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Obama Admits He is “Unpatriotic”

Thursday, August 25, 2011

obama unpatriotic

In 2008,candidate Obama had some harsh words about President George W. Bush’s fiscal policy:

The problem is,is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children,driving up the national debt from 5 trillion for the first 42 presidents — number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome,so that we now have $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man,woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.


Remember,Number-44 racked up what he deems an “unpatriotic”amount of debt in less than three years,while it took the free-spending George W. Bush administration eight years to compound an equivalent deficit.

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  • Captain PJ

    In the real world Obamanation’s words would come back to haunt him–but in the world of the media controlled by liberals, I doubt if this will become a major deal. Republican campaigns should definitely use this video spot over and over again to illustrate what a hypocrite the president is.

    Isn’t it utterly amazing how obamanation and the Dems regularly acccuse Republicans and conservatives of vitrolic speech, but then turn right around and use vitrolic speech when they deem it appropriate, which seems quite frequent. Just another example of hypocrisy.

    • http://PatriotUpdate rogiedidgie

      Captain, you are so right! What I don’t understand is why these obama supporters think they are being spared from his decisions and only the taxpayers will be penalized? I’m not talking about those that do not pay i/c tax, but the obama supporters that do. The ship that we are all on is sinking and they are laughing at us like they have the only liferaft. I just don’t understand it. I have been, for a long time now, distancing myself from my liberal friends that helped put him in office. Are you?

    • Greg H.

      I don’t have any liberal friends anymore. Since their hero Obuma turned out to be such a disaster, they don’t come around. My liberal co-workers make snide comments about my anti-Obama bumper stickers, but not when they are within arm’s reach. I’ve been in 3 unions during my working life, the absolute worst of which was the Teamsters. A couple of die-hard unionist pro-Obama cousins have asked what the hell happened to me. I told them I woke up to the dangers of what liberalism is doing to this country, and if they are smart and care anything at all about the country instead of their own selfish interests, they’d wake up to.

    • Alvin Bivings

      I worked in california thru a construction union–one business agent took money from retirement funds and bet the horses with it.
      He got five years in prison.
      In another case I was laid off to make a job for so-called minority worker-even with no skills to do the job. You’re damned right, I am predjuced!

    • bob

      Interesting fact here people ! what is abunch of baboons called in the jungle?
      “A Congress” ! it’s all so perfectly clear now ! Greg H. you are so right ! I was a union member for over 25 years, Their only out for them selves, not their membership either, only the memberships monies ! and the union bosses fat inflated salaries and benefits! The worset in this country is SEIU. A bigger bunch of rats, you’ll never meet. Of course you know that Obama was an SEIU Union Organizer in Chicago. Thats why SEIU has so much power in Washington DC

    • Texas Granny

      Good for you Greg, it is about time the Unions know that we are on to them. Thanks.

    • American Gram

      Greg H
      My husband was in contract negotiations from the management side. Early in his “young” life, he came home so shocked – “Do you know that the most anti-union people on the management side are those that have been promoted, and no longer were in the union?”
      Yes, former union memebers often know the corruption within the union.

    • camel riding prayer rug making muslim

      Very well said,yes you are a Patriot.

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      rogiedidgie: Could it be because many lack the intelligence to think on their own and the others are Socialist Democrats who support the New World Order.
      It doesn’t take a genius though to see what this administrations agenda is under the guidance of George Soros. It is a clear attempt to move control from Congress to the United Nations and the world bank. Interesting that Hillary came up mentioned as president of the world bank and her husband is deeply involved with the United Nations. Coincidence?

    • American Gram

      Albert Lloyd – “guidance”? perhaps “thumb” or “whim” . . .

    • Texas Granny

      If we manage to get Obama out in 2012 then we need to get George Soros out of this country as he has been deported out of several others. Hill & Bill can go to.

    • MsMaryPoppins

      And along with the whole lot in B.Dumbo’s administration !! Put them all on a one way trip to Afghanistan !! But, allow them only one suitcase & check it to make absolutely sure they don’t steal the silverware in the W.H. or anything else that does not belong to them. And give them $5. in cash and tell them to don’t spend it all in one place !!!
      Baaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa
      Oh, & don’t take this the wrong way, Texas Granny b/c I’m as upset over the whole bunch as much as you are – and most of the rest of the country !!

    • Tom Stewart

      Right-On Al Just Follow The George Soros Lovers, The Imposter Pres Obama, Hillary And Bill Clinton Who Are All “Socialist Demo Goons” When Soros Says Jump Thet Say How High. When You Sleep With Dogs You Will Have Fleas, Yikees, However As Long As The Soros Money Does Not Run Out “Mums The Word” When It Comes To The Imposter. God Bless America And The Brave Tea Party Patriots With Sarah Palin.

    • daves

      I prefer to think that we are not as gullible as you folks. :)

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      you again – dumbazz

    • ED

      When it is all said and done and the Government is spent dry, what is going to happend to all thoes people that the Government sends a monthly check to? How many will be out in the streets looting and robbing to stay alive?

      Get ready for a hard ride ahead to dig out of this mess the politicans got us into both Democrat and Republican. It’s time to vote out all the dead meat and replace with someone who will creat jobs and wean off the the wealfare socitey so they earn a living not Vote for a living!

    • Jim

      You got it right. I had to rip my son-in-laws rear end for voting for him when I told everyone what Obama was when he first entered the race. I always said Obama and his wife were not ture American Patriots but looking for a new America that suits his fancy which isn’t what our founding father meant it to be and what I love and served my country for. At 70 I’m sure as hell not scared to call Obama what he is, far left with socialist tendencies and maybe even beyond. The son-in-law admitted he screwed up but then so did a lot of gullible Citizens and may even some illegal ones at the voting booth. When you have an administration made up of communist, tax evaders, Czars, liars, racist, bribers and bribe excepters to name a few what can you expect. We are just lucky the Demo’s didn’t get more harm done while they had the government in their hands.

    • SaneRepublican

      LOL – Gawd love ya!

      You would say “hypocrisy,” they would say “just using a page from your playbook.”


    • Captain PJ

      If obama really wanted to get the economy going again, he could do worse than to study the results of Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Economy Recovery Act, which boosted our economy big time. Look at jobs, for example…because of the Act, an astounding 20 million new jobs were created–moreover, inflation dropped from 13.5% in 1980 to a mere 4.1% by 1988, and unemployment fell from 7.6% to 5.5%.

      The net worth of families earning between $20k and $50k annually grew by 27% (Heritage Foundation). At the same time, the real GNP jumped by 26% and the prime interest rate was slashed by half–from 21.5% in January 1981 to 10% in August 1988 (Heritage Foundation). The amount of individual tax revenues rose from $244 billion in 1980 to $446 billion in 1989. The total tax revenues jumped by nearly 100%, rising by 99.4% during the 1980s. Reagan’s Act produced 92 months of healthy economic growth–the longest period of peacetime in the post WWII period.

    • madeline

      You are so absolutely correct. I swear, I think you could run the next election campaign better than the high paid ‘pros’. You should apply!

    • Daniel from TN

      That’s a good idea but we all KNOW the government controlled media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc.) will not allow those ads to be broadcsat or printed. The only way that message will get out is by word of mouth, the only way the truth seems to get to the public today.

    • http://Newwave Betty

      Of course Obama thinks he is above the law. I want to see how Obama is going to lie when he is asked and confronted about these two men. 1. Karl Hurst, 2. Mr. Ardiuni, these are two men who lied and hid the information that would have kept Col. Lakin from his prison term and the lost of all of his military back ground. You can bet Obama is going to be confronted in the run for 2012. I for one will be at a place where Obama is to campaign and these two questions will be brought up SEVERAL TIMES. So now is the time to make sure Obama knows that the majority of Americans know what he and these two men did to an Honored Military Col. We have photos that will prove Obamas involvement with these two. I have to admit I am on cloud nine. Betty

    • Texas Granny

      Great Betty don’t let him wiggle out of it. Let us know where you will be so we can all watch this traitor squirm.

    • Sammie

      You go girl! I admire you for proceeding on this!

    • Texas Granny

      Try the Washington Times, World Net, or Fox News.

    • Joan

      Daniel you are so right. Why is this unpatriotic piece of trash still sitting in the WH.?

    • Penny Fuentes

      All these news stations you mentioned in your post, are unethical and un-american. I just read to day they are checking out Marco Rubios natural born status. How utterly evil and insane. they wont go near obama’s deception and birth certificate snafu but they are checking up non Rubio, who is a decent America loving patriot.

    • dfrank

      I agree this should be used; but, it would be easy for Obama, to just chuckle and say he was lying when he said that. Who’s going to doubt that he was lying? His problem though, is that no one, not even his friends, can believe anything he says any more.

      It must really be tough when one has so destroyed his own credibility that his best chance of getting people to trust him is to tell them he has been lying to them; and, pretty much on a continual basis — usually between his numerous golf outings.

    • Texas Granny

      I wouldn’t believe Obama if he swore on a stack of Bibles.

    • MontanaMEL


      Say… 25ft tall by about 15ft wide…
      AND…at least 4ft thick!!

      Then we just “press” this Pres between the back cover and the rest…like we use to do to flowers from funerals, eh?.. Maybe a few of us could climb up on top and do some “soft-shoe”, eh?… Better than any “stocks” of old…no veg’y throwing, but what the heck…the result is more “contained”…2012 can’t get here soon enough…can it?

    • ricrob63

      maybe the “koran”?

    • KNY

      That’s because the Bible doesn’t mean anything to him…now try asking him to swear on the Koran…Oh, right…their good book allows them to lie to non-Muslims.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      T Granny…He would treat a stack of bibles as a vampire would treat garlic or a mirror! But he could not be trusted if taking an oath on a stack of qurans. The LIE CLOCK in Jesus’s office is spinning off it’s mountings every time he utters a word!

    • Joan

      Who would believe he was kidding when he is such a big LIAR!!!!!!

    • Miss VInay Duggal

      Impeach and imprison Obama today!

    • Janice Fahrnkopf

      YES,YES AND YES AGAIN. He is a traitor to the United States, in every conceivable way!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lt Colonel (retired)

      Why is the deficit really not a problem for half of America?

      Just go to the supermarket sometime during the work day ( i.e. not after work or during rush hour). It can be very entertaining (if you can suppress the urge to yell “Hey Stupid, get a clue”!)

      I can always spot liberal Democrats at the supermarket. They have a certain “I am the center of my universe” aura about them.

      Last week an African American lady parked in front of the supermarket. You know… the place with the “no parking” written in huge letters on the tarmac and a whole bunch of slanted white lines. I did not see her park but was astounded when I came out with my cart to see her black SUV there. Then she came out with one small bag. I guess she thought that since she only had a couple of items, she could park where ever it was convenient for her–and no one would have the nerve to call her on it (not even other African Americans). Without any racial voting inferences, I can safely say she was definitely a liberal Democrat.

      Then, yesterday, I went to the supermarket and observed a white middle-class lady in front of me in the checkout line. A lady in her forties who had spent way too much time in the easy chair watching the soaps, judging by her overall health and appearance. She was one of those people who never plops the rubber dividing stick down after her groceries. For some strange reason she had bought a case of the generic supermarket-brand bottled water. Maybe it made her feel stylish. Or perhaps it made her feel she had bought something healthy, because an extravaganza of chemically-enhanced snack food munchies filled the rest of the cart. While I was waiting, she pulled out a huge pile of coupons and made me wait ten minutes while the cashier had to try to match them to the items and discount the prices. Then with her saved $$ she stopped at the lotto machine on her way out and bought some lotto tickets. By the time I was checked out, she was only just getting to her car. Instead of taking the cart to the cart rack in the parking lot (which was 15 feet away), she pushed it up past her car, thus blocking three other parking spaces. I wish I could buy a lotto ticket–which paid off if I could successfully guess whether she voted Democrat.

      It is no wonder Democratic politicians subscribe to the notion that EVERYONE ELSE should: raise their children, pay their bills if they don’t work, treat them with politically correct respect, give them minority preference, provide free health care. They also subscribe to the notion that the deficit is not a problem–the problem is the 50 percent who are paying taxes (especially the Wall Street fat cats) are not paying enough to cover the deficit.

      Democratic politicians aren’t stupid. They know how to get elected.

      They have been to the supermarket.

    • Jax Cat

      Captain, what a contrast between Marco Rubio and Obama. Log on to and watch and/or read the speech Rubio gave at the Reagan Library on “conservatism is about empowering people to catch up”.
      No wonder with these principles that he is a rising rising star for the GOP and Tea Party.

    • ghostrideraz

      Wow! We have went full circle and all of those hope and dreams for what Candidate Obama is just a bad speech.

      Talk about the kettle calling its self black!

  • john

    Obama wouldn’t know it if patriotism walked up and slapped him in the face. He has no love for thei scountry nor inherent american family values. Basically, Obama is a man wihout a country and will bre more so in 2012.

    • Richie

      John, you are indeed correct, after all how could he be patriotic if these are some of his known friends. Most belong to the “Democratic Socialist of America” party.
      Van Jones
      Carl Davidson
      Cornel West
      Henry Louis Gates Jr
      Frank Marshall Davis
      Paul Robeson
      Harry Bridges
      Lou Pardo
      Saul Mendelson
      Timuel Black
      Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf
      Danny K.Davis
      Quentin Youngbill Fletcher
      Barbra Ehrenreich
      Paul Buhle campbell
      Peter Dreir
      Adam Hochschild
      Jay Mazur
      Frances Fox Piven

    • Daniel from TN

      Democrat Socialist of America, aka Communist Party

    • mike

      Ya and he presdient of that party also

    • Texas Granny

      Please don’t forget the majority of the Democrats who are also on that list.

    • Joan

      I do believe I seen John Conyers ( not sure of spelling )& Gerald Nadnler. I went back to view the page again the names were blocked out!!All Dems!!!!

    • cc1


      OH, BTW:



    • jerry

      B. Hussain Obama is extremely patriotic: To islam and the muslim brotherhood of course.

  • Ray

    What a stupid twisted article. We have been trying to recover from the mess created by bushie…it’s like going out for dinner, getting up and leaving someone behind to pay the bill and complaining about how much money they are spending…stupid article

    • Dave

      Ray – haven’t you kept up with any recent history or are you just another libtard? The democratic Congress (of which Obama was a part) pushed through excessive deficits in the final two years of Bush’s term. The Democrats have held the purse strings on this country the past four years.

    • Joan

      Dave, The liberals & dems have short menories
      to say the least!! Everytime they are in control we suffer and they get rich!!!

    • Kenai

      Ray is being paid by the left to write these insane statements. Nobody in their right mind could actually believe that garbage.
      Ray, how much do they pay you for printing this crap?

    • Combat Vet

      Hey Ray don’t you mean gay! The only thing stupid and twisted is the fact that you are actually using up our precious oxygen! It’s patently obvious your boyfriend Barry Hussein is what you were referring to with your stupid and twisted comments! If the shoe fits!

      Your absolute proof that human and being do not necessarily belong together when describing libtards!

    • Jack Williams

      Ray – if my garage is on fire I don’t set my house of fire to put out the garage.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      Jack, a positive your way on the comment. You would burn the house too if you used the typical mentality of the average ghetto dweller!

    • SaneRepublican

      Interesting analogy considering that’s EXACTLY what they do to help defeat a wildfire.

      In case you aren’t aware, which of course you’re not or you wouldn’t have made such a stupid comment, a backfire or back burn is a fire which is set deliberately in the path of an oncoming fire. As the backfire burns, it consumes fuel, thereby depriving the primary fire of tinder when it reaches the site of the backfire. When the technique is executed correctly, it stops a wildfire in its tracks, or confines it, making it much easier to control. Many firefighters are trained in the art of calculating and placing a backfire when they are taught techniques for fighting wildfires.

      I guess Obama’s point in 2008 was it’s not a good idea for Bush to have set the country on fire in the first place. But now that’s it’s been set ablaze, we’re going to have to set some backfire burns to try to bring it under control.

      (Kinda like all the “backfire burns” Reagan set in the 1980s with his closing of tax loopholes to increase revenue and massive government spending.)

    • Buck O’Fama

      So when your garage catches on fire can I watch you backburn your house? You d*psh*t, you reply thinking you’re bright but you have less sense than Smokey the Bear and he’s a cartoon.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      INSANE REPUBLICAN…By using your logic, you’d set the forest on fire to save an individual tree. The democrat welfare rats use your philosophy by burning down their sections of large urban ghettos, without any thought to the consequences thereafter!

      If the polls are even reasonably close to being correct, your obumer vote will be meaningless at the next election. Why don’t you accompany him back to Kenya after the election. You liberal socialists fool no-one, except perhaps yourselves!

    • Captain PJ

      “Logic,” you say…hmmm? Sane is a guy who makes statements about Reagan’s approach to the economy (almost always negative comments) but then when challenged with rebuttal and facts, does not respond. I wouldn’t concern yourself with Sane. He’s neither Sane nor a Libertarian.

    • Sammie

      “IN”SaneRepublican – once and idiot – you are always an idiot. It’s you and your people that are so screwed up, you make me sick. Why don’t you take your yippie friends and move to, say, Cuba? You would fit right in.

    • ricky robertson

      What an oxi-“moron”, leave all you live on
      up to Obama to intitle you too. You may be right tax our companies into outsourcing millions of jobs to China, and live off the tarriffs we receive from their import taxes.
      I quess you know from your anology of the back burn that is absolutely zero. I hope you realize before you vote in 2012, if we
      would impose a straight 20% tax on all incoming goods from these companies that continue to send jobs abroad they will bring the jobs back to the USA, and you can continue to draw your intitlements. Obama has created this situation himself and God Bless whoever defeats him, he will be defeated, they will have to back burn four
      years of neglagence (socialism) that is just
      absolutely non AMERICAN. If you need to see another example look at housing, banks are not wanting to loan money on housing, but
      the government loves to give out reverse
      mortgages, maybe you can receive a free home from Obama. Wake up Sane Republican and get ready for the burn back. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are fixing to put you back to work or take you off the gravy train.

    • Les

      That is redicious. It is just like you to misunderstand on purpose. Unemployment was 5.5% when ovomit took office. Now it is 9.1%.
      The credit rating has dropped. Value of the dollar has dropped. used cars have gone up because of cash for clunkers crushin all those tradeins.

    • Scott

      True, but you will get a bigger insurance check!

    • Kenai

      Ray, do yourself and the world a favor…set yourself on fire.

    • Brett

      Nice try…Democrats had a complete majority from ’06, and before that they had a signicant minority in the Senate and the House. Congress spends money, or didn’t you get the memo?

    • SaneRepublican

      Nice try …. what about the Republican majority from 1994-2006. I guess they were ran things just perfectly and people voted them out in 2006 because they couldn’t handle the bliss.

      You people crack me up with your intellectually dishonest selective reasoning. Gawd love ya! LOL!

    • Dirty Strat

      OK Sane Republican. I hear what your saying. Yes Bush did run up some big bills. We had something called 9/11 that changed the course of this Nation while we were enjoying a more balanced budget, (thanks to the Republican take over of the house), when Clinton was President. But Obama has already increase the debt in two years what it took Bush 8 years to do. And its still growing. That’s unsustainable no matter on which side of the aisle your on. And I do remember unemployment at 4.5% in 2007. And i also remember Obama telling the nation how terrible the unemployment was under Bush. I mean how can you defend this guy? He’s incompetent.

    • Daniel from TN

      The 4.5% unemployment during the Bush years consisted of people who were unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits AND people unemployed who were NOT receiving unemployment benefits. The current 9+% unemployment under Obama only consists of those who are unemployed AND receiving unemployment benefits: Once a person’s unemployment benefits are exhausted that person is no longer a part of the “official” unemployment number. After counting those whose benefits are exhausted and those who have stopped looking for a job because they have lost all hope of finding one, something that was practically non-existant during the Bush years, the true unemployment rate in the US is about 22%. The truly sad part is Obama and the Liberals want it to be even higher.

    • Los

      “Bush did run up some big bills. We had something called 9/11 that changed the course of this Nation while we were enjoying a more balanced budget as a result of a Republican run House. The real dirt starts with moron Democrat Clinton. He is as evil and vile as Obama. But you are the idiot pretending that Obamas numbers are justifiable and Bushes not. Admit it to yourself self deceiving liar, Obama has already increased the debt in two years far faster and with less reason then it took Bush 8 years to do. Plus Obamas budget grows unsustainably by the freaking minute and is still growing. And I do remember unemployment at 4.5% in 2007. Today that is 23% And i also remember Obama telling the nation how terrible the unemployment was under Bush. Mr or MS INSANE REPUBLICAN its clear you defend this POS but that is what makes you INSANE! He’s beyond incompetent!

    • stRanger

      So you admit profligate spending is the insane way of doing things?

      Listen, idiot, by damning Bush for doing what Obama is also doing is OPENLY ADMITTING that Obama is dead wrong.

      Thank you! Another Libiot shoots himself in the foot. You’re right, Obama is dead wrong.

    • Joel

      No, Ray, it’s like going out to dinner, leaving someone behind to pay the bill, then complaining that they gave a tip that was the equivalent of 200% of the total bill and then used your money to pay for it without asking you, and then telling you that “it’s for your own good because I know better than you what you want and what you should be choosing to do”.

      By the way, you don’t GENERALLY try to fix a mess created in four or eve eight years by making that same mess much worse for another four or eight years. This would be called the WRONG approach. In the real world, outside of DC, it would also be called a failing approach, and you’d be fired over it as soon as possible.

    • Garrett

      I don’t see it as going out to dinner on my dime. I see it as them barging though my front door, raiding my kichen and not leaving anything for my children to eat. they took the keys to the car on the way out. No matter there wasn’t any feul in it anyway. G.

    • quiescent1

      no, it’s like going out to dinner, not paying the bill and sitting around and having your friends (the rest of the Dems) join you so you can eat more and still not pay the bill.

      Want fries with that?

    • handyman

      Ya, Ray, that is what you could expect from bozo, that he he would leave the bill to the American people! So they can pay for it! He is doing that now with the USA.

    • SKPatriot , MI

      Ray – wake up!!!!!!!

    • TJ005

      SKPatriot, I so understand your frustration with Ray, but these people are a lost cause, Its not even so much that they buy into his crap, but they believe in it. They want the hand outs, the bailouts and the general take care of me, because im to lazy or stupid to take care of myself, and of course that is what the libs want them to believe. We can hope that come election day they will be to lazy to get out and vote, unless they pull a bus right up to their front door.



    • Grace Powell

      Tell it like it is TBoneKid. You are so very correct.

    • MARY

      What’s more stupid is, YOU! You have a video with him clearly making that speech and knowing good and well he has added more debt, in less than 3 years, than Bush did in eight, but you still don’t seem to get it. People like you, with low IQ’s scare the crap out of me.

    • Kenai

      They are a threat to the gene pool Mary!

      No, really!


    • Lee Baldwin

      It is people such as Ray that put the fascist in office in the first place. Head stuck firmly in the sands of ignorance & will probably vote for Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama aka (who really knows all his aliases) again.
      Ray is either a member of some union or has no job

    • am2sweet

      Well, Ray how about counting up what Obama is going to be leaving behind that we will have to pay for? I hope you don’t think he actually cares about whether you have anything or not as you would be disappointed to find he could care less about you.

    • Texas Granny

      Keep drinking that Socialist Kool-Aid Ray.

    • WillyT

      We need to understand that there is a permanent Dem. voter block out there.
      “In your face” is their motto and revenge against white America their underlying goal.

      Let’s face an important fact: The removal of white male American government is the goal of NObama’s permanent voting block of Socialists/Fems/Blacks/Hispanics/Eggheads/Islamists/Sexists/mafia-drug culture/psycho-socially unbalanced. They won’t stop until every trace of white male decision making is neutralized.
      “It’s Bushes Fault” is code for (it’s whitey’s fault).

    • Pineapple

      Bush vetoed a $300 billion pork-laden farm, only to have his veto overriden by a Democrat controlled Congress.

      Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and have been spending us into oblivion ever since, aided and abetted by Barack Insane O’Vomit.

  • John

    why wait till 2012 John

    • Kansas Kahuna

      John…Ditto on that…KK

  • Consuelo

    He could care less that we’re all listening and watching. I will be delighted when I see his face after he is defeated. But, I think they’d put him up again. Yep, I think so.

    • SKPatriot , MI

      I want Trump to run and win just to hear the words…”You’re Fired”!

    • Dave

      Consuelo. Even if he gets defeated by a landslide he and his lovely wife will be jiving all the way to the bank. Lifetime income, medical care, and a whole bunch of other perks that they don’t have to pay for. Just like welfare to them. He put one over on the American people and got away with it. And, unfortunately, we don’t dispose of ex dictators the way other countries do. What a shame.

  • Redhead54

    Dave… I support what you are saying to Ray, but regardless how,many times you tell him, he will always find an excuse for Oslima. It is the natural Obot way of thinking, to blind to see their king is a king without a soul.

    • Jim

      Obozo is not patriotic, check out all his friends sometime. This should all be used against him in the next fight. Question is, has the GOP grown any balls for the next fight? McCain lost his and failed to directly challenge Obozo on anything. Palin had all the balls in the campaign. GOP has to step up and fight, if not it is reelection time for Obozo.

    • Jim

      people where told what he was and there was to many stupid people who didn’t listen or just plain didn’t know what they were doing at the voting booth.

  • Kansas Kahuna

    obama unpatriotic??? That is a no-brainer! Being an illegal alien, a socialist communist in nature, and a Kenyan muslim bent on the destruction of our great nation, he couldn’t be anything but UNPATRIOTIC! He needs to go by ANY MEANS, THE SOONER THE BETTER!

    • Insurgent

      Plus he is LFN!!!!!

  • Richard_FL

    Surprise!! Surprise!! He talks out of both sides of his mouth, which by my way of thinking implies that he LIES!!

    • Kansas Kahuna

      Richard_FL…Speaking of lies, here’s one for you…

      Lie Clock
      A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates , he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him.

      He asked, “What are all those clocks?”

      St. Peter answered, “Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move.”

      “Oh,” said the man, “whose clock is that?”

      “That’s Mother Teresa ‘s. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.”

      “Incredible,” said the man. “And whose clock is that one?” St. Peter responded, “That’s Abraham Lincoln ‘s clock.

      The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life.” “Where’s Obama’s clock?” asked the man.

      “Obama’s clock is in Jesus’ office. He’s using it as a ceiling fan .”

    • ddt

      to kansas kahuna
      very well put
      i love it

    • Texas Granny

      KK, thanks for the best laugh I have had in some time.

    • Fed-up American

      I just copied and pasted this into a doc that I can send out to a bunch of clear-thinking friends and family!
      Thanks for posting it!

    • cc1

      DEAREST *KK*:

      THIS IS GREAT ;-}}}

      I think I saw our (*PATRIOTIC*) FRIEND, *RAYMOND* post this, a couple of weeks, ago.


  • joe

    Then get the hell out of our country and take your tribe with you!!!

    • Robert Morton

      And who might YOU be, to issue such an invitation?

    • Texas Granny

      An American Patriot that’s who!

    • Eric

      You tell ’em Grams! One of the great things about this country of ours…. If you don’t like the principles that this great country was founded on, if you can’t stand the morals that are it’s cornerstone, you are free to LEAVE!

  • http://googl DON

    Oslimeo was a muslim, is a muslim, and always be a muslim. He can lie all he wants to, his ways prove different. His father hated the US and he is going to get revenge on it. He is a half-breed and the blacks don’t realize that yet. I think Geo Soros is his real father by artificial insemination. Our country is being ruled by a bully demon from Hell.

    • George Rice

      Ahhhh, the none-too-subtle odor of racism.

      Don – ten to one says you’re a Christian – am I right?

    • Ben Faust

      That’s a stupid question. I’ve known plenty of racists atheists. I’m a Christian and have never had a racist bone in my body. Generally racists tend to have a lower I.Q., as do people who think racism is caused by Christianity.

    • Texas Granny

      You said it Ben!

    • Fed-up American

      X 2!!!!!

    • Kermit Kirk

      Yeah—here we go again–another liberal liberal using racism to bash christanty.

    • stRanger

      The Race Card” again? Bwaaa-Haaaa-Haaaa! Old, tired, stale, meaningless.

      Oh, but old, tired, stale and meaningless describes Liberalism to a “T”.

      In case you weren’t properly programmed by the DNC, the race card doesn’t work any more. Keep flinging it though, you just prove yourself bereft of genuine issues and must rely on race and class warfare.

      Like Obama.

    • Joseph Takacs

      His mother is caucasion.

    • MARY

      Ahhhh, you must not be Christian. Maybe you need to leave with Obama and go to a Muslim nation.

    • Combat Vet

      Having you sliming this blog I think you should change your name to Lice, it’s more fitting because we can’t seem to get you out of our hair!!

      That being said, I see your at again. You would think by now the single digit IQ Neanderthals (I apologize in advance to Neanderthals), hello George, would take the foot out of their mouths once in awhile, it is really embarrassing. Racist Christians….really! With an admitted totally racist administration that is blatant in their in your face racism, up your meds! Try the Black Panther voter intimidation comment by Eric “the racist” Holder, “Blacks have suffered enough in this country,” so no action was taken…WHAT! How about Barry and the Mrs. I Hate America Barry and the ever present racism innuendo flowing out of their pie holes, hmm………

      How about trying Maxine Waters, John Conyers etc or the entire Communist/Socialist Democratic party on for size!!

      Get out of my country before I kick your ass out you fool!

  • stRanger

    Obama racked up over $9 trillion in new debt in just over 900 days in office and the intellectually challenged Liberals are still blaming Bush.

    **Snark on**

    Oh, did you hear? Obama has blamed the East Coast earthquake on slippage along the George Bush’s Fault.

    Can the Libs get any worse?

    **Snark off**

    • http://googl DON


    • Fed-up American

      Maybe even turning somersaults — but not in joy . . . They would be so far beyond disappointed in what’s going on. They saw the vulnerabilities of a democratic republic and tried to plug as many holes as possible, but there were several who made comments saying that the only way it could possibly work in the long term was to have it run by people of faith (in GOD, that is!)

    • Mark

      it was the sound of a 14,000,000,000,000.00 check bouncing in Washington.

    • http://googl DON


    • Sara Hamill

      Obama, needs to go, go , go or our country will be destroy. I enjoyed reading most of the replies, and I agree with them. He is definetely not an American by heart or by birth. What really worries me is how did he get to be president, how much influence his masters had that could hide that simple fact and others so well. Let’s work together to kick him out, anybody but Obama will be better, Sara

    • Daniel from TN

      Here’s how Obama got nominated. All the other Democratic candidates were well known, and unlked by the people. Obama was basically unknown at the time. That made him the only ELECTABLE Democratic candidate. To get elected Obama had two things in his favor.
      McCain is, was, and always will be a RINO. Everyone but the people in his home state see this, which means he was unliked by the rest of the country. The second factor in Obama’s favor was election fraud through ACORN. That’s been discussed many times so I’m not going into detail in this post.

    • http://googl DON


  • Tom

    Well according to these definitions you’d be hard pressed to find any politician who is patriotic (other than Ron Paul R-TX). Remember the first two years of Obamas tenure were under Bush 43’s budget and 4 billion of Rick Peery’s Texas miracle recovery was due to federal funds with the remainder substantially due to increased oil prices. Obama is the best president we’ve had since Clinton and I hope he makes the best of the mess Bush left him.

    • Tom

      Spoken like a true idiot.
      Also a

    • SKPatriot , MI

      “The Best”? since Clinton? Really? You think so? The best what? Golfer? Best Spender? Best Liar? The only GOOD thing He’s done is wake up the sleeping American’s who didn’t realize what was actually happening in DC. Hopefully he didn’t come too late!

    • Daniel from TN

      Actually, Obama is the best vacationer. In two and a half years he has taken more vacations than Bush took in eight years.

    • stRanger

      The very best Vacationer-in-Chief EVER.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      Tom…You not only sound like a brain-dead liberal, you definitly are one. It is a wonder that someone hasn’t pulled the plug on you to put you out of your misery. Get your facts straight in the future!

    • dave

      TomTom is lost!

    • stRanger

      Are you blind and deaf or simply challenged in the comprehension department? Obama and the Democrats rammed huge new debt through during the time Obama was a Senator voting FOR new debt.

      Now as Liar-in-Chief he’s DOUBLED that debt in under 3 years.

      And you’re still blaming Bus. Ok, blame Bush, I’ll join you, but unless you blame Obama in the same way you are merely either an ideological hypocrite or mentally challenged.

      Why do Liberals want it BOTH ways while straddling the fence? You CANNOT have it both ways and retain any semblance of credibility.

    • Andy

      You’ve got to be kidding, Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids, the only reason Carter even supports this idiot is because now he is no longer going to be remembered as the worst President in U.S. history. Obama has done more damage to this country in 2 1/2 years than any other President was able to do in 4 or 8 years. God help us all if he wins reelection.

    • Dr. Barbara

      Tom et al, my kindergarten grandson knows you can’t spend money you don’t have; you can’t steal other people’s money; you can’t go to the candy store and demand candy without money; you won’t get money if you continually throw a tantrum and demand someone else give you their money; and money doesn’t grow on trees. If my little grandson knows these facts to be true, that must mean that Obama and his henchmen in Congress must have a lesser knowledge base that a kindergarten kid. Wow, what a legacy to leave our precious children!

    • Fed-up American

      Well said!

    • rickrob63

      Tom, watch and smell the roses another
      gun slinger from Texas will beat your Buma.
      I thinkk you need too read more facts not listen or make up what you wrote. Perry will
      be our next Pres., and wow what a mess he has to try and clean up. The small quake and the hurricane should be an indication what God is trying to tell us about the corruption in D.C. You may have to get a job in a couple of years.

    • Pineapple

      Clinton and O’Vomit: A rake and a snake.

    • cc1


    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      Oh tom – was that admitting that bush had a budget or the democratic congress that has not.. Just asking tom to see if anyone is home.

    • Mark

      get over it, he said he could fix it and he made it worse.

  • http://googl DON

    Oslimeo has lied so much he actually believes his own lies. Sad day when a person is that insane. Beware America. This Insane Nut has to go one way or another, and soon.

    • H Stumpf

      He is a pathological Narcissist and a serial liar. A very dangerous combination!

  • http://googl DON

    Prefferably a padded cell would do for the rest of his life, and his unpatriotic wife with him.

  • JR

    How can we get this alien cockroach arrested along with his wife who is pissing away our money

  • Tom

    All the comments about this man who would be
    king..o bummer.We all agree he is a failed president.Un American,Illegal alien etc etc
    now what are we complaining about him being
    on vacation for Keep him there he just screws
    us when he is in D.C. (Dont care) anyway.
    Get to the real source of his being.Unkle
    George Soros.Just my thoughts. I’m just a
    retired G.I. a Republican,Conservative,Gun
    toting Terrorist. And don’t have any respect
    for Maxine Walters,Jesse Al or the rest of
    that bunch.Oh Yes and Janet No politican
    what ever her title is.

    • Texas Granny

      I’m right there beside you Tom, thank you for your service.

    • Fed-up American

      Thank you for your service to this country, Sir!!!!!

  • EDD


  • JR

    It’s time this cockroach is arrested along with his wife for squandering our money

  • C Kent

    Lynch him!

  • Bob

    CNN and other pro obama organizations will sweep this under the rug or ignore this unpatriatic statement, claiming it was misunderstood. It is because of CNN that obama is in the white house, and they are not about to point a finger at their “boy”
    saying anything bad. Notice how CNN has attacked Perry and the other candidates, while puffing up obama. obama is an obamanation. A failure times 10. He is the most inept idiot ever to be in the white house. Pick up the torch and the battle cry:
    “2012 and out for obama, four years is enough.”

  • m. sharpe

    This is another classic example of why We need Candidates on the Repub side to stop running against Obama. Let Him run on His own merrits. Repubs should explain solving problems Vs. identifying them. What do we do with the Federal Reserves, IRS, HHS, EPA, Education, Fannie and Freddie? I need answers.

    • Texas Granny

      We defund them and go to a Fair/Flat Tax so that everyone pays.

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      Yes Yes Yes Go Granny Go
      Just resign already Barry

  • bob

    You mean we finally are publicizing “some” of Obama’s lies. you mean people can actually talk about his broken promises, like unemployment, gays, open government, illegal war (Libya), secret illegal bills (Obamacare), illegal birth-certificate, etc. Why doesn’t someone from the liberal press actually report all the lies???

    • Daniel from TN

      They don’t cover the lies because they are a part of the lies. Regardles of the candidate and what that person stands for the media will always be pro-Democrat and anti-Republican. Actually, their attitude is perfectly understandable.
      Most went to Liberal controlled public schools and attended Liberal controlled colleges. This means they have never been exposed to the truth. Now do you wonder why the media is the way it is?

    • SC

      Well, Bob, if the press published all his lies, there wouldn’t be room for the adds and sports news. Wouldn’t miss the comics, though. There’d be enough laughs (and crying) reading the lies.

    • Texas Granny

      They are too busy sucking up to their Messiah.

    • Laurie

      Don’t watch the mainstream news anymore. Took them off all of my remotes too!

  • Insurgent

    When will he fess up and admit he is nothing more than a LFN from Mombasa, Kenya?

    • Texas Granny

      He won’t it will always be someone else’s fault.

  • ntfday

    I always thought that Jimmy Carter was the worst President in my lifetime, I’ve had to change my opinion. This snake-oil salesman needs to go back to wherever he came from and the sooner the better.

    • Texas Granny

      Yes, I can still hear the peanut farmer laughing.

    • rickrob63

      Yeah, put them in a bag and who knows which would fall out first. T. Roosevelt is rolling in his grave about the Panama Canal
      that Carter gave back. Carter was just stupid. Obama is stupid and anti-AMERICAN.
      He ran his campaign on change and that is theonly thing he has not lied about, man he sure has changed everything

    • LEL MN

      Don’t know where borak the obamanable one came from, but I know where I like to see him go.

  • BD


  • jac

    This man is a idiot, how can he stand there and lie out his asssssssss, they just keep on going and they will until we stand up and get them out…………they really think they have it under control …….these people are insane…….you know who they are the elite……….the ones that run this country ……while hiding in the back ground……….they pull the puppets strings.

    • Daniel from TN

      He is not an idiot. He couldn’t be and get as far as he has to date. He has an agenda: an anti-American agenda. He is dedicated to the complete destruction of OUR country and at the moment he appears to be on schedule.

  • Dodi

    If you have any doubts about the arrogant asses patriotism watch This will show you exactly where his patriotism is.

    • Dodi

      And I might add, he has NO BUSINESS in the office of the presidency!

    • George Rice

      He is the President because the American people elected him to that office.

      If you don’t like our democracy, there are plenty of other countries that might be glad to have you – N. Korea maybe?

    • American Gram

      George Rice –
      I like our REPUBLIC!!!!
      I love our country.

    • George Rice

      Yes – and we elected Mr. Obama as the President of our republic.

    • mesaman

      While holding your nose with one hand, Georgie, you would be well-advised to put the other one over your hinder; despite how ridiculous it may make you look.

    • Elvis in Argentina

      Not exactly, the diebold electronic no paper trail electronic computer programs elected the man in the white house, not the American people.

    • Lisa

      Yes. Mr. Obama was elected as President of the United States, and basically was promoted to the level of his incompetence. As long as we have a White House, and an Oval Office, I will always respect the position these hold in America.

      The Office of President, I will always respect.

      HOWEVER, the respect the person is due, is always (and should be) based on what actions the person who sits in the Oval Office accomplish.

      Since Mr. Obama has made no effort to act in a responsible manner, and has lied at every opportunity, I have no reason to respect him as a man. His contempt for America, and Americans, is so blatant it is sickening!

    • Combat Vet

      You just can’t shut up even when you know your a loser…….WE didn’t vote for Barry, little girls like you did. Too bad you weren’t around in theater during Nam, you’d still be there. Then again you would have run to Canada like all of the rest of sissies!

      I’ve got a better idea than holding your nose to vote for the mooslim ineligible America hater again…use your imagination!

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      Let me inform you – he is not my President,I did not vote for him and only know one person that admits they did.(they have been in financial hardship now for years). He does not have the heart of an AMERICAN. That he was elected is debateable but he is not legal or moral or honest. I cannot imagine Washington or Jefferson or any other founding father not searching for anyway possible back from the great beyond just so they could kick some O azz. Did you also know that elected or not he was not elected by majority of the states. Most people I know voted for McCain as not for McCain but Against obamma. DO NOT CALL HIM MY PRESIDENT. He may have been elected butyou can Take Your President and go back to the hole you crawled out of. PS this isn’t racist And I am a Domestic Terrorist according to the O.

    • ExArmyMP

      You are correct. Obama was elected by the people. The people, however, are not always right in their selection of leaders. The German people were certainly not right in 1933. We can only hope that many of those who voted for Obama in 2008, and who are now suffering “buyer’s remorse”, will realize their mistake when 2012 comes around.

    • George Rice

      Hi Ex,

      Thanks for the reasonable reply.

      As a lefty, I’m none-too-thrilled by Obama. In my opinion, he is too ready to compromise with the right. However, given the likely choice, I’ll probably hold my nose and vote to re-elect him anyway.

    • LEL MN

      And a mighty stench it is and will be. May your chains rest lightly on your shoulders should the obamanation be re-elected.

    • dave

      Then you’d stay misguidedly wrong!

    • dave

      George Rice!

      wake from your stupor!, Now, Even your Rice-Bowl is being kicked over!

    • American Gram

      Oh George – “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.

    • daves

      Oh George, not the livestock.

    • MARY

      Your a lefty with an IQ of -10.

    • Stan

      I find that the supporters of obama are totaly complicit in his lies; they know he has an agenda that seeks to destroy the USA as our Founding Fathers had instituted. They know that obama subverts, circumvents, and ignores the Constitution almost daily.

      They know that obama inherited a $464 billion dollar deficit (that the Democrat Congress handed him) and he turned it into a $1.4 Trillion dollar deficit in just his first 100 days in office. He received a $10 Trillion dollar National debt, which now stands at (thanks to the raise in the debt ceiling which obama and the Democrats wanted) at a whopping $16+ Trillion dollars.

      They know that obama said he would go over every budget in detail and use the “Line Item Veto” to reject the pork in the bill; and that he lied, he signed his first and only budget at $3.4 Trillion dollars without looking at it, which contained over 8,700 “Ear Marks” (Pork).

      They know that the Democrat Controled Congress is in contempt of the Constitution, as they are required to pass a budget every year. It has been over 800 days since the last budget. That the Democrats in Congress continually shoot down bills sponsored by Republicans to restrict spending, and won’t let them get past the Democrat majority in the Senate.

      They know that the Health Care Bill is a sham that has nothing to do with the quality of health care; that it gives free health care to Illegal Aliens (because it lacks provisions for enforcement against illegals receiving free health care). That the obamacare bill is a tax bill, in which the word tax is used over 100 times to pay for this monstrosity.

      They know that obama and the Democrats have used a shadow government designed to keep Republicans out of meetings (by locking them out), installed 44 czars to circumvent congress, and that the Democrat party in power has spent more money than any previous administration in history.

      They know that the Democrats have had control of Congress and the Nations’ “Purse Strings” since January of 2007. They know that the Democrats VOTED FOR every Spending Bill since January 2007; and that the economy is “Owned” by the Democrats. The Democrats passed those spending legislations as the Majority in the Pelosi – Reid Democrat Congress.

      They know and understand that obama and the Democrat party is supporting and harboring illegal immigrants in this country, over the welfare of the American Citizen. It is the Job of the government to Protect the American Citizen, not harbor foreign nationals who break our laws.

      They ignore the truth (and yes obama himself said that he was not born in Hawaii, that he was born in Kenya) that he is not, and never was a Natural Born Citizen. They turn a blind eye to the obvious forgeries he has submitted to the American People as proof of his birth; which only confirmed that he does not meet constitutional eligibility to be POTUS.

      It was obama himself who used the Race card in his campaign in 2008; and the Democrats who continuously use racism, class warefare, and hate speech throughout every social, media, and political venue. I have walked this earth for almost 60 years, and I have found that racism is harbored in the hearts of those who jump up and yell “You’re a Racist”; for “race” is always on THEIR mind.

      They complained about Bush playing golf; and yet they turn a blind eye to obama’s golfing ( he played more rounds of golf his first year and a half than GW played in eight years). Michele obama has 22 aides (during a deep recession), every First Lady in history has only had one aide. The expenses racked up by this president and his administration (and during a recession) go far in excess of any previous administration.

      And the list goes on and on.

      Those who support obama are truly complicit in his lies, the fraud, and the corruption.

    • Red

      Of course, and now they are too embarassed to admit it. The millions on welfare and medicaid will, of course, vote for King BHO in as many places and as many times as possible, just like 2008.

    • Arrest obama NOW!

      Are you so ignorant to think this communist/marxist cesspool will welcome you to the eletist pro quo of the New World Order of One World Government. You have to be either insane or ignorant or just a hater of the greatest country in the world. It surprises me none that you would vote for this illegal muslim in hiding again, for anyone can see that you either are one with a hand out for all to be given to you or are a communist yourself. Communism never has worked and never will, just read up on history, that is if you can read or are you having someone do your typing for you as you dictate what to be said?! You and all like you are a cancer to this nation of freedom and independence and only wish to destroy what you cannot understand the concept of. Were you one of those that got left out as a child in a game at school, feel everyone involved in an activity should get a trophy just because they were there and showed up? As with the village idiot that kenya has lost and this country had the misfortune of gaining. This muslim in hiding gets given a Nobel Peace Prise and for what? That symbol of outstanding acrediablity is nothing but a paper title now, to coin a phrase used in boxing. My guess would be that you too think our great nation’s flag is also a sign of an oppressor, when it is this country that always gives and provides the world with the most support and help when a disaster happens. Crawl back into your dweling under the rock from which you crawled out of and keep drinking the queer kool-aid that you so much love. You are even one that most likely thinks that the earth quake was due to fracking, like so many of your ignorant kind!

    • Patriot7

      George, there’s just no hope for you. the country is falling apart and you are wanting to re-elect the guy who is responsible. How regrettable.

    • cheryl jessup

      George it’s stupid uninformed people like you that helped Obama get in. Please tell me 3 things he has done that benefits American . I believe your IQ is about 2 points below plant life.

    • Crusader

      Vote for an independent, vote libertarian, but do not compromise your integrity, even if you are a liberal. I don’t have to agree with you, as it is your right to believe as you wish. But neither the Dems or the Republicans are going to save us, as they both serve the same master. Washington needs a complete enema, and take out all the crap. Term limits, no health care after office, no big retirement,etc. Knock out all the posh benefits and only those who love our country,and really want the best for the people, will run.

    • Anthony San Diego

      Are you and everyone that thinks like you willing to take responsibility for the destruction of America? Are you willing to explain to your progeny the reason for your actions? Sir, investigate what has happened to our country since the debacle of 1913 before you rally behind a cause if you want to appear brilliant.

    • kiddekat

      So George, you now openly admit that you are STUPID by saying that you would vote for the bummer again? I would go hide under a rock and not raise my head if I said something that idiotic. You haven’t learned a thing from the last few years. dummy, dummy , dummy.

    • Johnnygard

      George, The things Ronald Reagan did in his first year had every aspect of the economy in much better shape at this same point of his Presidency. Obama has done the exact opposite of the things that have been proven to work (no state or nation has ever taxed and/or spent its way to prosperity). So tell us what you think a new Republican President could possibly do to make things worse! His administration is made up of lawyers with absolutely NO business experience. Republicans know what works to get people back to work. If giving government money to the people worked to help the economy, why not just give EVERYONE a gov. check?

    • Kathleen

      I just hope it isn’t too late!

    • Thomas

      Actually, the people did not elect him. Most did not vote for him. He was able to win because he managed to win the electoral college which is dominated by states with large populations. Most of those states are dominated by the welfare state. Simply put, the have-nots/will-nots outnumber the productive – they need simply vote themselves of producer’s checks.

    • Marcie

      WhaT recourse do the American People have when they discover (too late) that they have made a mistake? We should not have to wait FOUR years to correct that mistake!!

    • WW2 Navy Vet

      George you are welcome to go to north korea but
      please take obummer with you..Go comrade, GO..

    • Eric

      Yes, the american people elected him. The inteligent ones never voted for him in the first place. The wishy washy gulible ones are now realizing their mistake. It’s the truely messed up ones like yourself that want to keep him around and defend him.

    • james

      the electorial collage is the groop that elects the president and thay dont all ways vote the way the people want so why dont you learn about the country you talk about or better yet goose step your nazi butt back to germany we have freedom of speach whether you like it or not

    • james

      ps nazis are socialist too

    • Texas Granny

      Yes George and any Communist country would gladly have you, the Dems. and Obama. Please feel free to leave. People who voted for Obama didn’t check him out, believed in his hopey, changey thing or out of pure hate for this country.

    • Combat Vet

      First of all Barry is not legitimate, therefore he is not the President. You are an example of what’s wrong with America, a blind lemming who enjoys the demise of our nation at the hands of an ignorant puppet, a usurper! Since your so in love with Korea, how about you and Barry move your sorry asses there, good luck getting in!! How do I know your not an American, easy, we’re not a Democracy, we’re a Constitutional Republic. Read the founders on your way to Korea numb nuts and do get out of my country along with your boyfriend Barry Soetoro!

    • Viperkat

      First of all, this is a Republic, not a Democracy, although the DNC will still call it that. Second, the Democratic Party is the only one I know of that has the ability to raise the dead every election year. To say that BHO was elected may be true, one would have to delve into it a little more to see who actually voted for him. I’ve asked that question of known Democrats and none of the seem to have voted for him…at least they won’t own up to it.

      Now, I seriously doubt that BHO has done anything to be brought up on charges for, other than being incredibly stupid and arrogant. I believe we will have to wait until November 2012 before we can castrate him, and most of the Democrats in Congress. It was the Reids and Pelosis that voted in all of the funding to fuel this downward trend, although Bush has to stand responsible for the initial war funding, he was not responsible for the housing bubble…that was Carter and Clinton.

    • Marlene

      My goodness. Obama is truly a magical person! I’ve never heard of anyone else who could make cartoon charcters come to life to vote for him. (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Lil Abner, etal.) You’d think someone so magical could also run a country efficiently and effectively. Guess he’s a one pony show and has shot his ‘wad’ on bringing to life those characters along with the characters who died long ago who he uses for IDs and Soc. Sec. numbers. He’s to be pitied – NOT!

    • daves

      I think you are confusing voter registration with voting. Those names were on a lot of registrations turned in but they did not vote.

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      daves knows he was there and viewed it personally.

    • cheryl jessup

      George you are a liberal moron

    • Dodi

      And many who voted for him and therefore elected him your president (not mine) have openly admitted that they made a big mistake and won’t be making that mistake in 2012!

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      georg rice – you ignorent wretch we are not a democracy we are a REPUBLIC with a constitution and laws, not that the Usurper or his Evil minnions would recognize that fact.

    • Capt Gene Leone (Ret) USAR/USAF

      A short Civics lesson is in order here. We are a REPUBLIC and NOT a democracy. Democracies are little more than “mob rule”. A majority of one determines everything. A REPUBLIC, on the other hand, is run by the RULE OF LAW and said LAW in the United States of America is our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ancient Greece was a democracy where everyone was free to say whatever they wanted. The only problem was if the people listening didn’t like what you said they could vote to kill you. In a Republic such as the United States, everyone, yes, even you, are protected by our basic RULE OF LAW: The Constitution; specifically the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Further, that protection means you have the RIGHT to say what you want, right or wrong. It also guarantees even though you can SAY what you want, others don’t have to listen to you. Like the liberal concept of the “fair speech doctrine”, you cannot say what you want without giving “equal time” to the opposition even though people may not want to listen to it. Under our REPUBLIC we have the RIGHT to tune to other stations we want to listen to that share our values and opinions. I just thought your misconception about the United States of America should be corrected lest you embarrass yourself in front of others like friends and family.

    • Capt Gene Leone (Ret) USAR/USAF

      I tried sending this earlier but it failed to post so here it is again, george:

      A short Civics lesson is in order here. We are a REPUBLIC and NOT a democracy. Democracies are little more than “mob rule”. A majority of one determines everything. A REPUBLIC, on the other hand, is run by the RULE OF LAW and said LAW in the United States of America is our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ancient Greece was a democracy where everyone was free to say whatever they wanted. The only problem was if the people listening didn’t like what you said they could vote to kill you. In a Republic such as the United States, everyone, yes, even you, are protected by our basic RULE OF LAW: The Constitution; specifically the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Further, that protection means you have the RIGHT to say what you want, right or wrong. It also guarantees even though you can SAY what you want, others don’t have to listen to you. Like the liberal concept of the “fair speech doctrine”, you cannot say what you want without giving “equal time” to the opposition even though people may not want to listen to it. Under our REPUBLIC we have the RIGHT to tune to other stations we want to listen to that share our values and opinions. I just thought your misconception about the United States of America should be corrected lest you embarrass yourself in front of others like friends and family.

    • Mikie

      I don’t believe he was actually “elected”. With so very few people willing to admit that they voted for this usurper, it sure looks as if it may well have been rigged. So don’t tell me that they all voted for him. There are way too may irregularities to this election. Too many to go into here. Further, he was vetted by Pelosi, not congress. She is the ONLY one that signed off on his “vetting”. The ONLY ONE!

    • Mark

      It was bought and paid for with money from over seas, get your facts right. He doesn’t have a clue to how to help this country, all he does is blame everyone else for his lack of leadership.

  • Rob

    The economic illiteracy of the liberals is astounding. How many examples of failed socialist re-distribution disasters will it take for these brain-dead fools to realize the damage that Obama has inflicted on this country? My hope is that it is not too late to return some sanity to our government. I STRONGLY encourage all of a like mind to openly display opposition and concern. We need to have at lesat 10 anti-Obama bumper stickers on our cars for every 1 Obamoron supporter still displaying Obama-Biden stickers on theirs. We can’t let this freaking community organizer hack be re-elected! We need to show unity and determination in order to ensure the survival of this republic.

    • daves

      Some of the richest countries on earth and, what is more, the best in terms of standard of living are just democratic socialist countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden etc. The only difference between Norwegian state owned Statoil and American private Exxonmobil is that the former more enriches the Norwegian nation than the latter does the American nation. Statoil has no problem with free market and entrepreneurial freedoms.

  • Dan

    Hypocrisy comes in all colors, ages, and sexes … Hypocrisy comes in all religious faiths, or those who have no religious faith at all … Hypocrisy is everywhere, every day, and never goes away . . .

    Jesus Christ is never hypocritical … Jesus Christ died for all colors, ages, and sexes … Jesus Christ is the answer for people of all religions and those who have no religious belief at all . . . Jesus Christ is everywhere, every day, and never goes away.

    God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born and live among humans as one of us, to suffer the things that we all go through, and then allowed us to crucify Him. He died on that Cross, was buried in a stone tomb, and rose from the dead on the third day. He did all of this to provide a way for sinful Man to have a means to be forgiven of Sin and to be worthy, in the eyes of God the Father, to have eternal life to enter into Heaven.
    Jesus paid the price for your sins and for mine. To claim this gift of salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life, you must willingly and genuinely accept Jesus as you Lord and Savior. This is a decision that only you can make.

    If you believe that you are a sinner, as is everyone, and you want the peace, love, and joy that comes from having a personal relationship with God, please open your heart and earnestly pray this prayer:

    Lord Jesus,
    I am a sinner and know that I deserve an eternity of punishment in Hell for my sins. I believe that You are the Son of God and that You came to Earth to pay the price for my Sins. I ask You to be my personal Lord and Savior and to come into my heart and completely fill me with your Holy Spirit. Forgive me my sins, cleanse me from all unrighteousness, and abide with me forever. Thank You , Lord Jesus for loving me and saving me !

    If you sincerely prayed that prayer, you are now a Christian. The next thing you should do is to find a local Bible-believing, church to help you grow in your faith and to learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The prayer you prayed above is the start and now you should seek to learn more and grow stronger in your faith.

    Avoid so-called “churches” that try to “sugar-coat” what they tell their members. If the church you find does not talk about Sin and Hell or only talks in non-specific terms about Jesus, find a Bible-Believing church instead. Avoid “mega-churches”, as most of them are only in it for the money and tell people what they want to hear and/or preach the “prosperity gospel” to draw people in … Find a small, local church and start attending regularly !

    • George Rice

      Nice comment Dan.

    • Christian Archer

      I hope someday that Barack Hussein Obama will hear an unadulterated version of the gospel (good news) and that he’ll repent and give his life totally and completely to the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s been filled with so much hate from the pulpit of Rev. Wright. When one sits under the teaching of a hate monger for 20 years like Obama sat under Rev. Wright, what should we expect from Obama? See the scripture below.

      Luke 6:43,44(NASB) “For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit, nor, on the other hand, a bad tree which produces good fruit. For each tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they pick grapes from a briar bush.”

    • LEL MN

      Yes, I hope so too Christian Archer. “May his days be few; may another take his place.” so borak obama can receive his Gospel reading directly from his maker. Immediately wouldn’t be too soon.

    • Texas Granny

      I go to one Dan, Brother Jack only preaches the truth.

  • Vern

    Not only is he unpatriotic he is a muslim terrrorist who will, when the time comes, turn on everyone he pretends to like. The democratic socialists, the queers, all Americans. His goal is to destroy America, our God, our country and raise the filthy flag of islam over us. He should be put down for the rabid dog that he is. Death to islam.

    • George Rice

      Another Christian bigot – praise the Lord!

    • Dr. Barbara

      Wow! Another anti-Christian bigot! Praise Obama!

    • SC

      Sorry for your prejudice. You undoubtedly have had some unfortunate experiences which color your view of humanity.

    • Fred

      Another Liberal Sheeite. See anyone can throw around and do name calling. What we need is folks to get together and do what is best for the country. By that I mean to retain our values and Constitution not support folks who just want to sit around and do nothing.

  • jac
  • Colo43

    His Judgement day is nearing and we can only hope that they impeach him, before we get the chance for removal in 2012.

    • Texas Granny

      I want Obama tried for Treason.

    • LEL MN

      DAM Straight Granny.

    • Eric

      I hear you! And the sooner the better!

    • LEL MN

      “May his days be few; may another take his place.”

    • Daniel from TN

      Forget impeachment: It will never happen. Democrats will not turn on one of their own, regardless (Weiner was just a token sacrificial lamb). Republicans simply do not have the courage to address the issue.
      Our only hope of removing Obama at this time is if he is declared ineligible. But at the rate it is going at this time even that may take until after the 2012 election.

  • jac
  • Cribster

    There is nothing real about the con-in-chief, his entire being is contrived, born of a lifetime of indoctrination.

    He is a non-person. People that still support him are either apathetic and clueless and just fill in the blanks by believing his empty rhetoric or they are just flat out anti-American.

  • Bob


  • invest

    The democrat congress alone while controlling congress took the debt from Jan 2007 to jan 2009 FROM 8.7 trillion to 13.8 trillion..

    Now do tell me who the BIG spenders and unpatriotic ones truly are

    Liberals econmoic ploicy like taking water from the dep end of a pool and throing it back into the shallow end..

  • Daryl

    Didn’t this president wanted an additional 2 Trillion dollars in spending when both the Democrats & Republicians were fighting over a balanced budget? All they did was raised the limit in borrowing & the S&P downgraded our credit rateing….costing an additional 75 billion dollars!! Great work, boys & girls!!

  • http://none j-e

    I wonder if, “Mr. Ed” on MSNBC will get this one right and have one in a row correct!?!?

  • Richard William Faith

    If Palin and Bachman run together, obama will get his butt kicked by TWO GIRLS. This principle is variously known as POETIC JUSTICE and MENTAL REVENGE.

  • mark dellacqua

    It’s Bush’s fault that Obama made bad fiscal decisions over the last 3 years.

  • Myrna

    I have been a political junkie all my life – 60+ years. But I can no longer discuss politics with my family and some friends because they have been indoctrinated by the libs and the polluted media into supporting a failing president. They won’t admit he is a failure and that he has Marxist and pro-muslin leanings,because they don’t want to admit they were taken in by his rhetoric. What has he ever done anyway? He parked himself in the Illinois state legislature, where he didn’t have the guts to vote on anything controversial, and then, with the Chicago Mafia’s help, became a U.S. Senator and immediately began to run for president.
    Did he ever have a real job? Well, he has one now and he doesn’t know what to do with it –
    TO OUR PERIL! In 2012, vote for ABO – ANYONE

  • bob

    We need to do one of my favorite lines of all times, from “Red October”, Sean connery said “a little bit of revolution every once in a while is a good thing.” The people need to stand up and change this country for the better.

    • LEL MN

      We’ve already had Hope & Change, and Change You Can Believe In. The original plan works, we need only return to it.

    • Combat Vet

      If you’ve read comments from our founding fathers, Jefferson said it way before Connery.
      “As revolutionary instruments (when nothing but revolution will cure the evils of the State) [secret societies] are necessary and indispensable, and the right to use them is inalienable by the people.” Thomas Jefferson

      We are in much more dire straights and in greater need of a revolution than were the founders! Also read the roadmap given to us in the Declaration of Independence which needs to be presented once again to our oppressors
      the most corrupt and criminal government in our nation’s history!

  • John

    Let’s face it. Those “yellow dog democrats” are ignorant to the facts. Democrats have controlled spending since 2007 – Not George Bush. They are fools and Obama is a liar like Joe Wilson identified. This country will cease to exist when the Dems run out of other peoples money!

  • Bill


  • Fred

    Simply shows the arrogance of those like Obama, Pelosi and others who fall in the same ilk. They are so much better than the average American and they know what you want whether you realize it or not. You just sit back and they will drive this train right into the same state as Greece, France, and maybe even Libya. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. Do not say a word or according to Maxine Watters you will end up in Hell. What a bunch of Jokers. How did we draw to this hand.

  • J P

    Republicans are more the ‘children of light’ – liberals? .. straight out of hell.

  • Valerie Tomasic

    Liberals are lazy. The logic portion of their brains are congenitally mutated. They don’t seem to realize that it is self-defeating to bite the hands that are feeding them. When you present them with road map undeniable truth they attack you instead of facing the point. They either falied algebra or cheated to get a “C”. They do not do their homework. As administrators they build sand castles. They are boring and are not worth talking to. They don’t contribute to anything that does not benefit themselves. Than God they are in a minority.

  • DOM


  • Ratfink

    Whoever did not know that Oboma was unpatrotic must be braindead. Oboma is also a traitor and needs to be brought up on charges of treason! Let us not forget that there are other RATS also in Washington just as guilty as Oboma.

  • Redhead54

    SaneRepublican…. your logic eludes me, but then anyone that supports Obama at this point in time does also. Is it because he is the first Black (half white) president to be elected and regardless of his faults, you can’t agree because you won’t go against him for racial reason on principle? I see the politicians not raising a finger to stop his crimes against America, because they are to scarred to be looked at as the one who impeached the first black (half white) president. I say this because that is why all you liberals are getting away with all this crap.
    It only takes a few politicians with some backbone to assert the law and take on the injustices this president has brought down on the American people.

    It is not just Republicans, but there are Democrats that do not support this run-a-way president. It’s the libtards and the old rhinos that need to be ejected. Your king is a few fries shy of a happy meal.

    • dave

      I can’t stand either half of this punk!
      He is his ideas….

      i’m baffled why anyone would like him!..other then being self haters spending all their time looking and lashing out rather looking inward to resolve their pain.

      lib-jive is a disorder!…oh i just realized something…”dis-order”…the underlining need to control all things!..BINGO!

    • LEL MN

      It’s ironic that America’s first black president would be the one to sell us down the river and make us all galley slaves on the ship of State.
      Yes, obama must be removed. But his removal will not eradicate the progressive infestation. obama’s just the hood ornament on the communist clown car. I’ve read opinions that it would take a “benevolent dictator” four years to Restore America. Since benevolent dictators are in short supply, it’s going to take at least fifty years to eliminate and then recover from progressivism.

  • Lloyd

    Like lemmings following their leader headlong into destruction, the liberal democrats and the mass media, follow their illustrious leader as he ruins our free and independent government. Apparently, they believe that once he is in power, they will be a part of the ruling elite. If they believe that, they are a bigger bunch of fools than I thought. People like George Soros will more than likely make the rules, and Obama will follow them. Money still counts, and those that have it will control the rest of us, no matter what type of government we have. What we need to do is see to it that the communists/muslims do not gain control of our country. And when we get full control back, we must never allow our congress o run amuck as they have in the past. We must take control of all aspects of our government, especially the printing, spending and control of all money bearing the name of the United States of America. We must start putting some sort of tariff or price control on products being returned to this country, by those manufactures that have moved their operations outside the United States. This would allow competition by those who wanted to start up businesses to replace those that moved out..I can recall when we had mills that made all the clothing that such stores as J. S. Penney sold. Almost all the automobiles sold in this country were made in this country. We had large furniture manu-facturers that made our furniture, we had farmers that grew the apples and other fruits we now get from Japan. We surely can grow food cheaper than what imported food costs us. Small farmers used to be self sufficient, needing to buy very little to sustain life. We can take of ourselves, providing our own government representatives are not allowed to give everything we earn away to those who will not work for themselves. Our trouble is that we have become so used to a fairly easy life, that we can’t seem to get up enough gumption to do what is needed to solve the problems we now have.

    • Fed-up American

      You have some good points, but we have one very BIG problem that gets in the way — the Unions that demand such big paychecks and HUGE benefits for “their” workers that they price themselves out of the competition. That’s why companies have been forced to move plants overseas or they would have to charge such high prices for their goods that few (VERY few during this time of high unemployment) could afford to purchase those goods. That obviously does not work.
      So — how can we greatly decrease — or eliminate — the voracious and insatiable greed and power of the unions that are holding the us hostage? To start with, we can vote the liberal union-devotees OUT OF OFFICE — on EVERY level of government from school boards and city councils on up!
      Unions have far outlived their usefulness!

  • George Rice

    Why are the politically incorrect comments hidden?

    • Fed-up American

      Comments are hidden when their rating scores (by the readers)are very low. They are still available for people to read if they would like to see what a comment that has a score of -75 (or whatever very negative score it is) says!

    • Eric

      When more people disagree with you than agree, and your coment’s rating drops into the negative, it gets hidden, but can be seen if people wish to by clicking “Click here to see.”

      Personally, I thought that the entire line “Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.” was rather self explanitory.

    • LEL MN

      Because your ideas su ck so much.

    • Raymond

      George Rice says:
      August 25, 2011 at 12:20 pm
      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      Why are the politically incorrect comments hidden?

      So the rest of us don’t have to read the rubbish.

    • daves

      Heaven forbid you may have to hear the other side of an issue Raymond.

  • http://Comcast R.Woodworth

    Oh yes, those with millions in the bank, whether Republican nor Democrat have the liferaft, will not go down the tunnel. Republican business owners will vote for a Democrat if it means survival or extra financial profit and business for their company. Look at Google and General Electric. They are best butt buddies with the Marxist Bastard? Obama makes GE CEO the Job zar, and then he sends jobs from Wisconsin to China. What do you Democrat Unionest in Wisconsin think of that????

  • George Rice

    Ps – I was in an MP Company in Korea – 728th, 1969-1970.

    • Fed-up American

      Whether I agree with an sctive military person’s or veteran’s political viewpoint ot not, I will still say to them — as I am saying to you — Thank you for your service to this great country.
      The right to have differing opinions is part of what maks this country so great, and while I disagree vehemently with some points of view, I will support the person’s right to express those views.
      It seems that it’s the libs who want to disallow the free speech of those who disagree with them, and I am definitely NOT a lib!

    • Combat Vet

      As a combat vet and I saw plenty lets leave it at that, I love America and still honor my oath of office. This Rice guy is a disgrace to the uniform, period. To sit by and support a usurper who is anti-American, hates the military, is in violation of the UCMJ in his abuse of Col. Lakin and his totally illegal occupation of the White House, while our troops in theater die, is just plain sick! That our nation led by this perverted POS makes me sick! Fed-up, his very support for a traitor violates his oath of office yet you thank him for his service? WHAT! Do you thank Benedict Arnold for his service as well?

      Did you know that our troops in Afghanistan have empty shelves in the PX? That their loved ones are forced to send them the essentials of everyday life because Hussein refuses to supply the troops in theater? Never happened on Bush’s watch. I had issues with Bush but he was good for the military!

      So you call yourself Fed Up American and your not fed up with this turncoat?

    • LEL MN

      Your point is ….. ?

    • Combat Vet

      Learn to read before you comment! Simply put, to serve one’s country and then support it’s demise is counter to our oath of office. So I guess my point is do yourself a favor and STFU!

  • mesaman

    Why would he admit this obvious trait; fifty-eight percent of voters have already come to the same conclusion, even with Huff&Puff and A Hole L lapping up Low-bama’s sweat. Perhaps he is looking for sympathy, and perhaps the looney left will give it to him.

    • LEL MN

      The obamanable one knows he won’t be re-elected. He can let it all hang out now and stake claim to the legacy as the One who tried to lead America to a Utopian State – but was undone by Rich White people.

    • Fed-up American

      And a LOT of us who are white but living below the poverty line. Hi is absolutely no friend to us.

    • Eric

      He’s even a worse “friend” to those of us who are black and below the poverty line. We have taken an even harder hit than “whitey” has from this sorry excuse for a president.

      For those of you out there that wish to play the race card on me for having said that, sorry, I’m a real black, unlike our halfbreed president!

    • WASP

      Yes, and I’d bet that you are NOT on the waiting list to permanently leave the U.S.

  • http://Comcast R.Woodworth

    In the election year of 2008, government records show that more illegal votes were cast than at anyother year of elections. I contend that Obama didn’t win all of those 19 states. The union and Accorn were heavy at work. And did the Democrats work the system electronically? The crooked gangster Trumka had his heavy weight thugs at work in their union jobs abusing the workers and making sure they voted Obama or their families would suffer. The unions spent 800,000 million on Obama’s campaign, aand this year the unions have uped the amount to 1 Billion. That means higher dues, and record corruption from the Democrats?

    • daves

      You can believe that all you want but you will need some evidence to get me to believe it.

      Where did your read about 2008 having the most illegal votes?

  • WW2 Navy Vet

    You are all wrong..obummer is the most patriotic muslim
    in this country..He’s given millions to repair mosques all
    over the world..He bowed to the king of saudia arabia..
    He’s raised the debt gloriously and raised the unemployed
    to a new high..He’s agreat muslim..goes on numerous
    vacations..spends lots of taxpayer money..Hides his
    jewelry during ramadan holiday..He does everything a
    good muslim does..GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Fed-up American

      Yes — that is in all caps to really emphasize my strong gratitude to you and my very high regard and respect for you, sir!

      And besides that — you are thinking with great clarity, something that a lot of younger Americans sadly do not seem to be capable of doing. But a lot of them seem to be waking up, so please keep sharing your wisdom; perhaps some of them will actually hear and understand what you are saying.

  • AliveStillKickin

    I already knew he wasn’t patriotic when he said. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    That should have been enough to imprison him on the spot.
    Socialist, seditious impostor.

  • Elvis in Argentina

    Yes, but BO and Bush are cousins on Bo’s mom’s side, and BO failed to mention that fact, and BO’s wars in Libya and BOCare are causing a greater debt than his cousin Bush, and their cousin Clinton (that is correct they are all closely related cousins), every caused, even though they are all part of the same ruling dynasty.

    • daves

      Calculations by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and other independent fiscal experts show that the $1.1 trillion cost over the next 10 years of the Medicare prescription drug program, which the Republican-controlled Congress adopted in 2003, by itself would add more to the deficit than the combined costs of the bailout, the stimulus and the health care law.

    • Combat Vet

      Dave, keep drinking the kool-aid……….the fact that you believe anything a government agency under this usurped administration says, is in and of itself……troubling!

      Those numbers simply do not hold up even under the most biased scrutiny!

    • daves

      Sorry Vet but the CBO has a great record and they are used as a tool and a reference by both political parties.

    • WASP

      Another socialist liberal democrap ringer.
      Who cares what he thinks. Who even believes that he can think.

      As for Obumbler being unpatriotic–No S***, Sherlock!

    • daves

      Who drank the Kool-Aid?
      Here are two questions:

      1. When it comes to political conversations, which group (Left or Right) was the first to accuse the other of ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’?

      2. Which group, now, uses the phrase most often?

    • Johnnygard

      Right after the Jim Jones suicides in Ghana, Rush Limbaugh started using the phrase.

  • http://Comcast R.Woodworth

    But george Rice, I don’t believe you can read, while you are in love with Obama. Do you know Obamacare, or are you just on the dole from Obama…….. you must work for Obama….. and you are a plant?

  • Redhead54

    George Rice… you are obviously an Obot…. people vote on what you write. After so many negative votes, the comments are hidden. People can always click them open to read them and then vote on them again. In your case, people tend to not like what you say. Do you need any further explanation?

    • George Rice

      Hi Redhead,

      Re. hiding comments that the majority don’t like. This kind of censorship, whether it’s done by the right or the left, is cowardly.

    • Eric

      Actually, Georgie, it’s called democracy. The people have spoken, they don’t like what you have to say.

    • stRanger

      Go to Huffy-Po, there they boot you off the site if they don’t like your remarks. More hypocrisy from the Left.

      By the way, the people who operate and pay for this site are Conservatives and they make the rules for this site just as Huffy-Puffy does on theirs. If they want to bury your remarks they can. But they didn’t exclude your comments, they’re still there.

      Just click and open them up. This is NOT a government venue bound by the dictates of the First Amendment. You have no “free speec” here.

    • George Rice


      Right wing political correctness is just as silly as left wing political correctness.

      Right wing censorship is just as cowardly as left wing censorship.

    • Johnnygard

      If people on this site don’t agree with a comment, they express their disagreement by giving you a thumbs down. If you have a majority of thumbs down, the managers of the site elect to hide the comment so if we don’t want to bother with your drivel, we can skip right over it. Sensorship would remove or not even post your crap.

    • Johnnygard

      Oops, “Censorship”. Can’t find spellcheck on this computer.

    • Johnnygard

      To the moderator: Crap = second meaning in my Websters – nonsense, falseness, insincerity, etc. Something useless, inferior, worthless, etc.; trash; junk.

  • David B.

    Boy if this isn’t calling the kettle black. Bush may have done that in 8 years (but most of it was democrat generated) and this fool Obama has spent 4.2+ trillion in 945 days and he wants more! This dumbbell thinks he’s in a candystore saying thank you may I have more. Well Obama the store going to close quickly. You unpatiotic moron that has no business being where you are.

  • Kris

    I am a naturalized US citizen of Polish origin. Poland with 1000 years history, being a major force in central Europe for 500 years, vanished from the map of Europe after introduction of free elections for the kings from foreign countries.
    Can anybody answer this question; how come nobody bothered to check on the origin of the current ‘king’ before the election?
    US Immigration law recognizes the so called ‘formative years’ for a person spending his/hers teenage years in this country as a basis for automatic naturalization and legal right to US citizenship.
    Why this requirement is so important and valid for US citizenship process, because a person, spending these formative years in this country, develops ties to this country and this culture.
    Can we expect the same ties to this country from our president, who spent his formative years in a Moslem school in Indonesia?

  • Neil Walden

    Have any of you checked out the new Department of injustice (under Obama). What happened to the Red,White, and Blue. We now have a Muslin letter head also ck out the guy that wrote the heading statement.

  • Sheeple Hearder

    B-O can pack up his STANK and go to hell !
    While he’s at it, take used car salesman Biden, Hag Pelosi, his illegal Aunt living in my White House along with princess Michelle’s mother and the rest of his illegal Marxist regime with him.
    Good riddance commie-bama !

  • daves

    This article is funny. Most of the money spent since President Obama took office is for laws passed when President Bush was in office.

    • stRanger

      Right, by the Democrat controlled Congress who piled up huge debt so the uninitiated, like you, could blame Bush.

      You can blame Bush for his part in it, but by doing so you also damn Obama as a profligate Spendocrat.

      Keep it up. I love watching Liberals walk out into the street, face their opponent and on the command “Draw!” immediately blow a hole through their own foot and argument.

    • stRanger

      Well, “Patriot Update” that’s the 4th or 5th comment of mine you’ve held for “moderation”. I take it that means you’ve banned my commentary. Well, that’s your prerogative but I don’t need any more of this treatment from Conservative sites.

      At least you “hide” the unpopular ones of Liberals. Mine get “moderated” out of existence.

      Ta-ta. Conservatives: losing America one vote at a time.

    • camel riding prayer rug making muslim

      What a shame,liberals use lies and class warfare and divide our nation by races. News like the flash mobs robbing and beating whites at random and jackson and sharpton and maxine waters and even obama say nothing and will those flash mobsters be charged with a hate crime?. A few white cops arrest a black professor for a crime and those cops are made out by obama to be racist.Hre in America the socialist commie democrat liberals are out to crush our nation and they will be the first to cry when they themselves lose what they have as well.We should screen all people on welfare and food stamps and sec 8 housing for drugs and citizenship.Lets secure our borders and stop the epa from stopping America from drilling for our own oil. We all need to wake up and stop obama,period.

    • Eric

      Wow, are you ever uninformed. Either that or are just another Obot.

    • Johnnygard

      daves, You work for the DNC, right? You and BHO are still blaming Bush. Have you ever told us what part of the economy is better than it was in Jan of ’09, and exactly what did Obama do to make it better?

    • WASP

      20 years from how they’ll both still be blaming Bush for everything, if they’re still alive. For the local fool, who cares. For the Kenyan, I hope not.

    • daves

      The only part that is better Johnny is that economy is slowly improving compared to January 2009 when it was rapidly deteriorating.

      January 2009 when President Obama took office.

      Employers slashed their payrolls by 598,000 jobs in January, marking not only the biggest monthly cut since the recession began in December 2007, but the biggest since 1974, the Labor Department reported today. The unemployment rate rocketed to a more than 16-year high of 7.6 percent from 7.2 percent in December. The government also revised earlier job loss numbers to shower deeper cuts in November and December. About half of the 3.6 million jobs lost since the start of the recession have been lost in the past three months, indicating the economic slowdown is far from over.

  • Pedro

    It’s amazing the hipocrysi Of tris man And especilly the his intentioned bad memory for the disaster that his committing to the economy of this great country . But I thik that was the plan since the very first day , because this gentleman advisers are socialized who hate this country . I hope those who voted for him in 2008 realize that this disaster is not an accident GOD bless and proted this great nation because is the only way to get out of this catastrophe in which we are
    God Bless USA
    Pedro from Miami

  • Scott

    I hear and understand all of yours and my frustrations with this illegal unqualified president we have in office right now. When are we going to do something about it. Even Thomas Jefferson said that a republic needs a revolution once in a while to make it right again. How do we organize to get this administration out. I do not wish to wait until he fixes the next election and we are stuck for 4 more years that we will never recover from.

    I believe a formal revolution in this country is not merely necessary but it the American thing to do. Let us not grow old and think that we could have done more. If I am investigated for incited a revolution, I do not care. The worse thing that good men can do about evil is nothing. When the foundations are being destroyed, what will the righteous do. This is our time. This is our children time. This is the time we need to stand up and follow the path of Jefferson, Madison, Revere, Franklin, Washington, Adams, and all the others that fought to create this Republic. Let us not be the ones to let it be destroyed.
    We will never forgive ourselves if we just go about our business waiting for someone else to act. We are the ones that the others are waiting for.
    The media needs to be held accountable for their part in this mess.
    The Congress needs to be swept away and a new patriotic one installed.
    We need the Supreme Court to make decisions on the Constitution as it was written not as it is perverted.
    We need all Americans to do more tomorrow than you did today.
    We need to stop making excuses and expecting change to come all by itself.
    We need to stop the agenda of this corrupt administration.
    We need to take his teleprompter away.
    We need to bare arms and stand ready.
    We need to stop the erosion of our protective rights from happening every day.
    We need action and we need it yesterday.

    Or we can just wait until they come for us next.

    It is the time for a decision to be made and a people to love America enough to fight for it and not go along like lemmings any longer.

    American Revolution 2011-?

    • MARY

      I couldn’t have said it better. I have been talking with my husband about the very same thing. We the people, need to do something NOW, not wait, like you said, until the next election. The first one was probably rigged, as this next one will be. I’m all for standing up in arms to defend our great country and constitution.

    • Robin Holderness

      What everyone says here is sooo true. We agree with Mary. There is that issue with Obama’s birth certificate. Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy, but last year Mrs. Obama was giving a speech, maybe at a college graduation — I’m not quite sure, but she stated that her husband was born in Kenya. A representative of Kenya said he was born in Kenya, and one of his friends at ACORN said he was born in Kenya. I suppose no one wants to overturn the apple cart, but why is he allowed to be so secretive about his qualifications. As far as I’m concerned, he shouldn’t even have his name on the ballot, nor should he be campaigning, until his credentials are sealed in concrete and the truth be known.

      BTW, today Mr. Obama finally admitted that he is “unpatriotic.” Is this who we want to run our country. We somehow all need to band together and get answers to our questions. He doesn’t like us, so he says to foreign governments. He thinks we are ignorant (well, we elected him, didn’t we, — well I didn’t, but that’s neither here or there. I gave him a chance. Somehow, some way, we need to be heard by everybody! Come on, my friends, let’s get together on this issue and stop being afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. Time is moving quickly.


    • Scott

      Bless you Mary…No knock at the door yet.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      OH H3LL, we knew nobamma was unpatriotic 3 years ago !!!!!!!

    • Jim

      The vote is our greatest weapon but to few exercise their duty when the time comes. Your way is not the way at this time. Years ago We should have cleared the halls of government getting rid of all the good ole boys and made sure there was time limits for all offices and I mean short ones. Corruption can come fast when there is such power. The President has to much power which should be share between him, the VP and the leaders of the House and Senate by vote from paroles to the supreme court. The Veto should not be as it is taking the democratic out. When the people allow the government to set their own wage, a retirement and other benefits we have not kept a good watch as our founding father meant us to. I do not believe they intended for government office to be a career that would earn a pension and free health care. what have we been think?


      Jim, Sadly, there is NO PLACE in past history that has shown that once the Marxist- Commies (who prefer being called “Progressives) have gained CONTROL of a country that the VOTE of the people removed them! Joseph Stalin’s words are quite clear: “Those that vote control nothing, it is those that count the votes that control everything”! Our national elections system has been computerized and the results are gathered and broadcast to our nation by a “Progressive” controlled media who paints Conservatives RED and Liberals BLUE! ~ Those of us old enough remember that RED was the color for was their flag! ~ We also remember WI Senator Joseph McCarthy trying to warn us of Communist infiltration back in 1950-51 and how the RED Edward R. Murrow led the American people to believe he was a “witch-hunter”! ~ Stupid is as stupid does…NOW we are paying the Piper for our ignorance! ~ Whenever a cancer is allowed to metastasize then it becomes harder to cure…or is even TERMINAL! ~ Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for their lack of knowledge”!

    • Willie

      There was a Gaylords hit some years back,thast went like this : ” Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive:” obama in spite of his admission has never been a patriot to the USA, His whole “life” is a web of deceit. OR Very Plainly LIES, and as little as he thinks The Bible says i The Revelation “No liar will be in Heaven” Obama will be well toasted, rather than feasting with his 70 “virgins:” Ole !!!

    • smitty

      there are 75 Communists in the democrat Congress.

    • SAINT

      70 avowed socialists in U.S. Congress
      DSA lists members of the 111th session


      Read more: 70 avowed socialists in U.S. Congress
      In October 2009, the Democratic Socialists of America released in its newsletter a list of 70 members of the U.S. Congress who are members of the organization:


      Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07)
      Hon. Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)

      Vice Chairs

      Hon. Diane Watson (CA-33)
      Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18)
      Hon. Mazie Hirono (HI-02)
      Hon. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)

      Senate Members

      Hon. Bernie Sanders (VT)

      House Members

      1. Hon. Neil Abercrombie (HI-01)
      2. Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)
      3. Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)
      4. Hon. Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL)
      5. Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01)
      6. Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)
      7. Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08)
      8. Hon. André Carson (IN-07)
      9. Hon. Donna Christensen (VI-AL)
      10. Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)
      11. Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)
      12. Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
      13. Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09)
      14. Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
      15. Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07)
      16. Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)
      17. Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)
      18. Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)
      19. Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04)
      20. Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-05)
      21. Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17)
      22. Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02)
      23. Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51)
      24. Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)
      25. Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11)
      26. Hon. Alan Grayson (FL-08)
      27. Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)
      28. Hon. John Hall (NY-19)
      29. Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17)
      30. Hon. Maurice Hinchey (NY-22)
      31. Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15)
      32. Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)
      33. Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)
      34. Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
      35. Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
      36. Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)
      37. Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09)
      38. Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)
      39. Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)
      40. Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)
      41. Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)
      42. Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07)
      43. Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)
      44. Hon. James McGovern (MA-03)
      45. Hon. George Miller (CA-07)
      46. Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)
      47. Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
      48. Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL)
      49. Hon. John Olver (MA-01)
      50. Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)
      51. Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)
      52. Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)
      53. Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
      54. Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
      55. Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)
      56. Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)
      57. Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-47)
      58. Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)
      59. Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)
      60. Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)
      61. Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)
      62. Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)
      63. Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)
      64. Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)
      65. Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
      66. Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)
      67. Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
      68. Hon. Peter Welch (VT-AL)
      69. Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19)

    • Mike

      ANTICRIME…you are right about one thing…the computer polling can be easily rigged. Your error is in who controls the machines. Diebold was and is owned and controlled by Conservatives! If you think they are fixing elections in favor of “progressives” then you are sadly mistaken. Elections are “controlled” in other ways as well. Take Ohio in 2004(which decided the election in favor of Bush) I counties where there were a majority of Republican residents the polling places had a abundance of voting machines and virtually no wait to cast a vote. On the other hand, in Democrat heavy Counties voting machines were limited which led to waits of 6-8 hours to cast a vote. Working people just don’t have that kind of time to wait and consequently many didn’t and their votes were left on the sidelines.

    • Vince

      Never has been, never will be.
      I suppose Reuters also?
      How about Gallop?

    • Scott

      Anything that gets rid of Obama in the next election is fine with me. I do not believe Conservatives would rig an election but I would not mind if it happens. This election is that important.

    • camel riding prayer rug making muslim

      Many blacks and illegals have votes to…

    • G Norwood

      I’m non white and I would NEVER vote for Obama!

    • BohdanUke1

      You’re one of the brave, decent and few self-thinking persons. But unfortunately, you are simply being overwhelmed by the majority.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Suescritters3

      Yeah now tell everyone you know not to vote for him. Tell Liberal friends and family to watch FOX news especially Hannity once in a while for the truth. I’ve lost a good friend because she thinks Obama is the best thing for this country. I can’t wait until she gets her eyes opened about him. Don’t expect her to say anything to me when she does. Just wish so many didn’t sound as if all they drink is the WHitehouse Kool-Aid.

    • Vince

      G., can you tell us why you feel that way? There are so very few that have the guts to come out and say that! You must be a very proud person.

    • Dave Trimble

      Illegal immigrants by law cannot vote. Anyone that lets them vote should be air dropped into Pakistan or Mexico as punishment. Muslims belong in the middle east and not in America. Any religion that promotes killing should be recognized as a cult and banned.

    • Skydiver

      Islam is not a religeon, but it is a “Facist Ideology”, the Quran was written by a lunitic in caves sometime in the 6th or 7th century!

    • RevDoug

      You said “Any religion that promotes killing should be recognized as a cult and banned.” That would be ALL Superstitutions/religions, thank you I agree !

    • Mike

      So Freedom of Religion only applies to YOUR religious beliefs?

    • Vince

      I’ going to have to go with skydiver here. Muhammad was an illiterate man who spewed hashish induced sayings “channeling Allah”.The entire book is based on the speeches of one man. No other faith, barring the Mormons, have such a belief structure.
      Oh, and “Kill all infidels”, That’s not really a religious thing.
      Before you jump all over me, I know the Christians have done awful things in the past. Difference being, in the past! We grew and learned. Muslims just got more and more angry. They changed the name of Persia to Iran, a Farsi word meaning aryan. Hitler thought it would be a good idea.

    • Vince

      I’ going to have to go with skydiver here. Muhammad was an illiterate man who spewed hashish induced sayings “channeling Allah”.The entire book is based on the speeches of one man. No other faith, barring the Mormons, have such a belief structure.
      Oh, and “Kill all infidels”, That’s not really a religious thing.
      Before you jump all over me, I know the Christians have done awful things in the past. Difference being, in the past! We grew and learned. Muslims just got more and more angry. They changed the name of Persia to Iran, a Farsi word meaning aryan. Hitler thought it would be a good idea.

    • Nintendo

      Don’t just blame blacks for voting for Obama. A good dose of every race did. I didn’t vote for him, and I’m black.

    • Apache6

      Jim,if not now,WHEN,if not us,WHO????????????

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Vote Hell you Cannot vote to day or tomorrow Nov. 2012 will be too f…ing late . What’s the matter is every body in this nation brain washed to the point ofimmobility of by ones own volition. Our best wepon is To MARCH ON DC> Legally and in the millions ewiith our demands in hand If that doesnot qwork our next best weapon is any thing that sends projectiles at targets accurately and painfully. The only ones apparently with any guts are a bunch of Vietnam Vets who are by ad large more disabled than not but they all can shoot very well.
      HE WHO HESITATES IS Not LOST BUT Too STUPID to Know When to get out of the way.
      All I ever see on these “activist” “Consevative” web sites is boohoo woe is me; never once has any one said go get um tiger!or let’s go get um or even I’ll help you reload,
      Worst of All Not one single poster has said I have DONE THIS OR THAT AND GOT THESE RESULTS. and Or I did not get any result so now I am going to>>> < execpt one or two that I know are vets.

    • Dennis Patrick Foley

      You know, the problem is not you or I because we’re motivated to act. The problem is people like my sister who are such good Christians, as am I,but think that all they can do is pray about it and ask God to make changes. The fact is unless you make a move to bring about an action we will be overcome by the marxsist, socialist yomamma lovers. Then after the election has taken place they will ask “how could this have ever happened” when if they had motivated themselves to vote and to get everyone they knew to vote they might have made a difference. I hope there are enough freedom loving, God loving people who will stand up and make a difference. May the LORD help us !!!!!

    • thomas

      Im with you. I to feel its time to reset America. The problem is fighting all the local police and the Feds. to say nothing of the Guard. A sweeping change in the people in Washington would be a good start. If theyve been there for 4 years, or more, get rid of them.

    • Sherry Underwood

      What can the average american citizen do to wake the people up to this muslin we have for a president. No one can say he isn’t and he has said he is muslin himself.

    • Sherry

      Obama is planning to make all the illegal immigrants legal to get their votes. He is already pushing a law to allow them the right to work here.

    • Lance

      All is well said. To start, do you all remember the Million Man March? I say it is time for all true conservatives who believe is the Constitution, country, and God to make a similar march, not a paltry million, but ten million and flood DC, block the streets, and Make the elected understand that they work for US, no the other way around. We flood the offices, the hallways, the whitehouse all of it. (peacefully of course) Until the damn fools listen. If this doesn’t work, other measures must be taken, what measures must be predicated by the results of the march, or non-results as the case may be. These premadonna’s need to get knocked down a dozen notches. I am sick to death of their super-ego’s from the serial ego-maniacal, anti-american, pro-muslim, illigal idiot in charge, on down the line.

    • Bealman

      You’re “right on” Scott! As the nation gets closer to 2012 and the elections, revealing the schemes and tactics used to get Obama re-elected, the “trigger” will have been pulled. That realization will be the first shot heard around the world, signaling the elimination of this administration – every human connected with it- and the entire congress – every human connected to it. This government is nothing more than a cess pool of greed & lies, communist and socialist. Freedom does come from the end of a gun. Watch!!

    • Apache6

      When I was a kid MY Mother would always tell me,”FREEDOM ISN’T FREE,IT COMES WITH A PRICE THAT ONLY BRAVE PATRIOTS ARE WILLING TO PAY,WITH THEIR LIVES IF NEED BE” Gee,is it any wonder I’m the way I am. SHE would also tell me,”NEVER LET THE GOVERNMENT TAKE YOUR GUNS” What a GREAT MOM!!!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Don’t let your keyboard write a check your wallet or fire arm can’t cash. I live on the extreme west Coast And I would leave to night If I thought any one wold meet me at the washinton monument in sufficient numbers to actually do some thing. The Political vermin firmly ensconced in DC Know when the next election is and have plans already working to control it the way THEY want Remember the Hanging chads, & absentee ballots and all the dead democrats being (resurrected{and not by Jesus} just to vote) it . If you haven’t been living under a rock or with your head firmly lodged between your buttocks you would Know that or a least assume that’s what will also happen next election. Ergo you should be ready to react not wait almost a full year to do something

    • daves

      How did that go for you? Did anyone show up or are they all just talk?

    • Scott

      Great follow up, Bealman. Powder kept dry!!


      Scott, Your frustration is both understandable and shared by true American Patriots nationwide! BUT, you are “leapfrogging” over our STATES that have the power of not only nullification of unconstitutional federal mandates but also the power of SECESSION should that be a necessary remedy to protect its citizens from a rampant central government! Our founders gave us the Second Amendment AS A LAST RESORT TO TYRANNY should all else break down and fail to defend our liberty! ~ Let us work with our state governments and also be certain to keep them clean of Communist “Progressives” who would infiltrate the Governor’s office along with the Legislature and Secretary of State positions! That is why it is so important to be AWARE of whom you are voting into office, even at the local levels of government; which is the first rung in the political ladder to Congress! ~ KEEP IN MIND the words of Karl Marx: “It is through revolution we will bring about change”! Also the New World Order slogan: “Order out of CHAOS”…they CREATE the chaos so they can install THEIR ORDER! ~ TIMES have changed from the days of our forefathers when arms were on a level field! Today, the weaponry obtainable to common citizens is of little concern to those that have used OUR tax dollars to develop secret weapons beyond common knowledge to either control or annihilate the masses! ~ ALL they need is an EXCUSE to use them along with all the waiting FEMA camps and millions of stockpiled FEMA coffins! ~ The BEST line of defence is a THINKING MIND!!!

    • Gordon

      It may sound good to bear arms, but that would play into this Marxist bastards arms. Giving
      the excuse to declare Marshall law and totally
      by pass the constitution. Stand tall together
      totally block the streets in DC. Remember the
      camps that HLS has activated on old military bases. Oh yes Obama and his Marxist friends have been busy.

    • al gallier


    • Bell

      Scott, I too, along with probably thousands of others have your thoughts. The one thing that went through my mind was that the Government works for us, and if that be true, why can’t we fire them? And I don’t mean wait to vote them out, but fire all of those that have brought this down on our head. If the military could help us, I feel it could be done. In the constitution, under the Declaration of Independence it says:that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their saftey and happiness.And there is more to this if you keep reading it.


      Bell, It was the STATES that CREATED our federal government, and it is the STATES that can ABOLISH IT! ~ All it takes is the withholding of all current revenues to the current, rampant federal government and SECESSION! ~ Each state is an individual sovereign spoke SUPPORTING a central hub in a complete “wheel” of states, thus each spoke that is removed is no longer controlled by the hub; enough spokes removed causes the central hub to COLLAPSE! ~ Our American “wheel” was formed for the coordinated good of the people, but since our HUB has rotted it is time for a NEW hub…NOT a New World Order!

    • Libertyordeath

      The states don’t send in most of the checks. The people do. Stop sending in money to the IRS and watch how fast it and the Federal government fall.
      Cut your withholding to $0.00 and tell the IRS to pound sand. Prohibition was repealed because the federal government could not afford to defend against all the legal challenges to it. Cut off it’s food supply and even the scariest beast will die.

    • Willie

      Bell If we had a congress with guts and a spine he wouldnt be there any longer and all his tricks would be out with him,Only ONE makes No mistake thats GOD, but thankfully if we depend on Him our mistakes can be correctied.

    • gary

      Ah but who would run the country then?

    • Apache6

      WE THE PEOPLE,Gary!!!

    • Scott

      I am a 54 year old college student and I just finished a course in English Composition. One of my final papers was called, The Myth of Democracy…It explained that this nation was not formed as a democracy, which is majority rules. This country was established as a republic where we elect representatives to serve in the government and if they fail us we elect someone else. The best example of a pure democracy is a lynching where the only dissenting vote is the man at the end of the rope.

      By the way, my lesbian teacher gave me an A on the paper.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      The Political Power structure as it presently defiles our nation and its capitol Have already read the Declaration of independence and have Military an civilian plans already to install on their mainframes to thwart any attempt to over throw their “Government” by force. unless it miraculously happened over night in the wink of an eye. Ha!. Their is not enough intestinal fortitude or true American patriots to do it with out the Physical , mental, spiritual, financial, strategic and tactical support of multi millions of Americans all at once.

    • Freckles

      Count me in,Scott a REVOLUTION dump all 535
      Politicians in the Chesapeak River!Elect someone with a love of this GREAT COUNTRY
      create jobs and regain RESPECT around the WORLD that this imposter LOST !Someone who can connect with the CONGRESS in a positive way!There is more believe me more!

    • Rock

      Nonsense to everything yous said!

    • quantumfoam

      Hey yous said. What did we’s say?God Bless the United States and all it’s patriotic citizens, The rest should seek redemption. This was once a nation under God. Now it is a nation under a dictatorship.There will be earthquakes in diverse places. etc,etc!

    • Scott

      Yous said?????? What school you went? hahaha

    • camel riding prayer rug making muslim

      We all know that obama is a two face lying machine.He said c-span so all could see the truth and the truth is obama said no c-span he wants to stay hidden. Transparency,Dennis miller needs a writer with jokes that good and Miller is down right funny already.No backroom deals obama said so he put reid and pelosi in the backroom and gave us obamacare only to have pelosi force the devilcrats to pass it without reading it and that should be a crime in itself. Then obama signed it and he knew what was in it so yes,its on obama.How come so many black voters are okay with obama lying to them and obama has put more blacks on unemployment then any president in decades.Blacks still love obama no matter how many times obama lies to them and breaks his promises to them and stabs them in the back. I don’t get it. Are black voters only going to vote for obama because he is black and for no other reason? That would mean blacks are very racist and vote according to if someone is black and not on there promises. Oh,thats right,with obama,his promises are worthless anyway so blacks do vote for blacks because they are racist.That means the rest of America must get out and vote so we can save our nation because the black voters would rather vote black and lose our country then vote for a patriot.

    • Ed

      Black are still in a Plantation mode. They like not working and having everything provided for them. The only thing they thing about is drinking, doing drugs, selling drugs to white boys and girls and raping whit chicks.

    • Nintendo

      All of us act that way? Look, you people are seriously starting to sound racist. As a black person myself, I don’t deny that my people are jam packed with problems and are extremely stubborn, but you can’t say that Blacks (as a whole) are gangsters, rape white women—not unless you walked in the shoes of EVERY SINGLE black person on this earth, in which you haven’t.

      Don’t run off the few blacks who’re actually against Obama.

    • Mike

      I can see how you folks believe that there are no racists in the Tea Party!

    • ken

      i talk to a lot of people in my job, and the truth is…most blacks don’t like him either…there are the stupid ones though…one black girl even told me…he’s not the fist black president..he’s half white! This guy is incompetent at best and anti-american and a traitor at worst. he needs to go..the sooner the better!

    • Nintendo

      You really need to be careful on how you’re labeling ALL blacks. This black didn’t vote for that liar in chief. Don’t think that all blacks have closed their ears to the truth. I didn’t, and most of family feels the same way.

    • Fredro

      Count me in on this revolution. I agree that if we wait…the fix will be in and we are screwed.
      I hope you don’t mind that I have copied the comment you posted and am going to forward it to every person in my circle of friends and revolutionaries, confident that they will spread the word to all across this nation.

      Fred Ro

    • James Hubbard

      It is unpatriotic and irrational to wait until 2012 to remove the lying, neo-marxist, anti-American, traitor Obama when everyday he is in office he destroys more of this once great country. Principle demands that we do everything in our power to remove him ASAP – even if it seems like a losing battle- we should be at a minimum calling/writing all of our pusillanimous representatives and demanding impeachment for Obama’s many breaches of law and the constitution. Our forefathers didn’t back away from challenges when they were out numbered and we shouldn’t either as we are charged as stewards for this once great country. It seems by the people’s inaction, complacency and apathy that they are fair weather patriots and possibly part of the “worst Generation” that gave away our great economy and country without a fight.

    • Joseph Takacs

      Egypt fell, bad rulers, Libya is falling, Syria is on the verge. In the late 1700’s the Colonies of the, now, United Staes rebelled against “taxation without representation”. We have no representation in DC, or for that matter, in the majority of our states. There is nobama, supreme court, adud of congress and senate, idiotic cabinet, but look at what their wages are. Remember Lexington and Concord. That’s what Americans are about. Not to stepped on and lied to. Give this to the fbi, nsa, cia, dia, I don’t relly care. I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran, and I’ve seen this nation go downhill, rapidly, in the last two years. Think about it. I see Saudi Arabia as being overthrown. Put forcefully retired Gen. McCluskey in as President, Gen Petraus as VP, Gov Perry as Sec of State, Sarah Palin as House speaker. Again, look at their wages…

    • Joseph Takacs

      What do you mean my comment is awaitibg “moderation”????

    • Patriot and an American

      There is a bigger evil than just Obumma. There is vast evil corruption that controls the financial world, governments (plural), and they will do anything to make more money. Remember “Money is the root of ALL evil” God will cleanse the earth for the last time. Prepare to meet your maker!

    • Patriot and an American

      I have come upon information of evil and corruption that makes me feel like a saint. Visit these and inform yourselves of what is coming about

      Bilderberg (

      Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),

      Trilateral Commission (TC),

      This is corruption like I would have never imagined probably because I have had my head in the sand. Become aware of what is happening and take yourself to your next step in your life. Find God, learn what he expects for we are all here for a reason and ask him for guidance.

    • Willie

      Patriot you quoted the Bible wrong. It does say this—-“The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”

    • Willie

      Count the many today who have no money and see how they “live”. Money is a neccessary part of life in this world.Since the fall of Adam & Eve man has had touse this evel for food Clothing, housing etc etc even Taxes. Many because the dont have it starve to death die without medical treatment Many are murdered because of it, but irts all done by the “hand of evil” Like guns they dont kill people People Kill People.

    • russell jenkins

      think about it, if adam had not took a bite of that apple, we wouldn`t be here.

    • Mike

      Thank your conservative friends for that….they prefer that wealth be controlled by an elite few…and they are getting their way at this point in time

    • Raymond

      Willie says:
      August 25, 2011 at 3:24 pm
      Patriot you quoted the Bible wrong. It does say this—-”The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”

      6But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 8And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. 9But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 10For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 11But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. 12Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.
      1 Timothy 6

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Hey Ray Check out the Book of Luke chapters 11 verse 14 through 33 and Luke verses 22 through 38.

      Ps. Don’t forget Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho. …to the shores of Tripoli

    • Libertyordeath

      Money is amoral(not good or bad).
      If you are going to quote the Bible, please get it right.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      GOD Will? !! GOD has already given us the wherewithal to do it our selves. has he not, He gave One guy the Ten Comandments, he tested Jacob and Job beyond the normal call of duty, and King Solomon and he gave David the intelligence to out wit Goliath. did he not. He Is now testing all of us will we or will we not slap evil in the face until his head spins like a top and he falls to either the gutter or the floor of a prison cell He sacrificed One son What the F… else do you want him to do for you?? our salvation is on us all either man up or shut up

    • Joseph Takacs

      We have to remember one thing, “If You Can’t Walk The Walk, Don’t Talk The Talk”. Much would have to be given up, as did the colonists. It’s the American people that need to “Walk The Walk” and now, not down the road.

    • Debra

      To All The American People:
      What about the American people’s social security money? I am talking about the money we saved all of our working lives for. Well, the government, without asking us, has taken out our money and used it to pay for their other debts! This is the reason WHY social security is in trouble now. For no other reason but because they used our money without asking us. They used OUR money to pay other government debt without asking us!
      What are we to do about this?

    • GENE

      Good message. When are we going to do something about that traitor in our White House – I can’t stand to hear his voice or look at his tratorist face. He needs to get fired/impeached. Who cares what pelosi and reid have to say. We will just send pelosi to reids home – adult women action center for back work and scrawning reid just whip his butt and send him to the arabs.

    • Rob Vincent

      It is a good thing to hear all of this and it is the right way to think. It is time for us to stand up and be heard. Lets stop the government from screwing the american people. We all need to stand together and get rid of the scum in Washington DC

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Pelosi and Reid are as guilty as Obumus (conspiracy to commit fraud, and theft by fraud.

    • Pierre

      Why are we so suprised now regarding Obama. He as much as admitted in ’08 during the campaigne what he really is yet the illerate, ignorant and stupid elected the socialist community organizer. And yet how many kept repeating what the LIBERAL MEDIA was saying that “Palin was incompetent”. Well just look at who is the MOST INCOMPETENT president this country has ever had. Even less competent than Fillmore or Pierce.

    • ken

      or Carter!!

    • camel riding prayer rug making muslim

      obama and the democrats are far left socialist commies and the Bible says in Ecclesiastes Chap 10 ver 2 (The heart of the wise inclines to the right,but the heart of the fool to the left.) Enough said…

    • Apache6

      THAT VERSE tells me that WE’RE on the RIGHT side(pun intended)even GOD says so!!!

    • Danny

      I,m with you Scott. The time for waiting is over. All this is going to lead to a fight anyway, so lets get with it so we can win and then begin the rebuilding process. We have to get these punks out of office and never make that mistake again.They have a toe hold and won’t give up, so we are going to have to fight them.

    • babs

      Hoorah!! Hoorah!! Someone finally said it.
      I’m there, too.

    • Apache6

      Scott,that’s what I’ve been saying for two years now,and even people on this site think I’M pushing violence,but regardless,I’M going to say it again,ONLY “GOD,GUNS,and GUTS”can save AMERICA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • riverbets

      Corruption has taken over our country and threatens our liberty & freedom. Throwing the bums out would be impossible if we try to use our legal system to do it. Revolution is the only way!

    • Imp

      The question is where do we start in order to get the ball going? I have been on a letter writing campaign in vain for the last 3 years but I need to escalate it to the next level. Our forefathers risked all financial property to the Revolution. Most died poor. My philosopy is I will die poor, I just want to be the one who picks when and how I die poor. Not leave it to the Obama contingency.

    • Apache6

      DITTO,Imp,I doubt I’ll die of OLD AGE,I’ll either go in the RAPTURE,or a BLAZE OF GLORY,either way is fine with ME!!

    • KM

      To Imp and the other patriots.
      The founders pledged “their lives,their fortunes and their sacred honor”. Can we do less? – who have enjoyed all the benefits of this republic that they created. I am sure that there are,among our 300 Million citizens, people of vision and courage to start the restoration process. Let’s do it.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      UH! there are only give or take a few thousand 280 million LEGITIMATE U.S. Citizens accounted for. How many of those are willing to march on the Nations capitol with in the next 60 days huh? I will leave to night if I could believe more than a dozen would meet me at the Washington monument at High Noon on any given Sunday in October. You??

    • Paul the Jarhead

      You start with local officials and local cops. When the National Guard shows up you burn them down too..if your neighbor works for the Feds..oh well. They are feeding off YOU,driving new vehicles off YOU, Living well off of YOU. If you want to turn the nation around YOU must not think that good Ol’Sally down at the SSI office is innocent..she is not..she is complicit in the destruction of the USA because if you cash a government check YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY AS OBAMA.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      I don’t know your current relationship with the USMC But I am an 80% disabled vietnam vet.I Paid into the Social security system because I had to. My Government Promised to invest tht money wisely and soundly which they did for many years until the kennedy Killer JBJ tossed all of the SS $ into the General fund to pay for the Vietnam war and his f…great society. I thought they taught you better in the Corp . Know thy enemy Know his strengths, weaknesses and never underestimate him. You propose sacrificing All Government employees Willy Nilly, Oh So Wrong! Don’t they teach Jar heads how to kill snakes?? duh!

    • Grove

      Set the time and place and we will be there. I agree. This entity holding our highest office is nothing but a muslim plant from the camp of George Soros. They are doing everything they can to destroy and weaken our country. They are stealing the wealth of this country that we worked for.If America is not free, then no one will benefit from its demise…

    • Co-opted Confederate

      George Soros needs to be run over with his own rolls Royce (several times)

    • Timothy Young

      It is always so refreshing and inspiring to see real Americans who beleive in the Consitiution and in the wisdom of the founding fathers. Although a Revolution is definitely what we need, the REAL REVOLUTION will be brought forth ONLY when like minded Constitutionalist Americans come together and act as ONE. This is the purpose of the TEA Party. It may not seem to be happening “Fast” enough to please many of us, but for the first time in my 55 years, “WE THE PEOPLE” are actually starting to wake up and band together. Remember, the TEA PARTY is NOT a Political PARTY. It is WE THE PEOPLE COMING TOGETHER in a whole hearted effort to restore the USA to it’s former glory. It IS a REVOLUTION !
      Look at what we have done so far. Now is the time to force an impeachement, BEFORE the next election ! THen continue to clean out the “dead wood” in Washington, and KEEP ON GOING ! DO NOT STOP. BE EVER VIGILANT NOW & IN THE FUTURE or This WILL Happen Again & Again. Teach your Children and your children’s children. There will ALWAYS be MANY who will seek power and wealth the “easy way” and who will try to destroy our Republic. It Must be Defended, ( Fought For ) 24/7 by every American Man Woman & Child. Freedom is NOT Free….

    • Daniel Lee Troost

      I couldn’t has said it better, Scott. So, I have already started to boycotting all businesses that are supporting OBAMA, George Soros, New/One World Order and the One World Church.

    • Alan J. Gagne

      Scott, I to have been advocating revolution to take back our country. It is time, and i mean now to take back control from Washington. There are 80 million gun owner primed for this event. I propose a march on Washington and throw all the bums out with the exception of the newly elected freshmen elect. They haven’t been there long enough to cause this havoc.

    • Cuddy1849

      Scott; THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I’m going to copy and post this to my facebook and urge every AMERICAN PATRIOT to do the same and just maybe we can get enough AMERICANS to stand up to the TYRANY this ILLEGAL President is conflicting.

    • BUD


    • Ray

      Scott…I couldn’t have said it better myself. Your words ring true and I agree with all of them!!!

    • sharon

      I totally agree with you. I’ve been asking the same question. When are we Americans going to stand up and take this country back and oustd this illegal in the White House? I’m ready, contact me.

    • http://PatriotUpdate gramma

      Scott, i will do all that I can do to help with this Revolution. Know severl others. Can we get a US Marshall to stand with us? How many militias can we gather?

    • Pam

      I agree, every time I hear people say we can take another 4 years of this I, of course, agree. But then it hits me, I can’t, we can’t, afford what he will do with us over the next 16 months. I know people think impeachment is not the place to start, but right now I think we have to start there – its built into our system to use for that reason, not for some of the petty reasons we have asked for it in the past.

      At his point, he has blatantly broke or circumvented laws which he needs to be brought to the carpet for and told that the American people are not listening to his ‘logic’ and actually finds it insulting that he would think we fall for the rhetoric he spews. What I want to know how he has kept impeachment proceedings from starting against him before this. I suspect it has o do with others in his administration not protected by having to be impeached first but could be directly charged if their activities were exposed. I don’t know if impeachment proceedings would stop his executive orders meant to circumvent the justice department and do other things, but maybe his ego would be deflated enough to finally notice this country is very tired of what he is doing. Right now no one critical of his actions gets through and I don’t think he is even aware that Americans are very tired and fed up with what he is doing.

    • camel riding prayer rug making muslim

      Well said Scott, Thank you…. Anyone who votes obama weather they are black,green white,brown,yellow or whatever is a scum loser who does not believe lying to your face is an insult. how can anyone vote obama when he lies and breaks his word and promises yet people still vote for him? Only trash will except someone who lies and breaks there to your face promises so anyone who votes obama is trash and anti American.

    • Mike

      If I have a choice between Obama, or Bachmann, or Perry or Romney…….I’ll vote for the least crazy and that would be Obama!

    • Larry Wood

      My thoughts for quite some time now are: Tar and Feather Party Time in DC> Recipients will be based upon voting records. Any vote against original Constitution–party time for them! They want to scoff at the the Tea Party Movement—let’s serious and fast,before the a–holes totally destroy this nation as we have known!

    • waterman

      Ain’t nobody gonna do a damn thing, these idiots are going to keep doing what they are doing and nobody cares. Oh they blog on these post, say bunch of neat things and that is as far as it goes. That’s why this country is in the shape it is. No one will stand for anything and will fall for everything. Were doomed.

    • danm3096


    • doug brill

      I love this how can I print it

    • Jstarusa

      People will believe anything this man has to say! There is very few rebuttals coming from the other party that you hear about at least!Candidates should be on fire out there defending America as we like it! Sure, we have problems, but work on them to save a great country!

    • Patrick Henry

      The worst Obama can do is kill us and those we love. Once you accept that possibility (and reality that it’s more likely under him and his holding the reins than ever before,) it’s easier to stand up and tell him he goes not further and we are no longer going to seek to contain Progressivism and all Marxist variants but destroy them and return to American values or die trying. If I go, it will be shot in my chest with my hot empty gun in my hand, not in the back of the head kneeling in front of a trench dug by some Obama zombie. Am I over-reacting? Probably not. People of the same ideology as Obama murdered over 100,000,000 of their own citizens in the last century. By my opinions I have placed my name on Obama Buddy Bill Ayers list of those he has said will need to be murdered to get America where he wants it. Not if I have a say in it.

    • hsabin

      What are you doing besides preaching to the choir?? Have you written your congress persons to demand an impeachment? Have you started an impeachment petition? What?

    • Melvin

      Why not do as other people in other countries? They organized the populace by use of the internet.

    • P B

      Scott, That was the best reading I have done all week. Very well said, I couldn’t have said it any better. I agree with you we have got to do something NOW, after all isn’t that what we fought for, Our Freedom and Our Rights as Americans.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      There Needs to be enough of us to stand shoulder to shoulder 20 0r 30 deep surrounding evey federal office building in the nations capitol and every other major city all on the same day . Would some one with a 13 digit calculator do the math and get back to me so I ‘ll know how many emails to send out before the feds find me. my calculator only goes to 10 digits. Last Sunday this October too soon for ya’ll

    • Vince

      I agree wholeheartedly…My only issue is the riotous left. The conservatives are just that, conservative. We don’t boycott a store because they advertise on MSNBC, ( like it would do any good! ). We need to use our voice! Our pen! Our facebook page, ( I’m already hated there! ). Any form of communication. NO VIOLENCE! However, we are the ones who believe in gun ownership. So, don’t think just because we don’t lose our cool like liberals do we won’t fight back…WE WILL!!!


    • Subee

      Scott you are talking like a true American.
      I hope this will fire up many more…

  • Wildcow

    I voted for the peanut farmer years ago and came to a true understanding that most libs are communists or just don’t care about America in the true sence. Oh yeah, my husband belonged to a Union. They went on strike, he got another non-union job they fined him $300. for trying to feed his family. Unions are also communists. Their motto is do as I say, and to hell with your family. I found the light many years ago. Never ever vote for a dem.

    • Pierre

      Need any more be said.

    • hsabin

      I hope your husband didn’t pay it and told the union to go to hell?

  • ceekay

    Oh, Ray–and other socialists like you–Bush was working with a Dumocrat Congress for almost half his presidency….really trying to reach across the aisle, which I wish the Republicans would stop doing. It doesn’t work! So Obamalamadingdong thinks that running up a debt is “unpatriotic”? That would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • Tom Ray

    Is anyone listening? Impeach the communist in the white house!!!!!!!

    • Robert Braunwarth

      WE tried, but Bush &cheney made it out of office because the Dems didn’t have the cajones.

    • Red

      Tell your representatives in the Congress. The House of Representatives has the sole power over Impeachments and The Senate has sole power to try an Impeachment. If found guilty, by trial, the impeached person could be removed from office by vote of the Senate.

    • donna

      the only problem with the Senate is the majority is donkeycrats and they wouldn’t vote for the impeachment. We the people need to get organized and get the ball rolling.

    • Red

      That’s true, but filing Articles of Impeachment will allow disclosure of things Obama would prefer we not know and he would have some very difficult questioning. It is what the Constitution calls for and should be followed. The real way to get rid of him is to VOTE against him and not depend on a trial, or the courts.

    • Imp

      Why not do both?

    • Red

      By all menas, do BOTH. Nothing is happening is the point. People here are just blowing hotair. They have no connections and most won’t even write their repesentatives. They prefer to just say the same old cliques again and again. If you feel strongly about something, demand some action from your congrtessional representatives and get others to do the same. They pretend to not know you are comcerned, but if you write, or call, or fax – they know. Emails are too easy to delete.

    • Johnnygard

      Here is a simple explaination of why the House won’t start impeachment of Obama. We CANNOT remove Obama by impeachment. If the Republicans impeach in the House, it goes to Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate. Anybody out there really think Reid and the Democrats would actually convict Obama in a trial? Remember Bill Clinton lied to a Grand Jury and it was proven, but the Senate still refused to convict. If they tried Obama, they would acquit him also, and then the media would all say the evil Republicans did it because they hate him for being black. The additional sympathy votes would assure his reelection in 2012. Don’t think about charging him with a crime or having the Supreme Court do anything. With Eric Holder or any other Dem in the Attorney General office they would delay things until after the election (or forever). Just talk to everyone about the economy, unemployment, inflation, gas prices, etc., so we can defeat him in 2012.

    • Carolina Patriot

      Red, I’ve been Faxing since Obumhead’s been in office at my Reps & Senators (in the beginning it didn’t do any good until Republicans took over in 2010); now I get responses from them in both Houses (House & Senate), and even from my Governor (Haley). So, they do know that some of us are watching them very closely because I’ve stated that, and also stated that I belong to a Patriotic group (hence my “handle name” here), and there are more of us like all of you here in our state as well. They know we’re watching, so we will let them know if we don’t like what they vote on too. One thing in our state, Sen. Jim DeMint did introduce a bill to impose limits of tenure in both the House and Senate, but the bill was only introduced & read, not yet in committee yet, but I’m watching that & going to tell him to keep pushing for it. He’s coming to my location next week for a luncheon and town hall event & I’m going with that question, if I can get a chance. So, what we can do and should do is keep pressuring our Reps & Senators to keep within the confinds of our Constitution & to push for legislation for any wrongdoings by our leaders, including the President & anyone involved in it, & push for either Impeachment or investigation into actions against our Constitution, WE THE PEOPLE have to be DILIGENT ALL THE TIME! If we don’t, we WILL lose this country & our Freedoms & then wonder what happend. It will be our epitaph & our demise if we don’t do anything but sit and complain! And DO NOT GO AFTER THE NATIONAL GUARDS EITHER! I AM A RETIREE OF THE NATIONAL GUARDS AND I WILL NOT ALLOW SOME WHACKOO TELLING PEOPLE TO GO OUT AND SHOOT AT A NATIONAL GUARDSMAN EITHER! THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO DO THINGS!

    • minnie

      The problem is in the SENATE it is still CONTROL by the democrats, if we had put republicans in there in nov. 2010 it would be different, The problem is not in the HOUSE which is CONGRESS, it is in the SENATE. the democrats in the senate will not impeach their dictator they do not want to lose their job which is the most important thing.

    • Bill

      The Congress is made up of two houses, The House of Representatives and The Senate.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Yo Red! hey yer right but What it’s going to take is for the Speaker of the house to ask for a vote on : A. should the federal bureau of investigation or any Law enforcement or investigatory Agency of the Fed pursue and investigating all allegations against OBUMUS, All of them! as deeply and swiftly as humanly possible. When The House(impeachment Authority) has sufficient Proof of impeachable offense(s) they must act. B. the Senate gets final say so , so every Democrat senator should/must also be investigated by proper authority, We all know who they are. Until the heat is turned up so high that its; either quit or get Flame broiled to perfection , impeachment is an iffy thing. Millions of us MUST force the speaker of the house and his colleagues to fight or flee. VERY VERY VERY SOON. ELSE the only thing left is to actually march on DC by the millions. the sooner the better Cause I personally have no faith in any of them except Ron & Rand Paul.

    • GENE

      Immediately or sooner and do not forget to file theft charges on him and his loser wife for all the credit card bills (VACATIONS, nothing trips to Brazil, Africa, Arizona(wife). We just cannot afford these criminals anymore and he should never been elected in the first place – blacks, hispanics, latin’s and all illegals that voted illegally for a NON-AMERICAN.

    • Frank

      Hey Gene, whites voted also for Obama, Mathews, Meadows, Behar, Alex Baldwin, Streisand, to name only a few, so it is only the fault of Blacks, Hispanic, Asians, etc.

    • BUD

      Mathews, Meadows, Behar, Alex Baldwin,and Streisand all promote the Gay/Lez vote.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Frank you forgot to mention Madeline Murray O’Hair’s Sunday school class and hoards of Hispanics and dead democrats the entire ACLU and Probably 90 % of the United nations general assembly. and at least 50% of All CEOs, CFOs, Trial Lawyers, bank presidents, and 80 % of all GS 13 and above Civil servants

    • P B

      Hey Frank, don’t forget that stupid Whoopi, and Oprah,Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Tyra Banks they were all in on this as well as Rosie that fat gay pig.

  • http://yahoomail Herman McCloud

    The truth is I’m tired of talking and trying
    to show how far out of control this so called
    pressident is when it comes to running this
    country, If people don’t see it by now then
    they just don’t care and if they do not care then we are all doomed as for the future goes
    plain and simple your decision and now your choice make it wisley because what you have
    to lose is only your constitutional rights as
    an individual, your country, and your freedom
    now is the time to remove this lying bastard
    “obama buckwheat o’mamie” from destroying this country and everything it stood for
    before its to late.

  • paladin patriot

    I would vote to end the Presidential Pension Act which pays for former presidents pension fund. Cut off the office space and the backfill of it all will be the money flowing in from Saudi Arabia and George Soros. Remember also that his security detail ends in ten years. So we are paying for that at the end of his term/s.

    • Willie

      How about George Washington? He got no salary for his first term .He was a Patriot and He loved his country, OBAMA does not love this country, he should goback to his own place and live like then Righr ??????

  • MARC


    • Red

      How about on election day in 2012 by the millions?

    • BUD


    • Co-opted Confederate

      How Bout the Last Sunday in this October??

  • Valentin Flores

    Yes, Mr President Obama, you just became President..ha,ha!

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Joanne

    B Hussein O is a very deceitful person. He knows full well what his ultimate intent is, regardless of his political attack on our country, way of life, Constitution, etc. He is a criminal who is raping our country of all its power so that he and the One World People can control us (Americans) to gain their power. These people attacked President Bush mercilessly and made him out to be a baffoon, and with the unpatriotic press, did a good job of destroying Bush’s reputation by portraying him as a bumbling cowboy. Thought: I don’t think President Bush used teleprompters that much and communicated quite well. Question: Who writes the words for the teleprompter that B Hussein O uses EVERY time he speaks? Suggestion: Keep talking to your friends, families, and others about this criminal and what should be done for us to remain under Constitutional protection of our freedoms. God bless you all!

    • frisco8112

      I hate the way the press talks about all the time Bush spent at his ranch. When he has the King of Saudi Arabia, the President of France or any other of the many foreign diplomats with him, that wasn’t vacation time. Some Presidents have those meetings at Camp David, and nobody says they are on vacation. Well, Bush wasn’t either. The press just liked to say he was.

    • Frank

      The liberal media is always mentioning about President Bush Vacation because they want to use it as an EXCUSE FOR THE CONSTANT VACATIONING THAT THE OBAMA’S ARE TAKING, SPECIFICALLY POSH MARTHA’S VINEYARD A $50,000+ PER DAY, COMPARED TO PRESIDENT BUSH VACATION TO CAMP DAVID & CRAWFORD RANCH never been to Martha’s Vineyard. That is the kind of Illegal President we have.

    • randy

      theres a tee shirt out,has bush snickering/smiling on says “miss me yet?”…compared with what we have now,hell yeah i miss bush….

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      yeah – we all miss GW and he was piece of work as well

    • Co-opted Confederate

      GWB was not the Shiniest Apple on the bush family tree but he had some guts, some wit and some personality and some decent Ideas. Boobus Obumus appears to be the most inteliget sewer rat the worl has ever seen

    • Patriot and an American

      Yes, Obumma has an agenda and it isn’t patriotic. It is evil, corrupt, uncivil, lies, trickery, under-the-table/behind-closed-door politics, communism, marxism, zionism, .. The is the worst time of America that we have ever faced and there are those that brought it here that are as above described … evil, corrupt, etc. etc.

    • Frank


    • ken

      Frank…I love the term ‘Odumbo’ lol…will start using it….

    • KM

      Patriot and an American,
      I agree with most of your statement that this man in the WH,and his entire corrupt administration is evil.
      However, you threw in one very incorrect word,Zionist. How could you possibly say that about someone who supported the Arab spring revolts, who has tried to dictate to Israel that it go back to its 1967 (indefensible) borders, treated Prime Minister Netanyahu horribly while bowing to Saudi Arabia’s King and others? That makes no sense – he is the opposite of a Zionist.

    • KM

      I just wrote a comment and a reply to Patriot and an American. In it I said nothing more offensive than any other comments posted here or that wasn’t factual, yet I got a “Your reply is awaiting moderation”.
      What gives? Has anyone else experinced this on this site?

  • edward

    I think the headline, re:Obama Admits He is “Unpatriotic” might be out of context. However, if he did say it, it wasn’t necessary, We all new that already.

    • Bill

      What would he have to be patriotic about? He was raised amoung Muslims and communists. His mother was an atheist tramp who traveled with many different black men who were opposed to the U.S. government. Barry Soetoro came to Calif from Hawaii to attend college. He was a heavy drug user, he flunked of Occidental. He is the most famous disciple of Saul Alinshy who was certainlty no fan of the USA.

  • Gil Payne

    Keep pressure on our representatives and let them know that we’re watching their every step. No slack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tag

    So, what is the alternative to revolution? To do nothing is out of the question – to picket the White House is called for – to send letters to the, and I use this word losely, prez, is warranted – the more the better and the sooner the better – let this deadbeat KNOW what we think and to get the h… out of dodge!!!! Lke we didn’t KNOW he was a traitor and unpatriotic? The jerk doesn’t even know which side of his body his heart is located or the ‘grilla by his side! Aint’ that a hoot? Duh!!!

    • Patriot and an American

      We The People are the direction of the country. We must insist that politicans do not make a wealthy career of being a politician. Their job is to serve the people and not get into bed with corporations, lobbyists. There should be laws enacted that if a politician doesn’t do his job as a dedicated, responsible citizen, with accountability, honestly, lawful intentions, in order to hold his job and his benefits. Do I really think this can happen … well maybe … maybe not … but the idea is great!

  • 90 & Counting

    I cannot afford to wait until the election in 2012. Can’t someone do something now. Do what it takes for a vote of “We, The People” and get these liberals/communists out of Washington permanently. I will then die with a smile on my face. Thanks

    • Patriot and an American

      If we get some good honest politicians into office, retract all of Obumma’s unlawful, unconstitutional programs, policies, agenda. I would also like to see those politicians that have commited unlawful acts to get more than just a smack on the hands. They should be fined big time, have their retirement and benefits taken away, and why not a few years in the “Big House” with a wardrobe of one orange jumpsuit

    • Anthony Pour

      I can identify with your sentiment, sir.
      But – the worst thing that can happen to you and me is to die without a smile on our faces. The youngsters have much more at stake than that. They can and probably will go to hell alive.

  • rickrob63

    The quake and the hurricane, watch where it makes land fall, is trying to tell us GOD is in controll and the “Obumers” will be gone. We just have to weather storm. WOW, however
    beats him, what a disaster they have to clean up. The only one that has the guts to lay it on the line is Rick Perry.

  • wisdomcries

    Just like the debt ceiling quote he made this one will be spun into oblivion also.

    • Red

      Don’t pay any mind to anything this radical Muslim says. That’s his game. Get you off chasing windmills while he steals you blind, dismantles the government, and threatens your family military and elder members with loss of income. Why would anyone vote for this heartless Muslim scumbag?

  • Raymond

    Dear Employees:

    As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our insurance costs, taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.

    This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose who would have to go.

    So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty ‘Obama’ bumper stickers on our employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change….. I gave it to them.

    I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.


    • randy


    • Patriot and an American

      Obummas agenda, helps what you must do and makes his agenda work step by step by step until all of us will be a slave to our own government, which our government is supposed to be “We The People”. We have a government that has a high percentile of criminals from within its walls

    • cc1



    • http://Patriotupdate Cheryl


      Love your style! If real employers took this approach, it just would go to show “know what you do and why you do it! Teach people that they are responsible for their BAD choices!

  • Simon Jester

    Obama has broken every campaign promise that I saw him make…I hope people are awake now, and I hope they realize that the RINO’s are not the answer either.

    Sadly, most will vote along race-lines, and will vote along their traditional party lines and we will continue our downward spiral into what will be in history books as “The Second Fall of the Roman Empire”

  • Ithamar

    This video demonstrates two very important and dangerous truths. 1st, it reveals the truth that Obama is just a ignorant puppet that speaks words he is told by his handlers, and that he is expendable. These people really running things on a very high level will use him for the moment to gain control, getting him to say whatever is necessary. When he is exposed for being such an ignorant rube by his amazingly contradictory pronouncements, they replace him with another ignorant rube.

    2nd, the video demonstrates the ignorance, immorality and laziness of the largest percentage of American voters. 98% of Blacks voted for him because he is black; 75% of Hispanics voted for him because he is not white; 90% of Jews voted for him because he is a socialist and not a Christian; and 52% of white women voted for him because of a misguided neg rophilia and do-gooder-feel-good emotionalism which helps the disadvantaged, and as proof they are not ra cist.

  • Big Mike

    The great American Revolution for independence was instigated by “Taxation Without Representation”….isn’t that exactly what is happeninng NOW?

  • cheryl jessup

    If the Republicans would use everyone of Obama sound bits against him he’s screwed Such as Republicans not raising the debt ceiling , which he has done every year he’s been in office. How about spending. He has spent more money in 2and a half years than Bush did in 8, and that included two wars.I cant believe anyone with two brain cells to rub togeter no matter what party could vote to re-elect this disaster.

    • June

      Republican lack spines that is the reason J.M. lost the last election and put Obummer in the White House. J.M. was picked to run for president by the Lame Stream Media because they knew he lacked a spine.

    • Anna


      Don’t forget Mr. Bush also had 9/11 and Katrina in that 8 years too.

  • ernie

    obama is the worse this country has ever seen. GOD has not taken his hand off this country only because he is a loving GOD. AND WE ARE HIS CHILDREN. if i were not 64 years old i would be one of you or even be the one leading the croud with weapons taking our wonderful country back to the freedom and the joy we have were all raised with. i will even stand up today and fight for her now. but where are you who will stand up with me – word all i hear are word…why only words and allow this evil to go on..obama satan to continue as he has laughing at us all…while we talk just talk….where are the men who stood up when i was young….come out today and i will stand with you.. infact you will be surprised at the men and women and all ages who will stand by your side…please wont somebody JUST DO SOMETHING….HELP IN JESUS NAME….

  • Gene Boecker

    Certain people simply cannot manage money or a budget. Now not to be profiling but check the statistics. People of Color are the worst in these categories bar nun. How many have been handed multi $million contracts??? Then end up bankrupt. It is simply a fact of life. Obama fits the mold doesn’t he??? 1 of America’s most embarrassing moments to me was for the world to see Secret Service and limos out front of a TRAILER. HOUSE IN HA. HOW FITTING WAS THAT?????

    • Mike

      You make it so easy to point out the racist faction of the Tea Party

  • Raymond

    Breaking news: Obama has just confirmed that the DC earthquake occurred on a rare and obscure faultline known as “Bush’s Fault”.

    • slacker1965

      I heard the Washington Mounument was leaning slighlty to the left after the earthquake, which was caused by our forfather turning in thier graves.

  • Raymond

    Where Is The Black Outrage,or,If Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick Is Right,Today I Became A Proud Racist!
    By Ron Reale,staff writer

    So Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick has come out and blamed his “urban culture” for his propensity to enjoy his bare-handed torture,strangulation,electrocution,drowning,picking dogs up over his head and slamming them into the ground until dead,and laughing as he threw his tiny house pets into pits to be torn apart alive by killer dogs.

    Where is the outrage at this slander from the black community?

    Every time I have pointed out the disgusting behavior of Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick,I invariably get called a racist for attacking a black man gambling and running dogfighting rings. No one ever mentions the deviant sociopathic behavior or the dead dogs. No one mentions I have also attacked every person that helped him hide this behavior,and enabled him to escape the true reward he had coming.

    I have called out every disgusting member of the team he now plays for,lamenting the fact that between them collectively,they couldn’t come up with a pair of balls for their cowardice in not standing up to management and refusing to allow this thug on their field,where children can look up to him. I have berated the NFL,Nike,and Subway,none of whom will ever get a penny of my money again,nor that of any clear thinking American with any values,morals or ethics.

    But I am a racist for telling the truth about this low-life vermin.

    Now,Mr. low-life vermin himself,the disgracefully evil Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick,actually wants people to feel sorry for the fact that he wants a dog,because what he did was not his fault,but the fault of the “urban,” (black),community,that his actions were just an extension of his neighborhood,and perfectly normal to all living there.

    If I had said that “urban,” (black),society condoned such savage behavior,and reveled in the torture of animals,and it was normal in “urban,” (black),communities for children to be taught to use their hands to strangle,drown,electrocute,pick animals up over my head and beat them into the ground until dead and throw their house pets into pits to be ripped apart by killer dogs,and that that deviant behavior was part of the normal “urban,” (black),lifestyle,I would certainly be called a racist,and deservedly so,as no such thing is true.

    Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick has made just that allegation.

    Where is the outrage from the good people being slandered in such an unfair and totally unjustified manner? Where is the Reverend Al to stand up for his people against such lies? Where is Reverend Jackson going to appear to rail against such accusations?

    It is one thing to talk about dogfighting,which has been a part of southern culture,regardless of race;a horrible endeavor,worthy of scorn and prosecution.

    It is,however,quite another thing to hide behind lies smear your family and friends to cover your own atrocious behavior,and blame innocent,sane people for your depravity.

    I look forward to the denunciation of this accusation from black leaders,and,in the absence of said denunciations,I can only assume the “urban,” (black),communities accept that responsibility,and Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick is not lying.

    • Anna Salerno

      I wouldn’t hold my breath…

    • Willie

      Raymond, if you are not a racist you sure are biased. Theres as many whites in volved with dog fights as are blacks, I hur t for what Vick did to the Pitts.thier my favorite Dog and if not for the likes of Vicks and Tants and scads of others the Pitt would still be the Americas Dog he once was Your attitude tells me you would be the same in any situation involving Blacks, Dogs or otherwise, By the Way,if you believe in the American Juicial system, (it seems not) Michael paid for his crime, in money and time served.He also made a public apology. Have you ever apologised for your crimes or sins ? PS I’m one them white boys myself, Forgive and forget. Try it, it will make your life easier

    • Willie

      Raymond, I noticed you had to have someone edit your email? Any particular reason—–dont know how to express your self?? think you need help friend

    • Willie

      “coach “collins, what kind of coach are you. and what did Michael Vicks team mates have to do with his situation? I cant believe theres that many knot heads on a professional Foot Ball team,

    • Nintendo

      I’m a black person who is sick to the stomach about Obama. I never liked his political strategies when he was a senator. We need more blacks to step up to the plate and rebel against Obama.

  • Mark

    Obama is following in Hitler’s goosesteps. First, take advantage of a bad situation and “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Next, control the media to make sure nobody hears the other side. Next, take away the guns of honest, ordinary, law abiding citizens so they can’t revolt. Next, socialize everything from banks to auto manufacturing. These are the exact things Hitler did when he convinced the people of Germany back in the 30s that they needed “change”. Gather food, water, ammo and keep your guns locked away until needed. And get your news from many sources, not just the liberal lamestream media. Of course it’s hard to convince anyone who is a rabid Obama supporter to think this administration is nothing but a fraud and I know I’m preaching to the choir here. This country is headed down the wrong path and there seems to be no “perfect” candidate to oppose Obama in 2012. They all seem to support something or other that makes it look like they don’t have a chance. Or the lamestream media does their best to discredit them somehow. See past the bs, and let’s nominate someone who can defeat the socialists in our midst.

    • Mike


  • http://Yahoo Mr. & Mrs. William Osborne

    Scott, we couldn’t agree with you more on the revolution. I have said all the time that its going to take just one thing to put it all together, go to Washington in force and remove Congress and the President, Cabinet, Czars, and the whole mess that is in there now or you will never get them out. Whose going to step up and say we have had enough, the people are going to take our country back. No more socialism, no more under the table deals, no more underhanded arrangements to win an illegal election, no more four years for a president that hates America and would do anything to see that it is torn apart. Please, for God sake, I’m not afraid to say it, its time we formed something that will sweep the country and change the way of thinking and stop this tyranny that has been going on for almost three years. WHO WILL STEP UP AND ARRANGE PLANS FOR FREEDOM??????

    • DennyM

      If the CIA and the Pentagon’s Military comanders would get the guts to do something, they could get it done very easily for the good of the country, and “We the People”…I for one would march with them to the capitol and white-house to take our country back. I’m 67years old, so if I could go, what is stopping the rest of you?

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      With you denny M – when and where.

      Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how to contact the very like minded people posting here so as to Cut out the censorship and Big Brother I would love to recieve direct word and check for verification myself

    • Red

      It is unlawful for the U.S. military to take up arms against its own people.

    • Mike

      Mr and Mrs Osborne….are you in Portland, OR?

  • rickrob63

    We need someone with great conviction from GOD to turn this mess around. Don’t listen to what the main steam media say Rick Perry, and he being a Gore democrat, anyone can make a mistake. Read his book FEDUP and listen to him not reading from a tele- prompter. He loves America and our Republic.
    We are not a democracy. The Obumers use that term because of misguidance. Wow what a guy,
    he has no more love for this country than he does the truth and knows nothing about executive decisions. He just has good speech writers. His true colors are shining bright.
    Those who vote for wanted change and we sure got it. He will lose by more than Jimmy. I wish the election was held yesterday, can’t
    wait to see Erkel go.

  • johnf1234

    I admit, when I saw the headline, I thought “Yeah Right, Just More Hot Air Coming Out Of His Big Lying Mouth”….

    I knew this way back in campaign 2008…
    It was sooooo obvious back then that he was NOT Patriotic…. Simple Signs Such As:::
    Not Holding His Hand on His Heart, or Not Saluting, or Not Wearing A Lapel Pin Of the American Flag, How about not wanting to Acknowledge “National Prayer Day”, or How about Not showing Up for Veterans Events like on Memorial Day…
    With all the Uncertainty about his Eligibility and his SS Number and All of his Past being hidden, being raised in Indonesia, One has to wander Just Who He Is, and Where Did He Come From, and Who sent him??? And Just how did he immerge so quickly to the top going unnoticed by so many people?????
    He is by far thee most UNPATRIOTIC PRESIDENT this country has ever seen…….

    • Marcie

      I’m not sure who she was, but a lady filed suit against Hawaii because she was denied the right to view Ovomit’s birth records. She appealed and the Court gave the State seeral weeks to provide the info to her. Does anyone know the status of that? And just WHY were they given weeks to provide such when 48 hours would have been plenty of notice. Guess they’re still trying to reproduce something out of the thin air!

    • Mike

      You are one ignorant mass of protoplasm!

  • John Carreiro

    Isn’t it sad that Obama didn’t get to feel the earth tremor just as he was about to start another round of golf on Marths’s Vineyard?

  • Crusader

    If a fight is to come (as a last resort) if you aren’t in a militia, form one, join one, or support one. Practice marksmanship, field craft skills, etc. Investigate before you join, as there are a few questionable groups out there. But once you find the right one, prepare, train, and get right with God. Those that cannot fight, buy medical supplies, extra food, store water, clothing and boots, anything a Patriot may need to resupply or feel human again. Without the support of the people, all will be in vain. Remember though, it was when the British came for the powder and cannons that the shot were fired at Concord and Lexington Green. Remember that lesson well. In Gods eyes they were in the right. They were in defense of their God given right to defend themselves. Make that your line in the sand and you will not go wrong.

    God bless all of you.

  • http://Yahoo Mr. & Mrs. William Osborne

    Lavish vacations at the expense of the American people, lawsuits against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Saluting our flag with his left hand or putting his hands down on his groin when the flag comes by. Hiring every socialist, marxist, communist, and fascist he can for his cabinet. Bankrupting the people to the point that they are losing their homes, jobs, and making trips to the soup kitchens where his wife is doling out food to them in her $600 tennis shoes. Vacations to India, Pakistan, and other Palestinian countries where he bows at the feet of the rulers and refuses to defend America to even one country. His hatred of Israel and contempt for the Prime Minister. Our federal tax dollars being sent over to rebuild and build new Muslim Mosques. Letting in over 3 million Muslims in this country, setting them up with fine homes, giving them our money, food stamps, and other government grants that will benefit them and their race. Changing the name of our holidays so he doesn’t have to worship God and Jesus Christ on the holiest days of the year. Making sure all the time that he is always in observance and in attendance to the Muslim gatherings and making huge speeches saying that hearing the call to prayer is the sweetest sound he has ever heard. Not showing is a legitimate birth certificate, no records of his days at Columbia University or Harvard with not one person being able including teachers to recognize or state or swear that they ever observed him at the schools or in class. And last but not least, fighting to change our Constitution, removing the words of so help me God and wanting to rewrite the Bill of Rights. He is pure Muslim and has a pure hate for the white man and all who obscure his one idea and that is the destruction of America and the total dictatorship of the World. Remember, he has his hands in the U.N. and wants to destroy Israel along with other peace loving, democratic nations. He bows at the feet of Muslim heads of state and tramples on the wishes and desires of our military, not to mention the survivors. He is a cancer to America, BUT I WOULD SAY THAT HE IS A TERRIBLE CANCER WITH A PURPOSE! Total domination!

    • Mike

      you my friends are ignorant and just plain wrong in your facts and thinking. I pray for the safety of your mortal souls!

  • http://aol Martha G. Means

    It would be good to get rid of Obama now but look at the idiot that would take his place. Harry, Nancy, and a lot of the other demos are idiots such as Maxine Waters etc. Lets hope we can make it until 2012. There are a lot of stupid people who will vote for him even tho he has ruined this country and lost all respect from other countries. We have to get that back and also get started paying back the trillions we owe.

  • James Hubbard

    “I sincerely believe… that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”
    –Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, 1816
    “[Using], for instance, the table of M. de Buffon, [it can be determined that] the half of those of 21 years and upwards living at any one instant of time will be dead in 18 years, 8 months, or say 19 years as the nearest integral number. Then 19 years is the term beyond which neither the representatives of a nation nor even the whole nation itself assembled can validly extend a debt… With respect to future debts, would it not be wise and just for [a] nation to declare in [its] constitution that neither the legislature nor the nation itself can validly contract more debt than they may pay within their own age, or within the term of 19 years? And that all future contracts shall be deemed void as to what shall remain unpaid at the end of 19 years from their date?”
    –Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1789.

    Obama is increasing spending beyond what is responsible to destroy the private sector economy in an effort to “transform” our country into a neo-marxist country and “redistribute wealth” from the private to the public sector – per Columbia University professor Francis Fox Piven’s “break the bank” theory of conversion of a capitalist economy to a neo-marxist economy.

    It is unpatriotic and irrational to wait until 2012 to remove the lying, neo-marxist, anti-American, traitor Obama when everyday he is in office he destroys more of this once great country. Principle demands that we do everything in our power to remove him ASAP – even if it seems like a losing battle- we should be at a minimum calling/writing all of our pusillanimous representatives and demanding impeachment for Obama’s many breaches of law and the constitution. Our forefathers didn’t back away from challenges when they were out numbered and we shouldn’t either as we are charged as stewards for this once great country. It seems by the people’s inaction, complacency and apathy that they are fair weather patriots and possibly part of the “worst Generation” that gave away our great economy and country without a fight.

    To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, right or wrong – is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.
    Theodore Roosevelt

  • Debra Webb

    OK, everyone, calm down. What is a revolution really going to do? It will result in another civil war with many dead. Only this time there won’t be any borders such as North vs. South. This time it would be brother against sisters, children against parents and black against white. Is this really what we want? The south still holds grudges, I know as I’ve been down here in Georgia for 40 years and I’ve been called quite a few names. Obama didn’t receive the majority of the popular vote; he received the electoral from just a few states. The states with the most electoral, i.e. California, New York, etc. And he is going to do it again because he is concentrating only on those states. He’s no dummy. His propaganda is being piped in daily to those states. Has he been to your state in the last few years?
    With all this being said, he is a puppet, bought and paid for by the larger powers. The powers that want the One World Government with a One World Economic System and of course the One World Currency. You know that the “World Bank” is already up and running. Why do you think they call it “The World Bank”? Remember the president of this bank was arrested for raping a maid in New York just a few months ago. Well, think about this. I believe the power is called “G20″. It is made up of a league of nations and they are poised and ready to take control of the world. However, America has always stood in the way. Solution, take America down. This is where Obama comes in. This smart evil man has made it his mission to bring America down and convert us to a Socialist country. Only he is being duped by the G20. Just as soon as we fall, and we will now, probably next year, the G20 will step up to the plate and a spokesperson will convert us to the One World system.
    Our media is owned by very powerful persons and these persons tell the media what to say and print and what not to. You remember George Stefanapolis (sp?) covered Obama during the 1st presidential campaign, and I mean covered. Did anyone else see and hear George interview Obama in a barn. Obama was sitting in front of a tractor and George was sitting on a hay bale. Twice Obama said, “In my Muslim faith” and George corrected him both times with “You mean in your Christian faith”. Why did George do this? Strange that right after the election, George was given the spot on Good Morning America, a very prized position in the media business. Was this his reward? So he sold us out and right on TV. Now how many others sold us out only in private?
    Everything I’ve stated, I can prove. If you want more proof, just read your Bible, especially the last Book, revelations. I just never thought that I would live to see it. I always thought that I would be looking down at it not watching it unfold on TV and in the newspapers. So folks, our Grandparents were right! God has only 1 plan with no back up. So folks, get ready. God is in control and He knows what He is doing. I know that a lot of you don’t believe in God or the Bible. That doesn’t change anything. Remember Satan believes in God.

    • Bill

      Why are we still playing this religion game? This man has nothing to be patriotic about. He arrived in this country to go to Occidetal college after a childhood amoung progressives and members of his faith. He flunked out from drug abuse.

    • covert1970

      Somehow due to his current actions Mr. obama, Barry S. or whomever he is is back on the drugs !

    • ACEMAN

      I don’t think he ever stopped doing drugs. Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. Tell the world what you think about our current administration. We’d love to hear your opinions! or for a really good laugh at the truth, check out

    • http://PatriotUpdate ADT

      Other aliases may be: Harrison J. Bounel = Obama = Soetoro … Harrison J. Bounel = Obama = Soetoro. America has been duped and Congress seems unwilling to represent the people.

    • Joanne Edmiston

      Believe me when I say that there is no way I would ever “carry Obama’s water”; I detest the man and all he has done to destroy our country; I am curious though how you learned that Obama flunked out of Occidental due to drugs. (Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the “Liar-in-Chief” has sealed all his college records!).
      Is there some way we can verify this like you did? Can you please direct us to your source for this? It would make terrific ammo against a brain-addled punk who happened to find himself a few wealthy Progressive Patrons to hide his many flaws!

    • Sumerian Man


    • jane Rininger

      This is very good and something that has crossed my mind as well.

    • JackBSanD

      Right on Debra, God bless.

    • http://google alicia

      you are so right! Jesus is coming back for thiose who believe and very soon.

    • Jean

      Interesting point. Wonder if obama thinks or has been lead to believe he will be the exalted leader of One World Gov. Isn’t Bloomberg, whom I detest as much as obama, and schumer also part of One World?

    • jim

      Why don’t you just trot on over to Washington and tell Obamanation he’s welcom to come take all the money you your children and grandchildren will ever earn in their entire lifetime. Well maybe you should wait just a little till his ahh spouse and her family and their friends and their friends friends and their hairdressers and butt wipers get back from their world exploration.

    • Carl J. Humphreys Sr.

      Well said Debra. I have been reading my ‘directions'(The Bible) every morning for quite a few years now.And God has truly blessed me in knowing that whatever happens my Faith will not be shaken.Not that I am that strong or courageous,but that I ask God to always be with me and to give me strength and Wisdom to live as He would have me.
      My children have heard me lecture about these ‘Directions’ for years,and they know very well not to expect the world to be a fair place,but one of hardships and strife.They now know that Joy is in the moment and Love is the greatest gift of all.

    • Eily

      G20 = the World Trade Organization (WTO). Check it out…

      Trying to control trade and money around the world. And giving trade opportunity’s to underprivileged countries, by controlling the bigger ones.

    • Margie Foster

      Debra,go on back to the old Testament, and read of the prophets and you will know so much more. Unless you know who we are in the Bible you probably won’t understand most of the prophecies. Oh yeah, I know who’s in charge, and everything is a part of HIS plan, but, that still doesn’t mean we are not supposed to make a stand against the bad guys. Yes, satan knows scripture, but, he doesn’t really believe in our GOD………….he wants to be GOD!!!!!

    • nightwalker571

      Debra, you are typical of fringe lunatics that come to the south only to always be crucified. “They hold grudges”, liar, they call me names, maybe you deserve them, Illegals, hatred, all of the classice systems of an impersonator of what ever makes u feel good. We cannot win this war without a blood bath which the muslims have already started and they have a lot of practice under the rags on their head and face, butcher of their own kind.

  • Bob Hocks

    What Scott had to say , if you read it , go back and read it again . Then tell your frinds to read it.

    This is a patrotic American .
    God Bless you Scott.

  • JAB


    • Sharry B

      I get ill when I see his face – And, the first time I saw him, I saw nothing but “pure EVIL”……..Our country sends his family on expensive, fancy vacations – THEN, let citizens go homeless and hungry and the elderly can’t afford proper medical and food………Something has gone majorly wrong with this country when you start taking GOD out of it and letting the media and the extreme wealthy run things……America is for Christians, not Muslims or any other radical religion that believes in war and murder, etc……Send all the illegals home……….Don’t let the media select our next president…….It’s time to let the people vote and the vote hold…….not just go through the movements and then a handful of people from each state decides who will be president and don’t even care about the people’s voice in their own state

  • JAB

    A revolution requires a good plan. Any form of physical uprising will bring on military action from the President. Without numbers the whole thing will be futile. Something like this does not come about over night. You need strong leadership and a good plan and lots of prayer!

    • covert1970

      Most of the military people I have spoken with hate obama and do not support him. It is very questionable that he would be protected by thew miltary, ESPECIALLY COMMANDING OFFICERS DON’T SUPPORT obama; AND THE EVERY DAY regular military member takes his orders from these people so think about a situation where the majority, make less than $75,000.00 annually comprise over seventy percent of our population and this includes most Black people who too are disgusted with obama and his crew. He has no real support and if he were to leave office people would fill the streets cheering especially when he has to take his V.P., nancy Pelosi and Harry rei9d with him !

  • Bob Hocks

    To find out more on George Rice .
    http://www.obamageorgerice , you will see the white flag.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      My! How “French” of “Him”.

  • Janice Fortin

    ATTENTION: It is recommended that we all withdraw $ from banks except checking to pay bills. Retirees: have SS and retirement cks sent to your homes NOT banks. Prepare for anything. See Lee Bellinger for ideas. Xerox Wooldridge column on Baboons for your rep and congressman.there will be a revoultion, but not the kind obama is goading us into.
    Hispanics have overtaken USA the same way muslims have dozens of European countries.
    Many actions of this pres are impeachable.
    Read all the blos. GOD IS WITH US !

    • Divina

      Janice Fortine, you said “Hispanics have overtaken USA the same way muslims have dozens of European countries.” I resent that remark! Certainly you meant Mexicans, not Hispanics. Or did you? FYI- Supported by the Spanish crown, Christopher Columbus discovered America, and his four voyages across the Atlantic gave the Europeans a head-up of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere, or your white face wouldn’t be here. The Spaniards’ colonization of America foreshadowed the Europeans’ colonization.
      Amerigo Vespucci from the Republic of Florence participated in several voyages that explored and re-discovered the east coast of South America. AMERICA was named after the Italian explorer’s first name AMERIGO Vespucci. Thereafter, the Spanish Queen established permanent settlements in the USA, the Europeans followed later.
      So don’t get so high and mighty and claiming a status that is not yours, as if you are being invaded by enemy Hispanics. My roots are Hispanic of third & fourth generation Americans (Maternal Spanish name – Saldana; Paternal Italian name- Cipriano), but I am also part Indian, and my children are half white (Irish, etc. etc), yet my children are still all the above – that’s a true American! If you want to speak for America, learn your history!
      Truth is, America has always had a high influx of aliens (Mexicans, Irish, Asian, blacks, etc. etc), legal or illegal. Just like the original American Indians were “invaded” by the White Europeans. Invasion means they have a design to overthrow the people and the government, just as the White Europeans intended to do with the Indians. Convert to our Christian religion or die! And they did – DIE, that is! So America may experience the same by the Muslim invaders – convert to Sharia Law or die! I hear say “what goes around comes around.” America is my country, and I love it! Therefore, I have been speaking out against Islmaic before Obama ran for office. And I have always believed Obama’s design is to weaken American for Islamic Muslim Invasion. Muslim is not the problem. The problem is Islam and their leader Mohammed. Their religion dictates their every motive and action. And it is an evil religion. You don’t have to worry about the Mexicans. They are Christians and have the same Christian values you do, if they believe. What you have to worry about is Islam, and when push comes to shove, the Mexicans will fight against Sharia Law side-by-side with you!
      FYI- Mexico has rich resources, but the average Mexican is not rich. There are only two classes of people in Mexico – rich and dirt poor! Why? Because they have a corrupt military thug-ocracy government, therefore the people are defenseless – unarmed! If Obama gets his wish and takes our guns, you might better understand the plight of the Mexican people, and why they seek asylum in America. You also said, “they don’t have the intelligence to run their country.” WRONG! Hispanics are highly intelligent! But the devil runs their country, as the devil may run America into the ground if we wait too long! There are several geniuses in my Hispanic family – (140-165 IQ), and that is higher than Obama’s IQ! I am not one of them, but I am way smarter than you!

    • handyman

      Illegal is not ok! come in the front door as our ancesters did!

    • Louis

      Well before you go getting all hi and mighty about the Spanish inquistion you need to read some history books yourself. First off Christopher Columbus was not spanish, He was of another european country and approched the king of Spain to fund his journey to india, not america, to prove that the world was round and not flat as people thought. The crew were slaves and prisoners of Spain and as were the ships, of an old fleet but still sea worthy,barely as they lost 2 on the voyage here.So there forth Spain used Columbus to dispose of some old ships and problem slaves and prisoers. Once here they also did as you indicated the europeans did, they invaded the indians and killed and plundered and stole thier gold. Even civilizations were lost to the conquest by the spanish. And when you say they preceded the europeans, were do you think Spain is? If you think mexican or other spanish cultures are so mild and timid, maybe you ought to look at thier sports and past times. Bull FIGHTING, cock FIGHTING, dog FIGHTING and ect.Yes America is a very diverse nation with many different nationalities and cultures including spanish and mexican and ect. It is not the immigration that is the issue it is the legality of the situation that is the issue. Remember the Alamo, remember how so many mexicans stormed the few there, maybe they need to be storming thier capitol and taking control of thier own country and quit blaming everybody else for all thier problems. They have gotten like the citizens here are becoming, they want everything the easy way. It is easier to come here and steal idenities and mingle in with the American folks than to stand up and fight for thier own country and freedom.

    • Josh

      Oh, sorry, Louis! You need to “read a history book” yourself! The knowledge that the Earth wasn’t flat had existed since the time of the Greeks. There is no evidence to support the belief that people of the 15th century believed that the Earth was flat.

    • covert1970

      I feel that the individual is not attuned to facts and meant Mexicans, not Hispanics in general. We have many Cubans, Columbians,Puerto ricans, in faCT I BELIEVE THAT PUERTO RICO IS OUR NEXT STATE, plus you have people from smaller countries who are part of the Hispanic community. My problem is with the Mexicans who think that they can just come here and will get all of the benefits with contributing nothing and trying to circumvent the normal route to citizenship ! We will not let it keep happening !

    • snoocks2

      They also murdered all of the natives within their reach. The Spaniards brought disease and guns to that beautiful place and turned it into a blood-bath. What do you mean – WE wouldn’t be here! Even the Chinese or Asian races found the Americas – read your history.

    • ol goat

      HERE HERE you tell them. i am a mix also but mainly native American. I have a spanish last name not mexican. It is a adopted name but i am proud of it all the same. My dads parents immigrated to the us. WE THE PEOPLE DO need to worry about islam, it is evil and you will not like it. i agree here on this post.

    • AllanHoltz

      I too think we need to apply our immigration laws. We need to make it easier to legally get in. When I worked at Seagate a coworker married a woman from Vietnam. I took him 3 years get finally get all the approvals (some came with big bribes) so she could legally come and live with him.

      That said, the American Indians have a point about allowing easy access into this country. They lost a lot of freedom and their way of life so we could take over this land.

    • Josh

      No, we don’t need to make it easier to get in. If we did, people would take citizenship for granted. Living in the United States means living in a land where millions of people died so that her people could be free. They made the sacrifices so that our land would be a place where people wanted to live. Citizenship is made difficult because, as they say, “You’ve got to want it.”

      You have to prove that you’re worthy of U.S. citizenship. You don’t just sign some paperwork and willy-nilly your way onto our land.

    • nina

      you are right… have you seen the email that lists what other countries do to any illegal if they get in their country illegal or make one tiny mistake. everyone needs to check up on this. it is pretty horrible..not good…im sure some know this.

    • John

      Hey Genius, where will you cash you SS check if not a bank, no one else will have money to cash them either if the banks fail. Checks are on banks so they will be worthless. Your only hope is to be on the right side when it all goes down, God’s side!

    • SMesser

      Starting in 2012, SS will no longer send checks..they will ONLY direct deposit into banks or onto a Debit card.

    • WASP

      Hate to tell you, but the Feral Gummint has already committed to eliminating paper checks for SS and other retirement benefits. As of 2012 (there’s that magic date again) the benefits can only be received as direct deposit to a bank account (banks being unpaid agents of the gummint) or as a debit to some sort of card. The financial noose tightens–the financial Berlin Wall around the US gets higher. The gummint thinks it owns all the money because they print the useless funny money.

  • Raymond

    PARADOX: The Government Wants Citizens To Prove That They Are Insured… But People Don’t Have to Prove They Are Citizens!

    • Divina

      Neither does Obama want to prove he is a citizen, therefore, he would not dare to make a law requiring anyone to prove they are citizens! That might come back and bite him in the A_ _! Right?

    • Mike

      stupid f’ing b’tch

    • Bob

      yeah, she forgot to tell us the IQ of the ignorant stupid cubans that have invaded Florida. Does anyone believe the BS she is spouting?

    • Josh

      Really mature, Mike! Your wit and charm are second to none!

    • handyman

      I hope in Change, no obozo!

    • Josh

      Look – Obama is a citizen. Is there really any question about this still?

      I’m telling you this as a Tea Party conservative, that the dude was born in Hawaii.

      Honestly, do you believe that the left just couldn’t find another personable, attractive Keynesian-progressive black guy as their candidate? They had to go through all these hoops just to get Obama through, and risk all of this conspiracy?

      Believe me, the guy’s a citizen. If he wasn’t, they’d have found another leftist talking head and avoided all the questions.

  • Janice Fortin

    OBAMA TOOK A VOW TO PROTECT AND GUARD STATES AGAINST INVADERS. HE HAS DECLARED AMNESTY WITHOUT CONSULTING CONGRESS. HE WENT INTO LIBYA WITHOUT CONSULTING CONGRESS (others doing it doesn’t make it legal) NATURAL BORN according to Law of Nations applied at time of Constitution was COMMON KNOWLEDGE TO MEAN BORN OF 2 CITIZENS TO AVOID CONFLICTING LOYALTIES.hIS CZARS WERE NOT VOTED IN AND ARE GUILTY OF MANY ACTS CONTRARY TO AMERICAN INTERESTS. Congress is supposed to handle th $, not the Fed Reserve. It appears courts, president, congress, certainly czars are all against us citizens. There is absolutely nothing like the element of surprise. HANG IN THERE. DON’T GIVE UP YET. GOD BLESS.

    • handyman

      Did you hang him there?

    • handyman

      Congress works for the Communist UN!

  • Bob


    • Ernesto

      I guess he didnt get osama bin laden he just lied about it

    • Gchad2003

      He did lie – maybe not about getting Osama Bin Laden, but about his part and his reasons. And I am quite convinced that Obama is a huge liar.

  • Chuck

    I met with my representative in the House of Representatives along with some friends of mine. We talked about several subjects including Obama,s so called “leadership”. From the beginning of the meeting it seemed the Congressman seemed very timid and almost afraid to say much. When we did talk about Obama and our future his assistant stated “make sure you have your AR-15’s and lots of ammo”. Long before that meeting took place I knew that bad, bad things are in our future.

    • covert1970

      Invest in Lead as it is a very important part of our fiscal make up most especially in the future !

    • http://google alicia


  • bluqe

    One can not really disagree with Obama when he says GWB was a terrible president who spent too much money. IT is the absolute truth. One of the onlt truths ever to come from Obama or his administration. Bush was bad, that is fact, what is also true Obama is the absolute worst president this country has ever had. He is also the biggest liar, hell the man does not even know where or when he was born. It is pathetic at best.
    “Unpatriotic” you bet, and alot more bvad things. Obama has to go.

    • Red

      Congress spends the money, not the President. The democrat Congress, under Bush, spent wildly and caused the crsah that precipitated the financial crisis. Democrats never ever take the blame for anything, that is rule No. 1

    • handyman

      Communist are very experinced at hiding the truth!

    • Josh

      It’s ironic, isn’t it? That a nation such as the U.S.A can have so much freedom, that it allows people to believe they can use those very freedoms to enact policy and reform in complete contrast to the very foundations upon which the country receives said freedom?

    • covert1970


    • Virginia

      That is correct The DEMOCRATS WERE IN CHARGE bush’s last two years! That’s when the spending began!

    • Bob

      Go to helll azzzhole! George W Bush was the greatest President we will ever have. You are a COMMUNIST pig.

    • Josh

      Oh, come on now! I mean…he surely wasn’t the “greatest”.

      His strength and resolve after 9/11 was exemplary. His ability to rally the U.S. to serve her people after disaster was worthy of “greatness”…

      But to call him the greatest? I…don’t know about that…

  • bluqe

    Again, I call the preident a liar and my post does not make the cut. What the hell is going on? He is a LIAR,no one can deny that.

  • Robert Trebes

    Schoen, Caddell: Expect Third-Party Candidate……Gee!…I wish I would have said that!…Oh!…I did! …Several months ago!

    Thursday, 25 Aug 2011 10:29 AM

    By Martin Gould
    More . . .
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    Forward Article

    Top Democratic pollsters Doug Schoen and Patrick Caddell predicted today that a third-party candidate will enter the presidential race as voters show their dissatisfaction with both major parties.

    Americans are “searching beyond the two parties for bold and effective leadership,” Schoen and Caddell say in an article they wrote for The Wall Street Journal.

    And they point to a poll that Schoen conducted showing that 57 percent of voters now say there is a need for a third party.

    “The American people are desperate for a leader who stands outside of the political establishment currently running Washington. A leader who can speak for the American majority — offering not just rhetoric, but a new direction and a proven record of getting things done,” they say.

    Both men have worked as pollsters for Democratic presidents, Caddell with Jimmy Carter and Schoen with Bill Clinton. They point to the challenges from third-party candidates John Anderson, who carried 7 percent of the vote, in 1980 and Ross Perot, who got nearly 19 percent 12 years later.

    “We have seen in the past where economic distress and political alienation can lead,” the pollsters write. “And the conditions in those years were nowhere near as severe as they are today.”

    The idea of a third-party candidate has been in the wind for some time as disillusion with both President Barack Obama and the crop of GOP candidates has grown. This month, former Clinton aide James Carville also predicted one would emerge, and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch told Newsmax he would like to see columnist George Will or current New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg run.

    The Wall Street Journal article points to several places where the third-party candidate could crop up, a mercurial run from someone such as Donald Trump, from the center with a candidate from the bipartisan Americans Elect, or with a tea party candidate from the right.

    “The tea party movement is functioning as a quasi-third party already, having already demonstrated an unprecedented level of activism, enthusiasm and influence over the primary and general-election outcomes during the 2010 midterms — and, most recently, driving the debate over the debt ceiling,” Schoen and Caddell say.

    “The political order as we know it is deteriorating and disintegrating, and politics abhors a vacuum. So there is very good reason to believe that a credible third party, or even fourth political party, may be on the ballot in 2012. The American people clearly are looking for alternatives. Now.”

    Read more on Schoen, Caddell: Expect Third-Party Candidate
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!
    Robert Trebes
    May 25, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    America, PLEASE wake up!…A recent poll of registered Republicans indicate that 52% of them want a third party that is ‘Truly Conservative’, not what the Rino’s in Washington is offering the Republican voters. A recent poll of registered Democrats have an equal disgust for their representatives, stating this is NOT the Democratic Party that my parents belonged to. The point is, both parties are equally corrupt, they just have a different agenda. Neither party will allow a candidate into their ‘Party’ that has NOT been ‘Sanctioned’ by the “Elite’ of either party. Both parties fight among themselves jockeying for control of the government, but neither party is willing to govern in a manner that “We the People of the United States” demand! Both parties refuse to give up the “People’s Golden Goose” that benefit their own pockets, and NOT to the benefit of the country at large. Now, more than ever, we the ‘Blue Collar Worker’ (majority of Americans) must forget about being Democrat, Republican or Independent and become the ‘Party’ of “We the People” and throw the self serving “Elitists” out of office, so we can preserve the ‘American Dream’! I believe we need to form a new party called “The Founding Fathers Party”, the core party platform will be a strict adherence to the United States Constitution. If we follow the Founding Fathers foot prints, we will once again become the most powerful, wealthy country in the world, whereas ‘ALL’ people will be ‘Abel’ (Opportunity to prosper) to prosper, NOT just a ‘Select’ few!

    • Robert Trebes

      ooops!…I am NOT a typist (‘Abel)…LOL, I meant Able ;-D

    • kiddekat

      A third party candidate would only assure the re-election of obummer. Remember Ross Perot a few years back? He drew off a lot of Republican and Independent voters while demoncrats stood firm and elected THEIR President.

    • Robert Trebes

      TO: kiddekat says,

      With all due respect to you (I really do mean this)…If you don’t know your History (American History), you are bound to repeat the same mistakes! The ‘Republican Party’ was a ‘Third Party’ as the people were fed up with the ‘Whig Party’…Until Americans wake up and realize that neither the Democratic Party or the Republican Party refuse to represent the ‘American People’ at large…We will continue to have corruption in Washington!

    • don in atlanta


    • Josh

      Oh, you think that’s good? You should read what I write! I’m freakin’ awesome! 😀

  • Janiece

    “They would not have voted for a man with barely any senatorial experience, who BARRED public access to his records, who had no work experience other than as an activist organizer in Chicago….. if he had been WHITE.”

    Our problem here is that we don’t have a leader to lead us in getting rid of him. As Americans we only have 2 things: a vote and a gun. The vote thing is not going to work because of what you all have already described. The gun thing is not going to work because, if we all show up in the streets with guns, he is going to declare martial law and take over as king or whatever (not that he hasnt already). This needs to start at the grass roots level. I live in Texas and it is known that we can secede anytime we want to. I think it’s time for us to do that. I don’t know whether other states have that same right or not. Once we’ve seceded, the flow of money to Washington stops. I wonder how many states it would take to shut the blood suckers down. We aren’t sure who all is complicit here. I saw a video of someone interviewing Clarence Thomas. They asked him about Obama’s birth certificate. He chuckled and said, “We’re not going to touch THAT.” Does that mean that the Supreme Court is complicit? They certainly are keeping a low profile on things that seem to be treasonous to me.

  • slacker1965

    Your headline says Obama say he un-patriotic. He never said he was. He was refering to George Bush and what he was doing and then Obama does the same. Patriot update please dont get like those other outlets that twist the truth in the headlines. Patriots dont do that, I am not a Obama supporter, and cant wait tills he out of office. But has a Patriot post lets not get like those lefty loonies.

  • http://patriotupdate big wyo

    st ranger – have had some moderations and when people really get going things get slooooow please continue with us conservitives as rangers are persistent. Have faith in your convictions I am sure you would not go over to the dark side over this.

  • Pepper

    There is one true Patriot running for President. His name is Ron Paul, and he will end the undeclared wars, bring the troops home, and bring the commonsense ideas that can balance the budget and restore our republic.

    • handyman

      Hitler needed brown shirt kids as part of his army! We have the greatest equiped army why would we want to spend money to develope an army of children in this country? the question is of the clown obozo, acting as potus of the black house!

    • JJ

      Ron Paul won’t protect our borders or stop the flow of drugs. To me these are real problems.

    • ol goat

      AMEN to that. I have been following him and his agenda and it is the most sound out there.

  • Jeff

    You people are as predictable as Pavlov’s dog. Of course, what is most ironic, and lost on most of the respondents is that you are all conceding the fact that like Obama, Bush too is unpatriotic for raising the nations debt.

    Of course, Obama has added less to the national debt that either Bush or Reagan. Then again facts don’t matter to the Republican Tea Party.

    And it should be noted that unemployment has continued to drop under Obama, as compared to the constant climb while Bush was president. That said, if you are going to call Obama names, communist and socialist are way off the mark. Obama like his political counterparts are the fascists that Mussolini wanted to be. They are corporatists.

    • http://patriotupdate big wyo

      facts not in evidence – because they are not facts but falsehoods.

    • Johnnygard

      Jeff, Where are you getting this crazy information? You have facts backwards. Obama increased the debt as much in two and a half years as Bush did in eight years. Unemployment was well under 8% when Obama took office, and he said we needed the stimulus bill to “keep unemployment under 8%”. It very rapidly went well over 9% and hasn’t been under 9% since. So if the rate was going up under Bush and down under Obama, how come it’s higher now? USE LOGIC!!

    • handyman

      Jeff, how old are you? does your mother know where you are?

    • seabee combat vet

      Where did you get your facts from? Rachael Madcow or Chris, “I get a tingle up my leg” Matthews?? Or are you getting your own tingle when someone says the word obama, hey, did I see you shiver just then you loon!!!

    • eyeswideopen6

      You drank alot of that kool-aid Obama and the dems handed out didn’t you, just admit it!!

    • Robert Trebes


      I am not sure where you are getting these ‘Facts’ about Obama’s spending? Obama has raised the debt more in 2&1/2 years than Bush did in 8 years (Both have spent way to MUCH)! Please post the source that you are quoting! Thank you!

  • Jeff

    I love how the author of the article and the website have admitted that they believe that Bush, like Obama was/is unpatriotic.

    Oddly enough, not a single respondent attacking Obama has yet to defend Bush and his unpatriotic spending policies.

    • Johnnygard

      Jeff, Most of us didn’t like Bush’s spending and said so (even though they were budgets from a Democrat Congress that Senator Obama voted for). Obama is president now, and as a liberal, how about you telling us about the good things Obama has done. What part of the economy is NOT WORSE than when he took office. Inflation? Unemployment? Gas prices? Debt? (The National debt increased $1.6 billion per day under Bush and $4.1 billion per day under Obama.) How about the wars? Guantanamo bay?

    • seabee combat vet

      Because the president doesn’t spend, the codemocratic congress does and did!!!

    • Karen

      Bush gets blamed for every bad thing the Demon-cratically controlled congress did during his last years in office.

  • I Can Read

    Obama is the best President since Jimmy Carter; the others have sold us out for a few sawbucks…Look what has happened to us since Reagan

    • dizdamduster

      I always thought Carter was the worst and Reagan the best. The latest? Satan’s spawn. Hell bent on destroying this country. His own personal jihad. We better find a way to unify and get rid of some destructive, greedy losers or we are goners.

    • JR

      This kind of vitriol is dangerous, un-American and counterproductive. If we want people in public life to hear us, we have to work with them, not against them. We have to see their human qualities, recognize their will to serve and play the role of constructive citizens working with our representatives to make the country better. When you say “Satan’s spawn”, you make your ideas irrelevant to how the world is governed, and you degrade our entire democratic process.

    • seabee combat vet

      I can read? Maybe, but you sure don’t comprehend!! Try reading history books, not the twisted history of todays liberal writings but true history and you will take your words back very quickly!!

    • Boletero

      Hello YOYOS !
      If all the previous Pres. were so bad, howse come the USA! Became the number 1 country ?

      Let´s see in what shape Obamanure leaves the number 1 country, then let´s palaver about it !!

      Saludos del sombrero !!!!!

  • Eagle

    So, what else is new?

  • Patriotic Geezer

    BO is an evil individual and his wife is also dedicated to the fruition of his plans. Many things had to come together to get this operative bent on destruction actually elected to office. When people ask ‘how could someone be stupid enough to vote for him?’, they should remember the leftist indoctrination we laughingly call public education, the removal of the God of the Holy Bible from public life, and the moral filth the public in general consumes in vast quantity. My suggestion would be to get on your knees and pray for the wellbeing of your families in the midst of what looks to be the beginning of the tribulation. The avalanche has begun and nothing is going to stop it, corrupt Democrats or corrupt Republicans.

  • Kapt Blasto

    hey I have an Idea…We have all these BONDS CIRCULATING all with the PROMISE TO PAY, right?

    Well, whoever buys those Bonds up are buying PROMISES….

    As long as the Government of Ours Stands, then, those Promises are BINDING under LAW, upon both the HOLDER who purchased the BOND, who must either, recieve the payments or sell the bond to somewhere else, and, the ISSUER who has to pay the bond under the terms set forth…

    So to the Holder of that Bond…that means that those promises can be considered “money in the bank” (even though, it isn’t there yet, but because the bond in the hand is just as good, even though it can’t be spent at a store…)

    So…what would happen if the Bondholder decided to take Treasury up on that notion?

    Instead of Government always trying to “PAY DOWN” the national debt, (and almost invariably bringing recessions or economic trouble, whenever they did…)

    How about the Bondholder bringing these Bonds they hold in to Treasury, as a “DOWNPAYMENT” for a similar PRIVATE-SIDE vehicle, that the Government doesn’t necessarily have to TAX EVERYBODY for the Holder to get what would be the “yield” or the “interest payment.”

    In that way the DEBT could be begun retiring FASTER, without the economy suffering the loss of capital in the marketplace!

    Think about it….

    from “How to Get Rid of the National Debt…without breaking a sweat!” by Kapt. Blasto, a publication soon to be released, by any one of your major publishers, in the next few years…

  • I Can Read

    i have been witing here for a long time and it never gets printed…they are afraid to print the truth lest the Koch bros find out and have them disappeared

    • Jennie Jones

      Why your comment may be “Awaiting Moderation”
      1. It was ALL CAPS. Having more than one or two sentences in ALL CAPS is difficult for most people to read and gives the appearance of shouting.
      2. It contained a link. Patriot Update could be held responsible for comments posted and our system flags anything with a link. As long as the link does not contain anything vulgar or a perceived threat, it will be approved.
      3. It contained vulgar language or a perceived threat.
      4. It contained what appeared to be an entire article. Patriot Update will not be held responsible for material that could be copyrighted. If you wish to post an article, please post a paragraph or two and then link to the article.

      Patriot Update has only 1 person posting content, creating the daily emails and reviewing comments. A sincere effort is made to review and approve comments in a timely manner. Please be patient as changes are made to improve the process.

  • 57girl

    Hopefully, the people that voted for Obama will realize their mistake and put Ron Paul in the White House in 2012. Think where we would be right now if we’d all written Dr. Paul’s name in the ballot box then. Our troops would be home, there would not have been anymore bailouts, TSA would not exist. There would be no Czars and our Troops (World wide) would be back home by now. Those are just a few examples of what could have been,instead of what is . . . watching our Nation sink into bankruptcy right before our eyes.

    Ron Paul . 2012

  • Patriotic Geezer

    Oh well, I guess it mostly fell on deaf ears, but vote whatever candidate you want in 2012, both main parties are corrupt and have as little relation to the patriots who died than Chairman Mao did. Truly, the only solution would be to drag all their corrupt carcasses out of all the buildings in DC and banish them. Obviously that ain’t going to happen. Now we have backdoor amnesty, spending money that our greatgrandchildren won’t have and other illegal and immoral behavior. Politicians create the laws that as lawyers they use to dominate your life and you actually think that Rick Perry or even Ron Paul actually would have the will or desire to change the system that’s evolved over the last 2 centuries plus? It’s an impossible situation that dovetails with the ‘Arab Spring’, the problems in Europe, the corrupt Russians, Iran’s nuclear weapons program………..therefore, we have to be fast approaching the point where the Rapture of the church, the tribulation, and armageddon are looking quite likely. No, I’m not predicting a date, only predicting that those events look likely in the near term. Anyway, you can comfort yourself with the idea that the usual suspects named as Republican possibles will solve it all. ‘W’ was almost worshipped by evangelicals, and I was as guilty as most for that, but rest assured many have repented for that mistake. Sorry if any toes are stepped on, but maybe someone will pay attention and do some research.

  • R.Chadwick,II.

    communist-enemy thug OF THE UNITED STATES OF
    AMERICA,along with all the listed/known socialist hobama cronies in the white house.

    • JR

      It is deeply sad that you are imprisoned by this kind of hate and confusion. While your president wrestles with the sinister aftermath of the policies enacted to give your money to the super-rich, you propagate deceptions you do not see are deceptions, and undermine the strength and vibrancy of our citizenry. To what end? Maybe having a little more pride in our process and in our public servants would help you see that we are working hard, as a people, as a democracy, as a nation of optimists, to work our way out of the prolonged and layered crisis set up by Bush. Maybe you would be able to interact constructively with citizens who want us to build a better country, not tear down those who try.

  • R.Chadwick,II.

    quote “submit and follow or else”!

  • Ron Alford

    He forgot the $6T he has added in just 2 1/2 years. At least “W” streached $4T over 8 years, and that includes re-building our military after Clinton cut our military by 1/3. And, that is not all Clinton and the Democrats did, they pressure the Heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower the standards so that anybody could qualify for a house whether they could afford it or not. Hence, getting us into this financial morass that we are suffering through today, and for many years to come.

    • AllanHoltz

      We have a jobs problem in this country. There are none, that is the problem. The rest of the world has the same problem. That is why the youth in Arab lands are fighting their governments. That is why so many are killed in Africa every day. That is why Eurpoe is in crisis. Jobs were a little more plentiful in America under Clinton. Maybe part of the reason was that in cutting the military spending and using the money saved to finance housing for those who could not afford it, he created more jobs in construction than were lost in building the military. Course that led to the housing bubble, because those getting those newly constructed houses really could not afford them. Then when Bush put money back into the military that Clinton decimated to pay for his social housing construction projects, the natinal debt grew because the housing projects continued, while there was not enough jobs to self-fund the military growth. When the bubble broke, stock prices fell, so business laid off people and obviously they quit spending anything and those still working were afraid they would lose their jobs next, so they quit spending, which led to more job lost. Combine that with the FACT it is easier now for jobs to become a global commodity and given the nature of current goods and services the U.S. market is relatively saturated – I simply don’t see where jobs in America are going to come from in the next few years.

      I’m 61, been retired 2 years, and I hope the company I worked 30 years at will be able to continue to pay my pension. I plan to start taking SS benefits next year, because I don’t think it is going to be around much longer, so I need to get what I can from it while I still can. I see the Democrats taking everything I have in taxes and inflation and giving it to those who never worked and I see the Republicans supporting companies that move jobs overseas, still not improving the work output here which will make more people without jobs vote Democrat.

    • JR

      George W. Bush added $7 trillion to the national debt:

      Bush tax cuts – $3 trillion
      Unfunded prescription drug benefits – $300 billion
      2008 cash stimulus + TARP borrowing – $200 billion
      Domestic and Defense spending – $1.7 trillion
      Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – $1.4 trillion
      Mandated spending (farm bills, etc.) – $400 billion

      That’s $7 trillion

      Another $3.6 trillion is US government debt held by the Social Security Trust Fund. It is debt, but it is government debt held by the government. This is a funding trick used by Congress and not the doing of Bush or Obama.

      When debt financing is brought into the calculation, Bush’s policies ended up taking a $2.3 trillion surplus and turning it into a $10.4 trillion debt. That’s $12.7 trillion in direct negative impact on our country’s account balance.

      By contrast, even with all of the aggressive efforts to fund recovery and innovation, recapture momentum on Bush’s failing wars, and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, Obama’s policies have added only $1.4 trillion to the national debt.

      The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office puts out the statistics and totals needed to see this.

      According to Bruce Bartlett, a key budget aide to Ronald Reagan, Obama’s presidency has been decisively “moderate conservative” on fiscal policy, as he has continuously pushed to make sure we are counting everything (not keeping separate books for the wars, for instance) and to spend in ways that pay for themselves or require only minimal shorter-term borrowing.

  • Rob

    Hey people I believe in God too But to keep quoting things from the bible is doing nothing we know what is right from wrong. This is just blowning smoke. It is now time for a revoulution and if you people dont soon get organized now its going to be to late. Hey look at the other countries that took thier country back from corrupted goverments, Hell they have more balls then americans. Obama and his administration needs to be shoot on the spot not tomorrow BUT NOW.

  • Yellow Eagle

    Yea I think Communist left wing radicals call it something else besides unpatriotic!!!

  • Carrie

    Scott, you are on the right track! All of us that feel this way need to unite somehow, other than just writing comments in here, and get going on something to get changes happening. We do need a new political party. This party should be for all those that love our country the way that our forefathers left it for us. Obama has a lot of power and a lot on his side. He has the military and secret service, FBI, etc etc that he could easily go against us with. It is time that we are in charge of what goes on in this country and the ones we elect to offices are accountable to us. They have far too much latitude when it comes to making decisions. I just don’t understand how they can make so many decisions regarding very important matters without us getting to vote on it. I really don’t like the fact they can decide what their salaries are and what benefits they have, what their pension plan is like and so on. Obama says that he pays for all his little vacations that he and his go on but there is no way that is true. What about all the concerts that he has in the whitehouse for his daughters? Being the president has been all fun and games for his family. He does have a lot more gray hair now so something must have stressed him out but considering what he has done to our country, he should feel worried about someone finally having the guts to stand against him and stop him from taking advantage of his position and allowing himself to have more power than is intended. We need to figure out how we can do what we are all wanting to do and that is to get him out of office and get all of our politicians to do the job they are getting paid to do and quit taking advantage of their positions. They have gotten away with far too much for far too long and obama and all his crew have absolutely got to go and the sooner the better! I don’t think he is communist but he is muslim and is more patriotic to the mid eastern countries that wanted him in office than he is to the U.S.A. Remember who he bowed to? It wasn’t the queen of England, he didn’t follow custom for her but for an Arabic leader.. it was different. He showed subservience and that showed me who he feels loyal to and it isn’t us! We need to research and get some direction and get going!
    And George… are you sure you are on the right website? If you aren’t happy with the way our country is right now why on earth would you want to put the same person back into the presidents office? You are entitled to your opinion but I think you are on the wrong website to express the opinions you are since you are not in agreement with one single person here. We should all pray for George and ask God to give him clarity.

    • Carol Thames

      We already have a new political party! It’s called The Tea Party! Look for one in your area today!

  • Capt Gene Leone (Ret) USAR/USAF

    Nah, you have it all wrong! He didn’t say that, MR. TELEPROMPTER said that! Besides, I have it from a reliable source George Bush sabotaged “Mr. Teleprompter” just to make barry look stupid. I can see that. After all, it WAS the “Bush Fault” that rocked WDC.

    • Bree,

      Hello Captain Gene, speaking of Telepromters, has anyone actually heard him speak without one? Maybe we’d find out just how unpatriotic he really is. On second thought, I think we already know. Scott has the better idea! Let’s listen to him.

    • Eddie

      If you really want to know how he sounds without a teleprompter, go to YouTube and search for “Obama Gaffes”. There is no shortage of them. Say what you want about the so called “Bushisms”, but BHO seems to be way less intellectual than GWB.

  • LittleFartBert

    The man (if that is what he is) does not belong in office. Did you know that he wants to give work visas to illegals from mexico (who broke the law when they came here illegally) without criminal records. Gee, that means American Citizens who are looking for a job will have to compete with the illegals. Don’t we have hard enough time finding a job without illegals trying to get the same one we want. We need to change the law. One parent MUST be a legal American Citizen before any baby born here is considered a legal citizen. That way illegals won’t come here to have babies because they know the bleeding hearts won’t seperate them from their babies.

    In other words, czarbama cares more about illegal mexicans then American Citizens.

  • Enlisted Army & Commissioned Air Force

    George Rice needs a short Civics lesson so here goes. George, we are a REPUBLIC and NOT a democracy. Democracies are little more than “mob rule”. A majority of one determines everything. A REPUBLIC, on the other hand, is run by the RULE OF LAW and said LAW in the United States of America is our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ancient Greece was a democracy where everyone was free to say whatever they wanted. The only problem was if the people listening didn’t like what you said they could vote to kill you. In a Republic such as the United States, everyone, yes, even you, are protected by our basic RULE OF LAW: The Constitution; specifically the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Further, that protection means you have the RIGHT to say what you want, right or wrong. It also guarantees even though you can SAY what you want, others don’t have to listen to you. Like the liberal concept of the “fair speech doctrine”, you cannot say what you want without giving “equal time” to the opposition even though people may not want to listen to it. Under our REPUBLIC we have the RIGHT to tune to other stations we want to listen to that share our values and opinions. I just thought your misconception about the United States of America should be corrected lest you embarrass yourself in front of others like friends and family. Oh, and while you were an MP in Korea, I was slogging through the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam. I’m not sure why you went into the Army but I did so because I love and believe in our Republic.

  • Divina

    At 3:24 PM today, Janice Fortin said “Hispanics have overtaken USA the same way Muslims have dozens of European countries.” Janice, I resent that remark! Certainly you meant Mexicans, not Hispanics. Or did you? FYI- Supported by the Spanish crown, Christopher Columbus discovered America, and his four voyages across the Atlantic gave the Europeans a head-up of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere, or your white face wouldn’t be here. The Spaniards’ colonization of America foreshadowed the Europeans’ colonization.
    Amerigo Vespucci from the Republic of Florence participated in several voyages that explored and re-discovered the east coast of South America. AMERICA was named after the Italian explorer’s first name AMERIGO Vespucci. Thereafter, the Spanish Queen established permanent settlements in the USA, the Europeans followed later.
    So don’t get so high and mighty and claiming a status that is not yours, as if you are being invaded by enemy Hispanics. My roots are Hispanic of third & fourth generation Americans (Maternal Spanish name – Saldana; Paternal Italian name- Cipriano), but I am also part Indian, and my children are half white (Irish, etc. etc), yet my children are still all the above – that’s a true American! If you want to speak for America, learn your history!
    Truth is, America has always had a high influx of aliens (Mexicans, Irish, Asian, blacks, etc. etc), legal or illegal. Just like the original American Indians were “invaded” by the White Europeans. Invasion means they have a design to overthrow the people and the government, just as the White Europeans intended to do with the Indians. Convert to our Christian religion or die! And they did – DIE, that is! So America may experience the same by the Muslim invaders – convert to Sharia Law or die! I hear say “what goes around comes around.” America is my country, and I love it! Therefore, I have been speaking out against Islam before Obama ran for office. And I have always believed Obama’s design is to weaken American for Islamic Muslim Invasion. Muslim is not the problem. The problem is Islam and their leader Mohammed. Their religion dictates their every motive and action. And without question, it is an evil religion. You don’t have to worry about the Mexicans. They are Christians and have the same Christian values you do, if they believe and practice it. What you have to worry about is Islam, and when push comes to shove, the Mexicans will fight against Sharia Law side-by-side with you!
    Also, Janice Fortin, FYI- Not only European countries have been victims of Islamic and Sharia Law invasion. One after another, Middle Eastern countries were also victimized and toppled by this aggressive evil mystic spirit of Islam! It is the devil in the form or Islam all nations are fighting. First, illiterate Prophet Mohammed was visited, at the age of 40 (610AD), by an imposter angel named Jibril (Gabriel) in a cave on Mount Hira close to Mecca. The angel Jibril COMMANDED him to read, but Mohammed was illiterate and could not read! Terrified and trembling (as when you meet the devil) Mohammed fled the cave. At home, still trembling from his Jibril encounter, his wife Khadijah comforted and wrapped him in a blanket. But with her encouragement, he later returned to the cave to regularly embraced the devil for 2 more years before he went public. Ten years later (620 AD) Prophet Mohammed (I believe Revelation’s false prophet-Rev 20:10) has the famous, out of body, Night Journey experience (where the devil claims Jerusalem for Muslims) – of course! It’s prophetic! (He shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas (Mediterranean and Dead Seas) in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.” Daniel 11:45) The devil wisely and strategically lays the ground rules early on-Rules seriously affecting Israel today. 1st great nation toppled by Islam was Saudi Arabia; 2nd Persia (Iraq); 3rd Syria; 4th Egypt; etc.etc then the European nations and now the whole world is threatened. It is the TIME of the END! “If the LORD be GOD, follow Him; but if Baal (Allah) then follow him!” 1Kings 18:21 This war started in heaven. It will end on earth between God and the great imposter-Between the people that worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and those that worship an imposter god.
    Also, Janice Fortin, FYI- Mexico has rich resources, but the average Mexican is not rich. There are only two classes of people in Mexico – rich and dirt poor! Why? Because they have a corrupt military thug-ocracy government, therefore the people are defenseless – unarmed! If Obama gets his wish and takes our guns, you might better understand the plight of the Mexican people, and why they seek asylum in America. You also said, “They don’t have the intelligence to run their country.” WRONG! Hispanics are highly intelligent! But the devil runs their Mexico country, as the devil may run America into the ground if we wait too long! There are several geniuses in my Hispanic family – (140-165 IQ), and that is higher than Obama’s IQ! I am not one of them, but I am way smarter than you!

    • Mark

      No one cares how smart you are because you are missing the one main factor, and thats the ability to use you so called IQ just as Obummer does and thats for the good of this great country. So get off your high horse and use your so called IQ to help solve the problem, illegal is still a crime in my book.

  • Mistyinga.

    Oh my, I must admit I was so excited when I read the title of the article. I was so hoping that Obama had literally admitted that he was “unpatriotic”.I thought well surely someone will now take notice of the jihadist in chief residing in the Whitehouse!But my utopia was short lived when I realized that it was just more of the same crap,just a different day.

    • Bree,

      Hi Misty, somehow it doesn’t really fit to say Patriotic and Obama in the same sentence. Can you believe it? America has a President that is “Unpatriotic”?? What is wrong with this picture?

  • ColtAnaconda

    The problem is we have too many uneducated people out there voting who don’t have a clue about the candidate they are voting. They get caught up in the hopes and changes the imposter spews forth. Too many people looking for a handout instead of working their asses off to achieve something. Too many people with an attention span of an gnat, can’t pull their attention away from their american idol reality shows to save this great country. The more I read what is going on, the more pissed I get, the more pissed i get, the more heads I wanna make roll. If these idiot liberals wanna cross that line then by gawd let’s do it. These protestors in the streets, these union thugs, these black panthers, whomever, let’s do it.

    • Gray

      It’s obvious we have a double standard. The democrats demand the republicans toe a straight and narrow line…think about it, had George H.W. Bush lied under oath, do you think the Senate would have exonorated him, the way they did Clinton?…while they do as they please.

      Obviously, the Pharisees of the Bible are still alive!

  • Buffalo John

    This negro boy is no more PATRIOTIC then CASTRO.obama and soros are here to kill this Country plain and simple.The only way it WON’T HAPPEN is if or when WE THE PEOPLE STOP HIM and that is going to take a shit load of people marching on Washington PDQ I won’t pretend it is going to be easy BUT it has to be done and only WE THE PEOPLE CAN get er done,If we don’t do it PDQ our COUNTRY IS DEAD.I don’t think I could tell my GRAND and GREAT GRAND CHILDREN I couldn’t STOP obama the Dictator so you could live in a FREE AND GREAT NATION.I want to be able to tell them WE THE PEOPLE STOPPED A WANNABE DICTATOR from taking over this GREAT NATION SO YOU COULD LIVE IN A FREE NATION,Now it is up TO YOU TO KEEP IT A FREE NATION.KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY AND DON’T EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS TO ANYBODY FOR ANY REASON.GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • http://facebook Jim C

    i feel sorry for our country, so much hate outthere. we need to think that things will get better. who knows maby they will. by the way, i saw a Lepricon, or was it the tooth fairy.

  • Tom

    obummer is the most narcissistic, most Marxist, most dangerous, and least qualified person every to seek the office of president on a major party ticket. He was born in Kenya and is not eligible to hold office. Where the hell is the Supreme Court to analyze that phony “birth certificate” that obummer produced?

    • Gray

      Both my U.S. Senators are Republican and, when I contacted one of them about my concern that we have an illegally elected president, asking why they haven’t done anthing about it, I was told Obama’s birth certificate was ruled legal in Hawaii and that was all it took.

      Like you, however, I think that’s a shoddy way of letting the electorate down!

  • Joseph Pitts

    Nothing this individual does shocks me .

  • Nancy

    Children of God, please stop re-fighting the past wars, have we learned nothing? We have a final battle to fight together, as in the book of Revelations. We as a nation have to put past hatreds away and we need to unite. That means Angelo’s,Hispanics,Middle Easterners of the Christian faith,African Americans… All True Americans; we have to stop this fighting amongst ourselves. I agree that today we all need to be on the same page; we as a country can not keep taking in illegal aliens of any race. Mexico gets all the hits because it’s a boarder country and more come from boarder countries than from abroad, so we see a lot more Mexicans than ‘say’ Italians that are illegal. Also, both the Southerners and the Mexicans have to let go of the old war, California is now part of the U.S. no longer part of Mexico and it’s time the Mexican people who are still trying to reclaim it STOP. That goes for the South as well, you’d think by now we could move on, shame on us as Americans, we still harbor hate for people of color, and people of color still hate Angelo’s, and many of the Angelo’s earned this hatred. But enough is enough, can’t you see what is coming? When 911 happened we all united as Americans, but it was so short lived; our eyes are on the Muslim population now. But we are so anti each other it will be easy for Muslim’s to defeat us because we are not united as a people of the United States. A nation divided is a nation conquered by the united enemy. The real enemy is Satan and his people are those who would kill anyone that is associated with the God of Abraham & Jesus Christ. So get a grip, love your neighbor,if they live here and have children here help them to become citizens at least in their hearts, the paper work will eventually follow. Now to those who hate America and are here to abuse Her generosity, you need to go to the country you love, or you are a traitor to both and to yourself. No country is so perfect that you truly love it, but America is as close as it comes…so far. God Help US. Amen.

  • http://google alicia

    yes your very right and Jesus is coming soon for those who are looking for his return!

  • Larry

    This is like the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think.

  • Gunny Wayne

    Obamie as far as I’m concerned is nothing but a “Big-Ass-Blowhard” another words a “Big-Ass-Liar”! He is in way over his head. Always on vacation, and doesn’t give two-hoots about this great nation or the people he goven’s….

  • al

    It’s time we play Cowboys & politicians. Take the house & Senate back and stock it with fresh blood and honest un-corrupt ones.

  • JR

    Every penny of the debt that has been added since Obama became president was pushed into the budget by Bush’s policies. The Recovery Act (stimulus) was “deficit neutral”, meaning every penny was paid for, and included ZERO pork—a Bush specialty. The Affordable Care Act (healthcare reform) actually reduces deficits by $100 billion over ten years and by more than $1 trillion over 20 years.

    • TexasPatriot

      Please spare us the libturd talking points. We are adults here. Pull your head out!

  • stats

    Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul , Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning last November’s Presidential election:

    * Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
    * Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
    * Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
    * Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1
    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

    Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”

    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals – and they vote – then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

    If you are in favor of this, then by all means, delete this message.

    If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.

  • Barb

    We have been examining the presidential Candidates, so far everyone has strikes against them. When the movie about Sarah Palin comes out in October we plan to watch it. If the information is as promising as her two books, we plan to vote for her. She meets all the criteria of a phenominal President.

  • Nancy

    The only thing Obama is patriotic to is Islam !

  • http://Buck Buck

    Why don’t our news sources remind our voters of his campaign comments, point out his broken promises and remind ALL of his Eastern leanings? Guess it must be up to us, John Doe citizen, talking to our friends and neighbors.

    • Stuart Ogilvie

      You’re right, Buck That’s the problem Not enough people know that this jackass said just five days before the last election that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Who told this jackass the American people want our country “fundamentally Transformed?” That jerk– he needs to be impeached!

    • Robert from Texas

      Because Soros owns the media!!! :)

  • David Frack

    We need an American in the White House. Obama is in office illegally. Impeach the cockroach. Send him back to Kenya where he belongs. The L.A. zoo has African lions, the white house has a lying African.

  • http://yahoo rick

    Obama told the american people what he was going to do to this country and the dumb asses voted him in anyway and now we all are paying for it,,, Don’t blame me I voted for McCain/Palin