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Five NASCAR Drivers Decline Obama’s WH Invite

Saturday, September 3, 2011

nascar jeff gordon

President Barack Obama will honor NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson and the 11 other Chase drivers from last year in a White House ceremony on Wednesday – but nearly half of the 2010 playoff contenders won’t be there.

NASCAR said Thursday that five drivers – Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – will not be attending the White House visit due to “schedule conflicts.”

You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is thePresident of the United States we’re talking about here.

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  • DaNangMe

    Too bad the rest of the field didn’t decline as well. Never thought I’d see the day when any of those guys would be testicularly challenged.

    • Andrew Turner

      Good for them, It shows that they are finally saying ENOUGH of this IDIOT

    • tomabell

      Am proud that some of these drivers will not attend this white house thing. Obama policies have to be hurting racetrack attendancce because people have money less money to go.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      Andrew…Well said! I wish the rest would find some reason to stand-up this imposter, for what ever reason! Lets hope the gun running scheme by the justice depart & ATF&E can be directly tied to obumer to impeach the dirty SOB!

    • JAMES


    • Jon

      The France family is as liberal as they come. Rick Hendrick will do whatever it takes to stay in political grace. He doesn’t care who is in office as long as they can be coerced into not impeding him from making money. Richard Childress is a liberal southerner also. The very wealthy always donate to both parties equally so they are never out of grace.

    • LT

      This has been one of the discourses within NASCAR for the past 40 years. The lib’s with the oney trying to influence the working man to get on the socialist train, the “Hell Bound Train”(“Savoy Brown” early 70’s, listen to the lyrics). Well I believe now the southern man (and woman) have the choice to choose their countries future, One of freedom and consi=titutional compliance which has served us and we fought to obtain and protect, … or …..the one that will drive the country to fracture again in a civil war as states excercise their states rights and to the right to suscede. Looking back at history before the civil warrecently I noticed so many coincidences and similarities. Now that is scary! We as free people need to be aware, learn from the past, and see the future. Pandering of this magnitude is just not acceptable. My respect for many of these drivers and NASCAR as a whole will be seriously eroded. I expect the fan base to fracture as well. Maybe the others will see the light and decline too.

    • Robert M

      “Looking back at history before the civil warrecently I noticed so many coincidences and similarities. Now that is scary!”

      The difference this time is tat the tyrants are within our own shores!

    • Sarge

      This is a joke, right. Obuma gives a crap about NASCAR, not likely. He does nothing with or about NASCAR, sorrily, he does nothing period. He wants to be a good ole boy? It’s their choice, I don’t get the problem. Some people just don’t want to associate with a President that is destroying America, is Muslim but lies about it, and accepts responsiblity for nothing, and blames his screw ups on anybody but himself. All these guys are regular country boys that like to race cars and believe in small business and the American dream. They get pissed when half of their friends and family have no jobs because the Government is screwing them. Jimy Johnson is a true blood suck up so he will be there. These guys get millions of $$ from there sponsors and can’t afford to screw them to have a beer with his arrogance.

    • Sarge

      I bet that will screw thir day up. I bet LT losing respect for them will throw NASCAR in a tizzy. What planet are you from? Obumaland?

    • Doc

      Why shouldn’t they go? After all it’s
      all about turning left.

    • bulldog

      I would decline the invite to if he sent me one.

    • Vivian

      He woulden’t want to send me one…..I have the nurve and have had enough of him that I would tell him what’s on my mind, and he woulden’t like it. What would they do to me for telling the truth??? I just don’t care!!!

    • http://n/a Pat

      DITTO! I would absolutely have to bow out, and even then it would leave a foul taste in my mouth to think I was even invited to the “money pit”.

    • LadyLiberty

      DaNangMe, Do you think this site is getting a little too liberal…with the writer saying…couldn’t they have rescheduled; cause after all this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here. So what and too bad the drivers have a life too!!! O’Bonkers is always campaigning.

    • Robert M

      I wouldn’t give Oboogie the time of day, much less my presence!

      NObama in 2012!

      Michele and Sarah in 2012

    • Sungidan

      By the way, who is this guy in the White House?
      “NO BACK GROUND”WHO IS HE????????????

  • bruce

    Now I remember why I like Tony Stewart so much. And now the rest of the guy’s as well

  • Norm Ehrhart

    Kudos to those men,also wish the rest would have said shove it Barry.

  • Tony’s Take

    Good for them! I may have to change drivers. You see, if a real President had asked them, all of the drivers would be there. As Obama is a fake and a flake, I don’t blame them one bit for not wanting to be seen with the imposter.

  • comsense08

    I have heard a lot of dialong on this one, and the one thing I have not heard is this.

    These drivers are under contract, and by contract, must attend a lot of functions by contract. It’s not always up to them where and when they go anywhere. Should they decide to go to Washington, instead of where they should be, they could be heald in violation of a contract. Business before pleasure (or displeasure).

    Personally, I wouldn’t walk across the street to see him. I find him repulsive and against everything I believe in. Why would I waste time with someone like that?

    • Charlie Corey

      Excellent post–I conquer with everything you said except crossing the street to greet the prez–I would cross the street to avoid the prez–I want nothing to do with him except to help vote him out of America.

    • jlow

      Who would want to see a real live liar in person.

    • JAMES


    • Pat


    • Art Glattke

      I’m With You … Too bad the rest of the “field” didn’t have contract obligations …

    • http://patriotupdate Betsyross

      They could suddenly become ill.
      24hr. Virus. ‘BUG’ Toad in chief would not want to catch it!
      Thats a good excuse. And it has been used many time.

    • David Fisher

      “Personally, I wouldn’t walk across the street to see him.” I would, at the head of 2 million patriots with a copy of the Constitution in my hands and 12 lawyers along side me to citizen arrest that law breaking puppet for treason and fraud.

    • william bowman

      i turn him off when ever he talks on tv
      heard enough of his bs you know he is only going to lie any way

  • proudamerican

    Too bad it wasnt 45 drivers instead of 5! You other drivers realize he hates white people right??? If you are a white American, you are in his sights for destruction!

    • bill

      Amen. You hit the nail on the head. Hey have Obama come out to the track, and sit right in the middle. All drivers could rev it up and see which one could hit scumbag at 180 mph.

    • Terry

      Amen to you too Bill,I ain’t a racecar driver,But I would love to be drivin one of that bunch of cars With that piece of trash sittin in the middle of the track.

    • Robert M

      I would like to be driving the fastest one and have the HONOR!

    • Triple Doppler

      You could turn it into a live video-game. you would need some rules.
      1. He must stay on the track.
      2. He gets a 30 second head start. (thats just to allow the cars to get up to speed.

    • Beau

      This man hates with a white-hot loathing, all things NASCAR. NASCAR represents everything that this administration is trying to destroy: AMERICA.

      I’m VERY surprised to see that Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle turned down the invitation. Their owner, Jack Roush is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal demo rat. Don’t ever forget that one of Roush’s cars was sponsored by the John Edwards presidential campaign for a time.

      It is truly a shame that the rest of the list didn’t have the testicular fortitude to tell him to pound sand.

    • http://x Washington22

      These drivers who are standing “down” are true Americans …….Of course they need to speak up and say why they aren’t going alittle more clearly. “Scheduling conflicts”, while understood, is taking it to the edge………..We need to hear it straight up. Otherwise the pundits will take that excuse and run with it. But, BRAVO boys.

  • http://n/a ms stars & stripes

    As I recall the faux president seemed to be out-of-town or busy doing something else when there were some very signifigant happenings going on here in this country, the country of which he is supposedly president, so…. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, no?”

  • anonymous

    Umm they’re chasing a championship? What’s Barry got going on that’s so important? No big deal… on a personal note, I give these five drivers points for declining to sit down w that fraud/usurpper/narcissist.

    • nmgene

      I am sorry but if my boss told me I had to go and see this piece of trash I would quit. Yes it might hurt me financially but that obozo in the White house is a traitor, and a crook.

    • Jeffery

      Nascar should let these 5 drivers have 1-5 top spots to start the chase in a couple weeks.

  • Nunya Biz

    Good one, DaNangMe!!…I’m just bummed that none of the drivers for Joe Gibbs Racing, Inc. had declined. That would of made my day if they had!

  • Linda K

    I’m an Indy fan but I just became a NASCAR fan. Way to go, guys!!!

  • charles a pembroke

    Good for them.obama should be snubbed by everyone.

    • Robert M

      By every REAL Patriot.

  • wayne

    Had I the chance of meeting this scourge of the country. I would go, and give him a piece of my mind. But I would not ,,,, shake hands with him, nor do photo opps either. And for something like this meeting , I would not go as well. You do NOT rub elbows with
    Americans enemies.

  • judy

    I was hoping to see Tony Stewart’s name on here. GO TONY!!!!

  • Shadowrider

    comsense08– I agree with you completely about not walking across the street to see him. He is the most despicable excuse for a human being that I could ever imagine. I would be afraid to be in the same room with him because I would have a difficult time resisting the innate urge to slap the crap out of him.

    • KLP

      Ditto! I would to! Apologizing for America!?! Who does he think he is! This man should of been impeached! Didn’t want to wear a American flag pin, messed up taking the President’s oath, come on. “Change” was his campaign…I wonder that all those people that went to his swearing in thought this was the “CHANGE” we would be getting!

    • Flybob


  • http://googlechrome paul douin

    It is becoming clearer with each passing days that President Obama’s false promises of hope and that his administration would be the most transparent in the history of the United States
    is no longer resonating with the people as we are fed up with broken promises after broken promises with no improvements in sight as long as he is President.

  • Willowspring

    The problem here is the WH will make it political. ANYbody who declines ANYthing the prez wants will be considered racist. Waaah!

    • John Williams

      Willow , you are absolutely right . You can bet the 5 will be branded as red-necks and racists by O’s operatives and the media ! Anyone who opposes him is deemed a racist !

    • http://x Washington22

      Willow, That name, RACISM is loosing it’s effectiveness, it’s used so often and reckelssly. Seriously, soon enough, it won”t impress ANYBODY…….I mean, when I think of “real” racism, all of these “weenie excuses” are so lame. At every turn, someone is comparing their “cause” to racism {and I might add, it’s ALWAYS a Democrat}……….as Al Gore just tried. The continual use of the word is “numbing-down” America. It certainly has for this voter. And notice, it’s so much worse under Ostupid than it ever was before.

  • James Eells

    At least Warren Wallace isn’t kowtowing under. He is the best of them all and he doesn’t dance to the tune of Nero in the Big House.

    • Sarge

      Who the hell is Warren Wallace??

  • June Babe

    Hooray for the five who declined! Personally, I can’t think of a single thing that would prompt me to go hear or see Obama speak, which he does quite well – blowing hot air, that is!

    • jim

      IF this Sociallist Idiot has a ring of teleprompters around him! LOL!

  • Larry

    I also wish the rest would have said no. Like our muslim president really cares about NASCAR

  • http://n/a ms stars & stripes

    The faux president has missed some very significant functions right here in the good ole US of A. Seems he’s out of town at that particular moment. So, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.” No big deal. This president doesn’t seem to think having a valid soc sec no., is important so why drop everything to see him. He needs to define “important.”

  • Chris

    May be they are racing at Maratha’s Vineyard?

  • Roger Cannon




  • AlanB

    What does Barry know about NASCAR anyway? It would be nothing but awkward for everyone there. I can’t imagine he could get his face to look like he sincerely enjoys having them there.

  • Clyde

    Why should these guys change their schedules just to meet the President? Is he paying their salary? Why does the President care about the Nascar Chase Drivers anyway? Doesn’t he have anything better to do? Like run the country! On wait……their registered voters who carry alot of weight across the country. Fix the problems at hand and you will get the votes. Report on something noteworthy too!

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Sharon Minton

    This should be a clear telling if BO is funded by American people, or big money-corruption like Soros. Let’s see who tried to disuade the holdouts, TRUE NASCAR CHAMPIONS.

  • KLP

    Sorry, President or not…I can see that this could be use for political reasons and with the election under way…I can’t help feel obama using this for his advantage. I sure don’t want one with him. Not because he’s a black man, but for his policies and what they have been doing to this country! It sickens me and what’s worse…what is happening that we don’t know about? We only know what has been reported or leaked out! He made former President Clinton look good and he was a smuck too!

    • lucabrozie

      pres.clinton,,,,you mean that W.C.FIELDS look a-like

    • KLP




  • bob

    glad to see there are a few real men who will take a stance.i too would decline an invite and hope that there are many who will stand proud in november 2012.

  • Lorraine & Ed

    Tho not a racing fan – proud to be in the same America with these NASCAR heroes

  • anonymous

    And furthermore, why are we treating Barry like a king? Oh what a stupendous honor that Lord Soetoro has requested their presence! The country does not revolve around you, Buckwheat.

    • http://x Washington22

      Only the Demon-crats treat him like their king……….The rest of us serfs are cowering, waiting for our KNIGHT to ride in and take off his head!

    • KLP

      Well, taking off his head might be taking a bit too far, but kicking his ass out of the White House and OUT of this GREAT Country…yeah, I’d go for that!

  • Don the watch dog

    Jimmy put the ball on and refuse the invite. He is not a leader but a wanta be Dictator.
    Remember those words. He is aa wanta be Dictator. congrads to the magnificent 5

  • Guest

    I’d rather have a photo op with the deceased president ronald reagan that this

  • Tony from

    See … Dems always seem to want to classify Nascar as a sport of lowclass idiots. Well it looks like several of them have far too much class to lower themselves to accept an invite like that.

  • Hank the Patriot

    Bo is clearly not “one of the boys” even though he wants to create the image that he relates to military heroes and even Nascar drivers. Fortunately, some see through this but we the people remember the crotch grab rather than salute the colors, his early refusal to wear a flag lapel pin, and bowing to foreign leaders. Even Michelle is caught up in this. Remember when she touched the Queen of England with a pat on the back. Just palling around with the “white folks” I guess. Their condescending attitude toward others is truly apalling and one would have to be blind not to see it. Just my thoughts but I’m not blind yet.

    • bob

      well he did promise one of the most transparent governments in history…
      Finally most of us are able to “see right thru him”

    • KLP

      I got your back hank! He really hates us Patriots!

  • Rick

    At this time in our economy why is he even wanting to meet race car drivers? Sounds like a political move for high gas prices, or is it just a freeby to meet some cool guys that are famous in the trace circuit?



  • Wayne Peterkin

    I just became a NASCAR fan for the first time.

    • Cherieo

      Me too…and I’m an 80 year old Grandma…
      Way to go guys!!!

  • Postman

    Who are the six that are going? Their fans may turn on them for this and who could blame them. It’s not like Obozo cares at all for NASCAR, he’s just looking for votes, like he is with everything he does.

  • Mike Nasso

    True American’s do not negociate or associate with terriorist or false presidents.

  • ReaperHD

    Good not to bow to the dictator in chief, glad to see it…..

    • Del Germain

      Our leader in the white house is a sick joke and 2012 is the CURE. God Bless, retired Marine.

  • Fed Up!

    Should be for: Who the hell wants to see the commie/marxist/nigger trying to kill our country…. Death to Hussein Gobama, not our Country!

  • anne

    Kudos for those 5 drivers. They don’t want to be in the same room with someone who is systematically destroying America, Obamacare, backdoor amnesty, TSA pat downs, the economy are just a few of his policies that are putting the nails in the coffin. Let’s hope America sees what is happening and get this Bozo out of office.

  • Bev

    WISH IT WAS ALL THE DRIVERS>>> Show we have had enough of this guy

  • lucabrozie

    i wish there were only five going and those were un-knownes. he’s only doing this to suck up to the southern vote,he probably hates nascar and it’s white drivers.HA

  • I’m Conservative

    I cannot allow myself to call Obummer “President.” He is not a natural born citizen of the USA, and, therefore, not eligible to hold the office of President. Besides that, he is the most disgusting, self-absorbed, incompetent Anti-American in this great country of ours. I love the USA!

  • Bev

    I will be buying all of the t shirts posters ect ect of these brave americans!!

  • Lawdogg

    The man hates everything the United States stands for and wants to take the insentive’s away from everyone that wants to make a better life for themselves and their families. Why should we have to share our ambitions with the people black or white has never made any attempt to take care of themselves. I salute the drivers for not attending.

  • oneAmerican

    This ‘Fab Five” definitly won the race for Patriots with the courage to stand for principal. They were smart enough to see it for what it is ..’campaign for southern votes..Conflict in scheduling ??perhaps, but that’s 2X’s in one week this POOOtush has had his invitations met w/ thumbs down. And THAT makes me feel good!


    It needs to happen more often! If i were still in the Air Force and in a position where i would be required to salute him, i think i would rather go to the Brig !

  • David Couch

    THANKS to the five and I sure wish the rest of the drivers & owners would stand up OBUMMER is not inviting them to the WH for their benafit it is for HIS and I wouldn’t walk across the street to see that IDIOT.

  • Don the watch dog

    I respect the office of Preidebnt of the United States. But I don’t respect this low life no good son of a &&&&8(*&&. He is the worst of the worst so called President. He wouldn’t make a leader of the Outhouses at the
    Casino’s He have the men in the woman and the woman going to the men room.
    He is such an ass.



  • Winston on Truth

    Well, you must applaud those NASCAR drivers for rebuking Obama’s invitation to the tainted White House. They have the cajones that most in Congress fail to demonstrate.

    • Don the watch dog

      Well said


  • Bev

    I wishn someone…..anyone could tell me one good thing Obama has done for the USA???

  • John

    You know Obama looks at NASCAR and its fans as a bunch of ignorant rednecks. Is there nothing that this POS president will stoop to to try to get a few more votes and keep his regime in power ? He threw his own grandmother under the bus. What makes NASCAR fans think he won’t do the same with them if he is re-elected ?

  • Doc

    Why shouldn’t they go. After all it’s all about turning left.

  • will

    all this is, is a photo shoot for the scumbag president.why any of these guys are going is an outrage.
    way the go stewart and the rest of you opt out drivers.

  • Dewey Mason

    All Americans should shun the man in the White House for his list of treasons against the USA.

  • DGR

    Kudos to those who are not attending. Who cares what Barry says? Is most important to watch what he does. It’s all about imagery with him. 2012 is coming.

  • Beckra

    At this time I would rather being do anything else than making an appearance at the WH. No one there I would want to see or meet. To many fakes there!!! I am glad the drivers are staying committed to what they had planned, you go guys !!! Take care of your commitments. No one at the WH are standing by theirs!!!!

  • patty Conard

    I would not visit the Black House as long as Hitler live there. There could be poison on the hand if you shake. He only wants a photo op for re-election purposes.
    I only wish all NSCAR would not attend- don’t give him the pleasure of your company & photo shoot.

  • truckman

    I would not went either the ones that do should be ashamed because all hes doing is trying to use them to get race fans to vote for him that’s all he could care less otherwise

  • Duane

    I think you missed the point when you say Obama speaks quite well, but only able to speak with a teleprompter and the aid of a speach writer far more capable than he. That elephant eared mongrol along with his lioness and cubs, should be jerked out of the white house and put in a dinge headed for the land of lions and tigers, and corcs and live with the other wild animals in the world.

  • OAHS

    What does a muslim know about NASCAR?

    • Vivian


  • Jeff

    When has he ever recognised NASCAR.?? Never,its about time someone in life,thats not political makes an ass out of him.WTG NASCAR

  • Ron Alford

    That’s like accepting an invitation from Hitler.

  • Paulst

    It’s obvious the KKK is alive and well! Most of the drivers are just ex-redneck white lightning runners, turned to a more lucrative game. No, I don’t partake of NASCAR or any other racing venue. Why? Read my first sentence again!

    • SenatorByrd

      Y’all so stupid! It was Southern DEMOCRATS who were in the KKK. If you want to talk racism go read Barry’s books.

    • Colonel Joe

      Well, I guess you would know about the KKK, after all it was Robert KKK Byrd from West VA, a good ole southern redneck who tainted the senate for so many years! I guess we finally have at least 5 drivers with brains!

    • Sarge

      You are gender undecided? That’s a guess.

  • nancee


  • Jeff Blackburn

    Way to go boy’s glad to see them not go . I only wish the Packers would of done the same.He is not worth seeing.obama is not for America

  • BruceD

    Quite possibly, the drivers know they are being used totally for political points for the Commander in Thief. He could care less about the drivers themselves or racing. It is all about him.

  • Bob


  • I’m Conservative

    Who wrote this article? It could not have been a genuine Patriot. Obummer does not deserve respect, he is not eligible for the office of President. It looks to me like the author of this article must have been someone from Obummer’s staff. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this as if Obummer deserves respect from anyone for anything!

  • Don the watch dog

    Nascar should give the magnificent 5 an Award

    You 5 have just up the Nascar rating’s 100%

    Good work Guys.

  • Jeff

    When I read on the Fox ticker last night during Hannity, that White House aides said Obama won’t be giving his whole jobs plan next week, but over several speeches and town hall meetings, I knew it was over. The left has no plan of any kind for anything what-so-ever. And when I heard on Fox yesterday that 0 jobs were created in August, the first time that’s happened since February 1945 or 46, I knew it was REALLY over.

    • Don the watch dog

      It is about time we American are waking up to this Jack Ass. He Thinks he riding on and don’t understand he is the Jack Ass.

    • KLP

      Obama and the Dems are way over the heads and have to rely on much smarter Republicans to do it for them and then try to railroad more spending to it! obama says he is frustrated that the people that were singing praises to him a couple of years ago are mad as hell with him. Take a good look in what you done Mr. President and stop blaming others for what you created! You will go down as the worst President in history…but our children’s school history books will paint him as a saint! Liberals and there socialistic ways…where does it stop?

  • soldiermom11

    It’s all a smokescreen. Wasting time again. More parties and celebrations. He doesn’t have time for prayer day or veteran’s groups but he has time for gas guzzling, air polluting muscle car drivers as the EPA just publishes 9,000 pages of new regulations punishing coal mines, etc. right out of business for being noncompliant? Don’t get get me wrong. NASCAR is great. It’s just the hypocracy that turns my stomach.

  • shell holston

    It’s just a photo-opt for Obama and a political ploy to get the Conservative NASCAR crowd on his side come Nov. 2012. It’s always all about him!

    • Lorraine

      Too bad the rest of those drivers don’t “grow a set” (good, solid, brass ones) and decline. There is no class at all in this white house. The man who lives there part-time is not in tune with anyone in the USA. I believe those drivers who do attend will lose a large portion of their fan base if they don’t change their minds. Time for someone to step up to the plate and tell this illegal fraud we have for a president “NO” and mean it.

    • Don the watch dog

      Another Plan bites the dust. He is such a Nobody.

  • Joe S.

    IF it were ANY other president…I would go. To visit this child they call the president would be insulting to MY intelligence.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Lovetta

    My husband and I are on our way to attend our 4th Tea Party here in Ohio in the past year. I always knew that NASCAR was always supported by true patriots and I am proud the drivers had “schedule conflicts” and many of them will not attend Obama’s political “show”. I doubt the prez has ever watched NASCAR before, attended a race or knows anything about NASCAR or the drivers anyway. Maybe the NASCAR drivers were chosen to teach secret service how to drive Obama’s Canadian made bus in reverse at a fast rate of speed to get him back on vacation. Ten of millions are waking up and telling the prez of tyranny “no”. Thanks NASCAR drivers, we appreciate it.

  • Lyn

    It’s sad that the Honor of a WH Invite has been so tainted. The Bible tells us to give honor to whom honor is due. I agree that this can be a difficult task. Americans wanted him. They only got what they voted for.

    • Shirley B. Fraley

      No, America did not want him – a few Americans voted him in – a diff.
      Those that voted for him had no idea what they were putting into the WH. Our presidents need to love our country – not down it to outsiders, etc. He should be hanging his head in shame but no, he sticks his nose in the air!!

    • Sarge

      All Americans sure the hell didn’t want him.
      Obuma hates America, white people, and Christianity. Everything NASCAR drivers stands for. I’d like to see Dale Earnhardt SR get to meet “his arrogance”. That would be a tell all thing to see.

  • John Sass

    Good for them at least there are a few of them that don’t like what they see and have enough guts to stay away from some trumped up photo shoot to make the public think that these drivers approve of Obama’s crap. Keep up the good work is all I can say.

  • Joseph W. Jeffries


  • Fireplace

    The author thinks because President Oboohoo requests the drivers to be present, they have to reschedule so as to provide another photo op for this Idiot-in-Chief… good for those that chose to not be a part of this charade. The Press has their heads so far up BO’s butt, they think he’s a Monarch or King who has to be obeyed no matter what. We’re in America, fellas. Also, recall we have 3 branches of Government- all EQUAL… so when BO asks to speak to a joint session, it’s appropriate to get permission first. The Congress isn’t required to bow down and rollover just because this clown wants to use this forum for political reasons. Good for the House, and hats off to the drivers with cajones and integrity to decline.

  • Next2Go

    I’d go hoping cameras would capture the moment I refused the shake hands and ask him if he’d chose to bow to me, an American citizen.

  • Wayne937

    Good for the drivers who refuses to go and visit a Muslim Communist Presient who is destroying our country.

  • AliveStillKickin

    “After all, this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here.”

    Why honor Obama by attending after he has dishonored the very office he is supposed to represent?
    In their place…I would have declined because he’s a punk jerk and a pox on America.
    No other excuses.

  • Triple Doppler

    Way too much personal input about O’s lack of “getting the point”. Indulge me; doen’t he have a few things more important that he should be devoting every moment to?
    regards Americans. hop39 – USAF 1968-1972

    • Sarge

      Only if he did his job.

  • Richard Chase

    “After all, this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here.”

    That’s the problem !!!!! My hat is off to the five !!!


    If you look in the crowds, of the thousands of NASCAR’s fans you’ll see mainly white middle class hard working Americans. Almost all can’t stand this “LIEING ANTI-AMERICAN”.
    This is nothing but another move to have a picture for the media to send out of him with those he wants to destroy (SEE I REALLY LIKE YOU). Normally a pic with the PRES is something special to have, but with this Bum it’s almost as if your endorceing his deal, thats the last thing (I think) that the NASCAR drives would like us to believe.
    It’s a sorry day that we are even talking this way WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR AMERICA??????

    • Sarge

      Obuma happened. Hopefully these mushrooms will wake up before they let it happen again.

  • dago dave

    Its about time some americans say nuts to him. I’m just hopeing its NO for the right reasons.And by the way Barry and Michelle have class—–IT’S VERY LOW BUT IT’S STILL CLASS.—-HAH! I wonder if some one will offer to light up his cigarette’s for him!Better yet, just light him up.

  • Brent

    IN these times you think he would have more important things to do, and if you are going to honor someone, lets keep our eyes on the real hero’s, not race car drivers. The only thing good about Mr. Obama not working and doing nonsense like this is that is not actually working and screwing this country up anymore than he has. We would all be better off is he vacationed more, I look at it as damage control.

  • nancee


    • Cherieo

      Everything at THE WHITE HUT is about HIM!!
      The next thing before the elections will be for HIM and his gang of 40+ to arrive at the race track and disrupt the whole SHOW HE IS THERE…WORLD…SEE ME!!!!

  • MJMiller

    The White House had this planned for awhile – Obama didn’t just say “OH I want those Nascar Driver’s to come see Me on Wednesday” plus the Guys have canceled other appearance with there sponsers “if you know anything about Nasacr or Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – you can figure out why they are not going – and I am with them

  • Julius Lohr

    As I understand Kurt Busch (odd that a “BUSCH” would be welcomed at the White House after Obama’s non-stop ‘blame campaign’) has decided to attend after all. I applaud the principles of those opting out (their reasons are legitimate and hopefully transparent!) and am disgusted with ANYONE who feels honored to meet this president!

    • Bradley

      Oh, I am so with you on what you said!

    • Oscar


    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      They should pretend they are going, AND THEN NOT SHOW UP, that would be a stronger message to the “thing” !!!!!!

    • Bradley

      Oh, I am so with you for saying what you did. How could anyone be honored to met a man who is destroying our American way of life?

      What would you say to him? Aside from all the pleasantries, you would want to tell him what is really on your mind…

    • Mandy

      Remember that NASCAR starts the events with “PRAYER”, THEY ARE VERY PATRIOTIC people and they salute the flag. maybe Ovomit will try to talk them out of all that “nonsense”. If I was invited I would NOT go. if I HAD to go for any reason, I would NOT look at him, much less shake his hand, in fact I’d take my birth certificate and say “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” !!

    • LJ

      My favorite fantasy is of being at a function where Obama is obligated to offer to shake hands, and I just stand with my hands by my sides and glare at him, then tell him I do not wish to shake his hand, as that is a symbol of respect, and I have nothing but contempt for him. Naturally, in my fantasy, the TV cameras are rolling, and this makes all the newscasts and all the front pages!

    • CLAYUP


    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      nascar has class and Loves America. Remember,its not Bushes fault that obama promised Transparency and c-span and no backroom deals and spent billions on shovel ready jobs and then said to us little people that there is no such thing as shovel ready jobs and the democrats pass a bill affecting all of America and did so without even reading it.. That alone should be Treason or atleast crimes against the nation. How can anyone even think about voting for someone who passed a bill affecting all of us bigtime without reading it and knowing whats in it? Hello,democrat voters,are you all so brain dead you do not care? No more obama.

    • Sandy

      There is no honor in meeting THIS individual occupying the White House. In fact, the inevitable sneer that would show up on one’s face would probably get you arrested.

    • Mike Tanco

      I applaud these drivers also. Obama is doing this to try and pull some of the good ole boy votes. Well Mr. Ojerko, these good ole boys see right thru you. They all were born here in the U.S.A. and are proud of it.
      Mike Tanco

    • Friend of John Wayne

      It’s not necessarily balls but BRAINS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BACKBONE to say NO to this communist.Anybody who goes should be boycotted. NO MATTER who they are.
      No brag, just FACT!

    • http://None Nancy

      Amen to your comment, I couldn’t have said it better!
      Although, I can’t imagine this jerk is still on a spending spree including intertaining at
      the WH!!

    • Dave Grosmann

      You can’t imagine it????? duhhhhhhh!!!!!

    • Mandy

      Nancy, YES, he’s still on a spending spree on OUR money! and he always will be, even after we get rid of him. he and michele find every reason to throw parties and travel. why should he be there to work ? he has his goons plotting evil constantly…..WHILE HE GOLFS !

    • sid

      eventually, you run out of other peoples money!!!

    • EdinNola

      OMG – Obama Must Go

    • http://Yahoo Val

      You are right, these guys are Patriots, and not 2 faced, there comes a time you have to call a “spade a spade” !

    • Dave Grosmann

      You do know that kind of remard will get you labeled as a racist!! Of course, if you’re white just opening your mouth will do the same thing!!

    • WASP

      Any one of them is more important than Obumbler, and picking up their laundry is more important than rubbing shoulders with an illegal alien. People seem to think that just because Soros and the NWO puppetmasters bought their trained seal an election that he deserves respect. B.S.

    • sid

      tell me kurt didn’t go???

    • Emily

      He changed his mind about not going.Makes one wonder why!

    • oldcop

      U also agree!!!!

    • mary

      AMEN !!!!

    • James

      Julius, no offense, but “W” is no better than
      Obummer. We’ve not had any leaders since
      Ronald Reagan.

  • MJMiller

    The White House had this planned for awhile – Obama didn’t just say “OH I want those Nascar Driver’s to come see Me on Wednesday” plus the Guys have canceled other appearance with there sponsers “if you know anything about Nasacr or Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – you can figure out why they are not going – and I am with them

  • Joe

    I would like to visit DC. I will wait until this clown is out of office.

  • Jay Elem

    Nothing sinister here. Those drivers may just be too busy clinging to guns and religion and antipathy towards people who aren’t like them to be pawns at an Obama 2012 campaign event.

  • Paul Runner

    Hey Paulst…..Go feed a Shark, you liberal!

  • Owen Grant

    I love it! Too bad they didn’t all opt out.

    • http://Newwave Betty

      Oh yes!!! It would have been most wonderful if all had said NO NO I WISH TO DECLINE THE INVITE AND TELL Obama to take a leap from the tallest place he can find..People are sick of Obamas speeches and they are sick of him, they never ask to have an IMPOSTER to run our Country off of the cliff. Obama is none other than a lying Zebra… Betty

    • RichLee

      That’s what I was thinking. I wish they all had opted out.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      They should pretend they are going, AND THEN NOT SHOW UP, that would be a stronger message to the “thing” !!

    • Emily

      bo would never say “they never showed up” and let it appear that they showed up. Remeber “ob lies for his owe good”

    • LJ

      But if they all opted out, it simply wouldn’t have happened, so BO wouldn’t have been embarrassed. This way, at least we all know that His Majesty’s photo op was an Opt Out by some patriots!

    • Bradley

      Everyone option out to come meet the president would be something a Democrat would do. Remember the Wisconsin Capital last year when all the Democrat Reps went into hiding instead of talking things out with the GOP???
      That is what I am talking about here…

    • Benjamin

      There is a BIG difference between running away to avoid a legislature session when you know the vote won’t go your way (Democrats) and refusing to meet and greet a person you have A) no respect for and B) has no respect for you. The first is actually being absent from your JOB, the second is choosing who you spend your personal time with. If the communist party threw you a birthday would you attend just to be polite?

    • William Glammeyer

      This is totally different! When the Democrats ‘left’, they were running away from their JOB; they were supposed to be there!

      The drivers were all INVITED GUESTS! You do not have to go to someone’s ‘house’ just because they want you to. It is not an obligation like what the Democrats were supposed to do.

      Do you always go to see someone just because they want you to? Especially if you despise that person?

      It is probably like when Obama invited those 2 policemen to come visit with him and have a beer. That was done just to apease them and the rest of whoever was involved. If I was one of the policemen, I would of told Obama, “Sure, I will come and have a beer with you, just as soon as you get on prime time national television and apologize to us!”

      Just like what the story says, “After all, this is thePresident of the United States we’re talking about here.” Ha! That would be precisely why I would not go! I get physically ill every time I hear Obama’s name or see his face! And I am tired of this crap of people saying it is racist! But, again, only white people can be racists!

      So, how’s that ‘Hope and change’ working out for you Obama supporters? All I can say is that I Hope it does Change!!!

    • sid

      did they ever come back???

    • LJ

      I don’t see how you can compare the two occasions. The demoRats were derelict in their duty by running and hiding. There is no DUTY on the part of these drivers to pander to His Majesty. He is SUPPOSED to be HONORING them! Of course, we know it is a political ploy on his part. But the fact remains, they are not neglecting a duty, they are in fact making a courageous statement! BRAVO!

    • Dodi

      I don’t know how you could even smile with all the lies he tells and the cover up he has done and is doing. If I ever meet him face to face I will tell the arrogant ass exactly how I feel and he won’t be smiling!

    • Dave Grosmann

      Too bad the Republicans don’t have the balls to “tell it like it is” to his face in front of everyone. But, we have to be civil no matter what the ass has done……or not done.

    • FireMall

      I disagree, The Repugs-less-nuts “Do” not & should not at this point in Obama’s destruction of American “BE NICE” That’s exactly why “We The People” are in deep poo-poo now. All the PC BS has brought all politicians into the game of Changing the Greatest Nation in the History of Mankind to date –Next in line, to Israel anyway.
      The Politician’s “OATH of Office ” dosen’t say anything about How “nice” they have to be. It says ” basically, Abide by the Constitution regardless of Play Nice, & up to the point of Bearing Arms against those Traitors that wish to Change what used to be American’s Individual Pride & Success into a nation of Slaves for the One’s that care less about “We The People”.. ., Period.

    • LJ

      Dodi, you and I obviously share the same fantasy!!!! LOL

    • Alice Dacus

      Owen..You are sooo right!! Jeff Gordon is my driver & I wish he would have opted out of going but hey he might yet! He could just “not” show up like one of the comments suggested!!! That would really make a statement!!!!

  • LadyRebel55

    So, why spend MORE TAXPAYER DOLLARS on some sort of special event for NASCAR drivers at the White House? WE HONOR THE NASCAR DRIVERS AT THE RACETRACK. I’m all for NASCAR … but this isn’t necessary. barry sotero hussein barak obama is just looking for a vote from ANY FOOL.

    • Stephen Hill-Americus, Georgia

      Lady Rebel! YOu are probably right! The President know his numbers and popularity is down so why not get more votes any way he can!

    • WASP

      One would have to be a fool to vote for the Kenyan even once, much less a second time.
      One time = FOOL
      2 times = INSANE, Raving Lunatic, psychotic

  • Rob Hoey

    Obama will do anything, anything at all, to get votes. He will and does lie and is despicable.

  • Lee

    I am African American and I say good that they refuse to attend. I only wish they would have the guts to say the real reason why they refused the invitation. obama has been radicalized by his father in his country (Kenya)and by Jeremiah Wright to hate whites,Jews,Israel,our constitution and America.The best thing we who love America can do is to stop being afraid to confront him openly and spread the word to vote him out in 2012. Vote out every liberal who supported him and every republican who kept quiet and allowed our constitution to be violated by not speaking out before obama was put in the our whitehouse.

    • patriot2

      Lee,you’re a good man.

  • Barb

    I don’t see why anyone would want to go and be seen at this Marxist, socialist, illegal scumbag advent ever. It makes my skin crawl and my stomach turn when ever I see him on tv. The scumbag belongs in Gitmo along with his staff.

    • Laurel

      I’m with you Barb!

    • The Merlin

      Well said…and don’t you think that the REAL REASON is an attempt to appease NASCAR fans and get their votes. NASCAR fans are smarter than that. Barry won’t be getting any checkered flag in 2012 and you can take that to the bank.

    • Mike

      The reason he is doing this is to make people who follow NASCAR think they back him. Look at the following — they know that if obamas energy policy goes through NASCAR will fold. If it looks like the drivers like him they will not think that way!

    • Bradley

      Good discernment there!

    • RichLee


    • P’O’d American

      I am with you Barb….Anytime his “Alfred E. Newman” face appears on tv….I shut it off! Especially when it is around dinner time….he is not worth losing a good meal over….

    • tchick

      Dear Barb, while meeting with da prez in da What Hass mite be an “adventure” and therefore shortened to an “advent”, but more like it is an “event” designed (and solely) for purpose of somehow bolstering his flagging popularity Good luck Mr. Prez, how’s that socialist thing working out for you anyhow?

    • RightAsUsual

      “thank you” Barb .. u go girl … we will need to cleanse / fumigate / disenfect the WH & the entire DC offices of these socialist-muslim brotherhood – cruds / fungus, vermin of their conspirarcies.

      Send them to GitMo 4 trials which they don’t deserve … more waste … obama – 2, e. holder, pee-losy, reid, soros,napolitano, sustein, sterns, trumpka et al

  • http://? Ken Eaton


  • Uncle Dale

    How can anyone be honored by a person with absolutely no honor? I can’t believe any of them would accept an invite from this jerk.

  • Postman

    Who are the six that are going? Their fans may turn on them for this and who could blame them. It’s not like O bozo cares at all for NASCAR, he’s just looking for votes, like he is with everything he does.

    • Carol J

      I have never like Jimmie Johnson anyway for something I saw him do after a race a few years ago. I can’t figure out why any of the others are going though.

  • Mikki

    We are glad those who declined have the balls to say No Thank You. Why cohabit with a liar, an non-american who is ruining our country. We personally would not want to be seen with Obama, he is a traitor as far as we are concerned and needs to be impeached for his lies.

  • John

    I heard he already has the “JUSTICE” department looking into charges for the perceived slight and is having the EPA ban emissions from all future NASCAR events including beer farts.

    • JC711

      John, very cute & clever : )

  • fuzzy

    If they turned it down due to scheduling fine, but if the turned it down because they have balls, good for them. The Presidency does not make the man, man makes the Presidency. That goes along with; “One does not demand respect, they must earn it”.

    • LadyRebel55


    • Stephen Hill-Americus, Georgia

      Amen! If only this president understood capitalism and how it works (Or he does not care and wants Marxism) then he would get respect and results with our economy! Capitalism 101 Mr. President!That is what we demand from you!!

    • Paul Gould

      Fuzzy I love this one great job .

    • virgil lloyd

      AMEN….100%.. These drivers have earned the respect they have, unlike Obama demanding it.!Especially for having done nothing (Constructive!!)

    • Bob Graves

      The obamanation will NEVER get my respect!

    • http://None Nancy

      Another AMEN to that!!!!

  • Jimmy d

    They dont like this one President, So they insult the office of the President? They really don’t get what this country is about and what keeps us together.

    • Michael

      Will he let them cling to their Bibles and Jesus when they go visit or will the have to leave them at the door, unlike his Muslim prayer fest.

    • William Glammeyer

      I would say that they DO ‘get what this country is about and what keeps us together.’

      Isn’t this what freedom of speech is about? Well, they are making a statement. They are making it silently without name calling or rioting. Hussein Obama is not dictator, yet, so they have the option and the RIGHT to do whatever they want. It is not their ‘job’ where they have to attend. They were INVITED! An invitation gives you a choice of attending or not. I would not go, just to try and get my 15 minutes of fame!

      You made a statement and I am making my statement. That’s what is so great about America; we have a choice and do not have to do what a dictator tells us to do. At least for now.

  • Susan

    Thank you to the 5 drivers from the bottom of my heart !!!! We will take back America!! I knew Mr Idiot would be sooooo bad that it would wake up the real American’s. I just wish we wouldn’t go to sleep……you know what Washington is capable of when we get so busy making a living and not watch and fight against their every decision. Please stop voting your local $$ from the gov’t pork and start voting for American Constitution and principals. Freedom from gov’t Freedom FROM Government FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT !!!!!

  • Greg B

    I dont recall any president “HONORING” NASCAR drivers this late in the following years season?
    And could this be libtard thinking at its best “Lets see, If we honor CHASE drivers maybe the bankers will think its the couriers for Chase Manhatten Bank and they will like us again?” YEA Thats the ticket

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Who in hel could respect the occupant of the WH at this time?

    • Bob Graves

      Well SCPO, this 1st class (retired) goes along with you. Obama should b impeached, as he has broken his oath of office. A lot of people do not understand that retired military are held to their oath for life, and still fall under the UCMJ. Have a great Navcy day!

    • Bob Graves

      WOW — I misspelled a couple of words (fingers hitting the wrong buttons).

    • Michael

      I’m sure the libs will jump all over that since they really don’t have anything else to contribute.

  • WeeBleats

    I thought the Liberal Left HATED NASCAR!
    It goes along with religion, guns and pick-up trucks.

    • Robert Wayne

      I was thinking the same thing. If there’s anything left wing extremists like Ovomit hate, it’s we conservative white southerners or anything that has to do with us like NASCAR. And the feeling is definitely mutual.

    • Wayne937

      This Commie will do anything to get a vote. In fact, didn’t his clowns (squirrel nuts)I meant to Acorn, use the cemetery the last time drumming up votes? How much lower can you stoop unless you would to the bottom of the ocean.

    • brian conway

      He still ates NASCAR, but he’ll do anything to drum up votes.

  • RandyM

    They have a right not to attend. Principles are principles. You couldn’t pay me enough to go to the White House right now.

  • john

    I don’t think they would have refused a real president.

  • JD

    I do not have a President and neither does the Untied States. He is a liar, a cheat and traitor too this nation, and much more! BRAVO! to those NASCAR drivers who have declined Mr. Obama’s invitation. NASCAR as a whole should have declined – enmass.

    • IdontBrakeForDems

      He’s trying to jump on the coat tails of anything that’s popular to show the people that he’s just like them, a big fan, maybe not so bad, eh? Haha LOL easy to see through! Good work the drivers telling him no

    • NORM

      I am so disappointed in the “7” who choosed to go. Its only a photo Op for him !!!

    • Barbara

      ………….and shame on the one’s who are so enthralled with king idiot that they are pleased to go

    • Emily

      Yes it is a shame. BUT what make’s our great Country the USA, is “we can still CHOOSE” and not be forced to only one way. In which ob wants to take that freedom away and destroy AMERICA.

    • Billy Lee

      Well said JD. We need more like you to stand up for the America that we were raised to love and respect. It is obvious that this president’s goal is to bring down the United States and ultimately create the socialist/communist one world government. The great vision and goal of George Soros, et al.

  • jim

    i would never go to the white house to see this commie.and a while back he gave out the medal of honor to one of our troops he even down grated that medal to such a brave soldier .wake up america

    • Bradley

      The only reason I would go to the White House is to tell this man he is a commie..

    • catfish

      Call him the “boy blunder”

  • Jeff

    As I see it, Kurt Busch would almost have to go. Anheuser-Busch ( no relation, I think ) sold their majority holdings to InBev, a Belgian group. So much for all-American beer. They need to find a new color scheme for their cans, since red, white, and blue doesn’t fit any more. As far as repect is concerned, here it is: Respect is earned, not issued. Just ask any Army Ranger.

    • Angel

      Right on – you can’t demand respect, you command it by your actions – Go Rangers!

    • Bradley

      Obummer would know nothing about that!

  • randellmd

    This is definitely another hypocritical move on oblaimo’s part. You know he hates NASCAR and is just another campaign publicity stunt for votes. don’t think he’s going to get any from the NASCAR crowd anyways. Nice try Odickhead.

  • Troy Forever

    It seems like everybody here has a profound disgust for our President. Well, me too.

    • David

      He might be your pResident but he isn’t my President. No President of mine lies like a siv every other word that comes out of his mouth. Uh, here’s my birt certificate, here’s my social security number. Both FRAUDULENT. Wake up People. President? REALLY!

    • Bradley

      It kinda looks that way doesn’t it?

  • Shirley B. Fraley

    Not all Amer. voted him in – and those that did had NO idea what they were getting. Instead of hanging his head in shame he sticks his nose in the air!!!

  • Tim Lucas

    Obama is in campaign mode and this is a photo oppertunity as he has never attended or supported Nascar. What he has done is make it harder for business to compete by regulation after regulation such as the 600 new regulations in the month of July alone. If I depended upon these business related sponcers to continue something I like such as go fast and turn left I might find it difficult to share a frame or shake a hand. Of coarse this will be turned into racism from the good old white boys by the extreme extreme leftist. (They love that word / extremist.) But why not? They certainly have earned it.

    • Bob Graves

      The clown can say or do anything now, but the American people have wised up to his agenda. Down with the clown!

  • Richard

    Way to go boys. At least 5 of NASCAR’s drivers know a fake President when they see one!

  • Edward Shick

    I really like auto Racing and have since the day of the roaring Roadsters That dates Me with the Korean War , Harry Truman I had great respect for , He was honest ,,, now We have the biggest liar in the White House along with a Gutless congress that should get him impeached tried as a traitor ,,,,,I am proud that we have some NASCAR drivers who are not attending , I wish they would all turn him down

  • Robert E. Hamilton


  • General “Bull” Krapper

    1. We all know ObamAHole is in campaign mode. 2. He’s honoring NASCAR drivers at the White House. Doesn’t seem like a ploy to win some votes does it? Or is it just a coincidence? What’s next? Maybe he can invite some gun-totin’, Bible-Belters & try for that vote. How about inviting TEA Party members & try for that vote? What about some of the unemployed who have lost their jobs to either illegal immigrants or his idiotic economic policies? There’s some votes he might want to pander to. How about all of us who don’t believe in “global warming”? Should we be awaiting the invite in the mail? I mean there’s a lot of votes he can shoot for. — As for the drivers who are not attending, don’t they have a right to say no? Whether or not they have conflicting engagements or it’s a political statement, don’t they have that right? Of course, the media elitists will just portray them as racists either way. — All have a great Labor Day holiday & Stay Well/Stay Safe — The General — PS: Had to resubmit this as it was on hold awaiting moderation.

  • Pat

    The article says,” After all he is the president”! Honny he aint my president. He is the worst piece of crap ever to be put in the White House. He don’t belong there. He hates our country, our values & our people. Go live in Irah. No one wants you here except for the morons who voted you in. “Give honor to whom honor is due”? He doesn’t deserve any honor. The boys not attending his meeting is to be honored!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurel

    That’s what I was thinking but was afraid to bring up! Every NASCAR event I ever went to (and I’ve been to quite a few!!) was a bunch of conservative, God fearing, gun toting, truck driving, family values loving rednecks – like me and my husband! Is that not the type of people Obummer hates the most?!?!?

  • John Garland

    An honor to be invited to the White House? Certainly. Had the President asked me my first question would have been, “Do you have to be there?”. Why would I want to meet a President intent on radically changing our country to fit his own unrealistic ideology, never-mind what anybody else wants? If we let him do it The Greatest Generation will roll over in their graves, my dad included.

  • Buck

    Well, I’ve got 5 new favorite Nascar drivers. I turn the TV off whenever he’s on which means my t

  • bonnie

    Why dosn’t this country impeach him? There’s nothing honest about Obama,and that includes his birth certificate.

  • John Garland

    An honor to be invited to the White House? Certainly. Had the President asked me my first question would have been, “Do you have to be there?”. Why would I want to meet a President intent on radically changing our country to fit his own unrealistic ideology?

  • abacrombee

    As for me, I wouldn’t answer the front door if I knew this Traitor was knocking!!!

  • John Garland

    An honor to be invited to the White House? Certainly. Had the President asked me my first question would have been, “Do you have to be there?”.

  • Martin

    Don’t you see—the Big O is just pumping for election trying to sucker race fans into thinking he’s one cool guy. And the drivers took the bait!

    If it’s a “rose garden thing” the drivers have a wonderful chance of publicly announcing they plan to vote the Republican ticket—no crime in free speech, right? But if any of drivers have been told what they can say they ought to be man enough to decline the invitation. There’s no special “honor” in being photographed with the Big O.

    • Wayne937

      I hope all the drivers refuse to go. Wouldn’t that be great? It would show solidarity for the country.

    • Ron

      Right on! I wouldn’t want to be photographed in any way with bho. I cannot support satan in any way, let alone his greatest living tool on earth!

  • ted


  • Maverick777

    The WINNER along with the OTHER Dreivers that seem to be going to this shindig should take this time to make a statement for the country and just decline as this is a waste of taxpayers money… boys you guy’s have better places to go and better people to be seen with. I believe a 24-48 hour flu bug is starting to come around…. Come on NASCAR guy’s, show us you got a pair.

  • Buck

    Well, I’ve got 5 new favorite drivers. Our TV is off a lot….whenever the Marxist idiot is on. I can’t stand looking at him and I’m not interested in any thing the commie Kenyan has to say!

  • Louis Mabry


    • Jim Doolittle

      Let’s just hope SOBama doesn’t offer to pick up the drivers in a helicopter…Hint hint!

  • john

    We all know Odumbo is not fast enough for a nascar driver!

  • Paul

    I have been an avid Nascar fan since they were racing on Datona’s beach. I am proud of those who DECLINED the phoney invite. I’m equally appalled at those who are going. This president is the most UN-AMERICAN person on this planet!!

  • KLP

    A company had let go a truck driver for being drunk while driving. OUR wonderful white house is using out tax dollars to sue this company, say it is against the disabilities act to fire him. Were did doing the right thing become WRONG? They do not say how many thousands of dollars that are suing them for. If a drunk diver hits and kills some one, what then? Isn’t the CEO looking out for the companies best interests here? Nope, can’t sue the driver…he has a disability! Don’t you feel sorry for him. Maybe he has been driven to drink because of obama’s policies?

    NYPD officers are being investigated for doing their job! I can not believe this is happening! Creating fear in the communities? I thought the fear was cased by 9/11 with
    Al-qaeda terrorist that cost the lives of US citizen! Should we prevent another attack and do everything we can to do it? Hell yes! Know what this administration is doing and vote them OUT! We need to Draw the line and yell in one voice, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  • Jimmy d

    I am no fan of Obama but where does pretending he is our problem get us? Our financial issues go way past any presudent and most of the ponies running niw don’t have clue how to fix thus mess.

    Cutting spending is easy to say but how will that get us jobs? Our problems are much bigger and deeper than can be fixed but blaming one guy.

    We are being tricked into thinking we can fix things by voting. It is a lie.

    Bush sand Obama spent money on slightly different things buoy they both bleed money and both catered to the banks.

    If anyone claims to act dufferntly, we need to insist they expalin how, cause it won’t be easy.

    • Michael

      Bush had to contend with a Democrat House and Senate who pushed through Billions $$$$$ of dollars in new entitlements. He should have vetoed them. Instead, he signed too many into law. I voted for GWB twice and also worked for his 2004 reelection bid but was saddened when the Democrats took over the house and senate and George kept on spending at the request of congress. Now Obama is even worse than GW. I don’t have to respect that man. He does NOT represent the wishes of the people who elected him and who he serves and therefore doesn’t deserve respect back.

  • Angel

    I Like it!!! Go Nascar – I feel sorry for Busch – he’s on the spot.

  • Pat

    Almost forgot. To reply to the guy who said let him go live with the lions, tigers, exc. Why are you insulting our animals like that. They don’t deserve to live with scum like that. He is lower then the maggats. He & his family need to be put on a planet all by themselves! If by chance he is voted in next year I think I’ll leave the country. With him in office it won’t be long before this is a muslim country.

    • Michael

      This will NEVER be a Muslim country. We are prepared for that little skirmish. Let some rag-head try and make my daughters and granddaughters second class property. They will surly be on the losing end of that battle of the US Constitution vs Sharia if they try. It will be Christians vs, the Moors once more in the 21 Century.

  • StevenA.

    Would love to own a professional golf course that this idiot would want to play at, and be able to tell him sorry, Mr. Pres. we are booked up forever on every date you wish to play here. I have more valueable customers who play here (if only, i can dream LOL )


    The socialist n/chief truly SUCKS !

  • Bill Rowland

    This “in over his head” Muslim is only doing this to pander for votes. I admire those who JUST SAID NO. Last year he would not have given them the time of day.

  • Paul Gould

    Thank God for the five I just may change drivers.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    They shoulda all accepted, then NO-SHOWED O’POTHEAD!

  • http://Yahoo MR

    Gee if the kenyan ghetto monkey wants to honor anything then he should honor AMERICA &
    leave !

  • James L

    The author does not understand. We all know who Obama is and it is an honor to be invited to the WH. However, in these times of WH generated joblessness, people have to be nice to those that pay the bills and who may have some political feelings that may not be in line with the WH. Wake up there author.

    • Paul Gould

      I would not even walk out of my house to see Obama if I had my choice.

    • jimmy d

      respect for our country has be extend beyond the situation of the moment. no matter how bad things are, insulting the President is insulting the country.

      we may not like but there is no way around it. The office of the President embodies the collective authority and power of us. If we don’t like the person holding office, we have a clear method for changing him or her.

      But while doing so, we need to respect the office itself – for it is us and we are it.

  • pat blankenship

    I can’t believe these guys would downgrade NASCAR by going anywhere near this AMERICAN HATING MUSLIM TERRORIST. It’ sickening to have to even look at him, let alone have to listen to him run his mouth or smell him. I just hope. there’s enough decent people to get this skank out of our White House along with that posse of THUGS AND THEIVES that keep their nose you know where. All those old darts have for to go.

  • Bubba Joe

    I’m proud of those NASCAR drivers who declined to meet with the bum. Why would anyone be honored to shake the hand of an impostor, liar and crook? Shucks I thought all NASCAR drivers had the principles that would keep them a great distance from the Obumer!

  • Nelson Swiger Jr

    Can’t turn down an invite to see the President when you do not have a President. All they did was turn down an invite to see a usurper and thief.

  • Paul K

    Another staged event in an effort to gain a few more Liberal Socialist Progressive Votes.
    It won’t work this time. Hat’s off to the Drivers(Citizens)who declined.
    The Chosen One…has he ever turned a wrench or changed a tire? I doubt it.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    Because the statement “after all, he IS the President of the United States” always DOES normally warrant respect for the office and the man in the office, in this case these five gentlemen find it difficult to change their schedules as no doubt the president gave a short deadline for the presentation. Then again, he sure hasn’t done much to gain anyone’s respect in the almost three years he has been office.

  • Deborah Adkins

    I agree with the driver’s decisions not to attend. It would be an exercise of hypocrisy for me to accept an invitation from Obama. This goes beyond respecting the Office of the Presidency, he has disgraced that respect and no respect is due to Obama for destroying our country. I hope the other drivers don’t fold and decide to attend.

  • Hank

    Way to go Tim, This president has been in campagn mode since he took office. He doesn’t know how to do anything else, as most of us have fully realized !I love Nascar more than ever now

  • Wayne937

    To the Editor: It is the Office of the Presidency that we respect, not the goon in the White House now. Respect has to be earned. Obama has not earned any respect what he has done to this country.

  • pamela patrick

    Why would anyone want to go to the White house as long as that low life is living there. He has made this country the laughling stock of the world. He has distroyed everything he touches. There are no jobs,people are going hungry, and yet he wants to grant amnesty to ILLEGALS. How dumb is dumb we have seen if first hand

  • Babette

    Why doesn’t the honoree decline the invitation? That would deflate the ceremony quickly.

  • Jay Hill

    I am surprised any of themn are going – isn’t NASCAR part of the Bible clutching, gun toten bunch that BO so vehemently despises!

  • Dave

    I just changed my “following” of NASCAR drivers. I will NOT support ANY driver who attends that “meeting” with Owebummer! From this moment forward I shall support, both…in cheers and money…all of the FAB FIVE! Wouldn’t it be great to see one of them win the Championship! Either way, they are still gonna be Champions, in my book! I would LOVE to see them grouped together on T-shirts, coffee cups, posters, etc. What a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

  • sleddriver

    A big thank you to the 5 drivers that will not go to meet the whiner in cheif , God Bless Them

  • Ed

    I applaud them they are patriots and the president has never served and does not care about NASCAR or our military.

  • liberty59

    These guys have more guts and glory than our own, Republican, Speaker of The House…way to go!!! Why not spend the day visiting every junk food restaurant you can…enjoy those juicy burgers, salty fries, and extra large milkshakes. That ought to piss off Michelle too! Make sure the liberal press is notified so that you can prove just how busy you were. Too busy infact to listen to Obama spread more of his lies. I would rather shovel snow than visit the People’s House with these traitors. 2012 is coming…come soon!!!

  • Pat

    Can someone please tell me the purpose in honoring Nascar drivers from the perception of obama? It’s rediculous & not important as it would be to honor our brave men & woman fighting for our freedom. Of course he hates our military too. But if he is to honor anyone they should be the recipiants. They more then deserve it. I’m also getting tired of hearing the word ‘racism’! I have no problem with a black president as long as he is an american & respects our nation. With all the crap he has pulled on us I have a hard time believing he’s still alive. He has so showed us his true colors & they aren’t red,white & blue. Anyone who votes for him next year should be tried for treason. Come on people …get a clue!


    Perhaps we actualy have a couple NASCSR drivers that have some patriotism left in them! If asked to persaonally appear for a “photo-op” with President,- I would decline! I would not be asscosciated with that man, – unless I got a whole lot of money for the “pose”, and that would be under stipulation that I could Tell people (and have it printed,- and shown on TV)– That I posed with him for money! But then again that would be “ripping the taxpayers off”, because that is where all the money he is blowing comes from anyway!—Put me in a “conservative president”, and possibly I would even pay a fee to be in a photo with him! PS: I have a consaervative dog and cat for “write ins”, – if you want names!!

  • jack

    I was going to comment but you all have it pretty well covered.


    well of course they declined his invitation. A friend of mine was invited to the clinton White House. I told him I could not attend because I was concerned about the sort of company I would be seen in-rapists, drug dealers, thieves, liars, adulterers-actually everything that was true about bill clinton.
    The NASCAR guys don’t generally associate with Communists who are terrorizing and robbing our country from the oval office.
    Being seen with a fat guy with a dirty t-shirt and a beer keg is one thing, but being seen with obama and his racist buddies is something else entirely.

  • FireMall

    Thanks to the drivers that declined to be associated with the worst of the worst.
    Second; Some may not know that Nascar took bailout cash . This really urked me and shook my respect for Nascar.
    On the other side, I fully understand that Nascar has to survive for the Obama Socialist “Diversion” of the masses that watch the races.
    Much the same as the Roman era and the Collosiums were meant to entertain the masses while the Powers that be plotted the demise of the spectators.

    • FireMall

      Oops: The post went in before I was done ranting.
      Obama has no True Manly pride whatsoever. It’s amazing that he is trying to garner votes from the Bible toting, gun carrying redneck Christian Nascar fans. Does Obama think everyone is like him and can’t / don’t remember what lie he told last and which demographic sector he / Obama Insulted & dissed last ??
      Calling me a “Mongrel” is just “One” of the many holier than all insults I recall.
      It’s been 50 years since a Holier than thou classmate uttered “Mongrel” in my direction. After I got done with Mr.$$ Highness classmate ,I assure all that the word “Mongrel” never was said around me again. I was a poor country boy and the rich boy with the holier attitude may not have changed his judgement of me for being a poor boy but he dam sure avoided the subject after his nose healed up.

    • FireMall

      BTW; It would be an interesting scenario if Obama’s DOJ try to force another Traditional American industry to out source their business to India & Madagascar. Like the DOJ is doing to Gibson Guitar corp as we speak here.
      Wonder what will happen when Obama’s Commie DOJ & gangees shows up at a Nascar event with their M-16 rifles drawn, demanding they shut down the U.S. Nascar tracks / teams and move their chassis build shops & engine depts to China ?/
      Bible toting rednecks don’t necessarily have to be carrying their guns when it’s time to settle out some differences of opinions.

    • hsabin

      I hope Gibson takes them to court and get a judgment in their favor. This administration needs to be removed!

    • Kathy

      But even the “judgment” seats in America have almost all gone the way of all GARBAGE! They don’t support laws. They don’t support the constitution. I realize that there are still a FEW judges left who WON’T rule according to O’s rule of law. But they are so few and far between. <> What has our country come to?

    • Anthony San Diego

      For almost 100 years they have been sneaky about their agenda, now they’re in your face believing Americans will accept the crap they’re dealing. Wait until they find out how wrong they are. Al Jolson once said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

    • uzitiger

      This started under Theodore Roosevelt and ‘progressed’ in giant steps under Woodrow Wilson and later FDR.

      Now the ‘progressives’ feel they can make the last fatal blow to America with help from the Islamists. They feel that the Obamanable Muslim will go for the throat (like a typical Muslime would).

    • LittlteLaC

      I am offended by the author’s comment “after all he is president.” He may be sitting in the oval office, but he is an imposter. I cannot agree to calling him president when the nation knows he is a liar, a cheat, a thief, and a fake. His sitting in the oval office is a fraudulent act perpetrated by the ultra liberal progressives and those who are paying for this fraud are the common folk of the country who now are rallying to depose this hoax. Let us put an end to the reign of this imposter, and drive him out of the oval office;long live the Republic.

    • Colleen

      You know of course that Gibson donated to Republican candidates and their major rival donated to dems. Their rival uses the same woods to make guitars as Gibson yet they were not raided and being investigated!

    • Omer

      One word-‘Corruption’. Sadly, of late, ‘Government’ and ‘Corruption’ are one and the same. Watch how they corrupt the most sacred thing, the ballot. We may, as Patriots, have to stand up, take up arms, and clean out the filth in Office.

    • revere

      Hope ya do ,Omer.
      We Americans will be waiting to cut you down.

    • LJ

      I’d LOVE to see verification of that so I could paste it on Facebook. Would like to spread it around as far as possible. Do you have a source?

    • mountain man

      Reading these comments here has really made my day. There is hope for America yet!!

    • FireMall

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      September 3, 2011 at 12:41 pm
      Oops: The post went in before I was done ranting.
      Obama has no True Manly pride whatsoever. It’s amazing that he is trying to garner votes from the Bible toting, gun carrying redneck Christian Nascar fans. Does Obama think everyone is like him and can’t / don’t remember what lie he told last and which demographic sector he / Obama Insulted & dissed last ??
      Calling me a “Mongrel” is just “One” of the many holier than all insults I recall.
      It’s been 50 years since a Holier than thou classmate uttered “Mongrel” in my direction. After I got done with Mr.$$ Highness classmate ,I assure all that the word “Mongrel” never was said around me again. I was a poor country boy and the rich boy with the holier attitude may not have changed his judgement of me for being a poor boy but he dam sure avoided the subject after his nose healed up.

  • sparkleplenty27

    It would ideal were ALL of those invited to decline the invitation. Barry the Beast does not deserve respect, nor being honored, nor given any accord. With what he has intentionally done to this nation, he deserves to be dragged kicking and screaming like the whiney baby he is, OUT of the White House and DC and sent packing back to Kenya where he belongs with all the other scammers.

  • tag

    “I can’t attend because I’m nursing my sore butt from being ‘scr….d every time I turn around by this prez”. That’s the only reason I need to stay at home and sitting on a nice, soft, cushion, watching an exciting show on TV where some guy is getting ax’d because he’s done it the old fashioned way – he’s earned it, (like this jerk). Hooray for those Nascar drivers that stay home – my hat’s off to you!!! Sic’ em!!

  • Jim

    Invitation of NASCAR group is publicity stunt to get as many votes as possible . He is desperate for votes and knows the public is disgusted with his government deceit and lies. The Democratic party and rule know their Socialistic,Communistic,Islamic party is being rejected by American people and are doing their best repel the American anger and disgust by trying to destroy anyone who opposes them .They are working overtime digging dirt up to spread hate and racism over America to put down and destroy anyone that gets in there way by any evil way! Stop them in their tracks by mass communication mail,call,E-mailyour Congressman,Legislature,House,Supreme Court and any judicials judges that follow the Constitution Of United States of America and demand immediate action to remove Obama,Holder,Pelosi Reid and associates from office immediately!Wake up America before it is to late!

  • JibJab

    I greatly respect everyone that turns their back on Obama. The 2112 election will set the future of our nation for generations.

    VOTE, your life, your future depends upon it.

  • FreeGeezer

    I think I would accept the invitation. I think it would be fun to stick my hands in my pocket just as he began to extend his.

    As others have said, “One does not demand respect, they must earn it”. I do, however, respect the Office of the President and plan to work as hard as I can to see that the Office is filled with someone I can respect.

  • charlie

    I would rather meet my maker than that pos Oblamer.

  • Scott

    Great for the ones who would rather do something else than get tainted by that prick. Probably have to go with the wifes to get there nails done.

  • http://PATRIOTUPDATE Mike Mayo

    It would be an honor to be next to Obozzo if he would be our president. But even when we elected him. HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.(just ask Acorn,black panthers,unions etc,etc,etc)

  • RightAsUsual

    comrade hussein o-vomit will need to re-spray paint (c: white) on his fake side walls for the NASCAR photo opt. scam / hoax.

    Points go to Tigger in having barry figured out as well as 99.9% of NASCAR way back as an illegal “slickie boy” from Kenya ( 24623 ) that is a efeminate socialist-marxist-muslim-communist ..2 point anti-US.

    comrade obama,md-e* ~ a soros bamboozler puppet in subversions, lies & frauds – TREASONs

    * md-e … master of deception – emeritus

  • jb80538

    Decline an invite to the WH. These NASCAR drivers are smarter than people give them credit!

  • Pete K

    The ga-sto-po is waiting for orders. What I don’t understand is why our police, armied forces, FBI, etc. etc, don’t get the senario. Oh yea, right after they ban our weapons the orders will be givin’. We’ll need those NASCAR’s then. Dam_ politicians. Please get ready, America !

  • WillyT

    NObama is a cancer on America and needs to be fought on every level. His army of entitlement junkies and tax sucks (including freeloading businesses and educational institutions) is massive. The selfish in this country can be knocked down only by every working person, job creator and entrepreneur wannabe’s doing their part, every day.

    Don’t let any Socialist slur go unanswered!

    NASCAR will be running on electric motors in 5 years if those cancerous socialists get their way.

  • Sandy Koch

    Way to go, guys! Why should we be afraid to nix any President’s invitation with whom we fear is compromising our great nation? Its NOT a race thing, its a socialistic leaning thing. (I’m a Mom with a black son in law, an Asian son in law and three Asian daughters.)

  • http://PatriotUpdate Marvin McCardle

    Just another bashing of the President by the sheep of America. Obama did not cause the problems we face. This was bound to happen no matter who is President. Do something constructive like coming up with ways to fix the problem, like voting out all the current congress and installing everyday people that have no ties to big business or lobbyists. Why not vote in people who will make change like flat tax ( fair to everyone and will get us out of debt ). How about throwing out the Federal Reserve and going back to sovereign currency back up by our gold and other precious metals. How about voting someone in that will stand up to China and reverse the trade deficit we have ( fair play on imports and exports ). These are just some ways of righting the ship.It does not matter what your party is, have our politicians serve term limits and then re-enter the private sector and live by the same laws they enact for us, no more special privileges.

    • Colleen

      You are 95% wrong on who to blame for this economic mess.
      Bush spent way too much. That is a fact. And that ran up some of the national debt.
      The dems had the house and senate for the last 1.5 yrs of Bush’s presidency. THEY spent money like it was just water at Niagra Falls. THEY passed bills demanding loose and fast home loan lending to people who would and could not afford to buy homes. Just beause it wasn’t “fair”. When Bush tried to rein in Fannie and Freddie due to the excesses and down right illegal shennagins, the dems blocked him every step of the way stating there were no problems at those two entities. THEY were wrong, eh??!!??
      Then along comes Obama and he spent over 4 TRILLION dollars in less than three years and now he want more???
      He appointed known socialists and “acedemics” who have never had a business to run much less balance a budget or make a payroll.
      He encouraged and allowed these same academics and socialists to create regulations and rules that have effectively crippled our coal, gas, oil and other industries…not to mention Boeing!
      Here is just a tidbit of the regulations/rules passed just recently: this administration proposed 229 rules and finalized 379 rules at a total cost of more than $9.5 BILLION to our economy. Look it up: Godfather Politics web site.
      Look what Obama care did to Medicare: $500 BILLION wacked just to “pay” for this obamanation! And the dems scream like wounded eagles because the Republicans want to reform medicare/’caid/SS!!! Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t you say?
      So, you want to blame someone????
      Look squarely at the DEMS AND OBAMA!!!

    • FireMall

      @Marvin McCardle:
      Give it up man , the game is OVER. At least for 99% of Americans.
      Obama “IS” to blame. But not as Much to blame as people such as you that still voted for and still trust Obama. So, in a sense Obama is not to Blame, You Are !! Thanks a lot sucker !!
      Your statement about Obama & Job creation is so false that even a Liberal Obama lover with half the deducting attributes of a piss ant know Obama is a False Prophet from hell’s half acre.
      I truly wish that the blinded Obama folks would just Attempt to see the Reality in what Obama is doing every day since “Before” he was even sworn in.
      The latest example of the Obama Lovers Messiah’s “So Called” Job creation plan would be Obama sending his Perverted Socialist Eric Holder’s DOJ on an “ARMED RAID” to Nashville’s Gibson Guitar Corp, with Guns drawn on the employees.
      It is Fact that the DOJ told the CEO of Gibson Guitar –“Quote” If Gibson wants us [The Obama DOJ] to go away, All Gibson has to do is send their Manufacturing to India and the Dot “O” Gov will be happy.
      I.E. Obama is a lying sack of pure Marxist BS and folks like you will never see the truth till you & Yours of Lacking minds, find your Obama loving selves standing at the Threshold of a FEMA Labor Camp door begging for more Free food and “Offering” to “Work” for the food & shelter. .

  • Coach D

    I just became a HUGE Nascar fan!

  • Vexed Vet

    We should take an example from these all American drivers and continue the “opt out” at the polls on election day.

    Opt out of voting for these progress-o-crats and IslamoNazis and opt in to save our country and liberty!

    God bless NASCAR, at least the part that “Opted out”!!

  • virgil lloyd

    I do realize that an invitation to the Whitehouse is considered an Honor, and up to this president, I would have gone for any reason that president would have had. Sad to say, that now there is NO reason this liar could come up with to get me to even say “maybe”. I really wish they had all said “no” and stated they wouldn’t be part of yet another “PHOTO-OPT” for the Campaigner-In-Chief.

    • FireMall

      There can Be “NO” Honor in the Face of the Most Dishonored Human since Hitler. PERIOD.
      Also: One is known by the People one associates themselves with.
      The drivers that are going to the event “Are” now on my personal Poop list of people to Never consider as Honorable.
      I will Not say Sorry, but that’s “My” integrity these suckered Drivers are messing with & I’ll have “No” part of being associated with even as a Nascar Peon unknown fan, with the likes of people of No Personal Pride , Integrity & Convictions.
      IMO; Anyone, & I mean “ANYONE” that coddles to a Traitor is as Guilty of Treason by association as “Obama” the Original Traitor of “We The People” .

  • Noah

    CONGRATULATIONS to the five! They deserve a medal and a trophy for whatever reason/excuse they give. Way to go Geemee Johnson. Enjoy the beer.

  • Armed and Dangerous

    To the NASCAR drivers that accepted his BS, tax payer funded publicity stunt, GROW A SET OF BALLS and tell that POS socialist Kenyan to go screw himself and to use the TAX PAYER money has was going to BLOW on this lame event on something else more useful, like 4 ONE WAY plane tickets back to Kenya where he, his monkey faced wife, and their 2 homley little brats need to return to, after all, they prefer to be called “African American’s” right?… then they should just go ahead an go BACK TO Africa, any country over there would be fine, JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! Kudos to the 5 drivers! Now if the rest would wake the hell-up and refuse to go, that would be nice.

  • Ed


  • shortitalian

    I wonder if the Black Caucus and Maxine have heard that all the drivers won’t be attending “The Chosen Ones”invitation?I know that I would never get an invitation to meet Obama but I would be too busy anyway.

  • the truth

    Seem’s like he trying to give another Snow Job to the Grass Root people of America anything for a Vote or sidestep the real Prob in America maybe he looking for a jar of Moonshine to prove he is a good old boy. a snake with a split tongue

  • voteright2012
  • Concerned American

    Obama and his elitist, liberal, socialist friends consider fans of NASCAR to be illiterate Rednecks that they look down on. However, they would do and say anything in order to get their votes. Obama must be running scared in order to begin courting the the same type of people that he has held in such contempt all of his political life.

  • Dinkiedow

    Don’t forget Obama said Red Necks are Terrorist.”Jimmy Johnson is insulting Red Necks By Attending!!

    You Drivers Attending Shame On You!!

    Defend Your Country,”Just Say No To Anti-American Massiah Dictator Barry Soetoro.

    P.S. If You Go; Got Cajones,Call Him Barry!!

  • Jack Death

    After all, this is A USURPER we’re talking about here. I don’t believe he is a legitimate president, as he has refused to present the evidence that would proof he meets the qualifications of the office.

    • chris Brown

      I agree. He is not a president, he is a USURPER and a corporate criminal, like all his cronies. They are a DISGRACE to this country and to our history. I’m glad the drivers said no, and I wish they all had.

    • Verus Langham

      Don’t you just love it when the usurper is dis-ed by celebrities? Rather sends a loud and strong message to the ego-at-large that he is no longer the center of the universe but only does he exist as large in his own mind.

    • The Thinker

      Yeah, this should also send a mesage to the Hollywood celebrities who think only Dems can run this country!!!!

    • patriot2

      I have more respect for the drivers that DON’T show up than for the ones that do.after all,he’s after their jobs as well as all of ours,he just hasn’t said so yet.

    • Mary

      me too

    • http://windstream sandra leathers

      I usually pull for Dale Earnhardt Jr. But if he shows up at the White House, i will not pull for him any more. They sdhould all refuse to see Obama. Praises to the ones who aren’t going.

    • Marilyn

      SO true! Not only that but after all of the insults this “occupant” of the White House, and his whole party, have offered NASCAR and their fans, I can’t believe any one of them is willing to go to meet “The Exalted One” only to get b*tch slapped…again. They just can’t be that naive; this is nothing but a reelection ploy that is not fooling anyone (except, it seems, the 6 still going) and will lose the foolish six their fan base.

    • Carol J

      I agree there. He’s already trying to stop the sponsorship by the armed services.

    • old-wise-one

      The great muslim Satan plans to (honor?) others also.
      Barbara Walters comments on Jane Fonda.
      “She can lead her present life the way she wants and perhaps SHE can forget the past, but we DO NOT have to stand by without comment to see that she is “honored” as a “Woman of the Century”.
      ( I remember this well)
      Never Forgive A Traitor

      For those of you too young to remember, Hanoi Jane is a bad person and did some terrible things during the Vietnam war. Things that cannot be forgiven!!!!

      For those who served and/or died. . .


      and now OBAMA wants to honor her……!!!!

      In Memory of LT. C.Thomsen Wieland who spent 100 days at the Hanoi Hilton

      She really is a traitor.


      This is for all the kids born in the 70’s and after who do not remember, and didn’t have to bear the burden that our fathers, mothers and older brothers and sisters had to bear.
      Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the ‘100 Women of the Century.’

      Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have never
      known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country, but specific men who served and sacrificed during Vietnam

      The first part of this is from an F-4E pilot. The pilot’s name is Jerry
      Driscoll, a River Rat.

      In 1968, the former Commandant of the USAF Survival School was a POW in Ho Lo Prison the ‘ Hanoi Hilton.’

      Dragged from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in
      clean PJ’s, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American ‘Peace
      Activist’ the ‘lenient and humane treatment’ he’d received.

      He spat at Ms. Fonda, was clubbed, and was dragged away. During the
      subsequent beating, he fell forward on to the camp Commandant ‘s feet, which sent that officer berserk.

      In 1978, the Air Force Colonel still suffered from double vision (which
      permanently ended his flying career) from the Commandant’s frenzied
      application of a wooden baton.

      >From 1963-65, Col. Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4E’s). He spent 6 years in the ‘ Hanoi Hilton’,,, the first three of which his family only knew he was ‘missing in action’. His wife lived on faith that he was still alive. His group, too, got the cleaned-up, fed and clothed routine in preparation for a ‘peace delegation’ visit.

      They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world that
      they were alive and still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper,
      with his Social Security Number on it, in the palm of his hand.

      When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man’s hand and asking little encouraging snippets like: ‘Aren’t you sorry you bombed babies?’ and ‘Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?’ Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of paper.

      She took them all without missing a beat.. At the end of the line and once
      the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge and handed him all the little pieces of paper..

      Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Colonel Carrigan was almost number four but he survived, which is the only reason we know of her actions that day.

      I was a civilian economic development advisor in Vietnam , and was captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Vietnam in 1968, and held prisoner for over 5 years.

      I spent 27 months in solitary confinement; one year in a cage in Cambodia; and one year in a ‘black box’ in Hanoi . My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Banme Thuot , South Vietnam , whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border. At one time, I weighed only about 90 lbs. (My normal weight is 170 lbs)

      We were Jane Fonda’s ‘war criminals….’

      When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi , I was asked by the camp communist political officer if I would be willing to meet with her..

      I said yes, for I wanted to tell her about the real treatment we POWs
      received… and how different it was from the treatment purported by the
      North Vietnamese, and parroted by her as ‘humane and lenient.’

      Because of this, I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees, with my
      arms outstretched with a large steel weight placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane.

      I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda soon after I was released. I
      asked her if she would be willing to debate me on TV. She never did answer me.

      These first-hand experiences do not exemplify someone who should be honored as part of ‘100 Years of Great Women.’ Lest we forget….’ 100 Years of Great Women’ should never include a traitor whose hands are covered with the blood of so many patriots.

      There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but Hanoi Jane’s
      participation in blatant treason, is one of them. Please take the time to
      forward to as many people as you possibly can.. It will eventually end up on her computer and she needs to know that we will never forget.

      USAF 716 Maintenance Squadron,
      Chief of Maintenance DSN: 875-6431 COMM: 883-6343

    • Alice

      True, especially when the liberal media and politicians make such fun of Nascar racing. Remember when one reporter said the press needed to get vacinated before going south where race fans are.

    • raygun

      Nov. 2012 can’t happen soon enough.

    • AnyD

      January 20, 2013 come quickly…

    • BOB

      no, you mean 2012

    • Z

      …sorry, but the election is 11/12, 01/13 would be when “the one” leaves office…fot good!

    • s a barbour

      They are refusing the man, not the office.It is too bad that an imposter, controlled by Argentina lives in the White House.
      That country once was a thriving republic and then went socialist with Peron. It is a lesson for us all.

    • Bob

      I don’t blame the drivers. The only function I would attend with him is his funeral.
      He is killing our country.

    • william f neal

      It kind of brings back memories of the hand shakes he did not receive on his foreign visit. There are still some true Americans that have the guts to say no to a loser President.

    • joanie

      I say good for the Nasca car drivers, but I wish they would tell the true reason for not attending. I m not a race car fan but admire the drivers for not attending but would admiring them more if they told the reason for not attending.

    • handyman


    • ed m

      call me I will go with you, if my schedule pe3rmits

    • http://windstream sharon anderson

      He needs to go back to the country his daddy;s from, Does not deserve to be in the whitehouse, he is a liar. /No truth in him or many that is in his office or congress.ect.

    • Adam Knoll

      If anyone voted for Obama in 2008 to prove they weren’t a racist, I hope they will vote against him in 2012 to prove they are not an idiot.

    • Susan Woods

      Just goes to show you there are some pretty patriotic people who do care that BHO is an illegal president. He is NOT my president, either!! I love to shop garage sales, and I would NOT give them up to go to Obumma’s White House, either!!! God Bless America! God Save America!!

    • Stevie

      What he does is have a day of prayer at the White House for the Muslim’s only.No other religeous order is permitted to attend.Does he show his birth certificate and social security number to the Muslim’s???

    • Stevie

      He fits A USURPER 100% Ask Comrad George Soros,who holds all the strings to the puppets.Money talks Bull S@#$ walks!semper fi

  • BarbC

    Many people consider NASCAR drivers dumb red necks but these five who opted out are very smart… they should receive medals for declining. I am amazed that Jimmie Johnson has drank from the Koolaide jug. Obama is just looking for big contributions for his campaign as he knows most race car owners/drivers have money.

  • Dave C

    Obama and his liberal, elitist, socialist friends consider fans of NASCAR to be illiterate Rednecks that they look down on. However, they would do and say anything in order to get their votes. Obama must be running scared in order to begin courting the the same type of people that he has held in such contempt all of his political life.

  • Jim

    I am pleased. I have not seen ONE comment defending the occupant of the White House.

    Now, folks,… there IS a problem however. It is this. All of us posting here are “preaching to the choir”
    My solution for that is that each of us should write to someone that currently represents us, Depending upon their being a Representative or a Senator… we should DEMAND that they either institute impeachment articles against Obama or vote to impeach Obama as a condition of our political support. Uh that means They either do as we demand OR, they get no money and they get no vote from us.
    Actually I don’t believe that America can wait until Nov 2012 to get rid of Obama but… The Congresspeople need our support and our money NOW! The Democrats are in a panic about what to do about obama but lack the political balls to do anything about him so we have to threaten them! No impeachment, no votes/no money.
    The Republicans are are terrified that Trump or Palin could tip the vote enough to insure obama another 4 years…. so… we THREATEN them too. No articles of impeachment…NO MONEY/and NO VOTES
    WHAT GOOD IZZAT? well, even the ruling class knows that it can not buy an election w/o grassroot money. Now, we really ought to take things a step further and go after the TV and print media as well.Same tactic… tell them that if they don’t begin calling for impeachment we will cancel our subscription and we will not watch their TV channels. This is an economic lever. think of it like a labor strike and I couldn’t care less at this point if you like unions or not… well placed strikes WORK!!
    Here is really the key to this…
    Americans MUST keep up this pressure until the ruling class caves in.Like in Union strikes there will be scabs that will not have the courage to stand tall and be brave… we can’t do anything about them, they have to live with themselves!!! For all of you out there that have a backbone though…WE CAN WIN this, and we CAN do it w/o bullets too. Now go on out there and put the fear of Jesus into the ruling class and show them just who runs America!(that’d be you n me)

  • hsabin

    If indeed these men chose to NOT go to the White House due to their lack of respect for the President, I say KUDOS to them. If they chose NOT to go due to scheduling conflicts, I still say, Good for them that they don’t cancel their appearances. That way, Obama has more wealth to spread around. I am amazed his EPA isn’t out there telling the drivers that they are creating pollution with their cars!

    • James

      Wait until the Marxist ” talking heads ” get ahold of this one ! ( are you paying attention Chris Mathews ? ) This is sheer RACISM ! Those NASCAR drivers are ALL RACIST TEA PARTY MEMBERS ! All ” Progressive ” talking heads will say EXACTLY THE SAME WORDS at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME ! The SCRIPT is being written in the White House. JUST WATCH !

    • The Thinker

      Sooo very true!

    • http://UniquePointofView Bill Rouchell

      Isn’t it just possible that these men in not attending don’t wish to lend credence to what this poser stands for.Having low esteem for someone isn’t a crime in our country; yet is it? BK

    • joanie

      Do your homework, watch Fox, Drudge Report, Beck, Hennedy, Rush, O Riley and learn what is really going in our country. Look at how other countries are laughing at us and poking fun of obama. Anyone who uses the word racist is a racist and not well informed. If nothing else look at the jobs situation, look at how many black men and women are out of work.
      My question for you is why are you still defending obama. Try doing what I offered and maybe you will CHANGE your attitute. The Tea Party is trying to bring freedom back to our country.

    • http://None PETER DIRENZA


    • Butch248

      Speaking of Retribution, watch what I’m telling you. NoBama will stop the flyovers at the Nascar races soon and that will mean war. The Nascar people are some of the most Patriotic Americans of all.

    • Ronvjr

      I think you misread or misinterpreted the above post. It happens.

    • Jeffrey

      Yeah, keep an eye on the other hand, but Bill O’Reilly???? c’mon!

      That guy is so in love with his opinion, AND the notion that anyone watching gives a flip about his opinion, that he constantly talks over (and disrespects) far more intelligent and interesting people.

      I know I was raised better than to interrupt constantly – he says it’s because of timing, etc., but face it – Bill is a horse’s ass and an Obama apologist besides.

    • JS1943

      I think, Joanie, that you may be missing the sarcasm.

    • Patriot and an American

      You may have taken this wrongly as a racists comment. The racists comments come from racists and what was said is “that we can expect the racists in Washington, the media, etc. to use this as another tool, another distraction is their ploy to keep us on the edge.

    • JR

      I have never understood how anyone, anywhere, anyhow can call anyone a racist regarding Obama. He is half white and half black. If anyone is a racist, tt is Obama for snubbing his Mother’s race. I agree, the name callers are racists. I hope he is voted out next year and we start 2013 with a real American that loves this country. Obama is not an American in his heart or mind.

    • Bob

      Keep in mind that NASCAR has already committted to changing over to ‘NO LEAD’ race fuel. I knew that coming.

    • FireMall

      P.S. That would be No Lead , Ethanol Greenie Gore Fuel that destroys Nascar Engines faster than Obama destroys American Jobs.
      IMO; It’s sad that the Proof is now rearing it’s ugly head & I see what the payback for Nascar taking stimulus cash is now.
      Nascar was Stimulated & thus Extorted into promoting something , which, Especially Nascar , “KNOW” is Pure Socialist Junk Science.

    • Carol J

      Now that’s something I haven’t heard. What stimulus money did NASCAR receive. I sure haven’t seen anything on about it. I’ll have to read the rest of this blog later. It’s about time for the Nationwide race on ESPN2


      The Nationwide race is at 7:30 tonite. (Sat.)

    • Patriot and an American

      This ploy of Al Gore is nothing more than to give him another avenue to make money. God is in charge of the weather. He can changes seasons and bring about great floods, volcanoes, hurricanes and this will happen. Prophecy has been told and prophecy has happened. There is more prophecy and it will happen!

    • AstroTurf

      ALL of racing went NO LEAD long ago! Now they’re testing E-85 Ethanol, or what we call 15% Corn Liquer, that way all our older cars can Fry! Then we have to get newer ones!

    • AnyD

      HSABIN! Shhhhhh…. Don’t give them any ideas…
      They will first figure out a way to demagogue “Race Car Drivers along with corporate Jet owners and Millionaires. Then they will figure out a special tax for them. As if tire taxes, fuel taxes etc. etc. weren’t enough.
      Then the EPA will mandate that they put pollution controls on their cars, make them California compliant.
      Of course a NHSA imposed speed limit. An EEOC Quota, Americans with Disabilities are under represented among the drivers too. And where are all the women drivers in Nascar? Danika Patrick just switched over but there is nowhere near the Title 9 quota…
      Of course all of this will destroy the sport and end the jobs that it provides and then O’Bama will be happy. No NASCAR and NO JOBS. It’s a Socialist Utopia…

    • Oldsailor65

      I don’t blame the drivers, I don’t like to hang with lyres and cheats either.

    • JS1943

      The only thing I have against lyres is that I don’t know how to play them.

    • Luis Guzman

      He is going to lecture them about using electric golf cars to compete in Nascar, those cars could go 50 miles a gallon but by then a gallon of gas will be $100.00. Great savings.

  • hsabin

    Our differences in opinion can be settled at the ballot box in 2012. Obama and his corrupt cronies will be out then if America has any true patriots left who are not on the government dole!

    • AF Chief

      Yeah, what’s going on guys. After all wasn’t it old Buck Wheat himself you said, This is America we should be able to anything. Like by pass congress, regulate bills, wtih no scrutiny, not to mention Obama’s illegal SS number, which the Federal Judge threw out the case because America doesn’t have the need to know this.

    • raygun

      We need more Buck Wheat.

    • Joan Workman

      You notice it doesn’t give the judge’s name about the SS # from Wisconsin. What is his SS# from Hawaii, or Washington DC and whereever else he is using someone else’s name and #. Is it Barry, Harrison or Barack?

    • http://None PETER DIRENZA


    • Patriot and an American

      Obummaboy is evil. He has evil surrounding him. The world has been evil forever. Read about all the wars in the Bible. Those that were persecuted, by religios leaders that wanted power by not by God’s hand. The gentile proclaim their greatness. They did not earn it. That is how evil power works

    • Oldsailor65

      like so many black athletes who have taken a Muslim name…Buckwheat has also taken a Muslim name.
      He is now known as Kreem o’ Wheat.

    • celticwaryor

      Too funny!

    • waterman

      I can’t put a number to it, but do you know how many people are already on the “government dole”. Just in my little town alone I would say that one in every 10 people are collecting SSI or welfare and food stamps and are working “jobs for cash” to add to their dole. These are healthy people that if you saw them on a city street they would look as healthy the average American. My town has a population of about 660, that’s 66 people just in my little town, can you imagine if that ratio was held nation wide?
      Myself and another friend tried to report the abuse one time and they didn’t want to hear it. They would put us on hold to 10 different
      people and we never got to actually voice our complaint and never got a return call.
      This is the far left dems at work to distribute wealth that the working people are having to give to them thru the taxes we pay.

    • Rosie

      It is not only in your small town: I also know people that are collecting unemployment for 2 yrs while going away on vacation & casinos & buying a new car. Another who gets SSI & food stamps which she uses to feed her dogs (they at better than she does). She also gets RX through her medicare for her pets’ medical conditions. On top of it she gets a free cell phone to use in case of an emergency though she already has a cell phone. She has cable tv too. As much as I know she is partially disabled, I know she is bilking the ssytem for all she can just because she can do it. By the way she is a US resident but not a citizen because she doe snot want to be an AMERICAN.

    • repubnut

      I believe that my wife and I are the only ones in Georgia that pay for groceries—every time we go thru the check-out line, everyone else is using a Peachcard ( Welfare card )…When I go out I see them getting into NEW CARS – I can’t ubderstand !!!

    • raygun

      Sounds like a communist plot.

    • The Thinker

      Of course, the far left dems don’t want to put a stop to the fraud and all the give-away and entitlement programs so they’ll do anything in their power to protect these programs. Afterall, that’s what keeps them in office!

    • Bob

      Waterman, here’s some food for thought. Remember something about the late 1770’s? You know, “the shot heard ’round the world’?
      Wasn’t one of the reasons for this little conflict called double taxation? Isn’t social security (or wasn’t it) funded by a tax paid into the govt. run system, by wage earners and their employers? Well, those of us who are fortunate enough to still benefit from this “fund”, are still paying ‘income tax’ on the money we paid to the govt. in the form of taxes. If that isn’t double taxation, then somebody please explain to me just what the hell is.

    • Carol J

      And don’t forget that we also already paid income tax on the money they took for SS.

    • http://None PETER DIRENZA


    • celticwaryor

      Stop with the all capitals, will ya? Use them sparingly to make a point, but not to write your entire comment.

    • joanie

      I agree with most of what you wrote but social security is not a hand out. SS is an insurance workers paid for all their working years. They may not have wanted to but were forced to and had it taken out of their paychecks. It was only to be used for retirement or disability but our greedy government could not resist using it as a tax.

    • Patriot and an American

      Also, Lyndon Johnson, took social security funds and transferred them into the General Fund for “spending”

    • B

      Hsabin you are right — to a point. Remember all the brain dead voters that will be conned into voting for Obama. I worry there are more of them than there are of us.

    • Rosie

      The more dead people there really are that more that are “eligible” to vote Democrat!

    • Bob

      Sugar, you will be happy to know, there are more and more ‘so called’ black folks who are a lot less enthusiastic about ‘O’ than in ’08. Several folks of varying ethnic persuasion who voted for him in ’08, are starting to rethink their decision. Let’s all hope & pray they see the light before Nov. 2012.

    • raygun

      Not only were there ‘brain dead voters’ but there were dead voters, voters in prison, comic character voters, out of state voters, duplicate voters … you get my drift. All courtesy of groups like SIEU, ACORN, AFL-CIO and such. The place to start watching is at your local unions. Let them know we are watching.

    • Dusterdog

      Don’t forget those who voted & voted often

    • jb80538

      Not only do those brain dead people vote, they reproduce as well!

    • Patriot and an American

      The evil doers will attack the youth for their votes. The youth will be easy prey for they are young, inexperienced, have little to look forward to because of the times, so the youth will believe propaganda … thinking and in hopes of a better tomorrow. Little do they know what is really ahead of them. Other evil tactics: propaganda, fraud, threats, anything to suck in youth or anyone stupid enough to believe that they will be first in line for handouts. That is all Obummaboy is offering. This is what the socialists, marxists want. Another in this ploy would be George Soros. What is weird, but what do you expect from an egotist, a megalomaniac, is what do you think they are going to get out of this. A permanent place at the Abyss

    • wayne

      I would so much like to agree with you. But its the ballot box that has put every lying cheating kiniving politition in washington.?????? What can we do???

    • celticwaryor

      Wayne, you can start by spelling conniving correctly! 😉

    • Ed

      Obama was not put in by the vote but by vote fraud, just as was Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc.

      The people only believe they elect officials, when the fact is they do not – those that count the votes and control the machines do.

      Investigate for yourself how the dumbass bush got put in and then Obama the illegal alien.

      Sucks and the truth does hurt.

      But, for god’s sake, forget that the same bunch of crap heads in congress and all government is going to fix things. They aren’t – they are either bought, threatened, or blackmailed into doing as the stinking Zionist Jew International bankers command.

      Check out the owners of the Federal Reserve and don’t dare call me racist or hate-filled.
      this is my land and your land – it is not the bankers and other so-called Jews that are intent on destroying America, the only country created strictly as a white Christian land.

    • Ranchman

      Ed, I’ve done a little research on this subject. I believe you’re talking about the whole “Ashkenazi Jew” thing, the Balfour Declaration, etc, etc. The only thing I can’t reconcile my research with is God’s sovereign plan. I can’t get past the thought that, even though modern day Israel was created with ulterior motives and by nefarious schemes, God is in control and can use each and every action of mankind, both with good and evil intentions, to His ultimate Glory. I believe this is what is happening with today’s geopolitical issues…including modern day Israel and Zionism. I am no fan of Zionism and oppressors of any ilk, I just believe God is in control, that’s all.

    • Ed

      There is something I hate – it is censorship.
      Makes me wonder why in the heck people fear the truth and those denying me my right aid and abet the enemies of America.

      Anyway, look up Paul Findley’s lecture and dozens of other quotes by so-called Jews (such as Israel Shahak) and others that have been warning people about the Jewish intent for centuries. In fact, search for the Talmud and Kabbalah to find out the truth.

      This will be censored to, as it is certain many readers do not believe in freedom of speech and, as Hoover or Truman once said, I don’t give people hell – I just tell them the truth and they think it’s hell.

      As for you who thumbs down getting comments removed or hidden – up yours – you are Americans only because of being born here but not in heart, mind, and soul.

    • http://PatriotPost DJ

      How long have you been out from under your rock, ED??????It seems that you are more than a little out of touch.
      Sorry ’bout that. Do you plan to vote next time?????

    • AZ Don

      To a small degree Ed I was with you until you came up with the term “Stinking Zionist Jew International bankers command.” Looks like you have lost your way!

      I am not now nor have I ever been an Obama supporter. I did NOT vote for him. I will also admit I was not always satisfied with what Bush did (especially on the southern border). I DID vote for him. However, I do not believe George Bush ever did anything intentionally to down grade or in any way hurt the United States but I believe Obama and many of his cabinet and czars not only have but continue to in an effort to “fundamentally change” our system of government to socialism or worse.

      Is there corruption in government, of course. Has there ever been fraud perpetrated at the voting booth, again absolutely there has. Are there bad people in all ethnic groups, yes without a doubt. Same goes for races. However, painting every Jew, Christian, Catholic or Banker and sheepherder or any other group all with the same brush and declaring them all bad is the sign of an imbecile.

    • http://None PETER DIRENZA


    • celticwaryor

      You are wrong PETER, this is copied right from Ed’s comment: “…as the stinking Zionist Jew International bankers command.” And stop using all capitals tow write your comments, it just makes you look like and idiot and they are hard to read.

    • MadArky

      One commenter’s remark about some of the comments was “the office of president deserves respect” and the OFFICE does – NOT the current occupant who cannot or willnot prove his right to be there. I pray a method of correcting this abomination will be found and soon.

    • Ed

      Check out the owners of the Federal Reserve and the world’s finances (all foreign jews). Controlling the issuance of so-called money gives the control over everything. I do not care whether you believe it or not except that nothing is going to change except for the worse as long as this criminal cabal stays in power.

      I don’t even care if you believe I am some sort of scumbag because I am going to comment the truth as long as I am alive.

      Jefferson had this to say, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our
      liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks
      to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation,
      the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive
      the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the
      continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the
      banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

      And, if you check, you will find the federal reserve is controlled completely by Jews or Zionists (often Crypto Jews).

    • Ed

      To AZ Don.

      Where did I say all of any group was bad except speaking against the foreign owned Federal Reserve? I have never condemned a whole group but I damn sure condemn parts of them, just as I do bad law enforcers, some officials from every level of government, and the judiciary that oppresses people’s rights and commit treason.

      Apparently you read in when I had no secret meaning but spoke openly stating what I meant and meaning what I stated.

    • Patriot and an American

      The Federal Reserve System is an evil play. Do a web search of Jekkyl Island and you all may learn a little about the bankers/ elitists and other elitists like Al Gore, George Soros, some are in wealthy make-up industry, movie industry, financial industry, politicians. There has been this magnitude of corruption that has been around for many milennia. Also if you want to learn more about the Rothschild Zionists, see

  • Bob Barton

    This is all about campaigning. Obama does not care about NASCAR or you and me. Obama is all about Obama. I heard someone on the news the other day talking about upcoming legislation that is coming. Dems know it won’t pass, but they are doing it anyway so they can blame the hateful Republicans for not passing it. Another campaign ploy. Looking more and more like Washington is full of cancer that needs to be removed!

    • Mark

      If you are like alot of people,including me,I prefer to use my own toilet when taking a s–t.That’s why the good ole boys from NASCAR don’t want to hear any other’s,especially from Obama!!!!!!!!

    • James

      Bob, the way it is now, Washington is NOT full of Cancer. Washington IS a Cancer, feeding upon the rest of the Nation. It must be EXCISED. It is clear for ALL to see, we have lost control of our own Government !

    • Patriot and an American

      It is more than campaigning. They have an agenda and they want to keep it in full force. Pray not only for our country but for our world.

  • Rick

    These are 1 of 5 drivers I hope will win the Sprint Cup this year and every year!!!

  • Dan

    The more folks refuse to meet with this Pres the better. Hang on for 14 months and make BIG changes!!!!


    • Dano in Texas

      I agree with you Dan!

      Another Dan

    • Alex

      It is a shame that the drivers that will show up don’t respect the fans that know this president loathes them and the sport. They shouldn’t allow themselves to be a prop for this shame on America President.

  • Carol

    He has time for Nascar drivers–Hello Obama we need you to be our commander in cheif,not our commander for social activities,WE have more important issues to be taken care of—you have a free day becouse you don’t have to Address Congress–everyone is upset becouse the Republicans had a debate and didn’t want to change it becouse He just Had to have HIS SPEECH on so call JOBS going over to China,but he can take off time to socialize—of course that is all HE knows how to do—I am glad someone can say NO to his BS

    • Patriot and an American

      I don’t want Obumma boy to be a commander of anything. He could possibly run a barn yard

  • Rick

    There’s much more to the story than searching for “illegal” wood and why all of a sudden just now? If there was a free press, they would be looking into it!!!

  • Baron Mortmain

    As with most things with this president,this is unprecendented.Obama has no respect from America,because he has earned none.

  • Don Sr.

    time to take yet ANOTHER look at the whole picture mr. bo. could it be that these people just dont have any interest in meeting or being around you? but of course not

  • Randy

    Even the Messiah should realize that no hard drinking, NASCAR watching, bikini clad mostly naked woman loving, patriotic AMERICAN is NOT going to show up at the White House to his beck and call..

    DONE IN ’12. OMG (Obama Must Go)

  • liberty59

    What a great opportunity for the 5 guys who declined the invitation to call up the press, and ask to meet them at the local hamburger joint. Where they can be seen munching on juicy burgers, devouring salty fries, and slurping extra large shakes. Let them show Obama just what the invitation really meant. Oh how that would make Michelle so angry too!!!

  • J. Barrett

    Great! It is a free country and attempts to make these NASCAR drivers appear unpatriotic
    is stupid. After all, this is the President of The United States that worsened the mess we were already in when Bush left office and who chose to party with noteables and Hollywood liberal freaks when he should have been in DC dealing with job creation. I hope we Americans have the courage to send him back to Chicago to organize housing thugs in 2012

  • Colleen

    Why would anyone with NASCAR want to meet with this jerk? He and his fellow dems have done nothing but belittle, laugh at and insult anyone who loves the sport or drives/works in it!
    I wouldn’t go even if he gave me $1 million for attending!!
    I do have pride.

    • A. Wyckoff

      Love your comment Colleen, totally agree !

    • Debi W

      The problem with the million is it’s not HIS money he’s spending! He’d just be raising the debt ceiling a bit more to get us to listen to him. Yet there would be so many people there with their hand out. Good for you!

    • Patriot and an American

      And … whatever ploy Obumma enjoys, is not for the people he has invited, but for the personal charge to his ego, uses them for his propaganda and manipulation of another vote could be in my pocket. Obumma is a user, a taker, not a giver. Being a taker brought him from a poor politician to being able to buy a $2 million home, and a wealth of around $6 million. What a way to become rich. Of course, he has to be a puppet to a lot of evilness, but once you associate with evil, you become evil. What more can I say!

  • Martin Fee

    If I had a choice of meeting Mr Obama or undergoing Root Canal there is no doubt root canal would win without a second thought.
    Why would anyone want to meet with him or more importantly risk losing your sponsors over a visit to a person who HATES not only what you do and how much you earn but despises the entire industry that supports the vehicle. From oil company’s to the evil gasoline they use.
    These are not dumb a&& college kids who want more stuff for free or extremely rich libtards who want exemptions from Mr Obamas tax hikes. These are hard working INDEPENDENT, freedom loving people, who according to Obama cling to their guns and bibles.
    I will bet you massive amounts of money they declining the invitation has pi&&ed Obama off to no end. His ego will not allow him to believe people could care less about him let alone meeting him.
    To him, HE is God, and should be worshiped as such

    • Patriot and an American

      Obummaboy sees himself in a different light. His ego, overrates himself, and is too stupid to find humility from within himself as God would want from any of us. The Mr. and Mrs. (note not Prez and First Lady) that are hanging around our White House are far from being dignified, honest, truthful, patriotic, Christian, law abiding. They are me/me/me people, takers, not givers!

  • Bob L.

    I wouldn’t go either if I were one of the drivers and I would tell it like it is: “I have more important things to do.”

  • Elizabeth


  • R Dodd

    All Nascar drivers have web sites and e-mail addresses. All Nascar fans should send an e-mail or letter to every Nascar Driver and ask them to turn down Obumer’s request and refuse to attend or just not show up. I for one will boycott all sponsors that have drivers that show up.

    R.D. in Georgia

  • Donald Mc Guigan

    These Five men have more Love for this Nation than all of congress. Thank all of you drivers and sponsors for standing up to the White House Thugs. No wonder every one Loves NASCAR. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • Greg Slemp

      Yeah, Don. I’ve never been a NASCAR fan, but I believe I will have to get in on that scene RIGHT AWAY while NASCAR STILL EXISTS!!

  • M. Franklin

    BRAVO to the Fabulous Five for NOT going to obama’s “temporary” housing complex. I’m only disappointed with the other six. So here’s what I’ll do. I’ll schedule and do a photo shoot for you six, NO CHARGE, if you’ll join the Fabulous Five and NOT go. Any takers???

  • Kenneth

    Kudos to these drivers!

  • Jerry

    Writer says, “After all this is the “POTUS”…” Well here’s one for you, after all last year’s season ended 10 months ago and we are just about to begin this years final leg, The Chase. Why is POTUS just now deciding to honor these guys? A little late for that except it is just another part of his re-election campaign. He is going after the NASCAR vote since, women, young voters, unions, and many other groups are leaving his camp in droves. Suppose next he will want to be a pace car driver at one of the races, maybe Homestead.

  • Johnny American

    Well the Obama is back into makeing more of his lies to the peoples he will do a lot of lies between now and next year to get the fools to vote for him again he is now saying he want the EPA too back down on their so call laws now he want to get the offshore drilling started up what a way to buy the votes so he can finishes killing us he half way there now just need a few more years do get its done

  • FireMall

    I have to wonder if Obama recalls Joe The Plumber?
    I’ll bet today’s lunch that Joe is a Nascar fan and just as 99% of Nascar folks, “We” were not & “Will” not be fooled like the Obama voters still are to this day.
    . However, “We” also must remember the day Obama uttered the phrase Reward “Our” friends & Punish “our” enemies. time will show what Obama thinks about getting Cold Shouldered
    Nascar needs all their Accounting ledgers in tip top order, as well as all the Drivers that turned Obama’s 9th grade BS invitation down need to watch their backs. Paybacks from a Socialist Dictator can be Hell. Nuff Said ??

    • Gary in Texas


    • Alex

      It is a shame that the drivers that will show up don’t respect the fans that know this president loathes them and the sport. They shouldn’t allow themselves to be a prop for this shame on America President.

    • The Thinker

      I think the NASCAR drivers and their fans could take care of any damage Obama and his cronies try to do to them or throw their way.
      Should it happen, we’ll know what it stemmed from, won’t we?

    • celticwaryor

      FireMall, I like your post, but I accidentally gave you a thumbs down, sorry!

  • http://comcast Bob

    God bless those men who refused to go to the WH.
    I just wish all of them had done the same.

    This Obama is taking this country down the toilet faster than “Exlax”!

  • Gary in Texas

    These drivers have pride in what they do, why would they want to dirty it with this jerk!!! Thank God they still have standards !! Gentlemen start your engines !!!

    • mike

      Respecting the office should not require one to lose sanity !

  • Keith Luxton

    Well done NASCAR drivers, nice to seem some people with the nerve to act on what they feel. The obomination and his demoncrat friends and like thinking judges are destroying our country. We need many to stand up against him now, not in 2012.

    • mike

      NOW is the time ! Why he is allowed to continue the ransacking of every tenet of this economy, by executive fiat, is truly unimagineble.

  • PatG

    I used to be a Hendricks Motor sport fan. It will be a cold day in Hell before I cheer for Johnson again.

  • R Dodd

    I have completed both required fields, print my response.

    R. Dodd in Georgia

  • Larry E

    Oh oh, these lads are in BIG trouble. Anyone want to bet that the IRS will be checking their tax returns extra closely, and if they so much as step on the sidewalk crack they’ll be jailed for something? The DoJ will be watching them like hawks too!

  • Eric Garner

    Maybe the drivers can convince Pres O. that he is out of touch with reality and should use this photo op as an opportunity to resign with acknowledgement that he is in over his head and never had the leadership skills and constructive vision the USA deserves. OK I can dream. We will be in much worse shape when the next president takes over in 16 months so the sooner he is out the better for business and the country.

  • http://patriotupdate abouthadenough

    Maybe their scheduling conflict is so they can go to s Rick Perry rally.

  • Donald Gaines

    The writer got it wrong it’s NOT the President of the United States it is in fact “The Alleged one” or “The Dictator of America” at best also is the Illegal that blindsided & faked out to many American’s. Arrest & Convict that dictator.

  • jeanie out of the bottle

    i’m surprized they didn’t all decline. even the recipient of the award. maybe they are afraid to insult a devout muslim such as our puppet we have installed in place of a real president. he is no longer a joke he is a very real threat to the america we believe in.he is trying to change our very way of life and change everything that makes america good. he would have us under sharia law and have his government enforce it. we would lose all our freedom. if this is not hia goal why does he not step down and admit defeat and let someone who actually cares about our country take over to bring the right kind of change ? is it because he is more afraid of his puppeteers or is he actually satan himself, as i have believed from the begining? why are so many people turning adeaf ear to what he is doing and refusing to see him as he really is? are we racists or are they?

    • Yoursantaclaus1

      Oh No! you don’t want Obombwho kicked out of office. Then we would have to deal with stupid Joe. I think that would be just as bad (if not worst) than the dictator.

  • Harold Qualkinbush

    I would think that the image of NASCAR would rise considerably because of the actions of these 5 patroits.

    • FireMall

      Maybe Nascar will see some allegiance.
      However, it will be interesting to witness what Might happen when Johnson, Bush & the others that went to the BS WH event are doing the Pre-race parade.
      I suspect there may be a few rednecks get escorted out for throwing beer at the Dishonored Drivers. At the least the Boo’s will be audible over the loud speakers.
      Actually , I hope that the fans let it be known without a doubt as to their negative OP about some drivers associating with a Traitor to /of what once was Called A Free Nation.

    • Edna


  • Emme

    I care because I’d like to have a choice about what Obozo does with my tax monies, but I could have told him NASCAR wouldn’t be impressed with him–these guys and millions of hard-working good ole boys of all walks of life and colors have this fraud’s number!

  • June

    Kudos to the five drivers who declined; the other six drivers should do the same-if only to “make a statement”!

  • http://none Spoony

    Well, don’t worry too much about it; a “Well regulated militia” is one that doesn’t move until they have covered every detail in planning.

    They must make sure that they have contacted every departement of the miltary, CIA,NSA, FBI,Secret Service,every dept. of the police, national guard, or any other protection service.

    We don’t want to fight or kill any of the above mentioned unless it’s absolutely necessary due to any unexpected scenario which might arise.

    The Second Amendment may be carried out if all else fails in negotiation for the resignation of those responsible for our crisis.

    It would be wise for any opposition to reconsider confrontation of a “Well regulated militia” because our armed society is in the millions; therefore we out number any resistance.

    The plan is to remove from office those offenders by their resignations to be handed to the officers of the militia in a peacefull manner.

    Those who do not will be removed in a harmless, peaceful manner from office and given every opportunity to leave in peace not to return to public office in government.

    Replacing servants of the people in government must be people of integrity, honesty, and a common sense attitude to carry on our freedom and American way of life!

    The battle then begins to remove the cess pool of those who contaminate our politicians by intimidation, bribery,threats on life, communists,unions,terrorists,people in suits running around with brief cases full of cash, and other outside enemies.

    It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication like our forefathers had just to maintain a secure nation.

    But if they can do it so can we! I hear a distant call! Are you ready?


    “You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is thePresident of the United States we’re talking about here.”

    Yeah, but it’s also THIS president we’re talking about.

    NASCAR is one of those uniquely American phenomenons and its fans and drivers are usually staunchly patriotic and all-American all the way.

    No wonder, then, that some of the drivers would not want to be associated with a poseur president who has repeatedly apologized to the world, and especially to muslims, for most of what America stands for.

    Good for them, for having more principles than their current president.

  • Wayne Poffenbarger

    Good for them! Obama would make them drive electric cars if he could. That would make for an exciting race! Obama is causing fuel to skyrocket and does not care about how it affects the country, or NASCAR.

  • Terri

    I have a new appreciation for Nascar! The President probably invited them so that he could belittle them with his cronies like he did to the Supreme Court Justices during another one of his boring state of the union addresses.

  • James Heard

    The details are in the devil?

    • celticwaryor

      LOL! I think the saying goes – “The devil is in the details.”

  • jaks36

    watch out for a saint valentines day masacre from this chicago style political bunch in the WH now.

    • C Kent

      Were they invited to the White House or the Out House? Or is there a difference anymore?

  • Joe G

    What I believe would be as impressive as the brilliant NASCAR drivers not wanting to be any where near a known felon,would be to send as many E-mails to as many people as we can to have everyone possible turn on the football game during his BS speech on creating jobs which he should have done 2 years ago or turn off your TV to let Obama know there are thousands of us who believe he should be Impeached Now.

  • Kathy C

    I haven’t been a NASCAR fan in the past. Not because I didn’t like it. Just because I never watched it. Until last week. I saw the opening ceremonies for a NASCAR race. WOW. Kids singing our National Anthem. People taking off their hats to say the Pledge of Allegiance… “one nation under God” and everything! and then somebody prayed…. in Jesus name! I was shocked. I don’t know a muffler bearing from a trailer hitch, OK – well that might be a little bit of an exageration, but I am a huge NASCAR fan now! I’ll learn. Race those cars for that touch down and two more points! Seriously, I have a new respect for these men, their families, and the crowds. I didn’t realize how much I longed for a good ol’ American pep rally, and a great display of competition, sportsmanship, and camraderie, until the tears were running. That was before the race even started! Thanks NASCAR – you have a new fan. My daughters are going to have to trade in their “my little ponies” for race cars.

  • Debi W

    Nice to know that while none of the drivers or NASCAR (that I’m aware of) ever are on the front line when it comes to politics… we still get to see their views once in a while.
    It put a really big smile on my face when I see that MY driver, Tony Stewart was one of the drivers that declined. I KNEW he was a true “good ole boy”.
    While some people that watch and love NASCAR try to fight the “REDNECK” image, I’m quite proud of it. To me, it’s not ‘trailer trash’.. “redneck” is nothing more than ‘God, family, country and NASCAR!’ We will do whatever it takes to protect it! Call me a Redneck… I am proud of that label!


    kuddos..these are real Americans, you can consort with the enemy, Ovomit is ruining our country and our wayof life, bankrupting everyone in the process(except the ones who put him where he is now)

  • http://Patriot ROBERT SWARTZ

    You see now everybody is seeing through this Man Obama the President. Kudos to the MAGNIFICANT 5 for not showing up for his hoopla. What courage they have. Now if the CONGRESSMEN had this COURAGE also to stop going to all his phoney Get together we could be on our way to CHANGE a BETTER AMERICA. OBAMA stop this crap and start meeting with CONGRESS to get AMERICA BACK.

    • The Thinker

      Just a little note to Bob’s comment. And, Obama, stop blaming the Republicans for everything you don’t agree with or anything which doesn’t go your way!!

  • Doc Freeman

    Ku Klux Klan (Part Six)
    All of this history shows that the Republican Party has always been the party of the four Fs: family, faith, freedom and fairness. As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and socialism. Democrats have been running black communities for the past forty to fifty years, and their socialist policies have turned those communities into
    Short Spelling Lesson
    The last four letters in American………..I Can
    The last four letters in Republican……..I Can
    The last four letters in Democrats……..Rats
    Thus Ends the lesson.
    Test to follow in November, 2012
    Remember, November is Rodent Extermination Month.

    • Doc Freeman

      Sorry wrong post here is the one I meant to post.
      For me personally you could not pay me to go the White House and meet him. I do not believe he has proven his eligibility to be president and I know he has no idea what he is doing. He has never run a business, made a payroll, or been in the military. He has no experience any of these areas plus none of his staff, advisors, or czars have much experience in any of these areas either. BHO, his staff, advisors, or his czars have not a clue that the federal government can not create jobs that do not cost the American Taxpayer; only the private sector can create jobs that do not cost tax payers money.

    • LJ

      Why do you use Ku Klux Klan as your moniker???? I would have agreed with what you said, but I will never give support to a hate group. I am a proud Southerner but the Ku Klux Klan has never represented me or what I believe in. Shame on you!

    • FireMall

      I believe History will prove that the KKK was comprised of Socialist Democrats.
      I assume this would be what Doc Freeman is implying.
      Some might be insulted & start the race baiting, I however somewhat see waht DOC is referring to. I.E. Those who Love Obama , who also have no knowledge of Historical Facts. Thus they vote for their own downfall. Just as the Progressives have long ago, planned & are now executing the final phases of said New World agenda.

    • Rose DeRenzo

      Well said!!!! It is amazing when people know history, how clear things are to them.

    • mike

      Do you know the history of the clan ? Do you know why, when and who started the clan ? Maybe then you would realise why it is not representative of your beliefs !

    • celticwaryor

      That isn’t his monicker. Klu Klux Klan (part six) was the title of his post. Please do not read into what others post as you jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

  • Nancy

    Obummer’s just using them as “useful idiots” to help him get re-elected. Kudos to them for not allowing him to use them!!!!

    • mike

      He either wants to give them his autographed picture OR he wants their autograph and realises that he would be better served at the WH than at the track !

  • http://cox Charles

    look out 2012 here we come.

  • jerry

    OMG! Obummer Must Go!

    And the sooner the better! Let’s get this unqualified, illeagal, scumbag out ASAP!

    Why wait unti 2012?

  • Deborah

    I appreciate that scheduling conflict is being put forth as the reason, since the office of President deserves respect. For that reason as well I wish the verbiage in the comments showed more class than our current president, who dishes out comments unworthy of that office. That said, Obama as an individual has not earned our respect no matter where we are on the political spectrum. As a fiscal conservative, don’t get me started!

    • Popeye

      Hogwash, Deborah. Never be afraid to call a spade a spade – no matter WHAT office he holds! Would you be quite so sensitive if you watched an unwashed pig turned loose in the oval office! That is precisely what has happened! The office is the same but now it’s dirty, it stinks and it needs a radical “field day” to return it to respectability!

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      Your ssoooo right Popeye, this man Ovamit tore everyone’s respect for the Oval Office down so he deserves anything we say or do about it. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see him unless I knew I wouldn’t miss with some rotten eggs. This ZEBRA needs to be put out of office and the sooner the better..

  • sonnieC

    Why should these drivers change their schedule for Obama? These drivers have there schedules already made up and this so called president Obama knows it. Plus they have a race to compete in to cover their expenses.

  • tomlopes

    Say hello to a new NASCAR fan! Is there a usurper snub medal that we can pin on these drivers??



    • AstroTurf

      Bill, you’d think Blacks would Love Nascar, Driving to fast, Banging up all four fenders, whipping off a set of tires and wheels in 10 seconds, it’s a dream come true!

    • Brad

      Imagine…a Very talented, god fearin’, gun totin, race car drivin’, well spoken, affable black guy. As a white guy with all of the above traits, I would welcome it. But yeah, for the most part you’re right!

  • T.C. Burns

    Considering that “The Chosen One” has alreay nationalized the healthcare, automobile, energy and banking industries, why shouldn’t he try to nationalize NASCAR. THen he will issue another executive order that all Sprint Cup cars be powered by electricity. Just think that that would do to the sale of extension cords from China. If this sounds stupid, you are getting very close to the intelligence quotient of Osama Bin Obummer and his “Storm Troopers”!

    Indeed, I salute te NASCAR drives that declined the offer for an in-depth exposure to socialism and the radical left wing liberals that are destroying America

  • Carl Beu

    Praise God for these soon to be ‘infamous’ patriots. Remember that God’s Will will be done. Each and every true American needs to stand up … get on their collective knees and seek His forgiveness for having allowed this country to deteriorate to this point. As Reagan often quoted: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14). AMEN

  • No we can’t

    Why didn’t those that couldn’t make it tell it like it is. Instead of making lame excuses.

    • The Thinker

      How does No We Can’t know those who can’t make the visit to the White House made lame excuses. I actually don’t think they owe anyone an explanation, but if they wish to make an excuse, lame or not, so be it. It is their right!

    • mike

      Perhaps they will, in time !

    • Jerry

      Right, they should just tell the truth like our President does.

  • PJMcK1954

    I’m not interested in sports, but when five NASCAR celebrities decline a White House invitation from President Ovomit, it’s time for me to become a NASCAR fan.
    At the age of 57, it’s not too late to start…

  • Jerry

    After all, Some us have to work. We can’t just drop everything to accomodate this mans re-elections photo-ops.

  • http://none fred

    I would like to see those that do attend the meeting request an opening prayer and a pledge of allegiance to the flag. Not much of a request for a true American.

  • Sam

    Good for them the only ones that will good is the two suck asses Jimmy Johnson and Kevin Harvick. The two dirty drivers in NASCAR and cheaters. As for them all to go to the White house to see that person that can not open his mouth with out a lie.He belongs back in Kenya where he was born and it is on Vidio of him saying that.

    • AstroTurf

      Kevin Harvick is on the NO SHOW list Sam!

    • Patriot and an American

      The NASCAR attendng perhaps got a payoff to show up. It sure would have been a disgrace to Obama if they had all declined to attend.

  • AstroTurf

    The other 5 or 6 should Pi$$ in the Punch!$H*T in the Chili, and Pi$$ on his pant leg!

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      I go along with most of you that posted the hate for the scum we call our president. My hats off to the 5 drivers that backed out of going. Now to all those reading this why don’t you go to FOX.COM/SPORTS and then go to NASCAR and voice your opinion about the 7 that are going. It’s not disrespectful not to except, this is America and we still (for now) have our rights to go or not to go. I think the sponsors of the cars that those 7 drive be protested against for alloying their drivers to go…. I too had a lot of respect for Gordon and Jimmy but that just changed.

  • Barbra

    Let’s all show this man we sooo do not like what he has done and the way he did it… Good to see some backbone…Let us all show this when we vote him out of our whitehouse. Ours not his…

    • mike

      Well said Barb, he has allowed this farce to take place ! He bought this office and complains about his predecessor DAILY. I’m tired of his whining and rhetorical lies as are 90% of all American Taxpaying Patriots. His time ran out when he and his shoved the distasteful Healthcare Tomes ( 3000 pages + ) down AMERICAS MAILBOX ! ENOUGH ALREADY !

  • Billy

    I am embarassed to say that 7 other NASCAR drivers including Jeff Gordon accepted Obummers invitation. Jeff Gordon was my hero, but not anymore. My new Heros are the five that refused to be used by Odummer and his cronies.

    • mike

      Don’t be so hard on the boys ! They may have had a really strict parent who was devoted to governmental servitude ! I feel your pain guys !

  • AstroTurf

    They can’t all be no shows, The Red House is paying Nascar to test the use of E-85 Ethanol in their Race Cars, so they can F-up our cars with it!

  • Al King

    Let’s give the guys from Nascar a great big hand. Way to go to the Patriots of Nascar.

  • Sam

    I think they should put him in Kyle Bushes car and Kyle give him a good ride and when he gets out of the car he will be all White as he will have the s— scared out of him.Then for some reason when he walks across the track to go to the stands he walks in front of a car racing around the track and he gets hit at 160 miles per hour. We won’t have to worry about him pulling all the Bull S— he is pulling on us Americans.All my people were born here in American way back when John R. White came over with Columbus and landed in Plymouth Rock Massachusetts.

  • Corrine

    Just another “journalist” leftist telling us how we should behave since in their world we have no choices….they know best!
    How dare him use the term patriotic to coerce these true patriots into bowing to such an unpatriotic prez…
    I emailed this “jouranalist” directly too..

    • JEC

      Corrine, You obviously read the full article also. I drew the same conclusion, that the authpr was lambasting the 5 that won’t be showing up. It appears there were some lines of the SB Nation article that was left out of what was posted on Patriot Update. Now don’t get me wrong, I know what Patriot Update was doing when it reported this story. Rather than lambasting the 5, they were praising them.

  • Frank A. McCafferty

    I wouldn’t go to the WH if I were invited to! In my life it’s not important. He simply is attempting to garner votes from the “good ole boys”

  • SW Graham

    On one hand it sounds reasonable to suggest that whoever you are, when you are invited to the WH, you show up. HOWEVER, NASCAR fans are arguably NOT big Obama supporters nor are they supporters of Liberal ideology. These guys know who their fans are and do not want to disappoint or alienate them! This is all just a photo op for Obama.

  • Arrest obama NOW!

    To Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart, two of which are some of my favorite drivers, I salute you! God Bless you and your families and God Bless this nation again PLEASE. I can only hope that the drivers that are going have a surprise for this idiot and give him pure HELL and barage him with tons of questions that the main stream liberal media refuses to to ask. I pray that the village idiot gets so mad he ends the event or just gets up and walks out! This will show that Bastard just what being a true American is all about and what it means to have true pride in self, not like its bloated over rated ego of this tyrant in the making. On the other hand we can only hope that God will show the village idiot who he really is one day while it is on another one of it’s golf days and let lightening be the force of his might as he swings the club!

  • Tom Puzzo

    Good on them. This is a way to entice the NASCAR community to vote for Obama.

  • Sam

    Some people will say these 5 drivers are being disrespectful of the president. Well, this president is being very disrespectful to the people to the U.S. of A. and the constitution of this nation. I am surprised the other 6 are going, unless they are democrats who can’t think for themselves. Of course they might have sponsers who have given to Obama and the drivers are forced to go.

    • AstroTurf

      For O’SCAMO, President is only “A FIGURE OF SPEECH”

    • Popeye

      Yes, and an entirely inappropriate figure of speech at that!

    • JEC

      Sam, did you read the entire article from SB Nation. That’s exactly what the author of the story was doing. Trying to make the 5 no-shows look unpatriotic.

    • mike

      Aha, as I stated before, ” Do not be so hard on the boys, there may be good reason in their decisions “!

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      Mike there is NO good reason to go, this ILLEGAL scum in office disrespected America, our Constitution, our Amendments, and has lied so many times to count. We all should show the same towards him with all the disrespect we can..

  • Diane

    In my opinion, they are five very smart, principled men. I wouldn’t go to any function the Pres would invite me to.

  • sherman carroll

    I’m surprised that any of them would go, I wouldn’t.

    • Robert from Texas

      Hell; I wouldn’t either!!!!!!!!

  • Don

    I’ve never been a fan of racing but this gives me a reason to start. Hats off to the five that have a brain. Boos to those that decide to attend.

    • Marcolarco

      I love to hear of such character!
      The same goes for 99% of the guys on the PGA Golf Tour…I dare say that they’d turn Zero down too!
      I know I would…but then again, maybe it would be an opportunity to tell him what I think of him to his face!

  • Elvis in Argentina

    I can understand it, why wouldn’t solid American NASCAR drives not wanting to meet with a Maxist, commie, socialist, Kenyan, ATF/Holder Drug ring employer, war monger, and a butt buddie, not to mention an illegal invader until he produces a valid bith cert. and SS #. Can some one expain to me why these guys don’t want to meet the man in the white house, such a great mystery???????

    • Patriot and an American

      There are many among the masses that do not have any backbone. They think of themselves in the moment and it is another ego trip of me/me/me.

    • Deb

      BloBama spoke at the college graduating class one year before my daughter graduated college. I told her that we were fortunate because if it had been HER class, I would have had to decline attending her graduation. She didn’t understand that. So, then I told her that the only way I would change my mind is if I were allowed to bring a bagful of rotten tomatos and would be guaranteed a front-row seat. >:)

    • Marvin Douglas U.S. Army Ritered

      Thank you Deb

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      Good one Deb, I would have wanted to sit right beside you with a bag of rotten eggs..

    • Deb

      PS: The last paragraph:

      You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here.

      Uhhhhh … we have NO President of the United States!!!!!!!!

    • mike

      From everything I read and hear you are correct ! This WINDBAG was never vetted, has never satisfied those who oppose his installment and is truly acting as though he were an enemy of the Constitution and its granting of individual LIBERTY to ” WE THE PEOPLE ” !

    • http://none Corrina

      Deb, you took the words out of my mouth. I’ve been saying that ever since he got elected.

    • Mountain Man

      Too true, we just have a Muslim Mole occupying the (formerly) respectable white house, the illigimate son of Franklin Davis, the commie

    • Rodeo

      Couldn’t have said it better Elvis. nice comment!

    • Ed M.

      hahahahaha, good one!

    • Vincent

      I could not have said it any better, so I won’t. Way to go Elvis.

    • Robert from Texas

      LOL!!!!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Animalaura

    I would NOT walk across the street to watch the Marxist POTUS fraud talk to his dog if I were given a gold plated invitation!! Obviously, the NASCAR drivers have more important things to do than listen to this Obamagaddon yammer about “his” importance!
    Snubbing B. Hussein Obama is perfect!

  • John

    Thay dare disrispect King Obama, off with their heads!

    • Ed M.

      funny but true, he would probably like to do that to people! Damn Commie!!!

  • Colo43

    All of the invited Drivers should of hung together and said they were busy.
    Who in their right mind would want to share the spot lite with an illegal!

    • handsome Ralph in Wisc.

      Right on Colo43!! I am so ashamed of the SuperBowl Champion Green Bay Packers (my favorite team for over 59 years) for them cowtailing to that PHONEY, BLACK MUSLIM, COMMIE, MARXIST, ILLEGAL ALIEN, IMPOSTER in the White House. So pissed at them for doing this that I sold my season tickets that I had sinc 1957. The lucky one in this case is Desmond Bishop who was denied entry to the WH because he didn’t have his ID with him.
      Mark Murphy, Ted Thompsom and Mike Macarthy ought to be tarred and feathered!!

  • Ballistic45

    Not everyone is in love with Obama or his polocies.. Imagine that.. Some people actually have Character and a love of Country, to stand beside one who does not would be more than one could endure..

  • W Freesmeyer

    Good decision! Certainly not an honor with this muslim misfit.

  • AstroTurf

    Maybe they’ll plug up all the Johns while there!

  • AstroTurf

    As a token of their appreciation they could Give B O an Acoustic Gibson Guitar filled with a nice $tinky Tootsie Roll with Corn in it!

  • Paqncho

    There will be an important announcement at the WH meeting with the drivers. Some of the info is that only Government appointed drivers will be able to drive after 12/31/2011. And only cars from companies that took the Bailout money can enter in the races – Goodbye Ford

    Race in Mexico – the roads are more challanging
    VIVA Mexico

    • sid

      Not only is the track more challenging, it’s also a shooting range…

    • Patriot Fire Fighter

      “HEY Paqncho” “Eat the Stuffing from My ASS Burito” – – -and go “BACK TO MEDICO”! You ASS WIPE!! ‘GOD BLESS AM-ER-I-CA’!! ASS HOLE!

    • Ed M.

      Gotta Love the True AMERICAN COMMENTS!!! :^)

    • John

      It would have been much better if all 12 of them told him, NO

    • johnny

      Viva Mexico my Ass. Go back to Mexico. Better yet, stay where you ARE. We will find you and deport you so you can VIVA mexico south of tne Red River.


    • Popeye

      Screw Mexico!

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      And all the wet-backs that came in this country ILLEGALLY. Do it right and stand up for America or get the hell out, or better yet stand where I can see you holding a mexican flag and I have my sights on you. I’m talking about the sight on my hunting rifle…

    • Brad

      LOL even mexicans see what’s up. Sarcasm rocks.


    I wouldn’t go across the street to meet O’Bama! He will obviolusly turn it into a photo op suggesting that Nascar drivers support him to get the Nascar vote. Thank heavens these drivers were too smart to fall for it!

  • Paqncho

    There will be a big announcement at the WH meeting. Next year the only drivers allowed to race will be Goverment Drivers who must use a car manfactured in China or one that has taken a bailout in the USA _ Goodbye Ford

    Race in Mexico
    The roads are more challanging
    Viva Mexico

    • Ed M.

      @ Paqncho, you are a turd waiting to be flushed!!!

  • Capt. Wayne

    Considering the opinion that this administration has for us who enjoy NASCAR, you know, Bible toting,flag waving, gun carrying, guitar playing Rednecks, we all know this is only a feeble attempt to suck up by honoring drivers. Obama thinks we are so stupid that an award ceremony will make us like him and forget what he is doing to our country. I don’t think any worse of the guys showing up for this. They have earned some recognition, wherever they get it from. I don’t think it is going to affect how I feel about them. The ones declining didn’t have anything to gain by going except maybe a free beer. Johnson will probably display his award proudly in the outhouse. The other guys going probably think it will be good for a laugh.

    • Archie

      Thanks for stating this so well….saves me the trouble to write a reply while being polite. What a wonderful day, if only they all declined.


      Yeah,Cap.Like the big buses he is riding around on our dime.He thinks if he is seen riding around on a bus,country folk are stupid enough to think he’s some kind of rock star or country legend.What a condescending butt-wipe.AND the kicker is he is having the buses flown around on big fuel sucking cargo planes,along with vehicles for security and his entourage. He pops in on airfoarce #1. He is out campaigning on our dime and acting like he is out mingling with ”common folk” like i said, what an ass-wipe

    • OleDad

      Problem is…he didn’t ride more than a few miles on those $2.2 million dollars worth of buses. They were flown (along with Obama) from town to town. THEN he rode the few miles into town on the buses. Photo op. “One of the people.” Think of the expense of transporting two armored, bullet-proof glassed, oxygen-equipped Canadian buses + Air force One, just so we can fake a “bus tour.” No one could make this stuff up!

    • OleDad

      Sorry…you said that in the last half of your message… didn’t read far enough!

    • Swift Driver

      It would be so neat if all NASCAR drivers united and just simply say NO, thanks! ]
      That goes for truck drivers also. We need to unite and just simply say NO, thanks!

    • Brad

      If we’re lucky, the ones that do show up will take the opportunity of the photo op to show us real Americans what’s up with maybe a sneaky ‘devil fingers’ behind his head, or a ‘you’ve gotta be kidding me’ face for the photo.


    He’ll be sorry if he messes with NASCA

  • Don Blake

    Why would the President want to invite these disrespectful goobers to the White House anyway? They want him and the country to fail. Typical Teabaggers.

  • Bendel Mohad

    Yes he is the greatest president of United States because he is for my country and doing all possible to strenghten Muslim in US of A! Nascar drivers decline invite because they are too American and not liberal enough to be diverse. They want old way of free America but with Obama that will come a change!

  • Popeye

    “. . .five drivers – Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – will not be attending the White House visit due to “schedule conflicts.”

    Thanks, guys. No matter what your reasons are, I love the public face-slap you just gave the “Marxist-in-Chief. It is my personal hope that you fully intended this as a public rebuke to the pig in the White House!

    “You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is thePresident of the United States we’re talking about here.”

    PPHHHHTTTT! I DON’T THINK SO! That pig is a foreign agent who embodies everything possible that is the direct opposite of what most American citizens consider to be of vital national importance, indeed, the very fabric of what it means to be an American citizen!

    We need to find ways to express our appreciation for these five drivers.

  • Emily

    I agree

  • Colt Lane

    Resign or be arrested monkey public enemy #1

    • OleDad

      “monkey” not needed — but he is public enemy #1, or at least the FACE of public enemy #1. George Soros is funding the devastation!

    • Not a Kool-Aid drinker

      Yes agreed. No need for monkey comment….they are far too cute to be compared to this guy.

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      It’s NOT monkey, IT’S ZEBRA!

    • http://patriot Tired in Texas

      Yes, that is true, you would think that someone in the White House would Freeze soros’s and buffet’s assets,just until 2020. That should do it by then they would be pretty old. After all soro’s has to pay for sex that might be rough on the old guy?

    • Ed M.

      I would LOVE to see him Arrested for Fraud!!!

  • Kevin

    There is going to have to be Full Scale Call to Arms, These corrupt clowns love their MONEY and High Profile Jobs way too much to leave quietly. In order for there to be REAL CHANGE blood will have to be spilled.

    • Vicki

      No need to spill blood. Just cut off their funding. Which they are kinda starting by making it so hard to get jobs.

    • donnarooty

      Nice idea, but they just turn on the printing presses. I had thought this would work too. The States need to stop sending the Feds the money, then getting back their drips and dribbles. That’s what will hit them in the pocketbook.

  • Eva Lindsay

    We have forced God out, now even the name of Jesus is being band. I pray that the people will wake up before it is to late.
    What is wrong is now right. Vote them all out..2012 here we come.

  • Marlene

    Obama probably plans to tell the drivers that their gas-guzzling race cars are being outlawed and they have to be replaced with “green” cars. I wouldn’t tangle with these these guys and a gal, if I were Odumbo.

  • jerry

    All NASCAR internal combustion engines will be outlawed and only battery powered vehicles allowed.

    I note, that now laws are written by criminals for criminals I am with the other poster bloody force will be necessary to save America. See this video:

  • patrick

    did you ever see the monkey that smells his butt ande then falls backward out of the tree.guess who that reminds me of.

  • american


    • Ed M.

      I think something is wrong with your keyboard. .. LOL!!

  • http://PatriotUpdate rocksolid

    I am nobody. If Obama invited me to the White House,
    I wouldn’t go. He may be the president, but he shouldn’t
    be and he hasn’t been very much of one. Right now, I
    wouldn’t walk across the street to see him,

    • sid

      with that said, you are someone!!!

    • Observer

      I wouldn’t either!

    • Tea Leaf

      What about urine in case of fire?

  • http://FaceBook Patricia Ivory

    From lightbulbs, to musical instruments, and now to what can be driven in a NASCAR event. The American people had better stand up and be counted now, before we lose what’s left of our dignity, our pride in being American, and the credit for what we have already done, and can still accomplish in the future. Get out your Bibles, pull up your boots,cinch up your saddles, gas up your cars, and rev up your engines, we are all facing the ride of our lives!

  • Dyan

    Another ploy to get into the public eye. Nascar folks take care of their own, no special handouts for these hard working people.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if they drivers all lined up and mooned NoBama!

  • Kevin

    That is the biggest problem in America, we’ve turned our backs on God. But as far as funding goes, the greed runs too deep, We The People need to force them out. As far as muslims and all theit BS protesting around the US, I know there are a lot of muslim friendly countries around the world, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • AstroTurf

      Thats exactly right Kevin! SO, all you Liberals out there should know it’s O’SCAMO poking you in the backside!Liberals think that pain in their Rectum is normal!

  • TDSinAZ

    Refusing his invitation is not an insult to the Office of President of the USA, since the man holding that office holds it illegally and should be removed from office, tried as a traitor and since we are officially “at war” be shot when convicted.

  • drewynp

    IN 2012, VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!

    • http://none Corrina

      I doubt that there will be an election,Obummer is already trying to be a dictator. He by passes Congress & does whatever he pleases, & so far has gotten away with it. No one will stand up to this Creep.

  • Kevin

    I pray we are able to vote them out, the problem is the voting machines are all rigged. Our prisedents are not voted in, their placed in office…

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    He is the President of The United States, not God Allmighty. Just because he speaks doesn’t mean we must jump. I would experience a great deal of personal conflict meeting with a man whose policies I despised so much and are doing such great harm to the nation. Why would anyone want to be part of a photo-op for a President that thinks NASCAR drivers and fans are a bunch of Bible clinging, gun toting, tobacco chewing rednecsks who think the South will rise again.

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      He thinks that Nascar has clout with the KKK and may save his neck from a lynch mob party sponsored by a few redneck moonshiners

    • http://! Jobabba

      Oh, that post was so eloquent and well stated! Thank You.

  • SHERMAN (like the tank)


    • http://patriot Tired in Texas

      Sherman(like the tank) COOL BEANS, & I ENCOURAGE MANY OTHERS TO HELP OUT THOSE WHO BEING FORCED WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN’T SELL!! OBAMA HAS NO ROOM TO TALK, he buys a bus from Canada(Ilike Canada) & Allows China and other countries to buy bits & peices of America? People in GLASS HOUSES, SHOULD NOT CAST STONES!!!

    • Tea Leaf

      All patriotic Americans must put the money where their mouth is. Obama, thanks to liberal traitors, will make him America’s first billion dollar candidate. If we do not spend enough to level the playing field, America will lose again! American freedom is not slipping away it is sprinting! If freedom is not restored soon, it will be a distant memory of those still living in Obama’s cursed world. Well, that’s my opinion.

    • Robert from Texas

      Buddy!!! U R Dead on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Alice Dacus

    Obonehead is Just now Honoring the 2010 NASCAR Champion & Chase Winners…that’s pathetic!!! The 2011 season is almost over & he finally invites them to the White House!!!! He is such a disastrous JOKE OF A PRESIDENT!!!! Hats off to the 5 drives that declined 0bonehead’s invitation!!!!
    I LOVE NASCAR & Jeff Gordon is my driver but I have to say I am disappointed that he wasn’t one of the five that declined. I can only hope that he will just be a “NO SHOW”!!!

  • varrell forgey

    Thank God for all of the people who are
    thinking and saying that we need to throw
    all of the bums out of Washington!
    They are all crooks and obama is insane!

  • http:Google C.B.

    Well I’m disappointed at the rest of the Nascar drivers who would even have entertained the idea of attending Mr.Obamacrit’s ceremony. What a crock! We all know his main sports interests are Golf and Basketball. He’s just trying to come off as one of the boys since election time is near. Frankly I’d tell Mr. Odious where he could stick his little party. After all we all know by now what he thinks of grass roots America. Of course Nascar has changed of late and isn’t anything like it once was when drivers such as Dale Earnhart Sr. and the Labontes were the rage. I don’t think I’ll be to inclined to be watching it like I once was. But hats off to the five drivers who declined the invitation. Always liked Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards. I have a feeling even the queen would love to decline an invitation or two from the Obamas if she could get away with it.

  • cali

    My families honor will not be taken down without a fight…I am a proud, direct decedent of Sargent York…my family is full of proud servicemen and patriots including my father, who was a fighter pilot, test pilot and senior research engineer for NASA. These clowns need to be defeated…not gotten along with, not compromised with, not even engaged with in conversation…DEFEATED!

    • Robert from Texas

      Bless your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Popeye

      cali, hats off to your entire clan!!

  • Christine

    NASCAR patriot five, you have my respect, my admiration and cheers . Thank you for standing up and doing what the rest of us can only dream about ; spitting right on that traitor /usurper’s pandering vote ploy. Vote him out or chase him out, I don’t care which, but make it fast, while we’ve still got a country!

  • Christine

    NASCAR patriot five, you have my respect, my admiration and cheers . Thank you for standing up and doing what the rest of us can only dream about ; spitting right on that traitor /usurper’s pandering vote ploy. Vote him out or chase him out, I don’t care which, but make it fast, while we’ve still got a country!

    • Always-Sideways

      They do have conflicting arrangements: Carl Ewdards is flipping backwards at a ‘quacky duck’ convention; Tony Stewart has to count ticket sales at his race track; Kurt Bush just doesn’t want to go; Kevin Harvick is having a bbq; Greg Biffle has to go shopping. In my mind, all are great reasons to not waste time and resources on the biggest piece of gargage to ever “smell-up” the White house. Thank you gentlemen, I respect your judgement.

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      What industrial stength cleaner uper is going to ntake the Obama FUNK out of the whitehouse?

  • MrInterpid

    Do the arrogance and gall of oblama have no end. Mr eco-terrorist marxist nazi himself trying to use his enemies as reelection pawns. Ovomit might get a little more sympathy if he would just pull than long curved knife out of everyones back. I’m suprised that anyone associated with NASCAR would walk across the street to spit on obammer.


    Thanks for crossing the finish line in first place and earning the checkered flag, patriot’s know Obama is a one man crash into the wall where Freedom & Liberty is concerned, however we in the Tea Party Movement of America know the patriots, the front liners of the defense of our nation and what it really stands for and what reality means to the rest of Freedom loving people world wide, Liberty.

    Thanks guy’s, all the best.
    PS:a, 2001 Never Forget!!!
    PS:b, 2012 Never Forget to Remember!!!

  • cali

    Yes Uzit, this has been a long time in the making… the lion that would eat our nation is out in the open, and thinks he can attack without any real resistance…we must all recognize him for what he is, and take advantage of the fact that he has made himself a open target (just in a manner of speaking) You must first recognize your enemy, before you can defeat him.

  • http:Google C.B.

    Right on,,,Rocksolid,,I wouldn’t either. In fact if it came down to being forced to be around this hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’d be more inclined to barf right on the spot. I find him loathsome and would probably feel like taking umpteen baths afterwards to get rid of the feeling of having been slankkkkkkkkkkkkked by a snankkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  • Samuel Ajamian

    Three things should be driven about this President’s loyalty at all times
    * He opposes Boeing’s opening a plant in Connecticut when there are no layoffs and backlogs in the plant in Washington state and encorages GM to open a plants in Mexico.
    *He punishes his opponents like the Republicans,The tea party,American businesses yet few days later after his statements sends happy birthday message to the worlds most terrorist Iran’s prime minister Akmadajad.
    *He is in it to take away from people who produce and give it to the ones that live off the producers.

  • R.M. Hicks

    There are still some true Americans that stand for Anerice not the Jap loving Toyota deivers an owners who srarted the War in the Pacific ,murdered Phillip.,Americans,British people true Americans will riseagain.

  • Chuck

    Being an AMERICAN and not a U.S. “SHEEPLE”, it is hard to understand why they want to turn AMERICA into a third world country. Any change should be pre 1913. The birth of the Federal Reserve gave control of our economy to a foreign ENTITY who went in BUSINESS with our Federal Government with the express purpose of RAPING ” WE THE PEOPLE “. In 98 years, they have done a HELL of a JOB. Its time to get rid of the FEDERAL RESERVE and CLEAN HOUSE in Washington. RON PAUL, 2912.

  • James Loney

    Hats Off to these 5 drivers. Its a shame they all didn’t decline. I can tell you this I wouldn’t give this Commie in the White House the time of day.

    • Ed M.

      Amen to that!!

  • Rudben

    They should meet at the track and give him a nice ride around at 200 mph at the end of a rope for say 200 miles i would be first in line to buy that ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Itallmatters

    Not a NASCAR follower but I sure am lovin the cajonies of these guys. I would vote for them if they change careers!!!

  • Eddie S

    I’ll help BO, who also named his dog after himself, (BO) on how to get this country turned around, increasing jobs, improving the econony and again getting respect around the world, by him and Biden just reciting two words, WE QUIT.

  • brian hale

    Well it’s so nice to see that we have some real Americans in nascar, too bad we don’t have that many on capitol hill….

  • Warren

    NASCAR fans are hardworking middle class Americans and not Obama’s Ivy League or entitlement recepiants . NASCAR fans work for a living !

    Go Tony !

    • American With A Birth Certificate….

      Nascar drivers and fans shoot strait and tell it like it is..obama lies whenever his lips are moving. Transparency,c-span,shovel ready jobs,no backroom deals,posting bills on the internet and even his birth certificate and social security numbers and his college records are sealed as well. Is obama really a person or a space alien fooling us all. obama has to go.. maybe a good nascar driver can run over his agenda and his lies and spill the truth to the democrat voters. the rest of us get it and know all about obama.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      What Should happen is a Boycott of ALL the Sponsors of the 6 drivers who do plan on attending!! The Fraud residing at 1600 PA Ave. Needs to start getting his comeuppance the sooner the better.

    • Brad

      Well said.

    • bilbo baggins

      Oh Really? One NASCAR driver gets 20 million dollars from the government,,,,read taxpayers…for his Nascar team as a sponsorship for having the National Guard logo on his race car. One million of that money goes into his pocket directly as a salary. What a rip-off of U.S taxpayers !!!
      One Congresswoman tried to introduce an amendment to recent legislation to end this rip-off and House members angrily shouted her down. I don’t know of any other person or sports figure who gets paid a million dollar salary. Don’t give me that cr*p about hard-working NASCAR drivers while this is going on. End this awful multimillion dollar rip-off now !

    • bilbo baggins

      OOPs I meant to say ,,,,,,”>>>>I don’t know of any other sports figure who gets a million dollar salary paid by u.s taxpayers……”

    • MrBill

      National Guard advertising on a NASCAR? Gee, sounds like the government finally got some bang for our bucks, bimbo……..

    • Gerd

      I think the original comment that got your panties all in a wad was about NASCAR fans, not drivers. Fans in case you went to government schools, are the ones paying to be in sthe stands. Drivers are the paid folks putting on the show. If the government is dumb enough to pay for a car, shame on it. They were also dumb enough to pa millions for Super Bowl ads about the census that was coming in the mail and three other mailings telling us about the census. I think the point is, the NASCAR fan is infinitely brighter than the average government bureaucrat and paid much less.

    • Gerd

      Now bilbobaggins comment is hidden, you have to key on it to read it.

    • Don in Kansas

      Maybe we should go back to the DRAFT and put you first on the list bilboy.

    • ed crandall

      Everything obama-bin-lyin does is for a photo op for re-election. I’m dissappointed in those who accepted the invite.

    • lucitee

      He has an IVY LEAGUE? I had NO idea! What
      “elbows” he rubbed didn’t TAKE! He has NO class, NO common sense, NO direction and is only “common’ with no “sense”! THAT is what gives him “wedges”! He has lived off OTHER peoples money all his LIFE, never held a JOB, never paid his way for ANYTHING! NOW, through Politics and OUR money, he is a MILLIONAIRE and spending money like he EARNED it! Unvetted, unquestioned and UNKNOWN
      LEADER of the greatest country on EARTH? And you think he got THERE by his own POWER?
      NOT! He couldn’t drive a golf ball down-hill, off a steeply slanted tin roof barn!

    • Bella Reed

      Hats off to the five….brave men and showing class…I don’t follow Nascar, but will now hold these five young men in much higher regard because they had the courage to be individuals..GOOD JOB GUYS, you have my support going forward

    • Mandy

      Didn’t Johnson win that last NOVEMBER ??? What the heck took Ovomit so long ? Oh yes, I forgot he had to go on VACATIONS !!! None of the drivers should go. They’d be hailed as HEROS by us “commoners”, you know the tax-payers that fund all Ovomit’s trips, he can’t be gone soon enough.

  • http:Google C.B.

    Well when it comes to 2012 I hope Trump doesn’t decide to run as an Independent ; could help BO get reelected.

    • Brad

      and what exactly does this have to do with nascar drivers giving obummer the finger?

    • Jim King

      C.B. apparently doesn’t like NASCAR. …C.B., try to remember, for the most part, NASCAR is on our side. Don’t force us to conclude you’re some kind of Obama plant!

    • Charles Martel

      Maybe that’s the plan!!

  • meg goodwin

    Today I become a race car fan!! Hooray to these 5 men who have not been politically castrated. They still stick to their principles in spite of the fact that they will probably be hit with an IRS audit after this refusal. There is power in numbers….too bad all of the NASCAR drivers could not band together with these brave five souls!! Well, there are men and then there are boys!

  • LANI

    I am disappointed in Jimmie Johnson for agreeing to go. He is from the area I live and it really does shock me that he would. Obummer is not the President….. Hes a dictator

    • Brian M

      He’s from California…What do you expect! Most Californian’s would. I’m from Cali, but hell with that. I wouldn’t go. I would probably get myself stuck in federal prison!

    • Red-Neck American

      Obama is not a “dictator”. He is a “dick imitator”.

    • loretta

      i call him limp-dic, short for dictator

    • DC/Tex

      “O”ne “B”ig “A”ss “M”istake “A”america

    • MrBill

      No imitaion from Obammy, Red…..he’s doing a fine job of looking like a dick…..

    • lucitee

      Yep, You are RIGHT! Since he has given our Country and us a ROYAL SCR—– do you think the Government would furnish BC PILLS?

  • skip gainer

    Hey obama how does it feel to be subbed. I am not a NASCAR spectator, but I salute NASCAR on this and may even watch a race or two.

    • SammysMama

      I don’t think Obama has the sense to know when he has been snubbed. Would have been much better if ALL of the drivers had scheduling conflicts. It’s not new, however. After all, Will and Kate didn’t invite him to their wedding!!!!

  • David B.

    The ultimate insult To Obama and guys I’m proud of you giving Obama the in your face rejection.But you didn’t have to be polite with the scheduling excuse. Just be right up in his face and say we don’t like you and what your doing then moon him!

  • Cathy

    Hats off to the five drivers who will not attend. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Obama. He is a traitor to this country.

    • Dwayne

      I would get off my couch to see “it” at my door

    • loretta

      i would happily walk on glass and through fire to see Bam-Bam. if i could take my 357

    • Paul

      Lorretta I disagree with you about going to see obama with your 357. What could be more damaging to his ego than to be landslide voted out of office?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Loretta… Me ,too.! He’s gotta go!! Happy Labor Day, Ann

    • http://yahoo NAM67

      I don’t think this is his country.I think the American people were dooped by the dummycrats to elect this fraud.

    • Pat

      People were “duped” because they listened to rhetoric instead of checking the candidate out.
      The fact that he twice voted against the born alive act was enough for me to know I didn’t want him. Then I came across an article that welcomed him to his first political party – “The New Socialist Party” which as since the mid 90’s become part of the democrat party.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Pat,,, I lost some “so called friends” over the last election. I won’t have that problem this time. They hide when they see me coming. LOL Happy Labor Day… Ann

    • lucitee

      He reminds me of a “Traveling Preacher” with a he-ll fire and brimstone message! My Daddy was a Minister with a big tent for Revivals in the Summer. He would HAVE to allow “guest’ preachers to talk at times! One such “guest preacher” always brought his “amen” crowd with him! He would foam at the mouth yelling like a banshee for two hours! He called the people in the congregation ” You sinners, vipers, hypocrits, not controlling your “children”, chewing your tobacco, letting your women wear short sleeve dresses, dipping snuff, you are ALL going to HE-LL! His cheering section would be rolling in the aisles, swooning and moaning in ecstacy, yelling “preach it, brother”! KNOWING he wasn’t talking to THEM! It was the OTHER sinners who needed SAVING! Daddy moved his tent one night to another town to
      keep from “allowing him” to preach! After Dad had hauled two truck loads of saw dust for the tent floor! My Daddy was a quiet and humble man who was soft-spoken. NEVER said a bad word about anyone! Going home that night my brother asked Daddy if we were running away! Daddy laughed out LOUD and said “Son, I guess we are’!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Cathy… Yes!! Hope more people catch on….Ann

    • http://PatarioticUpdate Jeanne Morton

      Ditto, Cathy !!!! I wish I had all their addresses. I would personally write them all a letter of accommodation! Good for them. I wish more people had the courage of their convictions. i.e. Congress! Hope they all know how proud we are of them. How much money they make is not the issue – the issue is they were brave and bold enough to stand their ground. GOOD FOR THEM!

  • David

    Good for these five drivers. I wouldn’t attend, either. This guy is a fraud as president whose agenda is to destroy this country.

    • http://Patriotwebsite REA

      Well said David….from Dalla, Texas…

    • http://PatarioticUpdate Jeanne Morton

      Amen to that, David!

  • Len

    I just gained a new respect for NASCAR patriots!
    In your face “N”obama!!! T.E.A. Party!!! Show me the birth certificate!
    The Chicago Mafia flunky has abused the American people beyond comprehension. Multiple SS numbers, multiple aliases, using the United States military to pursue the United Nations Islamapolitical wars of one world order, refusing to fulfill responsibilities of enforcing the Constitution, exacting written directlives usurping Congressional powers, and making appointments without Congressional approval as a beginning of a list of violations. Impeachment of a criminal alien is exhibiting undue respect. Handcuff the petty crook! Drag him from the Oval Office exposing him and his con game for the world to see. Len

  • Jonhu

    I guess obama thinks rubbing elbows with Nascar drivers will cause Narcar fans to like him. Wasn’t the purpose of this ceremony to honor the drivers? Seems like the real purpose must have been to honor obama, since the news media has gotten so twisted over this.

  • Ron Lewis

    Obama is a real manipulator, he will be wining and dining and brown nosing from now until 2012 election. I don’t care why these nascar 5 don’t show up that’s up to them to decide. I think they are sparing Obama embarrassment, shame on the others for accepting. I suppose Obama will now elaborate on what a big fan he is of nascar. He plays this card so often it is really making me sick. This guy Obama has an agenda and will kiss up to whom ever to set people up for defeat, after all he is from the gangster capitol of the country. I know whose hats and T shirts I will be buying from now on. I predict jimmy will not win another nascar title, he has put a jinx or curse on himself, just a gut feeling.

    • Ron Lewis

      Obama would invite satan himself if he thought it would win him votes and guess what it would. I will be buying and supporting the Magnificent 5, hey I claim this as my idea for hats and T shirts,mugs etc. capitalism is Great says Ron

    • grady

      satan is already with him. Thats who guides his actions.

    • lucitee

      And SATAN is building him a Hell of his OWN! He practiced on US!

    • Charles Martel

      So true grady!!

    • AstroTurf

      HE IS SATAN!

    • Capt Gene

      Ya’ THINK?!!

  • Downtowner

    God bless our NASCAR drivers who did not attend – my hats off to you and I pray you did not attend because of your political and moral values. This President seeks nothing but the spotlight and whatever means it takes to make him look good as he approaches time to really get him on the campaign trail. I pray with all my might, this man is never re-elected as El Commandante of these US again. He will sink us for sure – already done a pretty good job of trying.

  • bill peck

    if only more would have the gut,s to do the same thing BILL patriot god loving american legal american.

  • michael stewart

    isn’t the imposter obama that promised an era of transparency??? Well, they are being transparent aren’t they…

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Good for the five!!! Wish they ALL had declined.

    • Blondie

      Amen Ann Rand…..spoken like a true patriot of the good ole USA !!!!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Blondie.. Thanks. We need to stick together. This will be quite a battle,but we can do it. Happy labor Day. Ann

    • Charles Martel

      Agreed Ann. Now wouldn’t THAT have been sweet!!!

  • Buffalo John


  • weaver517

    Nascar drivers work for a liveing.They don’t steal from the american people like hobama dose.They are the kings.hobama is a piece of garbage and out to ruin this country.O yes.Paqncho.Your a wetback get out of this country.theif

    • Brad

      Wow, you might want to learn some grammar…i.e. English, before you start slamming people who don’t even use English as their native language. There, their, they’re….learn it, live it, know it. You are a terrible troll.

    • Chuck

      George Washington was a lousy speller and it is safe to say he did a little better job running this nation than the miscreant you obviously voted for. Our first President was all about building a Republic while your guy has done nothing but try to destroy it since day 1!!!!

    • Brad

      Please read Paqncho’s remark. He is being sarcastic and is probably not even mexican. Grammar? Just having fun with the guy.
      On the mexican note, I have written extensive letters to my congressmen/senators as to just how they are impacting my industry, residential construction. I am no fan of illegal immigration believe me. Quite the opposite. Legal? Hell yes because those mexicans will outwork 3/4 of the entitlement americans out there that voted for the looter we have for president. Sun up til sun down those illegals are busting their cranks. Legal, bring’em. Illegal? Tough job, but they need to go.

    • http://yahoo NAM67

      your a douchbag.

    • J-mac

      And in seconds Brad shows how to do something that the democarats have taken years to perfect, go from using intellect to being an idiot. I am one of those that believe that America needs to send the ILLEGALS back to whereever they came from. That includes the Obamas.

    • J-mac

      What is your problem with Pachieo? He is a great boxer and at least has the balls to do what he sees as right. my hat is off to him. And my hat is off to the Nascar drivers too. I think Nascar should dis-invite all of the Obama/Soros socialists from the tracks. Thank you each of you drivers who have balls. I am not really a Koslowski fan, but had he been invited I think he would have just told Obama to go F____k himself. I give Koslowski high marks for his patriotism carring the American flag around the track wheh he wins.

    • bilbo baggins

      One NASCAR driver gets 20 million from the U.S. Government just for having the National Guard logo on his racecar. He then takes a million dollar salary out of that twenty million. Recently , during the debt ceiling talks, a California Congresswoman tried to have this taxpayer rip-off shut down. The Republicans shouted her down. You can’t be a real budget cutter Conservative and allow rip-offs like this to go on. I know of no other sports figure in any sport who gets a million dollar salary courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Check this rip-off out. No wonder we are so deep in debt in this country with this cr*p going on.

    • willhen501

      The National Guard is not the only government entity sponsoring NASCAR, the Post Office, Army, Air Force, & General Motors ….

    • Mad Mike

      Well, seems like the government wanted to advertise in a sport where the national guard would actually get some exposeier. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the money they are waisting on other sh@t.

    • Mad Mike

      Exposure. Sorry

    • Barb

      Exposure for who, Nascar doesn’t need it BUT Osama Obama does. Now he’s trying to be a “Good Ol’ Boy”!??! T’aint gonna work!!!!!!

    • Peggy

      If we would close our borders, send all the illegals home and stop taking money out of the medicare and social security budget to pay all their medical, then there would no longer be a drain on that budget, there would be millions fewer people using our resources, i.e., fuel and food —– then there would be a sizable amount of money back in our treasury. But, no. They are buying illegal votes!!!!!!

    • lucitee

      He, GOR-do-da, “Sorrows”, et ala profitting from the “clean and green energy”
      fiasco while trillions of dollars worth of oil and gas sit untapped! OH! I meant in the USA! We fund OTHER Countries so THEY can
      drill! I am 71 years old and have NEVER witnessed a more bungling, inept, clueless and destructive President! UNVETTED at THAT!
      First Executive Order as President? SEAL all his RECORDS past and present! To ME, that raised more red flags than a bull-fighters Convention! STILL “they” SWOONED, adored, worshipped and accomodated him! I would NEVER vote again, for the Idiot, Political forces that “carried” him into OUR White House!

  • outspoken

    hats off to the 5 with integrity and won’t go just to give obutta another photo op toward re-election….saying he is ‘just like us’ bullcrap !!!

    • Brad

      Integrity. If only they knew what that meant in Washington….And im talking about BOTH sides. At least our side tries to be sneaky about it.

  • DeWayne Braley

    Way to go drivers…….Carl is my favorite driver as he was also my Dads. I am proud of our Missouri driver. I would have been upset if Carl would have went. NASCAR is an american sport and since our so called leader is not patriotic to our country be needs to stay in his office and pray to the real God for guidance.

  • Elena aka Downtowner

    God bless our NASCAR drivers who did not attend-my hats off to you and I pray you did not attend because of your political and moral values. El Commandante seek nothing but the spotlight and whatever means it takes to make him look good as he approaches time to really get him on the campaign trail. I pray with all my might this man is never re-elected as El Commandante of the United States again. He will sink us for sure-already done a pretty good job of trying. Time for him, his wife, and their million dollar vacations to leave.

  • Phil Norton

    At least they were polite enough to say “scheduling conflicts” instead of what they were most likely really thinking. Many democrats have been much less polite when giving their opinions of Tea Party members, other conservatives, or really anyone who opposes their thinly disguised Marxist agenda.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    The five NASCAR who declined to see the POTUS are really smart. Why ruin their careers endorse a person who hates our country and wants to see it ruined.

    • Paul

      It does seem that everything, this poor excuse for a leader of this country, does or touchs turns to crap.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Paul…. Looks like his luck hasn’t been too good lately!! Ha Ha ….

  • Speed

    I read somewhere that the whole dispute is in regards to how the wood is cut. Apparently in whatever Country the wood is produced,it’s against their law to cut it thicker than 6 mm.(which Gibson’s “competitors” use),and Gibson’s designs require it to be 9 mm. thick;not such a big deal before,but now a BIG deal,due to some recent changes in their Gov’t powers-that-be. Wish I could find the article that explains that part of it…

    • BlackSunshine84

      It’s some Indian law that says the wood has to be finished before being exported. It can’t be exported as a raw material. But India is okay with selling it as is and Gibson has an affidavit. This is the second time Gibson has been raided by the Feds. The first time was in 2009 over wood being imported from Madagascar and they still have not charged Gibson. The DOJ told Gibson it could all go away if they locate some of their production in Madagascar.

    • J-mac

      Don’t know what you’re smoking but stop it. NO REALLY STOP IT!!

  • Greg N

    I’m a relatively new NASCR fan.
    This assures me I’ve made the right decision.

  • Elena

    God bless our NASCAR drivers who did not attend-my hat’s off to you and I pray you did not attend because of your moral and political values. El Commandante seeks nothing but the spotlight and whatever means it takes to make him look good as he approaches time to really get him on the campaign trail. I pray with all my might this man is never re-elected as El Commandante of these United States again. He will sink us for sure – already done a pretty good job of trying. Time for him, his wife, and their million-dollar vacations for which we pay to leave. Be Gone! Go to Kenya and run for office there.

  • What Free Country?

    A taste of his own medicine after boycotting the boy scouts earlier!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Speaking of Boycotts, My Friends and I are Planning on Boycotting All of the Sponsors of the 6 Drivers that do attend.

  • Carol Small

    Those who refused to be photographed with this Communist President are my Hero’s. I would refuse as well. Hell when they die their relatives would probably just throw the pictures out anyway. It would be very hard for me to maintain a poker face while being around “the president”, let alone look happy about it.

    • lucitee

      Poor man! He wants SO DURN BAD to be a man with CLASS! SORRY fellow,It does not come FREE as a PERK, and if you didn’t bring it WITH you, you “ain’t” gonna get it! Especially in Washington!

  • BlackSunshine84

    Thank you, Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart! You’re my heroes!

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      One big burnout for Tony Stewart one small wimper from BORAX OhBummer !!!

    • sid

      i’ve been on kurt’s bandwagon, since the beginning!!! always liked tony, but now i will root for carl, kevin, and greg!!! “GOD BLESS YOU ALL”!!!

  • Carol Small

    They know they cannot get through Congress or the Senate any bill designed to take away our right to buy guns, so they control the gun manufacturers and the ammunition production. That is was a Regulatory Czar who is a communist does. Cass Suntein, remember that name he is very dangerous and so is a President who by passes congress and enacts a bill or two (cap and trade & amnesty) that have already been overwhelmingly turned down in both houses while the Democrats had the majority. That is what a Dictator/President looks like, he just ignores the Constitution. The man and everyone in his administration should be impeached and thrown in jail, treason is what I would call all of this. Constitution scholar and professor my ass, he studied so as to find ways to get around it, not defend it. He Lies!!!!

    • ROBERT


    • lucitee

      He has been supported, groomed, taught, bought and “funded” by those who are using HIM to destroy our Country! He has never had to pay his way, earn a living, be self-supporting and responsible! That’s why he speaks with a childs language, is velcro’ed to the teleprompter and can’t write! His term paper looks like a picture of a ghost, shoveling snow during a blizzard!

  • Bob Churchill

    Obummer just wants to see what it’s like to be around someone that’s actually accomplished something. That’s why he’s honoring JJ, plus a photo op with someone besides the losers that surround him. Why JJ would lower himself is beyond me!!

  • Elena

    God bless the NASCAR 5. I hope and pray you chose not to attend this fiasco was based on your moral and political beliefs. El Commandante seeks only the spotlight-anything to put him in a state of “grace” before the public right now. He will say and do anything to change his image as this campaign kicks off. Personally, I think it’s time he and his wife stop taking million-dollar vacations we must pay for while our people wait for jobs. Another stint as El Commandante will sink these United States like a rock. If he must seek political office, let him go home to Kenya to run.

  • Carol Small

    forgive any errors in spelling I was in a hurry.

  • SmarTeaPants

    I hope the five plan to not shake his hand or somehow publicly snub him! Hope they treat him like BO treated Netanyaho.

    • lucitee

      He is EXTREMELY envious of Netanyahu! He HATES him because he feels inferior in his PRESENCE! As he SHOULD! Netanyahu has more class and love of/for His Country in one finger-tip than “O” has in his whole body! Plus Michelle! “Rubber crutches” in a Chiropractors Office!

  • old Navy

    The only reason these guys were invited was to shore up the photo op.
    Another lame assed staged campaign event.

    • Brad

      LOL!! ‘Invite a dozen of those hillbillies and we might get enough for a good Op. Those idiot fans will take it as an endorsement.’ – Barak Obama

    • Brad

      p.s. Sarcasm. I hate him just to make that clear.

    • J-mac

      Got that Brad, but your idea has a lot going for it. Send about a dozen Moon Shiners to the White House with about 5 gallons of hooch and feed it all to The Obamas and Soros’s. If they did wake up they would be so screwed us they couldn’t say their own nsme.

    • lucitee

      Even if they were side by side using the same pillow? I have cousins who who would be happy to go “visit” him! They are so backwoods they think class is something that
      you put in a broke winder! But they DO have a bathroom! Its even carpeted! They liked the carpet so much they just run it on up the hill to the house!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Lucitee… You are so funny..

  • Dwayne

    No Penske ,Rouse,Childress,Stewart Hass drivers.Hmmmm.Just Hendricks an I belive ,Gibbs.
    Well I guess not all of Us knuckle draggin God fearin,gun tottin,NASCAR watchin Country people are.easily swayed.
    God Bless The United States of America….

    • J-mac

      Had to laugh Duane. Guess I know what I am, and I might add I am PROUD OF IT! I will be saddened if I find that Gibbs did take the village idiot up on his invite. Gibbs knows better, as do all the team owners.

  • Gene J.

    Wow. I’m amazed and encouraged that 5 out of 10 is it? decided to “snub” the president. Oh if only we all could get that chance! Oh, wait. Next November is the perfect time. Tell you friends and family. Start snubbing now.

  • AppraisHer

    Just a photo op for this elitist POS, trying to sway Patriots into thinking that he’s an American. If it doesn’t involve a basket ball from the ‘hood or golf ball from his new uptown status), barry’s clueless.

  • sagewise

    It appears that obama is looking for a new set of “drivers”…must not be doing too well on the golf links! We better make sure he doesn’t pull out his putter though. This putz dick-tator has been screwing this country too long.

    • lucitee

      Golf is something he always wanted to take up but couldn’t afford it! Now that WE are paying for it, he is gonna play with the BIG boys even if he leaves divots the size of fox holes, and sand traps like Scotlands pot shaped three foot deep sand traps! AH HA! HE is “RIGHT”! Something IS “shovel ready”!
      His sand wedge!

  • Frank Trammell

    I have never been so proud to be a NASCAR fan !!

  • believer

    will watch the photo op with BO and nascar guys
    because each time BO speaks his ears get bigger. We all need a good laugh from time to
    time and this guy comes thru. I give him a few more months and he will be airborne.

    • ruth

      thats funny, lol. only hope he flies off soon and his fa- as- wife with him.

    • lucitee

      Last time I saw a rump THAT big, it had a saddle on it!

  • George

    I am glad those boys stood up for their principals. Good show guys

  • Jack

    Kurt Busch has changed his mind and will attend. But, I would expect that O’dumbass has more important things on his plate than smooging up to NASCAR drivers. Like maybe, the economy, the national debt, illegal immigration, etc. Oh, wait. He has dome something. He just gave backdoor amnesty to millions of illegals. America lovers have to hate O’dumbass.

  • Marine

    I’ve been a nascar fan for many years and this is great. I love America, and now I can quote as one of our most “inspiring women of the world” (JOKE) I’m proud to be an American. I left the word finally out on purpose.. Go NASCAR and you know where the rest can go.

  • Pat

    Their plans to clean the garage, work on their cars or take their wives out to dinner trump the WH. Actions speak louder than words, “well-said” guys….

  • jay

    This what makes America great. Here you are free to say no to the President and not end up in a goolog somwhere in Siberia or your head missing. You have a choice. Schedules or not Preident or whom ever. Its called FREEDOM!

  • Mike Beasley

    I commend the 5 DRIVERS that declined the invitation!! I’m just a nobody but I would not waste one minute of my time to see or speak to that Lieing Muslim Traitor!! I just hope that all the people that voted for him so they could have a change in the WhiteHouse, will not forget all the BullCrap, obummer has done while in office!

  • Patrick

    Conflicts or not, I’m glad to see these five guys, three I like to watch race every week, stand up for their beliefs, (my opinion).

  • Enlightenment

    Well….. The “FIVE” are my Patriots and one day will rue the day.

    The others who didn’t will one day go down as sell outs to there own profession and there country for a visit with someone who only wants a few of the Good Ole Boys to endorse him to get one are two votes in 2012.

    I hope everyone will always root for the “FIVE” from now on and patronize only these people in NASCAR, and the others who go…… above all else don’t buy any of there products.

    • BC

      The only problem with that is if I boycott Lowes because Jimmy Johnson is going where the heck am I going to get my home improvement items? I already boycott Menards because they are not military friendly. Home Depot is too far away but they are pro homosexual, so I am loosing out on places to go.

  • http://thePatriotupdate clinging to my religion and guns

    It was OK for him to schedule an address to Congress the same day the Republicans were having a major fundraised. America, can you not see the “In Your Face” hipocracy that permeates this Administration? Blatantly disregarding the Law, allowing the “Criminal Invasion of America” and calling it Immigration, Bailing out his “Banker Buddies” and empowering his “Union Zombie Stooges” to only mention a few. Why is the word TREASON not being used?

  • Jack Vines , sr

    I have an even greater appreciation for the
    five drivers!

  • Carolyn cleland

    I don’t follow NASCAR but I hold those in high regard those five who figuratively thumbed their nose at the make believe president. Good for you!!!

  • http://Google don


  • AstroTurf

    We can only hope the rest of them get sick that day, tell O’SCAMO it’s Disentary, or bleeding Hemorroids!!

    • lucitee

      Hemaroids? Do the drug companies have a salve that would get rid of ANOTHER Pain in the A–? BAMMA BALM?

  • Richard

    I wonder if they would come to a BarBque at my place???

  • AstroTurf

    Everybody Twitter their favorite driver and tell them to pass the word, DON’T SHOW UP!

  • paul

    Mr. Obama is not a dictator. The american
    constitution has three branches: the executive, the judical and the legislative branch. The president can’t
    make any laws without going thorough
    congress. Furthermore, even his own party does not always agree with him.
    He got this job when the worst financial
    crisis landed at his door step. Mr. bush got us into two wars. The Afghan war is costing about $320 million dollars daily. I am an independent and I
    don’t agree with 100% of his policies.

    On the national debt , here are the breakdowns: 6 trillion owed to social
    security trust fund, $4 trillion owed
    to foreign countries and about 4.65
    trillions owed to pension funds.
    Only 1.4 trillion or 7% were owed to
    china. we need to cut our defense and
    entitlements to reduce our debt.

    • James Loney

      You better check your facts a little closer.
      The Democrats have been in control of Congress since 2007 and you apparently do not know of all the “executive Orders” this COMMIE has issued. WSo moswt of us can see that he does what he wants to do and its NOT FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION.

  • AstroTurf

    Perhaps all the Black Drivers could go instead, OH, there aren’t any!

  • Raymond

    The following short video will show you where Obama wants to
    take America’s military.“don’t-ask-don’t-tell”-army-drill-team/
    Scroll 3/4 the way down.

  • AstroTurf

    Are they flying up there on Corporate Jets?They should pull in their Haulers with pit crews! AND NO ID!

  • Kayla Lewis

    Obama will say what a big fan he is of these RedNeckers from the Nascar circuit. This guy will do or say anything for attention and for potential votes what a load of BS comes from his Big Mouth. We Legal Americans are finally awakened to all the trash and garbage our Representatives have allowed to slowly creep into our once highly rated nation. I as an American women urge our representatives from Iowa to get it together or GET OUT, you know who you are.

  • AstroTurf


  • pink dolphin

    Let’s hope and pray he gets booted out of the White House comes next election. Guys, rain or shine make sure go out there and cast your votes next November.

  • johnf1234

    I guess Jimmy J would have to at least be the one to attend since he won the championship. But for the rest of them, I am glad that they declined..
    if You watch racing, You will notice that the crowd size is down, and thats because the Economy is in the dumps, THANKS to Obama and his Socialist Agenda…. Once more, it also has to do with, all of these racing teams are sponsored heavily by businesses both large and small that help pay the tab for these teams to travel… When these businesses are suffering it affects the teams support… I would snub Obutthead too if I were a driver….
    maybe some of them did snub and maybe their schedules are to hectic to go to DC, these guys are on the road for a long time, and testing between races is very important to winning your next race, just like Obama and his campaigning effort, always campaigning, never has time to LEAD as a President….
    GO NASCAR…..

  • http://msn charles brown

    great to see others who can’stand our illeagle alain liar in cheif

  • http://n/a ms stars & stripes

    obama’s mind is soooo corrupt what if he knew those drivers were already committed to another function at that time. Now, this boo hoo faux president can inflect/interject some shady excuse why these good ole white boys couldn’t come to his party at the WH and, as usual, put it on them. Can’t put too much past this articulate psychopath.

  • Raymond

    An Obituary printed in the London Times – Interesting and sadly rather true.

    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years.
    No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

    He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:
    ● Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
    ● Why the early bird gets the worm;
    ● Life isn’t always fair;
    ● and maybe it was my fault.

    Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies
    (adults, not children, are in charge).

    His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

    Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

    It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion..

    Common Sense lost the will to live when criminals received better treatment than their victims.

    Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

    Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

    Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

    He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers;
    ● I Know My Rights
    ● I Want It Now
    ● Someone Else Is To Blame
    ● I’m A Victim

    Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.

    • Nelita Tanner

      Well Said! Really enjoyed this. Would love to pass on to many of my friends and family. Please be kind enough to email to me. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS THIS NATION!

      A Proud Patriot

  • down to earth


  • Bell

    What can I say…good for them. I’m glad they didn’t go. Shunning can make for an interesting concept for those that deserve it.

  • What Country Is This

    Who is the president of what country. And what country is Obama president of and where is it at. I will make sure to make a u turn before I get there. I am told this man would not know his ass from a hole in the ground. It really don’t matter borth of them is full of s–t. If these drivers don’t want to see this man forever reson thats up to them. I just know I would not go out of my way to see him. And why. LOOK AT WHAT HE HAS DONE TO THIS COUNTRY. AND ASK YOURSELF IF A PRESIDENT SHOULD DO THIS TO HIS OWN COUNTRY.BUT THATS JUST THE RESON. THIS IS NOT OBAMA COUNTRY.HELL I DON’T EVEN THANKS HE KNOWS WHERE HE FROM.

  • Russell Smith USMC VET RVN

    OOOOHRAHHHH to those not going, I salute you. You at least will stand up for what you beleive in. I would have done the same thing. The man has no business even being the president. I really can’t write what I want to, it would be censored. God bless the USA and God bless the Marine Corps.

  • TexasRose

    Invite NASCAR champ to the White House? Why? To make himself look good. A narcissistic move deluxe. He’s all about himself. He’s already done so much damage to this country … from setting black and white relationship back a century to bankrupting this country. Surely he knows that he’s failed miserably, so why would he even want to run again? Because he’s not through destroying America. Psalm 109:8 PRAY!

  • CalBob

    I’ve just gained new respect for NASCAR~~

  • wsly

    NASCAR is an American Institution, and
    Barack Hussein Obama is an aspiring Communist Dictator, who is the furthest thing from anything resembling American, or America.
    My hat’s off to all the drivers who opted out of this joke !

  • mike

    GOOD, wish they all would have turned down the invite

    • bilbo baggins

      What I wish is that Dale Jr. would turn down the 20 million dollars a year that the taxpayer pay for him to paint that NATIONAL GUARD logo on his racecar. He then takes a million dollars a year personal salary out of that money. Once again taxpayers get ripped off.

  • mike

    GOOD for them, wish all the drivers would have refused invite.

  • Insurgent

    Funny as hell; proves you really can’t fool true red-blooded taxpaying Americans!!!

    • bilbo baggins

      So I guess you agree that the government should end it’s 20 million dollar a year subsidy to NASCAR driver DAle Ernhadrt’s racecar team . That is wasteful govenment spending that no true conservative can support. Taxpayers are being ripped off by this sponsorship.

  • Amazed American

    And this is important to whom? Certainly not the tax payers or the people whom are living off the tax payers including mr o and ms m. They expect these guys to drop everything and pussyfoot it to the white house? mr o is waaay out of his league in more areas than one.

  • Anita

    Maybe they think they deserve a Constitutional President, instead of Obominable.

  • Lola

    I’m really glad these guys snubbed the dictator in chief! 5 smarties in Nascar… Don’t back down…no matter what! I’d refuse his invite too!

    God bless these guys and God have mercy on America!

  • Mike Brown

    I applaud the 5 non-attendees but if I were invited I would certainly go, I would give him some more Joe, the plumber. Then I’d call a good lawyer and a tax guy and wait for the onslaught. Who knows, Mike the trucker might become a household name. If you vteod for Ombaa to povroe you are not rscait, now its tmie to vtoe for a rpbueilacn to povroe you are not sutipd. MJB

  • taebaggranny

    Hats off to the 5 that have enough integrity to NOT go to the photo op..Hang on to your guns, Bibles, and God Fearing ways always..HOOYAH

  • V T

    I have great respect for the Office of the Presidency. I have zero respect for the jerk who who currently occupies the White House. And to turn down an invitation to visit him is a decision I could make in a nanosecond. No, thank you, I prefer not to be associated with you, “Mister President”!

  • JIM


  • Capt Gene

    Oh man! Do you think the “narcisist in chief’s” nose is just a little out of joint? They told the MESSIAH no?! What’s that sound I hear? Are those tanks coming after them? Are those the “thought police” dragging them off to the “re-education” camps? God Bless each and every one of them for following the advice of Nancy Reagan: Just say NO! Amen!!

  • Dave Krebs

    I think that all the teams should boycott the visit. If Obama keeps going none of the team owners will have any money to field racing equipment !

    • bilbo baggins

      If you are a true Conservative, in light of your comment, you should be vehemently opposed to the 20 million dollar subsidy that the govenment pays to one racecar team for displaying the NATIONAL GUARD logo on their racecar. The dirver, Dale Ernhardt < Jr. takes a one million dollar salary out of this subsidy so the American taxpayers are directly being ripped off by this government subsidy. No true conservative can support this. I know of no other athlete in any sport that gets a one million dollar subsidy to pay his salary. When a California Congresswoman tried to end this wasteful boondoggle by adding a rider to the recent debt ceiling bill, she was angrily shouted down by of all people,,,conservative Republicans…..this is wrong.

    • bilbo baggins

      Dale Jr. gets 20 million from the government each year to paint that National Guard logo on his car. Any true conservative should be appalled by this waste of taxpayer money.

  • http://NA SPARKY SAYS

    There are a few people who know who satin is
    so they have no desire to meet with the.Phony
    president.( he isn’t my president either

  • Lawrence

    I work for Napa Auto Parts,and seeing who ‘Will not” be going to the White House, I now have a New Driver to Cheer for KURT BUSCH!!!

  • spider

    good for you guys!! to hell with “O”

  • Sparky

    After the crap he has said about NASCAR people and he expected them to show???? And Jimmy “little” Johnson is????

    • Phil

      Yeah, little Jimmie only makes left turns.

  • james

    I would have a conflict too, but it wouldn’t have been a schedule conflict.

  • Jennie

    The government just can’t seem to stay off everybody’s business, always in you face. One example: Yesterday I went to buy a gallon of milk at CVS Pharmacy that was advertised at $2.99. When I got there they had a tag under the milk indicating the advertisement was an error and the price was now $3.19. I asked the manager why because once you advertise, that price should be honored, or at least I thought so. He replied the government ordered it. According to their regulation, a gallon of milk must not be sold below $3.00 in California. I don’t know if that holds true for other states. Has anybody heard of that rule or is CVS making it up? I will be calling their office next week and try to get to the bottom of this. I can’t believe the government is dictating what price we should pay for milk. They’ve already determined what we should and should not do with everything else and now this… especially while Moochele is stuffing her ugly face with hamburgers and french fries? I hate the SOBs.

    • Mike

      Many States have Milk Marketing Boards who control the wholesale and retail prices. Maybe the Fed does too. This is a way of subsidizing the milk producers – by taking away competition and forcing consumers to pay a predetermined price. Some states allow “sales” but those are regulated also. I was a Pricing manager for a major retailer for many years, that how I know this. There are many, many more “controlled” items what would amaze you if you knew them.

    • 3 Serving

      I couldn’t have said your last statement any better.

    • Charles Martel


    • Robert Bontempo

      Its a Left Wing state. Until the people in California wake up and get rid of people like Pelosi and the rest, you have to live with all the bullshit you voted for.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      You live in California. Where Jerry Brown is trying to micromanage every persons life. But just remember you also have the privilege to subsidize the illegal alien’s education. Then Reid and Obama will bypass the congress and give citizenship for them being given a degree in come college that will not actually educate.

    • michael hendry

      this adminstration is applying the United Nations agenda 21. which is to micromanage all aspects of human behavior.

    • Tess

      Your last statement really gave me a BIG LAUGH. Thanks Jennie. obummer is very EVIL and come to think he could be one of the disciples of the devil. Where do LIARS GO? I don’t want to judge.

    • CalBob

      Walmart starts at $2.79 for fat-free, and goes up from there. Yes, California does set milk prices. They’re looking out for you :)

    • P B

      I think it is time to vote the stupid democraps out of office, starting with Nan Pelooosi as well as Jerry Brown. Screw the gov. Good, vote all Republican and let them know you mean business also.

    • sid crow

      really. well i”m glad i live in texas and our milk price is not governed. but u have that wacko governor jerry b. but u all brought it on ur self so no sympathy from us..

    • WadeC

      Really looking out for me…I thought freedom means I look out for myself and I hold myself accountable. Don’t need the government to look out for me….every time they step in to look out for me…I end up without a job or the means to care for my family. Fun economy we have….the one with zero job growth in the last month, because the govenment spent 900 Billion dollars to stimulate the economy that would have fixed itself if big brother would have let the laws of econmics weed out the weak union led companies. No one is too big to fail except government which is too big to succeed because they keep trying to micromanage ever item of our lives including the price of milk. Looking out for me, hardly…liberal socialist marxist losers look out for policies that funnel more money into their greedy inept hands…Obamacare is another example of the Gov looking out for me…I don’t need or want this type of Government.

    • Devil Dog, USMC

      What do you expect from a treasonist,socialist,marxist idiot. I just hope the AMERICAN people wake up, and get rid of this sob and all of his cohorts in the union,marxist,socialist,communist govt.

    • SoccerMom

      Food Modernization Act – Obama passed it and HE is now in charge of our food supply. Nothing to do with modernization – only control. Re-read Orwell’s 1984…

    • dale

      Ooops! Back to Government 101 for you! The President doesn’t pass bills.

    • eddy james

      He dictates and mandates by decree.Oh hail Comrade Obama.Keeper of the faith, defender of injustice.

    • Redman

      True dat Charles…and what he can’t get bamboozled through the idiots, he decrees by executive order…et al the new CDL requirement for a farm tractor (in addition to a $750,000 liability requirement for the small farmer).

    • WadeC

      No he signs executive orders that grant amnesty to millions of illegal losers. Back to 101 for you. Keep up with the facts. Our Congress is doing nothing to control Dictator Obama…He is a loser and all who defend his crap are losers.

      Wade in Maine

    • Charles Martel

      Me too Jennie!! Love ya!!!

    • rcs

      You made me laugh…..I needed that! I think about things like that all the time! about the both of them stuffing their ugly faces, wineing and dineing on our hard earned tax dollars….Truely sickning!

    • P B

      Jennie, it is not that way in N.J., I go to Costco for a gallon of milk and I pay about $2.79-2.85 I’m not sure of the top of my head but I know I don’t pay over that. If we go to a large grocery chain store we’ll pay much more for a gallon, I believe somewhere around $ 4.00.I think somebody is lying to you.

    • James

      Amen to the infinite degree! These are true pieces of shit inhabiting the White House. Let us bear in mind though, they are merely bought and paid for puppets. In almost any other country, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bernanke, Holder, etc…, would have already been shot dead for TREASON. It simply amazes me that there seems to be almost no one holding these low life trash bags accountable. Sentence a few of these sellouts to death or life in prison, and I’ll bet the abject corruption ceases and desists instantly. The problem is, we have too many lazy sacks of shit, who have never worked an honest day in their worthless lives, living off those of us who do. They are parasites in need of eradication.

    • Cindy

      California regulates milk prices in order to protect the small family dairy farms from the big ones. It’s a good thing they are protecting small business owners.

    • althtnmore

      PA has laws setting the minimum price for milk

    • sid

      thats why cal., is so screwed up!!!

  • Harald

    Nascar Drivers are WINNERS. Obama is not Obama; He has No: Brith Record, so he has no Passport, and he has NO Country! Who,Voted for Him?? So were did he come from ?? Also
    where was he on 9-11? Boycutting something in the USA? or on the Gulfcours?. God Bless the Heroes of America Stand-up for the U.S.A

    • David

      I don’t know if you heardm but yesterday there was an article online where some state was sueing over Nobama’s SS Number. Seem’s that his SS card was iisued with I believe it was Iowa SS number’s, not Hawaii, even though there is NO RECORD of Nobama ever living in Iowa (or whatever state it was) and he has stated or written that he worked throughout his year’s in Hawaii and such. A Judge denied the lawsuit though. This ad’s even more to the mystery of their President???And I DO NOT say that lightly.. I say that sadly…

    • 3 Serving

      Another Judge with a bigger bank account. Do I sound rather cynical?

    • Janet

      I believe it’s Conneticut – but regardless it is a Series of a Number & yes he never lived there – Something is Very Rotten in Denmark – ha ha I mean the WH The BC in Hawaii is slso suspect as it is Numerically ahead of a person who was born several Days later………2 has spent close to 2 Mil to keep the BC under COVER Why ? We have been made to believe all is on the UP & UP But I seriously think as you that we may some day find out…the TRUTH

    • P B

      Janet, I don’t know if we’ll ever find out how high this cover up goes. This is the biggest lying farce that has ever been pulled on a Country in history. I mean even the News Media is in on this cover up. They even blame the Republicans for everything, I mean if Bush did half the things they said he did, congress would have set up impeachment proccedings a long time before his term was over. I didn’t agree with everything George W. Bush did but he was a world better than this moron. God How I Miss George W.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Lubbockscatwoman

      I doubt we’ll ever know the truth. I figure it’ll be as closely guarded secret as what happened the night Ted Kennedy wrecked his station wagon and killed his pregnant aide.

      These people have the money to keep things a secret and in today’s state media, they’re happy to help him keep it quiet.

      What happened to the days of the snoopy reporter who looked for a good story no matter what political party a person belonged to?

    • USAF VET

      This is a new development, when was Mary Jo Kopeckne pregnant. That was never stated then or in any other reports.

    • DurangoKid

      USAF Vet…. When Mary Jo Kopecne told Ted Kennedy she was pregnant and asked what she should do….Ted said “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”.

    • maddie

      There are no snoopy reporters any more or they are few and far between. They think they will be safe when the troops come to haul people off to the gulags. Wrong! They will be in the same boat as everyong else. They think they will still have their elite standard of living – wrong again.

    • William Lee Kohler

      You’re Right Janet. This moron is NOT my president and he is no leader of my people and also seems to be an illegal hisself! Likely he was gotten into the WH by the Devil himself just to see if Gods people had the backbone to stand up for OUR Master.

      It would be great if ALL the drivers boycotted the Emperors invite. Maybe they all wanted to but their car owners made them go. After all it is “the president”.

    • P B

      Harold, this Moronic pig also has NO: Social Security Number. The one he is using is out of Connecticut, but he never lived there. He said he had a job in a Baskin Robbins Store I think in Hawaii, so where does Conn. fit in to the picture. Someone to it to court and the Judge says it doesn’t serve the public in any way to investigate this issue. How high does this cover up go on this thief. Maybe we should all get fraudulent Soc.Sec. numbers as well, if the Gov. doesn’t care about this guy, hay whats good for one is good for the others too. After all isn’t he supposed to set an example for us to follow. You can’t even trust the courts or even the FBI anymore. They are all out to cover shit up on this traitorou lying thief. This isn’t a Gov. anymore its a dictatorship.

  • james

    I am glad these drivers have a big set of balls.

    • Vern

      Glad to see some of the Drivers do not trust
      the big “O”, wish J. Johnson had also turned
      him down.

  • http://PartiotUpdate wilgary

    Almost a year later indicates it is an obvious political attention ploy. I can somewhat understand why a token five of the 12 cup finalists were chosen to not attend this “high visibility” event, but personally I would like to have seen an offer of only the cup winner Jimmie Johnson to show up with NASCAR officials. Maybe this would help the administration understand the American people are on to their game and yet show respect to the Office.

  • http://gopusa Marcus

    I believe that proffessional Drivers are slightly different from other Pro Atheletes ,They seem to have a better sense of the big picture and in most cases know what the definition of Patriotism is ,Why does Comrade Obama not invite a group of Ghetto Rat Basketball Players to the White House maybe some of them won`t cancel ,I`m sure he still has a few fans on the Chicago bulls ,Since Kenya and Indonesia do not have a Pro Ball Team

  • Don

    Hay I like what Ron Lewis had to say, I have been a nascar fan for over 40 yrs and at times have call sponsors about the actions of there drivers, Looks like I will be doing it again and Like Lewis said I will support the drivers sponsors that didn’t show up and complain to the others.

  • Louis

    Nobody wants to be associated with him, even the demon craps are distancing themselves from him. He seems to thinf that just because he is the illegal president that everybody is supposed to drop what they are doing and give him priority over everything. He is just like that kid that cutted into the front of the lunch line when you were kids. He hasn’t done one single thing that I am aware of to earn any respect or recongnition for anything. All he has ever done that I am aware of is waste money that isn’t his destroy and vacation almost every week. Respect is earned.

  • 13th Generation American

    Why would Oblamer want to invite a bunch of guys that are the heros to those who cling to their guns and religion?

    Oh, I remember now, he’s a lier who is forever on the campaign trail sucking in as many uninformed voters as he can get to re-elect the white half of his miserable sorry ass as he can!!!!!!!!!!!

    • USAF VET

      Don’t forget that these guys and their fans were the ones that Nancy Pelosi and a bunch of other Democrats were referring to as “just a bunch of rednecks” only a short time back. It’s a political ploy and I wish the other drivers had other things to do also.

  • Brenda

    If they (the NASCAR drivers don’t support him and/or don’t like him, they shouldn’t be forced to go…..after all this is still a free country (at least for awhile longer).

    • SoccerMom

      Free country and you are “free to move about” – unless you are Boeing and want to move a right to work state. In that case the Federal Government/Eric Holder and the DOJ prosecutes you for daring to think you can open your business in any state you like. It does NOT look like America any more…

    • dale

      If you’re so unhappy here, I’ll bet there are folks that will stand in line to drive you to the nearest airport to catch an overseas flight.

    • Kathleen Schofield

      My guess is that the lady is saying that she did not vote for obama and that she further believes that he is not our legitimate President as so many others believe, including myself.

    • sid

      we’re unhappy, as their trying to make changes, that are not in the “AMERICAN WAY”!!! this is not the united states of socialist america, but “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”!!!

  • MikeFL

    Most NASCAR competitors are strong believers in the USA. Some are still lost in the ego of their self importance and go whereever there is a flashbulb moment. My hope is those who are going before the clan give him an earfull of Americana pride. There is always a group of people who only have the “me, not me” mentality. (If it doesn’t affect ME directly, it doesn’t matter). What those people miss is that we are ALL connected to each other… like it or not, we are like dominoes, what affects one will eventually affect us all… may God Bless America.

    • P B

      Mike, well said dude, I think we should all boycott the drivers that do show up for that moment of fame, and show them we are the ones that pay their salaries with ticket purchases al stuff not the W H. Odumbo is stealing from the American people and we need to wake up to that fact. He is only trying to get the drivers VOTE!!!

    • http://PatriotUpdate Lubbockscatwoman

      I doubt that they want to go meet the Teleprompter-in-Chief but they have been raised to repsect the office of the president. The communist needs to come into contact with normal Americans. These are USA-loving, apple pie kind of guys — you know that Obama has never spent any real time with people like this.

      Perhaps they believe he needs some exposure to REAL Americans. I respect their decision and am darned glad that I’m not the one having to be in the same room with the Socialist-in-Chief.

  • C


  • LittleFartBert

    Finally, some well known people who do NOT bow down to the czar. You NASCAR Drivers are the best. You really are HEROS. Now if we can only get other well known people to do this.

  • Krazeehors3

    I think this is GREAT!!! Prominent people telling Obama to go fly a kite, as it were.

    Perhaps he could invite Michael Moore, Bob Dylan, Jeanene Garofalo, and Chris Matthews in their place!!!

  • Patty

    More power to these Nascar drivers. They know that Obama is just doing this to further his own image. He is a fake.

  • stanley beardslee

    Why should they support someone who don’t support their way of life, they are not going because nascar fan base are in the majority are guns and religion and support the constition and believe in god and support the name god in the pledge and national anthem and do it in the start of nascar races along with a prayer which obama and his left wing radicals in this country don’t.

  • Guido

    Maybe it’s just we ho-dads down here in Texas who actually watch NASCAR, but you’ve never really experienced the National Anthem until you’ve done so in the total silence and hats-off, hands over-the-heart somber atmosphere of these drivers, crews, and fans. Oh yeah, it’s preceeded by a Minister-led Prayer to Jesus Christ. Most everybody joins in at “Amen”.
    -Don’t get no more American than that.

    God Bless these drivers for setting such a heroic example. The “bitch-slap” heard ’round the world…..

    “God Loves Liberty”
    -guido in Houston

  • chris

    I would not have said schedule conflicts. I would have said hell no I wont go.

    • chuck

      right on!

    • Charles Martel

      chris, Amen!!!

    • bilbo baggins

      In the last debate about the debt ceiling, a Congresswoman from California tried to introduce an amendment to the spending cut bill to end the huge 20 million dollar subsidy to a NASCAR driver who has the NATIONAL GUARD logo on his racecar. She was shouted down by REPUBLICAN Congressmen. Question is……IF YOU ARE AGAINST WASTEFUL GOVERNMENT SPENDING AS A TRUE CONSERVATIVE SHOULDN’T YOU BE AGAINST THIS RIP-OFF OF TAXPAYERS.????? The driver takes one million out of this government subsidy as his salary. I kinow of no other sport athlete that gets a government subsidy. All TRUE Conservatives should be against this government subsidy. Soon other athletes like jockeys and tennis players,golfers,etc will be seeking government subsidies.

  • lucitee

    God bless ALL of you! I am exhausted, not feeling well and drained, yet all of you have made my night MUCH more tolerable! After being on this site for 2 hours and read the posts, I have HOPE that we will get through these next 18+ months and WIN! Together! THANKS!

  • Dale Putnam

    Many may not remember the Chicago politics machine, in its heydey, before this one…
    and the short version is this: When playing for “keeps” in Chicago politics, the most satisfaction from winning, is when the opponent is allowed to feel the promise of winning, with all the hopes and dreams.. dashed upon the rocks of dispair when the loss is splashed in their faces. If we must wait for an electon to get rid of those in offices that they don’t deserve, then we must resign ourselves to having them in office for a very very very long time. He’s in his 30’s now…. life expectancy… 60 – 70 years… is a very long time. OR… yes there is an alternative,… remove him from office NOW. Don’t wait. Make it happen now.
    And the NASCAR drivers have made their statement, now it is up to the rest of us to make ours.

    • Kerry

      The man with no birth certificate is purported to be 50 yrs old, not in his 30s.

    • dale

      Maybe you don’t read the news, but the President is not in his thirties. He turned 50 this year.

    • sid

      he acts like a student!!!

  • Majjohn

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if every decent patriotic citizen who was invited to the WH would turn it down by publically telling the P that he’s not their kind of people. Further, the only ones who did come were wide eyed socialist radicals. That would say a lot.

    • dale

      Yes, it would say that those folks don’t respect the office of the President.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Lubbockscatwoman

      They respect the office. They just don’t respect HIM. And, they’re perfectly entitled to their opinion.

    • sid

      running to another state, to avoid voting, is disrespect!!!

  • Donald Mc Guigan

    What the HELL is wrong with us? It’s not the NASCAR drivers doing this it must be those DAMN RIGHT WING TEA BAGGERS. Damn we are too stupid to think for ourselves. Thank you master for letting us know. Don’t you know those red necks can not think for them selves?

  • Insurgent

    So how soon does the fall coon season open?

  • smitty

    obama’s going after the white redneck vote.

  • Roguedroid

    If Invited I would do a Barry Move as he did with Saudi Princes, only I would face away from him when “Bowing”

  • keith

    I’m not a big nascar fan but, i’m sure one now!!!

  • KEN

    MY HAT’S OFF TO THE DRIVERS THAT WILL MOT BE GOING TO THE WHITE HOUSE NEXT WEDNESDAY. TOO BAD THE REST OF THEM AREN’T GOING TOO. BUT THAT’S THEIR CHOICE. What’s he trying to do kiss his way into nascar too ? That bum should be chased out of the country !!!!

  • http://patriotupdate Emily

    Read online about the Agenda 21…the plan from the U.N. for all human beings on this planet…like us..or get the DVD with the same name…and watch it..Want to get scared..that will do it.

    • Charles Martel

      Emily, i’m not scared, i’m a Christian, I BELIEVE IN THE RESURRECTION.

  • KEN


    • sid


  • Dave Trimble

    As a Tony Stewart fan, I am proud he has declined to honor the invite of an illegal immigrant, Barrack Husein Obama.

  • Shirl

    HOORAY for those 5 NASCAR drivers!! More people should take a lesson from them and turn down any invites to the WH. Especially a lot of the Hollywood people, they act like it is a priviledge to be asked to go there. It would be if it was someone different in the WH. I hope everyone sticks with voting the SOB out of office, we (America) can’t take him any longer

  • Brande

    The best news I have heard lately is that when you sign a Petition on the Tea Party Express you will be given the verified twitter handles of your elected representatives, and you will be able to send public messages on twitter to all of them simultaneously! Sending literally millions of messages to Congress via twitter will be a public display of our activism that politicians in Washington will not be able to ignore! You will not need to be a member of Twitter to do this. These holier than thou Washington Politicians will not be able to isolate themselves any longer. How many times have I been working in e-mail and was dying to send this to my congressman so he would know how the common man feels who made this country great by sending him what is really bothering us and our nation. Now this state of the art technique will soon be available and they will not be able to isolate themselves any longer. They are no better than I am as they get in their pants one leg at a time just like I do.

  • Jack the FAC

    These drivers who refused the “command appearance” to comes to the sultan’s W.H. bash will be hounded and bullied by every government investigating agency: IRS, FBI, CIA, etc., etc., ad naseam. The entire alphabet will bully these people for refusing a summons from the king.

    • Magi

      No these people will not be hounded and you should not go on these boards and start this sort of crap. If you start this scare tatic then its goes on and on. While I agree with these drivers and respect them totally,and One is my favorite drivers anyway and I could not be more proud, lets not start scaring people out there after all, we are expressing our distain for this guy in our white house on these boards and so far I am not investigated. So stop this crap and start talking positive on getting him out of office instead.Its a far better way to go.

  • DOM

    I stand with James with the drivers they do have big balls

  • Dear Old Dad

    I don’t care where or when I’d received an invite to meet the President of The United States, or OWEbama for clarity, I would always have scheduling conflict.

  • Othello

    Ya right, lets drop EVERYTHING because Obama wants another photo op. Just because he wants to TRY and suck up to NASCAR drivers doesn’t mean they or their sponsers have to cater to him.

  • William Reed

    529 days to go!!!


    • Othello

      529 days to long.

  • Ed Hayden

    WE must all admitt that our Federal Government consisting of democrats and republicans are professional politicans.
    The majority of them are Lawyers and do not want to be held accountable for their actions. None of them are good stewards of your money or manage the affairs of the business of America with any integrity.

    They have their own personal agenda as all can see by the condition of America as they have put all of us into.

    Government will not get serious and own up to there destruction of America, so it is up to the American Voter to get serious about who they elect in 2012 elections.

  • http://yahoo Hunter Comstock

    If its coming from Barack Obama its no honor! Good going guys.

    • Sam

      I wouldn’t shake Hussein’s hand, much less attend his invite to the White House. The sooner this muzlum, anti-American is out of office, the better. I wish he would just go underground .. like, maybe six feet, or so …

    • Alexander The GREAT

      I second that last comment and besides whom wants to handle dirty toilet paper with a handshake from an inexperienced pre-freshman?

    • joe

      i would second that

    • Chuck R

      There an African Lion at the Washington Zoo and the Whitehouse has a lying African so why would these drivers come close to this pile of crap

    • Robert Schell


    • Tada

      Want more insight to this Obama ruling America? We just watched a movie called Agenda: Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers – it is a true story. It will rattle you to the core.

    • nwrkjoel

      Even though I’m assuming the last line of your comments was a joke, please don’t give the liberals any fuel to back up their charges of hatred and racism towards freedom loving Americans. I totally disagree with the agenda that his administration has pursued, but will not lower myself to the lefts’ rhetoric.

    • kmq

      Has anyone read The Roots of Obama’s Rage. It is a very enlightening book. It proves that he doesn’t care about this country and wants to reduce our status in the world. It is about his father’s quest with anti-colonialism. If you haven’t read it I urge you to do so. Throughout the book you will keep saying “I get it!” We all know he is bad for this country but none of us know for sure if it’s his socialist agenda his muslim connection or just what it is. I feel this book explains a good deal and makes a tremendous amount of sense. If it’s true what I have felt all along will happen and that is he will keep pushing his agenda for the next 17 months. He knows there is a good chance he will not win in 2012 so he will do everything he can to take this country down while he is in office. Everyone I know who has read it so far feels the same. He need to be impeached and SOON!

    • Sue

      We need to be able to get this through to NASCAR and to the guys…..

    • Don Johns

      I agree with your commeent completely. I wouldn’t walk across the street to meet Obama. He is the WORST PRESIDENT this country has ever had. I can’t wait until he is no longer president.

    • Oscar Byington

      Just wish more of these drivers would have the BALLS to ignore this so called US President.

  • janzangp

    Because it is now obvious that Obama never had a Hawaii birth ( check out his online Kenyan birth certificate and testimony of former Hawaiian Hall of Records clerk, Tim Adams, who personally had access to all records and stated there never was a birth certificate for Hawaii) we must depose him from office before the term is over to void all Bills signed by him and avoid the presidential pension being paid out to further insult the American people. We need an organized effort to remove him from office immediately.
    The people must demand it and then try him in the courts for his many crimes, fine him for everything he has acquired at taxpayer expense and by graft and sentence him either to life imprisonment with his wife in a separate establishment or execute him summarily like he and his cronies did the Seal team who can never testify on or off the record regarding the Osama Bin Laden scam coverup. His reign of infamy and utter destruction must be brought to an ignominious end fitting for a traitor to this people. It is time we brought someone honorable to the WH and show all contenders that we will no longer be subject to a President who does not prove by his or her actions that he or she is a SERVANT of the citizens of this once great country.

    • Bonnie

      Janzangp, I agree 100% with everything you just said!!!! We need to get someone to listen. This is just insane that this man is still sitting in the White House as President!!! What a disgrace to this country that the communists pulled off the biggest scam in American history!!!! God help us all!!!! Everyone flood the phone lines and e-mail ever representative we can and the Supreme court representative too,(other than Obama’s appointees) and get this man out of office!!!!!!!!!

    • phenry

      I recommend that we imprison him WITH the First Ho. I can think of few worse punishments.

    • http://ThePatriotNews Gerald

      Yes, give him one long vacation that he cant get away from….

    • Ann C

      Please, please email what you said to your members in Congress, as well as John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, and TEA Party member who was elected last November. What you said is of vital importance and so well said!! Just go to It is one of the finest and easiest ways to email them and the W.H. at the same time. God bless you!!

    • frank miller

      do not forget the “black caucus” 70+ members that are self professed to be socialist “communist” that took their oeth to uphold the constitution of the United States of America but vote to destroy it. and Pelosi,Reid. this is TREASON! but no one has balls enough to call them on it. God Bless Seal Team 6 and their survivors. this must be challenged!did Obama do it or did he not?

    • Gary

      Good luck to anyone prosecuting his birth place successfully or his citizenship. Most of the press still has a thrill up there legs and the justice department seems to care less.

    • 820 RED HORSE

      Helllllll No!!!!! Who would want this guy who has the opposite of the midas touch meet you?! Everything he touches turns to SHIT!!! God Bless these guys who declined the visit, Jimmy Johnson better be careful, after he shakes hussien’s hand he may not make 10 laps in each race that remains onthe schedule!! Just look @ what this idiot has done to an entire nation!! IMPEACH WITH EXTREME PREJIDUCE!!

    • John Paine

      Why is it that McCain and the rest of the so called hardcore Conservatives; Tea Partiers alike go after this SOB. Enough is Enough.

      I have a saying but; I would probably be called a racist if I used. So I won’t. But, he needs to go!

    • Don Johns

      Man you said it. And I totally agree with you. Obama is a crook of the worst kind.

    • KS49

      Jimmy Johnson and the other 11 NASCAR drivers should also boycott this, being “honored” by BHO is no honor. BHO, Guilty of Treason against the United States of American, along with Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and a slew of others who have aided and abetted this Faux President!!!

    • patfo49

      You named all the guilty who should be made to pay for the “Downgrade of America”

    • ???

      Unfortunately, I sincerely doubt that the House and Senate who have the Power to do something would take up this issue. They Have No Balls.

    • Kinloch

      A big 10-4 on that brother,and kudos to the NASCAR guys on the no show,the snake in the White house just wants to shake hands before he and his EPA gang find yet another piece of America to attack,these people will stop at nothing to take away our way of life and auto racing Im sure is within there sights and the “Green” agenda they want to use to do it with

    • SammysDad

      Unfortunately, deposing this fraud will never happen with the wimpy, self-absorbed, debased minions who slobber over his every word and have control of the senate, ie, Durbin, Schumer, and the demented Reid.

    • Nations Revenge

      First I agree with everything you said..but my question is this man did not accomplish this by himself…this took planning, cunning and a lot of money to do what has been done to this country..more or less it was a coup de’ grace without firing a shot…b/c as Kruschev once said back in the 50’s that America would be taken without firing a shot and since Obummer is a stout socialist/communist agitator then I am left with little doubt this has been accomplished. *J.M.O.*

    • Karen Miller

      Have you heard of the Iluminati or Bilderburgs?? They are the ones that are really running the country. They wanted obummer in office and that’s exactly how he got there. Never heard of him until he started running for president!!
      NONE of the Nascar drivers should go!!!

    • Richard

      I agree with everything you said . and i will ot vote for anyone that will not promise to do just that .

    • http://oldblacksmith william greene

      dream on, good people. obama will not run for another term. he’ll bow out right before the democratic convention and hand the reigns over to hillary. then the big “O” will head for secretary general of the UN – campaign funds in his pocket. all courtesy of george soros.
      the republicans will spend the next 12 months and a lotta bucks campaigning against barry – who won’t be there.
      many dems & independents just remember the clinton years as happy days….. and she has SO much experience.
      the republican focus must be against the progressive agenda…. the run-away spending & explosion of government spending & regulations.

    • 820 RED HORSE

      One can only dream!! The only run I want to Barry do, is run for his sorry ass life!!

    • nwrkjoel

      I hope you’re right, but in my opinion, Obamas’ massive ego and arrogance will prevent him from giving up “the good life” at the taxpayers’ expense!

    • Virginia

      Amen to that. I’m surprised that no one has raised the question of getting him out of office in such a manner that he is no longer qualified for a presidential pension. Obama and his wife have had extensive vacations all over at taxpayer expense. Who’s strong enough to raise the cry to depose Obama as president before his term is up? The Republicans won’t do it. The Party is weak-kneed and yellow streaked. I thought Boehner might be a strong voice, but he has also capitulated “reasonably”. All the parties will just let time pass and allow Obama to pass into retirement because they don’t want to be called on the floor in the future. That includes others besides the Dems and Repubs, because no one wants to rock the boat and get a strike against them before the race starts. Maybe people have to get out a petition to oust this President out. What do you readers think?

  • Bill Lee

    All of them should have gotten together and decided to boycott him. They would have gotten way more mileage out of that then half-baked. Anyways, good the the guys who are sidestepping at least.

    • StevenI

      I agree. Don’t the liberals consider NASCAR a sport for uneducated, racist, red necks?

    • sid

      a vote, is a vote!!!

    • Ann C

      Obama’s using blacks and illegal aliens to get him back into the W.H., why not some whites. He’s showing his “white” side of things, or so he thinks. Besides his using our founding documents like used toilet paper, he has utter disdain for our intelligence. I pray our Nov.2012 votes will be like the scrubbing bubbles in that commercial–scrub ALL the dirt away!!!

    • Alice

      I am afraid Ann C that the next election will be way toooo late. He will not allow us to vote him out of office, Hitler didn’t and he won’t. We need him out yesterday, which will vid all the harm he has done to this once great country.

    • JimB

      Don’t lean on blacks too hard. Whites had a big hand in electing the buffoon. To be perfectly honest, this was the shameful work of the democrat party and it is the sacred business of the American conservatives to put our ship of state back on course.

    • John Paine

      We have the 20 to 30 somethings voting for the first time, white lilly pads not wanting to be racist, and Change.
      I’ll keep my Guns, My Hot Rods, My Money and you can keep the change suckers…..

    • patfo49

      You are so correct. I am white and almost everyone in my family, except me of course, voted for him because they didn’t like Bush. I told them at the time that Obama was not the answer! Some regret their vote, but others still like him!! You can imagine how many “discussions” I have over this!!!

    • Brian

      That’s got to be the WORST reason to NOT vote somebody, and that really rubs me the wrong way. I hope they will change their minds, next time around.

    • nwrkjoel

      I really can’t blame anyone(who didn’t do their own homework on this imposter.) for voting for him. Ironically, the reason Republicans lost Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008 is because the Bush administration started spending like they were Democrats. The mainstream media is also an accomplice to Obama winning the election because they hid the facts of his background from the American people. After the disaster of the past two and a half years, the only people who should still be voting for him are far-left liberal Democracts and a percentage of blacks that wrongly believe he is the first black President. Factually, he is the first Mulatto President. In any case, he needs to be out of the White House, if this country has any chance to survive!

    • URKiddinMee

      I think Obozo read too much into the fact that NASCAR Drivers only make LEFT TURNS!

    • Poser Exposer

      Based on all of the replies I have read here, if they don’t, they certainly should. That claim appears to be justified by this message board. If I am wrong, what would you have done differently if you inherited what Obama did, and why?

      That’s what I thought.

    • candie

      all obama wants is a photo with the guys… hes such a phony…

    • 820 RED HORSE

      Don’t remember any NASCAR drivers tellin ole “W” no. Do You?

  • Eddie

    Good for them. They know who and what he is. They dont see him as their president and want no part of this illegal alien. Even the Queen snubbed his ass from the royal wedding. The others should follow suite. Send a huge message.

    • frank miller

      did you see OBOZO in Russia getting snubbed by the Ruskies. not one would shake his hand.
      you still might get it on youtube.

  • Ron

    I will tell you why I think they all should have refused the invite, to send this message: Subject: Fw: American Muslims Still Approve of Suicide BombingsObituary: by RC Lewis: The Obama regime has poised it self and has finally put Congress and the Senate to RIP. The idea that America could ever end up as a mirror image of the 1930 40’s Germany has shocked the majority of American’s. How could the executive branch of our government suffocate the legislative branch in such a short time. It should be noted that this country is being controlled by the Obama string puller clan. We are faced with a challenge, that challenge is, do we have the intestinal fortitude to stand up against the liberal cult that is making a bid to force on the american majority its twisted value agenda. Will Congress and the Senate find the resolve to stand up for us legal Americans and put Obama on a fast track out of Washington. I would like to see Congress and the Senate impeach this impostor. I want leaders in this country that will support the moral honest hard working legal citizens of this country. I was not a big advocate of George W Bush but he was an ACE compared to the card Obama represents. “The JOKER” to support a Joker makes one a Joker By RCL582011

    • Ann C

      Please, please email or fax that message to your members in Congress, and to John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, and others. Just go to, log in or register–it’s free and you’re neve overloaded with emails from them. It is one of the easiest, quickest methods of sending email to members of Congress and the W.H., with one click and your email is sent to them.
      What you said is very important. Please send.

    • frank miller

      and I was not a fan of McCain either, too soft,
      but he was the lesser of two evils. he was too soft on illegal’s. and would not challenge Obama. Ill go for experience “rick Perry or
      Christie.both loves America, preferably Perry
      he had enough balls to serve. air force pilot.
      old sarge, nam vet, lrrp/abn

  • Fenderman52

    The NASCAR drivers that do show up are in for one heck of a backlash from their fans. The NASCAR fans see this muslim commie for the traitor to America that he is and they will not be very forgiving to those drivers who are willing to kiss his skinny black butt in this photo-op to help him win the white vote. Yeah, Obummer “the NASCAR fan.” What a laugh. He’d cry like a little girl if his golf-cart went too fast. He probably wears a crash-helmet and a flame-suit just to get from hole to hole.

    • Ann C

      That’s the greatest number of whites invited to the White House since that socialist Muslim has been in office.

    • 820 RED HORSE

      HaaaHaaaheeheehoohoo!That was great!!

    • Tom Meadows

      If 24 goes then he becomes a 0 for me and I will pull for Carl Edwards

    • Gapeach

      You all know this is just a PR ploy. The
      drivers should feel honored to be invited
      to Obummer’s BEER SUMMIT. He thinks NASCAR
      is a bunch of dumb rednecks anyway. He will find out in 2012 when hopefully the GOOD OLE
      boys and girls will VOTE HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

  • rrm

    thank you five nascar guys that refused, shame on the rest of you that did not

    • http://yahoo grover clegg

      thats right guys he is only useing u for surport

  • don in atlanta


  • Barb

    Way to go Boys!!!! I just wish the rest of them would follow suit!!! I may have to change my favorite driver here! Go Carl you are my new driver but I have always liked him, now he’s my fave!!!!!!!!! Go Nascar and come on Jimmy and all don’t go!!!!!!! Osama Obama is a year late and 4 Trillion dollars short anyway!

  • Nancy

    G-d Bless those fellows! I only wish the others would have had the courage to do the same. As far as the last paragraph:
    “You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here.”
    I can tell you that I would not even shake this man’s hand after what he has done to my precious country! He may be president of the US but he is NOT my president. I only pray that the person who is in office after the next election will quickly change his changes. Also, I hope that whoever it might be will be adult enough own responsibility and take the blame/credit for his actions.

  • SKPatriot , MI

    I think I’ll start watching NASCAR!

  • Ken Broadwater

    I applaud Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart. Way to go guys, this shows the real American spirit that it’s not about self gain but gain for us all. We have to stick together, after all it is “We The People”. I feel sorry for the other five, what a shame.

  • DrewbeScrewed

    Considering Obama is a racist, he really must of had to bend over backwards to invite the NASCAR Drivers. Just another example of how desperate he is.

    • charles

      DREWBESCREWED; you must have read his books in order to know he is a racist. I read them

  • Norman Alme

    Hats off the drivers with backbone! This is a start. This guy snubbed Netanyahu, our only friend over there. He sent the Churchill statue back (what the hell was that about?) He’s got to go. We need more “Driver” to stand up and say “NO! Hell No!”

  • Charles Mesplay

    Jimmy, you used to be my favorite, if you go see this illigal, acting president, i can no longer favor you.

    • Robert, TX

      Jimmie is also from California, so him and Gordon will be trading paint to see who gets to kiss obama’s arse first!

  • StevieB

    What a Joke. The sad thing is that there are some that will look at a pic of BO and some driver and think to themselves ” Obama is a good old NASCAR fan like us”. When in reality BO could care less about any of them or their sport. He just wants to win over some of the politically uninformed voters.

  • Charles Mesplay

    jimmie, you were my favorite, now that you choose to go see the illigal, acting president, i will have to choose someone else.

  • Susie Ray

    Everybody should go to the website or facebook accounts of these 5 brave and intellegent NASCAR drivers and give them our praise and support for their awesome decision!!!!

  • A, Whittemore

    I Cannot Believe That We Are Letting This Happen Here In The USA. Everyone Can See What The President Is Doing To The United States, And He’s Like A Oldtime Dancer, Doing The Sidestep/TwoStep And nevere saying Anything To Help The American People. I Would Say He Thinks We Are All Gulible.

  • Carl McBride

    I think that the five drivers are PATRIOTS and Obama is a PINHEAD!

  • http://PatriotUpdate John R.

    Those drivers that are not going, are not saying anything political, BUT THEY SHOULD!!! Lame excusues don’t “cut it” anymore. We have to speak up and for God’s sake, tell the truth. In this mess we’re in, they should tell the slime ball from Africa, he does’nt rate the visit. Maybe obama should get some drivers from the Dakar rally to visit him instead. They are at least, from his country!

  • Veteran with Gun and Bible

    1. Prayer
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
    3. National Anthem
    1 and 3 are typical in places outside New England.
    2 seems to be illegal in some venues that recieve tax monies.
    Our country is in danger from the liberal progressives and the Democrat (Socialist Democrat is the descriptive) Party. nothing more nothing less…YUP

  • Dwag Face 1

    So how come it has taken a year for he President to invite these drivers to the white house, I mean the chase e is nearly here. Usually a President calss with an intive the day of or the next day foloowing a Big Win. Yes, he is the President but not yet a Ditactorship.

  • J P

    … the ‘great’ manipulator with his manipulating and the manipulated appear endless –

  • donl

    It’s near voting time, the president wants to win as many votes as he can. If he wins the election, there will be HELL to pay. If he loses then he will due as much damage as he can to this country before his last day. That’s why he is trying to be like the “ALL AMERICAN” president we really need.

    • Ann C

      what an oxymoron: All American Obama. Makes one’s innards roil and upchuck.

    • http://yahoo grover clegg

      i don,t see how he has the guts to make plublic appeares, tv personal or what ever knowing how bad he is hated

  • Ann C

    Why has Obama decided to honor the NASCAR drivers? Actually, this is the first time that many whites have been invited to anything during his time in office.
    KUDOS TO THOSE WHO DECLINED. It is a farce, an insult, and those who declined knew they were being used as campaign pawns.
    Obama’s facade no longer works. His effort to appear to be a “good Joe,” a “real American” is akin to Hitler saying he was going to invite Jewish people to dine with him. A harsh comparison? It actually does not come close to what he’s been doing to our beloved country, our one nation under God!!

  • dale

    This clown we have as a president, who is obviously an undocumented alien, needs to be impeached.We can’t take much more of this Clown, he’s destroying our country ! Why hasn’t anyone done anything? Enough already !!!!

  • Mike Nasca

    Great going guys. Nascar racing drivers and their fans have always been true Americans. Have always stood for the National Anthem and the prayer before each race. Obama has repeated broken the law and both the houses have stood by and let him get away with it. It takes for each bill to pass all 3 in order to pass. He has just done what he pleased and they stood by. Before election if they do not start impeachment proceedings I say we throw them all out for being chicken hearted non representitives. They are are not who we thought we trusted when we put them in office. Big Mike

  • Mike Knight

    I applaud the men who choose not to attend. Until the Constitutional Republic is restored it’s treason to attend any White House or Congressional ceremony for that manner.

  • Elizabeth

    We all need to stand together on Nov 2, 2012 when it comes tiem to elect a new president. This one has to go before we no longer have a free country. He is not for us so getting him out should be pretty easy as he can’t think passed ego.

  • Mike Nasca

    When I stated all 3 I hope you knew I meant the Senate, the House of Representives and the Traitor. Well maybe not a traitor seeing he was never an American to start.

  • rose


  • Tubby

    Evidently some on here… even though they might be race fans… don’t know the history of NASCAR. The France family… owners of NASCAR and numerous race tracks… is in the top ten wealthiest families in America. When race car driver Curtis Turner tried to unionize the drivers back in the 60’s and even had ties to Jimmy Hoffa, Bill France went to Bobby Kennedy for help to break it up. The France family has always been heavy demarcate especially after that. They donate BIG bucks. Money runs everything and NASCAR is a Billion dollar corporation. You can bet that if President Obama was a popular president the sponsors of the cars would want their products associated with him…. their drivers would be at the White House. As it is…. Obama is not a popular President and many corporations don’t want their product assonated in anyway with him. PLUS… NASCAR fans seem to be more conservative than liberal. A fact supported by the warm welcome President Ragan got at a race and the cold reception President Clinton got at a race. When President Bill Clinton visited a race they couldn’t find anyone except Mark Martin… also form AK… to show him around the track. The real question now is what effect their decision not to go to the White House will have on their driving career. The France family has always kept a long memory. You can bet that it was the Obama/demarcate political handlers working through the France family that made the invitation. The decline is not only a slap in the face toward Obama but also the France family.

  • Karen Antley

    Some people can’t be forced into being a hypocrite.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    If your a true AMERICAN you will not watch, listen,support any celebrity who goes along this evil in the WH! You know we’re in the gutter when people like alec baldwin, oprah winfrey, rosie o’donnell,joy behhart, whoopi, rachel {madcow} maddeow, ellen degenerate……just some of the so-called celebrities we see everyday on our have-to-pay-for-TV’s. So good for you NASCAR!

    • Dick

      Please don’t forget the scumbag Michael Moore!

    • Dick

      While you are at it—-don’t forget Warren Buffett. The old fart moneybags supports the “Boy” in the White House. A mind is a terrible thing to waste—-What happened to yours Buffett?

    • Barb


      You are right on! I have chosen to boycott movies, shows, products, etc. with any far left characters. The more outspoken they are, the better. It only magnifies their beliefs!

  • M G. Beard

    Way to go my favorite drive Tony Stewart.
    Why did he wait almost a year – nuts!

  • Q Tip

    Say what you will about George Bush, but in the end, he is a GOOD AMERICAN who loves America and its citizens and Military. ovomit is anything BUT a good American! Everything about him is PHONY. I want to puke every time I see that pathetic “salute” every time this worthless piece of crap comes out of the helicopter. He makes me wish I was a horse and he was the flat rock I was urinating on!

  • Richard Popovich

    At least a few people that are celebrities have the courage to tell Obama to stick-it. Now if the Country Music artists start blasting Obama’s Justice Department concerning the Gibson Guitar Corporation raid, and plant shutdown, we might actually embarrass this twit in the White House.

  • franklyn jones

    Jimmy Johnson just lost me as on of his “dont realy care much for nascar racing any way” watchers. “TIME FOR ME TO ADMIRE THE PATRIOTIC FIVE THAT REFUSE TO GO” .

  • Jack Boyle

    I would rather shake hands with Satan. At least he tells you how mean and nasty he is.

  • emerson

    i’m sure obama has NO idea what nascar is. maybe he will think they are corpsemen. idiot.

  • Raye

    Hats to these guys – they know a ‘pretender’ is in the WH!

  • Jim L

    Kudos to the Five Drivers who refused the WH’s invite. Obama is a complete fraud and who would want to waste time with this illegitimate hypocrite?

  • Pat

    I just wish ALL of them would have refused! This sorry excuse for a man and president should NEVER be honored. I am more shocked that we, as a people, did not check out the backgroud of this ‘Invented’ man. I am just as sick of Moo-chelle, his ugly ass so called wife, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, John War Hero Kerry, Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and the rest of the American Haters. Good going NASCAR! If only your fellow riders had your stones!
    Semper Fi,

  • Ed Fesenmeyer

    everyone has said all that I could; I just want this muslim out of here and back to kenya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • No2Obambi

    The president has been giving awards lately to people in the most unlikely places. I wonder why.(sarc)

  • Crazy Lucy

    I love someone who stands us for what they believe! At least I hope the reason these 5 NASCAR gents declined was because of B.O.’s anti American agenda…because B.O. definitely hates what America stands for…
    I think he hates the middle class the most. Driving our kids to soccer practice…. watching American Idol….and Dancing with the Stars. He wants us to be like the poor people in Africa. Living without A/C and starving. He wants to make everyone equal. While he and Pelosi and all the other elites who control the country live in mansions.

  • MARC



    • Sherm

      Marc, I completely agree with you and I might add that there is some who doubt that this occupant of the white house is really president! The evidence is building that HE IS NOT A DULY QUALIFIED PERSON TO BE PRESIDENT !!! !!! !!!

    • William

      How refreshing! FIVE NASCAR drivers with some intestinal fortitude! Who the heck cares about being at any function where ODumbo ears is putting on his little “campaign” play for anyone who is a NASCAR fan? Almost ALL NASCAR people are a he.. of a lot more respected, more genuine, more patriotic (oops, mistake there- since ODumbo isn’t the least bit American patriotic-geared, so there can be no comparison), etc., than ODumbo is. It’s good to know that, if the 5 did really have schedules to keep, they were not so taken by the muslim in the White House that they rushed out and rescheduled just so they could “Swoon” over the USA-hating Kenyan! Three cheers for them!

  • David K

    Wow, you people are the most stupid, racist people in the country.

    Not a lot of college degrees here, eh?

    • Beruta

      Get with it David. In his ‘Dreams From My Father’ Obama said…..”I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”

      So, pray tell, David K, who is the one who has been using the racial card from the git-go – even dissing his white mother and grandmother. What are YOU, David? Not that it matters. You apparently can only see black or white – not black AND white, which, amusingly, is exactly the combination Obama is.

      And, by the way, who are the ‘YOU PEOPLE’ you mention???????

    • Lee Baldwin

      David K is gonna vote for Harison J. Bounel aka Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama ~AGAIN. I guess David K. is not stupid enough to fall for the Republican rhetoric that our country is going to the fascist thinking racist himself! What college did you go to David K?

    • Doug Rodrigues

      David K.,
      The problem with condending “educated” snobs such as you is that all of the “higher learning” doesn’t impart one iota of common sense, something that so-called “Liberals” always seem to lack.

    • William

      Sorry, David K, but yes, there are many such as I who are highly educated- much above just a college degree who are not racist. We aren’t stupid- and we don’t have to use the “race” card when we disagree with another person’s statements. It’s amusing that any time an ultra-liberal, dictator-loving American(?) doesn’t have a legitimate counterstatement, the “race” card is thrown into the mix… :)
      (No offense, NASCAR! I’m talking “race” card there- not race car!)

  • Bryan

    This is another reason not to like JJ. Harvick is the man ! Kevin in 11 !

    • Bryan

      I forgot, anyone else in 2012 !

    • William

      AMEN! ANYONE else except the big 0 and his cohorts! Anyone, anyone, anyone else!

    • dghygjj

      my dog

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Morris

    At this point in his re-election campaign, the President is huntng for every last vote before becoming a one term Cheif Executive.

  • David C

    “Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public.”

    PT Barnum

    Remember 2012 is right around the corner.

  • Barbara Abel

    Thanks to Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart for standing up to the President and declining the invite to the WH for a photo-op. Obama had to find something to do on Wednesday since he was shot down by Boenher because of the Republican debates that were already scheduled. He’ll do anything to keep the American people from hearing the debates on Weds. He looks more a fool every day. Thanks again you guys, previous appointments or not. And the arrogance of the writer of the above article that ends with “After all, this is the President of the United States we are talking about here.” Sounds like the liberal press to me. We would all like to see him start acting like a President if that at all would be possible. I think not.

    • Penny Fuentes

      Amen, I do not consider this cretin(obama) President of The United States. God Bless these drivers who had the courage to decline an invitation by this animal.

  • http://comcast. evelyn

    to Marc, that was soooo cute to explain what Sountherners are….you forgot to mention that we also make our own whiskey in the woods and dont pay taxes on it??? hahaha taxes we keep ta da!!!

  • Richard Vandervort,,

    I’d refuse his invitation too mainly because Obama’s not a legal sitting President and no respect of any sort should be given to this Pig!

  • David

    Figures Obummer is so eager to curry the NASCAR/BUBBA vote he can’t ask when the RACING schedule has time off for his honor?
    The cup series is a big business with each team on the level of Donald Trump or Warren Buffett only with physical labor included that requires everyone to be there without exception and with no real off season
    If you aren’t running ’em your building ’em

  • Frank

    I’m not much of a NASCAR fan, but I will always be a personal fan of these five, and pray the ones who accept the invitation never winn another race. We need to send a case of soap and sanitizer to the ones who will be shaking his hand, We’ve had some presidents I had absolutely no respect for, but htis bum has al;most made me lose respect for the presidency itself. We need to get him out so we can fumigate the entire place.

  • Bernice

    He is being a “nice boy” – do anything for a vote !!!!! He’s a “phoney” from day one. Good going guys – keep it up, maybe he’ll get the message – he is NOT LIKED !!!!!!!!!!

    • Penny Fuentes

      I can pretty much guaranty that obama in private describes these drivers that accepted his ploy as “white trash”.

  • Phil

    Nobama will probably blame the drivers who refuse his invitation on Kurt Busch since he blames all his crap on George Bush.By the way Marc,have another drink of our southern whiskey. it might help your spelling.

    • Blackfoot

      Hav anuther drenk, it mite hep ur puntuation an capatilization! :-)

    • Phil

      I’ll never drink enough to support nobama.

  • Richard Vandervort,,

    Hey let’s Get some NASCAR votes didn’t go very well did it Mr Obama?

  • play2k

    Obama is more of a curio than a President !

  • Carol J

    I’m wondering what happened to the 3 comments I made this morning. I just read down the blog twice to make sure I hadn’t just missed them. What is going on??

    • Dixie

      Crol, don’t hold your breath. I have made many comments on diffeent issues (mostly Obama) and have never seen a single one posted.

  • Richo

    Way to go drivers, don’t cave

  • Steven Coy

    I would like to be close enough to shake his hand and treat him like we did with the Communists in Viet Nam.

  • Richard A Scalise

    Have you all forgotten that when obama was sworn in office in ILLINOIS he wanted to use the koran not the BIBLE.The news media and people forget these things.Also it is said that obama is a christian because he went to Trinty United Church of Christ.But look at the church doctrine it is all about black rights and some passages quoted from the Bible. Nothing about accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior.Look up the doctrine for Calavery Chapel and compare the two. Saved people go to Heaven not good people.Also at the same time obama is removed deport all illegal aliens no backdoor amnesty for them, obama plan.

  • Laura Lee

    Kudos to the five men who were intelligent enough to smell a rat. God Bless you for your courage! Now, as a NASCAR northern hillbilly, I want to know who the other five are that are going; I will never cheer for any of you ever again!!!

  • http://msn Herb

    Guys we need to pray for our country! Only God can fix this!

  • Stargate13

    Maybe the drivers that go would wear the shirts with Barrack that says “Spreading Poverty Equally”. I bet he wouldn’t invite anyone else back and he would see how the US really feels about him!!!

    • Shirley

      Obama doesn’t care how the American citizens feel about him. He is the UNITED STATES PRESIDENT! What he says is gospel (or so he likes to think.) I did not care for Kevin Harvick until now; I didn’t like Jimmy Johnson; now I dislike him even more! Looking forward to President Obama being a ONE TERM President! :)

  • Don Wojtaszek

    I don’t blame them for not showing or going for the photo opp.Everything he touches turns to crap or goes bankrupt. Drivers are superstitious and being with “America’s Kiss of Death” makes it much more susceptible!

  • Chris

    I now have five new favorite NASCAR drivers now! Way to go guys:)

    • Elaine Bowman

      That’s my main man Kevin Harvick. Good for you baby, I knew there was more than 1 reason I had you for a driver. And (Smoke) Tony Stewart, you the 2nd main man.. oh and my husband now has a little more respect for #29 Kevin Harvick, his driver #17 Matt Kenseth, goodness hope he’s not one of the other 5?

  • Richard

    Thanks to all the Drivers that refused to go . And to you sell outs that went I hope you had a great time , I will never support the ones that went .Rich.

  • DE

    To all you racist morons who say “doesn’t the president have something better to do”, do you think he doesn’t take calls or is out of touch? Do you think his staff goes away? Bush W. spent a total of one of his eight years in office on vacation. Look it up, if you can figure out how.
    If they have “scheduling conflicts”, Palin has a measurable IQ.

    • Penny Fuentes

      President Bush will go down in History as a man of character and dignity, your guy will go down as a lying joke.

    • Cathy Conservative NASCAR lover

      Hey DE,
      Yo man has been on vacation half his term of just over 2 years. Look it up if you can read bro.

  • Robert, TX

    Now, we know who to root for! I hope NASCAR nation gives a “warm” welcome to the traitors that do go. I’m sure Gordon will be there

  • William

    Yeah it’s the same disgust as getting a Military Medal from Billy Bob Clinton, you know the one who did not answer his draft boards call. I would not rerceive any medals fromt hese two cheats, liars,whoremongers and no he is not the President of these United State, he is a mockery to all that is Good America and is an agent of George Soros and the International Communist party!

  • Sylvia

    I am a Nascar fan. Good going Tony, Carl and Kevin Harvick. Jimmie Johnson has gone to the Wh 3 times he is a kiss ass. Barry the muslim needs to go down. We need to vote him out he’s a commie he is bringing down our country down and he won’t stop til he gets the job done. He and his monkey shines wife hates Americans. I saw right thru this SOB from the start. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Cathy Conservative NASCAR lover

      From Biblical times to the present, scouts have been sent to feel out the enemy camps. Just maybe the drivers that are going to see the abomination in OUR HOUSE are doing so to show him that he we’re not afraid of him. Hopefully they have plenty of bleach on hand with which to clean up with after the “photo-op”. I hope so, I like JJ even thow most of you don’t. Wonder if Jr. was invited? Now he could really show the ONE what redneck is all about. Go Jr.

  • Johnny

    I figure they would, like myself, be afraid that the urge to reach out and choke the ever lovin’ sh*# out of him would over take them, therefore I congratulate them on showing good judgement.

  • Tim Baldwin

    Good for them!!!!

  • pollock

    After Obummers snide remarks about NASCAR and rednecks I congradulate the 5 who declined to meet with the 1/2 spook president.All he’s doing is trying to win votes by meeting with the drivers.God Bless Tony,Kurt Kevin,Greg and Carl and as far as that ass kissing Jimmie goes he can have the jig.

  • Ron

    Well as I said Obama will use anyone or any situation to get attention or votes. He is like the football player who dances around in the inzone like a chicken that just lost his head. Obama is now going to take credit for killing Obama bin Laden per the commercial on Dish Tv. I think its time to get rid of my service, I hate trash on Tv. We all know Mr. OBama that it was President George W Bush who went after those murdering Islamic radicals. Vice President Dick Cheney. Obama comes on the Tv and says I think is was worth taking a shot, his two faced face is flashed on the screen for 2 seconds. The idea is to place his image in the peoples sub conscience, pretty sneaky but it did not surprise me as I told my wife right after Obama Bin Laden was shot Barak Osama would take credit. What a Joker. He thinks we are stupid. What Bush and Cheney Started is why he was finally killed.

  • http://yahoo Michael Watson

    To All Americans, ****I Salute You!**** There are still some people in Our Nation with the balls and guts to stand up against this LIAR! Folks, if WE don’t get obama out of Our House either by Vote, (or by Any Means Necessary) , our Homeland will be lost forever, and ‘The End’ is coming Fast! I’m afraid America won’t survive till the next election. “Be Strong!” And Fight to save Our Homeland, *for the children’s sake*.

  • smarterthanu

    really,are you that stupid? he is the prez
    I agree that he is the most incompetant
    loser that ever got elected by an even
    more incompetant electorate. But really
    jig….spook..? you and your kind…you
    are the same kind of idiot that got this
    political organiser elected—-please stay
    out of the way, and let intelligent voters
    do what they do, that is ,what you dont do
    VOTE……..Its called DEMOCRACY

  • http://SchedulingConflicts coldrh

    This is the same individual who repeatedly has scheduling conflicts with the citizens of this great country. Can anyone say hold my jobs speech until AFTER my vacation and while we twist in the wind waiting for leadership? And now that MY vacation is over you Republicans change your scheduled debate;Oh? well than NFL you change your scheduled game.
    Lest he-we forget,the executive branch is only one third of our government whose purpose is to be “by and for the people”.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Keith Malcom

    I, and anyone that has a family or business, understand that scheduling conflicts DO ARISE. (Sometimes they are very fortunate ones.) I do agree that HE is President, however there is NOTHING Presidential about the way he conducts himself.
    Fellow commentators, Don’t do,(or say), anything that helps PROVE the argument that those that don’t care for BHO are uneducated ignorant racist hillbillies. PLEASE?

  • Nightlyone

    Everyone has the right to decline any sort of invitation from anyone. I would not go if I was ever invited. Now watch though…5 will get you 10 these 5, not going, will face some sort of fine for declining the invitation.

  • mark ex calif

    god bless you’ll ,carl is my driver so i’m very pleased. DE you truly need some mental help you’re probably a left wing blogger

  • Al Swearingen

    I hope the rest of the boys in every race, run these yankee spies off the track, at every oppurtunity.

  • dharper

    I’d rather be executed than go to the WH to meet this derelict.

    I have observed many presidents in my 80 years that I didn’t always agree with but I still said ‘they are my president’ and I will stand with them.

    This sad sack of s–t is not my president and I do not, and will not, accept him as such. He is a total disgrace to this nation and its people.

    He has only two facets who admire him: 1. any Muslim nation 2. the ‘freebie takers’ of this nation who will back anyone who will give them more freebies. And that includes the unions.

    2012 can’t come soon enough – I only hope that I live long enough to vote against this fraud.

  • BettyLiberty

    I’d rather go Christmas-fishing with Scott Peterson, than be in a photo shoot with Obummer.

  • Tam

    Jeff Gordon…I am EXTREMELY disappointed in you for not joining these 5 drivers. You’ve been my fave forever but I may need to re-think my loyalty. Funny thing is I’ve never liked any of these drivers but today I like them a lot more!!!!

  • Bleedin Taxes

    HORRAY FOR THE NASCAR 5! Boys your my heroes right now. For having the guts to take a stand against O-be-liar and not letting him manipulate your fame to his advantage. O-be-liar will do ANYTHING to promote himself and keep his residency in the white house. But he’s not going to use Greg, Kurt, Carl, Kevin, or Tony to get what he wants! You boys show what American Pride really means. I’m proud just to know you refused O-be-liar. If hating the sight of that White House alien makes me a redneck hillbilly then HELLO… pass the gravy! I saw he was a liar when he was campaigning. You could see it in his face everytime he opened his mouth. I didn’t vote for him and I DO NOT consider him to be my president. He ignores the Constitution. He threatens to take away social security benefits to our elderly while at the same time his wife takes 250 of her family and friends on an all expenses paid trip back to visit their roots… Africa. How can he look in the mirror? Starve old people while his wife takes advantage of her position to get the royal treatment from countries that would have ignored her before? On tax dollars. Our money we got up day after day and worked for. Yes I’m mad but thanks to our Nascar heroes I’m feeling joyfull today. O-be-liar has to go. He’s been building up a home security army and taking away our guns and ammo. I think he’s planning to declare martial law to keep hold on his dictatorship. Don’t think for a minute he wouldn’t do that. Be afraid… A Dictator lives in the White House!

  • Th3TrojanHorse

    It’s good to know that some people are still willing to stand by their ethics.

  • ElderAl

    Obama continues down the road toward socialism. Please, someone ask him to publicly state which socialist nation America should emulate: Cuba, China, North Korea, the old Soviet Union, or some other repressive totalitarian dictatorship ??

  • http://aol mushrum

    what i would like to know is if there are rules to become president, such as age natural born, how was he even allowed to run without showing a birthcertificate. and he has a ss# from a state he never lived in then his uncle is arested and he is illegal with a ss# i guess he’s helping the ill’s get there ss# too

    • richardb

      And his aunt is illegally holed up in a government paid for Apartment in Mayrland (I believe I read Maryland) He was trying to get free citizenship for her but last I heard failed, because she had been ordered to go back where she came from and she
      flat refused. She sad we owe it to her because Our Statue says she is welcome. She said, according to reports, that we owe her a place to live comfortably, plenty to eat and medical expense and all other necessities because we allowed her to come here without a job and not able to work. “The American Dream.” Now I wonder who educated her to claim those rights? Could it be her nephew Baryuck? Now that his uncle has shown his face, it makes me wonder how many of his relatives he has camped out here for us to support?

  • tuscott smith

    Ohhhh… All you Bama haters talk a good game! But the sad fact is that most of you wont take time out of your busy lifes to vote this clown out !!!!!

    • richardb

      You can bet I will. I am working 5 or 6 hours a day, sometimes more,if my job permits it, not to endorse any candidate at the moment, but to discourage people from voting for OBummer again. I have a copy of a speech he made stating that Muslims have done more for this country than any other group of people. He quotes passagers from the Holy Quran( that’s what he call it) over and over. He admits to being a Muslim. Now many of his politicians are saying they want to see us lean more to Shirah (Muslim Law Law.) You ladies better check into that and decide if that is the law you want to live under. Faces hidden, men beat the crap out of you if you don’t do his will, raped at any time some man wants to rape you and you get punished for it. We must get these dictators out of Washington QUICK!!!!!!

  • Tim Smith

    Oh… all you Bama haters talk a good game…The fact though, most of you wont take the time out of your busy lifes to vote him out….

  • Othello

    I do recall that Obama’s cohorts went to a NASCAR race and everyone of them “had to get immunized” before going around all “those Repubican rednecks”. What? Afraid they might catch something called intelligence.

    • BUD


  • Ron

    Thanks to Don’s support and to the USAF vet we salute our Greatest American’s who for centuries have sacrificed for Family, Friends and country. Remember Obama and Michelle stated they had never been proud of this country so that should explain the attacks on country. Obama reachs out to the youth, ignorant, poor and degenerates for support, he has attacked the gun owning farmers and factory workers and has supplied, allowed guns to fall in the hands of crooks, criminals to our south. I ask you, is this what we as a country support or do we want to regain common sense and respect as we had before Obama’s Clan took hostage our country.

  • Bob Slyway

    Good for them! I wouldn’t take time out of my busy day to waste promoting this felon’s political career either. The day he is gone we’re giving all of our employees the day off with pay. Whether he finishes his term or not. He should be impeached and tried.

    • richardb

      Right you are. All this is for I to get all of Nascar involved in soliciting votes for him. I wouldn’t dare give him the pleasure of thinking I was playing into his hands by kissing butt by visiting him at he Capitol. I helped pay for that building and I think he should have to give whoever the Republican candidate will be equal time to host campaign parties at the Capitol if Baryuck is going to campaign there.
      I applaud the five drivers who refused his invitation. I laugh at the ignorance of the one’s who will accept his invitation, of course many race car drivers don’t have any education anyway so going to the white house will make them look important to their family and friends.

  • http://ThePatroitUpdate Jim Sickels

    It;s tradition to invite Champions to the WH.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don;t recall seeing the Green Bay Packers there this year.
    They did win the Super Bowl. If I’m correct, Why? Is it because the Prez is a big Chicago Bears fan whose butts got handed to them in the NFL Championship, or maybe a few Packer Players had some unkind things to say about the Prez. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  • mark ex calif

    i just want to know the names of the ones attending

    • BUD