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It’s Official:Voters Say Obama Owns Economic Disaster

Friday, October 21, 2011

obama own economy poll

Two Gallup polls may hold the answer to whether Barack Obama will be re-elected in 2012. A poll Gallup released on September 21 shows that,in most Americans’eyes,President Obama owns this economy,and a second poll shows what a poor investment that is. Late last month,Gallup announced,“A slight majority of Americans for the first time blame President Obama either a great deal (24%) or a moderate amount (29%) for the nation’s economic problems.”(Emphasis added.) This is the first time a majority of respondents,53 percent,have held Obama responsible for the economic climate he further damaged.

second Gallup poll,released October 13,begins with the ominous words,“Fewer Americans had access to basic life necessities in September.”The survey found,while most Americans have access to the organization’s 13 basic necessities,that number is decreasing. Its Basic Access Index measures such things as access to food,health care insurance,a private doctor or dentist,and other daily needs. Only 81.4 percent of Americans had such access,down from a high point of 84.1 percent three years earlier. The survey found the greatest decreases were among Americans who no longer had access to a personal doctor,health insurance,or enough money for food and shelter.

The economic data that pour in are devastating. The combined rate of unemployment and underemployment has reached its highest level perhaps ever. According to federal statistics,14 million Americans are classified as unemployed,while 9.3 million are underemployed,and another 2.5 million are “marginally attached to the labor force.”Altogether,26 million Americans lack full-time employment.

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  • Obamavitch

    o-vomit has authored and promoted the current economic disaster, but it is we, the citizens who own it. We badly need a president with common sense to lead the nation out of an abyss.

    • george m.

      our fate was sealed when obama said to joe the plumber “we need to spread the wealth around” and the american people just yawned. we are getting soft & that’s when socialism strikes.

    • seabee combat vet

      How worsew it could be if only Joe the plumber didn’t ask that question,”What Changes.” At least one American stood up to this stooge, yet we got what the voters deserved. Crappola!!!!!

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Here is how to fix the economy:

      5. UPHOLD THE IMMIGRATION LAWS !! STOP ALL BENEFITS & PAYMENTS TO ILLEGALS !!! $$500 billion per year !!!! NOW !!!!!

    • Moses

      I would add: Establish a flat tax for income, at the rate of 10 cents on the dollar; and close all loop holes in the tax system. Then go after those who have neither paid taxes, although they make money; as well as those who pay minimal taxes.
      Cut out the perks our US legislators get.
      Cut out govt loans to campaign supporters.
      There are other way which we could do to implement, so that our Country remains strong.

    • Paula

      Excellent, & urine tests for any Government tax dollar programs! Food Stamps, Welfare, Housing Assistance, anything! We have to test to earn the money, those receiving it should be tested too!!

    • Remington 870

      You are on target. And that was Obama talking without a teleprompter. He revealed his true socialist agenda, yet stupid Americans did not believe it. And, now we are fighting for our lives, jobs, economical stability, border security, and more as a result of Obama sneaking into the White House. Ohhhh….where is the birth certificate?

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      I am so tired of hearing people whine about Obama. Yes he is evil incarnate! Yes he has facilitated the worst economic diaster in our nation’s history, probably including the Great Depression before all is said and done…HOWEVER, we must focus on the ball. If Romney wins the election, and there is a good chance he will be the nominee, and he will will…then it is not about WHO the POTUS is going to be. It is about who the Senators and Members of the House are going to be. FOCUS people. There are THREE branches, and the Senate controls one and approves nominees of the SCOTUS. The House proposes spending bills…

      We cannot ignore the Senate and House, nor the POTUS. All equal. All critical to reversing this mess in 2013.

      Have you identified your candidates and volunteered for your princint beginning in January, if not before?

      If not, do it NOW

    • Paula

      I’d like someone to tell me how a Foreign Exchange Student from Pakistan who got a good Education at U.S. Government Expense under the name Barry Soetoro, legally adopted name….became President of the United States? Did he get UNadopted? He’s used two names? He got educated on Tax payers dollars? He traveled all over with no income? His present (paux) birth certificate is not legitimate, this guy is a major CON & seems no one is even calling him on it?

    • Charles R. Johnson

      I had a very bad feeling when obama said Joe I want to spread the wealth,all he has done so far is spread the poverty! Give people oppertunities not freebies all that does is make people worthless and expecting more.This is the U.S.A. not europe!

    • Paula

      Exactly Right!! B.O. will always blame Bush & the Republicans for his own failures but I think most Voters are now seeing the hand writing on the wall, he’s a disaster & his policies are ruining us economically. We can’t keep subsidizing the lazy, it just enables them to do nothing longer. Don’t even get me started on his Immigration disaster & Napalatano nightmare!!


      I have to agree. Stop whining and complaining. You voted him into office out of political correctness. You voted for the handouts he promised. Some of you didn’t vote at all. Well, all of you are to blame!

      Todays politicans are nothing more than a true reflection of the people who put them in office. Lack of patriotism? Corruption? Moral decay? Go take a hard look in the mirror!!!

      God help America.

    • seabee combat vet

      Quit “Pontificating.” I’m sure that you are NOT PERFECT!

    • Bellinghamster

      I didn’t vote for him I voted for the old guy and the babe.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Many people did not vote for Obama he did not win by a landslide. The majority of his base is disapointed with him because he has not given out more freebees. We of the 53% own this because we are the ones that will have to pay for it whether we voted for it or not. A very sad commentary

    • Texan living abroad until Texas secedes

      Stop blaming the people for the flaws of democracy. It’s a flawed system always has been.

      The Roman Republic fed Christians to lions. The French Republic guillotined women and children. The German Republic elected Hitler. And we all know how the Soviet Republic turned out.

      And believe it or not: Cuba, Iran, and North Korea all have elections and you’d be called a conspiracy theorist to suggest they are rigged. Just sayin’ *maybe* it’s not a coincidence a scumbag always ends up at 1600 Pennsylvania.

    • REDTOES1946

      Texan living abroad……..We are trying our best to make it happen. A lot of Texans feel the same way. We need to secede from the Liberal, progressive, morons that have infiltrated our country and government. Why any one would want to destroy this great nation, is beyond me. To many people like intitlements over God, country and freedom. Texas would be better off as a free republic again. Not a bad dream huh? It could happen. We could close our own borders with out approval from the imposter in chief. There are other states that want to do the same thing. The south will rise again. God bless Texas and all her real patriots.


      Hey, for many individuals it was a choice of “the lesser of 2 evils”. Unfortunately, Independants were pushed far enough to the left and fell for this goon. A great number of conservatives just wanted to try something else because they thought it couldn’t get any worse than what we had at that time. I, for one, did not waver. I, too, understand that a true conservative NEVER EVER defects, regardless of the GOP candidate. I also voted the Old Man and the hot Chick even tho I wasn’t overly impressed. I’m still not overly impressed with our current batch of candidates, but I WILL NOT vote DemocRAT~ EVER!

    • ronnie


    • Paula

      Thanks to ACORN that is alive & well, working like crazy in Montana & Wyoming trying to get those with NO identification the right to vote!! HOW insane is that? Corruption is running rampant !

    • Paula

      YOU are so right!! I’m sick to death of this “Gimme more for free” attitude & Obama promised them a good life with minimal effort! We are a capitalist nation, not a socialist nation, time to CLEAN HOUSE come 2012…send those corrupt B—–ds home!!

    • BenUSMC

      I didn’t vote for the SOB and won’t in 2012.
      This Obama “pretender to the throne” is nothing but a communist that slipped through
      to turn this country into a mess. My fervent wish is for him to be removed from
      OUR White House in handcuffs and mugshot with his phony SSN on his chest. We have a
      communist, criminal, muslim in the White House. I hope Issa can get the goods on
      him and get him the hell out before he
      completely destroys the USA. He’s a hateful
      anti-American and dangerous.

    • ACEMAN

      I saw a bumper sticker on here that said “If you voted for Obama to prove you’re not racist, Please vote for someone else to prove you’re not an Idiot! Tired of your comments being moderated, awaiting moderation, or even deleted by the PC police? Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. No PC police! Join today!

    • Paula

      I have this bumper sticker for sale on eBay for $2.50 w/free shipping! FYI… time to speak up & have our say!! Enough is enough!!

    • dellt

      For starters, I’d settle for a president who doesn’t practice Marxism, who doesn’t practice class warfare, who is not a narcissist, who doesn’t lie every time he opens his pie-hole.

      You can’t find such a person within the Democratic Party any longer, that party has been hijacked by Marxists and communists and the party as a whole doesn’t seem to mind, that is the sickest part of it. The Dems could re-take their own party but seem satisfied to let the Marxists reign supreme.

  • nvrpc

    Just remember, you voted for Ovomit and it was you that allowed this anti-american muslim mole to infiltrate politics a long time ago and I’ll tell you right now. When this SOB is out of office he and his JA wife will continue to push socialism down your throat via his SS protection. You all know what the only cure is. My bet is the next clown that gets in via big bucks will not be any better. It’ll just be more of the same. Herman Cain for me, which translates into more years of disappointment simply because we’re too stupid to put a good man in office.

    • walter

      obama is fool in a fool pocket.union ,czars and Obama pretend they are trying to help .when all there action do just the opposite.Just look at where they have taken us.The poor or poorer. Jobs or less. They are killing jobs.and they know it.That seem to be the plan. I sure hope that American people get smart and not allow this guy and his CZars fool them a second time. The media need to wise up and call him and his Czars out on all there failure. Check out this site it spell out what he and the czars are doing. **************

    • ChristianPatriot

      Herman Cain has already said that he would appoint Muslims to his cabinet if he is elected. We don’t need Cain just as much as we don’t need Obama.

    • Dan in NH

      It doesn’t matter who runs we have to get Obama and his Czars out before it’s too late. The only chance we have is to take over the Senate and the presidency. Only then can we fix what the democrats broke. If Obama is reelected he will then show his true Colors and will commence taking down our constitution especially the 1st and 2nd amendments and will sign the UN Small Arms Treaty or implement it by executive order like he did for the Kyoto Accords which was not ratified but was implemented by Obama’s executive order. He has no respect for our Constitution and finds it a hindrance to his agenda. We need the independent vote to beat Obama so the candidate has to be acceptable to the independents. Don’t let your dislike for the candidate allow Obama to win. Vote whoever the Republicans run. That’s the only way to get rid of the socialist running the country into the ground.

    • am2sweet

      We have to carefully check out all the ones running first. Picking just anyone won’t help us if they think the same as Obama on anything and if they are associated with the Bilderberg organization then they are nothing more than Nazis waiting to turn us into just another part of a one world government. We sure don’t need that. Everything Obama is doing is working toward that goal.

    • Nonne

      Since the Republican and Tea-Party candidates spend much time working on their anti-Obama stances, I envision a situation where immediately before the election Obama abruptly steps DOWN, and Hillary steps UP. The Dems, once again, will be IN LOVE with their candidate — and WHAM! before we know it — we’ve got ANOTHER SOCIALIST in the White House for four MORE years!


      Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the accomodating verbal lip service Obama has begun, so to appease to those that have grown discontent? Oh wait, de ja vue,….it’s election time…Please,….. fool us once shame on us,….fool us twice?

    • Jeff_Georgia

      When and where did Herman Cain say he would appoint Muslems to his administration?

    • Dragon
    • dellt

      I’m amazed at just who uninformed or just outright stupid some people are.

  • george m.

    we may be too far down the road of entitlement to do anything about our economic mess. until we have the balls to just say no to those that feel they should get things on a silver platter, we are doomed to go the way of greece.

    • LadyLiberty

      Liberals, unions, welfare and illegals are taking us down all because of favoritism of the democratic party…all for their democratic vote to support Obama in 2012.

  • sgmwlc (also named Wayne)

    All un-enployment insurance is, is welfare. At least that’s what it’s truned into of late. There are jobs out there. The problem is they either are not as high paying as the one I held or they interfer with me taking care of my family. And I have two of those lower paying jobs. Between family and jobs, I stay hopping.

  • G K

    Obama is just as big a Keynesian as G. W. Bush was . . . maybe bigger. After 8 years of Bush and 4 years odf Obama, we need a free market capitalist in the White House

    • Jeff_Georgia

      Maybe bigger? GW Bush was no Conservative, but he can’t hold a candle to obama’s spending and socialist policies and practices.

    • Paula

      In all fairness to G Bush, he had to deal with a Democratic Congress for most of his 8 years in office & that made it harder than it should of. Obama had two years of a Super majority (both houses) & what did he do, not one stinking thing but spend, spend, spend!! They fixed absolutely nothing but made nearly everything WORSE!


      Problem is,….there’s more than just Obama that is tearing this country apart. If we DO get someone that truly cares for this country in the WH seat,….will he ever get anything done as long as we still have the same old same old in Congress? The greed and corruption has to stop. Did you not see the DOE was just caught in a Cover Up of another bogus green energy company?

    • Paula

      Corruption is about 50% of the problem, everyone in Congress is on the take from corporation. I’d like to see them outlaw Lobbiest and Corporate donations…or make EVERY Senator/Congressman wear a jumpsuit declaring who their sponsors are like in NASCAR !!

  • Das Boots

    Why take a poll when we already know that he owns this disaster since the 1st year???? He never bothered or even tried to remedy the decline of ecocomy from the Bush years and continued with his ObamaCare agenda with both houses in his pocket. He never had Jobs or Economy in his dictionary…..

    • Paula

      I agree!! This Community Organizer comes out of no where with some state Senate experience & 2 years of US Senate experience & poof, He’s the President! Makes you wonder who’s money, who’s influence & what foreign country bought & paid for this guy!! Right now he has very deep pockets, how many folks are going to fall for his line of B.S. again??

  • http://yahoomail john swinson

    Mr. Goodman, You are spot on. It is time we quit squaking and resolve to reclaim just a little of the courage of those real patriots who made this Great Nation possible, and go to the polls and carry every like minded voter we can find with us, to stop the GIMMIE crowd from taking us on down the Greece path.

  • Barry

    Jeremiah Wright said, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” How prophetic now that Obama has been in office almost 3 years and nothing has improved!

  • proudamerican

    Own it?- HE CREATED IT!! Some of it was GWB’s but most of it is obama’s! By design as well!

    • Patriot and an American

      During Bush’s second term in office, the Congress was dominated by Democrats, Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc etc etc. The congress holds the purse strings.

  • Blackfoot AZ

    Why does everyone blame Bush? The dems controlled both both houses during the last two years of Bush, that’s when the economy tanked. They couldn’t even pass a budget!

    • Jeff_Georgia

      Senate still hasn’t. Gross irresponsibility.

  • off plum

    Obama is not the main culprit here, the federal reserve along with the international bankers he really works for are to blame. The media is misleading the public as to who the real economic terrorists are. The globalist bankers created the fraud based derivatives bubble, stole the wealth of the middle class world wide and was bailed out for it. They owned the insurance agencies that rated this crap AAA…
    They intentionally defrauded the world out of hundreds of trillions of dollars. Obama filled his cabinet with Goldman sacs and bank of America scum to help steer US over the financial cliff, this is a agenda, a blueprint to bring down the west and bring in a New World Order on the ashes of America to be run by the world bank and UN. Remember this when you vote, look for globalist ties to banks or big corporations,the same people killing America fund the politicians campaigns. Obama , Perry, Cain, Romney are funded by big banks. Choose wisely………

    • REDTOES1946

      Off Plum, You stepped on some toes, but not mine. Some people just can’t handle the truth. We will get this great nation back, one way are another. Locked and loaded. God bless America and all her true and loyal patriots.

  • Curtis Bostic

    RON PAUL is the only choice not owned by anyone!

  • The Enemy

    Anyone who is still blaming our current economic catastrophe on Bush is grossly ignorant or politically blind. One single statistic will explain it: It took Bush 8 years to expand the debt by $4trillion. It took king Obama just 2.5 years to expand it by the same amount. Nuf sed.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Actually given everything he has had his hand on more like 8-12 trillion of the debt let us not forget he was involved with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    • Patriot and an American

      Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were under Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. They still have their jobs and have they made any changes or any attempts to fix their mess.

    • Allan

      Making no excuse for self-serving RINO politicians, liberals just won’t admit their role in the housing crisis — the core of the economic implosion. Liberals also don’t want to acknowledge that wall street overwhelmingly funds democrats, especially Obama. Most of our problem lies with politicians and the folks who believe them too easily.

  • Dan Clamage

    And it’s worse for Blacks. Putting a semi-black man in the white house hasn’t helped blacks. Perhaps they thought there’d be free “obama money” for the rest of their comfortable lives.

  • Terry Black

    Obliteration – Obamination, is not to be mistaken as dumb, quite the opposite, he is psychopathically cunning and calculating, yet almost like the proverbial, “Bull in a China shop”, taking down whatever he can accomplish before a submissive American Union stops him!

    He is serving his “Bilderberg”, teachers and superior coaches “George Soros, Zbigneiw Brzezinski!

    Re:Kurt Nimmo
    October 21, 2011

    It is imperative that Ron Paul gets on the ballot next year if we are going stop the wars and return fiscal sanity to the nation.

    Many Democrats and other so-called progressives are beginning to realize that Paul is the only candidate who will put an end to the wars and the escalating body count.

    If they want to see him get nominated and run against Obama, many of them will have to register as Republicans, as distasteful as that prospect is.

    The video above explains how to get Paul on the ballot.

    If Obama is re-elected or Romney or Perry or some other hopeful hand-picked by the establishment wins the election, the wars will continue uninterrupted and the economic destruction of America will ultimately turn all of us into slaves.

    Ron Paul is the only option.

  • setpoint

    Obama . . . What, me worry?


    Obama, both Bush’s, Clinton, Carter, and other presidents have followed the same paths as did Wilson, Hoover and Roselvelt, aimed at establishing a One World Government, aka Global Union. This started with Pres. Wilson. The democrates have gotten us into many wars to achieve that objective. A depression is also designed to achieve that objective. It is their belief that in misery Americans will accept socialism, so keep them in misery. So, create misery even if an excuse for grievences must be invented. today we have a population of around 350 million people. The unemployment rate has been around 9.2 percent for some time now. From 1923-1929 the unemployment rate was 3.3. From then until World War II, our population was about 112 million. Now get this, regarding unemployment: 1930-8.9%; 1931-15.9%; 1932-23.6%; 1933-24.9%; 1934-21.7%; 1935-20.1%; 1936-12.0%; 1937-14.3%; 1938-19.0%; 1939-17.2%; 1940-14.6%; 1941-9.9%. During World War II about 12 million men and women went into military service. That’s about 10% of the population of a 120 million, which lowered unemployment conciderably. After the war, unemployment went way up again when our vets were discharged. Back then there was colaberation between big business and government, just as there is now. But, during the depression, when employment went up, prices went up. And when unemployment went up prices came down. Today as unenmployment goes up, prices go up, too. The unemployed can’t keep up. And the unions arn’t helping. They’re making things worse. What makes things worse, is that those who want the redistribution of wealth are forcing our businesses overseas by regulations and taxes. Think before you vote.

  • Dodi

    What took soooooo long for them to catch on? Many of us have been trying to clue you in to this fact. But, no one wanted to fall from the arrogant ______ grace! It’s about time the American people wake up or it will be way tooo late!

  • off plum

    Obama is not the main culprit here, the federal reserve along with the international bankers he really works for are to blame. The media is misleading the public as to who the real economic terrorists are. The globalist bankers created the fraud based derivatives bubble, stole the wealth of the middle class world wide and was bailed out for it. They owned the insurance agencies that rated this crap AAA…

    They intentionally defrauded the world out of hundreds of trillions of dollars. Obama filled his cabinet with Goldman sacs and bank of America scum to help steer US over the financial cliff, this is a agenda, a blueprint to bring down the west and bring in a New World Order on the ashes of America to be run by the world bank and UN. Remember this when you vote, look for globalist ties to banks or big corporations,the same people killing America fund the politicians campaigns. Obama , Perry, Cain, Romney are funded by big banks. Choose wisely………

    • Terry Black

      The Private Federal Reserve, The Globalists’ who pull the strings on puppet Bilderberg associate Obama, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Fannie and Freddie, Off- Shore Banksters, Establishment Republican Party, Democrat Party, the Senate ( Some not all – Treasonous, bought, extorted and blackmailed ) and Congress ( Some not all- Treasonous, bought, extorted and blackmailed ) and Congress ( Some not all – Have committed Treason, bought, extorted and blackmaikmailed ) are all part of the cabal, that have brought America down to the skeleton of the country it used to be and Barack Obama has aided and abetted these enemies of America to the best of his ability!

    • Lonemusketeer

      He’s really just another useful idiot like those uninformed, ill-informed, and mal-informed morons at the wall street protests.

    • Lonemusketeer

      You should be starting with Soros and his band of merrymen and satan worshippers trying to control everything and every living being on this planet as if they own it. Each and every last one of them should be annihilated. Their crimes, what they’ve done to all the people on this planet and all the wars they’ve started and how they plan to continue to deceive everyone spewing their lies about nature and global warming, are unforgiveable. Their blood relatves should be neutered, both male and female, so they can’t continue spreading the corrupt DNA.

  • Beth

    Now that the American people are waking up to the puppet in the white house and are fully aware of what he and his ilk are doing to the economy in our beloved country we must lay down the gauntlet. We the people must let the powers that be know that we are on to the scemesw og this socialist regime. We will not allow our constitutional elections to be tampered with. We will be watching at every polling place in this great nation. We will not believe an election that has the outcome of Obama winning. We will not allow an Obama election to stand. We will not allow Obama back in to our White House. Obama you have already lost the next presidential elction! Your move Mr. Obama.

    • Beth

      Sorry for the typos my bad.

  • Lonemusketeer

    Sad to say, many people in our country not only could not recognize these policies as being socialism or communism, but many are unaware of the dangers and consistent history of murder, starvation, torture and poverty that communism creates because they went to public schools and never learned truthful history (if any history at all) but revisionist and what the government wanted them to know. They have been brainwashed not to recognize the disguises that evil communism uses to convert the masses, i.e., social justice, equality, etc. Communism just never tells you upfront that it is equal misery and poverty for all and that is commnism’s undisclosed social justice. All are miserable equally.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Obama just created more private sector jobs in Finland in 10 seconds or less with a swipe of his pen than he has created in America in 3 years.
    With the approval of the Obama administration, an electric car company (Fisker) that received a $529 million federal government loan guarantee is assembling its first line of cars in Finland, saying it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work.

    B.S. There is nothing that can be done in Finland that can’t be done here.
    He is a f*cking liar.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Obama just created more private sector jobs in Finland in 10 seconds or less with a swipe of his pen than he has created in America in 3 years.
    With the approval of the Obama administration, an electric car company (Fisker) that received a $529 million federal government loan guarantee is assembling its first line of cars in Finland, saying it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work.
    That’s CRAP!!! There is nothing that can be done in Finland that can’t be done here.
    He is a effin liar.

    • Allan

      Having given this company taxpayer money, tell us what our stake or ROI in the company will now be, Mr. Obama.

  • REDTOES1946

    Just another vote against Oboma. He has to date, done nothing positive for this country as a whole, but rather keep doing things against helping America. He is a poor exuse for a human being. I hope he saw what happened to the most resent dictator. That’s why we have the second amendment. Our founders new what they were doing. God bless thier souls and God bless America, whats left of it.

    • D. Hanes

      You are so right.. HE IS A POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING.. never saw such a selfish man!

  • D. Hanes

    Of course he owns it.. you cannot just waste trillions and still blame someone else.. altho’ knowing Barry that is exactly what he is doing.

    But right now he doesn’t want to talk about the homeless, the unemployed or the desperate.. NOOOO.. Barry wants to talk about how he won the war in Libya… it is hilarious.. he slips in his own name every chance he gets when talking about it. You would think the yellow belly was there in the tanks with the rebels… Hah! One sound of gunfire and Barry would be hiding under Michelles dress.

  • Jerry

    It is about time the idiot own up to his mistakes! From the other point of view, maybe he’s telling his boss that he is braver in context of becoming dictator! It seems he understands that re-election is out of the picture!

  • charlie

    obama needs to stop blaming everyone else and be a man and take the problems he has caused or made worse and bear it upon his own shoulders. I am thankful the American are putting the blame on him where it should be

  • Eddie

    This is one of the changes bama campaign was about. His book rage of my father and the audacity of hope. States his hate for America and whites. What he has done is all premeditated and malicious. The cockroach isn’t even American born. Someone please be man enough and it doesn’t take much balls to have him arrested. Indicted and convicted to life in prison. Better yet. executed for treason. All the evidence shows his contempt for America and he sides with Islam. Only takes one true blue American we the people to start a snow ball effect to get his ass out of our oval office. If I were in that position on capital hill. I would have made that happen long ago. Where are you Mr American to take this SOB down. Make it his last supper and feed him pork.

  • Spyder Dalton

    O-BLAME-O is proud of this accomplishment…
    Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood) now killing Christians. U.S. Pakistan relations as low as they can go, Libya leadership being filled by Al Qaeda, Syria next to be taken over by Islam, Iran building a nuclear weapons
    with warships off our coast line, US pulling out of Iranian backed Iraq, OWS being applauded by nazis, communists, Ahmadinejad, Union Thugs and drug users.  Yea, this is a record to run on….  Islamic nation building and a destroyed economy in the US.  Reference to Islam has just been ordered taken off the DOJ terrorism books. No one can see where this is headed? For LL OF YOU “GAYS” out there that still support the democratic party… remember
    there is a reason Ahmadinejad said there are no “gays” in Iran. they kill them there and Sharia law is coming to a theater near you.