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Cain: I’ll Challenge Perry for Evangelical Votes

Monday, October 17, 2011


Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain said Saturday he’ll go toe-to-toe with Rick Perry for the GOP primary’s critical evangelical vote.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Cain said the Texas governor “thought he had carved out that niche, when he didn’t own that niche by himself.”

“People are realizing that he is not the only Christian conservative in this race,” Cain told The AP at a campaign stop in Harriman, Tenn., where he spoke before close to 1,000 tea party activists.

“You know, I don’t wear my Christian faith, which has been my faith since I was 10 years old, on my forehead,” Cain said. “But people can see it on my website and when they read my credentials they can see I’m a staunch Christian conservative, and they are saying `wait a minute.'”.

The Georgia businessman drew rousing applause at a recent Values Voters Summit in Washington. His stump speeches are marked by references to God and at one recent campaign rally in rural Tennessee before a socially conservative crowd by singing a hymn.

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  • thomas

    i think he is what we need i like his 9.9.9.plan

    • oneAmerican

      While it is a bold plan LOOK CLOSELY AGAIN before that becomes your ‘main’ reason to support him. 9-9-9 will inflict hardship on elderly on SS & will create a sales tax in states like New Hampshire that don’t have one now, (that is aa tax increase) I also say, “at least he has a plan” Just look real close

    • Sheila

      He was on Huckaby on Fox last night and did an excellent job of explaining his 9-9-9 program. He stated that SS will NOT be taxed under his plan, that’s realy big to me.

    • http://HELP Believer


    • packrat1145
    • http://none alma harris

      I want A Perry *** Palin ticket.
      If anyone wants my reasons why Just send me an E Mail.

    • patriotrenegade

      hey Alma, perry and cain are both bilderberger attendees, perry twice. Both are NAU attendees and cain is a fed reserve “banker. Plus all of cain’s main nbusiness associates are CFR’s. T-R-E-A-S-O-N Alma. R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H Alma. Get busy

    • McClarinJ

      I think what YOU need is two capital letters and two periods.

    • http://none alma harris

      I am an old lady that is fighting a bug. I am an old time politian. If you don’t like my spelling or my english —- sorry.

    • James Cockroft

      The 999 plan is ingenious and it is a plan that isn’t matched or improved on by any other candidate. Herman Cain is a creative anc capable man of Faith to lead our country.

    • patriotrenegade

      he’s a NWO stooge whose job is to fool you just like cahtuh, raygun, daddy bush, clint-on, and bammie. Please research this piece of globalist trash along with Bilderberg perry. TREASON.

  • Captain PJ

    Cain’s 999 plan is not perfect, but it is at least a bold plan which with some monor tweaking, could get this economy jump started. The people who criticize this plan are those who do not believe we can change the tax code so radically–maybe they’re right; maybe they’re not. But in any event, any plan can be modified, altered and hopefully improved upon.

    Cain deserves credit for connecting with the people with his fundamental conservative concepts and staright talk. The real key for Cain is not his message whcih is obviously resonating amongst the electorate, but rather his ability to fundraise and secure major donors and financial support. Thus far, he has not shown he can do this, despite his recent rise in the polls. The great thing about this Republican primary is that there are so many good ideas coming from several of the candidates, which I hope Our nominee can draw from. Cain is one of those refreshing candidates with some good ideas.

    • Helen Jenkins

      Herman Cain has proven he can do what large donor funds pay for: would be opinion shapers/kingmakers/power brokers/pollsters/ PR exposure in media/print/TV. So, Mr. Cain, keep on keeping on. Take your message directly to the people, listen to the people, respond to the people’s concerns. FORGET ALL OTHERS! Keep the faith and the conversation going.

    • awakenow

      Captain, Cain’s plan was drafted by an accountant who works as an investment banker at a Wells Fargo Bank in a town of 6,000 people.

      Rich Lowrie, Cain’s only announced financial expert to date, has zero economic training other than a BS in accounting and a two year stint working for the group Americans for Prosperity.

      The problem with Lowrie’s plan is that it creates a brand new tax, a federal sales tax on top of state sales tax, and keeps in place the income tax and the business tax, as well as not repealing the 16th amendment and eliminating the IRS.

      Another major problem is that there is absolutely nothing that stops Congress from increasing 9-9-9, to 10-10-10 and up. Originally, the income tax was just 1% and we have seen what Congress has done with that.

      Also, Cain is already flip-flopping on his own 999 plan, saying during an interview with Erin Burnett, CNN’s new financial anchor, that he may create “empowerment zones” where the tax rate would be reduced to 3-3-3 in cities like Detroit with a high minority population.

      Sounds like Cain’s thinking about using “affirmative action” to codify the tax code, while most of us actually paying taxes pay more with his 9-9-9 plan.

      So much for the flat tax under Cain.

      Also, please note that Cain deliberately lied last week during the debate in response to Ron Paul’s mention that Cain said the Fed should doesn’t need to be audited, that there is nothing to see and that everyone can just call up their local Federal Reserve office and they will answer any questions.

      The proof that he made these statements is in an audio that is on YouTube of Cain’s own words when he substituted for radio talker Neil Boortz back in December, 2010.

      Now, Cain wants to put up a 20ft wall and have it electrified so that illegals instantly die if they try to cross over. Is this really what we want? To just kill people?

      For those of us who call ourselves Christians, is this what the Bible teaches? Is this what Jesus would preach??

      Think people, please. This man is a populist and will seize on any emotion and suggest a dark response for the fix.

    • Captain PJ

      I am not syaing I totally buy into Cain’s 999 plan. I have consistently said that his plan will require tweaking. So will every other plan out there…probably a combination and mixture of several of those plans. My point is that he is keeping it simple so people can grasp it’s fundamentals.

      At my current federal income tax rate, I certaily welcome a 9% federal income tax rate. As long as there is some stipulation that Congress won’t jack up the 9% sales tax–I’d be okay with that too. But chances are, that will never happen. Like I said his plan is simple, but perhaps a foundation to build upon, a piece of granite that sculptures can carve or chisel into a work of art.

    • http://HELP Believer


    • patriotrenegade

      and a new world order traitor along with perry, huntsman, and newtie the newt CFR.

    • http://x Washington22

      Capt………I’m too unsure of Cains’s lack of experience in the political arena to want him as my President. I’d be VERY happy with his as VP, a role where he could learn the ins-and-outs of Washington. I’m leary of ANYONE being inexperienced after what we’ve seen happpen. As much as I hate to say it, I think we need someone who is “seasoned”……….When the new president is seated, the Dems are going to pull out all the stops to make our lives miserable. Only a majority will insure that we can turn this ship around………you can bet on it.

    • Joyrfuljim

      Well said, and I agree. Cain can tweek his 999 plan to make it most effective. At least it would be an improvement over the present system of taxation. Not to mention the strengths and power of his personal character.

  • The Enemy

    Mr. Cain is discreet enough to keep his religious convictions out of the political spotlight. I wish all the candidates had such discretion. Religion doesn’t matter as long as their religion isn’t bent on the destruction of America or any other nation.

    • donna clancy

      Herman Cain is the best man for my vote. I liked him the first time I saw him and heard him speak. I think the 000 plan is great. I just wonder if the USA is too large for such a simple plan. I do not care, I can not even balance my check book. He is so smart and sincere. I will vote for Herman Cain.

    • Joyrfuljim

      Well said donna. I know you meant to write 999, not 000. Peace.

    • Polly

      Obviously you haven’t read your Bible lately. Jesus says for us to let our light so shine that people can see him in us. So religion does matter. I am proud of Perry for standing up and telling the world that he is a Christian. We need someone to stand up for us as we are now the ones being prosecuted

    • Pete

      Yes, it does matter, and this is God’s world , we were all created by Him, and we serve Him, not man. They want us to get God out of our lives as then easier to take us down, same with our Patriotism, and moral living that they said many years ago that they would get us from the inside by getting us to fall in these areas. God speaks about all in His Word that people are avoiding reading. It has the rules for life under God, and what happens when we walk away from Him. Those who call themselves Christians get back to God and His Word-all of us. Fear is not of God – comes from the evil one to make us hoover rather then stand up in Faith in God…

    • ConstitutionCrises

      I admire your passion but telling the world one is a Christian and following the teachings are often as far as east from west…. Especially for narcissistic political types. I think I recall about every president claiming that at one time or another such as Carter, Nixon, Bushies, even good ole Obama…. Forcing chilrent to get vaccines, cover upshot the Fed and 9-11. The FED banker (cain) now claims to have the answer, and perry is a believer. Follow their Prior ACTIONS not the WORDS

    • Evermyrtle

      The last thing in the world I would ever desire is that my SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST be discreet (keep me separate from other things in HIS life) about HIS LOVE for me. Therefore, I will never be discreet about HIM, I want to share HIM with the whole world. HE will never be kept in a separate place from any part of my life. I want the president of this country to be the same and not hide HIM in some corner as if he/she is ashamed of their faith. If I am ashamed of HIM, He will be ashamed of me when we meet face to face. I don’t want HIM to say, “depart from me, I never knew you.”

    • oneAmerican

      hmmmm, ‘discreet’, perhaps. Let me ask, “If a tree falls in the forest & no one hears it,does it still make a noise”?

    • McClarinJ

      If someone professes great religious faith yet lies as a matter of course I have to question their faith. Cain has emphatically denied saying some things that are directly contradicted by videos of him saying it, available on YouTube.

    • patriotrenegade

      well cain with all his treasonous CFR and bilderberg associates is hell bent on the FINAL destruction of America. The global traitors have got 4 horses in the race against traitor bammie. They will win all you dopes will lose.

  • Wayne

    Go Herman. But, change your plan to Add taxing foreign imports.

    Thanks for that idea Adrain Vance, I have been trying to spead the idea around.

  • Amishbud

    How can Mr. Cain refer to himself as a conservative christian when he has been caught in so many lies recently? Yes, well, I guess many “christians” are liars, but the Bible refers to the sin of lying equal to that of a murderer. But, again, too many “conservative christians” think it is alright to bomb and kill innocent women and children in our “war against terrorism”. People had better listen to what Dr. Ron Paul has to tell them – he is the only candidate speaking TRUTH!

    • Evermyrtle

      All Christians sin at one time or another. Most of us sin regularly but we abhor sinning deliberately. When we make up lies to boost ourselves in any way, that is inexcusable. It is important to tell the truth when putting ourselves forth for any reason. How else can you know how to fairly judge us, or trust us?

  • Bree

    This is not good news for the Christian community. I am an Evangelical Christian conservative and this will do little more than split that vote just like a third party would to pit Christians against each other. Cain needs to stick to his conservative plan for all the people and not detract from it with calling attention to his religious beliefs. If we are saying a candidates religion should not make the difference then the candidate themselves should not make it an issue. You are making that mistake Mr. Cain and it won’t work for you.

    • Captain PJ

      Although, I see your point Bree, I don’t think this will be a problem in the general election. Any Republican candidate will garner the either the Christian or Evangilical Christian vote as opposed to our current president.

    • Bree

      I fear the moderation police are on my trail today so guess its my turn….

    • http://x Washington22

      Bree, I always read your comments enthusiastically and usually agree. I don’t think that Cain is “using” his religion or anything. I think it just came up. Maybe he’s just going thurogh what ALL the others are experiencing, such as Romney being a Mormon} and that is an evaluation of their religion………..which would NEVER happen on the Dem side. I think Mr Cain is an honest, forth-right fellow and a pretty Conservative guy. That said, I still don’t think that he is ready for “prime time” as our President. Haven’t we learned, as a Nation, what happens when we really don’t know a person’s intimate stand, their voting record,{If they have one}? I mean, seriously, we have NO way of knowing HOW he’d vote on an issue, other than his word. Look how we were lied to by Obama……….It’s way to risky………..again.

    • Bree

      Washington, I agree with you on many points but I have to say look again at the actual words spoken by Cain on this, he says “I’ll challenge Perry for Evangelical votes” if that is not making an issue of it by using his religion to challenge Perry for those votes then I don’t know what is. And I will be right about spiltting that vote because it will become more than a rligious issue, it now becomes a black and white issue as well. He should have left it alone. We can all know what religious beliefs someone holds without one candidate challenging another for votes based on that.

    • http://x Washington22

      Bree, YIKES! That is blatant! I hadn’t researched his exact quote. I figured it was the media making a bunch of crap out of nothing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don’t really like it either.

    • Evermyrtle

      Bree, I normally agree with you, but I cannot, this time. While we cannot barter with our Christian faith, neither can we hide it as if we are ashamed of it. “We the people” who are voting have a right to know what we are voting for. I am very proud to claim to be a Christian. What I am ashamed of is the fact that I do not always act as a Christian is supposed to act, and I let GOD down in my sin.

    • Bree

      Dear Myrtle, you know I respect and love you as a Christian, and I am always glad to read your comments so I want to now say that I feel perhaps I may be misunderstood. Please let me try to explain. I do completely agree with you and I am not in any way coming against Mr. Cain for being a Christian nor questioning his beliefs. I certainly do not believe we should hide the fact or be ashamed of being a Christian either. Never, would I advocate that. I am just looking at his own words to another Christian candidate (Perry) and the fact that Cain has issued a challenge to him by saying that he (Cain) would take votes away from him (Perry) by using his Christianity to get those votes. Or as you have stated, “we cannot barter with our Christian faith.” Indeed I am saying that as well. And that is my position as a Christian on this issue now.

    • Bree

      Dear Myrtle, I am under moderation now so I can only hope they release my comments to you soon. God bless you!

    • Evermyrtle

      Thanks, Bree, May GOD bless you!!

    • WalterC

      Ron Paul for president. He’s a patriot and great American and the only Republican candidate who supports gay rights and gay marriage. A true libertarian.

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      I don’t see that Mr Cain is trying to make an issue of his religion, unlike a lot of posters on this site. He, at least, is qualified to speak of religion as he is a Baptist minister. The communists want us to dwell on religion rather on the true issues confronting this nation. It deflects our attention away from their agenda.

      Here is a quote from About Com US Liberal Politics.

      “Through Liberal Eyes – Herman Cain is a conservative’s conservative who opposes a dizzying list of issues and rights: Muslim places of worship in our communities; gay rights; abortion except in rare circumstances; immigration reform; health care reform, and too many more to list here.
      Media-savvy Cain speaks with commanding authority stemming from his experiences as Baptist pastor and TV and talk-radio personality. He also speaks with a extraordinarily confident certitude unseen since… well, Sarah Palin.

      The bottom-line: Herman Cain is in near-total agreement with the Tea Party on all issues. Cain could prove a formidable competitor for the Republican presidential nomination, especially if Republicans are split over Rick Perry and Mitt Romney”.

      What better praise can one get? Especially since it is coming from the Liberal Enemy!

      They are VERY worried that he may become the Republican Candidate.

      They should worry! Get out to the polls in November and elect Herman Cain and send zer0bama and his communist cronies to political hell. Please!

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      I’m being “moderated”, again. I said, in part, “What better praise can one get? Especially since it is coming from the Liberal _nemy!

      They are VERY worried that he may become the Republican Candidate.

      They should worry! Get out to the polls in November and elect Herman Cain and send zer0bama and his communist cronies to political h__l. Please!

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      In my eagerness to get rid of the communist menace, I moved the elections up to this year! My bad! Too bad we can’t!

    • patriotrenegade

      cain: bilderberger attendee, NAU treason conference attendee, fed “reserve” “banker”. You seriously need to do some research right now.

  • J.caballero

    I’d truly bealive that mr.Cain will bring must of the black voter to the conservative side,especially the Christian coalition…

    • Evermyrtle

      Cane will get all of the black and the white racist votes, most likely. Whether that will be good or bad remains to b seen.

  • AgCadet

    I agree with you, Polly. Faith matters above all things. It is the basis from which all decisions are drawn. I am pleased to hear that Mr. Cain is a Christian. It makes sense that he is, as his beliefs appear to be genuinely rooted deeply in absolute truth. He is not perfect, but no one is. Governor Perry is my governor, and he would be a fantastic choice as well. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We all have to do our homework, choose the right candidate, and fervently and tirelessly defend our country from the wave of evil that is barreling toward us, attempting to drown our very liberty. Pray for this uniquely blessed nation, that the God of our forefathers will see fit to move us back under His guidance. If America falls, freedom falls. To quote President Reagan, “If we forget that we are a nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.”

    • Jerry

      Hello AgCadet! Wish a lot more conservatives thought like or knew like you. I, myself feel the very same way–vote for the best candidate! Let’s keep the msm from destroying us or helping us select our candidate for President. I always thought that President Reagan came to the rescue at the right time! There is nothing to be said no more than “a nation gone under’ if we don’t straighten up and fly “right.’

    • http://x Washington22

      Ag, as a prospective voter of Perry, I appreciate your words toward him. I am sorely lost by his stand on immigration. I too, live in a border state and we are OVER-RUN by illegals. If Perry could REALLY speak to striking the problem and NOT facilitating them by supporting them in college, etc. I could change my mind. What are the chances?

    • Amishbud

      If you are only concerned about Rick Perry’s stance on immigration, you better do some more research. What about his signing an executive order mandating Gardasil shots for all girls 12 years and older, then when questioned on a debate by Michelle Bachman, he said if he had it to do over, he would probably have handled it differently. Is this a man we could trust to make critical decisions at the blink of an eye? It would be far simpler if our next President would just stand on the powers dictated by our divinely inspired Constitution when making such critical decisions for our Republic!

    • http://x Washington22

      I HAVE researched Perry, Amisbud………..The gardisill is a non-issue for me because it was OPTIONAL…….What part of that don’t you folks understand? Everything else about Perry is really good. He is Christian {as opposed to Muslim} , he is good on the Constitution and Conservative in most ways, good on the economy, NOT perfect on every issue, but GOOD. There are a few bumps to consider, the Illegal Immigration issue being the HUGE one. That is MY reason for doubt in Perry. For me, Illegal Immigration is one of the BIGGEST problems in America, costing us millions of tax dollars.

    • patriotrenegade

      none, perry is a bilderberg stooge, and likes to hang around them a lot. NAU supporter, also treason. research.

  • dfrank

    It’s disappointing, and a bit surprising, to see Cain or any other candidate willing to use their religion as a campaign issue. To be squabbling about whether one or the other is going to get the evangelical vote is insulting to evangelicals, taking them for granted, much as the Democrats do the black voters.

    The evangelicals I know are not mindless zombies. They are individual Americans and I believe each of them will be voting for the person they feel will best serve the interest of their country. They are not the dupes some seem to take them for. They know they are not selecting a pastor but a candidate for the presidency of the United States; and, it is demeaning to imply or even suspect that they will conduct themselves as a slavish voting block rather than responsible individuals.

    • Evermyrtle

      I believe we have a right to know what we are voting for. I do not care to what denomination anybody belongs, but I do want to know who their GOD is. If they believe and worship the same GOD as I do, I want to know it. My GOD is one in three, FATHER, SON AND HOLY GHOST who created the universe and everything in it.I do not think this should be made to get votes because that would diminish the spirit within a person to use their faith for gain. But, I do want to know how a candidate feels before I vote for him/her.

    • patriotrenegade

      go to, enter council on foreign relations, trilateral commission, bilderbergers, “cain, perry, huntsman,(one at a time)meet with bilderbergers” have fun.

  • Amishbud

    I would bet that Dr. Ron Paul is far and away the MOST spiritual and God-fearing candidate. Any one who heard him speak at the Value Voters Summit in D.C. the other week chose to vote for him in the Straw Poll giving him 1st place by a wide margin. And, hopefully, all of you must believe that our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are divinely inspired documents which we should use as a guideline for our government, until such time as Christ and HIS saints will rule and reign on this earth.

  • http://x Washington22

    I love ALL the above posts. It shows me how many of us believe the same, basically. We are a strong and good nation, made up of individuals who love God and country and respect the Constitution, the law of our land. Let’s keep supporting each other. This site is a real source of hope for me, and by the way, where are the “moderators”? I haven’t been moderated lately………..hmmmmmm…………..

  • Joyceann

    Cain has no problem with gaining financial support. He gets what he needs and pays his bills as he goes. He doesn’t want to owe the people who worked for him anything when said and done. Another right thing to do. He has the music industry working for him now, and you’d be surprised how after hearing him speak the truth, decide to get behind him. The GOP wants us to choose a political person, we want someone who is intelligent in the economy.

    • Amishbud

      I am just curious, Joyceann, what truths are by Herman McCain are you referring to? Did you know his 9-9-9 plan will hurt the poor by adding the 9% sales tax on everything they purchase? As a former director of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, why has he flip-flopped on auditing the Fed? He insists the Federal Reserve has nothing to hide yet a recent partial audit orchestrated by Ron Paul revealed that trillions of our tax dollars went to foreign banks.

  • http://x Washington22

    Well, I spoke too soon……..I just got moderated……………and I can’t for the life of me, figure out what their criteria is. It must simply be random………ya think?

  • Earle Belle

    Does Herman Cain Think Newt Gingrich is Stupid?

    Pizza Man Herman Cain Will Not Deliver!

    “Plastic Men” to Air Preceding CNN Debate October 18:

    Huffington Post Provides Proof That Herman Cain Lied At The GOP Debate

    Cain Also Thinks the Fed Missing $9 Trillion Is Unimportant

    Herman Cain made it clear at the recent Bloomberg Debate in his answer to Ron Paul’s question about auditing the Federal Reserve that he simply doesn’t think it’s important.
    In 2009, the Federal Reserve admitted it could not account for $9 trillion. This is not a misprint. It wasn’t $9 million.
    Not $9 billion.
    $9 TRILLION.
    Does it have to get to $999 trillion, Mr. Cain, before you think the Federal Reserve issue is important?

    Cain’s Favorite Fed Chairman is: “Print More Money”

    In the Bloomberg GOP Debate, Herman Cain said that Alan Greenspan was his favorite Federal Reserve Chairman. That the TARP-supporting, financial crisis-denying Cain would think Greenspan had a good head for economics should be no surprise, since he shows himself to speak like a true insider does.

    Comparing the Candidates on TARP

    Let’s face it: The Cookie Monster is as good, if not better, than most journalists in highlighting this crucially important distinction between Ron Paul and Barack Obama, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney concerning TARP:

    “ObamaCare Advisers Were Also RomneyCare Advisers” Writes James Antle at The American Spectator:

    “Records show that Mitt Romney aides met a dozen times with the White House to discuss health care reform, according to reports that are sure to refocus attention on the similarities between Obamacare and Romneycare. The Massachusetts health care plan Romney signed into law was an inspiration for the federal legislation, signed by Barack Obama, that the Republican frontrunner has pledged to have repealed.
    It’s worth noting that at least two of the aides, Jon Gruber and John McDonough, are liberal Democrats, the latter a former aide to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. The Romney campaign has downplayed Gruber’s role in crafting the Massachusetts law. These facts could either be mitigating, since it isn’t shocking a Kennedy aide would visit the Obama White House, or one could argue it revealed the liberal imprimatur on the Massachusetts health care law even during the design phase.”

    Cain/Paul on the Housing Bubble

    Of course, there is no comparison. One was absolutely right and the other was absolutely wrong. No one is perfect and this is especially true of politicians, but to be so horribly wrong–even arrogantly wrong–about one of the worst financial crises in American history does not bode well for anyone seeking this nation’s highest office.
    Would anyone hire Cain as an economic adviser? If not, then why would anyone hire him for president?

    Video: Cain/Paul Comparison on the Housing Bubble

    Once again, there is no comparison. Paul saw the crisis coming because he understood the economic factors that were creating it, particularly Federal Reserve interest rate policy. Cain did not see it coming because he still does not understand basic economic truths, hence his notion that Fed policy isn’t important or deserving of scrutiny. (Stunning comparison, must view!)


    BLACKS ARE DEMOCRATS…..BECAUSE…..THAT’S THE PARTY WHO GIVES THEM ALL THE WHITE TAXPAYER MONEY IN AMERICA. They Are 13.5% Of The Population. The Whites Carry The Tax Load. The Ghetoes In America Are All Black And Puerto Rican And Hispanic. The Whites Get Screwed Supporting All The Lazy’s On The Doll! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT! PERRY SUPPORTS ILLEGAL ALIENS ON THE DOLL! ROMNEY IS A SWITCH HITTER,CAIN SEEMS TO BE GOOD?

    • awakenow

      RICHARD, I mentioned via a response to Captain PJ that Cain is already flip-flopping on his own 9-9-9 plan and wants to create a special 3-3-3 “empowerment zone” plan for heavily populated minority cities like Detroit and others around the country.

      This plan is an obvious attempt to pander to the black/Hispanic population in an attempt to get their support.

      It also allows Big Government to pick the winners and losers and creates a way to implement even more “affirmative action” and codify the tax code.

    • Joyrfuljim

      It is a way also of being realistic with those who are in obvious severe circumstances. 999 or 333 there is not a problem with this kind of creativity.

    • patriotrenegade

      The mayor of Detroit says 1/4 of the city needs to be bulldozed. Sorry, but black behavior for generations has turned the place into a hole.

  • Ferrarello

    I was a Perry fan til he was exposed for being an idiot. Then again…I’d take an idiot over a traitor any-day.

    • http://x Washington22

      I WAS for Perry, then I WASN’T, now I am again. My whole problem with him stemmed from the debates with his stand on illegal immigration, NOTHING else……………..I was offered more research on him and now I am satisfied that he WILL contain the borders, maybe not with a fence, but with plains and electronics. It’s OK with me, just so it gets done. I’m good to go with his experience, his proven accomplishments, his Christianity…………………all good. His past of being a Dem is the past, 20 years past. The gardisill was an opt out program, so there’s a lot of hub-bub for nothing. He has 10 years executive experience. Romney is a better debater, much smoother, but a weasel, a flip-flopper. I’d support him if he were the choice, but I really think that Perry is stronger, and he has better creds…………….

    • http://x Washington22

      it should say “with planes and electronics”

  • pu

    Richard, It’s on the dole.

  • am2sweet

    I’m sure that there is more than one Christian running for president but Christian or not it’s how that particular person would handle the problems we have and how they feel about our Constitution. At least for Cain being black he’s not playing the race card which should be Obama’s downfall.

    • oneAmerican

      Not all the authors of our Constitution were Christians, there were a couple of athesiest, I believe John Adams was one of them. Even they thought “One Nation Under God” was a good idea.
      “If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, great difficulty line in this, you must first enable government to control the governed and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” The Federalist Essays by Hamilton, Jay & Madison,
      Now WHO fills the bill? Is it Entertainer or politican?

  • Jerry

    Mr. Cain is a good choice. His 9-9-9 plan, as some have stated is not perfect, but it makes a lot of sense – and is certainly better than what we have now. I am a Christian and am glad that Mr. Cain professes to be one, even though he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve.

    • Joyrfuljim

      Well said, Jerry.

    • patriotrenegade

      you better do some research, hermie works for you guessed it ol 666. bilderberg shill, NAU treason attendee, and fed “reserve” banker. Is that enough clinton/kissinger for ya?

  • http://henry Henry

    Mr. H. Cain is another windbag running for office.9-9-9 nothing but confusing crap that will not put the country back on track.
    When do people in this country come to their senses and elect a solid candidate, who has a
    sound plan that will allow us to take interest.We have given all of our basic manufacturing to China, which is the key point that needs to be addressed in order to bring back the economy.High Tech only and eating out will not be the final answer to our problem.The magnitude of our crisis will escalate, if nothing is being done very soon.

    • patriotrenegade

      thank you.

  • Gene Vallorani

    9-9-9 won’t work. Most states already have a sales tax in the 9 per cent range. It’s just a clever way to get higher taxes. A flat income tax might be okay and a 9 per cent corporate tax would be good. But, a 9 per cent increase on everything we purchase can be summed up as “This Dog Won’t Hunt.”

    • http://HELP Believer


  • common sence

    All i know is all the very educated guys have had a chance to fix this country for 10 years and all their dagrees have done is put us in one of the deepest of holes this country has ever been in . So the 999 is not perfect but it can be ajusted . Are you saying AWADENOW what we have now is is any better. Can you come up with a idea that is any better. Yale is not our answer. All these college educated —– is what put us in the dumpster in the first place. Common Sence is. I am putting my money on common sence and a man that seems to have it .

  • Adrian Vance

    Mr. Cain is believable, Mr. Perry is not. It is just that simple.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  • robert j. wolfe

    As It Stands Today, I Will Vote For Cain…

    • Joyrfuljim


  • A. L. Stanley

    HELP…we need a candidate with Ron Paul’s understanding of economics, Herman Cain’s sense of humor and command presense but who looks like Romney with the understanding of what really goes on up on the HILL like Newt. I wish they would all get together and between themselves come up with a really dynamite President and Vice President team. They don’t need to spend time tearing into one another as they all have some very fine points…the agenda is to BEAT OBAMA!!!

  • della

    I will admit I am not the smartest person in the world but every candidate has flaws. There is no perfect one running. I am afraid that many will not vote for Mr. Cain because he is black. Obama has hurt the black race more than anything has in many years. As for Christianity, I would prefer a candidate who proclaims his faith and lifts the name of Holy God for the world to see. More than anything else, this nation needs God as our leader. Being a Christian is important to America’s survival. If Rick Perry was led by God to enter the race, there was a reason. Keep open minds on these candidates. There is still more to learn.

    • A. L. Stanley

      To Della,

      Your comments are worthy

      I was so excited and had hoped that Rick Perry would enter the race! I am a great fan of his! I had told family and friends that he would be ‘The Man’ to win. Frankly, I am not sure why I am disappointed at his campaign so far??? Perhaps my hopes were too high; the illegal support admission or what??? My concern is not how someone actually debates, although a command of presence and rhetoric is reassuring. (Herman Cain is outstanding in this area and I look forward to hearing him.) Perry has tremendous Presidential stature and I have been a great supporter of Texas and how Perry has run the state. I am a native Californian and part Native American Indian who doesn’t fit the regular liberal mold of the Golden State even though I live in Orange County (the OC). My ranch is in Arizona and we all admire our Sheriff JOE and our AZ Governor in their continued fight for our legal border enforcement there and nationwide. I swore I would move and go live in the first state that succeeded from the union…thought it really might be Texas. To date, I am getting confused about our candidates. I do think they all have good qualities and I would like to vote with passion this next time around and not for the best compromise that could ‘just get elected’. Oh well, out here in California my vote won’t matter anyway. Keep me posted on the positives on Perry. I must be reassured that he is neither a Bilderberger nor a good old Bush family buddy. I voted for both of the George Bush men in turn, but I fear I was mis-guided on their overall/hidden world agenda even though they ran on a Repblican ticket. Research with Reason! Thanks.

    • http://x Washington22

      Stanley, some of your concerns are mine about Perry. I like him for so many reasons but as with anyone, there are some doubts. The really glaring doubt for me is illegal immigration. It’s every bit as important as the economy becasue it is 30% of the problem…………………….Keep researching, there’s plenty of time. I found your comments thoughtful and mirroring my own. Thanks………….

    • patriotrenegade

      perry attended two bilderberg conferences, and supports the NAU. Let me know when you find out what it is. Cain: equally guilty. treason.

    • http://x Washington22

      Well said, Della. I agree………..

    • Bree

      Yes indeed, and I agree too.