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Obama routinely bypasses Congress

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

obama suckers

Obama administration officials are increasingly using regulation and litigation to bypass Congress, say free market advocates and social conservatives.

“It is outrageous,” said Dan Kish, vice president at the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Energy Research and a former Capitol Hill staffer. “Like it or not, Congress has the power to write laws.”

But these critics also say little can be done about it before November 2012, especially because they’re getting no support from the liberal critics who once lambasted George W. Bush for ignoring domestic and international laws, and for releasing “signing statements” when he signed bills into law.

The administration is using bureaucratic procedures to constrict legal energy extraction the Democratic-led Congress failed to pass the “cap and trade” law to regulate carbon-dioxide, said Kish. Environmentalists “see this presidency as their one chance to reach their green-energy nirvana and insert themselves into every aspect of the economy,” he said. “For a bunch of lawyers, all they seem to do is figure out ways to get around the law,” Kish said.

Republicans and their allied advocacy groups say they’re frustrated by the administration’s use of regulations and the courts to bypass laws, and by liberals’ passivity, but don’t see any fix except a Republican in the White House.

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  • Yahoo

    Get used to it. This joker will take this approach until the end of his term.

    • SammysDad

      So what the heck is wrong with congress? These guys are becoming irrelevant and keep their mouths shut. That’s the disgrace of it all. Our representatives are allowing this impostor to do whatever he feels like and then they just stand around with their heads up a warm and wet place on their butts. Anyone of these losers that continues to do so should be replaces, whether or not they are democrat or not.

  • tpm44

    That’s the way it is because all the republicans we voted in under the promise of listening to the people. THEY used us to get elected to do what they want to do. they lack the morals, intelligence and loyalty and most of all the balls and abilty to do their job right.THEY ARE SIMPLY PUT TRAITORS! i fear because of them that this country is doomed long before 2012. WE NEED TO FIGHT OR GET OUT!

    • AUDREY



    • setpoint

      . . . and cut retirement pensions in half!!

    • AUDREY


    • eye1iris

      Audrey, while I agree with your sentiments about term limits, you failed to do the math. A Senator can’t serve 16 years unless he/she resigns 2/3 way through the third term…they serve 6 year terms. The logical term limit would be either 12 or 18 years. I vote for 12.

    • Honest1inVA


    • Judy

      If we, the voting public, were awake, they would be one termers because we would vote them out if they weren’t doing what is best for the country.

    • Beepster

      Twelve would work just fine. Two terms for senators and 3 for reps.

    • Gordon

      That would be 6 terms to equal 12 years

    • AUDREY


    • Elvis in Argentina

      If congress hasen’t done their job, ir they lied, stolen, made secret deals, made contracts with foreign governments, didn’t keep campaign promises, take all their retirement pension away.

    • Myla Texas

      Unfortunately there are some Congressman in Fedral Prision still receiving a pension.

      Duke Cunningham, R-Calif., admitted accepting millions in bribes and is currently serving time in a Federal Prision. But he is still getting more than $42,000 a year while in prison.

      Jim Traficant, D-Ohio, also took bribes while in office. But he didn’t even have to ask for the $323,425 in pension money he received while serving seven years in prison.

      Dan Rostenkowski, D-Ill., served 15 months in prison in the mid-1990s for his role in a corruption scandal. He earned a six-figure pension the whole time. And he currently receives more than $176,000 a year, which includes a $9,000 cost of living increase this year alone.

      Wow must be nice to go to jail and still receive tax payer funded pensions for being corrupt!

    • patriot2

      crime really does pay!

    • Denise

      Impeached and tried for TREASON!

    • Honest1inVA


    • Honest1inVA


    • don

      There were 22 tea party members that were elected to the House in 2010 that stuck to their promises. Mark Levin had the list on his web site.

    • carolyn

      agree with you now they should do something


      …..endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,[70] that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,….. THAT TIME HAS COME!!!

    • diana.bowler

      You want to also limit the terms of the Supreme Court who protect them.

    • John

      The U.S Supreme Court has scheduled a conference in September, 2011 to determine if Obama’s eligibilty warrants an investigation.

    • Gas Passer

      If congress and the senate are too scared to do anything about Obama’s eligibilty, what makes you think that the U.S. Supreme Court is going to do anything? The Supreme Court is scared too! I’ve lost faith in the Justice Department and the U.S. Supreme Court.

    • John

      I think you are right(unfortunately). But the Supreme Court is a distinct and seperate branch of the government.

      You have rightly pointed out that the Congress(again unfortunately)is behaving unconstitutionally and not acting upon the growing evidence that Obama is occupying the Presidency illegally.

      This is a legal challenge as opposed to a political challenge from the Congress-that never came. This forces the White House administration to legally defend Obama’s legitimacy.

      Again, this is a “conference” where the Supreme Court will determine whether or not they should launch an official investigation into Obama’s eligibility.

      Based upon past decisions by this court(and again unfortunately)I think you are right.

    • Gary

      Obama is a cancer on our justice system, He should be removed from OFFICE and charged
      with treason. Followed by a first class deportation to a fedral Prison to await his
      sentence, For treason.

    • Dan in NH

      It’s not the Congress fault. Obama is bypassing Congress by having regulations written the simulate the laws he couldn’t get passed and there no way to stop him. Until we can get Obama out of office and take the senate we can’t stop him.

    • Samuel

      They only ran as republicans to get elected. That was especially true of many so called Tea Party people. My town had only two elected republicans, since reconstruction in 1875. However, in the last election, they all calimed to be republicans and won every contested office!!

  • http://MSN Barry L. Cunningham

    This whole mess could be solved quickly. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!!!

    • IV


    • Houdini1984

      Is it that they have no guts or that they realize that the Senate would never vote to convict? It would be futile for Republicans to engage in a quixotic quest to remove Obama through the impeachment process when they know that the Democrats in the Senate would never stand by and watch their Dear Leader lose such a battle.

      All that would result from such a crusade is the type of negative press for Republicans that accompanied the Clinton impeachment proceedings. While that negative press would certainly be bearable if there was an actual chance of getting rid of this impostor, it is definitely not worth accepting when there is no chance of success.

    • Rick

      Ten House members led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) are filing a complaint in federal court against President Obama for taking military action in Libya without first seeking congressional approval.

      Kucinich and Reps. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Howard Coble (R-N.C.), John Duncan (R-Tenn.), Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.), John Conyers (D-Mich.) Ron Paul (R-Texas), Michael Capuano (D-Mass.), Tim Johnson (R-Ill.) and Dan Burton (R-Ind.) filed the complaint Wednesday at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

      “With regard to the war in Libya, we believe that the law was violated,” Kucinich said in a statement. “We have asked the courts to move to protect the American people from the results of these illegal policies.”

      The House members argue that the Obama administration overstepped its constitutional authority by authorizing the use of U.S. military force abroad without first receiving approval from Congress. U.S. forces have been involved in the campaign against Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi for 88 days.

    • Niki

      . . . the war in Libya is just another way for Obama to spend our money in is attempt to send America into the poor house.

    • Greg

      They don’t want to. The senate is ran by Democrats, how would it look on the Democrats if they were to impeach him. Thge only way we are going to get rid of this worthless piece of black trash is either VOTE him out or vote out the Democrat senators which in my opinion both should be done.

    • http://AOL Ellen

      After he is out of office he will make millions in speakers’ funds. Like Bill Clinton he will never really go away. There will always be those who will pay to hear this empty suit.

    • The other Dan

      I don’t care what he does so long as he’s OUT!

    • Rick

      After he is out of office he will collect around $200,000 a year. Now if he lives another 30 years, that comes to over $6MILLION.
      Nice retirement for 4 yrs work.
      Impeachment is not the answer, he must be removed due to fraud.

    • John

      In Sept. 2011 the U.S Supreme Court will determine if Obama’s eligibilty warrants an investigation.

    • Joan

      You mean four years of destruction!!!

    • Jax Cat

      Will that qualify him to be considered a professional golfer?

    • Lee

      Work??? Play golf, Take a Vacation, Send wife on trip, That’s Work. What a job description. We’ve been JOBBED and ROBBED.

    • Onyx

      I agree! He and his ghetto wife need to go. $200,000 a year would be HUGE to the rest of us, but to mamaobama it’s just a weekend jaunt. She’ll not be happy with that chump change.
      I never voted for this loser for fear of just what’s going on. My hope is that those who did will learn to read English and actually understand it before checking the box. Then again, I guess it won’t actually matter since they’re here illegally anyway!
      Maybe the Dems will wake up before then. WAIT! We’re talking about the Democrats here! Guess not. They sleep through EVERYTHING. Biden only wakes himself up during speeches because he starts to snore!

    • Gas Passer

      How is the first ghetto wife of the White House going to enjoy life on only $200,000 retirement? It means no more lavish parties, no more expensive dresses, no more $1,000.00 handbags, no more jet setting vacations all over the world. When Obama isn’t president anymore…who will write everything for his teleprompter to make those $200,000 speaking fees? I think nobody will.

    • BarleyWheets

      Thats the very reason he, obama should be presecuted ..not impeached..! NO president has gone against America and the constitution and the laws of the land as much as this so called crooked president has done!

    • Rusty

      on trial or impeach, he is not for american, how many lies did he commit during

      GET IT OUT NOW……..

    • Byron

      No, I think he will pull and “Idi Amin” and flee before there is a real investigation into his Administration.

    • Beth Morrissey

      Well if found guilty of falsifying documents to become President Obama would end up in prison.

  • brad owen

    I’m beginning to HATE him. Nothing personal, he’s a bright man but the fucking democrats are obviously on the wrong track. Why can’t/won’t they just admit their way is the WRONG way.

  • Daniel

    For some reason, Congress doesn’t care to “protect their turf” on this issue. One can only surmise that there is something going on from a puppet master or shadow government. There has to be some reason for all of the apathy in Congress.

    • Monahan

      Does the name George Soros ring any Bells???

  • proudamerican

    Every blog that has a subject about obama is the same. In every instance, obama is doing something that is against the constitution and people talk about it and say how upset they are that he is doing it. By the same token, the underlying reason for obamas actions are all the same. HE WANTS TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!! How long will it be before honest people collect in the streets to protest what is blatantly WRONG!!! This is not something to be taken lightly! You want people like obama running your life???

    • Injun Trouble

      I Agree …… I believe that Thomas Jefferson

      said ” a revolution every once in a while

      is a good thing.”

    • Joan

      Jefferson is so right!!

    • mimi


  • Laura

    That’s what dictators do. They do as they please, what they want, when they want, to whom they want because they think and believe they are “God”. And, Mr. O, you are not, repeat not “God”. You are a communist/dictator.

    • Joan

      Obama should be kicked out of office for failing to keep the our constitutional laws. Who the hell does he think he is first campaging with his blatant lies then turns our country upside to suit himself & cronies.
      KICK THE BUM OUT!!!!!!

  • lizaz

    Nothing will change with our economy until we rid ourselves of this “administration” in Nov 2012. He has no intention of improving anything except his own power. Get us all on welfare or working for the govt and he can control us. This will not happen!!!!!

  • John

    CONGRESS ?!! We don’t need no stinkin’ Congress !- BHO

  • Dan

    The States have the power to “undo” the laws by exercising nullification. If the States simply refuses to follow the law or executive order, then they have effectively bypassed the bureaucratic procedures that restrict energy exploration within its boundaries.

  • ARMYOF69

    Just remove him by force, he’s not a US Citizen it seems, and a self confessed avid Muslim.

    • Captain PJ

      In the best interests of our country and the American people, President Obama should resign from office. Our economy continues to self-destruct, home prices remain at historic lows; unemployment is over 9.1%, U.S. credit is downgraded; small businesses continue to close shop; public-employee bloated cities, states and employers continue to default; Mexican drug cartels cross our soverign borders at will to establish operations; test scores for public shchool children continue to drop; health care system is now under the socialist failed paradigm; terrorism has increased since George Bush left office; the world outside our borders slides into a more seriouis and deeper chaos.

    • John

      Obama’s days “may” be numbered. The U.S Supreme Court in September, 2011 to determine if Obama’s eligibilty warrants an investigation.

    • WalterC

      Dream on John. Also, I hope the keep editing Captain’s remarks because he is a conservative extremist and they’ve probably tagged him as so.

    • Frankie

      All that you mention, is part of the plan to create chaos, when the people are in a state of chaotic confusion, they can be better controlled by a ‘one nation world’ Reich.
      Instead of going into a confused state of mind and allowing all this to take place, we have to become determined and decisive that the ‘will of the people (mass) be done.’

    • don

      Why does everyone use 9.1% for unemployment?? It is much higher than that!

    • Sua Sponte

      You got it Cap–he should resign, but he won’t leave unless we actually remove him…whether by force or by vote.

    • Captain PJ

      He’s a one term president–no way he get’s re-elected. No way!

    • ARMYOF69

      I concur. The best indication I have that Obama is out next time around, is a very good , but very liberal friend of mine, who today called me to let me know that he is starting to agree with me, on many issues. AND…that he will definitely NOT vote for him again.[ This man is a Ph.D. scientist ]. WE’re winning folks.Keep up the pressure.

  • Miguelina Lewandowski

    The problem is that we do not have a Congress. Just a blank Congress They need to start doing the Job.Impeach this President if that what you call him. (NOW) Stop bashing and do the job.

    • azwayne

      Everyone’s action for now call congress, record reactions, voting next year, make sure NO incumbants, how did we mget here??

  • Betty S

    Those Republicans we elected DID listen to us but until we have control of both houses and the Presidency we won’t be able to effectively do much about “Bad luck Barry”. If we tried to impeach him, it could get thru the house buy not the Democratically controlled senate. Just get everyone you know to vote in 2012 and oust the entire pack of wolves that is the Demoncrats!

    • G

      They Don’t need control of both houses to load up “Nevada Harry’s Plate” and Plug Up This System, so much, it would take years to straighten it out, mayby by then we would have some idea what’s really wrong with this governing process.

    • don

      Part of the system’s problem is that 51% of the population who do not pay any state or federal taxes can vote. And they usually vote for the democratic lies that promise to them OBAMA MONEY!! Obama is sucking all the money off the taxpayers and redistributing it to his union goons and non working voters. What is wrong with this picture?

  • Glenn Smith

    Not only do we have a spending problem…WE HAVE A MORAL PROBLEM IN THIS NATION! If we followed GOD and HIS laws…We would not need congress or obama to make them! If each family would take the responsibility of raising their family the way the LORD told us…We would NOT have the problems we have…Has anyone been listening to GOD…Earthquakes…Flooding…starvation….WAKE UP PEOPLE…GOD IS SENDING YOU A MESSAGE!

  • ARMYOF69

    Why do we even have a Constitution anymore, no one is looking at it before they make decisions. SHAME ON ALL THE WASHINGTON SCUM.

  • kermit dupre

    The Lawyers in Washington are notorius for trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

  • Jerry K

    Our founding father anticipated something like this and specifically left us the 2nd Amendment.

  • http://none Art Chandler

    We all seem to agree. Obama is intentionally trying to make America a second tier nation. Despite his smooth talk, he’s a despot in disguise. We cannot re-elect a man and his agents who are trying to destroy the nation our founders so brilliantly created. Art C

  • Lock Piatt

    Obama has usurped the Constitution and Congress must take action – his executive orders are Unconstitutional and it is the duty of Congress to PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM USURPATION.

  • Larry

    Barrack Obama does act like he already has the Dictator position in the USA but we will show him the cliff to jump off of very soon because this SOB Jackal will not be the Dictator of the US in fact he is going to prison as soon as we get someone in Washington DC that will do the job they were chosen for but the ones we have placed there to date are all cowards and are afraid to do there jobs.

  • G

    Congressional House Oversight Republicans Could Stop This Matter. If They Had Any Guts, They would Have Eric Holder Before some oversight committee everyday until He Starts Up Holding His Oath Of Office Or Impeach Him And Get Another Attorney General.
    Obama is intent On Destroying This Country, Are There Any Doubts Now?

    • azwayne

      Now you’re recognizing REAL problem, our congress, we have balancing branches, correct, how are they doing, why are they NOT doing?? What do politicians want besides greed??? 535 corrupt lawyers in one place at same time, you want common sense??? dream on.

  • Bud

    Obama doesn’t care about the Constitution or anything but himself. To Obama, the Constitution is nothing compaired to the koran (which he can quote since he studied it until he was 10 or 12). He would be IMPEACHED already except that the Dems are in control of the Senate, so remember that in 2012 also.

  • Roger

    As the 2012 election approaches and Obama genuinely fears loosing he will develop a crisis situation in which he will declare martial law and no election will be held. We will then have a true dictatorship.

    • johnk

      I can honestly see that happening…. the last executive order…. Martial Law

  • Robert R

    Let us change the laws for time allowed to serve as an elected official:

    President 2 terms of 2 years
    Senate 1 term of 3 years
    House 1 term of 3 years
    All others: 1 term of 2 year

    • abear8it

      I agree that there should be ‘Term Limits’ but make it one 6 year for each of them. That way, if they can’t be re-elected, they won’t use our money to get re-elected. Now a President learns the job for the first year or so and works for one year (+ or -) and spends the next 2 years trying to get re-elected at our expense. Therefore the President doesn’t accomplish much in the first 4 years… abear said that!

  • m. sharpe

    Congress has the purse- They must grow a pair and DEFUND everything.

  • Jerry Frulio

    We are fighting multiple battles here. We Have a President in office who is not a natural born citizen. We have another problem with the clowns we have on both sides running this Country. Not to mention the ultra liberal media who accepts everything this self proposed dictator says as gospel. We must continue to get the word out to all our friends and relatives via emails and other forms of media we have control of. This is the only choice we have to take back our Country by supporting a candidate that is truly conservative in his values and can stand up to Obama in upcoming debates. A candidate that is not afraid to tell it like it is and I mean reveal all the lies that have been perpetrated on us. We started in 2010 voting in those that share our values. Now we must continue to get rid of the rest of those on both sides who are not concerned about their constituents or care about following our Constitution as written. GOD BLESS AMERICA and LETS TAKE IT BACK.

  • M. Taylor

    Since he isn’t an American citizen, he shouldn’t be in the White House. Since he doesn’t abide by the Constitution and keeps breaking the law when he suit him, he should be impeached immediately. We don’t need a dictator. Also Congress should be made to live and survive like the rest of us. What’s good for us should be good for them. There should be term limits or the States should take care of themselves. We don’t need someone in Washington telling us what and how to do things.

  • ExArmyMP

    The Republicans in the Congress should be making a real fuss over Obama’s bypassing of Congress (and, in some cases, the Constitution). As usual, Republicans seem to always bring a knife to a gun fight. The Dems play hardball, while the Republicans obviously prefer slow-pitch softball.

  • Henry

    OK class! For those needing a simple one word response to anything and everything obama does, it is safe to go with this…. MARXISM. Now, time to open your lunch pails and eat a healthy michelle obama apple.

  • invest

    The next President is going to have plenty of mess to clean up after the Obama.. He is going to have to go through every bill Obama signed and repeal a large number of them..

    The white house needs to be controlled by someone of the same party as who controls congess..Hopefully it will be the republicans..
    It’s time for real change –lets boot Obama out of washington DC BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE..

    One can just image how many terrorist Odumer is going t pardon on his way out..

  • sadie slack

    They need to inpeach obama hell vote on inpeaching him ill be glad to sign it and I know a whole lot more will sign it

  • mark from okc

    the more he gets away with it the more he will do.
    and he still has over a year to reak havock

  • mark from okc

    i bet he has his muslim brothers in place via route through mexico. he cant close the borders untill he has enough muslims in place write before elections. they will attack inside the u.s. which will let him declare marshall law hence stay in office.

    watch yourself write before elections if he is loosing.

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    I thought that was why we had congress. They are the ones not doing their job. They should bring proceedings against him.

    I also thought that was why we had both houses and the president. If they can’t do their job, then they should all go and be replaced by people who believe in the Constitution.

    Rick Perry is right about government intrusion. Our country ran quite well before l935 when all the entitlements began.

    Another thing I am disgusted about is that Supreme Court judges are appointed for life.
    They should be voted on by the American People every 6 years.

    • Larry G

      Careful what you wish for on Judges Gloria. The same people who voted for O would also be the ones voting for the highest Judges in the land.

    • Samuel

      You need to think that over Gloria. Why would you want to make the Supreme Court a political contest? I can just see a SC with Barney Franks, Shelia Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Shelia Jackson Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sparpton, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

  • Janice Fortin

    This president a constitutional lawyer? WHAT A JOKE! From his actions, I’d say he never read it at all. We hear pedofiles are put to work babysitting children – is that another illegal inspiration? The only evil that matches that is the unwholesome JENINS SCHOOL CZAR: Pleae Americans take note: Obama made sure his kids are NOT expposed to JENKINS…..what he wants is all America on THE TURD LEVEL OF MEXICO. Congress has many rights this guy has bypassed in his self appointed superiority. We REAL AMERICANS HOPE ACTION WILL BE SEEN SOON TO INFORM AND EDUCATE OR REMOVE…..we’re hoping the latter.

    • Samuel

      He ws never a professor of anything, much less of Constitutional law. He apparently was on the adjunct faculty at Univ. of Chicago as a lecturer. He was most certainly a lawyer for ACORN in the 1990’s.

  • Bree,

    He bypasses Congress and anything else that gets in his way because he thinks he is king of the hill, and above the laws of the land. But this will continue because he is allowed to do it. Why is there no one to stop him? Where are our Reps and the beat goes on? I’m beginning to seriously wonder if we can make it to 2012. America is crumbling from within. HE has got to go! God help us!

    • WalterC

      Bree, it would be in your best interests to stop defending the Captain in his warranted plight of being edited or censored. He is nothing more than a conservative extremist who is dangerous to political thought.

    • Bree,

      Walter, you really think so? It’s a wonder you did not get censored for that very hostile and provoking thought. Captain is an officer and a gentleman and I defend him to the death. Have a nice day.

    • ARMYOF69

      Get your EBT ‘s now, hurry up. Soon be running out of them it seems, when we are in power, that is.

  • Traitors in our Gov

    Put the illegal alien in jail and we can start recending everything he has done to us… It will all be null and void after that.. case closed

  • mark from okc

    and once he declares marshall law and stays in office he will get his muslim brothers to run back accross the border to mexico where they will be safe and claim he saved the u.s. and tell everone they need to praise him.

    obama and U.S.A. are like oil & water, they dont mix well but if you spill oil in water it will make a mess of it



  • edd


    CLEAN HOUSE.!!!! AND senate

  • Yellow Eagle

    Congress could stop it if they wern’t such weak pukes!!!! They have the attourity obummer doesn’t!!! He just knows he can get away with it!!!

  • Richard


    • Samuel

      Complain tyo your representative in the House. The House of Representatives has sole power over Impeachments. They can’t read your mind.

  • Henri CJ

    About time to restore power to the county sheriff and oust the complete federal dictatorship…..
    obama should be member of our chaingang

  • John Grychak

    The office of the President should have limited powers, he should have to put everything through Congress, instead of side slipping his own way. How many times will we let him do crooked things against us. John Boehner, you’ve turned out to be a big disappointment. You should be leading the charge against the IMPEACHMENT of O’Bama, instead of letting him do things unlawfully, as he is still doing.

  • johnf1234

    WHAT’S NEW???
    This TREASONOUS committing, Black RACIST,
    a former attorney that had his Law Practicing License Revoked by the Bar Association, Senior Citizen Hating, TAX EVADER HIMSELF, ILLEGAL KENYAN USURPER!!!!

  • Thor

    Is it time for REAL CHANGE!

  • D. Hanes

    So apparently King Barry is ” ruling” not governing. I’m not surprised.. he does think he is above the law, above the government and cerainly above all us peon Americans.

    The big old Kenyan is in charge now!

  • JOHN


  • Merlin

    Congress has abdicated its authority and responsibilities. Our elected reresentatives can not see beyond their respective party label or logo. Their intent is to serve the party rather than the country or their constituents. They vote the way their party leadership tells them to and often don’t even bother to read the legilation first.

  • Marlene

    Now the media is questioning who is behind the Libyan rebels. I’d be willing to bet that Obama knew, when he bypassed Congress and put the U.S. into that mess, that it was backed by terrorists and he felt obligated to help his ‘brothers’. I don’t suppose the Leftist media will report on that if it proves to be true.

    • Samuel

      Hillary Clinton knew and she strongly encouraged supporting the rebels in Egypt and Libya. Now, they are pretending not to know that the Muslim Brotherhood was deeply involved. BS, if she is that dumb, why is she Secretary of State. She is of the Saul Alinsky school just like her boss.

  • Howard-the Banger Club

    I doubt if anyone in Congress has read the Constitution, so what do they base their decisions on self serving

    • SUSANM


    • daves

      I personally like focusing immigration on the criminals and I like clean air so they are standing up for me.

    • WalterC

      Say what?

    • patriot77

      How foolish you are. We conservatives understand the value of dirty air. We also love the taste of a nice, tall glass of polluted ice-water on a steamy, ozone laden, summer day. Come on, fool, get with the program!

    • Chathamgirl

      According to Judicial Watch, Obama was under investigation for illegal activities when he was a senator. Why wern’t we told about that before he ran for president? Why does the media conceal so much from the americal people? You have to search. Do your homework. Clinton, Obama and Perry were all bought, paid for and groomed by Rockfeller and the Bilderberg Group OWO.

    • Captain PJ

      Perry is also a member of the PTA–shame on him!

    • Florence Stone

      After the D.C. judge dismissed Orly’s case today, I am turning to the Sheriff’s. I have tweeted every one I could find on twitter today, telling them THEY have the power to bi-pass the corrupt courts and arrest Obama and his illegal relatives as felons for stealing SSN’s. It can’t hurt, and might help.

    • Marcie

      SURELY there is some way WE THE PEOPLE can get this BO removed before 2012—there’s toooo much damage that can be done by him between now and then. If he’s illegal (and I am sure he is) all of our classified info is being shipped out of the White House and where will that leave us?

    • patriot77

      I’m personally sick of these republicans and their whining about Obama. They hand us like “we can’t do anything until 2012″. Oh, really? EVER HEARD OF IMPEACHMENT!!??? What a bunch of spineless asses!! Alan Keyes was right–VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!

    • Charlie

      Yes,WE THE PEOPLE elected him. What do you see when you look into the mirror. If you voted for the illegal,you should be ashamed and red faced.

    • http://aol Dennis

      With the election of Obama, our Republic went out the window and the first Amrican Napoleon came of age. Only thing is, he is not a leader and has lost his independent constituancy to a great degree due to his amaturish attempts to convert America to a Socialist Nation. But, be ware! This new emperer will be hard to beat in 2012 due to his lack of ethicasey and his willingness to go to any extremes to be reelected.

  • am2sweet

    It has been my thought for a long time now that Obama wanted all the czars so he could at some point get rid of congress althgether. He seems to bypass them on more than one thing lately and no one is taking him into hand and pointing out that he alone cannot do everything. I’m still wondering why other politicians aren’t going against his way of doing things and saying get back to the Constitution. Since Obama has shown he wants to be a ruler rather than a president he needs to be removed from office ASAP.

    • daves

      You must watch Glenn Beck if you still think President Obama has the most Czars.

    • Captain PJ

      I odn’t watch Glenn Beck…but do tell….which president other than Obama has had the most Czars?

    • JustTheFactsMam

      Per Wikipedia

      Bush Jr. had 49

      Obama has 41.

      Note Czars are nothing more than Appointed department heads, many have to be approved by the Senate but not all.

    • WalterC

      Really? I’m surprised the media didn’t make an issue of that.

    • Captain PJ

      Walter, we may actually agree. I don’t recall Bush doing an end-around the Senate and appointing Czars. Live and learn.

    • OldDude

      Interesting! How many of Obama’s Czars have been OKd by the Senate? And how many of Bush’s weren’t? Bush did try to work with Congress, Obama does his own thing whetyher anyone likes it or not.

    • Bea

      Your facts are wrong.

    • daves

      Old Dude: I don’t know about President Bush’s Czars.

      * Nine were confirmed by the Senate, including the director of national intelligence (“intelligence czar”), the chief performance officer (“government performance czar”) and the deputy interior secretary (“California water czar”).

      * Eight more were not appointed by the president – the special advisor to the EPA overseeing its Great Lakes restoration plan (“Great Lakes czar”) is EPA-appointed, for instance, and the assistant secretary for international affairs and special representative for border affairs (“border czar”) is appointed by the secretary of homeland security.

      * Fifteen of the “czarships” Beck lists, including seven that are in neither of the above categories, were created by previous administrations. (In some cases, as with the “economic czar,” the actual title – in this case, chairman of the president’s economic recovery advisory board – is new, but there has been an official overseeing the area in past administrations. In others, as with the special envoy to Sudan, the position is old but the “czar” appellation is new.)

      * In all, of the 32 positions in Beck’s list, only eight are Obama-appointed, unconfirmed, brand new czars.

    • Xin-Loi

      The Russian Commies hated the Czars, but the American Commies are in love with them. Go figure.

    • am2sweet

      I didn’t count the number of people Bush used for information, ideas, or advice. However considering the fact that he didn’t call them czars says which side he was on, (not the Nazi side) and he also didn’t necessairly assign each person he confered with to a position.

    • daves

      It’s meaningless to ask a question about what “hiring czars” allows a president to do, because presidents don’t hire czars. “Czar” is a label bestowed by the media – and sometimes the administration – as a shorthand for the often-cumbersome titles of various presidential advisers, assistants, office directors, special envoys and deputy secretaries. (After all, what makes for a better headline – “weapons czar” or “undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics”?)

  • Mark

    the liberals are to busy trying to take over the country to let congress do they’re job

  • Mike

    It’s outrageous some of the crap he’s allowed to do. And nobody in Congress calls him on it. He ignores the Constitution with those so-called Executive orders. His approval rating is at 38%. One can only hope it goes lower. ACORN’s at it again. So much corruption!!

    • Jean

      Unfortunately, there are a number of senators that want open borders and one world goverment. Obama probably believes he will be the leader – may explain some of his foreign policy decisions and executive amnesty in this country. And those senators who support this concept (also Bloomberg) want to assure their place and power.

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Jean. you’re right that a “NUMBER” of Senators [and a lot of House members as well] “WANT” open borders AND AMNESTY, AND ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKERS.

      Those that fall in this group are/and represnt those who want LOTS of CHEAP, EXPLOITABLE LABOR to oversaturate the worker market, and DEPRESS wages, and to have employees who are easily exploitable [means they can be abused in many ways, BUT… CANNOT/DARE NOT complain to the NRLB for fear of deportation].

      THESE “bad” folks are on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, Democrap AND Republican. They and their contributors benefit GREATLY from the cheap, exploitable labor, which is a PART of the reason that there are OVER 25 MILLION UNEMPLOYED AND UNDEREMPLOYED US CITIZENS and LEGALLY permitted foreign workers [YEAH, I know the months old number of 22 million is still all we see in the media, but that number is NOW much greater].

      AND Congress and obummer are CONTINUING to IMPORT WELL OVER 1.5 MILLION MORE “immigrant” workere EVERY MONTH!!!!!

    • beabet

      i tried to tell people all the time; before he was elected; and know one was listening; he was black and they all wanted change; well now u have change; and noone wants to works lazy !aaes. everyone wants it for free; now the skeletons are out of the pandora’s box; and u ant going to put them back without a fight; and it is just now starting to show its colors;

    • JustTheFactsMam

      Published on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 by
      ACORN Vindicated of Wrongdoing by the Congressional Watchdog Office
      by John Atlas

      On Monday, June 14, a preliminary probe by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) of ACORN has found no evidence the association or related organizations mishandled the $40 million in federal money they received in recent years.

  • Gas Passer

    With each passing day, I see that the Congress, the Senate, the Justice Department, and the Supreme Court don’t care about the Constitution. What are we going to do? Elect more people who believe and do what is being done now to the Constitution?

    • http://googlechrome Hangman

      I think these lawyers and low ass politicians know even less about the Constitution and Bill of Rights than the common person. It would be great to have just a common person in office one time just to see how they would do. But you have to have those millions to be a serious challenger.

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Hangman. Over some 400 years ago Shakespeare commented in one of his plays, “First, let’ kill all the lawyers.”

      He had that right. IF I were “king” of this country I’d get a law [for all elected officials] that IF one either had a law degree, or even more than 2 semesters of law school, he/she would be INELIGIBLE to hold ANY ELECTED OFFICE.

      AlthougH our nation’s founders were educated men, MOST, although extraordinary, were ordinary CITIZENS.

      That’s how our legislatures and Congress ought to be filled, ordinary citizens, BUT NO LAWYERS.

    • Chathamgirl

      Well, one common person with billions is The Donald. He’s abrasive and to the point but I’ll bet he could put a few countries in their place. I’ll bet he could get this economy running again.

    • beabet

      we need to do our homework; and vote for the true person not the fake; if we do it right the first time we will not have to go back and do it again; anyone for big government do not vote for; only the commensen one that will not be bought and paid for by a group; for example global warming;; that is a group; stock exchange that is a group;

    • oneAmerican

      You’re right, unfortunately.. It hurts to see Our Constitution be shredded more & more. If only these elitest would spend as much time ‘following it’ as they do ignoring it. Of course, many don’t even know it!! To include what’s his name.(I guess he thinks he’s the plantation owner now) This past 2 years more & more of us ‘commoners’ are studying this great document & learning more about government. KNOWLEDGE IS AMMUNITION, So keep it up Patriots…REGIME CHANGE 2012, THE AMERICAN WAY

    • Mistyinga.

      Lol, lol,”Gas Passer”? These monikers are getting funnier everyday!…Lol

  • Dodi

    I sincerely hope that everyone has read the article by Joseph Farah, founder of WND regarding why the Repbulicans never challenged obummer’s clear consitutional ineligibility for the presidency. It’s enough to make you want to puke. He has two reasons, 1) they ae too ignorant to understand that the definition of a “natural born citizen” is an American born to U. S. citizen parents; or 2) they are willing accomplices in the dumbind down of a simple constitutional requirement for their own political reason – so their own ineligible candidates can run. He named Rubio and Bobby J8indal. We need to get rid of every damn one of them that won’t stick to the Constitution and stop this crap. He had a lot more to say but IT IS TIME TO GET HONEST PEOPLE IN THE PRESIDENCY.

    • Dodi

      Sorry it should be dumbed down and Bobby Jindal. I just so mad and wonder how much of this crap has been going on for how long. If there are other typo’s, please excuse.

    • dotbox

      Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Amar and Raj Jindal, who came to the United States as immigrants from Punjab, India, 6 months before he was born.[2]

      Jindal attended Baton Rouge Magnet High School, graduating in 1988. He competed in tennis tournaments, started a computer newsletter, a retail candy business, and a mail-order software company. He spent his free time working at the concession stands during LSU football games.[7] Jindal was one of 50 students nationwide admitted to the elite PLME program at Brown University, guaranteeing him a place in medical school. He was interested in public policy. Jindal also completed a second major in biology. He graduated in 1991 at the age of 20, with honors in both majors.[7][8]

      Jindal was named a member of the 1992 USA Today All-USA Academic Team. He was accepted by both Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School, but studied at New College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar. He received an M.Litt. degree in political science with an emphasis in health policy from the University of Oxford in 1994 for his thesis “A needs-based approach to health care”.[7] He turned down an offer to study for a D.Phil. in politics,[9][10] instead joining the consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

      So when it comes to DUMBING DOWN, you seem to know first hand. KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO SOMETHING YOU KNOW ABOUT, IF ANYTHING!

    • Larry

      Governor Jindal is a super person and a great leader, however; according to the Constitution he is not eligible to be the President of the United States. Are you saying we need to change the Constitution? We now have a president that is not eligible, are you happy with that?

    • Dodi

      I DID NOT SAY ONE WORD about Bobby Jindal’s education or his brilliance. I merely quoted what I read regarding why the Republicans have done NOTHING TO SEE TO IT THAT OBUMMER IS OUTSTED AS PRESIDENT BECAUSE HE IS NOT THERE LEGALLY. And it does make me want to puke to think that our Constitution is being crapped on by both parties. Our founding fathers must be turning over in our graves to see what this loser president is doing to our country, and everyone sits back and lets him get away with it so that when the time comes they too can play dirty. I firmly believe in honesty and I hate the fact that this country is being ruined by a whole bunch of hypocrits, dummicrats as well as Republicans! So, dotbox, DON’T GET YOUR PANTIES IN AN UPROAR, you won’t find one word of criticism from me of Bobby Jindal in what I said above!

    • http://aol Dennis

      This argument is stupid, because the facts are wrong. An anchor baby is an American Citizen and that should answer your question as to what the current basis under the Constistuion is that make one a citizen. It is simply being born in the USA! Until the Constitution is changed, your discussion is based on false information and is not valid.

  • robert l craft

    obumber and his back side kissers by pass congress because they do what they want to,not what the people want.they are a bunch of socialist in our 3 branches of government.the socialist party give out 70 names that belong to the socialist party out of the people that suppose to be working for us,the people of the USA> i tell you right now and it want be long what is happening in the muslem country’s will be happening right here in America.the politicians has got our government so corrupt it is no hope for the people of this country any more.

    • beabet

      i said if he get elected this will be our last electtion; the next will be a fake; voter frued; just like harry reid that was vetoer fraud; and barney frank; boxer; and so on; because people only vote for dems and not who the person is; do ur homework; if he gets in; we need to call and do the right thing glenn beck has been on target from the start; just got to listen to the right people; and learn ur history; u were sleeping all these years; and did not care cause it did not effect u; now it is; and it is to late to fix it with out a fight;

  • Steve

    Did you know if we the people collect enough signatures we can impeach Obumer with out going through Senate and Congress. I just looked it up.

    • Jennie

      Lets get with it. You’ve got my signature.

    • beabet

      mine signature also; whos the lawyer; that will work with us; but if we vote the right people in and get the bad people out; we will get it right; the first time; and they can fix the laws and put him in treason if the wright person is in; i will vote for walker; shara no romnie he is for big government;

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Steve. Yes, you’re right, and I was aware of that, BUT…

      EVEN IF WE did that, THE SENATE, per the Constitution, is delegated to be the JURY AND JUDGE.

      Since the Senate IS lock-down CONTROLLED by the Democraps, this would be an excercise in FUTILITY. Why, you may ask? I’ll tell you.

      Just like in Bill Clinton’s Empeachment “trial” [he was foung guilty but,
      the SenatE decided that the “crime” did not warrant any punishment OTHER THAN being adjudged guilty, and thus NOTHING WAS DONE TO HIM].

      With THIS Democrap Senate, MILLIONS OF MAN HOURS of hundreds of Senators AND STAFF members time would be spent on this “dead end” impeachment, AND possibly BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars would be wasted in the charade which without doubt would end up with either a NOT guilty verdict, OR guilty with NO PUNISHMENT.

      Impeachment is a usless exercise in futility.

      AND, another point. From DAY ONE I contend that obummer was NOT NATURAL BORN [that legal definition was determined by the US Supreme Court waaaay back in the early 1900s, and is very CLEAR.

      To be “natural born,’ one’s PARENTS MUST BOTH be US CITIZENS.

      Obummer’s father was a Kenyan on a educational permit, and his mother was a citizen.

      Therefore, obummer was not/is not a natural born citizen, and therefor was not/is not eligible for the presidency, AND therefore is NOT LEGALLY OUR PRESIDENT.

      It is my contention that for the House, OR WE CITIZENS to file Articles of Impeachment would be to CONFIRM HIS ELEGIBILY FOR THE OFFICE. And I for one do NOT want to confirm his “claim” to the presidency.

      Obummer should NOT be impeached.

    • Fred M.

      No, He should not be impeached. He should be impaled instead. Where’s the nearest wrought iron fence? Obammy and his Mammy sing and dance like Sammy, but on our country they put a whammy. The Pitchfork Inn(Hell) is waiting for them someday.

      Yes Bushmaster, The pols have all their bases covered. Does anyone think they’re going to really police or punish themselves? They are truly Kings and Queens who live in ivory towers. The Constitution says, No Titles of Nobility, But most of the Washington scumbags even get most people to address them as Honorable before their names.

      Wake up people, There are very few Honorable people in Washington. We need to wake up our county sheriffs who have the power over the fakester in the Black House and every other government employee. Go check out the former sheriff named Richard Mack who successfully won a case against Bill(The cheap thrill) Clinton.

      Have a big mack attack and go to

    • Chathamgirl

      If that’s true then lets get on with it. I’ll be the first. Off with their heads.

    • mickey2

      We need a link. I’ll sign.

    • Fred M.

      Would you mind telling me where I can finf that information that you looked up?

      My email is

  • Cathi

    Shouldn’t a Constitutional test be given to each person who wants to hold an office at any Level, before allowing them to run for a position? Of course even if they do pass, what makes me think that they will obey what has been written in the constitution? Is there any way to measure a man a woman on how they will conduct themself once they are in power? So, maybe integrity might be an issue. Besides understanding the constitution, maybe integrity and morals are the important part of how a person follows and define the real meaning of the construction. . .Just saying. . .It would be nice, if each Politian had the constitution memorized by heart, but I don’t think it’s a guarantee to its proper use. I think it something about a women or man’s heart that will guide them to use it properly and justly for all the people of the United States. Just saying that maybe the lack of integrity and morals may the reason we have the Politian’s we do today. Just Saying. . . . .

  • Captain PJ

    I apologizw. I promise never to capitalize all my words…eliminate all my derragtory language…stop providing links to websites…and bloviating.

    • Bree,

      Captain, help me here – “bloviating” I couldn’t find that word in the dictionary so is it anything like “pontificating”? Nice word (maybe)!

    • WalterC

      Sort of…it means he talks too much and like to hear himself talk. However, i donlt think that’s what he’s really saying here.

      I know he’s upset about being “censored” so he’s being faceatious.

    • Bree,

      Thank you Walter, that clears everything up for me then. I’m sure you are right – and yeah, he does talk a lot doesn’t he? It would be hard keeping up with him.

    • Captain PJ

      I must confess, this is most frustrating. I don’t get it–what did I do to be flagged in the first place?

    • Bea

      I don’t know what you did, but I still love you Captain!

    • Bree,

      awwww, isn’t that sweet captain? you have your own fan club now.

  • john

    Sometimes I wonder who or what country Congress and most certainly Obama is working for. They are employed by US and Obama for one thinks he is accountable to no one nor does he have to release expense records (Momma Obama), his campaign contributors and the amount given but if it were a Republican president and White, he would already be impeached. Obama circumvent the legalities as does Holder nearly every week on something. The system of check and balances should prevail but Congress is bickering daily as if they are enemies and not americans. Shame on them! If they would work together, they could stop Obama’s foolish spending and his campaigning for foreign nations!

    • mickey2

      It really doesn’t matter his skin color as the past presidents set this all up. It’s just we have the internet information whereas we would have had a huge library to see all of this and a huge party line to communicate.

  • David B.

    Isn’t there anybody in congress that has a big round hairy pair to do what’s right and put a stop to this end around of Obama’s? Obama is a wuss and Biden has an IQ of a snow pea.I bet if you stand up it would freak him out and he would unravel. Obama has now character or honesty.

    • David B.

      should be no character or honesty

  • David in MA

    when will congress start affressing this dictator? how about congress submitting bills to refute what the dick in chief is doing? actually when will the American people start electing representitives who will?

  • raygun

    Nov. 2012 can’t happen soon enough.

  • mickey2

    Well, in the last month I’ve decided it does no good to contact my federal reps or senators. From now on, I will go to the state officials. They are the ones that hold the power. US Congress is no longer active, no dems, no repubs, no amount of petitions, nothing is doing any good.

    The only thing we have going for us is the recognition obama is getting throughout the world–war monger–US destruction–“King” attitude. Europe doesn’t want a NWO order any more than we do.

    The other thing is we all know he is an illegal. So does the world now.

  • Patriot41

    It seem to me that if Congress was so upset with Obama going around them with executive orders, that they could legally challenge him on every order he writes. I don’t know of any law that would or could stop them from doing so. It also seems quite obvious that they are willing to let him write any order he chooses to write as well as letting his appointees make rules and regulations that Congress has had nothing to do with. This leads me to believe that Congress could care less and is willing to allow the president to take away their authority and purpose.

    • Rulken

      Yes Patriot you raise a valid point, the president can’t spend one red cent, without the congress approving it. So where is their responsibility in all this out of control spending? Their the HEART of the problem!

    • http://aol Dennis

      It seems whenever the New Congress confronts Obama, they have him on the ropes and then let him off with gains. He gets more out of a confrontation then the Republicans and we, the American Citizens, get the bills. I vote for the T-Party candidates, as they seem to be the only ones standing up for the People and the only ones with integrity. It is true one has to moderate one’s stance when wheeling and dealing, but one must also keep their integrity.

  • JustTheFactsMam

    Obama went around Congress to get rid of the Terrorist Gaddafi, Mission Accomplished.

    RIP Pam Am 103 victims we’ll never forget.

    • bev

      The facts are more like….He went around Congress to do the bidding of the BIG BOYS…his string-pullers. The one called Gadafi was ACCUSED of the Pan Am happening. He was recently accused of Human Rights’ violations against people that he cared for WAY more than these scoundrels we have ‘leading’ us. He wanted to sell Libyan oil via African Dinar instead of USD. He tried to get other Arab members (opec) to do the same. Of course you know they are controlled by the BIG BOY string pullers…but Gadafi was sick of it and wanted CHANGE…lol. For that, this Gadafi, who had been taken off the ‘enemies list’, is suddenly an enemy, accused of human rights crap and attacked. First thing you see over there is a newly build central bank…lol. Yeah. Sorry Gad, you’ve got to go like the others. This is our country. This is what we do at the bidding of these ‘string pullers’. They parade ass-holes in our face for us to ‘elect’ to do their bidding, which takes our very and every (seemingy) right away. This latest one was put there to DIVIDE US RACIALLY AND ECONOMICALLY, while they create all manner of new laws against us and trust me…some are designed to kill us off. One of them is through bad food and water…another through abortion. To come…famine and Lord knows what else is in store through weather and earthquake control.
      Side note’ We should ALL bind together…KNOW how our areas are voting so that we can have a better handle on what areas’ votes have been STOLEN!! Rockefellers/bilderbergs/federalreserve and their henchmen, irs/and the others and their One World Order plans have got to be run out.

    • http://aol Dennis

      And so where is the bomber that was released from Scotland? We asked the Rebels to turn him over and they said NO. Who will now be running that Country, our friends or our enemies? Seems it is hard to tell the difference. We had only one true friend in the Middle East and Obama threw them under the bus.

  • Captain PJ

    Walking on water is a feat that would have impressed even Harry Potter. But why does Jesus do it, or why does he do any miracle? Like the magic of Harry Potter, it is not just a trick to amaze onlookers. The miracles of Jesus which can be grouped into healing stories, feeding stories and power over nature stories are related to the Gospels to teach the same themes that were present in the J.K. Rowling works.

    Light conquers darkness, life puts an end to death and love endures beyond hatred. Jesus walks upon the waters and calls Peter to join him. He then calms the storm and admonishes him for lack of faith. This should remind us that, in the beginning, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters–that represented chaos to ancient Jews–and called forth all creation. Jesus continues to walk upon the waters of chaos, of difficulty and hardship and invites us to learn to walk with him, trusting that he can calm the storms of our lives with his message of peace.

    • WalterC

      This is an insult to those of us who are not Christian. This website is for political discussion, not your religiouis rants–even if you’re doing it just to see if you will be censored. Why don’t you write about Islam, or Buddahism, or Hinduism?

    • Bree,

      Go home Walter, your mother is calling you.

    • Mistyinga.

      Walter if you are offended feel free to relocate. Majority rules, and the majority of us on this site believe in God!I wish they would moderate and eliminate you!

    • smitty

      i believe islam will be the religion of the anti christ and if obama wants to be world leader then it is truly likely HE is the anti christ or false prophet for the anti christ.

      how will you atheist liberals feel when the one world government machine forces YOU to worship the religion the government chooses? Will you take the mark of the beast ( a mark in the hand and forehead ) in order to buy or sell or else be killed by beheading..according to scripture. If you take the mark of satan you will never enter heaven. All men small and great will be forced.

      Walter is right there are forces of evil at work…prince of the air Satan…he is in many politicians…who want to enslave the peons.

    • Bree,

      Oh very good Captain, very inspirational. And remember when you get in the boat with Jesus you will always make it to the other side! Carry on Captain….amen.

  • Rulken

    Congress is one of the biggest problems we have! They need to grow a pair and do what the people want them to do. One of the things they routinely do, is just roll-over for the commander in thief! We need to get rid of all the old wood, and get some new blood in the congress.

  • RL Rork

    Congress could stop obama from breaking the law but the magority are part of it.

  • RL Rork


  • Barbara Simpson listener

    Why?????????????????????????Is this neccessary for this to be happening to begin with?There is a law making branch of the govt in Washington and its called congress.He must really being getting desperate to do this marxist things.He also might be seeing the hadnwriting on the wall for his remaining time in the oval office.

  • Bud

    Impeachment would do it!!

  • Floyd

    OH MY GOD..!! This exactly what germany did to gthe jews ! You better watch this NOW ..!

    PS..Perry is a obama #2
    Texas Governor Rick Perry is dipping his toes into the 2012 presidential race, coincidentally, as the Bilderberg conference convenes in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Bilderberg, notorious kingmakers in the U.S. and Europe, tapped Perry in 2007, inviting him to the conference meeting in Istanbul and presumably vetting him for higher office. Has his moment now arrived?
    With a GOP primary field weak in viable-but-malleable globalist candidates, Perry may well prove to be a rising star. Current U.S. media is buzzing with speculation of his imminent entry. Bilderberg have long worked to own both horses in each cycle of U.S. presidential races. Bill Clinton, an obscure governor when he attended Bilderberg in 1991 before his 1992 presidential run, is a prime example of a candidate selected and run by Bilderberg. Bilderberg is also responsible for selecting British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron.
    Gov. Rick Perry has been building his credentials as a pseudo-Tea Party leader and supposed proponent of succession, so he may prove to be a marketable product to the grassroots populists rebelling against the establishment GOP. In reality, of course, he is another pawn. His own rise in politics in the mid-80s came at the hands of one Karl Rove, known alternately as “Bush’s Brain,” who convinced Perry to flip from Democrat to Republican. Perry became George W. Bush’s Lt. Governor, rising to Governor once Bush the Younger gained the White House in 2000. He is now the longest serving governor in office.
    Weeks ago, Perry’s office discussed the possibility of his entering the GOP primary at the end of the Texas legislative session. Now fresh rumors about his entering the race coincide with the end of the regular session. His speculative run is buoyed by the news that his top political aide David Carney has just quit the Gingrich campaign, which has fallen flat. Carney and related aides are considered key to Perry’s campaign viability. CBS News writes that Perry is “serious” about a run, but “There was no way Perry would run for president without his top political consultant, Dave Carney… Unfortunately for Perry, both of those guys were working on Gingrich 2012… Now, Gingrich’s entire team has up and quit. And all of a sudden Carney/Johnson are available. And Rick Perry is for real.”
    The June 9-12 conference is well-timed for Bilderberg’s influence in the GOP primary, with potential voters still undecided and no clear frontrunner yet established.
    Veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker wrote last week about Perry’s likely entry into the 2012 field, pointing out that he may be Bilderberg’s “Ace in the Hole” as backlash against typical GOP candidates has given little promise for other establishment candidates. Tucker writes:
    Perry has repeatedly denied that he is running for president, but several campaigns have been put forth to draft the three term Texas governor. In addition, Perry keeps pushing himself as a Bilderberg wild card. At Republican events, he has described the type of nominee the GOP needs (like himself) without naming himself.
    Bilderberg, true to form, wants the U.S. recession to continue throughout 2012 and for oil prices to remain high and increase further. This could make Obama a one-term president. But at this point it appears Bilderberg’s “other horse” is headed for the stable, to be groomed as their ace in the hole.
    Tucker identified Perry as a likely presidential contender back in 2007. President Barack Obama reportedly attended Bilderberg in Chantilly, Virginia in 2008, alongside Hillary Clinton, whom he had just dominated in the primary. Undoubtedly, he gained approval and backing during their shadowy meeting. Bilderberg regular James A. Johnson admittedly led the search for Obama’s running mate in 2008, vetting potential VPs.
    Perry could now prove to be a strong challenger to Obama in 2012.
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    • CommieKiller

      Dude, stop copy and pasting the same old propaganda on every web-site. I am tired of reading your nonsense!

  • nvrpc

    This dude thinks he’s a muslim dictator but he’s really nothing. I wouldn’t mind if the AH did anything good for the country but he’s proven to be as worthless as boobs on a boar hog and going downhill at mach 1 all while taking the nation with him in the name of Alah

  • Fred

    Who is at fault here. Obama for taking advantage of the system and using a tactic that is provided by the system. No it is Congress for not putting a stop to it and enforcing their rights under the Constitution. Same applies to the Question of Obama being a Natural Citizen of the United States. Whether this is a question or not it could have been settled if Congress had enforced the Constitution and required anyone who was running for the Presidency to provide Proof of Citizenship and birth in the U.S. They have the rights and should do what is required in both cases.