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Eva Longoria, Antonio Banderas Take on Latino Fundraiser for Barack Obama

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eva Longoria Latino fundraiser

Eva Longoria attended the “Glamour” magazine Reel Moments events for the premier of the short she directed, “A Proper Send Off,” Monday night in Los Angeles.

Then Longoria shifted gears from glitz to politics.

That same night, she hosted what “The Wall Street Journal” called “the first-ever Latino fund-raiser for Mr. Obama,” at the home of colleagues Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith in the hopes of drumming up Latino support for the president.

The Hollywood Reporter says Longoria beamed with joy introducing the nation’s commander-in-chief.

“[Obama] speaks to the Latino community because he knows he’s the president of all Americans,” said Longoria, as reported by THR.

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  • Raymond

    No cure for stupid.

    • The Enemy

      Ray: The deceiver-in-chief sure has a lot of people snowed! Isn’t a U.S. prez supposed to protect US from enemies foreign and domestic? So, why does king O. allow the INVASION and OCCUPATION of America by foreigners? The wetbacks are, after all, those very foreign invaders and occupiers.

    • Raymond

      The Enemy says:
      October 26, 2011 at 10:04 am
      Ray: The deceiver-in-chief sure has a lot of people snowed! Isn’t a U.S. prez supposed to protect US from enemies foreign and domestic? So, why does king O. allow the INVASION and OCCUPATION of America by foreigners? The wetbacks are, after all, those very foreign invaders and occupiers.
      Some people support Obama because they’re stupid.
      Some people support Obama because they support evil.
      Some people support Obama because they want to overthrow America.

      Obama is a bi-sexual muslim that is controlled by those who want a
      One World Government. America will never be the same.

    • Co. Deb

      No, America will never be the same, but we need to take her back and get the mess cleaned up that Obummer has created here and be even better than we were!!!

    • am2sweet

      Listing the ones that support Obama was right on the money. With all them around I’d say we’re going to have our hands full trying to get rid of them.

    • Truegrit

      They stupid Hollywood donkeys are really disgusting, they’re arrogant , self centered,anti-mainstream America and they have always hustled their own nationalistic ethnic bigotrys .These ugly Hollyweird Misfits are being shunned and spit on by the American People.

    • randy

      ^5’s…love you man…

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      You can tell Obama has longeria snowed !He just wants their vote and she is to stupid to see that!We should all not waqtch that stupid housewife she is on anyway it is corrupting to our kids ,they think families should act like that!!!

    • Jim

      I will NOT patronize any of the movies that these Obama supporting “Useless Idiots” make and vote with my wallet.

    • LadyLiberty

      Stop going to movies and they will not have money to support Obama. Especially for at least until after the 2012 election.

  • The Enemy

    Meanwhile, their king O. is suing Alabama, just like he sued Arizona, for trying to do something about the invasion and occupation of America by illegal criminal aliens. Hispanic AMERICANS can only be hurt by the illegals. So why do stupid, ignorant, duped, poor misguided souls like Longoria and Banderas support the deceiver-in-chief?

    • T Chaz

      Cudos to this posting…There’s 2 things that NEED to stay out of politics…OBAMA & HOLLYWOOD…This country is on a crash course so buckle up everyonw and I mean that ~

    • James

      As being Hispanic myself, I want the word DEFINED. Go to Miami and ask displaced CUBANS how they feel about Comrade Barry. Go to the Barrio of East Los Angeles and ask the same questions. ( gotta speak Spanish there though, they have no NEED to learn English ) There IS no monolithic HISPANIC block. Mexicans and Cubans are as disparate as Eskimos and Apaches ! ( both ” native Americans ” ) Communists and fools come in all colors though.

    • Joel

      Thank you James for stating what anyone with any sense should know, but probably don’t because the media and the schools have so dumbed down the American people many can’t see past a racial/ethnic label.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      I second that thank you james,at least there are some sane hispanic people left in America who love our country and what it offers them in return for a patriotic heart and a willingness to make something of themselves!I have always said it takes an immigrant from another country to appreciate America! We Americans take too much for granted until we are about to loss it!!.But NOT the way Obama is doing it!Nobody should get a free ride and be treated different than other Americans just to get their vote!!!I appreciate people who APPRECIATE!!!!

    • Co. Deb

      Bless you James.. NOBODY likes to lump folks in catagories and there are MANY of Spanish, Latino descent who ARE AMERICANS first and foremost and not like these puppets from La La Land who only use their voice to add to a problem. Half the time they open their mouths and when not reading from a script, do like Obummer without his teleprompter and promptly stick their foot into their mouths. Same here. This hero worship, adoration for this dictator is sad to see when knowing that those who follow him don’t see what will happen to their lived if they vote him in again….

    • http://yahoo Jo

      Why? Because they are very rich and very little if anything affects them as it does us. They are not living with filth, taking our jobs, free everything! Medical care, press 1 for english, free food etc…… None of these are even in their vocabulary.
      WE the PEOPLE are the ones that suffer. Our kids and grandkids also.

    • Mary Gee

      let’s boycott whatever it is their doing or promoting.

    • Leo

      Yes AMAN not one dime to see one of there movies that well shut them up

    • njgirl

      I have been saying this for what seems like FOREVER! Boycott the movies. Hit them where it REALLY hurts, their wallets. By paying to see their movies, people are not only supporting their ridiculously lavish lifestyles, but YOUR MONEY is also being used by them against YOU (us)!

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Thatsw what I was thinking We should boycott all these peoples movies and TV shows that favor Obama! How about it people!!!!!!

    • John

      When Americans show they are to smart for obama’s B.S. they then turn to the real morons in this case _______ as this group is the only ones stupid enough to still believe the stream of lies coming from his mouth. Am I the only one that thinks he has been in campaign mode since he got elected in the first place. Even the black community has finally seen through his lies as he has done nothing for anybody except make even more peopl;e dependent on the gov for survival

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      No John you are NOT alone there are plenty of us that saw through him even before he faked his way into the office of President!!!George Clooney and all those stars should be ashamed of themselves for what they are condoning with Obummer!!!

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      The enemy,To me these so called stars are biting the hand that has made them rich!Wait till Obama puts socialism on America,they will change their attitude then!!!Social ism doesnt want THE PEOPLE to own things or property!I wonder what will happen to all those mansions then.

  • http://patriotupdate OLD SCHOOL

    too much money ! no fooking brains!!

    • James


    • SamFox

      Useful idiot is passe. One of their own, Cass Sunstein re-labeled them Homer Simpsons. He said this:

      “”Once we know that people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then there’s a lot that can be done to manipulate them.” ”

      How true in this case & with all ‘progressive’ ‘liberals’.

      Above quote from here:


  • WeRScrewed

    Hollywood celebrities have almost always been liberal and follow the Democrat party to the point of stupidity. Then they claim all conservatives and Republicans are uneducated and ignorant.

    It has been in the news lately that Obama has not been as pro-latino as Geo. Bush was. Most Latinos are not satisfied with Obama.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Tee’d off

    This is why I never go to movies, I don’t want to pay for these idiots to spread this socialism…

    • WeRScrewed

      I agree. I may not make a big dent in the movie attendance or the $$$ they make but I have a list of actors whose movies I won’t see. I won’t even watch a talk show (Leno, Letterman, etc) if they are on it.

      BUT, I feel it’s something I need to do.

    • Peggy

      Lets have the list!

    • Jumping Jack

      I don’t even go to the movie at all. The last time I was in the movie was 32 years ago. I quit going to movie because i don’t like to see unrealistic stuff or make believe fiction movie. In addition, there are not good actor anyway. They are all a bunch of selfish greedy and lazy no good misfit sinner with no sense..

    • Leo

      I don’t give a hut and hell for any Rep. that goes to there movies

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Tee’d I agree ,They dont make any good movies anyway anymore most of them are a bunch of concieted spoiled brats that can’t make a movie without using the F word and cussing God’s name and having sex constantly!They call that acting!!!Most of the movies today don’t even have a plot!!DOWN WITH HOLLYWOOD PORN AND DOWN WITH OBAMA TOO!!

  • OAHS

    Beautiful woman … she needs to stick to acting and leave the thinking to others … ditto for Banderas …

  • el_loco_jp

    Nobody ever said you have to be smart, or even aware, to be an actor.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Thats true el loco!!!!

  • Madassirishman



  • Senior Viking

    Typical hollywood dumb mex/s – lock step – vote the color – the lib – withOUT any logical thot to future country ramifications. You also will lose in the long run.

    You dumb s…. have lost 1/2 your fan base.
    Keep your mouths shut. Would serve your interests better.

    Meanwhile – adios, I avoid loudmouth lib entertainers like the plague.

    • No fool

      I’ll never watch a show or movie with those two morons ever again.

  • m. sharpe

    The wealth of the wicked will be transferred.The transfer is already under-way.It is clear which kingdom most of H-wood belongs. O is a leader for the prince of the world Vs the Kingdom of Heaven[A King and His Dominion].


    I Guess The Two Of Them Like ‘Bolshevik’S? (MARXIST LOVERS)

  • James

    When people get popular and rich, they seem to think they get smarter. However, it seems they just get politcally stupid.

  • Ted Toms

    They’re so obama-oriented and his “spread the wealth” BS, I wonder why you don’t see them spreading THEIR wealth to those poor illegals on the streets of LA and the other sanctuary cities. They are hypocrites of the highest order, besides being glamorous idiots.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Well you know what they say Ted, beauty is only skin deep!!! You can be beautiful in face but ugly in the soul!!Thats what I always have told my daughter and granddaughters,be your self and let your soul shine through!!

  • Ern the Burn

    Isn’t it amazing…The ones that are being schmoozed by Pres. Alfred B. are the same ones that are turning this country into what they left for a better life in the FIRST PLACE!!!

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      It’sIronic ,isnt it Ern,I don’t think they realize what they are doing sponsering someone like Obama and raising money for him to destroy America!!!!

  • jim 28th reg.

    Ther is proof for all that has beens and drugged up air heads can be talked into doing just about anything if it means getting their plastic mugs in front of a camera. The Latinos will probably drool over these two but not those that can read.

  • Robert Bolino

    I thought that quality,and exceptional goods. Makes for brand loyalty !
    She has to open her eyes to Obama Brand.
    Na,her brain is mush, Won’t help. To much Dope.

  • invest

    SO THEN THEY ARE SAYING IS.. LATINO’S had there first ever comedy club event to support the snake oil salesman… Sorry but most won’t by the defective products Obama is trying to dish out to Americans of any race..

    OBAMA MUST GO….1012

    • Mary Gee

      true…I will only vote REPUBLICAN…I don’t care who is on the ticket, I just vote anything that isn’t nobama.


  • http://Karl75 Carlos Rosales

    Longoria has been successful in America, where there is political and economic freedom, Desperate Housewifes, A perfume business, Got married in Paris, etc. A few months ago she was intervieved in CNN En Español in a program titled “Ser Latino en Este Pais. (To be a Latin in this Country) The topic was Inmigration. She was asked if she had crossed the border. Her reply was that “they” moved the border on her. She is free to cross the border in the other direction.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Thank you Carlos !

  • tweety

    Wow — I’m for sure going to vote for whoever Eva Longoria says. Since when are these people authorities on government???They are just looking for more spotlight on their sagging careers.

  • Elida Munoz

    How sad that Longoria and Banderas are fundraising for a man that contributes to the demise of our own people by subsidizing Planned Parenthood.
    The majority of these so called “clinics” or killing fields of the innocent, murder Hispanic and African American babies.
    Planned Parenthood targets Hispanic and African American neighborhoods.
    So I wonder what world these two are living in……….I forgot Hollywood.

  • http://none Carlos J. Negron

    Que paquete!

    Ask the powers that be, why the Hispanic unemployment is so high? Why the ban on the incandescent light bulb is not receiving proper coverage etc….let’s start dealing with substantive issues and leave the senseless catch phrases aside.

    Don’t give me nonsense like so and so is President of all the people…deal intelligently with the immigration, unemployment and other issues of substance.

    By the way do not for one moment think that the Hispanic vote will be swayed solely by the immigration question.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      carlos I wish that was true but that IS Obamas plan he doesn’t really care about anyone but himself!!He thinks like a socialist because that is how he was raised!He wants their vote and he doesn’t care how he gets it!Now him and his Amin. want to pass a law where its OK for the govt. to lie to the people!I was always taugt it was a sin to tell a lie!!!

      .I know there are good hispanics just like there is good and bad in all people ,but he is teaching them (the illegals) to just use America!!!



  • tod

    Actors are nothing more then professional liars anyhow ,and anybody that would listen to them is a fool!Dr.Ron Paul for a Proven Honest (for Well Over 30 Years),Intelligent,God fearing,Patriot for President!!!

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Tod, you know I like most of the things about Ron Paul but a couple of things I don’t agree with him about! Like he thinks Iran isn’t a threat to America,about the fences and border guards not helping keep america safe,about our defense system!We need to keep america safe with the best defense there is in this scary world and to treat our soldiers alot better too!!

  • Mary Triola

    Theres an old saying SHUT UP AND SING. I guess these people think they have more influence over the people. Do they really think WE would be swayed by all these phonies? I heard on the radio rose petals were spread on the floor for his entrance. This is so truly sick. Then we’re supposed to be swayed by these rich drones. It only goes to prove they think WE THE PEOPLE are stupid. I have stopped going to the movies I will not support these frauds with my money.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      I agree Mary it is a waste of time hollywood has become so selfish and ignorant anymore not respectful like the old time actors,they were concerned about what their actions had infuence wise on our children!!There are a FEW who have kept their heads out of the clouds and try to help others,but very few!!

  • Sickandtired

    Ban together BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken T

    I once had great respect for Eva and Antonio, but their and others support for Obama just kicked all that out the door. Beauty and talent they have…common sense and a love for these United States of America, they have not! All they see is a minority leadership, no matter what the cost. Don’t misunderstand that comment…I am not a predjudiced man…a man’s color, ethniticity, etc. should have nothing to do with common intelligence, patriotism, etc. The Communist leadership in office in America at this time needs to be removed!

  • Ken T

    In addition to the comments I just made, one must know I have many Latino and Black friends, along with most every other nationality. They agree with what I said…many of them coming from countries controlled by communists and other dictators. My eldest son is adopted..been my son since he was less that an hour old. His birth mother was from Guadlahara, Mexico here working on a green card when some “slime-ball” raped her at 14 and she gave birth to my son at 15. I am a Christian and love everyone, but hate the ways of communism and other “like” attrocities!

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    Confiscate the MILLIONS that they make each year – give them back $250,000 (or is that too much now?) and “spread the wealth” to WE THE PEOPLE.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      bigUgly, thats what Obamas socialism will do to them!!!Everyone but his highnASS will be the commoners and he will live in luxury HE THINKS!!!!!!!IMPEACH NOW!!!

  • WW2 Navy Vet

    I was under the impression that 99% of latinos were
    Christians..Now up pops some of that 1% that
    wants us to support a muslim.. NO WAY JOSE!!
    GOD BLESS AMERICA, Now & Forever…

  • EnoughStupidity

    Come on send a message to Hollywood, the media and all left wing magazines. Quit watching them, quit purchasing movie tickets, and dvd with these nuts on them. quit buying these left wing magazines. Quit watching CNN, ESPN and MSNBC When you begin to hurt them where it counts just they have hurt you. They will turn their cheeks.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Enough I think you are right! Iread where the far left media is hurting for lack of viewers!Keep it up people!!

  • Jim

    No one has ever accused Eva Langoria or
    Antonio Banderas of being intelligent.

    • Bundoker

      Jim … Bishop Sheen once said on TV most members of the intelligensia are educated beyond their intellect.

  • Jim

    The left wing hollywood crowd should be
    boycotted. Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman,Danny
    Glover,Susan Sarandon et al. These morons
    must pay a price for their stupidity.

  • mesaman

    The impact of two self-centered, moronic entertainers like this, stumping for YO-baba, is likely to be paralleled by Barbra Streisand and David Steinberg stumping for Hezbollah.

  • chuck


  • Raymond

    “Moderated” again.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Raymond I don’t see why they keep doing that most of the things I’ve seen that you post I agree with!!!!Whats up!

  • http://none Swampdog

    Boycott their movies, T.V. shows and everything they advertise, I will not set foot in Wal-Mart for the simple reason that they support China,as far as the Latinos supporting Obeaner,todo lo que sabes es incorrecto! Eman para mierda!

  • Good Time

    I am not about hate, but from what i can see the Latins stick with the Blacks in their hatred of Whitey. When Whitey disappears as far as the populaion stats, lets see if they can keep the country going… Smile, snicker

  • toby

    Let these ding bat liberals support more and more freebies for Latinos and Blacks. If they were true to their thinking, California would not be a “broke ass” state. With all the Hollywood elite, why not take all their money and pass it around Calif. and see how they like that…………..Who cares what these people think anyway, none of they have a brain of their own

  • Herebert555

    “[Obama] speaks to the Latino community because he knows he’s the president of all Americans [inclluding all of Central and South America, he is the President of Chile, Belieze, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, he is all],” said Longoria, as reported by THR.

  • Spyder Dalton

    KGB admitting the use of celebrities to brain wash Americans… HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spyder Dalton
  • AlanMobius

    DummyCrats will continue to vote for the obummer because of his handouts of Our Money.

  • mesaman

    Before this is over, YO-baba will have a mariachi band playing the national anthem as he tries to do a Mexican hat dance. All of this to woo the latino vote. You don’t suppose Banderas and Longoria are illegal aliens, do you?

  • Ron Alford

    God is love, and without God there is no love, only lust. Either God is your Father through Jesus Christ, or Satan is your father. If God is not your Father and Jesus is not your personal Lord and Savior, then your spiritual eyes are blind and you cannot see what is really going on.
    He who refuses to learn from history is condemned to repeat it. If you look at history and you can’t see that George Washington and the vast majority of our Founding Fathers created with God’s help through Christian principles the greatest Nation on the face of the earth, you are simply not looking.
    But because we have turned away, God is punishing us; and it will get a whole lot worse before it is over. Indeed, He will turn us over to our enemies.
    The Democrats have been in control for 50 of the last 60 years, and we have been on the road to hell since.
    In 1962 we allowed one Atheist woman to convince the highest court in our land to invite God and His Son out of our schools, and consequently out of our homes, and our nation. And since then the Democrats have appointed and confirmed Liberal Activist Judges who have further taken Christianity out of every aspect of our lives.
    If you want an idea just how upset God is with us, just read Leviticus chapter 26, KJV.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      I agree and I hope that old woman is roasting in HELL!Her own son became a christian but she went to her grave as an atheist!We as christians have GOT to stop this downward spiral of our religious beliefs!EVIL HAS taken over in America and our quality of life as plummeted also, we have to change that!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Conservativ

    Hollywood Stars go make movies Not Politics.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      They get media coverage and they just love to kiss the arses of the power elite just for the publicity. The power elite invest in their movies and Corporate TV sponsors . You and me not so much Duh. what are you attempting to say?

  • kayb

    Man, I hate to hear this about Eva and Antonio. Antonio was one of my favorites and I was really looking forward to seeing his new Puss and Boots movie (coming out this week, I think). Well, guess I won’t be seeing that one or any others with these stars in them. I am a boycotter and believe enuf of us will eventually make a difference to the industry.

  • mikey

    Excuse me Please! Is Antonio a Citizen of the U.S. or of Spain? The U.S., go for it Dude, Spain, Butt Out, Just stand there and Smile for the Camera.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Ihave some of the names you have been looking for. JUST SAY NO! to: Sean Penn,Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Susan Saranwrap, Barbara Striesand, David Steinberg,Ellen Degenerate, Brad Paisely, Jane Fonda, Micheal Moore, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Bandareas, Matt Damon, Oprah, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen,Rachel Madcow, Rosanne Barr, Jon Stuart, David Lettermen, and Jay Leno. The list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Well grandma America We do have a bunch of fools on that list huh? Its hard to believe so many people could be fooled by Mr.STUPID!

  • Ilene

    Well add Eva and Antonio to my no watch list.

  • Karen

    The only WAY we can wake up these morons in Hollywood is to STOP SUPPORTING them and their movies. Most of them are crap anyway!!! Stop watching the Commies and stop going to the movies. Have friends over and play games or discuss politics!!! Leonardo made 77 million this year – BOYCOTT these idiots!!!!



    • Pat

      These people live in an unrealistic world – not being able to discern reality from scripts, evidently. Mr. Obama has done NOTHING to help joblessness or anything else – until now when he’s hot on the campaign trail. I do believe he’s stilll in our employ and needs to get to work and off MY nickel on his campaign trail. Same old – same old –

    • Adrian Vance

      You are dead-on right. The big lefties are now suffering at the box office and they will continue to so very unpopular is Mr. Obama.

      The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  • Albert Per

    Really, who cares that he goes to pick up some cash!!! I don’t care for the man and never did, including not voting for him. Now these two are kissing up to a country wrecker.

  • LAConfidential

    These people, who have made their millions off the backs of MAINSTREAM AMERICA, do not realize that they’re sabotaging their livelihood. I will never pay to watch a movie or tv show, nor will I buy products from any sponsors who advertise for any of the tv shows that ANY liberal moron actors/musicians act in. Maybe when they’re stuck here with the rest of mainstream America, they’ll change their tunes.

    I’m directing this to all you liberal activist millionaires, who have made their fortunes in movies or selling CDs any playing music. You’d better think twice before splattering your politics over your art. Your art could soon become worthless – no matter how good it is. This is THAT serious of a thing.

  • D. Hanes

    More actors I will never support again. and I am not alone.

    Die Hollywood, Die!

    • Studi30

      D. Hanes I have not supported those two for a long time. Longoria has always struck me as a Hollywood Libtard airhead. I admired Bandaras but could see his Hollywood leanings a while ago. TV is getting as bad as Hollywood movie sas far as the Libtard message. AS a semi firarms expert(no one can be a complete total expert on anything) I see the anti-gun message (lies) on the CSI series and NBC shows(even worse) and the subliminal attacks on the Republicans.

    • T Lady

      Instead of supporting these Useful Idiots, support Christian-themed films like “Courageous”, and those who distribute and create them.

  • Kay

    Incredible, cannot believe Banderas, Griffith , Longoria and others are such fans of marxism. Surely, they’ve enjoyed the freedoms and rights our constitution has afforded them throughout their lives and careers.Could it be that they are just plain stupid and clueless? Surely, its not all just about making millions of criminals legal overnight. I will never spend another dime on any movie or other form of entertainment any of these idiots are involved with.

  • patty

    boycott all liberals everywhere. The pocketbook is a real game changer. No more pc corruption. No more gangs. No more political bs. No more foreign aid to any group or any country and no military help for anyone but ourselves. Slam shut all our borders,airports,seaports,etc. Deport all criminals,gangs,corrupt politicians asap.Start with disbarred lawyers like o and m and many senators,reps,other gov crooks.holder,nap,frank,dodd,lots need to be deported for will be sorry you were so unAmerican antiAmerican traitors.

  • Alfredo

    There are many Hispanics that don’t like Obama but of course this is all manipulated by the left wing media.

  • Bill Witter

    Makes Tony Parker look smarter all the time.

  • mare

    I’ve always considered myself a pretty good judge of people’s body language and I truly think Eva Longoria has a crush on Obama….I’m serious! She gets all excited whenever she’s around him. At least that’s what I’ve observed when she’s in his presence. She just gets all giggly and overcome with excitement.
    On another note….we could teach her and the Hollywood crowd a lesson by boycotting their movies.

  • Pamela

    Well, I just lost another actor I enjoyed. It was nice, Antonio, but it is over. I will not continue to go see or purchase movies with you in them. I will not continue to purchase products you advertise.
    I didn’t care much for Eva any way so she is no loss.
    Since they have so much time and money on their hands I guess re-distributing their worth is fine, I am willing to take a thousand dollars from each of these 3 people. Why should Obama get it? He will just use it to pay his dog keeper for 2 weeks basically since the person makes 8500.00 a month.
    You can’t make ignorance go away, can you?