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Biden to sell debt ceiling deal to Chinese

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joe-Biden 11

Vice President Biden will tout the debt ceiling deal during a trip to China and Japan, two holders of huge amounts of U.S. debt.

Biden will travel to top lender China on Wednesday and to Japan, the second-biggest holder of U.S. bonds, on Aug. 22.

Standard & Poor’s downgraded the nation’s AAA rating to AA+ a few days after Obama signed the legislation. S&P had called for a $4 trillion package, and said it was left uncertain that U.S. politicians could agree to a larger deficit-reduction package.

Biden will also push China to allow its currency to rise against the U.S. dollar. Democrats in Congress are clamoring for legislation to punish China for keeping its currency undervalued, something it does to make its exports cheaper compared to U.S. products.

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  • Jackie

    Maobama is sending the perpetual embarrassment that is Biden to our two largest foreign debt holders to sell them on that pathetic excuse for a debt deal and “push” China to stop devaluing it’s currency – REALLY? Maybe maobama is hoping ol’ Joe will never be heard from again and he can pick a fellow muslim to be his running mate in 2012.

    • Dodi

      That’s what I would be hoping for maobama!

    • Dodi

      I should have verified that, NOT a muslim for his running mate BUT maobama not to be heard from again. You know, go back to Kenya or the 58th state where ever it is!

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Dodi: Good comment. Isn’t it just great when we have a president who doesn’t know how many states there are? This is probably a larger gaff than anything old Joe has said to date but collectively Joe wins.

      The Chinese have been watching and listening so they know Obama dispatched a fool on “mission impossible” and he will get nothing from China but possibly an ear from Japan.
      The only way they will listen is if Biden puts a squeeze on them on trade agreements
      threatening high tariffs or elimination of many items sold by China in this country. The result will be retaliation on our businesses in China. I would not expect much will be accomplished in his effort.

    • just wondering

      even worse, wouldn’t he get to appoint a new v.p. now if old Joe vanished?

    • Dodi

      Doesn’t the vp position follow a chain as the president does?? I don’t know what that is but there must be something in place. Hope it wouldn’t be the minority leader in the House – PELOSI – OH NO I hope not.

    • just wondering

      If p and v.p. both vanish, then the speaker of the house steps in.

    • Lee

      That would be Boehner. Boy, wouldn’t he be surprised!

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Just wondering: Exactly and I wonder what they are waiting on because everyone knows the president was not properly vetted, that his birth certificate is a forgery and he doesn’t have a valid Social Security Number. He admits on the you tube video “Not Natural Born – Truth Matters” that he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii.
      If these issues were brought before Congress, both the president and vice president would be removed from office since the office of president was obtained under false credentials. All legislation during their term would be null and void. It won’t happen though as it would create havoc in Congress trying to sort it out and the charges of high treason would have to dealt with as well for viewing our nations secrets.

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      Ouch,pelosi? obama has to go.

    • http://Yhahoo Raeman Haines

      Now this is a classic example of sending a gaot to tend the cabbage ! God help us

    • am2sweet

      Biden couldn’t sell water to someone in the desert. Yet again it’s the blind leading the blind as no one knows what to do.

    • Ltjg

      Dear am2sweet, Thank you for your Posts yesterday regarding Perry and his secret friends. Much of this I have already read and learned but it is great others are doing the same research. Some have also joined in and have helped. If you learn more, Please let me and others know. I will do the same.

  • colt lane

    public enemy #1 is history, we will have a natural born citizen legal president in 2012.

  • David

    Biden is a joke!!!

    • Retired USAF Chief

      You forgot; An Embarrassment to the Country.

    • Lewis/Virginia

      A BAD JOKE!

    • Lee Baldwin

      You know somebody that voted for him and the Obama aka Barry Sotero, David! -NOW go speak with them and educate them on what they have done. show them the two names for instance. show them all the fakery of the birth certificate forgery, etc.

    • just wondering

      Almost everyone I know that said they were voting for him back then, are denying it now…lol Only one person I know thinks he is doing as good job, I think her IQ must be about 30.

    • Don Jusko

      Show them his S.S. # from CT where he’s never been.

  • dawn

    Off they both go again.What a nifty job they both have.
    Do you think they both put love to travel and spend in
    their resumes?

  • Lewis/Virginia

    WOW putting the FOOL in charge of the hen house with the Chinese Fox!This can’t have a good out come for WE the PEOPLE of AMERICA!

    • just wondering

      Does anything they do?

  • Cariol

    Why don’t they keep that jerk in his cage along with his boss—they have something coming out of their”BLOWHOLE”{ every day and it doesn’t smell good in either direction

  • proudamerican

    biden the buffoon is pleading our case? WHEW! that sure makes me feel better- how about you?

  • Dodi

    Well, for sure now, everything that can get screwed up will be screwed up. Who’s asinine idea was this???

    • Lee Baldwin

      Barry !, Nancy !, you are up! Dodi has a question for you!

  • Patriot41

    Looks like the treasury assistant is just as brainwashed as the president when he is touting the budget agreement as being a good one. One wonders when all of this embarrassment of our country will come to an end? Of course the Chinese leaders are capable of deceptive math as well, so they are already onto old Joe.

    • Sharon Jeanguenat

      The Chinese have very vocally voiced their opinion of the debt ceiling deal, & I don’t think Old Joe has got enough charisma to sell it to them the 2nd time. So, this is basically just another waste of our tax dollars.

  • patriotrenegade

    Biden is a CFR therefore a global traitor. If a prez candidate is not a direct member a running mate always is. Babysitter, but the traitors win no matter who wins.

  • Raymond

    Tax fraud suspected in Obama land deal
    The “buffer zone” parcel at the Obama family mansion in Chicago’s upscale Kenwood neighborhood purchased by the wife of convicted felon Tony Rezko was transferred to Barack and Michelle Obama without ever being assessed or taxed, in apparent violation of Illinois law, according to a debt-collection expert.
    Read the latest now on

    • len

      Raymond, The main stream media will do everything they can to cover Obama. Remember they created this guy. They treat him like a child. No accountablity,no tough questions and he’ll continue to do and say anything he wants they got his back. Its amazing how much influence they have even on the most educated.

  • http://http/ sean murry

    Biden is our village idiot how embassing he is to go to china to sell them our debt deal.

  • May

    How ignorant do Biden,Obummer, and the rest of the parasite conservatives think we are?
    All of that parasitic group are traitors.

    • theoldstoryteller

      I’m ready to move to another planet! When Obama came on the scene I really started to pay attention to U.S. & World Politics, especially when I saw all of the idiots & traitors he was associated with. I can’t believe all of the people I’ve seen in authority who couldn’t run a gas station! It is unbelievable! The sad part is I am not exaggerating!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    China has the leverage to charge more interest and increase debt further. Japan is already supported by the US and will probably come along.

  • len

    I hope Biden remembers what country he’s representing. We need top business people to deal with China not the Vice President or any body in that administration.

  • Aqua

    heil Biden…he cant negotiate a piece of ass with his stupid wife must less get is finger out of a chinese handcuff…

  • http://Yhahoo Raeman Haines

    It seems America supports the world in one manner or another and yet we neglect many of our own people .

  • Erwin

    I agree with Len. Lets have proven CEO’s or CFO’s speak with the Financial leaders of those countries, (not the ones we bailed out)Oman and Biden and the Others in our Gov’t who control our money has not a clue. Did you see the latest on the Deceased Presidential Coins ? It is costing us Millions. They are even going to have to build a building to store the unused coins no one wants. Who approved this? the Congress. It is costing us $ 600,000.00 a day. This was on the News with Diane Sawyer who was even surprised? Anyone else here about this.? The coins are being made as I write this. Congress has to pass a bill to stop this!! Good Luck.!!!

  • Ltjg

    Biden would sell his mother if he could. Every time I see him smile he reminds me of a Snake.

    • Jackie

      He also looks like Jeff Dunham’s dummy – Walter.

  • RJJ

    Oboner and Biden are becoming the best comedy team in entertainment history. The world looks on in continuous hysteria wondering when USA voters will awaken from their television comas and pay attention soon enough to cast an entelajent vote.

  • GENE

    We really need biden talking to anyone. China will own more of America after biden opens his bad fat stupid mouth and then the Chinese can laugh at us more than they do now. Man, what a in the ditch administration.


    My guess…Neither the Red chinese or the Japs want any of the hair from Curly Joe’s fat butt for collateral.

  • Retired USAF MSgt

    The communists huddle.

  • http://na W Connolly

    there are a loot of people that think the
    comments against Obama are all a lot of hot air, I mentioned a few facts to one of obamas flock. They told me the Black man did not do anything that the white man hasent done. That attitude told me not to exspect any cooperation from the black voters.

    The Ill-leagels are being told all kinds of things by the President trying to keep their support.
    Mr obama is waiting for our luck to change.
    We just had a bout of bad luck, he alomost had things working.? A tool in his Chest. “luck” he already has his luck, $160,000 a year for life.


    I taught in China, worked and taught in Hong Kong … I doubt that the fool’s apprentice can sell these people on anything … they are too smart.

  • theoldstoryteller

    Obama is smarter than you think! He’s doing what Germany & Japan could not do, Destroying the United States for George Soros & his commie buddies & his own personal gain. What has that jackass done besides piss on our country? Our country is in trouble but he won’t call congress back because it’s too much trouble? To me, that shows he really doesn’t give a damn! He’s too sorry to even try!!!! Obama is smarter than you think! He’s doing what Germany & Japan could not do, Destroying the United States for George Soros & his commie buddies & his own personal gain. What has that jackass done besides piss on our country? Our country is in trouble but he won’t call congress back because it’s too much trouble? To me, that shows he really doesn’t give a damn! He’s too sorry to even try!!!! Obama is smarter than you think! He’s doing what Germany & Japan could not do, Destroying the United States for George Soros & his commie buddies & his own personal gain. What has that jackass done besides piss on our country? Our country is in trouble but he won’t call congress back because it’s too much trouble? To me, that shows he really doesn’t give a damn! He’s too sorry to even try!!!!