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Sex, Drugs & Poor Sanitation Eclipsing Occupy Wall Street?

Monday, October 10, 2011


The situation down at Occupy Wall Street continues to deteriorate, as sanitary conditions teamed with the personal actions of the protesters appear to be eclipsing the political gathering’s original push for a more “equitable” society.

According to the Daily Mail, the environment down at New York City’s Financial District is “increasingly debauched.” What started out as a gathering of people frustrated over what they see as a lack of opportunity in America (their complaints focused upon corporate greed, the large gap between the poor and rich in America, unemployment, student loans and political corruption), may be developing into something else entirely.

Apparently, there are now teenagers and young adults who have descended upon Wall Street in an effort to turn the gathering into a rave. With a “sex, drugs and rock and roll” mentality apparently infiltrating the protests, Mail Online reports:

Among the banners and flags are now discarded packets of condoms, cigarettes and bottles of spirits, while naked youngsters happily get together with just sleeping bags covering their modesty.

A box of free condoms is kept in the main area where protesters are camping.

If this is an accurate description of the conditions on the ground, it sounds more like Woodstock than it does a political movement. On Friday, alone, more than 400 people were at the makeshift city and sex was apparently a rampant occurrence.

While many have praised the protesters as young people who have little means and who have fallen victim to a down economy, Andre, a 40-year-old activist, says, “Most of the kids are trust-fund babies. They don’t need to be here.” He continues, “I’ve seen some making out, having sex. It doesn’t look good.”

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  • Ltjg

    This is the type of vermin that support Obama. And Obama and Pelosi support them yet call Tea Partiers extremists and racists. There is no comparison between Tea Party protests and the Wall Street protest. Tea Partiers did not have arrests. No one was selling drugs, caught having sex or urinating on the street. Tea Partiers were organized and clean and did not try to treat it as a Woodstock event.

    • jim

      These are LIB DEM PIGS, typical OBAMABOTS!! Just like the ole neighborhood rabble rousing Socialist ole barry their mentor!!

    • sid

      “i am the 53%”!!!

    • BUD


    • BUD


    • The Gizmo51

      Ah! The beauty of free trade!

    • Cherieo

      Exactly…Tea Party patriots are CLEAN, ADULTS who don’t make the areas a big mess.
      This group is nothing more than LOW-LIFE TRASH! And yes, the Woodstock types. Using the WILLING media to record their life-styles. The intelligent, hard-working students DO NOT DO THIS…just the LOSERS!
      If the MEDIA would stop putting this on the news…it would END…but NO…the Media is loving this! It is ALL SICK along with the Media!

    • R. Cook

      I disagree. I think that every instance of their egregious behavior should be broadcast far and wide. Let the nation see who are the darlings of the left. Expose them as the abject losers that they are. I am wondering when they will begin to form flash mobs and rob businesses and individuals.

    • Txconfederate

      The media rather praise this low life trailer trash vernium, instead of reporting on more important stories such as; “Fast & Furious” And “OBOZO’S birth certificate & his fake social security number”. The Pres. & Palosi are praising these hippy low lifes as great and desent voters. She said that this is democracy and that this is the way democracy is run. Well let me tell you , “NOT IN MY AMERICA” This is happening all over the world. It was organized over the internet to riot and protest in major cities around the world. We need to shut dow the unions and arrest all involved.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Rodney McCant

      Where is the all famous E.P.A in all this? If this is not poluting the environment, then pray-tell me what whould.They are ever-so-ready to shut down a business for the least little thing; Yet they let this Unsanitary-Filth continue on for weeks and weeks and nothing is said. — And you have the people’s best interest in mind;– Give me a break!!

    • Lionking

      Lets not forget the older guy that crapped on a police car. Wow what a class act.

    • distressed

      I heard someone say the other day it reminded them of Woodstock.

    • Jon

      The socialism of community a organizer’s mentality is at work here. It is another Obamanation freak show in support of class warfare to take the heat off of Obama and the liberals corrupt politics that have stranded America in stagnation and social division. Their plan to divide and conquer America is working.

    • SammysMama

      I would have thought that we were able to educate our offspring regading the lessons learned from Woodstock. After all, you didn’t have to attend to hear what went on. Apparently, a lot of parents have been slackers in terms of educating their children. Too bad.

    • alex

      they are not educated in our public schools they are brainwashed by our hard working communist teachers

    • Leslie85223

      The problem is the original “Hippie” generation has been alive and breeding in OR and WA for all these years and they’ve passed on this “mentality” to their offspring. They’re a crude, rude, filthy group of people that, unfortunately, attract others like themselves. When out in the public, it’s shameful & embarassing to any American with morals and a love of country.

    • AliveStillKickin

      It’s worse than that….Ltjg…..

      “Wretches of Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR”

    • AliveStillKickin

      The “moderation” here at TPU is slower than 4 years of Obama.

    • AliveStillKickin

      WAKE UP!!!!!

    • obamavitch5

      I truly wish someone would begin a message board like this used to be.

    • Raymond

      This website has changed & not for the better.

    • Wingy

      Woodstock without the music and the mud…at least they had portapotties at Woodstock.

    • John Detwiler

      What a farce, the ony simularily between those occupying Wall Street is the fact that they are both human beings. 90% of the Wall Street protestesters are Anarchists or a group irresponcible young people aho are as the articl suggests attempting to turn the gathering into a rave. In New York you have Woodstock all over again. And of course as you have noticed a few Unions attenpting to turn the protest into a vote getting attenpt for the liberal left. This is what has hppened to our country to many demanding freebees and a corrupt political body buying votes by giving in to those who want more freebees.

    • John Detwiler

      Sorry IO ommited the tea part in my comparrison in the previous comment

    • John Detwiler

      I guess I had better give up I have either omitted section of my previous commet or committed Typos.

    • Txconfederate

      John you need to learn to spell or get spell check.

    • shirlee


    • Darwin

      Stupid Spellin Police Again…..Get a Life and work on the Proulblum, OK……?

      We have a country to save here, not pick on us who dont spell as good as a smart person like you.

      Half the time we hit the wrong key. But then the God of Spellin wouldent know anything about that. “Get-a-Life” !

    • Paula Revere

      Oh…you forgot,they’re also”Pooping on POLICE CARS”!!!
      since the 70’s,I’ve been to 5 MAJOR events in DC…Tea parties,pro-life events,Glenn Becks event…
      E-V-E-R-Y TIME,we left it CLEANER than when we got there…the Park Police even said so,(un-officially of course..;(
      Thepolice told us YEAR AGO,that EARTH DAY was the BIGGEST TRASH day


    • Aniko

      The TEA partiers KNEW why they were protesting: Taxed Enough Already; STOP spending our future into oblivion.

      These “kids” (liberals=perpetual adolescents) don’t like what is but they don’t know what it is they want. They are the ones who in 2008 wanted “change”, never knowing exactly what they wanted change from and especially what they wanted to change into. Now they want change again and STILL don’t know what exactly they want.

      Obama and his political affiliates will use them to have the “change” president re-elected; these represent the perfect “useful idiots”. God Help Us!

  • BCASS2


    • Kenai

      Oh, if they only would. I wish they would all leave the country!

    • rafael

      And Take all the rest of * THE GARBAGE : obama, pelosi reid, ALL THE RETARDED IMBECILES DEMO-CRAPS, michelle included and soros that is paying for all this wall street protest.

    • emerutil

      No way! In a real socialist society, you are forced to work. (you’d better) And the pay you get will be distributed in an equitable manner. You have no say in its distribution. Isn’t socialism beautiful? Wait, much of this is happening right here, right now!

    • tom

      they showed just what kind of crap they are made of and thats who wants to leed us in the future God help us if thats the best coming up in my world

    • alex

      it is exactly the same mentality that is in charge in D.C. now

    • sid

      i was supposed to go to woodstock, but chose to work overtime, instead!!! how many protesters, from that era, are now working, in wall st???

    • Ron Homan

      They are the product of the Marxist strategy to “take their children first, indoctrinate them and have them do the dirty work”. Of course our education system enables the stratgy by NOT teaching what this country was founded on and the sacrifaces previous generations gave. The blame resides with the Progressives from Woodrow Wilson, FDR, & Obama.

  • Chris Horne

    Thank these kids for showing the world just what they andd Pelosi are. Pelosi, Obama and the unions will ride on their backs until they no longer have a use for them, they will then see the real world like w do already. If I was a parent of one of them they would be told to stay there, no College, no home and tell them to call Pelosi for a place to stay and a job.

    • EB All

      That’s is true future of many kids if we could not fix obumaxer probs today

    • Joaquin

      Useful idiots.

  • Susan Daniels

    Water seeks it’s own level.

    • http://yahoo William Ashford

      Piss seeks its own level also.These people should be arrested for littering or some other related charge. Protesting is one thing but they are doing is not protesting. How and why the media keeps showing this stuff I do not no why, butthese people are not the TEAPARTY.

    • Ron

      Yes. So does sewage.

  • The Gizmo51

    MLK marchers were accused of the same things by the right bigots.

    • Goodforall

      If you are so ignorant to reduce the memory of MLK to these pathetic loosers then you are no better than they are. Shame on you!

    • George McMurtry

      MLK marchers were not doing drugs, having sex or urinating and defecating in the streets. Get off this site you left wing idiot. As soon as the weather turns cold and wet the clueless protestors will run home to mama.

    • sid

      they won’t run home, instead, they’ll call mom, on their big corp phones, and have her send bad bankers money, to get a limo home!!!

    • Kenai

      Now your comparing apples to oranges. What a dumb ass!

    • nwfoxflyer

      The MLK Marchers were from the Right! It was the left that beat them and turned the dogs and fire hoses on them. MLK was a Republican, the Democrats are the party of the KKK.

      You need to get your history straight.

    • distressed

      Maybe it is because they were doing the same things.

    • distressed

      Now that I think about it, I never heard anyone say those things about the MLK marches. I was very young then, but they seemed to be peaceful demonstrations.

      Now the Black Panthers were another story, but their issues were looting and violence toward innocent people, even their own race.

    • emerutil


    • Dave

      MLK was a card carrying communist….Just sayin…

    • Dave

      Check it out, he was a card carrying communist!!!

  • Bo38

    Read an interesting comment here a few days back. “The difference between those of occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party is that the Occupy crowd wants more and the Tea Party wants LESS!” Big Difference!

    • Jax Cat

      As a business owner, which participants would you hire to represent your business?
      Occupy or Tea Party?

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    It would be interesting to find out the average income of these “protester’s” families.
    Typically, I think you would find that they are well above average in income and wealth.
    They are acting like barnyard animals, crapping, having intercourse, etc., just like animals ….. they should be treated like animals.
    Don’t even mention “Tea Party” in the same breath – Tea Party protests have never left mountains of trash, filth, and damage, like the average demcrat/liber gathering.

    • Dave

      Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
      Proverbs 22:6
      Undiciplined childern become undiciplined adults, The parents of these morons are at least in part, responsible too.

  • jerry

    Gee, I always wanted to have sex on the street. But was always too busy working. Oh well when sharia comes the problem will be taken care of. Praise be to the Caliph Obama

    Market up 270 at the moment. must be fun looking out the windows.

  • Okie

    Just like the hippies in the 60s. A commune= communist.

    • mica betts

      I was a hippie from the 60’s and I am a tea party member so your not correct when you make that statement.
      And never did I promote Communism or socialism
      You can group all people under one heading.
      And im against this but just because I was a hippie don’t associate me with them Communes were just that communes for socialist and those who were in the hippie movement but don’t class it like that not all of the hippies were doing that.

  • mar ware

    This is hyterical! I read in my NY post this am about how they were coming for the “easy drugs, and free food” One 26 YEAR OLD idiot is quoted as saying how they were serving “smoked salmon and cream cheese– do you know how much that COST?” he asked ” $16 a pound-!!– I’m eating better that I do at my parents” HUH? OF COURSE he’s living with his parents! and WHAT?? He has a taste for RICH PEOPLE FOOD???

  • Linda

    What a wonderful picture of America they portray. It’s a Wall Street Orgy!! Shameless!

    • Robert, TX

      And what is Bloomberg (a model republican) doing about any of this?

    • Tearlag

      Bloom-tard practically handed this scum the keys to the city when he stated a week before the Wall Street invasion: “There will be rioting.”

      Thanks ‘Turd!

    • NIKI

      Robert, TX: Bloomberg is a “RINO” and you
      should KNOW the difference. We are going
      to get rid of the RINOS also. Certainly the Moderate Dems are gone already. The Dems. are not what people believe the Democrat party to be: They are Communist, Marxist,
      Socialists, Liberals. The Rinos are just like them – Bloomberg is a good example.

    • VNEVET

      Bloomburg was a life-long Democrat. He switched to the Republican party when he decided to run for Mayor, then left the Republican party due to philosophical differences and lists himself as an Independent.
      In other words Bloomburg = whatever will get me elected.

    • EB All

      They decided to be ‘street smart’

    • Jon

      Obama has been praising and encouraging them!

    • NIKI

      Jon: POTUS is in fact an Organizer and that
      is about all we know about him. So he would
      welcome this and his supporters are paying
      for this and to bring people in. Nancy
      Pelosi a very “RICH” lady is supporting this
      nonsense also so they can tear DOWN the real “TEA PARTY’ by slander and they believe
      hopefully keep their JOBS. Most Americans
      are smarter than that hopefully.

  • stormey

    Who was it that compared this group with the Tea Party? I think not. Get a hose and clear the area.

  • John

    Locusts return every eighteen years or so. Looks like the hippies return every 40 or so.

  • Don Wells

    And who is paying their way? They obviously don’t have a job. These are leeches living of the prosperity of others. Perfect poster children for Obama.

  • Gerald Wilegus

    That Reminds Me of An Old Indian Joke I heard in the 70’s.

    This Devolper wanted to Buy this Indian’s land, And The Indian only Said Three words to Him “Me No Go”

    Well the Devolper thought He had a Bowl problem. So He got Him some medicine.

    This keapt going on for Months, And He would keep bringing Him Medicine.

    Finally the Indian told the Devolper “Me Go Tee Pee full of Shit”

  • marge

    You all have said it well. I need not add to it. The election is not far away. We need to embrace that because WE CAN affect the outcome. The Bible talks about these times.

    • Robert, TX

      WE CAN, but only if WE FIRE CONGRESS! We need to elect INDEPENDENT candidates (Constitution, Libertarian, Independent) people. The republicans are part of the same monster as the democrats – BIG GOVERNMENT LIARS. The last ten months have proven that.

    • NIKI

      Robert, TX. Everyone forgets about the
      Senate – they MUST GO. Harry Reid got in
      again by a very small margin and it is time
      We the people cannot fix “STUPID” so some
      of these people might get back in but
      we can tell the TRUTH as it is and pray
      for the results. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

    • emerutil

      Term limits. Term limits. Term limits. TERM LIMITS!

    • VNEVET

      Or Tea Party republicans like Burkle, Chaffitz, Lee, Rubio, West, Bachmann etc…

  • mar ware

    AND, they have a picture of some guy giving LESSONS on how to pick open handcuffs– with quite a few kids looking on– one 13 year old is there with the phone number of the LEGAL AID society written on his arm in permanent marker– he was there with his GRANDFATHER— and his GRANDMOTHER was back home with her VEGAN restaurant and has been arrested many many times! apparently they ARE SO PROUD!

  • UncleRoy1

    As parents, we have failed this generation! By letting the libs have their say in schools, prayer and home environment this is what ‘We the People’ allowed to be created.

    We didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to them then and I’m having concerns we can stop them now!

    We must get out the vote next year and clean house!

    • Dean

      Don’t put me into the “We, parents” group. My children and grsnd-children would never be participants in this protest. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, UncleIdiot1

    • http://yahoo William Ashford

      You better check to see if the kids are where they are suppose to be!!

    • Frankie

      I agree with you, up to a point. In this day and time, parents have not been involved enough with raising their children. The parents are usually both working to support the kids material needs and overlook their spiritual and emotional needs. Therefore, this is backlash from the overly pampered, ‘entitled’ younger adults toward the parents for their neglect. The parents used school as a ‘daycare’ institution not giving thought that the liberal/socialist educators and administrators were brain washing the kids while the parents were buying high dollar material items and not considering that the kids were spending MUCH more time with anti-American people than they were with the parents.
      Yes, most parents DID raise heathens but there are Christian parents that raised God-loving kids in spite of the anti-Americanism going on around them.
      God will Bless the children who love him and sad to say Satan has the others in a choke hold on the rest. As Christians we must pray for these children to ask God into their hearts.

    • distressed

      Agreed. Many parents were working 2 jobs to support their kids and trying to teach Christian values. These are the only ones who seem to have any in this generation. What the elementary and high schools don’t take a toll on colleges do. They do everything they can to turn our kids against us and God. Christian parents need to pray for their kids. After they leave home and go to college your influence is ended and they are under the watchcare of heatherns and liberals.

    • Leslie85223

      We parents have not failed! We’ve been “mugged” by the far left hippies and their offspring. Where we’ve failed is in allowing them to pull off stunts like this!
      Has Michael Moore been seen in this gathering – much like his sort of “thing”.
      Pelosi & Obama too cheap to pay for portable public toilets?

  • Dale Putnam

    Another point that is interesting, is that the big o, wants to be in charge of…..
    that kind of humans? That his followers are that slimey? That the self esteem being fronted…. allows those that are on the fringes to choose… “let’s see, do I wanna be…. – Like – the humans on Wall Street…. or the folks in the Tea Party????”
    It seems to me that you put your best foot forward… or not.

  • Robert, TX

    Looks like Rome. Hey, when did Boehner say he was going to repeal Obamacare? Oh, I’m sorry, we have to wait for another election to DO that (or anything else). BAAAAAA

  • tweety

    Maybe another Woodstock???The crowd in Chicago is not terribly large, considering it is Obama’s (and Dems’) backyard. Just another tired old protest — of something or other.

  • barbpatton


  • Tony S

    Sex?!? So there’s a risk they might makes babies that grow up just like this??? Send as many condoms as you can to NYC!!!

    • Dave

      DeCon would work better! After all they are DemocRATS

  • Rod

    The law and ordinances’ of the city are there to protect the health and welfare of all it’s citizens. If the Occupy Wallstreet
    mob is breaking the law etc., then they should be arrested and or fined as any other citizen would be. If they are not citizens then they should receive a one way ticket back to where ever they came from.

  • Barry

    Who is behind these starry eyed Socialist zealots? George Soros, MoveOn.Org, The Communist Party, Marxists, Revolutionaries, Anarchists, labor union thugs, SEIU, and Democrats who want to divert attention from Obama’s Apocalyptic economic policies. Oh, and the Dems also secret wish that this gang will somehow counter the Tea Party. Dream on Dems. In 2012, ya’ll be in the unemployment line.

  • Tracie

    The TRUTH is, when the TEA Party movement converge on D.C. in 08?, the grounds were MUCH cleaner than when they arrived.
    And they compare US to this ‘swill’ on Wall Street? REALLY?! There is a HUGE gulf between the two…one side are the neat-nicks, the other are slobs…YOU CHOOSE!!!

  • bob s

    why don’t they arrest them…. where are they getting the money to be there?? probably being bankrolled by the union thugs, looks like about the same class of people…must be drawing unemployment money or welfare…would be interesting to know… herman cain says it right…. shut them down and put them to work, cleaning the mess up ,,then throw them in jail…more newyork trash………..

    • alex

      the money comes from soros though the seiu

  • bill

    Thats what you get with a bunch of dunb asses with nothing to do with their lives except to demand more FREE stuff.Alot of the fault has to do with the parents who give these little shits everything they want which was obtained from the capitalist companies.Lets see if any of them would give up their ipods , cell phones, fancy cars, ipads and you would get NO WAY MAN. This is the best that sorros can buy.

  • mwood

    its not good but it is normal for people with nothing to do, like jobs

  • Lacywild

    I hope these young people at Occupy Wall Street are not the future of this country. If they are, we are really going to be in a mess. Their behavior reminds me of the Hippies in the 60,s. Just a bunch of no-good, lazy, immoral, rich kids. They have had everything handed to them on a silver spoon. And what the h#ll are they protesting Wall Street for? It’s obvious they are not hurting for money, or they would be working instead of acting like fools in a circus.

    • Leslie85223

      Unless Obama and his Socialist friends are voted out of office in 2012 you’d best accept these sort of conditions and worse. Another four years will drive the final nail in the coffin of America. It’s what Soros and his paid politicians have planned. After the demise of America Soros can buy himself a country already “stocked” with workers . . .

    • Lacywild

      I think America is ready to give Obama his pink slip. If he still has any supporters, it’s the Occupy Wall Street Circus. We can only hope they fade away into oblivion before election time.

  • joe

    These are the dregs of society. The do-nothing, low-lifes described perfectly by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged.

  • clh

    Pathetic spoiled brats. They want to work? Really!!! Get off the streets and get a job. They basically have ruined their “supposed” cause with this behavior. They are being used by the left and don’t have the brains to see it.

  • believer

    Hope they travel down to DC – perhaps BO and his family will join them – He was some sort of organizer wasn’t he – perhaps he can organize this heap of garbage.

    • http://yahoo William Ashford

      If they traveled to DC and the White House Obama could invite them to lunch and make a BIG deal out of it with the media.Then the stock market would go down about 300points again. Is it only me that notices that when and almost every time B.O. makes some kind of speech the market gos down into the tolit. Just maybe if he would be quite for a month or so we might start a recovery in the privite sector…

  • D.Stout

    My, my, the money being given to provide for these fine young (a)mericans vacation could be used to provide a few jobs don’t you think?? When you have a lousy agenda, truth and right don’t matter. Taking money from the job providers and giving it to the “do nothings” has never, and will never work. Liberals, you are making a huge mistake and you will regret it in the long run…..

    • http://yahoo William Ashford

      Here is a idea hire some of them to clean up there own mess isn’t that what they want and Obama is praying for. Sounds like social justice to me. Pay them to clean up after themselves. Then they have temp jobs.

    • Leslie85223

      These people are not on a paid vacation – it’s their lifestyle. They enjoy being unacceptable, uneducated and unemployed so they can complain about others who earn a living and care for themselves. In every society these people exist, unfortunately it is this administration that has adopted these people/voters as “pets”. They are doing Obama’s dirty work for him with the help of the unions. The irony is that “comes the revolution” they’ll all be kicked to the curb – and worse when the dust settles!!!

  • ricbee

    The kids just wanna have fun. The new generation believes leaving their garbage around is like a dog marking it’s territory.

  • Doug

    opuke, pukelosi, reid, durbin, shumer …..
    they all revel in this garbage!

  • RickMT

    Class envy manipulated by the WH can now get them a case of the crabs for their hard “work”?. It’s part time
    at best. The little man in the WH is too busy washing the blood off his hands from “Fast and Furious” and the dead and crippled troops he holds hostage overseas.

  • Wayright

    Urination, fornication,
    is this how you fix our nation?
    Scream and march,
    carry that sign,
    but duck your heads
    when it comes OUR time.

  • raymond jones

    someone said these are hippy types, but really they are yeppie’s. They would say what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine too.

  • Larry

    I thought I’d be gone by the time I saw blood in the streets over our so called government but t’s coming much sooner.

  • Thomas M

    The majority of these kids are from wealthy families they and don’t care about anything. They are looking for a good time. Obama is also trying to get Black America out in the streets protesting as well but it isn’t working. The plan from the extreme left is failing. These kids will get tired of the sleeping bags and this movement will be over. This is nothing more than a bunch of rich kids being organized by their professors.

  • Dave

    The Tea Party has a rally and the people are impressed with the fact that when they leave, the place is cleaner than when they came and people are courteous. The Wall-Streetwalkers come to town and the place STINKS of unwashed bodies and is covered with refuse along with vulgarity, public sex and building violence. Which group would YOU rather be associated with????

  • Dave

    Where are the police…Sex in public is still a crime!

    • http://yahoo William Ashford

      waite till all are asleep and pay someone to gather up as much of there cloths as possible the spray them with the water cannons to deperse the crowds.Then they could arrest all these perfect little citizens for being naked in public.

  • Dave

    Actually, the lib idiots think they are doing good by leaving garbage all over…some one will have to be paid to pick it up. This is how obummer creates jobs!!!

    • shirlee

      Hey, Be careful, these are PELOSI”S people.She is so proud of them. They act so nice and they have an agenda?????? WHAT IS THE AGENDA— HAVE SEX IN STREET?DEFACATE AND URINATE IN STREET– TRASH NEW YORK? THAT’S ALL

    • shirlee

      Hey, Be careful, these are PELOSI”S people.She is so proud of them. They act so nice and they have an agenda?????? WHAT IS THE AGENDA— HAVE SEX IN STREET?DEFACATE AND URINATE IN STREET– TRASH NEW YORK? THAT’S ALL

  • REDTOES1946

    What else would you expect from the left. Surely you didn’t think they would act responsible like the Tea Party and be great American Patriots, that love America, and all she stands for. Get a grip people, we are at war with our own citizens. A civil war is brewing. I’m just saying……………..

  • R. Cook

    I could agree with #10. The rest show just how ignorant these people really are.

    Occupy WS Demands
    Demand one: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr.

    Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. To do this all private insurers must be banned from the healthcare market as their only effect on the health of patients is to take money away from doctors, nurses and hospitals preventing them from doing their jobs and hand that money to wall st. investors.

    Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

    Demand four: Free college education.

    Demand five: Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

    Demand six: One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.

    Demand seven: One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear power plants.

    Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

    Demand nine: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

    Demand ten: Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.

    Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.

    Demand twelve: Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.

    Demand thirteen: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

  • Kitty

    Obama praised them early on. I wonder if he’d like to take that praise back? Most of these protesters are not the true picture of Americans – these people cannot respect civil society. And they want what? They are the answer to the prayers of the radical socialists. The police are right to rid the streets of them, but hopefully not in the violent way they seem to believe in.

    • NIKI

      Kitty: Why would the POTUS want to take it
      back – he is part of the problem and very
      PROUD of what is going on. REMEMBER: The only thing that is known about him is that
      he is an ORGANIZER all the rest is sealed
      and hid from the AMERICAN people that put
      him into power. SHAME ON THE PEOPLE THAT

  • Robert, TX

    Please name one republican accomplishment of the last 33 years – just one – and then explain why you vote republican (need a government check(s), free medicine, etc…).

    • lilbear68

      please tell us the last time a bill came out of congress that actually improved the living standard or workplace conditions of the avg blue collar worker

    • http://thepatriotupdate notassmartastherestofyou

      How about personal responsibility as a Republican accomplishment, chump. Since Robert’s parents never taught him personal responsibility I’ll list a few examples. Its taking a lousy job until you can get a better one; spending money that you earned, not that you suckled from the paychecks and tax contributions of others; its paying back the student loans you took to buy the laptops and Ipads you purchased and on which you send internet rants about how badly off you are. These are Republican accomplishments. They’re usually performed after taking a shower and putting on a clean shirt. Try it sometime.

    • http://none Lorenzo

      How about keeping some of our own money with tax cuts. How about OSHA and EPA fronm Nixon Administration.

    • Patriot and an American

      I had received a list of things that the Congress democrats took away, rejected, voted down, and the republicans voted for the help of the black people after the end of the civil war up to 1996, this makes my blood boil. They proclaim themselves for all that is good and they have done nothing but trash what is for the common good. They will paid in the end when they meet their maker. God will clean up Wall Street and Washington, D.C., and all evil around this Earth. The Earth belongs to God, no one else and when Jesus Christ returns, there will be a wonderful Earth to live upon plus a kingdom/government that isn’t corrupt

  • Denotchka

    Good grief! At least when the TEA Party does this, we clean up our mess!!!! This isn’t just distatefuk, it’s unhealthy! Mike Bloemberg must be mad as hell (aming ither things.) I know whatI”d do, fine every freaking one of them $500.00 for littering- EASH!!!!!!

  • nik

    ignorant crackers. None of you have been there (That obviously includes Murdoch’s Daily Mail hack.), none of you have the least idea what you’re talking about – as usual – and you all sound like the dry old farts you are, whining about kids these days.

    The good news is, nobody gives a shit what the likes of you say or think. The Tea Party has never been anything but a bad joke, and now nobody’s laughing. While you have wallowed in your birther delusions and your Muslim bigotry and your ugly anti-immigrant rants its been left to your children to take on the real threat to the country, a corrupt, criminal and rapacious Wall Street. And all the mighty Tea Party can do is retreat further into its time warp and complain about the hippies and any effort to make the theives pay. No wonder your own kids hate you. Pathetic.

  • Denotchka

    i’m sorry, I meant distasteful!

  • TaterSalad

    George Soros, Cloward & F.Pevin, Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama & wife, Bill Maher, Rosie O’Donnell, Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Matt Damon and the list goes on and on should ALL be made to spend at least 3 full days with these creeps, in sleeping bags and eating, drinking with these nut cases!

    • emerutil

      Why give them a good time?

    • Patriot and an American

      I wouldn’t call it a good time, when it is sinful and evil. They should be there supporting their kind of evil and sin, assures them of losing their salvation to the Coming of the Lord!

  • http://thepatriotupdate notassmartastherestofyou

    These are somebody’s selfish kids; every one of them. There is more shame to be shared than by just those who gathered, but by their Dr. Spock-inspired parents who did nothing but coddle and praise their perfect little children. If you are one of these kids, shame on you. If you raised one of these kids, shame on you.

  • stormy

    What parents in their right minds would allow their children to attend this gathering?These parents need to be arrested & the children need to be in school.I had hoped that this group would display civil intelligence,although I do not agree with them.What a mess. Tax payers have to pay again for one huge party.Did some of them really quit their jobs to attend?What a bunch of morons!!!

  • tkettle

    The new ‘sodom & gonora’. We all know how God dealt with that!

  • RichFromShowMe

    Simply, Useful & Useless Idiots, employed by the White/Soros House and (now) organized by Union Thugs.

    When will America wake up to this insanity?

    November, 2012 . . . . .we have one chance to throw out this socialist federal government ☺

  • D. Hanes

    Why am I not surprised? this little Democratic backed effort could very well backfire on them.

    Anyone can see these are not the poor.. they are a bunch of lazy live of daddy walkers who don’t have a clue.

  • Gorba

    This Fabian Socialism is what Van Jones promised us for October. This is what the left is about and they are trying to take down America. Remember their “mantra” – “From the bottom – UP; From the top – DOWN; and inside out” Beware of this movement it is the beginning of their takeover.

    • shirlee


  • Liz

    What is really sad about this whole “protest” is that this is my generation. I am so dis-heartened to think that this is what my generation will be known for. I love this country and am proud to say that my grandparents raised me with that love and raised me to know what it means to be an American and to be part of the the dream that if you work hard you can get far. I don’t understand how so many of my peers can be this blind and this deplorable as to make this kind of spectical of themselves.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Now that we have all of the garbage in the landfills (PARKS)…’s a good opportunity to build walls around them and give them an acid bath.

  • chuck


  • Ernest

    This is set up by George S. and his tools of commie land the American people know the tea party is them it is amazing to me every meeting we have we get 5 or more new members. Every one needs to look up UN Agenda 21 both parties have sold us out that is why we are taking over the Republican party. Have you watched the race the Republicans who are RINOS like Romney, Huntsman, Newt, and others like minded people have stayed at the same poll numbers. Perry was a democrat before he was a republican hes out now. Herman Cain is the man both parties fear the most.He doesn’t have the blessing of the progressive movement. Go to his web sight give him $9.99 and support this brave man. Kennedy went aganist the Unions, and that made the Progressives mad so they had one of there own kill him. Martian Luther King was a republican gee I wonder who really killed him.

  • Steve Coon


  • 2WarAbnVet

    Anyone old enough to have seen the ’60s radicals in action, has to be having a case of deja-vu when seeing these anarchists.

  • john

    These are the same tacticts that Clinton, Polesi and Whimmpy arse Reid pulled in the 60’s. They are the scum of the earth.

    • jerry c. ocala, florida

      give kids a chance to “play” and they will take it, has nothing to do with the issues…only sex, sex, and drugs….they should be camped out on obama, reid, and polasis doorsteps, since they are the real culprits, and OH, lest I forget – they might want to visit our lying arse attorney general also…this bunch of bandits deserve it!!

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Transparency right? Looks like the soros funded wall street group has a bigger agenda than what most thought. The left wants America to rid itself of all values and moral decency and take the focus off of obama and the democrats while they continue to steal our tax dollars and outright lie about the right. Wake up America… This can not be the way you want America to look for your children… Stop soros and obama now. Look at the fake obama birth certificate and how the media has buried that story… The left and obama want socialism and soros is doing all he can to get us there. Socialism will kill every dream most Americans have so stop socialism now. Stop obama. no to obama.

    • ~camoteeth

      ….Not to mention this being another Ahsum’ example of the Bleeting-Heart “Media” and their refusal to be “balance and informative”. They have once again jumped in bed with the Obama-NayShun’ and his ilk to further their OWN agenda, lauding the debauchery and giving accolades to criminals……….

      If this had Anything to do with the Tea Party or other “conservative” effort, it would be COMPLETELY Vilified and touted as “another Black-day on wall street !!!

      I am Sooooooo tired of these scummy sycophants (including the “media”) getting away with Everything and leaving the true American Citizenry to try and ‘clean up the mess’!!!

      If those who Actually care about this country, Freedom and Liberty don’t get off their dead-arses, band together and take this country back……..we will soon be part of the “religion of Pieces'” network, and Noone (but those in “power”) will have Any “rights” !!!

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      camoteeth, 100% agree. Very right on… Bravo.. Good and truthful comment.

    • Marylou Wright

      Well said. This needs to be started immediately. I really believe there are more of us then there are of them.

    • ~camoteeth

      AFTJ: Thank you for the kind words! I do my best to “call’m as I see’m”, REGARDLESS of the “side” one is on. Right is right and wrong is Wrong! If the “roles” were reversed, I would call “them” out too. My Main concern is that our (We the People’s) Republic be preserved so that we, our children, grandchildren, etc may Actually enjoy Life, Liberty, Freedom and Fruits of their labor (pursuits of happiness) as was built into it!

      Marylour: I completely concur with you as well. If you actually look at the “poll” numbers (whether they be from the right or left (if the “lefty’s” will release them…lol), regardless whether they are for the “news”, internet, radio, etc…….by and large there is consistantly a 1/3-Lib vs 2/3-Con split throughout the nation. That being said, I would think that if approx. 66% of the population were to actually get off their hands…….some REAL change could take place and those who are supposed to be Serving the Citizenry (NOT themselves) would be “Served” !!!

    • joant

      When the Obama care bill, was questioned by Citizens seeking information as was their right,Mrs Pelosi called them AstroTurf, and said they were frightening to her. Her Botox lips quivered as she made the statement,while one one of her fellow US representatives called US citizens Neanderthals. How times have changed! The Citizens, at Town Halls and Tea party rally’s caused no damage to property,did not attack anyone, did not leave a mess, and were peaceful. Its quite a contrast to what is taking place these days. Nancy Pelosi, is praising the Wall street crowd saying they exercising their rights. Yes, Nancy, they sure are exercising something and it is not good. They are defecating on Police cars and anywhere they can find a spot,handing out condoms, and causing huge cost to the city police and fire departments, but Nancy and friends, are oblivious to all of the groups occupation of other people’s land.If Nancy and her Congressional group can not see the difference between the Wall street group, and the people she labeled as AstroTurf,then we as Patriotic Americans, are in deep trouble. Anyone, condoning the Wall Street occupation ,does not deserve to hold a seat in the halls of Congress, or in any elected office. In my humble opinion, for President Obama,and all the other Administration leaders, who gave kudos to the occupiers, should be held accountable,if the mobs become riotous. Apparently the oath, DC politicians took upon assuming office, holds no meaning to them? I assume that to the DC bigwigs, that along with shredding the Constitution, the oath to Serve and PROTECT is seen as obsolete.

    • Marylou Wright

      I just heard Nancy Pelosi on FoxNews. I truly believe that she and her cohorts should join that bunch of protesting idiots, and hopefully, the group will have enough common sence to trample them. I think this is the only way we will ever get rid of this kind of ilk.

    • Lamont

      Bill Ayers and his buddy slime back hippies from the 60’s ahould join these scumbags. The Liberals at their best – sex, drugs, and total stupidy. The islamsts don’t need to destroy us, thee Liberals are doing quite a fine job of it themselves.

    • ~camoteeth

      Indeed! These are the same clowns who back in “their day” were All about fightin’ the “man” and “power to the people”. Little did those around them know that is was there Plan all along to one day Be “the man” and be able to “get over” as those before them had………..!!! They knew it was a “good gig” and they wanted to get there on the “fast track”, using All the dumb schmucks around them as steppin’ stones to get there!

      They are probably the most Public, Boisterous, Unscrupulous, Vindictive and Egomaniacal “examples” of the SELFISHNESS of our “society” there are at present! The only positives I can forsee at the moment are: 1) They can be defeated if we all will actually Do Something. 2) They are Perfect examples for us and especially, our children of EXACTLY what NOT to aspire for, or to Become!!

  • Ann Amos

    looks like Sodom and G’mora, (please excuse the contraction.) and do not look back as you walk away.

    • EH


    • Phil

      EH, remember, it was the ACLU’s stated goal to bring down the Republic in favor of Socialism. It has been well documented that this is the ACLU’s founders sole purpose, not to protect our civil liberties, but to destroy the constitution.

    • jerry c. ocala, florida

      like your comment EH, but you know as well as I do, the ACLU lawyers get paid for bull**** cases, and they would burn their mothers sunday school going sneakers if it meant they could stir up dukie, and the athiests don’t believe in anything except welfare and creating problems for the rest of us….GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND THE IDIOTS THAT DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER!!!!!

    • emerutil

      Of course, they are. Happy as flies on feces, in fact!

  • ARMYOF69

    Get the water cannons out, and use them, add soap powder to the water.

    • TomL


    • obamavitch5

      Why use water? Is there not enough sulphuric acid available?

    • chucky

      Folks, we are in a heap of trouble and JESUS CHRIST is the only way out!

    • Korean War Vet

      ARMYOF69: Include a ton of lye into that soap, my Friend, because that’s what it’s going to take, to return Wall Street to better days! The scum of the earth are having a field day. They ought to be taken to the showers and hosed down, like you say. What is the matter with New York’s illustrious mayor, Greenberg, that he refuses to get that stinking mess cleaned up? He probably receives his marching orders from OLOSER, Obama, to let this problem fester, so that OLOSER can say to the Nation: “See, this is what your Free Enterprise has brought about.” Greenberg probably also received his marching orders from OBUMMER to permit the Mosque at the World Trade Center to be built at ALL costs. OBUMMER and his minnions are bringing my home town, New York City, to its knees….what a sad day!

    • emerutil

      I think the National Guard is deployed overseas. There is really nothing the mayor or the police could do, short of 3rd world tactics.

    • Korean War Vet

      What!?? You say that the National Guard is all overseas now?? Well, that’s what happens when all the Regulars quit under OBUMMER, and the NG

    • Korean War Vet

      Sorry, emerutil; I got carried away there. Anyway, that’s what happens when the NG has to pick up the tab that OBUMMER

    • Korean War Vet

      Somebody in Administration hates my guts! That’s what happens, when the National Guard has to pick up the tab that OBUMMER created. There; I’ve said my piece!

    • Doc Freeman

      Why would they want to do anything? They are part of BHO’s buddies, Pelosi who has praised the WSP, plus all the Democrats in Congress like Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, other radical liberals like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Wright are all for them. This does not include the unions, George Soros groups, Van Jones, socialist, communist, Marxists, and the plan lazy people who do not want to work, but want every thing given to them.

    • Billy Kidd

      It’s “Bloomberg” , the mayor !!! He is a COWARD, a socialist and he has his face up Obama’s butt so far he mostlikely don’t even know what is going on.

    • edward

      This has gone beyond a Peaceful and Orderly Demonstration. It is no longer Peaceful it is no longer orderly. However it is happening in a Democrat City. Governed by the overwhelming Politically Correct NY Congress and the Law Enforcement Body being shackled. When the Rioting begins and a Cop is killed, Perhaps then the vermin on the Wall Street right-of-way will be rounded-up and dragged away, then dealt with very severely.

  • mad as hell

    The more this Occupy crap expands from city to city, then more disruption it will cause. The useful idiots are “parroting” the leaders of the so-called movement and are
    being indoctrinated into a prescribed thought pattern. It will be come violent, slowly but surely, services will be disrupted, people will not have what they have come to expect every day and a riot will soon ensue. What better
    way for the Marxist-in-charge to declare
    martial law, suspend elections in 2012, and
    guarantee him the office of dictator of the US. Lock and load America, it is coming..

    • Skip

      We will just have to put it down!

    • Korean War Vet

      Skip, I’ll watch your back; let’s join forces and break the backs of the instigators of this disgrace!

    • Billy Kidd

      Hey, vet. Thanks for your service. I hope you kicked a bunch of those “Butterbean” teeth loosers.

    • Korean War Veet

      Billy Kidd, my friend, I thank YOU for your thoughts! We took good care of some of those rice paddy paddlers, unfortunately not enough of them, though. At the time, we had a president who, like OBUMMER today, had very high praise for the United Nations. We need desperately to get the UN out of the US, and the US out of the UN. Ever since the Second World War, the U.S. has never won another war it was forced into by the Big Money. Remember Pearl Harbor!

    • emerutil

      To end all this, we must find the leaders or organizers, and throw them into a dungeon. This would cause this mess to evaporate fast!

    • Korean War Vet

      emerutil, there isn’t a hole deep enough in this country to hold all of them; I have a different idea: place them on barges, tie lead weights to each of them, tow the barges out to the Mariannas Trench in the South Pacific Ocean (10,000+ feet deep!), then sink the barges, filth and all.

    • barbpatton

      why not put the traitors up against the wall and shoot them starting with hussein, pelosi, reid, soros, van johnson – to name but a few.. these people are the most dangerous vermin that have ever infiltrated America… Where is the KKK?? where is WE THE PEOPLE? Stand up and be counted.

    • Korean War Vet

      barbpatton, each bullet costs a certain amount; shooting them would be costly: dumping them into the East River might prove efficient. I like the Patton name; any relation to the good General Patton of World War Two?

    • AlNewman

      Agreed. All you have to do is look where Soros and Company have already started it in other parts of the world.

      Just remember who the targets of our anger should be. Don’t take it out on the moron that doesn’t even know why he’s there protesting (UNLESS THEY DAMAGE PROPERTY OR YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE A LIVING). Who encouraged, financed, organized, and promoted the whole thing? There’s where you should channel your anger.

    • Don

      Isn’t it obvious that Obama,Soros and his union cronies are behind all protesting crap?

    • Dorothy

      The laws of the States and Cities are being challenged and it is about time this Country woke up as it started with the first time we gave an okay to the illegals, they were taught it is okay to break the laws as you will be rewarded. Wake up United States before it is too late. No discipline in the schools and very little in the homes. I was spanked on the rear end and don’t hate my parents for the punishment given as it was needed.

    • emerutil

      Perhaps you had good parents. Chronic corporal punishment by parents or others with power over kids will generate tomorrow’s psychopaths.
      The operating word here is responsibility. Discipline here is the key word. Applies both to the punisher as well as the punished.

    • Korean War Vet

      emerutil, I, too, received corporal punishment as a child; not because my parents were brutal, but because I was very head-strong, and needed my butt whomped 24 hours a day because I thought that the world owed me everything I wanted; not for many moons did I ever consider that I needed to conform to the society’s mores, rather than that society should cave in to MY wants….I know that this was a very long sentence, and so I ask forgiveness. I’ll take ten lashes with a wet noodle.

    • Thomas Beckett

      geoge soros must live in a hitler bunker like osama bin laden did.

    • Billy Kidd

      Why can’t treason charges be be brought up against Soros ??? He has done nothing but advocate the overthrow of this country.

    • kyl

      Absolutely, Billy, except I would add that Obama should also be tried for treason for actually IMPLEMENTING the overthrow of our country. Likewise with Dingy Harry, Nancy Leprosi, Blowhole Barney Frank…I’m gonna make it easy on myself and include every pol’crat in D.C. EXCEPT Dr. No. (For the uniformed, Dr. No is the congressional nickname for Ron Paul, because if a bill contains even one constitutional violation, he will not vote for it.)

    • Billy Kidd

      You are absolutely right, kyl. What really gets my goat is why half of this country is so “Blind” to what these people are up too. I guess it is all about what the government can give them. Well, soon there won’t be anybody left to give them anything.

    • Proud Tea Partier

      Billy Kidd, does anyone even know where Soros lives? He is an evil man and is behind all of this destruction. Soros, the unions and Obama are in this together, to declare martial law. Sounds to me like the kids that are “protesting” need the law to lock them up! Funny, Pelousy said this is all great (with 700+ arrests) and the Tea Party (with ZERO arrests) was NOT organic, even though NO ONE paid anyone to be there, we just went because we were tired of the same old…

    • Patriot and an American

      And what is even sicker is that we have these young people that will carry on our great country, but they choose to suck up to the scum … so they become scum themselves. God will not forgive them.

    • http://PatriotUpdate JNJRSNAP

      After the Viet Nam Protest, hippies, and the alternative reactions that the general population rationalized what was happening to our country, we see exactly what they had in mind. Our specific leaders are of the minority of that generation, who became the majority for a time. The current protests are very sad, and I am sorry, but democrat approved and evidently supported.

    • am2sweet

      Unions are using kids to start protests. The AFL-CIO has been doing this for some time now. In fact there was an article about it. Kind of hard to fight unions though. One guy was listed as starting it but he wouldn’t have gotten far without lots of help. Therefore I believe the unions get involved. They will do anything to undermine the American people to help Obama.

    • emerutil

      I hope we have the intestinal fortitude to do what the Russians did when they cleaned out the Kremlin. (I doubt that we would, or could)

    • Korean War Vet

      emerutil, Russian leadership today is very unhappy over what happened to cause Communism’s release it had over the European nations it held sway over; Putin has said so himself. They shall return.

    • ronifer

      I totally agree with you ! Someone will turn over a car and set fire to it and the Have-Nots will rush to steal electronics and cigarettes out of stores and the stage will be set for someone to be killed and the riots to start ! The country that we know and love will be gone as will our form of government AND WE WILL LONG REMEMBER OBAMA AS
      THE CATALYST !!!

  • Montana

    Nothing says you’re dedicated to the cause like gettin’ drunk and having sex in the street!!

    • obamavitch5

      When you are young, you often think about sex. It started with me when I was about 14, and I am now 79. Maybe some day it will go away. Sex has gone away, not thinking about it. Thsy asked me if I was getting much and I replied “Off hand, quite a bit”

    • Korean War Vet

      Keeping the old hand ‘busy’, are you, obamavitch5?

    • Tim Lucas

      I do not believe you’re 79 but I do believe you’re a liar but that’s just me. I’m generally correct but once in a grey moon I am wrong but, not this time.

    • jimbob

      What Right do YOU have calling anybody a liar?

    • Korean War Vet

      It’s my right to call OBUMMER a liar. What happened to his so-called Administration of Transparency?

    • Patriot and an American

      At 79 you sound as stupid as when you were 14. The subject here is not sex, but a bunch of idiots that without reason or solution, are participating with evil doers. Take your sex remarks to a better chat room.

    • emerutil

      Ficken and der Haubtstrasse. Germans way ahead of us there. This is one of the reasons I will never move back. Our society is not alone in its deterioration. It is socialism at work!

  • Dave

    These people are what the liberal left has produced over the past 40 years. Scum, bums, polluters, debauchers, immoral, unethical, useless, DEMOCRATS!

    • Mary S

      My questions are why aren’t they going to school or looking for a job or even working? Where do they think they will get money if they destroy the ones who make it and provide jobs for them? Oh, I forgot, they expect everything for free.
      Mobs don’t think; they just act. I wonder if any of them have a deceit thought about anything. Their stench is repugnant and they don’t even realize it.

    • emerutil

      To them, you and I are the ones who are repugnant!

    • Proud Tea Partier

      Mary S, last week on tv they were interviewing some of the kids “protesting”. One of them was asked “if a CEO of one of these companies offered you a good paying job, would you take it?” He said NO!! They could care less about jobs – they just want to be part of this mob. There ARE jobs out there to be had. They just think they deserve to start at the top. Most of us know better – we took whatever jobs we could get and moved up as we could. They want it ALL, NOW!! Where are their parents? If my kid was doing this, I’d go get them and whip their rear end no matter if they are 20! This reflects on all of us, all over the world. Look how stupid Americans are… All these kids are are useful idiots for the unions and Soros.

    • Mary S

      From one Tea Partier to another; you are absolute right!!! They have not been taught right in their homes.

    • Don

      I agree with you 1,000 %

    • Thomas Beckett

      They are so ugly that they vote democrat.

    • Kansas Kahuna

      What’s the matter Mr./MS moderator, do you find my comments offensive??? If so, you must be in cohorts with the liberal left!

      Re: Dave…You couldn’t have said it any better. Nationwide, this should increase the HIV and AIDS cases tremendously, as well as requests for more tax $$$ to treat these A-holes!…KK

  • gary

    Oh gee, let me guess.
    Socialists gathering together to protest ( and have sex, make a mess, live like pigs, have sex, do drugs, have sex, act like someone owes them something, have sex, do drugs).
    AND just think, through out the USA there are a multitude of these ” protesters ” funded by the SEIU, MOVEON.orgasm, and the tax payers of those cities that are ” hosting ” these gatherings ( citizens with jobs ) will get to pay for all of the clean up, the jail time, the police efforts, the abortions ( remember the sex part ) hospital visits for those having drug issues…..all in the name of, what was it again they were protesting ?

    • lindairish

      Gary, you are so funny. I’m still laughing. But truer words were never spoken…..or written.

  • Aunt Jane

    Their grandparents should be outraged! This bunch of dumba**es didn’t even arrange for some great music. What is a party without music? Pathetic. What worries me most is they might VOTE!!!!

  • Joe W

    This is a prime example of how uninformed, drug supported, lack of moral character our nations youth have become. Is it their fault? Sure, they bear responsibility for their actions but society and our government were instrumental in creating their mind set. Lowering educational requirements so the “less fortunate” could have the same as the rest of the kids in school, providing everyone with “welfare”, paying for women to have children (ADC)instead of working and the list goes on and on. The classic start of a Socialist Society. Depend on your government to take care of you. We are now reaping the “benefits” of what we have sown in the past two decades. Liberal thinking has brought this “plague” of mentality on us and until we get back to basic fundamentals of decency, morality, honesty and patriotism, IN OUR CITIZENS AS WELL AS OUR GOVERNMENT, this country will never recover. GOD BLESS AMERICA AS OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT AND YOUNGER GENERATION CERTAINLY WON’T!!!

    • obamavitch5

      Joe………… do not let the government control how YOUR kids are indoctrinated. Parents should instill in their children a moral frame of reference, ethics, honesty and the other values which make up a good person.

      One of the country’s biggest problems is the dependence on government to do everything for us.

    • Joe W

      Thank you for your reply but I was not advocating parents should give up the right to direct the education and development of their children. The point I was making was the Liberal agenda that attacks our educational system has certainly influnced the thinking of the young adults of the current generation. After 21 years in the military, 2 degrees and working (still) my entire adult life, I certainly think I have, and still do, the ability to instill in MY CHILDREN right from wrong. It is not my children (35+) I am concerned about. My concern lies with the group, and like thinkers, who are making a mockery of the current demonstrations in the major cities of the U.S. The basic intent of the demonstrations are being polluted by this element. It’s a protest against inequity and corporate greed – not a “love in”.

  • RightAsUsual

    ? ~ when; if ever will the real Democrats take back their party … they must ” force ” these progressive socialists ” out ~ expose / flush all of their vermin out of our country … let them flee back to kenya with their illegal / criminal comrade obama – z 24623 …

  • Steve

    Lets not forget that it’s not only Soros and move on dot org., it’s also the unions. AFL-CIO and SEIU, and the American Communist Party to just name a few. Francis Fox Pivins has encourged these usefull idoits.

    This has all been foretold and planned. This is the lefts plan and they beleive it’s their time for full control. Joblessness, Class Warfar, Attack and degrade business high taxes, and soon riots are all in the plan.
    UN Agenda 21(ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT) is their goal. Without riots, hate and confussion their plan will fail.

    • Plt Sgt D. G. Chee

      Steve– Correct on every count…

    • AlNewman

      That’s why I say, “Target the ones that cause it, not their stooges. (Unless they damage property, your ability to make a living, or threaten your health. Then have no mercy.”).

    • http://PatriotUpdate JNJRSNAP

      Steve, you are exactly right, except the comment about corporate taxes? Degrade high corp. taxes? Maybe we need to reduce corp. taxes to return business to the U.S. That probably IS what you mean?

    • texasjayhawker

      Import/Export tariffs and duties, as the Constitution says!

    • emerutil

      I really love the McCarthyism of the 50s, and when every social anomaly was a communist plot. Unfortunately, they were right.

  • Hubcap

    This is the result of those old hippies trying to be young again…middle age crisis. Their old irresponsible living in the streets love in and nasty disgusting ways. They do so at the peril of our American soldiers who suffer at war.

    • Korean War Vet

      Wait until the troops return home and they ask the vile perpetrators to account for themselves.

    • texasjayhawker

      Our military has been sold out, just like “We The People”. Only Prsident Dr. Ron Paul will bring them home, to protect US from the Global Plantation.

  • billie

    Where are the police? Can’t they enforce law and order.

    • Plt Sgt D. G. Chee

      The UNIONIZED POLICE are a part of the hijacking.

    • JoJo

      They must be the ones defecating on their own vehicles.

    • http://PatriotUpdate JNJRSNAP

      Dangerous to individualize unions. While taxpayers do pay for the membership costs and executives our beef is with policy, not fellow Americans.

    • TomL


    • Korean War Veet

      The police are all in hiding, billie, because their boss, Greenberg, tells them when and what they can eat, and what they can feed their families, else they can find another job. The police department is just another bureaucracy, not unlike our Congress.

  • treas54

    Who is John Galt?

  • Plt Sgt D. G. Chee

    The democrat party is trying to take credit
    for the demonstration they orchestrated and are the root cause of. Sane American’s get
    it; this is a feeble, false and laughable
    attempt to gain what America is out of;
    more free cash from a bankrupt government
    controlled by democrat/progressive/sociallly
    misguided demander’s with their hands out.

    • Patriot and an American

      Yes, the dems are the root cause, but will lie and say they have nothing to do with it. But is the mayor trying to curtail this. Do we hear anything from Obozo. Oh forgot he is probably playing golf.

  • Galveston

    These people are all products of the public education system.

    • http://PatriotUpdate JNJRSNAP

      Galveston, thank you! Obama, and most Congress people send their kids to private schools, and vote against school vouchers or Charter schools. A great hypocricy.

    • emerutil

      Not so much a hypocritical posture as the implementing of tools to achieve an agenda

    • texasjayhawker

      Ha Ha Ha. You got it right friend. Dumned down by vaccinations, poisons foods & water, and the government schools.

  • LB

    And our ‘president’ praises this movement and supports their efforts! Gag!!!

  • OLD VET…

    How come these types all show up when the liberals put on a demonstration? I don’t remember any of these clowns being at the big Glenn Beck gathering in D.C. last year… I do remember hearing how clean they all left the area when it was over.

  • Cher

    Well, this business on Wall Street turning all Woodstock was expected, but the spooooky protest in Atlanta insulting John Lewis actually scares me. The really odd thing about that protest was how no one got up and left, just sat through the utter foolishness and chanting. Sticking to the agenda this the agenda that. The wiggly fingers…ugh…right out of Stephen King fiction. John Lewis was aghast at his fellow Democrats. Perhaps Congressman Lewis will lean a little bit less to the left after that display.

  • Lynn

    How much is this costing us?

  • billy

    These young idealists helped put Obama in office yet are too dense to realize that his clueless fiscal/social policies are what is denying them job opportunities and saddling their future with a burden of debt. They’ve fallen victim to his class warfare tactics and are willing pawns in Obama’s “penalize success & reward failure” (redistribute the wealth)strategy. Booze, drugs, Obama’s talking points and liberal indoctrination by their professors have fueled their rage against society. Clueless & hopeless…it’s the blind leading the blind.

    • Mary S

      They were raised and taught that way and do not know the difference.
      God is our only hope for this Nation.
      A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left (Ecclesiastes 10:2 NASV).

  • billy

    These young idealists helped put Obama in office yet are too dense to realize that his clueless fiscal/social policies are what is denying them job opportunities and saddling their future with a burden of debt. They’ve fallen victim to his class warfare tactics and are willing pawns in Obama’s “penalize success & reward failure” (redistribute the wealth)strategy. Blind leading the blind!!

    • PatHenry52

      There’s no need to insult the blind here… they’re among the few that I’m willing to help out! They have a legitimate claim!

    • texasjayhawker

      The “blind leading the blind” is just on old saying, nothing more, no disrespect.

    • texasjayhawker

      Yes, well said. Remember, Mr. Obama was instructed in socialisn, as was Hillary Clinton, by the radical communist Jew, Sal Alinsk (spelling ?)

  • lindairish

    The left, progressives, socialists, communists, union activists, democrats, appeal to the unwashed, liberal, immoral, nonreligous, drug slogged masses, where there is no respect for anything, even themselves. When ever you see them together, the scene is the same.

  • Lynn

    The Atlanta “thing” actually reminded me eerily of the Jim Jones cult. I wonder what’s in their koolaid? I was embarrased for Mr. Lewis. Cher: You’re right, why didn’t anyone protest this very odd group. I don’t think Wall Street was on their agenda. VERY SCARY! I’m from Atlanta.

    • obamavitch5

      It has gotten so “dark” in atlanta that it looks like rain all the time.


    • Patriot and an American

      You think it is dark now, just wait til you see the Day of the Lord!

    • Thomas Beckett

      Don’t forget behind all the communist agenda is the group of occult luciferians who, if they rule, will be reminiscent of hitler and stalin…it’s the same evil force.

  • TMagz

    This is certainly a strange group. They have now picked up the “support” of Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Breslin,of the NY Daily News, had the audacity Sunday, to compare this collection of protestors to the brave marchers for Civil Rights down in Selma in the 1960s. I actually heard a protestor claim he “quit his job to become a part of this historic event.” Let me get this right now, so you quit your job to protest the high unemployment. Amazing

  • Raymond

    Pigs do what pigs do.

    • obamavitch5

      Actually, in the wild, without man’s influence, the hog is a clean animal who does not prefer to wallow in the mud. Pigs have been given a bad rep due to the conditions under which they are kept. They are “rooters” and if kept in a confined area, will soon tear it up and the first rain makes it a wallow.

      As regards the protesters, it is more accurate to say that filthy humans will act just like filthy humans. Do not insult the pigs.

    • BOB

      I understand the meaning of your comment and agree with it.Pigs are actually much more bright animals than these we discuss; HOWEVER,PIGS WILL ROOT AND WALLOW IN THE MUD ANYPLACE.

    • BOB


    • emerutil

      Yep. They are PIGmented.

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012 !!!

    • obamavitch5

      The protesters love rp………… legalize all of the illicit drugs.

    • PatHenry52

      If I’m not paying for their rehab… go for it! Why stop someone from hurting themselves if they’re not willing to make even a part of that effort??
      Beyond that, who is gov’t to tell you what you can consume if you’ve asked nothing from me to do it?

    • emerutil

      All about power, my friend. All about power

    • PatHenry52

      Well said sir! I agree and say that you are right my brother, 100%

    • Bill Patton

      This Nation of Sheep doesn’t have the good sense to elect someone intelligent like Dr. Paul. They want another “politricktian”

    • Terry

      NObama in 2012.

    • texasjayhawker

      Jesus Christ & Dr. Ron Paul forever!

  • Raymond

    Math Teacher Arrested!

    A public school teacher was arrested today at John F. Kennedy International
    airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a
    protractor, a compass, a slide-rule and a calculator. At a morning press
    conference, Attorney General Eric Holder said he believes the man is a
    member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement. He did not identify the man, who
    has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.
    ‘Al-Gebra is a problem for us’, the Attorney General said. ‘They derive
    solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search
    of absolute values.’ They use secret code names like ‘X’ and ‘Y’ and refer
    to themselves as ‘unknowns’, but we have determined that they belong to a
    common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every
    country. As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, ‘There are 3 sides
    to every triangle’.
    When asked to comment on the arrest, President Obama said, ‘If God had
    wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, he would have given us
    more fingers and toes.’ White House aides told reporters they could not
    recall a more intelligent or profound statement by the President. It is
    believed that another Nobel Prize will follow.

  • Lil Jacket

    This is what happens when all the liberal Professor’s in Univ. & colleges across America teach this liberal crap. My son came home from College telling me all the Liberal crap his professor was teaching. I told him to just pass the class and not believe his BS. American values have been lost with all these liberal professors. Brain washing the kids.

    • ctc wilson

      These are NOT liberal professors.. they are Obama communists.. Marxist Communists.

    • Mary S

      Lil, you are right. We taught that to our children and they are teaching the right way to their children. It begins in the home.
      Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old (mature), he will not depart from it.

    • barbpatton

      The indoctrination of the American children started a long long time ago and the parents were so busy working and giving their kids the “things they did not have”, that they did not realize that the insidious cancer of dumbing down this ENTIRE generation has a success rate of 100%. The monks in the catholic church claim that if you give them a child at a very early age they will be able to indoctrinate them by the time they reach the age of 7 with catholic dogma and tenets. This has already happened. No wonder they call themselves the “X generation”. Will this country ever survive? I dont think so. Enough

    • PatHenry52

      You have to instill in your children the understanding of history and principle and warn them that people will lie, even teachers, and they should look to “who benefits?” in everything. It takes very little to break the liberal philosophy – all it takes is a few questions. How so? What exactly happened? Where is the evidence to support that? Why?
      Facts are stubborn things and eventually the liberal must flat out lie, and once caught, and you ignore the vitriolic personal slander and attacks that follow, they are left stammering and unable to defend their b.s. ideology. Granted, both sides have some of this, but the left has nothing but that. We have facts, evidence and logic, in abundence, on our side.

    • texasjayhawker

      You need to investigate who these professors are, where there loyalty lies. Then you will know the Communist for who he/she is!

    • Lorraine

      One of the worse things these so-called professors do is destroy any common sense these students have when they begin college. If they exhibit one shred of sense, the professors do what they can to totally destroy it. Very sad, indeed.

  • Fran

    I agree with “mad as hell”. It is coming, and we need to be ready. I just would like to know where we get our leader from. We cannot just let them take over and ruin our country.

    • texasjayhawker

      Dr. Ron Paul, 2012

    • texasjayhawker

      By the way, it is called Cultural Communnism. The American Free Press has a good booklet about it.

    • Patriot and an American

      The Bible is the best book available. It speaks the truth and it’s prophecies do mean something. They will happen.

    • PatHenry52

      YOU! ME! We don’t have to wait for someone else.. we stand strong and provide an example and the rest will follow.

  • Raymond

    There is no reason my comment needs to go to

    • obamavitch5

      Under moderation. Do they have humans moderating or democrats? I bet the hired a bunch of LFNs.

    • Bill Patton

      Happens to me all the time. FOR NO REASON! They’re gonna lose me as a reader if they don’t stop it!

    • Bill

      Someone running this blog has an agenda, and it ain’t conservative or religious.

    • texasjayhawker

      Could it be a Judist Goat?

  • Lil Jacket

    These people just want a hand everything from the Govt..

    • texasjayhawker

      Half the people pay no income taxs. That is a Democracy! Mob rule! Something for nothing. Wake up America. Your ship of state is going DOWN!

  • ctc wilson

    Water canons my ass.. bring out the 50 cals. and get rid of this infestation now. They are all a product of the Obama school system, in lock step, and communists.

  • charlie buck

    puppets!!puppetsor worse .WATCH FOR THE PULLER OF THE STRINGS.they is not enough brains in the whole crowd to have right thinking idea of their own!!!

  • pompuppies

    All your statements are right. But has anyone thought that the more this catches on and the bigger it gets. Obama his self will declare martial law and they will be no elections.

    • PatHenry52

      Well then – make sure you arm yourself for your own defense, as I have, and let them come.

      It was once said that by the laws of God and nature that no man who is false can win in a test of arms under the eyes of God, against a man that is true. I expect that applies to women as well.

    • texasjayhawker

      Watch out! If Mr. usurper, Mr. pretender, Mr. illegal president, Mr. Obama declares martial law, all hell will break loose!!

  • Mark

    Just wait until the temp. drops to about 20 degrees, then we will see just how “dedicated” these protesters are. I dont think they will last a day.

  • kenneth dameron

    I heard that Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, upon hearing that the “Own Wall Streeters” were having sexual intercourse in the streets, rushed up there. But, sadly, they could not find anyone who was willing to “do” them, so they went on up to 42nd street and bought 2 “adult toys”, and “did” themselves before returning to Washington.

    • Bill Patton

      I agree with you, Kenneth, but had I written this, it would still be “awaiting moderation”.

  • Lil Jacket

    Let Raymond speak @ 11:49

  • Tim Lucas

    Shall we gather around the golden calf and dance, drink and have random sex. This is a re-run. Sure seems familiar. I think we are close. It will not be Moses this time.

    • emerutil

      The greatest orgy of all time. It must have been spectacular. I get an adrenalin rush whenever I think about it. Unfortunately, here is where God is neither tolerant or forgiving!

  • ctc wilson

    More than a few dozen were photographed with human defecation actually in their pants. Women had visible streams of urine all down their pants.. slobbed frothed from the mouths of at least 70-90 of those observed and filmed. Dozens were leaning on parked cars vomiting. The streets were filled with chunks of defecation, puddles of urine, and vomit. Young college indoctrinated communists, marching for the Obama machine. Next is Chicago. Watch for riots, wide spread rioting, in Chicago. Within two weeks.

  • shirlee


  • http://yahoo Benjo4677

    We need a Kent State action against these punks or pucks which ever.

    • Miss Print 366

      At Kent State, the communists were behind (in back of) the students, pushing them into the National Guard. The National Guard became scared and fired into the students – which is exactly what the communists wanted.

      During the “non-violent” marches of MLK, Jr., the communists were behind those, too. When it was found out where the “marches” were going to be held, Alan Stang (white) and Julia Brown (black), held meetings with the whites and blacks, respectively, so that the people knew how they were being used by the communists. MLK, Jr., being a communist, knew that when his time came to promote communism, that he would be killed to be a martyr. (True conservatives will never be killed as the communists/lefties do not want the make any conservative/American (e.g., Ron Paul) a martyr.

      Find a copy of Alan Stang’s book, “It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights,” 1965, Western Islands, Boston, MA, and read it. This will show the communists tactics then and what the communists/one-worlders are up to today.

    • USAF VET

      Well, there it is again. Why do people want to read trash and then quote from it? Martin Luther King Jr was not, I repeat NOT a Communist. I know J Edgar Hoover tried to paint him as one, but failed miserably. Dr King was far from being a Communist. If he had been he would have taken a totally different tack on pushing for Civil Rights. Communists don’t believe in non-violent was of doing ANYTHING. If Dr King knew he was being set up to be murdered, he and his people would have done things quite differently.

  • john

    Hmmm, there is a large gap between rich and poor everywhere. I wonder how many of the poor are trying to get rich? Probably none if you wanna believe what you read. lol

    • Bill Patton

      Hell no! These commies want MY money, else the poor little things might have to “work” for a living. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

  • paul

    As soon as the rioting starts they will declare martial law,so pray this doesn’t happen because there will be a total revolution.Soros is one of those behind this.He is under inditment in France.Why don’t we extridite him to France to solve one source of the problem.

    • john

      Great solution Paul. I’ll vote for that.

    • barbpatton

      wont happen he is a bosom buddy of hussein.

    • Proud Tea Partier

      Paul, you said Soros is under indictment in France. Where did you hear that? I hadn’t heard that, but it’s very good news! Although I’m sure he has many to do his work, just to see him live out his miserable life behind bars would be priceless!

  • john

    If they divided all the money in the world equally to every person today, tomorrow it would be right back where it is today. That’s how it is. Some manage better than others.

  • oldgringo

    I liked the comment from the old jew who had a confrontation with one young male protester at the ralley…..The protester decried to the old man “Give me your Money you Old Jew” of the the old man replied “I have worked hard for over 40 years for my money and I’m not going to give it to you”!…..Horay for the old man!….He’s not about to turn his money over to the Financial Socialist Elite like Michael Moore for distribution to those who have made it clear like this same protester did that they have no intention of working for a minimum wage of $7 plus per hour……They’d rather starve!

  • Marc

    It’s the change you can believe in crowd.

  • ARMYOF69
    • ARMYOF69

      Being moderated. It’s like a blessing, being moderated. Sounds to beneficial, being moderated.

    • Bill Patton

      They just don’t want some comments, period. My “awaiting moderations” are never published!

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      They moderate many. Try spelling some words wrong.No more obama and no more soros. Transparency right?

    • Raymond

      It’s common for this website.

    • http://attworldnet dan cammack


    • Raymond

      What Patriot Update does is wait for many hours or days before approving a comment, by that time most people
      have moved on.

      Now more than ever I want to know who’s funding
      this website. You know what they say “just follow the
      money trail.”

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Raymond, I am surprised they did not moderate your very truthful comment. That is exactly what they do… No more obama and no more soros.Transparency right?

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      I experience the same. Semper Fidelis and CM.

    • Ethel

      The people that are backing this, love the idea that the youth are uneducated, with lower morals and can not think for themselves.
      Democrats know they can stay in power this way, after all they were once part of this culture themselves in the 1960’s. They are not much smarter then the youth today. They are just power hungry.

  • Alan

    Too bad we can’t resurrect Jerry Garcia from the dead and reform the Grateful Dead. Then the trust fund babies can have something to do and follow the Dead again, rather than trying to destroy the American economy.

  • George

    The worse riffraff in the country looking for a free lunch being bankrolled by a scumbag like George Soros!

    • texasjayhawker

      You got it friend! Mr. George Soros himself, multi-billionare zionist jew (of false blood, a pretender, a usurper) we are warned by YESHUA himself, in Revelations Chaper 2, verse 9 & Rev. 3 – 9. They go all the money because they “create” the money out of no-where (thin air) (the magic money box). Thank you JESUS. Whatch over your children.

  • fish

    After these protest pass and the moron socialist who where up holding their marxist views will lineup at the clinics to demand free care for all the AIDS,STDs and hepatitous they passed to eachother. Ironic isn’t it?

  • texasjayhawker

    So it would seem that since the Democratic Party claims control of this mob of Socialists (Liberals) that it would turn into an “orgy”. After all that is what Demcratic Socialism is all about. It’s turned into a “free-for-all”. Let’s hear it for the DEMOCRTIC SOCIALISTS!!!


    Wall Street Woodstock style

  • Buddy L.

    What is the matter with Mayor Bloomberg? I guess he doesn’t want to offend potential voters. Remove them with force if necessary, but remove them. This kind of crap should not go on in America. Boy, am I impressed with the leadership in America!!

    • jr

      I don’t think we have any effective leadership in our country now; just the Obama dictator and his two top generals, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    • barbpatton

      who knows perhaps he is also on hussein’s payroll… Witha name like Bloomberg?!? that must make hussein choke!! but he will pay to further the agenda of destroying America.

  • cc rider

    Mad as hell you hit the preverbial nail on the head. That’s exactly What his strategy is I believe. Why else would he be encouraging, supporting, and sending union thugs to keep the momentum going. This will end badly.

  • Pointdan

    It needs to be made clear both Obama and Pelosi support these lil socialists in training. I can’t wait for Nov 2012.
    Meanwhile, hard working people who make their livings in that part of NYC are being destroyed financially and noone cares about them. Mayor Bloomberg: clean up your streets !

    • Korean War Vet

      Bloomberg would rather build Muslim mosques in the hallowed World Trade Center neighborhood, than clean up the filth and vermin orchestrated by OBUMMER and SOROS.

    • texasjayhawker

      To hell with the Zionest Bloomberg.

    • Korean War Vet

      A big AMEN to that, Brother!

  • janya38

    A JACKASS is the logo of the democratic party for a reason: because it best represents the mindset of their leaders and base.

    So what would you expect from a mob of brainless, left wing, liberal youth – sex, drugs, booze and filth. When they’ve reached their limit, it will be important for them to flex their muscle and become violent so everyone will notice them. That’s where the mindless union jackasses and their minnions take over to add fuel to the fire. Sooner or later, the cities will have had enough. They will send the police in to get rid of them, by arrest, tear gas, firehose, or whatever works, followed by the garbage trucks to clean up the filth they leave behind and fumigaton to remove what’s still crawling.

    I think rational mainstream Americans are doing the right thing by standing by laughing at them while they prove themselves worthy of their jackass logo.

    Speaking of jackasses, remember how pissed off Nancy Pelosi was when the tea party was protesting Obamacare. She said they were a few disgruntled tax payers who were not a grassroots organization but more like astroturf and said they were unpatriotic.
    Now she supports OWS and the loons from her own party and says they are ‘real patriots.’ Protesting is the patriotic thing to do when your government does something you don’t agree with. There’s the old democratic double standard again. Sheesh! Hypocrisy at it’s best!

    Liberal loons are so predictable, aren’t they?

  • jerryt602


  • Ernest Emmerling

    Same type scum of the earth, hippy types from the 60s and 70s that embraced the Demcroat Party. But the Dems back then were happy just to have some useful idiot hippies as proxys. The new Marxist Democrat Party is proud to embrace these decadent filthy scum who defecate on police cars and actually have sex in the open and allys because it brings back their nostagic beginnings.

  • jr

    Since they are turning the area into a trash dump and “love fest”, close it down. Why should all the people working around that area be subjected to this. They really don’t seem to have much of a purpose, they just want to be heard and party. They have been heard, now close them down.

  • AliveStillKickin

    How come Pelosi and Obama’s so-called “pastor” aren’t down there in the filth standing with these foul slugs?
    I hear a lot of talk but I see no action.

  • Jeremiah

    If this continues to spread, city to city, the president will have no choice (wink, wink) except to declare martial law. And when that happens, we can kiss our elections and this Republic good-bye.

    • Lorraine

      I have been saying this since Osama Bama took office. This evil man has an agenda. One term is not enough for it to be accomplished. Therefore, he must cause something catastrophic to happen so he can declare no elections. That is exactly what I expect to happen. Keep your powder dry!!!

  • Cetansapa

    These slugs remind me of the “hippies” of the mid 60’s and early 70’s. Most of them didn’t understand what they were protesting either and were there just to be part of the crowd, chant the mindless slogans, have free sex and do drugs. Now we are beginning to see so-called documentaries re-writing the history of the hippie era portraying hippies as some kind of heroes that saved the country with their courage to protest. The ecological mess they left behind wherever they had been gathered was enough to put the lie to their sincerity. Many of these people weren’t even born yet when the first Woodstock became one of the most disgusting events in the modern era of this country and it is now being touted by some as a gathering of courageous heroes so it is easy to twist versions of it for today’s audiences. Yeah, right, now many of those hippies are teaching or administering our higher-level education institutions or working for the government in policy setting positions. Sickening, and eventually deadly for our country unless REAL Americans get up on their hind legs and put a stop to the whole disgusting mess. Now, with the willing connivance of most of the media, these would-be disrupters and potential rioters are being hailed for their courage and dedication to a worthy cause.
    The downgrade we are on is getting steeper folks, the train is going faster and I think it won’t be very long before it jumps the track and great will be the crash. I also think that is exactly what the puppet masters of our new messiah and his fellow criminals are intending. They seem to think they are immune and just don’t understand the crash will take them with it as collateral damage.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Rick Perry needs to get downtown and mandate vaccinations for all these vermin-infested slugs.

  • HadEnough

    Obama is encouraging them … encite rioting. Once the rioting starts he will declare Marshall Law….thus no election ! It’s all in the plan . It wouldn’t surprise me if half the idiots there weren’t placed by the Demorats to start rioting….something the union thugs are good at !

  • http://Patroitupdate Ron

    I am disgusted at the whole protest. I blame most of it on the news channels for even giving them a platform to spread their gripes. Take away the cameras, the lights, the reporters, the interviews, and the endless coverage, and the protesters would have no coverage. Being a Viet Nam vet, I have seen all this before. It smelled then and it sure smells now. People who have nothing more to do in life than spread hate and discontent have no place informal society. Wait, I think I just described the Obumacrates.

    • joant

      What can we expect from the radicals on MSNBC, ABC, NBC and a few others who take their marching orders from “Spooky Dude?”

    • texasjayhawker

      You need to look at who controls the “establishment new media”. When you see who is the CEO, CFO, the President, then you can understand the propoganda, the disinforamation, the deception. There is an agenda to it all. World domination. A global plantation where the “goyim” are ruled by gods chosen people! Read American Free Press when you want the “true news”.

  • Ithamar

    The very same lawless, filthy conduct that accompanied the Vietnam war and Civil Rights of the sixties. Why should anyone be surprised that the same religious/political philosophy produces the same results today.

  • Rosilee

    It’s VERY important to NOT allow protesting to get out of hand. The law must be enforced regarding Curfew, Littering, Nudity, Sexual Acts, Alcohol, Drugs, Interfering with business or traffic. Arrests MUST be made. Once Law enforcement overlooks these issues, allowing “protesting” to break the law… then it is no longer a constitutional protest and must be stopped. Look at Egypt and you’ll see exactly what this will lead to if not nipped in the bud NOW!! What Obama says about this will CLEARLY show his involvement. I’ll guarantee you that he WANTS it to get out of hand, he wants violence to occur so he can use it as an excuse to postpone elections and remove the power of Congress. The country is obviously deteriorating under his Reign. HE MUST BE REMOVED NOW!!! 3 years is enough to prove you are a traitor and do more harm than good. SEND HIM PACKING!!!

  • distressed

    Since I also receive mail(by error) from the Democratic Party, I found out these people are being funded and egged on by the Democratic Party and politicians. Wow! Anything to make a point. That’s the only reason they are not referring to them as a Mob when that’s how they referred to the Tea Party movement, a much less aggressive movement.

    • Doris Carman

      They dont even know what they are protesting.

    • Donna

      Neither Do THEY!

    • Nonne

      Looks like the occupiers are ‘forgetting’ to protest while ‘cuddled’ in the sleeping bags! These sexually active teens have done what no conservative activist group could have done — they’ve defused the political intent of the Occupy Wall Street Fascists! Congrats and thank you to those horny teenagers! Oh, and the drug addicts and alcoholics, too!

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Its come down to freedom or socialism. I chose freedom. no more soros and no more obama and the socialist democrats. If the blacks in America stop drinking democrat kool-aid they would see its the right that stopped the slave trade and its the democrats and there socialist party that have held them back. all the government workers will vote obama and their spouses as well so they can keep there jobs so its up to the rest of us to stop socialism. No more soros. No more obama. no more democrats period.

    • Linda

      I quite agree with Nonne. But I think somebody needs to be an adult here. Maybe the Mayor?

    • citizenbychoice

      Why aren’t they (NYC) get the fire dept. out and spray them all down and get the filth and all the rest drain it down the sewer where they (protesters) belong. Or maybe the fire dept. doesn’t have enough trucks to clean up their city?

    • trackfodder

      Get upwind and bubble butane through acetone that has been slowly poured into battery acid. The result is a stench similiar to cat urine and is amazingly strong. It is called thioacetone.

    • USAF VET

      Wouldn’t it just be great if Mother Nature decided to dump on these fools? Especially in the middle of the night.

    • USAF VET

      Trackfodder, that stuff is also extreemly toxic.

    • Apache6

      Along with anthony wiener,the OWS mob are the poster group for liberal values!!

    • 820 RED HORSE


    • Skyknight

      You are correct in the Democrates pushing this demonstration. However, it is actually being financed and coordinated by the Communist controlled Unions (Obama’s Army). A leaked Union memo says that they will escalate the violence.
      I keep putting this information out there so when it starts Americans know who is to really blame when people start getting hurt.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Where is rev sharpton and jesse jackson jr on these issues?Where is the far left media coverage on these problems. Oh America, we are facing a big problem now. obama has no real birth certificate and he took foreign aid to go to occidental college as a foreigner. verify this by going to (obama took fulbright foundation money) on any computer. America has been soldout… No more obama. Transparency remember?

    • http://attworldnet dan cammack


    • Goatie

      We just have to remember to stay out of any of their revolts. The whole purpose of ovomit wanting people on the streets is so he can bring Marshall Law to the country and stop our 2012 elections. It was planned that way and the “useful idiots” are falling right into his hands. Conservative Constitutionalists know better. “We the People” will save our Freedoms through elections. We just need to stay off of the streets and let them make —– of themselves. God Bless America!

    • http://facebook Ruby Franks

      Amen NO OBAMA

    • Bud

      You are right about that. Obama and the Democrats would rather have the protests turn into riots than to have Americans focus on the real problem … the failed socialist policies of Obama and the Dems. Obama is the cause of our failed economy and over 9% unemployment. Throw the BUM out of office.

    • Apache6

      This is all about VIOLENT PROTESTS,MARTIAL LAW,and SUSPENDING THE ELECTIONS,mark my words!!


      Yes, this is one ole Nam vet that goes along with your prediction….same thing I have been saying for some time. I have my gun, my bible, and my Bill of Rights, and I damn well plan on keeping all!

    • Hank

      Experts contend the real unemployment rate is 17% but the gobberment is hiding it.

    • The Fox

      You are absolutely correct my friend,If you put the numbers in place you will be right on if not very very close.
      this administration is made up of the biggest liars I have witnessed for a great many years. Thank You!

    • USAF VET

      Hank, they’re not counting those who are no longer able to get unemployment benifits, or those who, after trying for a long time, have just given up or are getting something under the table. Some folks are doing that and both employers and employees are saving on taxes.

    • The Fox

      We have all seen the subversion of our constitution in the last three years so where is our military and those public officials who swore to uphold the constitution of this great nation from abroad and from internally. it is a pure act of internal subversion. I demand protection. Bring our troops home now! Am I wrong America?

    • The Fox

      I told my wife that there was a comunist under every table and she wouldn’t believe me. I think she is right, now they are running Washington, DC. Am I being too hard America?

    • Heyoka

      Dude you should share the information. I post sites in my blogs at times when it is appropriate. We can all help this way.

      Inciting to Riot is a criminal offense. The is no cutting it or two ways about it. Holder is currently hanging himself out to dry, if these people want to be his campanions we should help them out.

      Thanks for the heads up.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      We need voter I.D. so dead people and illegals can not vote. We all better decide if we want America to stay free or allow obama and the democrats to turn America into a socialists country. Stop obama and soros now. Transparency remember? About that birth certificate? Why did obama recieve foreign aid to go to occidental college as a foreigner? Look up (obama took fulbright foundation money) on any computer. America has been soldout so please my felloe Americans,WAKE UP….. No to socialism.. No to obama and soros… Transparency Right?

    • drdon

      You forgot about the corupt supreme court that refused the suite against Obama’s fake birth certificate and citizenship . When even the supreme’s don’t care about the constitution where do you go for justice ?

    • The Fox

      America should remember one thing.Socialism will always lead to Marxism to communism over time. Then from there it becomes slavery by the communist party and the american K.G.B. Am I wrong America?

    • USAF VET

      Socialism, Marxism, Communism are all the same thing. The only difference between the three is what you call it.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      The majority of American voters started this road to our destruction when they voted for a muslim president. We all better do a little research on people before we vote for them.The government workers and their spouses will vote obama because of there jobs.The blacks(75%0 will vote obama because of race. The rest of America better unite and vote against obama and socialism or we will be done as a free nation. It will be too late for the balcks to gets their votes back and government workers will get a pay cut and when the money runs out,watchout. I hope many buy several ounces of silver every month so next year when the dollar declines bigtime we all have something to trade for food. No more obama.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Get rid of the ugly Wookie to (she does not want anyone else to have any sausage)

    • June

      Why are you insulting the Wookies, they have feelings too.

    • donotlikeobama

      This is an illegal wookie who needs to be taken out.

    • Chief

      American for Truth and Justice: I am a government worker and DEFINITELY will not vote for obama, and neither will my spouse. Many of the people I work with feel the same way. obama must go

    • Shelby Craw

      The mobs that are holding their riots on Wall Street and other cities around the country are made up of animals and they should be sprayed with gas and dunped into the sewer where they belong. I am a member of the Tea Party and we do not act like these demoratic animals. We are educated upper crust who is fighting for our Country’s future as a Safe and Free Nation.

    • Dee

      I am absolutely sick of the democratic party.They are the ones that put social security into the general fund, so they could steal the money for their stupid pork projects which didn’t help a bit.

    • USAF VET

      It should be returned to the Social Security fund, and each year something paid back into it. Like a percentage of the pay those in Congress give themselves.

    • Apache6

      DITTO,distressed,”WE THE PEOPLE” even clean up after ourselves when WE leave!!

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      I also read an article that some of these protesters answered and ad for a job and this is the job they are doing ……TLhey are in my city now… Cincinnati Oh and are not respecting our laws for assembly by staying in parks downtown that have always been posted as closed from 9 pm until 6 am.. and are protesting because they have been cited and the fine is $125.00 Hope they don’t hang around long enough to cause us the expense of cleaning up after them… we need the money for our police and fire depts… as with other cities, we are struggling with cuts….

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Transparency right? Can you say soldout? America has been soldout by the very elected officals we trusted to lead us. obama is a commie muslim and soros is the money behind obama and socialism for America. Lets stop soros and obama now. Transparency right? Look up on any computer(obama took fulbright foundation money) now pass this info and website to all and lets force obama to show Sheriff Joe his birth certificate> No more obama or obama lies.Stop socialism now.

  • DrewbeScrewed

    It’s a shame that condoms weren’t being handed out when these recycled “DUNG BEETLES” were being conceived.

  • Tamara

    OH gosh … keep going so we can ensure no democrat, or progressives is EVER in public service EVER Again!

    That plan is working because these disgusting, demented beings that embrace their raw animal side are grotesquely solidify the entire nation against them!

  • Howard Blasingame

    far out man

  • Raymond

    I assked a question & it was blocked.

    • Apache6

      Raymond,patriot update won’t even send ME E-Mails anymore,I have to go to the website if I want to comment.”THEY” must think I’M dangerous,or something!!

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Apache6,I have many of your posts. You are a patriot who loves America. The obama led commiecrats hate this. Transparency remember?

    • Raymond

      Patriot Update has much to hide.

  • Ernest Emmerling

    The “Occupy” flea bags could learn a thing or two about proper decorum in organized protest from the “tea bags”. The “flea bags”” have more infested NY more than protested. Defecation on police cars, open sexual intercourse,etc. demonstrate these new Woodstock hippies for what they are. Malcontents and lazy, filthy malcontents at that. What right have they to demand anything? They need to demand because they don’t appreciate their freedom to rise and fall on their own merit, because they are incapable of facing life without having something to destroy, in addition to their own souls. I’m glad the Marxist Democrats finally ‘own’ and champion these people. They used to just allow them to be useful idiot proxys for them. But the mask of the American Marxist Democrat is coming off voluntarily by Obama’s, Pelosi’s and the main stream media’s approval. Just in case there was any question of what they are at the root. It is all on display, without apology.

  • Tommy Lamberth

    The Wall Street Protestors, undoubtly are future Liberal Democrats—-TL

  • Chris

    Why aren’t these people who are drinking and having sex publicly getting arrested? Obama wants enough “white” people to get involved to justify calling on his private army to subdue all white people and take them into captivity and call it a necessity. Thats why the police aren’t doing anything. Theres not enough participants to accomplish what Obama really wants. Cleary they are breaking the law and no one is stopping them. There is a reason.

    • http://patriotupdate Sue

      I agree with you. It will be a scene right out of the original 1968 “Planet of the Apes”. The whites will be running for their lives.

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      did you forget these people are in NY … the city where apparently anything goes…

    • USAF VET

      They are also out here, putting more trash on the Streets of San Francisco.

  • Blane Barnes

    The democrats will grab at anything to use as a smoke screen to hide the facts! Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, will use anything to subvert the Constitution Of The United States. All they care about is what they can get from the American people before something happens to shut down their cash cow, they are getting desperate!

    • USAF VET

      Everyone who posts on these pages ought to email Pelosi, Reid, and Obama and ask them why are they subverting the Constitution, and why do they hate the United States.

  • Bob

    These are friends of OBAMA. The Man is known by his friends. Obama friends are Hoffa A KILLER, MARXIST,MAFIA, The REV a communist. This group criminal’s. Everyone of his friends fit in this group.

  • JudyG46

    You expected something more from these people? Ha! Once again, it just goes to show you that they are confused and have no idea what they want or why they’re “protesting”! I’m sure all their new “backers” are thrilled with this behavior of our ‘future leaders’??!!! Real nice what the unions and other “organizations” are ‘backing’. “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”; “ONE PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”. I love old cliches; they never fail.

    • workmom1

      “What goes around comes around”

  • Paul Reece

    I heard all of this before about 45 years ago I think. Back then it was the Hippies. Hey by the way, I think a bunch of them are running the system now. Let’s see like Clinton and gore and that bunch. Hippies protesting hippies very interesting.

  • http://google Troubles-a-brewin

    sometimes I think these sites are just like our government, hidden agendas.

  • http://MSN.COM Omega2

    BLOOMBERG LIKES THESE SACKS OF TRASH so he lets them control N. Y. CITY. So he can either kick them out or arest them, then collect BIG FINES FOR INCITING A RIOT and a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE. As for all the trash in the parks, it befits NYC as I consider it one of if not the DIRTEST CITY IN AMERICA.

    • Norwalk Spectator

      Actually, the Mayor can’t kick them out because the park where they are camped is private property. In the agreement, the owners have granted the “public” 24 hour access to the park, so the police can’t shut it down. And actually, I think they are hoping the cops will try that so there can be a riot or free for all.

      I’m okay with them camping out, doing drugs, pooping on police cars and hooking up with one another. It’s just Haight Ashbury all over again and they will eventually drift away. They have no clear focus other than being there, except maybe for “affordable broccoli” and corporate greed. They are just proving over and over and over and over again that they are clueless and easily led.

      Wonder what they will do when they actually do bring down the infrastructure and their iPhones and iPods and iPads don’t work anymore? Throw a temper tantrum, perhaps???

  • Mike

    Time to bring out the water cannons – they all look like the could use a good shower

  • http://google Troubles-a-brewin

    why is it that my comment gets stuck in a place thats not what we are talking about at the time.

  • JAF

    When manufacturing jobs left USA, we were told to prepare our students so they could obtain college degrees and enter professions. Paying for higher education was made easy with grants and loans to be paid back or a gift from the American taxpayer. Public education standards were dumbed down so all students would appear to be ready for college. College applicants were admitted based on factors other than preparedness and ability to handle the rigors of academics. Number of graduates entering college became a part of the rating of schools.

    These protesting young people were told to go to college and that was the ticket to a future filled with everything money could buy. What happened? No jobs in any part of our economy! They are left with debt and no skills marketable in the real world. In the same way banks made subprime housing loans with the subsequent collapse of economy, so too they made “subprime” college loans to these students. Many will never be employed in the area of their college studies. They were told they were as smart as their predecessors. Only a few are and they are the ones college was meant for.

    I retired from education recently and have seen the change in standards and know the disservice done to students with talents and abilities outside the cerebral talents needed in academia. That does not make them less smart but productive in a different way.

    They have a right to be mad – banks will collect on these loans. Jobs are scarce in an economy with no growth. I don’t like the groups that are using students to create havoc. They are evil and the end game has nothing to do with creating jobs or holding corporations accountable. There will be no victory for the “puppets”.

  • Don W Boyer

    A bunch of spoiled brats, not dry behind the ears yet raising hell about something they can’t define. I believe Soros, SEIU, and Obama are abetting this each for a different reason.Soros to break the banks and make money,SEIU to Unionize all corporations,Obama to create a national ctises and declare it an emergency so he can
    call off all elections in 2012!!!

  • Jim S

    spread the meme….. the “occupy” people are to be known as the “flea party” 😉

    • Norwalk Spectator

      I like it, I like it.

    • Goatie

      Good one, Jim! LOL “The Flea Party” Hee Hee. Just the thought of it makes me itch. Yuck! We need an island to send them all to. They are disgusting!

    • Beth B

      Ho! Ho! Really good! We just have to hope it doesn’t end up being the H.I.VEE Party.

  • Tammy

    I’ve considered unsubscribing to remedy moderating comments.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Tammy,Thats what they want.Stop soros and obama now. No to socialism. No to obama. Transparency now….

  • Stormin

    I hope the CDC has a plan if there’s an out break from poor sanitation or the high gene on the people. Then you would have to fence them to quarantine them ALL. Oh, Oh the Horor, the Horor! (love the ending of the movie Marlin Brando)

  • Tom

    Obama thinks this shifts the focus (blame) off of him. Of course he will support the Occupy wall Street. This looks like the early stages of Greece!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    Just remember one real good rain storm or snow shower will get these idiots off the streets(and maybe in to the storm drains)

    • Norwalk Spectator

      Unfortunately, Jonathan, we had a real gully washer in the area last week and the flea party are still there. Probably cleaner than before, but still there.

  • Ronald

    This degeneracy at demonstrations is nothing new. Such was the case in 1960s protests. The following link describes the Selma march in 1965:

  • Glenn A. Housel

    These people should pull their heads out of their asses and demonstrate against the real cause of the problem — Washington! Oops, can’t do that, then they would become “Tea Party members. You know, the people who still believe in the Constitution and that doesn’t fit their Marxist visiion.

  • Mike

    What a way to misdirect the blame for their deeds. Comrade Barry & his bunch must be loving it, if not actually behind it. I saw Pelosi on the news with nothing but nice to say about the “protesters”. The local news fawns over them as well.
    Say what you like about heavy metal. Ronnie James Dio was right. “When you listen to fools, the mob rules”.

  • http://Yahoo richard haupt

    There seven billion inhabitants living on our planet and only 20% are normal!!
    There are 20% each who are homos,incest practitors and aeithist and one government that is wourdwide in order to care for them as does Obama and Clinton.
    This group of no brainer group in Wall Street can be found in the 80 % who are not normal humanbeings and must be considered so.

  • Paul427

    This miniature Sodom and Gomorrah I guess makes Obama and Hollywood (and any other of its supporters) so proud! Youth (and the not so youthful) coming together to fornicate, deficate, and get high in support of a confused cacophony of ill-defined, probably more misunderstood than not causes with absolutely no reachable target in mind! ….cool man!…like it blows my mind man… how rad! Thanks Hollywood! I see you’re again leading in moral high ground yet again!… How about setting up television monitors to play “Broke Back Mountain” while we wait for someone to get sick, die of natural causes, or make another ridiculous comment about how minimum wage is below them when just starting out!

  • Dennis

    I think a few are missing the point of this article.I find it a bit strange and telling that this is morphing into something totally different than what it started out as.Its turning into a free for all in the degenerant catagory.Sounds like they arent even protesting as such and are just there for all the fun and goodies.Just shows the mentality and the left.Liberalism is a sickness and its beginning to show.

  • ARMYOF69

    Now , if we could only get them to go and demonstrate outside the White House.

  • ARMYOF69

    It will not be long before this so called “demonstration” turns into a vicious bloody riot. And, if that happens it’s going to be another free for all in our big cities.

  • C.Raymond Rieckhoffsr

    It is obvious who is Behind this Obama
    ans Soros. They are encouraging the moung
    people to join ghe Class War Since they
    think they should join in receiving the
    bonus money of the folks who work on Wall
    street they should also protest the NFL, and
    MLB and Hockey, and NBA and demand their shareof the bonuses and salaries in the milllions. Vick gets one hundred Million for
    staying 5 more years with Philadelphia. Well
    anyway Isee it developed into a big sex boze
    and drugs party. They know not what they do.

    • C. Allen Doudna

      The aging Flower Children are trying to re-create the “Screaming Sixties”. Trouble is, all the things they want protested happenned while the DemoCracks were in Power.

  • Marc Jeric

    That subhuman garbage is now being organized by union thugs.

  • Roger P.

    It is unconscionable that the president of the United States and his democratic servile followers would encourage and support an attack on Wall Street. Most of the people there are good Americans following the rules. Yes, there are some who have stacked the cards in their favor, but they have done far less damage to this country than those who occupy Congress and the administration.

    • Goatie

      They are purely “useful idiots”. They know not what they do. Poor souls! They are being used by Soros and Obama to do their bidding and turn our wonderful Republic into a Marxist NWO. Can you imagine what it is going to be like when ovomit faces his maker. Whew! God Bless America!

  • Yellow Horse

    This could be what obambie had in mind to enstate Martial Law in America,especially since now the Unions are in the picture to make the demonstration and objection to Republicans and the Tea Party!!!! That way obambie could post pone the 2012 elections until what ever time he chooses!! Snakes are all over!!

  • tmt

    The filthy pigs protesting on Wall Street are funded by communists. This is a communist protest to overthrow the government. Someone needs to shut down this junk. I heard people were seen pooping, having sex, one was running around naked, and so on. They are just a bunch of pigs.

  • C. Allen Doudna

    Go to the bathroom wherever–call it the “Pee Party”.

  • Fenderman52

    Can this society get any nuttier? The only thing I can say in defense of these morons is that what they’re doing in those sleeping bags is the same thing the government is doing to the rest of us.

  • http://Obama'sOnlinePoliticalMachine James Kirksey

    I am a retired career Alabama Army National Gurdsman. I saw pictures of the sexual activities in Selma, Alabama, during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. Prostitutes were sent in form large northern cities to entertain those participating. This is all from the same liberal/socialist play book. Their plans are to capture headlines to take the emphasis off the failures and other criminal activities of the Democrats, rogue unions, panthers, and maybe our “Gun Running” Jusitce Department and Whitehouse.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Your comment is right on the MONEY!!!!!!!

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      In other words, another CRISIS….

  • buck

    HAY Its New Your what else do you expect?

  • comsense08

    You people are missing the elephant in the room. This is the trial balloon. The test run so to speak. In military, its a probe to see your enemy’s response, both in timing and force. They are testing us, and softening us at the same time. Get us used to this, and start ramping it up, knock down all the legal crap that might stop them and set it up for the “big one” next fall during the so called election. Trust me folks, there will NOT be an election. There will be an uprising that will require marshall law and the attempted suspension of the election. It’s coming. Just take a look!

  • Adrian Vance

    Do not expect scum to be worried about feces, body odor and “clean.”

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.


    The devil does not care what you say about him as long as he has center stage.

  • tk

    When people are dumb enough to pay $500.00 for a phone or $150.00 for a pair of nike shoes its not the fault of the rich,it’s the fault of the people. Get a grip on what’s important and what isn’t.

  • Marlene

    This is a political Woodstock where anything goes – with the blessings of Obama, Soros, the unions, the media and Holly-would-if-it-could. If it’s degenerate in any form, that’s what the backers want. This reminds me of that kooky female and her idiot followers that demonstrated outside the Bush ranch – leaving trash all over, defecating on his property and having free sex like monkeys. The actions pretty much define the Democrat Party on the whole. Trash, one and all.

  • exdem

    Just get rid of oBOYma…..problem solved.

  • richard keeney

    what’s the name of the tall harry animal in star wars? is it michelle

  • Idylewylde

    All those illegitimate drug babies born from the Woodstock experience grew up, abused drugs, had political experiences, and had their own kids who use drugs but now attend raves or go to ‘Occupations’.

    What do all three of these generations have in common?
    Drug abuse, STDs, lack of sanitation.
    These people are a walking disease vector.

    This is the clique that wants Obamacare .. like that would help.

  • retiredpostal

    What I think is revolting is that we have to read about this from a newspaper in London, England! But then again none of the lame stream media are going to report it correctly.

  • Allan

    We just need some winter weather to clear this mess up. And New Yorkers will be happy to pay for it I’m sure.

    Message to protesters – why don’t you move your savings and checking accounts and credit needs from a big bank to a community bank or credit union? That will accomplish more than what you’re doing.

  • WildBillCody

    This is what you get when Mom’s don’t “let their son’s grow up to be cowboys”….

  • Raye

    No surprise, the ‘organizers’ are not American Citizens! Marxists are trying to change the fabric of this Country! They protesting the wrong place- the white house and the congress are responsible for America’s problems, not wall street!

  • http://HELP Believer

    What kind of PARENTS RAISED these MISFITS? So,so sad.I think some were their kid’s FRIENDS, instead of their parents. Some tried their best, but society turned them into REBELS.Some were horrible parents,who gave them no good role models to look up to. At one time they were all innocent newborns. Something went seriously WRONG!

    • http://deleted grandma lliberty

      They were probably graduates of our liberal colleges…. and they went there on grants and think that they should be supported for the rest of their lives!!!

  • American For Truth And Justice…

    soros and obama having their socialist way in America…. We better wake up. Stop socialism now. no more obama. Transparency remember. Go to this website for yourself(obama took fulbright foundation money)and see obama took foreign aid to go to college at occidenatl as a foreigner. What is it going to take to stop socialism,obama,and pelosi? no to obama.Transparency right?

  • American For Truth And Justice…

    Transparency right? about that phony birth certificate and the fact you took foreign aid to go to occidental college obama. Transparency right>

  • david

    Every body is so disgusted, however I am well pleased. It just shows the true face of the modern democrap party. Miss Nancy, and poor Harry are so proud, for this is their offspring.

  • Dick W

    Bringing the troops home now would make America the loser because it would be in line with Obama’s intent to promote his policy of anti-colonialism as he pushes to promote the dreams of the philandering inebriate father he never knew.

  • James Fontana

    Arrest them all and send them off to Gitmo as domestic terrorist and be done with it. They have made their point what ever that was and enough is enough. If more jobs were created tomorrow these people wouldn’t go to work.


    I hope the Sex partners were all neutered, who would want them to breed!

  • Don Sr.

    thanks so much for reading this. I don’t mean to burn anyone out on this but I have lived long enough at 60 years old to have seen many of my own reapings come to pass as surely these liberals will also see in due time. For me I had no money to extend my bad ways. I had no one but myself to look to in my times of sorrow as these peolpe will experience as surely as God’s words warn. The fact that it seems no one can stop this evil which abounds with these people, believe this: we are ALL to answer to a higher power than ourselves. One which we can control by what? My goodness people from that which we sow what else. God is in control and it will be He who has that final laugh. Come back to your sanity leaders before it is too late.


    I’m hearing they $H*T on Cop cars, that is the intelligence level of this bunch!


    They say these animals are getting paid $300 to $600 per week to protest, Where do I sign up? I have the urge to pee on some pant legs!

  • Buck

    What Can I say , trash begets trash .

  • Jim

    I knew what this was from the beginning. This so-called “protest” is nothing more than this generation’s “Woodstock”.


    Huh! Awaiting moderation! From who and for what! Is this site now controlled by Obama and Soros! Think I would like to know!

    • obamavitch5

      I like this site much better when we were realtively free to express our views. Now the stupid PC police are making the decisions on what you may read.

      Hey missy administrator………. the big boys and girls can decide for themselves. We do not desire nor need your editing.

    • marianne723

      Well, I know what my little mouse is going to do. DELETE this site from my email. I don’t like policing on a comment site and I won’t be a part of it……bye bye all.


    I am starting to think the Patriot Update site has been infiltrated!

  • Bill Clark

    Heaven forbid but Apache 6 maybe closer to the true about the current situation than most of the comments.

  • Pat Sinclair

    New York clean up your streets and community. This what Obama is all about. Thugs and anybody that will take a dollar to protest against our country. Let the rest of the world see what kind of president runs our USA. The white house is full of communists, czars and thugs from the unions.What has our country come to?

    • Guest

      Has it occurred to you that Obama is the source of the protesters disgusting and stupid protest. He likes these protests. It keeps the direction off Obama. He loves making riots and other protests all over the country a nasty image of Americana. I’m sure the media in other countries have a field day with all the hoopla that is a good chance of an Obama plot to make us look dumb and sinful. He has been paying off the likes of these people to do the worst they can to keep the flak off of himself and then publicly comments on it’s effect as always.

      Wake up America. We have an imbalanced mental case in the White House.

      When you comme down to it Wall Street is a capitalist entity and anyone can invest in stocks if they choose to. But apparently Obama has a WAR about investing except for donations to his campaign. If you invest in him, we are road kill during Obama’s bus trips

    • Chester

      I heard the unions are paying $600.00 a week to continure the protests.

  • Jaye

    I bet none of this was on the evening news, not that I know cuz I never watch that garbage….

    • http://x Washington22

      Jaye, I have seen several of these “Flea Party” attendees interviewed. What a bunch of dopes…………I haven’t heard ONE of them be able to express why they are there, what they are protesting…………It’s simply a modern-day hippie scene, young popole who are aimless and doped up. There is ABSOLUTELY no comparission to the Tea Party, who know what they want, who are partiotic, clean and civil…………..

    • Lee

      Their language alone is appalling!
      I have been around for a long time, and thought I had heard every obscene word there is, until I watched a video of the occupiers! Wow!
      Where did most of that language come from? There were words I have never heard before!

    • http://Yahoo Anne Crickenberger

      The mayor needs to give them a trash bag and rake and tell them to start cleaning up your “mess’ including your feces and get the hell out of town! Enough is enough!

  • StevenI

    More than 800 have been arrested so far. I was actually surprised to see MSNBC stating the Tea Party Protests as Peace full. whereas the Wall Street Protests were not.

  • Fenderman52

    I don’t know who runs this site but so far I haven’t had any problems with censorship. I posted at WND’s Daily Poll for several years until I just couldn’t take the way the Nazi moderators, Mikia and Helen would delete your posts as punishment if you dared challenge them. I don’t like censorship and if it starts rearing its ugly head here I’ll bail just as I did WND. As far as I’ve seen “we the people” do just fine in policing ourselves. Most of us here are sensible adults who don’t need interference from someone with a “schoolmarm” mentality.

  • Norine Peardon

    Part of the problem with these protests is the media coverage. If the media ignored these protests, perhaps, the same people would contribute to our society and offer solutions to our financial problems. Letting our legislators know our opinions is the best way to voice our displeasure. The protesters are, most probably, the very people who did not vote in the last election or voted for our country’s biggest problem, President Obama. The protesters also have another option, put your money where your mouth is and run for office. Granted, our government, both present and past, have made some gigantic mistakes. Less government will lessen the number of mistakes because it will keep government out of our lives. I absolutely oppose these protests because they are the wrong way to display citizen displeasure for our the nation’s economic problems. Nap


      Norine, . . Don’t you get it ? . . The current White House Administration in behind all this garbage ! . . Most of these Goof-Balls are PAID to be there and most don’t even know what the original intent for the gathering was supposed to be ! . . They’re all a bunch of DOPEHEAD LOSERS who want something for nothing ! . . They are the people who walk into a workplace where they’ve just been given a JOB and join the UNION on their first day at work and immediately begin to protest, strike and demand a raise, more benefits and two weeks of paid vacation within the first month of employment ! . . They’re all Union do-nothings, non-producing parasites, . . and nothing more nor less !!! . . . LOSERS ! . . CONFORMISTE WITH ANYONE WHO WILL PAY THEM FOR DOING NOTHING !!! . . LOSERS ALL !!! . . They mimicked every word the guy in the red shirt had to say because they have no words of their own. . . And he, too, was paid to be there and say what he said in his FOREIGN ACCENT !!! . . . Don’t you even wonder where in the world he came from ??? . . .



  • http://aol Ed in Florida

    This is the conduct Obama likes to praise? This type of behavior is just down Obama’s alley, create a situation and pretend that the event is America’s best wanting a better future. Well, these gangs are just Anarchist who love to participate in these events just for the excitement and for the fun of it. The participants arte not serious about any issues they are just having fun because that is what Liberals have instilled in these youths in liberal colleges. Yes Obama, we really need these Anarchists deciding what is best for America. If Obama was a leader of A Muslim country Obama would have these people shot.

    • Remington 870

      Ed..Obama is a Muslim leader and having people shot is where we are headed unless some serious changes take place. What are those changes? Use your imagination. I really believe our country will not see the 2012 election. Hope I am wrong. If you don’t own a gun, buy one. If you own a gun, buy more and begin storing food. There are millions more like me and probably yourself as well.

    • Kit OathKeeper Sniper

      Remington 870 – catchy name, I like it. Yes, there ten’s of millions like you and me and Ed and our numbers are growing. We are just the ever day American you see on the street…we blog to get our messages out to others like us, and we go to work or are retired, or we are disabled…and we take showers, all unlike the vermin in the OWS movement. We are prepared or are preparing for Obama’s attempt to take over OUR COUNTRY. And we have the secret support of the National Guard and our Military leaders. Some will break ranks and follow the marxist in the white house but most will follow the Constitution and side with the People.
      There will not be an election in 2012. These OWS movements across the country are being allowed to get out of hand for one reason: so they can be whipped to a fever pitch and turn into full blown riots, at which time martial law will be declared and “for the safety of the people” election will be suspended until order is restored. At the same time the Constitution will be suspended, especially the 2nd Amendment, and they will make an attempt to confiscate our weapons. UN troops will be brought in to collect our guns as they will have no allegience to the Constitution.
      History has seen this happen before and it would seem we have been poor students.
      “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to fulfill it”, Jorge Santayana.


      Kit, I believe you and others here have a really good handle on our current and future situation ! . . Barack “Hussein” Obama has severely damaged America and has only begun to disrupt and divide our society, as you said, in preparation for his Declaration of Martial Law in order to quell the up-risings which He, himself, and his backers and handlers have intentionally set up and touched off all around our nation ! . . If we are smart we will DEMAND that Congress IMPEACH OBAMA NOW, . . and NOT LATER ! . . He is in our White House because of the apathy and complacency of most conservatives in America who failed to vote in the National election in 2008 because they thought their “ONE LITTLE VOTE” wouldn’t make any difference. . But, multiplied by hundreds of thousands who sat at home that day and left it all up to “Somebody Else”. . . Folks, . . WE ARE LOSING OUR COUNTRY to a gang of Communist, Marxist, Muslim, Atheist, Socialist THUGS and if we do not get involved NOW our Great Nation will be lost FOREVER !!! . .
      TOMORROW “WILL” BE TOO LATE !!! . . .

  • StGabes

    Is everyone really that Greedy? Guess like WuTang says, “Cash Rules everything around me, cream, get dat money”

    • DawnL

      Envy is just as bad as greed. If anybody should be locked up it is Rep. Barney Frank and Rep. Chris Dodd. They kept telling us there were no problems with Fannie and Freddie. They are accountable to us. Just because banks asked for money doesn’t mean we should have bailed them out. Blame the politicians who allowed this including Bush and Obama.

    • Beth B

      Correct, DawnL. If they want to address the cause of their supposed concerns, they need to be picketing D.C., not Wall-street. Oh, but wait! That would make them address the very element that supports their ridiculousness: the Libs in D.C., including Frank/Dodd.


      Bingo, Beth ! . . Nobody even seems to recognize why the protesters were not assembled and shouting at the gates of the White House, . . Except you and me ! . . Of course, as you said, they wouldn’t protest on the door step of their employers, instigators and sponsors, now, would they ? . . I’m SICK of the word O B A M A, and I’ll be so glad when I never have to hear or see it ever again !!!
      Free advice from a 67 year old Patriot !

  • Brenda Choate

    shades of the 60’s. This was the same scenerio of the protesters then. I guess the youth of America still know little or nothing.

    • DawnL

      I wonder how many in this crowd actually pay taxes? If we didn’t have to support them a lot of debt would be gone and I could have more money in MY paycheck. Flat tax at 10% across the board would be equitable to all. No deductions. Just pay your ten percent. We could slice the IRS budget if it were that simple. We would have more money and less red tape.

    • Jennifer

      How about getting rid of Federal income tax completely? There is NO LAW anywhere stating that we myst pay Federal taxes. Even IRS workers can’t find the law because there is NONE. Just ask Sherry Peele Jackson.

    • Beth B

      This time I must disagree with you, DawnL. People on fixed incomes would be totally devastated with a 9% consumption tax! My state already has a 9.25% tax on purchases, with a Lib. Governor who adds a new tax at least yearly. Add another 9%, and fixed-income folks would become completely impoverished. There is no equity for the seniors who have no ability to “improve their lot” at this time, or for the rest of their then-shortened lives.

    • Bill

      Income tax should be eliminated and taxation should be accomplished via a consumption tax. This will never happen. So maybe we could develop a tax schedule that would begin reducing income tax at age 65 until you pay nothing at age 70 provided you never took welfare. By age 70 you have paid enough tax to last a lifetime.

  • Floyd

    Here is an interesting thing we should all know about. Our next president needs to get us out of the UN.

    How do they vote in the United Nations?
    > > Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States which are recorded in both the US State Department and United Nations records:
    > >
    > > Kuwait votes against the United States 67% of the time
    > >
    > > Qatar votes against the United States 67% of the time
    > >
    > > Morocco votes against the United States 70% of the time
    > >
    > > United Arab Emirates votes against the U. S. 70% of the time.
    > >
    > > Jordan votes against the United States 71% of the time.
    > >
    > > Tunisia votes against the United States 71% of the time.
    > >
    > > Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73% of the time.
    > >
    > > Yemen votes against the United States 74% of the time.
    > >
    > > Algeria votes against the United States 74% of the time.
    > >
    > > Oman votes against the United States 74% of the time.
    > >
    > > Sudan votes against the United States 75% of the time.
    > >
    > > Pakistan votes against the United States 75% of the time.
    > >
    > > Libya votes against the United States 76% of the time.
    > >
    > > Egypt votes against the United States 79% of the time.
    > >
    > > Lebanon votes against the United States 80% of the time.
    > >
    > > India votes against the United States 81% of the time.
    > >
    > > Syria votes against the United States 84% of the time.
    > >
    > > Mauritania votes against the United States 87% of the time.
    > >
    > > U S Foreign Aid to those that hate us:
    > >
    > > Egypt, for example, after voting 79% of the time against the United States,
    > > still receives $2 billion annually in US Foreign Aid.
    > >
    > > Jordan votes 71% against the United States
    > >
    > > And receives $192,814,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.
    > >
    > > Pakistan votes 75% against the United States
    > >
    > > Receives $6,721,000,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.
    > >
    > > India votes 81% against the United States
    > >
    > > Receives $143,699,000 annually.
    > >
    > > Perhaps it is time to get out of the UN and give the tax savings back to the American workers who are having to skimp and sacrifice to pay the taxes.
    > >
    > > Pass this along to every taxpaying citizen you know.
    > > GO GREEN – RECYCLE CONGRESS IN 2012 ! ! ! (If you don’t know any taxpayers just delete it!)
    > >

    • Gisela

      Floyd I think our Government is retarted to give them any Money.We need to get out of the UN and use that money to rebuild our country and give people a better living not just the foreigners and Illegals

    • Mike

      Anyone who has been paying attention for the last 35 or 40 years will know that, for yhe most part, all the UN has been is a soapbox for every two-bit tinhorn bunch out there who runs a country to climb up on to tell us what a bunch of scumbags we here in the U.S. are.
      We should’ve scrapped the whole thing a long time ago.
      U.S. out of the UN – UN out of the U.S. is what I say & have been ever since I started paying attention to such matters.

    • DawnL

      U.S. out of UN and UN out of U.S. that is dream come true. The savings we could have if that were out of the budget.

    • Mike

      It’s good to see someone IS paying attention.
      I hate to have to quote communists, but “the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” That was the one thing Mao had right.

  • Wlmitch1

    Is it any wonder why the police hate those degenerates? I think not.

  • Gisela

    It is not saying much for major Bloomberg of NYC or the Governor of the staate of NY for allowing this mess to go on.They should go in with water cannons at least they would get cleaned and the Unions and Dems should be ashamed to support this kind of behavior but then unions are nothing but Mobsters and one don’t expect anything better from them but Pelosi and her cohorts supporting this MYMY shame on you you must be awful desperate

  • Connie

    The protesters want something for nothing. How about building a big sty for them to roll around in. When they get big enough, we can roll them down Pennsylvanis Avenue and leave them at that big house that takes care of pigs.

    • Beth B

      Since they love the concept of communism so much, why not build a heavily guarded wall with razor wire atop, around the entire area (with the ready help of the contiguous business owners ) and let them know what Berlin was like while their parents/grandparents were just getting “started” at the concept of hippidom.


    I google October 17, 2011. The below is what I found just doing a little research.. Joe McCarthy was Right, they’ve been workin’ on demonizing/Communizing these United States for a while.. Starting with our youth… at the Post Secondary Institutions of Higher Learning…

    One thing for certain is THESE FOLKS HATE GOD ……. They have a rebellious, Antichrist spirit …….–-a-book-review.htm (Book) *****

    Vol. 75/No. 37 October 17, 2011

    Find, join working-class fights
    through ‘Militant’ campaign
    (front page)

    The international drive to win 2,200 new and renewed subscribers to the Militant got off to a good start during the first four days of the campaign, with a total of 172 subscriptions sold. The effort runs October 1-November 20.
    Members of the Socialist Workers Party from Seattle participated in a September 29 rally of some 700 unionists and supporters in Longview, Wash., in solidarity with the ongoing fight by International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 21 against union busting by EGT Development.

    “By the end of the evening,” wrote Mary Martin, “we had sold seven subscriptions and five copies of Teamster Rebellion by Farrell Dobbs.” One of five titles on special sale with a subscription, the book is about the successful 1934 strikes and union-organizing drive by Teamsters Local 574 that paved the way for the continent-wide rise of the CIO. (See ad on page 3.) About a dozen copies of Teamster Rebellion have been bought in Longview since the beginning of the fight.

    Frank Forrestal reported from Minneapolis that 120 subscriptions to the Militant have been sold in the Red River Valley since July 29, three days before American Crystal Sugar locked out 1,300 workers there.

    In Atlanta, Janice Lynn and John Benson September 27 stopped by the office of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers International Union Local 42 to talk about the fight by sugar workers in the Upper Midwest. They found out there was a protest going on in front of the Kraft Foods Nabisco plant a few blocks away.

    “We joined the protest of about 35 workers,” wrote Lynn, “and got the facts on their fight for the Militant” (see article on page 5). “We showed workers the paper’s coverage on the fight by sugar workers against the lockout and talked about my visit to their picket lines and the solidarity they are winning. A number of workers had heard about it.”

    “We sold two subscriptions,” added Lynn, “one to a truck driver who will be affected by the outsourcing, and another to one of the local’s business agents. A few workers took back copies and subscription blanks to send in, as they had no cash on them. They thanked us for supporting their fight.”

    From New York, Ruth Robinett wrote that four subscriptions to the Militant and 55 single copies were sold over three visits to the growing protest of youth and unemployed workers near Wall Street in downtown Manhattan.

    Supporters of the Militant in Montreal, wrote John Steele, sold five subscriptions “going door to door in working-class neighborhoods over the weekend. We also sold four French-language copies of The Working Class and the Transformation of Learning by Jack Barnes.”

    Militant supporters in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco have raised their quotas, bringing the overall regional pledges to 2,165 and the campaign closer to its projected goal.

    Send your weekly reports, experiences and comments on selling the Militant to workers, farmers and students by 8:00 a.m., Tuesday morning, EDT.

    Related articles:
    ‘Militant’ Subscription Drive October 1 to November 20 (chart).

    Front page (for this issue) | Home | Text-version home

    • Tx Pete

      Marx would be proud.

  • James Shuka

    So what do you expect people to do that are sitting there for weeks 24/7? The real embarrassment is our government. But they wear suits, so that is different.

  • Tx Pete

    These are obama voters. What do you expect?

  • http://pariotupdate lisa stamatin

    I think it started off as a very good protest and than the young spoiled brats came along and ruined it all, thanks losers