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Immigration Questions Dog Perry After Debate

Monday, September 26, 2011


Of all the punches thrown at Gov. Rick Perry during last week’s Republican presidential debate in Florida, few landed harder than questions about Perry’s support for a Texas bill allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition.

Perry signed the bill, HB 1403, in 2001 with the support of all but four legislators, making Texas the first state to grant in-state tuition to young undocumented immigrants who have lived in the state for three years and are seeking permanent residency.

Perry’s forceful defense of the legislation — he said skeptics of the bill don’t “have a heart” — was the talk of conservative activists in Orlando this weekend for Presidency 5, the three-day Republican Party of Florida convention that hosted the debate.

The political damage became clear Saturday, when Perry finished a distant second to businessman Herman Cain in a presidential straw poll conducted at the gathering.

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  • Gas Passer

    Immigration Questions Should Dog Perry from now on.

    Immigration questions should dog every politician because Americans are getting sick and tired of them with out politician who give them every thing for free for their votes!

    Ok you ass kissing La Raza politicians…start working for us Americans!

    • CarolynH

      Correct, he will never get my vote.

    • http://sadinNM ted

      not only that. he is a HUGE NAFTA supporter. beware!!!

    • patriotrenegade

      Go to, punch in “rick perry meets with bilderbergers”. He and bammie are run by the same traitors.

    • LadyLiberty

      PatriotRenegade…yeah bilderbergs always have at least two horses running in each presidential election. We need a real conservative for the American people not for the illegals.

      Hopefully the republcian party won’t nominate Perry or Mitt. I would like either Ron Paul, Herman Cain,or Michelle Bachmann to be nominated.

    • buffy

      Wow. Did not know about NAFTA. But it doesn’t matter because his immigration statement cost him my vote already.

    • Ross & Janet Rath


    • Ross & Janet Rath


    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      If Perry gets the nomination I urge everyone to hold their nose and vote against “the most dangerous man in America”, obammi!

    • Kenjoe

      That’s how obummer got elected. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • JoAnn

      Perry is a very good looking man but that’s where it stops. I would not vote for him and I am a Texan and proud of it. He has not done things that would be helpful to the other Texans.

      Let’s vote for Cain. He is a winner in my eyes.

      I’d vote for almost anyone over Obama. He has done nothing good for this country. When he said in a speech prior to the election he’d change the Country, I never dreamed he meant he’d change it in the way he has. I never have nor will I vote for him.

    • tpmc

      Who will you vote for if Perry is the canadate? OBAMA. Not me I will not make the mistake of voting for someone (independant) like I did in 1992 and let someone in like Clinton. I think that is what the Democrates are trying to do for the 12 elections. Split the vote and get Obama in for another 4 years.
      I agree with Ron Powell above in that they seem to be RINO’s but if it bowls down to them vs Obama it’s them for me not a third party canadite.

    • levoid77

      Right now Perry or Romney are not my favorites even if I am a Texan But…. dont forget the Supreme Court ruled that a State must educate an illegal from the cradle to graduation. If a child goes to school in any State they have the right to go to College or join the Military as long as THEY can pay for it as much as I dont like it

    • am2sweet

      He sure screwed up saying we’re supposed to care about illegals kids being educated. Frankly since the government didn’t help any of my kids or anyone else’s I know even though they had to work a couple jobs to get their education I resent that an illegal could get a ‘free’ one. It’s no wonder that our kids have to work for one but not anyone not born in this country. Time for that to change.

    • MontanaMEL

      WOW…. I knew about his stance on building a fence…and, the tuition bill…had already decided we sure didn’t need his likes in our House…BUT..this NAFTA thing was not well covered nationwide…

      WE DO NEED A WALL or FENCE and WE DO NEED CONTROL OF OUR BORDERS, ALONG WITH “who” is ALLOWED TO REMAIN… In some areas of Texas, that “wall” needs to be at least 3 stories high to stop the bullets from hitting US CITIZENS on our side of the line…in some areas, with the help of some Barrett’s, just a line in the sand will do position, manned 24/7, with relief can cover 2 miles of border…some BIG IR lights would be nice for moonless nights, eh?…maybe some trip-wires or snake pits too…make it painful for anyone trying to sneak in!..

      I really don’t know if we have “seen” the right person to run for Pres even yet…they all seem tainted in some way to me… But, Obummer sure needs to go…far, far, away!

    • oneAmerican

      Montana, I, too, am ‘still looking’ This election is so vital to our existence & we must get it right! Might not get ‘do overs” I realize the “Ideal” person doesn’t exist & a TRUE Conservative can’t pull enough moderate & Independent votes to win…& give the Dems another round. Like Lincoln, I’ve made a “pro & con” list sheet for the ones that ‘might’ buy us time & that CAN get ELECTED. And then, in Santa Claus fashion, I’ll have my list & check it twice! Perry, like ALL the others has faltered on Immigration BIG time.. Immigration is NOT the only issue to look closely at. We must not develop tunnel vision nor cling so tightly to ideals that we cannot see the whole picture. And spending some extra time on our knees wouldn’t hurt.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Some body needs to sic some very aggressive, large, really ugly dogs on perry. Just cause he looks so natty in RINO hide. if for no other reason. I Hope Ron Paul kicks his RINO hide clad butt back and forth across Texas several times come election day .
      PS. If Ron Paul gets elected and he should he should pick Herman Cain or Newt “the Hoot” Gingrich as his running mate or else his son..

  • Gas Passer

    A Real Eye Opener WHY is the USA BANKRUPT?

    Informative, and mind boggling!

    You think the war in Iraq was costing us too much? Read this: We have been hammered with the propaganda that it was the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us. I now find that to be RIDICULOUS. I hope the
    following 11 reasons wakes you up at what politicians do for illegals.

    1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year
    by state governments.

    2. $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

    3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

    4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!

    5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

    6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.

    7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.

    8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.

    9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

    10. In 2006, illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin.

    11. Another Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes
    committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States ..



    • Byron
    • Gas Passer

      Yes it can be done as Ike and Gen. Joseph “Jumpin’ Joe” Swing did it in getting rid of illegals.

      The politicians are all in on the illegal scam because they get political donations who hire illegals.

      We need a president who is tough on illegals and someone running the INS like Gen. Joseph “Jumpin’ Joe” Swing.

    • Byron

      If you want to see how it was handled in the past go to this site:

    • Byron

      I posted this comment twice using one syntax it is still awating moderation, Changing it slightly it is posted. Interestiong, Nea?

    • http://sadinNM ted

      and the rough guesstimate is that it would only cost $225 Billion to send them all home. wow! 15-25 million jobs and we would save $100 billion too? and we get our country back……what’s wrong with that?

    • LadyLiberty

      Gas Passer, I know right where the fed government can start reducing spending; round up a couple of hundred busses and fill them up with all the illegals prisoners all around the nation and ship them deep into Mexico.

    • Byron

      Buses hell they walked here, Herd’em and head’em out!!

    • LadyLiberty

      Yeah, but they keep coming back when they walk.

    • Byron

      They keep coming back when you bus’em or fly’em at least we won’t waste fuel walkin’em

    • Gas Passer

      Yeah it is ashamed that our elected politicians don’t give a rats azz on how much of our money is wasted on illegals.

      You never hear from a politicians how much illegals are costing us….but the want to reduce Social Security checks and do away with the military retirement system to keep giving everything free to illegals.

      Looks like our politicians work for illegals!

    • jim simms

      Great comment, but why isn’t this information being publicised every day?

  • nvrpc

    There is only one acceptable answer people and that would be, “close all points of entry into this country for the next 25 years or more and deport all non US citizens, illegal aliens and their off-spring immediately” back to their country of origin via a parachute out the back end of a low flying C-131. Than make it a $100K dollar per day / per person to anyone who hires these people to do job of any sort for the first offense and on the second offense all company assets are ceased and owners are put in prison for life without possible parole. That’s a good start.

    • The Enemy

      To nvrpc: Your suggestions are mighty strong. GREAT! BRAVO! It’s about damn time we get tough against those who are destroying America! And that includes the foolish VOTERS who keep electing the liberals!

  • ARMYOF69

    Perry is politically out of the running for Pres.

    • ARMYOF69

      Only the illegal aliens, and their friends and relatives will vote for him.

    • LadyLiberty

      Armyof69, I still hope all the states make sure that they ID every voter. Proof checked against the registry at the the voting booth.

    • The Enemy

      ARMYOF69: I pray you are right. We sure don’t need a repeat of nominating another heir-apparent weenie like we did last time in John McCain.

    • chic

      Looks like he cooked his own goose!

      For every illegal working there is a legal US citizen out of work.

      We need “Operation Wetback” back, just like the ’50’s.

    • ExArmyMP

      I must admit, Perry saying that people who opposed tuition preferences for illegal aliens, “have no heart”, does make him sound like a typical Liberal Democrat, appealing to emotion, rather than logic.

    • ExArmyMP

      Having said that, I would still rather have Perry in the White House than Obama. Other candidates have a better position on this issue than Perry, but defeating Obama should be “job one”.

    • ARMYOF69

      I would place him at a last resort, no one wants Hussein re elected.

  • The Enemy

    Perry is on the bottom of my list of favorites. Herman Cain is on top with Michelle Bachmann second. Rick Santorum might be okay too. We need true conservatives in the president and vice president offices.

  • tweety

    The immigration issue is one that the Dems don’t want to discuss in public (only in LaRaza meetings, I guess) since doing so will light a powder keg under conservatives and independents. This is Perry’s cardinal sin: having a heart, unfortunately, has no place in the law. I can’t vote for this guy. much as his job record touts him.

  • Buck

    as long as any candidate or president doesn’t do the right thing and deport illegals and punish employers by revoking business licenses then he or she will find themselves out to pasture

    • oneAmerican

      Buck, Immigration is far from the only issue. Still, I live in a border state & less than a mile from a well traveled corridor. What I want to hear to the question, “what would you do about it?” is I WILL ENFORCE THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES & MAKE SURE ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES DO THE SAME….so help me God.

  • http://Immigrationquestions Geraldine Rafferty

    I would not vote for Hermon Cain. He is pro-abortion. I would not vote for R. Perry who is for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    • EagarBeez

      I will tell you something. Fences DO NOT stop illegals from coming into our country. They make elaborate tunnels, come by boats… Where there’s a will, there’s a way and they find it. I live in one of the border states and it is not easy. We can not deport them. Obama does not want them deported. A fence would cost millions to build, and as Perry stated. You build a fence 20ft high, the illegals will build a 20ft high ladder. Texans are dealing with illegals, they don’t want any there. Perry has even signed on with Gov Brewer and other states to sue the government to force them to take care of the borders. So Texas decides to offer in state tuition (does not effect any other states) to illegals to attend college. They have applied for citizenship, have been here at least 3 yrs. As long as Texas has to put up with illegals then they feel educating them will make them productive members of society and not a burden on Texas. You can’t blame Perry, Texas is doing what it needs to do, until Obama is out of office.

    • Bill

      ok.. lets build a fence around texas also.


      When Perry signed the bill to give illegals the same benefits that texas residents (legal residents and citizens get) he basically tells the illegal immigrant community to come to Texas, we will care for you and your youngins’

    • Skydiver

      I have contended for many years, we should build a “Great Wall” around Texas, and plant all illegals, ACLU, Greenpeace, LaRaza, Cair, Acorn and any other worthless group i9n side with no exit without a visa!

    • oneAmerican

      Skydiver…how much do you really know about what goes on in Texas or elsewhere. Men & women from Texas are bleeding & dying the same as military from other states. The electorial votes from a State as large as Texas can sway an election, do you want to discard them?

    • chic

      I understand your reasoning, however, these people have broken the law to get here and then they stand in line ahead of others who are trying to open the door legally, then they get free stuff! I don’t get free tuition, my son and daughter don’t get free tuition, they worked and paid their own way through college, if they couldn’t afford the class or the books they waited until they could!

      Now that’s what sticks in my throat!

    • sharon horn


    • ExArmyMP

      A tall-enough wall, properly patrolled, with controlled crossing points, WILL work. If you don’t believe it, check out the success of Israel’s wall, which has been most effective.

    • Robert

      we should build a wall like was done in East Germany for these free loaders with land mines and attack dogs and armed guard towers!

    • LadyLiberty

      EagarBeez, a lot of Gun power will help stop the illegals from coming across the border; an electrified fence would help; military bases built along the border would help; boots on the ground would; satellite pictures would; electronic sensors placed in popular border crossings would; the National guard would; deputizing American citizens; $25,000 fine for all businesses that hired illegals would; bussing all the illegals in prisons back would help; and Obama’s alligators wouldn’t hurt either.

    • LadyLiberty

      Once established all of these things will be much cheaper than giving all our benefits to tens of millions of illegals…and our Citizens would be safer.

    • Byron

      Actually Oduma took the alligator line from Larry the Cable Guy!

    • Byron

      So what, let liberals abort themselves out of existance.

  • Slow POKEY

    No one will not like this but Perry still has my vote and for good reason. There are two sides to every story now he is not perfect but look closer and I would like to help by inviting you to read

    Kevin D. Williamson
    Santorum’s Ill-Advised Border War
    He stepped into unknown territory to criticize Perry’s legitimate immigration policies.

    • Byron

      I am in Texas and there is nothing legitemate about his policies. That is MY tax money he is using.

    • Slow POKEY

      Sorry you feel that way Byron I live in Texas to and there my tax dollars as well, no I don’t like it but I still think there legitimate immigration and border polices and I will vote for Rick.
      Did you read Kevin D. Williamson article, if so what did you think of it.

    • LadyLiberty

      Slow Pokey…your name says it all!

    • Slow POKEY

      Out Law truck driver all my life Lady Liberty, I earned it, never get in a hurry. Click on my name and see my web site, I’ sure y’all like it, called the Trailer Park Show.

    • dfrank

      For those who watched the last debate, you probably remember Perry being prepared to respond to Bachmann’s charge of his being influenced to mandate the HPV vaccine for Texas school girls because his former Chief-of-State/Staff (?) had gone to work as a lobbyist for Merck, the maker of the drug.

      Perry had struggled defending that action at an earlier debate — but, this time he was ready with an apparent rock solid reason, explanation, excuse or whatever. Without blinking an eye he stated:

      (quoting here from the San Antonio Express-News, Sept. 25, 20011)

      “I got lobbied on this issue.” Perry acknowledged, “I got lobbied by a 31-year-old young lady who had Stage 4 cervical cancer. I spent a lot of time with her. She came by my office and talked to me about this program.”

      This statement is probably true; but, it conveyed the impression that Perry was moved by the woman’s story to sign the order. The News report continued, however, to point out that the impression was a false one. Perry had already signed the order three weeks before the lady came to see him.

      The woman died some six months after that meeting with Perry; and, if some of his handlers decided to massage the details, use the plight of a deceased woman to deflect criticism, Gov. Perry needs to either get some new handlers or get out of the race.

      Using a dead woman to gain some points —and this is the guy who says we don’t have a heart? ___ please…

    • Byron

      Yep, read it and it’s still Male Bovine Feces. didn’t serve my country for 22 years to have to select 1 for English, be told I have to speak Spanish to qualify for a job. There is no legitemate reason to allow an actual invasion of my country.

    • Laura23

      Your points are correct and it’s to bad Perry does not defend himself that way and on other points as well. He could easily defend himself with the facts and show his tuff side. I have heard that he is not being himself in the public or the debates so as not to come across as unlikable. He is getting bad advice and allowing the press to give wrong or incomplete info about him and his positions. The truth of the matter is that the environmentalist would not let the fence be built because of the natural habitat and I have already heard the arguments. The fence will not work anyway. The best way to stop it all is stop with all the free public schools, medical, free food, free everything that is being allowed by the federal gov. And for all those that done like the instate tuition, I don’t like it either but then what’s the difference, they are in the public school system. The argument is that they live and pay taxes and don’t have to be working toward their citizenship. It is a step to work with the Latino group and they have a large number of voters. If Texas is not careful it could go to the dems and many people do not understand that. At any rate, Perry is going to have to start setting the record straight and soon.

  • zucccchini

    It is my understanding that under the Electoral College rules each state gets only so many votes. Texas will go Democrat if they (GOP) do not cater to the Latino vote because they WILL vote Obama for another four. The country will forever change from what we have known before. It is too late for the border states to not recognize the over run of Latinos bringing their socialism with them. Our lawmakers have looked the other way too long. If the Republicans cannot oust this left wing Socialism presently making policy without control or vote, it is the end of over 200 years of America. We are at risk of losing our sovereignty.
    Bush and Perry know this, hence the apparent leniency toward Latinos.

  • Tim Bell

    My question is this: What good is a 4 year college education to a person who can’t get a job under the e-verify system> If your illegal now, you will be illegal then. Your path to legal status will take you longer than your education.

    • Goober

      Bull-crap!! Don’t think for one minute that an illegal can’t get a job in Mexifornia! With Sancutary Cities like San Francisco and others there is NO E-verify to stop illegals from getting jobs. Plus; with all of the FREE stuff they get, they can’t get here fast enough! For those of you who don’t know where Mexifornia is, it’s that big state on the west end of America with the huge open arms to all Mexicans that want to get on Welfare and Social Security without having to do anything except ask for it. I live in San Francisco and I see it every day so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • ExArmyMP

    Perry is certainly wrong on this one, but none of the GOP candidates is perfect, and, as has been said, “The perfect is the enemy of the good”. Remember what William Buckley (National Review) once said, “I will support the most Conservative candidate WHO CAN WIN”. ANY of the GOP contenders is preferable to Obama, period!

  • lou

    Heres the bottom line Canidates need hispanic votes to win and Perry will get the most hispanic votes out of any Republican canidate those are facts and in 10 years the Republicans will never win an election without the help of Mexicans so keep bringing up the issue and you will see 4 more years of Obama and Demorat rule

    • LadyLiberty

      Lou, they can get Marco Rubio as a VP…he’ll help with the votes!!!

    • Laura23

      Not if he is not a natural born citizen which by what I have heard he is not. He is a good guy but neither parent was a citizen. He could never make the ticket. Too bad.

  • Mike

    Do some research – don’t support any candidate for president of the United States who is being pushed by the Council on Foreign Relations or the Bilderbergs. The members of these two organizations are some of the most powerful globalists in the world.

  • Adrian Vance

    Governor Perry has a point, but did not express it well. Every one of those kids would be a legal resident of Texas having lived there more than years and had graduated in the top tier of his or her high school class. These are young assets and we do not need to force them into criminal activity.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis,
    science and humor. Now in the top 4% on Kindle.

  • Ltjg

    What does anyone think would happen if the Texas Citizens did not catch him on the Trans Texas Corridor and make him stop? Kind of odd this is not brought up in the debates. Why, because he apologized, said sorry, I made a mistake? I think this kind of thinking displayed is important. I can forgive him, But why not think this through first when immigration is already a problem.

  • shannon853

    heart my ass! he is nothing but a supporter of illegals and support for them at the tax payers expense! time illegals are made enemies of the state and the common foe of this country! there seems to be NO politation willing to kick them out to make jobs for americans! that makes them traitors to the american people!

  • Delcy Voisine

    Governor Perry is the only candidate in the current Republican contest who talks sensibly about the immigration factor. His speech may not be elegant but it is correct. Some posts preceding this one are the rantings of madmen thinking that millions of humans, children of Mexicans who entered the country illegally, can be denied food, medicine and a chance for self-improvement and can, furthermore, be exiled out of the country. Such foolish talk is dangerous and will surely compel the world community to take action that would bankrupt us.

  • Mike C.

    In defense of Perry, Texas is in a unique situation as are all the border states. This was a state issue, and should not be applied nationally, as Perry stated.

    Texas has a large number of illegal immigrants, who brought their very young children. So as a government you either try to start rounding up all the illegals and bus them out forcefully (like a Nazi state) or you at least take care of the children who know no other home, speak English, and could be future doctors, lawyers, scientist.

    I think the correct action would be to tell the students that if you want in state tuition and allowed to stay (since the U.S. is the only home you have ever known), then your parents have to return to Mexico or wherever (since the parents can’t use the argument this is the only home they have always known).


    • Jax Cat

      Mike, your response is one of the more saner resolutions. I notice in Texas’s plan these immigrants mus PAY in-state tuition, so they are not on a free ride. They must be residents for 3 years which probably means they were successful in high school in educational requirements and not sports. Thirdly, They have to have applied for citizenship. Their residency means they have also contributed to the tax base in Texas.
      I know this attitude will put you and me at odds with many Repubs.
      I also believe fences are not the immediate solution. Have you seen videos on TV of the fences being scaled and tunnels being dug and the length of time required to build a fence. Perry’s idea of boots on the ground will be required to stop illegals.
      I am disappointed so many people have failed to realize the merits of Perry’s proposal.
      I also strongly believe that most illegals should be deported.
      One question. How many illegals have taken advantage of the opportunity this legislation provides to them?

    • LadyLiberty

      Who cares…illegal is illegal!!! Don’t reward people that break the law…send them packing back to where they came from. No anchor baby protection and citizenship. If Texas has that much money to spend on illegals…better to give a helping hand to poor American citizens that could use a break.

    • Mike C.

      good point

    • Byron

      Sorry, they don’t speak English. Was a Prof at a Community College that was built specifically to serve this population. Quit after the second year because I was fed up with having to teach MIDDLE SCHOOL history in what was supposed to be a college level class. Year after I left the State put this institution on probation because all they were teaching was remedial classes, nothing above a 9th grade level.

  • Ken

    Before Perry thinks of leading the country on illegality, he better lead himself first. He’ll need a clear head for that job!

  • ARMYOF69

    He is not the person I would want for President. We have as a nation given away trillions of hard working Americans monies over the past decades to all sorts of foreigners. I have had enough of this crap.

    • LadyLiberty

      Every American citizen is a slave to all our governments debt…this is why other countries loan us money…our dollar is backed by all its working citizens….wake up American and smell the stench; aren’t you tire of being used with no say, I am.

  • http://AOL Barbara R.

    I am a Texan and I vote for Rick Perry. What some might have missed is the illegals that get the tuition have probably applied for citizenship. I think that educating them might get them off of the welfare, medicade rolls. Do not misunderstand me, I do not think illegals should have an open door to this country. I do however that the same policy should be extended to students that are struggling with working and getting a college education. I am not talking about Affirmative Action….since we can see a sample of that.

    • Byron

      They can’t apply for citizenship. You have to be a LEGAL resident to do that.

    • ARMYOF69

      All illegal aliens need to leave the USA, go back home and wait in line and apply to enter this country of OURS. On the other hand I strongly recommend they go to Afghanistan or Iran, or Libya, I will help with the fare.

  • http://patriotupdate Emily

    We are truly at a crossroads…Dangerous. The North American Union is here. From Nafta (with Clinton)to SPP (with Bush Jr.) to the Trans Texas Corridor (with Perry) and the OPEN borders (with all in Washington).

    Globalization is what we face. A fight? I have no idea how we could change it now. Too many continue to sleep and believe that this is the normal from politicians and they always work things out. No interest in losing our sovereignty, freedoms/liberties.

    Speaking of down dumbing Americans is correct. Destroying our nation, is correct. Restricting our religion is correct. Killing our jobs is correct. Starving Americans is correct. Deciding who will live and who will die, is correct.

    They have us chained with few options to act against this socialist agenda. Not just one man in the oval office accomplishes this. We have most congressmen in on this plan, both parties. Allowing all of his illegal actions to continue tells us their story.

  • Dean

    The Media has made him the Republican front runner, not the people!


      The media will solect the canidate that Odumbo can beat. PERRY has the most baggage that the Democrats can use againts him.
      Even if he was to win he is a Democrat in Republican clothes. He talks and thinks like a Democrat because he was raised and taught that way most of his life. It is impossible for him to change.
      He will do or say anything to get elected. Just like all Democrats do.

  • Herebert555

    “Immigration Questions Dog” and leaves border open for illegal migrants on their way to the 50 US cities, Jobs for Illegals, courtesy of Obama.“[Illegal m]igrant[s should] …call…1-866-487-9243 and report any problems they’re having.” Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis, (Aug. 29, 2011). “Remarks…Labor Rights Week Kickoff. U.S. Dept. of Labor.” Retrieved 9/8/2011 from

  • Brittanicus


    Encouragingly, as the line-up might be for the presidential entries, the race to the White House is gaining speed. More drop-outs are expected? The American people will insist on a formula for jobs, a growing economy and as a third but combustible issue–illegal and legal immigration enforcement. Whether it’s Rick Perry, Mitt Romney or any other of the contenders, they need to start concerning themselves with the American people, not pandering to foreign nationals. In the majority of Constitutional Conservatives minds is Rep. Smith’s mandated E-Verify bill H.R. 2885, known as the “Legal Workforce Act.” which could make a positive difference in the number of Americans seeking work. As always it’s already got its share of pessimists, leftists and a whole bunch of open border activists, who seem to prefer to see illegal aliens being hired, instead of lawful Americans. It’s further being demonized by the Liberal presses, who have the main captive audience, rather the more informative blogs and pro-sovereignty websites on the Internet. With the Left wing of the press, the facts never see the light of day, just details out of context or plain and simple lies. By Joining THE TEA PARTY, we can alter America’s course and return to the founding US Constitution and laws, destabilized by both political parties. Returning rights to the American People and stop the genuflecting to the Special interests.

    E-Verify will join the highly controversial “Secure Communities”, The Halt Act (Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act), The Save Act (The Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act) and the 287 G police laws that are as necessary as official deterrents, which can eliminate over a period of time decrease the incessant invasion by economic illegal immigrants that trespass into our lands. Any cost that business owners can expect, will largely depend on how sizable their operations are. E-Verify, the federal electronic program checks an employee’s legal work status and is a free program available to employers and will be required if “Legal Workforce Act.” for new hires under the sanctions law. You can read more about this law, at the (USCIS) U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services website. By being fully informed, you learn that E-Verify is being improved dramatically, not what the pro-illegal immigration want you to think? A New E-Verify development includes a driver’s license check ability.

    Mississippi is the first state to make its driver’s license data available to E-Verify, in association, in concert with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. Call your Senator or Congressman-Women at 202-224-3121 and insist on them voting for the “Legal Workforce Act.”

    Getting illegal immigration under control will also depend on the American people’s partnership. Seeing any suspicious activity in your workplace, you can call Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (866-347-2423). Having a suspicion of your employer or possible illegal aliens working elsewhere, is all that’s needed? They realize that you are not an expert on these situations and just need a phone call. There is never enough room to describe what TRUE information can be located in the general press, as many are inhibited by the Special interest groups to fully explain. However–much more in-depth information can be absorbed at non-profit websites, including Judicial Watch, NumbersUSA and nationwide reports at American Patrol.

    Where are some of the 8.5 million illegal aliens working, that you might ask? In manufacturing industries as among those non-farming companies currently employing some of the 7 to 8.5 million illegal aliens in our work force. This is a great place to start as a Whistle-Blower, to unveil this illegal market, where Americans could be immediately placed. Assuming that President Obama is and his underlings are going to follow the law, and then the current stream of sweeping ICE raids will continue. If not, you can contact your Congress people and explain your suspicions to them. A website called “WEHIREALIENS” a project of the Fire Coalition can be located on the Internet by typing it into Google. You can leave any suspicious activities and add it to their growing data base of allegedly businesses, which are not following immigration laws.

    Then once the border is fully sealed as according to the “2006 Secure Fence Act”; a barrier of two separate fences, stretching from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California, with fast track US Border Patrol roads in between. Two fences instead of partially completed single barrier we have now, will be capable of halting the thousands that dodge past the border, bringing even more poverty and desperate people into frontier states. Then combined with the appearance of 4000 National Guardsman who are fully armed and ready for confrontation throughout this dangerous region. After all—isn’t that what the National Guards are for, to protect Americans from Domestic and foreign enemies?

    It is time to remove the estimated 20 to 30 million illegal alien invaders within our borders. IT IS TIME TO CUT OUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION COSTS, INCLUDING THE $113 Billion dollars taken by the IRS and states to supplement these invaders income. It is time to amend the instant-baby-citizenship law (14th Amendment) , as it’s the most expenses burden for taxpayers. Just the TEA PARTY “selected” will enforce the 1986 Immigration enforcement laws and more, together with stopping any further Amnesties of any kind.


  • ketrout

    I too have to agree with the majority of the American public when it comes to REWARDING ILLEGAL ALIENS for breaking the laws. If I were to go to school in Texas, I would have to pay out of state fees, while a ILLEGAL ALIEN ends up paying in-state fees! TOTALLY WRONG!!!!



  • Villa Merkle

    It should be obvious by now that there is only one candidate who is not a globalist stooge – Ron Paul, the candidate consistently ignored, underplayed and derided by the establishment and its corporate media.

  • Villa Merkle

    Why do I always get moderated on here?

    Is it beacause I back up my political thoughts and my Constitutional beliefs with news stories, that journalists have written that clearly describe my comments?

    I thought this website represented Patriotism and stood for our Constitutional right to, “Freedom of Speech”?

  • Carson City

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I fully agree with Perry and the Obungler admin. Border fences are useless and far too expensive. However, if we just fly along the border and drop a multi-cluster carpet of land mines from San Diego to East Texas, that would eventually take care of any illegal alien problems we have on the southern borders, and at a very reasonable and acceptable cost to taxpayers. Might even already have the surplus munitions available in a military warehouse somewhere. To be polite and fair we might post signs every 50 yards, and warn everyone in ALL the “politically correct languages” necessary. Word would get around…eventually. We wouldn’t need costly fences, construction labor, national guard, or expensive electronic monitors and it could be in effect immediately. We could cut back on dangers to our Border Patrol officers and trim the stations to minimal staff. Only need a few personnel to go out to where the loud bangs are heard to toss some dirt and keep the flies down.

  • Ron Powell

    Perry has a poor track record when it comes to illegals. Whenever a politician puts criminals who have broken into this country ahead of citizens it tells you about their character or lack thereof. Pery and Romney are RINOs as far as ‘m concerned and we should work to eliminate them from being considered as nominees. Illegal immigrants are one of the biggest problems in this country and we need someone who has the guts to address it and return all the illegals and send a bill to their countries of origin for the cost of deportation or lose any aid we give those countries as well as trade.

  • GladysMP

    am a native Texan and I would love to correct the comments about Rick Perry being pro-illegals. Nothing could be farther than the truth. Perry has petitioned the national government to close the border, but they refuse to do so. And Perry is not giving free tuition to illegal college students. The instate college tuition is high in Texas and those students who receive it will have college loans to pay back. Romney tried to portray the situation as otherwise and evidently he succeeded with those who are not aware of the fact that Perry simply has to deal with the situation he is faced with in Texas. Our state has been flooded with illegals and Mexican students now outnumber Anglos in the schools in my hometown of Houston. The students mentioned in the debate live in Texas, of course, but they are required to have attended Texas schools for at least three years, made the grades to attend college and then will have to pay tuition. I do not even know all of the requirements for them. Obviously some of those candidates on the podium saw a chance to hurt Perry.
    Now about the fance. Those of you who co not live in border states may not be aware of the fact that Mexican drug dealers are already digging under the border and entering the states. After we spend millions to build a border fence across 1200 miles of Texas plus an extra 800 miles needed, what is stop the Mexicans from digging under that fence? And
    Texans who own land at the border have heavily complained that the fence would cut them off from large portions of their land, cut off cattle ranching areas, cut them off fr9m the Rio Grande, etc. There is a major national park along that border. In short, Texans that would l9se usage of their own property have fought the fence like everything. Perry has to consider these things.
    Please be aware of the fact that Perry has to deal with the situation in Texas as it is, not as he wishes it were. Leaving students uneducated will not serve our businesses well. Simply give some thought to this and not fall for debate tactics that are far offbase and self-serving.
    Now about Romney. I have been saying all along that I would vote for whomever gets the Republican nomination because of the poor prexy we now have; but I have watched the debates and I don’t believe I can force myself to vote for Romney. He is as cocky and as self-conceited as Obama. If you don’t believe this, watch him in action. His constant snotty remarks of “Nice try” when it wasn’t even his time to speak just grated my nerves. He is as “sure of himself” as Obama. Humility? He d0esn’t know the meaning of the word. I hope he is not the Republican candidate.

  • tncdel