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Judge rules on Obama’s Social Security number

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

obama oval office

Announcing it’s “not her lucky day,” a federal judge in Washington, D.C., has told an eligibility attorney he has dismissed her case demanding information from the Social Security Administration regarding President Obama’s Social Security number, sought because of suspicions it may be fraudulent.

The case was filed by California attorney Orly Taitz,who has battled many of the major court challenges to Obama’s eligibility based on a lack of evidence that he qualifies under the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural-born citizen.”

The case at hand was filed against the Social Security Administration because Obama’s number indicates a Connecticut residency, yet there is no evidence he ever lived in the state. He claims he grew up in Hawaii and apparently had a Social Security number there, as he reported he worked in a Honolulu ice-cream shop.

He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else.

“The SSA explained that the Privacy Act of 1974 … protects the personal information of social security number holders,” he wrote. “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”

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  • Captain PJ

    Connecticut? I thought he bought it on one of the many streetcorners in East Los Angeles while he was attending Occidential College…oh well, live and learn.

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Captain PJ, and to ALL.

      IF anyone has obummer’s SSN, then they SHOULD be able to go to the government E-VERIFY website, enter the name and number, and get a response as to whether the name and number match, AND HOW MANY, AND WHAT NAMES ARE USING THAT NUMBER.

      The purpose of E-Verify is to discover ILLEGAL ALIEN job applicants who are using “pirated” SSNs, and selling/sharing those fraudulenttly obtained numbers for the purpose of getting jobs in the US.

      An outfit called NumbersUSA[dot]com has been pressing for a few years now to get the “TRIAL” E-Verify program made MANDATORY, BUT… those in Congress [on BOTH sides of the aisle] who get much of their campaign donations from “business” folks, and AND AND ALL SCOFFLAW employers who want an employee market FLOODED with CHEAP, EXPLOITABLE ILLEGAL ALIENS don’t want E-verify to be mandatory for ALL employers in the US.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Captain, I finally got more answers Why many of us are being flagged. I will try to inform all of us here on another topic less used.

  • DaNangMe

    No public interest that would be served by disclosure? The fraud has already been disclosed.The issue at hand is to declare Obamas ineligibility because of the counterfeit Birth Certificate and the bogus Soc.Sec. card,then to address the corruption of the Judicial activist that handed down the ridiculous ruling.

  • Pat Tibbs

    What does interest have to do with the law? Is it a legal social security number or not?

    • NancyJ

      The thumbs up doesn’t work, but I gave him one.

    • Otto

      Yep, the site must be controlled by the government.

    • CB11

      Really – since when does how many people are interested dictate anything? If that’s the case, I will gladly sign any petition – if Ms. Taitz should want to start one – on just how many people ARE interested in getting to the bottom of this! I suspect he got his SSN from the same guy that gave his ILLEGAL, DEPORTATION-ORDERED, DRUNK DRIVING uncle one!

    • Krazeehors

      So will I!!! The ONLY reason for this is that the big O doesn’t WANT anyone to know about his past.

    • http://yqhoo dixie

      one will never know about the prez S.S. or birth certificate because he appointed those people in to protect him.

  • E V

    “Arsehole judge! There IS a ‘need to know’ if the SS# was legitimately assigned to this dick-head. And WHEN.
    “He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for SECRECY for the president trumps all else.” WHAT!!?? The PEOPLE of the country have a RIGHT to knowabout who is representing them!! What a f’ng stupid decision!
    Judge must be a freaking Democrat!
    Appeal the decision.

    • CaptRCG

      I’ll bet the judge is not only a Democrat -racist as it may seem probably black & a friend of Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson or Gibson from the black caucus

    • marianne723

      Or paid off….

    • CaptRCG

      I’ll bet the judge is not only a Democrat -racist as it may seem probably black & a friend of Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson or Gibson from the black caucus

    • CaptRCG

      I’ll bet the judge is not only a Democrat -racist as it may seem probably black & a friend of Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson or Gibson from the black caucus

    • Krazeehors

      Either that or she was threatened with jail herself.

    • Gerald Mann

      Looks like everyone is playing the old cover your ass game , Obama is not qualified to run a lemonade strand let alone the Country we all (with the exception of his family and the rest or the Muslems) He has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt just how unqualified he is many times . It’s time for either these polititions to pull thier heads out of there butt and impeach and imprison this ass or start the revolution like our forefathers would have done , long before now !!!

    • Mike Tanco

      This prick called Obama doesn’t give a rat’ ass about the citizens of this country. He’s been hiding his background for years. He can’t even come up with a legitimate birth certificate so how can he have a legal SS# ?
      The guy is a fraud and a liar, and Congress doesn’t have the guts to do their job. Impeach the SOB and we can take our country back. Mike Tanco

  • planeskip

    What a travesty of justice!!!

    • Miss Vinay Duggal

      I hope Orly Taitz will appeal the case and someone will investigate if this judge (and any others) were bribed to go against this .

  • Lightning

    “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.” Pretty good ruling! Only the fate of the largest free country in the world rests on this information! Not really any “public interest”!

  • http://aol rlwhyle

    When will the cover up cease?

  • proudamerican

    Find a conservative judge to overturn it! Thats what they do! Fight fire with fire! How can he have a Conn. social security number??? It is just that simple! IS IT A LEGITIMATE SOCIAL NUMBER OR NOT?? The rest is moot.

    • Gerald Mann

      Obama is above the law , if any of us citizens were to have a social security number that was counterfit or regestered to some dead person we would be in prison . Now not only is Obama thumbing his nost at our laws and our constition but so is his uncle who is arrested for drunk driveing, having a phoney social security number, and being an illeagle. Oh ands by the way he is out on the street too even though he is wanted for imigration violations, If it was any of us we would not see sunlight for a lot of years.

  • A. Fowler

    Well, he’s a fraud anyway!!!! Too much secrecy regarding his entire life, friends in childhood, college life, etc. We are all expected to NOT question anything about this guy.

    AND, if he blames all on Geo. Bush, then we need to remember O’bama was in the Senate then….IF he ever voted, where did he stand on anything????

  • Eric

    Another lesson for us all: when you have the power (in this case the judge) you can say and do what you want, the public good be damned. “no public interest that would be served by disclosure”? Knowing whether the president is illegally occupying the White House is quite a public interest. But we all know that. Lots of reasons for distrust now of so many in the government. It is getting closer each day to a tyranny.

  • Lori


  • Miguelina Lewandowski

    Everything is a cover up!

  • tom t

    So this means I can use a false SS# from, let’s say Wyoming, and as long as there is “no interest” than it’s OK?

  • Insurgent

    Once again the widespread corruption of the federal government at the executive, legislative, and judicial branches is clearly displayed. There is an illegal, undocumented Kenyan sleeping in the White House while impersonating a US president and no one in power wants to correct this serious wrong. Washington DC is screwing the American taxpayer to the eenth degree and it is like a spreading cancer.
    American no longer is a democracy!!!

    • Krazeehors

      Does ANYBODY out there wonder if he will declare our elections illegal? Or if he will end them altogether?

      After all, he just enacted the DREAM act by executive order. He obviously thinks he can do whatever he wants to do and get away with it because he is “the PRESIDENT of the United States.”

    • Insurgent

      Good point! I think the voting machines are more rigged than the Vegas slots.
      Corruption at the federal level is rampant!!

    • Pam

      It was never meant to be a Democracy. The Consitution declared it a Republic. Recite the words to the Pledge of Allegiance “…and to the Republic for which it stands…”.
      Dear Heavenly Father, please restore the US. Remove this illegal individual from our White House. Psalm 109:6-14.

  • Double Ace

    It’s time we have all the crooked judges and lawyers stripped of their right to practice law. Many of these jusges are more corrupt than the people whose cases they hear. They are ruining our country and for some reason Obama has most of them in his pocket.

    • Mort

      That’s because Obama is a crooked lawyer and they all stick together..

  • Gordy

    I think it’s rather late to be proving ZerObama’s eligibility to be Prez, just as it’s too late to prove all of Bush’s “lies” about Iraq’s WMD were based on Sadaam’s lies about them, which they were. Everybody believed Sadaam’s lies, including the Democrapic Congress at the time. But those were all W’s fault.
    What’s that old saying? ” A lie told often enough becomes believable.”

    • http://googl DON


    • NancyJ

      Easy, easy Progressive. We all know that you guys like to blame anything and everything on Bush.

      Remember when the Democraps went to him and asked him to increase the debt ceiling?? He said he would if they would reduce spending. He signed, they lied. (For a change) They didn’t reduce their spending at all.

    • John

      Interesting point you make. There were lies about wmd s but not from Bush or other politicians who got false info. Obama is so full of lies & coverups it is incredible. Unlike Bush the media has had a hands off approach to Obama’s past. Why won’t Obama show us his school records? Why does he not show us a real birth certificate. Who really wrote BHO’s two books? Why & how is it that he is a millionaire? I thought he was a community organizer? I must be in the wrong business! There are lies about this man yet to be discovered.

    • Lacywild

      It’s not too late to put him on trial for treason. The longer he stays in office, the more damage he can do.

    • Jeff47

      What would putting BHO on trial for treason accomplish? The 47% who pay no income taxes and the 25% who work for government would just re-elect Biden.

    • American Gram

      I believe putting him on trial for treason would imply that he is a legal president.
      Which most of us on this blog do not agree with. It is November 2012 that will possibly cure this.

    • Lady M

      You’re a loon if you think Pres Bush lied about WMD’s in Iraq. If he lied, then so did Madam Albright, Hillary Clinton, and many other top Dems for they said the same thing. Use your head man, nearly everyone believed Saddam had WMD, the evidence was unquestionable – you need to take off your silly blinders.

  • Don S

    Orly Taitz is doing yeoman’s work on our behalf. According to numerous judges in our “justice system”, it seems that no one has “standing” to be able to determine if the President meets the CONSTITUTIONAL requirements to be President. How corrupt is that? Each of us has the right to question if the Constitution is being met.

    Obama, the Democrats and the Justice System are corrupt through and through.

  • David

    There is a lot of misinformation being generated, but there are legitimate questions and I think Obama has covered up his records and I do think we have a right to see the stuff he is hiding.

  • Lloyd in Oregon

    The Obama mob rolls onward. The USA is now under chicago style mob rule. This imposter must be impeached!

  • Jax Cat

    What is wrong with you people? Do you really believe the legal profession is squeaky clean? This is Democrat justice.

  • krdave

    That judge needs to go. He has been bought and paid for. He belongs to Obama now.

  • david

    well we know why obomo is trying to hide his ssn, he has been trying to get his elegal family here also, the story about the uncle, well obomo will come up with another fraud ssn for him. no wonder he is against the arizona law, only because if he supported it then his family would not get over here.

  • Chris

    This judge will quickly move up through the ranks now!

  • Buck

    Another goverment cover up. And one more paidoff judge.

  • http://Patriotupdate Laurie

    Can we please have the name of this judge, who is obviously a traitorous partisan animal in the pocket of this outlaw regime in Washington?

  • invest

    What the court is saying here is they don’t give a damn if Obama is legal or not as long as he gets his.. The constitution doesn’t mean anything and this judge is proving it..

    It’s ok to use someone elses SS number –fake a birth record –and be appointed to the most highest position in the world .. Who cares.. What has this country become..This is one reason why Obama MUST NOT BE RE-ELECTED..

  • Tony from

    What else would anyone expect to happen? The left has been very active installing their own judges for many years. However judges CAN be recalled if and when federal and state governments are returned to the people.

  • clh

    The question here Judge STUPID is whether the person claiming to be our President has an Illegal SS# He has a fradulent birth certificate. WE the People have a RIGHT to know about the person sitting in the office of the Presidency, screw the secrecy shit, we have had enough of that with him.
    If it is not legal and your decision tells me you already know the answer to that, he needs to be charged. Sounds like the whole family is a bunch of illegals.

  • Sandra Moore

    Wonder how much this cost us, the taxpayers, for Obama to keep this secret. Judge was probably paid off nicely.

  • Daniel

    That is why we have an appeal process. Go for it Orly!

  • Mr. C.

    To EV.

    This president is not to my liking. I did not vote for him. I do not like the things he has done as president.

    However, you and others of your ilk need lessons in being an American. Mr. Obama is our president. We respect the office; even if we do not like him or respect the man.

    What you are doing by being disrespectful like above, is exactly the same as when he went overseas and apologized for the USA.

    We do not do that.

    An American living and working overseas.

  • Nealboy

    Must be a secret judge in a secret court. The story doesn’t even give it’s name. If you want justice look elsewhere.

  • Margot

    Come on, did anyone actually think that this would get through any court? Please – these judges have been either paid or threatened. Face it, we have a mafia(best case) or communist(worse case)run nation. Barry doesn’t run himself much less the nation – there is a puppet master…

  • Vince

    Hey don’t worry we’ll get getting rid of this dirt bad in 508 days.

  • Retired USAF MSgt

    A federal judge has ruled that the American public has no compelling interest in finding out if the president uses a fraudulent SSN?

    Now the government reserves the right to regulate our interests? This is starting to sound more and more like a communist country.

    How dare he presume to tell us what our interests are or are not!

    2012 could not be more vital to the future of our nation.

    • Karen

      Sir we ARE a Communist country. Many are just to complacent to realize it. They can come and cart us off anytime without any reason. But make no mistake the Communist rule this country now. Americans better wake up because the real end is closer than we realize. Obama is stirring up class warfare in this country and there is a reason why he and the Black Caucus and other black leaders are stirring up the troops. Better have plenty of ammo because they will be coming for all us white people very soon. This will be South Africa all over again.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      Rep. Issa,

      This could be much bigger than Gun Runner.

      Please investigate! If not for us, then for the continued rule of law….For Our Country!

  • Carolyn

    Come on guys, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have a right to know any information that will give light to who our president really is. If he is totally legal, it is a vast error on his part not to just lay all the cards on the table to PROVE WHO HE IS. It is all the secrecy that feeds the fire. WE WOULD HAVE TO PROVE UP,SO MAKE HIM PROVE UP. HE IS NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE THAT IS FROM THE UNITED STATES. HE SHOULD NOT BE ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!!!



  • Mickey

    Any judge with any sense of fairness would want to know why the President has a social security number issued from a state where he has never lived. This is not a matter of whether the President is a Dem or a Rep. Find out where the truth lies! There might even be a reasonable explanation, so what is it?

  • George

    Most likely another left wing elitist judge defending the Messiah!

  • Sharon Gizzie


  • Absolute Solution

    Why Obama even got one for his Uncle in Mass. and even a drivers license as well!!!! So while his drunken Islamic Uncle is getting arrested for drinking and driving on one of the highest holy days of Islam (Is there a better day for a drunk Islamic to get drunk?) A liberal Socialistic-Communist Judge rules that it is protected by a privacy act? Does not anyone remember it used to even be printed on the Social security card “Not for Identification purposes!” Yet the Feds Use it! the States Use it! You can not even get a Passport without one! If you go back and look you will see that the privacy act of 1974 is in consideration that Social Security numbers are private because they were not used for Identification….However according to Supreme Court Rulings….Anything used in Identification publicly is automatically public record… Just like your drivers license number, and many other…Don’t believe it? Punch in a Social Security number in a search and see what is on public record about you! Even better get a buddy who is in the Police to punch it up and see what happens! Friends we are not in control, and we do not have a Democratic process anymore!

  • Double Ace

    Anyone ever heard of revolution? This administration is pushing the people too far. I fear the time is near.Wait until this filters down to the real poor people in America, and starts affecting their freebies. Things will get real ugly then. Oh and someone should tell Obama, Americans aren’t willing to give up their second amendment rights to our enemies in the UN, no matter how many agreements Hillary signs with the UN. It won’t be long before the people hit the streets, unlike the countries in the mid east we have a Constitution to fall back on for our democracy/republic.

    • Dr. Barbara

      Hmmm. If ssn’s are to be kept secret, why do I have to give mine to every Tom, Dick, and Jose that asks for it? AND I am all for a revolution. I am a middle class grandma, but I hunt; my husband and I will not ever give up our guns. If it takes a revolution, there are more than enough hunters just in my state alone to make up a huge army. Please tell me where to sign up! I’ll be the first in line–well, as quick as my arthritic knees will get me there. I would gladly give my life to keep my grandchildren safe from socialism and a tyrannical despot.

  • Karen

    What I don’t understand is why they go after all this stuff. Obama is being protected. But the one truth he nor anyone else can deny is that his father was NOT an American citizen. This one fact alone makes him no eligible to be President. There is case law on the books that clearly defines natural born. And Obama does not fit the description. Heck they made John McCain prove he was a natural born citizen but never Obama. The forces of evil are at work. But again if they would have went after the fact that can not be denied Obama probably would have been thrown out of office a year ago. Could it be that our most scholarly have no clue of the founding fathers meaning of natural born? Shame they didn’t go to school before federal education took over and erase our history.

  • Dean Wiese

    Sounds just like Germany 1934. The dictator is taking over the USA and is more than likely not a US citizen. We the people can’t do a thing about it, as proven by the ruling of this morron judge.

  • RobinPC

    Of course if I had a fradulent SSN they would lock me up so far down that sunshine and fresh air would need to be pumped in. Why has no one done anything to the imposter? Because he is Satan’s agent and all the demons of hell are out to protect him at any cost. Judges that do not know the law, or don’t care what it says, crime, murder, hey whatever it takes to remain in power. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  • Bruce G

    How dose a judge concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else. I would think that a Presidents Birth Certificate is more important because he has to be a citizen in order to hold his office? (and that should TRUMP ALL ELSE)

  • Charles Dwyer

    Who is this man? No SS#, no birth certificate, no school records, no health records, no nothing! Where did he come from, and where is he taking America? Very frightening!

    • David Roberts

      Notice any similarity to the Nazi takeover of Germany?

    • Jeff47

      I see a whole lot of similarities to the Progressive take-over of this country in the 1930’s. The NRA alone had 10,000 pages of new regulations and laws. The entire Federal Code from 1789-1933 was less than 1800 pages. New Democrat regs like Dodd-Frank and Obamacare have American business paralyzed.

    • Karen

      Charles….Who is this man? He is the manchurian candidate bred and raised to destroy this country. Why Americans are lining the streets of DC until this man is evicted from office is beyond me. Understand he has redefined our Constitution and the meaning of natural born citizen. Now ANY person that has foreign parents (not citizens) can become President. This guarantees we will have another America hater in the White House. The conditions of being natural born were defined the way they were because our brilliant founding fathers knew the day of Obama would come and the only chance we have of being somewhat sure the person that lead our country was loyal to America was to have been born of American citizen parents. I have to second guess the motivations of Orly Taitz. It was so easy from the very beginning to prove Obama is not eligible. There is case law that clearly defines natural born and because Obama’s father was not an American citizen automatically makes him not eligible. So easy to prove and we could have had him out of office a year ago. So why does she continue to go after stuff that will never be proved when the proof is right out in the open. I think she is a diversion tactic by Obama. Sorry you must watch the left hand at all times.

    • Bev

      Ortiz did try and prove he was not eligible and not a natural born citizen. No court would hear her argument. One judge even stated it was time for America to know the truth and this to be put to rest. By the next hearing it was the American people had no interest in this to bring to court, that only Congress could start an investigation. Which no Congressman has the balls to do. Ortiz has fought this on every level conceivable with the courts blocking her ALL the way. Why….because they are either in the usurper’s pocket or like the judge I mention in here…I believe was threatened. Why else would there be the about face?

  • Lisa

    Now this is just absurd! Such evil forces protecting this person from the truth…
    I am disgusted by all of these judges’ unwillingness to reveal the truth….I just wish all of America’s eyes were open to know that we have a “president” who is not even eligible to hold this office. It is a disgrace!

  • ExArmyMP

    There’s “no real interest” in learning whether or not the President of the United States has a fraudulent Social Security number? Good grief!

  • Bill

    Another Cover Up! What else do you expect for our Citizens? Not the truth!

    If he makes all the illegals legal than he will become a legal citizen… What a JOKE!!!

  • Dave

    And Obama sneaks out of another situation. A judge could hardly rule against the president. The whole system is corrupt to the core. Vote em all out and put some honest folks in to fix this system.

  • Lacywild

    Apparently this judge was an Obama fan. Now, if our Social Security number was in question, we would be run through the ringer. I guess Obama can get away with anything and everyone in the government will help him do it. When will the American people get tired of it and have treason charges brought against him?

  • msiam

    I get the feeling that a lot of these judges have been threatened with harm to themselves and their families.. Their hands are tied, I can’t believe that so many are not interested in the truth , unless, the truth is being threatened

  • jeffman

    Another judge that has been bought and paid for by the liberal socialist!

  • william f agnone

    I agree with “proudamerican” Appeal that decision and also check with the FOI (Freedom OF Information Act) – And Pat Tibbbs is correct – public interest is not an issue with the law or the constitution.
    This is obviously a liberal judge. One of the many that Clinton and Obama have thrust upon us and crippled any chance of justice through the courts.

  • Stephen

    Does this mean anyone can have a fake SS number, including the president. Liberal judges will ruin this country. What are Republicans in Congress doing about Obamas many problems…Shut government down until he comes clean. Walk out like the Democrat rats did in Wisconsin…They set the standard of Democracy.

  • Dissident1

    Keep records, record the names of the judges who decide “No standing”, “Secrecy for the President trumps all else.” Wonder if they ever heard of a term called “aiding and abetting…” When the truth comes out, and it always does; prosecute them and place them in the general prison population for Bubba to enjoy.

    • http://googl DON


    • http://googl DON


  • LH Sutorius

    PRAY that we can find enough legislators
    concerned about the truth to get to the
    truth; otherwise this country is done.

    God help America!!

  • conservadiva

    Judges like this make it very easy for people to do wrong in high places. Clinton was never impeached either. Lesson: We must be more careful about who we elect as president. Better choose someone with a track record that can be traced. Obama’s records lead no where, its like he never existed…So why can’t we have disclosure of records before the candidates are allowed to run? Let’s have all their SSN, tax records, school, and health records up front. That is the only way to change this scenario!

    • Jeff47

      Yes, Conservadiva, Clinton WAS impeached — he just wasn’t convicted. We all watched 100 Senators take an oath to do justicte under the law, then refuse to look at the House’s evidence. The GOP didn’t want to give VP Gore a running start at the next election.

      If you aren’t cynical, you don’t understand.

  • Jeff47

    As an attorney and former judge (who happened to be a Democrat) once told me, “It’s not about the truth, it’s not about justice, and it’s not even about the law. It’s about who you know, and I know everyone in this county.” And I might add, “It’s also about who appointed you to your judgeship.”

  • http://Yahoo Mia

    Obviously they’re SCARED – GOD is bigger than Obama and his Nazis — the story’s not over you @@@

  • http://PatriotUpdate loonebird

    Wonder how much the Judge was paid!!

  • Texas11

    Ridiculous……judge needs to fired. ‘No public interest’…..I am glad he is deciding for us. Forget ‘interest’ – how about legality? Guess that is not his area….he is just a JUDGE? I am sure he/she was pressured by someone (Holder) to make that determination…..

  • Casper

    This ‘ferral’ judge needs to be disbarred for impeding justice. He knows the presidents office has an imposter in it and he has probably been bought off by the lying imposter!!

  • David Roberts

    Protect the Dictator at all costs. This should be appealed, for sure.

  • Docmo

    So when he retires, he can collect Social Security and is covered by Medicare-Medicaid which means the governement will pay him and pay part of his medical bills. If the SS is a fraudulent one, thane he is stealing and as it stands now, he is intnedind to commit a crime, which is chargable by Attempt Theft. I bet all murderers would like that judge. He would say something like, “The defendant is not guildy, because he/she did not hurt anyone or anything.” Wham, case closed. That is about as sane as the people who believe because the U S is a FREE country, it means that they can come here (Like the Prsident’s aunt)live off the system, because of her interpretation of “FREE.” The sad part is that they also vote, likely that judge does too. How sad.

  • CJ

    Why am I not surprise with a judgement?
    Lets make sure there is no 2ns term for this guy!

  • Jama Sommers

    Once again the judge does not enforce the law. So when the judge’s allow sharia in, let’s just hope it is their women or kids that are raped first. Our Pres doesn’t follow the law either so sh** does slide down hill.

  • MsJan1955

    A president’s entire life story should be open for inspection. The man is running our country for God’s sake! There most definately is an interest in knowing whether he is legit or not. Is there no end to what lengths the government will go to cover up for this Dictator?

  • Al Lee for Congress

    So I guess that since Social Security information is so private, they will now go after the Democrats who posted Allen West’s number and a lot of other private information on the internet when they were trying to derail his campaign. I will watch for the investigations and prosecutions that surely will follow now.

  • Karen

    The Privacy issue was not put in place to protect illegitimate activities..If it were Any of us, we would be on the chopping block..since when is the president ABOVE the law?? Keep Fighting the case..We have a RIGHT to Know if our president is ILLEGITIMATE!

  • terika

    No public interest?!?!?!
    NO F’n PUBLIC INTEREST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    If that is the judge’s reasoning for this decision…
    The case is absolutely ripe for an appeal! GO FOR IT!!!

    And have an “I’M INTERESTED!” RALLY at the court house –
    Get the word out where/when this time –
    We The People can do this!!! Oh, Yes WE Can!


    wouldnt it make more sense to take the money this lawyer and friends are spending and re-direct it to getting this hack DEFEATED IN 2012..

  • Adrian Vance

    This is just another measure of the depth of corruption of our government and how much trouble we are in today. Can revolution be far away?

    See the Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Now on Kindle.

  • Ken Kelly

    Disgusting !!!!!! Why do we not know the judges name ?? One cover up after another. It must stop. All the middle east dictators have nothing on our boy in the White House.

  • Robin Roberts

    The Judge had to be in Obamas pocket !!! As is a lot of the judicial system.

  • Raymond

    Tad Mattle and Leigh Anna Jimmerson:putting a human face on welcoming illegal aliens

    By Coach Collins,on August 29th,2011
    By Kevin “Coach” Collins

    On the evening of April 17,2009 the real meaning of what Barack Obama’s call for shared sacrifices was forced on the families of Leigh Anna Jimmerson and of Tad Mattle,a 19 year old from Huntsville Alabama any family would be proud to claim. Tad was more than a typical teenager. Leigh Anna was Tad girlfriend –family and friends said they were a great couple – he had an old car he worked on – but Tad was also an Eagle Scout who had planned to attend the University of Alabama on a full academic scholarship. If ever there was a young man with his whole life before him,it was Tad Mattle.

    All of that changed forever at about 9 PM that spring night as Tad and Leigh Anna,a high school sophomore,were stopped at a light in Huntsville their hometown. Suddenly,they were dead. They were killed,burned to death,when a drunken illegal alien traveling approximately 70 mph slammed into the rear end of Tad’s car.

    Felix Ortega,a criminal who sneaked into our country was the other driver. He was leading police in a high speed chase through crowded city streets. His blood alcohol level was over three times the legal level and he had THREE prior drunk driving arrests under three different fake names. Of course this poor excuse for a human survived the crash – don’t they always?

    That night the Mattle and Jimmerson families learned firsthand about Barack Obama’s call for “shared sacrifices.”

  • Jeff

    The question is, quite simply, ” Is it a legitimate/legal SSN ” ? It has nothing to do with privacy. Besides, anything and every-thing is online anymore, and a twelve-year-old hacker could find whatever they wanted to in about …, oh, that long. I don’t care ( being a registered Libertarian ) what their ideology is. If a sitting President gained that office illegally, they are to be impeached and removed from office. Pretty cut and dry. But, since that scenario leaves no wiggle room or grey area in which a ” con-stitutional ” lawyer ( oxymoron ) can play, it’ll just slip through the cracks.

  • http://ThePartriotUpdate lynda parker

    I read that Obama’s grandmother worked in SS in HNL and the man who owned that number was from CT and he died before he ever started collecting she assigned that number to her grandson, knowing full well that he wasn’t a citizen and would have problems getting one without a birthcerticate…and we thought all lawyer were liars and crooked…so are the judges..all bought and paid for all the coverups…sad for the true USA citizens and what this country stood for..the slogan I thought up…IMPEACH..The Change we Hope for….

  • Richard

    Obama is illegal as hell and he has all the liberal judge’s in his hip pocket. America is being sold down the road.

  • Jama Sommers

    Just another day at the office where following the laws is not happening, proving that crap does slide downhill.

  • Adrian Vance

    This is another measure of the depth of our corruption. It is just that simple.

    See the Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Now on Kindle.

  • Krazeehors

    Is ANYBODY surprised by this? This is the MOST secretive administration ever!

  • The Watcher

    Yo Judge, checks in the mail

  • Robert R

    Since when do the citizens not get to know if a person is eligible to run for President? This pathetic excuse for a human being should have nothing to fear if his SS# is legitimate. If not, then he should be prosecuted. This is just another attempt of this Czar trying to pull the wool over our eyes. He is no good, and not a true citizen of this country. Only thing he is good for is to be used as a poster child for Birth Control. He must be defeated before he turns this country into is Dictatorship. Vote this disgrace out of office in 2012 before we have nothing that we can vote on again, before he makes voting a Federal Offense punishable by life imprisonment.


    There seems to be fear from all the of those that could expose this fraud in the White House , I only hope that we the people can do what the leagle systume is afread to do..VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE

  • ken

    why is it the name george soros never comes up? he is the one pulling the strings on obama and all the leftist judges.this puppet has to be removed.

  • Gene

    Aside from the “minor” thing like ELEGIBILITY, I don’t see what the problem is. (That’s sarcasm for those who missed it.)

  • mayeeden

    Remember who these traitors are so that if the time comes, we may hold them accountable for their treason.

  • Grammy6pak

    How do we protest this!! What a travesty to the American people!! Who is the Judge?

    • JoJo

      I wish I knew, but people can’t be surprised by this boot licker’s ruling. There’s NO WAY a DC judge would rule against the messiah. I especially loved his “reasoning”: “He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else” ****REALLY??? ***Personally, I think the BEST thing people can do is focus, focus, focus on 2012 and work on getting the right people in office…especially when judges are being appointed (something I think needs to change)judges these days are too busy pushing their own personal agenda down our throats rather than going by the laws on the books.

    • http://none Grandma

      If this is allowed to stand and if people don’t wake up, there won’t be a 2012 election. George Soros and the rest of his cohorts will take over and we will be a socialistic nation, a third world country.

    • Andrew Turner

      It already is

    • Janet

      the “one world monetary system” is coming quickly.



    • http://patriotupdat cheryl

      Prayer is NOT going to do it!

    • Lions Share

      Grandma….When that happens it will not be by rule of law it will be by rule of 44 caliber ! and as a nation we by the constitution have laid back many rounds and courage to go with it !

    • Rich Barton

      Right on JoJo!

    • nmgene

      This is why Judges should be elected, not appointed. This is why we need civilian panels to investigate Judges, Attorneys and the Police with the power to have offenders removed and arrested.

    • Andrea B

      The lame excuse the judge used should be enough to bar him for life of ever sitting on the bench again.

      It’s not like Ms. Taitz didn’t already have the soc sec number and was requesting it. She (and everyone else in the world) already has access to his soc sec number. She wants to know WHEN he got it, and WHY he was issued a Connecticut number while he was supposedly living in Hawaii.

      The fact that it could potentially unseat the usurper in the White House is the ONLY reason he denied her access. If there was a way it would HELP Oblamer, the judge would’ve ruled differently, I suspect.

      I guess we can add the judge to the long list of people that have been paid to keep his “secret.”

      Ron Paul 2012

    • juggsy

      Things are going to get real bad here in 012. The Congressional Black Caucus spewing hate towards the TeaParty & whites, Obamma going live on urban radio stations trying to reassure the black populus that he’s going to get them jobs and trying to still tell them that this is all still Bush’s fault.

      These actions seem to be indirect marching orders to the blacks. I suggest stocking up on a good rifle,ammo, water, non perishable foods, in that order.

      They are scared to death of the Tea Party and this is why they’re making every effort to make us look like racists, when actually they are the ones that are the racists. They just don’t have sense enough to realize what the TeaPerty truly stands for, so they have to pull the race card to try & make everyone believe the T-Party is a racist organization….

      If you read Oscuma’s books, it proves he clearly despises whites and growing up he surrounded himself with communist, anti capitalist individuals.

      The people that allowed this to happen should be arrested & put before a firing squad, beginning with Soros. I am really surprised that there has not been a bounty placed on Soros’ head.

      If the blacks insist on listening to these people and creating chaos, (its already in the form of their flash mobs)then too bad for them. It will be a slaughter, they are out gunned & out trained……S/F

    • Mt.Man

      You can’t beat the lying worthless bastards they are all corrupt. The Mafia had more class than these worthless Judges and Politicians. Just give Rick Perry a chance, they will not know what has hit them. He hates the so called Pres., he will destroy the IDIOT in a debate. As Rick would say, we need to get rid of the JERKS!!!

    • Dave H

      Yeah, makes one greatly wonder if this judge was paid off or threatened!

    • http://www.samuraigna,com G N Altieri

      No question that it was both


      This Obama administration is so corrupt it is truely sad. We know and so does he know that he is an illeagal alien and the Chicago scum buckets are responsible for getting this userp in office. No one will convince me otherwise! We can only hope to get him and his cronies out this coming year!

    • lisa w

      years from now, the american people will finally find out that this twit was the first non-naturalized president and that it was known by many within his troop of co-twits. It’ll all come out in the future proverbial wash.

    • sherman 56

      Unfortunately if they are getting away with it, as it seems, I don’t think they’re “twits” at all. Treasonous Conspirators probably but not twits

    • beachjmpr

      I say the instant that the Kenyan is out of office the new president should pass an executive order to unseal all of Obama’s papers and then prosecute him and everyone that can be linked to the conspiracy to defraud the American people.

    • Woodweasel

      This is really a great idea! Maybe if they knew that they would be held responsible for their actions AFTER they are expelled from office, they might curb their actions. Maybe we will have a new use for Guantanamo!
      Birds of a feather made to flock together!

    • Lions Share

      beachjmpr Don’t hold your breath on that happening, because you will still have to get the co-conspirators out with him.

    • http://comcast Bobby Sloan

      Lisa the question is will there be a United States as we know it in years to come.We should act now before its to late, I personally think that all Politicians are in Bed with Soros and the President, why else would they prolong getting our muslim President out of Office.

    • Christy

      When we r asked for our SS# we will site this ruling. The days r over for needing a SS# for many of us, took IRA&401K before Hussein Obama’s minions Miller and Ghilurduci take them, that event is scheduled for Sept. 2012

    • http://patriotupdat cheryl

      I think I will print this out and carry it with me JUST IN CASE someone “needs” my SS#!

    • lisa w

      years from now, the american people will finally find out that this moron was the first non-naturalized president and that it was known by many within his troop of co-morons. It’ll all come out in the future proverbial wash.

    • Sandy

      HOW STUPID CAN THEY GET???????????? I know! Money TALKS!!!

    • Goodforall

      This is a total travesty! This judge should be removed-where is the justice and why is Obammy being protected when it is so obvious he has committed fraud. The whole thing stinks!

    • Larry

      This AH judge is either already in the tank or is being paid off/threatened to make sure that Obummer stays alive. He got there by evil and evil will try to keep him there until common sense prevails! Do not despair, you reap what you sow and “Live by the sword–Die by the sword” I won’t be satisfied to have him out of office! He needs to go to prison for the wrong he has perpertrated against this nation!

    • Goodforall

      This is a total travesty! This judge should be removed-where is the justice and why is Obammy being protected when it is so obvious he has committed fraud. The whole thing stinks!

    • Goodforall

      This is a total travesty! This judge should be removed-where is the justice and why is Obammy being protected when it is so obvious he has committed fraud. The whole thing stinks!

    • oldcop

      Want to protest, use the tactic they hate and fear most, ORGANIZE, do ir on line or through an organization like the tea party!
      The more folks involves the more it shows a compelling public intrest!!!!!!

    • oldcop

      Want to protest, use the tactic they hate and fear most, ORGANIZE, do ir on line or through an organization like the tea party!
      The more folks involves the more it shows a compelling public intrest!!!!!!

    • Dolores Tamoria

      When we clean up our government this also includes the Judicial System as well.

    • murph


    • An American First

      It’s going to take an uprising of the people marchig in protest on Washington to force them to give us the information we demand and deserve. They work for us, they get their power from us and we demand to know who this person is that’s occupying the Whitehouse! There are too many unanswered questions!

      I think this judge should have to deal with crowds of protesters surrounding his home demanding the truth!

    • Joe Mmm

      No doubt another liberal judge who can if not already has received favor or reward from O. Judges like this are part of our problem and as long as they get to make their own rules there is only one remedy,remember them at election time and vote them off the island.

  • James

    I(‘m an 80 yr. old and have seen presidents from FDR to Obama and without a doubt this guy has got to go before this country does, I thought Carter and Bush W were bad but this one want’s to corrupt this country.My time on this earth is limited but it is up to the younger people to get off you butt and start doing something or you will be living like some of the rest of the world with no freedom

  • Wendy L

    If I were to have been found with a fraudulent SS# I would be investigated. I just took a fraud waste and abuse course for my job…..It is out duty to turn someone in for fraud…..hmmmmmm

  • am2sweet

    The liberal judge is wrong in not wanting to prove Obama has a dead man’s SS number. For all the money that is spent on protecting Obama’s real idenity seems to me that Soros and the Bildergbergs are sure paying out a lot. We deserve answers to valid questions and aren’t getting them. In getting the runaround it’s just proof that the Nazis are hiding what Obama is and are working at taking over. After all they have a good start when we can’t even get questions answered about our own president.

    • rocky

      What have the Bliderbergs have to do with Obama or the One World Order? What proof do you have to make any accusation that the Bliderbergs are doing anything negative at all? What? I have read what the Bliderberg conference is all about yet I have never heard of anything organized and planned to take over the world. Nothing! Yet this conspiracy rumer floats around like fact from a real fact finding investigation. So what is it? If you don’t know why do you keep spreading the B/S. Good people with real money can get together to talk about world events without any intention of doing anyone any harm. This sounds like a jealous Democrat who has never been invited so the best thing to do is speard a rumor, and that will stop good people from attending.

    • http://comcast Bobby Sloan

      Rocky, you are so Nieve,what proof do you have that they are not,The Bildergbergs group is running the world now.How else would a man like Obummer get to be President if the group wasn’t financing his action’s.

    • am2sweet

      Rocky you obviously haven’t read up on the Bilderbergs at all. They financed Obama. He was a nobody with no money. Then he did what the Bilderbergs wanted and was able to buy a multimillion dollar home before becoming president. Did you really think that a ‘community organizer’ makes that kind of money??? I have posted many things showing what the Bilderbergs are about and their goals. You should be reading up more. Obama is their pick which is why no one is running against him. Soros belongs to the Bilderbergs and is Obama’s immediate
      ‘boss’ for the Bilderbergs. That are all Nazis and believe in what Nazis believed in.

    • http://comcast Bobby Sloan

      Obama is a puppet for Soros and the Bildergbergs group, Do they reside in the United States? we need to find this out so we can pressure the countries to give them up. I would like to see the faces of the Bildergbergs,let this country know who is against us. This group hides and lets their stoolies do their dirty work.Our politicians are afraid of these people.

  • BayouBoy

    I am tired of Democrats, judges, and this President doing whatever they want to do. They completely ignore the Constitution of the US. They spend money like it is going out of style and blame it on the Tea Party who are the only people that are trying to get the country back on sound financial footing. This judge should be tarred and feathered. Corruption goes all the way to the TOP!

  • ElderAl

    This is one more in a very long list of reasons why all federal judges must be ELECTED by “We, the People”.
    We elect the Chief Executive and all of the Legislative Branch…are we “too dumb” to recognize a bad judge when we see one?? Why are we powerless to do anything about it? Call your congressman and your senator today !!

    • alex

      well there are about five hundred examples in dc. that says we are too dumb to elect our judges

    • Dolores Tamoria

      All Judges should be voted in by the People and none should have Life Long Terms of Office and we should be able to recall them

    • http://comcast Bobby Sloan

      Dolores, If we got rid of them why on earth would we want to RECALL them? These Judges shoud have a Boss that oversee’s their belief’s and ability,This Boss should be 100% American.If we can find one.

  • http://Patriot/update Bossman


    • chris

      How about learning to write and spell?

  • Paul Robeon

    “a federal judge in Washington, D.C.”
    What Federal Judge?
    What is his name? What is his address?
    Obama can lick flies off his forehead with his tongue and not even blink his eyes,
    and people ignore it? This agitators time has come. What?
    “a federal judge in Washington, D.C.”
    What Federal Judge?
    What is his name? What is his address?
    Obama can lick flies off his forehead with his tongue and not even blink his eyes,
    and people ignore it? This agitators time has come.

  • Wendy L

    300 million people in the US, how many letters to the WH would is take for this to become noticed by the American people?

  • Wayne

    Keeping the President’s lie a secret is more important than exposing him as a fraud…. WTF? (“Win The Future” or just steal it.)

  • mark from okc

    sounds like the whole friken government is in on the destruction of this country!

    “no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent”


    does this mean anyone can break any laws they want to while he’s in office and just say OBOMA and everyone say oh, sorry go on your way?

    i tell ya it sucks to be American. you have to follow all the laws.

    if i was illegal i could get away with invading this country,steal somone’s ID, drive without ins. or lisence get state and government money. just to have someone say,
    can we get you anything else?

    • mark from okc

      do you ever get that feeling of,

      oh them, dont worry about them. there just Americans. they cant do anything. but you, you are not american so that means you come first.

    • mark from okc

      move along,move along, nothing to see here

      bahh, bahh

      sorry to all sheep, no insult intended.

    • mark from okc

      sorry, should have put the judge said,

      “move along,move along, nothing to see here”

      bahh, bahh

      sorry to all sheep, no insult intended

    • dragonfFIRE01

      a house that belongs to someone oelongs to someone else. if the SSA Act of 1974 is so dang important why do WE have to use ours as id?

    • http://PatriotUpdate Mike O”Brien

      Where is the pride of being an American? It has been taken away from us, literally, by our estute government. We’re still the greatest nation on the earth but fearfully, it won’t be that way for long. We all talk about what should be done. LET’S DO SOMETHING!!!! No ideas here, but someone out there MUST have an idea of what we, AS AMERICANS can do.

  • m ditter

    What the hell every time someone comes up with something against this commie pres.its thrown out why does this guy get away with everything thats presented its unrea what this obama gets away with

  • Pastor Carmen

    Another Communist Judge for Obama that’s who, The Judge is.

  • Don Schie

    If he is not stopped it will only get worse for every one!!!

  • Ed

    This judge should be told that this NEGRO is not applying for a job at an ice cream shop. He and his Donkey’s have stolen our Presidency and America deserves to know who this guy is and why our government is allowing him to bankrupt our country. The American people are sick and tired of our representative acting like criminals and are going after them this coming election. After the election we will prosecute all the conspirators and clean up our government.

  • kjones

    I wonder if the judge was threatened. most likely it was a bribe but I would not be surprised if it turned out to be a death threat that got that dismissed.

  • Texas11

    Keep fighting it Orly…..take it to another level until you find a judge that actually makes decisions based on LAW. Release the name of that judge that made that ridiculous determination.

    • http://patriotupdat cheryl

      If they release the name of the Pc of Sh&$ Judge, I bet he won’t be walking around for long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://deleted tami

      Right on Texas11. To whomever wrote this post, please make sure Orly sees all of these comments that support her and her efforts!! We appreciate all she’s doing to get barack out! Please keep trying, we desperately need to get rid of him.

  • William Leland

    It is wrongful decisions like this going to start an armed inserection again’st O’BASTARD, HOLDER ET AL

  • mark

    Just another activist judge who should be removed from the bench, disbarred and tried for crimes committed against the People Of the United States Of America.

    A crime was committed and that judge knows it and is now an accessory to the crime.

    IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! ! ! ! !

  • Journeybird

    Another croaked Judge that we need to get rid of. Ruling ‘no public interest’ is ludicrous at least. Saying [flipantly] that it was ‘not her lucky day’ sounds to me like ‘jackpot’ for the Judge. Just my opinion but it sounds fishy to me.

  • Bell

    This is called a bad judge. He most likely works under the Obama administration. These are the type judges I’d like to see prosecuted under the law. I do hope someone is keeping count and names.

  • wdcraftr

    So, if I lied on my job application, does that mean they have no recourse against me? Get real! Now we need a survey, or petition by those who do have an interest. Just more Liberal lies saying No interest. I have interest!

  • waynehrdcoc

    its a very sad time in the U S . and its only going to get worse, We will have civil war again very soon. the time is coming and the end is near. may god have mercy on us all

  • Marilyn

    The only solution is to vote these criminals out in 2012. Wake up, America.

    • DEAN

      Contact your congress person and demand a verification of his-majesties social securiey number. It is about time congress did something good for this country.

    • Bev

      Sadly, I have written most of the Congressmen/women/Senators of our country, to include state reps and federal levels, to include Governors. Not ONE, I mean not ONE has replied. I wrote a civilized letter, listing the laws broken, the lack of records, the need for his SS# to be proven, the FACT that he is not a natural born citizen and that I wished Congress, state and federal level government to act in the best interest of our country, our citizens and our Constitution and fully investigate this treasonous usurper. How disappointing that probably 1000’s upon 1000’s of citizens have written the same thing……with no response. They have no balls, no morals, no values and are either in the thick of it or scared for their own welfare or political careers, so turn a blind eye. Every last person now serving the citizens of this country and the cronies who are all career politicians that are for running need to take a long walk off a short pier. The parties of this country need to be done away with and every citizen should cast their vote on who is truly worthy by researching the candidates and checking their histories. This two – three if you count independents who can’t even vote some ballots, is rampant with on the take mentality and behavior. It is the down fall of our country. Each side speaks with forked tongue and all are out for their own hides. We are sooooo screwed unless we stop it all now.

    • Arnold

      You are right, lets just vote all of them out, and not get upset with the judges, we all know they are on the take anyway, so when is time to vote get out there and do it.

    • Arnold

      You are right, lets just vote all of them out, and not get upset with the judges, we all know they are on the take anyway, so when is time to vote get out there and do it.

    • Luchia

      The only problem with that is that there’s more hiding in the bushes, disguised as sheep, until they get appointed/elected, and then they turn into ravenous, bloodsucking wolves.

  • Ellen

    I’m not surprised at all! This investigation will not come to light until two generation’s are gone and another black president is voted in. This country is tooooo afraid of a racial war!

    • Don W Boyer

      Obama was assigned the SSN by the IRS. when Obama was a young drug user living in NYC he filed his income tax in Conneticut, to avoid paying New York state tax, without a SSN. He was assigned a number that means he was born or living in Conneticut. Obtaining a SSN falsely is a FELONY!!!Seems to me the
      judge has committed a crime by his ruling.

  • m ditter

    What the hell every time someone comes up with something against this commie pres.its thrown out why does this guy get away with everything thats presented its unrea what this obama gets away with will he ever get caught for anything

  • Gerd

    “… and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else.” What the hell does that mean? Being a fraud and maybe not even a citizen of the United States, (we know he is not a Natural Born) is not as important as his secrecy according to this judge. I assume any armed robber caught on video tape in a bank has a privacy right that trumps all others (federally insured bank too) so the courts would ban that tape as well.

    • Chess Game

      Not true, what about President Clinton ? He was forced to disclose his affair with Monica L.

    • http://Firefox PeterNJ

      A few years back I.C.E. arrested an illegal living next door to me for raping a twelve yr. old in Costa Rica.He was wanted by Interpol.5 other illegals were arrested in town the same day for various crimes.Three were named the other three were protected under “privacy laws”. Who the hell are these people to warrant that kind of protection?
      If riff-raff like this gets protected from public exposure I guess the political elite are entitled to the ultimate in cover up technology.Hey,it must be great to have the option to appoint your own ass kissers to shield you from scrutiny.

  • Louis Mabry

    He still has broke the law and is just is using his illegal position as president to hide his other illegal affairs.


    Oh the lengths they will go to protect him.

  • American Taxpayer

    Apparently all men are not created equal. They take care of every sticky situation for BHO and tell him what to say at every turn. BHO has no fear of the American Voters or Taxpayers. Pray that God will turn this country around!

  • Fed up with our government

    You can bet if someone wanted to know about one of us he would cough it up immediately! We are going to be the ones that look like fools when he gets beat in the election and says Na Na Na Poo….I showed you I could screw America!

  • Bill Hines

    Guess what everyone, the problem is that all persons who get elected to office forget who got them there and they cave in to special interest groups, the truth be told the special interest groups run this country and they are on course with age old agenda to destroy from with in, it is an old communist tactic and they are doing a good job, and you all thought that the cold war was over. THE TRUTH IS IT IS TIME TO GET A NEW PARTY IN POWER AND GIVE THEM SUPPORT, NEITHER PARTY WE HAVE AT THIS TIME IS DOING ANYTHING FOR THE PEOPLE, BUT THE REPUBLICANS ARE MUCH CLOSER THAN THE DEMOS

  • allen

    Just remember, all judges were once lawyers, they scratch each others backs, that’s why criminals serve very little jail time, the judges want them back on the streets committing more crimes so the lawyers can get paid to represent them again and again. Corruption from the bottom to the top!

    • Shootist

      You have to remember that 50 percent of all lawyers, and hence judges, graduated in the bottom half of their class!

    • Don W Boyer

      Most judges are lawyers who couldn’t make a living in private practice of law. The same goes for many of our Congressmen & Congresswomen
      Incidentally—for many years the SSN cards
      said in Bold print “Not to be used for identification”

    • Sandy

      Allen you got that right!!!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    Hope the lawyer presses forward the judge is wrong since obama has gotten in to public life the people have a right to know by law (another judge making law)

  • Fed up with our government

    This is what happens when the first thing you do in office is replace all the federal judges with liberals!

  • Raymond L Kornele

    There IS a need to know if legal participants in the SS program have been defrauded. EVERY legal participant has a right to know if ANYONE is committing a fraud against them.

    It must be true, what he says, that he is above the law. WEhat haooened to, “all men are created equal?”

  • bill lange

    Their all afraid of being called Racists! I say Screw them all by Voting them out of Office and then you can get to the truth.

  • David Andrews

    In my opinion, the judge did not rule on the case, the judge ruled to cover up the case. That seems to be all we have now are cover ups. I beg to differ, there is great interes in the case, it seems that obama may have violated the law and my be using an illegal SS number. I guess even judges do not understand what illegal means.

  • Faye

    That is how Obama and his illegals got through the election voting under dead peoples name. I want him out of office and if we don;t have judges or legal rights to get him tried for fraud and treason then I will go to court myself and see if that will make any difference. I am sending my congressional to congress and not only in the state I live but to every place I know the congressmen/women and see if any of them have the guts to do what is right.

  • Cossack Bob

    Thanks for Obama! His antics have so inflamed large numbers of people so quickly that they can no longer stand the heat of the left. Kind of like the frog in water. If you raise it slowly, the frog will stay until its’cooked. Obama has raised the heat so fast, that the frog is in the process of leaving. Thanks Obama!

  • Al Neuman

    “No public interest”?! The guy is the President! So somehow this (i’m sure Dem.-Lib) Judge decides this ridiculous conclusion?

    It’s amazing how much cover-up and protection there is of this fraud sitting in the White House. Is it possible to appeal this absurd obviously politically motivated decision?

    I’m personally going to get this brilliant judge’s name and write him/her a little note, telling her in no uncertain terms my opinion of her stupid ruling, and sending copy to my Congressman.
    These judges, as we’ve seen with numerous other court cases recently (Feds suing AZ, Obamacare,etc.) seem to think their main job is to protect Obama and his sleazy background. Why don’t they just sign up as his campaign workers instead?

    But if we’re diligent about pursuing this very serious information about the guy who’s supposed to be OUR PRESIDENT, the truth will come out!

  • Chess Game



  • VA Navy Vet

    This is not a surprise. Unstead, it’s a huge disappointment. How could it possible be irrelevant that the elected President of the United States might not be eligible? This man has spend millions of dollars to keep everything about his past secret. Does that tell everybody something? If anybody would EVER try to prove that a real American was not a citizen, we would do everything in our power to establish the truth. The concept of ‘need for secrecy’ for the President is another trap to offer lies to the American public, who this man works for.

    There is nothing vindictive here, it is a matter of law, dignity, and honor of that position.

  • Tim

    Was that Ed Schultz MSNBC Talkin Head spewing that racist crap trying to defame this web site of concerned citizens.

  • Ray

    You can bet your bottom dollar that if this question was raised regarding a conservative candidate the judges ruling would have been quite different. In America judges have assumed authority and brandished it in ways that our founding fathers never intended. Judges are like sheets they need to be changed weekly.

    • Luchia

      That was good Ray, I liked it.

  • http://aol Neen

    Well looks like another Judge must know Obamas cronnies or he’s is in the pocket of someone or he doesn’t care about America. What is with all this secrecy. Why do people want to protect someone who is destroying our country? Why are people allowing this to continue. We must stop the destruction of America led by Obama and Judges like this one. I love my country. Obviously the judge could care less even for his children and grandchildren. Yes there is a reason to know fool. You doing this just proves there is definitely secrets going on and a big conspiracy. I hope and pray to God, yes God to help bring them all down.

  • Fed up with our government

    Crooked judges, crooked president. Pathetic state our country is in.

    • Raymond

      How true!

    • Sandy

      Raymond, I want to thank you for your service to our country and those of us who want freedom!! May God bless you and your family. I’m sorry that our service men and women are being treated as though they don’t matter!! THEY DO!!!!!!! Thank you!! Thank all of you!! Without God our freedom is totally at risk!!

    • Raymond

      Thank you for your kind words.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Raymond, I finally got the answers to why some of us have been flagged. I will try to write it on a subject that has little activity to make it easier for you to find.

  • Hopper

    How about a signed petition that gets presented to the judge to show the overwhelming interest in this?

  • truckman

    I hope that in 2012 that the new administration will order a full investigation into obama and have his term and all laws and rules and people he put in office removed and obama put under the dam jail to where he won,t ever see freedom again and make his wife repay all the money she spent on vacations

    • Fed up with our government

      From your mouth to God’s ears!

  • tncdel

    I hope Taitz appeals.

  • Concerned

    When someone runs for the office of president of the United States, they have no privacy about their background. In my opinion. if you are doing things legally, you are not afraid to provide any information required. bummer has refused. If we do not vote the socialistic bummer and his band of democratic thieves; biden, frank. pelosi, holder.and many more, .. the worst will be yet to come.

  • jeffman

    Another judge that has been bought and paid for by the liberal socialist! Maybe we should just through out the entire government and start over …

  • Raymond

    Another coverup by Barack Obama & his supporters.

  • Luchia

    Why am I not surprised. This regime is an autocracy. It’s a rotten conspiracy against the American people, regardless of what we say, or what we ask for…this president probably could get away with murder.

  • Mathchopper

    I believe Revolutionary War II is just around the corner. That is, of course, unless our 2nd amendment is deleted in the meantime.

  • Dean

    My parents always told me that if you tell “THE TRUTH”, then you have nothing to worry about. Our so-called President has violated the Constitution ib severak ways, he sshould be empeached, that will never happen because our elected officials are all so corrupt. They can’t do anything about our situation, each one stratched the back of the other. Obama has falsified this birth certificate, has not given any collegiate records etc. The only thing to do is get the out in 2012 and get rid of him, then when out of office investigate then. I think he would look good in an orange jump suit!!!

  • Don

    Another travesty. Judges are much like our elected officials. They have no interest in justice or the American Way. They are intersted in their own survival. Do we not think that there was behind close doors conversations? They (and especially this one) are contributing directly to the disintegration of America as we know it. I think they know it but simply don’t care.

  • Chess Game

    Someone higher in the food chain needs to get involved and get the ahole in the White House.

  • rotor700

    remember the old saying? Money talks and b.s. walks.

  • Scott

    We the people need a real president like Ron Paul that will reverse all this garbadge that this scum bag has created! NO other piggeon in office but Ron Paul. Then this scum bag needs to face trail then a military firring squad!!!

  • Wolf-Talker

    Can’t help but wonder which one of the Great Black Father in Washington Boys paid this one off and just how much did he get?

  • Frank Williams

    If a person wants to be president of this country his life has to be a open book……. The people have a right to know……..

  • Frankie

    Just wonder what would have happened had this been George Bush rather than Obama? By the way, Clinton WAS impeached, but not kicked out of office. There is a difference.

  • Fromusa

    Who is the judge? What is his name? Pretty crummy report on details.

  • Wayne937

    You would think that when a crime has been committed, as the this President has done, that they could waive the privacy law. I believe that Obama has all these Federal Judges scared to death, or they are Socialist themselves. Obama certainly has been protected by the courts and Congress every since he has been in office. This is all the more reason that the voters has to get this Muslim Communist voted of the White House and then fumugate it for the next president. It is now up to us if we want to preseve the dignity of this country to vote Obama out of office.

    • distressed

      The judge who was shot down like a dog in Arizona had stood against him taking our 401K’s, and look what happened to him.

    • Taxpaying unit

      …and they were willing to martyr a bunch of other people, including a Democratic congresswoman and an innocent 9-year old girl among others, to cover up the nature of the crime. And the tea party is extremist, for expecting the government to work within the law? Orwellian doublespeak at its best.

  • rotor700

    When their blood runs in the streets like rain water, only then will we get our republic back.

    • http://None Nancy

      I think you are 100% right about this!

    • Don W Boyer

      That’s why Obama wants to take out 2nd amendment rights away from us. Confiscating guns is almost always the first thing dictators do!!!

  • drop the bob on em

    what about the public interest if his impeacchment & of everything he’s passed made null & void

  • Goatie

    I feel more and more that my only power left, as a citizen, is my vote….that is, if Ovomit doesn’t commit election fraud. Watch out! His hero is Chavez and he wants to be just like him and we are heading in that direction. But, it’s not too late folks. We have the Lord on our side. We need to repent of all wrong doings and live a good life. Principles and virtues are what America was founded on. Pray everyday and spread the good Word. God Bless America!

  • howard guthrie

    Talk about COVERUP!This judge needs to be replaced “ASAP”! All that is needed is simple-
    “IS THIS A VALID SS #?” It is like everything about this administration…non-transparency thru out the administration.
    What we have running this country are LIARS,CHEATERS,CROOKS,THUGS.This country can’t afford to have these people running the country any longer.
    The man in the white house has made us the laughing stock of the world.
    The people who voted for this moron and allowed him to put into critical positions thru out the government need to “WAKE THE HELL UP” before it is too late.
    This nonsense has to stop.This is how Hitler rose to power.People ignored what was happening until it was too late and the USA had to step in to have him removed.Problem today is who do you think will come to our aid in our time of need?
    Not a comforting thought is it?
    The citizens of this great country need to know if the man who sits in the white house is legit.Why the coverups? Let’s get real it is a charade and we honest,hard working people are fed-up and will not take this anymore.
    Can’t wait until 2012 for election and removal of these low life from Washington.

  • David Friske

    I still believe that Obama was born in Kenya and his mother brought him to the islands in order to obtain a U. S. citizenship for him which was very hard to obtain in those days.He never obtained his own s.s. number because he never worked in the public sector.

  • bob williams

    Absolutely unbelievable!! If BHO has nothing to hide, he should be the FIRST to explain how/why he is using someone else’s SSN.

  • Jason

    The judge, Royce Lamberth needs to be investigated to see if he has received bribe money, but he is probably another Collectivist working to distroy America, so sad.

  • http://None Nancy

    What makes this jackass judge there is really no interest in the exhaulted one’s SS#? I think most Americans that love this country are very intersted in proving the jerk is not a legal president. I say throw the jerk out!!!!

  • Taxpaying unit

    Isn’t it curious how, the closer the legal challenges like this one get to forcing Obama and his co-conspirators to reveal the truth about his lies and other crimes, the more his minions try to discourage us from pursuing them? Notice how the Congressional Black Caucus (minus, notably, LTC Allen West FL-22) is loudly race-baiting and calling for violent unrest. They are using more of the stomach-turning “heated rhetoric,” and worse, that they so piously accused conservatives of using and falsely blamed for the shootings in Tucson. I don’t know if they seriously intend to start a national race war to protect their golden child and his illegal presidency, or if they are just trying to make the most out of the fear of one to bluff us into backing off our efforts to expose and remove him. Either way, if it keeps these cranially constipated, cowardly, criminally incompetent judges coming up with blatantly bullshit rulings like this one, it looks like it’s working. These idiots might want to be careful what they wish for though; it just might be time to water the tree of liberty again after all. God help us.

  • Justice4All

    Take into consideration that this GREAT COUNTRY is only a shadow of its former self. Doesn’t it appear, and in fact,that our so called appointed and elected leaders, government, education, finance and even religion have decided they are more important than “we the people”? But, even that is not enough for them. Too many of them have decided to take this Nation to the Left and to it’s knees. Either they are Marxist, spineless or just plain ignorant!
    So, what to do? This is the biggest question we have in front of us. The correct answer will bring us back to the once strongest, safest place in the world. The wrong answer will keep us shackled for years into the future.
    It’s time for some true soul searching. Good Luck!

    GOD Bless The U.S.A.

  • Dan

    Well,it looks like another fellow commie judge is catering to Obama! We,the people,are fed up with this USURPER! I feel very strongly that we need to secede from the Union and have a Conservative State. Let all the commie Dems. have CA,NY,NJ,MA and other commie Democrap States!

    • Texas11

      Exactly Dan. Those states will have no law and order, illegals running free everywhere, and will be completely broke. Will be a perfect case that the liberal agenda bankrupts a state ….or country. Would be good to see how they survive…..


    if the republicans had any balls which they dont this would be a major campaing issue there all in it to bring this country down

  • http://patriotupdate tina

    judge lamberth ruled against the american people yesterday,the same day we found out the muslim fraud in the whitehouse has an illegal aunt and uncle here with stolen social security numbers.orly taitz is a patriot. thankyou orly,the american people are behind you. all info on aunt and uncle at

    • distressed

      Maybe the reason he is so adamant about amnesty has to do with his own family members being here illegally or maybe even himself.

  • http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Eugene Wagner

    I thought it was alway said that NO one was above the LAW!

  • http://patriotupddate Delmer

    You can bet if it was a member of the tea party that judge would be wright on it.

  • Pam

    Psalm 109:6-14
    New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    6 Appoint a wicked man over him,
    And let an accuser stand at his right hand.
    7 When he is judged, let him come forth guilty,
    And let his prayer become sin.
    8 Let his days be few;
    Let another take his office.
    9 Let his children be fatherless
    And his wife a widow.
    10 Let his children wander about and beg;
    And let them seek sustenance far from their ruined homes.
    11 Let the creditor seize all that he has,
    And let strangers plunder the product of his labor.
    12 Let there be none to extend lovingkindness to him,
    Nor any to be gracious to his fatherless children.
    13 Let his posterity be cut off;
    In a following generation let their name be blotted out.
    14 Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD,
    And do not let the sin of his mother be blotted out.

  • Mary

    The Chinese phrase “May you live in interesting times”, is certainly going to come true in the next 14 months. If Obama is re-elected for another four years, there will be a civil war. Hold onto your guns.

  • distressed

    Since when did any president’s privacy trump all else? He had to be a democrat or in somebody’s pocket. It’s almost like there is a conspiracy in government to keep people from finding out some dark hidden truth.

    • Taxpaying unit


  • SinjaO

    What public interest is greater than knowing whether or not our president is a deliberate criminal? If he were a conservative “public interest” would be found all over the place. By all appearances our sitting president is not eligible to serve and that should be deemed of the greatest interest.

  • ChuckT

    Surprise,Suprise,Surprise!!!!I don’t think anyone is suprised that the Judge would rule against “The One”Obama can get away with breaking any law.Obama steals from the taxpayers every day and gets away with it,nice work if you can get it.

  • wayne

    When are people going to stop and look what is happening . Do u think he’s going to let 2012 election keep him from staying in power ?!He won’t go. Freely ! So my fellow americans get ready for civil war before election tim God help us

  • Marvin A Farmer Jr

    Obama has broken the law and tramped all over our consitution – why don’t someone in
    our congress initate impeachment proceedings??Or must we set by and watch our
    great country finish beiug flushed down the drain??

    • http://patriotupdate J Mill

      It’s simple. We no longer have honorable men leading our nation in congress. None of them have the guts to do what is right. They all should be removed from office and the pres. impeached so we could new and start over.

    • Omer

      Seems all politicians ARE corrupt, judges, too. None are interested in doing the right thing, they all share the money stolen from the American people. And they have corrupted the ballot. Watch how hard it’s going to be to get them out of office, there’s the evidence!!

    • patriotrenegade

      “Leading” members of both parties are CFR or trilateral. You need to look into it. Meet your real govt.

    • Les

      Steamdwarf & Dawn,
      You both make sence & the American people
      are more important than Obama. The right
      thing & the law are more important than a criminal like Obama. Our constitution
      is more important than 1 crimal named Obama.

    • Roy Acryin

      Read, “Culture of Corruption”, by Michelle Malkin.

    • H.E.DAVIS


    • Mary Hise

      In the name of God, someone in Washington do something before this country is totally ruined. Important: Who would take his place if he was impeached???More impeachments????

    • Chuck

      The simple answer is that the Congress fears rioting and other forms of civil insurrection. Many fear for their personal safety. VOTE him out of office, it’s the only way.

    • TruthWFree

      We have to be vigilant on voter fraud. The ACORN types will do anything to keep him in power.

    • Frank

      We should not give up the legal option to prove he is a fraud. That is what they want us to do: give up.

    • Howard Milor

      You are absolutlely right as President he has no right to privacy when it comes to his being legally President. I do not believe now or ever that he is a legitimate President and that has nothing to do with his race, religion maybe does anyone know what faith he prescribes to?

    • steamdwarf

      “no public interest” ? what has this judge been smoking to suggest there’s no public interest in determining if our President is a liar and cheat?

    • mike terrell

      The man is the King of Kenya and is not a natural born citizen. He should be run out of the people’s house on a rail. His relative who drank a little too much, to say the least, is called O’Blame-O’s Kenyan brother, not his Hawaiian brother, I wonder why?

  • mary

    i agree with all the above, we should do do them what they do to anyone that breaks the law, but they believe that they are above the law, wake up people, before it is too late.

  • sherman 56

    A bit of a coincidence that our Halfrican American presidents ILLEGAL ALIEN Uncle amazingly also had a SS number….Hummmmm makes one think doesn’t it?

    • hiptou

      And aren’t they Both from Connecticut? Something’s pretty smelly. And there IS plenty of public interest!

    • patriotrenegade

      Conn is smelly and schizo. Look at who those birds vote for.

    • Skip Foss

      Nothing makes me think about this half breed son of a white trash communist whore ,but I wonder how many more of his illegal family we are going to find if we keep digging. If the damn courts would actually do their jobs instead of just pushing it aside because this Muslim POS is supposedly the president,he is nor will he ever be my president. To me they waste to much money protecting him and his family all they need is teo officers at most for him and one for his family. I wish that we could find a few senators that had guts enough to start an ivestigation on him and his AG on this fast and furious gun running job they set up,they have talked enough to the major peons to know that it goes to the top so now go after these two Jihadist and bring them to trial

    • Senior Viking

      is it a Conn. SS #?

      that would be very interesting to know.

  • Charlotte Vogel

    America has a right to the truth. The question was asked and it should be answered truthfully. Have you noticed that this administration does the exact opposite of what they say they are going to do? Transparency? Who is our President really? Birth certificate questionable? SS # questionable? Citizenship questionable? This is Americas the land of the brave and the free. Yet our government holds answers hostage while all of America worries about where we are headed. The truth please from everyone that speaks. No threars, no lawsuits,no demonstrations….just the truth!

  • aaron

    war is the answer, take this great country back from evil people

  • Ron Robinson

    I am confused on what Orly was trying to do? I thought she was attempting to view the birth Certificate? Is that a separate case? I knew the idea was an attempt to see what information could be found out about where Obama lived or how he come by the SSC. I am confuised on why she was not allowed to see the birth certificate or is that a Sept. 14th hearing? What Judge is she dealing with. We need to hear the truth about Orley Taiz’s court case on the Birth Cert.

    • Nancy

      It is said that Obama’s social security number belongs to a dead person in Connecticut, a state he has never lived in. Orly wants to investigate how he obtained it.

    • Icarealot

      The Sept 14 hearing is a separate hearing for the Hawaii Department of Health to appear before a Federal Judge to explain why they did not follow the subpoena the Department was served with that regarding the viewing of the original birth certificate.

  • Brian

    The judge could have made a ruling without disclosing the number.

    • Harry Hansen

      Yes he could have but if he ruled against him he would out of a job within a few months.

    • Chuck

      Sad, but true. The Federal courts are stacked with liberal judges who are there for life.

    • Injun Trouble

      ” LIFE ” is the secret word

    • Skip Foss

      What is the problem with giving out his SSnumber we have to give ours every time we do anything ,like renting a car or motel room. This is just another case of the courts covering his ass instead of folowing the law of course he only abides by the laws he likes any way

  • Anne Starr

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself scratching my head and saying, “How could this be happening”? Every segment of the government is inhabited by progressive minded folks, and they seem to be having their way with us! VOTE….work like a dog to get Obama out of office in 2012. Don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s our last stand!

    • Elbridge A. O’Neil

      I agree with you completely!!

    • shannon853

      easy answer!!!!!!!!! corruption at all levels and judges that believe there would be riots of he is found not eledgable! i say let them happen, truth should trump all!

    • emerutil

      I believe we would have unprecedented civil unrest in the scumbag in our highest office was removed, or imprisoned. We are all taking chances calling this creep appropriate names, as his community would come down on us hard if it knew where we live, and who we are.

    • csrdrunner

      Every segment of the government is inhabited by progressive minded folks, and they seem to be having their way with us! VOTE.

      I agree!

      “What luck for rulers that men do not think.” hitler

      “Those that cast the vote decide nothing,
      those that count the vote decide everything.” stalin

      I hope you can visit:
      It shows the lies of those running (aka ruining) this country. Hope you will pass this site on to your friends.

    • Idarae

      Annie,I am with you I have been voting since I was 21(I am 79 now)and I have discovered one important thing the “left” or commies,are afraid of our CONSTITUTION I cringe when I hear someone wants to change or do away with it.Look at how the MEDIA passes over what RON PAUL says about our Constitution, they even says he isn’t going to make it so they don’t want to give him airtime.Ever wonder WHY? they don’t want people to vote for him and bring back the Constitution and again become the greatest nation in the world..I am voting RON PAUL

    • Gary

      I like where Ron Paul stands on the constitution, but he is a passivist and that disqualifies him to be Commander-in-Chief. We need a strong leader that believes in the Constitution and has the moral principles of a true Christian that tries his (or her) best to always do what is right. I think Rick Perry is our best choice right now. Maybe Michelle Bachman as his VP.

    • TruthWFree

      Most importantly Obama must be defeated. I want to be Constitutionally pure too, but another 4 years of Obama will destroy America…no Ross Perot type of candidates.
      Paul is not good on the radical Islamic issue.

    • James

      How did all this happen to this once great nation? We the People feel asleep and let the enemies of this country move in by being voted into different political offices or positions. To many people vote straight party instead of really looking at each person running for office. Listen very hard to what they are saying. Look for action words like Obama’s favorite word during his campaign, TRANSFORMATION, SREADING THE WEALTH, TAXING SOME CITIZENS, while others escape tax increases, INCREASING ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS, a form of buying votes the next time around. Avoid any canidate that beats-up on our country and praises others.

      Just remember what American journalist, Gary Allen stated:
      “After the insiders have established the United Socialist States of America (in fact if not in name), the next step is the Great Merger of all nations of the world into a doictatorial world government. …The insiders’ code word for the world superstate is “new world order,” a phrase often used by Richard Nixon. The Council on Foreign Relations states in its study No. 7: “The U.S. must strive to: A. BUILD A NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER.” .. A world government has always been the object of the Communists.”

  • Helen Jenkins

    There is a great exercise in futility currently in action. Socialism, the failed ideology is on its deathbed. All the Marxists/Socialists/PC Liberals efforts to rescue it will not succeed. For over 4 decades, this evil marauding as humanitarian endeavors had the mask ripped off with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, Trojan Horse,. As Macchavelli said, ” Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.” Thinking they had all the necessary pieces in place with the PC Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006, 2008’s election of Barack Hussein Obama, Trojan Horse -aka- America’s first black president the crown jewel, fundamental transformation ( destruction from within) of America. Plan had a fatal FLAW. They left God out of the equasion. Recuping is impossible, PC justices, not withstanding. America had been lulled into a PC designed coma – guilt over its slavery history- a wound that was never allowed to heal. Race/Class Warfare have been PC’s weapons of choice. Some black Americans became perfect SHIELD hiding wall of deception – aided by Urban Plantation Gatekeepers, Race Hustlers, Poverty Pimps and of course the NAACP and bought ministers who donated their congregation to the Socialist cause. In the immortal words of Malcolm X, ” Chickens come home to roost”. And, so it has come to pass. PC judges can delay, but never stop Socialism’s dying process. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

  • TonyinMO

    That’s the problem with the Social Security Administration. They can shield law breakers if they so desire. I remember one case from a number of years back where a victim who lived, I believe, in Louisiana, had his identity stolen. The perpetrator was using his social security number to obtain employment and the poor victim was being harassed by the IRS for failure to pay income tax. When the victim asked the Social Security Administration for assistance in tracking his stolen SS number, they responded and told him that they couldn’t give him the information because it would “invade the privacy of the criminal using his SS number”. DUUUUH!

    • Billy

      All info on the Conn. social security number, including the number has been deleted. There is now no record to look up. Now you can see the power this slime ball ILLEGAL ALIEN has.

    • Paul Wilkes

      Seems to me the whole Democratic Party should be investigated for nominating a candidate for president without checking his SS# and birth certificate. And why didn’t the Republican candidate reveal the fraud before the election?

    • emerutil

      The opponent was really not serious about winning the WH. He is as far left as anyone. I think he wanted his opponent to win (Despite Sarah Palin)

  • J Webster

    I say to ALL the born again christians, especially those that are black americans, please vote with your heart and Godly values in 2012 election and not with your skin color. That has been the problem with how he got elected in 08′ was there were too many black christians that claimed the “c” that voted for him. WAKE UP, LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND NOT THE FLESH!!!

  • Doug

    I’ll bet this half assed judge is a liberal dumbcrat who is acquainted with Obama. Some more of Washington/Obama politics.

    • liberty

      This possibly corrupt judge may have received a significant financial payoff for this ruling…………..there are so many corrupt judges, it’s almost impossible to count them all.

  • Hal N

    Where, in any rulings on the Constitution does it allow for secrecy in Presidenbtial affairs or matters? National security is one thing, but trying to ascertain whether a person has lied to obtain the Office of the President is quite another. Another judge bought and paid forby the WH.

    • Omer


    • Gary

      Either bought and paid for or in fear of losing his bench seat (or future promotions) if he speaks out. Where is the backbone that is needed to sit on the bench. The Constitution is supposed to be the ONLY rule of law. Besides, if the judges start thinking they will realize that Obama and everything he has done and signed into law will all be thrown out if he is ineligible for office, because he did not have the authority to sign them into law. Then it should be required for everything to go through congress again and not just put on the desk for the idiot Joe Biden to sign.

    • emerutil

      Stating the obvious: The judge fears for his personal safety! I know I would fear for my life if I crossed any of my enemies now in power!

  • Shelby J Craw

    The JERK needs to be IMPEACHED NOW.

  • http://patriotupdat cheryl

    Big Surprise. I new the outcome before I even read the article!

  • yohannbiimu

    So, “interest” in determining Obama’s legal citizenship status trumps the law. No wonder we’re in such a lawless state.

  • Merlin

    So much for our judicial system and impartial judges.

  • Angela

    Once again the WH “Thugs” win!
    By election time our country will be under their Socialistic/Communistic control & there will be no way to regain our Constutuional rights – there won’t BE any.

    • Omer

      NO- When the time comes, all good Americans will pick up arms, as we had to do before, and remove the tyrants by force. This is the responsibility of people who wish to live free, that’s why our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Ammendment to the Constitution. That is also why the Constitution itself, as well as the 2nd Ammendment, is under constant attack- The corrupt Government wants to take away your rights!! I do not wish to be enslaved, so I am ready when that time comes. Everyone should prepare for what’s comming- Guns and ammo may be all that keeps you free!

    • Gary

      I will be there with you. I’m sure there will be many other veterans that will also be there. I did not serve my country just so it could be destroyed and all of our freedoms taken away for me or my children. I will fight and if I lose everything, so be it. I believe what our forefathers fought for and I will do the same if that is what it takes to get our government back!!!!!

  • Tom

    obummer is the most dishonest, most lying, most fraudulent, most narcissistic, most Marxist, most dangerous, and least qualified person to ever run on a major party ticket for president …… case closed. Get his ass out of office via the impeachment process

    • Bill

      The House of Representatives, which has sole power of Impeachment, will not act because of threats to the nation and to their personal safety

  • Libertarian

    “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”

    No public interest??? The legality of our “president” is of no public interest? Just what agenda is this judge serving?

    • AJ AYERS

      They’ve got us by the short hairs and they have a 1000 ways of telling us, “KISS OFF WE DON’T GIVE A BLANK WHAT YOU THANK ! “

    • emerutil

      His own agenda!

  • http://yahoo MO

    I have been told since a child that Mexico was corrupt. I now know that the USA is more corrupt. Our Legal System is corrupt, our congress is corrupt and our President is corrupt.

  • LittlteLaC

    A decision made by a left wing constipational judge. How the nation needs sitting judges to be true to the constitution of our founding fathers.

  • Julia Ann Faulkner

    I think we need to get rid of the Judge!!!! This has went on too lon,we all know what he is… just a big fraud . I KNEW IT FROM THE START….

  • Lions Share

    This government has turned ROGUE and once that was accompolished, there is no turning back the clock…they have control of the system and can be uprooted in only two ways, one by voting out the encumbents who agree with this Rogue administration or to arise as a nation and escort them to the border and shut the door once again. !

    • http://GODBLESSTHEUSA bulldustin

      When you need an escort for border duty Alabama stands at READY

  • Das Boots

    Another reason why it is very hard or impossible to impeach or kick this scammer president out of office……he has too many buffers protecting him.

  • alex rynkiewicz

    judge lamberth is a traitor and a treasonist to the usa and us constitution. obamas stolen soc sec number 042-68-4425 stolen from a deceased conn. man should be now used by every person in the usa. then there would be action taken on illegal alien obama. tea party members we have lost the rule of law in this country by corrupt judges and govt. defend our country and us constitution to the last breath. its our US CONSTITUTION OR OBAMA TAKE SIDES–WE ARE IN PERIL OF LOOSING THE USA.

  • Randy Huffey

    There seems to be no recourse for honest America. Corruption is systemeic, like a cancer in stage 4. What do these judges fear? Anything?

  • Aqua

    this prick is the real king of the whole world…I never in my life thought I would see and hear what I have in the past 2 years. I am glad most of my family are dead so they dont have to see what I see …The worst is coming and all we do is sit around and moan and type about it…never during Nazi Germany did the gestapo run their hands down someones pants but they do it here in our airports every damn day and we let them…grow some balls people and get mean for Pete sakes at least for our kids and Grand children lives….like the movie Network.. ” Im mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it anymore!”

  • Phyllis in Tx

    Disgusting, heartbreaking! We live in a country where there is not one, not one honest judge. Congress is corrupt, the police are corrupt. I live on the border, talk about corruption. What hope have we, the one thing I live by is that God cares for me day by day. One day though there will be judgement and evil will have to pay a heavy price.

  • Justwondering

    The whole country is being rewritten! When, the elections come, even if another person wins the election, there is a good chance that obama will get it anyway. What is happening is not Lawful Law. Wicked men and women have come into this government and have set themselves up and to be untouchable by truth. In, about 500 days until we elect a New President, but these people wll not allow this to happen. obama, is nothing! He is just a figure head of the whole of corruption! The time is coming quickly, that we may need to force these people out of our USA. Many are blinded and many do not understand at all, but freedom is being taken away from us. They call us sheep! Are we just going to allow it to happen?

  • Murray

    I seemed to remember something about Nixon and the watergate hearings, Guess his tapes weren’t private.

  • http://none. Billy Porter

    The judges ruling is not only remarkable, but stupid. Hey America, we are slowly sliding into socialism. In fact, the ruling has sped up the process.

  • http://?? Cefomiteyl


  • R. Cook

    He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else.

    “The SSA explained that the Privacy Act of 1974 … protects the personal information of social security number holders,” he wrote. “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”

    How about the public interest that the sitting president is an ursurper? I do believe their might just be a little public interest involved there.

    What is going on in this country? Have the judiciary, congress and others who have taken their oath of office decided that the oath is null and void?

    God help us. It seems our so called leaders have abandoned their oath and the rule of law.

  • Steve Seebold

    What’s this African-American crap. Are you African or are you American?

    If you’re black, how do you know your ancestors came from Africa?

    Besides, if you say you’re black, YOU’RE NOT! Look at a black BMW. That’s black.

    Give me a break.

  • Paul Wilkes

    “NO PUBLIC INTEREST”? What planet does THAT judge live on? I am part of the “public” and I am very interested in how our president got a Connecticut SS# without ever living in Connecticut.

  • Andrew

    when is Orly Taitz lucky day ? at least judge lamberth shd have said what day it was. why does our country need laws anymore, you only have to be lucky to win ? i am glad judge lamberth is not a criminal court judge.

  • liberalsownfalsehood

    I bet his Uncle Obo will be allowed to stay here too. This all is the biggest cover up in the history of the world.

  • Aberdeem

    In opening this article I was hoping without hope that maybe something had been done. Maybe this was the hope he was talking about in his

  • drk

    People you’re asking why the Federal Judge didn’t comply with Ms. Taitz, well maybe it’s because the Federal Judges are appointed by the are you ready ‘WHITE HOUSE!’

    Need I say more…case closed..see..he has cover…hey money talks and you know what floats!!! And he who has the money makes the rules..but..we are more numbers..

  • Barbra Bronserg

    I agree with almost every comment made. The question is WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT IF HE BUYS HIS WAY IN AGAIN WITH SOROS AND HIS ILK?
    We have got to get rid of the Chicago regime which came to Washington with whats his face.
    Along with all their corruption.

    • Bill

      Get everyone ypu know to VOTE against him. It is the only way to rid ourselves pf this vermin.

  • Deport Owe-Bama

    Make no mistake about it, if the judge (whoever it was him/her, why is there no mention of the judge’s name?)ruled otherwise Owe-Bama would do to him what Slick Willie did to Vincent Foster and James McDougal.

  • http://thepatriotupdate notassmartastherestofyou

    No need to confirm his SS number is valid. That would be something close to immigration enforcement, and we don’t do that here.

    Has it dawned on anyone that the Federal Government, in creating the SS Administration, has created the single greatest identity theft risk possible? We are now all identified in every possible way by our SS#. Steal that, and you steal the single most important aspect of someone’s identity. Thank you Federal bureaucracy.

    But I digress. So no, confirming Obama’s SS# is genuine is not something we do here. If you want a credit card; yes. Open a bank account; yes. If you want to be President of the United States; no. There’s “no real interest” in that.

  • http://YAHOO RICHARD


    • Roy Acryin

      Read, “Culture of Corruption”, by Michelle Malkin to learn the depth of corruption in the Obama administration!

  • George Machock

    I would tend to believe we have a chicken and egg case here. On the one hand a fraud may have been committed against the citizens of the US by a sitting President who used that fraud to obtain that position. In this case the court should have granted it’s own ability to review the case w/o public involvement period as this would only taint any decision. However, the judge did not do this so, to me she should appeal and request that the owner of the benefit (Obama), who is now President, should not be precluded from fraud under the law to obtain that position merely because that position would grant immunity automatically to the litigant.

  • http://google Helen Allen

    Has everyone gone to sleep? Is everyone deaf? Obama said, and I quote: “I am the President, I make the laws!” In other words, he will do what he damned well pleases and the H==== with the Constitution, it does not apply to me. The Congress is nothing but a bunch of yellow cowards afraid to do the job they were elected to do.
    If we’re going to take this Country back, then every (legal) American citizen needs to march on Washington and drag this dictator out by force, put him and his evil queen on the next plane out of the US and bare them from ever setting foot on American soil ever.
    He said he hates America and his evil wife also said she hated America. So, this man has committed ‘Treason’ and ‘Sedition’and continues to break the law. YET, no one in Congress has the balls to call for his arrest. Bush would have been tried and convicted had he committed half the crimes Dictator Obama had committed.

  • http://patriotupddate Delmer

    Mr Charles Dryer
    This balloon comes from the wilds of Africa they don”t have birth certificates, as#s are anything of that sort. If they have them they are stolen from someone. Else.

  • yahkob therlow

    if you’re surprised by the judges ruling then you know not what is transpiring by “The Hidden Hand”, the men behind the curtain wants this pres. in office to complete his mission to destroy the Republic via his de facto rule.

  • Virgil

    This is what happen when you get one of obamass judges! Another judge in obamass back pocket! It`s didn`t give the BASTER name did it? A judge my ASS!

  • http://yahoo Barbara Jones

    We ask for the truth and it isn’t forth coming. We all know hes not an American. Hes flushing the Constitution down the sewer.When will they do something to get him out of the office of the President of the United States.When will all the citizens band together and take our country back? Will we all wait til its too late to do anything?We can’t save this country by sitting on our duffs.Am I the only person alive to see what Obama is doing to us? We must stand together and get those people out of office that got us here in the first place.

  • Vivian

    Everyone is afraid of him, so no one will do anything, so he does what he wants and gets away with it.

  • Bushmaster66-68

    @ Pat Tibbs and TO ALL.

    AND, in addition to is it legal or not; 1. Who was that number assigned to originally, and 2. Was it obummer, and 3. When was it originally assigned, and 4. How MANY different names are affiliated with THAT particular SSN?

    This information SHOULD BE AVAIALABLE via E-Verify, IF IT HAS NOT BEEN ‘BLOCKED’ for obummer’s name and number.

    Under the current ‘trial’ E-Verify program, all any potential employer has to do is enter the name and SSN given by a job applicant, and the site then gives the above information.

    There should only be ONE name associated with a given SSN, UNLESS in the occasional instance a person has changed their name [as in marriage or via court action].

    IF multiple, especially SEVERAL, names arise, that indicates several different people are using that same number and ALL but the first are fraudulent usage of the number, OR a mistake, BUT… more than one or two “mistakes” clearly indicate fraudulent use of that number.

    Lots of ILLEGAL ALIENS are using SSNs from DEAD folks.

    I’m wondering what happens at the SS admin when MORE than one person files for SS benefits under that same number!!!!!!

    Under obummer’s administration it would not surprise me to find that “they” pay benefits to all the ILLEGAL ALIEN frauds.

  • Art

    Why can’t this be appealed or re-submitted citing the public concern? Why aren’t our elected officials doing something about this controversy (Rubio, etc) our Tea Party public awareness campaign

  • Betty…

    Everyone running for prez. including the current corruped clown should be made to show all passports, school background, and parents passports or they can’t run. The corruption of that judge is not a supprise I guess she’s going for Supreme court like the last one. Again BO has proved he is above the law. Shame on us for letting him get away with it. As for the attorney Taitz, its good to hear of an honest lawyer and one with a back bone.

  • Virgil

    I understand that multiple SSN numbers have been issued to B.H. Obama, including the one at question here. If there are truly more than one, just how many does an individual (Obama) require, and why (for what nefarious purpose) ? It would seem that perhaps a “catch me if you can” intrigue was being waged by the perpetator. Again, what, and why?

  • haroldson

    If ever this matter is ever done and obama is what we all think and know he is every one in government judges and all who has refused to take any kind of action should be jailed for at least 10 to 20 years at a federal prison. We either have some of the most dishonest and or dumbest people in these positions ever , and we need to do some serious house cleaning.

  • Patriot41

    Looks like another miscarriage of justice to me. When the courts refuse to even look into suspicious activity by politicians, the justice system is made into a mockery. So lady justice is no longer blindfolded nor does she hold the balance of justice within her hand. When a nation can no longer enforce it’s own laws, it is a nation whose time has passed.

  • percy choate

    this judge just ruled against the people that he is supposed to represent , he is a disgrace . in his thinking that we the people do not need to know his credentials , he has thrown us to the wolves , as other nations look at each other frouthing at the mouth and laughing at us . and how futial our laws ( THE CONSTITUTION ) ARE .AFTER 2012 WE NEED TO TRY ALL THOSE THAT HAVE THOUGHT THEMSELVES ABOVE THE LAW FOR TREASON .

  • Yellow Eagle

    Corruption is running amuck!!!Judges,mayors,all of washington,supreme court judges,all corrupted by the left wing washington (new phrase) FAMILY!!! It just makes U want to puke all over them!!!

  • Clifton Lee West

    I agree with others when they say they have never seen the day in America where someone can commit so many crimes against our nation and get by with it. Who in this known world warrants this type of protection and why? What makes Barack Obama so valuable to the Liberals/Progressives that they will move heaven and earth to stop any legal ramification against his behavior and his job killing agenda? This Administration seems to be hell bent on destroying our nation and if we don’t stop it we are all enablers and part of the problem.

    Clifton Lee West

  • Mary Hise

    Something has to be done before our country is totally doomed. Nothing in his background checks out. Impeachment??Okay, but who takes his place??? More impeachments??? BUT DO SOMETHING. QUIT DOING AWAY WITH GOD AND ALL THE OTHER HORRIBLE THINGS TAKING PLACE. QUIT PAYING FOREIGN AID, BRING ALL OUR BUSINESSES BACK TO AMERICA AND START DRILLING HERE AGAIN.
    Mary, Native American.

  • Johnny American

    All of these judges are being brought and paid for by the muslin brotherhood and obama its is a shame that this non american can do as he want to do and rewrite the laws of the USA to suit him and his life style ,,If a real USA citizen refused to show a birth record,a SS number we would not be able to buy are receive any kinds of help and i bet we would be held in a jail till we show some kind,s of ID..but the obama does not have to show anyone a thing he step back and turn around and walk off ….

  • tweety

    If only this were cleared up, then the questions would stop, right? But the secrecy and under-cover work continues, so this breeds more dishonesty. Surely there is a way to discover the truth without being accused of identity theft.

    • Bill

      Are you saying that the actions of this dispicable president are OK if he can prove he is a citizen? Forget about where he was born and work on getting enough voters to defeat him at the polls in Novenber, 2012!



  • Jack

    If you are a public server in this country all should be disclosed. Another example af this want to be dictator’s influence.

  • Harold

    I dont care what Obama does, as far as I am concerned he can do no wrong!
    Hes the most charismatic president we have ever had and it was time for this country to have a black president.

  • R F Choke

    The cancer of these socialist judges dates back over 50 years, when the American Communist party infiltrated the democratic party. In the past ten years, the marxists have used the radical ragheads to complete Nakita Kruschuev’s mission. “we will defeat you from within”. The marxists believe that obama is their final victory. All of the commicrats are blindly following him. 2012 will the defining battle. Will we still be America, or will we be Amerika kommrade??

  • A Palm USA ret

    If he has nothing to hide, why the “Iron Curtin” surrounding his personal life, when he stepped into the national scene he gave up rights to most of his personal history, this was a choice he made, no one twisted his arm, here is a “self” made millionaire with no distinguishable talent, why not share the secret to success ?

  • bubby9210

    Yet another corrupt judge, you know Cubbies, Congress can get ride of these judges on the grounds of not up holding the law!!! And the fact that this DC judge said there is insufficient data to give a judgement is total BULLHUDDA!! You know Cubbies with all this crap that is now hitting the fan with OblameA, it would seem that someone like Perry or even Rommney would want to address some of this crap!!! HELL, IF I WERE IN THAT POSITION I SURE AS HELL WOULD, AND WOULD NOT GIVE DAMNED IF I WAS CALLED RACIST OR NOT, IT NEEDS ADDRESSING!!! Demand Cubbies that your reps do this or vote their sorry asses out of office if they don’t!!! God Help Us!!!

  • Melvin G

    I hate the actions of this so called president. He does not belong here and I wish someone would take it upon themselves and help this person of no intrest disappear into a nother place????? Anywhere but here.

  • Joan

    The SSA must also have someone working there trying to keep his job. WHO is that? And why is it that the article does not give us the name of this Judge??? I want these little pieces of info – to add their names to the list of criminals Obama has working for him.

  • bnbs

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain… (like we are stupid sheeple).

  • southrngirl77

    I would like to know this Judge’s name. He will most assuredly hear from me. How DARE he say that the Plaintiff failed to show how this would serve no “public interest!” It damn well DOES serve this country’s interest when you have a MANCHURIAN President who was placed there for the sole purpose of destroying the United States of America. #IDIOT Corrupt Judge!!!!

  • uchsamin

    The evidence has been examined and the “party” (Khmer Rouge) has decided he must be “smashed”. (quote 1978)

    Please God,….cut the silver cord of that liar! Amen !

  • Dan Clamage

    Of course there’s public interest — is the President of the United States a fraud? Did he commit a crime by obtaining a fraudulent CT SSN? Or is it simply there’s another “Barack H. Obama” out there?

    I think it’s interesting that ALL of the other Obamas in the US are illegal aliens.

  • Larry

    It does seem that our Judicial system is being run by some very incompetent Judges because they all seem to side with a person with ties to organized crime so they must be getting payoffs from Barrack Obama and or they are also very corrupt themselves when they refuse to hold someone to the same standards they do with the common people in this country. This shows that Organized crime has many friends in our Judicial System and each year that goes by the less these Judges hold the rule of law in there rulings they make.

  • Ann C

    What Congress and leftist judges will not do, we can do with our votes November 2012.

    That judge actually said there’s no real interest in determining if the SS number is a fraud and that secrecy about the number is more important.

    Someone should ask the judge what he would decide if a group of illegal aliens, caught with fake SSI numbers, were brought before him. Would he say that “secrecy” is the key and no reason to investigate the fraud?

    Both Obama’s and the illegal’s situations are the same. This judge should be fired.

  • Steven

    There is only one reason to drop it. It is fraudulent and they’re being told to drop it. And there is not a single person with any authority anywhere in the federal government that has the guts to do something. There are no Heroes. There are only the cowards that are afraid of doing something and the traitors that are helping.

    • Bill

      What are you doing, Steven? Just complaining?

  • http://facebook jim c



  • tonya

    No public interest?????! WTH????? REMIVE THESE JUDGES!!!!

  • Frank

    The judge said:
    “… there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent…”

    Are you kidding!? No interest in the fact that Obama might be a fraudulent President!?

    There’s A LOT of interest!

  • dawn

    Another criminal gets not even a slap on the wrist
    and gets preferential treatment. He has walked all
    over everyone, and this country. He will one day
    get what is coming to him and all his followers.

    • D

      I swear there must be some sort of secret memo to all of the judges in the land … rule against the Moron Messiah and you will disappear … forever. And yes, he will get what is coming to him … maybe. I don’t hold out a lot of hope that the equally moronic voters of this country will help us get his corrupt @rse out of the White House (and he can take his corrupt czars with him). That so many bought his “hopie changie” act back in ’08 … OMG, I think I just threw up in my mouth. I love listening to him now (used to puke when I heard his voice) … now? … he sounds so freakin’ desperate!!! Lovin’ that.

    • GINGER

      I still cannot stand to look at him or hear his annoying whistling voice..his lies make me crazy..this dictator must be deposed..please God. obama has nothing on the dictators of S. Amer. or Cuba, or any other repressive country..except, those countries usually admit what they are..obama hasn’t even that much spine.But, he has the courts locked up.

    • Traitors in our Gov

      He will get what’s coming to him, most definitely. Whether it is here, or by the hand of God himself, he will pay!!! The man is bad, but what’s worse is his policies.. When are we going to stand up and say enough…

      The LIBTARDS and UNION THUGS are doing it Sept 17, 2011… but it isn’t we have had enough, they are going to hit Big Corporations and all. I am sick and tired, but can’t find anyone that will do anyting.. I have a family to feed just like every other American.. if we don’t get together on this, then we lost.. The Republican establishment doesn’t care either… Otherwise the Speaker of the house John the spineless Boehner would have already wrecked havoc along with the Tea Party (which by the way is the only people willing to go to bat in order to save America)…

      may God save these United States of America and have mercy on our souls

    • Les

      vomit lies upon lies. Noone can even keep track of them & where they take us is nowhere. He is a criminal. People have interest
      & want to see him prosecuted. This is the
      person in charge of all our sensitive information. One criminal is not more
      important than the all the people & our constitution & our system of justice.

    • Dan

      Since Obama got his bachelor degree in California. did he go to college on a Fullbright Scholarship? He gets every freebie he can. The Fullbright scholarships are for foreign students in American colleges. Of Obama went to college on a Fullbright scholarship, he is not American.

    • CHIEF

      “D” Did you really expect any other ruling from our so called judges of today.They no longer interpret the law they now make it.God help us.

    • emerutil

      Hopefully, he get his sooner than later. Much sooner!

    • jim

      I certainly hope this judge also gets what’s coming to him too only LIKE TODAY

    • Old Moses

      Don’t be dumb. That’s what they said about Clinton and what did he get ? Hell he wrote a book and became a millionaire. You just have to be a democrat.

    • BDM

      Wait a minute Old Moses…don’t accuse Slick Willie of honestly getting his millions! He got them like a true democrat politician,he earned over $1,000,000 a speech in China after he left office as repayment for giving China all our delivery systems for the ICBM…The dems have been determined to destroy this nation for at least 50 years.

    • Elwood

      I only have a one word comment concerning the election of Barock Obummer as president of the USofA. Unbelievable!

    • Katie

      You try to use someone else’s social security number and you would be charged with identity theft and end up in prison. I guess if you are the prez you can get away with just about EVERYTHING!!! Vote to CHANGE this in 2012…..Keep up the good fight for AMERICA!!!!

    • JohnA

      ….”Demonstrated no public interest that would be served by the disclosure”?? Are you serious? This moron must have gotten his law degree from a Cracker Jax box or off the back of the “Kool Aide” container after he drank from it(think Jim Jones).There is nothing but public interest as to whether Oclowna is legally eligible to hold the office of President!!

    • Mary A

      This is OUTRAGEOUS when every citizen of the USA has to show their SS# for everything we apply for. He must NOT be a citizen. And yes, I believe every judge is either being threatened or paid off. We can’t trust anyone these days.

    • James

      Every time I see Imperious Leader on TV, I think of ” George Jefferson ” from that old TV sit-com ” The Jeffersons “. Movin’ on up, and boy oh boy, did he ! He even has his own ” Weezy “.

  • Jeff from Texas

    Tell everyone you know, tell them to tell everyone they know, we have to overwhelm the ballot box to get obama and his crooks out of office.
    If this doesnt work, I fear we are headed for a Civil War.



  • steamdwarf

    A major problem is that Obama and his crew are using taxpayer dollars to fight conservative and traditional values. We HAVE to cut those purse strings. CONTRIBUTE to Jim DeMint approved candidates!

  • Dick

    Just another activist judge who is fearful that Obama and Holder will take away his judgeship. This is part of the problem in America. These judges who were always independent in the past are now associates of this corrupt administration. Hopefully, in Jan 2014, when we get a NEW pres and AG, we can get rid of these activist clowns wearing robes.

  • Ron

    just remember this when Nov. 2012 comes around. and we don’t want either Perry or Romney. they are both liberals and Perry was a dumocrate some time back. that now makes him a wolf in sheep’s clothing . I’m standing behind the Lady . M Bachmann vote in the primary in the spring .

  • ConstitutionCrises

    The country is almost (if not already) finished. We are surrounded and outnumbered on every side. They are in every branch of government, media, schools, higher education, banking, religions, etc. Put a fork in it.

    • Deidra

      We are Americans. We are not done

    • emerutil

      I wish I could share in your optimism. I have seen the US getting worse and worse in my 63 years on this earth. The looney left has emerged victorious time and time again!

    • Dean

      No, we are not done. We are just getting started. Obama is oblivious what we can and will do. Just keep up, Obama. You’ll be sorry.

    • Christian Patriot

      Hmmm. I checked the negative (-) to ConstitutionCrisis’ statement above declaring that we are finished as a nation. It shows I hit the positive (+) symbol. That’s interesting.

      I am in absolute agreement with you Deidra! I beleive the reason we are as far down as we are as a nation is because so many have the blinded mind set CC has. They are being led to slaughter and just continue on as if they have no say about it. STAND UP and BE HEARD!! Not behind a computer screen. Get out there. (yes, I am doing it myself)

    • Fish

      I here alot of girly men saying we are out number they have the upper hand. What a bunch of pussies.This is not the america i grewup in. There are some 300+ million of us and most of us are armed. Now who is out numbered?

    • emerutil

      Oh, really?! How do you suppose we could organize against a pernicious government? It has been tried by a whole region 151 years ago. Also, we all know what happened in New Orleans after the Catrina incident. We are screwed.

    • kankle

      Right on

    • Christian Patriot

      Your post is so refreshing Fish. Thanks!!

    • leonis

      WE need a leader . . . another George Washington . . . another George Patton to speak for us . . . to lead us . . . to fight with us. If/when he emerges and gives us the word just tell me when and where to meet and I’ll be there!

    • Goodday

      Yes and it’s time to Lock and Load, and take back ower Country, Obama is guilty of Treason and needs to face the Firing Squad Read and Bidden and Holder and Polsey, are Guilty of Treason, when they failed to keep ower Boarders safe, and support the Constitution, that the Jack Ass Holder did not read, and he is the Director of the FBI, Give me a break, he should be the Janitor of McDonalds..

    • emerutil

      Executions may be appropriate. I disagree with the firing squad. Caries too much dignity. I say, hang them! Hang them!

    • emerutil

      Carries too much dignity. Please excuse the spelling.

    • Jim

      As long as there is breath in my body, this veteran will keep his oath.

    • Marc Jeric

      I agree – the country is finished, barring a major miracle. Mullah Obama has all the power levers that Lenin invented: white House czars, or rather komissars, in charge of all federal departments; Agit-Prop organization – ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, NY Times, Wash. Post,…; NLRB, EPA, OSHA, FCC; system of local soviets (that’s community organizations in Russian); ACORN brownshirts and union thugs ready for massive vote fraud – SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, NEA, AFT, …

    • Mary A

      Parents, grandparents, teach your children at home Divine Establishment principles and Biblical truths and the greatness of America. They will not get this info anywhere else unless they go to church.
      Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old (mature), he will not depart from it.

    • James

      I see why you say that, but pray to the Lord you are wrong about our being finished.

  • Robert

    We are done for this Country is no more. There is a Revolution brewing if this A.O win’s again.

  • Raymond

    Everywhere in this country the radical Homosexuals are beating their drums, trying to intimidate any who would dare oppose their agenda publicly. They are trying to scare all Pro-family Americans into hiding.

    And now they have targeted “Teacher of the Year,” Jerry Buell, simply because he dared to publicly profess his belief in God and his opposition to homosexual marriage.

    Mr. Buell, who teaches American History at a Florida high school, came under attack by his school board because he posted on his private Facebook page that he was disgusted with the passage of the New York Homosexual Marriage law.

    “I was watching the news, eating dinner when the story about New York okaying same-sex [marriage] came on and I almost threw up. . . don’t insult a man and woman’s marriage by throwing it in the same cesspool of whatever.”

    Sounds like an opinion pretty much any Pro-Family American can relate to, right?

    But, in a country built upon the freedom of speech, the Homosexuals and the Perverts are trying to make it illegal to speak out against them and their twisted choices.

    The radical Homosexual Lobby knows that they don’t have the support of most Americans; they know they will never win their war by trying to change our minds one at a time.

    And so they resort to these sort of tactics, viciously attacking individuals like Jerry Buell when they dare speak their mind.

  • Patrick

    In a Nation where the people think that they can ignore God, we should not be surprised at this. What has happened here, is that we stupidly assumed that Godless people could be trusted with power, and failed to monitor government until it was a bit late.
    Do you remember the idiot quote from some Clinton supporter, some years back? He said that “Character doesn’t matter. All a President has to be is a good administrator.” I wonder if he (or anybody else) still believes that. At the time I heard it, I was horrified at the non-sense.
    We are moving toward the time when it will become clear, even to the dullest among us, that- Only God can save us now. =PC=

    • AJ AYERS

      There are people who will willingly, knowingly, deliberately go to HELL before they would acknowledge God !

    • minnie

      u must b talking about BO COMMUNIST

    • Raymond

      Sad but true.

    • Mary A

      Thank you, Patrick, God IS our ONLY hope.
      Rom 13:1 Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.
      1 John 3:22 and whatever we have asked we receive from Him, because we continue to execute His mandate and keep on doing the things that are pleasing in His sight.

  • Dale Putnam

    And in addition to all that has been acknowledged, Barry Sorento, or whatever name the person currently holding the Presidential Office wants to be called, and even acknowledging that the treason and illegal activity prevails… and may… may eventually be acted upon, the very high probablility is that we… yes, we, the folks that have be screaming that something stinks in Washington, will be supporting him and his herd, for the rest of ……
    yeah, that long,…. and we can’t do a single thing about it. UNLESS we step up to the plate and initiate something BEFORE the elections. Once he has served a whole UNBLEMISHED term…… and there hasn’t been not one blemish… YET. Too bad he won’t go back on vacation for about 2 more years. But then he wouldn’t be riding a few more blocks in a 1.2 million dollar CANADIAN made bus, either.

  • Susie40

    no public interest?????????????

    Judge is a traitor too!!!!

    • liberty

      Many of the judges are traitors, and simply paid off hacks.

    • emerutil

      Yes. I wish I could pay off the judge if I ever get into trouble!

    • Dave Prezell

      With the right attorney it’s very possible. Just find one that is a regular in the judges court, BINGO .

    • peggy

      Yes, I was a little disturbed to read the last line,SSA determinded NO PUBLIC INTEREST THAT WOULD BE SERVED BY DESCLOSURE!!!! you’ve got to be kidding me!!! this judge is in somebodies pocket.

  • Cuban American

    All of Mr. Obama’s information is TOP SECRET!!!! He is probably a (now awake) sleeper agent for terrorist organizations. That is why his SS#, Birth Certicate and school records are either sealed, forged or stolen. Congress needs to impeach him and get him out office. There are many other African-american men and women that are LEGAL AMERICAN citizens that can replace him.

  • John

    ” the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else … ” says it all. Is this “judge ” an appointee by a democrat president? You know full well that if you or I were to have such a SSN and no record of having lived in that state, all hell would break loose. Let’s hope tha attorney has better results on appeal.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      John…Re appeal…by the time an appeal goes through all the roadblocks, the half-breed will have already spent most, if not all of his second term in office. Time for patriots to seriously think about bringing on insurrection!…KK

    • minnie

      Just remember that obama is the boss of the social security administration.

    • http://yahoo Luca Brasi

      Are you kiddin us ? This Atty….. on Appeal ?This Atty. will be very lucky if he has’nt dissapeared already !… Can you say ” Jimmy Hoffa”….

    • emerutil

      I understand. Anyone who takes effective action against a high official is risking his life, and the lives of those dear to him. This is how the likes of our current “civil servants” get away with just about anything, and remain in power, and not go to prison. Term limits, anyone??

    • Mary A

      They have us under their thumb and laughing their heads off.
      God is our only hope.

  • Sue

    If any of you out there reading these articles tried even 1/10 of what this traitor has done, you’d be in jail for years and years. Why is he any different? He’s a scum bag. It’s disgusting that our government and our judicial system sees fit to ignore every crime he has committed. Sickening.

    • emerutil

      Say anything stronger, and the site administrator will wipe you. What needs to be said gets censored.

    • minnie

      Calm down, now think The drug cartels know that what they r doing is illegal, they know we know, we know they know that we know, but do they care? NO, BECAUSE THEY R ALLOWED TO DO THEIR ILLLEGAL THINGS by our government. Until we change this communist government that we unfortunate have it will stay the same. It is the same with the B.C and the soc. sec. no. Some of the people in the government that feel like you do already know that. Just because they are not running to be in front of a judge does not mean they do not feel like you. Obama also controls THE SENATE so anything the REPUBLICANS WANTS TO PASS THE SENATE HAS TO EITHER PASS IT OR BLOCK IT LIKE THE JUDGE. THE SENATE WILL BLOCK IT. Until the republican control the SENATE everything will remain the same. The S.S.A. is government obama is government and obama is on top of them all. That is why in NOV. 2012 we have to make sure we all go to vote. Also remember that in the democrats there are 70 communist Representative working in the government we all should replace those communists. Barney and Maxine waters are one of them. I just read the list a few days ago.

  • di-OR

    Oh, give me a break, “no public interest that would be served?” What a joke, all of America wants to know this and that’s a public interest! HELLO! ANOTHER CORRUPT JUDGE!

  • Carol


  • Buffalo John

    Everyone on this blog needs to go to the web site American Socialist Communist Party.
    There you will see NAMES of SEVENTY Democrate now sitting in the Senate and Congress and yours truly ovomit ALL ARE ACTIVE MEMBERS. They all need to be REMOVED.

  • chris

    once again he gets away with something its starting to become sicking

  • WardMD

    “no public interest that would be served by disclosure”?


    Knowing if the President of the United States is STEALING someone else’s Identity, or, perhaps, NOT, in fact, a CITIZEN of the United States at all – is “no public interest”. Interesting (but not surprising).

    • liberty

      This judge was probably paid off very well for failing to “uphold the rule of law”.

    • Esteban Cafe

      No, payments is not the way this administration works (unless you’re a union) when strong arming someone to shut up.

      They do it with threats. Any one of you could be brought up on legitimate violations of the law…why? Because you Americans have SO many laws: everyone is likely to run afoul of something. This is how they will control you.

      Thus, this judge likely placed a bet, met a woman other than his wife, failed to adequetly disclose some tax issue, etc., and all they did was blackmail him into acquiescence.

    • Dave Prezell

      Your more than right.

  • R.F. HORKA


    • emerutil

      You should say: God HELP America!

    • Mary A

      God will NOT bless a nation that has turned their backs to Him. He allowed His own chosen people to be taken captive when they turned against Him many times. Why should God bless us when we do not honor Him?
      2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
      II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

  • WayOutThere

    We need corrupt politicians and corrupt Judges like we need a finger in the eye.

    Time to make them all go away.

    2012 Ballot entry: Eliminate this position – and all positions assigned, hired or support by/to this position.

  • Lillie

    Why not get Attorney to adopt a petition to be signed by interested AMERICANS. SHOULD BE
    A GREAT NUMBER OF US. I’M 80 YEARS OLD AND HAVE SEEN HORROR EVERY SINCE Obama was elected into office.Let’s all get together to
    eliminate him from office.Maybe God will give us a miracle.

  • JB

    This is our last chance to change direction in this country. Ron Paul is the only one running for president who has a consistent pro Constitutional record. The rest are neocon hacks. Do your children and your country a favor, and vote for Ron Paul. He is the only one who will quit the war mongering and save the wasted billions that go along with it.

    • Denise

      I could not agree more. I will be voting for Ron Paul and most of the people I know also will be voting for him!

    • Elwood

      I only have one reservation concerning Ron Paul and that is that I am fearful his age has caught up with him and that many voters will take that into consideration.

    • Edwin

      Yes! Vote Ron Paul!
      I read that Obama is using someone’s social security number from some guy who died 114 years ago!

    • kiddekat

      Unfortunately, 114 years ago there WAS no Social Security so that cannot possibly be true. Social Security was signed into law on August 14, 1935 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.This was only 76 years ago.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      JB…What you say may be true, at least to an extent, but electing Ron Paul would be akin to all patriots walking on water! We all know who the only being in heaven and on earth that is, and was, cabable of that feat!

    • Thomas Clancy

      More and more, I am leaning toward writing in Ron Paul’s name if he is not on the ballot. If his name is not there, it probably doesn’t matter whose is.

    • Roberta Baxter

      Yes, Ron Paul is the only hope to restore freedoms and liberty to all. The others are just clones of who is in office now.

  • EdinNola

    Everyone knows, and everyone (except for his sycophants) admits that this President is a fraud. He has engaged in fraudlent activities in several areas to obtain and maintain his position in our government, to which he has no legitimate claim. I don’t get it. Is the whole government structure being run by some foreign entity? What exactly has happened to these checks and balances? What has happened to the law? It only applies to us working people now? The people in charge don’t have to obey the law?

    the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”?? I should think that fraud would be good enough interest. The FACT is that this fraud affects every citizen in the country.

  • Maritza

    All I know is that in Mexico you win you case in court if you pay the judges. I KNOW IT FOR A FACT. We didn’t pay 20,000 US Dollars the judge asked us for, we lost. The other party paid, they won. As incredible as it sounds, it happened. So, this said, you have to understand, obama is doing exactly what the dictators in the LatinAmerica, Middle East, and Africa do. CORRUPTION! Congress does not do anything because they are the same. UNTIL THE HOUSE OF REP. IMPEACH THE TRAITOR, I WILL NOT STOP CALLING THEM CHICKEN AND CORRUPTED AS WELL.



  • jammin

    We are no longer living in a Republic. We have a dictatorship, expect more. Remember what Obama said during his original campaign. “We need to build an INTERNAL army stronger than we have with our military…”
    What do you think he meant by that? …..

    • liberty

      When they (the Communist/Socialist/Marxists) try to come for the guns, all hell will break loose in this country.

    • Elwood

      I once read where someone said the government types would only take his gun when they pried his cold dead fingers away from it.

    • Elwood

      Obummer also said three years ago, just before the 2008 election that he was on the verge of fundamentally transforming America. What do you suppose he meant by that? To transform means to change the nature or form of something.

    • emerutil

      I believe he meant his Black Panthers, or something very much like that. He wants an oligarchy, under his command.

  • Maritza

    The question is: WHO WILL IMPEACH THE TRAITOR?

    • Pen Guin

      No point to impeach him because the corrupt Senate under the corrupt Reid would never convict.

      If we don’t take the Senate back in 2012, we’re toast!

      P :-(

  • Jeff

    Soooooooo she tried the birth certificate issue and FAILED,now its his social security number,thats stupid to say the least,my first 3 numbers indicate I was born in California,where I was actually born in Washington DC. I was born in the late 40’s. Impeaching this idiot will take time,alot of time and then theres the expense. Getting Congress NOT to approve anything he wants is the best route

    • BridgetB

      Does anyone know why Michelle and Baqrack surrendered their Law licenses?

    • BDKatt

      Social Security numbers do not indicate where you were born,but where you live when you apply for a number

  • Doug Rodrigues

    We are overdue for a violent revolution to rid ourselves of the these traitors to the Constitution! Buy your ammo while you can. You may need it!



  • greg

    No public interest?? WTF is wrong with this idiot liberal judge?? I notice the article didnt disclose the judges name but did disclose the attorneys name. I wonder how qualified or legal the judge is??

  • Ed

    Let’s face it gang, criminal’s rule!!!


  • Barbara Trahan

    Ofcourse his ss# is fake we all know he is not a citzen of the US if it was any one else that would already be out on their butts!!!

  • Magnolia

    So the judge is ruling that even though it appears we have what appears to be an ineligible fraud serving as POTUS it isn’t in the inerests of We the People to learn that fact? What an outrage!!!!

  • Maritza

    There is a half-white illegal living in the White House. That’s why obama by decree, said illegals will stay in the US. HE IS ONE!!!!! His entire family from Kenya (where he was born) moved here thanks to him.

    THIS SUCKS!!! HE SUCKS!!! Moochelle sucks!! HER “DIET” to WE THE PEOPLE!!!! SUCKS!!! SINCE WHEN SOMEBODY IS GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO EAT?????????? GET OFF OF MY LIFE YOU ILLEGAL ALLIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP WASTING MY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BDKatt

      He sucks,literally,google”down low mens club”
      obama/emmanual in chicago

  • Tom Stewart

    All Of The Info On The Imposter Muslim Pres Obama, The One Thing He Can Not Change Or Explain Is This Social Security Number 042-68-4425 A Conn Number, However Wash DC Is Being Run By Muslins Put In Place By Pres Obamacare, Yikeess, Now Get Ready For Another “Spin Sermon” By Barry Soetoro A Complete Fraud With George Soros Who Runs The Muslim Brotherhood. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots And Susan Daniels

  • zanografix

    It seems that the only answer there has ever been is that we, the people have no standing in court, and there are privacy issues. Obama was never verred before his name was put up for nomination.The democrats constantly throw out the red herring that he was born in Hawaii that makes him a narural born citizen. They never allow that discussion about line 10 which says his father was a Kenyan citizen and therefore British at the time. The fact that Obama was illegitimate because Obama Sr. was already married is never discussed and the facts surrounding his illegal use of someone elses ss# is never touched on.

    This is the worst conspiracy ever to befall the American people. We are not a nation of laws, just the world’s joke.

  • Brett

    This Judge said what? “No Public Interest?”
    This thing must have voted for Obama, can we vote the Judge out? Add my name to the list of public interest, I would like to know! Anyone else want to ad your name to that list and get the list back to court?

    • http://deleted tami

      Brett, I want to add my name to the list!! I would like to organize! I am on this site a lot and I agree with 99% of the people. I say we need to stop complaining and create some action. There is nothing that means more to me today than protecting my kids future, and that means removing from office that thing we have in there now.

    • emerutil

      Start that list. I will add my name to it. (Dangerous as that may be)

  • Eileen

    There is no one in this country who will uphold the law. The American people cannot depend on the government to protect us against fraud. Obama is clearly a criminal and the judges in this country are helping him pull off the greatest scam of all time.

  • Zeke

    Just another bought & Paid for person with a title of Judge.

    • Dave Prezell

      Funny how I don’t have any respect for these pompas a**.

  • Gordon Jensen

    Are there any spines under any of those black robes?!

    • CHIEF

      Gordon simple but truthful answer NO

    • Walda Ruiz

      I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. For those of you who can’t see it, the answer is DEFINITELY NOT!

  • falling

    What is this judges name? Perhaps, We The People can convince him that there is indeed a public interest in having Obama’s SS number investigated! No threats of course, simply questioning how allowing an ineligible president to continue to serve is in the best interest of the country and the public!

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    This “judge” needs be hanged for treason.

  • mark

    i fear my countrymen are no more brave than the slimy cowards who attacked our shores. whenever and however the revolution starts we the people will prevail because the cause is just and we must stand up for GOD, country and the american way !

  • Obama’s brother

    My brother Barack told me and my auntie that we would all not get caught with these fake Social Security cards, but only me and my auntie have gotten caught and shown to be illegal immigrants. Barack has taken care of us and other illegal immigrants that in America today. He won’t have us deported no matter what crime we commit and he has now started to give us all work permits. Why do you think a judge is going to rule against Obama,when many of these judges are paid by large unions to supply them illegal immigrants like me. This is why my brother Obama is cutting soldier’s pensions, but adding to the benefits that illegal immigrants like me will be recieving. This government don’t want to prove my brother is an illegal immigrant, because they would loose the votes of every illegal immigrant in America today.

  • LJWB

    NO REAL PUBLIC INTEREST…what!…and you notice that the judge’s name was not given too…gee I wownder why? And the judge is in DC….all of Washington is bought and paid for!! Until the next election, then they are all gone.

  • Q Tip

    Very interesting that Judge Stonewall doesn’t have his real name published. All I can say is that if I, as a private citizen, was using a SS# from a dead man in Connecticut, I would under, shall we say, intense scrutiny from the Feds. 2012 can’t come soon enough, so we can kick the liberal garbage out to the curb. I hope they rot in Hell!

  • Melissa

    Appeal it Orly! Sooner or later a Judge will say – right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter what the public interest is! By the way, the Public is interested.

  • avenham

    This judge does not want to open a can of worms by letting this suit go on. Another spineless judge!!What’s his or her name?? Just think of the Constitutional issues that would come up if it was determined that Barry was even more of a fraud and this term was illegal from the start. It will all come out sooner or later.

  • http://gopusa Marcus

    If only I where able to get away with committing the greatest fraud in human history ,Then get the Nobel Peace Prize for it also ,Another prize that has been rendered worthless by this Grandfather of all frauds ,I sincerely hope that he does not get away with it for as long as Saddam Huisein or Moamar Ghadafi did ,There has yet to be some sort of justice in the Universe ,But I am not holding my breath

  • Ez G

    No public interest huh.We should write/email and show that judge. But take public interest out of the equation, what about legal interest? Oh wait legal doesn’t matter when it comes to embarrassing the “golden boy ” who is untouchable.

  • http://deleted tami

    I would like to know the name of this judge. The interest would be that we have a no good, lying, pretentious, unamerican muslim, lowlife fraud as our President and we need to know the truth. This judge has, frankly, lost his mind. Why would finding out that our so called President is a fraud not serve the interest of the people!?!?!?! COME ON!!!!!! Are you kidding me? He definitely received funds under the table for this decision!!

  • Ruby McBride

    someone out there with lots of money and power has him for their puppet – now, try and figure out who they are would be the miracle. Beats the hell out of me, but we have to get him out of power in 2012. Don’t vote for Hillary either, she is just as bad as he is. I say vote for Perry! Texans don’t mess with anyone and he is the only one that can stand up to him – him and Christy that refuses to run for president!

    • BDKatt

      George Soros is the puppet master.Perry would be more of the same(ask any Texan)Christy is is a worthless fat blow hard.Ron Paul is the only true consistant constitutional conservative running.Alan West would be the ideal running mate

    • all4HIM

      Be very careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing ! Perry is an active member of the Bilderburgs ! Don’t take my word for it just google “members of bilderburg group ”

  • ce klingler

    Take this case to the next level on appeal. Don’t let this case drop on the wayside. This judge is assuming a lot by saying no one is interested in this case.

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    To quote Revere, “To Arms – To Arms”
    Take Jefferson’s advice, “by force if necessary”
    To paraphrase Capt. John Parker, “If it is war that they want, By God, It is war that they shall have”.

  • 3006AL

    What else can we expect from a liberal DC judge, who no doubt is an Obama supporter? SSA could investigate this if they wanted to!

    Why does Obama have so many SS nummbers and why one from Connecticut ( where he never lived)? This judge needs to be impeached along with Obama!

  • Rob

    You did not really think a judge would actually side against Obama did you? Our nation is quietly, but right in front of our very faces, being dissolved by the Obama team and forces that put him in place. Fight back now people or lose your rights and freedoms very soon. I already do not recognise what is left of America.

  • Roger

    “He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else.”
    What need for secrecy?

    • Walda Ruiz

      What’s with the secrecy. I thought everything was supposed to be open and available for every American to see.

  • Larry

    This is precisely why I espouse anarchy and dragging every politician into the streets and hanging them. There should be no privileged class. obama is a liar and thief and so are every one of his associates. The judge has done nothing but protect a criminal. As this is the case; it is time for Americans to drag politicians, judges and government employees into the streets and take revenge…..By any means!

    • emerutil

      The Russians kicked out the Soviets. Could we do something similar here? I was elated when many of the corrupt got a swift kick as they were forced to stand facing a wall.


    Ipso facto is a Latin phrase, directly translated as “by the fact itself,” which means that a certain effect is a direct consequence of the action in question, instead of being brought about by a subsequent action such as the verdict of a tribunal. It is a term of art used in philosophy, law, and science. An example in law is money laundering: the act is ipso facto illegal because it is done as a cover for something else, so the act puts the actions of an individual in question. A common English idiom that is a related phrase of “in and of itself.”

  • Carol Ann

    I am sick to my stomach, to think all of this is taking place in America. If we ever get our country back, I hope there will be a type of “Nuremburg Trial” for all the treason
    perpitrated by the so called government officials, i.e. obama, pelosi, reid and any judges preventing the American citizens from the truth. Hanging will be to good for them.

  • Winston on Truth

    Absolutely absurd! The very officials SWORN to uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law are operating at a level of blatant disregard for TRUTH, leaving this nation a lawless society and fulfilling the new FABIAN (SOCIALIST) SOCIETY. Every federal judge, Eric Holder, Governors and States Attorneys of ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal aliens must be removed from office…forcibly if necessary.

  • old grey haired lady

    The fact is….if you or I would pull even one tenth of the underhanded things that this president has pulled; we would be locked up for the rest of our lives. Notice that I said, “this president”; as he is not now and never will be my president. I can respect the office of president and commander in chief….but NOT this man.

  • margie

    this man in the white house is a criminal. he has broken a number of laws and gotten away with it.who the hell does he think he come here to america and change our laws and break them and get away with it. where are the real people of the u. s. to let this happen. this country is up side down. the muslims and the wet backs are treated like citizens and the citizens of u, s. treated like non- citizens. we the tax payers have to pay social services for people who came here illegally and they are criminals who broke the law and we have no say so. what the hell is wrong here? start fighting to take our country back and get them out of here. we would have jobs if we didn’t have 30 or 40 or more million people in our country that do not belong here. no wonder we’re broke.

    • emerutil

      You are learning! Really learning.

  • jack

    Folks, the whole government, congress, judicial is. involved in the Obama coverup. Rev or return of God

  • Freedom

    The “Flim Flam” man wins again.

    • Pete

      Flip, flop and fly. Same old song and dance.

  • Jim

    It’s a waste of time to try to back-door Obama out of office. Better to focus energy on defeating him and his party in 2012. In that way not only he, but also his left-wing ideas will be repudiated.

    • CHIEF

      Some truth there Jim now if only we could stop those dead people from voting that would help.No wonder they do not want picture ID to be a requirement to vote.WOW

    • emerutil

      One must prove identity and eligibility for everything else. Why not to vote? Insane!

  • all4HIM

    You must remember above all else GOD’S Will will be accomplished and His plan shall be fulfilled as laid out in His Word. All these things that are happening have already been told to us .There shall be a One World Government but,only for a short time . This Nation has more to worry about GOD’S wrath against it if the government continues to push Israel to divide it’s land and especially Jerusalem . We’ve already had an earthquake and hurricane in a week in the east. May GOD forgive America !

  • Stephenie

    “there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent”……um, YES THERE IS! I don’t know where that judge has been, but how he can say that baffles me. There is LOADS of interest in the genuineness of his SSAN AND in his birth certificate!

  • Jason Herr

    Don’t give up the fight for freedom. America is not done. It is just going to take the coming together of millions of Americans who care about liberty and freedom. If you want to restore freedom in America first start by voting Ron Paul for President in 2012. Ron Paul has consistently protected the constitution and voted in favor of the “people.” If everyone makes the decision to vote for Ron Paul and stops voting for establishment candidates such as Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Michelle Bachman, America will be great again. Unlike the other candidates, Ron Paul truly works for the people. It is up to all of us to work together and make America a great nation again. Vote Ron Paul for President in 2012!!!

  • Laura

    I’m not surprised that the Federal Judge turning her away. Most of the Federal Judge’s are straight from the Democrat Party, if if not, their too milk toast to stand and head accountable for what they were appointed to do. UPHOLD THE LAW. NOT RE-WRITE IT. I’m not a big fan of Ron Paul, although I do agree with him on many things. I think in a nutshell all of us want someone to hold the highest office in this country that we can respect, we feel in our hearts that he/she is trying to make broad decisions that is good for the whole, defend and protect/guard the citizens from harm both domestic and foreign, abide and adhere to the constitution. There is so-o much corruption in Washington and has been for years and years…. Blame ourselves for ignoring canidates both present and past and the corrupt MEDIA!

  • James R. Maxwell

    “O’s courts, his rules and the judges do what he says or else. Did anyone expect a
    different result from a corrupt official who
    ignors the law to follow his masters bidding? Until we purge this obomination from the White House and restore the integerity of the office of President we will not see justice prevail. To many corrupt judges who are afraid to make a valid and legal rulling in matters such as this. They will protect the corruptor in chief from having to face the truth.

  • mesaman

    Oh lawdy, lawdy it be’s a great day fo us’n of color.


    DO NOT GIVE UP ON RELYING ON GOD! Remember how God negotiated at Sodom and Gomorrah…counting how many people were God fearing and FAITHFUL! God has given us instruction through His Word …let us FOLLOW HIS WORD!

    • Whackajig

      Was it God who gave us obama? If so, ask him if He could remove obama right now.

    • Les

      OBAMA lies upon lies upon lies. People are so interested in this story & the birthcert story. & there are so many comments on this story. OBAMA he lier/ criminal is not more important than the people of the UNited States.

    • Mike

      Hey, God also has a sense of humor. He’s leaving it up to us at the next election to get rid of Obama

    • Alan A. Correa

      NO God didn’t give us Obama,Satan did.Thank Adam for that he gave up rule over the earth to Satan (the surpent)when tempted in the garden to disobay God’s rules.

    • glam

      God loved man enough to give us free will. He didn’t say it was going to be easy but for those that voted for Obama He did give us a brain to think for ourselves. You put the man in office with no thought to his abilities. Maybe the rest of us can hang on until we can vote him out.

  • Brenda

    WARDMD……..Hope you don’t mind I copied and pasted your comment, but your right on………

    “no public interest that would be served by disclosure”? ……………….Really?

    Knowing if the President of the United States is STEALING someone else’s Identity, or, perhaps, NOT, in fact, a CITIZEN of the United States at all – is “no public interest”. Interesting (but not surprising).

  • USAgent

    What kills me is the lack of leadership and the lack of responsability from the previous president (Bush)its like he threw his hands up in the air and says Im done no comment. He has a responsability to every American just like this Piece of crap we have now. I fear the only way to get this Govt back on track is by force, unless we get some real changes in forgin policy, domestic policy, and get rid of several federal regulations this country wont last much longer. We all sit back and complain but what did Washington do when England was invading, think about it people.

  • John

    See more Obama cover up, scandals, and others in Congress.

  • Dave Prezell

    These judges have to much power. Most are corrupt anyways. Money under the table is commonplace.Common sense would be enough to be a judge. Those law degrees are only good for the licence to steal.

    • Bill

      I wonder how many millions of dollars the ILLEGAL ALEIN, TRAITOR, & WAR CRIMINAL obama paid the federal judge for his ILLEGAL ruling.

    • Imp

      Who is this federal judge? Why is his name withheld but not the name of the attorney. We need the name of the Judge to let him know there is a lot to be gained by making this info public. The information this administration leaked to our enemies about our navy seals whereabouts got them killed. OBAMA needs to quit hiding behind laws that he himself doesn’t abide by.

    • http://yahoo Joe M. Bacon


    • Les

      Obvoiosly there is interest in this ss# thing. Look how many comments this article has. The judges lie. Ovomit lies, lies upon lies upon lies. How can anyone keep track &
      he has all our country’s sensitive information. One person named OBAMA is not
      more important than the people & the constitution of this country. What about the law?

  • Carol Ann

    I too believe in God’s Will, however I will not go quietly to the gas cahmbers as the Jews did under Nazi rule. I will fight to hold my freedoms, remember God helps them how helps themselves

    • http://None AF44

      K<eep your powder dry, and close to hand!

    • L.E Reed

      I agree with you in essence however, your ending comment is incorrect as their is no scripture in the Bible that says ” God helps those who help themselves “The phrase has been passed down for so many years, that it is taken forgranted that it is a quote from the Bible.

    • joe meister

      er pardon me walked into the gas chambers. is that what you’re taught in school . yes many unfortunately never knew what was in store for them when they reached the death camps. i suggest you read up on the warsaw ghetto uprising & see how peacefully they just walked in. so when will you begin your fight tough guy. what a callous anti -sem ite you must be. maybe you’ll get a choice if it comes to can convert to islam,you probably would to. or are you 1 all ready. yes the jewish ppl gayly goose stepped into the gas chambers .i suggest you think out your opinions before putting them to paper.whoever put that idea in your head you should keep your distance from.

  • ARMYOF69

    Our whole judicial system is CORRUPT, that’s all.

  • Moose

    The judge ruled that there was no interest in Ortiz knowing the number, how about being a citizen trying to determine if the President has broken the law. Since Obummer is the President of everyone, we all have an interest.

    • http://Patriotupdate Erika Dolan

      We do have a right to know because Obama is the President of the United States and he may not even be entitled to that title. I guess money and power is what is protecting him.

    • Bill

      obama is illegaly in the office of the president (he no longer has a right of silance for anything except how many times he pokes his nasty ass ape looking, hore wife), & I don’t want to know that.

    • James

      Many of his largest Financial Supporters come from WALL STREET !

    • Whackajig

      There are an increasing number of us who do not think that obama is even due the respect which is shown by using capital letters for his name.

    • Johnny Glock

      Why has he spent close to one half a million dollars hiding his birth certificate and college papers, that’s if he went to college.?
      He is not a citizen of my country, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    • Bill

      Hey johnny you have the amount wrong he paid 2 million dollars to hide every thing

  • Margaret

    The America public has no right to know who their President is? Do we now live under a dictatorship? How has this person become so powerful that no one has the nerve to stand up and question this? Who has so much control in this country that they can persuade even our judges not to question a legality of an elected official?
    This is a truly frightening situation for every American. It is not a fight between political parties it is a fight for freedom of information for every citizen.
    I am going to contact my Congressmen and I think everyone that values America should do the same and ask that this be rectified.
    We the people deserve an answer and a situation such as this should never be allowed to happen again. The law if not stringent enough needs to be changed. If there was something not disclosed then charges need to be brought not just against this person, but those in charge that did not follow the law.
    Let’s take back America by yelling loudly and often enough to right this injustice.


      Very well said!!!!!! I a agree with you 1000%
      too bad there aren’t more heads like your’s in society!!

    • Troy

      You go girl!!!!

    • Mandy

      Yes, Margaret, more and more it is becoming a dictatorship. By making these judges do his will and cover for his lies,Obama is saying to us “bend over and take it America”, because he is SCREWING us

    • CHRIS

      “Going to your Congressman” will just give those jackals that hold those Constitutional Offices a good sarcastic chuckel. When will the American People awake to the nightmare of deception and active tyranny they are in. I would say “throw all of the bums out” and elect a new Senate and a new Congress. However that process is also rigged. What “due process”??? The cockroaches in D.C. will just howl with indignant laughter at you. The American people shock and surprise me with their ignorance about the “real” State of the Union. But just dream on “Big Brother” will take care of you!! PITIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tony

    Why is it so hard to believe that a person of color is an American. I smell more racism than anything.

    • Yikes!

      Could you be any more clueless? It has nothing to do with the color of his skin and you have really worn out the “racism” thing. Apparently you are the one with a problem since you prefer to back a person of highly questionable ethics who hates American and Americans (that includes you, genius) simply because he has some black blood running through his veins.

    • emerutil

      I was forced to live among people of color, as you call them. Gave me an insight that was horrible (understatement). I am against anyone of color having any authority!

  • Henry

    obama breaks a federal law and this GUTLESS judge say no matter? America you are on the way to HELL!

  • 1xgi

    it’s the great un American cover up, the interested party is everyone in this country, but the judge???? says we don’t have a right to know the truth about this serious lake of proof of eligibility to the highest office in our government. All it means to me is the obummer’s are screwing the u s blind and we just stand silent and take things like this to be right when we know full well it is not. you and I would never have gotten away with this, but our government representatives have figured out how to line their pockets at our expense, this is what comes from career politicians their term of office should be two terms and out no high benefits or any special treatment, their actions show us that they do not deserve it.Vote them ALL out replace the whole bunch with new people and from 2012 on WE the PEOPLE better be doing our job by electing AMERICAN’s into office not socialist/commies like what we have now. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Kay

    So American citizens have “no public interest served” in knowing whether or not this man is a true citizen and eligible to be president? If he is an ILLEGAL president, then I believe the whole nation has a public interest. Makes me wonder how much the judge was paid for his decision.

    • sagewise

      Maybe he was paid off, but for sure, they must have threatened him…unless of course, he is already one of them!

  • DonW

    Of course the judge threw it out. Their life is at stake. A lot of people who pushed back against the Clintons also had problems.
    I have doubts as to his SSN, his citizenry and whether Bin Ladin is actually dead by his hand. Until the majority grow some brass cajones and really put the Libthug’s feet to the fire we will have this shuck n jive. My advice, stock up on canned goods, ammunition and be very scared.

  • wayne

    using counterfeited SS numbers is a class 1 felony. This judge obviously voted for the pr,,k lol.

  • Carol Ann

    Yelling isn’t working

  • eILEEN

    What surprises me is, why did Donald Trump quit his fight so quickly? Did someone “get to him” also? Very interesting, huh?
    Also, we must remember — Clinton got away with rape, murder, theft, etc. — so now we have to deal with another CROOK!

    • Dan

      Because Donald Trump was working with obama. If Trump were genuine, he would have immediately challenged that April 27 Birth Certificate as an extremely low quality forgery (which it was)and continued battering on him.

      He didn’t. He backed off. Don’t be surprised to see Trump making campaign donations to obama in the near future.

    • Bill

      Clinton also got away with being a draft dodger & treason during V. N. war & treason while in the office

  • catfish

    From my experience with judges, I have decided that many of them are either political hacks or are paid off.

    • James

      You’re giving most judges too much credit! Remember they start as lawyers and go down from there….. though it is really hard to understand how you can get any lower than “most” lawyers already are.

  • Eleanor Patrick

    I cannot believe any authentic judge would say it is not important or necessary to find out the legitimacy of Mr. Obama to be president of the U.S. when the consitution says only citizens can be president. If there is so much cloud around this situation,I believe it deserves to be investigated. In fact, it should have been important enough before the election of Mr. Obama or any president to check this out. Are we asleep? Are judges deceiving us on this topic?

  • duane harvey

    you do not impeach a imporster. you just do what the law Americans it is our duty to throw them all out of there ofices and replace them. when there is this kind of law brakers in our goverment. [our duty] all it takes is getting the people together to do it. when this bunch of people get in 1 place for that . then there will be a end to it and our country can start getting back on track. untill then it will just be going down hill untill America is no more. it just takes people to do it. simple as that. rally and get er done.

    • RebeL

      What we need to do is assemble in Washington, and march down to the White House. With a couple million people there, I think we could do a real good job of cleaning house….

    • emerutil

      Likely, I fear, that we would be gassed, or worse. We would be declared a mob, and dealt with accordingly.

  • tic tac

    I believe that what goes around comes around and I well remember John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Bernie Madoff and many others thinking they were above the law as well as the moral law. He will be found out. I just trust that is will be before the next election so that the WORLD will see the real person that he is and what is in his heart. DESTROY AMERICA! that is his goal. He MUST be stopped.

    • debbie


    • James

      And AMEN!

    • greg

      The soo ner the better!

  • Richard

    Lets not forget our over paid do nothing congress! There as much to blame as this nameless judge! Issa’s supposedly investigating “Operation Gunrunner” but he, along with 15 other sellout republicrats voted to increase the debt ceiling. As a former detective and policeman it struck me, who are these bozo’s to be investigating anyone? They’re not trained investigators, they’re politicians, and politcians are professional liars, from both parties!
    So I called Gary Miller’s office and asked what congress intends to do about obama’s blanket amnesty. I then asked the real question, “by the way, when’s Maxine Waters going to be investigated, its been two years now”? Are you ready for the answer, then call your congress rep and pose the same question!!!
    By the way, as an investigator I completed cases within hours, days, or a couple of weeks, Issa isn’t “investigating” anything or anyone, its all a dog and pony show for us little people!!! WE NEED TO FIRE ALL OF THEM IN 2012!!!!!!

  • Mark

    The thing these stupid people do not understand is that once you become part of the lie your life is worthless. The only way for a lie to stay in place is for the person who told the lie is to die. Just like the guy who forged the birth certificate. He know it is a forgery and the only way to keep that secret is for him to die or who knows who he will tall later on. These liberal judges are no better. The time will come when, after the truth is out, they to will be out. Boy is the crap going to hit the fan

  • Pegs

    obamination is an extra-odinary individual HOW MANY LIES CAN YOU TELL? Only satan has one upmanship on this vile puke.

    • James

      Is there really a difference between the two?



  • Dan

    Does this judge have a name?

    How do we write to this guy and tell him that he is wrong?

    Is there any possibility that the citizens can demand recall of this guy?

    • Beruta

      WND reports it’s Royce Lamberth but we all know who he reports to, and it isn’t us!

  • velsia

    OF COURSE, the judge would overrule common sense and integrity! Obama has paid him off just like he paid off all the others. If it were you or me passing off a fraudulent Social Security number, our ass would be hauled off to jail and prosecuted. But not our illustrious POTUS who plays an almost perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing, practically undetectable! Question is, who is the judge? So we can vote him out of office at next opportunity.

    • FreeGeezer

      To satisfy your curiosity, the Judge’s name is Royce Lamberth. However, since he’s a federal judge, we don’t get the opportunity to vote him out of office.

      What we need is a way to remove (rid ourselves of) these appointed corrupt and activist judges.

  • P. Caccioppo

    The Prez claims he went to Yale, but no one seems to have been in any of his classes. He claims he studied Constitutional law, but slaps our Constitution in the face every chance he gets. He claims he is not a Muslim, but was raised one and honored its holy day in the White House. He claims he is a citizen of the US, but facts on his live birth record do not agree with the facts of Hawaii. He states in his book, the evil of the greatest country in the land and he is intent on destroying it. Maybe people will read this as they certainly didn’t read the facts before they voted for him.

    • Beruta

      P.C. Succinctly and accurately put. But will people open their eyes? I doubt it. Many have been blinded and have no interest in seeing the daylight of truth.

      It may sound like a broken record, but also credit the deceased Sol Alinsky and, unfortunately, the still-breathing George Soros and Bilderberg gang around the world who truly are the Devil’s advocate(s). THAT is not an exaggeration. Obama is simply a puppet as so many have voiced.

  • Bud

    Yeah, because it certainly is of no public interest as to whether or not we have a fraud and imposter in the highest office of our nation. Certainly no public. Interest there. Talk about a Cover UP!!!

  • Major Daniel Corcoran (ret)

    Now let me get this right! The general Public has no interest in the disclosure of the President’s social security number when it is contrary to the facts of his alleged life’s history. Including his suspect information that leads one to believe that the information is false and misleading and detrimental to the well being of the United States of America. Hmmm…Wouldn’t that in itself lead a normal, rational thinking citizen to conclude that there is something being hidden from the facts? Or is it just that the Federal Judge is protecting his interests as well as the President’s from a closer look at what may become a real threat to the President’s real identity and history. As I’ve always said, the truth will come out one day! And what then? Have a great day and may God Bless!

    • James

      He should get lifelock, then he could put it on the side of a truck and drive around Manhattan. He won’t do that because he can’t decide which one to use.

    • Coy Bowden

      Since the SSN in question belonged to a deceased resident, I wonder what would happen if we all started using that number? Bet that would create a quandry.

  • Kanudawg

    The lawsuit to find out about whether he is legit or not is one thing, but giving his SS# out for someone to scrutinize it is stupid. It doesnt mater how I feel about Obama, ones SS# is a private matter. I would not like it if someone went to court to find out about my SS# and niether would anyone on this post.

    • Anthony

      He has TWO social seurity numbers which is illegal. If you or I did this we would be convicted and jailed. Its called social security fraud.

  • http://deleted Harvey

    Obama has one Czar that does nothing but keep his lies straight.
    Surely theres someone that does it,theres no way he can do it on his own

  • Emme

    Oh, so judge Royce lambert doesn’t see a problem with Obozo using the ssn that was assigned to Harrison J Mueller because he’s dead or what? Why dont we all use a dead person’s ssn–would that be okay too?

  • Eleanor

    Remove last name, please on my comment. Thank you.



  • Jeanne McInerny

    Just feels like a national conspiracy against what is right vs wrong, all based on ideology.This question is just one of a thousand questions that pertain to this president and the camouflage that surrounds him. Too bad he was never vetted before attaining the power. Why does the fog persist? Is it any wonder that the citizen’s of the great America are becoming more and more hostile? Corruption pervades this government.

  • Richie

    This is what happens when a person is elected without any vetting of his background. The obvious vetting should have started with his upbringing. First he came from a terribly broken home environment. Without a loving nurturing Mother. No responsible mentoring relationship with Obama Sr. whom abandoned him. No relationship what so ever with his 2nd Father (step father). Changes name from Barack to Barry and back to Barack. Only Moral and Civic guidance was provided through Muslim teachings. Change of Citizenship from UK to Indonesia to current US citizenship. No K to 12 school records can be identified. No college records and to what participation levels he had. No former students have come forward to recognize his participation. No former girl friends have been identified and only one sexual deviant a male has come forward to verify his relationship with Obama. Kenyan official, ambassador and assembly members said Obama was born in Kenya. Obama’s own family members have stated he was born in Kenya.
    All Obama’s adult mentoring came from associations with Marxist, Socialist, Progressives, and this list goes on too long to add at his time. You can easily fill in those names by doing a web search for his far far left associations.
    As I see it we only have a couple of friends in this News Media industry which are the Patriot update, WND, and Glen Beck. They are the only ones performing any hard vetting. We should all support then in any way we can.

    • James

      Rich, you’re letting facts get in the way of a brilliant political career to “fundamentally change this country” from the greatest one to what, we don’t really know yet, but he’s changing it. He can’t let a few facts stand in his way.

    • Bea

      “No former girlfriends have been identified and only one sexual deviant a male has come forward to verify his relationship with Obama”.
      It’s only one because he fled the country and the other 2 are dead, gunned down at home.

  • Bernie

    “The SSA explained that the Privacy Act of 1974 … protects the personal information of social security number holders,” he wrote. “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”

    How about the fact that every thing you as an average Joe/Jane requires you to disclose your SSN! Next step will be to have it tatooed on your arm at birth, Auschwitz style.
    I never used to be a conspiracy nut, but the more I hear about the defensive secrecy surounding this guy the more I have to wonder about his legitimacy………

  • http://deleted Harvey

    And thats another reason Obama wants all the illegals to be able to get a S.S.number,all illegals should have one because he has,and he illegal.

    • Ed M.

      His main agenda of making all illegals legal is so he can get more votes! Plus its another way of making America go Broke, Put them ALL on Welfare!!! Give them ALL free benefits and social security!! he is illegal scum and should be thrown out of the White House!!

  • BarleyWheets

    If this judge decided against obama.. and said his SS needs to be looked into.. HE, the judge, would lose his job. Corruption to the max!!

  • Scarlett

    Margaret has the right answer to this and every other problem with Obama! If everyone would stop bitching to each other and start doing something like sending letters, and emails to their Congressman, and asking everyone they know to do the same surely it would help a 1000 times more than posting emails on all these political websites where it does no good at all.

    • Ed M.

      You don,t even have to spend money for stamps, Just send faxes!!! Flood their fax machines with requests that we want obummer removed from office unless he can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt he was born in this Country! (which we ALL know he can not do!)Don,t give up!! Send faxes to every congress men, senators and State representatives you can!! Also send them to Governors also! The more the merrier!! Start faxing Now!!!!!!

  • Lloyd

    I’ll say it again. There are only 545 people that have any real power to do anything. If we the ppl have it – it is because the 545 people want it that way. Obumma got elected by the bottom dwellers and the dead. The way it looks 90% of the 545 have been bought off and our fate is doomed unless someone strong steps up and demands control and gets it. That strong person needs to take the constitution and laws of the land and start the whole thing again in the right way. I know of no other society that is better set than what our constitution has provided for use. Time is soon to run out so wake up and save our country and the world. I’m a WWII vet and to damn old to do much but try to wake ppl up to get something done NOW!

  • Skip

    I have a feeling that Obama will be out of the picture by 2012 and the Jezabel Clinton will move in to the Socialist Democratic election Jezabel Clinton is much smarter then Obama and as evil or more so. He is much in fear of his life it shows with as many body guards that are around him. His hair is graying and he’s not by himself much with just family. Why does Michele go on a different plane all the time they should fear the Clintons more then the Tea Party it has always been the liberals that have attacked the Presidents in this Country. History will repeat its self. And it will be a liberal from the orders of the Bilderburgs or Rothschilds. They really run the planet cause the wars and fear leads to destruction of countrys and the power in that country.

    • http://germany chuck fowler

      right on there is a world order that controls
      all things…if the cover up is uncoverd will those democrats and liberals be guilty
      of sedition?

  • oldgringo

    It is very rarely you will find a Judge who would be willing to go up against a President or any Government Enity for that matter…..Simply because as President Obama has a Slush Fund and the best Lawyers available at his disposal…..All paid for by the US Taxpayer’s…..He has the Power to silence those Judges he finds disruptive to his Presidency…..He can prolong any charges against him for years before it reaches the courts…..The threat of being Black Listed is enough to make most Judges back off from any investigation against a President…..The Liberals would be screaming bloody murder should charges be brought up against their President…..The Blacks would go bonkers…..The Unions would come out fighting…..The Hispanics would cry foul….The Muslims would want the complicit Judge’s Head on a Platter…..The News Media wold issue a Character Assassination of the Judge in bold type on the front page of every publication in America….CNN ratings would fly off the charts with the Hypocracy of it all…..The Democrats not only would blame the Tea Party Folks but would further blame it all on George Bush…..Again…..Therefore it can be assumed that nothing will ever come of Obama’s fraudulent Social Security Number nor his fraudulent Birth Certificate…..
    Remember the Govenment locked up all the investigative documents, etc. envolved with the Kennedy Assassination from the eyes of the American Public…..For a total of 75 years…..By that time all the witnesses and or the American People of that time to include you and me will all be Dead…..What actually happened on that tragic day will be lost from the Annuals of History forever as the younger generations of American’s will have no cause or source of evidence to further any investigations into the Assassination of a President…..Marilyn Monroe’s beloved John F. Kennedy!

    • Evie

      Corruption makes the world go round…there is none who is righteous, no not one. Just that some are better at controlling themselves than others.

  • Scott

    I say start a civil war we dont want to live like this and the courts favor them and will just get worse till we are peasants and they are all royalty we either lay down and keep getting what we are our do what seems like what us becoming our only choice.

    • Charlie

      Scott – I’m with ya, buddy. However, a civil war or some kind of civil unrest before the 2012 election is just what he’s hoping for. He can declare martial law, shut down the country and set himself up as dictator. Then we’re REALLY screwed.

  • Keith J

    It’s time for this judge to hang up his robes permanently and take up fishing.

  • 1xgi

    A ray of light at the end of the tunnel is that some states are wanting proof of eligibility that could very well be the end of obummer. WE as American’s are obligated to the laws of the land if WE get pulled over by the law WE are required by law to produce the very information that obummer has spent big bucks to hide. WE can only hope that enough states will implement this stricter proof of eligibility and put an end to this non sense, show proof publicly or get out of the race,a true proud to be an American would never have a problem with this, but someone spending one cent to hide anything is not except able or eligible to run for dog catcher much less President, and as always GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Spar07

    The refusal by the judge to go forward with this is, to me, additional proof of his illegal act.
    Obama is being protected at all cost and especially at the cost of our country’s dignity.
    In my opinion, this judge is now aiding and abetting a criminal act and also needs to be unseated by We, The People.
    Our system has setup a serious brotherhood, like the muslims, that protect their own, the have become untouchable and we have another Libya in the making, an exact copy, if we were to attempt to remove this POTUS from office.
    This failure by this judge also indicates to me that we are in for a ride in the near future. We are in for an awakening where our very souls will be challenged.
    I am certain now that we will have to make decisions we never even dreamed of before in our lifetime that will render the outcome as to whether or not we remain free as an entire nation.
    I can only hope our Lord comes back soon to end this mess. Everyone Pray for a Hedge of Thorns to be place around our criminal politicians.

  • Michael

    “The SSA explained that the Privacy Act of 1974 … protects the personal information of social security number holders,” he wrote. This is a BS statement. why does the SSA want to protect this criminal of a man, that calls himself president. But will not use the privacy act of 1974 to protect us from the IRS. My income is my personal information and I am a social security number holder so why won’t they protect me?? and oh by the way I’m a citizen unlike the “so called” president!!

    • James

      Good points all.

  • Joe W

    This is the most absurd ruling I have seen since the O.J. Simpson case!!! All of America has an interest in determining if we have a “legal” person sitting in the most powerful position “in the world”!!!! This judge has been paid off, threatened or is just plain not qualified to sit on the bench. I for one am writing all the legislators who (supposedly) represent me voicing my concerns. I hope everyone will do the same. We do not live in a dictatorship, this is America!! Let them know.

    • greg

      Not yet…….

    • Ed M.

      Its coming unless we start doing something like sending faxes to all congress, senators and so forth demanding that he be removed from office!!! Then everything he has done needs to be undone to put this Country back on track!! People he hired in key positions in this Country need to be fired and replaced with Americans!

  • Rambo RVN

    If the American people don’t start putting real pressure on obama and his band of thugs, crooks, socialists, and others, we will be living in a dictatorship. The federal judges are not going to bite the hand that feeds them (obama). Our country is heading toward a civil war if those idiots in DC don’t start listening to the American citizens.

    • Phillip in TX

      Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo!

  • Phillip in TX

    This “Judge” needs to be drug tested because I think smoking “crack” is involved with this asinine dismissal of the case!

  • Bob Basher

    I would love to have the judge hear his opinion if it came from another judge….It’s so much his personal opinion rathher then law which is what he should interpret that it is creepy…And the judge is creepy. Are all on the take that right I said it…Trump would not have gotten involved if he thought there wasn’t some valididty…most think it why no action??? Its as if they all know OBAMA is a lizerd from another world…and he does whatever he choses….and all in power are aware and remain silent in fear. As far as Im concerned respect for the presidency went out with Clinton…and now to must be earned. Obama is far far from earning my respect and its not because he is half white.

  • ketrout

    Obama will do ANYTHING to hide his past! WHAT IS HE HIDING????

  • Debbie R

    No public interest? Is the judge serious? The public interest is clear!: Americans have the right to know if we have an American citizen(deranged as he may be) running OUR country or a foreigner running OUR country illegally!

    • Lou

      This goes to show you that even the judges have even been bought. The system is corrupt right from the top. As the saying goes, the fish smells from the head.

    • bob

      You are right.
      Sure would like to see
      Executive Order 13489 rescinded

  • Kay

    This judges decision needs to be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. It is of vital interest to this entire nation and its people to know if Obama, his family and friends have committed fraud on our country. To tamper with a SS# is a felony.

    • H. James

      The Judge is wrong, An honest President is not in need of “Secrecy.” He, especially needs to be open, and honest – which our present incumbent is clearly lacking in both
      character traits. Perhaps we should start by charging the “Judge” with Malfeasance in Office, Impeach, or Recall him, whatever you do to make Judges responsible for their false or criminal utterances.

    • greg

      Not only the SS#.
      His birth cert. is also a fraud….
      Send him to jail or better to Kenya…

    • DR. DON

      What part of democracy is dead do you not understand ? The progressives , socialists , moderates , communists , whatever you want to call them they own this country . they own the media , the educational system , the judicial system and political system . Anything the messiah does or has done is ignored or marginalized . Anyone that speaks out against him or tries to bring him to court is demonized and attacked as a kook . Look at all the crimes the Clinton’s got away with . I see no one in that realm defending us . Lip service is all we get . democracy died decades ago , it’s just a matter of time before the masses realize that .

  • Ann

    Will all the lies ever stop. Seems you can’t trust anyone in government including judges. God please help us get back our country.

  • KitKat

    It’s time for this fraud, who is a wolf dressed as light be exposed. His dark deeds have become so obvious to those who are not blinded. May the truth be known, keep praying America for America, speak truth and be courageous to do the right thing by our actions, i.e., this attorney. God bless her and we will NOT give up doing the right thing. Too many have fought and died for our freedom here, we need to believe, protect and perserve America’s heritage; our constitution. This wolf needs to exposed and dealt with like a criminal.

  • 007

    he may be the antichrist/

    • DebbieK

      Nah – don’t think he is smart enough! Although the odor of sulfur does prevail….

  • don

    We will not vote him out waight and see,the only way you are to get him out is through death,he has to much power,and money from the wrong people.This was all thought out and planed before he got in .

  • Jim2

    When our legal system collapses due to corruption, and when our government ignores our laws for their own political purposes with no consequences, we are now living under tyranny.

    • proudamerican

      We are under his tyranny right now! No need to wait. It all is a total cover up.

  • Barbara

    At first I thought Obama was a “Chicago Mafia mob boss”…that didn’t last long, then I became convinced he’s got a Hitler/dictator plan. We MUST fight him by holding on to our faith, our pride in America and work by every non-violent means to get him out of office, along with his “mafia mob” ASAP. I, too, believe he’s illegal and has absolutely no right to the office.

  • Kraut

    What is the Federal JUGs name, Obama III???

    • Nancy

      I was wondering the same damn thing…..WHATS THE SCUMBAG JUDGE’S NAME

    • Ed M.

      Thats another thing we need to find out, THE JUDGES NAME! Then send faxes and letters requesting a resignation!!!!

  • Rock

    I am speechless after reading just gibbrish and nonsense from yhou Birther leading people who have put our heart and soul into this childish lawsuits….with ZERO results.

    And when you don’t get the answer you were hoping for you STREAM CORRUPTION. Nonsense.

    • sagewise

      You are a total ignoramus! There is so much evidence that points to obama being a fraud, that it is incredible. People like you have no moral fiber.

    • proudamerican

      rock is just another lying gimmecrat-pay no attention to him and he will go away like a boil. Responding to him is the worst thing you can do-he will not change from being a lying, stinking gimmecrat with his hand out and you are only fueling his fire. THERE IS NO USEFUL DEBATE WITH A GIMMECRAT!

    • confusedgrannie

      Read on another blog that two members of Congress cannot run for President or Vice President because neither their Father or Mother were citizens when they were born. That the ruling is that BOTH parents must be naturalized AMERICANS. So, tell me why President Obama was allowed to run? Since he was allowed to run, then will one or the other of these two gentlemen be allowed to run?

    • confusedgrannie

      Read on another blog that two members of Congress cannot run for President or Vice President because when they were born, their Father and Mother were not naturalized American citizens. That the ruling is that BOTH parents must be naturalized AMERICANS. So, tell me why President Obama was allowed to run? Since he was allowed to run, then will one or the other of these two gentlemen be allowed to run?

    • Ed M.

      to Rock , you are a total mindless moron!


    Very “DUMB”, Stupid Ruling,He Is A Criminal,
    Is Not Entitlede To Protection !


    “He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent” Oh really? Who did you ask? I for one believe this is more evidence this guys a fraud all around!

    • http://yahoo Etta Evans

      I just wonder how much they are being paid to dismiss this case! If it were one of the U.S. citizens they would put them so far back in Prison that they would never see the light of day! The President should be our example….he would be fired in an istant if he worked for another corporation!!! He needs to be fired from being President…He is not worthy!

  • Jeff Mikres

    So under the new ruling any illegal immigrant who was able to get a false SS# it would not be important. Why is everyone involved in this fraud so paralyzed? I have sent to my congressman 2 requests for direction on how to begin the process of impeachment and he has ignored my request. He is a republican too. Seems everyone is afraid.

  • shell holston

    Keep in mind a judge, as a Congressperson will NEVER rule against his own gain. There is NO law on the books whereby a person has to pay income tax on his wages and yet any time a case goes to court the judge rules the person has to pay or prison, because the judge’s salary is paid out of that “income tax!” The same as Congress will never vote, or even send a bill through the House and Senate, that would reduce their salaries, perks, health insurance, etc. They line their pocket with money from the indigent poor and down trodden and send them to prison when they can’t pay any more.

  • Richard

    No doubt the judge is a Democrat!

  • Colt Lane

    the judge is a no godd liberal socialist commie. throw the scum bag b in prison. The no good fraud forger, criminal lock him up, so america can move on to a normal life again. the no good son of a bitch, be gone you phony.

  • sagewise

    So obama and his backers have gotten to this judge also. Looks like another Chicago style mafia ploy. It looks like the only way we’ll get rid of this imposter is to crush him in the next election. We will need to win by huge numbers though to circumvent all of the fraud and intimidation that will take place at the voting booths. Go in groups, or at least pairs when you vote, and carry a bat, if need be.

    After we oust the obamanation, we need to remember every single person that he has been playing pocket pool with (such as this judge, Soros, Eric Holder, Reid, Pelosi- you know the rest) and fix them too, so that they will never again have “puppies!” We really need a good castration, a small little circumcision just won’t work anymore.

    • Richard

      No doubt the judge IS a Democrat and cares nothing for the integrity of the political process in this country just as long as his/her side wins. Isn’t that how we got Obama!

  • Don Rushing

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Obama’s
    ego is bigger than the USA.

  • Lucis

    When you have the rich and powerful New World Order dictating world events, who is elected, who goes to war, who loses wars, who wins wars, who remains solvent, (we are talking nations here) and this New World Order of which Republicans, Tea Party, Democrats, Independents, all belong, and is run by a few uber-wealthy (i.e. as members of the Bilderberg Group), even Perry attended a meeting before announcing his candidacy. You think your plastic sabre rattling will make a difference? It is class-warfare, plain and simple. the POTUS is a pawn in the game, and actually means nothing to this group. They write his speeches, tell him who to appoint to a Czar position (which is not vetted or approved by Congress), and forget about judges and Congress. rock the boat and see how long you are in office. Most of the boat rockers, suddenly found themselves in an ethics violation, most of them it cost their jobs. Some, if they promise to be a good boy/girl get to keep their posts.

    • Barry Feinstein

      are you sick

    • Patricia

      oblabla is a fraud. that is not his social security number. he has many. he has lots of aliases. his actions prove him to be an antiAmerican domestic terrorist who is committing treason. Investigating his campaign fraud,daily perjury and unpatriotic beliefs and actions would prove jail,impeachment,deportation and removal of all ocare,unlawful regs executive orders and lawbreaking and antiConstitutional moves he has made. Help Arizona build the border needs 1300 more miles of good fence,not broken wood or fordable river.obummer is the worst lying,most corrupt idiot/evil sneaky traitor ever in any political office.o needs to go now.

    • Patty

      If this was any of us who had a fraudulant SS# we would be in jail. I can’t believe that we have a president who we know nothing about. We need to get rid of the shole government and start over. They are all crooks and frauds.

    • cactusbob

      The game is essentially over when a judge can declare that it serves no public interest to prove that a fraud is occupying the White House.

      Where is there to go?

    • Mark

      To the voting booth!

    • 3 Serving

      Can it get anymore frightening then that? Plain and simple, our Country, as we know it, is lost, done for and we can do nothing about it.

      Can someone please tell me why our men and women are fighting and what are they dying for in the Middle East?

    • Poorman

      “secrecy for the president trumps all else”. I guess even Bill Clinton was at least tried and impeached but nothing came of it except the record and a focus on what the definition of “is” is? The judge is saying that secrecy is above the law? I didn’t hear that when Nixon was convicted of “breaking the law”. Seems as if Obama and his ellow demons” are not accountable to the rule of law and the Constitution.

    • Lonemusketeer

      Sadly, you are right. Voting means nothing.

    • Don

      The government cares if illegal Jose from Mexico has a valid SS number. They don’t mind violating his privacy! But, the big fraud in the White House can’t be touched because it violates his privacy? Isn’t using his falsely assigned SS number in the same way as illegal Jose the same crime? This is truly demonic. Obama can’t be touched by anyone. Guess who is going to get re-elected in 2012!

    • TooToo

      Don, I’m afraid you’re right. The handwriting is on the wall. As hard as we’ve fought, it looks like we’re goners as free Americans, and it’s snowballing! This absolutely turns my stomach!! Please, someone, tell me it isn’t true!!!

    • edward

      I have given this opinion before: “Government By The People, But Not For The People”

      Who’s In-Charge here ?????

    • Patricia

      Chief Judge,DC, Royce C.Lamberth,8/30/11 and Social Security Commissioner also corrupt Michael Astrue. o is a fraud. all his minions are equally guilty of fraud,bribery, corruption and lying. clean out all the cesspools. clean out DC and all states and cities.deport all illegals.deport all criminals.ban from USA.slam shut all our borders and airports. no more immigrants for 10 years,then id and gps all.never let political crooks or any others come back .o must go. sooner, the better. cut,cap,balance.drill.60%tariff.fix golf. no more giveaways.stop all foreign aid.

  • Richard

    No doubt the judge is a Democrat and cares nothing for the integrity of the political process as long as her/his side wins. Isn’t that how we got Obama in the first place!

    • http://yahoo Beverly

      That’s why judges should have to be reappointed every four years. I have a difficult time understanding how some of them don’t manage to cut their throats when they have every morning

  • Emme

    This is a long video/audio, but you must listen to it to the end. It is a caller to a radio show who investigated the SS# that obozo is using–it is important and worth your time. I received this several months ago, and hope they haven’t been able to delete it. It will amaze you that we, the American people, are concerned about this, but not the judicial system:

    • bill tedreck

      Emme has posted a link to a video that is very important to listen to. It absolutely exposes Obama. Please click on to her link. Thank you Emme for posting it.

  • Fred

    Will the truth ever be told, This Administration is Nothing but lies and Corruption!!

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      So much for TRANSPARENCY Right? Social Security Number and Birth Certificate required for all other officals running for president yet obama gets a pass. Why? Can yo say soldout? America under the democrats have sold us out. No more obama.

    • white and proud

      the demonrats have been selling-out America and especially her black man for decades. Unfortunately the black man just thinks it’s the republicans in govt that’s keeping him down. and now we have a 1/2 black mooslim selling us out.

    • Jan

      And where are our Republican represetantives in all this. They need to call for the proof or impeach him. Would even one Congressman or woman with courage, ethics and a concern for this nation please stand up. The hell with the reelection — call for the impeachment of Obama and the prosecution of Holder and Obama for the mess in the DOJ. This administration sold guns to Mexican drug dealers to try to set up a scenario to invoke Obama’s gun control. They should all be in jail for this and other crimes against this country.

    • 3 Serving

      I’ve asked that question over and over and over. As yet I have not received a reply from Michelle Bachmann. How about emailing your Representative to ask that question and see if you receive an answer. If so then please let us know.

    • swb

      SURPRISE! SURPRISE! He has no past, no-one ever knew him, he doesn’t have school friends. His birth certificate is a fraud, as is his SS#. So what else is new???

    • 3 Serving

      He’s untouchable?

    • WVF

      Fred, if the truth should ever be told, it will be long after all living Americans are dead. Obama is a fraud, pathelogical liar, Imposter in Chief, Muslim, Marxist with socialistic tendencies, among other disgusting things. Just like the Kennedy assassination of 1963, everything about the truth was covered up, and it is highly unlikely that those of us still living will ever know, for sure, what actually happened on the fatefull day of November 22nd 1963.



    • Patricia

      sounds like the judge is a bought and paid for demoncrat. clean out all cesspools, including corrupt judges. o is a terrorist fraud. o needs to go.

    • swb

      You have to ask “who appointed this judge?”
      It really doesn’t matter, if they want to keep their cushion position, they have to do what they are told!! End of subject!

  • Chin Yi Tu

    OK. So one has to be lucky in the court of law? What happened to the justice is blind doctrine?

    From the get go, I believe the “people” vs Obama was a useless fight. The politicians will protect each other no matter what. This is true in every country.

    We happen to have a voting system that most people don’t know what or who are they voting for other than the name and what the media like for us to know about whom we are voting into the office. Once voted in, they have got the “golden rice bow”, never have to be accounted for anything for the rest of their lives. We hear the complaints in the people, but nothing really happens. NOTHING!

  • Virginia

    What’s the big secret? Virgin birth? outside this universe? Gimme a break.

  • Steven

    We can not wait untill 2012…..lock and load

    • PDR

      He Steve,
      ” I think it is near. “The tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots from time to time” and it appears that the time is nearing. I don’t want to have to do this, but will for my country as I’ve done before in another place. Bringing this POS clown down would be no different than how it’s done and has been done in others country’s as we have seen of late.

    • Patricia

      someone needs to stop oblabla from doing all the bad things he is doing. illegals should not be here. deport. no minimum wage. deport her too. deport all criminals including domestic terrorists who are ruining our economy with epa regs,excessive taxing(dems) and all gangs and disbarred lawyers(o and m) and all crooked politicians and all hiding radical muslim jihadists and murderers who want to destroy America.lie detector and deport.plenty of room,plenty of American jobs.drill.raise tariffs to 60%.get business back. buy American.only use our own dollar. never world foreign aid to any group or any more frills.cut arts,cut poets,cut FEC,commerce, fed ed (idiots)and fire czars(radical crooks,wasters)Put all pols on social security and specials,including pres and more wasteful shopping sprees,40car,B$Canadian bus for bs tours vacations.1/4benefits.1/4 staff.cut the Marie Antoinette parody.out with o. he is too corrupt and ugly.Audit WH,Senate,Fed Reserve,all budget.justify every penny.cut all duplication,waste, fraud, corruption and deeep cuts,cap and balance at lowest numbers more 10 years dabbles. lies suck. cut the bs.

  • http://yahoo wayne a

    how dumb can a judge be?theres really no interest in determining if the ssn number is genuine or fraudulent? you have to be kidding,it’s only the President of the USA!!!!wonder what kind of payoff did the judge get for that asinine ruling?


      The key here…is FEDERAL judge..owned body and soul by Socialists..and/or George Soros.

      Wake up’re watching the real time destruction of your nation..November 2012 may be too late….

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      The judge is not stupid,just paid off.

    • Patricia

      Disbar the judge. Prove payoffs. Appeal. Too big to quit. o deserves to be jailed and deported at the least.

  • James

    Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Dunham, Barry Soretoro, Barry Soetoro, the first Indonesian president of the United States

    • Patricia

      first muslimmoslem antiAmerican traitor who duped the dems and way too many others.this slimeball should be jailed and deported.hill is nasty,too. UN needs to go. Stop all foreign aid to laundering,breaking campaign rules,so unpatriotic and corrupt. o must go.

    • 3 Serving

      Do you really believe the dems were duped? If so then I have an awesome piece of prime property for sale that’s real cheap.

  • lovemyusadou

    The Democratic Party is self destructing. It is no longer the party of the people but the party against the people. Many of the liberal judges were appointed by democrats, we need to clean house NOW! The few good Democrats that may be left will be wash down the drain with the rest of the corrupted greeded, liberals, if they don’t speak out now and support the Constitution and the taxpaying people of this country.

    • sagewise

      Unfortunately what we might need is a good uprising, a civil war, or some sort of military coup. Now is a very SAD time in American history. HOWEVER, if all the true and loyal Americans stand together, it can once again be a very PROUD time in American history. WE THE PEOPLE have to resolve our own CONSTITUTION!

  • Buffy

    When I applied for my job, I had to produce my birth certificate to prove my age and that I am a citizen. I also had to submit my
    social security card. These were xeroxed and
    checked out.

    I was NOT applying for anything as important as PRESIDENT OF THE MOST IMPORTANT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. “Obumma” is working for YOU and ME. He is squandering OUR money. He is wrecking OUR country. Our country has laws.
    One of them is that you MUST be a natural born citizen to be president. Every citizen is issued a S.S. card.

    Why did I, an ordinary citizen applying for an ordinary job have to PROVE these things
    but he does not? I am a born again Christian
    and JUST my WORD was not good enough for me to obtain a regular job. How come his word is good enough for for him to gain the most important job in the civilized world?

    Further, if the man was telling the truth about his birth and his social security card,
    he would be quickly forthcoming with proof to
    settle the matter.

    If someone accuses me of breaking the law and
    I have PROOF that I didn’t, would I spend thousands and thousands of dollars to conceal
    that truth? Would you? Would ANYONE who is
    NOT quilty?

    The people of America have a RIGHT to know! ABSOLUTELY!


    • D. Hanes

      You are so right.. we the people , do have that right, but unfortunately Barry made it a top priority to see that the judges will not let his secret out. they can’t, can you imagine how it would make our political and judicial departments look.. everyone would know that they are filled with criminals.

      God Help Us.. when did this once great country become a criminal state? And those same criminal judges sit in on cases to judge us! How dare they!

      We had better see some shaping up soon or there will be a revolution.. the people are only going to stand for a government acting like royalty for so long. This is not what our millions of soldiers have died for.

      This is disgusting! Since when is it dangerous to a president for us to know if he is American or not.. if he is lying to us or not. That judge is on his payroll you can bet the bank on that!

    • Isabella

      Sounds like another cover-up to me like the one with ATF/DEA/FBI Wow, when will all this corruption end.

  • lee

    Interesting point: WHY do we continually bow to the Constitution IGNORING idiots in D.C. and elsewhere. Judges, Lawyers, Where were you License Issued From?? WHAT STATE?? According to my information – there is NO license issued by ANY State. They are a “union” card issued by the BAR. Not a license – a Registry of the Illinois BAR??
    Must be a lawyer to become a judge. WHAT a farce on the American Citizens. ALSO, these same people “make laws” (local and national) in order to have “job security”. You must be a LAWYER to “represent” a poor misguided Citizen that “committed a crime”. WHAT IS THESE COURTS AUTHORIZATION TO EXIST?? PRODUCE THE INJURED LIVING BREATHING PARTY?
    (please do not forget the MOST if NOT ALL Politicians are Lawyers.) Their main objective APPEARS to me to be “lining their pockets” NOT defending the “client” and from the actions of the ??? in D.C. specificially, their objective seems to me to be the Distruction of the united States FOR America, constitution. They do NOT represent the view of the average working people. ALSO, while I am at this; I have documentation the the so-called 14th Amendment (re: Federal citizens – no such thing) was never PROPERLY RATIFIED. ADDITIONALLY, the 16th Amendment (re: “INCOME TAX” PROVISION was not PROPERLY RATIFIED either. (result: there is NO constitutionally authority for Income Tax)
    (Asked often; NEVER ANSWERED: What act of Congress SPECIFICALLY created the Internal Revenue Service?? Appearantly – ANOTHER fraud by the lawyers. What a Deal.)

    • Jeff

      Look up the orignal 13th amendment got “lost” when washington was burned.

      “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    • Patricia

      o should not be pres. o needs to go.

  • Elson Snider

    The federal judges,have to much power! No one individual should have that much power! Federal Judges should not be able to overturn state laws that have been voted on ,by the residents of that state!! How can this one (bought off judge) determine,if ob ama’s SS#,is not a concern,of the citizens of America!!

    • vietnamvet

      [I]He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security number is genuine or fraudulent, arguing that the need for privacy for the president trumps all else.

      He said he would “disregard” documents from the Selective Service and the Social Security Number Verification System suggesting there are problems with Obama’s number, because he “concludes” they were obtained “under false pretenses.”[/I]
      Read more: Judge rules on Obama’s Social Security number

      This judge is making assumptions about importance that WE should be making, and ignoring presented evidence by making assumptions about how it was obtained.

      He is not looking at any law or violation of law … only his ‘opinion’ about what matters and what doesn’t.

      A journalist could do that job, and not require the pomp and circumstance afforded to ‘wearers of the robe’.

    • Gas Passer

      Judges, lawyers, and politicians are the ones who have been destroying America from within.

  • Linda

    It is very frightening that this President will be in office another 14 months. Not only him but all his czars! They are just going about their business destoying this beloved country and we don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. The corruption is beyond belief and WE THE PEOPLE need to scream as loud as we can as often as we can to stop all this destruction. It just blows my mind that obama is able to get away with breaking the law of the land. Amnesty, cap and trade, all of his crap needs to STOP. I am so angry I can barely breathe. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OF ITS’ CITIZENS. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE JUST WAIT AND SEE.

  • butterfly lady

    If you or I tried have a false SS# we would be in jail!! Pay off must be great! Sooner or later, bad luck will catch up with the SOB.

  • Rose

    Why isn’t the name of the so-called judge in this article? I didn’t see it; does anyone know?

    • sagewise

      Good point! We need to know…and remember. His day will be coming too!

    • D. Hanes

      I wish soneone would publish that judges name.. then maybe we could write millions of letters demanding the justice he/she seems to save for Obama. This is so wrong.. the judge should be removed.

    • vietnamvet

      His name is Royce Lamberth.
      It is made known in the main article

  • J P

    Obama the ‘useful tool’ for Marxist/Muslim radicals, having seized American institutions (Democrat party, ABA/Freedom of the press, etc), now as lemmings, will self-destruct; hey! good riddance –

  • coot

    One Nation Under God so corrupt our kids will not ever dig out of dept, the USA will go to hell and the Chinese will own it.
    We must thank Washington DC our fine polititions for the future of our kids and grandkids.
    Most judges do not follow the law anyway,they rule by THEIR power and to H-ll with the law

  • Tom Stewart

    This Is Just One More Reason The USA Is A Laughing Stock Of All Other Countries, Yikeess, Check-Out The Canadian Free Press On The Imposter Muslim USA Pres Obama Is Only A Puppet For George Soros Media Empire. When A Socialist Judge Says It Is OK For The President To Use A Stolen Social Security Card, Yikeess. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots And Susan Daniels.

  • Lucis

    When you have the rich and powerful New World Order dictating world events, who is elected, who goes to war, who loses wars, who wins wars, who remains solvent, (we are talking nations here) and this New World Order of which Republicans, Tea Party, Democrats, Independents, all belong, and is run by a few uber-wealthy (i.e. as members of the Bilderberg Group), even Perry attended a meeting before announcing his candidacy. You think your plastic sabre rattling will make a difference? It is class-warfare, plain and simple. the POTUS is a pawn in the game, and actually means nothing to this group. They write his speeches, tell him who to appoint to a Czar position (which is not vetted or approved by Congress), and forget about judges and Congress. rock the boat and see how long you are in office. Most of the boat rockers, suddenly found themselves in an ethics violation, most of them it cost their jobs. Some, if they promise to be a good boy/girl get to keep their posts.

    • D. Hanes

      Sadly, I am so afraid you are lright. god Help us All!

  • Mary Steele Yorktown, VA

    This was a loser case to begin with. SSN’s are protected no matter what. Going after his birth certificate fraud is easier and will have stronger implications. If he gets away with the fake BC, I was told that a person with dual citizenship cannot be president.

  • MIKE

    No public interest? When did that become a tenant of law. It is of interest to the population of the entire planet. If he is in fact NOT the POTUS, the world at large will be affected. This judge should be tried for treason, perhaps then we might discover what the hell is going on in our courts. The people deserve an answer, no matter what it might be, we deserve the truth. Convict one judge of treason and shoot him. The rest of his ilk will think long and hard in the future.

  • Etta Evans

    There is so much evidence of the illegal things that Obama is doing…just why can’t they prosecute him???? Is the legal system getting paid off or being threaten or what???
    I don’t respect our government officials any more as they are saying one thing and doing another! Where have all the REAL PEOPLE gone?

  • frank

    Let’s never forget. Justice is coming sooner than you think. All these cronnies will be hiding. These Judges, Congressman and all liberal Democrats and Republicans should have 4 yrs to serve public service and they go.this Leader of a President is so fradulant that he think we have a low IQ like him.

  • bozo19


  • Tammy

    What do you expect from the liberal mental disorder that lives & breeds in Californication. They couldn’t see the truth if it bit their noses off. Positive thoughts produce positive results which is exactly why I DO NOT watch corrupt TV anymore (Fox included). Its nothing more than a propaganda idiot box full of lies & liars. We’d all get back on track if our heads weren’t filled with so many lies to distract & confuse. I shall never surrender or give up because America is still full of good people but they are not the ones in power right now. Evil cannot triumph over good.

  • emerutil

    Why is there not a Grand Jury investigation?!

  • Conscience

    We won’t know the truth until after OB leaves office in 2012. Then with that truth we will able to rescind the majority of his s_it but we have to have a super majority in the Senate to get it done. Keep this in mind when you go to the polls.

  • Robert

    One thing politicians especially Liberals forget is they work for us!


    I applaud the people who are going after these issues for their bravery and concern for the country, but is anyone really surprised that a federal judge would just go along with the cover up and bury this? No public interest served my aunt Fanny! How is it not public interest to know that the President is a corrupt, lying, con man?

  • Granny

    The lies and fraudulent cover-ups of this lying, arrogant, self-serving Imposter know no bounds. I hope and pray that this cowardly “judge” [hah! there’s a true miscarriage of justice!] sleeps well at night knowing that he has forsaken ‘We, the People’, AND the Constitution, by buckling under to an evil force that only exists to undermine this “once GREAT country”. And re: those in Congress who shut their eyes, kiss ass, and shuffle and bow to this fraudster – worrying about their own ‘well-being’ – are just as guilty as the Judge….I’m very sure that a special Circle of Hell awaits all of them!!!
    MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! ‘Semper Fi’ !!!

  • Common Man

    I find that I must remind mysellf of this every day…..

    Proverbs 24:19-20
    New International Version (NIV)

    19 Do not fret because of evildoers
    or be envious of the wicked,
    20 for the evildoer has no future hope,
    and the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out.

    We need to keep trying to bring these folks to justice, but even if we fail, God will not…Eternity is a very long time … Especially for those who will not be spending it in heaven….

  • liberalsownfalsehood

    I feel like I am watching a movie anymore, where the lies and corruption are played out scene after scene. This is all surreal, the birth certificate, the SS #, the vacationing Queen wife, the press in collusion, the King with no clothes: what ending will happen?

  • Melody

    Truth and justice…. a fleeting concept when it comes to judges now days. But I don’t need someone else to verify what I already know…. Obama is a a deceiver and manipulator. And more people know he has a lot to hide, a lot to be ashamed of, and a lot of destain for this country. I don’t need a lowly judge to give me the right to question Obama. I know he is a liar. I know it.

  • Judy

    To Ritchie: Very well said!
    I cannot believe that an American(?) can be protected from a felony just because he/she is
    the President! Obama has oozed so many lies yet still holds his head “high”. As Gomer Pyle would say: “DECEIT, DECEIT, DECEIT!”

  • jhmoonbay

    I think the word that explains it all is “anarchist”

  • Louis Mayer

    As I stated in another blog, good people (Orly being an early original) have been working to settle the problem of this administration. The importance of this issue is far beyond being partisan, racial, ideological, etcetera. Yet Congress and the SCOTUS (inferior courts also) have seen fit to dismiss actions on these bases, play with semantics and catch 21’s against a majority of the citizenry. Add to that the fact that their rulings are an insult to the common sense of a twelve year old.

    It is time for a serious groundswell against Congress and the courts, or quietly slither away and join them. Why have so many failed to seriously support Orly (or any one of her counterparts) and said (“….but we can do nothing about it”). BS ladies and gentlemen.

    Is the freedom of you and yours worth ten dollars? If so, send it to Orly (or an equal) to support actions against bho, Congress and the courts, including specific challenges and investigations against their integrity, oaths and decisions.

    The time for awaiting help from Congress and the courts is wasted and allowing them to violate even a part of the Constitution, is a precedent to violate any other (or all) part(s). Revolutions are not pretty, they are deadly, destructive and decisive. Speak out FORCEFULLY to Congress and the courts now, before one becomes necessary.

  • frustrated N north carolina

    Obviously if it is a Conn. issued SS# then the judge is another progressive socialist bent on blocking any real efforts to unravel the layers of secrecy surrounding this President who is after all just another democractically elected PUBLIC OFFICIAL and who’s life is suposedly open to public record and scrutany!

  • liberalsownfalsehood
  • Raymond

    In America, the sins of homosexuality & lesbianism is called a “Civil Right.” God calls it an abomination & promises to judge all who are involved in such evil.

    In America, sodomites are allowed & encouraged to have parades
    celebrating their wickedness.

    In America, it’s a “Hate Crime” for heterosexuals to have a parade
    celebrating their heterosexuality.

    In America, telling the truth about Islam will get you arrested.

    In America, God’s Word is called “Hate Material.”

    In America, talking about God’s Laws is called “Hate Speech.”

    In America, many in power are involved in voter fraud.

    In America, profanity is called “Free Speech.”

    In America, placing a cross in a jar of urine is called “Freedom of Expression.”

    In America, you can be arrested for reading the Bible in public.

    In America, males are encouraged to dress like women.

    In America, sexual assault on a child is legal at the airport.

    In America, you can be fined for having an “offensive”
    bumper sticker on your vehicle. Of course homosexuals & lesbians will be the ones to determine what’s “offensive”.

    In America, homosexuals & lesbians decide what’s right
    and what’s wrong.

    In America, there’s a Jew hating, America hating bi-sexual muslim
    who was born in Kenya, sitting in the oval office with access to America’s NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    Do you feel safe? I don’t!

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent intheir own sight! 22Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: 23Which justify the wicked for reward, and takeaway the righteousness of the righteous from him! 24Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 5:20-24.

    • liberalsownfalsehood

      Thank you, Sir.

    • Gas Passer

      Very well said!

      In America now, what is right has become wrong…and what is wrong has become right.

    • Kathy

      Excellent, articulate and well thought out, Ray. I am pleased to give a thumbs up.

    • 3 Serving

      Raymond, Again you have not failed us. Too bad we can’t say the same for our (?) government.

    • proudamerican

      Ray- I always read your comments because they pretty much mirror mine- but I just wanted to add the most important part of your statement and that is all the things you say that are allowed in the USA are only because they are ALLOWED by us to happen. It will either be changed by us or allowed by us-which will it be????

  • http://Explorer WILDA WOODS

    Did Obama coach his uncle how to get a social secutity card?????????

  • C-there

    Talk about being UNTOUCHABLE. This is true mockery of our constitution.

    Judge says FRAUD is okay as long as it’s barry soetoro.

    Suppose the judge is also an alien?

  • ruth

    Is the judge a democrat??? or just another of the devils own protecting the devils interests..

  • grace

    Does ANYBODY know ANYTHING about who this guy really is? Baldacci, Clancy and the rest of the fiction writers couldn’t dream of a better novel than this. Every DAY it gets more and more unbelievable.

  • Are you Serious

    Does this action by this Judge surprise anyone? This country is in a steep nose dive. It is beyond repair.

  • Berenice

    Bet you all a good steak dinner that if it was my Social Security number Orly Taitz wanted to know about it would be all over the news.


    Strange, I was brought up to believe in the rule of law based upon the Constitution and I believe, in fact I know, the security of this nation TRUMPS the secrecy of the uncredentialed fraud sitting in the Oval Office…Who was the judge, Mayor or the other phony stringer?

  • Rick

    This story makes me have continued doubts about where Obama was born. However, it probably doesn’t matter because I think we’ll be rid of him after next year’s election. I will say that in my opinion he doesn’t walk the talk when it comes to being a Christian or an American. He appears to be more concerned about playing golf than getting the economy up and going. For a so called very educated man, he doesn’t seem to have any common sense.

    • Patricia

      Independents should not feel guilty nor be coerced into voting for a corrupt fraud who has shown he has no common sense, no money sense and no love for America. oblabla has broken so many laws,stolen so much taxpayer money(but is out for more and more) and has demonstrated corruption to the nth level.o needs to not like hill.UN lackey.

  • siteunseen

    When I had to renew my drivers license, as it expires after 8 years, I not only had to provide my copy of birth Certificate, but we found it had to be a “Certified Birth Certificate”, so I had to pay an additional $35.00 or more to get it. Wonder when Obama’s Drivers License expires, and whether he’ll be given a FREE PASS for not producing a “Certified Birth Certificate.” and not a forged Birth Certificate, courtesy of Adobe Reader. I’d sue the Social Security Administration for not complying with Federal Law.

  • RLM357

    Social Security Numbers have not been sacred since the late fifties when the US Army began using them for Military Service Numbers! The V.A. now uses them for Patient ID’s. The RULING is therefore without merit! APPEAL his Ruling ! ~Rick Magee, FL

  • Maverick777

    When our legal system collapses due to corruption and the Federal Judges will not see or understand what every voting person in the USA see’s and knows then it’s time to get away from the judges and the elected ones whom have turn deaf and dumb towards us taxpayers…after all if this country’s (USA) laws do not pertain to the elected ones then they do no pertain to anyone else…. there has to be someone whom can fix this long over due issue if there is a justice in this land then it’s time to end this president’s seating. If the judges wont deal with it then it’s time for the people to become judges and jury and due what it necessary to remove this imposter once and fore all and it is legal for US the Taxpayer to do this. This(BoZo)has become a laughing joke to the office and most every taxpayer in this great land knows it. This president has had more press than any other son of a bitch in office and is still there. What’s wrong with these so-called lawmakers whom have portrayed as leaders and never seem to get anything done which most of AMERICA wants done? They must be afraid of making history as they seem to be a bunch of idiots. Maybe a poster should be posted with a reward sense there seems to be a illegal alien sitting in the presidents chair and no one in Washington DC can see him.


  • john

    Just get 15 people each to vote against obummer. All this talk will accomplish nothing. If you support and believe in the Constitution just vote him out.

    Problem is, all those white independents may vote for him again because of the same “guilt” they had the first time.

    Outnumbered in Massachusetts!

  • Judy

    Buffy- I also have been angry that I’ve had to produce Soc. Sec. numbers, etc.,etc. for so many things in life yet this man (& I use the term loosely!) is allowed to cover up so much. You are “SO RIGHT ON ” with your comments!-Judy

  • siteunseen

    When I had to renew my drivers license, as it expires after 8 years, I not only had to provide my copy of birth Certificate, but we found it had to be a “Certified Birth Certificate”, so I had to pay an additional $35.00 or more to get it. Wonder when Obama’s Drivers License expires, and whether he’ll be given a FREE PASS for not producing a “Certified Birth Certificate.” and not a forged Birth Certificate, courtesy of Adobe Reader. I’d sue the Social Security Administration for not complying with Federal Law…..just do it!

  • coot

    George Bush may not have been a President everyone liked but he was a proven American citizen.
    If Obama is not,then blame it on George as he always does.
    Bush never ran down another President nor blamed them for his problems Seems Obama cannot accept the responsibility of his failures so George has to accept the blame or someone.Don’t blame Obama,not his fault.
    Anyway,amnesty for illegals is one way for even Obama to become a citizen.
    Does anyone wonder
    Think he is not smart,he’s brillant to have decieved the American public,our own Government and all its investagative angencys,now judges. What next the Supreme Court ruling Obama Care legal.
    Of course when there is a snake in the grass you only know it after your bit It would be stupid to get bitten twice.
    Funny, as an older person remembering if theres a snake in the grass something is wrong and its time look before taking another step.
    Beware,Snake in The Grass

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Public officials should have no right to privacy when questions of eligibility or qualification is in question. Obama’s need for privacy should have immediately disqualified him for the presidency. A law needs to be introduced requiring the full-disclosure of all information pertinent to the eligibility and qualification of all political candidates. Obama has to be the most unethical crook we could have ever had in political office. He repeatedly goes around congress, and the very first action of that kind should have carried automatic impeachment. We have separation of powers for a reason, and no president should be able to go around the separation of powers.

  • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

    Sorry but even the president of the United States is not to be given given a free pass if he has a phony birth certificate and Social Security Number.
    This should be appealed even if it has to go to the Supreme Court. This judge is clearly wrong with this decision. I think the Supreme Court knows what the constitution says regarding eligibility.

  • Jim

    Of course the guy doesn’t have any papers that prove he belongs in this country let alone being the president of it. And no court in the land is going to let proof of that fact come through and prove that we all have been a damn bunch of fools. BUT the biggest FOOLS are the ones that have the ability to let the fact that he is here illegally be hidden away while their country as well as ours is turned in to a piece of shit with his policies! Better that the country go down the tubes than to prove an asshole is leading us there!

  • grace

    Think about this: Why is it that we can watch, let’s say, on the History Channel, a documentary all about George Washington. From his early years we knew about the “chopping down of the cherry tree” right down to his false wooden teeth and who made them. With Obama and especially with today’s modern capabilities we should know what he ate for breakfast ten years ago! There HAS TO BE someone or something BIG behind the scenes.

  • CSS

    Unbelieveable. This has no bearing on the country as a whole? Is this proof that this judge has been threatened or bribed?

  • http://WFTSCatholicRadio Susanna

    When I had to renew my drivers license, as it expires after 8 years, I not only had to provide my copy of birth Certificate, but we found it had to be a “Certified Birth Certificate”, so I had to pay an additional $35.00 or more to get it. Wonder when Obama’s Drivers License expires, and whether he’ll be given a FREE PASS for not producing a “Certified Birth Certificate.” and not a forged Birth Certificate, courtesy of Adobe Reader. I’d sue the Social Security Administration for not complying with Federal Law…..just do it!

  • Dave Grosmann

    Is there anyone out there that is surprised by this judge??? They have to protect the “Anointed One.” After all, would the president of the U.S. dare tell a lie????
    If you remember that he came through the ranks of thug Chicago politics where corruption is the middle name of 98% (there has to be a couple of honest ones around) of the politicians………duhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Promises he made while campaigning for office:

    Lie: Will have the most transparent adminstration of any previous president. Reality: Healthcare was done behind closed doors with with Republicans banned from attending. Even Nancy Pelosi said befor the vote, “We need to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it!!” Excuse me!! Try reading it first!!!!!!!

    Lie: Obamacare will be better and cost less than the current healthcare we had.
    Reality: The Democrats added so much pork (BILLIONS OF $$$$$ which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO TO WITH HEALTHCARE into the bill)
    that will cost us out the butt for years to come!!

    There’s a video of Obama in 2008 where he talks about Bush raising the national debt 4 trillion dollars in 8 years and says that because of this that Bush is uppatriotic.
    Reality: Obama has raised the national debt over 8 trillion in 2 1/2 years. But, Obama says that that’s O.K. because Bush left us in a bigger mess than he thought.

    NOTHING HE’S DONE SINCE TAKING OFFICE HAS WORKED: Stimulus, bailouts, his czars that he has appointed without the approval of congress. You talk about an O’fer!! Oops!
    He did get Bin Laden……with information that the Bush Administration got.

    These examples are just a few of the failures that has he has to take credit for. I could go on and on, but there’s not enough room to list all of his failures. Has anyone ever heard him say that He, Himself screwed up????? I’d like to hear that come out of his mouth. What I keep hearing flowing out of his mouth is it’s Bush’s fault, it’s the Republican’s fault, it’s the Tea Party’s fault!!! He’s not capable of taking responsibility for anything except he takes all of the credit for Bin Laden.
    He also will blame the sunami in Japan, the recent hurricane, the drought in South Africa, the global warming, etc. Do you get the picture????? He’ll come up with anything to take the heat off of him. My suggestion to him on how to accomplish this is to RESIGN!!!! He’ll be out of the picture.

  • Brama

    “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”

    Are you kidding me? Are you saying that a non-citizen foreigner sitting at the highest appointment of our land is “no public interest”? A statement like that I could hear coming from Napolitano, but coming from an average citizen, it reeks of globalization, and lack of respect for the known and established sovereignty of the United States. But this is what happens when we forget our founding history.

  • Ashamed

    Our National nightmare should be over soon. These four yrs. will go down in our National History as our darkest hour. This experiment in terror will eclipse the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attack to our Nation on 9/11. It will take a generation to recover and restore our dignity as a Republic. As President Roosevelt said, this event will live in INFAMY.

  • Anne Clements

    So sad, but did we honestly expect any other outcome?
    This once great country just sinks lower every day as a result of our greedy, amoral leadership.
    Our country is being sold out under our feet, the “hidden agenda” is taking precedence over the voice of the people.
    Actually the way it’s going, the voice of the people will be more of a mourning wail soon.
    God help us, because no one else seems to be able to.

  • ot

    We all know he is a big lyre and is not a usa citizen. He is mus alum and is here to destroy the USA!

  • Carl Sudbrink

    I totally agree that something MUST be done! The USA hater must go!

  • http://Int.Explorer William Yeater

    At 72 it is a little late to join a militia but I am looking for one local. I thought my military service was over but I see that even I must soon march on D.C. to remove this socialist Administration for our government.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA and to h-ll with the political correct.



  • Winghunter

    What’s the name of this federal ‘judge’?

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. “- Thomas Jefferson


    No identified public interest? Are you KIDDING me? How about a fraud serving as president and living in the White House, otherwise known as the People’s House? How about a fraud serving as Command-in-Chief and issuing orders which get troops killed?

    It seems nobody in Congress or the Judiciary has the backbone to do anything about our poseur president.

  • jhmoonbay

    That’s strange, the word I typed was ” antichrist” . I also have to wonder why no one has questioned why on his “birth certificate” under “race” for the father, it says “african” . Last time I checked, that wasn’t a race, or a nationality!

  • bob velon

    The need for secrecy trumps all else? So we the people have no right to find out whether he committed fraud and perjury by using an SSN that was not his… Why don’t we carry that further, we have no right to know if he was born in another country..Not an American born citizen? We may just as well be a One World Government with a dictator as head of this nation, does anyone else think this sucks?

    • centerwing patriot

      this is unreal.. those kinds of idiots who allow this kind of madness to take place need to be hung.. we need to start doing tht right away..

    • Roger Daniell

      Hey Bob,
      I guarantee you if it was any other (American), this information would not be so guarded. It would be all over the news if the person was important enough to make the news but for sure it would disclosed to all in the court room if this persons taxes were in question. This is typical Ruling Liberal Elite Washington BS. The Bus is still headed for the cliff, get off while you can!!!!!!

    • Linda S.

      1. You can bet if it was either Bush, Perry, Romney or any other Republican, the democraps would be All Over It!
      2. We do we go after we got off the bus??

    • daves

      Ms. Taitz presented no evidence showing public interest trumps the individual’s right to privacy.

    • armyvet

      When you become a high profile public figure like the president, you give up the right to privacy! Ask Sarah Palin how her family “privacy” was invaded, and she was only a ‘candidate’ for VP! As president, you must be willing to lay it all out for public inspection.

    • Jeff

      Really armyvet? What about Bush? Did you support that all his records be revealed? Your hypocrisy on this issue is most laughable.

      And the court requires evidence, that Taitz did not possess. You need evidence in a court of law. Taitz has been a burden on the legal system and have been fined by the courts for her frivolous lawsuits.

    • Dixiemom

      It is Congress who should be investigating Obama. But this good old boy soceity wouldn’t dream of doing this. Why is his whole background a secret? What is he hiding? Those who have nothingto hide have no problem disclosing their information. Maybe the next president will do something about him.

    • daves

      But it wasn’t the Government invading Ms. Palin’s privacy. That’s the difference.

    • Lone Star

      Dear Daves,

      The ‘evidence’ is self-evident in this case, unless, of course, you’re retarded, sedated or drunk on Kool-Aide.

    • Brian

      What about the public interest to ensure that the President is LEGAL? What about the public interest that the President is not breaking the law? What about the public interest that the President is not in violation of the Constitution? What about the public interest in ensuring that the President has not committed a misdemenor or other high crimes? Get real and get a clue.

    • Rocky Garrett Clayton

      I agree Brian. Why couldn’t Clinton have recieved the same treatment? What if Nixon had. He saw the train wreck heading his way and resigned. If Nixon had beat the heat, we would be living in a sort of dictatership. Clinton had to endure impeachment proceedings and was disbarred in arkansas. What about illegal alieans use of bogus SS numbers.

    • ben leto

      Very well put Brian!I wonder if their are anybody from congress that really care for this country of our’s!It’s of matter of being safe,to know the truth than sorry later!If you are from congress>Democrat ,Republican,Independent,tea party or liberal.I pray that you all get together and do reserch on obama to find the tuth and what if he’s not what he said’s is?Your action’s might have save our country and liberties!Thank you!

    • daves

      Well I think you would have to give some evidence of those things before it would stand up in court.

    • Rob II


      You obviously have a highly prejudicial case of rectal craniumitis. With your mental capacities, I seriously doubt you could pour rainwater out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel!

    • Maj Frank

      So if someone takes your identity, THEIR privacy must be protected? Wow!

    • Concerned

      This is not the America our grandparents and Parents and we lived in. Is the CHANGE YOU WANTED AMERICA..WE THE PEOPLE? It’s more like WE THE GOVERNMENT..

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      The halfbreed was not properly vetted prior to him running back in 2008 or befor so now we’re screwed. But a question. Is it possible that a state election commission allow his name to be left off the ballot, unless/until properly satisfying all question regarding eligibility?

    • ssgken

      Yes and big time too. Secrecy is just the goons way of doing a cover up. Too many radical judges involved have caused turmoil all over this land. 2012 can’t come soon enough for me if everyone votes in the correct way, to releive all those idiots of their duty.

    • PatriotAZ

      The problem is most President’s, when coming into office, don’t relieve anyone of their duty, they just continue with the same underlings–big mistake. With the new administration (Republican) everything and everyone needs to be wiped out from top to bottom especially in the State Department.

    • http://none herbert murray


    • Jonas B

      Herbert, you need to go to school, my Man, your english is terrible!!!
      You can’t even spell and here you are trying desperately to undermine the President of the United States of America……….you’ve got to be a “RED-NECK”….what a joke.

    • Ballistic45

      Attack the messenger, forget the message.. Typical Marxist ploy.. Most educated people can understand miss spelled words and grammar mistakes.. I guess you don’t have the education to see past the mistakes and get the message..

    • http://Yahoo Tony Ortiz

      I do 1,000 per cent!

    • Michael

      BoB, this sucks the big one. I can’t believe that in the United States of America, when we have enough evidence on a citizen that there is something not quit right with that person, that just because that person happens to be the president, that negates America from the truth. That judge should be hung for partaking in fraud, and that judge knows the truth, and that judge chose to be just as guilty as Obama.

    • Rayne

      I think they call it “above the law.” Has the usurper ever followed the laws of OUR land?

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      that judge can be got to!

    • Don39

      And just who will do anything about the Judge. The people do not have any rights in this once Constitutionally protected nation because noone has the cahones to slap down out of controll Judges such as this one. We have allowed the judiciary to be above the law for way to long and have lost controll of the government at all levels. I have been inside the system as a formerly active Judge.Do not blame the judiciary for taking all the power the people and the legislative were fault and the resolution must come from the willing to give up. It was the peoples fault and the people must take the power back, if necessary via the same route we originally gained our rights and control.Ready to serve again!

    • PatriotAZ

      What happened to the Rule of Law and no American is above the law? I think our world, as we knew it, has been turned upside down. We should all be afraid, very, very afraid.

    • daves

      Michael – what evidence do you have?

    • Don39

      Only someone living in a dark liberal cellar would be stupid enough to even make yopur comment. There is tons of evidence for anyone that cares to not close their eyes and mind to it.People do not hide every thing if they have nothing to hide. Name one other public figure that has did everything possible from the public he serves! This man hides in a shroud of darkness for a reason, or many reasons. Perhaps he is the Prince of Darkness, no seriously he does serve the Prince at least. as do his controllers.

    • Brian

      Daves, the evidence is being with held from us and is being hidden behind “secrecy” clauses. The first thing Obama did was to sign an executive order sealing all of his records. That is why nobody can verify that he is truly eligible to serve. If he is as aboveboard as everyone says and as transparent as he said he would be, why is it that we cannot verify anything about him? If you think that this is fine, go ahead and continue to drink the Kool-aid.

    • daves

      His first executive order, entitled “Presidential Records,” revokes Executive Order 13,233, President George W. Bush’s constitutionally lunatic procedure for enabling former Presidents and Vice Presidents to limit public access to their records. The obscurity of the subject does not diminish the importance of what the new President is signaling.

      A statute called the Presidential Records Act (PRA) gives an executive branch official, the National Archivist, custody of a former President’s records upon the conclusion of the President’s term of office. The PRA requires the Archivist, within specific procedural guidelines, to make presidential records “available to the public as rapidly and completely as possible.”

    • Rob II

      Daves, The evidence that the judge can be “got to” is obvious – it’s already happened! Doh!

      See my earlier comment on your mental incapabilities.

    • daves

      Rob – I suspect that in any test of intelligence, I will smoke you. Care to make a wager?

    • R R


      BHO’s eligibility has never been vetted, period. His SSN is suspicious. He is a public figure, for crying out loud. The burden of proof SHOULD BE on BHO, his handlers and his followers.

    • R R

      Correction, I intended to address this comment to daves, who asked someone what proof he had.

    • Daniel from TN

      Perhaps when the Senate is controlled by the Republican and the TEA Party that judge will be impeached.

    • Bonnie Griffith

      I agree with you. I think that one world government backed by George Soros has been the plan all along. I also believe that Obama is an unconstitutional president indulging in “salami politics”, taking our liberties away one slice at a time.

    • jared crain

      never been a big believer in conspiracy theories but I believe we are in the middle of one. It makes me sick that only fox news reports events and facts behind the facade of Obama.The liberal press has Obama on a pedestal.I remember when network broadcasters reported the news and didn’t report what they believe. There are many vile and hateful newscasters such as chris matthewas that should be on syrian tv. PRAY THAT OBAMA DOES NOT GET RE-ELECTED.

    • gorrie

      You got it right on. It sucks. That is why “We the People must remove this thing in the white house. That judge must be removed from office. I bet that he will get a promotion from the imposter in theif.

    • Gail Engelhardt

      Not only does it suck, but it is exactly what I expected to come from a corrupt government. When are we going to learn that Federal Judges work for the government, and as long as Obama is in power, that means they work for Obama. The excuses these corrupt judges come up with are so lame to think that public has no right to know or to have investigated possible fraud by their elected officials is pathetic to say the least.

    • Linda Jones

      Why In The HELL are we protecting this SOB!!! Why do we keep letting him bring down the United States!!! Why don’t the American people stand up and fight for our nation!!! What the hell are we afraid of? Every other country protest there goverment, why don’t we?
      Shouting the truth is not working, we need to take action. And I don’t care who does not like this,they can go with Obama too!!!!

    • Charlie

      He does have something to hide. and a lot more than a SSN.That judge was informed by the justice dept. to “shut your mouth”.

    • Jeff

      Really Charlie? And your source for this claim? Oh wait, your evidence is about as compelling as Taitz evidence. (ie. you don’t have any)

      The majority of the respondents to this post prove the adage that “a sucker is born every minute.”

    • Ray

      Not when it comes to the person who runs our government, sets our national policies and (most important) commands our military (especially our nuclear forces). Whoever holds that kind of power should and must be subject to the utmost scrutiny in terms of his personal character and Constitutional eligibility.

    • Craig

      So, If an Illegal has a Social Security number from Hawaii and you can almost be sure he has never been to Hawaii he can go on living in say New Jersey and not be pursued because it wouldn’t serve the public by discloseure! Huh? We have a President who thinks he’s a baby Chavez and we can’t get an answer because it doesn’t serve the public? Why are all these inquiries done through judges in California, you know these judges are on the take by the Obama regime.

    • James Carter

      In the case of perjury by the “leader” of the free world, I would believe that the number would be subject to investigation for authenticity, and at the same time be kept for those on a “need to know” basis. It would in fact, be a case that all the world needs to know the truth of. Nixon got by with nothing, he gets a pass on all. Dictators usually start that way. The judge clearly has not thought through all the legal processes available to him. I say keep at it until you get satisfaction all of you attorneys bound on finding justice and truth for the ones who care about the USA. Continue until we find out the truth about this unAmerican, white-hating, communist, #$#$, A-hole that the stupid Americans elected.

    • Chris



    • Daniel from TN

      I too see civil war on the horizon, but we must avoid it as long as possible. Civil war is what the Liberals want to occur: Personally, I think they are hoping for it. Most of the US military is curremtly overseas. The ones that are still in the country will have a hard time fighting fellow Americans. War will give the Liberals an excuse to call in the UN to restore peace, or at least their definition of peace.
      Martial law will be declared nationwide. UN troops will go door-to-door confiscating all firearms from US citizens, something UN troops are already practicing (You can find the vidoes on the internet.). Travel around the country could become limited. Elections will be suspended indefinately. Those in office will remain in office, also indefinately. Freedom of speech will be “temporarily” suspended. The US will be ushered into the New World Order, whether the people want it or not.
      I repeat, we MUST avoid civil war as long as possible

    • jim

      Could it be that the Judge was a Democratic appointee? One wonders when decisions such as the judge rendered are not based on the intent of the law suit, just some bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo encoded by the defunct SSA. The TRUTH will prevail and the public interest will eventually be served. George Soros can not buy all of us.

    • Tim Hays

      “The forerunner of tyranny is public debt”, Thomas Jefferson. How much forerunner did you think we were going to get prior to the tyrant(s). 14 Trillion forerunners is alot of forerunner. Hello.

    • Ron Larkin

      Welcome to Socialism,,,Isn’t that what we all fought for in 7 wars ?. I am a Korean Veteran, I dont remeber pledging allegiance to Communism. I do remeber very plainly pledging to Supprt, defend and protect the Constitution of The United States of America from all enemies within and without. That includes enemies that just may be usurping in the White House.

    • http://nyb walter

      obooboy is an illegal alien. He must be taken out with any force necessary. ASAP

    • daves

      What are you waiting for?

    • KNY

      Don’t we the people have the right to know if the president has violated the laws of the land that he swore to uphold?

    • daves

      The law of the land is innocent until proven guilty.

      How can you be a Constitutionalist and oppose this ruling?

      Amendment IV
      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    • Teri

      Yes I do think it sucks. Call your Senators and Congressman. Write them and complain. Inundate them with emails and calls. Tell all your friends and colleagues. This is ridiculous! I am furious about this!

    • http://AOL GINNY


  • Doug

    “The best system of Justice that money can buy”

    • ed crandall

      We’ve resoted back to the law of Hamurabi when the rich could buy any type of “justice” they wanted.

  • Nancy

    No public interest served????? Sincewhen is exposing a fradulent president no public interest served?????

  • Barbara

    This article is the kind of thing that actually makes my chest ache…and makes the tears well up in my eyes. It frightens me because this administration is not just corrupt…it is pure evil. I believe we have not seen the end of all of this. I see some of you saying he is done anyway, but I don’t believe that because he and his puppet masters are not through. They are corrupt and evil enough to cheat him back in again and the conservative right won’t play dirty enough to stop this evil…the only way possible and that would be through blood shed.

  • http://! jb80538

    You try and use a fradulent SSS # and see where you end up. Why can’t he suffer the same fate?

    • Roger Daniell

      For the same reasom Rhome Emanual didn’t have to go to court for back taxes or pay a penalty for not paying his taxes, LIBERAL ELITE. Plus he was appointed at Sec. of the Treasury, CROOKS and CRIMINALS ALL of THEM!!!!

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      The answer to that question is obvious!

    • Norma

      Let’s see. It sounds like ID theft to me and that is a felony offence. So is being in this country illegally, so is putting yourself on 50 state ballots when you are ineligible to run for office (50 felonies at that). Then we have impeachable offences like refusing to uphold the law (INS laws), obstructing justice (what appears to be blackmailing or threatening people to prevent anything coming out about his background), backroom deals and unjustified executive orders to avoid the legislative branch from doing its job. Then we have citizenship – when he went to school in Indonesia they didn’t allow dual citizenship so he had to give up his “USA citizenship” (if he had one in the first place since he was most definitely born in Kenya to an underage teenage girl who couldn’t give citizenship). I have a friend who’s grandmother lives within 8 miles of Obama’s grandmother and knows she was present at his birth but the grandmother has never been out of Kenya, so it is impossible for his to have been born in Hawaii as claimed, needless to say in the TWO HOSPITALS his family claims and having TWO DATE OF BIRTHS is real suspicious as well and they are months apart at that.

      The Soros puppet is dangerous and needs to be removed from office and everything he has instituted reversed including all of his bailout and TARP funds. He can repay all of the money himself as far as I am concerned and then sent back to his native country of Kenya as both he and Moochele have acknowledged he is from.

    • PatriotAZ

      Oh, you must not have heard, “he’s the President of the United Stated” and that means he’s above the law. Sound real American to you? Guess what, it isn’t–it’s very Communistic–the laws are for everyone but the elite.

  • Jeff

    Just, more evidence DC is gone, a fish rots from the head. Get ready when the wheels come of the banking system wars and plague will be turned lose to cover their tracks. Don’t take the vaccines, turn off the TV,spend time with the family, buy tools and extra food learn skills gardening, plumbing etc.. Don’t despair think about restoring America. We will have lots of room in the jails for responsible parties when the time comes. Get ready…

    • gorrie

      Keep Git-mo open “We the People will fill it up with the Washington garbage.

    • bert bivin

      This pile of garbage pres. has went on long enough. We have got to get togather and vote this BUM out. Along with all his kiss ass judges. Anything for the almighty buck, right? All of these jerk- wadds do not deserve, nor have the right to live in this country.. Just like all stink”n trash, They gotta GO. And they have to go now! Quit just talking about it. Let’s make it so in 2012.

    • James Carter

      Find a book on the web and put it up for the seekers of getting back to being self sufficient.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Tammy J Olsen

      Jeff; You’ve got this so right! I promise you, I cant wait for the day to slaughter the treasonists! They put him in office BECAUSE he is not a citizen, and therefore not beholden to the Constitution. Obama’s challenger, John McCain wasn’t elegible for the office either, he was born on a foreign military base. Are we going to just sit back passivly watching our country being removed piece by piece right in front of our eyes? Arm yourselves!

  • Isabella

    Is our president(?) above the law? I don’t think so.

    • LowChop

      It would seem so.

    • Anna

      Apparently the President is above the law because everybody is afraid. This government is completely corrupted.

    • PatriotAZ

      Above the law? What did Obama just do with Illegal Immigration against the vote of Congress? According to the Constitution, the Executive Branch’s responsibility is to implement the laws passed by Congress. Obama subverts the laws passed by Congress through Executive Orders and Regulation. And, Congress does nothing about it. That’s what I find very interesting. The House owns the Purse Strings and they have yet to cut funding.

    • Michael

      Anna, unfortunately the only reason that there is fear there is because of his bi-racial ethnic roots. The shame part of it all is he appears to want to lean towards the african side of his genetics, or maybe it is the African Americans that has choose to grasp hold of his afrikaner side of his genetics, and chose to forget the caucasion side, so who is the true racist, the African Americans, and they have chosen to keep up the racial tension, just so there is more benefit for them. Now, the democrats president is doing a terrible job at his job, so they say it’s racial here, and racial there, your a racist, he a racist, everyone but they are racist. It makes me sick, so sick that I just want to puke all over them. It does’nt matter how good you are to everyone especially African Americans, because you get so sick and tired of all the racial tension, so they keep it going, on ande on, and on, and on. To hell with them, if they want to continue their hate towards caucasions, and they want their blackpanthers to war, then I will war with them, not because I dislike them, but only because I am to damn tired of bending over backwards for a race that just want to continue their hateful ways, so again, to hell with those who want to continue their hate, I will war with them.

    • H E GATOR


    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      Yes he is and you ain’t, anybody got a bullet?

    • Norma

      He acts more like a dictator to me – Pol Pot maybe or Hitler?

    • Jeff

      Oh please give detailed examples of your claim Norma. I would love to see you list how Obama is like either Hitler or Pol Pot. Come now, how is Obama and different than Bush?

      Otherwise, you and the 17 other mindless drones that like you post are exactly the people who would approved of the atrocities of the dictatorial regimes that you mentioned.

  • Fran

    Well, he won’t be president forever. Perhaps we should go after him once his ONE term is served. The longer he stays in office the more contempt I have.

    • PatriotAZ

      Let’s just hope that November 2012 isn’t too late. The damage Obama and the liberal Congress have done to this Country will take years to unravel and a courageous Congress at that. I recommend that all you people who have liberal Senators in your State get out and work to elect a Conservative. No more of this “get rid of the Senators, but oh by the way, our Senator is OK.” Donate to campaigns, walk neighborhoods, work phone banks, etc. Get to work!! Freedom is not free!!

    • Donald Custer

      i would not bet the farm that bama would not be the president for ever.there is something wrong with our form of gov’t.and no one is trying to correct it

    • Daniel from TN

      I hate saying this but I believe Obama WILL be re-elected via election fraud. After he is re-elected there will be a movement to repeal the 22nd amendment, eliminating term limits for the president.

    • daves

      Might as well stay home.

  • LowChop

    This is just plain wrong!!

  • BR

    The public intrest is the poeple of the United States. It is inportant for our President to be legal. He is the head of our country. How can he make and inforce our laws if he is breaking them. That is why we have the right to know if his birth certificate and ssc is valid.

  • scott webb

    I run a small business and would not hire anyone without a resume, plus we have to prove via identification that they are citizens.
    We can not get a resume, let alone proof that Obama is legit.
    Why is he so afraid to tell the truth ?????

  • http://none Byron McVay

    Since the congress has no balls to go after this issue or any other showing the fraud already committed by The Prezzzz who will take this skinny bull by the horns and make him live under American rules.

  • JEC

    No real surprize here.

  • Gas Passer

    Is there any justice in the United State anymore?

    • Anna

      There is no justice unless you are a politician.

    • poppo

      It hasn’t been about justice for MANY years. Our legal system is about law and the shrewd application and adminsitration of the law. The best lawyer usually wins. Courts do not care about right and wrong morally, just who is right legally.

    • Norma

      Apparently not. He certainly doesn’t face any kind of justice or consequences for what he does to anyone or the nation. He should have been incarcerated at least 6 years ago if not more. Come to thinnk fo it, isn’t being in the country illegally considered a crime? At least it would be to anyone who is caucasian.

  • Dave Grosmann

    Any one want to list Obama’s accomplishments?
    I’ll start it:

    Has raised the national debt to the highest it’s been in history……14 trillion and counting!!

    Has spent more money that all of the previous presidents COMBINED!!

    He made his “Apology Tour” where he apologized to the world for the United States for being so successful. I guess he wanted to make sure we were not so successful. He’s succedded on this one!!

    Has installed more regulations on everyone than any other president in history costing us billions of dollars and kept unemployment above 9%. What a champion!!!

    He has refused to close our border with Mexico because he knows that if he can give all of the illegals amnisty, they’ll vote Democratic.

    Has sued Arizona over their passing laws which enforce the Federal Immigration Laws. Which part of the Presidential oath did Obama have his fingers crossed when he took the oath…..I think it was when he swore to uphold the laws of the United States. He thought the oath said that he could pick and choose which laws to uphold.

    He got involved when the black panthers were intimidating people going to vote. He made sure Holder (another loser) kept anyone from prosecuting them.

    He’s not taken credit for anything that he’s tried. However, he did say before the 2008 election, ” We are within 3 days of changing to face of America.” WOW!!! He actually hit this one on the nose!!! But, the face we have now is not what 90% of the people in this country expected.

    If you like what he’s done in his first 4 years, vote him in again! You will get more of his “SUCCESSES” and you will get what you deserve. If you don’t like what he’s done to this country, get out and vote him out. If you don’t, you don’t have the right to gripe!!

  • jean miller

    What would happen to us if we used a SS that belonged to someone else. I guess we’d be fined and/or jailed. Why do people not see all the fraud and deception this president has committed?

  • Kerrin

    I can’t hardly read this stuff anymore. I get so frustrated, I can’t think straight. What will happen next? We are loosing our country right in front of our faces.



    • PatriotAZ

      Please, don’t put your head in the sand, be productive!! Get out and work for a conservative candidate. We can’t turn this around unless we get the right people in the right positions in our Congress and State government.

  • Edward Chandler

    This Judge should be disbarred for life

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      He would have to be impeached. Do you think DIRTY HARRY would allow it to come up in the senate?

    • pjmartincello


    • Anthony San Diego

      No, this judge should be strung up by the balls. I never use profanity, all it does is put me in the gutter with them, but this display of audacity is beyond the pale.

    • PatriotAZ

      As well as many others and there are Supreme Court Justices that should be impeached by Congress for some of their rulings that were definitely not in alignment with the Constitution. Example: McDonald vs Chicago. The liberal judges dissented on the ruling based on social issues not the Constitution. That is totally against their oath to protect the Constitution. And, Congress can impeach, but to date they haven’t had the “numbers” and possibly the “guts”.

  • Jimbolya

    Now I remember why I dislike lawyers. What a sorry ass piece of —- this one is. I hope he falls off his bench, cracks his head and wakes up!

  • Mark

    If Obama has nothing to hide, why is he hiding everything? Looks like he has his people planted in all the right places, from the Supreme Court to the Social Security Administration. He promised transparency and all we got is a fraud we can all see through. Congress needs to grow some balls and start impeachment proceedings NOW!

    • PatriotAZ

      SOROS has all the right people in the right places. Do you know anything about Obama’s past, have you heard anyone come forward that knew him in Hawaii, or in college? Have you read any of his papers from college? I could go on and on, but apparently this “privileged” servant of “We the People” is too special to open up his records to us. This should be a clue to everyone when everything about Obama is kept secret there is definitely lots and lots to hide.

    • Daniel from TN

      There are rumors that members of Congress have received death threats if they try to remove Obama. I hope this is not true but it would explain the lack of action.

  • http://Yahoo Tony Ortiz

    Why does everybody continue to shield O,bama for every thing? Put it to rest by showing, giving and having access to this info. The people and country have a RIGHT to know!

  • Fred

    How about the “Public Interest”is: If in fact there is a problem then anything he signs or makes legal would all become illegal if he is not an “American Citizen by Birth”. That is a constitutional requirement for becoming President. Why is he making it so difficult. He could prove it but for some reason refuses to. What could be that reason. So far we know that an aunt and now an uncle are being questioned about them being a legal entry into this country. So why should we not question his legality. Again this all falls back on Congress for not requiring him to show his Proof prior to being allowed to run for the Office.

    • PatriotAZ

      Yeah, well who was in charge of Congress in 2008? Pelosi and Reid and they are part of the game. Thank you voters for teaching us Republicans a lesson by voting in all the Democrats. Was it worth it?

  • jondar2

    The obscene lame-stream media has failed us miserably with that tingle up my leg mentality. Absolutely no vetting of this unknown flash in the pan. Among other freaky things is this name change from “Barak Mounir Ubayd” to “Barack Hussein Obama” on October 14th 1982 in Skookumchuck, British Columbia. If it wasn’t him, what happened to this new BHO? Did he just disapear as any other British subject might? This arrogant, insidious America hating excuse for a potus is bent on destroying our freedoms, liberty and our supreme standing in the world. God may not be able to, or want to, help us if this marxist/socialist is re-elected.

    • PatriotAZ

      Pray to God, but remember God helps those who help themselves so get out and start working for the conservative candidates and donate to conservative candidates across the Nation. Now is the time to “belly up” and get the “boots on the ground” to make a difference.

    • Daniel from TN

      Members of the government controlled media have never been exposed to the truth. They went to Liberal controlled public schools and Liberal controlled colleges. Once I realized this their anti-Republican, anti-American, pro-Liberal attitude is perfectly understandable. I don’t agree with it but now I understand it.

  • anne

    obama’s uncle was just arrested for DWI in Framingham , MA. He has a social security number , working but is an illegal. I am sure he will get away as the governor of Ma. is a friend of O’s. his aunt living very well in MA. and she is illegal. Can I bring my relatives to this country to live with out being sent back and kept by a state??????

    • armyvet

      Yes anne, why is this particular Obama have a legit SS # and the prez does not? Why is this guy’s SS # not protected by the same law as the prez? Strange!

  • Mugatu

    Finally a smart reasonable judge, another well deserved defeat for Orly.

  • Tom

    He is scripture being fullfilled. God put this individual in office as a wake up call to this nation. Either we as a nation return to the Godly principles upon which this nation was founded or God will destroy this nation just like he did Sodom and Gommorah. This individual is evil incarnate and I will oppose him to my death.

  • Larry

    Doe’s it really surprise anyone out there that this piece of TRASH president is doing something ILLEGAL again? Will it ever end? When will this STUPID government open their eyes and get RID of this TRASH once and for all? It needs to soon or we will not have a country at all. This is just exactly what this IDIOT has been doing all the time. This is what his goal has been since he took office.

  • Judy

    Bob – That’s exactly what he wants – a One World Government with himself as the Dictator.
    And, he thinks he IS above the law. He’s broken so many laws now that if your or I broken only half that amount we would never see the light of day again.
    Why can’t someone stand up and take him away?

  • Dean

    What chance does any citizen have in a justice system such as ours has become? They choose to prosecute as arbitrarily as they choose not to! Law means nothing!

    • Roger

      OBama has some very rich powerful people backing him. Look what happen to Nixon, who was a saint compared to Obama. He is distroying the American way of life.

  • Ladyj

    ‘No Public Interest that would be served by this disclosure’?????? Is it not in ALL our interests to know who or what we have for a President?????? All applicants for this position should be giving up more/ALL personal info and history than one does for a security position with any firm hand in hand with ALL documents with the slightest relevance to his/her life until then. We the People who EMPLOY this person have a GREAT NEED TO KNOW and I want to know ALL & see ALL DOCUMENTS and have the FBI & CIA et al INVESTIGATE & VERIFY if you please.


    When B.o. leaves office, will he be tried at all for all he has done to this country? Will he be tried as an American and punished for treason? Or will he be tried as a domestic terrorist? Will he be tried for anything at all? While I agree that there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the parties, I hoping with all my heart that the tea party is somehow different than the rest. I guess that I will never stop dreaming.

    • JM

      The Tea Party is the people Of The USA!

    • PatriotAZ

      Yes the Tea Party is “We the People”, but the extreme left, Progressives and the elite media have started a campaign against the Tea Party (Black Caucus saying the Tea Party is racist) and it is making a difference– there are more people negatively viewing the Tea Party. Don’t let the elite media win. Join a Tea Party and fight for our Country. Think of working along side Paul Revere!!

    • Isabella

      Either way. The best place for him would be a life sentence in Guantanamo, in solitary, incommunicado, so he can’t leak all that classified info he is privy to.

    • loub

      aleta sorry that will not happen currently king obama is fguring how to extract $10 from each and every american man, woman, and child for a total o 3 billion and soros will toss in another billion for a job well done
      giving him 4 billion another retiring democrat prez and vice prez who became incredibly rich after leaving the oval office

    • Daniel from TN

      At this time the TEA Party represents hope, our last hope to save OUR country.

  • http://N/A William Cole

    He won’t be Pres forever because if BHO
    gets his second term I afraid we are done for because he then will trampled on our constitution to the point it won’t have anymore effect, zzilch, no good any longer and then
    america will be under his dictatorship with no more voting. God help us ( US )all then.

    • GranAnn

      If Obama runs for another term, he should be REQUIRED to show he is eligible to be the president. If he does not allow his records to be scrutinized, then the demos should get another candidate. I am appalled by a Congress who are too timid to impeach him.

    • PatriotAZ

      We better hope November 2012 is not too late!!

  • SmarTeaPants

    “Lucky day”?!?!? With activist judges like this, luck is all you have – certainly no law.

    “no public interest…would be served”?!? Exposing the kenyan muslim usurper bent on destroying our country? Nah, move along – nothing to see here.

  • Marvin

    It’s all over
    This administration has rooted it’s evil plans to overthrown America from within
    They are doing just that, With his all out narcissistic attitude and his bold moves against our land, constitution and Christianity Don’t be surprised that we are under Marshall law right before the election. Then he has the power to dismiss the Congress and Senate and become the pupit ruler created by the so called one world order. Get ready it’s comin!

  • linda

    He has made sure that he appointed the one’s that would defend him to the end that’s the one to go after first get them and then go after obummer and czars… crooks… ACORN,SEIU,ALL Corrupt trash..get them all out in 2012

  • Joe

    Really! What is the name of the judge who made this completely assinine statement. I just want to know for the next election. Oh, yea. Federal Judges, once elected, die in office don’t they. But he can be impeached! Maybe we could have a double impeachment! Boy, even our Judicial system needs a thorough cleaning, doesn’t it!



  • JM


  • Bob McKenna

    A Federal Judge — He ruled —
    WHO ? ! Who is the spineless, democRAT protecting bastard ? Who appointed the jerk ? Why is a serial liar protected ?

    This is only one of three this lying, apologizing, muslim promoting, piece of Offal has used. What about the other two ? Did he file for a passport using any one of the three? Which one did he use when he filled out the papers for finantial aid as a foriegn student ? Answers ? Don’t hold your breath.

  • JM

    Hillary is just as BAD! Shew is for One World Order and One World Banking One World Government!

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      You got it JM and as they keep outlawing guns all you will have in the end to fight with is words on deaf ears. Welcome to enslavement. If you guys don’t do something now you never will, in case you don’t realize it you are in a civil war now!

    • PatriotAZ

      Outlawing guns is one part of the UN Agenda 21. If you don’t know about Agenda 21 I suggest you get current because Agenda 21 is being implemented at the State and Local levels throughout this Country and it is definitely taking away your freedoms. Local government elections is just as important as Federal. We have been asleep at the wheel for far too long and I’m just praying it’s not too late.

  • JD

    How is it that the entire U. S. Government and judicial system can be bought of? What did Obama say to the Supreme Justices when he met with them right after taking office that makes them not want to hear the charges against Obama? Why is it that no one in government can do anything about this?

  • Jimi Mac

    One of the major reasons for all the secrecy and cover up is this: If President Obama is in fact NOT an true US Citizen (Birth Certificate; SSN; etc.) and NOT “legally” (whatever that means these days.) and/or Constitutionally authorized to hold said office, EVERY Bill he has signed into law, and every agreement he has made with other countries (and whoever else) is spurious and null-and-void. Can you imagine ALL of the back lash from that? And, with each passing day, it becomes more complex. I am one of those who believes in the “Illuminatist Conspiracies” and believe Mr. Obama was PLACED in this Office. Sadly, Constitution Be Damned.

  • JM

    Vote anyone BUT Democrate
    But We must Pray that the Right Republican Gets The Nomaniee
    Bachmann President 2012

    • Isabella

      Amen! God knows who that is!

    • PatriotAZ

      I know he’s not charismatic, but Ron Paul is the only candidate talking about the real issue in front of us– The federal reserve. If the fed. reserve is not abolished you can kiss our Country good bye and I don’t hear anyone talking about it, nor do I believe any other candidate has the understanding that Ron Paul does. He is the only candidate that cannot be bought–he has stood on a set of Constitutional principles consistently and I trust that he will do what needs to be done to save this Country. I’m not sure I trust Perry, Romney, or Bachmann for that matter.

  • Rodger Ray

    Justice should trump all else! And yes I believe you can get justice if you pay enough in some form or at least what passes for that these days. Just a country boys way of looking at things.


  • vietnamvet

    If ever a day comes when taking out the trash becomes a job for each community, Judge Lamberth has earned the privilege to be on a ‘list’, somewhere.

  • Joe

    Really! And what is the name of the judge who made this anninine statement. I just want to know for the next election. Oh, yea, Federal Judges, once elected, die in office, don’t they. But he can be impeached! Maybe we coud have a double impeachment! Boy, even our Judicial System needs a thorough cleaning, doesn’t it!


    Just more of “OUR” Government “stonewalling” for Obama!

    This is like Eric Holder “stonewalling” for Obama in the the “fast and Furious” gun deals to Mexico Drug Cartels coverup, where Holder is trying to cover up their involvement a murder of a U.S. citizen.

    Remember Eric Holder in the Black Panthers at the 2008 voting booths threatening issue!

    These people will stop at nothing to get what they want and they will attempt to cover it up or lie about if they get caught.

    What’s a little more lies, corruption and fraud from Obama, would you expect anything else from him!

    You got to wonder what has Obama promised the this Judge to bury this case.

    Obama is spending too much time and money defending this birth and SSN issue for it not to be true! Just way too much smoke without there being a large fire very close.

    I hope that Taitz appeals this case up the ladder and wins.

    The truth will be known about this man sooner or later!

    I just hope that there will be an America left when “WE” know the truth about Obama!

  • ange

    He had millions before becoming President. Does anyone know how he made this fortune, it could not be from his ice cream shop job.Is it possible for Senators to become millionaires after two years service?

  • Norma

    It seems I went to bed one night in America, and woke up in an entirely different country! How could this have happened. If we ever get back to “kansas” I will have to say this is the wierdest dream I ever had. Only it’s not a dream (it’s a nightmare and real). This 4 years will go down in history as the wierdest, ugliest, most corrupt administration that we have ever had in our country to date. I will be so, so glad when voting in 2012 comes. But I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the voting polls will be fraud. I feel I’m in another country. Lord, I think I’m ready to go to heaven now.

  • Ladyj


    • MLH

      ARMED March. We can get this all sorted out in an afternoon. ;))

  • JMcCarthy

    That judge must be impeached!

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      Way to go JMcCarthy, Is that your battle cry? You have a fine eye for the obvious. This, people, is the problem with a generation of “let the other guy do it”, people that never served this country. You sit around and scratch your ass while your country goes down the drain and not a clue of how to take it back, get active, join a conservative club, tea party etc. but do something!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

    If the “Privacy Act of 1974″ protects the information of social security number holders that means anybody, including the Government doesn’t need to know ours either! As stated, “no public interest would be served by the disclosure.” What is good enough for the Head Goose Imposter, is good enough for the rest of us taxpaying ganders!

  • Hubcap

    Our justice is rotten to the core! We the people will not be defeated so long as we continue to shout the truth and keep a light on these lying cockroaches in the white house and congress.

  • Nonne

    Can someone answer what is the next step in this matter — what judicial level of review would be next?

    Orly Taitz is definitely my hero. She should not have to stand alone in her attempts to bring Our liar-in-chief to justice.

  • TREX


  • peggy

    Larry, you are right about our trashy president and his family. obama told the american people what he intended to do when he was running for president. And everybody cheered him on. He refused then to show his birthcertificate and everybody didn’t care. He promised change, but didn’t specify what kind of change and everyone was so thrilled to be getting their messiah and the news reporters was addressing him as our messiah, here to say us. Nobody paid attention until now and yet there are still idiots who doesn’t listen to what he is saying and will re-elect this piece of garbage to run our great nation into the ground. He’s made it plain that he is a muslim and will stand on their side. He has spent 2,4billion of your tax dollars to bring terrorist out of gaza here to america setting them up in housing, financial support, free medical, and everything else taking away from the american people. I hope the american people will correct their mistake and not re-elect and illegal immigrant to be our president. The list goes on and on.

  • babas gal

    Luv U Whackos! Prayin Perry is #1 on your Tix

    • Jane

      Nothing like a big stinky pile of garbage and untruth from someone on the left.

  • Howard-the Banger Club

    Email your Senators/Congress tell them this is wrong. Is he above the law? If it were you or I we would be in jail for fraud. He has to go in 2012. Governor Rick Perry=President with Congressman Allen West Vice President. Both are bright, moral men who believe in our Constitution and are for we the people. With West we get double coverage as he solves the race issue. As you know some folks vote color.

  • RES

    Forget the SS#, that is peanuts. What I want to know is:
    How does someone born in the 60’s:
    a) who has a father who is a Muslim, born in Kenya;
    b) a mother who is an American citizen that the father met in a RUSSIAN LANGUAGE class (in the 60’s, Cold War and all that, think Lee Harvey Oswald);
    c) who was reared in a Muslim country during his most formative years (the Indonesian years);
    d) changed his FULL name NOT ONCE but TWICE (from Barack Hussein Obama to Barry Soetoro and back;
    If you or I changed our name once I gaurantee we would be told in no uncertain terms that we would need to drop out of the race.
    This is an even bigger issue than his (obviously forged) birth certificate or his SS#.

  • http://googlechrome David

    I think if everyone who has written a comment on here votes then osloba doesn’t stand a chance. Maybe then he will take his uncle osloba and go back home to Kenya, Indonesia or one of those muslim countries that he loves so well and take one or all of his social security cards home with him.

  • Spyder Dalton

    No public interest? The fact we may have a criminal running the country is of no public interest? I guess he already knows we do have a criminal running the country.

  • Spyder Dalton

    The justice system is as corrupt as it possibly can be. we will be Mexico soon…

  • http://PatriotUpdate rocksolid

    This is exactly what would happen if we tried to have him

  • Lloyd

    Thats just another example of the contempt that most of our leaders, officials, judges, etc., feel toward the rest of us. You can bet you life that if it had been to check the validity of our SSN, the information would have been provided, no questions asked. We are slowly being turned into the kind of country that our leaders, and the mass media, have always been telling us that the Communists and dictator type were. You know, where the leaders live in luxury, and the people live in poverty. If you are happy and contented with that sort of government, reelect Obama and the liberal Democrats.

  • Richard

    I know, one day, after people are outraged enough, This will come back to bite the asses of Obama and the Democrates. Hiding information this important, stinks of fraud.

  • Marvin

    Get food and shelter and defense systems into place before December, try to get out of the metropolis areas because that will make it harder for them to exterminate us in mass quantities…. We all have until summer 2012 if that. Good Luck!

  • Big Dog


  • R.D. Ayers

    Jeff is right !! What we all need to do is stock up on supplies, tools, food, gas and water. Learn to grow your own garden. If you do not have a trade then learn one. Not having a trade today is one of the biggest problem we face as a nation !! The banks, Wall Street, stock brokers, politicians and the likes don’t produce anything !! They just collect. And most of what they collect is a big fat pay check. We need to stop ! and ask how much does one person really need ?
    Spend time with family and learn to stick together. Turn off the TV !! It only serves to spread the government’s propaganda so that fools will keep believing in them. We all need to learn to stick together.
    We really need to send a message to our government that they may end up playing by themselves. Just watch where they go when thay can’t eat the money they print !

  • Don39

    The concensus of the well over 800 comments here is that the system of so-called justice is corrupt and the ruling Judge is an activist fool. The notion that the people do not have a compelling right to know who their president is is total nonsense!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

    This is another prime example of the “Cancer we call Liberalism” eating away at the foundation of justice! The entire court system needs to be flushed of the Progressives, Liberals, Communists, Secular Humanists, and Homosexuals that permeate its halls and courtrooms. The stench is becoming unbearable!
    The tentacles of Obama’s Chicago “Gansta Government” are far reaching indeed. This Judge knew in her heart of hearts that her ruling flew in the face of justice for all and subconsciously admitted it in her “this is not my lucky day” comment. She knew she would have to endure the “Kangaroo Court” outcries and the legal turd blizzard that is sure to come for disregarding the Law and protecting this imposter and his dog crap agenda at all costs, including selling her pathetic soul for her “20 pieces of silver.” You Judas!

  • dkbokc

    He concluded that there was NO real interest,,, maybe someone should find his email addy and post it, so we could show him the amount of interest there IS!

  • Marvin

    Don’t you know it’s out of style to be a Democrat or Republican?

    I don’t think Perry is any better, Ron Paul is our nations only hope!

    I have done extensive research on every candidate that has opted for the presidency so far and it all comes back to Obama and his money machine… He is not worried in the least. He bails them out and they give him his cut and the highest office in the land. Their are no boundaries for him!

    The election has to be rigged!

  • Fredro

    Let Mr. Obama come forward and explain this to the people. Hard facts and hard evidence…just like the birth certificate.

    Come on Mr President…prove this is just fiction.

    I dare you!

  • Marvin

    Does anyone know where to go when all hell breaks loose here in the country?

    Where are the minute men meeting?

    Where are the safe houses and the underground railroad?

    What patriots can we trust or is eveyone just given up?

  • Bambi Hamilton

    I’m sorry, but trying to prove that someone has extra and/or fraudulent social security numbers is not the same as trying to get their information. And I believe that having either of those is against the law.

  • William

    It just makes my head spin to think this is happening in the US ! How can it be possible this guy is Pres??? And then all of a sudden all democrats turned against the US??? When I was younger I thouth both parties wanted to protect the US, only with different ideas.
    Boy “, how i did learn just how disgraceful they are. Our leaders are the enemy !!!!

  • Ballistic45

    I would be more concerned right now over the protection that Obama is receiving.. This is a cover up of unprecedented magnitude. We have judges, the State of Hawaii, the Justice Dept and even the whole of Congress failing to honor their oaths of office.. Judges refusing to touch anything to do with eligibility questions. Hawaii law says that that records are secret unless there is a compelling need to know, which the Constitution demands the need to know to be President, not enough I guess.. The Justice Dept is in Obama’s hip pocket protecting him and even refusing to investigate the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, or ACORN for ballot stuffing.. And Congress who won’t even investigate growing evidence of a Conspiracy to commit fraud with alleged documents of birth and other possible crimes. This cover up is being provided by people from BOTH and ALL political Parties except maybe the Tea Party, it has to be in order to be so successful.. It’s time Citizens take back America, by force if need be. We will see if the Military will honor their oaths by joining citizens or protecting those criminals on Capital Hill….

  • C Powell


  • VaSteve

    OMG! I went to “Snopes” to check this out.WOW!!! “Snopes” says,get ready,that the card is indeed from CON. BUT!,it was because of a “probable typo” of someone punching 0,enstead of a 9. Yeah,that’s it. A typo.Look it up.You can’t make this stuff up.

  • http://cox Charles

    Obama has just about got this country down to a fourth contry.

  • George L. Randle

    Every citizen of this country is equal under the law. The President is not guaranteed privacy, other than matters of national secuity. this judge is obstrcting justice! The Court could have easily reviewed his social security # in private and allowed the plantiff to recieve the expert forsenic report and if it proved to be false, then the Government must step aside or otherwise we have a Contitutional crisis.

  • Janice Fortin

    Serves no public interest by disclosure?
    In other words, any lying thug can be voted
    president without one single bit of proof of any of his claims? OBAMA RAN ON THE ALLOUT PROMISE OF TRANSPARENCY AND YET NOT EVEN HIS NAME HAS BEEN PROVEN. This is obviously a pre arranged conspiracy against AMERICA BY THE COURTS, CONGRESS, AND ADMINISTRATION.

  • VaSteve

    That’s “instead”. A typo!

  • GoldenRudy

    Do you think the question of his SS# will be put to him by one of the media pimps during one of the presidential debates next year? Probably not, but one can dream.

  • Linda

    I agree that something is very wrong with our government, congress and the liberal judges. The only way to make a difference is to spread the word to everyone you know – if your friends or families don’t have a computer talk to as many people as you can. One person can make a difference. We must vote the liberals out and bring God and the United States Constitution back. If the candidate that is running isn’t for God and the Constitution – then don’t vote for them.
    Also we must put pressure on our representattives to make sure that the proper identification is shown for voting. No more voter fraud. I am starting to contact members of Congress over the voter fraud that has happened in the past. If enough people voice their concerns to Congress about this subject something has to be done.

    • tom dehart

      getting closer to the 30’s in germany, they never thought what happened to them would ever happen………its about guns in the hands……of we the people…..if it is ever decided that taking, volunteering or banning guns is pc then we are in big trouble……keep guns acquire them and never let anyone know you have…….

    • Ernest O’Dell

      Better stock up on ammo, too.

    • sheila

      1930’s Germany allowed their citizens to have guns so the analogy is not quite correct.
      (Indeed, the best testimony to the power of an armed populace is the vigor with which the Warsaw Pact dictatorships enforced gun control. When the Communists took over Bulgaria on September 9, 1944, they immediately confiscated every weapon in private possession.)
      We have more in common with Russia

    • Sandra

      More than likely the judge was paid to ignore it. Our government is pure gangster syle government. They payoff and corrupt anyone that serves their cause.

    • Dee

      You’re darn right about this being a ganster government. I just read the book Gangster Government by David Freddosso (I think that’s the way you spell his last name). It is exactly what is happening right now.Everyone should read it.

    • John David Welch

      Sandra , you could not be more right about our current administration being a gangster government. The FEDERAL JUDGES only answer to to the current administration.This problem can be fixed if we put enough pressure on congress to pass a bill making federal judges a electable possession.
      This President is not afraid to do what ever is necessary , legal or not , to stay in power.Think about the CEO of S&P who resigned shortly after the downgrade of Americas credit rating from AAA to AA. Do you actually think he resigned on his own or did he “get a offer he could not refuse” (The Godfather).

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Who was this judge, not mentioned!!!!
      We can bet that nobammaa appointed him !!!

    • Edward

      The judge, Royce Lamberth

    • Co-opted Confederate

      That Judge should be Publicly Floggedm Humiliated to the point groveling Dis Barred, ans Sent back to the 4th grade.
      If the public interest would not be served by disclosure then Who the Hell are the 100 million Plus that did not vote for the Fraud sitting in the white house. All involved with bringing the case to court should be lauded, encouraged, and financed to appeal all the way to SCOTUS.

    • Decide for yourself

      The judge said, “the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else.” Hasn’t this president done everything in secrecy behind closed doors since he took office? So why should anyone be surprised that a federal judge would help him continue this fraud. There is ample evidence that this person in the White House has done everything he can to hide his eligiblity to be there. He could stop all this by proving he’s eligible by showing all his papers, including his “Real” birth certificate, but he doesn’t. WHY? I can only hope after he’s voted out in 2012, someone will have the nerve to go after him.

    • Dano

      The public interest would not be served by disclosure? My ass! Disclosure will eventually happen. Then we will see if the public interest is served. This guy is gonna leave one hell of a legacy!

    • jack

      The sad part is, is that the judge said that there’s no real interest in knowing if the ssn is fraudulent or not… If it were to turn out fraudulent then we could impeach Obama and save the country from further deterioration that Obama and the progressives are intentionally doing.

    • Jstarusa

      Wonder what would happen if a regular citizen was caught using a false social security card?

    • scout

      We would get jail time. It’s a double standard. Always has been always will be. Americans will not push an issue…

    • Ray Willock

      I doubt that she was paid to rule in this manner but there may have been a lot of pressure put on her to rule on his behalf. Just remember; too many judges are a big part of the, so-called, far left. They will rule in favor of anyone or anything that stands for socialism and this being Barack Hussein Obama, a native of Kenya, born in Hawaii with a Conneticut Social Security Number. Does all of this make sense?

    • granslass

      That is a very serious accusation against the judge. Can we at least try to offer only facts and not unfounded accusations? We need to restore some civility in these discussions.

    • bobwhite

      We’ve been civil. Look what that has done for us.

    • pj

      Free Speech ???? Hello

    • pikemaster

      You Think ?? Of course they were paid off !All the KINGS Men (and women) are paid or scared off. Don’t go against King Obutthead or off with your head !!!

    • gagal

      I’m not a betting person but I would feel safe betting that many people have been “bribed” or “paid off” to keep him in office!!

    • Owlmeister

      I hear that the cover-up cost $2,000,000 or more. That delete button is powerful.

    • cornelia

      only obats are agreed to dumb leberal blood sucker.

    • Dorothy

      To stop Voter fraud they need to have a picture ID. As an election Judge most of the people especially some of the Senior Citizen had one and used it as had to have to cash a check or use a credit card. They don’t want to stop fraud as then they would lose voters.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Just who in the H3LL was this “federal judge”!!!!??????? Where’s our congress ???
      What The H3LLL is this ?????
      I have e mailed my congressmen about this bulll sh1t !!! Nothing happens!!!!

    • rafael


    • http://ObamasS.S.N. Mick

      Rafael, if you re-read your blog maybe you will understand why uneducated people,like yourself,found the way to elect a politian with out regaurds to this great nation of ours.

    • gaetano

      this is all crap from the get go

    • scout

      Congressmen and women no longer answer to their constituents.They don’t want to hear from you. You will get NO RESPONSE.

    • Chathamgirl

      The problem is no one tells the truth. Perry for instance once a democrat now he claims to have seen the light. He’s a conservative, christain, tea partier. Bull. He’s a Bilderberger. Look up Rockefeller and the Bilderberg Group OWO. They have been planning this since 1954.

    • Pat

      So what if Perry changed to Republican. All of Texas born natives were Democrats – until they branched off after learning the difference. Right is right and wrong is wrong. What do Democrats do that is right?

    • EnoughStupidity

      Honey they all are Bilderburgs, Clintons, Bushes and Obama. Read the book “Rule by Secrecy”

      What is wrong with congress ??? We can’t get past the Senate who is nothing but Dem to keep Obama in. So why bother right now when there is more important things to do.

      Why do you want to lower yourself to the libs level by denying the law? I hate it too but the Privacy Act is the Privacy Act.

    • lbdodger

      Each and every one of the Senators, is in office; in violation, of the Constitution. The 17th Amendment, that supposedly allowed the Senators to be elected by popular vote, was never lawfully ratified. The Senators, were elected by the state legislatures; and answered to the people. When they supposedly ratified the 17th amendment, the people lost control; and the country has been going downhill, since then. Before the change, it was easy to replace a senator; who didn’t act in the best interests, of the people.

    • KM

      Enough Stupidity said that “The Privacy Act is the Privacy Act. In other words, Move on, get over it. Do you really think that if someone wants to get your SSN they can’t? Of course they can and do. Also the whole premise of the judge’s activist interpretation is that the president is above the law. In that case we are no longer even pretending to be a nation of laws. It is who you are or who you know that exempts you from laws and their consequences. Hope that this is appealed up to SCOTUS. We shall see.

    • Patriot and an American

      Right if right and left is wrong

    • socks

      The saddest and most horrible thing about our political parties is that people vote for candidates without really knowing what thier party is about. Many vote because of family history of voting. They are adamate about someone else being right about the way to vote, and at one time in history, their parents were right to vote the way they did. A political party stood for what was right…not to mention which political party… We, as the American people, really do need to find out what standards we are voting for. This would solve alot of problems. There are many who feel they are voting for justice, uprightness, and morality, and then will not listen to what these candidates are doing. They are not willing to change their way of thinking for anything, and will see the truth coming out of politicians mouths when they do nothing but lie. Set in their ways? Maybe so, but I think alot of them are just going with the flow thinking everything will be okay. After all, it doesn’t concern them or will not effect them in anyway. Then there are those people who just do not care what happens…boy, did I say a mouthful?

    • Al C.

      Chathamgirl…A Democrat in Texas use to be what was called a DixieCrat…we were Southern Democrats…or Conservative Democrats….not anywhere near the same as what they ( Democrats ) are today. Today’s Dem has moved too far to the Left and can no longer be called Conservative….so they switched to the Republican Party back in the 70’s…so try as you may….you won’t be anle to slander Rick Perry with old bull like that. If I was a betting man I would bet you are a ‘ Ron Paul Nutjob ‘….talk about a loser…when is he going to give up on trying to be President????

    • Carolyn

      Obama came in saying he believed in God and the Constitution….The left know that they have to behave like Christians and Constitutionalists to deceive Americans in to voting for them. The realized that when Bush became President…They have indoctrinated our kids in school and deceived the parents…Only OUR God can undo all this…

    • Pat

      I agree with you. Why is it so hard to get a person out who is holding the highest office in the USA, who cannot and will not eagerly show a real birth certificate and social security number. He has no valid credentials. Yet he has been shielded all the way by Democrats. The general public cannot do anything – jobs, loans, medical attention, etc. – without both of those. How obvious is it that our country is in trouble. It is run by foreigners and backed by them as well.

    • scout

      The democrats support Muslims and socialism.

    • juan alvarez

      What is wrong with that judge? Keep the name because some one has to vote that judge out. Not relevant? come on, sure is relevant. Because if it was a no goog ss# then that would mean that he is not legal and coild not be president of the USA. I think the whole thing boils down to the fact that the government would be sooooo embarrassed to admit that some one who was not elegible to be pressident, got elected right under their noses. They are just waiting to the next election to vote him out and see if all this talk about elegibility goes away so they don’t have to look stuoid. MHO.

    • MH

      Maybe he got his social security number when he was going to school in MA. I believe it was around the time that michael dukakis was handing out phony numbers to illegals in MA so they could collect undeserved benifits from the state.

    • KM

      MH proposed that maybe O got his SSN in MA when he was at Harvard. Sorry, but that guess or theory is invalid. The number is the sequence for Connecticut, not Massachusetts. Neither he or any of his family ever lived or worked in that state.

    • danm3096

      Voting is the way to do things inaccordance to our Constitution. But obama wasn’t voted in by orderly, civil voting; this we know. And everything he has done since being in office has been done in the manner of a dictator and we all know dictators don’t leave office because they are voted out; they must be removed. The way every attempt to bring out the truth of his background and legal qualifications to be in office in the first are being thworted, to me, is nothing short of dictatorial powers. The man is a liar, fraud, imposter, foreigner and must be removed.

    • ralph

      I think the washington DC, judge is communist trash

    • http://aol Lou D

      A-Men; we are being so deceived about obama’s love for our country; he hates america, and is trying to destroy it;He needs to be impeached, and sent back to Kenya

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      Can you say the most Transparent administration ever? Hello, Transparency right? Transparncey remember? Hell Transparency….. michelle spends millions on a vacation for herself and family and friends and we are not allowed to know how much it costs. hello, how much did michelles vacation really cost? TRANSPARENCY already… Birth certificate fraud and ss number fraud and Transparency remember???? The media has Rick Perrys college transcripts and Sarahs too but obama has his sealed,why? Transparency remember??? Hello America,Are you okay with obama saying most Transparent administration ever and lying about it? Stop the socialist commie democrats and stop them now… No more obama and all his lies.

    • Diane

      Linda, We can only hope with the upcoming election next fall that someone in the new cabinet will take it upon themselves to investigate and prosecute if need be.

      I am spreading the word in Florida.

    • John

      Who is this Judge? Whats his or her name? This is absulute BS and the American people should bombard the press and anyone else that will hear us. My blood pressure just went up 100 points I think.

    • David Inglett

      If the judge could see “…no real interest in” determining whether the Social Security number is fraudulent or illegal then why not use this forum as a way to start a petition that could become massive? Then ask the attorney to refile her petition with this petition as support for “real interest” in determining the validity/legality of the Obama Social Security number. It could make the it very difficult to issue the same ruling in the face of signifiant evidence of “real interest.”

      Also, I just read yesterday where all reference to the Obama Social Security Number were being scrubbed from official records. Interesting? If you have nothing to hide, why go to such trouble to hide it?

    • Camille
  • Margaret Merelo

    That’s a laugh. Too bad it’s not rally funny. Everyone in this country constitues the public and so many have been negatively impacted by O’s polcies, czars, etc. Yet this judge has the gall to say “…the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.” We need this joker judge’s name so we can bombard him with emails calling him out for his borrific decision. And, please, our politicians are in the best position to do something about this, and they just don’t. Get rid of them all, especally Obama & his team.

  • R.D. Ayers

    A long time ago people would travel around in wagons selling medicine in a bottle. They claimed it would cure everything ! These frauds were allowd until they were finaly made to show proof of what they claimed.
    Today the frauds are bigger and they make laws to protect themselves.
    I would like to believe that the Presidet of the United States of America is always telling the truth ! Like Fredro said, “Hard facts and evidence” Just show us and then we can move on. Why hide ? It’s that simple WHY HIDE !!!

  • Richard from Idaho

    Hey Bob Velon, you are right on the money, If this were a Republican Pres. his ass would have been LONG GONE!!!!!!………And even sooner if he were WHITE!!!!!! SHAME on that judge! WHY can’t the PEOPLE decide??? Why do we have to let some LIBERAL AS_H_ _ _ judge decide!!!!!!!????????

  • Karin Gililland

    No Public Interest that would be served? The public interest is if he can legally run as president of the United States. It is so frustrating that the liberals in our government are not held accountable for anything! They can break the law and no body does anything. What has happened to America?

  • Shel Rama

    Should be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. This guy is not a citizen. Have you seen the Kenya Birth Certificate? I suspect a mass of voter fraud because I do not believe the American people would have elected this guy in a fair election. He is a fraud.

    • buddy

      most people know what obum is.if & when he is proecuted.the blacks & socialist will burn half of the u s a & kill many people. that is why no one will see any records.

    • David Inglett

      My guns are loaded with more ammunition available. Bring it on!!

    • Chathamgirl

      Of course he’s a fraud. Why isn’t there some way to expose him? We The People must have some say in this.

    • Carolyn

      They won’t do anything because all these criminals are in high places…and they will cause rioting everywhere if anyone tried to get him out…Too bad so many Americans have been blind so long….

    • Patriot and an American

      The birth certificate issue comes up on September 26. Let’s hope we get an honest review of this matter with no delay, so that we can proceed with charges against Obumma in a criminal trial, and further proceed then to retract all the bullshit that he has pulled off while sitting in our Oval Office. Lets get blood hounds after others who are guilty of evil, corruption, etc. We need to clean up this scum!!

    • hoss11

      I agree. I’m even more curious as to his eligibility because of the recent arrest of his uncle, who is an illegal & arrested because he was drunk. Look at the fact that his aunt was an illegal and the Prez. gave her amnesty. Now the uncle is an illegal. I think this is enough to question our Prez since this is his family and has highly questionable credentials that he has presented. I think that the Dems. now know that he was not eligible and they failed to vet him properly because he was ‘such a good talker’ – – if he has a teleprompter in front of him to read. If 3 years into his election proved that he was illegal, then that would end the Democratic Party. That is why no one wants to investigate this and rule appropriately on the findings.

  • Janice Fortin

    Linda: You sound good and solid and very calm. Doyou see the autrocities happening every single day, wanting America to be
    bullied into the street and shot down.

    • Diane

      Where do we look to find a leader willing to do this? I am on the same page with you and it is frustrating. Someone who knows the real truth needs to come forward. Pray hard and pray often that what we are going through will soon be over. Amen.

    • scout

      It’s insanety. with no opposition.

    • Linda

      In these times you must stay calm to think what would be the best approach with this situation.
      There is a site to contact for Congress:

      Contact-Congress on OC
      Write a letter to all of your members of the U.S. Congress from one page, set it to public or private, and then send it immediately over email.

      Track your correspondence in a transparent public forum, then share it with your community over social media.
      OpenCongress is different because all our data (except for personal info) is fully open for a more accountable government.




    • Moira McInerney

      Well said…I agree!!

    • Lee

      Don’t entirely agree with your “god” business, but the main idea of your comment is what I think!
      We cannot wait until 2012 to take Obama down!
      He must be removed from office now, and forced to pay back all the money he and his family have stolen from us! No matter if they live in rags and a shack! Plenty of REAL Americans have done so, and made better people of themselves! This one is NOT American, has NEVER had the American people’s well-being at heart, and won’t lift a finger to help any of us!
      Remove him NOW!

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Yeah, Money alright!!!! Where in the H3LL are those billions $$$$ of unspent stimulus money????
      Again , WHERE IS CONGRESS ????

    • Dano

      Might want to use some of that unspent stimulus money up in the northeast about now. I hear there may be some shovel ready jobs up there to rebuild washed out roads, bridges,dams, etc. Might even be a few unemployed union members looking to earn a few bucks!

    • Carolyn


    • Mike

      Sorry, but the US is not a Christian nation….that’s what religious freedom is all about. We are free to worship(or not) as we please…..if you don’t want to accept that, then go somewhere else!

  • Dixiemom

    “We the people” put him in office. He smooth-talked his way and now all you who voted for him are complaining. I voted for McCain as the lesser of two evils. But some would-be diehards knew he was a phony and voted for BHO anyway. Hopefully 2012 will have awakened those who voted for him and regardless whbo the republicans put up it will be betrter then another 4 years of Obama.

    • oneAmerican

      Yes, Dixiemom, WE put that man in office! And not just those that voted for him…look at all the registared voters that DID NOT VOTE at all! (grant we didn’t have much to work with) And I’d be willing to bet that many, like me, went to he polls w/ my tail dragging & did not bother to even try to “get out the vote”…This go around we need to pick our candidate & ‘sell’ him/her like there’sw no tomorow! If Obama has another 4, well, Austrailia may have some land. BO will own this one. REGIME CHANGE 2012..AMERICAN STYLE

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      YOU forgot voter FRAUD !!!!!!!!!! GOT ‘him” in office, just like reid’s re-election !!!

    • al.k

      You are both wrong, the media tols us we elected him, its a proven fact that he was appointed and the birth certificate issue just keeps our attention on that while they milk the country dry for the ones who appointed him, congres looked the other way and allowed him in, so they cannot attempt to put him out, we need special forces to take him out by force, then he will have to prove his legal status instead of us having to prove it, as Joseph nMcCarth stated they were all traitors and communists, they threw him in a mental facility then threw him out a 5th story window to prove he was looney, since when are the windows unlocked so someone can jump out? what we got is a renegade government that we are helpless to evict, why do you think we got so many forign troops spread throughout the country??

  • bhscpa

    There’s nothing like a Democrap when it comes to deception, lying and fraud. There are 2 types of fraud for Obama: voter fraud during the election and fraud in office.

  • dad

    This judge must have been paid off, typical of this administration! for a judge to think this doesn’t warrant a therall investigation is treasonous! we the people have the right to no but then we all ready do by not proving it once again>…

  • Harold

    What else did we expect, these judges are as corrupt as the rest of the judicial systeme is. This judge? was either paid off or threatened off. It’s time for the people to start doing something tangabel about this dirty bunch of socialist pigs. The judge? by informing the lawyer that this was not her lucky day, proves because of his flipant attitude, that he was making light of law and order. They are either part of the dirt or they are afraid of the dirt in the white house, (from this moment on will be known as the ‘black house). because of the Nazi style government.

  • Justwondering

    The election of Obama was a feel good moment for many in this country. Unfortunately, they let their feelings keep them from listening to the words of the man who would be attempting to fundamentally change the way we live. The fact is his past comes to us in the form of two books, (which do not make me feel any better about his election,) while his actual records are anything but transparent to the American public.
    We were told very early by his supporters that he was so smart and he had an IQ second to none, yet no one knew what it was. Just another well placed lie.
    Congress must play hard ball and disolve this EPA which is carrying out Obama’s policy of destruction to the job availability in this country. The Congressional Black Caucus should be outlawed as a racist organization which is attempting to spread a false message of hatred by the Tea Party and anyone else who disagrees with Obama…(

  • TB

    Yet another judge bought and paid for by Obama! We need more conservative judges!

    • bilbo baggins

      Why is this judge crooked as you say. He has an obligation to go by the law. Just because he tosses out a lawsuit by a person who has made trashing the president a cottege industry does not make him a crook. Orly uses these issues to solicit contributions. She files the suits to hoodwink the gullible into thinking that she is using all the money to persue this. Maybe you should be asking HER FOR FULL DISCLOSURE. Hold onto your wallet when it comes to this woman. She is a bigger fraud than Obama.

    • dharper

      Bilbo baggins –

      This man is the greatest fraud that has been thrust upon this nation in all of my 80 years.

      No one, and I mean NO ONE, in the history of this nation that was ever elected president has been allowed to ‘hide’ his history like this man. If he personally believed that releasing all of his past history was legitimate he would have done so long ago.

      Instead, he and the Dem Party have spent some $2.5 million dollars sealing every aspect of his life – he, and they know he is not a natural born citizen of this nation and history will eventually reveal that fact.

      As a nation we should be ashamed of ourselves for attempting to be politically correct and send a black/white to the WH.

      And just why is this shallow man as proud to be ‘half white’ as he is ‘half black?’ He NEVER mentions that fact.

    • Patriot and an American

      Obummaboy should be abiding by the law. He’s a crook and more!

    • Neil R

      The problem is that he thinks he IS the law, or that it’s up to his INTERPRETATION of laws, and if you don’t believe it, just ask him!

    • Neil Walden

      Gave me a break the judges twist the law anyway they want to.If you or I had bad # the SSA would be all over us. They learn how to twist the law by being lawers.

  • Patrick Henry

    obama is sitting in the white house laughing his butt off….they cant stop me is what he is saying…………

    • M.L. Gervais

      not only is obama laughing his butt off what about the first lady and her all of her vacarions she has taken and bill the american people, also all of her assistances to all the stuff she does in the tune of $ l.6 million dollars and each and every time she smiles you can see in her mind that she knows what she in doing maybe payback.

    • Beruta

      Patrick Henry…Love that name — and your visualization of Obama’s snickering his ‘one-upmanship’. But not only him…..take a look on YouTube of that so-called judge, Royce Lathem, smirking throughout the video. I’m a Christian so couldn’t do it, but would like to kick him in the b–ls. If he has any.

  • Margaret

    So far, this is our guy for 2012, but not much word has gotten out about his candidacy: Does anyone have info (i.e. dirt) on him that we don’t know about. We’ve heard him speak about many issues and he sounds like just what we need, and promises not to be beholden to any special interests, accepting donations only from We the People. If anyone knows anything about him or has any opinions about his candidacy, please let us know here in this forum.

  • Guido Salvadore

    I wonder why nobody has tried to kill him…..
    I think it is LONG overdue!

  • Michelle in MA

    He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else. — ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. That is such bull shit I can smell it from here. Funny but when the lame stream media wanted George Bushes military records nobody claimed secrecy for the president. Is there one person in this country who is not up obamas butt????? Is there one person who is not being paid off by soros???? Everyone one of them is a disgrace and a coward.

  • Sandra Charlton

    It seems another Judge has been paid to look the other way. Will we ever become a nation with integreting again. The people we have put into leadership are no longer servants of the American population but are in power to rape and distroy our American heritage!
    We have given our country over to non Americans!

    • Raymond

      The NWO is taking over.

  • mitchell

    Every one is right,he is destroying this country every day.The media has gave free pass’s every day, except Fox.And congress has got no guts at all. if I hear Obama say any thing about jobs, I’m gonna puke.

  • doc

    If one voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a racist then you will have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot.

  • nobama2012

    Anyone else would be in jail for Fraud! This country is soooooooooo corrupt..We’re all slaves to the elites.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    As the judge said, “the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else”. God forbid that anyone learn the truth about this man.

  • Ken Michael

    This idiot judge should be removed from the bench ASAP !!!!! This POS POTUS is a phoney through and through and should be removed from the White House now not in 2012 !! He’s making fools out of all of us !!!

  • Dale

    The Muslim in our White House was never vetted by the 111th Congress thanks to Pelosi and Reid. Both his mother and father, his step-father, his grand-parents, and the mentor who taught him when he was a teenager were all Marxist/revolutionaries. How could this man who grew up under the tutelage of these role models, not be a Socialist? The questionable SS number is simply the Chicago style corruption rearing it’s ugly head. There are so many questions that have never been answered that there needs to be, without a doubt, a full investigation but of course that will never happen as long as Holder is the chief law enfocement officer. The end justifies the means. We must all put pressure on the Tea Party Causus in the House to carry out an independent invesitgation of all the members of this Administration including Holder and Obama.

    • sandragilligan

      My dream is to see all of them perp walked from the White House to the Big House. lol Of course, it will depend on whether or not our “leaders” have the spine to do what’s right.

  • Super Nutmegger

    Opinions do not matter, as our “gangster-style-hierarchy” takes precident. Why get upset with posting comments that our leadership could care less about — as they are the problem — and in the “drivers-seat.” Things won’t change — until there is “a real Boston Tea Party, once again!

    The ever took away prayer and “In God We Trust” — from us! They won’t allow God to bless America! The devil’s work prevails — in our once great country — and the people are powerless against our unGodly masters!

  • Pete

    To late, get him out, NOW. Can wait for election time.

  • Kurt bloom

    Why would anybody spend 3 million dollars to seal all life records if there was nothing to be afraid of ??????? Is there anybody out there that went to school or took a class that Obama taught ??????? How could anybody get so many people to sign information desclosures like big buisness does to employees not associates of a firm.????

    • Marlene

      Obummy HAS to keep his records hidden. He’s used so many aliases and Social Security numbers that he can’t let the general public know about them. He’s even forgotten many of them. How can he keep his followers blind if he lets the truth be known?

  • Marlene

    It must warm the cockles of Obama’s heart that he has so many judges in his hip pocket.

  • Moe

    Obama is not a genius, at best he is average. He was a JUNIOR Senator that agreed to Continue pushing the Democrat Agenda of a cast system. The fact thqt the Democrat Party is not for the working men and women was demonstrated when Clinton gave the long studied and rejected by both party’s presidents, the Most Favored Trading Nation Status to our most ardent and long lasting enemy, Communist China, and then cut their import tax by 95% as well as giving unprecidented corporate tax incentives to any corporation or company that moved it’s production to China.


    Obama used his Kenyan birth as a cornerstone in his Senatorial election indicating that he knows the struggles of the Black American, an admission that he was not born a Citizen. He did have elegibility for Citizenship when he turned 18 years of age, but apparently never did that.

  • leona

    We must remember, most of the Federal Judges in office today were appointed by this man ‘Obama’. I really have a hard time referring to him as ‘President Obama’. Those two words just simply do not sound good together at all!!!!!!!! How can we expect ‘one of his own’ to rule against him? His intention from the beginning was to totally destroy America, just as his fellow Muslims and their religion have promised for a very long time…’we don’t have to fire missiles on America to destroy her, we will simply destroy her from within.’!! I’m sorry to say, our beloved America has become ‘unequally yoked’.. Christians with Muslims. All Muslims read and follow the same book that orders them to kill the infidel. To them, America/United States is the infidel! Once they have all their followers in place in our beloved United States, they will take total control. God help us, but how can we expect Him to help us when we are very bluntly asking Him to leave? I’m so ashamed, everything about God and Jesus is slowly being banned from our nation. But as He promised in His Word, they will all get their just rewards! Unfortunately, the Bible says that in the last days, even the very elect shall be deceived, we must not allow this to happen to us.
    I don’t understand, why do people from other nations, except Mexico, have to go through the proper legal process to become citizens but Obama wants to give illegal aliens from Mexico ‘amnesty’? By doing that, he will get their vote. And then after he does, he will break all his promises as he has his first term!!! God forbid he gets re-elected!!!

  • Linda

    There is a new site to contact Congress –
    Contact-Congress on OC
    Write a letter to all of your members of the U.S. Congress from one page, set it to public or private, and then send it immediately over email.
    Track your correspondence in a transparent public forum, then share it with your community over social media.
    OpenCongress is different because all our data (except for personal info) is fully open for a more accountable government.
    Please spread the word about this new site so that we as Americans can make our voices heard – now before its too late.

  • jackattack

    osama bin obummer is the worst and most corrupt president in recorded history. we elected this jerk thanks to oprah and brainwashed texting young people. lets fire his @ss this next election while we still have a country. his vacations,jets and buses are bankrupting us

  • Onyx

    “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”

    Are they kidding?!!! No public interest?! If my son goes to war because the President decides to send troops, whether he gets killed or not interests me greatly!

    If I’m required to pay for healthcare that I don’t want simply because the President requires it of me, that also interests me greatly!

    If he’s not even eligible to be President, yet he’s giving all these edicts like a king, and continues to circumvent Congress using loopholes he keeps saying he’s going to close, YOU BET THAT INTERESTS ME GREATLY!

    If he truly is a citizen of the United States, he’s required by our Constitution, just as we ALL are, to supply the required information. If we want a loan, open a bank account, get a credit card, fill out a job application, or do any other kind of business, we are required to show proper identification, like it or not. No proper I.D. … no business dealings.

    So, what’s he afraid of? The truth?!

  • Alfredo

    His special number should read 666.

    • KEN


  • Philip


  • http://yahoo Al

    Come on what did anybody expect you cant find out anything about Obama,his ss no should be easy to check out but it will never be found out.When I was 16 I went to apply for a job as a stock boy in a deparment store I had to have my driver license my birth certificiate and my ss # but to be president of the U.S you dont need any kind of ID come on there is something fishey going on almost four years and we dont know anything about him.I think the people of the U.S.have a wright to know..

  • Moe

    Control the food, control the people. That was the reason North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam. The Mekong Delta produces 2/3 of the rice crop for Southeast Asia. Kennedy wanted a free election and China wanted control of the Southeast Asian food supply.

    Obama and the Democrat Party is doing the same thing by destroying our economy and encouraging Corporations to leave the U.S. causing widespread unemployment, essentially starving the people and blaming “someone else”, the Republican Party.

    Obama is a willing puppet to the most wealthy people in the world. The effort began when John D. Rockerfeller personally financed the Russian Revolution and took a giant step forward when he and 25 other families intentionally caused the Crash of 1929. Roosevelt thwarted their efforts by declaring the 60 cent dollar and created the WPA, PWA, etc.

    I say again Obama is a Puppet. He does as he is told and says what is written. He know nothing of the meanings of his actions, a well educated idiot, backed by Pelosi and Hillary. Even worse he doesn’t really care as long as it damages the U.S. He has stated that he hates the U.S., our Flag, our National Anthem, our way of life. He was raised a Muslim extreemist who lives on hate and hasn’t changed.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate II Revolution

    Just what do you suppose the chances of having not one, but to presidential major candidates inelegible for office running in one election year. That’s right, in case you didn’t know, John McCain, of the CFR aka UN aka NWO, was also not legally fit to run for Commander in Chief. McCain was born at a military base on foreign land. As a U.S. Senator, certainly Mr. McCain had to have known the requirment that you must be born on US soil to be eligable for presidency. To have Obama and McCain’s hats’ in the ring in the first place was clearly a conspiracy and deliberate act of treason. We need to figure our how to round them up and execute them, after all that is the law for trason, especailly High Treason like this! Ron Paul 2012, if war hasnt broken out by then.

  • Bud MacGuire

    If this judge were really trying to provide protecton for the social security act, wouldn’t he then be interested in protecting it from fraud?
    We need o find an honest judge out there somewhere to pursue this .

  • mark

    If you want this type of stuff to stop, you have to vote Barack, it’s that simple.

  • Larry Owens

    He concluded that there’s no real interest in determining whether the Obama Social Security Number is genuine or fraudulent, and the need for secrecy for the president trumps all else.

    What a crock of BS, this is the BIGGEST conspiracy getting Obuma/Odumbo/Oblammer elected and why I can not understand the reasoning for it.

    He is trying to destroy our country and doing a Good job. Going behind congress back and doing Unlawful crap. One example is the current 300,000 illegals he is letting slip in and Good (Ole Uncle obama) just got arrested for drunk driving so you know they will definitely run him out of the country.

    Since when do we need a King to run our country, he is the worst example for a wanna be president, i guess if you go to Harvard that qualifies any one to be Pres.

    Come on 2012 we need to send odumbo packing!

  • onemadwoman

    If there is no vetting, then there is no responsibility of proof.

    • Patriot and an American

      Responsibility and accountability in our leaders is a MUST! Why should they get a free pass. What kind of kool aid do you drink?

    • Lee Baldwin

      Purple, it was the purple Kool Aide.

  • Aunt Jane

    Of all the idiot comments I have heard lately this one almost takes the prize!
    “The SSA determined … the plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”
    The POTUS is using a phony SS# and no public interest would be served?

    • Lee Baldwin

      Please do not forget there is “no public interest” by obama devotees ONLY, Aunt Jane!
      IF THERE WAS NO PUBLIC OUTCRY, THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN BROUGHT UP!!! ~We can all thank Harrison J.Bounel aka Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama for the current turmoil & cover-up of his illegal activity.

  • Bebe

    All this does is to prove that something is wrong with the social security number. If it weren’t true, they would be forthcoming.

  • Camilla Hunter

    if “The SSA explained that the Privacy Act of 1974 … protects the personal information of social security number holders,” is upheld, we’d never have to use it for a loan, or application. They should come forth with the requested information on the President, of course it would probably be false anyway…his whole administration is full of falsehood.

  • Cheryl Zarbaugh

    This is an outrage! Confirms the corruptness of our Judicial appointees. It’s all about the money!!! We MUST get Obama OUT and fix this country!

    • daves

      Why do you think this is corruption?

  • leona

    I wonder, how many United States Citizens actually know what the Constitution says?
    In Article III Section 4, the Constitution states…
    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion and against domestic violence.
    I don’t know when Democracy invaded our government but….
    In a Democracy, The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority. The Majority’s power is absolute and unlimited; its decisions are unappealable under the legal system established to give effect to this form of government. This opens the door to unlimited Tyranny-by-Majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Individual. This form of government, in my opinion, violates the ‘constitutional rights’ of the Individual and the Minority!! The Framers of the United States Constitution condemned the “excesses of democracy” and comdemned the abuses by ‘The Majority’, of the unalienable rights of ‘The Individual’, under any Democracy.
    A Republic, on the other hand, which is the form of government that the Constitution guarantees, is a constitutionally limited government of the representative type, created by a written Constitution–adopted by the people and changeable (from its original meaning) by them only by its amendment–with its powers divided between three separate Branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Its purpose is to control ‘The Majority’ strictly, as well as all others among the people, primarily to protect ‘The Individual’s God-given, unalienable rights and therefore for the protection of the rights of ‘The Minority’, of all minorities, and the liberties of people in general, not to protect just the ‘Majority’!

    But even though Obama ran and rules under the Democratic party, his policies and agendas are really Muslim and Socialistic. So why would anyone want a Democratic government or a Socialistic government rather than a Republican form of government? UNLESS OF COURSE THEY HAVE BEEN BRAIN WASHED???

    This man won’t be stopped unless we give this country back to God and then we can depend on Him to help us!!!

  • Irish Lass CA

    “no public interest that would be served by disclosure.”

    What a crock of baloney. It is very much in the interest of the public if the social security number used by the president is fraudulent. Typical Washington DC attorney’s. And the law on secrecy for SS# is that they won’t give out people’s social security number. We have the number, we just want to see if it is authentic. The “new” and improved government is doing the same old thing.

  • jerry

    I can understand the judges decison. If he made a decison that BO’s SSN be revealed both he and his family is at risk of attack by islamists. If he made a decision against, as he did, he would have received stock option tips from the Blackrock groups and he is potentially millions richer. Its a very powerful incentive for favorable decisions to islam.

  • spilperson

    Good God, not all you Birther nuts again!

    The time to demand ID was before the election. Where were all of you then? Why are you so eager to believe any accusation you hear about Obama, no matter how non-existent the proof? Seriously, take a few deep breaths, calm down, and give it a good quiet think.

    A friend of ours was positive that Obama was the antichrist before the election. I have not seen any horns sprout yet. How many of you were on that badwagon?

    You nut cases make the whole conservative movement look crazy. Focus all that energy on legitimate arguements. Let go of the racism. Use spell check. Find a real conservative group with a legitimate agenda and volunteer or donate.

    Bring on the blasts! Prove my point for me, please!

  • Jack

    I sincerely hope that there are many honest attorneys out there that will continue the fight….and expose Obama… the fraud that he is. And hopefully, we’ll find a judge that will rule for the people. What is the name of that judge, anyway? Why doesn’t his name appear? I would like to know who this so called [judge] is.

  • MLH

    WE THE PEOPLE will be the final judge with guns in hand and we will show no mercy to the Traitors. :))

  • Lusia Del

    Obama covered by people who are worst then him.He has to be impiched a long time ago for all the frauds he commited and the people who cover all that have to be punshed!

  • Isis

    All I can say is stop putting the same crooks back in office. Let’s get Obama out!! He had done nothing but give out all Lies and he is nothing more then a Neighborhood organizer and nothing else. People forget when her was a Senator he could not even make a Decision like 52 times. Let’s take back our government yes our GOVERNMENT!! Now I hope all those sheep that voted for him are the ones who feel it the most. Sorry if I sound mean but I am tired of all the b–ll
    Thanks for letting me say the truth here.

  • DockyWocky

    Another black robed tyrant has again intervened to protect the grand interloper.

  • Harold Qualkinbush

    How can one man have so many questionable friends and suspicious things in his background. Place of birth, birth certificate, schjool records, name changes, Tony Rezko, Reverend Wright, William Ayres, Louis Farrakhan, etc. America should wake up.

  • Moe

    The basic rule in our Nation is that no one is above the law of our Constitution, not even the President Obama has never followed the required procedure of establishing his citizenship. The omision is in itself is a crime, punishable by immeciate removal from office, not by impeachment but by Constitutional Law theortically strictly enforced by our U.S. Supreme Court. If the question is called then the Supreme Court must answer in compliance with our Constitution. That would mean removal and life imprisonment for him and all who had knowledge and did not act. That would mean the Democrat Central Committee, Biden, Pelosi; essentionally the foundation of the entire Democrat Party.

  • jerry

    Another strange aspect is that No women has ever come forward who ever had any contact with BO.
    NO one that has dated him or even has known him. You would think he had some contact with a woman besides Michelle while at college?????

    Also I understand there are 22 SSN’s related to Obama.

    • Gas Passer

      I think Obama only dated guys back in his college days. That’s queer isn’t it?

  • Gil Payne

    Obama is above the law. He is untouchable and unreachable according to another judge that I am sure is in the pocket of DOJs Holder. Our only salvation is to vote Obama out and just for the record
    begin a good and thorough investigation to find the truth once and for all. We know that we’re being lied to at every turn when it comes to Obamas’ real past and eligibilty to be president.

  • Dave

    Let’s see…”Federal” Judge in Washington D.C….
    Obama’s “NEED FOR SECRECY trumps ALL else”…
    What else would you expect one of our federal judges to say?
    His(obama’s) need for secrecy is very obvious…he is a fraud…

  • http://aol Ed in Florida

    God is probably showing us what stupidity does to a free society. I believe 2012 is a second chance to wake up and rise up to the fact that an evil, unknown, deceitful, tyrannical,
    mobster can in fact get elected to the highest office in the land. Remember Hitler? We, as free Americans who know history see the train wreck that is coming.


      Ed, . . You filled it up and pun a lid on our current status as a doomed society if we do not get rid of O’Bobus and ALL of his appointees and most definitely his CZARS !!! . . . We only have two available options, . . IMPEACHMENT or VOTE HIM OUT !!! . . If we don’t take one of these, . . It’s over for our FREE REPUBLIC !!! . . “If We Can Keep It” ! . . .

  • Margaret

    vietnamvet, how did you find out that it was Judge Royce Lamberth who made this decision? If this is so, everyone can find him on the web and inundate him with emails decrying his awful judgment, and give the SSA what-for because they made this decision that says we don’t matter. Exactly as so many here have said, we’re all affected by Obama being in the White House, and we are the public and we have a great deal of interest in who this president really is.

  • Harold Qualkinbush

    Maybe someone should start investigations of these judges, Thier backgrounds, friends, assoiciations, finicial ties, ect. Might start with mental institutions.

  • Jim

    Another looney grand high self-exalted judge of O BOMB A has arbitrarily decided that “no public interest would be served by disclosure” rather than ruling on breaking the law. Where are any lawmakers with the stones to go after this. We’re becoming the middle east.

  • http://InternetExplorer Marjorie E Serr

    If ever a nation should collectively fall on their knees, it’s now! We need to submit to the Judge’s decision, who tells us to call on Him; not on an earthly judge! Pray and keep praying. Let God take control!! Do what’s right by the nation….voting etc., leaving comments like you have….but above all pray and fast if possible. Each of us as individuals knows where our strengths lie; and these we need to use to their fullest.

  • Ronald Johnston

    This terrorist, osama obama, has perpetuated more harm to our country then all the terrorists in history! I am afraid he is only going to be derailed by our 2nd Amendment!

  • http://aol Ed in Florida

    Obama is trying to destroy freedom, economic opportunities, freedom of religion, particularly Christianity, national security, personal wealth, property ownership, our right to possess guns, and any of the freedoms we as Americans take for granted. We are now in a free fall into hell. After America falls then the whole world will plunge into anarchy. Except for the stabilized Middle East which will be rulled by Islamic Terrorist.

  • Bruce H.

    It doesn’t matter what’s found out. He’ll NEVER be removed regardless of what he is/or has done. He’s our first black president and therefore NOTHING can be done to him. He’s untouchable, people. Get used to it!

  • John Beach

    The “mystery” surrounding the qualifications of the President do cause a credibility problem. One fact concerning Social Security numbers, in general, is hard to understand. The U.S. Military, during the Viet Nam Conflict, phased out the assignment of service numbers which indicated branch of service, state of residence and identifying number in favor of the use of Social Security numbers. How is it now possible that those same numbers can be the key to all the important information of an individual and, thus, sensitive information from a security standpoint? Or is all of this just another indication of a government that is so huge it doesn’t have the least notion of what its own policies are and why they confuse the public?

  • Bob Hocks

    This Illegal ,Country destroyer. Has come about an has Poisned our Judicial System beyond repair.

    He came in Corrupt , an he bred the Jackasses till they can not see beyond there Noses.

    You could write a book , on just headlines this Chicago Homo Terrorist has done . Then he inherited Clintons hand book on how to over come IMPEACHMENT , to Crimes.

    Has put in all his protection measures, from Eric Holder , an all the Justises to protect his ass. An all the Jackasses do is yea, yea for UH Uh.

    One of these days , people are going to become unrest , an we will fill the BIG SCREEN in foreign Countries , as we are witnessing every evening.

    Very soon you will not be reading messages here , for he is getting hands set to pull the plug on our comments etc. Your Internet will fade away. Will be monitored ever word you say.

    Sorros has given 42 million to ISLAMOPYHOBIA net work in USA> We already know our MAJOR NET WORKS ARE ON THERE KNEES , AN KISSING HIS ASS AT EVERY MOVE.


    Now don’t some one say you are going to just up an vote this Illegal out. Never happen , over 20 million new Illegals , an how many more coming in from Hamas. He has a new weapon , Project Vote , which is a Branch off of Acorn ,all linked , over funded , an ready to roll. Now GOOGLE , COMCAST has had fund raiser for the Homo KING.

    No when you have a Bastard like this , all we can hope for is that one of his pig’s, derail’s his dam bus an puts it enroute into the Grand Canyon , where he wants to make a Grave Site for all people that are 66 an over.

    Take time an just click on http://www.obamashatesournationalanthem . right there is eneough for EMPEACHMENT>

    God Bless AMERICA , an thank you all who have served an are serving.
    A MEN

  • Butch

    The judge, Royce Lamberth,
    He was nominated to the federal bench on March 19, 1987 by President Ronald Reagan, and confirmed by the United States Senate on November 13, 1987. There you have it!
    Now what to do with it? Google him and you will find he is a bit of a pain to this administration so go figure!

  • JVB

    It won’t be allowed to prove Obama is a phony until long after the damages of him being president has been done. Period.

  • http://yahoo Mr. & Mrs. William Osborne

    The judge got rich that day! Talking about a travesty of justice, they would have thrown the book at a normal citizen, but not that lying, cheating worm, he’s got out of everything that he has tried. Look for 2012 to be the same way, he’ll find a way of making it back into the White House for another 4 years even if it comes to civil war, which by his standards thats exactly what he wants. This country to be torn to pieces, whites against blacks, muslims killing anything they see and that piece of garbage being protected by his secret service. Mark my words, it COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Mr. & Mrs. William Osborne

    The judge got rich that day! Talking about a travesty of justice, they would have thrown the book at a normal citizen, but not that lying, cheating worm, he’s got out of everything that he has tried. Look for 2012 to be the same way, he’ll find a way of making it back into the White House for another 4 years even if it comes to civil war, which by his standards thats exactly what he wants. This country to be torn to pieces, whites against blacks, muslims killing anything they see and that piece of garbage being protected by his secret service. Mark my words, it COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leo

    Get a life you birthers, all that racist hate is going to eat you up.

  • Bill

    As a Natural Born citizen I would be more than proud to not only provide my social security number but all the background information. I would insist that the Social Security Administration provide all the details. As I recall their isn’t anything the Social Security Admin wanted to know at the time I got my SSN years ago that was private. I can think of only one reason you would want to hide the information. Want to bet that there will be a repeat of the birth certificat game?

  • Butch

    You can google and email the judge with your questions. They have a web site right there for the judge. I wonder how many of you will do so??????

    • macawma

      You bet I will!

  • Brenda Williams

    I pray for my country everyday and hope that it survives this onslaught by Obama and his Socialist buddies. If he can’t get something passed, he goes behind our backs and does it by executive order. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect him being President including paying off a judge. All concerned citizens out there pray for our great country and tell your friends we must stop Obama from being elected again. Our country won’t survive.

  • BCASS2


  • LindaJoyAdams

    I applaud the search for the truth. Why didn’t anyone at Social Security explain that at the time the number was issued policies wee different at SSA. ( Problem is many newer employees have never been trained on the agency history and the old policy manuals are no longer available to look this up. I went to work for SSA in 1968. its only in recent years where SSN’s are more fully automated that the premise in the court case is valid. Here’s what used to happen. one went to or mailed to any SSA office their request for a number. in earlier years no id was even required to be shown. Whatever office processed the request determined the first three numbers of the SSN. The rest are a group number that would indicate how old the number was if you had the chart of when group numbers were used and they were not used in sequence. The last four are a simple numbering and policy was to mix up those from same family so siblings didn’t get numbers mixed up with each others for being so similar. now all numbers are input to the data base at time of application and one central locale and thus address determines the first 3 numbers. This is not confidential info and used to be published in our policy manuals that each office was required to have one set available for the public to read. The bigger question? what was he doing in CT? Since he spent time in NYC its very plausible he went to a CT office to file for a card. In the earlier years every application was checked and rechecked by several civil servants and then after forwarded to our headquarters where all paper apps were kept; a clerk would check to see if a number had already been issued to same name, etc. One could give different name and parents and get another number and it did happen. If one, like our president had a mother using two different maiden names and his having more than one father’s name, etc its very plausible that a different number got issued instead of his original as a duplicate; intent to deceive can’t be determined from the form itself although someone over 18 claiming no number was supposed to have a personal interview with more info obtained at least by the 1980’s to ferret out the multiple names, etc. Did he face this in one SSA office and then ‘ went shopping for another SSA office’ after he learned the ‘ system and rules?’ That’s the germane issue to a political campaign and Ms. Taitz is allowing herself to be ‘ sidetracked’ by those that want her to go on a ‘ wild goose chase’ on a false premise. Linda Joy Adams

  • lily

    Must say, I have seldom seen so much ignorance and prejudice on one page before. Thank God that I know what is here now and will never come back. Why don’t you all post your social security numbers on a public forum, along with YOUR birth certificate? I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who would just love to steal your identities. Not me, I wouldn’t want to be one of you for anything.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Joanne

    Linda, you are right on. Those who are for the Constitution and the freedoms it gives us CANNOT back down when it comes to its continuing future. We are in jeopardy, within our Court system and with many of our government representatives of having them determine the course of our history–and this history does not include our freedoms as we know them. Please speak up to your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. and voice your opinion on these matters. Keep to the facts and if we collectively do so, the great majority of good, hard-working people will persevere. God bless you all!

  • Michael

    You just need to ask yourself who or what could intimidate anyone in the world.

  • Douglas Dauntless

    All the Communist Democrats and Republican Judges want to protect their boy Obama, he is dihonest and a Traitor to all the people of the United States of America. Why is life a secret, he is no better than anyone else.

  • Cewclw

    The judge, Royce Lamberth, credited Taitz for her dedication to her cause but said that “today is not her lucky day.”

    This is the judge!

    • jr

      This is a Federal Judge, not a Supreme Court Judge. You never know what will happen in the future.

      Today, a reliable source indicated the audits being done in Washington have reveale that 16 Trillion Dollars, that’s right, 16 Trillion Dollars went to banks in foreign countries from Obama and the Federal Reserve. When I find the backup data on this one, I am going to send it to a Supreme Court Judge. There has to be someting they can do when Obama is deliberately trying to bankrupt our country. if true, that is 2 Trillion more than our National Debt. Apparently, this was kept under wraps until the audit, so the American Public did not know about it. Of course, the liberals will scream lies or try to pretend it never happened. There will be proof and soon.

  • SHERMAN (like the tank)

    I Have never admired Anything French until today. I think the French Revolution was a good thing. The People take charge and Eliminate everything corrupt and not for the people’s best interest. Top on down. Politicians (federal and state) , Judges, corrupt cops, then start over. Same constitution. (it’s always been good). Like our forefathers said, sometimes you have to clean house and start over if the place starts smelling too bad. And today…It reeks!
    Let them have our guns…..One chamber at a time!

  • Dalgal21

    Seems to me that Illegals run in Obama’s family. Even his newly arrested uncle was carrying an illegal SS#

  • Lemonade

    Did you feel that earthquake? It was the WW1 and WW11 Vets rolling over in their graves.

  • MOJO

    If our Muslim prez would shave his head, I highly suspect you would find 3 numbers and their not 999!!! This judge is bought and paid for (by us of course). What’s new???

  • Tinman

    Anyone get the judge’s name? So he can hang for treason to!

  • Speedball

    It is about time for the “STAR CHAMBER”

  • Doug

    Just more of Obama’s “Transparency Policy”.

    • John

      You called that right. Remember these whoppers ? I bet Obama hopes you forget them at 2012 election time.
      “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”

      “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”

      “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”

      “I will remove earmarks for PORK projects before I sign any bill.”

      “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”

      “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”

      “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”

  • Doug

    Just another example of Obama’s “Transparency policy”.

  • BillF

    I am sure the judge, who ever It is, is a Marxist Activist
    and was paid off. The U.S. has the most corrupt judicial
    system in the world! The cockroach is being protected by sewer rats.

    • daves

      He was appointed by President Reagan in 1987.

    • emerutil

      Reagan appointed a rogue judge?!

  • Raymond

    41-year old Illinois mechanic Michael Allison faces life in jail for recording police officers after authorities hit him with eavesdropping charges based on the hoax that it is illegal to film cops, a misnomer that has been disproved by every other case against people filming police officers being thrown out of court.

    The state of Illinois is trying to charge Allison with five counts of wiretapping, each punishable by four to 15 years in prison.

    Allison refused a plea deal which would have seen him serve no jail time but would reinforce the hoax that it is illegal to film police officers, as well as acting as a chilling effect to prevent other Americans from filming cases of police brutality.

    Allison has chosen to reject the plea bargain and fight to clear his name via a jury trial, arguing, “If we don’t fight for our freedoms here at home we’re all going to lose them.”

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      NOW THATS WHAT I CALL Transparency!!!!!!!! Birth certificate and social security number and judges on the take,nice Transparency hey? Anyone who vote for a democrat is a loser anti American. democrats pass bills without reading them or knowing whats in them even if it effects the whole nation.. obama and reid and pelosi and all democrat are commies and those that vote for democrats and socialist commies as well. Transparency…

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      How come this judges name wasnt listed?He thinks Obamas birth certificate is of no importance?He must have been dropped on his head as a baby or there is alot of payola going on! I suspect the latter.Has America gone completly insane.I guess us sane people will have to take over the wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      This is what we have for judges. Right now, it would be better if we threw them all out and started over. The problem is that they have to be lawyers before they can be judges. And we all know how honest lawyers are.

    • daves

      The Judge’s name is listed. I wonder if anyone looked up this case from a source other than WND.

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      daves,We all know you afr left. Is being Transparent like obama promised to much to ask for or do democrat voters have so little self esteem they do not care about the truth. Even you daves should want the truth…Transparency remember? obama’s college records sealed. perry and palins are an open book. Why? did obama take foreign aid given only to foreigners to go to college? We just want some answers daves,do you?

    • daves

      Whatever – most of what you say is not true.

      Foreign aid – do you believe that because someone told you? What evidence do you have?

    • gail

      Democrats should get life in jail

    • daves

      For having a different opinion than you? Thankfully our founders prevented such anti-American sentiment in our Constitution.

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      democrats should go to jail for Treason. Yes daves,I said Treason. Crimes against the people and country. How can democrats pass a bill without reading it and democrat voters being okay with that? obama signed it to. That is Treason. daves,85% or more of the obamacare bill is not even about healthcare. Are you okay with that? daves,even a socialist commie democrat like yourself should be mad for passing a bill that they did not even read.

    • daves

      Where was your outrage in 2003 when the Patriot Act was passed without being read by the Congress? Someone has made it seem to you that this never happens when the truth is it happens all the time.

      The people in the congress have staff who summarize the important parts of the bill for them. They should read them but that is not always easy.

    • Michael Alexander

      THe only way to bring things out of the darkness is to shine light on it. By making the goverment darkness come to light is in a open court of the land and show all how evil these type laws are and how they take away our right of self protection,The goverment wants the people to be afraid of them , But the goverment must be afraid of the people. Because if they are not afraid of us them we will be with our rights.

    • usrobbie

      If we depend upon our elected officials, whether Democrat or Republican, and if we depend upon judges at any level, then we’re all seriously in trouble.

      We should have learned something by seeing how our legal system allowed Lt. Col. Terry Lakin to be treated. They refused to allow him to defend himself. What more basic right do we have, than the right to defend ourselves? But they DENIED him that right!

      When any brave person stands up to Obama, they are destroyed. This will continue until there are no more brave souls. We need to stand with those who are standing up to Obama NOW! Our supposed representatives and judges have all been bought and paid for. WE are on our own!

    • Stephen


      Do you have a link to this article? I would love to see it!

    • daves

      Just type “The state of Illinois is trying to charge Allison with five counts of wiretapping” into google.

      Raymond – I am on your side with this one!

    • Michael Fuchs

      I applaud his courage and PATRIOTISM! We need more people willing to do what he is doing.

    • sailor

      I hope people will look at the whole instead of the obvious distraction. George S. and all of his cronies in South Am. Saudi A. Iran Ect. are in Colusion to sieze America. Look at the brotherhood and its tenticles. Money supposed to be spent fighting a war goes where???


    Hmmm! Another Federal Judge that does not believe in our laws and the rule of law. Washington, DC needs an enema! Flush them all…White House, Congress, the Supremes, and looking like some Federal Judges also. Time to clean DC up and or out!

  • nobama2012

    How in God’s name can this possibly not be of interest to all citizens of the USA? On what grounds does this almighty judge deem this matter to be “private?” His fraudulent social security number has been plastered everywhere already as has his fraudulent birth certificate. There is no possible way this can be a privacy issue! It’s more like a cover up issue and some how, some way We The People must be allowed to expose this fraud for exactly what he is!

    • Marilynn Reeves

      All those in power to do somthing must be deat,dumb and blind or they are all being payed off.

    • billxx0

      “All those in power to do somthing must be deat,dumb and blind or they are all being payed off.” None of the above — just corrupt!!

    • Joanne Edmiston

      Great post Marilyn; but you left out one characteristic: Criminally stupid”!

    • ruth

      you said it, they are covering up for obama in a big way, and they know we know it, but won’t do a thing about it, i wonder why. they know if we find the truth about obama , they to will be out as obama will.

    • emerutil

      Tar and feathers!

    • emerutil

      Oh. I forgot the rail

    • Michael Alexander

      Wonder what kind of pirks this Judge is getting from obama. keep a close track of this judges , see how this judge is rewarded for this decision.

    • P B

      Somebody is doing a real good job of covering everything up about Odumbo. There is something wrong a here and the media and the congress the FBI, Secret Service, all the judges in the supreme court are all going through a hell of a lot of trouble covering things up for some reason here. The whole country knows that this jerk is a fake but nobody has the balls to do anything about it. The SS number is out of Connecticut, if I am not mistaken thats where his illegal aunt lives and he has known this all the time, she has been collecting SS all this time and she isn’t even a citizen. Where the hell did they find this moronic thief, muslim pig. They all need to go to prison and do hard time for what they have pulled on this country and the American people, who all fell for this crap and still does.

    • Rulken

      “We the People” will get to the bottom of this cover-up scandal,and when we do, ALL THOSE involved, directly, or indirectly, should have the book thrown at them, with no mercy.

    • emerutil

      Will not, and cannot happen. The black community would raise hell as we have never seen it before. This is why no one dares to take effective action!


    Our dear friend, Bill Oreilly King of the “NO SPIN ZONE” was caught lying to protect Obama. He answers an Email from a viewer who questions Obama’s Social Security number which originated in Connecticut based on 3 digits in the number which can only be obtained in Connecticut.
    His answer to the Email while looking straight into the TV camera was….”Obama’s father lived in Connecticut for four years and Obama Jr. (Our President) got the Soc. Sec No. using his fathers Connecticut address…. This was a bold face lie because Obama Sr. never ever lived or ever even visited Connecticut…Further more Obama Jr. was in Hawaii attending high school age 15 when he obtained this fraudulent Soc. Sec number. He needed a SS no. because he applied for a job to work in a Basking Robbins store. The only time Obama Jr. was in Connecticut was when he stopped there while campaigning for the Presidential nomination in 2008. The answer is he could not get a legitimate Soc Sec number because he doesn’t have a US birth certificate. He could have gotten a Soc. Sec no. by telling the truth and establishing that he was an Indonesian Citizen having been legally adopted at age 7 by his then step father, an Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetoro when he lived in Indonesia. He would have also had to reveal that his true last name was Soetoro. Barrack Hussaine Soetoro. Sorry! this is his real last name; it was legally changed from Obama to Soetoro when he was adopted, and it was never changed back to Obama.. Rather than admit the truth, he opted to obtain a fraudulent S.S number and call himself an American Citizen there after….Look lets all get real! The Print Media, The TV Media and all of the Anchors, Investigative reporters, all the commentators, all of them are complicit in hiding the truth about this fraud who Is not and never ever was a US Citizen.In addition he Is using a fraudulent SS #. and is using the name OBAMA which he surrendered when he became an Indonesian Citizen at age 7 taking the name Soetoro. I place the blame directly on John McCaine who knew this guy was not a Citizen during the presidential campaign, but was afraid and didn’t have the courage to expose him. It would have been all over if he did and we wouldn’t have this lying, Marxist socialist, phoney driving our Country into this downward spiral.This Judge who threw out the fraudulent SS # charge is no better or no worse than the Bill Oreilly’s who have all decided to go along with this travesty by protecting this fake.

    • ruth

      bill oreilly, don’t want to lose his job, was probably threatened by obama and his cronies. don’t like bill oreilly, too chicken!

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      This is great news big john!we need to get this info to THe PRESIDENTIAL COALITION,if they cant handle it Im sure they know who can to IMPEACH THE son of a gun!

    • Sharon B.

      instead of impeachment.. a candidate should challenge his elegibility, so his signature will be invalid ..obamacare reversed.. & candidate will be shoo-in with a spine…

    • Sharon B.

      instead of impeachment.. a candidate should challenge his elegibility, so his signature will be invalid ..obamacare reversed.. & candidate will be shoo-in with a spine…

    • sailor

      Maybe you should change that to
      “Son of a Muslim”
      And why is it not exposed in the liberal media how much of our tax money has been spent on Mosques around the world and how much Michelle blew on her expensive trips and tastes in attire for her kids. How much are the Czars costing taxpayers and aren’t they just a bunch of hemrroids?

    • Rulken

      So now does it become even more apparent, why he wants to give amnesty to ALL illegal immigrants?!!(himself included)


      Same thing I have been saying for some time!

    • Bandit

      Illegal Immagrants Amnisty, It would get the SOB more votes in 2012.

      I read this, hope you like it.

      If you voted for Obama in 2008
      to prove you were not racist,
      Vote for someone else in 2012
      to prove you are not an Idiot!

    • BRH

      It is possible that Obama was born in Hawaii.His birth certificate would have been amended when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, who would have been listed as the father of Barrack Hussaine Soetoro. There fore the birht certificate is under the surname Soetoro, not Obama.

    • Raymond

      Excellent post.

    • Raymond

      Censored again.

    • daves

      Raymond – did you see the response to your other censorship comments? You have either been flagged for writing inappropriate messages in the past or your messages were inappropriate.

  • K athleen

    Just wait and see what Sheriff Joe Apaio in Arazona is digging up on Obamas Birth cirtificate, It’s been altered on two different typewriters, Sheriff Joe has access to Foresnics Labs. Lets see how Washington covers this one up

  • Gas Passer

    Why do federal judges always fail America by going against Americans?

    I think Americans need to start standing up against the criminals in court houses. And soon!

    • sailor


  • RT

    This country is doomed with the current executive branch, crooked judges in the judicial branch, out of control congressional spending … sickening!

    • Mark in L.A>

      I don’t know if you’re right about judges being crooked, but most federal judges were appointed by either President Bush or by Reagan.

    • ruth

      what an as-!

    • ruth

      i’m referring to mark in la.

    • kid777

      Really? Well, look again fool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Those boys are gone and your buddy obumer has a new group in charge!!!

    • Rulken

      Daaaaa, what planet are you living on???

    • daves

      He was nominated to the federal bench on March 19, 1987 by President Ronald Reagan, and confirmed by the United States Senate on November 13, 1987. He also served as Presiding Judge of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court from 1995 to 2002.[2]

    • todd

      Isn’t Penn Ave lined with trees??? I believe I was taught in school the reason this was done was so that OUR elected officals would remember who voted them in and what would and could happen if they went again the people, sounds to me like they have gone against the will of the majority of the people. Hang em high!!!!

  • nvrpc

    I’m amazed how well protected this anti-american muslim mole is from being prosecuted, and how stupid those were who voted this traitor into office. This is one socialist / marxist the nation never wants to forget so as to make sure we never get another one in office. The goal of this naton should be to dethrown ALL socialist democrats from ALL positions in this land and bury them. This punk must go, now!

    • Lynne Jones

      I agree 100%. Obama is a Muslim plant and the Judge is a real turn coat prick and must have accepted a bribe.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      I have never seen or heard of such corruption in America in my whole life and our judges and some citizens are letting him get away with it!Are they all asleep at the wheel or just plain stupid,or unamerican or traitors?WHY ARE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS,CONGRESSMEN NOT DOING ONE DARN THING TO PROTECT AMERICA AND RAISING HELL OVER THIS?

    • emerutil

      Can you say YELLAH?

  • Arlene Calogero

    One term is more than enough for Obama

    • Rulken

      No, it’s 4 years too much!!!

  • donotlikeobama

    No public interest in his SS#? Where’s this guys head at? Obama is sickening to look at, listen to and claim as president. He is hiding something and everyone in the government is afraid of him. His ratings are low yet they claim he is going to win again. He is a pathetic individual.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Thankyou Orly Taitz for trying your best. For trying to be a true patriot! I don’t see a rainbow after all this. There is too much evil in the WH. All thats left is prayer. Lots of it!

    • jamska

      And to think, Orly is Russian!! Too bad American lawyers can’t fight like this Russian.

  • Mary Mahonan

    Another incident will happen that will precipitate marshall law….no election…King and Queen Obama. I think this is why he isn’t worried…continues to play golf and vacation.

    • Walt

      Mary Mahonan has said it correctly, this has been Oduma’s plan all along, and our political representatives have sat back and let it all happen!!!!!
      I suppose that they all think that they will be safe when it happens, but like ALL criminals, they trust NO ONE and will stab all of them in the back once he is dictator!!!!!!
      Sad but very frighteningly all too possible!!!!!

    • Gas Passer

      If the Messiah of Hope and Change got away with bringing martial law to America, the Messiah would rule like a king and not need the congress or the senate to do anything.

      The elected people of congress and the senate would be out of a job….because they just sat there and did NOTHING against the crimes the Messiah has committed against America.

      Another incident will happen that will precipitate marshall law….no election…King and Queen Obama. I think this is why he isn’t worried…continues to play golf and vacation.

    • aj

      I think this is very near the truth. The motto is: “Never let a good disaster go to waste.” And they’ve lived by that: 9/11; Oklahoma City, Waco, etc. all resulted in less freedom. If security was a priority they would close the borders instead of the show they put on at the airport. Obama is trying to force “immigration reform” by saying if legislators will pass amnesty he will fix the border problem – which is LIE! He will insure that a conservative president is NEVER elected again and we will live in a fascist state where voting is useless while our government tells us its a democracy. Our tax dollars are being spent to buy silence and votes. I’m not at all optimistic. I’m disgusted with the “conservative” talk-show people who are jumping on Perry like was another savior. He is Obama with papers. He has already been bought. BEWARE. No one will gain the white house without $2B in backing. This has definitely become a game in which nice guys finish last. The constitution is already an illusion! If the president can walk all over it, WE HAVE NO CONSTITUTION! And Obama is not the first to tread on our constitution. When you pay a Billion dollars for the big house, you have some big favors to return. Hence the bow to the Arab king. All we need is one more disaster and we will be under martial law.
      Forgive the rambling. I’m so spittin mad! I think the powers that be waited til all the WWII heros were gone because someone like Jimmy Stewart would surely have stood up and said: “Wait a gosh-darn minute! We sent thousand of men to foreign lands to die to protect freedom of speech, religion and human rights; to fight tyranny! How is it that our own gov is creating here at home?”
      How is it possible that the entire media can be silenced? How is it that during the years the Republican party was in control they didn’t fix the tax code and the debt. How could they be bought or bullied into vote for a medical plan that essentially puts an expiration date on every American’s forehead? That gives insurance we can’t afford to ILLEGALS? [Meaning: against the law!]
      Why doesn’t anyone remember that Clinton took $4+T from SS to balance his budget and no one has put it back? Both parties talk like the only fix for the budget is to overhaul SS and Medicare. No one proposes cutting the Billions sent to aid countries who hate our guts or all the new gov jobs Obama created!
      I’m just glad I’m old because I don’t want to live in America of the future! I’m just scared spit-less for my children.
      Check out Perry thoroughly before you vote!

  • Galen Olsberg

    One more example of the coming dictatorship if the people continue to avoid taking part in the government [politics] of this nation. Galen O.

    • daves

      Why, because the judge upheld the law?

    • emerutil


  • Willie

    That sounds like a judge that is in the DemocRATic pocket. If it were a real judge it would look at the facts and the implications of the case and rule differently. If they want to put this issue to sleep, then quit dodging the facts and prove yae or nae in either direction. So far, no evidence to the contrary has become available. Everyone is supposed to conform to the laws except him?

  • The O’l Man

    Judges can be recalled, but the catch is “It takes enough interested people.” They must get enough signatures to put it to a vote, then you must get enough votes to toss their liberal ass’s out.

    • Mark in L.A>

      This is true for judges in certain states such as California, but the only way to get rid of a federal judge, if he isn’t talked into quitting, is by impeachment and conviction.

    • joaniek

      Ok by me,,,,where do i sign

  • Gary

    If the president were honest and had nothing to hide, there would be no need for Secrecy and that is what Trumps All Else!!!!!!!!!

  • LittleFartBert

    I guess that explains why he wants to push through a amnesty program for over 300,000 illegals who have not comment a crime. Didn’t they comment a crime by coming here illegally? He also has an uncle here who was supposed to have been deported quite a while ago. He was arrested for almost hitting a police car. They also got him for drunk driving. While he was in custody he said that he was going to call his nephew in the White House. And he also has an aunt who is here illegally. They are both being supported by US Taxpayers. She lives in subsidized housing, gets food stamps, etc. All this on our tax dollars.

    He wants to give the illegals work visas. Don’t we have enough American Citizens without work?

    I guess he favors illegals because he is an illegal himself.

  • An American

    Another judge making her own determination and refusing to do what she pledged to do to protect our country; German history may be repeating itself only that this time it may be the white population that could get exterminated. The Jews couldnt believe what was happening even as they walked to their deaths and we see the writings on the wall and still keep hoping that a decent judge will fo the decent thing. May God protect us and bless America; for again, I

    • Roger

      This is one white boy that will take some of them with me when they come to get me.

    • http://google RALPH W. HOGUE


    • ellen

      The judge in the case, U.S. District Chief Judge Royce Lamberth, was appointed by President Ronald Reagan.

    • Gas Passer

      Is there any difference in the dummycrat party or the Republicrat party?

      What a sellout this judge is to Reagan.

    • ruth

      and you think us white people would just sit on our asses and do nothing?

  • Don

    This man in the oval orafice needs to be impeached NOW!! We cannot wait until 2012! Also, his entire staff should be follow him out. Also, that Obama judge, kagan, should never have be approved to the Supreme Court.
    I heard a disturbing report today from a person who has supposedly correctly predicted the outcome of the past 10? presidential elections. He has predicted that obama will easily win relection in 2012. So its up to you and me to make this prediction wrong. Lets hope we can get him out of office before then! God Bless America and lets get some sense back into her.

    • ruth

      got to vote this ass out, no third party, or he will win. there will be someone way better then obama ,maybe a drunk off the street.

    • Susan

      When you list firing Obama and all of his staff please include Hillary as she will continue to push for UN Rule of Every Country!

  • Carol S Key

    Apparently the actions of our Commander in Chief can be “above the law” and accountability is only for the plebeians!

    • Rulken

      And the Christians.

  • Indy Pendit Voter

    We have the BEST Judges MONEY can BUY!

  • Aristaeus

    I don’t understand. It serves no public interest to know whether our President is a fraud?

    • ruth


    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Ithink it serves alot of public interest now we should be able to impeach the Bummer and that would cancel all his mistakes he has made. Am I right? We have to get his azz out of office as soon as possible and illiminate all his policies ASP!

    • Rulken

      I know, that’s a real intelligent statement isn’t it?

  • Brad


    • daves

      What’s the difference?

  • Joseph

    The whole Federal Government of the USA is corrupt from the President all the way down.They don’t us the Constitution to run this country. Their all a bunch of crooks that are turning this country into a socialist country. They should have impeachment the Prez 2 1/2 yrs. ago when he started ruinning this country.

  • Bob Hocks

    Lets go check this Judges list of activities . He has a Farm , guess what he raises ? Hampshire Pig’s. When King Hussien comes to Visit, he is allowed THE choice of two Pigs to sleep with. Uh Uh . Being they all look alike, The KING Leaves His mark on its ear. Uh Uh < Therefore next Visit , he don't get to Ride the same Pig Twice , thats AGAINST MUSLIM LAW .

    KING HUSSIEN tips always into the thousands of dollars , plus Vet fee's.

    Next we will hear that the PIG ate his Birth Papers along with his soc card. Bearing the No. 042-68-4425 which was issued in Conn. And when King Hussien was told that , he had to have Michelle bring him a map to see where abouts Conn. lies .

    Wouldn't it be a blessing if we got News in the morning, that one of those Pigs screwed him to death. Uh huh .

  • SeaDragon

    Gee, imagine that. The “Alien-in-Chief” has the judges on the take (or maybe under his thumb). To quote the parrot Iago in Aladdin, “I may have a heart attack and die from the surprise.”

  • http://none Mary Deich

    How much was the judge paid?

  • Jerry

    The are coolies like you and me, who would go to jail for trying for the fed’s job with forged document. Than, there is a god Obama, who stands above any law and his brown nosing honchos like this judge which are securing the job for Obama for some brownies from this administration.

  • Christine

    No public interest?! More like no justice! They know he’s corrupt and ineligible, and they’re protecting him anyway! What recourse do law -abiding citizens have left to them, when the supposed defenders of order and law can no longer be trusted?

  • Independent Voter

    The President is a fraud but has legions of crooked judges to cover his ass. How blatant must it be before the country wakes up?

    Congress and the Supreme court know that he is not qualified as a real natural born citizen according to the definitions not only in the Constitution, but in two and a half centuries of case law applicable to this controversy. One day the truth will come out where there will be no attorneys, crooked judges or any kind of plea. There is nothing concealed that won’t be revealed. bargaining.

  • Rulken

    What if they never did “kill” Usoma Bin Ladin?
    What if he is back here under the protection of the Obama administration?
    No pictures, remember he was shot in the face, at close quarters. Why not the heart?
    Navy Seals are expert marksman, why ruin any evidence of this guy being shot? Now all they have to do, is shoot someone that has the same facial characteristics as UBL., shoot him in the face and wa-la, here’s the picture, see the proof?

  • Rulken

    What if they never did “kill” Usama Bin Ladin?
    What if he is back here under the protection of the Obama administration?
    No pictures, remember he was shot in the face, at close quarters. Why not the heart?
    Navy Seals are expert marksman, why ruin any evidence of this guy being shot? Now all they have to do, is shoot someone that has the same facial characteristics as UBL., shoot him in the face and wa-la, here’s the picture, see the proof?

  • Gray

    When Bill Clinton was impeached (and, before his trial, admitted he’d perjured his testimony) the Democrats, in the Senate allowed him to break the law, continue in the office of president and the US continued to slip toward the worst.
    Now, a lilly-livered judge has allowed Obama to, possibly get away with Social Security fraud and I’d lay odd that if eithe rof these where conservative (maybe even Libertarian) they’d have been bounced from office in a heartbeat.
    America’s problem is simple: Those, who do wrong are allowed to continue ONLY if they are part of the Liberal mindset.
    If, however, the wrongdoer is conservative, a different set of rules apply.

    There is but one way to rectify this problem…demand that ALL laws apply to one and all Americans….All laws also apply to every one of the illegal aliens and nothing changes just because a liar is in the White House!

  • uncle barry

    This is fraking bs. If it were anyone else the “rule of law” would trump all the privacy acts written. This is about censorship & power. Unfortunately the “we the people” do not deserve to know the truth.

  • Barbi

    Our judicial system has failed the American People AGAIN!!!

  • Dennis Young

    This bought and paid for judge is like many others who are leaving us few, if any, avenues of putting the ship of state back on course short of those envisioned by the founding fathers when they penned the Second Amendment to our great Constitution. Many are ready to make the French Revolution look like childs play…elitist progressives beware.

  • Alan

    Interesting, this judge must be on Obama’s payroll!

    • daves

      Do you really think he should have broken the law and released the information?

  • Bonnie Kilbourn

    This is all BS lets get him out of there now before he ruins the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Lie-rs and cheaters in government should be fired now including the president because they all suck

  • sgtshel

    The fix was in long ago!

  • Frank Verdi