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Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion in Taxpayer Money

Saturday, September 17, 2011

acorn housing

ACORN and other radical left-wing groups would be eligible for up to $15 billion in federal funding if President Obama’s new economic stimulus package becomes law.

Section 261 of the bill provides $15 billion for “Project Rebuild.” Grants would be given to “qualified nonprofit organizations, businesses or consortia of eligible entities for the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed-upon properties and for the stabilization of affected neighborhoods.” Radical groups like ACORN won’t get the whole $15 billion, though, because they will have to compete with state and local governments for the money.

In March of this year, Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave a $79,819 grant to the Miami branch of the massive conglomerate known as ACORN Housing Corp. (AHC). AHC filed papers in 2010 legally changing its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA). The nonprofit corporation owed $162,813 in back taxes to the IRS, states, and cities as of this past July.

Despite the new name, AHCOA is the same old corrupt organization. It even uses AHC’s federal Employer Identification Number (72-1048321). AHCOA operates out of the same office address (209 W. Jackson Blvd., 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60606) and uses the same telephone number (312-939-1611).

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  • Whackajig

    Is there no end to the ways which o-vomit will find to pizz away the taxpayers money?

    If he is re-elected, I am afraid that America as we once knew her, is a goner.

    • dave

      America as we knew it is already gone, this fool just pushed it down the road faster

    • Sues

      As long as Obama panders to ACORN, his election is in the bag.

    • John

      The barf bag, that is !

    • Keith

      John, acorn is a Communist organization and Obama is a Communist President! A Communist living in the White House! It was the Democrate party, now it’s the Communist party!!! I say screw those Basterds!!

    • Bud G.

      I don’t think so. It appears now that both the House and the Senate will be in Republican control in January 2013 and the person who has done as much damage as Obama will no longer be in power.
      Remember, Obama has to have help in having things his way and Reid is his man. Without him in control, Obama becomes a lame duck president.
      There is a professor who has correctly predicted who the last 16 presidents and said Obama would be reelected but the fact is
      if it happens, you can be sure it was through illegal votes because one in four blacks now are soured on him as well as 70 percent of the independents. So, you see this is the only possible way he can win.

    • Pitts

      That is the reason why all of us “TRUE AMERICANS” must get off our butts and make sure that we do all that we can to make sure that Obama doesn’t get reelected again, and that all of his policies get removed from the law books of this country. “COME ON AMERICANS, IT’S TIME TO FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY” The politicians won’t do it, so we have to do it!!

    • Bandido

      WND just posted a piece about Obama’s SS# was flagged as fraud by the E-Verify system set for employers to check identity. Looks like the bum aint legal enough to clean the toilets at the White House.

    • Bill

      Why wait for 2012. He is not a US citizen. Remove him NOW!

    • USAF VET

      This makes no sense at all. What has ACORN got to do with jobs? The answer is NOT ONE DAMN THING!!! This is just another reason for Congress to reject the “Obumski jobs plan”. Reject it, if for no other reason than it was dreamed up by the Liar in Chief.

    • Kenneth

      Now just who do you think will get these grants? We gave them free housing before. Every area where free housing was given is a disgrace and in shambles. Talk about bribing your political base; this is obvious and shameful. Demand that your congressman stop this insanity. Past presidents never did what this obvious fool is doing to our country. This is evil. There is no other term for it!!!!

    • http://facebook Ruby Franks

      Amen I believe you are right

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      “he” wants to house the illegals in these new housing projects!!!
      We know what happened to these housing projects before, they tore them up, and they had to be condemned !!! This is what happens when something is given, they don’t respect or appreciate it.

    • Jerry M

      Just like Obama in the White House

    • Denise

      What I want to know is where are all of our patriotic represenatives? They should be shouting this from the roof top, banning together so that this is made known to the public! I don’t hear their voices! Do you?

    • Bill

      This is why I used-to-be a Republican!!

    • Keith

      Denise, only trust the Tea-Party, I’m about 90% shur McCain was a scam in the last election! He was ment to lose!

    • Nanette

      People are shouting! here is the skinny of it: after talking to many of friends and family that are “democrats” as they thought is was…have been brainwashed into thinking the party is the same as it was long ago! They really think it is middle of the road! they believe the propaganda of main stream media and sites they go to or watch. Fox News and conservative sites have been demonized for quite awhile now…and they believe through this ten years of brainwashing that Fox News and Conservative sites are lying so they are being lead like “sheep to the slaughter”! This has been a long process for the liberal left, convincing middle of the road people that that is what they are. i come from a very Blue state, Michigan where trigger words are unions, middle class, less fortunate but after 10 years of a liberal Democratic Governor and these Union pensioners leaving to retire to other states and the flight of those that could not get a job here we are left with those that have (union jobs) and those don’t (those living off the system either by choice or by necessity) that is the majority! Michigan has lost many jobs and a lot of people in the last ten years. We are an example of what is to come to this nation after a long bought of liberal democratic reign, but only worse with this reign of Obama and his Czars! There will be no place to run or hide for most of us, after the the rest of the companies leave and the rest of the small business fold under the weight of taxes and regulations there will be only federal jobs and the rest on public assistance…! We know what will happen then, you only have to look at Greece, Portugal, Spain and England!

    • IAmAProudAmerican

      This is why I became a Republican!

    • Sues

      OH, how true you are and amen for saying so.

    • Heyoka

      If you follow his trail you will find his tracks all over this type of activity in Chicago. No wonder that they are from the same town. Obama was an attorney for a couple of guys that got government money to refurb run down housing. They took the money and never did the work. The housing was eventually condemned and torn down.

      I don’t remember the names of the business or the people but remember reading the story back in 2009. I can be found on the net. Wonder why this was not seen as bad Ju JU for political office. Only thing I can say is “birds of a feather”.. How do you protect yourself from the people in a Democracy. The answer is regard the Republic, Article IV Section 4. We have been brain washed into thinking this is a Democracy when the word does not even exist in the Constitution. If you don’t read it and study it. then you have no complaint.

    • alex

      you mean like valerie jarrett?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Alex …. Also Tony Resko.. Remember he went to prison. He helped ovomit get that million dollar house in Chi Town.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Alex… Remember Tony Resko???

    • candie

      you are correct, we are a republic, but no one seems to want to call us that… and its a shame most people dont even know it.

    • USAF VET

      And there is no excuse for that either. I can remember learning that in grammer school, and even my Dad told me that ours was a republic not a democracy. It’s even mentioned that it is a republic in the Pledge of Aligence.

    • Heyoka

      Article IV Section 4 states that the United States shall guarentee a Republican form of government to the states.

      People just have been brianwashed and they will not study for theselves. In osme ways the blame cannot be put on anyone’s shoulders but the people themselves.

    • http://thePatriotUpdate William Ritter

      Vallery Gerrett was one of those that received money

    • Ed O

      If you give a negro a fish he will have one meal.If you teach a negro to fish he will eat the bait!

    • USAF VET

      Not the ones I know. Most of them are great fishermen.

    • RtirdTXCavTnkr

      Agreed, let’s not turn this into an issue because of the color of his skin. He’s just a piece of sh*t and would be one no matter his color. The f’ed up thing is he keeps saying “just pass it.” No need to read it? That’s how we got the blunder known as Obamacare.
      I see a storm coming.

    • G

      That’s Why We Must Build More Bridges to nowhere, so There will be a place to fish from. Semper Fi.

    • Patriot and an American

      The world is going going going … read the Bible and you will learn … The scum of this earth will not get a green light. They will burn to dust

    • pollock

      So true we are in dip doodoo with our oreo leading us into the destruction of what was formerly the US.Giving money to ACORN is just
      a way of securing their votes.

    • lucitee

      AND he is surrepticiously removing the “building blocks” of our Country one “brick” at a time! He is AIMING for the “wall” to collapse IN on us! SOMEONE needs to “inspect” our FOUNDATION for “weak spots” REPAIR the DAMAGE and make it STRONGER! He is like VELCRO concerning his
      AGENDA because he knows he will not get “PAID” for a “job well done” if it is not accomplished!

    • lisa w

      The twit in the whote house is only there to implement the downfall of this country as we know it. Otherr prezes before him did not do any better. I wonder if they know that will eventually turn on them and that is when hopefully america will wake up. Hopefully

    • lucitee

      With ONE major difference! Our PAST inept
      Presidents did it out of IGNORANCE! THIS one does because of his “DISLIKE” of our COUNTRY and ALL moral, sense of decency, honor, democracy, respect, values, and EVERYTHING that we do to show our great LOVE for our Country! He has never shown ANY of these traits and TRANSPARENTLY does the exact opposite!

    • Ed Hayden

      What is more absurd is that nearly 50% of the American voters agree and support Obama and our Congress fundings for these typs of socialistic programes. From the small mom and Pop business’s to the small corporations that employ workers and have the ideas and the ability to expand and grow their business in that of helping America restore and build up our economy, there is no grant funding, there is no free money as that is available to these non profit organizations
      who are completely unethical and corrupt and our Government supports them totaly.
      Wholsale change’s need to be made in America in that of how our government does business.
      There should not be any congressman who has served more that two terms be reelected to office ( They are the problem ) Obama definetly needs to be replaced along with his whole administration.
      America is under the threat of a complete social and monetary collapse. Once this happens millions will be living and sleeping in the streets, riots will be out of control through out America, people begging for food and shelter.

    • krdave

      You are so right about all this. Socially, since the democrats started pandering to the mimority voters in the 60’s, it is going downhill. But, since obama got in, it has speeded up. If he were to be re-elected, it is all over for the American citizens who have built the country from the start. We will be another 3rd world country and the businesses will desert even faster than they are now.

    • Ed O

      Get rid of his main jew handler the mayor of chicago who is a citizen of israel.
      NUKE israel

    • Raymond

      Learn to say, “Heil, Obama.”

    • lucitee

      BUTTTTTTT! It is EXACTLY what his “Agenda”
      has called for from the start of his PRESIDENCY! He and his “BOSSES” had no idea
      that it would be so HARD to “rein and herd us in! If not for the “TEA PARTY” SHAKING us awake, we would have been like sheep blindly headed to the meat-packing plant! The TEA PARTY is OUR “voice of American citizens”! WE have no more stoic, dependable, determined and effective VOICE than that of the TP! Our POTUS in his OWN capacity is incapable of “planning our demise” to the extent we are headed, but the billionaire “goons” who are financing him ARE! HE is only the “sewer conduit” that directs the “waste” to the American citizens of this Country!

    • krdave

      You got it. Sad to say.

    • CDriver

      It is no wonder the Progressives are attacking the Tea Party movement so vehemently. If these attacks prevail in turning a majority of Americans against the Tea Party then the destruction of our country will go on to completion.

    • mark

      I am still trying to figure out how our we sent 4.2 billion to illegals for a tax refund.
      based on say 30 million illegals, thats like a 140,000 dollar pay day for each illegal!!!

    • FLCitizen

      Something Fishy going on here. Wonder how much of this money is going into some Swiss bank account for the Obamas. Isn’t that how dictators do it, US gives them billions and it just disappears!

    • toni

      acorn by any other name is still acorn! You have to remember o-vomit(love the name) has his roots, his start in law woven in this organization. He feels a sense of belonging. I realy think he is soooo beholding to these groups such as unions, this mob rule is coming to collect.Whats that saying if you get into bed w/the devil…

    • lucitee

      You make an ASH of yourself?

    • Dean

      I am afraid that part of America is already gone. We need him out of office and then we can undo everything that he has done so far.


      WAKE UP AMERICA 2012
      ”STAND UP”

    • Robert Wessling

      Obama must be stopped or impeached!

    • CHIEF

      Whackajig: I agree with you in principal however let us not forget that our Senators and Represenatives has to go along with this scheme in order to get it passed. Maybe a complete house cleaning is in order for both patries them maybe we can start a fresh.I do agree our president is in over his head and it seems he is only out to repay those who supported him our represenatives must sholder some of the responsibility also.If they are not protecting our funds as they are elected by us lets send a message and put them on the unemployment line reguardless of political party.So far we still have the power of the Vote.(who knows for how long)We should use it while we can.

    • FLCitizen

      We have a term limit for POTUS, we should have term limits on all of Congress, 3 for House of Reps and 1 term for Senators with no health or retirement benefits after leaving office. In times past, it was a privilege to serve the people, now it is a career.

    • Lloyd

      Round and round it goes. The same old blogs are said over and over but nothing is done. 2012 vote him out, what makes you think there will be a 2012 election.Impeach him and still no one has the balls to step up and get the process rolling, they even wanted to impeace clinton for wanting his dick sucked.We all know that obumma had done more illegal harm to this counrty than anyone and still we can’t find some one with the power to get it done. WTF is wrong with the human race now. If we don’t get it done quickly “qisa” will rule the world and the world will be a jungle.

    • http://UniquePointofView Bill Rouchell

      Hi at the age of 83 I may safely say OUR America is no more and the Mulatto in the “WH” is doing all in his power to remove all chances of a comeback! BK

    • SonnyG.

      America could be gone by the next electin, Martial Law by this filthy Marxist Muslim. When the true Americans see their country now a Marxist Nation, Civil War will be a blood bath. But, Good over Evil always prevails.

  • nvrpc

    Well there you have it. More funds for another communist pro-obama foundation. Who’s going to get four more years? Where this $15B going to be applied. You becha, his re-election campaign.

    • dave

      Someone has to pay for the votes he and his cronies buy, that someone is us, our kids, and grandkids

    • patriotrenegade

      you also need to go to, punch in the keywords”rick perry meets with bilderbergers”. He is on the global/marxist team. “They” own both horses in a two horse race. MUST SEE

    • Patriot and an American

      There are many many many corruptive manipulators in bed with each other, it is unimaginable.

      Also read the Bible and research to who is the False Prophet. The richest self proclaiming since ancient times.

      Now is our times, there will be many many more false prophets:

      Hon. James David Manning, PhD says Oprah Winfrey is the antichrist and Barack Hussein Obama is the false messiah. (he has authored The Oblation Hour
      Oprah Winfrey, Pastor: The New Earth Church: Isaiah 65:17, Part A; Revelation 21:1 , part of prophecy

    • floramae

      I don’t doubt this at all………..BILDERBERG SELECTS AND ELECTS

    • Bonnie Merritt

      This definitely needs to be exposed for validation of “truth” or “falsehood” so we can be sure we not being played again!

    • toni

      they have always been a factor. The first time I became aware of them was, from that conspiracy theory program by Jessie…Look up the program ventura, it was an eye opener.

    • toni

      I think the other group is called freemasons. Everyone elected has been a member, even o-vomit. I dont know how that would happen, seeing that he wants to dismantel everything done by our founders, and would never vow to protect religion and our historical secretes.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      The Freemasons are a religious group that was brought over from Scotland centuries ago. Their main objective is to serve mankind. Have you ever heard of the Shriners? Well, the Masons are just a lower part of the Shriners. You must go through a lot of degrees of studies and service to move up in these organizations.It is an honor to be invited to join. The Eastern Star Org. is the female branch of the Mason’s. These people have done a lot of GOOD for people through the ages. We don’t know a lot about their activities for they are private. I am sure you know how the Shriners have hospitals for children through the USA. These people are pillars of their communities. Also, the Knights of Colombus are the Catholic branch.So, don’t think that they are anti American.

    • Jack

      Get to know Perry and the kind of man he is…He is a Texas farm kid who served his country, made mistakes, and finally grew up. He fights, personally, for people in trouble and avoids the media.

      If you really want to turn back the clock to better times in our country…then give him a break and find out for yourself what the man is made of.

    • http://patriotupdate Sue

      Sadly, I believe you are right. As frightening as it may seem, true evil is in control of both parties.

    • jr

      Any Senator or Congressman who would vote for this, especially this part, should be thrown out of office on their collective ears. SC will not have that problem as most know that and really don’t want that to happen anyway.

      My guess is he will get very little of this bill passed as there are too many things in it like this. If the supercommittee (and I don’t think this is constitutional for them to even have it, that is what they are all hired to do, not just a super-duper committee to git er done so they can sneak it past any who would vote against it)does this, they shoulb be tried for Treason.

      I remember clearly Obama saying he needed a civilian army to be able to respond to domestic issues, mostly violence. If this starts, the National Guard should be first called out by governors to stop it, and if that didn’t the military needs to stop it. We don’t need goon squads in this country for one man to rule. Where are the rest of governement people who are supposed to address issues like this, including the Supreme Court? Are they all going to wait until violence begins to do anything. Obama has broken the constitutional laws so often, it is becomming commonplace. FBI, where are you when we have a President who wants to RULE, not govern??

    • http://yahoo Luca Brasi

      So , this sh1thead is gonna withhold our social security checks for lack of money , but hes gonna give ACORN $15 Billion ???
      ….. and he has the Cajones to even THINK
      about re-election ??? This is so fahkin funny
      its un-real !

    • Patriot41

      Yes and the establishment GOP leaders will go right along with it.

  • Mutantone

    That he has planned on most of the funds going to “Blue” states is the key to the corruption level goals more votes for the democrats in the coming elections How much of the funds will get kicked back to campaign coffers is the real question.

  • proudamerican

    The ONLY way to stop this madman and his agenda is to vote them out ASAP!! Discussion time is over!

    • seabee combat vet

      Another way comes to mind! Reach out and tap somebody!!

    • steamdwarf

      Biblical solutions come to mind, maybe God will make them more selective this time as He does His thing.

    • Edward Shick

      We have 535 congress people who could start impeachment at any time , but would rather ask for more money so they can run again,, If he was a man with any morals he would resign ,but as a lying muslim , he is out to destroy our country,

    • Brian

      Remember Obummer’s campaign slogan? CHANGE and he is keeping his promise!!!!!!!! I do agree that he needs to be gone, impeached, gotten rid of, etc, etc but none in Washington, D.C will do anything about it.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Edward Schick…. Do you know what it would take to impeach him?? Remember Slick Willie? He was impeached and what did that get us?? He stayed in office, sold presidential pardons when he left and is making millions going around the world speaking aboutnothing , mostly. As soon as his wife got finished stealing the furniture from the White House, she got a job running the world. I am oversimplifying it, but you get the picture.

  • FG4u2c

    It is difficult that one man who is elected President can do so much damage.

    I was taught that our government was made up of three branches; which was a means of checks and balance.

    Where did our other two branches of government go wrong?

  • AliveStillKickin

    It just keeps getting better and better.
    Who is going to stop this SOB and WHEN?

    • marcel Duranleau

      obama is a kenyan marxist Muslim professor.

    • Sheeple Hearder

      I AGREE 1 MILLION percent !

    • Bandido

      Isn’t sherrif “Joe” in Arizona contemplating an arrest? That’s about the only solution.
      Waiting till the next election is suicide for America. Fake Birth Cert., Fake SS#, False registration for the Draft. Fake Columbia degree. Does this guy have imunity from the rule of law? With such blatent & obvious forgeries… why hasn’t Congress at least investigated? They are all in bed together like cowards & traitors!

  • Dan

    The “motto” of the mainstream media should be “Never let the TRUTH stand in the way of your AGENDA !” . . .
    Time to “clean house” on EVERYONE in the LIBERAL / PROGRESSIVE infrastructure . . . ALINSKY-STYLE ! ! ! (See Below )
    (1) TOP DOWN – 2012 Election & EVERY Election after that until Washington , DC is CLEANED OUT ! Thoroughly investigate the PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, EVERY SENATOR and HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE, and EVERY “CZAR”, imprisoning those found GUILTY !
    (2) BOTTOM UP – KILL OFF the rights of ILLEGAL ALIENS and block them from ALL types of SOCIAL SERVICES !
    (3) INSIDE OUT – Audit and disband the FED . . . Abolish the IRS and make taxes “pay as you buy”. . . DEFUND organizations like ACORN or any other “Community-Organizing” groups and thoroughly investigate them and IMPRISON those found GUILTY . . . Eliminate the EPA . . . Eliminate the FDA . . . Eliminate the Board of Education . . . Eliminate the CPSC . . . Break up, defund, and disband the ACLU, NAACP, AFL-CIO, etc. . . .
    STRENGTHEN the US Constitution to ELIMINATE the ability of a President to “SKIRT” it in any way and make attempting to do so, TREASON, automatically ! Establish new laws that FORBID the formation of a SUPER-MAJORITY and give EQUAL status to the House aand the Senate, regarding IMPEACHMENT proceedings !
    Utterly DESTROY the Liberal / Progressive infrastructure and cut off their funding and support at every turn, while watching them like HAWKS !
    FINALLY, something definitely NOT “ALINSKY” . . .
    Put PRAYER back in our schools and eliminate all of the “Political Correctness” and “Globalism” that is being taught and indoctrinating our children and young people. If Colleges and Universities don’t comply, CUT THEIR GRANTS & FUNDING !!!
    This is OUR country and it is TIME TO ACT ! ! !
    Repair the existing Social Security & Medicare programs for those who are currently on those programs or older than age 35, while establishing NEW, sustainable programs, to take effect for people 35 years old and younger . . .

    • Pat

      That is great Dan!

      Have you thought about running for office? I would vote for you!

      Somehow we have to get the message out to Republicans that they are in jeopardy of losing their jobs too if they continue on this spending binge.

      And they must continue to fight this President at every turn as he tries to go around the Congress and get things done “his way” (FDA, FCC, Justice Dept, EPA, and the rest of his cronies).

    • Dave

      I say “Dan for President” What an excellent outline for bringing our country back to common sense, prosperity, and fairness. Making sure our elected officials have a stake in the overall process is an ideal way to keep them on the straight and narrow. Thanks Dan.

    • Don in Kansas

      Dan, it will take a standing army to do what you propose. We will not be able to vote them out and they know that. Thats the reason they want to take our weapons away from us like what happend in Germany.

    • Kay

      You are a genius and I love you for it! Now, haven’t you wondered why not a sole has started impeachment proceedings? This nobody, from nowhere, with no experience is taking this country no place but down, and nobody is doing a thing about it.His actions are blatant, calculated and deliberate and everybody sees it, but still nobody does anything.Tells me that all of the sitting in Washington are part of the problem.

    • Tammy

      Impeachments cost the tax payers big time money & time. Rope is cheaper.

    • marcel Duranleau

      AMEN. Lord by Your Help we need to remove those
      commies out of USA. Be not afraid of theirs faces.

    • Heyoka

      Roosevelt threatened to pack the court if they did not ive into his demand that this thing, Social Security, be legalized. His cabinet was overrun by people who had established the Federal Reserve and he made the comment that there ws nothing wrong with communism he had friends who were comminists. I suppose you will find this a revelation???

      By 1939 all the trust measures had been stripped away and it became a general fund for the SS Administration. LB Johnson merely completed the task. If you really read how the Federal Reserve got complete control of the monetary system you will wonder why they were not hung. Tthat is until you study the part about how the Roosevelt administration pushed us right into the trap by making gold illegal to hold and devaluing the money by 75% righ at the start. It made it virtually impossible for us to pay off the debt and return to a constitutional system. The continued spending by FDR ensured our continued enslavement via the monetary system and the Fed holds the note. That was the Kenyesian theory, making the entire country responsible for the debt the legislators created. The monetary expansion reduces it value and the rsulting acts as a hidden tax. The less the value of the money the more our labor is devalued in favor of the note holder. DO YOU PEOPLE GET THIS????
      One of the Feds founders was a fellow named Harriman and the Bush family is married into them. So they make money when we are further in debt. This is so convoluted its difficult to follow but the eveidence is there. Study and learn or shut up and be slaves, you decide.

    • Don

      You forgot about stopping the lobbyist who buy the elected officials ! General Electric for example ?

  • Jim

    This points out how important it is to defeat the leftist machine (incl., but limited to Obama) in Nov 2012. That means that Republicans have got to stick together. We can have vigorous primaries, but internal bickering, like the Perry vaccination thing, has got to go. Republicans have to tell what they will do to mend the country and show that they have the ability to get elected and execute their program. Then we can select the nominee.


      Go ahead, swallow the “Perry” Kool-Aide.
      The simple fact that he is being shoved down your throat should scare the hell out of you.
      He will be more of the same. If you want real reform, get behind someone who still believes in the government put forth by our founding fathers.

    • Marshall

      I will vote for no Republican candidate that proposes to work with the Democrats in anyway. No Compromises, Period!!!!

    • Byron

      What irritates me is so many folks keep saying if “My candidate” isn’t the nominee I’m gonna take my ball and go home a pout. That is the attitude that will re-elect Oduma. An Amoeba is preferable to the creature in the WH.

    • tami

      You will never ever hear me say that, Byron! I understand what you are saying and this is what I have been doing. I post on all sites that I visit that all Republicans/conservatives MUST BE COMMITTED TO VOTING FOR WHOEVER WINS THE NOMINATION. Any of the republican candidates would do a 1000 times better job leading our country than that thing we got in there now. The prince will always have his fools…..but, if us smart people stick together we can beat them. My guy is Rick Perry, but I am voting for whoever wins the primary. If we do not stick together we might as well kiss the Promise Land goodbye………..

    • alex

      what good is a republican if he’s a rino like mccain, romney, perry, mcconnell, graham, etc?

    • Heyoka

      I agree but least you foget that so called republicans like the Bush family are part of the moentary system that does not want to give up its hold on us you will see that we need to keep an eye on the guard we put in charge of the hen house.

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but you damned well better remember that these friends have their hands in our pockets and like all paracites they won’t give the host easily. In fact paracites usually kill the host and themselves. I suppose you could say that it is their nature and if you want to find out the thought processes and conivings of these people study natural paracites. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

    • Patriot41

      How can you unify your party when it is part of the leftist machine? You say to rally behind establishment candidates that are part of the problem, doesn’t make much sense to me!

    • Didi

      The ONLY way Odummbo ears wiil be defeated in 2012 is IF there is an election! And the only way there will be an election is IF Congress were to unite in one accord and there were another Amendment added to the Constitution that abolished the power of the President to declare martial law and to suspend elections! BE ASSURED- Odummbo WILL make sure that there are revolts which will be staged by ACORN recruits, unionists, etc., so that it will be NECESSARY for his declaration of martial law and suspension of elections. In NY, protesters (probably not true protesters, but plants) are training for violence NOW. I read about that in a news item on the internet about three hours ago. There will be more of such along the Mex/American border, more skirmishes and violence initiated by homos and lezzies, more violence of blacks (planted ones, not the true voice of the decent, patriotic blacks) against whites. Some radical whites will join in with muslims and ransack muslim businesses, their homes, and make a few minor bruises on those muslims to speed up the presidential martial law proclamation to stop the election. Mark my prophecy.

    • FLCitizen

      Why don’t we clean house of all career politicans and elect people who will represent the people? The career politicians are for themselves. If the people stick together to clean house, we can do it!

  • Steve

    What I don’t understand is why his own “crap party” allows him to keep trying this s#*t.
    They all need to go as it is apparent they should change their name from the Democratic Party to the Demo-Nazi Party. They don’t realize that the good people of the USA will never lie down & take this crap.

  • Colo43

    NO More- get rid of the mooch in charge!

    • John

      Get rid of Moochelle, too !
      How things have changed! If you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans facing certain destitution, earning less than subsistence wages stocking the shelves at Wal-Mart or serving up McDonald cheeseburgers, prepare to scream and then come to realize that the benefit package for these servants of Miz Michelle are the same as members of the national security and defense departments and the bill for these assorted lackeys is paid by John Q. Public:
      1. $172,2000 – Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
      2. $140,000 – Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
      3. $113,000 – Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary)
      4. $102,000 – Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady)
      5. Winter, Melissa E. (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
      6. $90,000 – Medina, David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
      7. $84,000 – Lelyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
      8. $75,000 – Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
      9. $70,000 – Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Projects for the First Lady)
      10. $65,000 – Burnough, Erinn J. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
      11. Reinstein, Joseph B. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
      12. $62,000 – Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
      13. $60,000 – Fitts, Alan O. (Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director for the First Lady)
      14. Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
      15. $52,500 – Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)
      16. $50,000 – Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)
      17. $45,000 – Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
      18. Tubman, Samantha (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
      19. $40,000 – Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
      20. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
      21. Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
      22. Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)
      There has never been anyone in the White House at any time that has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the First Lady’s social life. One wonders why she needs so much help, at taxpayer expense, when even Hillary, only had three; Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and prior to Mamie Eisenhower social help came from the President’s own pocket.
      Note: This does not include makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, and “First Hairstylist” Johnny Wright, 31, both of whom travelled aboard Air Force One to Europe.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      John… Scrap all of them and call in a plastic surgeon. It would do a LOT more good.

  • http://att billgarcia

    how could anyone vote for this idiot he needs to go back to his place of birth not here and practice tribal law

  • ssgken

    Remember people: VOTE RIGHT, VOTE HIM OUT IN 2012 ! ! ! ! !

    • Insurgent

      You sounds as though you think these elections are not rigged!!

    • G

      Only Rigged If You Will Let Them, Standup, Speakout NOW> Semper Fi.

    • Insurgent

      To who? The idiots in DC do not care about the American taxpayer, whether they be Democrat or Republican. I write to my Congressional reps and they have some paid staffer send back replies that are from a form letter. These greedy b@$t@rd$ in DC could give a rip less about the average American!!

    • Patriot and an American

      The context of the total problem is that the entire earth population will not survive what the corruptive and manipulative forces have been pulling over our eyes for at least a century.

    • G

      My Ancestors fought the british, in 1786, and were confederate Soldiers in 1860, Fought The Germans in 1918, Fought The germans and Japanese in 1940, I as A USMC Marine Fought The Communists in Korea 1952, My Brothers Fought The Communist in Vietnam 1967, My sons fought The Muslims in Iraq 1992, their sons are continuing the fight against muslim terrorists today in Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan,2007-2011. We may have to swamp Washington D.C. Speak Out Be Heard. Semper Fi.IT’S Our Country That’s At Stake, GONNA JUST GIVE IT UP????? SEMPER FI.

    • Patriot41

      How right you are insurgent. If this were not true, why would there be a need for the Tea Party? This in fact, is why the grass movement Tea Party got started.

    • Ann

      What is he going to do to us. Our country is going down the drain and he doesn’t care and neither do the dems. I pray that God will show us the way and we can get things normal again.

    • Randy Huffey

      “Doesn’t care”? Obama is leading us into the One World Government by every policy he has enacted. Until people realize that this is an all-out assault on our sovereignty and freedom, he will continue. As long as people think he is just incompetent or an idiot, we get closer to losing our God given freedoms. This has to be recognized by the people or we will lose everything!

    • Heyoka

      Don’t you remember Daddy Bush telling us about the New World Order. You folks seem to think that there is a difference. They just play these roles to get us to believe there is a difference and cause division. You think that Obama would be in office if the paracites that pull the strings didn’t want him to be. Remember Obama’s money man is Soros and he is the Bag Man for the IMF/World Bank/Federal Reserve. If you cna’t pu this together then you don’t know who the enemy is. They all share a common thread. Follow the thread, corruptable, inflatable paper currency backed by the GDP of a country and is a monopolistic grant. It siphons off the labor of the people via the interest and monetization of the debt and acts as a hidden tax. It allows the people in charge of the money system, not the elected leaders, to be the real rulers. Ever heard of Feudalism. Bank of England was created to be a perpetual debt system, you can’t pay it off. And every servant of money will bow to those who control the money. Hint, the people don’t control the money, the international banks do.

      I am tired of the talk. If you people can’t put this together then we are all up a creek. Yo don’t know who the real enemy is so you can’t focus a conceted effort to defeat the enemy. Its all smoke and mirrors. You need to conquer your fears, stop reacting to the insults and sleghts and focus on the little snippets of intell to find out what these impostors are up to and how to throw a wrench in their gears. The best tool is information desseminated in common language, in simple form that we can all understand. The first time that the Black people figure out that they have been made slaves again and who their masters are we will have all the help we need. Instead of making them your enemies help them understand who their enemy is. Not all of them will understand but there will be enough. Remember they control us by division, united we can use the whole lot to decorate trees with.

    • Nanette

      Understand, the bible does speak of these times! We are almost there, this is much bigger than America…you are right it is the World! Look how Christians are being demonized, look at Obama’s foreign policies concerning Israel, look who the UN just accepted into a higher position! We are on a one way train, next major event a need for someone to step in and stop the chaos during a world wide depression and countries getting ready to war against Israel…”Who” is this person? The Anti-Christ when He signs a 7 year peace accord with Israel…look up! Times will be like they never been before!

    • NIKI

      Ann, normal will take time because this has gone on through many PEOPLE IN POWER. What we must do is make sure everyone VOTES. This president has just shown us how corrupt elected officials are. We must look up their records and STOP putting these career politicians in POWER over THE PEOPLE. Money gets them elected-we need to find out who is supporting these people. To bad that money speaks and we keep getting screwed as they tax us out of a life for those who do not work. We must not give up.

    • Nightlyonewolf

      Sure…we can vote him out, but who is there to take his place that is any better that we can truly trust? I don’t want him in charge another 4 years, but I don’t trust anyone to do what they preach anymore. More jibberish to get themselves elected then we pay the price. The go back on their “promises” and we are no better off than before. We need to get those in the House and Congress out so we can start anew. Fresh people. True patriots to the American people and our constitution. Who is there we can truly put our trust in??

    • Sheeple Hearder

      Just remember to KEEP YOUR “CROSS HAIRS” on ACORN, then fire when ready !

      The action word is “ready”… ready yourself for O-Vomit and his Muslim/Marxist/Communist fly by night way of destroying our country, and POUNCE on ACORN at any given second. Make sure they are both COMPLETELY ACCOUNTABLE and held in check. Same with O=Vomit

  • navy vet

    He knows he won’t win at the ballot box. This is pay off to his corrupt cronies so they will help him steal the election!

    • G

      Maybe Not! But If They can successfully Steal This Possible $15 Billion In My Book, They Have Already Won…..

  • seabee combat vet

    Didn’t the supreme court rule that acorn, even after it is restructured, could not receive any federal grant money, and this admin gave them 8 mil. anyway with holders blessing? Time to arrest these bastards in the w.h.!! NOW!!!!

  • G

    Where Is John Boehner, Hiding Somewher Until After The Next Election, If He Doesn’t Answer This Problem, Let’s All Flood The SwitchBoard, Swamp That Damn Place. Semper Fi.

  • Insurgent

    To all the mental midgets who voted for this LFN—————————————
    how is the hopey, changey thingy working for you????

    • Robert Kortsch

      Yes there was change and we all got sold a bill of goods and they pay for there crimes and should go to jail for a real long time, please remember this in 2012 and rember Obama Must Go!

    • John

      When this Schwantzkopf Obama and his alinskyite minions finish ruining the U.S. economy, we will HOPE we have enough CHANGE in our pockets to ride the bus home from the unemployment and welfare offices !

    • CDriver

      Right! To all the college students learning Marxism and other anti-American propaganda from Progressive professors, how is the change Obama promised suiting you? Your aiding the destruction of your country by supporting Obama and any Progressive candidate for any office.

  • Luther Henry

    Wonder how much will go to arm the New Black Panther Party. Their “Dear Leader” Dr. Shabazz, is telling folks in Harlem to “gird their loins for war” I am sure that under Obama’s definition, they will qualify for funding. We “rich old white folk” will have to once again, pay for their arms while we try to figure out how to protect ourselves.

    • Whackajig

      After the blacks burn down the neighborhoods where they live, who do you believe gets to pay to rebuild them?

    • Patriot and an American

      Why do you think these neighborhoods will be rebuilt. Obumma doesn’t want to create jobs. But he will take out of our pockets if there is anything left and of course good patriotic volunteers are always there.



  • Almost Over

    I am so sick of this stuff. Everyday we hear of more ways Obama spends OUR money to support HIS donors. This is THE WORST administration EVER! We can’t wait until 2012, we need to stop him NOW! He should be IMPEACHED!

    • Whackajig

      o-vomit should be with a lower case o. Unless of course your intention is to show him the respect and honor afforded by capitals.

    • Vivian

      Whackajig………I NEVER even say his name and never use a capital letter if I have to type it. Your right, it shows respect and that is one “person” I don’t respect.

    • Patriot41

      When you capitalize a name, it is because that is the way our language is written, it has nothing to do with showing respect for an idiot.

    • Patriot and an American

      The more you read the more you will learn. This is just the primer coat of paint. There is more coming. Research and learning should have been used beginning in the 1900s. Do what your heart and soul commands of you as the End Times are coming!

    • Jack

      No…the end is not coming….when the going gets tough….THE TOUGH GET GOING.

      You are part of the American family….where we come from we PROTECT our family.

      Join a tea party close to you and listen to the people around you …that is what we did
      ….we felt a whole lot better…and came away with ideas on how to get involved and make a difference. GOOD LUCK

    • Patriot41

      Todays generation can hardly read and write, so how do you expect them to do any research? We have a great socialist education system, don’t you think?

    • NIKI

      Almost Over: I do not think he can be impeached – because we know nothing about him. His records are not available remember. If he is not a TRUE AMERICAN which he probably is not because his files are hidden then how can u impeach him? All records from anyone in power should be available but for some reason this one and only one has managed to keep it from the PUBLIC who votes.

    • CDriver

      Any candidate for public office whose records are not available for public viewing is hiding something. It is blatantly plain. No such person should be seriously considered for any office. Those who vote for them are idiots.

    • BERTA


  • http://InternetExplorer Buddy L.

    I think the time has come to start impeachment procedings. This man has trompled all over the constitution and acted more like a dictator than a president.
    I feel that since this man and his wife so despise this country that we should give them a one-way ticket back to Kenya, his birthplace. While we are at it we should have Reid, Pelose, Boxer, Schumer, Franks, Feinstein and a few others accompany him.
    It is time we clean up this cesspool we call Congress.

    • Whackajig

      Impeachment would be nice Buddy, but with a dummycrap controlled senate, the process would not result in anything meaningful.

    • Patriot and an American

      If you really really knew what the impeachment process would entail, you would leave your advice at the door step. The experts in the legal seats know that impeachment steps may contain a flaw that would let these OBUMMERS, ETAL, get off scott free. This would be a battle that would take time. The man has commited treason, and many illegalities that could send him to prison. Gittmo would be a good place for him and have him bunk up with a harden criminal like himself. We need the process to work and work right. Otherwise, he may just get a smack on his hands and away he goes to his la la land.

  • Sandy

    No bickering amongst the right, got it; unified voting for the candidate that can defeat Obama, got it; don’t blow what could be “minor” issues (relatively speaking) out of proportion to the advantage of the Dems, got it; but, what to do about Rick’s ‘big and all powerful government’ mentality? So many of his influences and decisions reek of big government’s “I know what’s best for you” mentality. It seems like it’s boiling down to the lesser of two evils, AGAIN. He might be better than what we have now, but based on previous actions, by how much?

    • Whackajig

      Were you bickering or whining, Sandy?

    • Sandy

      Not bickering, it’s not allowed, so, whining I guess. Hahaha

    • Vivian

      Well, for one thing Rick Perry did not take government money (because he knew of the strings attached) to extend unemployment benefits. I live in Texas and he believes in living on what you have, and WORKING to make more!

    • Patriot and an American

      You sound like you are blowing off a lot of steam, but as you speak, you say nothing.

    • John

      Youu are getting a lot of negative votes, but you are right in one respect. I am as guilty as the rest, but it often seems we are like a bunch of seagulls who do nothing but ea, $hit, and squawk. We should be out working for candidates who will restore our democratic republic and a return to a constitutionally limited government. The founders never meant the federal government to act as Santa Claus.And we all know that ” Santa ” was really mom and dad. In this case ” Santa ” i.e. Washington ,is really the taxpayers who get stuck for the freebies that Washington hands out. Like Margaret Thatcher said, ” The trouble with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to spend.”

    • John

      Sorry for the typos!

  • David

    This is the most important election in history. 2012, We must get a conservative that can roll it back ( and a congress ).
    No McCain-Dole , cross-the-aisle, DC bubble dwellers.

    • Whackajig

      Are you glad McCain was not elected?

    • mark

      Well be thankfull that Obama got elected, so we the people can see the light and end all this liberal crap now in 2012.

    • Sandy

      You’re right, Mark! Alot of people have awakened and wiped the duck pooh from their eyes as a result of the crap going on in Washington. So, I guess you could say, that at least, is one good thing that came out of his election.

    • Patriot and an American

      It is little, too late, to say that the most important election is coming up in 2012. What about the 2008 election!!! Since time began, corruption and manipulation to enable those that want to get richer and richer has been “The Root Of All Evil”. Do a search on Jekkyl Island, go back to ancient history, research the 26 Prophetic Events, which began taking place in the 1930s. Read about what the end times will begin to look like and you will see our earth actually setting the stage for the End Times!

  • George

    4 more years of this clueless incompetent idiot and we won’t have a country!

  • JibJab

    Obama’s Army, the biggest and most well equipped, bigger than our US military, as he mentioned in his campaign speech 2008.
    We are seeing the cross sectional array of his troops from the criminal socially corrupt lower end to the socialist elite of society, domestic and foreign, pretty clear huh……………Evil Begat’s Evil.

  • 1minuteman

    then it is time to get on the phone and let our reps and senators know we will not stand for acorn being funded and if they don’t do something about it they will be collecting unemployment. if we all call things will get done.

    • cheryl jessup

      Your right minuteman the House can refuse this unless Acorn is taken off the list.Call or e-mail your congressman and tell them just that.

  • Edward

    Seems that you all are jumping the gun. ACORN (or AHCOA) hasn’t received any Project Rebuild money as yet. In fact there is no stimulus money yet. But it is good to know they would be eligible for the money if the bill does pass.

    We should all hope that the House has the spine to reject anymore stimulus legislation. In fact, we should hope that both houses of Congress will reject any stimulus bill and repudiate Insane Obama’s attempt – once again – to destroy America’s economy.

  • howard guthrie

    This nonsense has to stop!This man is out to destroy this country.He is what he is…a muslim
    first and a hater of the USA.The sooner this man is out of office the sooner we will be able to protect our borders and rid this country of the blight called HOPE & CHANGE.
    Hitler tried it it didn’t work.
    We are supposed to leave this country better shape than we received it.WAKE UP AMERICA WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

  • Homer Anderson Sr.

    When will all this nonsense end with this scoundrel President? I’m holding my breath that it won’t be another 4 years.How can anyone be so stupid to vote for this ba*** rd?

  • Vivian

    With every story that’s coming out about what he is doing I’m still amazed that he thinks we are so stupid that we won’t “get it” and know what he is doing. Or….maybe he just dosen’t care what we, The American People, think. I have never in my life seen anyone like him, he is on a mission to destroy the United States of America and seems to be in a hurry to get it done!!

  • Truth

    This will be the most corrupt election in history. Obama will not go quietly. Be prepared for riots and violence in the streets as we get closer. Obama’s marxist machine will try ever trick in the book to keep him in office. If things get really bad, don’t be surpised if he declares Marshall law and postpones the election. Do you think this cannot happen? Think again!
    This man is evil and hates America as it was founded. He feels that America should be cut down to size and pay for what he thinks are crimes against his people all over the world. You figure how who they are. We are in for what could be the second American revolution. Get ready!!!

  • M. Wilk

    There is an anti-American force that has invaded America and the many naive people. In 2008, many people voted for the Democrats “hope and change” without being informed what this hope and change would be. Not once did Obama tell them what change he would to implement and unfortunatey it’s socialism/communism. The Democratic party is no longer what it used to be and hard-cord Dems just haven’t seen the change. I pray they wake up immediately before it’s too late.

  • Justthefactsmam

    Fact Acorn Vindicated of any wrongdoing

    ACORN Vindicated of Wrongdoing by the Congressional Watchdog Office

    On Monday, June 14, a preliminary probe by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) of ACORN has found no evidence the association or related organizations mishandled the $40 million in federal money they received in recent years.

    A review of grants by nine federal agencies found no problems with ACORN’s grants. In my book Seeds of Change I document how ACORN, the largest most successful national anti poverty organization in America, was forced to close its door.

    • Patriot and an American

      Vindicated … by what legal means, by a bunch of crooks just like they are. You really need to wake up and see the real world. Just because they got vindicated doesn’t mean they are innocent. They just knew the right people actually they are the wrong people that kiss each other’s behind!

    • Byron

      All the GAO does is research where the money goes and the books are correct. So ACORN is vindicated of making Accounting errors, they didn’t cook the books. That is all it means. Ole Justthefacts just loves half the facts.

  • robocop

    you people believe this crap?

  • liberty59

    2012 can’t come soon enough!!!

  • tweety

    Another reason this bill is a loser. Call or write your congressman today.

  • Bob

    ACORN is the same organization that obama said when he first became the occupant of the white house, he never heard of it. Despite the fact he was a lawyer for that same organization when he was in the cess-pool of politics, Chicago!! He has lied from day one, what do you expect. This guy has got to go. I wonder how much money he’s funneling into his own bank account?? He’s a liar, a cheat and a phony!! Come on Glenn Beck, start the battle cry “2012 and out!!!’
    WE THE PEOPLE have to do this! Get this idiot out of the white now!!!

  • chuck

    Oblamer, the most arrogant pos ever elected to office to totally distroy our country. I wish we could spend that scumbags money and see how he likes it. we have our own famlies to care for we are sick and tired of being drained financially to care for strangers that Oblamer obviously loves, illegals,and minorities.ALL TO GET VOTES !! HE HAS PROVEN HE COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY OR HARD WORKING PEOPLE.THE PEOPLE WHO PAY TAXES 50% ARE TAKING IT UP THE AZZ FROM THIS INEPT ARROGANT POS OBLAMER THE CRY BABY. WHA WHA WAH !! IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH !! SPREAD THE WORD IMPEACH !!!

  • pollock

    The whole trouble behind ACORN and every other thing the Obummer administration does is the so called Press.They are in the tank for the Oreo and they will not show the corruption in this administration.If it wasn’t for Foxnews we’d really be in the dark.Most reporters are afraid of being called racists and if they question him they should say this is for the white side of him.

    • Patriot41

      No pollock, most of them are just down right socialist who want Hillary’s village in the middle of their one world govt., Utopia.

  • Bell

    Don’t worry folks. As long as, we the people love God and do what’s right, God will help us. Remember, God can set up kings, but He can also take them down. Pray about this, prayer is powerful, especially when many pray together.

  • BAND


  • Neil Walden

    We need to put RON PAUL in the White House and people that think like him.

  • Karen Bracken

    I SAY PASS THE BILL. If Congress refuses to pass this bill (Obama is counting on it to fail) this give Obama his new excuse for his failure as our President. If Congress says OK Mr. President we will pass your bill and give you the chance to live up to your promise to America Obama will crap his pants. He is counting on Congress to fight this bill. He knows the Bush blame game no longer is working even with his own base so he needs a new blame game and it will be the Tea Party and Congress. If the bill passes our economy fails. If the bill does not pass the economy fails. The difference is if we take away his blame game strategy it will GUARANTEE a loss for him in 2012. I

    • gene


    • NIKI

      Karen, he is blaming BUSH for the failure of SOLYNDRA already. When in FACT – Bush did nothing for this company. I do agree, we need all Tea Party people in power. This is exactly what has upsent the agenda of all our crooked elected officials that want us to be like all the other failing countries that allowed POLITICALLY CORRECT to wreck their countries. Read the signs the carry, Socialist, Communist. That is what they have been working on for decades in America and this president has made that quite clear.

  • mark

    Accorn that corrupt group, They only had to pay a 5000 dollar fine for voter fraud in Nv.
    Now you going to give them 15 billion. Yea thats what I need alright Grrrrrrrrrrrr !

    • NIKI

      Mark, that is to help them pay more fines when they try to scam again. Remember these same people have not been able to get ballots to our military. We must stand up to being scammed by anyone and everyone that we elect to power. It is time we stand for something because we have fallen for everything.

    • Silver Bullets

      Mark, Nikki…I live (and vote) in NV and I ALWAYS make a point of voting IN PERSON on election day, since early voting and absentee voting are the means by which the corrupt, slimy, “so-called democrats” like best to commit their fraudulent acts!

      Speaking of which, September 13th we had a special election.

      Congratulations to our newly elected Representative, Mark Amodei who took 58% of the vote! [Nice try Kate Marshall, you little Obama Stepford doll]

      Mark, is a great Republican with an excellent and consistently conservative voting record. So now we have one more good guy in the trenches for us. Just thought I’d share that little bit of good news 😉

  • jakebrake

    Well DA! what did you think was going to happen?? better check for 2 million to illegals.

  • Elry

    hes still campaigning never stopped, all that $ goes to his complaining

  • Silver Bullets

    What a sneaky, slithering snake! But then we are talking about obama here…Why should THIS surprise me?

  • Arlinda

    Another grand theft Scam for Bam ….it’s campaign time and scammy bammy is in overdrive to steal money.

    How come Scammin Bamin’s ACORN, owes back taxes … they’re a tax exempt organiztion. I know why because I worked for one of these organizations. ACORN owes back taxes because it used the money it took as taxes from its employees for other things. It did not send that money to the government as the law demands. Instead it bought computers, rented cars, paid for pension plans, vacations or some other luxuries for its managers/directors/head thieves. The organization did not evade taxes they stole the money from its empployees, the government and the tax payer and they didn’t go to jail and Barry was their lawyer!!!!

  • Dan

    I thought ACORN wasn’t supposed to get anymore federal funding because of voter fraud, etc. Congress should block the left radicals from getting any of the money that gets passed by Congress. As it stands right now, Congress should shoot the bill down. In fact, don’t even bring it up for a vote!
    Obama (Obadass) should be impeached NOW! Congress get off your butts and do something on this!

  • Daryl Johnson

    I hear so many people state our nation is doomed. Not on my watch. This country has provided me and my family with so much. I’ll fight to the death to protect this republic and my fellow patriotic Americans. Giving up is for losers. Sheep give up.

  • Silver Bullets

    JustTheFactsMam: yea you…the one whose comment was so brilliant…(brilliantly moronic)that it had to be HIDDEN. You need to change your screen-name to:Pure”Progressive”DelusionalFantasy.

    • Patriot41

      Or socialist troll which it is.

  • scout

    We’ll never make it ’til election day. Too many crashes in the works.

  • Patriot and an American

    These money grubbers are sooooo stupid. They idolize money. Money is the root of all evil. They think that money will buy anything. BUT the best things in life do not carry a price tag. Trust, honestly, truth, dignify, lawfulness, and a place in heaven.

    • Silver Bullets

      Dear PatriotAndAnAmerican: When referencing the Holy Bible please at least get the concept right, if not the whole verse.
      The message God is TRYING to tell you is:
      The LOVE of money is the root of all evil–not money itself! You were 100% when you said the left idolizes money–I agree with you…but please be careful with your Biblical context.
      God Bless you.

  • Warpuppet

    Uh Uh What was the topic again?

  • Yellow Horse

    It’s the only way the arab obummer might get elected by phoneying up a couple of million or so votes p[lus like he did last election!!!!!! I mean that works for most muslim arab dictators!!!

    • MalikTous

      He’s not an Arab; he obviously is incompetent at math. Obama’s a Kenyan communist.

  • Larry L.

    1. A crime that undermines the offender’s government.
    2. Disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior.
    3. An act of deliberate betrayal.

    1. a radical supporter of political or social revolution.
    1. Betrayal of trust.
    2. An act of deliberate betrayal.
    I call on all the Military Generals to mutiny and save the citizens from this sinking ship. Some in Congress and lead by Obama have put America in Unbelievable danger.This is
    completely wrong and Unconstitutional. We know Obama thinks the Constitution is
    fundamentally flawed. That alone is treason. It looks like he is doing this deliberately in an
    attempt to crash our economy and move us toward a Socialist economy. Every thing he does, the things he has said,
    and the friends he keeps point to Socialism. A UN led One world Government.
    He is the leader, but to who’s country?

    My question is this, has Obama committed Treason, and how can we put him behind bars.
    Isn’t it time for the Military Generals to mutiny and save the citizens from this sinking ship. I know Obama is the leader of the Military ” MAYBE” It’s everybody’s Constitutional Duty to know to know who leads us” but lets face it,He is a failure and runs opposite Of God,the Constitution,and the safety of her American citizens.

  • stephen t thompson

    Well, this assures his second term….it will take another administration or two a decade to undo some of this muslim,marxist, commie,illegal POTUS’s crap he has heaped on this country…God help us because the deadly allah is helping him.

  • Don

    Obama is acting more like an anti christ daily. He thinks the presidency can be bought. And can be unless we voters stand up and say enough is enough and vote the ungodly man out of office. Romney is the only one who is capable of beating this man ! Perry is a man who carries too much of Al Gore’s baggage and Perry will shift as Obama does to whatever is best for Him ! The Texans love him as governor, thus let let them keep him. If Ron Paul wasn’t so radical, he would be the best ! But only Romney is electable !

    • Silver Bullets

      Don, you mean Romney the RINO? Give me a break. I hope Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain get the nomination. But regardless who makes it to the top of the R-ticket, THAT person CAN and it is my prediction WILL beat obama!

    • lucitee

      He does not have the INTELLIGENCE to be the ANTI-CHRIST, but he is most DEFINITELY a pre-ceeder and part of the over-all preparations FOR the Anti-Christ! A CUNNING, CONNING CONDUIT! The MASSIVE destruction satan has been planning for America fits PERFECTLY with the direction this Prez is taking us! We USED to be IDENTIFIED by our CHRISTIAN VALUES, principles and was feared, admired and respected by the WORLD!! Until NOW!

  • Bobbi

    He must have thought no one would read the bill.

    • Randy Huffey

      Obama certainly doesn’t want anyone to read the bill! PASS IT NOW! PASS IT RIGHT AWAY! Pass it before you know all the little tricks I have put in it to fund my private army. Remember, Obama called for a civilian army just as big and well-funded as the military. This is how he plans to “police the proletariat”. This man is a born dictator, and he is not far from reaching his appointed goal. Those that think Obama is misguided, stupid are the ones that are misguided. I won’t call them stupid, just un-aware yet. All the evidence is there in plain sight and in his own words. He told you all what he was going to do. “Fundamental Change”. His “Fundamental Change” is to change the whole system of government to a totalitarian dictatorship! He is well on his way, much closer than most people are aware.

  • MalikTous

    ‘Stimulus’? No, it’s Porkulus, just like the other ‘stimulus’ scams. Put this tripe down and out! We can’t afford more porkulus plans, and we should even rescind TARP and bank bailouts!

  • Janice Fortin

    Acorn is under investigation for voter fraud and should not be allowed to accept any funding from the so called in the white house. no obama hussein is not king, and many of us hope, not president, or acting such, much longer. America can’t afford his never proud bitter half, nor the damage this man is doing, esp since there is such a very slim chance he is even eligible.

    • Don

      Yeah, the same people investigating thew are the ones who started them up. Obama and his trash !

  • D. Hanes

    If our government won’t investigate and start impeachment against this fool in the white house.. maybe it is time the people organized and marched on Washington.. and demanded his head on a platter. Enough is enough.

    The government should pay attention, because people of this country are getting sick and tired of his illegal and unamerican ways…sooner or later it wil all erupt. Then we have to pray that our military will stand with the people!

    • Silver Bullets

      You can’t impeach an ILLEGAL ALIEN…but you CAN imprison him for his crimes!

  • gene


    My worry is that we are now at a point of no return that the old U.S.S.R. faced.
    50% of the people did not work and did not want to work. Those who were working, about 35% just could not support the Communist / Markist System any more and Whala the country went Kaput!


    But notice what is bringing them back: “A CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM of OIL REVENUES!” We have some of the greatest deposits of natural resources in the world. It is time for: “ENERGY JOBS, BABY, JOBS!!!”

    I have two four letter words that begin with the letter ‘F’ that can bring ‘U.S.’ out of this recession: “FOOD & FUEL”!!!

    It does not require Rocket Scientists to Farm or Dig and these two products would put ‘EVERYONE’ and I mean everyone to work!

    These two ‘PRODUCTS’ are crucial for our National Security and they can serve to REVIVE our Recovery Engine.

  • John Kramer

    It is time to crush the ACORN.

  • Robert Young

    Well, is Congress going to give Obama a resounding NO and refuse to pass his”American Jobs Act or are they going to set on their collective butts and let this stimulus fund Acorn and all his other pet thugs and thieves?
    Tell your Senators and Rep. to REFUSE to pass the American Job Act.

  • Carol

    WHAT GIVES !!!!! Congress defunded Acorn,of course they under a differant name—-Yes it is true–he has to BUY votes to get re-elected—I hope Congress decides to wake up to this idiot–get this out in the open—Why is he still in office—one week he has two scandels in front of him and people are still blind-sided

  • Marc Jeric

    Mullah Obama, or as I prefer to call that marxist Muslim from Kenya Abu Hussein al-Mombassa, has his system of local soviets in place for the 2012 elections (in Russian “community organization” means “soviet”). Our Community Organizer-in-Chief said that “we need a domestic military with a budget as big as that of the Defense Department”. He is copying the Lenin’s invention of armed local soviets. He already has his Agit-Prop Office consisting of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN,NPR, NY Times, Wash. Post, LA Times…not to fotget his 35 White House komissars/czars. His union thugs and brownshirts are ready to perform a gigantic vote fraud – ACORN, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, AFSCME, AFT, NEA, Black Panthers, NAACP, etc.


    There is no saving grace about the sect of the Jackass party known as the Deemers. They are sleight od hand con artist intent on obtaining what you worked for and your freedoms byconstantly trying to run some kind of scam. They are like a famly of neer-do-wells with questionable family and dishonest associates looking to prey on those who are working hard to comply with rules and lead a decent life by sucker punching them whenever possible.

    Deemers are the reason why we need more jail capacity especially for their politicians….

  • Nikita63

    Is there no end to the underhanded, illegal and anti-American actions of this surly no good piece of doggie doo we fraudulently call a president? Will Congress PLEASE finally do something about this idiot Marxist before he truly destroys what little is left of us as asovereign nation? If Congress does not act to control this cretin, the people of this country, falling evermore into penury with no relief in sight will explode to take him out since they will not. I agree with the previous poster that it is inevitable and that we can only hope that our military; as badly put upon by this man as the citizens, will side with the People and the document they are sworn to defend and uphold rather than a foreign born fraud, never properly vettwed who should NEVER have been elected in the first place. God Bless, and HELP America!

  • lovemyusadou

    As an independent democrat I have had my full with this administration. The blatant attitude of, I will do as I want is more then I can swallow. We need to get this news out to all of our friends and those liberals who think this man is what America wants and needs, when I believe he is destroying all that is good about the USA. If you all agree take this link and place in on your Face book, twitter, etc, we need to to educated the voters, something the main street media is lacking. We can do it, lets use what tools we have to spread the word and defeat this administration is 2012. God Bless the USA!

  • Glenn Shirley

    Maybe it’s time to put together a march on Washington DC that would make the civil rights march look like a small slumber party!

  • mesaman

    True to his early education at the hands of Chicago mobsters and criminals, Yo-bama has shown all the characteristics of an immoral, corrupt, devious criminal. He will never be found guilty as long as he is surrounded by democrat goons, black militants, and groups of felons in the form of ACORN, SIECUS, ets. Your best chance for survival is a complete removal of him and his cronies next year.

    • NIKI

      mesaman: Remember the word they used including Jimmy Carter: “RACIST” not because he is wrong and a cheat but because so many people buy into this crap. “RACIST”
      is so pathetic a term used. These people that call others “RACIST” are in fact what they are calling those that do not agree with were our COUNTRY is headed. Do you think for a minute Jimmy Carter ever had a black person living next door to him or Lyndon Johnson? NO WAY. And REMEMBER: The KKK is democrats and has always been democrats and people need to check facts before believing in this so called word “RACIST”. THE KKK IS WHITE DEMOCRATS.

    • lovemyusadou

      Not only were the KKK Democrats, it was the Democrats who fought the bill from Republicans for Civil Rights,. It was the Democrats and Unions that fought MLK and his walk to have a fair jobs for non whites. (MLK was a Republican) It was the Democrats that did all they could to keep minorities, and non whites bare foot and stupid. It wasn’t until Johnson fear of losing the election, that he signed the Republicans Civil Rights bill,and then used it to further the Democratic agenda as we know it today.. Keep giving out entitlements, and keep slavery alive, to secure the non whites votes. Now I believe we have a new slave master in the White House. We have Non white elected officials and non white spokespersons, who say they are there for their people, while they keep their people in slums, government housing, poorly run schools, by continuing to keep them on welfare, food stamps. etc.. as to secure their power and increase their financial status. And they call us, the taxpayers, the racist…

  • haroldson

    Time to stop this Write to you senators and representatives and raise hell, A lot of folks to gather can get something done.

    • ghostrideraz

      Obama and the Democrates are digging themselfs deaper every day. The sad fact is these same are willing to run this country in the ground and the other fact is the people (of all races,party and creed) will not see the first dollar. Obama take the game of seeking out fraud,but will he ever do someething about and again his attept to buy his base! Sad Sad Sad and disgraceful!

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      And people thought these “deranged” progressives” were smart, how smart can they be, they gained access to the most powerful position in the world, and yet they push their illegal activities to a point to where even the “crooked” Congress cannot ignore it! Now they’ve decided to steal all they can by the November election! obama and many of his co-conspirators should go to jail!

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      The ploy continues… do so many dastardly things at the same time, on-going, perpetually turning over the apple carts knowing that people will grow weary of the battle and eventually some of the crap will survive and stick…We must, WE MUST be eternally vigilant and resolute.

      Yes we must call our so-called representatives and demand that ALL ACORN related entities be defunded and dismantled…ultimately to ban the ownership/leadership from participating in the federal accounts payable…

    • J Hall

      Do you really, truely and honsetly believe that a single politician gives a tinker’s dam what you think. Just how much did you contribute the your local politicians campaign and how much did corporations contribute. People have to start to realize, they have ALL been bought and paid for for corporate interest. And I’ll bet you also believe your vote counts. There is no tooth fairy, Santa Clause is dead, and America is a Fascist State.

    • John Detwiler

      If you don’t listen to Neal Boortz, then you should.I am starting to believe what5 he supposes, and that is that Obama is actuall trying to destroy the Free Market and transfer this Great nation into a Socialistic state. And if we don’t get rid of him (2012) and his syncophants in Congress than we are doomed.If this isn’t his object, then I have to assume that his intelegence is at fault for him assinine proposals. Of course haveing a Congress,Czars and cabinet that think simularily doesn’t bode any good things for our country.

    • HollyMarcyoniak


    • marlin

      i see he is still trying to ruin us even more than he has already done. he has no concern about what he is doing to this country does he care

    • paul

      The trouble is this President is arrogant ! and so are the Democrats ! this coruption will never stop until we the people removed them for office ! The people need to stand up to this corrupt Government ! Demonstrat in the streets of Washington DC until there is a change, if other countries can do it so can we. Build massive housing projects for the losers! take a lokk at any government housing project! their all “Getto’s” ! they don’t start off that way but, after six months of these people moving into them. they trash them ! throw their garbage out the windows, they don’t appreciate it either. Just sitting there watching their big screens, waitingfor the gov checks to flow in and go out at night and commit crimes! Is this what America is turning into? One massive socialist state?

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      This will give obama a great victory and 15 million more votes…We have been soldout by the white house and the people need to wake up and take our nation back.

  • Patriot41

    Watch what the GOP establishment leadership does and then vote for an establishment candidate. Yeah right!

    • FLCitizen

      That’s exactly what happened in 2008. McCain is a RINO and was nominated by the GOP and I believe it was a planned defeat. Then McCain had the gall to trash Palin who was his ONLY saving grace.

    • Air Force Cop retired

      FLCitizen; Sorry about the thumbs down, I meant tohit the Up! I’ve been queasy about McCain’s behavior for quite a while now. He seems very wishy-washy about most controversial subjects. Just a thought, but did it ever occur to anyone that he was a POW at the hanoi hilton for many years, and could it be that he is the enabler (brainwashed) to assure the communist candidate, Barak Obama DID get elected? Wholy Sh#t, manchurian candidate!

    • frank1737

      Air Force Cop:

      I am a Vietnam Vet and I agree with you 100%! As far as I’m concerned, both Kerry & McCain are Traitors to the U.S.A.
      Vietnam Vat 1962-1966

    • Air Force Cop retired

      frank1737: Well then, there’s two of us, but where’s the rest of the Vets? I’ve been fighting communism since 1958 when I first went into the AF, and haven’t stopped, but thru the years, few would listen when I kept telling them the commies wern’t done and gone. Now, with recent public demonstrations like in California, they are surfacing. I keep saying Sen McCarthy wasn’t allowed to probe Hollywood far enough. Just like what the media IS doing to Palin, they destroyed McCarthy’s credibility!
      AF from 1958 (SPECOPS SE Asia 1961) retired in 2001

    • Robert

      I met McCain at a Lincoln Dinner in 1988 while publisher of the newspaper in Lake Havasu City, AZ. He seemed a reasonable guy then but I believe he has changed. Age? Prison time effects? I don’t know but he has changed. I do not trust him and if I lived yet in Arizona I would campaign against him. He is a first class RINO! It was shameful how Palin was treated.

    • http://googlechrome David

      It’s still a shame how Sarah is treated by the media. I’ve never seen a person so mistreated by the media. What is the media scared of anyway?

    • Randy

      Three things are against Sarah Palin. One, she is a positive happy person. Two, she is direct and effective. And third, she is very attractive. These are three things that scare the hell out of liberals. My father always said “If you can’t be it, you hate it”.

    • gerald

      well mccaine would not trash bama when he ran so you might have something there

    • patricia

      I am not certain, but it would answer alot of unanswered questions….!

    • Grady

      McCain pulled his skirt up and ran, what a whimp afterall

    • http://DemooversightmembertellsWHnottoacceptsuboena James

      Rino’s are Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, John Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, and they are being pushed by the state controlled news agencies.
      They are sure to be defeated by the Kenyan in chief.

    • LANI

      The Old Gizzard wouldn’t let anyone on his campaign say anything negative about Obummer and all his relations with America Haters. I was sick that I had no choice but to vote for him. It was the lesser of 2 Evils of course Obummer being the King Of Evil. I was beginning to think McCain wanted Obummer to win, that he was really part of the plan to make Obummer President. I mean he didn’t really fight. He was just going through the motions. Palin was working her ass off and being instructed by Mc Cain to HUSH when it came to Obummer I don’t understand McCain. I know he Loves this country, Whats the deal w/him?!?!

    • Gordon


    • Pete K

      Truth hurts

    • Gray Beard

      Right on, Patriot41. It’s time for the “Establishment” to go, Republican and Democrat. We’ve had enough of the so called “Elite!” Bend over and kiss your butts “Bye-Bye,” as the people are taking over again. But, let me again caution everybody…be careful of who you vote for, as George Soros and Company will be funding “phony” candidates who claim “Tea Party,” but are not. Their true colors won’t show until they are in office. Research all the candidates in 2012, to make certain they are CONSTITUTIONALIST, and will bring our country back to the basics of the Constitution and dump all these Progressives who are taking us down the road to ruin, bankruptcy and debt we will never be able to get out of. They want Totalitarian Dictatorship. WE WANT THE CONSTITUTION!

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      You are not a patriot but a socialist commie scumbag. obama has lied about more promises than a jail inmate. obama is a socialist commie musli9m slimball and everyone who votes obama is anti American and racist. No more muslim slimballs in the white house. no more obama. Transparency remember?

  • lizaz

    I’m sick of him using our taxpayer money to buy his reelection…it never ends!!! Only friends and donators get rewarded…and voters he has in the bag…especially those who are on the public dole. We’ve had enough of this criminal administration. When will he be indicted?????


    I have one piece of advice. Read Revelations. You may be able to slow this kind of thing down but you wont stop it. According to the Bible it will get much worse. The best thing you can do is make sure the ones you love are prepared. People who are doing right are seen to be doing wrong and people who are doing wrong are seen to be doing right. Sound familiar?

    • jammin

      uh…. no, always be prepared but FIGHT TO THE END. Remember, God gave US brains with a mind to go along.

    • Esther

      THe only way to be prepared is be saved, have faith and continue to look up every day. Christ Jesus will take care of his people!

    • RoBoTech

      He helps those who helps themselves.
      Remember THAT Esther?
      And what do you think that means?
      God gave us the intelligence and the will to help ourselves.
      He gave us free will, the greatest gift, 2nd only to his Son, he could give.
      Sitting around while the World burns is NOT what God wanted us to do.
      I feel sorry for you, and some of the other posters here, that actually thinks they are not part of God’s plan.
      And his plan is for his children to NOT just sit around waiting to die, or for God to save you in this physical realm, but to do what you need to do to stop Evil.
      It’s why Evil will not win, unless people like you just bury their heads in the sand.

    • Dr. Brooks (ret.)

      That’s what I was taught in my youth, in the 30s-50s last. But it’s not happening now, and I doubt that it will ever happen. How could he do anything now when he was alledgedly murdered during his last alleged visit?
      If we don’t fight for our freedoms now, there is no hope of their ever becoming reality for us in this lifetime.
      Then comes eternal silence, as before our birth.

    • Grady

      Dr. Brooks, get your heart open man! A generation is 52 years and the Jewish people took over Jerusalem in 1967, so Christ return would be in 2019< So the rapture should be 7 years before that (end of 2012? Prepare thyself today!

    • Daniel Hollywood

      The Jews became a Nation in 1947, yes they took Jeruselem in 67. Jesus said only the Father knows the time of his return, we are not to predict, but to always be prepared.

  • SHERMAN (like the tank)

    Americans are of the misguided opinion that a President is automatically guaranteed a 4 year term once elected. Even if they suddenly appear to be total crooks once they step onto the oval office, we seem to think we must endure 4 years until they can be changed out like a bad tire.
    This misconception seems to be the justification for why everyone immediately started a countdown almost the very week Obama started his foolishness.

    The Constitution, If you still believe in such a document, states that we as voters have several ways to rectify (ironically named) the problem. We mumble how the obvious solution, Congress, seems a dismal failure, but stop short of the right to forcibly remove a government that fails to serve the needs of the people.

    Do we consider ourselves to be too civilized, to exercise this option. Have we de-evolved into a nation of cowards, afraid to act for fear of the stigma of appearing troublemakers, or even having to face the label of being a troublemaker. What ever the reason we refuse to act when government fails us has left one image shining to the world. The image of what an american mean has been tarnished by our inaction.

    The world is watching our political leaders dismantle the nation we have fought and died to hold high as a symbol of freedom to the eyes of the world. We stand with hands buried deep in our collective (empty) pockets and mumble at those who belittle our rights in the name of leadership, and in doing so, look like the losers the world has always presumed us to be. In the end, even if we endure to the end of the latest gang of fools has ended their term of using us the preception of who we have become will be far less damaging to the world that is watching, as it will be to we who are left to pick up the pieces that are remaining, and try to create some simile of the nation that once was. It will never be the same, only a poor echo of what once was, in a hope it will be good enough to again glow.

    We can be great again, but not without the resolve to defend the constitution with our very blood if that is what is needed. Precious few other than the men and women of our brave military would even consider such a sacrifice. It must be a consideration every citizen must weigh, for that option may well be the only way to reclaim the nation we see slipping from our grasp. These are the Patriots of old, the men and women who saved this nation when needed, this is the resolve we need to look deep to find in ourselves today. Are you a true Patriot?

    Americans are of the misguided opinion that a President is automatically guaranteed a 4 year term once elected. Even if they suddenly appear to be total crooks once they step onto the oval office, we seem to think we must endure 4 years until they can be changed out like a bad tire.
    This misconception seems to be the justification for why everyone immediately started a countdown almost the very week Obama started his foolishness.

    The Constitution, If you still believe in such a document, states that we as voters have several ways to rectify (ironically named) the problem. We mumble how the obvious solution, Congress, seems a dismal failure, but stop short of the right to forcibly remove a government that fails to serve the needs of the people.

    Do we consider ourselves to be too civilized, to exercise this option. Have we de-evolved into a nation of cowards, afraid to act for fear of the stigma of appearing troublemakers, or even having to face the label of being a troublemaker. What ever the reason we refuse to act when government fails us has left one image shining to the world. The image of what an american mean has been tarnished by our inaction.

    The world is watching our political leaders dismantle the nation we have fought and died to hold high as a symbol of freedom to the eyes of the world. We stand with hands buried deep in our collective (empty) pockets and mumble at those who belittle our rights in the name of leadership, and in doing so, look like the losers the world has always presumed us to be.

    In the end, even if we endure to the end of the latest gang of fools has ended their term of using us, the preception of who we have become will be far less damaging to the world (that is watching) than it will be to we who are left to pick up the pieces and try to create some simile of the nation that once was. It will never be the same, only a poor echo of what once was, in a hope it will be good enough to again glow.

    We can be great again, but not without the resolve to defend the constitution with our very blood if that is what is needed. Precious few other than the men and women of our brave military would even consider such a sacrifice. It must be a consideration every citizen must weigh, for that option may well be the only way to reclaim the nation we see slipping from our grasp. To allow our leaders or those outside our nation to take our guns will assure our failure to defend ourselves and our families, let alone the nation we all love from anarchy.

    These are the Patriots of old, the men and women who saved this nation when needed, this is the resolve we need to look deep to find in ourselves today. Are you a true Patriot?

    • Marye

      You are so right,,,,,,,every person in this country is aware of the fact that this administration is out to destroy the America we know and love. We must remove this person from out White House immediately because we all know they will win again ag our polls the same way they did the last time….”by hook or by crook”……..and we know the latter is the truth. Sooooooo that means we have to literally remove him from the Oval Office. He is not legitimate and even laughs when it is pointed out that the birth certificate he produced was a total fake…..because no one demanded that he resign…. or produce a legal one. Is every American “chicken?”

      It seems that most of our elected officials in DC can be bought… God probably thinks that he will just sit back and let us be destroyed from within. We have no one like Patrick Henry or Nathan Hale or George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. The only one close to that running for the Presidency…in my book is Herman Cain…and the mainstream media and FOX NEWS are ignoring him completely. God is watching!!!

    • Dr. Brooks (ret.)

      I wish everyone would stop bringing up the “god” name in these discussions. We are the ones responsible for restoring our nation to what it could be. If there was an entity “out there” interested in us, he/she/it would have acted by now to save us from ourselves.
      Looking to space does no one any good. We need to fill that space with action.

    • ARMYOF69

      I have to agree with you. WE have believed every lie that politicians have told us for many decades, and went along with them. Now we are reaping the whirlwind. It is up to us here on earth to change that, with action.

    • jeanette

      God gave us free will, what we do with it, is our problem.
      there are ten commandments, but most folks aren’t interested in them.
      they are easy to follow, we just want the easier, softer way, and it isn’t always the right way.

    • JASON

      I’ve got a news flash for you Doc. He already has saved us from ourselves. Some of us just don’t realize it yet.

    • Sergio Sr.

      Dr. Brooks let’s not forget that GOD is part of the solution. “One Nation under GOD.” It can’t be any more clear than that!

    • willie

      say what you will “dr Brooks” But the BHible ,Gods Word calls you a fool. The Fool hath said in hihesrt there is no God. What will you answer Him when He judges you for denying the One who gave you LIFE

    • Gwendolyn

      I don’t agree. We don’t need another black in the White House, simply because the thinking of Herman Cain, like all negroes is altered by bias. They simply don’t think straight most of the time, the idea that they are being plotted against always comes to the fore. In my estimation, the only candidate with the experience, and expertise is Newt Gingrich. He is always the “smartest guy in the room”. He never hesitates to answer any question intelligently and without UM, UHS or Eh’s, in a straightforward manner. He doesn’t have to think up a good answer, he KNOWS what he is talking about. He will not back down from contraversy, and knows from History how things play out. He will be a great President who will serve with dignity, and hopefully , restore our respected presence in the world.

    • http://DemooversightmembertellsWHnottoacceptsuboena James

      I agree, Gingrich is a very intelligent and politically savvy! He is quick witted and speaks with authority! My problem with him is the shabby way he served his former wife with divorce papers while she suffered from cancer. That was tacky and dishonorable. Another, is his acceptance of the New World Order and it’s consequences. Other than that I think he would be a fine candidate.

    • willie

      Miss Gwendolyn, I dont think you have listened to Herman Cain that Ive listened to , He is a sharp customer and a true American, He might not be the sam e color you are But even Christ had black ancestors in His earthly lineage. Racism is a very bitter pill to swallow. Some other races might see you in the same light you see them in And possibly HATE your soul for it

    • K stenen

      CAIN is just another “Johnny Come Lately” and an “Opportunist” with “NO EXPERIENCE”

      Is’t that what we have now? OBAMA was a “Johnny Come Lately” with “LACK OF EXPERIENCE”.

      RON PAUL has a long history of wanting Constitutional Government.

      There are many of his Speeches to Congress, both on CSPAN and youtube, about congress not following the Constitution, and about not having “Sound Money” and “Monitary Policy”.

    • Lois Lengel

      Right on Sherman…the problem is we don’t have enough Patriots. Someone take charge and lets all descend on the Capitol as “one”. Just let me know where and when and I’ll come and bring another…and that’s what it’s going to take. Thanks Sherman!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      Count me in on that event Lois.

    • Bulldog MAMA

      I am really glad to hear someone with some common sense. I agree with you. Some of us are old, but we will stand up and fight if need be. We lack organization to get these things done. Our traitor leader needs to be gone. I talked to a soldier from Afghanistan, our soldiers have no reason to be gone. they need to come home and stand strong with their families against our Government. Our Government is against all of us, we need to make a stand against them. No more money sent to them. They cannot put us all in jail. We need to put all of them in jail.When there is no money for them to get paid, no one will support them.The revolution is coming. God help us all.

    • Pat Mathis

      I also have been wondering why O’Bama has not been arrested for treason, since according to our constitution Section 4, the President and all civil officers of the US. shall be removed from Office on Impeachment form and conviction of, Treason Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. I’m sure lying can also be included. He took an oath to protect our constitution. That sure was a BIG Lie.Also Amendment4, The right ofthe people to be secure in their persons, houses,papers, and effects,against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall bot be violated, & no warrent shall issue, but upon probable cau8se, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    • carlos

      Right on Sherman, Why is obama still pres. after all he and acorn has done, plus the other crooked things. he should be impeached already

  • RiverFred

    Lets pretend we are homeless, illegal and or prostitutes and let ACORN sign us up. Anyone got a hidden camera

  • nosurprise

    GOD help us, we’re doomed by this idiotic administration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Buckeye

      You can’t seem to remember how Obama got elected. Because of “POLICIES AND CORRUPTION OF THE BUSH ADM.” and his 22% approval rating.

    • Carlos Ramirez

      You are probably collecting big money fron acorn

    • ARMYOF69

      No, he is just on EBTs, until the Republicans hold all three areas of government controls, when that shall disappear fast, and , he shall have to work for a living instead.

    • Tina W

      You mean until conservatives hold all three? Republicans do not necessarily equal conservative anymore. The Republican party ahs been infiltrated with way too many RINO’s.

    • no_KoolAid

      No the reason Obama got elected was because people wanted to vote for a black president….not because he was qualified. I’m not opposed to having a black president….I’m opposed to an unqualified president… no matter the color of his skin.

    • FLCitizen

      The media declared war on the Bush Admin. That’s where the people got the idea that Bush was a bad President. You believed the MSM! Bush wasn’t perfect, he made some poor decisions, like not staying with getting Bin Laden in Afghanistan, before going into Iraq who did have WMDs, but after a year’s notice got them all transported and buried in Syria with intel to prove it. So…lay off Bush! We’ve had enough Bush blaming the last 3 years!

    • http://google Troubles-a-brewin

      If the peole that were polled at that time were re-polled now after what were experiencing now that approval rating would sky-rocket.

    • tori

      You liberals seem to forget, Bush’s last years were with a democratic senate and congress. They passed a lot of the mess Bush got blamed for. He tried to stop What was happening w/ the housing market, but wasn’t able to. He took the blame for what the dems did.

    • http://x Washington22

      Get real, Buckeye……………………..Almost 3 years have gone by…..Where have you been? If President Zero wanted to change the Bush problems, he’s had plenty of time and also a Democratic Senate and Congress………You jokers are so lame……….and we aren’t listening.

    • willie

      Democratic Senate and Congress??????when did this happen?? we have always had a senate and house of reps which make one congress , or so Ive always been led to believe. Maybe youve been reading the washington liberal paper to long ?

    • Elwood

      nosurprise, I don’t think anyone is really and truly surprised about anything this regime does or does not do!

  • chic

    Disgustingly disgraceful! Is it even legal?

    Where is the transparency? Oh there has never been any you say! No kidding?

    How could so many have been so foolish?

    • http://x Washington22

      chic, MANY have misguidedly been supporting their president, acting as “decent Americans”, abiding by the rule of law. As a nation we are so stimied, so shocked, we haven’t quite organized into action. We are waiting to see what happens in the 2012 elections…………These past two elections, where Republicans WON, are giving up great hope! We are seeing our process in action. I think 2012 is going to be a land-slide, no matter what President Zero tries to manipulate……….America is watching!

    • Diane4CommonSense

      Yes, and if we ALLOW Obama to be elected again, it is only our fault for not stopping him! We MUST DO SOMETHING to stop the foolishness that is happening — WE CANNOT TAKE ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF OBAMA’S criminal activity!

  • Mark

    If Both of Obama’s parents are Not US Citizens then it is impossible for Obama to be a Natural born citizen. His fake birth certificate is irrelevant. My question is how is he still president given his information and why is he being considered to be on the 2012 ballot when is is not eligible to be president!

    • G

      That’s The Question That’s Been On The Minds Of All Of Us Real Americans, Where Is The Justice Department? Asleep At The Switch because, Bush Justice Department Didn’t Do It’s Proper job Of Vetting The Elections. They Just Tucked Their Tails and Ran Not Wanting To Be called RACISTS. Semper Fi.

  • Spyder Jack

    A big fear I have is Obama committing some oversight by allowing something bad to happen to this country like another 9/11 which would then usher in marshal law and put off the elections indefinitely. Either that or do voter tampering to steel the elections. All this corruption that is in our face along with circumventing our Constitution is maddening. Talk about feeling helpless to do anything about it until voting day…

    • Spyder Jack

      One last thing. I asked people to mark their calendar for the May 11th 2011 and we know now that the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake took place. I said that on the 1st of May. I received revelation that on November 4th of this year (2011) something big is going to happen. I don’t know what it is but make no mistake, something big is going to happen here.

    • Caretaker

      The signal that will prompt all patriots into immediate action without any reserve toward our Federal Government will be Marshall Law.

      The ruling class will basically cease to exist.

    • http://AOL GINNY


    • Spyder Jack

      I totally agree with you. I try never to call him “President” because he was never vetted. One last thing Ginny, I would normally agree with the impeachment process BUT this man is not a real president so he CANNOT be afforded impeachment as real presidents are offered. NO! This man needs to be arrested for perpetrating the biggest hoax this country has ever been deceived with. So I say arrest this man and try him for treason. What do you think about that Ginny?

    • http://AOL GINNY


    • ded dee

      We can”t wait until election day !! We must go to washington and demand Obama’s impeachment,we must also take congress out ,they all need to be arrested for there part in this fiasco.WE MUST ACT NOW ,OR IT WILL BE TO LATE,EVERYONE JOIN TOGETHER AND MAKE THIS COUNTRY AS IT SHOULD BE FOR OUR CHILDREN,I WANT THESE TERRORISTS TO KNOW THAT I AM PROUD TO BE AND AMERICAN,AND I AM WILLING TO DIE FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN!!GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Larry

    How much of that 15 billion will find its way back into the pocket of this SOB Barrack Obama and the main question is why is Acorn still allowed to get so much as a dime of the tax payers money. They have been proven to be a organized crime group and there protector of the group has ties to organized crime and that person is the SOB Barrack Obama so is he going to be permitted to take more of the tax payers money like that one person that helped to start two wars at once and that Jackal is Dick head Chaney.

    • margie

      Why is acorn still able to gert our money. They are a democratic organization and should
      be stopped. what the hell is the congress
      thinking or doing? Dick cheney should not be
      blamed for two wars. Afghanistan was a must
      war and the democrats also voted for that war.

    • Betty S

      First, this bill WILL NOT pass congress. Second congress passed a law that stated ACORN would not receive another dime of taxpayer moneys, however, since they have changed their name, I think there will have to be another bill passed to exempt them from getting money.


      Harry Reid isn’t going to pass obama’s blank Bill either.
      Can’t pass something so stupid as what obama has planned.

  • OAHS

    It’s almost riot time! Enough shady crap from the Obama Administration … this kind of garbage makes me sick … more deadbeats receiving borrowed money that taxpayers are responsible for … If Odrama is reelected, take YOUR money and leave the US … create jobs elsewhere … let the liberals live in their utopia … who will pay the bills? What if the top 5% of taxpayers decided not to pay taxes until the money is spent the way they want … that would be a great show of who has the true power in this country … close the factories for a period of time as a strike … it is amazing how quickly the unemployed would change their tune when they see exactly how important labor is … if the rich have their money already … do they really need this crap to make more here? Remember, “Attack Watch” is watching you …

    • SAM

      Right turn it around. Let the”RICH” who are the ones who supply the jobs, go on strike, close their shops and plants, lock out, and let the union mobs see what it is like to not have a job supplier. Also the “rich” will have less tax to pay for the time they are under shut down. There has to be a revolt of some kind to shake/wake people up.
      (Did a poor person ever give you a job?)

  • DrewbeScrewed

    Another example of looking into the portal of this self proclaimed messiah and seeing nothing more than an organic community fascist pimp who’s willing to undermine and destroy this Country by any means necessary, whether it be through his lies, deceit, or hate of country. Obama the clown tried to use his Union thugs and that failed so now it’s time to bring in the bus load mob of redistribution slugs for fraudulent voter registration.

  • Emme

    This is more distribution of wealth–house the LFNs! Wake up America–he’s taking your homes away and giving non-mortgages to low lifers!

  • Larry L.

    1. A crime that undermines the offender’s government.
    2. Disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior.
    3. An act of deliberate betrayal.

    1. a radical supporter of political or social revolution.
    1. Betrayal of trust.
    2. An act of deliberate betrayal.
    I call on all the Military Generals to mutiny and save the citizens from this sinking ship.
    Some in Congress and lead by Obama have put America in Unbelievable danger.This is
    completely wrong and Unconstitutional. We know Obama thinks the Constitution is
    fundamentally flawed. That alone is treason. It looks like he is doing this deliberately in an
    attempt to crash our economy and move us toward a Socialist economy. Every thing he does, the things he has said,
    and the friends he keeps point to Socialism. A UN led One world Government.
    He is the leader, but to who’s country?

    My question is this, has Obama committed Treason, and how can we put him behind bars.
    Isn’t it time for the Military Generals to mutiny and save the citizens from this sinking ship. I know Obama is the leader of the Military ” MAYBE” It’s everybody’s Constitutional Duty to know to know who leads us” but lets face it,He is a failure and runs opposite Of God,the Constitution,and the safety of her American citizens.



    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      G- Man… The dims do not care how he gets elected…. Do you think that Right and Wrong means anything to them???



  • Carlos Ramirez

    We should impeach fhis idiot before we become a thirdworld country.

    • al king

      too late now.

    • Tammy

      A sturdy tree & some rope would be cheaper & quicker. Preferably one in front of the tarnished white house.



    • http://google Troubles-a-brewin

      Oh he says plenty me, me, me, I, I, I, what hes really thinking is the hell with the rest of US. Which he is not part of!

  • basil

    Chicago is a great place for the acorn office…they can save a stamp when they deliver the doe….this is so out in the open…up in your face…..what are you going to do about it stuff……the only thing that can be done is limit the damage they do untill november…and throw that Trash Out..

  • http://NA Ross Hawkins

    I think there is enough evidence of illegal
    actions on the part of this administration to
    begin impeachment proceedings now!!

  • http://yahoomail Herman McCloud

    This is another good example of how this
    bastard president plans to destroy our
    national economy, by throwing good money
    after bad will only cripple that much more
    national debt which this idiot moron has
    personally and delibertly contributed in
    creating since his presidency and plans to
    continue on with his runaway spending until
    our countrie’s debt is so high and beyond
    restoration that our country goes bankrup
    leaving our country vunerable in the world
    community to those who wish our demise and
    destruction to our governmental foundation
    based on the demacratic system which the people have the control of the way their
    government is run to a more suitable form
    of socialistic type of government which is
    run by the military and under the control
    of a dictator where the people have no rights at all and once this happens then
    all thiose who stood behind this bastard
    and literally kissed his ass will see how
    fast he will change his position and his
    true self will appear as a dictator and
    he will drop all u.s. citizens like a hot
    potato, And all anybody has to do is read
    the laws of the coran of the muslim faith
    to understand the old traditions of the past still hold true for today, Lieing, Cheating
    and even death is allowed in order to
    achieve their goal of world community status,
    including fear tactic’s, This is the path
    that this crazt bastard has taken from the first, If he can’t get his way through votes
    then he’ll circumvent the obvious and most political direction by either appointing somebody to a position of authority or create
    a new law or modify an old law to accomidate
    his wish with or without the support of our
    political agencys forinstance the congressal and senat assemblie’s. He has proved this time and again hisself,Take notice at the
    distruction of this country caused by this
    bitch of creation by his own actions within
    the middle east now, why he is now and has always been heisatant to fight the enemy, but
    is quick to repromand and ruin the lives of
    our own soldiers for fighting the cause of
    freedom and defending the rights of people
    to live in harmony and peace.
    We must vote this bastard obama out of office or this country is doomed to fall and we lose our freedom.

  • Richard Reichner,sr.

    I only have three(3) words to state about
    the White House lEADER:

  • Randolph Phillips

    One of the reasons our nation is $14 trillion in debt is because, since the 1960s, the federal govenment has given hundreds of billions of dollars to thousands of non’profit organizations like ACORN and planned parenthood which engage in political activities and promote programs funded by government and foundation funds.

    We can not afford for the federal government to borrow money and pour it by the billion into non-profit organiaitions and local and state governments.

    ACORN and its front groups like ACORN Housing were in fact partly responsible for housing meltdown. Remember Countrywide? It was a favored ACORN bank.

    The jobs bill is merely business as usual, meant for the federal taxpayers to continue to pay for programs and protect jobs the Federal government should not be engaged in.

    • margie


  • Larry

    Remember all this anti American garbage our muslim president is getting away with.ACORN is worse than the ACLU. They are both big in destroying our country and being Obamas greatest tools in doing so. We must get rid of this jerk.

    • Raymond

      The ACLU receives federal funding.

  • Dewey Mason

    You may know how when in solitary confinement the reason one goes nuts is lack of any forward thought prosses, or, to be “Stuck”. When after time it becomes used information with out any new connections tomove forward. With the media to be the forwarding thought prosses by most, then given to the next person. The concept of “Brain Washing” is in effect. Going back to Obamas foundation, to simply over rule Christianity as a sin and Islam as right. To do that, it is necessary to have them to turn to a sinful agenda. That does take alot of rehitching of the common thought in America. At the point when the majority has been taken, the stronger, moral people, will inflict the demand to honer them, or CHECKMATE! Look into we have a chance.

  • Nancy

    He needs to go NOW, we don’t need to wait until the election because if you think that election will be legitimate, you’re a fool! Between the unions rigging the machines (as they did in harry reids last election), acorn rigging the ballots, and the black panthers with outright intimidation, and the msm looking the other way, we’re sunk. How do you spell R E V O L U T I O N?

    • Dewey Mason

      Every one stop paying there taxes because your only paying for our distruction.

  • Emme

    OMG: Obama Must Go

  • Randy Huffey

    I really would like for everyone to stop referring to Obama as a “Fool” or an “Idiot”.
    Obama is sneaky smart, and as long as ANYONE thinks he is a fool or an idiot or “inexperienced” they need to look at just how much our liberty has already been eroded in a short time. Obama has “set up” America for his dictatorship and only the very perceptive can see the trap he has set! If the jobs bill is passed, he has his funding for his civilian army, if it doesn’t Obama continues to take his “Blame Game” on the road to build support to circumvent congress. HE WINS EITHER WAY! AT LEAST THIS IS HIS GOAL. Obama will get his funding for his private army one way or the other. The media will continue to tell the American SHEEPLE that it is CONGRESS that is the problem. Obama will DICTATE this legislation very quickly, as he needs the money going out now to build his “army”. He must be stopped.

    • jim


    • Randy Huffey

      You may be right (in the end), but in the meantime we the people are going to be under attack. From the radicals in the streets to the corrupt Dept. of Justice, including all of Obama’s agencies (EPA, USDA, ATF, IRS…) and all Obama’s Czars and their departments!

  • Kathy Larkins

    If Obama is not removed from office for being illegal he will continue to receive salary, security and benefits for the rest of his and Michelle’s lives. As a country can we continue to
    be robbed by this administration and Acorn?


    obama…..the most pathetic doooochebag ever to occupy the White House. The only way obamaprompter can win in 2012 is to cheat with Acorn rounding up all the fraudalent votes to get him re-elected. We were promised transparceny and to have the swamp drained in Washington, DC. What we have is a blind man pontificating from a cesspool.

  • Larry L.

    1. A crime that undermines the offender’s government.
    2. Disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior.
    3. An act of deliberate betrayal.

    Destroy or hinder normal operations. 2:Subversive:
    A radical supporter of Political or Social Revolution.
    To cause anguish to a Ally.
    The Quality of aiding an Enemy.

    I call on all the Military Generals to mutiny and save the citizens from this sinking ship.

    Some in Congress and lead by Obama have put America in Unbelievable danger.This is
    completely wrong and Unconstitutional. We know Obama thinks the Constitution is
    fundamentally flawed. That alone is treason. It looks like he is doing this deliberately in an
    attempt to crash our economy and move us toward a Socialist economy. Every thing he does, the things he has said,
    and the friends he keeps point to Socialism. A UN led One world Government.
    He is the leader, but to who’s country?

    My question is this, has Obama committed Treason, and how can we put him behind bars.
    Isn’t it time for the Military Generals to mutiny and save the citizens from this sinking ship. I know Obama is the

    leader of the Military ” MAYBE” It’s everybody’s Constitutional Duty to know to know who leads us” but lets face it,He is

    a failure and runs opposite Of God,the Constitution,and the safety of her American citizens.

  • Terry

    Why in the hell would ACORN receive a penny. They are one of Obummers corrupt organizations and have been proven to be corrupt, and we are the ones who have to pay those jerks. No Obummer, you pay them out of your pocket. We are getting sick and tired of your squandering money by stupid programs such as this.

    • Arcannie

      You can bet ACORN would get the money with Obama at the helm.

    • healthnut

      In addition, Hud gave the AHCOA another $300,000…yes Millions in early August…It seems that they are preparing for the election of 2012 in high gear…Request some information from the congress…HUD really needs to be investigated as soon as possible…

    • healthnut

      OOPS…I see that I have missed a few zeros here…just to tell you that with this administration…those zeros keep adding so fast…no time to keep up…Anyway, it was $300 Millions…

    • vietnamvet

      I thought Congress already voted to deny funding to ACORN … and that they folded their tent and went home.

      No … ?

    • http://google KD

      New name—SAME ‘OL GAME! They are using our hard earned taxes to screw us again!

    • haditinsd

      We have identified the problem now we need to work on the solution. We probably won’t change many democrat minds or those who elect them. We must work on the RINO’s and we must demand current laws be enforced. Anybody that voted to raise the debt ceiling declared themselves and unless they learned their lesson they will vote for the job’s bill too. I say two strikes your definitely out.

    • Barbara

      every one knows what the solution is, just no one has the cojones to do it!


      A spook is still a spook does not matter what you call it.

    • Msinmo

      They did stop funding for awhile. Then Acorn filed a lawsuit. I did not hear what happened after that. It’s just like what happens when one of Obama’s people get busted for something. They don’t fire them, they just give them another job title and move them. Ron Paul is our only chance to stop Obama’s Socialist plans for America.

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      apparently just change your name and line up again… just like the “project vote” our PRes has resurrected to “make sure everyone is registered to vote in 2012.. watch out for voter intimidation to happen one more time… after all , we don’t prosecute the people who think this behavior is wrong…He let them go last time…..

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      meant to say we don’t prosecute these people even tho we think it is wrong…

    • Lewis/Virginia

      Same game,NEW NAME!

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      Its called(I am obama) do as I say and I do not care what the people say or do…Congress will not over ride me and not the house or senate either. I am in charge and i hope to change things… Remember,I promised to have the most Transparent administration ever and the people believed me… Ha,Ha,Ha.the people are such suckers as to believe my everyword. There is a sucker born everyday in America and the majority voted for me… Hello America,are going to put up with obama and his lies for another 4 years? God help us… No more obama or his lies…

    • coot

      Obama without Eric Holder would be nothing.
      Holder has robbed us with and the American people ,states also, of our Constitutional Rights and continues to.
      The same rights in our Constitution that over time have put Obama and Holder where they are, are being taken away form American Citizens and our Congress is sitting on their duffs and letting it happen.
      That is why the Tea Party got started ,to take back our Constitution.
      How to Destroy AMERICA, Holder and Obama knows,Destroy the Constitution and you have destroid our country.
      BELIEVE it or NOT
      Illegals,, Amnistey ,, keep them comming.
      Big reason for not securing our boarders.
      The Obama and Holder way.
      The Supreme Court and FED judges no longer by the LAW but from the bench. Just watch every Obama,Holder case.

    • Nellie CA

      Acorn is involved in the Refugee resettlement program. How do you think the refugees are getting here through asylum and no back ground checks. What about the average family has 6 kids. Do the math, what will these refugee camps in the U.S.A have in population in 10 years. Why is our gov. allowing these refugees in the U.S.A when we don’t have jobs for American citizens. We also have the illegals problems. Obama wants them all on Welfare. We are going to be a third world country. Just recieved a letter, concerned. Gov can stop the increase of Social Security benefits but an agreement with Mexico that their Seniors can recieve S.S. from here and they will get the increase. The illegals don’t pay into S.S but they come here and get S.S and low income housing, food stamps, medical and no co. payments. They also get up to 3000 dollsars a year from State because they are low income. ?? while the American citizen who has worked all their life to have S.S are paying for second insurance.
      Medicare is not paying the bills on time and many doctors have to close their doors. More job loss and less doctors. Having insurance is not going to mean much with Obama care,

    • coot


    • wally

      they did after it was discovered voter frud so they changed the name.

    • http://att Winnifred

      Hope everyone that feels that way is registered to vote him out, he is bad news for our country.
      God bless America!!!!!

    • PR

      Started up shop under a new name. Now doesnt that make you feel warm and fuzzy all over? Not to mention this bill has more funding for abortions too:)

    • Stand UP

      Now, Congress will vote to give it back again, maybe in a larger chunk than before.

    • John Hand

      No. ACORN ‘folded’ and then came back.

    • Sherry

      I Agree with YOU wholeheartedly! ACORN is mad eup of Dumocrats and they’re going to fatten their wallets BIG TIME. The CLOWN in the White House NEEDS to be IMPEACHED!!!

    • Paul

      That piece of Crap needs to be IMPEACHED and then Hung by the neck till Dead….That would save this Country…Hitler is better that Obumma

    • Phil

      Paul you might want to watch your words or you will end up with the secret service investigating you for inciting a lynching since obama is black and that is how they lynched blacks in the south.

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      Not impeached, hung! Most illegals have no documents, obummer has faults one’s, faults birth cirtificate, faults SSN, that’s against the law. He’s braking our Constitution and Amendments that should be TREASON. For this he should be tried, found guilty, and hung, not by the neck but by his zebra A++ Nut’s.. And also send that Aunt-ch- my ma big ass wife to some tribe in Africa being she hates our country so much as she said in College..

    • Jean

      I don’t think there is anyone in Congress with the testicular fortitude to start proceedings to impeach the SOB. He should also be tried for treason for what he has done to Arizona….since when can a sitting president side with a foreign country against one of the United States?

    • http://google KD

      Look where the ACORN bunch is situated—CHICAGO! It’s gangsta-corrupt land! BHO doesn’t care because of all the smarmy-slime that squishes out from every part of that bunch that is infecting the White House and Congress even more. BHO is out to ruin this country PERIOD–before he leaves office. :(

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      acorn is corrupt and obama and the democrats know this yet they want to give our tax dollars to them because obama and the democrats are corrupt and they say (in your face people) what are you little people going to do about it? No more obama. Lets vote all the rats out of the white house(all the democRATS).No more corruption and no more obama.

    • getaclue

      Acorn no longer exists.

    • Tinytim

      Terry it’s all about votes. I can’t understand why he wants to be President and cheat his way through can he at least do thing honorably. If not can him

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      Can we all say,TREASON? Lets take our nation back. TREASON is a hanging offense… Get we get some ropes please…

    • wally

      because ignorant folks said it didn’t matter hes our messiah

    • Bob


    • dragonfFIRE01

      that ]s what they want everybody to believe. THEY THINK WE ARE SO STUPID

    • Co-opted Confederate

      tHE House of representaives should be Sued in Federal Court, (not the 9th Circus) for Misfeasance and malfeasence of office and violating their oath of office, for allowing one thin dime or red cent of our tax dollars to go toward any other economnic stimuli. the frst theee didn’t word what makes the fraudulence in charge think this one will. All that 15 billion is going to to is make some upper level mgmnt. types a little richer and some tax payers a little bit poorer. DOes no one have guts enough to tell the criminal in chief enough!!

  • Randy Huffey

    $15 BILLION is about 1/10th of what the government spends on all military personnel from the 5 Star Generals on down to every PFC. Do the math on how many unemployed, disgusted, angry people this amount of money could “community organize”? I think the “unemployed, disenfranchised, will work for Obama for free! The goons running the “useful idiots” will take the money. They will be Obama’s new Generals. Can U name a few of them? I sure can…

  • W Smith

    Even if we are not in a Union the Left still finds ways to fleece us of our hard earned money.

  • Don Johnson

    It is now time for the people of the United States to rebel. Go to war. With the way Congress, our governers, and senitors are treating ALLof us, it is now or never to. When a polition goes into office they may not be millionaires, but when they come out they come out they have millions, and continue to draw thousands monthly.

    • mike salminen

      Don, while I agree with your thoughts, you want to make sure you spell words correctly, otherwise, your message is diminished because those who read your quote dismiss you as being illiterate.

    • Bob

      And that is why the founding fathers wrote the second amendment. It was not for the purpose of shooting thugs breaking into our homes, but to ensure we have the means to fight back with a tyrannical governmnt, which is now playing out.

    • http://thePatriotupdate clinging to my religion and guns

      This is the price we pay when you elect Lawyers, not Leaders!!!

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      You are so right clinging, most of our best Presidents WERE NOT lawyers. Lawyers and car salesman lie through their teeth. Lawyers to me are the biggest liar and thief on the planet. Just ask someone who had a legal law suit what they got and what their stealing lawyer got. We shouldn’t elect any lawyer, they know ways to by pass the laws and that’s what is happening in Washington right now. And what I say about lawyers comes from having one in the familly, an Uncle. He’s retired now but he had to lie and cheat to do his job. I wonder just how many lawyers and car salesman are in heaven, or will be?

  • AZ Don

    Anyone who was not convinced by now that this is a corrupt president and administration (I cannot phantom who that could possibly be). Should be convinced now the country is currently being run by a bunch of Chicago hoods. To attempt to say they didn’t know it would be possible for Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) the old ACORN, to receive these taxpayer funds would, in itself, be ridiculous.

    This current administration has done so many underhanded down right illegal things since taking office it is impossible to see how so many could still be in support of it. However, obama’s current economic poll rating is hovering around 34% but even that is unbelievable. Are there that many blind followers of corruption in this country? I personally have never suspected it.

    It does seem obama is attempting to use a Harry Truman tactic here by claiming a “do nothing congress” is keeping him from being successful in fixing the economy, in an attempt to get reelected despite his lying and corruption. But it appears the citizenry will see through it this time and the reason being Harry Truman was not a crook and obama is. If it does work however it will only be because of the main stream media coverage is in support of obama by actually covering up the criminal facts by ignoring them.

    Which brings me to another subject. How is it our press, the main stream media, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS and even to some point CNN and HLN, are supporting someone who is so absolutely obviously attempting to destroy our constitution and transform our free enterprise system into a socialism/communism/marxism society? Even FOX, who claims to be fair and balanced (and is undoubtably the best news available at the current time) misses many of the points that should be made about this administration. He (obama) knows what the general public wants to hear and that is what he says, but what he says, most of the time, does not even resemble what he does.

    I admit I did not vote for obama, not because he is black however, it was because I did not like the people he seemed to associate and surround himself with. Furthermore, he admitted seeking out people during college that were unfriendly to capitalism. That was enough for me to support McCain/Palin. It is fair to say I was suspicious of his intentions then and am even more suspicious now. I sincerely feel he is out to do exactly what he promised too fundamentally change our system of government and do not like what I see he is trying to change it into.

    When obama was of rock star popularity, running for president, and people were fainting at his speeches and talk show hosts were having thrills up their legs I predicted he would take a big fall after being elected (I also predicted he would win the election). I did not foresee the reasons however, but it is difficult to predict that someone elected to the highest office in the land could be so corrupt. He is not now in the class of Mussolini, Hitler or Stalin but he has that potential.

    • http://comcast. evelyn

      Let’s give the ole boy credit….he couldnt tell his ass from a hole in the ground and made such a pansy for those commie friends of his that needed a puppet,,,,(lets not forget his background when he was younger, a punk that smoked MJ and drank and missed around homosexuals not really doing anything with his life.)…but was picked up by someone w/money and a great desire at that time for an idiot to run for pres after all that stuff about Bush….and some people (encluding the frauds) were ready for, GOD please help us, (change) I hate that word. That is the reason he likes to play all the time, vacation etc..he doesnt know what he is doing!!!and has those to cover up for him.

    • http://comcast. evelyn

      And how he is screwing us?? and still has the nerve to ask(beg for more money) (‘if you love me” ,crap, ‘please pass this bill”) I kinda think if that bill is not passed the moslims may behead him) where is all that money? Trillions of dollars? Could it be a damn lot of it is going to moslim and islamic war chests???? We all know that as a true American we must get off our tuffs and vote everyone that is campagning for him and in his congress and senate OUT THEir JOBS MEAN NOTHING TO THEM BUT TO CRUSH THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY…PIN YOUR TEA BAG ON YOUR SHIRT AND SHOW WE MEAN BUSINESS!!!!!

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      he sure knows how to spend our money!!!!

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      he sure knows how to spend our money!!!!

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      his doctor needs to change his medication and double the Prozac-it is obvious he needs mental help.

    • Donald Milligan

      Obbummer was born in Kenya, and his Aunt told on him and all of a sudden she was shut up for some reason. Also his illegal uncle in this country was arrested for drunk driving and he called on his illegal nephew and he also got let go, so yu tell me, Is this idiot in the white house covering up for them or not? This man needs to be impeached so everything that he has gotten passed the Congress can be null and void. Have you ever heard of a vice president singing every thing the president sings? fThe idiot bidden thinks if obummer gets fired that his signature being on the bill will make it legal, but it will not because at athe time this fool was not the president and God help us if he ever becomes one.

    • http://yahoo patriot67

      he’s already in that class with the other tyrants fore mention open your eyes and you can see it plain as day.

    • John Kramer

      That is a long story. Keep it simple stupid.

    • coot

      Careful, He as the Conspiratee may get us as Conspirators.
      We’re are not following HIS Constitution, the Chicargo Maffia one.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Wrong o AZ Don Boobus Obumus is more like Iidi Amin Dadda and Papa Doc Duvalier. Joe Sstalin was a choir boy compared to what Obumus Could turn out to be if he gets reelected. he becomes Emporer of all the Americas, at least Nero could play lyre, while Rome Burned Whats Obumus got in store for us when he becomes emporer of ALL the Americas.

    • toto

      He is the epitome of corruption. If he were as clever as he thinks he is, things would be a lot worse indeed.

  • ARMYOF69

    When does the MADNESS stop in WASTETOWN?

    • Rowdy

      When we take it down.

    • LesPaul

      When everybody that thinks the way we do actually does something for a change and march
      on Washington in multitudes of millions. That’s what it would take to remove his sick ass from the White House. Tell him to step down
      and physically remove him from office. We have a constitutional right to do this its in the Constitution.

    • ARMYOF69

      That event will happen suddenly with no notice when it does. Be ready to do your part, and bring friends of the USA with you.
      It is not a partisan thing, IT IS OUR COUNTRY.

    • toto

      I’m in.

  • Duane Bass

    The crook in chief needs to be incarcerated, and interrogated, and violated. . . he has hyrt each and every American, except those that work for him. . .

    • Patricia

      some of the dumbcrats are women. he hates women, particularly white women. he likes to steal from them. he lies all the time. he has zero patriotism. he just wants more vacations and money for his crooked cronies and terrorist money laundering. he should be in solitary in gitmo on trial for treason and domestic terrorism and traitorous behavior and actions.o needs to go now.biden is dumb as they come. hill is UN sense of American spirit at all. greedy and selfish. are all dems this awful? really divisive,slanderous,corrupt and unworthy? immoral? unethical? losers? totally hateful? then, all dems must go in 2011 2012 and until all voted out.out.out.cut,cap,balance. stop the overspending more illegals from the border and deport all criminals.yep,all criminals including corrupt politicians and never let back in our borders.kick UN out too.

    • toto

      I wish Dick Cheney were in charge, of the change
      WE want, but he’s probably too tame.

  • Victor Barney

    That’s why he wants amnesty for all the illegals. Duh! He needs their votes. Otherwise, he’ll have to crash the economy(his plan all along), blame rich(?) white men and holocaust them! Sounds like a plan to me and it would make his idol Mao proud too, don’t you think! p.s. You are not going to find any obama voters reading this post anyway I doubt, unless just for information about the real world. Just saying….

    • Marlene

      He salso wats amnesty for illegals so he can get amnesty for himself. With this boob, everything is about him in the end.

  • Virgil

    obamass is not ELIGIBLE to be the President because his father was a British subject by his own admission. So he can`t be impeached, but congress can and need to remove him from office as is there sworn duty under Article 1, section 8, of the United States Constitution.

    • SAM

      That would be the answer but for the Liberal appointed judges in the courts who block any cases brought against him.

    • http://patriot Tired in Texas

      Sam He pays everyone off by giving them a job in the White House.


      Yeah, Virgil!!! I’ll go one step further…try the s.o.b. as a terrorists. Everything he does is hurting this country.

    • Rowdy

      And he is a muslim (who I don’t care what ANYONE says, we are at war with). That clearly makes him a domestic terrorist, aiding and abetting an enemy of our nation.

      take it from there

  • Jeff Miller

    I recently emailed a reporter who wrote glowingly about one of these “non-profits” who was rehabbing repos with stimulus money.
    I asked, “After they use taxpayer money to rehab these homes and sell them for a profit, who gets the profit?

    He replied, “It’s used to rehab more homes.” I asked, “After all the homes are rehabbed an sold, there must be billions in that non-profit. Who gets the money? I’m betting it’s not the taxpayer. If you want to be a real reporter, investigate the salaries of the folks who run than non-profit.”

  • Randy Huffey

    For those that haven’t a clue on just WHO OBAMA’S CIVILIAN GENERALS WILL BE I suggest a few names: James Hoffa, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson to name a few high profile people. How about the leaders of the New Black Panthers, The Muslim Brotherhood? Who is to say that the ATF isn’t “gun walking” to these groups right now? What about La Raza in the SW US? Does La Raza have ties to the guns already “walked” to the drug cartels in Mexico? You can bet there is some overlap there. What about the outright Communist/Marxist groups? Scaring you all yet? You should be!
    Arming the “rebels” is a sure fire way to “Fundamentally Change” a nation. Watch for the “FAR LEFT” to continue to call for “The people” to hit the streets! They are advocating for civil unrest, revolution!

    • Terry

      Randy I have noticed Jessie Jackon an Sharpton are keeping a low profile since their bro. Obama has been in office I smell a rat.

    • http://comcast. evelyn

      Ole Jesse and Sharpman know what the situation is w/obamer…and they are keeping quite…if they are smart. they know what is going on and who is behind obamerboy…and they are just setting there waiting to see what is going to happen. With these bills he wants passed, I bet they are snickering and hopeing that the bills will not pass.and that will get him!! of course they are not going on wonderful vacations like he is at our expense,riding around like a big shot on the AFO and his own private ‘black-bus’…HA

    • http://yahoo patriot67

      it’s them you smell Jackson and sharpton aren’t smart enough to be close to obama they are nothing more than political chumps.and the only people following them are the people on welfare that don’t know any better

  • Tammy

    As a small business owner for the past 20 years I have been seriously thinking about a drastic change like closing. Does Wash-your-brain, D.C. even give it a thought with all their political bickering? I’m fed up with both parties because they both are at fault. The definition of a politician in my view are: Say what the people want to hear and do the opposite of what you said when in campaign mode. The only way to save what is left of our constitution & bill of rights is the 10th amendment of nullification. Each state & its citizens must fight the Federal Government on all fronts. NO ONE in Wash-your-brain, D.C. even deserves my vote because they DO NOT represent me. Why have corporations been fleeing America & its citizens for over a decade now? Because of the collective way of thinking does NOT support the individual or individual rights. I’m not giving back because I’ve earned everything I have therefore I support myself and don’t look for handouts or be a burden to society. As a owner I pay into SUTA & FUTA but receive NO benefits whatsoever. To me that is theft.

  • Randy Huffey

    I fear talking about Obama’s “eligibility” to be president (at this point) is somewhat a distraction to the (near) inevitability of civil unrest that is about to hit this country.
    I hope people read and repost my thoughts here today. Research my ideas/thoughts and you’ll see that what I have posted is not only possible, but going on right now. The more you look into it; you will be astonished how far down the road to “revolution” we actually are…
    If American patriots can put down this coming insurrection, we can try Obama on treason charges later. Much better than a slow drawn out impeachment trial by the House and a “go free” vote in the Senate.

    • Linda King

      Randy, I just not sure we are going to be given a choice. I think obama supporters are going to the streets and riot when he is taken out of office no matter what way we get rid of him. We are armed to protect ourselves and family in the event this comes to pass.


      I commend you and all the other patriots who want this guy tried for treason, and I’m no expert on the law, but it would seem to me that B.O. wouldn’t be tried for treason since he isn’t a legal citizen of the U.S., i’ll bet some very smart (and patriotic) lawyers (HAH!!!) could get him convicted of terrorism.

    • http://thePatriotupdate clinging to my religion and guns

      One doesn’t have to be an “expert” on anything to know this Towel Head Ass Clown Obama and his gang of two-bit Chicago Socialist Punks are destroying this country. All you need is an I.Q over room temperature and love for Freedom and America ( that leave the Democrats out) and it becomes evident. Follow the money and you will see everything this gang of traitors does always leads to furthering their dog crap agenda!
      The only job Obama cares about is his own!!! He is a “spineless marionette” that dances for his Progressive Puppeteers. He despises Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for us Americans but serves them up on a silver platter to Illegals in exchange for their votes. He and his hoard of seditious miscreants are guilty of Political and Financial Terrorism and Gross Negligence for the act of knowingly trying to destroy America and for running guns accross the border to create anarchy so he can declare Marshall Law and tear up the Constitution. It is time to get the broom out. The “Peoples House” needs a good sweeping out and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do the same in the House and Senate starting with Pelosi and Reid! We are at the tipping point. The point of no return. If all this happy horsedung in Washington isn’t stopped immediately your children are going to wake up slaves on the continent their forefathers conquered.
      “There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt.”
      — John Adams
      “During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
      — George Orwell…”1984.”
      “No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
      — Goethe

  • Paul

    ACORN is like the mythic Hydra, cut off one head and two grow in to replace it.

    The only way to rid society of this menace is to gather up ALL the heads at the very top, and JAIL them for the multiple crimes committed by this criminal enterprise. (RICO comes to mind!)

    If ever an organization adhered to the communist concept of the end justifying the means, this one does!

  • John Wayne

    Another good reason to get rid of that Flop-eares, long legged idiot! Whoever votes for that Jobs Bill ought to be in a rubber room!

  • Keith J

    So the leopard hasn’t changed his spots. Is anyone in America surprised? This is how the Obama White House operates–anything the President wants, even if he has to go through with back door funding that circumvents the desire of citizens and the legal authority of Congress.

  • Phillip

    And get this…I just found out that Obama’s job’s bill is going to provide 15 Billion dollars in taxpayer money to fund the most anti American organization in the history of America. ACORN !!!!!!! We have to be people of action. No more sniveling…just action!!!

    • Terry

      AMEN Phillip!!!

    • http://yahoo patriot67

      amen amen amen

    • http://google KD

      How much will SHARIAH COMPLIANT FINANCE get? How much will be shipped out to the TERRORIST COUNTRIES?

    • Justthefactsmam

      Fact Saudi Arabia is run by Shariah Law,

      When you buy their oil you support Shariah Law and stoning of women, Just another reason the Bush family is so close to the Saudis

    • Tinytim

      Does that mean that Obumbum beats up his old lady

  • am2sweet

    Well how amazing is that? Obama will do anything for his ‘buddies’. It’s been apparent for some time that the only ones that will benefit from anything Obama does will only be those that give him campaign money or push his agendas. That is a very biased attitude for any president to have. We really need rid of him.

  • Bob Hocks

    To stop all , this . When are we going to march on to Washington , and demand Empeachment. ??

    The world know he is out to destroy this Country. An we sit her on our buts and whine.

    They knew he was a Illegal Alien when he , started roaming the Country sides. Yet the people thought he would not suceed in getting the votes. Well the Chicago Mob. came to his rescue . An now he has his Armies ,dollars an 20-30 Millions more Illegal Aliens to keep this BASTARD IN POWER.
    Our Justices , are all brain dead. An only protecting there bottoms.Still say if you do not Empeach Him , Just say good bye to our Country. For you will never have an Honest election , as Long as You Have KING BIG DADDY.

  • Pat Sinclair

    Tell Obama we are not making any money availabe for ACORN or anyother liberal group that he supports. The people have had enough of your hidden crap. IMPEACH OBAMA FOR ALL THE WRONG DOING HE HAS DONE TO OUR COUNTRY.

  • Sergio Sr.

    ACORN-Another Colored Organization Recruiting Niwits. That is true no matter what they calle themselfs.

  • MH

    We have to clean house vote out the dems and all the RINOs. We need to start over and we need term limits so these people stop becoming millionaires at our expense while destroying America.

  • the truth

    Hasn’t this Goverment got the Ball’s to Impeach this Communist crook

    • Rowdy

      The biggest part of them are communist crooks.

  • Frank C

    I hate to say this – but some of these people ae getting just what they deserve for putting him in office. Unfortunately we have
    to suffer for their stupidity. And you can fix almost every thing except stupidity.
    I hope people have gotten smart enough not to put him back in office.

  • Elvis in Argentina
  • Emme

    Give a person fish–theyll eat for a day; teach them TO FISH, theyll eat for life. So, what happens when LFNs are handed money and houses? We all know! WTF does this have to do with creating jobs? Nothing! It’s creating more LFNs!

  • john

    ACORN aka ACHOA, CAIR, NAACP, ACLU, KKK, FEMA, and Nation of Islam, are all nearly along the same line, supporting certain select groups of people that have failed to provide for themselves. Maybe we can keep a couple but some of them should be outlawed and declared subversive by the US gov’t but there is no one strong enough to even condemn them among the leaders of Congress.

    • http://google KD

      I recall that BHO has appointed followers of islam to his court of high advisors. He hasn’t stopped doing this yet either . These followers of islam have an agenda of their own called the Caliphate!

    • Justthefactsmam

      Fact Rick Perry begs Obama for FEMA money.

      and gets it.

      Fact Rick Perry Balanced his Texas Budget with Obama’s stimulus money.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Just the facts,,,, please tell us where you get your information…

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      Rick Perry can balance a budget-that is light years of genius ahead of Obama’s mental failures

  • http://Explorer WILDA WOODS

    When is this thief-in chief going to be impeached????

  • Emme

    Give a person fish–theyll eat for a day; teach them TO FISH, theyll eat for life. So, what happens when ___s are handed money and houses? We all know! What does this have to do with creating jobs? Nothing! It’s creating more ____s. If you use the actual acronyms, they cut you out off–sometimes I think this site are liberals–probably the o-watch!

  • Marlene

    What’s the matter, Barry-boy? Are the walls starting to close in around you? Is the noose starting to drop over your head? Is that why you’re in such a hurry for your so-called ‘jobs bill’ to pass? We’re learning more every day about your lies, aliases, Birth Certificates, phony Social Security numbers and your days are beginning to be numbered. Everything you’ve demanded and snuck through the back door will be nullified because everything about your ‘presidency’ is fabricated by Soros, the NWO and the Bilderberg Group. You’re a figment of your own imagination and your days are numbered. I’ll be so happy to bid you a permanent ‘adieu’.

  • Emme

    No, all they had to do was change their name again!

    • Rowdy

      What do you think we are getting ready to do with our president

    • Bev

      I don’t think – I know – he’s got to go. 2012 the end of an error.

  • m. sharpe

    This is a price We pay for being stupid-a stupid tax. 1 Sam.8. the Leaders requested a king to rule over, and judge like all the other nations. God thru Samuel tells them the results of Rejecting God; Socialism. Another Scripture says that a result of rejecting Knowledge God has rejected us. Repent for chosing our own kings and rejecting God;that is the only Salvation.

  • Buck

    Considering the FACT that we all know acorn is a criminal organization , isn’t that another article of impeachment that needs to be presented . I know , Iknow , we still have scumbucket Harry leading the snakpit we erroniously call the Senate , but we can still get it on record . have we went over sixty impeachable offenses yet ? I’m pretty sure we have .

  • Greg

    Come on Congress; Get your head out of your ass and do not let this happen. You know it is illegal!

  • Jay

    This is insane, even for Obummer. He is demanding the American taxpayers pay their fair share of all the billions he has squandered. And now he intends to billionaire ACORN? I suppose the Black Panthers will be next in line for their billions.

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      TOD… I hope not

    • Rowdy

      I’m sorry but that would have to be a lot better than where we are headed at present.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Rowdy ….I am not telling you who to like , but Ron Paul is way out in left field.He maybe involved in a sex scandal with Mr. Magoo. I can’t prove it , but that hasn’t stopped people from spreading rumors before. Just saying…

  • richard

    Obama will do everything in his power to fund ACORN because they are the ones who got the millions of fake votes that put him in office,Even to serching the graveyards for names,as will as many other methods of fake votes,and didn’t I read articles and hear on TV that Acorn was also running a prostitution ring as well as other crooked under the table and places to train prostitutes and other profit making enties? The Anointed one tried to deny that he even knew them when he was funding them all the time. It amazes me that someone could shoot Abe Lincoln and John F. Kennedy and Ronald Ragan and this so called president walk so freely on the Golf course and a zillion vacation spot.

  • Justthefactsmam

    Fact Acorn funded 100% under Bush

    Every year during the Bush administration, ACORN Housing Corporation received more than $1 million (from 2001, when George Bush became president, until 2008, the Bush administration provided over $13 million to ACORN),

    • toto

      Was this not under a Democratic Congress. They are the dispensers of the money. Please blame the people actually responsible.

  • dodi

    Where in the H _ _ _ are the people we put in Congress? You know the ones that we pay their salaries. Are they no longer working for us? I am sending the above information to my rep and see if I can find out what the arrogant ass is up to now and why they do nothing about it. Why don’t you join me??

    • toto

      My fingers are going to fall off from emailing Congressional people. Wish I knew if it makes a difference. I have my doubts these days. There doesn’t to be an ounce of common sense in the whole of Congress.

  • Moose

    The government could provide 1 million people with jobs for one year at $50,000 per job. Even though its only for a year, it’s much more productive then giving it to Acorn.

  • Charles

    For over 200 years the democrats and the republicans have taken turns running America and has got the American people in debt over $14,5000,000,000,000.00 to prove it. America doesn’t need more of the same. The only one that can and will make America rich , debt free and with world wide respect is RON PAUL. Do your research and sift through all the news media and both parties propaganda to see the truth. Ron PAUL does what he says and votes for all Americans….Charles oWaveland,MS.

  • Steve

    Would somebody in Congress get up on the floor and call Obama out…Americans are sick of this crap…If Republicans don’t start doing what Americans want they will be out to….!

  • John Kramer

    It is time to crush the ACORN now. Our country could Save $15 billion dollars if the ACORN is crushed.

  • Fenderman52

    They’re ALL crooks, Democrats, Republicans, ALL of them! The two-party system is a scam! Obummer wants the “rich” to pay more. He wants guys who worked their butts off to make $200,000 a year to pay even more than they already are yet he gives the richest of the rich, the bankers TRILLIONS of our dollars! The corporations pay nothing but a guy who works a little harder and a little smarter than the rest gets clobbered! Why can’t the liberals see the utter hypocracy of their “tax the rich” mantra?

    • coot

      Look at most who back Obama, Gov. Freeloaders,Welfare recp.High rolling Gov. officials.
      The idea is not taxing the rich to pay our dept but, more money to buy welfare sit on your ass votes which also includes paying illegals way.
      Isn’t anyone in America smart enough to see that

    • http://thePatriotupdate clinging to my religion and guns

      Obammy’s so called “plan” to tax the rich so they pay their “fair share” is just a scam to kill entrepreueurism and the jobs it creates. The only jobs he wants to create are Government Jobs that will help move his dog crap agenda for America along that much faster and kill the Private Sector. He will raise 750 billion over the next 10 years by increasing taxes on the “Rich.” By letting the Bush Tax Cuts sunset, which you know will happen, he will raise 2.8 Trillion on the middle class!!! So much for not taxing Middle Class Americans!! Lying Scum!!

  • http://none Ralph & Deborah Miller

    As soon as he knows for sure, that there’s no way in Hell he’s going to get re-elected, they’ll come out from under the rocks or where ever they come from. There’s alot more of us but, it’s not going to be easy or quick. Right around the time we’re voting him out ACORN, unions, and alot of others will be there. It’s going to be very scary times. He will not stop. He is for real and will do what ever it takes to win or steal the election. A lot will be hurt or killed. There will be little or no food, gas will be $7 or more a gal. It’s coming sooner than you think. I hope I’m wrong. It will heppen very fast or maybe over night. At this point there is no easy way out.

    • Rowdy

      Your right and that is when you greatly increase the population of the list you have going as to who IS a communist acting to harm our country through any act, social, financial, political, physical. If you think your list is long now wait until they crawl out from under the rocks.

      Think more local then. Will be too many on a national scale. integrate the lists from patriots across the land, when it is time to clean up. Keep records of facts and reasons as well as names.

    • http://patriot Tired in Texas

      Isn’t that a scaretactic that you are replying? voting is all in how we allow our States to be crooked as the whitehouse? If you want change then flush the votes of the Dead so they can’t vote. Acorn used the Dead people record to get votes in. I believe that people who cheat need to be shown who they are; that’s what I doing now to True the Vote.

    • coot


      Time for the NAAWP to emerge

      Better yet, move DC to the North boarder and have another N vs S war

    • toto

      All patriots should show up at the polling places where illegals and voter fraud people are likely to be and demonstrate, and document with cameras every person that goes in and out. Each film will mostly never be used, but it would be available should it be needed.

  • richard keeney

    congress already defunded eggheads Acorn program if they get more taxpayers money . then that’s it he’s will fall off the fence [his big fat egghead will break and all the slimmy midget head progressives won’t be able to put put his head back together again], just like in the grimms fairy tale about all the perverts men, they’re melt away like the wicked witch of the west,it only takes a few few drops of HOLY water

    • Rowdy

      They won’t bother trying to put him back together, they will just substitute another.

  • http://acorn hillbilly

    This man came from a Muslim world,an is a Muslim,thats why he is burying this country in Debt an gonna bury us,unless something is done to remove this Manic from office.Why does it take three years for the crooked Government to look into this wrecking of our country?

  • wally

    why do folks call the fraud n chief by obama

  • waltd

    This person that is called a president of this country, is doing what he was elected to do. BRING THIS COUINTRY DOWN.

  • waltd

    This person that is called a president of this country, is doing what he was elected to do. BRING THIS COUINTRY DOWN.

  • WVF

    What’s new? Obama is doing his job which is: DESTROY AMERICA!

    • Debra

      why not set fire to all acorn offices with the commies in them

    • Harold Hanley

      Love that idea of yours, Debra.
      You want to light the fuse? And I’ll throw?

    • Les

      He is sick & stupid & evil. Ovomit is. He needs help. Mental Help.

    • John

      You and Harold think its “funny” using the terminology you do, but it backfires. I am a staunch conservative and believe obama is an embarrasment and traitor. I have and continue to put a lot of effort and money into educating people what he really stands for and the danger he is.When you put in print things like “burn offices” and “I’ll light the fuse”,it not only is not funny but gives the left ammo to throw out the “hate” card and the “race” card. Instead of talking like junior high school students (maybe you are) put some real effort and comments out there to help get rid of this guy; otherwise you’ll have him for four more years.

  • waltd


  • T Lady

    A skunk is still a skunk by any name. And stench

    • ben

      please don’t call him a skunk, what an insult to skunks!

    • shorething

      you can call a turd a rose but it still f’n stinks

  • skip gainer

    Why do we have politicians from every state? When the president just ignores them, we can let them all go home and put their salaries and benefits to pay down the federal debt. Their staffs do all their work for them now anyway. It is good to be king is it not obama. When we break down the numbers, how much does each vote cost the working men and women?

  • Bradford

    It’s all in our face including some of his public statements and those of his aids are right out of the SalinsKy/Marxist Textbook. IE to that extent he is being transparent,right. As mentioned in some of the above Comments BHO is going all out to destroy the structure of government necessary to establish a Marxist global society controlled by the likes of him and his ilk. I agree, they will stop at nothing to get things their way and the 2012 election aside frankly, are winning. IE they are winning by totally avoiding the Constitution, issuing a multitude of Regulations, Government takeovers of businesses, increasing the national debt 3-4X, Obamacare, appointed Czars, Geo Soros’ millions helping grease the palms of politicians, domestic/ global organizations, tieing the hands of law enforcement, suing the state of AZ (a first for the Federal Gov’t), open borders etc all being protected and/or supported by the Unions, NLRB, EPA, DOJ, Judges legislating from the Bench, Homeland Security, ACORN, US Senate, the Mass Media and 29% of the the public that includes those that do not care and “it won’t happen here” go alongs. We have to take back our country in 2012.

  • Mary A

    No one can stop the “madness” going on in this country — EXCEPT GOD.
    But first, we must turn back to Him and…
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.
    Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD,” Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind
    And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD

  • headhunter

    why would anyone in congress vote for obama’s new bill? it isn’t even written yet. didn’t they do enough damage with obamacare? there wasn’t even enough time to read that one before the vote came up, now they want another one voted on before anyone can read it.

  • Florida Boy

    You can write, call, text or Email your reps all you want or until you wear your fingers out. They won’t answer you at all if you say anything about Obummer. He’s got to be sliding some of that stimulus money their way.

  • 820 RED HORSE

    And this surprises WHO?!! This money will end up buying tickets for ododo’s fundraiser dinners and fraudlent voters!! I can only pray this blank check to ododo’s cohorts i.e GE,soretoes,muslims,unions and the slobbering media does not get passed!!This money will be used for the ole libitard handshake or as I call it “the reach around”!!!

  • Barbara Simpson listener

    Sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THINGS REMAIN THE SAME.A zebra CANNOT its stripes overnight AND NEITHER CAN accorn.Who the hell do these stupid jackasses think they are fooling anyway??????????????????????

  • mesaman

    The bill is properly referred to as; “de jobs bill fo de po black folk an de illegal immigrant dat wants to work” bill. We’uns gits to pay fo de bill, y’all.

    • ekim

      Any and All stimulous that this administration is demanding now and in the past is merely money for his campaign !

  • tami

    People, we must be committed to voting for whichever candidate wins the primary. If Perry wins, we vote Perry 2012. If Romney wins, we vote Romney 2012. If Bachman wins, we vote Bachman 2012. And so on, and so on….If we do not stay united and vote, Obama will win 2012. I for one, cannot even imagine what we, America, will look like, if we have to endure 4 more years of his hope and change.

    • joseph g

      Exactly correct. However, be sure to make sure cain (he is another muslim lover. He stated that he would appoint muslims in his administration) This is a nation under God not allah. Romney is nothing but a rino. Maybe the worst kind. He is a big governemnt proponent.

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      Not exactly so joseph g…Cain first said he would not ever allow a muslim in his cabinet. For that, he got a lot of flack fromMSM, Dems, and other riff-raff. He was invited to a mosque where he was given a tour. after that, he changed his tune and said he May hire a muslim but only after careful vetting and extensive background checks. I personally think he changed what he said to get the liberals and the MSM off his ass. Personally, I think that he is one of the better people in the race. And Obama would never want to debate him, cain is far brighter than prez liar.

    • P B

      Bruno, this guy cain doesn’t have a chance of winning this thing, he has about 3% of votes against the other candidates. We have to stick with the one that gets the highest ratings or votes, we may not like it but if we vote for the underdog this Moron is going to get back in again.

    • Fenderman52

      PB, I agree and in that case the man we need to get behind in Ron Paul, since he has won just about every poll so far. He just won the California Republican Straw Poll and he came within a handful of votes to win the prestigeous Iowa Straw Poll. Yet he is being pushed aside for McCain clones like Romney and Perry. I understand your fear of Obummer winning another term…GOD IN HEAVEN FORBID!…but Obummer is toast…buttered and sliced. The rats are deserting the S.S. Obummer in droves and his only chance of staying in power is by cheating or declaring Martial Law and plunging us into a civil war. But every election it’s the same thing…”The lesser of two evils”…and it has brought us to the brink of extinction as a free nation. NO MORE! We must not let fear drive our actions and the two-party system has proven to be the death of our Constitutional Republic as is was originally intended to be. The Republicans have one last chance to stay in power and that is to give us a REAL candidate, a REAL conservative, a REAL Constitutionalist. If they “McCain” us again…that’s it for them, they’re history. The Tea Party will fight them to the bitter end if they give us another RINO that only has the best interests of Big Business/The Military-Industrial Complex/The New World Order/The Bilderbergers,etc. in mind. We must have a real patriot that has OUR interests in mind. Have no fear, if the Republicans try to “McCain” us again a third party or an independent WILL WIN or we are doomed as a nation. Obummer and the Democrats are already history and the Republicans are one choice away from joining them. May God guide our nation in our most desperate hour of need.

    • P B

      Ohh Tami, how I agree with you, if we have to go through another 4 years of this Moron we are finished. We have to stick together and get rid of this thief. He has taken this country for a financial ride and the youg people are just to stupid to see through him.

    • Diane Uecker

      I absolutely agree,if we don’t vote this man out in 2012 I really believe we won’t have a Country to worry about. I don’t want to be a part of the generation that has to explain to my grandchildren how I allowed America to be destroyed!

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      Yes, because over on the other side the fruitcakes dropped a real citizen-Hillary-and went with an illegal alien-and like communists many voted for Islam boy at Hillary’s plea to do so.Yes we have to get this repulsive liar and thief,as well as backstabber,traitor,spy,devil worshipper,parasite,unfit to improve anything since invading our freedoms-out of our whitehouse-out of our Airforce One-INTO A JAIL CELL for LIFE

    • George

      The lesser of two evils is evil. I will not vote for either unless it is Ron Paul who is being ignored by the mainstream media.

    • http://gbtv Marcia

      I sure hope you don’t mean that you will not vote if Paul isn’t the candidate!That is exactly what the left are hoping for.I,for one, wouldn’t vote for Perry (another Dem who turned Rep to get his job and is not a truth teller), but if he is the candidate, then I will have to so my vote will get rid of the muslim currently in control of our country.

    • notaracist

      Tami, I’m sorry, I can’t spend my vote on any of these RINOs. If the GOP props up somebody like Perry, or Palin, or Romney, or even Paul, and they lose the Presidency because of the lack of one vote, it’s not MY fault, it’s THEIRS! On the other hand, I’ll be happy to vote for a candidate who has demonstrated a willingness to uphold the principles of the Constitution, and will purpose to continue doing so, because that’s what is being systematically destroyed, and our nation along with it. I will not knowingly be a party to that destruction. At least with Obama, we KNOW what we have!

    • beckyd

      We have to take this country back from Obama and the destruction he has caused,just think 4 more years what he would do , I will vote for any Republican Romney, Perry or M. Bachmann . We must take control

  • Ron

    The Porch Monkey has to go.!!!!

  • http://excite john jay

    Just another dirty trick that he will try to sneak in from behind closed doors by the most open Gov’t the stink is coming from WASHINGTON

  • Higgs

    The more we find out about this “Jobs Bill,” we find out there is very little, if any, about “Jobs;” it’s all about, once again, helping his union buddies and the unethical radical groups such as ACORN or AHCOA, whatever name they use. The Republicans better fight this and go very public with the “details” in the bill, or else, they will take the blame for not passing a “Jobs Bill” keeping America “unemployed.”

  • MontieR

    You should NOT be able to change your NAME, and continue your ANTI AMERICAN agenda. Let alone get paid for doing it.

  • Ed

    We need a president who will represent American Values and will not sell his soul to the Muslims or the Unions.



    • tami

      Rosebud…Google and Fox are hosting the next debate, you could actually email FOXNEWS that question for the candidates. I would love to hear what they have to say. I did some research on this topic….and its not good. Just in regards to his dad being born in Kenya……it looks as though our Supreme Court has only twice in our history decided that Natural Born Citizenship be based upon lineage and not land. Another words, if you are born on American soil you are a natural born citizen. I, myself, do not believe his birth certificate is legit. I say to Trump and all the lawyers that are working to prove that obama is a fraud, please keep researching and do not give up.

    • Phil

      So far no one has had the balls to do anything about his eligibility and I don’t really think anyone will who is a candidate or anyone in Washington will.Does the word (wimp)come to mind?

    • southernconservative

      Bravo! I have already asked one of my senators to vote no for this jobs bill and vote yes to begin an investigation into Obama being eligible to serve as president. I also want to stress that everyone needs to vote for the Republican candidate in 2012, regardless of who the nominee is. WE CANNOT LET OBAMA WIN IN 2012 or we are done as a republic!

    • JAGGER

      Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona is looking into the Birth Certificate. We all know it is fake….everyone has to know that. But they won’t do anything about it. It IS up to us. Do you know “African-American” was used to describe the ethnics of Obama’s father….and that term did not even come into existence until 1983. Before that they were Blacks, Negroes etc. And Kenya was not a “place” yet in 1961. It was a colony of the British Isles…no name. They are so arogant, they don’t even see any need to put forth a “good” fake.



  • jjdebird

    Dems seem to be doing all the things they “thought” Republicans have been doing.
    They focus in on helping donor friends, cut out females & minorities, fund pet projects, & steel votes.
    Maybe the think its OK to do all the things they like to think republicans have been doing. The only problem is republicans never did the many things dems do everyday. Sure a few may have slipped by, but nothing like the pay back misdeeds of the dems.

  • klesb

    Shhh! Don’t tell Congress or the SCOTUS!

  • John

    At the next GOP debate why can’t one of the subjects be the eligibility of Obama to run again for President. Since the defenders of Obama are contending that it is past the official time when proof of his eligibility to run for President in 2008 should have been raised, then now is the time for this to be evaluated before the election of 2012. There is great justification for doing this now, especially because of what it can and will do to diffuse much of any violence that might occur from the racial inclinations of those segments of society who have a natural propensity in that direction. We are a nation of laws; when are we going to start acting like such a country?

  • DrewbeScrewed

    Ten reasons Oba..blah,blah should not seek re-election. Without these key leadership skills, he will only continue to handicap America’s economic recovery.

    1. A leader is at his/her best in a crisis. In America’s outsized economic crisis, the President is floundering on three urgent tasks: cost reductions, plans to support wealth creation and motivating the nation.

    2. A leader is responsible for motivating specific outcomes. When the President is disappointed in an outcome, he blames Congress or his predecessor.

    3. Leaders always operate with well-planned strategies for growing wealth. The President’s actions are reactive, opportunistic and disjoint. Any growth would be an accident and/or unsustainable.

    4. Leaders are constantly preparing for competitive battle. The President’s preferential support for organized labor works against America’s flexible labor advantage. It also hurts the competitiveness of the nation’ education system, industry competitiveness, and government efficiency.

    5. Leaders know how to leverage strengths. The President’s group orientation is antithetical to two of America’s greatest strengths: Its orientations toward the individual and meritocracy.

    6. Leaders know how to identify the best global opportunities. In a world of jumbo emerging market opportunities, the President is struggling to get past Panama, Colombia and South Korea.

    7. A leader builds consensus. The President sees the relationship between the Democrats and Republicans, and the public and private sectors as we vs. them. This is divisive.

    8. A leader’s integrity never lapses. The President’s perpetual campaigning abuses his position and his use of “witty” rhetoric can stretch the truth and it can be offensive to the American people and those across the aisle.

    9. Leaders know how to prioritize their tasks. Prioritizing Obamacare ahead of economic recovery is not what leaders do.

    10. A leader never loses focus on improving the foundations for wealth creation that support job creation. The President’s incomplete understanding of the private sector often results in damaging this foundation. NEW YORK (TheStreet)

  • George

    For all of you who believe that a Republican is better to elect than the current President, why is there no outcry for impeachment from the Republicans? Why aren’t they screaming to see Obama’s credentials proving that he is a natural born citizen of this country? Why is there no outcry from the Republicans about TSA feeling us up at the airports and using naked body scanners on all of us. Why is there no outcry from the Republicans about the latest TSA intrusion into our 4th amendment rights by feeling the people up before the enter an NFL football game?

    As long as we continue to vote as we always have (one of two parties), we will get what we’ve always gotten.

    • emerson

      george, you can’t be that stupid, can you? the House would vote unanimously to impeach obama. HARRY REID would NEVER allow a vote in the senate. do you know who harry reid is? the republicans are better off exposing obama and his czars for the crooks they are. if obama is reelected it will because of idiots like you who can’t see the forest for the trees. a vote for a third party in 2012 is a vote for obama. ever heard of ross perot? bill clinton?

    • nvrpc

      They are all the same. I’m still convinced that those who planned 9-11 hit the wrong building. They should have taken out ALL the politician when they are ALL in session. That would have done this country a favor. Maybe the next time.

    • emerson

      well you’re doing a world of good with your head either in the sand or up your butt. please stay home on election day.

    • StevenI

      Off topic but that may have been the intended target of Flight 93.

    • nvrpc

      How stupid would that be. Any vote for anhy other party other than republican is a vote for the socialist democrats. There will NEVER be more than two party’s and you just have to make a choice, bad or worse… or stay with the bad

    • tami

      Because, George, jobs come first. And, if you are unaware, there are alot of people unemployed. Frankly, some of the issues you mentioned have had conservatives screaming…….Rosebud posted about obama’s birth certificate right on this site. I read other post, and know that we are outraged with almost everything this president and his administration does. He is a pathetic excuse for a leader. George…….uhhhhhh……what we’ve always gotten……..dude……you and me……we live in the Greatest Country In The World, (albeit, since Obama, we are going down in lightening speed), but ‘what we’ve always gotten’ is a pretty damn good thing. One last thing, I can tell you with 1000000% certainty, and that is…. any of the Republican candidates, ANY OF THEM, will do a better job than what we have in there now! You really need to rethink your strategy.

    • rulken

      First of all, their not all the same. Second we now have an alternative group that do represent us. They are not a registered party, but rather a group, that does or does not, endorse candidates that are looking out for our greater good, “The Tea Party” is a group of regular “city hall” people. That posses common sense, and better solutions than big government, and budget busting big unions.
      God bless America.

  • emerson

    CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN, i don’t think any of obama’s POS so called “jobs” bill is going anywhere but there better not be one dime given to these ACORN crooks. i am sick of these a-holes wasting our taxpayer dollars. enough is enough.

  • hunter

    i went to school named ACORN HIGH.their motto was,,from small acorns tall oaks grow,,as to this,,it should be,,from small acorns,,HUGE THORN TREES GROW!!

  • rulken

    It has gotten to the point that we need to hold our representatives come election day! If you don’t want to hold this maniac, responsible for his actions while in the WH. then we don’t need you come the next elections.

  • Carol J

    Why is ACORN still active anyway? They’ve been proven corrupt. The only time my brother had any problems with the IRS was when he had an ACORN rep do his taxes. He was busy with his dying wife and didn’t have the time to do it himself.

    • StevenI

      It’s the only way Obama can win; throw the election…again.

  • Idylewylde

    Does anyone know how much money the Ratsky brothers embezzeled from ACORN?

    Does ACORN know?

    Until ACORN can actually pass an IRS audit and account for all the past money that went missing, they are not qualified to receive further federal funding.

    That’s actually the law .. you know, fiscal accountability for public tax funds.

    So, anyone who gives ACORN more federal money before the audit and investigation is complete, and the missing money is fully accounted for, is actually breaking federal law.

    Heck, Eric Holder at DoJ can go to jail if he derailed the investigation and stood by while more money went to ACORN.

    If they can convict John Edwards of embezzling government subsidized campaign funds, you’re telling me that ACORN is exempt from the same level and degree of prosecution?


    ACORN-Gate is still very much alive, folks :)

  • Adrian Vance

    Isn’t this an impeachable offense? If it is not it should be.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

  • anAmVet

    lets all make sure this arrogant black pr&ck and his puddles of puque, do not get their way on this jobs bill. acorn especially, there will be no jobs left for americans. there are too many mouths at the table and not enough meat unless you want a sliver. you wil find yourself standing on the side of the road holding a plaquard, stateing, in need of food, or will work for pennies. what is it going too take too wake the people of america up from this nightmare, a nuke going off in one of our major cities? and believe when said, it is just around the corner. you won’t realize when it happens, because you might be rite at groung zero. we have to look at this in perspective. someone needs to put a verbal scare into america.

  • waterman

    Here we go, wake the dead and get them registered, some how after their death they became obama fans and just love more dead things. He has already killed the economy what’s next.

  • waterman

    Oh, that’s right all of his illegal alien amigos need to get registered too and vote for the illegal alien in the White House, you know how “birds of a feather, flock together”. obiden has the same following with all the clowns of the nation.
    And pelosi well enough said about “it”.

  • StevenI

    Using Tax Payer dollars to create his Civilian Army so he can enslave us.

  • Fenderman52

    Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Voting for whatever McCain-clone they throw at us is FEAR VOTING! Yeah Obummer is the most vile, disgusting, retched pile of fetid rat-droppings to ever infest the White House and the Republicans are going to use that to drive us out of fear to vote for their choice…”THEIR choice”…not “OUR choice.” Stop voting out of FEAR! We MUST have a new direction to save our country. Ron Paul or someone as good CAN win…if we MAKE IT HAPPEN! The two-party system is WORSE than a dictatorship because it offers the illusion of hope and change every election yet it offers nothing but the same old crap. The shadow government can control two parties but they can’t control three, four or even five parties. It is precisely THIS that George Washington himself warned us about trusting parties. If we could set up a daily poll to keep track of how people intend on voting we could eliminate the fear of throwing one’s vote away. Anyone out there with the skills to set up a website like that? Keeping it honest of course would be the hardest part, but I think it possibly could be done.

  • jerry

    I believe that Michelle Obamas trips to Spain and Africa were actually courier missions to exchange orders with the islamic masters. Imagine how a sd card could be hidden even from her entourage…

  • Arfisher

    I prefer Romney with the purse strings just like his father Governor George Romney of Michigan Mitt “Romney did not accept a salary while he was Governor and he paid for his personal and political travel, while the superintendent of the State Police pointed out that the Governor never requested the security and that the security detail followed the Governor on all trips.”

    • notaracist

      Arfisher, If you like national socialist healthcare, you’ll love Romney

  • Gary

    I thought that Acorn was defunded by congress after the underage prostitute scandal. Oh–I see now. They change their name to AHCOA, get the free taxpayer money, and then obtain free housing for underage prostitutes. Well, it’s a tough job.

  • Sam Cognasse

    When is CONGRESS going to grow some Balls and investigate ACORN and BO’s connection to them? They have investigations for every other stupid ass thing!

  • believer

    Where will his children hide when he is thrown out of office -What a legacy he has created
    Poor little obummers

  • fgacrds

    Ok, all of us conservatives commenting on a conservative website are accomplishing nothing. We need to be reaching out to the middle of the road americans that have the swing vote. So stop oisting here and concerntate our efforts on trying to reach the vote of those that swing their vote. That is precisely what ACORN did and they weresuccessful. Lets do the same.

  • AppraisHer

    Doin’ what a community axtivist do. Yo can ax ‘im what he really be doin’ with yo money, but he don’t be tellin’. Take from da man an’ give to da ‘hood.

  • John D Hardman

    Acorns are eaten by squirrels. What we need to do is develop a geneticaly engineered carnivorous squirrels that are as big as pick-up trucks, and turn ’em loose in Chicago first then spread’em around till all the acorns are no more.

  • Alice Stevens

    I think that Romney is a decent man, and loves
    our country. I believe he would do his best
    to turn this country around, hopefully with a
    Congress that will be smart enough to help.
    People hate him because he is squeaky clean,
    brilliant and good looking. I doubt he would
    take our tax money for his own lavish spending
    on vacations. My dream ticket would be Romney
    for President, because of his business sense,
    and Newt for V.P., because he knows how Washington works, brilliant, and no nonsense.

    • shorething

      i love newt, but he has baggage, he would be an excellent sec of the interior even by recess appointment if necessary. rubio would give us 80-90% of the fastest growing minority and help us for many years to come.

  • Frank J.Cairo

    You pay no taxes you get no vote.

  • Frank J.Cairo

    Obama should have been recalled after his first year.

  • dago dave

    First, don’t feel sorry for obummers children-they are going to be better taken care of than yours and mine,thanks to our democratic government and all the tax dollars we supply it with.Consentrait on getting all the bums and free loaders the hell out of our government,and get the right people in there to take care of this ,our good nation. I have seen no one in the wings thus far that is qualified enough to even sweep the White house floors let alone run this great nation. I say HANGEM HIGH!

  • Dorothy

    It’s time to vote everyone out of office and start fresh. The politicians in this country are only for one thing and one thing alone. The to sit on their duffs and do nothing while being be paid an outrageous salary, receive unwarranted perks; ie: healthcare, continued salary after leaving office and not having to abide by the rules they impose on us. It’s time the American public takes a stand and takes out the trash starting with the President and the rest of his constituents and all of Congress.

  • Claude

    While this president gives 15 Bil to crooked out fit.He plans to cut military retired pay and medical care.Iam a retired sfc e7 and if i were still in ,I would get the hell out & start a civilian job while at a young age,Now as being retired I will not tell any young man to enter the military ,when they are done with you they will spit you out.You will be the blame man.Besides you will be fighting for socialist reform.It is not worth to put your life on the line.I say stay out.Let him go and congress go put thier life on the line,And let us take away what they earn.

  • Claude

    Dont get me wrong I loved the AMERICA we no longer wont know what you lost till you lost it.And we have.Young men stay out .You have nothing to loose and in wars you can loose it all.Tell Washington to go fight themselves.They have become lovers of wars and you are the victim.

  • Claude

    Ha Washington is fighting themself.

  • Claude

    HELLO Dorothy,Thumbs up you are right on

  • John

    Debra and Harold…You and Harold think its “funny” using the terminology you do, but it backfires. I am a staunch conservative and believe obama is an embarrasment and traitor. I have and continue to put a lot of effort and money into educating people what he really stands for and the danger he is.When you put in print things like “burn offices” and “I’ll light the fuse”,it not only is not funny but gives the left ammo to throw out the “hate” card and the “race” card. Instead of talking like junior high school students (maybe you are) put some real effort and comments out there to help get rid of this guy; otherwise you’ll have him for four more years.

    • Lee Baldwin

      YOU have him too, John! Time for YOU to also campaign for AMERICA and speak with everybody you know about the office of President of the US. Talk about Harrison J. Bounel aka Barrack Obama aka Barry Soetoro & why he has so many names. ONLY CRIMINALS have so many names. Who would vote for somebody with that much to hide?

    • John

      Exactely Lee; Who would? What I am saying is that people need to realize that dumbs comments made just to vent, and nothing else, can be used against all of us later. By all means, vent, but watch the language and maybe include a little “meat” to combat obama and the hoards of dumb sheep who follow him.

    • John

      His aka’s is good stuff to know and spread. Joking about burning down his supporters offices is not.

    • John

      Lastly Lee. I do plenty of phone calling, letter writing and money giving(I guess what you call campaigning) in my efforts to see obama loses in 2012. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • mark ex calif

    remember hilary is a follower of salinsky
    she meet him at a methodist church outing in the 60s

  • http://nyb walter

    Once a crook always a crook. Changing the name does not make a difference.

  • Goatie

    Ww’re winning folks. Keep up the great letter writing and phone calls. Most of all, pray daily for our great Republic and its Constitution as founded.

  • Norval Hardy

    If they are giving money to “worthless” organizations, then I’m against it.

  • T.C.


    • loub

      do the math 10 billion divide by 500.00 per vote gets 20 million votes and theres 5 billion left for the sales people out lining up the votes. pretty good gig to me and a prescription for reelection

    • loub

      do the math 10 billion divide by 500.00 yields 20 million votes with 5 billion left over for the sales staff(community organizers)

  • 1S-1K

    If they are that far behind in their taxes, why hasn’t the I.R.S. taken up the case??? Could it be because Barrack HUSSEIN Osama is keeping them protected?? We could use another investigation into that idea. Just like the one started because of his backing of a big ‘LOAN” to Solyndra which has spent (or hidden) the money so quickly, now leaving we taxpayers out a half BILLION dollars.

    No matter what– BHO needs to be impeached!

  • Bernice

    Instead of using the taxpayers money since we didn’t approve of this “donation to ACORN”, it would be very kind of Obama if he would give that l5 billion out of his OWN POCKET to ACORN ! After all, like he said during his campaign “there comes a time when you have made enough money” – so OBAMA, COUGH UP 15 Billion , YOU HAVE MADE ENOUGH MONEY BY NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!