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White House probed over pressuring FORD to pull anti-bailout ad

Friday, September 30, 2011

ford customer

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said in a letter to the Ford Motor Company on Thursday that he was “deeply concerned about undue political pressure exerted by the White House.”

The House Oversight Committee chairman’s letter comes on the heels of reports earlier this week that the company had pulled an ad critical of the auto bailout following a phone call with administration officials.

Ford denied Tuesday that the ad was removed because of political pressure, saying instead that it had simply been taken out of their ad rotation as scheduled.

The auto bailout, which primarily benefited Ford competitors Chrysler and GM, was a cornerstone of the president’s stimulus plan and supported by Ford. But conservatives have been increasingly critical of the auto bailout and stimulus as a whole as unemployment continues to lag.

In the letter to Ford, Issa asks for a full explanation of the company’s decision to pull the advertisement and whether any current or former employee of the Obama administration, United Auto Workers, or Democratic Party contacted the company about the ad. Issa also asks whether the company temporarily pulled the ad from its YouTube page.

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  • Mary

    Everyone realizes that the Obama administration told Ford to pull the ad. If Ford did not pull the ad the Obama administration would make life miserable on Ford.

    • Captain PJ

      As someone who was born and raised in Chicago, these kinds of strongarm tactics are par-for-the-course in Chicago politics. For those of you not aquainted with such tactics, they are very similar to Mafia-La Cosa Nuestra tactics of bulling, extortion and threats of violence.

      In this case, Ford has numerous major Defense contracts with the DOD and also have to reconcile with the UAW, which is clearly in the Obama camp. I don’t think the astute Issa will be able to ascertain any increminating evidence from these inquiries. Ford has already responded with a reasonable explanation, though no one believes it.

    • Testa Sterone

      Well said, Captain!

    • ACEMAN

      God bless Ford! They are the great last hold-outs of american capitalism. I saw a commercial yesterday, you know, where they hit somebody with a suprise fake press interview, and the guy says “The reason I bought a Ford is because they didn’t accept any government bail-outs”. That is still on the air, so maybe not everybody got the message! Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. No PC police! Join today!

    • John

      The Supreme Court is finally having a “conference” this week to determine if Obama’s eligibility should be investigated.

      People; this is something serious enough to pray for!!

    • Phil Collins

      Yo ACEMAN, the commercial is ligit. Fox news interviewed the guy who did it, and he stated how the whole thing happened. He was an out-of-work guy with a wife, facing hard times. If you listen to his interview, who will hear his strong faith in GOD, and a belief that people can and should stand on their own two feet. Wen he got back on solid ground, he bought a new F-150. He was later contacted by the Ford marketing group, and was selected to do a commercial.
      Ford does a lot of these: his was one that was selected.

    • http://sadinNM ted

      from what I’ve seen. it hasn’t run in Calif. except on Fox

    • daves

      Someone writes this article in a newspaper without any evidence, both parties deny it, and Congress is going to do and investigation. Brilliant.

    • Captain PJ

      Of course, this is nothing but speculation based on this administration’s track record of shady deals, lack of transparency, and bully tactics with business in general.

      When I was a federal agent, we had this saying: “Most of the time, rumors are just premature facts.” At least this saying apllied to criminal acts and suspicious activity.

    • Amanda

      Never mind that the ad was pulled for some reason. I saw it once and thought it was brilliant. Clearly SOMEONE bullied Ford into pulling it.

      And yes this is exactly what Congress is supposed to do ~ police and reign in the other branches of government when they get too big for their britches. Keeping an eye on Obama’s Schutzstaffel is certainly a more befitting act for Congress than staging another witch hunt within the MLB.

      Go Daryl Issa!

    • Johnnygard

      daves, Maybe we all agree that they should put more effort into investigating “Fast and Furious”, Solyndra, and LightSquared!

    • Dean

      White House bulling. Anybody surprised?

    • Dean

      Whoops,typo: I meant bullying.

    • Captain PJ

      Don’t sweat it dean…i do it all the time in my haste to write as i think…my fingers aren’t fast enough.

    • Texas Granny

      I agree with you Captain. We need to clean up the political trash in Chicago.

    • AliveStillKickin

      Yeah….I am certain a predetermined Eric Holder, DOJ investigation was in the mix with a thorough “already guilty” IRS audit.
      Not blackmail….of course….Just a “nudge”….a “recommendation”

    • am2sweet

      Well of course Obama wouldn’t want the truth known. It might make Ford more popular than GM. What a dirtbag he is. Anyone who voted for him shows total ignorance and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • Tom Stewart

      Am2sweet You Got The Correct-Info, The Only Place I Find This Fool-Proof Stories Is In The CANADIAN FREE PRESS, Yippee, The Best Sheet Off The Press CFP Get Yours Daily And Put Soros/Obamacare BS Sheet Out To Pasture. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots. Palin-Bachmann POTUS Now

    • nax777

      This sucks, I never got to see the ad.

      Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!
      P.S. Did you vote this week at “you cut”?

    • Millicent

      I just sent an email to Ford Motor Co. telling them it was the only ad on TV wherein I didn’t change the channel. I asked them to put the ad back on and not bow down to the agenda of Obama. I suggest those of you who read this do the same. I simple google Ford Motor Co to find out how to contact them. We cannot just blog, we have to be active in our desire to crush this evil administration

  • http://Google scotty

    It would not surprise me if our white house resident said that if the Ad was not pulled he would get his union buddies in the UAW to force a strike on Ford Motor Company regardless of the Negotiations be held ??
    Cannot allow a free enterprise to undermine his Government Motors

    • Byron

      Sorry scotty I hit the wrong button meant thumbs up on you comment so add one.

    • sid

      add two, for the minused one!!!

  • Byron

    Title of this piece is really funny if you remember the Ford Probe!

  • George

    Wasn’t this the President that was going to bring the country together? I guess only if you agree with him on everything!

    • sid

      is there anyone who agrees on everything???

    • dbinpv

      is there anybody who agrees with anything spit out of obambams mouth. not anybody with a lick of sense that is

  • James R. Maxwell

    It it makes obama look bad then the pressure will be on, more than likely by the Union thugs that support obama. Actuall no one has to make him look bad since he does it all by himself with the corruption that is being discovere on a daily basis and failed liberal fiscal fiascos.

  • skptriot, MI

    It was a great ad that spoke volumes about the auto bailouts. And now the people at Ford can only say “No Comment”. Makes you wonder.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate 1 Fed-Up Ameican

    Scotty, You are Right On in your comment. This group of THUG’S in Washington will do anything they can to bring down Capitalism. The UAW thugs should be damn lucky they got the Tax money to keep GM & Chrysler alive. Now the Union Thugs are going to demand more Wage & benefits in there contract talks so lets hope the outcome here is total failure again by these two automakers and then they will all be out of work. No more Government bail out Period for Union Thugs.

  • http://yahooo Anita

    I want to know what the Congress is doing to stop this and protect Americans. I personally will never ever buy another Ford in my lifetime. These companies need to band together to stop this madness. I guess I’ll trade this F-150 in and buy another Toyota.

    • Rex

      What is with you? Ford is the only one that has the guts to stand on there own, without government money, and now you want to through them under the buss,

    • sid

      they did pull the add!!! the man in the ad, was on fox, the other night!!! toyota, honda, do stimulate the economy, of the USA!!!

    • Paul Allegranza

      Where do you think all the “profits” go.

    • sid

      ask the american employees!!! also ask the mexican, and canadian employees of american car builders!!! i’d tather buy a car from a foreign carmaker, who stimulates the american economy, then buying an american car that stimulates the economies of canada, and mexico!!!

    • Paul Allegranza

      Pull your head out of the sand…. HO-RAY for Ford.

    • Dale on left coast

      Toyota . . . Recall leader in the new Millenium . . 25 Million and counting since 04. Toyota lied, hired NHTSA officials to lobby for them, buried the recalls for decades, till the bodies started showing up. They tested 75 cars . . . said all was OK, but the problem occurs once in 100,000 cars . . . good luck with that krappy Toyota!!!

  • Rocky

    A real shame Ford did not have the balls to tell Obama and the White Hoyuse to f—k off !

    • Rex

      If they had Obamas buds, the Unions and the EPA would have put Ford out of business,even Ford couldn’t win that fight!

    • Jackie

      Rocky – Dan Hampton of the ’85 Chicago Bears Superbowl Champs DID tell Obama to take his WH invitation and f off. God, I love that man!

    • sid

      as did nascar drivers edwards, stewart, biffle, harvick, and ku busch!!!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Hoot

    As long as dumbocRATS control the senate, things like this will go on and on and on. If and when CONSERVATIVES get control will anything change in the corrupt policies. Newt has the right ideas in his new “contract” with America…

    • sid

      clean out liberals, and rino’s!!!

  • Edward Roach

    Ford Motor is no dummy!!!!!!!!!!!Union thugs can be sent to do damage when ordered by their master Odama………………

  • Cris

    Do we even have a Constitution anymore?

    • sid

      we do!!! they just don’t recognize it!!!

    • Sally

      No. Don’t you remember this summer Time Mag confirmed it when it showed on the front cover of the constitution being shredded. This administration will follow the constitution only when it is to their benefit. Otherwise, it doesn’t mean a thing to them.

  • Larry

    Probe is as far as it will go. Nobody ever follows through to the end and indicts anyone! Good ol boys lookin good for the voters and lookin out for each other in the end!

    • Gary Greene

      Absolutley Right… This probe will drag on for a few days until no-one is looking and Americans are on to other mind fodder.
      Then they will say ” Didn’t find anything” odd !!! Everything looks good here
      It’s almost as important as Thuggery at the polling places…
      OOOOO look… Lady Gaga has a Meat dress….What probe ????

  • No fool

    I recently purchased a Ford because they didn’t take any bailout!! I’ll be taking delivery of it soon. It’s the only way I knew how to thank them.

    • Gail S.

      If I can ever afford a new car again it will be a Ford. I made that decision when GM & Chrysler took the bailouts. I’ve driven Chrysler Town & Country vans since the mid 80’s and love them, but never again. It will be Ford! My daughter never had Ford’s, but got a Ford Flex last spring when she got a new car. She never looked at GM or Chrysler.

    • No fool

      OXOX :-)

    • StevenI

      I want a Ford Escape Hybrid or Flexfuel and a Fusion Hybrid. I believe in 2013, the new Ford Excape with Flexfuel and Hybrid will be available. The Test versions got like 80 Mpg. No wonder Obama hates them; they are hurting Soros’s profits!

  • cyoder

    TV commercials usually run for a limited time. Ford’s other commercials using real owners didn’t run any longer than this one. This one will probably run forever on the internet due to the publicity. If someone forced Ford to pull it, the plan backfired.

    • Byron

      BS I see the Ford ads every day, they have been running for about 3 months. There are ads that have been running for years. Yep, some ads are of very short duration but they STINK and are pulled.

    • LL

      That’s not my observation. I’m a creature of habit and always watch the same shows. I have seen, for example, the Ford ad with the young lady whose co- workers told her Ford was a truck company so many times I could recite it from memory. I have seen the one about buying Ford because they did not take bail out money exactly ONE TIME. Don’t tell me that’s pure chance.

  • Woodweasel

    The current admiinistration plans to make life really tough for Ford. So many think GM has repaid their loans, but in reality, they only returned TARP money to the government as payments. The loan goes on un-paid, and the technology they are trading away to China is just more brain-drain in action. Remember, electric cars are really only coal burners. Electricity is made on demand, and must be converted to DC to be stored in batterys. What will it cost to replace the battery in an electric car? At current prices, they will become throw aways, and environmentally very costly. Where’s the green in this?? Don’t worry, its only money….(says Obummer).

    • kevin45

      GM will pay no corporate taxes for many years, thanks to Obama. I am not sure how many billions they can make before they have to start paying taxes. (30 or 40 billion)

    • Bill

      and don’t forget the $5,000 bonuses the UAW paid themselves, before paying back us taxpayers.

  • cheryl jessup

    This use to be a free country. You should be able to run a commerial if it isn’t slanderous. The man just stated his opinion. The last time I looked we still had the right.

    • jane Rininger

      if we don’t get this man and his cohorts out of office QUICK! that ‘right’ will be gone too.

  • sue

    I own two Ford’s, both of them have over 100,000 miles on them. Ford is the only way to go.

    • Stan

      I have had two Pontiacs with well over 100,000 miles on them. Since GM took the bailouts (and shafted so many of the Dealers) I won’t buy another.

    • Clara J.

      You’re right! They don’t make Pontiacs any more!

  • Henry

    So everybody, enjoying Marxism? It is only goingo get better! Just wait for the anarchy in the streets of large cities in the “Summer of 2012″ and the blood to be flowing in the streets. Yes, isn’t Marxism so much fun? Weeeee!!!!

  • Edward Lohr

    Thug,Fascist,crony politics. Impeach Obama. He crossed the line long ago.

  • Joe Harrill

    Joe Fasthorse says
    Sounds like we might have some remnants of the old Capone gang in the white house.

  • Dan

    Ford took no bailout and is stronger than ever. It is called FREE MARKET. Make a good product, people will buy it, Simple. No government should prop up private business in any way. No Bailouts!
    RON PAUL 2012.

  • Adrian Vance

    The Obama gang is so used to having media people kissing their butts they cannot fathom anyone doing something that tops their act. You have not seen anything yet if this man wins a second term.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  • Polly Hodgins

    “The auto bailout, which primarily benefited Ford competitors Chrysler and GM, was a cornerstone of the president’s stimulus plan and supported by Ford. But conservatives have been increasingly critical of the auto bailout and stimulus as a whole as unemployment continues to lag.” Has everyone lost the ability to use our language correctly? Are there no editors remaining? Please reread the above quoted text. I submit that unemployment is NOT lagging. Employment may lag but unemployment seems to roll along merrily under our current brilliant leadership!

  • Bill

    Look, I am a life-long republican and conservative, but I believe in TRUTH and that we should stop fooling around. Hannity had this Ford buyer on with a big day-long build-up as to how he was going to say on TV that Ford had been bullied into pulling the ad. Much to Hannity’s dismay, HE DID NOT. It is BS like this that makes us look bad and stupid. Lets stick to the truth, the facts. There is enough out there to sink the dems and Obama a 1,000 times over!!

    • Clara J.

      If Hannity had him on his program, he had previously toled Hannity what was promised. Since it was advertised, Obama’s geeks had time to get to him and we all knoe it wouldn’t haave been healthy for him to tell the truth.

    • Clara J.

      I should have checked my reply before sending it on.

      told instead of toled
      know instead of knoe
      have instead of haave


  • Emil (S.F.C. Ret.)

    Why not get all americans to stop working for a while. Maybe this will wake up our government and big business when all revenue stops coming in. We don’t have to revert to violence, with no revenue they might.

  • D. Hanes

    Gee.. what a surprise.. the White House pressuring anyone to make them say what they want them to. Just more Chicago politics.. Obama comes from the dregs of society and he won’t be happy until he has everyone in the sewer with him… you know.. you can dress up a pig.. but it’s still a pig.. and smells like it.. sorry to all pigs!

  • R. Cook

    Let us count the scandals:
    1. The sealing of all personal records upon taking office.
    2. Fast and furious and similar programs in other states.
    3. Solyndra and several other questionable Green industry programs
    4. The strange circumstances of his social security number and draft registration.
    5. The violation of law by unilaterally deciding not to enforce certain immigration laws.
    6. the refusal to prosecute black panther voter intimidation.
    7. The blatant financial terrorism against Texas when they tried to ban TSA groping that violates the 4th Amendment.
    8. And now the Ford advertisement.

    How long can this administration escape being held accountable?

    • Wes

      That list could be much much longer if we included all the ways this administration has imposed it’s anti-business attitude on us. Not to mention how they try to pick the winners and losers based on their agenda.

      Not only do we need to hold them accountable but we need to remove them from power.

    • Johnnygard

      Don’t forget LightSquared!

  • E. G

    I am a retired UAW member – BUT the union DOES NOT SPEAK for me. I have a mind and I can and do use it. I resent all of the ‘donations’ that O gets from the UAW. That is union members money – not the dictators of the union to use as they please for ‘donationa’ – payoffs is a better word.

    • Wes

      I was in the UAW but am now retired. The Unions are out of control in America today.

      Every State should be a right-to-work State.

  • Buck

    Don’t pressure the white house , we know where they are coming from , Pressure Ford to see who agreed to this blackmail .

  • tweety

    Now that the ad has aired, smart citizens will figure out that pressure was applied — which only furthers the argument that government intervention into the business community is a big no-no. Sorry, Big O, the damage to your cause has already been done.

  • Allan

    I get it now. Obama’s business bashing and intimidation is PAYBACK for slavery. So what if it hurts a few black business owners in the process.

  • Yellow Horse

    Yea everyone is going to drop their pants and yell. If I was in fords place I would not have given in but would have recorded it & turned them in!!!!!!!!! These crooks will eventually get caught!!!

  • David Forms

    I have three concerns with this story.
    (1) Where does the Obama administration have the nerve and right to question a business on their advertising methods?
    (2) Where does Issa have the nerve and authority to question Ford’s decision to pull the ad?
    (3) It’s pathetic that Ford pulled the ad and did not stand up to the administration.

  • Frank Grabowski

    Solution to taxing the rich. A 90 percent tax on all political contributions. This is a fair tax because it is a voluntary tax. Also, it removes the corruption from campaign finance.

  • Bob


  • zombywoof7

    I love Ford but they are weak when it comes to standing up for themselves. They always cave when threatened by unions, animal rights groups, govt.,etc. Grow some balls Ford.

  • gerald

    We forgot when fords stock was at 1.00 a share and GM was way up there.
    Now they took all the stockholders money (at Government Motors) and gave it to the UNIONS.
    Ford deserves a chance to buld a new america!

  • aberry

    Come on ford An Ford Employees Show some pride Stand up for your selves.

  • Chitown

    I wonder how many people/voters know that Obama’s mother was employed for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia, along with Tim Geithner’s father. They do have a long history of connections which explains why Obama hired Geithner as his top Federal Reserve guy.

  • Spyder Dalton

    I dont expect they will ever use a gloved finger. All the probing going on
    you would think the don’t ask don’t tell would be put back in place. Whats
    The point of all the investigations when there is no acountability ever involved.
    Corruption is killing the country and scaring the capitalistic image of the republic.
    All one would have to do to bring down Obama is to expose the corruption but
    None will utter the word. They are all corrupt.

  • Bob Devich


    We can all bitch about Obama, but everyone has to GO OUT AND WORK AGAINST HIM and his labor thugh buddies starting in the Spring or Summer and Fall. He’s gonna have all the usuals from the Wisconsin statehouse shutdown, ACORN, all the resources he can muster in cluding perhaps $1Billion.

    Personally, I post every chance I get, ans in the Summer, I’ll have signs on my truck, put fliers in newspaper tubes, tell friends about the damage he’s done, use bumper stickers, donate to the Repub.candidate, phone bank. We must counteract his leftwing radical buddies!

    REMEMBER IN 2102!