Badshot46

    Perry won’t put with Obama’s shit and can get the job done.

    I woman needs to be on the republican ticket.
    Bachman can get it done Palin, as much as I like her, won’t get it done.

    Obama, Ranks 2 places below The Peanut President. The first place below is currently blank.

    • Starapple

      I’m all for Perry but not a female Pres. or VP. No, I am not chauvinistic, but the GOP is guaranteed a loss with a female in any of those slots. The media will chew her up and spit her out just as they did Palin. Let Bachmann and Palin be cheerleaders this time then run in 2016.

  • rs

    A B O. Anyone but Obama.

  • Karen

    If you think for one minute Odumbass is gonna let anyone else win you are crazy…can’t you see how corrupt this country has become…

  • rjgallip

    perry installed his own dream act, he is not the one.

    • PDR

      Wake up from your dream ! quick, do it now before you slip into another delta dream sleep. Can you hear me? I’m clapping my hands to help you wake up. Are you back with us yet?

  • KH

    I would fear him too.

    George W all over again.

    Why do people keep falling for the same old big government establishment republicans? It must be his looks.

    • PDR

      Hey just made up a new batch of Buck Wheat Kool Aid for you. Where can we send it to help you.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Don’t you get it? Things take a little time. The reform of teh Republican party that started on 2010 isn’t finsished yet and it’s not far along enough yet to guarentee us a 100% Tea Party type candidate. What we need to do now is get a conservative. If we can get a pure Tea Party type, great, but we must not get a ahead of ourselves. I say we let this candidate be an establishement conservative if we must. What’s important is getting the White House into simpathetic hands for now. We can always get our Tea Party president later after we’re finsished putting the so-called moderates and big-government Republicans out to pasture.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      “teh” and however I just spelled “establishment”. My apolgies. Been typing at this board for too long. Thanks for the comments.

  • Eve

    Perry worked for this administration so I am still not convinced he is the one. How does he stand on illegals?

    • pat78

      Kind of soft and not strong enough!

  • Andrea B

    That’s funny…about two weeks ago, I was reading on-line that Chris Christie is the one that Obama fears…

    Is he afraid of EVERYONE?


  • http://patriotupdate Christine Tucker

    He could ask Florida Rep. Allen West to be his running mate. That would blow all contenders out of the water.

  • msbetz

    Obama does not and will not fear Perry. Perry is one of them pretending to be a conservative. He and McCain are probably blood brothers.

  • msbetz

    The only thing Obama fears is WATERBOARDING!

    • Richard William Faith

      Yes, obama fears waterboarding, as well he should. He’s a foreign terrorist, and that makes HIM an ideal candidate for it.

    • Richard William Faith

      Look up “hydrophobia” in a good medical dictionary. I promise it will be a good read, and it will explain obama’s fear of waterboarding. It will also explain his ideas on economic policy, foreign policy and security policy.

  • http://same neil rice

    NO, NO to Rick Perry!!! We know how he dose an e.o. mandateing injection for girls, gpes to the Bilderbers meeting with Kathleen Seibulis, obamacare, worked with Pres Bush on the Superhighway. A vote for Perry, is a vote for liberals. Not my vote, even if he was the candadite!!!!!!!

  • MistyinGa

    In response to an earlier post where some idiot stated that each state is sovereign and that it is all up to local politics weeeell then tell Barack o piece of shit to stay out of Georgia’s business concerning illegal immigrants.If Obama and his cronies cant help Ga. Then we will do it ourselves! And, to all the liberal plants on this republican blog defending Obama your time and efforts would be better served at democrats against . Go convince your own party that he’s sooo good.

  • Jackiesue

    I say for a landslide victory in 2012 Perry/Bachman with John Bolten as Secretary of State.
    (Maybe we should throw in Martha Stewart as in charge of protocal and gift purchases.)

  • Lawrence Brown

    Perry has done a good job in Texas,does he have to many ties to his old party(DEMS) or to many connections with the old GOP members. We need outsider to reorganize this country with someone that is not holding to big powerful unions,lobbyist,special interest. Romney and Perry NO for president. TOO MANY TIES for me.

  • Paul Schnake

    Rick Perry would be a good candidate, but I believe that Michele Bachmann would also be a great candidate.

    What is more important than a candidate that will get the economy going is a candidate that will will reverse the liberal trend int our nation. We must cut the spending, get people back to work, but we must also get back to our constitution as it was originally written.

    If we get back to freedom in all perspectives, we will have a roberst economy. Also we will have more opportunities for all segments of the economy.

  • Susan

    ChrisChristy AllenWest DarrellIssa RandPaul would all give Barry Soetoro aka Barack HUSSEIN Obama a run for our money (since he doesn’t have any money of his own – it all belongs to the tax payer.)

    • Johnf1234


  • Sonata

    Hello Everyone, does the word Biography come into anyones mind? Have you check up on all the contenders Bio’s at all before you say I will vote for this one or that one?? Please, check out Wiki-Bio’s on Rick Perry!! He was a Democrate before he crossed-over to Republican and he Supported Al Gore! He IS for Abortion with Limits to Late-term for GIRLS under the age of 18 with their parents permission?? He is a Gay Advocate! His Religion..anyone can have religion but does he have Jesus Christ as his Savior? Does not sound like it( Jesus said to “Let your light shine” and I don’t see his light on Abortion or Gays or several other things as He is for all Entittlements and Scholarships for Needed kids and has a program called”Texas Healthcare” which sounds just like Obama’s Healthcare!! Now what was you saying about that “CHANGE”?? Sounds like MORE..OBALMA to me!! Rick Perry..I DON’T THINK SO!! Wake up AMERICA and check all of those that are running to be OUR next President! Check out Wiki-Bio’s on ALL of Them..PLEASE!!

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Nice try Sonata. I too welcome anyone to go see Rick Perry’s bio on Wikipedia. You’ll see that Sonata is full of it. He is pro-life, against same-sex marriage, and actually has an extremely impressive record as a conservative. It’s quite the read. Now just what are folks like Sonata trying to pull here and why?

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      In case I wasn’t clear (because I wasn’t), the very source Sonata sights says the opposite of what Sonata says it says. Rick Perry is pro-life, opposed to gay marriage (steadfastly so), and his record as Texas governor is about as 180 degrees out of sync with Al Gore and the Democrats as it could be. In short Sonata is trying to mislead in a big way. See for yourselves.

  • Elvis in Argentina

    Wake up, al least some people in Canada know that America has a one party system, and Obama fears everyone, but the elite don’t fear a fellow build-er-burger (LOL) like Perry, he wants to own you.
    The real conservitive that the blue bloods fear is Trump, Palin & Bachmann!
    Waky waky time to wake up. Watch the last 5 minutes of endgame on

  • scout

    We must get rid of the Elitest status by the Washington legislators. We should all be equal. Eliminate special tax breaks, college education for their kids, and all tax breaks for the wealthy.Who the hell do they think they are? Put everyone on the same health coverage. Push for it. Call your elected officials.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Anti-elitism twisted into a justification for socialized medicine? So who will call the shots in such a system? You can’t be anti-elitist and pro-big-government at the same time. It’s nonsense. I’m anti-elitist in the only rational way possible. I am pro-liberty and anti-big-government. Let the elite be elite, just don’t give them power.

  • Jack

    Perry’s background is similar to McCain’s. He was originally a Democrat but knew he couldn’t get elected in Texas as one. He is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, the same outfit nearly all of the US global socialists belong to. One difference though is he is more a conservative than a liberal.

    As for Texas ecomony, historically Texas has always lagged behind the rest of the country during recessions…a delay effect because of big oil HQ’s. He had a surplus when taking office, but most of it is gone now.

    In addition there is information circulating about his extra-marital affairs. He is supposedly a horn-dog, and is well known in strip clubs and by hookers….

    All Obama would have to do is pull the plug, release the scandal, and Perry would be shot down.

  • American with a Birth Certificate…

    obama does not fear any republican. obama believes the media will shoot down any republican even if that means lie like a rug and say sorry after the election.America just needs to wake up. obama and the democrats have crushed our nation and if anyone still loves America they will wake up and stop voting deomcrat commies into office.

  • Texas Pete

    I did not vote for Perry in the state Republican primary. I voted for him in the general election. If he runs, he will probably win it. There are a lot of things I don’t like about him but I would vote for Paris Hilton over obama.

  • Texas Pete

    Perry also attended the bilderburg meeting in Turkey.

  • Phyllis Murphy

    My question is why did Perry attend Billderberg meeting in 2007 in Istanbul Turkey? I am not sure if he went to St. Moritz, if you know would love to know.If this is not fact please let us know. The Billder group love a candidate from each party.Have posted this question before no response.If true would love to know what that demonic George Soros was requesting.

  • bitterclinger

    I cannot believe that this site actually holds Perry up as someone that conservatives should vote for. You failed to tell your viewers that Perry has more than DOUBLED THE DEBT in Texas since he took over for Bush, their ratio of debt to GDP IS WORSE THAN CALIFORNIA, their education system IS IN SHAMBLES….. and the list goes on.


    If you vote for Perry in 2012, you will be getting someone the same or worse than Obama. The consequences of his actions will be ON YOUR CONSCIENCE.

    • http://! Bobcat

      nobody could be as bad or worse than ol bumb sh** thats almost imposible

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      You might have had a point if you hadn’t opened with that debt business. Texas is required by it’s constitution to pay that off within a certain prescibed period of time and there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that it will be. Unlike the states you compared them too, Texas’s bond rating is solid and under no threat. By leading with this piece of misleading information you make your motives highly suspect.

    • Luchia

      bitterclinger…you should stop sniffing your crappy underwear, you’re getting $hit for brains.

  • Mary

    JR says, “….the president has to be worthy of being the federal executive….” Well, surely he’s shot himself in the foot on that one, since the MAIN FACT ABOUT THE STATUS QUO IS THAT THE PERSON WE HAVE RIGHT NOW IN THE WHITE HOUSE is certainly NOT WORTHY OF BEING THE FEDERAL EXECUTIVE.

  • Lino

    I just hope if Perry runs that he is not
    going to be a RINO, like our former governor
    in the Golden State.

  • Fenderman52

    I’m not sold on this guy yet, not by a long shot. Lots of research to do first. I’m thinking 3rd party this time. The “Two-Party-Shuffle” is getting us nowhere. Last year we gave the House of Reps to the Republicans with a mandate to stop Obummercare, stop the spending and return America to a sane course of action. And what did they do after we gave them the House? NOTHING! Not a one of them had the guts to stand up and say one word against the treason and high crimes that are being purpetrated on a daily basis against the American people. NOTHING! There are two kinds of crimes: crimes of commission and crimes of OMISSION! And that’s what we got for our time and money…more crimes. The House Republicans are like my saintly old white-haired granny used to describe: “They wouldn’t say SHIT if they had a mouthful!” Bless her sweet old Irish heart! “BONER” and his cowardly bunch are selling us out…AGAIN!

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      This election is definitely not the one to be considering a third party. Get with the plan. Step 1 is to reform the Republican party. Whether we have the votes to get a pure candidate isn’t the issue. The issue is do we have one ready for the presidency and the campaign to get there. We may be forced to settle for a conservative with ties to the old but respects us. Demanding that we get more or we go home in this election could easily mean we wont have a home to go home to. Please no talk of third parties right now. We need to get rid of Obama. The only reason we shouldn’t settle for less than a conservative is because a moderate probably can’t beat Obama.

  • Eyerish eyes

    So many comments from all of you involving many people.In order to have strength, pick out the attributes of all..Perry,Bachman,Palin,Christie, ,RubioCondelesa,Romney.Get a pres,vp and cabinet members.Just remember no one is perfect.Too many opinions won’t be a solidified vote.

  • BLH557

    What has made Perry great is the people of Texas who, besides voting for him, voted in good, hard-working, conservative legislators. If you want to know why Texas is GREAT; it is the people. Until the US as a whole does what Texas has done the US will continue to deteriorate as a whole. We will swim or sink together.

    To Bitterclinger: You are a MORON. If the state of the State of Texas were as you say, we wouldn’t have a surplus, or the largest jobs market, or the lowest tax burden… Yes we’ve had to make some tough budget decisions; but at least we have made them. Another thing; which business could increase it’s profit ten-times over without increasing its output? NONE. Go back to your disability (likely mental) and leave the opinions to the grownups.

  • Namcy

    DAVE ; “You can fix UGLY ; but you can’t fix STUPID !

  • Sami

    Obama will buy his way in…Again…

  • Richard William Faith

    For OH-VOMIT (a.k.a., obama) to accuse Gov. Perry of being “in bed with the oil companies” just because he’s a Texan, I think Gov. Perry could get a good laugh and a lot of instant support by answering the accusation in these words “Jealous? I hear they KICKED YOU OUT OF BED”.

  • Johnf1234


    AND SHOVE IT……………….

    • Doug Woods

      LOL he can take his shovel ready BS but the real truth is the Dick Breath possesses a square point shovel or snow shovel to shovel all his bullshit

    • Jim

      He sure can shovel it, huh?

    • Ed Hayden

      Obama can be defeated in the 2012 election, but will that happen ? If he does nothing about the economy he will be defeated. However, I think he will side with the Republicans in getting the deficit and spending cut’s. That will favor him with good support, he has a international problem, I think he is going to support his Generals, that will give him added favorite staus. Although I would like to see a new leader and most of all the congressman who have served more than one term be booted from office.
      America has a lot at stake. The freedom of America is at stake, the future for the young and old are at stake, a private enterprise is at stake a completed socialistic-communistic nation is a real possibility.

      Knowing that, I think it is going to be a very close elction.

    • Bonnie


    • Norman

      Bonnie unfortunatly you are right,this now comes to the survival of america,I begged people to know what they were voting for in the 2008 election,I personally read 8 books on that election as i owed you that as a responsible American,i am trully sorry the others didn”t listen!”God Help us”I luv all you patriots and am truly proud of you all,thank you for all you are doing and paying attention!

    • Richard Walker

      Everyone should know that Perry is another fraud…approved by Bilderberg, former campaign manager for Al Gore, former Democrat, hand picked by Dubya. Good actor though. I was fooled until I found out his background and connections to the NWO.

  • WiseOvOwl

    He seems to have the same foot prints of the DemoRepulicans vicious cycle. I’d rather stand for those who have demonstrated while they were in office the practice of following the constitution and really does hear their constituents (in the matter of congress) or represent their state (in the matters of senate). If they can’t govern IAW constitutional means then they were a bad choice in the first place for the people. Grass roots will kick tail against the establishment in 2012.

    • DestroyCapitalism

      Did anybody realize that Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush I etc are all actually giant lizards from the Alpha Draconis system? Long ago they developed a way to target receptors in the human brain. So when you look at them, you see a digitally created 3D image, not whats actually there. The picture is projected correctly on the corona of the eye, and then sent through the video cable to the brain right, but when it actually gets to the brain, it gets changed. When pictures were being invented they had a problem, becasue they were afraid they could be caught on camera, but they quickly figured out a way to change the way the human brain saw their image on film also. Theyve even done experiments which showd the real image on the corona of the eye.

    • Mabel Lou Brown

      I have to ask you, which mental hospital did you escape from. If you are trying to be funny you didn’t get there…and if you really believe the garbage you just spouted, you are really ready for or already in a mental institution.

    • gciam

      To “DestroyCapitalism”–Your mere existence will destroy capitalism. You must be hiding behind your union membership in a higher education academic institution while you espouse all but know nothing cause you’ve never been there, done that. Your queerly expressed science is as pseudo as you.

    • Barry

      I don’t know what you been smokin boy, but it must be the same shit obummers on.

    • Noah

      Barry, he hain’t uh smokin’ he’s a shootin’!

    • Whackajig

      You are a flucking nut case.

    • Jim

      Time to take your meds…

    • bob

      You’ve been listening to David Eckes haven’t you?

    • http://henry henry

      As we say in Europe – “another communist has appeared out of the wood pile. Stupidity has no borders”.

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Destroy”

      Leapin Lizards Batman!!!

      The above is what get for intelligence once Capitalism is Destroyed & the New World Order education takes over.

  • Robert

    Be careful people. My gut tells be that Perry is the next presidential pupet already picked by the powers that be. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Don’t look at his recent record – look at 2 to 3 years back and before. He is a globalist, builderberg secrete keeper. Back when he attended the builerberg meeting a couple years ago, I thought he might be the one that would break the silence and expose these one-worlders. I was wrong… he avoided and dodged the issue evertime it was brought up in interviews. After his run against Debra Medina in the Texas Republican Primary, his whole focus shifted to fit this TeaParty way of thinking. He is a fake! Don’t be fooled.

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Very good Robert. I see you noticed this too and it does make you wonder why Perry is so popular with the Republicans. We already have enough in this administration and congress pushing for a New World Order and we sure don’t need another one.

    • PatriotK

      Robert, Liked your response; I think you are correct. Id like to know why, when I voted on the ‘thumbs up’ symbol to indicate my agreement with you, it showed up as a subtraction instead of a plus! Is the voting in here rigged??

    • mr bad example

      it could be that a few others didn’t like his comment as you were reading it, that would cause a negative movement. i notice many times when i click a thumbs up, it’ll jump several digits up.

    • levoid77

      One thing we dont have in Texas is Perrycare and have no desire for Obamacare or Romneycare Like him or not, just think how many more jobs we could have in Texas if we could drill or open up our oil wells in the Gulf. The only global problem Texas has is the massive exports to the rest of the world from there. Our Medical facilities are the best and there are no State Income Tax. An individual is free to work his way up without any Union forcing the payment of dues. No wonder Perry thumbed his nose at King Obama

    • Ron Owens

      I am from the Great State of Texas, and i wish I was back there now, Iknow I would feel safer. Secret Society Sheep Leader or not I still take Perry over Obama

    • Luchia

      You need to do a google search for ALL those that have attended a Bilderberg meeting. Let’s see, I found Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama and lots of other. So don’t show your predjudicism, and know what you’re talking about.

    • Frankie

      Right you are, Robert!
      He is another Obama, but in cowboy boots. He will finish off what O started. Everyone thinking on voting for Perry needs to RESEARCH!
      He wants the Trans Texas Corridor opened.
      Talk about open-ended drug-human-and all sorts of bad stuff going down if that happens,
      guess who’s going to get kick-backs, BIG TIME, when it happens. RESEARCH!
      Free rein from Mexico to Canada!

    • David Isenberg

      Thanks for sharing. I must say that I would be very concerned about voting for someone who could support an Al Gore presidency…yikes!
      This guy could in fact be as you say, “a wolf in sheep clothing”! May the good Lord make it manifest to all who care.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      So Perry doesn’t have the support of the tinfoil hat brigade? I’m not moved. Does he have ties to the illuminati? How about the Knights Templar or the Jesuit hit squads? How does that alien that endorsed Bill Clinton feel about him? You know, the one that was on the cover of that tabloid? Was it the Globe?

    • El Lobo Solo


      I think I saw that ET you are talking about.
      ie: the one on the cover of Gobe magazine that got Hillary Clinton pregnant.

    • di-OR

      I won’t be fooled, don’t trust these RINO’s at all.

    • Whackajig

      So go ahead and vote for ovomit again, like you did last time.

    • Larry

      Unfortunately the real fake is Barack Insane Obama and it seems that most Americans will still buy into his load of crap. Obama’s engaging in talks with the Muslim Brotherhood honcho who brought the Twin Towers down. If that doesn’t get Obama impeached nothing will. Obama is a socialist-Islamist terrorist of the worst kind. You cannot do worse than Obama.

    • kari

      I am still baffled, that we have so many ignorant people in this country! People that would vote for a Muslim–how quickly they 4/get.

    • June

      Larry-A “nazi-muslim” is his real genre!

    • smitty

      what was his focus before?

      i read he attended the bilderberg meeting.

      but what do you think about mitt romney? 18 million in contributions is that not an indication someone big is behind him? I think of him as a RINO.

    • Dennis Bartlett

      Perry ? The information that I received is that the Bilderbergers have recommended Perry , not that he was a member . This came from an insider in DC about 2 months ago and I won’t divulge their names but they are dependable and both Conservatives . Could he be a member ? If they recommend someone then what does that mean ? He is for the Trans Hiway that connects us to Mexico and Canada and that is a bad move .

    • plunderpower

      I just wanted to take a second to remind folks that every major bank and corporation in the U.S. is present in Mexico. As an example take WalMart, they need to be able to cross from Mexico into the U.S. regularly, and back into Mexico. Banks need to also have productive movement in & out of the U.S. Canada felt the trans-highway was needed as well. How do you propose to solve these issues for our country and its need to recover with jobs and commerce? This trans-highway is to benefit OUR businesses located in Canada and Mexico, make your suggestion on how to help them and don’t complain unless you have a better idea.

    • Paul G

      Do you own land in Texas? I do and I do not give a Damn who needs a road! Perry can just take land to build it. Sure they pay for it—- Keep The Money And Keep Off My Land! That road would bring in more Mexican trucks and drivers. That means more poorly trained drivers and more junk trucks on Texas roads.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Bravo Paul:
      Fellow landowner.

    • watchandpray

      Rick Perry has attended and participated in Bilderberg Meetings. He is not a Federalist (transTexas Corridor) nor is he a Constitutionalist. Besides, who would want the candidate that Bilderberger recommends?
      I fear that the Federal Government would continue to grow under Rick Perry as it has under “Republicans” to date.

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Don’t know if he is a member but he certainly has attended a meeting. Why would he do this unless he agreed with them or allowed to attend?
      The meetings are never reported by the press.

    • CARLA

      The Buildergerg group is secret, that is why the news media doesn’t report on it, plus…they agree with it’s points.

    • Joe Myrick

      It was more than my gut that told me. It was the Holy Spirit. You are right Robert, and I am afraid that we are once again in the same kind of dilemma, as people by the droves are deceived and cannot sense the fraud candidates. This man does represent the globalist group, & will finish us off. Please all of you learn about REAL ID, Agenda 21, or THE Millennium Project, and most of all view the YouTube video “Is RFID the rise of the Mark of the Beast” by Billy Clones. It is an 8 part series, & it reveals how the corporate globalists are going to subjugate us with an identity measure that disallows us from buying or selling unless we submit to its use in being implanted into our bodies.

    • plunderpower

      You plan on being around for it? Check your Biblical timeline.

    • Noah

      Robert, I hate to admit it but I believe you are right on target. A set-up by the higher ups. I haven’t seen a candidate so far that has gotten me as excited as Ronald Reagan. We certainly don’t need Mormon Romney in office. If he believes the “golden plates” theory expounded by Joseph Smith so much so that he has become a part of that religious group than we know he will believe all other lies and tell some pretty good ones himself.

    • Ann1938

      Robert, Perry is as sneaky in his own way as is Obama. An example is the Trans-Texas Corridor that would have run from the Gulf of Mexico to Minnesota. He tried to sneak around and push that through before anyone realized what would happen. Texas farmers whose land he triedf to confiscate through eminant domain blew the whistle. he has truined the public school system, and he lets people know that HE is in charge. He tries to push his religious beliefs through on tate bills. In his own way, he’s as bad as Obama.

    • Betty

      Well said…He is no better than the rino’s we have in the republican party..come to think of it he is a rino. Do not trust this former democrat who supported GORE of all people!

    • hskrlvr

      Ronald Reagan was originally a Democrat…

    • DrLynda

      I am a born and raised Texan born in 1944, so I have seen us through ups and downs since WWII. Texas has NEVER suffered as much as the rest of the states economically because of a few major factors. One: we are a RIGHT TO WORK state. The unions have NEVER been able to change that no matter what they have done. Texans are independent people who don’t allow someone to tell them how they should think. Two: Texas was a country before it because a state, therefore, our constitution was written for a country and not a state. That fact sets us apart from other states due to its structure. In Texas, no major bill that affects our state can be passed without the approval of THE PEOPLE by ballot. All our legislators must have other jobs because they only meet once every two years and their jobs as legislators can not pay their bills. They are NOT career politicians. Three: Texans are a breed all their own, unwilling to be dictated to by anyone. When other states are limiting rights, we are given rights, i.e., more and more states are tightening down on gun controls; Texas has liberalized gun laws too allow more freedom to carry hand guns. Environmentalists have not been able to hog tie Texas industry with foolish red tape. Texas operates as though it were what it was in the beginning, a country separate from national and Obama’s tyrany. There is no place like Texas and I, for one, am grateful and proud to be a native Texan.

      BTW, if you are looking for a job, the Bryan/College Station area is booming. A&M is building a huge medical and biotec research facility and Scott and White Hospital is constructing a large hospital. Industries suppporting the University are springing up all over the place, homes are being built like mad, the infrustructure is building to accomodate the influx of people to the area for the high tec jobs. Our unemployment sets at around 5.5%. Gas, as of today, is $3.27 a gallon. Come on down. If you are willing to work, jobs are here. If you are a lazy bum expecting a hand out, we don’t need you. Our welfare and public assistance is very lacking. It is only what is required by the federal government. Texas wants good, hard working, productive citizens, not lazy people who want to be a drag on the economy. If you want to be a proud, productive Texan, the doors are wide open.

      Perry has been a big part of brining all of this prosperity to Texas. He can do it for the whole country. Don’t let the ney-sayers convince you otherwise. Perry isn’t perfect, by any means, but he beats the HE** out of the NObama destruction team.

    • Myke

      Type in Rick Perry Confronted and you will get a video of Perry leaving a Bildeberg meeting. He says they talked about the economy and there is no conspiracy and when asked he also said there is no North American Union. He is NWO and I think the Dem party had him switch over to Rep party as a mole. An infiltrator.

    • PAUL

      Wouldn’t anyone be better than OBOZO please

    • June

      Paul-Sure, even at 74 I could do a better job of “saving this country” AND leading it, then the nazi-muslim currently sitting in the oval office! Oh, and I WOULD do it by Constitutional law!
      I suspect my “old gray head” might lend me some credibility, along with my original, long-form birth certificate!

    • Norman

      Very good Robert,you are right Perry is a fake,and not only that they are all around us,they are in our court,much like the trojan horse they come out after nighfall,you will have to be sharp to figure them out,but keep up the good work I am so very proud of you all!”God Bless my friends”

  • Dave

    Gore supporter in ’88 (actually he was his campaign manager) and conservative Democrat? Neither one computes. I agree that only those who have shown consistent adherence to the Constitution and limited government need apply for President. Anything or anyone less would be disastrous.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      So no Ronald Reagan in your book? I suppose no Gearge Washington either. After all, he served with the British millitary in the French and Indian War. Such inconsistancy! And from a founding father! He was our first president! Such betrayal! Only those born with the proper views for you. No one who has ever been on the other side of things. The Lutherans I suppose should reject Martin Luther, the Baptist John Calvin, the Methodists John Wesley, and the Jews Moses. Silly? Well of course. Perry being a Democrat in his past means nothing negative unless your going to be silly.

    • David

      Reagan was also a Democrat most of his life and, when he was president, he continue to function as a liberal (despite the rhetoric). He was a huge deficit spender and tripled the national debt. He was all for Open Borders (Amnesty) and gave us 38,000,000 illegal aliens. He was lawless and almost impeached. He grew government and had several tax increases. No wonder the Democrats are starting to like this third rate president. He was one of them.

    • Joel Carson

      David My Friend . Yes Reagan did all those things you said he did BUT get this in his early days before the publicwas wathing him and listening he said this at the time many americans were very nervous , almost paranoid building bomb shelters and kids in school taught to hide uinder their desks in fear af a nuclear attack . Reagan said ” the soviet union has been running an arms race all by thenselves . They want an arms race ? I’ll give them one that will break the back of the soviet union economy ” and he did . Yes without a doubt it cost us alot of money . What happened to the soviet union ? was it weorth it ? You be the judge .

    • Whackajig

      Only the slime ball, scumbags dislike Ronnie.

    • Joe Myrick

      David Does this view mean that you are aware of Ronald Reagan having signed the Lapaz agreement? Or could RR have been forced by GH Bush his vice president? After all GH Bush was the former CIA director. He had far more power through connections than the president. He was the one who called for the NWO, & has been the perpetrator ever since.

    • Tom Mc

      Right on Joe Myrick. The first person I ever heard talk about the ?\”New World Order” was Bush41. I’m the conservative thru and thru. We’ve got nothing but phonies throughout congress, both parties. In my opinion the country is doomed unless we vote them all out of office and I mean ALL of them. If we were form organizations like the Tea Party (and them me be the right people) to force itmes on the state balot’s where voters can vote for term limits. Until we have term limits we will go the way of other governments. I would like to have some lawyer reading these comments, someone that really knows how to achieve something like “term limits” or of some way to force the will of the people on our “pupper government”. Think it over and start something in your area of the country.

    • levoid77

      NOt too long ago we were all born Yellow Dog Democrat. We are no longer Democrat because the party left us by going hard left to Marxism. Never forget that most Southern States were at one time solid Democrat. If the Republican party is judged by the rhinos of New York, Mass. or other far East states then we dont belong. Sorry but we are Conservative love us or not

    • Noah

      Thanks Eddie for gettting our stinkin’ thinkin’ straightened out. Oh, by the way, what was Oblahblah before he became a socialist/marxist/communist/liar/traitor/spender of other people’s money?

    • Bert

      Reagan was a democrate before he was a republican.

  • slobo

    I think he may be as close to Reagan as we can get in this day and age…of course there will never be another Ronald Reagan!

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      I am not aware of Reagan attending any meetings of the Bilderberg Group and doubt his views are the same.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      No but there were claims Reagan met with that alien who later endorsed Bill Clinton. I’ve heard that alien is actually in charge of the Bilderbergs. (Don’t worry folks, I’m just humoring the tinfoil hat brigade. They wont understand if I just tell them their silly).

    • Victoria DeLacy

      Perry is a pro-life Christian as was Ronald Reagan and Reagan started out as a Democrat, then saw the light and became a Republican, too. Maybe that’s the new pattern for great presidents. It took a Carter to get a Reagan. It turn out to be that it will have taken an Obama to get a Perry, too!

    • Frankie

      NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER consider for a moment that REAGAN and perry have anything in common!
      That is absolute desecration of the SPIRIT OF RONALD REAGAN’S character.
      I’m a Texan and I will hunt you down and make you beg for forgiveness.

    • David

      You and your M13 army, I guess?…This rewriting of history by the Reagan cabal isn’t going to hide the fact that it was your Reagan who started the trends that destroyed America by the end of GW Bush’s term in office. Obama applied the coup de grace… Perry is just another GW Bush.

    • Jo Ann

      David, I agree with one thing, obummer belongs in a coup. In a Gitmo coup, this idiot did nothing for our country, notice how I said our country, the United States of AMerica, not obummers. he is an illegal alien, a muslim, a dictator, taking everything away from us, well he is trying, but he will not succeed, we woke up and we will keep and bear our M13s and whatever else we all own or intend to purchase. because before obummer goes back into the white mosque, he will be defeated and be defeated really large in numbers. WE THE PEOPLE see right through him, and this other idiot Durbin, who does not know the Constitution. what idiots and they are dictators, but they will be fired and real soon. A flea on a dog can do a better job of running our country than this third world dictator. just get obummers tent ready and his camel, he will be stripped of all the good things that our country has to offer. smoke that tonight

    • daves

      After the weapon sales were revealed in November 1986, President Ronald Reagan appeared on national television and denied that they had occurred. A week later, however, on November 13, 1986 Reagan returned to the airwaves to affirm that weapons were indeed transferred to Iran, but that they were not part of an exchange for hostages. On March 4, 1987 in a nationally televised address to the nation he took full responsibility and admitted that “what began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages.”

    • daves

      Ronald Reagan Republican President of the United States, excerpt from Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography (1991), discussing the later years of Ronald Reagan’s marriage to Jane Wyman; Reagan started dating Wyman while she was still married to Martin Futterman. A series of women passed through Ronald Reagan’s bedroom in those years, so many, in fact, that he later told Joe Santley, a publicist, that he once found himself in the Garden of Allah Hotel with a woman he didn’t know. “I woke up one morning and I couldn’t remember the name of the gal I was in bed with.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      so what!!!!

    • daves

      In 1985 President Reagan said of the Taliban. “These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America’s founding fathers”.

    • daves

      “I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally,” Ronald Reagan

    • ryan j

      “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” – Ronald Reagan

  • Nancy

    Sami ; I am inclined to think you are right ;
    God’ help us.

  • Lola

    Bull crap!

  • Paul G

    Perry dropped the ball on sactuary cities!
    Was it on purpose? We in Texas are not happy with him at this time. We think we were thrown under the bus because of his intention to run for president.

    • Frankie

      Right, Paul,
      Another Obama thing. He wasn’t here when the Special Session was going on. He was out of town pandering to the Latino community. He does not want the anti-sanctuary cities law in effect in Texas. Ne draws votes from them. He best remember that it was the conservatives that put him in office.

    • Doug Woods

      Hey with Clinton coming out of the woodwork today a supporting Michelle Bachmann, tells me that Perry is right up there with the LIBS. The Libs and Progressives are scared to death of Palin, Bachmann, Christie, and Trump…

    • Joe Myrick

      It had nothing to do with him running for president. He hasn’t done anything for Texas other than create a smoke screen of deception. He has had 3 terms to do something good for Texas illegal immigration issue, but open borders are a part of the globalist agenda. All he has done is be a great globalist for the international corporate machine that has great plans to subjugate each & every one of us. Wake up ! Seek out the Spirit of God for direction.

    • levoid77

      If we cannot have Palin or any of the other hard line Conservatives then I could go for Perry.

    • bill ferrill

      Because Perry ran against another Bilderberger, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and an unknown conservative that the media helped trash. The election was weighted, you know, kind of like in National elections. Texas is too large to get honest politicians at the top.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      If perry has done such a disservice to Texas, please tell me why you folks keep reelecting him? His record looks pretty good compared to others.

    • Noah

      Thank you Paul for letting us know what the REAL people from Texas think of this person. I certainly would be more apt to believe you as a citizen from Texas than I would some schnook trying to convince others that a converted democrat is something other than a democrat scoundrel waiting in ambush.

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Paul:
      The Texas Legistlature was poised to pass a sancutary cities bill. Thanks to some lobby efforts by a big Houston area home builder & the HEB supermarket chain, the bill was defeated. Stabbed in the back by our own businesses.

      PS: Karl Marx said, “A Capitalist will sell you rope that he is hanged with”

  • Flolady

    There is one point that makes me reluctant to support Rick Perry. He is a member of the Bilderbergers, the group that wants a “new world order” (kind of like $oro$) and that could spell trouble.

    • Phyllis in Tx

      Yikes, I live in Tx.Did not know about Perry and the Bilderbergers. I will research that, oh I hope that is not true.We would like to keep him in Tx, do not always agree with him but he is good for us. He could beat that wicked wicked Obama.

    • Joe Myrick

      Phyllis Would you please explain how Perry is good for Texas? Is it because we have a great economy that has given all of the jobs to illegal aliens? Is it because he has led you to believe he is a pro-lifer? Please go to YouTube and look up the video of Perry being asked about his having attended a Bilderberg meeting? The Bilderbergs are NWO people. One world government people, Unitaded Nations people. Babylon The Great people. They are Luciferianist’s

    • gaetano

      lets get something Straight here. Rick Perry only attended one meeting with the buiLderdergs , at thAT was to dig info from them. Rick Perry lets the people vote on anything that he wants to pass if the people protest it.So don’t put down Perry. He has the #1 economy and jobs record in the United States. Does any one thing that ObamA has done any better. If you do, well then go and vote for him. If you are a republican ,you shouldn’t worry about what republcan gets the nominee. Any one of the republicans that are running would do 1000% better then Obastard and you know it. You can also be an ass and vote independent, so I say this, Do WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT TO

    • Frankie

      Wrong! It was not just ONE Bilderberg meeting.
      RESEARCH! Use the resources of your brain and RESEARCH!

    • TexasLass

      He was at the Istanbul meeting of Bilderberg-read this and see the TV report.

      Fishy TxU deal, too.

  • Iosif David

    This President had NO MANAGEMENT OR EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE AT ALL. This is a said experience for this country.

    • Frankie

      Not so! Not just anyone can run this country as it should be run.
      As far as Obama having no experience politically was a good thing in so far as the One-Worlders go. He made the perfect puppet.
      No brains but the peppeteers make him appear to have charisma.
      One dummy loves another dummy, if he/she doesn’t educate themself.

  • Texas Syl

    I happen to live in TX an love Perry…don’t know anyone who doesn’t! He hasn’t served this long by doing anything wrong. We left FL when it started crashing, lots of jobs here for us. Been here over 4 yrs & love it… got more going than any other state. And you can bet your boots that Obama “IS” scared of Perry with good reason! He has show it too many tims!! Don’t tell me about changing from Dem. to Rep. My daddy & generations of my family were Dem, then I grew up and found out all about them& the Rep Didn’t like them either so I went Independent. But I will vote Rep. I would vote for Donald Duck before I would lower myself to vote for that no good BO who thinks he’s GOD…I got news for him,he ain’t!! I’m 75 yrs old an have seen some bad ones come & go but this man has to be the worst I’ve ever know of except for Wilson & Carter. He even tops them…Perry, Bachman would be one hell of a team to beat. That should scare the crap out of Obama!! And if you don’t live in TX you don’t know Perry! I’ve not been here all that long but I’m plenty proud to call myself a Texan now! You have to admit, Perry is doing SOMETHING right! We are a Right to Work State as all should be. Most Unions suck big time. Obama better learn fast to STOP his stupid spending spree! He should also tell his wife the way she dresses is a decrease to the title of First Lady…she looks more like a hooker!! Perry & Bachman, I’ll vote for that!

    • drafonfFIRE01

      want to know why Texas has more growth than any other? texas is a Right to Work state. Jobs are far more important than lining the pockets of union bosses.

    • bdevilandcanes

      live free or die

    • Joe Myrick

      It was a right to work state long before Perry became governor. Perry had nothing to do with that. If he were to have his way we would be a part of the North American Union, & a nation State of the UN. Remove the scales from your eyes.

    • gaetano

      horay for you texas syl. THAT IS MY COMBO PICK ALSO. GREAT COMBINATION

    • 45GUNNER

      Thanks for your comment!;….good to hear from someone who has been in TX that long!
      I agree 100%….I would LOVE to see Perry/Bachmann!!!
      2012-We Can/MUST SAVE OUR Republic!
      send the dangerous, weak, Narcissist, Pompus FOOL, MARXIST-would-be-tyrant, community-agitater-in-chief obama packing for chicago, kenya or B.F.E.!
      2012-replace the “resident” in the White House with a “REAL” President!
      GOP better listen up= 2012 NO RINOs!

    • TexasLass

      TexasSL said he has been a Texan for 4 years from FL.I’ve been a Texan for 61 years. Perry has some baggage – real Texans know. He can be a fluff and can do some harm. He was ramming a Transcorridor through Texas by stealing land from Texas ranchers and letting Spain’s Cintra build it, own it and manage it. There was no US and Texas job growth in that, if Spain profits (and maybe Perry. Reminds me of the toll road in “Blazing Saddles” See:
      Hated his Gardisal mandate that showed he owned stock in the drug comany. And do not forget that he lives in over a $10,000 month house while the Gov.’s palace is being rebuilt. Not your fiscal conservative that you would hope for.
      He fusses about the border problem but he doesn’t end sanctuary cities? Please, don’t be fooled. The jobs are coming to Texas in spite of RP, not because of him.
      He has shown he will spend your money and grab your land and your soveignty in a NY minute. I do not think he will pass the media scrutiny, too well,either. Tea partiers will be weary of him and alot of folks in US can’t handle voting for another Texan. We only have on shot to get the right Republican candidate to win.
      We can’t split votes like voting our convictions for Independants, like I have done many times in the past. We have to go as usual for the lessor of two evils that can WIN.

    • Frankie

      I have been here 42 years and any state would seem better than Florida. Sugar, get someone to RESEARCH Perry for you. You are seeing the facade. Inside he is a corrupt politician through and through. He is in it for himself. Not for “we the people.”
      It is nice to meet you and I DO NOT like Perry.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      “any state would seem better than Florida”? Really? Sounds like Frankie’s been reading too many Democrat talking points, or perhaps they are Moderate Republican talking points. Same difference. I live in Florida. Rick Scott, for all the beating he is taking from the press and the Republican establishment, is doing a great job. He may not get re-eelected but it wont be because his policies weren’t right-on. I can’t imagine a true conservative Republican attacking him or the job he’s doing. Frankie may just have exposed himself to us.

    • David

      I am a member of the Tea Party and I, too, would never vote for Perry. He is a Globalist.. a RINO with a scandalous record. Politics in Texas sucks.

    • Whackajig

      I still see just as many filthy thieving mexican parasites here in Naples FL as there were before Scott. What has he done to address our most serious problem……….. Illegals.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Well,we could see if good old flip flop Charlie Crist wants his job back ..

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      I, too live in Fla. Yes , Rick Scott is trying to pull us out of the ditch and is doing a good job. The dems are firmly entrenched here and they despise him. He will do a good job whether they like it or not. Whoever the repubs choose to run in 2012 will be vilified by the dems.They are a nasty ,crooked bunch. I believe that Perry has the cojones to stand up to them.

    • Bert

      I live in Florida and our Governon, Scott, is doing a great job. He is not popular but he is doing what is right for this state. We do not have a state income tax either. Central Florida is a piece of paradise. I grew up in Texas and it is a great state as well. I would vote for anyone other than Obama.

    • Torpedo

      WHY do you still live here then? Don’t you think California, the very broke socialist state would be more suited to your nanny state needs?


    Right now I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I vote for Obama, the country is on the verge of Revolution, and if we dont get jobs soon it will explode here.

  • Christian Archer

    I’m a native Texan born and bred. I’ve lived in Texas all my 60+ years and Rick Perry is NO RONALD REAGAN. He’s a mixed bag of strong and weak leadership. I’ve posted about Gov. Perry many times regarding his strengths and weaknesses. It appears that the same people keep saying the same things about him. I’m very astute about the Bilderberg Group and their Satanic New World Order bent. I have yet to see Gov. Perry’s name even remotely associated with those evil people. For those who propound such statements, give us your evidence and links to where you get your information. Until then, your words are nothing more than empty rhetoric. Remember, I’m not a Gov. Perry fan. I voted for Debra Medina in the Republican primary but I did vote for Gov. Perry when he ran against Bill (Obama boot-licker) White.

    • Paul G

      Christian, I could written your post, except I in my 70’s. I also voted for Medina.
      Perry is a much better choice than B.O.,however, I am waiting to see who really steps up and presses The Manchurian President on the issues.

    • Luchia

      Christian, have you taken the time to check google to see all the previous attendees of the Bilderberg meetings? You’d be very suprised to see the list; let’s see there’s Bill clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obummer and lots of others. Please check it out.

    • Frankie

      Do a search on “secretive Bilderberg group” and you will find on that website where it lists, ‘Governors’ and you will find Rick Perry.

    • creatureofhabit

      oook…. I tried searching the sites for Perry’s name, never came up for me. Has it been removed? I’m confused over this. I like Perry for his track record, even tho I’m a Californian, but this bilderberg stuff I’ve never heard of and reminds me of something you would see on 24. especially season 7. Soo… where else can I find his name?

    • donpepe774

      That is very unfair-Mickey Mouse is a genius

    • Joe Myrick

      There is a YouTube video where he is questioned by a young man about his having attended one of their meetings. He responded that he went to give a speech. You could tell that he didn’t appreciate the line of questioning at all. Go to YouTube and do a search.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Considering the Bilderberg meetings are secretive and the paranoid rumors surrounding them, who wouldn’t be be annoyed to be questioned about them? There’s just no there there.

  • Fitz

    Governor Perry has a solid tract record for job growth and business prosperity for the people of Texas. He is more of a Republican than most which is more than I can say for the so called Democrats who are more Marxist than most. President Obama has a tract record for failure and has no intentions of fixing anything. What do the Democrats have to say about that. Wake up Democrats and Liberals you must be aware of the destruction Obama is doing to this great nation.

    • cheryl

      Perry has accomplished 3 things lately than makes him a good choice. Tx passed Tort reform,Texans will have to have a picture ID voters card to vote and passed a law that if you sue someone and loss you pay.I’d be willing to bet you won’t see many illegals voting in Tx.

  • http://google mary smith

    If rick perry is a member of the builderbergs why would anyone vote for him as president of the united states.They don’t care anything about the u.s. so don’t vote for him they want to run the us so how would we be any better off.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Rocky, it’s because the Bilderbergs control everyone’s mind except for those wearing tinfoil hats.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I prefer teflon hats.

  • ms

    Being he was a democrat tells me something.Most people with common sense know the democrat agenda has been communest for years.

    • American 2

      Many years ago, the Democratic party wasn’t like it is now. The socialists and communists have infiltrated the party and have managed to just about take it over. It is NOT the same party as it was when Kennedy was elected president.

      Now, there was a classy first lady – Jackie !!
      I have been so insulted when the liberal main stream have compared Jackie to what we have now…… UGH

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Ms. odumma’s behind reminds me of the horses Jackie used to ride. Come to think of it, her face does too.

    • Betsy

      Definite agreement about the comparison between the present First Lackie and Jackie Kennedy — we must remember just because the present day Liberal press tells us that Mrs. BO is so very, very stylish, it does not necessary make it so. By the way, why are all the very Liberal TV commentators telling us how they think Rick Perry would be a wonderful Presidential candidate? Does this really sound as if good old Barry would be afraid of him, or does it sound like a setup to elect one of their buddies?

    • Bert

      Ronal Reagan was once a democrat. I, myself, was once a democrat. We see the truth and change parties. Don’t hold that against us.

  • Dale

    I’m sure Perry would put fear in Emperor Obama but there is another man who would have that empty suit that’s living in our White House shaking in his boots and that man is Col. Allen West. He is an in-your-face Constitutional Conservative who wouldn’t hesitate to send Obambi and all his Marxist appointees to Guantanamo for a little R and R. They could all play games like kick the Koran and maybe play some waterboarding games. It is critical that we remove this traitor from office but keep in mind that that is only half the battle. We must also remove all of the “professional politicians” in Congress that have never had a real job in their miserable lives and replace them with people who believe in our founding principles and our Constitution AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as liberal judges have interpreted it. George Soros’ ACLU must be abolished as well.

    • Sandra Parrott

      I agree with you, Dale, Allen West would make a great president. I am a native Texan, 70 years, and I don’t trust Rick Perry. He’s just too slick for me. Anyone who campaigned for Al Gore cannot possibly hold true conservative values, but any career politician, and Perry is one, can change their views to suit their purpose, and then change them back again! He is doing that in my opinion. I’m not so sure he would be any better for America than Obama when he shows his true colors.

    • Disgusted


      Aw geez.

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      GEORGE WASHINGTON FOUGHT FOR KING GEORGE! Oh my! Give this argument of yours a rest. Go get another one. This one’s just silly.

    • Jerry Black

      If he liked old Gore then he is not my kind of Repuplican. He is a tried and true RINO. Lets get a real candidate

    • Bert

      That is when he was young and dumb. He saw the truth and changed parties.

    • Joy D. Brower

      He campaigned for a much younger Al Gore in 1988 (BEFORE Gore’s VP to Clinton and his later decline into the global warming abyss, morphing into Algore aka AL Bore) – NOT when Mr. Self-Righteous Prig/Pig duked it out with W in 2000!

    • Larry

      And don’t forget ACORN which is funded by the
      Obummer group, and is very much alive under different names, regardless of the lies that Obummer & Co are blathering.

    • Frankie

      Soros has 130+ news media outlets he either owns or pumps money into. That’s why the media is so Obama friendly.
      Soros also pumps money into Google so at times you can’t do a decent search on there.

    • smitty

      sure wish God would say to Soros TIME’S UP!

    • David Isenberg

      Right on Dale!

    • a constitutionalist

      I couldn’t agree more about Col. Allen West. A true ,loyal patriot and a man of honor. He is a true conservative who would undoubtedly scare the crap out of Oblah blah.
      I also believe he would clean house on the level required to restore honor and integrity to our disgraced government. West & Palin, West and Bachmann or West and Cain all would be much better than the muslim in chief.

    • Mike

      Now your talking!

    • creatureofhabit


    • Norman

      To the constitutionalist,I to would love to see col West in the White House,if he would run I would give $100.00 to his campaign in a heartbeat,I am retired Nat Guard and would serve under him any where in the world no questions asked!The Col is as cool as a cucumber!He’s my man.

    • Whackajig

      This nation is not prepared to accept another black as presidunce. Blacks are not really like humans, they think and act much differently.

      95% of the blacks vote for the food stamp party, so all West would do is get maybe 5% of the black vote and piss off at least the 50% of whites who are not kneeger lovers.

  • jimtiel Vati

    I dont believe Obama is afraid of Rick Perry. Its Rick Perry who is afraid of Obama. When Obama was contesting Rick Perry did not want to contest and He still does not want because he will lose.

  • Monna Bishop

    With the current level of candiates out there, Rick Perry is head and soulders above the pack. He could match obummer with anything he wants to throw out, and would not be afraid to call his hand on the many lies he has told the American people and the empty promises he has made. He can beat the mess that occupies OUR White House and restore the dignity that it deserves.
    As for a running mate, Rep. Allen West of Flordia, a conservative, who served his country honorably,and has the leadership skills required. He don’t have a lot of political baggage to drag with him and try to explain away like most of the pack.

    PERRY-WEST IN 2012

  • Don

    If Obama fears Rick Perry the most then why are his lackies spend so much timw trying to destroy Michelle Bachman? Hhmmm

  • Randy

    I like Gov. Perry and believe he would make a fine president. He stands strong and sticks to his guns on issues.

    • Frankie

      That is the one good thing that I can say about Perry. He does support the right to bear arms….At least for himself. Hear about him while out jogging he came up on a coyote that threatened his pup and he pulled his gun out and shot the coyote where he stood.

    • Whackajig

      Maybe Perry will come across ovomit while jogging.


    The one with the real kick a$$ attitude is Chris Christie. I would pay to watch him debate Obama. Christie isn’t all that conservative, but for N.J. he is a refreshing change and I like alot of what he’s doing….esp. regarding the unions.

    • Larry

      Anmen Catlady !!

    • Disgusted

      Chris Christie? Isn’t all that conservative? No, ya think?

      We might just as well have a democrat in the White House as to have Christie.

    • Whackajig

      Disgusted make a fence post seem intelligent.

  • Taxpayer

    Taking Uninsured Cars Off The Road

    Recently, in the City of Dallas, Texas, they passed an ordinance that if you are pulled over by law enforcement and not able to provide proof of insurance, your car will be towed right away.

    Afterwards, to retrieve your car after being impounded, you must show proof of insurance to have your car released.. This has made it easy for the City of Dallas to remove uninsured cars that are typically driven by mostly illegals.

    Shortly after “No insurance” ordinance was passed, the Dallas impound lots began to fill up quickly and were full after nine days. Most of the impounded cars were driven by illegals.

    Not only must you provide proof of insurance to have your car released, you have to pay for the cost of the tow, a $350 fine, and charged $20 for every day their car is kept in the lot.

    I would suggest other cities across the nation to follow what Dallas, Texas is doing. Not only is it getting uninsured drivers off the road, but it is taking away vehicles driven by illegals that have no insurance that might endanger your life.

    Brings a tear to my eye.
    GO Texas !
    Dallas’ Solution

    Get them off the road WITHOUT making them show proof of nationality. Wonder how the ACLU or the Justice Department will get around this one.
    Dallas, TX’s solution to Illegal’s… Brilliant!!!

    • Counter puncher with a hard belly shot…..

      I really think that law is awesome…. Good for dallas…

    • smitty

      excellent going to pass that over to HOWARD COBLE in NC.

  • Loretta

    The GOP better find someone that’s honest and not a wishy wash globalist. Get rid of Romney, he’s a white BO.

  • Disgusted

    I want to know what manner of person Perry is. What kind of character does he have? He just looks like a slick pretty boy to me.

    It will be interesting to see what he’s about.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      As I recall, odumma was a slick, pretty boy too. Clean and articulate was the word. It didn’t slow the libs down a bit. What makes you special?

  • Ralph

    AMEN for Dallas insurance law!!!!!!! Every STATE should follow suit!!!!

  • Ralph

    I live in North Carolina, Dallas insurance law make me want to move to Texas

  • Rocky

    The candidate we need is Jim Demint of South Carolina, I believe he’ll restore this country back to greatness again, I hope he decides to run….

  • Teeter

    This may be a bit off topic but is an amazing video sure to raise your patriotic spirit and get you in the mood for 2012!!!
    copy and paste this link to a youtube video. It is “safe” – Enjoy….

  • CJB

    Obamba needs to fear the citizens that he’s pissed off more than Perry. Perry is a fake. He wears a conservative mask but is a Bilderberg tool. Yes, Virginia there is a Bilderberg group.

  • Counter puncher with a hard belly shot…..

    obama is not what he said he was. wake up America,your country is slip sliding away… We have millions of muslims already here in America and obama said if the politicalwinds shift in an ugly direction he will be on the side of the muslims. America,are we really okay with this? Lets wake up please…

  • http://n/a Andree N


  • phil

    After all is said and done I think I would be the perfect choice. Bring on the comments.

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Phil

      Are you Phil Donahue?

  • http://Google Malu

    This is the biggest lie. Perry is your 2012 John McCain! Do not be fooled by the traders, and by the media. Perry is a Progressive!!!
    A Texan

  • http://PatriotUpdate Linda

    I love reading all these comments! So many different opinions about so many different possible candidates. I’m not sure who I would vote for. I like Romney right now. I’m a Texan as well but I’m not too sure about Perry. I’m going to look into this Bilderberg thing. I’ve never heard of it before. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Joe Myrick

      See the video of him being questioned

    • Eddie Fontaigne

      Romney’s saying all the wrong things. Back when i supported him I always said to folks, at leat he’s saying the right things. Well now he isn’t. He said he believes global warming is caused significantly by human activity, his Romneycare wasn’t a mistake, cap and trade’s a good idea, and unions are great. In the eyes of conservatives he’s toast. In the eyes of independents he will be toast if he gets the nomination.

    • creatureofhabit

      couldn’t agree stronger. He once came across as someone that could do wonders for the GOP, but his wishy washy ways has proven he’s more progressive than republican. He’s definitely not a conservative in the Republican’s eye. When he refused to sign the pro life agreement, he lost my interest. How can you say you’re pro life when you won’t sign a document claiming that is what you are? bachmann is my favorite, but because she is a woman, I doubt I will see her as commander and chief. That’s disappointing. So my next favorite will depend on the next GOP primaries.

  • jay

    Allen West. I believe w all my heart that Allen West is THE MAN. And I pray to God that he will run … If he does not, then we gotta draft him.

  • Dumbfounded

    The only one he is truly afraid of is Ron Paul,and you know it.I dont care how much the Lame Stream Media lies and denies about Paul.I have looked at 15 polls since the debate,and Ron Paul won 14 of them.The LSM Media just keeps on lying.Perry is a slick liar,and is getting all his money from the banks and corporations.He is a Globalist,and NWO shill worth 200 million!

  • a constitutionalist

    I know we all have our own opinions and that’s good for debate. Here are mine: Romney=biggest threat to our liberties among the candidates so far. Perry= A NWO guy and career politician,very well hidden RINO Santorum= RINO and career politician, and we in Pennsylvania threw him out Ron Paul= Very smart and well spoken, too old to win general election, Cain= sucessful businessman and clear conservative, supports America and developement of America’s resources, personally,like him very much, Bachmann= conservative with a proven record, has made some questionable votes, has good support but am unsure she can win general election as the country may not be ready for a female after the chance so many took for the criminal in chief.

    • Whackajig

      Lacking a Constitution says the US is not ready for a female president. A kneeger was elected, but a lady cannot be? Bullshit.

    • creatureofhabit

      I’m all for her getting voted in. She’s a fave. But because mainstream society isn’t ready for a woman president, I doubt she will win. HOWEVER, since we have a black muslim for a pres, I don’t see why a woman can’t hold the office. I have a feeling she’s going to the top, and to contend with Oblithering moron, this I would pay good money to see.

  • Ed of So CAl

    Bottom line; Perry is the RIGHT WING MARIONETTE just like Obama is the Left Wing MARIONETTE. Perry is a slow freight to MARXISM and Obama is an Express train to MARXISM. Mr. Perry is not going to protect our Second Amendment Guaranteed RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Mr.PERRY is going to KEEP RIGHT ON ENCOURAGING THE TANS AMERICAN CORRIDOR and a NORTH AMERICAN UNION. He will help DESTROY THE REPUBLIC , just as Obama has. Perry will simply take on a different aspects of The REPUBLIC to personally destroy that Obama has not yet emphasized. Perry is as DUMBFOUNDED SAID, a GLOBALIST, New World Order SHILL who will work hard to DESTROY THE REPUBLIC. HE MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM THE LEVERS OF POWER, as should have Obama…….

    • BLH557

      What kind of fool writes this stuff?

  • gciam

    Response to “Destroy Capitalism”–Your mere existence will destroy capitalism. You must be hiding behind your union membership in a higher education academic institution while you espouse all but know nothing cause you’ve never been there, done that. Your queerly expressed science is as pseudo as you.

  • Bryan Bauhs

    Rick Perry is not a conservative; he is not even a Republican. You are infatuated with him because you do not have great confidence in Mit Romney, but Mit is a brilliant man and he has experience (good and bad) in the real world. He has learned from his errors. Rick Perry is just a daddy’s boy. I know, I live in Texas, and I only vote for him because the democrats are worse. Perry was a democrat but he could not be elected here, so he switched parties. TRUTH HURTS.

  • ARMYOF69

    This is reverse psyco stuff. It really means, Obama is NOT scared of running against Perry.
    Vote: Michele Bachmann

    • Hobe

      You have it reversed. The liberals have been positive toward Michele Bachman hoping she will advance to further expose her weaknesses. The Dems know she is a weak candidate. She can not respond to questions mainly because she does not have a clue. Her vocabulary is limited also weak. She will not do well in a debate. Obama will tear her to pieces make her look passive uninformed and weak. She becomes extremely passive when she feels threatened… reference 2 years ago when PA Rep Spectre backed her into a corner as she took crap from him about healthcare. The Democrats would love for Backman to win the nomination. This is touchy thanks to the Tea Party supporting Sharon Aingle last November Harry Reed is still in the Senate. We don’t want this secure Obama’s re election…Go with Perry or Rommney with Marco Rubio as the VP candidate if you want Obama to be a one term president..

    • Torpedo

      Hobe–did you not watch the debates? Bachman tied with Ron Paul in South Carolina with Cain being the favorite and came in first with the CNN debate. Obummer wouldn’t come close to her in a one on one debate! (Doubt he can do ANY debate without his favorite teleprompter)

  • kate ,

    Perry? No way! part of the Bideberg minions. One world order group? No thanks! he will bring this country down further than Scumbama.
    He didn’t stand up for Jan Brewer on item 1070 immigration law, wants the open door corridor for immigrants: how many more illegals can we afford to NOT pay taxes? WHERE did this guy pop out of? WHY is NOONE researching him? Even Fox isn’t saying much. I’m very suspicious. Not many Texans seem to like him that much either. We should be careful and start doing our homework.

  • Stephen Frazier

    No matter how great is Perry’s record in Texas, I am still troubled by the bill he sigend that MANDATES vaccination against the HPV virus for preteen and teen aged girls.

    I am not a one issue voter, but if that one issue is all about following the constitution then so be it. I see little difference in this bill and Obamacare. Both of them takes a medical decision out of the hands of the patient and into the hands of the government.

    For all you liberals in GOP clothing, don’t give me the one about “but a lot of girls would be saved from cervical cancer with this vaccination”. A lot of girls might never get pregnant if he signed a law that made sex without condoms a crime, too.

    Besides, the main issue I have with the bill is that the protection is for SEXUALLY ACTIVE GIRLS, but forces EVERY girl over a certain age to get it.

    If he did this, then it shows a predilection for heavy handed governing and I will not vote for him. I would rather be abused by an enemy than one who is supposed to be my friend.

    • Torpedo

      S. Frazier–Then why do all those first graders have to have a whole panel of shots before they are allowed into school? Don’t forget the Texas legislators only meet every two years so the Gov. can’t sign anything that hasn’t passed by our Congress.

    • Warren the Wordsmith

      Regarding forced vaccination, an excellent comment and reminder of an issue that has faded from the public memory temporarily. This action of Perry must be remembered and highlighted at every Perry gathering and on all threads following articles about Perry.

      We don’t need any more heavy handed governing, especially regarding our health decisions.

  • America wakes up…….

    The white house is very corrupt. They will do all they can to control and keep the big money and power rolling. I do not trust any white house offical.

  • Bumps

    The preceding comments cause me to question Perry as a president. I have discounted Huckleberry, Newt, and Romney as their administrations would be the same shit with different assholes.

  • Tomahs

    People, let’s forget about Perry and his questionable connections. Let’s get behind a truly remarkable person whom I believe to be a true patriot, does not have any Bilderberg connections, has this Country’s best interests at heart, has taken on the oil magnates in Alaska (successfully), kept the state’s economy in the black, experienced a very high approval rating from its citizens, and is not afraid to fiercely attack nd criticize Obummer. She only resigned her governorship because of the enormous costs of defending herself against the liberal establishment which would have ensued, and the time required to defend herself could potentially have taken away time needed to propely perform her duties. Of course I am talking about Sarah Palin. So let’s not worry any further about Perry, get behind her and put someone we can all be proud of, and can depend on, in the White House! SARAH PALIN for President 2012!!

  • http://Yahoo Bonnie Fleming

    We have done been had with the National Security Act of 1947. The one-worlders have controlled us ever since. Our elections are a fraud – a publicity stunt to keep the sheeple content in thinking they are free.

    I know I’m not – I envy the sheeple.

  • Dopler

    Hang in there Blogers. Remember every dog has his day.Even this unpaperded one that we are stuck with,Get out and vote this mutt out of office along with his unpapered punch…….

  • BLH557

    I tried to post a comment yesterday, but it didn’t make it on. Guess there’s a conspiracy? :)

    The reason Rick Perry looks so good right now is NOT because of Rick Perry. It is because of the PEOPLE OF TEXAS. We have voted for conscientious conservative (yes even conservative Democrats) representatives and we hold them accountable for their actions and WE have taken responsibility for assuring the continued solvency of the state of the State of Texas. As long as the US voters continue to pass the buck onto their own respective representatives and NOT hold them accountable we will have what we have now. The PEOPLE of TEXAS make Texas GREAT; NOT the Governor.

    To those “conservatives” who say they wouldn’t vote for Perry; do you really want to take responsibility for another four years of BHO? It was the white “conservative” “Christians” who refused to vote for McCain who actually are responsible for BHO’s election. We had better ALL vote for ANYONE besides “O”, or we may not get another chance to vote at all.

    • Myke

      It wasn’t the white conservative Christians who got B.O elected. Not all conservatives are Christians and there are black conservatives. Most of the people who voted for him refused to listen to the truth about B.O and we are headed the same way by not believing the truth about some of our top contenders today.
      I was sick for weeks after being forced to vote for McCain. I won’t do it again. That is why I spend hour after hour researching the candidates.

    • WD Patriot

      There is that point (see my post reference below), but I think anyone other than Huntsman, Romney, Perry, or perhaps Cain in the primaries, and then if anyone gets in to the primary we need a write in movement starting now so we as citizens can elect who we know to be conservative and Constitutional.

      I say pick in the following order:

      1) Bachmann
      2) Palin
      3) Paul
      4) ????

      What say you? Should we try to set up an organization web page where people can go to decide on who we will support in a write in? Contact me at to advise what you think. Liberals do not bother, for if I find you trying to destroy this grass-roots effort, then you will be held accountable by WE THE PEOPLE of America!

  • Myke

    Perry was all for NAFTA and the superhighway from Mexico to Canada with no borders. They were trying to take land from Texans by iminent domain to build this corriodor. Because of the outcry from Texans and others they stopped. They renamed it and is now being built in increments so as not to draw so much attn. Just as in the case of ACORN who they renamed and are still shoveling money into it.
    All of this is easily found by the non believers. Just type in superhighway from Mexico to canada and you will get plenty of proof.
    The Dem party has been taken over by the Progressive/Communists. They have infilitrated the Rep party to a great degree. infiltrated out schools, colleges, churches and every aspect of out govt, including the military. And they have been doing it for decades.
    They are trying to give us another RINO like McCain. Don’t let it happen.
    Cain was chair of the Federal Reserve. The most corrupt dangerous agency there is. Even tho they are missing 9 trillion dollars, money they refuse to account for, Cain doesn’t think they need to be audited. Many noted people are calling for the abolishment of the FR. He who controls the money controls the country. And yet Cain is defending them. How did Cain get appointed to the FR in the Clinton yrs? Why was he appointed to this inside job out of all the people they could have appointed.
    For the uninformed type in Rothschild and the NWO. Type in Jekyl Island or Agenda 21. There is plenty of proof out there if you look for it.
    So far all the leading Reps in this line up except for Bachman, smell like John McCain

    • Joy D. Brower

      When Palin enters the race his fall (she’s already running, but in her own unorthodox/”rogue” way!), you’ll have the real deal – a straight-talkin’, straight-shootin’ Consitutional Conservative! Word is that “The Undefeated,” the new documentary produced & directed by an independent bona fide film director, is outstanding and will go a long way toward educating the general public on the REAL (not phoney/hateful LSM made-up) Palin and very possibly will be THE game changer. No matter what the results of the film, when Palin enters full-throttle, she’ll suck all the air out of the room that these GOP wannabees will be struggling to breathe!

  • WD Patriot

    People…I like Perry’s rhetoric, but that is all. He sounds like a conservative Tea=Party candidate, but he is just a sham. Read here to see what I mean:

    Paste it into your browser and read the truth as it is displayed. We cannot allow him to be elected to the presidency.

  • reject

    Rick Perry looks presidential – and the older Obama gets, the more he looks like Frank Marshall Davis. Literally. In many more ways than just one.

  • Raymond

    Q: How do you keep a Democrat busy?
    A: Write ‘Please turn over’ on both sides of a piece of paper.

    Q: How do you keep a Liberal busy all day?
    A: Put him in a round room and tell him to wait in the corner.

    Q: What the difference between a Democrat and the rear end of a horse?
    A: I don’t know either.

    Q: How is a Liberal different from a sewer rat?
    A: Some people actually like sewer rats.

  • Raymond

    Q.What time is it when a Democrat sits on your fence?
    A. Time to turn on the electricity.

    Q: How do you play Taliban bingo?
    A: B-52…F-16…B-1…

    Q: How is Bin Laden like Fred Flintstone?
    A: Both may look out their windows and see Rubble.

    Q: What is the Taliban’s national bird?
    A: Duck

    Q: What does Osama bin laden and General Custer have in common?
    A: They both want to know where those Tomahawks are coming from!

    Q: Why doesn’t the Taliban have drivers ed and sex ed classes on the same day?
    A: Because the camels can’t handle it.

    Q: What’s the difference between Obama and a snake?
    A: One is spineless, has a forked tongue and is a threat to humans. The other is a reptile

  • Allen Menges, 1SG

    I didn’t read all of the stuff, but this about Republicans and Democrats is smoke. They are not that many of them. What you do have are RINOs and DINOS, Both parties in name only. The biggest group of self serving
    progressives that you can find. We need to cancel out the Hollywood routine and see what is behind the facades that will be presented. The ones that are there now, with a few exceptions, have built an empire, and a gray train for them selves, and will be hard put toi relinquish it.


  • http://yahoo Lynne

    We need a leader like Rick Perry for president! If Trump won’t run, Perry is our best to go with. Our wonderful nation CANNOT make it with another 4 yrs of Obama. As far as I’m concerned, he shouldn’t even be allowed to run again. He’s gone against his oath, our Constitution, our ally Israel(only a muslim or true enemy would go against Israel), wanting to negotiate with the muslim brotherhood (isn’t that treason?)they’re the enemy. He’s so full of himself and believes he’s doing a great job, sure is, bankrupting the USA, via instructions from George Soros, the czars and his advisors. I’ve never seen our nation in as much confusion (since Carter) in my life. It’s tragic, he’s a disgrace and he’s definitely disgraced America! He’s putting us right into the hands of the terrorist and doesn’t give a damn! We’ve got to stop him from winning again. Pray for our nation to repent and please heal us Lord!

  • Don W Boyer

    Rick Perry posted Obama’s criminal record.To
    see it go to and type in: Does Obama have a criminal record then click on the post by Rick Perry. Obama was investigated by the IRS.

  • Howard-the Banger Club

    Take a deep breath and think 2012. For me it’s Governor Rick Perry, President and Congressman Allen West VP. Go to their web site and learn more.

  • Patriot

    Rick Perry is a globalist piece of shit, running on the same agenda as the current usurper in chief! I know you don’t believe me, and think I am a looney, but do some research, be is a Bilderberger! He is a RINO in sheep’s clothing! DO NOT believe this man! Wake up and get some REAL change for once!
    A Patriot for America’s future

  • http://newsmax IowaPerry

    I think President Perry, has a certain ring to it. However I will remain for the hometown gal.

  • Norman

    I tried to post a comment yesterday,but was not accepted,maybee George had it scrubbed,I tell you you can trust no one today!Having said that I am my own best friend!