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Texas successful in defunding abortion group

Monday, September 5, 2011

planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood is closing some clinics and merging others in Texas after Governor Rick Perry signed into law a measure defunding the abortion giant.

Texas Right to Life wrote eight amendments to the state budget adopted by the legislature that eliminated over $60 million in family planning funds that were going to Planned Parenthood.

Elizabeth Graham, who heads Texas Right to Life, says her group has confirmed that six Planned Parenthood clinics in the North Texas region are closing.

“These particular clinics were only family-planning clinics, so they did not do surgical abortions — but they were required to do medical abortions, which is the abortion pill, RU486, and they also did do abortion referrals,” she says.

Surgical abortion centers, howeve,r remain open while other facilities have merged with larger ones.

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  • Whackajig

    Let’s see now, the liberals, aren’t they the ones who wish to kill human unborn babies, but save the spotted owls?

    So glad their priorities are well placed.

    • Bishop, Robert Hannah

      WHY NOT we have something spotted in the WH.

    • Mark

      Except he’s usually spotted on the golf course.

    • clarke

      or on vacation

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Good for Texas. Not one cent of any taxpayer money should pay for any kind of abortion. if Suzie gets her self knocked up by Johnny she has legal recourse to get Johnny to Cough up his fair share. or do some county time. . I cannot claim them on my income taxes yet I/we am/are supposed to finance/subsidize the fruits (or removsl there of the) of their sordid affair. I don’t think so. Yea Texas.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      Did any of you notice that Planned Parenthood is closing the NON=ABORTION clinics, but not the abortion clinics. That is because abortion is all they are really about. The rest of their activity is a smoke screen.

      They also continue to make a LOT of money on abortions and so they will continue doing the abhorrent and stop doing the beneficial.

    • USAF VET

      The article said non-SURGICAL clinics. They were giving young women the Abortion Pill RU486.

    • seabee combat vet

      Greaqt “Bird Watching.” Now we all have to “Hope” that he flies the coop!!!,and it will have a “Change” in our economics, world standing, and moral fortitude to get this country back on track!!!

    • patriot

      It’s too bad they didn’t have RU486 in60’s Kenya, emagine what hope and change would be today???

    • Graywolf

      It smells like the real spotted skunk in the Southwest. Now a union jerk calls TEA party members “SON of BITCHES” and the Dems on TV are supportin that statement. I would like to tell him and Obummer whit I think of them.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Graywolf… Sounds like the obama thugs just declared war on us. Hoffa said that they are his army. And good ole stupid biden called us barbarians. Wonder if they really mean all this crap??

    • skip

      ann, i think when people start acting like these are, they’re afraid of the opposition and that they, including the union hierarchy, are going to lose their jobs AND POWER!!! when you have lost all logic and get into name calling/threats, intimidation, etc., you’re scared, and i think that’s what these people are, totally scared… this is what obama is all about, i.e., name calling/threats/intimidation, etc., and it all comes from radical chicago community organizer and communist fellow traveler SAUL ALINSKY… it’s a chicago community organizer tactic… obama has NO ideas of his own, being an ALINSKY DISCIPLE (hillary, too), ALL of his actions, etc., are ALINSKY TO A TEE… combine this with being a SOROS minion, and you’ve got them all rolled up into OBAMA… check these out, they will fry your brain… the ‘who is obama’ mystery RE BEHAVIOR AND IDEAS/IDEALS has been solved… AND

    • mari morris

      Excellent comment. Could we make that a billboard or at least a bumper sticker?

    • Woodweasel

      My bumper is a little small…but I advance your seniments. Let’s face it, the issue is POWER, Control, and management of us little people. The libs always put the smart ones like Obummer, Al Gore, and the like on top, just to take care of the rest of us. Oh, my God, I feel someone in my back pocket again!! Wait till they find out the wallet’s empty!! (I’ve learned to keep my money in one of my front pockets, just so that I can keep my eye on it!)

    • am2sweet

      I agree, good for Texas. About time someone had the guts to stop paying Planned Parenthood for anything. They are garbage and murderers. Frankly they all need to be defunded and all shut down. Instead of pushing abortions they should have been pushing birth control pills.

    • Victor

      I love the spotted owl. I use my grandmother’s recipe.

  • Richard Sims

    Legalize pot, but kill babies, yeah that makes sense, too.

    • Woodweasel

      Close down the dirty coal mines, halt the drilling, etc., but push the heck out of electric cars!! Where do they think the electric juice comes from?? The car may have a battery for storage, but electricity is made on demand….Makes as much sense as offering free health care without educating more doctors to take care of all the new patients!!! Just Liberal Progressive planning for you, at its best.

    • Woodweasel

      I also live near Detroit, but please don’t blame me for Hoffa JR. I’ve never voted for him, and have no use for unions.

  • 68Truthseeker

    Investigators Probe White House Role in Massive Energy Loan (CBS News – 9/2/11)
    House investigators said they have uncovered evidence that White House officials became personally involved in an Energy Department review of a hot-button $535 million loan guarantee to the now-failed California solar company Solyndra

    Obama sticker in urinal draws criticism and laughs KGET TV 17.

  • sickoflibs

    Don’t forget they’re also the ones who fight for the rights of known terrorists. They don’t want to take away the rights of a confirmed murderer but they have no problem with the slaughter innocent babies. I believe all libs/democrats have a mental illness. Hopefully, someday someone will find a cure.

    • ken

      i’ve always believed liberals have mental problems..they can’t see common sense..they always seem to have to justify their existence with some cause or something..just a bunch of losers who need to move somewhere else and change that place’s way of life…and leave mine and America’s alone!

  • Rose

    Praise God! I like Texas.

  • Colleen

    Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood with the express purpose of wiping out the Negro population which she felt was inferior and should not be allowed to reproduce.
    The only thing I find odd is that as communist as Obama’s mother was, she didn’t abort Obama instead. The world may have been a much different place if more of these wacky libs/dems/ socialists didn’t have abortions all the time, or maybe just be sterilized before they can reproduce!
    I am 100% opposed to abortion. Just find it odd that it is ok for the poor to get abortions, while the very wealthy elite dems/libs/socialists have multiple children.

    • ken

      what we need is a pill that specifically targets the liberal gene in humans and destroys it!

    • FedUpWithFedsInTexas

      Ken wrote “what we need is a pill that specifically targets the liberal gene in humans and destroys it!”

      Unfortunately, we’re morelikely to have something MUCH more effective – but infinitely more destructive – than a simple pill. When the revolution comes, after the continental and world transportation webs collapse and western civilization falls, the ensuing global famine and massive (billions?) die-off should pretty much take care of the progressive/statist gene as few of them will survive.

      In a thousand years or so, when archaeologists of the time look back at this coming holocaust, they will call it the “great culling”. Unfortunately, a lot of good people will be “culled” with the progressives.

  • Bob

    Raise Cane with Herman Cain.
    Vote for Herman Cain for President.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      Do better. Much better. Support and elect Sarah Palin.

    • Pat

      No, all she does now is get on her soap box. She has already passed her “Miss Perfect” picture.

    • Robert N

      Better still Bachmann…

      Immigration Ratings
      B- Bachmann
      C Cain
      D Palin
      D- Perry
      D- Romney
      F Paul
      F Obama

      Easy choice as Bachmann was the NO COMPROMISE with the RINOS fiscal fighter we needed along with the freshman Tea Party congressmen. They are the only reason the administration is on the run.

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Robrt N. Right on. You to must be a NunbersUSA [dot] com member or afficianado.

      And Bachman is the best choice for other reasons:

      1. She has stood by, and supported the Tea Party reps in Congress,
      2. She, like Palin, is not cut from the same crooked, “good ol’ boy,” ESTABLISHMENT cloth that Perry, Romney, Huntsman, and a couple more of the establishment good ol’ boys are.
      3. She, also like Palin, speaks with COMMON SENSE, UNLIKE all the true POLITICIANS [UHG!!!!!].

      We NEED a Bachman-Palin, Bachman-West, or Bachman-Cain ticket.

      These candidates would draw significant votes from the Democrap ticket simply because of the Democrap voter’s ignorance, e.g.,
      Women would draw extra women’s [all parties], and blacks would draw black votes from blacks who are disgusted with obummer.

      Although I think Bachman would be the best “lead,” ANY COMBINATION of these candidates would be a “super” ticket against obummer and the Democraps.

    • ken

      sorry..she’s un-electable..the press destroyed her the first time…just

    • ken

      sorry..the press destroyed her the first time she ran…unelectable now…good at what she does now…you go girl!

  • Rose

    Praise God! This is a first step. Hopefully
    bigger ones to fallow. We have to stop
    this terrible tragedy. God Bless Texas.

    • Bree,

      I so agree with you Rose. Texas seems to be doing everything right and God will bless that even more. I think I want to move to Texas – now!

  • A. Reginald

    Let’s see now, wasn’t Planned Parenthood founded by Margaret Sanger. And if memory of hisory serves me rightly she founded it in large part to get rid of the blacks. In many of the cities with large black populations it is in the middle of black neighbourhoods you will find Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics. And then the Liberals, who support Planned Parenthood, call right – to – life activists racist!

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ A. Reginald. You are right about the BEGINNING of Planned Parenthood, BUT…

      Planned CONTROL of Parenthood was HIJACKED long ago, and is FIRMLY in control of the wack-job socialists, commies, Marxists, and Democraps.

      Thus, blacks don’t even realize PP’s intent waaaay back in the beginning. I seriously doubt that even 1% of PP’s current board of directors, staff, and membership EVEN KNOW

  • http://none willas

    now they want to deprive us of oil to save a bug,,has all of those in high places gotten on drugs..they are just a bunch of dumb,dumbs.i guess that they think that a bug is more important than a baby,,

  • Always-Sideways

    Finally, a state and governor with balls. The liberal left and Planned Parenthood can pay for the killing of babies out of their own pockets – just don’t ask me to stoop to your pathetic level.

    • http://x Washington22

      A big PLUS goes in Governor Perry’s column. We need Governors across this nation to stand up and do the right thing. {Think Jan Brewer in Arizona} Washington certainly won’t do what’s moral and right………..

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      Support a person who is really ethical, moral, and honest. That would be Sarah Palin.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      Get real. Perry is in campaign mode. He is doing what he thinks the people want.

      Remember back to HPV vaccine that he tried to force on 13 year-old girls. Remember Yearning for Zion where he backed off, leaving pubescent girls to married to old letcherous men. Remember Perry trying to take away millions of acres of land and give it to a foreign company to build the I35 corrider. Remember he was the state campaign manager for Al Gore.

      Don’t give Perry credit for this. It happened because of conservatives in the State that held the legislator’s feet to the fire.

    • Wayne

      Do you know what the HPV vaccine is for? He was trying to help prevent deaths. Now I don;t agree with his way of doing it, but saving lives is a good thing.

    • ken

      i can’t vote for anyone who ever worked for Gore at about a nut-job!

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ ADRoberts. You are SO CORRECT.

      PERRY was a Democrap for years, and only switched to the TX Republican Party because he saw the “handwriting on the wall” which clearly indicated that the Republicans were gonna “take over” control of Texas.

      He was a “turncoat” of convienence [his] to the Democraps, and IS a RINO of the Nth degree.

      What’s worse, he’s a “plant” for the Bilderberg organization, and supports the one world government cabal.

      Perry is just a “good POLITICIAN,” saying JUST WHAT he thinks the sheeple want to hear.


    • http://AOL Ellen

      Once upon a time — I was a Democrat for many years. Do not condemn me because I got smart and “saw the light”.

    • Anthony Holt

      Bank of America is also helping fund Perry’s run for president. Do you really think he will support the people? Why do we allow the media to pick who we vote for? Mitt and Perry are both owned by the Banks! Bachmann worked for the IRS…..and Cain was a member on the Federal Reserve board. If you people think any of these candidates will represent you and not the big banks….I’ve got some ocean front property here in Tennessee I will sale you.

    • Old Bill

      He is doing it to win votes. You ever notice the non abortion ones are the only ones not in minority areas. When the libs kill off the blacks who next. They leave the borders open the whites will be a minority. Look out white people.

    • seabee combat vet

      Look Out?? We are LOOKING OUT!!!

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Old Bill. You are right, BUT… IF you pay attention to the numbers, you will find that because Whites and some Blacks DO practice birth control, the Hispanics and Muslims DO NOT!!!!!

      Some months back, it was pointed out to me that with the relatively negative White population growth in the USA, AND the “relatively” stagnent Black population growth, BUT with the STAGGERING growth [by having 4 to 8, or more, kids] of the LEGAL Hispanic population “they” will, in less than 50 years, have the VOTING MAJORITY [over Whites, Blacks, Orientals, and all other minorities, all of these combined] in the USA. She also said that IF not even one single more Hispanic were allowed into the USA, it would not change this outcome.

      This “sounds Draconian,” BUT… just really think about it.

      I was told that this was a “forgone” conclusion, AND NOTHING we could do could stop it.

      However, that is not totally true. For one example, IF the White and non-Hispanic population were to start having 10 to 20 children, NOW, then we could “outgrow” them. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done. And the load on the food supply and infrastructure would bring this country to its knees, much like the third world is today. And “they,” the Hispanics STILL would have accomplished their goal of turning the USA into a third world nation.

      A few years back when the “Meskins” were having all their street rallys in support of “Comprehensive Immigration REFORM” [a euphamism for “across the board” full AMNESTY for ALL ILLEGALS] legislation, I WATCHED AND CAREFULLY LISTENED to what the Meskin rally speakers were saying.

      Although I cannot quote them precisely after all this time, here is the “gist” of what they were telling the throngs of Hispanics, mostly Meskin ILLEGAL ALIENS AND their citizen supporters:

      Do not worry. “At ‘our’ current birth rate by legal Hispanics, AND the coming millions of Hispanic citizens via their ‘birth in the US,’ WE WILL gain voting control of this country!!!!!”

      Some of them also said [and again, I have to paraphrase], “Once WE have control of the USA, WE are going to MERGE the USA INTO [not with} MEXICO.”

      Then, there “will be NO United States of America, only a much larger Mexico.”

      That is the GOAL of many Hispanic organizations, like La Raza [translation = “THE Race.”] and LULAC. The speakers who said these things WERE leaders of both La Raza and LULAC!!!!!

      It is guaranteed that when that occurs, the USA WILL become a THIRD WORLD NATION, just like Mexico has been, and is.

      There is no way that “gerrymandering” of voting districts will prevent Hispanic takeover of the USA, SO…

      We, our children, grandchildren, and their children can only PREPARE by building large enough SAVINGS account to allow LEAVING the “United States of Mexico” move to a more friendly country [probably in the South Pacific].

      It is sad to contemplate, BUT… I believe this will come to pass.

  • Colo43

    Ladies, learn to say NO..and there would be no consequences.
    Shut them all down is what i say.

    • Big Daddy G


      Your comment is appropriate. However, Gentlemen (of all Persuasions, color, race and creed) unwanted pregnancies CANNOT happen with just the Lady being responsible.

      Unwanted pregnancies, thus an unnecessary need for an abortion, begins with the male species who practices abstinence, respect for women, understanding the meaning of the word “no, No and NO” and responsibility of actions! In most situations I would venture a guess the male is responsible for unwanted pregnancies more the fifty percent of the time.

    • Frank

      I disagree, women have all the power when it comes to sex. They put themselves in situations where unprotected sex happens thus they cant just blame the man. There are plenty of contraceptives for women, probably more variety of contraceptives than blood pressure meds. At the end of the day if the women dont spread their legs, they dont get pregnant. I’m tired of people blaming men, its not our fault, we are not the ones getting pregnant, and thats why women are the ones with all the sexual power in society. With power comes responsibility.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      It takes two. Immorality has consequences. Then they go and make it worse by committing murder.

    • seabee combat vet

      Frank, come down off of your high horse! It takes two to tango, plain and simple

    • Frank

      you missed the point. If a woman doesnt want to get pregnant she doesnt have to. period. if she gets pregnant then she has nobody to blame but herself. on the flip side if a man doesnt want a girl getting pregnant then he should put on a raincoat or stay out of the rain. Of course there will always be acceptions to the rule such as rape, but we cant formulate law and spenditures around the acceptions. Like abortion, why should a child be killed just because a girl was raped. Two wrongs dont make a right, that child deserves life. Thats why there is a thing called adoption. I find it interesting that on a site filled with smart people that I got a low comment rating because I was willing to speak the truth. The truth hurts even on the right side of the isle apparently.

    • June

      Pregnancies are always forced on ladies, not one lady wanted sex, it’s those nasty guys at fault every time.

    • Old Bill

      Why should the ladies be the only ones to say no. Do you think with your dick.

  • tweety

    No doubt Obama and his DOJ crew will sue the state of Texas. Ho-hum. Yay, Perry.

  • Higgs

    The revolution has begun. The Socialist liberal left wants to save all kinds of different animals and mammals, but have no problem funding the killing of innocent unborn human children. Do we need to say anymore about these creatures? Thank God for Gov. Perry and the Texas state government putting priorities in the correct order – or at least starting. Yep, you can bet the DOJ of “Odumbdumb” and their Socialist idiots will come “a gunnin'” for the State of Texas.

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      To have a Conservative Right to Work, Right to Life government, you have to have a population…citizens who elect that government. My greatest fear is that all these folks who are migrating to Texas from elsewhere in the United States are bringing their liberal views with them, only seeking jobs here in Texas, but planning to vote for their socialism when they get the chance…

      God Help Texas to remain a home of the brave, land of the free…

    • Margaret

      He Heeee they better remember that Texas has a “right to pack” law.
      They also better remember the constitution does not give the federal government the right to supersede state law. Any state has a right to govern themselves by the vote of the people. Any state actually has a right to close it’s border to another country, but not another state as that impedes transportation. Any state law that does not interrupt or undoes a federal law of the entire nation is legal. Obama may just have to fight this in court with the ACLJ – thank God for Jay Sekulow!

    • Kitty

      You’re correct, Higgs. Also, these same radical left wing-nuts are the ones who push for the end of the death penalty. They believe it’s O.K. to kill an innocent life in the womb but society should not be able to execute some low-life scum that has a rap-sheet a mile long and has murdered and raped. It just goes to show their lack of intelligence.

  • Undettered

    Just goes to show where Planned Un-Parenthood’s priorities lie; they close down the planned parenthood clinics that offer birth control counseling and keep the infant evisceration torture chambers open for business.

    “What’s wrong with a mother killing her infant child, she is just preforming a post-partum abortion?” –Unknown

  • patriotrenegade

    Awesome news. There’s my vote.

  • skip gainer

    I am really starting to like Texas a whole lot more!

    • http://x Washington22

      There are MANY reasons to like Texas. I’ve been watching them for some time. Here in California, I met a guy towing a recreational trailer in a grocery store parking lot with Texas plates. I engaged him in conversation. Seems he had moved there 8 years earlier from Mich. He said he was now very successful in a small business and approved so much of Texas that several of his grown brothers and sisters also moved to Texas from Michagan. I was thourally impressed……Just sharing……..

    • Bushmaster66-68

      Yeah, Texas does have a lot going for it, but the Repubs had a long hard road getting us where we are now.

      And, the Democraps controlled for MANY years, and the difference in voting numbers is very small.

      I fear that many of those flocking to Texas for jobs [and there aren’t that many in excess] will not be conservative, but INSTEAD, will be MORE ignorant, socialist, communist, Marxist, trash, which will destroy what little has been accomplished here.

      This situation is JUST LIKE the immigrant issue, a few can be accomidated, BUT… excessive immigration [whether nation to nation, or state to state] will INUNDATE infrastructure, and lower the quality of life for ALL.

      I suggest to those contemplating “escaping” to Texas to reconsider, AND INSTEAD, get involved and clean up YOUR state and make it a place to be proud to live and work.

      IF everybody dissatisfied with “their” state comes here, then Texas unfortunately WILL BECOME just like the state you escaped from.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      If you move to Texas, lose you Yankee thinking and Yankee ways. Otherwise, Texas will just become another rust belt state.

    • June

      Recently, the City of Dallas , Texas , passed an ordinance stating
      that if a driver is pulled over by law enforcement and is not able to
      provide proof of insurance, the car is towed.

      To retrieve the car after being impounded, they must show proof of
      insurance to have the car released. This has made it easy for the City of
      Dallas to remove uninsured cars.

      Shortly after the “No Insurance” ordinance was passed, the Dallas
      impound lots began to fill up and were full after only nine days. 80 + % of
      the impounded cars were driven by illegal’s.

      Not only must they provide proof of insurance to have their car
      released, they have to pay for the cost of the tow, a $350 fine, and $20 for
      every day their car is kept in the lot.

      Accident rates are going down and… Dallas ‘ solution gets
      uninsured drivers off the road WITHOUT making them show proof of

      Wonder how the ACLU or the Justice Department will get around this

      GO Dallas!

  • oneAmerican

    Hope all the “Perry Bashers” read this. Granted, this one issue does not a President make…but it’s a mighty important one to me & does go futher than campaign yak yak. We all talk about taxes, jobs etc, anothr FYI on Perry is that under his leadership TORT Reform has progressed a measurable amount. I’d prefer to have pickles on my burger, but will forgo them if I can still have a burger with alot of good meat..I mean like this isn’t Burger King

    • http://x Washington22

      Very good analogy, oneAmerican. I think you have said a mouthful!

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ oneAmerican. Perry CANNOT get any credit for Texas Tort Reform.

      That issue was pushed to fruitful conclusion by hundreds of ACTIISTS who “held Perry’s, and the Legislature’s FEET TO THE FIRE.”

      It is the citizenry of Texas who is responsible for, and deserves the credit for Tort Reform.

      Also, the truth about Perry is that for YEARS he was a DEMOCRAP, and only when the “handwriting on the wall” showed that the Republicans were gonna take over Texas politics, did Perry then abandon the Democrap Party, and go Republican.

      He has always “talked” a good line, but being a very good POLITICIAN, and one of the good ol’ boys, he SAYS just what he feels the sheeple want to hear, not necessarily the truth.

      Plus, Perry is a “plant” by the Bilderberg group, and he’s a closet one world supporter, AND NOW he’s become a part of the Republican/Conservative ESTABLISHMENT [he’s ‘sucked’ them in too].

      Both Perry AND Paul are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and ARE DANGEROUS for all.

  • Nonne

    I can surely understand why many taxpayers don’t want to fund abortions. However, I also remember back when states ran huge orphanages and it was common for women to leave unwanted babies on the front steps of hospitals. The very women who CANNOT afford to pay for an abortion are the same ones that will become welfare mothers stuck with a houseful of unwanted children for the taxpayers to support.

    • Always-Sideways

      Being able to afford or not afford an abortion is not the point – the point is what Planned Parenthood stands for – and that is KILLING UNBORN BABIES and wanting me to pay for it. And, I guess you’re ok with that? Think about this for a second: Would you be posting on this site if Planned Parenthood had “taken care” of you?

    • M. Wilk

      There is no excuse or reason for murder. Every soul that’s conceived has a right and reason to be born. And, there are too many people who are looking for babies to adopt, so your argument doesn’t hold. If you believe in God, you’ll know that God does provide for all. Trust Him and call to Him for guidance and assistance in your life!

    • haditinsd

      I appreciate the fact that you can understand taxpayer concerns. I never heard a taxpayer complain about helping an orphan though.
      As for orphanages we have thousands of them today and many are supported by tax dollars, only now we call them daycare centers.

    • Margaret

      People who want to save babies are willing to support orphans. It isn’t a question of money. It is a question of morals and ethics something the left has seemed to relinquish because they don’t want to be bothered or stretch their budgets to care for their own flesh and blood. Aren’t they glad though that their mother and father did not choose abortion?

    • Frank

      I know I for one am glad. My mother was in the clinic and moments before they started, she changed her mind. I thank God every time I think about it that she recognized that I was innocent and deserved a chance at life. Thats why I will never support abortion on demand. Very few instances make abortion the right choice.

    • http://AOL Ellen

      Had two children and did not plan any more. When I became pregnant it could not have come at a worse time. My husband’s job was in jeopardy — finances were in bad shape. Had a bad nine months — ill most of the time. Abortion???? Never a consideration. Gave birth to a wonderful son.

    • A.B.

      there are still homes to provide help to women having an unwanted child. And they don’t just stop there. They help the pregnant women find good homes for their children and provide job training to the moms.

  • Dean

    Now we need the other 49 states to follow Texas on the abortion issue.

  • stephen russell

    If TX can, we can do it anyplace, right.

  • Margaret

    Texas, Jesus is smiling!
    Thank you for doing what is right.

  • http://x Washington22

    Texas is right because of Christian values and a leader who is a Christian Governor, Rick Perry.

  • shortitalian

    Rick Perry is right on,why should taxpayers fund abortions?Obama and his crooked judges will file a lawsuit and I hope they lose.Why can’t the Federal Government let the states decide on their own?Voter ID’S,EVERIFY,Ship illegals back,fine employers that hire illegals,term limits for all politicians,wishful thinking,right?

  • MrInterpid

    Why does humanity persist in its sacrifice of children to Molech. For thousands of years children have been burned at the feet of idols. See Lev 18:21 and check out the descriptions of molech given various places online. How is the sacrifice of children to the god of mammon any better today than it was over 2000 years ago? I don’t call this progress of any kind. “The drums were beat loudly as children burned in the arms of molech”. This was so the parents couldn’t hear the screams and be moved to stop the evil.

  • aeroguy48

    I could care less about the abortion issue, the issue is when goobernment gets involved the costs skyrocket

  • Dennis Young

    A conumdrum for a liberal is what occurs as he is driving down the road and a child runs into his path from one side of the road while at the same time a puppy runs into his path from the opposite side of the road. Only one can be avoided. A liberal will run over both as he can’t decide which one to try to avoid. In the liberals best case scenario it would probably be the puppy that survived.

  • http://yahoo ken `reid

    I would rather pay for an abortion then welfare.

    • June

      Do you pay taxes i.e. pay for abortions or are you paying for abortions with my tax dollars. Liberals love to pay for there pet programs with someone else’s tax dollars. If you do not pay taxes you should not have a right to vote, after all you have no investment in the system so why should you have a say how the system works..

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      June, Didn’t ostinko say that everyone should have skin in the game??? Wonder what happened there?

    • http://AOL Ellen

      While I cannot tell another woman what she should do in the case of an unwanted pregnancy I am opposed to abortion. Why should my tax dollars be used to pay for it?

    • Old Bill

      Hey dummy welfare was only ment to help them get up on their feet. Kind of like unemployment.

  • http://yahoo kenny1801

    GOD Bless AMERICA, GOD Bless TEXAS and GOD Bless GOV. PERRY!!!..To HELL with OBAMA and the FIRST BI*CH!!!!!

  • Elaine

    My future grandchild thanks you. I thank you.

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens

    I hope they close every last one of them. Bunch of murderers.

    • Alice Stevens

      Leonard – I feel abortion is Murder in the First degree, and the doctors and mothers
      should have the same fate as the child
      they murdered.

  • MrInterpid

    Where is the most dangerous place for black children?

    Ans: In the womb.
    Three times as many black children are aborted as white.

    The liberal left supports abortion.
    Who is it thats racist now?
    Margret Sanger would be so proud of what the liberal democrats have acomplished.

  • John Kramer

    A woman’s body is a woman’s choice. Government should not pass laws that prevent
    a woman from choosing to have an abortion or denies a woman to have an abortion.

    • tony


      I guess you think that if a woman wants to kill,
      it is o.k.. What if she wanted to keep her child and you punched her in the stomach and killed the baby. Would you be o.k. going to jail for life just because SHE wanted to keep her child. Either way, a child is DEAD, only you believe it is solely up to the woman to decide life or death. That means she also controls whether you go free or spend your remaining days behind bars. No one person should have that much power…Man or Woman.

  • bobby taylor

    You know Obama was a perfect example of a child that would be an aborted baby. Its a shame that his mother didn’t believe in abortion.

    • am2sweet

      While I don’t believe in abortions I have to say that you are right on this one. His mother should have aborted him to save the world.

  • Imissgeorge

    J Kramer, a woman makes the choice to have unprotected intercourse. If she becomes pregnant she has already made the choice of risky sex and the tiny life she now carries has
    the DNA of a distinct human being. She failed to use contraception or to reject sex. It should not be her choice to kill her unborn baby. If she decides to to anyway, my taxes shouldn’t have to pay for it. I disagree with abortion, but I am angered by the federal government raising my taxes to fund programs I oppose.

  • Bob Slyway

    The State of Texas Could always recommend that abortions could still be obtained in California and that even illegals get subsidized by the State there. Jerry Brown and Co. would only be too happy to help see a woman’s right to choose honored. They just need to be encouraged to “choose” California.

  • Jim

    Are people just too damn lazy to take a birth control pill or put a rubber on!???
    There is no reason for any woman, in this day and age, to find herself with an unwanted pregnancy.
    Is it easier to decide in the heat of a moment that it would be easier to get an abortion than to take a minute and take the proper precaution?
    Maybe we should “milk” all males when they go in to puberty, put their sperm in several different disaster proof vaults all across the country, fault proof identify it and then do a vasectomy on them. They want to have a child, let them go to the vault, prove they are worthy to become a parent and then make a withdrawal.

  • richard keeney

    what did late danny thomas say on his show in response to idiot comments , hey you liberals “ett”

  • Neal

    “You love the fetus, but once born, you don’t seem to love the children. Teach them to love and share, not to fear. You want to be warriors that kill off your enemies, carry guns, for fear that G-d is not strong enough, by himself, to defend you.
    PLANNED PARENTHOOD spends about “3%” of it’s money on abortions, the rest goes to keep children happy and healthy and the older one from getting pregnant.”