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Shocking! Obama Apologizes to Slain Terrorist’s Family

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

terrorist khan

Obama’s State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) has contacted the family of al-Qaeda propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan to “express its condolences” to his family.  Samir Khan a right hand man to Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed along with his jihadist buddy in an air strike in Yemen that took place on September 30.

A Khan family spokesman even went so far as to say he felt State was not only apologetic for killing Khan, a terrorist enemy of America, but for not giving its condolences sooner. By way of background, Khan was an American citizen who maintained an anti-American web site while he lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. Two years ago, he left for Yemen to help produce Inspire, an English language blog. In an early introductory essay, Khan described himself as “proud to be a traitor to America.” He was also the author of Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.

This man was a self identified enemy of America whose death should be celebrated, not apologized for.

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  • Ltjg

    Again we are making apologies to those that oppose America. Obama has angered our friends while at the same time Bow his head to our enemies.

    • Joan

      How stupid can Obama be and this IS treason?

    • Bob Rausch

      You have got to be kidding me!!! I really hope you are wrong about this. What a terribly stupid thing to do to those of us who are fighting and have fought for our country. I loved the fact that Eisenhower would not even meet the German’s when they surrendered. He sent one of his generals. We’re in BIG trouble.

    • Grams2

      Everyone needs to stop what they are doing and call their Congressman and Senators and start raising hell everyday until they do something about it. They have allowed this out of control BS in the first place and it could have been stopped a couple of years ago … HAD THEY DONE THEIR JOB!

    • scgator2001

      WHY would you be surprised? OUR FIRST MUSLIM President is doing everything he can to destroy the country. This is not sarcasm, isn’t it OBVIOUS?

      Obama is a state sponsored terrorist. My guess IRAN is the chief contributor but Saudi Arabia might also have ties to him.

    • Grams2

      EXACTLY… while our Senate and Congress sit on their hands and waste time doing things like voting on a post office name! Check the latest on what Congress is voting on…the days they have spent even considering such garbage when our country is full of terrorists!

    • Grams2

      Again…I will say, the Congress and Senate are responsible. They HAVE THE POWER to stop this idiot and will not do it because they are too afraid of being called racist. THOSE are the facts…if any white person had done 1/4 what he has they would have been thrown out of office long ago. Why hasn’t he? Because he is a Black Muslim. He has no respect or love for this country and neither does his wife. They were sent to destroy this country and our Congress and Senate are allowing it. I say have a recall and get all those old jokers out and get someone in there that will do their job and believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • American Patriot

      Joan, all I can say is odumbo is definately a “Special Kind of Stupid”!! that goes for the rest of his cronies,every last one of them!

    • HW

      The laughable part of it all is the friends he angered were the same people telling us we should vote for BHO

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      At this point he has no friends. He has pissed them all off.

    • Grams2

      obama has no intentions of leaving his office in tact in any way shape or form. The plan all along was to destroy from within and that is exactly what he is trying to do. Apologizing to a terrorist family is the same as telling the people’s family that were responsible for the twin towers we are sorry they died. NOPE…if you are a traitor…you are a traitor. Period, no apology! Contempt for raising a slug perhaps…apology NO EFFIN WAY! Those who do not like it here do not have to become terrorists or traitors…nothing here is holding them…they can leave any time. If you don’t like our laws…we are NOT going to change them to accommodate your religion, culture or anything else. If they came here they are a guest in this country…act like it or get the hell out!

    • Freedomsglory



      Grams2 – I agree with every word you said. Give em hell. What was once a great, proud and strong Republic has been reduced to something I no longer recognize. I’m sad, but I’m fighting mad. This sorry excuse for a potus will destroy us if we don’t stand up and take our country back.


      Grams2 – I agree with every word you said. Give em hell. What was once a great, proud and strong Republic has been reduced to something I no longer recognize. I’m sad, but I’m fighting mad. This sorry excuse for a potus will destroy us if we don’t stand up and take our country back.


      Grams2 – I agree with every word you said. Give em hell. What was once a great, proud and strong Republic has been reduced to something I no longer recognize. I’m sad, but I’m fighting mad. This sorry excuse for a potus will destroy us if we don’t stand up and take our country back.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      Amen to that brother. The enemy within will divide and conquer. Now we have enemies within and without. I say this is my country. If you do’nt like it get the hell out. No one invited you here.

    • Grams2

      I say we need to physically throw them out. I think we have all been politically correct long enough…grab them by the seat of their pants and throw them in the closest ocean. They don’t belong here and are not welcome here. Close our borders allowing real citizens the opportunity to find employment and cut off the lazy free loaders. Time for them all to be held accountable from the highest office down to the lowest ditch digger!

    • robert rodgers

      and obama is a traitor!

    • righthook38

      This is unbelievable. What is wrong with our leaders? I just do not understand how anyone can support this administration AT ALL. They should all be tarred and feathered and run out of the country.

    • Byron

      How can you call it unbelievable? This is Oduma the US hater!

    • Grams2

      They need to be tried for treason and held responsible for their actions. ALL OF THEM!

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      We have no leaders, repubican or democrat.None of them have any balls,except for one and his name is Cain.

    • Susan Woods

      America should be apologizing to the world for our having elected Obama as our president!! That is the ONLY thing we should ever apologize for! He is a disgrace to America and the American people. The sooner he is gone, the better off America will be!!

    • Tony S

      Keep that passion going and make sure you spread it to others, not just the likeminded souls on this blog and others like it. Incredibly, about 40% apparently think Obama is doing a great job. How blind can they be? 2012 is our last shot. It will take you and the others on these blogs to insure America doesn’t go into the trash heap on our watch.

    • Grams2

      Why is anyone waiting til the vote? Call your congressman…senators and raise hell with them. THEY CAN remove him from office and all power (and all his cronies), they need to know you are pissed because they are NOT doing their job. DO NOT WAIT for the vote…he has committed much worse crimes against America than Richard Nixon ever thought of and they kicked him to the curb! Put the pressure on…get him out! NOW!!! I call and write several times a day.

    • Grams2

      Support and start the recall for your Senate and Congressman and that will get some action. They are sitting on their hands doing nothing…nada…zip … zilch…spending days voting on renaming post offices instead of getting this administration under control and OUT of office. They are all a disgrace to our Founding Fathers, Military, what this country stands for.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      And he is a traitor!.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      He will continue to apologize to his radical muslim brothers. He truly hates this country It’s obvious.

    • Grams2

      Obviously Clinton’s are backing him up! It was Hillary that made the treaty with the UN to take away our 2nd amendment, it was Hillary’s office that sent someone to apologize. Figure it out! While our Congress and Senate do NOTHING!

    • ghostrideraz

      This President is such a loser on so many levels and for the first time in American History we have total failure in all important concerns.
      GW Bush may had some short comings, but he always kept America First!

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      He did that and he kept us safe, whic is what a president is supposed to do. O does’nt deserve to be called president. He is a disgrace to the most powerful office in the world and so is Mrs.O.

  • brunch20

    How pathetic. Its like apologizing to someone who is trying to kill your family and friends. It also shows a sign of weakness which in turn will stimulate a more aggresive response from those who are dedicated to destroying America.

    • BUD


    • BUD


    • sid

      not enough, yet!!!

    • don in atlanta

      bud you are so right. donot forget the long list of good american that died when the clinton held the whithouse.

    • Grams2

      It is not hard to remove those responsible … butcher a pig and leave it on their doorstep, if they leave, we have done a good thing. A peaceful way of getting them out. They are taking over Europe and we will be next … want your sisters, daughters, wives,mothers, grandmothers treated like they treat theirs?

    • Dean

      I have no doubt that Obama is himself a Muslim and synpathetic to the Muslim cause.
      And the left is making inquiry about Romney and Hunstman being Mormon. How ridiculous.

    • CArole

      Obama is doing exactly what he set out to do—-destroy America from within. He didn’t sit in that front pew for 20 years for nothing! Ayers wasn’t his close friend for nothing!Everyone who voted for him should be embarrassed at their own stupidity.
      Thank God, the American people are waking up at last, and I can’t wait to see him and his gorilla thrown out of Washington DC.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      I pray there are enough real AMERICANS to take them out overthere and overehere.

    • Don Wood

      My! How far we have come. I never thought I’d live to see the day when an American could be put on a Death List or made collateral damage WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW. Obama should be impeached for this crime against our Constitution. Wake up people!!! I don’t care how guilty he may have been, why do you support an administration that ignores an American’s rights under the Constitution? You may very well be next!

    • Patrick

      Only if he finds out you support th Tea-party.

    • Grams2

      The Congress and Senate are responsible for allowing this to get out of control. Be careful how you vote. IF EITHER the Senate or Congress were doing their jobs to uphold, protect and preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights…the White House would not be out of control. Hold the Senate and Congress responsible and lets start recalls because they are not doing their jobs!

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      Term limits are the answer to the house and the senate.All we can say to O now is Et Tu Brute.

    • Richard

      If I were to take a hostile position against the govt. of my homeland, I would expect no less response. What would YOU expect???

    • don in atlanta

      don wood the next time one of the ass hole put on a bumb and goes out in the public and kills 100 people tell me about due porcess.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      He got his due process and just reward.

    • Kachina30

      Here’s the problem with your logic…… the man was a confessed traitor to the U.S. You want to give him due process, but for that to happen he has to be brought back to the U.S. Is he going to come back voluntarily – I think not. Therefore, we would have to send in a Special Ops unit, invading another country, putting the lives of true American heroes in jeopardy. I’d rather waste one life of a traitor, or 1000, instead of jeopardizing a single life of one of our best. Don’t be a bleeding heart liberal for a confessed traitor.

    • Grams2

      He should have been shot, removed, killed, whatever. I have no sympathy for him or the likes of anyone that betray’s this country! My son and grandson’s all served or are currently serving to keep us a free nation and this little degenerate chooses to give up his rights and that would be a fact. Good he is gone…no sympathy for anyone raising a child with no respect or love for this country. Don’t like it? GET OUT!

    • SeaDragon

      Don, stop and think. He, in his own blog, said he was proud to be a traitor to America. He is a proud, self-confessed traitor. He actually was collateral damage, he was not the main target. However he was a traitor, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. When he decided to become a traitor he gave up his rights. He is dead, and that is one less terrorist, No Apologies needed or deserved.

    • Buck O’Fama

      Dillweed, if you take up arms against your country you forgo such rights, you are an enemy combatant to be taken out at will.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      I agree. They should all be taken out.

    • Sandy

      @ Don Wood – I don’t understand why you have a low comment rating. While I experience all the emotion and anger towards this administration and it’s supporters, I believe we need to fix it within the parameters of the Constitution. It seems contradictory to me to scream about how UNCONSTITUTIONAL Mr. Obama is in his governing and then turn around and say the Constitution doesn’t apply to citizens rights when it’s convenient. How can you have it both ways? Due process is the price you pay to keep the rule of law alive and kickin’ and there for you if and when you need it. Otherwise, I feel just like everyone else about these dirt bags.

    • Silver Bullets

      Don, enemies of the state aren’t entitled to AMERICAN RIGHTS!

    • Grams2

      Evidently they are…look who is occupying the White House? He certainly is NOT a patriot! He gives NO respect to our flag, our Constitution or Bill of Rights.

    • Sandy

      And a trial will establish that they are enemies of the state that can then punished to the fullest extent of the law. Without a lawful prosecution, I ask, who is it that decides that they are enemies of the state?

    • Mark

      While I would whole- heartedly agree on the right of due process for citizens of our country I think you missed an important issue: Once you become an enemy of the people I don’t think you then can hide behind the constitution for protection. If you come to my home with guns and bombs and threaten to kill me and all of my family please do not cry that I am violating your constitution rights when my laser sight lights up on your forehead.

    • Grams2

      Exactly! That is why every person needs to contact their Congress and Senate and let them know they are on notice! Give them 30 days to do their job or recalls will be started. THAT will get them off their hands!

    • Charles

      Shows what kind of idiots are running this country !!!

    • Bobby Baby

      Thay are not idiots. Obama and his cohorts are enemies of this country and intend to destroy it!! Pure and simple observation.

    • Art Schefler

      How many families of terrorist victims has he apologized to? How about families of those killed in the Iraq/Afghanistan war?

    • don in atlanta


    • SeaDragon

      Art, what apologies? All our “wonderful” president says is our soldiers make too much money, and their families don’t need support. He IS the symbol of the DemocRATS, a … uh Donkey. We can’t get rid of him too soon, wish we could move the elections up or vote a recall.

    • Grams2

      We can do a recall. Look at the requirements and they (President, Congress and Senate) are not doing their jobs…they are NOT upholding our Constitution which is a crime against the State. Get it going people…I can’t do it by myself! Call your Congress and tell them what you are doing, call the Senate and when you get enough signatures…or close, they will pay attention! People talk but don’t do… and they know it so they continue to sit on their hands and let this crap continue.

    • Grams2

      How about OUR soldier’s families that now are told they cannot say “God” during their funerals? Because it might offend some asshole! Kick them all to the curb and let them swim to Irac, Iran, Kenya or where ever they think is so frigging wonderful! Get them out of our country!

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      He gives condolences ONLY on behalf of a greatful nation.Never a personal condolence. He hates our military.

    • Remington 870

      Bingo! The arab world definately views us as weak thanks to our Muslim president. This presidency is a nightmare and will not be an easy nightmare to awake from. If we believe that 2012 elections are the answer, we are stupid. Call me paranoid, but I believe Obama and Soros will impose Martial Law and suspend the elections. When that happens, there will be civil war. I hope I am paranoid.

  • Jenn

    Treason! Throw the bum out!

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      Treason deserves HANGING!.

  • Gary

    Often times families have no control over what some of it’s members do. As much as I hate Obama’s over seas apology tours, I have no problem w/ him sympathizing with this family. Now he shouldn’t have to apologize here, but I see no problem w/ condolences.

    • CP1

      Wow …………… !

    • Raymond

      Gary, you’re an idiot.

    • elena

      well it sure sounds treasonous to me, takingthe side of an effing murderous basterd who is proud to be an american traitor!
      the family should be offering it’s condolences to all of america for raising a such a horrible child!

    • Buck O’Fama

      Does it hurt being that stupid? It should.

    • don in atlanta

      you are so wrong .

    • Grams2

      WHAT? They are apologizing to people that raised a child to have NO respect or love for his country? He shamed that family and they SHOULD be ashamed… if you raise your children to love and respect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness they don’t act like that. This family raised a terrorist…NO APOLOGY TO THEM!

    • Grams2

      Really Gary? What about our Border Patrol men that were killed BECAUSE of the illegal guns the White House approved? NO…no apology for families that raise terrorists! I would not stand behind my children or grandchildren if they turned on our country that GAVE them the ability to have freedom. Parent’s ARE responsible for the actions of their children. If you teach your child respect, love, and morals… your children will not act in such a manner. IF you can’t be bothered to teach your children then you are as guilty as they are.

  • http://None Nancy

    What is the matter with these people that are
    supposed to be intelligent? When will this BS stop? Yes, I know, when we finally vote these kooks out of office, and hope they see a shrink, because they are certainly mentally off!

  • Lou E. Brown

    What the heck is wrong with that man! He is not only a disgrace to other Black Americans, he is a disgrace to ALL Americans. God help us, the Halfrican is going to get us all either slaves to the state or killed by his relatives.

    • BUD


  • AlwaysRIGHT

    Did Obama apologize to the family of the border guard who was killed was weapons sold to terrorists under Operation Dumbass – oops, I mean “Fast and Furious”?

    Did he apologize to all the Arizonans whose lives he is putting in jeopardy as he and Holder sue the state for enforcing its borders?

    Obama belongs in prison. Better yet, deport him. I don’t want my taxes paying for his food/shelter. Or better yet, put him in a prison cell in the middle of DC, open to the elements this winter, and don’t feed him.

    • Sapient Hetero

      Obama should be punished by withholding Secret Service protection after he’s expelled from office. I have little doubt that the conservative equivalents of the “Occupy Wall Street” thugs would do him in in short order.

    • Nemesis

      I sincerely doubt that there is a Conservative equivilant to the “Occupy Wall Street” mob. It would definitely not be the Tea Party movement. The Conservatives are more mature and sensible and are not funded, supported and guided by Soros and the other Progressive/Socialist groups.

    • SeaDragon

      I agree with withholding protection. He isn’t protecting America, why protect him once he is out of office? Better try him for treason, once we get an honest attorney general.

    • Yorkie Mom in MO

      Condolences to the family of a terrorist?OMG!! Where are the apologies to the American people for the border agent killed with guns given to the criminals in Mexico? Where are the apologies to the American people that the economy is far worse since he took office than it was before? This Bozo needs to go today.

    • elena

      absolutley! No he was the one who threw the boarder guard in jail for doing his job of protecting America, something Obama took an oathe to uphold!

    • don in atlanta

      what a joke we are paying for his foodand vacations to.

    • don in atlanta

      and eill for the rest of his life unless some one cuts it short?????????

  • charlie buck

    what a shame!!one of the few things that has been done right during obummers rein and he apologizes to the WRONG PEOPLE! he should be directing that to the american people for taking so long to get it done!

  • Joe

    Thats Obama!! Will he ever apologize to America for the damage he has done??

    • Patrick


    • Grams2

      He will never apologize…what he has done was cold calculating and manipulating …he has intended on every act he has done. Don’t mistake him for someone that cares… he not only doesn’t care…he hates us and all we stand for and our Congress and Senate just sit idly by while he continues to destroy us. I promise you had he been white, he would have long ago been removed from office!

    • Grams2

      No way,,,he thinks it’s his duty to bully, push shove and distort our way of life. Makes no difference to him….he is NOT a patriot!

  • Raymond

    To Patriot Update:
    In approximately 5 minutes i’m going to post a video
    that exposes islam.

    Question: How long will you hold my next post in

    • don in atlanta

      Raymond i love your post i have sent the eliment post out to all my friends that was so good like minds god bless good AMERICANS.

    • Grams2

      Please post the link!

  • Illbay

    Sorry, don’t agree. It’s not a big deal. The family likely loved their sone despite his criminality. Chilling to think so many of “us” want to be like “them”.

    • Raymond

      Illbay, you’re a dope.

    • http://yahoo William Ashford

      A traitor is a traitor period Obama should be impeached. May be we should give Obama a $%$#@& for Christmas

    • Grams2

      They are responsible for raising such a degenerate! They evidently did not bother to teach him about morals, respect or much of anything else. No apology to them is due! Would you also apologize to the people’s family that were responsible for the twin towers and the thousands of people they killed? I am truly ashamed of you!

    • Grams2

      Those parents are responsible for raising such a degenerate! They evidently did not bother to teach him about morals, respect or much of anything else. No apology to them is due! Would you also apologize to the people’s family that were responsible for the twin towers and the thousands of people they killed? I am truly ashamed of you!

  • Howard Milor

    Obama is a closet Muslim he should never have gotten as far as he did. It is now time for the American people rectify the mistake they made a few years ago and throw him out of office. Just look around at all of the fools who havwe come out of the woodwork. These people are protesting the very things that made America great and Obama and company are encouraging them because he wants to do as much damage as he can before the next election. He is creating his own scored earth policy.

  • Winston on Truth

    Socialists are insane,pure and simple. Or, has Obama (the closet Muslim) made a under-the-table agreement with radical Islamic Imams not to attack him or his family while he deceives the American people by his actions?

    • CP1

      They are all working toward the same goal. When that first goal is met they will fight each other to the death for the control of their new society. NWO

    • Olesarge

      One has only to research the history of Islam in the Middle East. They have been fighting and feuding with each other for hundreds of years. War and feuding is only kind of life they know and they love it.

    • Grams2

      I personally think we need to do some landscaping there, much like was done after Pearl Harbor! Rename it…Lake America!

  • Sandman

    Obama is under attack from the anti-war factions in his own party. The comments are merely to placate them.

  • RAM


    • SeaDragon

      What acting president? He never has acted like a United States President! He acts more like a third world “President for Life”, presiding over a country he hates. What does it take to try him for treason! (other than getting rid of our attorney general)

    • Grams2

      Well said!

  • jerrymatt


  • Elwood

    Shocking? What’s shocking about that?

  • Raymond

    Where is Patriot Update getting their money from?

  • Patrick

    Obama’s no more than an Muslim/Marxist/Racist opportunist, strings pulled by Soros. What bothers me is the sheer stupidity that elected him and the tainted “media” that enables him.

    • Grams2

      Call or write the sponsors of the media you are talking about…get friends and family to do the same…let them know because of their support of a jaded station, you will no longer be purchasing their products. Hit them in the pocket book and they will sit up and take note and correct the problem.

  • B.V. DAVIS


  • Raymond

    Patriot Update refuses to disclose their source
    of funding, what are they hiding.

    • don in atlanta

      RAYMOND you are going about this the wrong way there are ways to find out were the money comes from and where it goesthink about it and all companys must this info.

  • http://n/a Salvatore Pedi

    Obama was chosen by George Soros to become President.
    Soros financed the whole campaign. And, he has done his chosen job well!. Obama should be put in jail for a very very long time. Soros too should be brought up on charges to bring down America. Both of them are enemies of America.
    Whats most interesting here is that the average American has not a clue about all of this. And, the MEDIA should also be brought up on charges with siding with the enemy. Their daily rants have poisoned the minds of most Americas with their lies. Will all his every come to fruition?
    I surely won’t hold my breathe waiting for justice to come on the sad scene!..

    • Winston on Truth

      The Soros connection with Barack Obama/Barry Soetero goes back before Obama was a political candidate. Who was it who greased Obama/Poetero’s rails to get into Occidental College as a “foreign exchange student”, and into Columbia where no records are apparent of him even attending classes, and into Law School where no records exist and other students at the same time ever knew him or saw him on campus. Just where was he? It should be apparent that Obama/Poetero was a groomed/prepared Manchurian Candidate that the DNC/Pelosi pushed into the national picture with NO ONE (not even the RNC) vetting the Constitutional requirements to be a candidate for Pesident. It is treasonous.

    • Don Wood

      You’re so right Salvatore. Even the HEADING of this article causes the mindless to ignore our Constitution and just vote the way the HEADING wants. “Patriot Update” deserves a slap in the face for not reporting that Americans put on Death Lists without due process of law puts every one of us in jeopardy!

    • VA_Magoo

      Not only is he a puppet for Soros, his college tuition was paid for by a Suadi Prince. When he was adopted by Mr Soreto, he became a Muslim, since it is a crime to leave Islam, he is still a Muslim or all the Muslims in the World would have him on a hit list. If they are willing to Kill a Pastor in Iran for leaving Islam, why would they not kill the President of the US if he left Islam?

    • Olesarge

      He only says he is no longer a Muslim. With all the other dishonest things he is doing, how do we know he isn’t lying about that? Only he and God know for sure. Under Islam teachings it is acceptable for a Muslim to lie if the lie advances the cause of Islam. YouTube has a video that sheds some light on the teachings of Islam.

    • Grams2

      Soros brags about going in and destroying countries. It’s a sport to him. He likes to watch them fall. Do the research and you will find the interviews where he brags about it. He is not the only one…all the Bilderbergs have had a hand in it too. They were so sure they could control him. NOT SO… he think’s he is a king and answers to no one. Where is he getting his travel money? Who pays for her million dollar vacations and entertainment for family and friends? Hmmmm hard to figure that one. LOL

  • Mykids81118

    Are you serious!!!!!
    They should dispose of the entire bunch.
    You are judged by the company you keep, so they must be in on it too.

  • B.V. DAVIS


  • Duke

    “We are Fools for letting Him stay in Office” How long is he going to get away with Treason to the American People?
    Along with him should be the Congressional Members on his Team. Reid, Polosi and on down the line should be with him.I’ve never heard of appologizing to a “Sworn Enemy” to America. How Stupid!

    • Jayne Nielsen

      If we allow Obama to be reelected next year than not only are we fools but we deserve everything he gives us…record poverty, record unemployment, continued bailouts, unsustainable debt, corrupt czars, Eric Holder, etc., etc., etc.

    • don in atlanta

      we have aii that now and then some.

  • Moose

    If Obummer doesn’t run, Hillary might be their candidate. The Democraps will replace one commie for another.

    • CP1

      It has been obvious she is being put into place for when the time is ripe for her to announce it.

    • Olesarge

      I think you’re right about Hillary making another run against Obama. I have been saying this for a long time.

      There are a few reasons I think Hillary will try for the 2012 nomination. She wants to be the first woman president so bad she can taste it and 2012 may be her last chance. If she waits until 2016, she will be in her late 60s or early 70s and she may not run because of age.

      Another indication is that she has stated that she plans to step down as Secretary of State at the end of this term. I believe that her supporters are now planning strategies that she can use to take the nomination and have been doing so since the 2008 election. As I have said, she is vindictive and that may also be her motivation.

      In 2007, how many, outside of Illinois, even knew who Obama was? When the 2008 campaign started, everyone, myself included, thought Hillary had the nomination in the bag. The primaries were just a formality. This virtual unknown came from left field, humiliated her, took the nomination and the White house.

      Here are some things I think she will have going for her:

      1.She will take more of the Woman votes that she didn’t have in 2008.

      2. I have some Jewish friends who tell me that they are not happy with Obama and will vote for any Democrat who will run against him in the primaries. Remember, the way he treated Netanyahu and how he tried to throw Israel under the bus? Many Jews and Christians, alike, are still very upset about that.

      3.Even though there are some Blacks that may turn against him, Obama will still have a majority of the Black votes but that alone will not get him reelected.

      4.If the economy stays in the tank, I believe a lot of the White voters and wealthy White Liberals that voted for him, and supported him in 2008, could side with Hillery. Remember she has a lot of friends in Hollywood.

      5.Then there are the unions:

      a. When Obama helped his buddies at General Electric set up their light bulb operations in China and close their plant in this country, it put a lot of union members out of work.

      b. General Electric also plans to move their division in Wisconsin that makes X-ray equipment to China. More Union jobs lost.

      c. General Electric also plans to move their Jet Engine manufacturing to China. Even more Union jobs lost.

      d. There are a lot of Union Oil Workers who lost their jobs when Obama put a ban on further oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

      e. His attacks on the private jet industry is sure to put a lot of union members in the ranks of the unemployed.

      f. Even though he bailed out two auto companies, he didn’t stop them from closing some parts plants and relocating them overseas. That helped put some UAW members out of work.

      g. Although the Union Leaders are silent, I am sure that they are not too happy with the loss of union jobs. I am sure that the out of work union members will remember how he helped them loose their jobs when they go to vote in 2012.

      6.If George Soros. thinks Hillary has a better chance he will dump Obama faster than Disney would have dumped a pregnant female child star.

      I don’t know if Hillary could pull it off in 2012, but, if she tries, it will be entertaining.

    • Mary S

      I hope the unions wake up and realize that 0 has thrown them under the bus by losing thir jobs to foreign countries.
      I hope enough black people come to realize that 0 has not helped them emprove their lifestyle.
      Hows that “change” doing for you?

    • Grams2

      If she is smart she won’t run. There are too many unanswered questions about the Clinton administration from before. Check out the history of it. If she does run…she won’t win. She is in it clear up to her ears with obama.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Got the change and all hope is gone. Enjoy! Members of your family voted to the negro, moslum.

  • Fredro

    OMG…What’s next. Hillary apologizing to Monica!

    • CP1

      What a great comparison! One any idiot could understand to be “warped.”

    • don in atlanta

      WHY NOT ,that leaves such a bad inage in my mind.

    • Grams2


  • Louis

    This is proof positive that some people are too stupid to vote. This is what happens when the media no longer practices journalism. This is what happens when a closet muslim becomes president. He did well to strike and continue striking. If Clinton had struck Bin laden when he had his sights on him the twin towers may still be standing. All patriots are feeling the shame of this and it isn’t over as Van Jones feeds the stupid crowds on Wall street. We’re going down, fast and furious.

    • Grams2

      Louis…we don’t have to go down. We cannot give up at least not without a fight. Call your congress and demand they take action to remove that bafoon from office!

  • Bruce R Mattson

    My contempt for this administration just keeps falling going lower and lower. WE ARE AT WAR and those that oppose us need to expect no quarter when none is given.

    Everytime I hear the words democrate or liberal, my stomach heaves. These people must be defeated in 2012, if not, we loose our country.

    • Grams2

      Why wait? Why not kick them out now?

  • Old Veteran

    Opologize to the family who openly disliked America. I guess the family of their son are upset because their son was tied up and taken to yemen to help produce a “rag” that preached anti-america…………gets killed by hanging with KNOW Terrorists. Did Obummer promise to set up some kind of monument or start up a college fund for children of the Islamic faith who, too, hate America, but enjoy all those rights to DISPLAY THEIR HATRED……………….?

  • Bunny James

    This should never have been an issue, the citizenships of al-Awaki and Sami Khan should have been revoked for planning terrorist acts against the United States and publishing subversive material against the United States. As long as the government continues to not take these folks seriously they will continue to plt against us and eventually be successful

  • Buck O’Fama

    DUH WON, paving his way to oblivion for him and the DNC. In a perfect world we would have vacation junkets where US citizens could pay to fly drones and take out scum like this or even go out with a sniper team and prairie dog some turbanites for a great two week get-away. Some call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

  • Raymond
    • SeaDragon

      Wow! Great talk, Raymond, thanks for posting. Everyone should see this and take it to heart.

    • Mary S

      I agree, it is worth watching and sending to others.

  • Eddie

    Bama bows to a Saudi king and now this. Never will be apologize to America for all his crimes he committed to our country Not for stomping on our constitution. Impeachment is now for this anti american devout Muslim.

  • http://Sharon Sharon

    I believe there is a saying “NEVER APOLOGIZE AS IT IS A SIGN OF WEAKNESS!” America does not apologize as we strong and a compasionate country!!! We do take care of our enemies so no apology is required!

  • Eddie B

    I hope and pray that OUR country will survive Obama.

  • Terry

    10-11-11 What else would one think this Obummer would do? His true colors are showing!!!!!

  • Bluewolf

    This is treason, pure and simple.

  • Bunny James

    This should never have been an issue, the citizenships of al-Awaki and Sami Khan should have been revoked for planning terrorist acts against the United States and publishing subversive material against the United States. As long as the government continues to not take these folks seriously they will continue to plot against us and eventually be successful

  • Margaret Hood

    Another reason why this treasonous admin. needs to go NOW! Did Obmumer apolg. to Bin Laden’s family too? This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth. His silver tongue wags depending on who he is with and where he is. IMPOSTER! I BLAME THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FOR ALLOWING THIS MAN CLOSURE AND SEALED RECORDS. HE WAS NOT QUALIFIED EXCEPT FOR THE REASON HE WAS BLACK AND THEY PUSHED HIM THRU TO FIRST PLACE! A sorry state of affairs that has cost lives in our military because of these traitor. BRING OUT TROOPS HOME NOW!!!

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Those who are brainwashed (AKA ignorant)will vote for Obama in 2012 no matter what he has done to destroy and humiliate this Country. These people would rather have a sleazy, radical, Chicago-style thug in the White House than any Conservative Republican. This is what scares me the most. I hope enough people, Democrat but especially Republicans, will turn out in record number next November to put a stop to this radicalization of America! Obama obviously can’t and WON’T stop himself so it’s up to true Red, White, and Blue Americans to do that for him! NOBAMA IN 2012!!!!!

  • Clifton

    This is unbelievable, this administration is a joke, I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt but clearly this bafoon has no business being our president, apologizing for what?????? This is it for me,this guy needs to go, no one in his administration feel this is inappropriate??? Biden, Hilary, Reid, Pelosi and even Holder, these people need to get out of our government before they ruin our lives.

  • Joey

    NCIS QUOTE APPLIES HERE: “Never say you’re sorry…it’s a sign of weakness.” However; When you have a MUSSY in the W.H. what do you expect?

  • Noah

    Obama’s apologies show his insincerity. The military killed the creep and Obama is mad because it happened since he is a dirty turd muslim himself. *Impeach* the nasty treasonist along with Hillary!

  • Paul Z.

    Obama didnt apoligize to the Border Agents slain by his Illegal Fast & Furious, but he apoligizes to Muslims??? This President is one Un-American A-hole………..

  • David Hulsey

    Someone should introduce a bill to impeach Obama on the grounds that he is not defending the Constitution of the U.S.

  • James Mims

    Never Forget, Obama does not mean what he says. So, IMOH, as long as we keep whacking the radical islamists and get Obama and Hillary to say we’re sorry, I’m down with that. Kill em all and apoligize like you kinda mean it once they are vanquished. LOL

  • proudamerican

    Why wouldnt obama apologize?-this guy is an ally of his in spirit. This terrorist is a violent one, and obama is an economic terrorist. The whole world is laughing it’s head off over a country that allowed itself to be infiltrated by the enemy AND parts of that country even aided and abetted in that crime! They are known as gimmecrats and they want your money so they can continue their lives without working for it. They accomplish this by outright stealing and calling it legislation.

  • http://n/a tedsmith

    I was brought up with the analogy, if u can’t respect the person, respect the position. I’m making the exception, this sonofabitch is a terrorist, plain & simple & he is killing our society & our country. We’re headed toward martial law & it ain’t going to be pretty.

  • James

    One more thing to remember at election time. How anyone has any doubts about this administration is beyond me.

  • Clifton

    I’ve seen it all now. WHO in this administration is going to stand up for rightousness, WHO????? These people associated with this administration will go down as the administration that really tried to take this country down a path of self destruction, I’m not saying Bush had it right but clearly these keystone cops do not. On any level. I am fed up with this. I have family in the military and this administration is spitting on our military and on innocent people, but willing to glorify terrorist?, unfreakin believable.

    • Bill

      You need no greter reason to VOTE against this dictator!

  • JJ

    How much longer will the patriots of America
    put up with this treasonist administration,and communist run Dept of state? We are being sold out by those that were elected by the voters of this country that enjoy a free ride at taxpayer expense. Wake Up!!!! JJ

  • n2trophies

    America fears the moslems. You can’t wia a war when you fear the enemy. We fire bombed the Japanese. Killing men women and children. We stoped the war with Japan by droping an atomic bomb on them. They are now an ally. We are loosing the conflect with our enemy because we fear them. God Help America

  • http://none spoony

    WHAT????? Apologize to an enemy’s family???

    If that isn’t enough to sicken a dog off a gut wagon! Talk about treason! What more evidence do we need before we drop shop and organize under our lawful Second Amendment rights and drive up for a house cleaning from the top down!!

    I can’t believe this crap! Our own secretary of state is a flaming communist coward who has lost all sense of reality! Apologize my royal red rectum! My kicking foot is really itching!

    I may be an old lion but I’m still a lion and I’m enraged enough to take a big chunk out of somebody’s treasonous ass!

    I’m tired of being insulted by a government who can’t distinguish between a loyal, law abiding, sovereign citizen, taxpaying, patriot, from the enemy of the United States!! These “Bump Strips” need removing now! I just can’t do it by myself If I could; you can count on it; there would be a lot of new faces in Washington yesterday!!!

    • alex

      hey! they’re family what do you expect

    • Korean War Vet

      What say that we apologize to all of the families of America’s enemies that have been killed in our defense over the past 240 or so years? In OBUMMER’S way of reasoning, wouldn’t that be considered ‘sharing the wealth’?

    • Jane

      Personally, I think that Obama and his whole crew of extremely corrupt misfits should be out of the White House as soon as possible and after that, investigated for all the fraud that has come to light so far. Solydra is a good example. But ONLY one example.

    • Korean War Vet

      Jane, I personally think that OBAMA should be investigated BEFORE he and his leftist horde of destroyers are thrown out of office; then we can REALLY show this country what we’ve made of. Put this clown on public display, just like they did during Revolutionary days.

    • Craig

      You are a righteous LION! If you want to help get rid of the bums check out Its a plan for citizens to select citizens to represent them. No parties just people!

    • BOSUCS

      MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY, These idiots make me sick, may God Bless America

    • JRRS

      VOTE against Obama. What more reason do you need ?

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      JRRS, You are so correct… No more obama. What more do we need to know obama must go….Transparency right?Why does soros fund these socialist groups and then soros meets with obama more than anyone else? Wake up America. Transparency right? No more obama.

    • Colleen

      Spoony: there are many, many others just like you. And we are sick to death with this crowd of liars, theives, thugs and communists in our government………not to mention the spineless ones who are afraid to “offend” someone!

    • Jane

      I agree Colleen. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought we were at war with an enemy who wants us dead, didn’t declare war and doesn’t wear a uniform. So in effect they have no right to fight. They attack the weakest and the most vulnerable and they strike like a snake without any remorse. And THIS is what we’re supposed to apologize for killing? Would anyone apologize to the family of a rattlesnake?

    • traitors in our gov

      what are you doing about it??? Talk is cheap

    • Goodforall

      What do you expect from a fellow Muslim? The man is a total embarrassment in every sense of the word!

    • Goatie

      Watch this video. It tells it like it is.

    • Gary Dean Frazier

      man i am so with u 125% the boneheads we got in the white house,state,ag office,etc.good go on but god will see us trough to 2012 and we can get a bunch of pink slip for the criters.and the top down no doubt.good speend for 11/4/2012

    • Rev.Joe

      Please put God in CAPS!

    • Lescradit


    • Korean War Vet

      spoony, what’s happening here is an act of treason, pure and simple. Supposedly America is at war. Aiding and abetting the enemy, particularly during wartime, is TREASON!!! We need to awaken Congress to this fact. However, with Congress lying in bed with OBUMMER, I doubt that’s going to happen.

    • mica betts

      I think the term is gag a maggot on a gut wagon and that’s too good for them. That would be like giving them a 7 star meal.
      Just don’t tell them that the pork is hidden in side the turkey.

    • EH


    • Doris Carman

      And there is a picture of him on nearly every page I go to.Why is that?He has far to much money involved for his re-election.

    • traitors in our gov

      Because he is going to be our Dictator.. the supreme head of the communist council.. the HMIC (head Muslim in charge).. he is already implementing Sharia law in a few states and will go for a few more until he gets them all Muslimized..

      And we are letting do what he wants so what on God’s green earth is going to stop him? Congress? they have no spine, so they are worthless.
      He went to war with Libya and NO ONE IN CONGRESS did anything about it..

      We are lost,, say goodbye to America for we the people are not doing a dam thing about it

    • Doris Carman

      The state dept. did not, I repeat did not apologize without Obamas signature on the sympathy card. He is a traitor and Clinton will follow in his footsteps. This is the icing on the cake. It does not even give a reson for her behavior.

    • James

      Kind of reminds me of a Japanese Soldier, who, after bayonetting an entire family, would smile and say ” so sorry ” !

    • Frank

      This are the Progressive Liberals that was elected in office by those people seduce by the TELEPROMPTER SPEAKING RADICAL MUSLIM ADVOCATE OBAMA. What can you expect from an ILLEGALLY elected President without being vetted whose personal records were sealed costing millions of taxpayers money. No Birth Certificate indicating citizenship, fraudulent Social Security from Connecticut, No College Records, etc.etc.etc

    • Korean War Vet

      In plain words, Frank, he’s a Nobody.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      Frank,Nice comment. How come we all know obama has no real American birth certificate yet the white house gives him a pass? Can you say sold out? Go to ( obama took fulbright foundation money) on any computer and see obama took foreign aid to go to occidental college as a foreigner. Please help get this out. Check it our for yourself. No more obama. Transparency right?

    • traitors in our gov

      what difference is that going to make.. no one in the right position is going to do anything about it, and as a country we are just sitting by and letting this happen..

      WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH??? Apparently not ever..

      What are they doing about the idiot protestors in Occupy anything about doing drugs, having sex and all that… Why aren’t they being stopped?? Because Obama is leading their way!!

      Only God can save us now, and I pray that God saves these great United States of America and has mercy on our souls

    • http://msn Thomas Sammons

      I could understand an apology duringatimeofwar, but this is not war, it is terrorism. Tag them, bag them, burn them, forget them.

    • indianjo

      What the hell is wrong with this friggin President. I’m ashamed of him

    • Red

      Nothing. He is doing excatly what he said he would do when he ran for office, Apparently, you and 50 million others did no listen, or didn’t believe he would do what he said. Well, not only is he doing it, there is almost no oposition

    • Chuck

      Apparently, you did not listen to him when he said what he would do, if elected. He has done exactly what he said he would. The question is, why has he received no opposition? He is a radical that subscribes to the destruction of the government from within. A guiding principle of the original ‘community organizer’, Saul Alinsky.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      For all of you who voted for hope and change,I hope you change your vote this time around. Anyone who votes obama is a commie anti American. If you vote obama then I hope its your job that gets lost and your family that hurts like all the famlies that are hurting because of obama and the democrats.Blacks(75%) will vote obama because of racism and government workers and their spouses will vote obama because of their jobs. That leaves the rest of us to vote together to remove socialism from the white house.No more obama or obama lies. Transparency right?About that birth certificate… Will obama get a pass from showing a real birth certificate on 2012? We all better wake up. Our children and their way of life is in our hands. Stop socialism now. No to obama and soros.Transparency right?

    • Korean War Vet

      American for Truth and Justice: All those idiots who voted for this illegitimate president are illiterates and those who refused to go to work to support their families, some of whom have ten or more children, who expect the government (that’s you and me, by the way) to pay for the support of their families. The support they receive today goes to support their drug habits, booze habits, gambling, etc., etc.

    • mark111

      There cannot be any more effective way to undo whatever ground we may have gained in the War on Terror. This will effectively say to the radical Islamic terror groups that we have no courage in our conviction. This act will invite more terror attacks.

      I may not have a formal education in foreign relations but I worked in a Muslim country for about 5 years and have been to a couple of others for business reasons. The 5 years was an education in Muslim thinking and Koranic influence. Islam is more than religion and makes a good tool for stirring a mob and inducing them to do things they would not consider as individuals.

    • Mary S

      I highly suggest we all remember what the Clintons and 0 stand for especially if HC decides to run if 0 drops out.
      Pray, America, pray. God is our only source of help. Politicians stick together when they are afraid of those in power.

    • http://None prehist51

      I’m all in Spoony. I think this whole situation will come down to armed conflict. The marxist in office now do not intend to let something like voting get them out of Washington. Obama and his people do not intend to go peacefully into that queit night.

  • John Wayne

    The only differces betweem Hillary and Obamanation is the race and gender. Otherwise, they are the smae. We, as a nation, don’t need either one of these low-lifes!

    • Insurgent

      We sure do not need a Kenyan sleeping in the White House!!!

    • Richard_FL

      Are we sure about the gender??

    • oneAmerican

      GOOD question, Richard.

    • Doris Carman


    • Korean War Vet

      Good question, Doris!

  • Frank

    This is absolutely disgusting, this creature that was voted into our presidency by the dregs of our society is doing everything possible to drag our great country into his sewer of a world. And his minions continue to sing his praises! Lots of people in this country continue to walk around with a veil over their eyes. All you REAL AMERICANS who don’t vote for whatever reason better get off your butts, register, and vote to save our way of life and our country. God save us.

  • james

    Sorry we did allow him to live so he could kill some of us with his kitchen made bombs…

    • Maynard

      Right on!Now, I wonder if he, or she would have gone to the families of the people this fool did and COULD HAVE killed and apologized to them. Not likely. Clinton may not be a Muslim but she sure is on their side when it comes to this sort of crap.

  • macawma

    Much as I would love to see justice served and O impeached, can you just imagine all the uninformed blacks in this country rising up and rioting? They would definitely make this a race issue, not a patriot issue!


      yes, the key word is uninformed, and driven home every chance by the liberal lamestream media. That is a BIG BIG problem. Riots for sure,which would lead to the 21st century American Revolution, well call it what it really will be, A Race riot. Sad as this country plummets into the abyss of marxism, socialism,fascism..ect ect.

    • SAM


    • Sam

      If that’s what ‘they’ want to make of it, then let it happen. Bullets are not racially inclined …

    • Tweety

      Macamca is correct — many blacks are uninformed. While many are catching on and changing their views, there are still many who will vote for B.O. Most do not have access to the viewpoints online, and many have a closed mind and stick with the race issue. If B.O. manages to change the job numbers for the better before election, I think he will be tough to beat.

    • Red

      He has paid them well for their votes and they don’t care what you and I think. They live on taxpayer money, receive free healthcare, free phones, and are rewarded for bearing more welfare babies. They will vote for our dictatior regardless of the circumstances.

    • Korean War Vet

      And don’t forget, Red: Obummer’s ACORN is still alive and well.

    • Red

      Not only alive, but will receive millions in new funding, if Obama’s jobs bill is passed.

    • TheBigLogic


    • taliesin

      Yes, I can. If they feel the need to defend this usurper bring it on. There’s no need for any American to cater to any group decides to riot in the street because their traitorous darling,s crimes and misdemeanors are being investigated. The mustard has done less than nothing for blacks as a group. Must be nice knowing the person you backed wouldn’t,t waste spit on you but can still count on your vote.

    • oneAmerican

      Let’s not underestimate the ‘blacks’. MANY are informed & informING. So while you make a rather good point know that There are as many, if not more white & hispanics living in the same ignorance. This would include some in the ministry as well. If you doubt this, check out the film shown on the ‘wall street’ mess. A slew of young college age white protesters….We need to all also rememberthat the level of expectation is often mirrored in the results.

    • Diane

      They are already starting to do this, thanks to Obummer, Union Thugs, Acorn. Protesting wall street and these stupid people, when ask, don’t know why. It is all community agitation

    • lynn usmc &army

      I am also fed up of the TRATERS .And can make alarge gaping hole in there ass large Simper Fi

    • Doris Carman

      This is true. Ol Sharpton and Jesse will be up front with their spears of righteousness. o yea. But riots can be put down.

  • http://facebook LN Buckner

    This story shows how they Democrats give America away one piece at a time !

  • Dallas

    YOu people need to see this guys video at I believe all that we see is only to anger us more to create panic just like OWS. Because these are lies being told to blind us just like we did to our enemey’s in WWII it’s propaganda but against us.Just like the Matrix anyone still remembers the movie were nothing is what it seems. Right now the whole world is a stage and very powerful people are directing your life for destruction. I don’t care if those don’t believe me it’s the people who still can think for them selfs who I am reaching before they react.

  • William Page Jr

    Will it ever stop?So very sad.I sure am worried
    for our Grandkids.It is just not a feel good state
    of affairs right now!

    • Sam

      Don’t be sad! Pick yourself up and do something to convince people to VOTE against the tyrant in the WH. We can win by VOTING him out of office and begin rebuilding our great country.

  • Insurgent

    What an fickin’ embarrassment this Kenyan is to America!!!

  • jean

    I believe that the Anti-Christ has been more than one person on this earth over the years. Hitler,Stalin to mention two and I’m beginning to wonder who the lastest one is (?). They were defeated I hope we can defeat the next one

    • dean

      We have an incorrect concept of Anti-Christ. Far from being a monster like Obama, he will appear to be, well, Jesus – to those who don’t know the real thing.

    • Korean War Vet

      The current one is OBUMMER, aided by his sister, HRC.

    • JC

      I honestly do not believe that Barry Soetoro is the “anti-christ”, yet I am convinced that he believes it which makes him even more dangerous to America and our American Values.

  • G

    socialists demoncraps love ole-buma, hate America, Vote’M out in 2012. Semper Fi

  • Glen

    Obama is clearly a radical Muslim Jihadist terrorist and needs to be tried for Treason.

    • Korean War Vet

      AMEN to that, Glen!

    • lynn usmc &army

      amen too

    • Sam

      Unfortunately, he is the president, right or wrong, and can be removed from office only by Impeachment in the House, trial in the Senate and if found guilty, can be removed from office. He can be VOTED out of office, or he can resign.

    • Korean War Vet

      Sam, his arrogance will not allow him to simply resign; he must be removed by law.

  • Republicman

    The word “abomination” is obsolete. The correct current noun is “obamination”.

  • frank la may

    can we please impeach obama. he is the worse president since jimmy carter and needs to go he is stealing from the american public and we are allowing it. come on impeach him

    frank la may

    • G

      Just vote him out. Impeachment takes to much money and to much time.

    • Mary S

      It is too late — now is the time to turn back to God and pray. 0’s impeachment procedures could backfire and give him the victory.

    • Sam

      Mary, just get everyone you know to VOTE against this evil man and quit worrying about things you can’t control! VOTE him out of office!

  • walter deyoung

    It is FAR past time to throw Nobama and camp followers out of office, this is past treason, do ya have any doubt that Nobama loves the stupid Muslems.^*^_&(%&^#

  • Steve L.

    It would appear that our government (at least this administration) has started to take on the same pathology as the serial abuser: inflict serious harm then apologize for it, then repeat. This time it is a slimeball, but who’s next?

    • Kay

      Oh, I’m sure she had to explain that it was nothing personal. You know, it’s just something they thought they could use to stay in power. You know, kill a terrorist, maybe you can look tough and get a few badly needed votes. It’s like playing war. He shoots with his fingers crossed, saying, “I really didn’t mean it. These bad Americans made me do it.”

    • oneAmerican

      Great analogy!

  • SteveP

    Well, dang. Obummer is off the deep end with a woman to help. Guess they never read the true story of a man who said he wished he’d never HEARD of the USA:

  • Curtis Rowell

    I just have one thing to say to this – Impeachment couldn’t happen soon enough to satisfy me.

    @Jean: Not all anti-christs will necessarily be defeated, but The Anti-Christ will be.

  • frank la may

    why not?

    frank la may

  • frank la may

    which part of why not don’t you morons not understand

  • Curtis Bostic

    we have the option of voting this scum out of office!

    • Red

      You are correct Curtis. He can’t be Impeached and removed from office, bacause the Devil Incarnate, Harry Reid, will not let it happen. Whatever your political persuasion, we must get this tyrant out of office. He is no more, nor no less, than our greatest enemy

  • Don

    The obumbler in the Black House needs to be sent to prison for high treason tried and convicted and then sentenced to death by a firing squad right after being feed pork for about 3 weeks.

  • Vicki J. Hudalla

    I firmly believe that Obama is purposely trying to get people fired up about him so that they will start a revolution so that he can annouce Martial law right before the elections, meaning, no one can vote him out. We all need to calm down so we can quietly cast our votes and get our country back.

  • frank la may

    i guess your an ass hole and that covers it all

    frank la may

    • Julius Lohr

      Frank, How does it feel to be winning the hearts and minds of the other posters with your valuable insight? Who’s the moron now?

  • Carol

    The President ok’s the killing then offers their condolenses to the family,I don’t see no one that was involved with all of the attacks on Americans offering condolenses to the families here

  • onemadwoman

    Surely there is no surprise here – he bows down and kisses the hand of Arab rulers. My only consolation is the hope that the hand he kisses is they one they wipe with.

    • just sayin

      The problem is, he keeps kissing as they turn around!

  • Ernest Emmerling

    An apology is an admission of doing wrong. It is now on record. Obama is covering himself. But as Commander-in-Chief he was wrong to have murdered them without due process or wrong to apologize for doing his duty to protect citizens. But he is wrong both ways and because he will use the killing of these terrorists as a foundation to kill any poitical enemy, which was his real motivation for killing them. Otherwise, he isalways happy to support anti-American, anti-Israel Muslim terrorists and even put them in pwer, like in Egypt and soon in Libya.

    • Korean War Vet

      I have a question to ponder, Ernest: we know that he has had an American citizen (terrorist or not) killed; when other Americans are killed by his hands, will he continue apologizing to their families? Just wondering.

    • oneAmerican

      Ernest, seems others share this view. But tell me EXACTLY what is “DUE PROCESS” for someone that has denied/abandoned his citizenship & reaked & promoted death to his “birth” brothers? Do you believe that those like him, deserve the same liberties as you do? I honestly am trying to understand this view.

  • Paladin

    Fortunately Obama and Clinton do NOT speak for me and I have no regret or condolences to express towards the family that bred a traitor to our country. He took up arms against our country in the form of his hate-propoganda filled website and magazine, he promoted the destruction and death to all Americans and he died a traitors death, without glory, leaving a few kibbles and bits to be buried. Burn in hell you traitor sun of a bitch. and to his family… burn in hell for producing such a monster to society.

  • tom

    What do you expect from the “apologizer in chief”.

  • Marie

    What is patriotic about a President ordering a hit on a bad American?

  • Gregory Allan Martyn

    Apologize! All that Obama has done in the last few years is apologize to everybody as if we had done something wrong to each and every one of them. It is really weird that the people and countries that he apologizes to should apologize to us instead. I am now positive that all Obama want to do is destroy this country as we know it and make us all slaves to the state.

  • http://patriotupdate jaxboy

    Just say no to fo’ mo’ for BO the Soros ho!


    And to think they sent more of our money to more Solar Businesses last week in the sum of 700 mil. and Nasty Polosies brother in law happens to work at one of them….mymymymy
    Ready to clean the stalls and build a new barn.

  • http://AOL Barbara R.

    Is this a surprise to anyone? It appears that there is a constant problem that obama or his cronies have done. “Fast and furious” apo;ogizing for the death of one of our enemy, just two of many things that has come about that. Did he apologize to the family of Brian Terry? Probably not! I cannot believe that there are many idiots that continue to support this so called prez. Birds of feather flock together.


    when obummer goes, so must hilly.
    she obviouslyu doesn’t understand her oathof office or the second ammendment.

    • Korean War Vet

      Old Dad; just think: she intends to run for the Presidency someday; another traitor-in-waiting.

    • Mary S

      If she runs for office we better remember her actions under this administration and bring every one of them up against her. She is as dangerous as 0.

    • Sam

      She is a radical socialist just like her boss. They are disciples of Saul Alinsky. Hillary wrote her senior paper in college on Alinsky. She is also the one who convinced Obama to dump Egypt and bomb Libya. She is a ruthless person.

    • Red

      Well, Old Dad, I don’t know where you have been, but they don’t care what the Constitution says. Obama is a radical Muslim bent on destroying the country and he is receiving almost no opposition. You can help by VOTING against him in 2012.

  • J PW

    … two out w/one hit! (neither friends of America) .. continue hunt until none ‘left’-

  • Bernard

    Never before in this country’s history has an administration been so against the people that voted them in, and so intent on destroying America, as we’ve known it in the past. People proved in 2008 that America is not prejudiced. I pray that they can vote intelligently in 2012 and try to get this country back on track. It’s time that WE the people demand that politicians respect our wishes, not theirs.

  • Ron

    Spooney, Right on. I could not have said it better.

  • James Jordan

    I stongly suggest that you read the book “1861” about the opening of the “Civil War”. We are rapidly approching another civil war.
    When a Manchurian candidate and a fool that we currently have as president does everything that he can to destroy our republic, then it is time to head for the hills.
    It is only going to get worse.
    We are rapidly approching a dictatorship run by a Marxist, Moslem stooge.
    Wake up America we are being betrayed by both the Republicans and the Demoncrats.
    Neither party is able to solve the mess that we are now in. Proffesional politicians (lawyers for the most part) got us into this mess and they have no idea how to get us out, or is this part of a larger scheme hmmmmm ?
    God Save Our Republic

  • charles d hargrave

    Obama has NO respect for the American people,he needs to be voted out of office or impeached,he has yet to apologize to the family of the border agent killed by guns allowed to be sent to Mexico by Obama,he’s not a leader and when he gets in trouble in the poles he becomes a nice guy to fool people into thinking he’s one of us,if he gets re-elected America is doomed.

  • Clifton

    You know Holder and Obama have the time to direct the government to sue our states on immigration laws and investigate past administrations cia efforts and willing to try terroists on our soil as citizens of this country, whose got this picture all wrong????????? Obama is showing his true colors and there is no one in his administration that will stand up to him and for that shame on all of them that call themselves Americans, true Americans have died for this country and these dirtbags are disrespecting the innocence patriots of this great nation. I am really upset at this. If this guy(obama) doesn’t like this country then take your chicago a** and move to the middle east where your loyalty really lies.

  • stevor

    He did it to “cover his a$$” to the Muslims.

  • http://patriotupdate Gary M.

    One word: IMPEACHMENT!

  • SAM

    Have they made their apologies to the Seals that were ‘killed’ shortly after getting Bin Laden?

    • Korean War Vet

      I don’t THINK so, Sam!

  • dblur

    After the sealing of his scholastic records his associating with Marxist and the leftist scum, after getting away with providing us all with a forged birth certificate and obviously kowtowing to Muslims everywhere, why is anyone shocked that this quisling president would apologize to this terrorist who was actively working to kill Americans?
    The lame stream media long ago gave this traitor a pass, the treason is rampant, and it is from the president down to the lowlifes who own magazines, newspapers and television stations who also will not call him to task. My father and brother and uncle; all Marines, are rolling over in their graves, it is time for all good men to look deep into their consciences and do what needs be done. Spoony, I am with you 100%, when will the rest of you get on board? Wake up America, before it is too late!


    That jerk was a traitor, and committed TREASON!! Is the White house whipped or what??

  • rodney burke

    does this NOT tell us where Ovomit’s priorities are? He values our enemies more than he does Americans. So does Hilary. This is a disgrace. The family of this terrorist, is a disgrace to America. They had a son who wanted to destroy America and kill it’s people. We need to nullify Barry Zero, the terrorist and put in someone who is an American and is FOR America. The liberal demoncraps are for terrorists and not America. We have a problem, America, George Bush would have NEVER apologized for killing our “foreign enemies” Barry won’t defend us against our foreign enemies. And he has people IN his administration who are our “domestic enemy”

  • GENE

    What a disgrace to our country. Not only is he not an american he is a racist to boot. Clinton does not have enough brains to pour piss out of boot and she sure can’t run the State Department. Fire/impeach both of these sorry excuses for leaders and do it now. We just can’t keep our (CONGRESS) heads in the sand and these losers keep carrying on like they give a damn about us and THE CONSTITUTION AND THIS GREAT COUNTRY.


    I tried to post a comment a few minutes ago and was shut down. It was not inappropriate, just the truth about obluma and his chicago mob. We must take this country back or it will disintegrate before our very eyes.

  • EST

    Hillaryous and Obamanation are essentially one and the same…..painful and distainful jokes.

  • Pointdan

    Nov 6, 2012 – we throw this Kenyan Marxist out of office. All Republican candidates for presidency must set aside their egos.
    IF you can’t win, let’s not be criticizing those who can. Defeating this Marxist Pig must be the priority.

    • oneAmerican

      REGIME CHANGE 2012…as styled by real patriotic American Citizens
      Vote with knowledge

    • an american

      You are so right; we must concentrate on the plan to rid Oba and his evil lepachons and vote them out!
      United We Stand;Divided We Fall!
      From now on until 2012, we need to stay focused on getting out of office all of the democrats that are destroying our Country and our Constitution! – Each of the GOP’s running for Presidential office, have great & better plans than what Obama has!
      It is necessary; is that they stop belittling each other & stay focused on what they have to offer. It is disgraceful when they go against each other and demean each other against their own party candidate; This is what Obama’s clan is already doing and they are laughing because those doing it, are helping Obama to demean ourselves as Republicans!
      Many Black people don’t believe in Obama’s socialist and radical and communistic views; yet they voted for him! At present, many Blacks are sorry that they voted for him, but they gave him the benefit of the doubt! I would have voted fo him on the second time around if he had done what he promised and if he had made our country better; however, he is now seen for what he is and we need to elect a president that loves America and doesn’t apologize continually for doing what has to be done!
      WE MUST REMEMBER that Obama said that if he had to choose to stand ground; he would stand by the muslims!… Obama’s clan have lied, have conspired against our nation, have done just about eveything behind closed doors, etc.
      Pery has shown good qualities and I do hope that he reconsiders the illegal issue or gives us reasonable explanation for his view on this. Like most Ameicans, I hope and pray for the best leader to take office!
      God Bless America!

  • MichConservative

    Someone mentioned due process wasn’t done. I disagree. I believe part of an Immigration or Nationalization Act states if a U.S. citizen commits treasonous acts, denounces his citizen etc. they forfeit their rights as a U.S. citizen and can be considered an enemy combatant and due process is no apllicable.

  • Ralph

    sorry, i have to go THROW_UP!!!!

  • rodney burke

    Maybe itis time someone or a whole bunch of someones tell the American people just what this guy put on his blog and his website. We need to know EXACTLY what this guy advocated. He is not an American to feel bad about. He abandoned this country and went over to our sworn enemy. That is called treason. He and his cronies got what they deserved, we as the American people should be furious at the diseased president and SOS who are NOT against our enemies. the enemy in the mind of the demoncrap administration is important than the lives and security of the USA. That is a huge problem for the REST of us. I suppose next, Barry will allow islamic terrorists to invade the US and he will tell law enforcement to leave them alone! Criminal behavior is punishable, Let’s start with Eric Holder and work our way forward!

  • virginia stith


  • Linda

    I would expect nothing less from one communist to another

  • john

    It is foolish to appologize to this terrorists family. It further makes us look weak int he eyes of the world. Why appologize for eleiminating a terrorist? If we appologize for this one, then we can appologize for Bin Laden’s death and the others that have been killed on the field of battle.
    This is another of the administrations poor decisions that reflect negatively on the country and most certainly wil come back to roost on Obama. He is a dismally poor excuse for a president.

    • 3rdHerdCoD

      Bet you their moms thought they were such good boys!

  • Marilyn

    Are you really surprised that Oboma would apoligize for killing a muslim? To think we are arguing over Romney being a mourmon, when we a muslim in the White House.

  • Linda

    Vote RON PAUL do away with all this butt kissing and catering to Muslims!!!

    • just sayin

      Yeah! Let’s just follow Ron Paul and turn the middle East over to them by leaving! You nutjob!

  • Larry

    I am sick of our so called elected in Washington. What a joke they all are. I’m sick.

  • Bud


  • Paul R. Bayse

    Anyone that is a terrorist against the United States should be killed without apologies.

  • http://aol donwilliamson

    I have sent a letter to ALL of these folks in DC that states on the last workday before the election next year “stop and by yourself a newspaper—thow it all away except the job ads” First the articles in the newspaper isn’t worth wrapping mullet, and secondly the job ads will put them in the same category as I’ve been in since July 28, 2008. Welcome to the real world all of you rats!

  • RickMT

    What if the Muslim Brotherhood grew tired of waiting on Barack to turn us all into camel humpers and took him out. Do you think they would apologize? Nahhhhhhh.

  • Sue

    God has blessed American but how long will He continue to bless us when we as a nation allow this God hater to lead America?? He has approved and backed every ungodly thing he can. Pray, pray, pray for our God Blessed America.

  • tired

    TALK TALK AND MORE TALK.the only thing we have going for this Country and the World is 2012 is coming.Lets hope God will make a big change in the way we have let us all ruin this planet and let us go back to the beginning. That is the only way we will be able to get rid of all the rotten Government we now have.

  • Mrs.Patriot52

    I am speechless but not surprised! This makes me sick. Obama is a traitor to America and he is doing everything he can to destroy this great nation. Anyone who doesn’t believe he is Muslim through and through is a fool. God help this country!

    • Jane

      I agree totally.

    • Mary S

      I truly believe the politicians in WDC are afraid of 0 and his cronies. I would not be surprised if threats are made to our representatives and their families if they try to get rid of 0.
      Or they are bamboozled by his so called sincere attitude. Bah!!


    People this Piece of SH.. is not out of touch or incompitent, he is one of the smoothest con man that we have seen, barr none. he has managed to slip into the very head positon of our countries power and is at the controls. All of these moves that we all can see are that of the enimy, yet none in of themselves call for impeachment. But there lies in one of his back room deals a crack that can be used to get him out and all of his damage can be repaired. WE MUST force our CONGRESS to investagate

  • Mongoose

    Isn’t it clear yet that this administration
    won’t be touched by anyone ? Treason and
    sedition are the new acceptible.Besides talking, no one in government is trying to stop it. They are too busy talking!!!

  • James

    And when he takes over, the Barrack part of his name will never be heard again.

  • http://facdebook dolores

    This makes me sick! What other president has ever done this (Jimmy Carter, maybe) and gotten away with it. Stop using the fact that he is the first African-American to hold this office to excuse his stupidity!

  • Red

    Tell your representatives in the Congress, they can’t read your mind. Write, call, fax, or meet with them often.

  • mam-ma

    Every Christian in America should be saying



    • Mary S

      Just saying “God bless America” isn’t going to help. America needs to turn back to God and learn His ways and learn how to pray.
      Before God can answer our prayers — positively or negatively — He has to hear them first.
      We must acknowledge or confess our sins to Him first: 1 John 1:9, Rom 2:15, Psalm 66:18
      We are NOT righteous if we have mental attitude sins or overt sins that we have not confessed to God the Father before we make our request known to Him.
      John 4:24 God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.
      We must worship God (includes prayer) in Spirit (in fellowship with God) and in truth (using the Word of God so we know how to pray and what to pray about) otherwise our prayers are not acknowledged by God.

    • an american

      Your are right, Mary, we need to return our hearts to God and have a change of attitude.
      Our country has become very anti-God; but we do have many Christians who have remained faithfully true to God and it is those Christians that are praying and as in the times of Jonah, people repented and God sparred Nineveh; and as in the times of Sodom and Gommorha, the people chose not to repent and God destroyed the two cities with fire. God is coming soon and those who choose God’s way will be saved and those who choose evil, lying, hurting others; will be destroyed because they could never be happy in heaven’s perfection; and God said that He would never permit for Sin to rise a second time! Thank God for that!

  • http://na sonny davis

    this guy is a real nut case

  • http://! jb80538

    Any apology should have been “I’m sorry your family member was a nasty terrorist. We had no choice but to kill the slimeball”

  • Capt Gene

    He’s a muslim; what would you expect? Hell, he had a formal islamic funeral for that lower than low life osama bin “low-life”. The fact clinton apologized also shows her/his/undecided’s allegiances in that she/he/undecided did glorious leader’s bidding rather than the right thing and saying “if you want an apology, they YOU apologize.” Neither of them love America; rather the loathe America. As for apologizing, my feeling is wrap the swine in a hog’s skin, stuff a pork chop in his mouth and bury him under the pig dung heap.

  • http://deleted Darren

    Hey, those folks have to stick together. Of course “O’Bama would feel sorrow for the loss of one of is own. What else is new ?

  • ARMYOF69

    What we should be doing is keeping an eye on the rest of his family, to make sure THEY are not involved in more treason.

  • Alexander Kaminski

    How far we will let Obama go before we will do the right thing to impeach Obama! Apologizing to a family for killing an enemy of United States is a treason! Impeach Obama now without waiting for presidential election in 2012. Impeach Obama now!

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • ACEMAN

      Ron Paul? He’d prolly do the same thing. He shouln’t have apologized to his family. I would have apologized with a Mack 10! Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. No PC police! Join today!

    • SpellCheck

      Your mssg is fine, and I agree. Please write probably ( not prolly ) in the future. Thanks.

    • R

      Ron Paul would not have to apologise because he wouldn’t have them killed. America isn’t America, it has been hijacked . Your right wing rhetoric is just as bad as the socialists… blind. Join the revolution against both parties controlled by the banksters

    • Don39

      prolly rite!

    • Phillip

      You had better be glad that this is not the 1940s or 1950s, you would have been in prison by now. By the way, this article has to do with Obama, Clinton and high treason. In time of war(which is now) the penalty is death. No apology is required.

    • daves

      The right to due process is a God given right and cannot be forfeit or taken away by humans.

    • American

      daves,you might love being a commie but the rest of us love our American freedom. obama should apologize to all of America for being a traitor. muslims and only muslims killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 and we must never foregt that. We are at war with islam and if the muslims kill the Christian Pastor in Iran for being a Christian then we should all take out muslims around the world and rid our planet of islam grems. islam is un curable. mohammed and allah are both homo pig loving scum.

    • 3rdHerdCoD

      Politicians and generals conduct war. It is however prosecuted by soldiers on either side of lines drawn. Some serve out of love for country or idea, for some it is a means of bettering their lot after serving, for some it is just a job. Those that through their actions cause the death of another for an idea or country outside the structure of internationally accepted military structure, are by definition terrorist combatants, those that perform non combative spook functions are as such, spies. Both are enemies of your state. Terrorist combatants through their functions and actions do not differentiate between combatants, legalized combatants and civilian or noncombatant targets, meaning strict military units or targets; because by and large their primary target is public opinion through the efficacy of the willing media. No civilized military unit goes after civilian targets as a matter of course. Terrorist and spies by their actions have legitimized themselves as legal enemy targets as much so as pirates on the high seas have. The times where civilian collateral casualties happen during a legitimate military operation, are lamentable, but are a result of happenstance. There have been incidents where intended enemy targets have hidden amongst civilian populations and have used them as shields and later as propaganda fodder. These incidents are productive and are used at every opportunity as propaganda. Politicians to further their party politic and their own personal political agenda consume it as easily as a mayfly hatch in a fishpond.
      So the short of it is, Mrs. Clinton, you are duplicitous in your duty to your country, but more so bordering on treasonous and perfidious conduct towards the men and women who prosecute the wars you supported when it was convenient for your agenda. When it was no longer a viable vehicle for your career path, you and others, disengaged yourselves from your word and commitment and threw the men and women under the bus. These men and women, and especially their families, who through the consequence of your participation in the decision, suffered incommutably irreparable physiological and psychological damage, not to mention death; in their faithful completion of their sworn duty to their country and the decisions of the their representatives. I know they are eternally ingratiated to you for your faithful execution of your covenant with them.

    • stormy

      On war has been declared,so we can’t do anything on the grounds of war,They know what they are doing.

    • Les

      Ovomit is not apologizing for all the
      christians killed by muslims, muslims, muslims in Egypt. bo is not saying anything against it. I think we all know why, because
      he is one of them, the muslims. Everyone check your paper part of your ballot for 2012. Talk to people, go door to door, help with election, bring someone with to vote.

    • Les

      bo is not apoligizing for all the christians being killed by the muslims, muslims, muslims in Egypt. He hasn’t said a word. I think we know why. Bring someone to vote with you 2012. Check your ballot over the paper part. Help with election. go door to door. I don’t think this comment needs moderation.

    • floramae

      NOR, WILL IT,mark my word, the time remaining before the next election, all kinds of treasonous, (or just under the radar)acts will come forth from this evil, devil cretin, IT’S rattled to the point of grasping at straws, bringing in the Union thugs, acorn is now again involved, we may have to protest, the protesters.

    • Don39

      There is totally no ligitimate grounds to block this comment. Are you the nazis now? or just mob rule. All Tod did was espouse his support for Ron Paul, whom I do not support on the grounds of his isolationist beliefs, but I support Tod’s right to do so.

    • iitywybad

      I wonder if you can read. It says “Hidden due to low comment rating. Click Here to read”

      It was hidden due to 10 thumbs down ratings.

      What part of “Click Here to Read” didn’t you understand??

    • AliveStillKickin

      I am sick of hearing you Paulites rant and rave about that radical jerk.
      And QUIT WHINING!!!!

    • Dorothy


    • Captain Shays

      “that radical jerk” as you call him is the Thomas Jefferson of our time and if God really loves this country he will be our next president

    • Captain Shays

      Don, Please allow me to correct you on one thing you said. North Korea is “isolationist” while Switzerland is non interventionist. Do you see the difference? Our founding fathers modeled our foreign policy after Switzerland NOT Great Briton. They wanted us to be neutral or non interventionist not isolationist. We didn’t start to police the world and stick our noses in the business of other countries until the progressive movement. It was always the old style conservatives who opposed the wars that the democrats got us into. In fact that term “isolationist” was a derogatory term invented by democrats to describe conservatives who opposed their policy of “make the world safe for democracy” a system of government our founders detested. Ben Franklin said “democracy is like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for supper: liberty is two wolves and a well armed lamb contesting the vote. Jefferson said it was mob rule and tyranny of the majority. They did everything in their power to prevent us from becoming a democracy so of course they would spin in their graves if they see us sending our sons to kill and die for democracy. The new style conservatives however love and support the foreign policy not of the founding fathers or the real conservatives but of progressive Democrats. Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He’s a non interventionist.

    • Captain Shays

      “I have always given it as my decided opinion that no nation had a right to inter-meddle in the internal concerns of another; and that, if this country could, consistent with its engagements, maintain a strict neutrality and thereby preserve peace.” George Washington – Letter to James Monroe, August 25, 1796

      Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all. …The nation which indulges toward another an habitual hatred or an habitual fondness is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest. George Washington – Farewell Address, September 17, 1797

      Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none should be our motto. Thomas Jefferson – First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801

      If there be one principle more deeply rooted than any other in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Letter to William Short, 1791

      We certainly cannot deny to other nations that principle whereon our own government is founded, that every nation has a right to govern itself internally under what forms it pleases, and to change these forms at its own will. Thomas Jefferson – To Thomas Pinckney, December 30, 1792

      ‘Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent Alliances, with any portion of the foreign world.

      George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

      The constitution vests the power of declaring war in Congress; therefore no offensive expedition of importance can be undertaken until after they shall have deliberated upon the subject and authorized such a measure.

      ~George Washington

      The executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war.

      ~James Madison

      The power to declare war, including the power of judging the causes of war, is fully and exclusively vested in the legislature.

      ~James Madison

      The constitution supposes, what the History of all Governments demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch of power most interested in war, and most prone to it.

      ~James Madison

    • 3rdHerdCoD

      Captain, I couldnt agree with you more and your outakes and quotes are on the money. “Commerce, banking, business and global trade are what keeps the war machine going” A quote from my master sargent one day over a beer before I shipped out to VN.
      The discovery of this continent, was due to conflicts over trade routes. It is an old story.

    • Steve

      I really have to wonder what is wrong with a person that will throw in Ron Paul’s name in this article. WHAT DOES DR. PAUL HAVE TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE—-IDIOT.

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      obama should apologize to the American people for lying to us all and doing his best to crush our freedom and our way of life. obama promised no special interest group favors yet he has met with the commie soros almost 40 times since being president. Thats more than once a month and more than anyone else. So whats up? Transparency remember? We all better wake up. No more obama. No more soros.Transparency right?

    • Rock

      There is no proof to what you say. Again nothing but speculation and hate and nonsense.

    • an american

      You are very correct;
      United We Stand;Divided We Fall!
      From now on until 2012, we need to stay focused on getting out of office all of the democrats that are destroying our Country and our Constitution! – Each of the GOP’s running for Presidential office, have great and better plans than what Obama has!
      What is necessary; is that they stop belittling each other and just stay focused on what they have to offer. It is disgraceful when they go against each other and demean each other against their own party candidate; Thismis what Obama’s clan is already doing and they are laughing because those doing it, are helping Obama to demean ourselves as Republicans!
      Many Black people don’t believe in Obama’s socialist and radical and communistic views; yet they voted for him! At present, many Blacks are sorry that they voted for him, but they gave him the benefit of the doubt! I would have voted fo him on the second time around if he had done what he promised and if he had made our country better; however, he is now seen for what he is and we need to elect a president that loves America and doesn’t apologize continually for doing what has to be done!… Obama’s clan have lied, have conspired against our nation, have done just about eveything behind closed doors, etc.
      Pery has shown good qualities and I do hope that he reconsiders the illegal issue or gives us reasonable explanation for his view on this. Like most Ameicans, I hope and pray for the best leader to take office!
      God Bless America!

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      WHAT THE H3LL !!!!!!!! APOLOGIZE !!! WE THOUGHT WE ARE AT WAR WITH islamic terrorists!!!
      Did the mouse-slums apologize for 911?? HELL NO !!! They cheered & celebrated !!!!

    • Dale Eaton

      I am a disabled Viet Nam vet. The US government used to pay me to kill any and all communists. What a prime hunting ground in the White House and administration. The phony foreign bastard, Muslim, communist, lying, incompetent piece of shit has to go. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  • http://Patriot ROBERT SWARTZ

    Wow, I have to ask you this, why did our State Dept, Hillary Clinton and OBAMA appoligise to this AS?Hole. This is a sin. Many of Our Fighting Forces died over there in these A-Rab Countries. WHY??? This is TREASON. YOU Better remember 2012 Elections. Its our Last Chance

    • Jim Coleman

      I agree with all these comments. We need to work together and get the word out on electing a truly conversative and honest individual for the presidency in 2012. My personal favorite is Herman Cain. However, I will vote for the candidate running against Obama. I agree Obama is a traitor to this country and should be impeached.

    • Douglas


    • http://yahoo robert haley

      I realy like Herman Cain the more i hear the more i think that he What our country needs to pull us out of the ditch that Obama drove us deeper into .Bush started driving us into the ditch and Obama finished it for him .I am an Independe
      nt who leans right but if the Republicans try and put another John McCain i will stop voting for them all .

    • Derek Neuhauser

      The PENALTY for “Treason” and “Sedition” is not just Impeachment. Impeachment is what Bill Clinton got, and look what he’s doing today, with his FULL PAY PENSION, and FULLY PAID HEALTHCARE FOR LIFE!!

      No, the penalty for either “Treason” or “Sedition” is DEATH!! We are tiptoeing around the issue here, by pretending that Impeachment will solve ANYTHING!! Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, and ALL THE CZARS need to be brought up on CHARGES … and let’s BEGIN to get our COUNTRY BACK!! Oh, and throw in George Soros because he is BEHIND this all!!

    • Janet

      RIGHT! Why isn’t George Soros being investigated for all his subversive activities??

    • American For Truth And Justice…

      soros gets a white house pass as long as he gives obama money. Transparency right? No more obama or obama lies. No more soros. Stop socialism NOW… No more obama.

    • dragonfFIRE01

      of course it is. But who’s going to arrest him? Nobody. no one has the BALLS TO DO IT.

    • Ann Gilkey

      Right on Derek…I am with you…Obama and the others with him should have already been removed from our White House. I just don’t understand what the hold up is on getting rid of them.

    • PatriotGal

      Anyone else remember “The Man Without A Country” – a traitor put asea never to touch land again. Seems appropriate – all we have to do is figure out which country.

    • Thomas McCarthy

      No one on the left is brought up on charges, anymore. They are so insulated with like-minded facilitators that this ugly abuse of power continues to expand and flourish. Look at the mess Bwany Fwank and sidekick Dodd created, along with Raines. They get off scott-free. This country has become so soft that it is imploding without impunity.

    • Woolfy

      Cain is a great man. But with all the issues facing this country that are non-economic and the experience needed in government….we can’t have a person that needs “training wheels”. (ie Obama)
      We need brilliance and experience. Team Cain as VP with Gingrich and you’d have an unbeatable combination.

    • grampz


    • Willis White

      Cain probably the best qualified to be president. He can get the best advisers available for any weak areas. He has all the qualities a president needs. Newt, if he has any class at all, would be glad to serve him in an advisory capacity (e.g. Secretary of State, maybe). If I can’t get Herman Cain for president, I want Allen West for vice-president, with the expectations he would be in line to be president next. He would assure we had the right man if Cain has a re-occurrence of his cancer and either dies or is incapacitated.

    • lucitee

      Jim, I TOO would vote for Cain in a heart-beat! I am a 71 year old white widow and was taught by my Father that ALL of us were created EQUAL in “value”! The ‘detours” we sometimes take determines what happens in our lives! Herman Cain has a dynamic way of pointing out what happens when we make bad choices in our lives! His parents had the RIGHT idea in instilling humility, determination, honor, self-respect and common sense! We CANNOT rid our Country of bias, prejudice, racism, and corruption! But we CAN make a difference in the “space” we occupy! What we need in Washington is COMMON SENSE! I TRULY believe even without experience in Foreign affairs, Herman Cain will choose the RIGHT people to help him LEARN! But the MOST IMPORTANT message we can send to Washington by electing him is, Conservatives are NOT RACIST!
      Most black people voted for O’Bama strictly because he WAS Black! I would vote for Herman CAIN strictly because he is RIGHT! “CAIN RAISING CAIN” in Washington will put our Country BACK on the “RIGHT” path!

    • Bob R

      First let me say for the record I am a life long republican. In 2012 we are having the white house handed to us on a silver plater and we have the worst group to choose from that I have seen in my life time (I am 68) Herman Cain is probably the best we have but his experence is only slightly better tham Obummers. We will most likely get Romney and he is just Obummer lite. Unless someone else joins the field I don’t see anything changing with this group. But like you I’ll support anyone who runs against Obummer.

    • an american

      Oct. 11, 2011 –
      You are very correct;
      United We Stand;Divided We Fall!
      From now on until 2012, we need to stay focused on getting out of office all of the democrats that are destroying our Country and our Constitution! – Each of the GOP’s running for Presidential office, have great and better plans than what Obama has!
      What is necessary; is that they stop belittling each other and just stay focused on what they have to offer. It is disgraceful when they go against each other and demean each other against their own party candidate; This is what Obama’s clan is already doing and they are laughing because those doing it, are helping Obama to demean ourselves as Republicans!
      Many Black people don’t believe in Obama’s socialist and radical and communistic views; yet they voted for him! At present, many Blacks are sorry that they voted for him, but they gave him the benefit of the doubt! I would have voted fo him on the second time around if he had done what he promised and if he had made our country better; however, he is now seen for what he is and we need to elect a president that loves America and doesn’t apologize continually for doing what has to be done!
      WE MUST REMEMBER that Obama said that if he had to choose to stand ground; he would stand by the muslims!… Obama’s clan have lied, have conspired against our nation, have done just about eveything behind closed doors, etc.
      Pery has shown good qualities and I do hope that he reconsiders the illegal issue or gives us reasonable explanation for his view on this. Like most Ameicans, I hope and pray for the best leader to take office!
      God Bless America!

    • gmamesw

      Obama apologized because he and Hillary are both treasonists!!

    • R

      It s not the Arabs that started these wars, it is our hijacked presidency by the banksters of which Obama is a puppet. The real fight is against this take over by these traitors.

    • Captain Shays

      Absolutely spot on. The banksters are the greatest threat this country faces and THEY Should be brought up on charges of conspiracy,and treason and then they should be shot by a firing squad. Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Henry Ford, Charles Lindgurgh, Congressman Louise McFadden among MANY others have warned us. Now the ignorant ones are about to elect another of their puppets in Herman Cain who doesn’t even want to audit that corporation that controls our money supply because as he says, “they audit themselves? May God help us.

    • Bud

      Obama is a TRAITOR and should be treated as such. As a viet Nam era vet, it makes me sick that we have scum like Obama as our president. This isn’t the country that I volunteered for at 17 to fight for. Obama is worst than pond scum and should be thrown out of office.

    • IdontBrakeForDems

      obummer is cut from the same cloth as hanoi jane, surprised?

    • Capt Gene

      You are absolutely correct except the cloth they’re cut from is karl marx (lcit).

    • UMP13

      Now people,slow down for just one minute…
      There is so much going on,in and by,our Government that we do not know about and most likely would disagree with…The Agencies are completely of of control,FBI,ATF,CIA,and let us not forget TSA!
      Do you really believe everything that you SEE on TV,everything you READ in the news papers?REALLY??Do you really believe it should be THAT easy to order a HIT on someone???
      What if,by some crazy turn of events,the HIT was ordered on YOU,,,just saying!

    • Janet

      because Hillary’s “right hand girl” has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hillary is a communist…need we say more?

    • Dorothy


    • GINNY


    • Mike88

      What all of you commenting on here is totally forgetting is that Anwar al Awaki was still an American citizen and although he was accused of being a Terrorists and or recruiting other people into the organization called Al Kiada, there has been no proof of this claim established by the government because there was no DUE PROCESS as in a court of Law that all Americans are afforded. That is our right as American citizens. Like it or not, no matter what his personal beliefs or his Associations with other groups consist of, he was still an American citizen that was denied that Constitutional Right.It would be just like if you or I was placed on a hit list by Obama,it doesn’t matter what our associations or personal beliefs were, we are still afforded our Due Process in a Court of Law so we can defend ourselves against the “CLAIMS” made by the prosecutor, and as of yet that is all they were was a Claim with no proof. That is the way our American Justice System works like it or not.

      But Obama decided by himself and his unelected panel that this American citizen doesn’t deserve Due Process in a Court of Law. Does that mean that the alleged Constitutional Scholar Named Barack Obama can make the Claim that you or I are also terrorists, and don’t deserve our Due Process in a Court of Law, and put a contract out on any of us?

      This alleged Constitutional Scholar that is now the President named Barack Obama has broken and violated just about every rule or law or article of our Constitution, yet very few people have even taken notice of this fact or seems to have a problem with this?

      That is what is so disgusting about his Presidency, and this entire administration. Eric Holder since he works for the American people by his lawful position and capacity as Attorney General should be investigating his own boss and Prosecuting Obama himself for “Conspiracy to commit Murder.” on an American citizen.”

      All American citizen has the Constitutional Right to Due Process and have their day in court, no matter how much you disagree with their associations or their personal beliefs. For you Ron Paul bashers out their, this is what Ron Paul was saying about President Obama violating the Constitution. Ron Paul was not taking sides with Anwar al Awaki Ron Paul was simply saying that all Americans have their Right to Due Process afforded to them by our Constitution with is what Obama Denied this American citizen.

  • Don Rushing

    We should apologize for allowing him to be elected in the first place. We should never
    apologize for voting Barry out in Nov 2012.
    It would be wise to never elect such a piece
    of trash to occupy the White House again.

    • john nicoletti

      I could not have said it better. Thank you for echoing my sentiments. Four and out.

    • James Bennett

      Don: How about never letting trsh like Obama to live in America or his jerky wife. They have raped America!

      Jim Bennett

    • lucitee

      James, “poor” folks have never been RICH before getting into OUR White House! They own NO property, NO home, and could NEVER have afforded the “LIFESTYLE our “tax dollars” have given them! Like blind dogs in a meat packing plant, they are ‘sniffing’ out the good stuff! We “pay” for their DINNER DATE that costs over $10,000.00 dollars? We pay for her “surprise” photo op trip to Target at a cost of 15,000.00? A Safari that included their children and family labeled ASSISTANTS so WE would have to pay for THEM TOO! At a cost of 450,000.00? They are REALLY enjoying their “FREEBIES”! Maybe when they leave the White House next year, they could afford one of their OWN! OR allow their billionaire “ATM’s to build them a CASTLE in Saudi Arabia! For a “job” well done!

  • Diane

    I have emailed my conservative representative several times and begged him to start impeachment process through the House of Representatives, or just plain arrest Obummer for the out and out Treason he has committed. I know it wouldn’t pass in the senate, but keep on doing it till it sticks. What are they so scared of? No spine, no guts, no gonads. We can’t wait for 2012. Remember when Obummer said he had 70% done, will he working on the other 30% by starting OWS. This could cause him to declare Marshall Law, and then there goes another freedom-NO Election. Obummer needs to ousted NOW!!

    • R. Cook

      “Martial” law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis—usually only temporary

    • R

      Secession is the only answer. Start a new country and leave the dead

    • Mary S

      At this late date there is nothing anyone can do to start impeachment proceedings. It could also give 0 more votes from the “feel sorry” crowd against us meanies. Poor 0, so unfair to the black race. Our greatest weapon is for America to turn back to God, learn how to pray correctly from the teaching of God’s Word taught correctly.
      John 4:24 God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.
      Prayer is not the answer to ALL our problems; application of Bible Doctrine is the answer.

    • Pam

      Amen Mary. We have turned our back on God, hence, we live in such a corrupt society. We all need to ask forgivness and live our lives the way God would have us to. Only God can change America, but it may be too late. Read you Bible everyone. This is a sign of the end times we are living in.

    • John Hunter

      There is a very good chance that you are correct about it “being too late”.`In
      Isaiah 6 it was too late to avoid judgment,
      for those that Isaiah was sent to preach to. And Jeremiah was told it was useless to pray
      for the Israelites, because it was too late, that God would not “hear” Jeremiahs prayer.
      But, you and I don’t have to worry about that. God “is mindful of His own,He remembers His CHILDREN”. Remember that God
      could not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah until
      He got His own out, even though Lot was
      carnal and should not have been in Sodom.
      And notice that Lot didn’t want to leave, the Angel had to practically drag him out.
      Tragically, many Christians today are like that, they are not wanting Jesus to come
      for His bride, they are so enamored with
      this world. That is why I refer to the
      Rapture as the “grand rip-off”, it is when
      God will “rip-off” Christians. Even so, come
      Lord Jesus.

    • John Hunter

      You are on to something there Mary.
      Let me add this to it. Prayer can not
      be effective unless it comes from
      sound biblical doctrine.
      “Study to show thyself approved unto
      God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
      2Tim.2:15 The important word there is “study”. You can not have sound doctrine without study. So, to pray effectively, you
      have to study.

    • JIM


    • Mary S

      However, with the events happening today regarding Iran’s terrorist plot on American soil (I wonder) may keep Holder out of the limelight regarding Fast & Furious. The dems are good at dodging the bullet.

    • Chuck

      You’re right in concluding there will be no impeachment, but not for the reason stated. Impeachment is not like a bill that must pass thru committees and both houses of Congress and is subject to votes at various points. Also, impeachment doesn’t involve the federal court system, nor does it involve the voting public. The House draws up “articles of impeachment,” much like an indictment in the judicial system. It investigates the charges and prosecutes the case based on the evidence collected. There is no vote taken. The impeachment case is heard by the Senate, which acts like a court and, under the Constitution, serves the same function. It must rule based on the evidence presented by the House, not on political considerations. There are no committees and no voting – just a finding based on evidence. It would be difficult for the Senate, even a Senate controlled by Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats, to avoid or shirk this duty.

      Articles of impeachment were drawn up by the Republicans in the House sometime back, before they had control of the House. With Dems controlling the House, there was no chance that the matter would be properly investigated and prosecuted, and if it were done successfully, Mr. Biden would become President. Biden is smarter, more experienced, and probably just as liberal as Obama, so the impeachment was never presented. I’m told that it’s being considered again, but will not likely take place for the same reason. We need to get rid of Obama, but not by putting a smarter, more experienced liberal in his place. It would be difficult (but not impossible) to get a “package deal” impeaching both Obama and Biden in the same action; getting them both convicted would be problematic and unlikely, and it would have nothing to do with the Senate’s willingness, or lack thereof, to render a conviction. Because a successful removal of both Obama and Biden would have put Pelosi into the White House prior to last November’s elections and the Congressional power shift, a package impeachment could not even be considered. Now it’s probably “too little, too late” in the political scheme of things, and the Republicans in Congress are involved in a bitter battle to neutralize some of the economic damage done by Obama et al.

      As it shakes out, it’s up to US, the conservative voters of the U.S., to remove Obama et al at the ballot box. In the process, we must clean house in the Senate AND in state and local elections to put more true conservatives into public office. To become part of the solution, we all must make great efforts to organize conservatives everywhere, educate the public, and get as many conservatives as possible to the polls at every election – all while watching carefully for signs of election fraud.

      There will be state & local elections between now and Nov 2012. Let’s get out there and do the job, and let’s get the conservative vote out in massive quantity. That’s the way we can successfully fix the problem – not by arguing and bickering amongst ourselves.


    • Mike88

      I agree with you 100%, but the Conservatives, Independents, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, as well as disgruntled Democrats must join forces and elect a real Constitutionalists for president that will not only reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government to it’s Constitutional role, as in elimination of the EPA, FDA,BATF, Department Of Education, Department of Energy, Federal Reserve,IRS, Department of Homeland Security, and all other non-Constitutional Departments or Agencies. That is the only way to actually reduce the size,scope, and authority of the Federal Government. There is but 1 politician that is willing to and has talked about this publicly, that politician is Ron Paul.No matter what any of you believe, like or dislike about Ron Paul’s foreign policy of trading with all nations but aligning ourselves with none, this is NOT a Isolationists foreign policy, this is a non-interventionalists foreign policy. The united states has no business intervening in other nations little squabbles or wars unless we are attacked ourselves. We have absolutely no business policing the world and we simply can’t afford it. Any thing that the Federal Government is currently doing today that is not authorized by the Constitution needs to be abolished. This will shrink our Federal Government way down to it’s rightful size and scope of authority.

    • lucitee

      Diane, MOST of them are on the “PAYROLL” of O’Bamas groomers! AKA: Agendized Foreign enemies of America, Instructors and tutors who have financially paid his way all his LIFE! With the ultimate goal, destroying our COUNTRY! It has taken YEARS for “THEM” to get to this point! “THEY” won’t give up easily! In FACT they thought we would be EASY to take DOWN! Plan “B” is more aggressive “LEMMINGS”! You will find them on Wall Street! Leaving love peelings, dirty underwear, trash, empty beer cans and empty Grey Goose bottles supplied by Fancy Nancy and paid for by US! Trash which they will NOT remove, including themselves, public sex, etc.!
      They have a right to “protest”, but do WE? Hell no!

  • Larry Kelley

    Please, please People….Can we rise up and get rid (impeach of course….with all their spying on US citizens using the Patriot Act, I’m afraid to say what I really think) of our treasonous, lying, jerk of a President?

  • Joe

    God Help US

  • osama obama hater

    Just another GOOD rag head!

    • w. rand

      Nothing good about the ‘ragheads’They all should be shipped out of our America!!!!

  • http://None Lawrence De Mayo

    The only apology would be to say that we are sorry we did not kill him sooner! War is war and he knowingly went to war with us. I for one am glad that we got the little rat! Let freedom reign!

    • R

      Your blinded by right wing rhetoric. These people were not fighting Americans, they were angry at the government who has been slaughtering; the office of the president has been hijacked by internationalists, globalist banksters. They own Obama Flintstone clinton,

    • Tom

      R, when you choose to parrot the conspiracy websites try reading the whole article(s). Just to reinforce your guessing- EVERY DEMOCRAT since Woodrow Wilson has done their bit to help destroy this country. Surprise, surprise the republicans are part of the conspiracy!

    • John Hunter

      Every president probably has, and every president probably will do things that
      aid the “elite” who are out to bring in
      the anti-god one world government.
      The problem is a spiritual one. We
      wrestle against “principalities and powers,”
      against “wickedness in high places.”
      The only sensible and safe thing to do is
      to Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as ones
      Lord and Savior.

    • Mike88

      Freedom for whom may I ask. This so called “raghead” was actually an American citizen and no matter what his personal beliefs or associations were, he was still denied his Constitutional rights to Due Process and the Government itself failed to prove their case of any wrongdoing. All Obama did was make the Claim that this man was a Terrorists and Assassinate him, point blank,in cold blood. By your statement, Obama has the same right to do this to you or I just because we have a different belief or associate with other people then the government approves of.

  • Fred Boas

    This is outrageous!!!! NO excuse for it

  • Gene Arrigoni

    Barry has to go!! Herman Cain for 2012

    • Mike88

      Yes, I do Agree with you Obama has to go, but Herman Cain is nothing more than an elitists hack trying to become President just to keep the status quo. The only true candidate for president that will abide by and enforce our Constitution, the very document our nation was founded upon is Ron Paul.

  • edward

    What surprise?????????????????????Odama is a closet muslim……………………

  • Chris P

    One minute you thought it was a crime for him to be killed – now you don’t like the apology?

    You people are just anti-Obama just for the sake of being anti-Obama.

    Totally irrational

    • Meagain

      Yes we are anti Obama. We are anti Socialist, Marxist, and anti Communism. We are for America and the American way. We are for God and family. We are for freedom and liberty and all the things our Founding Fathers fought and died for. WE certainly are not for Muslims, Sharia Law, and Terrorist. We all just want our country back from this group that has hijacked it. If you don’t understand that you are sick!!!!

    • R

      I m for peace with all countries. I ve been an American a lot longer than you. If you really believe in God, you know He is going to spank you for what you have allowed your government to do. Because we can vote and speak out, if you haven’t, you will reap the judjments also. God doesn’t love you any more than any other peoples.. He looks on every persons heart, and we will stand before Christ and give account of our lives. Love never fails, try it. Don’t believe the false so called christians who support war. Those wars are not what American is about… the globalist bankers are using us for their new world of hell

    • Linda

      No offence R but I am a Christian, and struggle everyday with my bad behaviour or what ever it happens to be and feel very blessed that I can pray to God for forgiveness and it is given. But I honestly don’t know what you are talking about, God gives us a brain, and these people are murderers, cold blooded they don’t care who they kill or how horribly they kill them, they hate Christians they are the devil incarnate. So I do have an issue with what you are saying. It sounds a bit like you maybe a misguided Christian??

    • James Bennett

      Meagain: Amen!!!

      Jim Bennett

    • johnk

      your statement sounds like the old verbage,”Heads, I win; Tails, You lose.”

    • Linda

      WOW!!! What rock did you crawl out from under. Unless you are a muslim follower of this horses back side. He has done nothing but destroy AMERICA!!! He doesn’t have a clue as to what AMERICA stands for OUR CONSTITUTION. I truly hope that you move with this pr— back to kenya destroy that country get the h— out of OUR GREAT COUNTRY!! It is unbelievable to me that anyone with a 1/4 of a brain would still follow this nut job. Apologize??? Don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • IdontBrakeForDems

      Chris P you sound like a left wing liberal. If you are so sure of yourself, read this:

    • Colonialgirl

      Speaking of being irrational, have YOU looked in a mirror lately ??? Surprised the boys in white coats aren’t knocking at your door for your own safety .

  • Larry Hood

    More ignorance and anti-american stupidity by the Obama administration and the worthless Clinton fool.

  • time traveller

    I sure hope someone is saving all these articles in a scrapbook(crapbook),because following generations wont believe it, and liberals if they still exist will try everything to rewrite it or extreme right propaganda.

    • Mary S

      Good idea, time traveller.

    • R

      we don’t have that much time left. The one world government is upon us. One of the signs of the final end.. thank God. But it will all be recorded in Heaven, every word we say.

    • Janet

      Yes R, you are right but we are going through the time of tribulation, before Jesus returns, Read Matthew 24 where Jesus says He is coming back “AFTER the Time of Tribulation”

  • http://yahoo Puzzeled

    He didn’t even tell the familes that were killed at Ft. Hood he was sorry for the men who were killed or wounded but came out and said not to judge the doctor who did the shootings. Of course, he was a Muslim and that is why. We should be able to get him out of the White House. I do not know how he can look himself in the mirror each day. Who I really feel sorry for are his girls. What a life they are going to have with such a horrible father. And Michelle is just as bad.

    • R

      are you kidding. They totally believe in what they are doing. Remember? His promise… CHANGE is coming… well we got it. and I m sure those controlling him have alot more to shove in our face

    • JIM


  • brad morgan

    what the hell are our goofy politicians up to now ,we must dosomething to eliminate all of these idiots from our government and do it now ,this is disgusting and a blow to the american people

    • Bill

      Tell your representatives in Congress. Agitate them frequently. All they fear is not being reelected. Call, write, fax, or visit with them. They can’t read your mind. if they won’t listen, VOTE them out.

    • Flash67

      Join up on and see the changes we are trying to make. People need to join and not just talk about it. Talk is nice, action makes things happen. For our country, our children and our way of life we must rid ourselves of the vermin that hold these high offices. Espescially the biggest traitor obummer, don’t impeach find him guilty of treason and punish him like the law reads……..

  • Josh

    This whole problem started when we captured the American turned traitor John Walker Lind and didn’t put him up against a wall and shoot him for being the traitor against his country that he is. Instead we put him in jail, at our expense. As to Hillary offering her condolences to this rag head’s family, who’s crazy on this one? This confirms that

  • Janene Roussell

    There’s no time for IMPEACHMENT. He needs to be hauled off in handcuffs and thrown into prison for treason to our country, and work your way down on all his atrocities committed towards this country! He has thrown us so deep into debt that we can never get out! He is making this country a socialist state where we won’t be able to stand on our own two feet much longer! If we wait until the elections, we will have lost again, as he will have sewn up the vote! It’s not looking good, my friends…sigh!!!!

  • Jim

    Obamas opology to Khan family is not accepted by the American people. Obama is not accepted as the president of the United States and is a traitor of the US and does not represent America or American people. Democratic polititians have permitted Obama become our false president and have supported Obama in all areas to do as he pleases to destroy America. Obama and Democratic Congress have ruined this nation and have disgraced the American people.America make positive changes in 2012 or loose your freedom!

  • John Sullivan

    WOW!!! Another apology…The populace should make an apology to the world for electing the king of weakness. Clinton has done a good job, but wtf is she doing with this apology?? I just left her corner. Cain can and Cain will bring respect back to our country. No apology, no PC…just straight forward ,no BS , America and her people first agenda…. .

  • davh

    This fungus in the white house needs to be impeached.Sent to court and sentence for the crimes against America. Call the congress for impeachment. ASAP…………………

    • http://ObamaApologizesToSlainTerroristFamily Sarah

      Dont forget after court conviction, SENT TO GITMO for 80 years!

    • redhawk

      Gitmo is not the right place for these TREASONISTS. The correct punishment for TREASON is DEATH. No plea bargaining, no appeals, no anything, just a firing squad.

    • GINNY



    • Mary S

      davh, the sad part is that those in congress are either mesmerized by 0 or threatened. My so called conservative rep said that he didn’t think 0 was out to ruin America even though he has made some bad decisions. I hope that was just political talk and he didn’t really believe it. American will stay the course or get worse unless we turn back to God.

    • Sandy

      That’s the bottom line! God is our hope. Too many Americans have drifted from God and that’s how we ended up in this mess. He promised to heal our land if we humble ourselves and pray.

    • Bob R

      Just a thought when we consider impeachment.

  • H Stumpf

    We have a sick, anti-American, Muslim in our whitehouse !

    • R

      He s not muslim. The followers of Islam would have gotten rid of him a lot faster.
      Don’t misjudge a few crazy misguided extremists for what the muslims are , unless you really know what you are talking about.
      There are two faced, idiots, and deceived Christians like those who support war when the Bible says clearly he that lives with the sword will die by it; love your enemies and do good to them that hate you that you may be the children of your Father in HEaven.. don’t judge other people unless you know them. there are good and bad in every country.. you should know that by looking at your government

    • Don

      He is muslim and there is a video whereas he says he is ! Out of his own mouth !

    • Chuck

      It makes no difference what his religion is, or where he went to school, or where he was born. This dictator has a strangle hold on our country and if he is not removed, he will completely destroy our republic.

    • Sad

      I agree that if left in office he will ruin this country, but where he went to school, his upbringing, his dad, his religion, etc is what made him who he is today.

    • redhawk

      once a muslim always a muslim…..
      Leaving the muslim/islam faith is just like leaving the Mafia. Only on a cold slab.

  • Don Wells

    Impeachment really does little. He needs a firing squad.

    • debscurv

      It’s a good start though!!

    • w. rand

      Don-Right on !!!!

  • Rich

    Obama is insane. He and his buddies need to be arrested, convicted of (you name it, they did it)and sent to GITMO where they can enjoy there other Muslim buddies. Damn, how in hell was this guy ever nominated, let alone elected?

  • A Palm USA ret

    And Adolf Hitler and Joe Stalin were great humanitarians. This is another illustration of an administration scripted by the three stooges

    • Boletero

      Let´s not insult the three Stooges!!!

  • big dave


  • Boletero

    What did you expect? I am surprised that they did not apologize and kiss their ass, sooner!!

    Let´s build the scaffolding necessary for a GUILLOTINE. Rigth in front steps of our Congress. And pray the ass hol.. inside get the message.
    We could do the same in front of the WH. lawns!!!

  • KH

    Oh ye hypocrites. Harking the corruptness of the federal government but believing a den of thieves who justify the killing of Awlaki with a secret kill memo. You still haven’t learned what true liberty is all about. Where is your due process? What happens when you find yourself on a terrorist list for being anti-government? When the secret police come for you in the middle of the night who will protect you? You will be assumed guilty by all the other hypocrites.

  • eggsbenedict

    Well, Obama is a shmuck! They should be apoligizing to us. The Muslim religion is being foisted upon us by our Muslim president right under our noses. We are already bowing down to their wishes of trying Muslim criminals according to Sharia Law. Soon the towers will be going up calling us to daily prayers! Wake up people! This president has to go now!

  • Wilbor Gavin

    One Jihadist to another who’s Suprised.

  • Falcon

    When are Americans going to wake up to how much Obama despises this country?! Michelle hates this country that supplied her with the ability to go to college based on the color of her skin…let’s not forget people how she even told America how much the Obama family were ashamed of this country….so because of so many gullible puppets out there who don’t make any effort to look for the truth…they are hard at work dismantling America from the inside!! Wake him out

  • PaladinPatriot

    If this is true, we have a problem both in the WH and with the State Department.

  • Connie

    And Brian Terry’s family has yet to receive an apology for their loss!

  • GarySellersville

    I wonder if they apologized to the Border Agent that Eric Holder murdered (my opinion)

  • Dodi

    This is our enemy, why would he appolize to the enemy? This guy is not only an arrogant ass he is also OUR BIGGEST ENEMY and he is nuts! I don’t believe this guy has one decent bone in his body and he must go as far away as possible. Perhaps on a secluded island with no way to get off to do anymore harm to the American people. Enough is enough and he sure has given us a royal screwing! I hope that everyone who voted for this ass is real happy with themselves and they should be held as an accomplise. This is no longer ridiculous it is scary

    • catfish

      most of the aholes who voted for him did so because they thought he would up the size of their welfare checks.

  • tag

    Is this the reason there are three or more security guards around oskunko than any other president? They are afraid he is going to be done in? That would be a blessing and since I’m allergic to alcohol I’d even go out and get smashed if that DID happen! I think they would call it justifiable homicide! The penalty for treason is death! So, why feel sorry for a traitor?

  • Dodi

    Moderation police after me again. Wait another 10-12 hours to see what they do but never find out why!

  • dj

    Question? What happens to Obama when he is out of the White House. He will be a terroist on the loose with all the inside government information.??????

    • Mary S

      dj, those are my thoughts as well. He is one dangerous man in and out of office.

    • Janet

      WOW….he has to be eliminated from the face of the earth

    • Velsia

      Good question. He will be working behind the scenes setting up more terrorist attacks. And we will have to pay him retirement benefits and Secret Service Protection for the rest of his life unless enough people get their heads out of there backsides and VOTE HIM OUT in 2012.
      Obama believes he is the savior of the U.S. He is a narcissist and thinks only HE knows what’s good for the dirty unwashed masses.
      The Secret Service guys have their hands full just keeping him alive. Threats against him went up 400% when he took office. I bet they are more than that today.

    • redhawk

      Let’s remember that the penalty for TREASON is death. Him and all of his other Treasonist partners.

  • charlotte

    i am sure mr obama feels sorry for everything that has happened…..maybe he will still do some extraordinary thing that could still turn world politics….lets hope so..we all put our trust in this young man….he wants peace…..

    • Are you Serious

      If only he would shoot himself. That would help a lot.

    • Janet


    • Don

      Only thing Obama will ever feel sorry for is that people have figured him out! They have finally seen the light Being he cannot run a country he now has his goons picketing on Wall Street ! He is showing he is all about Obama; not the United States of America ! Obama and these goon ran union deserve each other.

    • midnitewhite

      CHARLOTTE your an IDIOT!!! Go back to school and stop showing your IGNORANCE !!!

    • Felix

      Are you for real? Hasn’t this man done enough damage already? By the way, he has a history of appoligizing to our enemies and dictators.

    • Dorothy


    • lori

      Charlotte, Do you live in the US? Do you not see what is happening to our country? Obama is doing his best to destroy capitalism. He does not believe in the Constitution or our freedom. The only great thing he could do for us is resign. Barring that, he should be impeached.

    • Sandy

      Charlotte, no, we don’t all put our trust in him! Haven’t you seen what he’s done in this short time? He is anti American and is doing his best to ruin U.S. He is for the muslims and against Christians. Who did he honor at the White House? Where does his $ go? Do you want to live under shari law? You are spinning the wrong words in your web!

    • tag

      @Charlotte – YOU need to get your head out of your butt long enuf to think about what the foo is going on all around you besides that vacuum you apparently live in! DUH! YOU are a perfect example of what idiots are that voted for this piece of trash in the first instance! Did you bother to read anything? CAN you read anything? We know you have problems with your thought processes- they don’t work, BUT, you are also obviously a product of your environment – like, your parents were nut cases, too? Good Grief – I cannot believe there are people STILL this ignorant running around out there but guess I’m wrong! Drears! What is she, 35 years old going on 10?

    • William Glammeyer

      ??????? You are joking, right?

  • kate

    Should anyone be surprised? Pray for Israel’s peace and protection.

  • Lynne Jones

    What is there to say anymore??? We’ve all said it all to no avail. Hitler’s are running the gangster government and ruining our country.

  • Elaine L. Hoffman

    No impeachment. Can you imagine Biden as President? Holy catfish. However, this little item should be used in the Presidential Debates. Great item for the GOP.

  • Robert R

    He left out one very important part of the sector that he should have apologized to, that is the American people, he should be apologizing to us for screwing us over for the last 3 years and for violating our trust and belief in the Presidency of the United States. Needs to apologize for holding this office illegally, stealing from SS, wasting taxpayer’s money, his foolish bailout of Banks, Car Manufacturers, etc., money wasted that could have been used to protect our borders from illegal entry. This bona-fide dildo should just step down and get the hell out of the country. Traitors don’t last long in the USA.

    • R

      Yes, but where have you been for the last 40 years. Why haven’t you been so vocal about all the rest of the traitors who betrayed their office except for JFK. We ve been taken over from within… and we were warned by EIsenhower and Kennedy and we just continued in delusion with our tvs , getting fat. Now its too late, unless you ve got guts

    • Mary S

      Robert R, are you kidding? He doesn’t even know he has done those things!!! He is clueless and just can’t believe that people don’t want to go along with all he tells us to do. Dictator material.

    • Brian

      I am as conservative as anyone but, I have an issue with the honesty of this site by the fact that when I vote thumbs down and the tally goes up? When voting thumbs up the tally jumps 10 points? Please explain where I may be somehow confused?

    • Sandy

      to test your statement i pressed thumbs down and it recorded -1. But in your defense i thought it did go up 2 when i pressed on a thumbs up for someone else. ???

    • William Glammeyer

      It did some of that for me, too! I think what is happening is that when you vote, it automatically updates with the total amount of votes it has at that point in time. Other people could be voting at the same time. (You haven’t seen vote numbers changing or any new posts being added while you read, have you?) It only updates when you refresh or vote.

  • Robert Young

    To save our great Nation and get it back to strict Government by our Constitution we must elect a Constitution believing Conservative for President in 2012 and provide him or her with a Constitutionally Conservative controlled House and Senate to lead America back to Government by our Constitution as written and interpreted by our forefathers.

  • Joe

    Are they friggin nuts. Get rid of these traitors before we are all down the tube. Their comment is enought to throw them out of office. Holder hopefully is on his way out and raghead should follow right after. Everyone is sick of him and his muslum ways of dictatorship.

    • catfish

      killl ’em all, kill ’em all
      the long and the short and the towel

      And we may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but it only takes ONE to destroy us.

  • Don39

    I am not in the least surprised at anything, any Obamination, that comes out of this leftist chaotic thugocracy. I might be surprised if you told me they did not apologise.How many more ways can they compromise the Sovereiegnty of this nation? Hey, they will most likely make a significant monetary dispensation to al Queda for having to destroy one of their ministers of death. Such is the nature of the Obamination!

  • ben

    Hillary Clinton ,also needs to be tried for treason!!Just an absolute BITCH !
    Where does she get the Balls to sign a small arms agreement with the UN?
    I hope I live long enough,to see a bounty
    put on the heads of All politicans who have turned this once great country into the laughing stock of the world!!

  • mike

    I know you all rant and rage against this government … but what you don’t realize is that these criminals have the works in place to hi-jack the election. Either through Acorn, socialist radicals, or these naive protest groups in 200 cities right now, many of whom have no idea as to how they will be used.
    Obama will, if he sees that there is no chance to steal the election, declare martial law and become dictator for life.

    • endangered species

      I so fear you may be right.

    • DLBfromLa.

      Should that happen I believe you will see the beginning of a civil war that will rid all those unpatriot thugs forever!

    • Don Rorschach

      That is the reason an armed revolution may become necessary.

  • Joan

    When will this insanity end with this arrogant presiden???? I’ve had enough of his ruining America! Whats with the senate or congress on either side doing to stop this maniac???? Look at whats happening in NYC people demanding free items marching on others whom worked hard for what they have!!
    Whats going on with the investigation of Obams birth certificate??????

    • Chuck

      The Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to his eligibility. So, that is a dead issue. Now, how about turning your focus to something that will work and not be questioned? Get people to VOTE against Obama and all his fellow travelers in the government.

    • American-American

      It is not a dead issue. I read here how we have slept while they trampled constitutional law and we need to do something about it and then I hear to drop the effort to do just that concerning his elibibility. No way! As long as he is in our WH I should hope we would have learned not to compromise w/our rule of law and get his whole term nullified.

    • Sandy

      Right on. Why are we laying down and playing dead while he tramples on us and ignors our constitution??

    • Don Rorschach

      The members of the Supreme Court travel to Europe every chance they get to study European Socialist law so they may use it in their decisions.

    • Sandy

      After seeing him ruin our country how could any thinking person vote for him in 2012?

  • Sue

    No apology was needed for the traitor. The apology should come from Clinton and Obama to the American people. Usurping the Constitution and putting us in harm’s way.

  • Donald DeHoff

    All too many of us try to simplify an extremely complex and interwoven issue. As for the apology, I agree that it was inappropriate. but we must look beyond that as being but a small element in “Pandora’s Box”. It should be obvious by now, there is much more involved than just Obama. Something extremely ominious and massive is in the works, to take over this great country and there is more to it than just the Muslims/Islamic issues. That group is competing with one or more, not yet clearly defined to the public, “New World Order” groups, for the opportunity to move-in and take over if and when our Republic and freedom loving system fails. We can soon expect blood in the streets as initial attempts to take-over are forthcoming, but that will look like a Sunday-school picnic compared to when the “other” major forces “lock horns” with Islam. Instead of “cutting off heads and taking slaves”, “they” now possess WMD, which would be catastrophic. However, of immediate concern is the Muslim/Islamic faction, wherein all Muslims are taught from a very early age their 7th Century extremely (and ungodly?) barbaric Islamic “hate” conceipts and that they are going to take over and control the entire world, by force if necessary(And one has to be blind not to see that happening, right now, in several parts of the world). A first order of business should be establishing the conceipt that neither “facts” nor “opinions” can be blasphemy, phobic or a hate crime. Yes, facts can be open to scrutiny and debate, but when they prevail, they exist for the whole world to see, in spite of any condemnation—and there is much, much more.

    • Sandy

      You are exactly right. Wish more people could see it and become active.

  • Ihatelibs

    Barry doesn’t mean it.

    He’s only trying to buy votes

  • Jim

    Appalling, but, typical. Obama’s an idiot and it’s time for him to go!!

  • http://patriotupdat cheryl

    KEEP DREAMING CHARLOTTE. I have a jug of kool-aid ready for all you O dumbo supporters

  • D. Hanes

    This is digusting. This idiot of a president we have… did I hear any of those murderers apologizing to us for 9/11.

    Obama should be tried for treason!!

  • ron blackburn

    No apology,no looking back, do what you have to do to protect the America we have. obama should have put a period on this and looked forward.

  • Pete

    If natural born American were to take a citizenship course, they would find out that you pledge alligence to the US and only the United States. If you take up arms for any other group outside of this country, you give up your US citizenship.

  • Gary pussan

    Thats why Obama is evil and an enemy of America

  • jerry

    “PROUD TO BE A TRAITOR” Is that the new America? We must remove all these traitors and war criminals as soon as possible.
    When I see Barak Hussain Obama board our beautiful AirForce 1 plane I want to cry.
    God Bless America and death to the muslims.

  • John

    What did you expect ?

    “ I will stand with the Muslims, if the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    Barack Hussein Obama, The Audacity of Hope
    The Nation of Islam: At least 3 of Obama’s staff- Cynthia Miller, Jennifer Mason, and
    Shakir Muhammad – are Nation of Islam members, a racist Muslim sect led by its founder Louis Farrakhan.
    Khalid al-Mansour: An early mentor to Black Panther founders, Huey Newton, and Bobby Seale, Khalid al-Mansour sponsored Obama’s Harvard education and introduced Obama to Saudi sponsors of terror like
    Saudi King Abdullah- the one Obama bowed to.

  • Tom

    Obama and Clinton may feel regretfull. The only regret I have is that we didn’t feed his sorry carcass to 72 virgin pigletts and use the waste as fertilizer in a cornfild growing corn to make fine bourbon whiskey.

  • Insurgent

    Let’s put an American in the White House in 2012 !!!

    • Chuck

      That’s a GREAT idea! Quit all this pontificating that has accomplihed nothing since he has been in office. Vent on your representatives in the Congress and get everyone you meet to VOTE against Obama and all the socialists in the government.

  • auhunter

    As the only government in the “know”, since he was a blip among many on the screen and then they were gone, and the fact, though a self proclaimed enemy of the state, he was a US citizen. After a missile strike like that, the only way of knowing for sure he is dead would be through dental records or finger prints. The only apology, should have been a letter, through the mail notifying his parents that he was KIA (killed in action). End of story. I get the feeling from some of the media reports that he was a martyr and he was assassinated. Wrong, he was a casualty of war brought about by his own actions.

  • AmericansRon2U

    Guess Obama doesn’t like it when one of his ‘brothers’ is killed? Remember what happened after Seal Team 6 took out Bin Laden? Does anyone out there wonder why Seal Team 6 members were killed a couple of months after Bin Laden? In my opinion, there is a connection between the 2 incidents…should be investigated if we had a DOJ that wasn’t stacked with communists/Marxists and Muslims. Maybe the deaths of Seal Team 6 members were Obama’s way of ‘apologizing’ to Al Qaeda? Just something to think about, folks.

    • jug

      The Seal Team 6 was killed to keep them from talking, telling the public that it was not Bin Laden that they had killed. Buried at sea, within hours, no photos allowed. What is the matter folks, Bin Laden had terminal kidney failure, (inherited in his DNA), ten years ago. No dialysis machine was found in the house! If he somehow, miraculously was still alive 10 years later, maybe we all should be praying to “Allah”!

      It was not him! They planned to do that exercise next year, just before the election, but it got moved up because of the hot water the fake birth certificate and the gun running, “Fast and Furious” treason, that got them caught!

      It’s come down to anything goes in the emergency that they have going on right now. It’s getting closer and closer to “payback time”!

      They are shaking in their boots, and grasping at straws. Things are coming to a head for the imposter.

      Dangerous times are just ahead!

  • Dave Veselenak

    It’s a sin that America hasn’t realized that we have a Muslum-Marxist in the WH that is waging Jihadd and just about everybody is afraid to acknowledge this truth! If this reprobate is not impeached, it’s over, got that?

  • Sailor Man

    Hey, not that I am into homegrown terrorism, or anything, but did anybody apologize to Timothy McViegh’s family? Hell no! How many American soldiers and sailors have lost their lives due to radical islam?!! Hey, you may not like President Bush, but at least he was willing to meet with the family’s of those who DIED IN ACTIVE DUTY…and apologize to them. You never saw him apologize for the deaths of terrorists and America haters!! WTF!

  • Idylewylde

    In an earlier blog topic, the ‘Death Panel’, I explained what was going on, and why a secret panel decides who gets hit.

    My observations are based on my military service.

    This site moderator prevented it from being displayed.

    Now we see State apologizing to a terrorist.

    What I said earlier explained how this can happen, and why. IN fact, it predicted it.

    But the site monitor doesn’t want you to know what I said .. or it wouldn’t have been quashed.

    • Lynne Jones

      This site monitor is up to no good as with all the blogs. If you want truth reported go to Maggie’s Notebook she prints the truth and is truthful. Not asking for $$$$$ like the so called blogs that promise promise promise to no avail.

  • soldtonorm

    Dear parents, We are sorry we killed your maggot.

    • http://yahoo Jerry Allen

      Let’s substitue the new Hank William’s Jr. song for the National Anthem until we recapture America!

  • Dave

    Obummer is SUPPOSED to be an american citizen, He is an economic terrorist!!
    And in 2012, he WILL take himself out!!!

  • ReaperHD

    Sad the pathetic scum that is running this country…….

  • American For Truth And Justice.

    Transparency right????

    • AlNewman

      Why WOULDN’T he apologize? Read what they said about the kid. He and Hussein are on the same page. One of his anti-American brothers went down in smoke and he apologized to his family. I would expect no less.

    • vageorge

      obama is an enemy of the state. A terrorist in his own right

    • Trish

      This guy is disgusting!!! If only congress would have the backbone to impeach him and throw him out of the White House on his a@@!

      He does nothing but cow-tow to the terrorists who are out to destroy our country!!!

      Get ready America, I believe we’re headed into dangerous times.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      obama is not a natural born U.S.Citizen. obama took foreign aid to go to occidental college as a foreigner. Go to (obama took fulbright foundation money) on any computer and see for yourself. They only give money to those who claim foreign citizenship. Also,the hawaii hospital on obama’s birth certificate did not exist until 1978. His birth certificate is fake. look that up as well.Stop socialism now. No more obama kool-aid.Transparency right?

    • Susie

      The title of this article “Shocking…”
      Absolutely not! Not one thing obama does shocks me – disgusts me, yes, but shocks me -no! He is deplorable!

    • http://N/A Art

      Since then we have to apologize for killing a murderer? BHO and all his administration are the enemy of USA and have to be kicked out all of them – the sooner, the better!



    • American For Truth And Justice.

      I hope everyone is sad for the change…..America, I love my country.. America,the greatest nation of all time. America,why would we want a change? Hello America.. I love my country,period. perfect no. The best ever,for sure!!!!Stop socialism Now. Stop soros and obama from taking America down. obama should apologize to all of America for his lies. Transparency,lie.No backroom deals,Lie again. c-span.lie again. Posting bills on the internet before voting on them. Lie again. No special interest group favors,another lie. Oath to uphold our Constitution,Lie again. Hello America,are we done with the lies? Transaprency remember? Stop socialism now. Stop soros and obama now.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      moderated again….

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      Great job,Hank Williams Jr… Do not apologize for the truth…Transparency right?

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      Yes he certainly is transparent! We can see right through the %$#&^%$#@ and his “transparent agenda”. He is certainly a”nogoodnik” He is a cancer on the country!

    • Crazy Lady

      How is this traitor still in OUR house?????




    • Capt Gene

      That’s why I use “lcit”; “lower case intentional throughout”.

    • Penny

      Ginny, you are so right. obama deserves no respect in any way, shape or form.

    • Just wondering

      Exactly, that’s why I just put o” where it’s name is supposed to be.

    • KM

      @ Just Wondering,
      I do the same as you when I have to refer to the current WHO.
      Just watched a news conference where FBI, and DOJ congratulated themselves on foiling a planned assassination of the Israeli ambassasor. Meanwhile our State Dept and pres are sending condolences to a terrorist’s family? Talk about a mixed message!

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      To KM, … I saw that program too. They had the guy since late Sept. but are just now bringing it ti the forefront. Trying to take the heat off the other traitors butt! Holder may tell congress “he’s too busy now to be addressing their inquiry. Can see through this ba%^#*D as well as I can The (as he calls himself)UNDERDOG obummer!

    • http://newsmax Alan

      I never indicate his name with capital letters – he is always of the lower case in my mind. I also never refer to him as ‘barack’ – he was born ‘barry’ and so to me he will always “barry obama”.

      One needs to be legal before getting a legal name change and this has never been resolved.

      If he wants his longer and phonier moniker, let him to and live in Iran.

    • obamavitch5

      Thank you very much Ginny. Asking folks to not honor o-vomit has been kinda a crusade of mine. We will never get everyone to comply, for some people are just too anal retentive to vary their procedure.

      Thank you, Whackajig

  • j alex

    where is our country going–should we give germany an apology for wwII or the japs–our country has gone to the left so far that we are about to fall of the earth–i say that we should boycott all muslim business– hotels convient stores–however if the are run by indians you can use them–muslims are taught from birth to hate christians–i used to believe that put a muslim in the usa and he would learn to appreciate our values–this will not happen — they are brain washed from birth–any woman like hillary clinton should be ashamed of herself–any woman that supports a muslim is stupid beyond belief

    • patriot2

      j alex, Hillary is a witch. Remember she held a seance in the WH while her husband, Bill, the Clown, was in office? Most folks have forgotten about it but it was given good coverage by the liberal media. Most of them are obviously also controlled by the devil, so they thought it was a great idea; The 1st lady (and I use that term loosely) holds seance in the WH. UGHHH!! You may not see this since it will probably be held for ‘moderation.’

    • D Paul

      I am very anti-abama. There are severe problems with Hillary. Nevertheless on the subject of seances, Nancy Reagan was very much into the occult.

    • Patriot and an American

      yOU ARE LOOKING TO THE PAST. I am looking to the present and to the future. We have nothing but scum from the top down the mr. and mrs. are scum, the congress is full of scum, the corruption, trickery, manipulation is so thick you couldn’t cut it with an axe. Come up to the present and open your eyes to what is going on

    • http://none Scott Ezell

      Yeah Hillary is a witch. An EVIL witch. I refer to her as the wicked witch of the east. Except in this case she dosent die when the house falls on her. Shes only injured. About Bill I refer to him from his nickname Slick Willie.

    • Marshall Shapiro

      I second that.

    • carmen mckeon

      I am really fed up with this administration, obama has to go.!!!what a disgrace and slap on the face.

    • obamavitch5

      Remember the expression ……….. OMG.

      obama must go

    • Tequila George

      Somehow, someway, maybe it is supposed to be an added slap in the face. As, I don’t think muslims accept women as authority figures. …But, that is likely thinking too much into it, and the action doesn’t suggest there is thinking of any kind by our current government leaders. :)

  • GOPar

    This is enough to make any real American citizen mad as he**. How many apologizes were given to the border agents who were killed by the current administration by the guns sold to the mexican cartels? I would bet none. It is an outrage. He bows to rulers in the mid-east. The administration is slapping the American people in the face while apologizing to terrorists. What next?

  • http://aol frank s

    This young man was a enemy of this country, regardless of whether he was born American or not. If caught alive he could have been tried for treason andd put away for life. I do not agree with 99.9% of anything Obama does but this time I do.

    • drm

      He was an accidental casualty, al-waliki was the target. Hence this administration mistaken felt they should apoligize, it seems, for doing something that helped our country fight the propaganda espoused by this traitor. Go figure.

    • Jim

      Oh well; that’s how collateral damage works. Run with the wolves and die with the wolves. I have no sympathy for traitors.

    • Penny

      khan disavowed America, he acknowledges he is a terrorist against America. hillary and all the progressives should be held in contempt for what they done and are doing to this country.

    • Penny

      Sorry, “what they’ve done”.

    • obamavitch5

      I would not apologize if there had been several million of the camel humpers dusted.

    • Runninbear

      He was a terrorist and Samir Khan a right hand man to Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed along with his jihadist buddy in an air strike in Yemen Collateral damage? I would call that a twofer,like when you get two for the price of ONE!

    • wingrovedl

      You are wrong on this one! Do you really agree with the traitor obummer?

    • mic

      Frank, you are confused and I know you have never serviced in the military. Obama is Islamic and this is why Obama felt he needed to apologize for killing one of his own. This wouldn’t even surprise me, if Obama was friends with Khan. Once Obama is out of office and an investigation is done, the truth of this individual will come out. Obama wants to destroy this country and our way of life. This is his job and he’s doing a fine job at too.

    • Patriot and an American

      Then take him back to Kenya with you!

  • Liberty59

    This is insane!

    • obamavitch5

      Not this, but ron paul.

  • William

    Screw That traitor and our. Traitor So called President he should be tried for treason his agenda is to destroy America.

  • Rocky

    Barry Soestorro-Islamic Indonesian-nie Barrack Hussein Obama-imperial US Marxist president,rule by decree.Mosque preach jiihad in US and rule by Sharia.spill the blood of Christians and infidels.

    • Randy G

      As far as I can tell, Every religion in exsistence says that ‘theirs is the only true one & all others are fake’. Wekk they are half right. they are ALL fake.

    • rocky

      Wrong in every way. People who know religion history. Know the truth. Those who don’t why would they profess something they do not know, because they are ignorant or they are told if they think any other way they will be killed.

    • Patriot and an American

      Religion has a long history and if studied properly, you will find where the faults (of men) have tried to make themselves look like saints, much like this administration is doing and calls is transparency. People can and many do proclaim their Christianity, but how strong it is you will never know. It is the very private being of each and every one born to this earth.

  • Fredsworld

    Obumbag and Shillary are terrorists to every Christian in the World, this is no suprise!

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      hope and change. How did so many fall for that? Transparency right? Birth certificate fake? Go to (obama took fulbright foundation money) .obama took foreign aid to go to occidental college given only to those who claim foreign citizenship… Hello. Go to this website from any computer. Please help me get this word out. No more obama or obama lies. all who aid obama with his lies sholud go to jail.

  • TFB777

    Though, AL-Awlaki may still technically be an “American Citizen”, he willfully joined an organization that is pledged to the destruction of America and took an active part in its opertations. In doing so, he renounced the protections afforded by our constitution. I may be wrong in my assessment here, but I say justice was done in the fight against international terrorism.

    • obamavitch5

      I shed no tears at the death of any terrorist, but I do wish we could have questioned him and perhaps extracted info which might have saved other American lives.

      Interrogate him and then kill him.

    • Patriot and an American

      All men will DIE! Whether they receive salvation and eternal life, is whether those who are guilty of sins and crimes commited toward their fellow man is acceptable to The Lord, Our God. He is the final judge. obozo thinks he is God.

  • http://comcast Carol

    This makes me sick. I can only hope that America can see how Unamerican Obama and his bunch of Democratic Czars, Pelosi,Reed and that useless Vice-President are and vote them all out of office and take America Back!!!!

  • Madeline

    B.O. apoligizes for terrorists and at the same time wants to “honor’ Jane Fonda after she was responsible for the horror our men suffered at the hands of the enemy? Remember that? This administration and their liberal far left crazies should all be hanged for treason.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Madeline…. I am not surprised at anything he does. Any chance to do something against America seems to be his goal.

    • carmen mckeon

      Really made me ill, this administration is doing all it can to destroy this wonderful Nation of ours.

    • Penny

      Madeline, obama HATES AMERICA and Conservative Americans, I would say White but there are alot of conservative black and brown and whatever other color they want to designate that do not support obama. That is the reason he wants to destroy this wonderful country God and our Founders gave to Us.

    • Penny

      Please try and remember to use lower case on obamas name, initials, whatever. He should not be capitalized, he should be lower cased in any mention of him and his followers(hillary, piglosi, reid etc. )

    • obamavitch5

      Was the “he” at the beginning of your second sentence a reference to obungle? Did you forget? No caps at any time, even at the beginning of a sentence. Your rule, which I support.

    • helen leastman

      he does hate America, he does hate whites. while his wife held office? in the black panthers, she openly stated that blacks are the superior race and she hates whites. why else would he have biden, a white in second place? because he fears no one, does not even think he could beousted. what are we waiting for?

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      Alot of us feel this way too. Thank you.

  • Jim

    On November 2012 lets vote to send Obama
    back to Indonesia.

    • http://ObamaApologizesToSlainTerroristFamily Sarah

      NO, send him to GITMO (for LIFE) for Treason, Perjury, Usurpery, Larceny, Forgery, etc. He deserves NOTHING LESS!

    • Shon Edwards

      True. He definitely forged his birth certificate. He was apparently born at a hospital, whose name did not exist for years after the birth, if I remember correctly, and it seems there was also something else, maybe the occupation of his dad at a place, which did not exist for years after his birth. Nothing less than a forgery.

  • Saml31

    We need to clean house of Clinton and Obama as early as possible, before they destroy our Republic. Impeachment, but other options too.

    • Penny

      We ALL need to contact John Boehner. Politely email stating forcefully but politely that we want something DONE about the crimes being committed by obama on a daily basis. We need to tell him that we should ignore the cries of racism, this is not race we are against, it is treason.

    • obamavitch5

      I have been praying for “some of the other options”.

  • ajfrench

    Our military is infiltrated with traitors. Why else did Obama pass a not to a High ranking Army officer. But the end is near.

    6 Blessed and holy is he, that hath part in the first
    resurrection: for on such the 1second death hath no
    power: but they shall be the Priests of God and of
    Christ, 2and shall reign with him a thousand years.
    7 1And when the 2thousand years are expired,
    Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
    8 1And shall go out to deceive the people, which are
    in the four quarters of the earth: even aGog and
    Magog, to gather them together to battle, whose
    number is as the sand of the Sea.
    9 And they went up into the 1plain of the earth,
    and they compassed the tents of the Saints about,
    and the beloved city: but 2fire came down from God
    out of heaven, and devoured them.
    10 1And the devil that deceived them, was cast
    into a lake of fire and brimstone, where that beast
    and that false prophet are, and shall be tormented
    even day and night for evermore.
    11 1And I saw a great 2white throne, and one that
    sat on it, 3from whose face fled away both the earth
    and heaven, and their place was no more found.
    12 And I saw the dead, both great and small
    stand before 1God: and the 2books were opened,
    and banother book was opened, which is the book
    3of life, and the dead were judged of those things,
    which were written in the books, according to their
    13 1And the sea gave up her dead, which were in
    her, and death and hell delivered up the dead, which
    were in them: and they were judged every man according
    to their works.
    14 1And death, and hell were cast into the lake of
    fire: this is the second death.
    15 And whosoever was not found written in the
    book of life, was cast into the lake of fire. 1 And 1I saw aa new heaven, and a new earth:
    for the bfirst heaven, and the first earth were passed
    away, and there was no more sea.
    2 1And I John saw the holy city new Jerusalem
    come down from God out of heaven, prepared as a
    bride trimmed for her husband.
    3 1And I heard a great voice out of heaven, saying,
    Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men,
    and he will dwell with them: and they shall be his
    people, and God himself shall be their God with
    4 cAnd God shall wipe away all tears from their
    eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow,
    neither crying, neither shall there be anymore
    pain: for the first things are passed.
    5 1And he that sat upon the throne, said, dBehold,
    I make all things new, and he said unto me, Write:
    for these things are faithful and true.
    6 And he said unto me, e,1It is done, I am Alpha
    and Omega, the beginning and the end: I will give
    to him that is athirst, of the well of the water of life
    7 He that overcometh, shall inherit all things,
    and I will be his God, and he shall be my Son.
    8 But the fearful and unbelieving, and the abominable
    and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers,
    and idolaters, and all liars shall have their 1part
    in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone,
    which is the second death.

  • Sheila Morlas Rocklin, CA

    Oh My Gosh. Apologizing to the family of the enemy…. oh I forgot… the enemy is the Tea Party…

  • http://Yahoo George

    Put Hillary in the same category as Hanoi Jane

  • Raymond

    Some people still claim that Obama is not a
    muslim, here is the hard proof that he is…

    Obama makes a confession.

  • Richie

    Will this stupid adminstation ever stop doing stupid things? Our country is being destroyed from within!

    • patriot2

      Ritchie, that is exactly the entire plan; destroy from within. Many Muslim Brotherhood members are Obummer’s closest confidants and advisors. Pictures show them sitting at the table directly across from Obummer in the WH. Many, many muslims have infiltrated our government in the name of “diversity”, another politically correct term that has done nothing but help to destroy this nation, while we sit quietly by and say nothing. We had better find a way to get these muslims out of our country and be doing it quickly. Their aim is to take this nation legally, establish and enforce sharia law, and behead everyone of us who dares to oppose them. They are also using this exact strategy right now in England and France, except they are even farther down the road to succes in those nations. We had better wake up; this ain’t a halloween story to scare the kiddies. This is the absolute, scare you to death, truth.

    • Kiril Romanov


      This administration is anything but stupid. Everything they have done is calculated and planned. It’s all about “Social Justice”.

  • :ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH:

    let’s SEE: It may have Gone:

    Gee I am Really Realy Very Very SORRY I Murderd Your son, I Had to Murder him to Save: Contitutional America

  • John

    I believe that this terrorist got is just rewards. If any other “american” muslims want wheat he got so be it & I hope it is swiftly executed. Don’t ever trust anyone that has to pray 5 times a day


    When will someone take these trators OUT?

  • John

    I am a very proud member of the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party & think he got exactly what he was asking for & deserved

  • buster

    bo stinks and so does obama vote for sweet smelling air send the stinking left away

  • yourkidding

    Your are kidding right?? Are we not at war with Islam and its terrorist regime?
    Our slimeball Muslim/Commie prez is giving comfort to the enemy at time of war —
    That is a TREASONABLE offense to be rewarded with hanging

    • SpaceChief

      An illegal immigrant, a Muslim and a Marxist walk into a bar.

      The bartender says.” What’ll it be, Mr President?”

    • barbpatton

      It is indeed a sorry day that hussein and hilary have done such an odious thing, and that is to apologize to a murderer’s family. they knew what the little sod was up to and I am sure have the same sentiments as their vermin son had at the time of his timely demise. Why does hussein not open all the gates of the prisons – he will get his votes from the people that he is courting so assiduously. hussein is a dangerous dangerous man and medusa hilary is worse than anybody will ever know. She has many snakes on her head – her stupid little man was a puppet all along when he was busy with monica, and, she was the brains behind the throne with her other masterminders cracking the whip. Please click the “like” button on all comments you read so that others can see that WE THE PEOPLE ARE OUTRAGED. hussein is a muslim and thats that. Enough already

  • Eric

    The only blame should be on our Jane Fonda inspired media. If everything was reported in the news with the fervor of the countdown/count up the media had with every soldier dying when President Bush was in office then Americans would be educated to what osama I mean obama is doing. But with the G.E/George Soros paid for media the American public gets lies and proaganda towards true Patriots. obama apologizing is his way of saying “IGOT YOUR BACK JUST GIVE ME A LITTLE MORE TIME AND YOU CAN COME AND KILL AS MANY INDIDELS AS YOU WANT” The only reason this JACK ASS isnt up for impeachment is because all the other jackasses in washington think it would cause one big race riot/ but hey dont take the chance in saving America because of what they think. Bring on Herman Cain he is the only one besides Bachman talking about Tea Party Demands. All we want is for these Jackasses to adhere to “OUR CONSTITUTION” ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

    • SpaceChief

      You are right. We are precariously close to a civil war. Most Americans are waking up and realizing what “creeping Socialism” and the “tyranny of the minority” have done to our nation. We have fought over a lot less in the past. Most of what our federal, state and local governments have done are similar to the grievances that precipitated the American Revolution.

  • BarbC

    What will it take for the people of this country to open their eyes to what this jerk we call president continues to do us. I too wonder what he more he will do to destroy our country before 2012 Elections.

  • believer

    What does this person(bo) see in the mirror
    when he shaves? perhaps he has someone shave him because even he can’t stand what he sees.

    • Sandy

      I think he LOVES himself! (and congratulates himself for the fine job he is doing!)

  • Adrian Vance

    Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. It is just that simple.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  • Cetansapa

    Most everyone assumes this traitor will be on the ticket in Nov 2012 and perhaps he will be IF elections are permitted. However, should events change that scenario then dear hillary is currently the most likely to be put there by the dems. She tried hard in 2008 but got aced out by this POS and his billionaire backers and she hasn’t forgotten, or forgiven. She is a very vindictive person and it is a safe bet she is licking her chops and testing the political winds, just waiting for her chance. Although she was born in America and is not a muslim, she is a marxist traitor and would be just as dangerous, maybe even more so in some ways. If things turn out that way, never forget all she did when she was the co-president in the White House before and all she has done as secretary of state, including supporting the proposed U.N. arms control agreement that would curtail our Second Amendment rights. She must be resisted as strongly as you all say obama must be.

    As for apologizing to the family of this dear departed traitor, surely no one is really surprised at that blatant bid for muslim votes further down the trail. It is a safe bet she could not care less that he was taken out along with his treasonous terrorist buddy. Ron Paul or anyone else saying that was a wrong action on the part of the U.S. because they were born citizens is either blinded by self-righteousness or in brain-dead denial that we are at war. The actions or influence of these two and other people like them have directly caused the death and suffering of thousands of American Soldiers and civilians, not to mention the tens of thousands of other muslims around the world, so they certainly do NOT have any apology coming. When they committed treason against the U.S. in time of war they forfeited any claim to the protections of citizenship.

    • barbpatton

      Absolutely agree and second your comment. Thankyou

  • Liz

    What a crying shame we had to elect a man who hates america and it’s people and worships muslems and anyone who despises us.

  • http://patroitupdate PROUD AMERICAN

    how dare she apologize.she is suppossed to represent all Americans,and I for one DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM OR HIS FAMILY.THEY SURELY HAD TO KNOW WHAT HE WAS UP TOO.
    The more we weed out the better.and that goes for all peoples American or not.

  • tweety

    I’m surprised Obama didn’t invite the family to the White House for a funeral luncheon.

  • Jiminbartow, Sgt.USMC

    obama won the last election with the help of corrupt organizations like ACORN, by fraud and deceit at the ballot box. It is the only way he could win. Remember, he was a community organizer and knows how to organize such things in his favor. Had he not increased his vote talley by manipulating the votes, by having dead citizens vote and by manufacturing voters ballots out of thin air (with the help of corrupt officials), he would not have won in 2008 and if we are not vigilant, he will do it again.

    No matter how good a poker player you are, or how lucky you are, if faced with a better cheat, you will lose every time. obama is a gifted, silver tongued liar and a cheat adept at winning at any cost and if he wins a second term, we, as a nation are surely finished. Semper Fi and God Bless america

  • http://yahoo big jim

    what happens to our country if this jerk is re-elected in 2012? it could happen

  • Gary

    Please Impeach (obama)& exile this clown to Iran where he belongs!

  • George Taylor

    This is nothing new for BHO – he has apologized for the exceptionalism of Americans since he was elected. He was a member of Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years and his heroes are haters of the American way – again this is nothing new. All we have to do is vote on Nov. 2012 and educate every member of our families to what this man has done and is doing to bring down the country.

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    We’ve had African-American, Mexican-American, etc. Now we have Obam-American, for those who truly hate America. — Stay Well/Stay Safe

  • RHSchumann

    This killing, while welcome to most, is indeed troubling. For the first time in our history, the government has authorized the deliberate killing of an American citizen without a trial. And Samir Khan was not even on the hit list.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of these people and we are much better off without them. Nontheless, the USA has lost another piece of its innocense. Are we not a Nation of Laws? Or should we be just like those who we detest and fight?

  • George

    About what you would expect from this bunch turkeys, maybe I should say this bunch of weenies a turkey might resent that!

  • Jerry M

    We got two birds with one stone. Drone did a Great job and two more bite the dust.

  • Runninbear

    Date Country City/State Killed Injured Description
    4/14/1972 USA New York, NY 1 3 Ten members of a local mosque phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding officers, killing one.
    1/19/1973 USA Brooklyn, NY 1 1 Muslim extremists rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who responds to the alarm.
    7/1/1973 USA Bethesda, MD 1 0 An Israeli diplomat is gunned down in his driveway by Palestinian terrorists.
    7/18/1973 USA Washington, DC 8 2 Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.
    10/19/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 1 Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead.
    10/29/1973 USA Berkeley, CA 1 0 A woman is shot repeatedly in the face by Nation of Islam terrorists.
    11/25/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A grocer is killed in his store by Nation of Islam terrorists.
    12/11/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A man is killed by Nation of Islam terrorists while using a phone booth.
    12/13/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A woman is shot to deah on the sidewalk by Nation of Islam terrorists.
    12/20/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 Nation of Islam terrorists gun down an 81-year-old janitor.
    12/22/1973 USA Oakland, CA 2 0 Nation of Islam terrorist kills two people in separate attacks on the same day.
    12/24/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A man is kidnapped, tortured and decapitated by Nation of Islam terrorists.
    1/24/1974 USA Oakland, CA 4 1 Five vicious shooting attacks by Nation of Islam terrorists leave three people dead and one paralyzed for life. Three of the victims were women.
    4/1/1974 USA Oakland, CA 1 1 A Nation of Islam terrorist shoots at two Salvation Army members, killing a man and injuring a woman.
    4/16/1974 USA Ingleside, CA 1 0 A man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam terrorists.
    3/9/1977 USA Washington, DC 1 1 Hanifi Muslims storm three buildings including a B’nai B’rith to hold 134 people hostage. At least two innocents were shot and one died.
    7/22/1980 USA Bethesda, MD 1 0 A political dissident is shot and killed in front of his home by an Iranian agent who was an American convert to Islam.
    8/31/1980 USA Savou, IL 2 0 An Iranian student guns down his next-door neighbors, a husband and wife.
    11/6/1989 USA St. Louis, MO 1 0 A 17-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her parents for bringing ‘dishonor’ to their family by dating an ‘infidel’ African-American.
    1/31/1990 USA Tuscon, AZ 1 0 A Sunni cleric is assassinated in front of a Tuscon mosque after declaring that two verses of the Qur’an were invalid.
    11/5/1990 USA New York City, NY 1 0 An Israeli rabbi is shot to death by a Muslim attacker at a hotel.
    1/25/1993 USA Langley, VA 2 3 A Pakistani with Mujahideen ties guns down two CIA agents outside of the headquarters.
    2/26/1993 USA New York, NY 6 1040 Islamic terrorists detonate a massive truck bomb under the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000 in an effort to collapse the towers.
    3/1/1994 USA Brooklyn, NY 1 0 A Muslim fires on a vanload of Jewish boys, killing one.
    3/23/1997 USA New York, NY 1 6 A Palestinian leaves an anti-Jewish suicide note behind and travels to the top of the Empire State building where he shoot seven people in a Fedayeen attack.
    4/3/1997 USA Lompoc, CA 1 0 A prison guard is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim.
    3/17/2000 USA Atlanta, GA 1 1 A local imam and Muslim spiritual leader guns down a deputy sheriff and injures his partner.
    9/11/2001 USA Shanksville, PA 40 0 Forty passengers are killed after Islamic radicals hijack the plane in an attempt to steer it into the U.S. Capitol building.
    9/11/2001 USA New York, NY 2752 251 Islamic hijackers steer two planes packed with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds on impact and eventually killing thousands when the towers collapsed. At least 200 are seriously injured.
    9/11/2001 USA Washington, DC 184 53 Nearly 200 people are killed when Islamic hijackers steer a plane full of people into the Pentagon.
    3/19/2002 USA Tuscon, AZ 1 0 A 60-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim snipers on a golf course.
    5/27/2002 USA Denton, TX 1 0 Muslim snipers kill a man as he works in his yard.
    7/4/2002 USA Los Angeles, CA 2 0 Muslim man pulls out a gun at the counter of an Israeli airline and kills two people.
    9/5/2002 USA Clinton, MD 1 0 A 55-year-old pizzaria owner is shot six times in the back by Muslims at close range.
    9/21/2002 USA Montgomery, AL 1 1 Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one.
    9/23/2002 USA Baton Rouge, LA 1 0 A Korean mother is shot in the back by Muslim snipers.
    10/2/2002 USA Wheaton, MD 1 0 Muslim snipers gun down a program analyst in a store parking lot.
    10/3/2002 USA Montgomery County, MD 5 0 Muslim snipers kill three men and two women in separate attacks over a 15-hour period.
    10/9/2002 USA Manassas, VA 1 1 A man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas two days after a 13-year-old is wounded by the same team.
    10/11/2002 USA Fredericksburg, VA 1 0 Another man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas.
    10/14/2002 USA Arlington, VA 1 0 A woman is killed by Muslim snipers in a Home Depot parking lot.
    10/22/2002 USA Aspen Hill, MD 1 0 A bus driver is killed by Muslim snipers.
    8/6/2003 USA Houston, TX 1 0 After undergoing a religious revival, a Saudi college student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4″ butterfly knife, nearly decapitating the young man.
    12/2/2003 USA Chicago, IL 1 0 A Muslim doctor deliberately allows a Jewish patient to die from an easily treatable condition.
    4/13/2004 USA Raleigh, NC 1 4 A Muslim man runs down five strangers with a car.
    4/15/2004 USA Scottsville, NY 1 2 In an honor killing, a Muslim father kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested.
    6/16/2006 USA Baltimore, MD 1 0 A 62-year-old Jewish moviegoer is shot to death by a Muslim gunman in an unprovoked terror attack.
    6/25/2006 USA Denver, CO 1 5 Saying that it was ‘Allah’s choice’, a Muslim shoots four of his co-workers and a police officer.
    7/28/2006 USA Seattle, WA 1 5 An ‘angry’ Muslim-American uses a young girl as hostage to enter a local Jewish center, where he shoots six women, one of whom dies.
    2/13/2007 USA Salt Lake City, UT 5 4 A Muslim immigrant goes on a shooting rampage at a mall, targeting people buying Valentine’s Day cards at a gift shop and killing five.
    1/1/2008 USA Irving, TX 2 0 A Muslim immigrant shoots his two daughters to death on concerns about their ‘Western’ lifestyle.
    7/6/2008 USA Jonesboro, GA 1 0 A devout Muslim strangles his 25-year-old daughter in an honor killing.
    2/12/2009 USA Buffalo, NY 1 0 The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce.
    6/1/2009 USA Little Rock, AR 1 1 A Muslim shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center explicitly in the name of Allah.
    11/2/2009 USA Glendale, AZ 1 1 A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too ‘Westernized.’ (10-20-09)
    11/5/2009 USA Ft. Hood, TX 13 31 A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.
    12/4/2009 USA Binghamton, NY 1 0 A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for ‘persecuted’ Muslims.
    4/14/2010 USA Marquette Park, IL 5 2 After quarrelling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to ‘take them back to Allah’ and out of the ‘world of sinners’.
    4/30/2011 USA Warren, MI 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is shot in the head by her stepfather for not adhering to Islamic practices.

    (3,094 killed by Muslims in America in 66 terror attacks)

    See also List of Jihadists and Terror Sympathizers in America by DC Watson
    List of Americans Killed by Palestinian Terrorists

    All Pages Copyrighted ©2002 – 2011 Site developed by
    About the Site.

    • Raymond

      Thank you for this list.
      I’ll be sending it on to many others.

    • Cetansapa

      Thanks Runninbear. These deadly attacks began long before most people realize and this list is a good wrap. I too have copied it (including the copywrite) and will be forwarding to numerous contacts along with Raymond.

  • Don Johnson

    Thank’s Robert for your note. ob doe’s not deserve a captal in his name. He should be called only ob!!


      I think his entire name should be capitalized…OBOZO!

  • d ballard

    Sorry he made us done that!

  • G. Allen Reason

    Folks, the horse may already be out of the barn and closing the door now may not do anything to get it back in. The conservatives have been saying this for years, “China is a stated enemy of the US.” Nixon opened the door to the inevitable end that by sheer mass, they would over ride our ability to stay afloat in the economic market. It was a good ride, made even better by our economy being built on the same principle congress uses: “buy now and worry about paying later.” Unions forced wages beyond the value of the product being produced. We then had to move the price of the items up to cope with it. Now we complain that manufacturing has moved out of the US to other nations with “cheaper” labor.

    I recommend that you read a book called “NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY” by Gary Allen . When I first read it when it came out in 1973, I thought this guy was crazy. I read it again in 1983 and was shocked at how much of what was in this book had come to pass. Today the predictions and accusations in this book are nearly all accomplished. Read it! I challenge you.

    • Cetansapa

      I strongly second your recommendation to read this little book. I first read it in 1974 and was very impressed by the author’s foresight. Now looking back from where our country currently stands, he was incredibly prophetic though at the time many regarded him as a crack pot extremist.

  • Phu Bai Me

    Maybe a little voodoo in the WH will doo.

  • Guy S

    I want Obama’s ass out of office! He is offensive, fraudulent, corrupt, and not only Anti-American, this is one more piece of evidence that proves he’s a traitor to the United States of America by giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Hillary and Eric Holder need to join him at the gallows! If you support Obama at this point, you are a traitor as well and will be treated as such. I’m not taking this crap any more!!!

  • grumpy old man

    There is a big race going on to see who will take over The United States of America.It’s between mexican illegals,china.and fanatical muslims.While our so called leaders keep right on playing politics.In the meantime our is going to hell.It doesn’t matter if they are dems,gop,or inds.they are all alike.God help our country.

    • Justice4All

      Hey Grumpy are you not forgetting one of the worse groups of terror that has now shown more prominence with this Marxist regime in our White House? I mean the criminal groups run by Soros, the unions, Black Panthers, POTUS and his merry band of corrupt departments, and, oh yes, let’s not leave out those weak minded, sick freaks,that are stealing our oxygen, the wannabe hippees.
      Now as far as an apology for eliminating a traitor, why would we expect anything different. Old Hil and that guy “O” is wanting to solidify their base for 2012.

      GOD Bless The U.S.A.

    • patriotrenegade

      soros, a CFR is the money dispenser for the new world order (CFR, trilateral commission, and bilderbergers). He is not the originator or boss. There are way too many others.

    • patriotrenegade

      oh, hillaryous is also a CFR like her evil “husband” who is also a trilateral and bilderberger.

    • Texan living abroad until Texas secedes

      You’re right renegade, but unfortunately too many of us conservatives like to think of government as “inefficient” when it is actually quite efficiently evil.

      When I claimed the US government was responsible for many attacks against our own people, a relative of mine, who believes the government oppresses him with taxes/regulations and thinks all politicians are lying scumbags who cheat on their wives, can’t come to believe that they would make the step into “evil” land.

      He just writes off theories and thinks politicians are “naughty boy scouts”, literally his words, not the psychopaths that they are. This despite the fact that anyone who lies as much as the average politician does is a psychopath.

      God did not endorse democracy or republicanism. It endorsed a system of Judges (see the “book of Judges”). That’d mean we’d have a constitution or canonical law and NO executive branch. Imagine that, JUST the law and NO politicians. One can dream.

      But the Bible shows how Israelites become unhappy with that system because people love to have one big wig in charge. For such instances, God recommends a Monarchy, with birthright succession (allowing God to pick the successor not the pride of the people as in Democracy).

    • Helen Jenkins

      Hillary Clinton and Comrades will never realize their most fervent hope-FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION (destruction from within) of America. With every revelation, the scales are being ripped from the eyes of those Americans struggling to see the good in the apparent EVIL playing out. God holds America and Israel -HIS Sparrows- in the palm of his hand. Neither will ever be destroyed! Hillary needs to be pulled from the shadows and have the spotlight of truth and justice shined on her. No doubt she will wilt from the heat. GOOD RIDDANCE! Keep the faith and the conversation going.

    • Champ

      Justice, My friend you have it ALL correct!
      I wish more would agree.. God bless you, and, America!

    • mikey

      Unions use to be something good. They for the most part have gone beyond their Mandate. A shame.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      Okay already,I would like to apologize for all Americans.. I am so sorry we did not take every scum muslim off the planet already. The world would be a better place without islam and all the camel riding diaper heads running around killing women and children they do not know to get 72 virgins they will never have. Enough already. lets poison every camel and burn every prayer rug. Okay,I apologize already.

    • Grunt

      Wait till the diaper heads find out it’s a 72 year old vergin

    • Lee Baldwin

      whachu got against camels, American For Truth And Justice?

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      I am so sorry,you are correct. Camels have done nothing wrong but come from an area of scum muslims. I am sorry for putting down camels. They do smell better than any scumbag muslim and they do not want to kill you because you do not believe in allah and his 72 virgins.

    • truckman

      they are not crapping on the dam muslims

    • Marlene

      I take extreme offense at the description ‘Diaper-heads’ when the PC description is ‘Sheet-heads’!

    • DENNIS W

      ‘diaper-heads’, ‘sheet-heads’ or muslims.
      They’re all DIRTY DIAPERS..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beemer

      I believe the actual non-politically correct term of endearment is “RAG-HEADS”. Thank you for your time.

    • janya38

      No, please don’t hurt the camels. They haven’t done anything wrong. They’re just victims.

    • Johnnygard

      Possibly victims of sexual assault!

    • shirley


    • SUSAN

      Got a Banjo joe? No wonder they want to nuke us.

    • Constantine Ivanov

      You may ask God to help our country as many times and as much as you want, but He will never respond, as He never helped dozens of Millions of God-loving and God-fearing innocent people where they were murdered by first Bolsheviks and then by Nazis.

      The only hope is WE THE PEOPLE: this is the only power to get rid of this Hmmmm-in-Chief, his disgusting accomplices, and his illegitimate actions as soon as possible.

    • Lee Baldwin

      Each of us gets to be counted on election day, grumpy old man. Please do not compromise yourself and get out and vote the current pile of stench out!!!

    • APRIL


    • Nancy

      Sounds like you might think O is the Antichrist. You could be right . If so we have to defeat him,

    • shirley


    • patty

      The only thing that is going to help this country is to get rid of Obummer and his cronies. He is the one doing all the damage. I.m 74 years ols, but I have a young grandson growing up and I fear for him. Obama has to go. We can’t wait much longer.


      Ladies, I’m a 67 Year Old U.S. Veteran and I am so totally disgusted that we allowed a bunch of Anti-American scum who sit around sucking up the benefits of being an American while they do everything possible to destroy the very Nation that gives them the most wealth and freedom they’ve ever had to help a lying, cheating, usurper to get into OUR White House ! . . It literally breaks my heart that such a piece of crap sits now as the Commander-In-Chief over our fine Military Personnel when he’s never even worn a Boy Scout Uniform, much less any sort of Military Uniform ! . . He has absolutely NO knowledge of Military strategies nor anything else. . .
      I’m certainly glad now, however, that those who voted for him have learned over time that he’s a damned idiotic legend in his own mind ! . .
      We cannot allow him and his backers to steal yet another election. . . Between now and November, 2012 we HAVE to pick out a good GOP candidate, stick with him, and not split the vote and allow him to get back in again. . . Please consider Ron Paul as a great choice for President in 2012 ! . . But, . . By all means, . . Try to settle on the one who has the best chance of winning and throw all your support behind him. . . Even if he was not your first choice originally ! . . Don’t stick with an obvious loser and split the Conservative vote so that none of them can win ! . . Vote with your head and not your emotions !!! . .
      Better still, . . Push Congress to IMPEACH him NOW for just one of the many impeachable infractions he has committed in office ! . . That’s the most sure fire way of being rid of him for good. . . I shudder to think that he might sit on his sorry Muslim butt for the rest of his life while we pay him a retirement pension and provide Secret Service protection for him and his family for LIFE ! . . . Impeachment is the only to prevent that from happening ! . . .
      SMARTENUP ! . . .

    • Wild Willie

      Ohhh let us not forget “I’m not FONDA HANOI JANE” communist tratior bitch…she is right on the top of the rest of the WORTHLESS ones like the “O”
      Bless the USA before we collapse with all the greed in Washington. I am glad I am old so I won’t have to put up with the thieves in Washington.

    • pleadnthe5th

      amen to that brother!!!!!!

    • Reinhold

      GRUMPY YOU MISSED IT! America has been overtaken and occupied by aliens intermittently for nearly 200 years! Americans are completely subjugated. ITS THE JEWS STUPID!

      The Cabal controls all wealth and activity through the Criminal Monopoly of the Bogus bank of Credit Fraud. WE must now RISE UP AND SHINE – TAKE DOWN THAT EVIL TOWER USING ALL NECESSARY FORCE: END TOLERANCE. END THE FED. END WAR. EXPEL THE JEW.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      Who would of thought a muslim with no birth certificate would become the president of America only to have an agenda backed by a rich commie socialist like soros would be the one to fool us into socialism while giving up our freedom and do it willingly?WOW,We have to wake up. obama and reid and pelosi and holder have a socialsit agenda for America and we must stop them. Our children have to be worth standing up to these commies for… No to obama. No to soros. no to socialsim… Stop the democrats now. God Bless America and our Troops.

    • Ben Whittington

      Problem for Obumbler and Co., some of us ain’t so willin’…. to submit, or tolarate.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      We all better buy some guns to protect ourselves with and some silver to trade for food when the dollar becomes worthless.

    • SUSAN

      Im with Grumpy …”GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY” with friends like these who needs the enemy… I hope not a one here ever has to deal with a Family member going to jail or doing drugs or dropping out of school/society… and if you do then I hope you NEVER have to deal with their death and someone saying good riddence to bad rubbish in your presence or at their funeral.

  • Jo

    A traitor is a traitor. Treason is treason. No apologies are necessary.

    • Ann Long

      I’m a Republican and will vote Republican this time. I still want to know a source that you would trust for ther story. I also think Oboma is dumb enough to do this. Lets make Oboma a one term President. If you like your Second Amendment rights. Vote for Perry he will protect them. Mitt will not your right to protect yourself will have restriction. I read his statement on it. And he also had health care social type medicine. Perry will do what is rght. Hate to lose him as a Gonernor.
      Ann from Texas

    • Mfinity

      and what of Cain?

    • Kenai

      The old establishment Republican party along with Rino Chris Christie just endorsed Mitt Romney for the republican nomanation. Very strange timing indeed. Just as Herman Cain is getting a big surge in the polls. I think it’s an attempt to steal Cains thunder. If you want REAL CHANGE in 2012 please vote for Herman Cain!

    • patriotrenegade

      cain: bilderberg attendee, NAU conference attendee, and fed reserve chair (illegal) in KC. Anything else?

    • Wayne

      Herman Cain is the ONLY true conservative running. The others pale in comparison to his ideals and beliefs. He eats, breathes, and sleeps the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The Fore Fathers would be proud to endorse him. He gets my vote, even if he has to run as an Independent. If the Old Republicans endorse RINO Romney, they need to get out of DC as well. We need straight conservatism to straighten out the mess that Ovomit et al has made. Don’t be fooled by the pretenders, vote for Herman Cain

    • nmnative

      YES!! I want to see a 4 – 8 season hurriCAIN!!
      Yes we CAIN!!

    • Richard William Faith

      What credible source is saying that Cain is connected with CFR? I have searched for such connections and the results so far have been limited to just two LONG SHOTS: McCain, who obviously is NOT Herman Cain, and Cain from the Bible’s Old Testament (that article was a real stretch!). Please tell us where to look for some REAL information on this. I would prefer to consider Herman Cain innocent until and unless proven guilty, and CFR connections are a HEAVY INDICTMENT.

    • Yellow Horse

      To Kenai, Chris Christy is a carbon copy of Mitt Romney on a lot of left wing issues. I’m glad we don’t have two of them running

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      Kenai, I have been researching Herman Cain and he is a very smart man. He loves America and I will vote for Herman in a heart beat. He is a Patriot and rev Sharpton and the commie van jones hate him and lie about him and that is good enough for me. Herman and anyone else for VP over the socialist commie muslim named obama.

    • pleadnthe5th

      I am seriously considering it!

    • Reinhold

      SMALL CHANGE: Herman Cain is a COUNTERFEIT CONSERVATIVE. This brilliant BANKER DID NOTHING while all this was going on including the fact that the current Bogus President is an illegal alien criminal. Herman Cain is a former Chairman for a regional Federal Reserve Bank. He declares that an examination (Audit) of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud would reveal nothing. Herman Cain knows that the FRAUD must be kept SECRET. As president Herman cain would ensure that the Fraud will remain SECRET. Calling taxes 9-9-9 does nothing to remove the fraud or the burden. Herman Cain is paid for by the JEWIST CABAL and will do whatever the Jews tell him to do. He knows that he must. We all know that it was the Jews that murdered John F. Kennedy for attempting to END THE FED and CEASE Support and Defense of the the Jewist Criminal State of Israel. NO! You will see NO CHANGE by RAISING CAIN.

    • Mfinity

      Cain for Pres w/ Huntsman as a running mate, wouldn’t that help solve this financial fiasco?

    • patriotrenegade

      both are proven bilderberg shills,cain also attended the treasonous NAU conference and was fed “reserve” chair in KC.

    • Johnnygard

      Earlier you said Cain was an “attendee”, now you are calling him a “shill”. I’d bet you don’t have any real evidence beyond attending one meeting, which doesn’t mean a thing.

    • Marlene

      Huntsman has Obama’s endorsement – ‘nough said about him. Cain is definitely the man I choose.

    • Nancy

      Do not include Huntsman, also Romney attended the One World Order meeting. I hope he was investigating and not a member!

    • Lee Baldwin

      As much as I believe Perry is just a white Obama, ONLY Perry and Ron Paul will protect our 2nd Amendment rights. ALL the rest are ‘posers’ that will only reap our tax dollars and keep killing America

    • Kathy

      In my opinion, PLEASE, do your homework on Perry before you recommend him. I too am a Texan, but I am hesitant to vote for a person who makes demands on Texans that are lucrative for individuals in the pharmaceutical business, but deadly to young girls! I am thankful for the homeschool community and MANY OTHERS who made him rethink his decision. I LOVE Texas, but Perry has done nothing to stop the illegal immigration. I think he wants the votes. CONCERNED IN TX

    • daves

      Poor Ann.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      daves,everyone on this site knows you hate America and freedom and want socialism so just move to the middle east and we can give you a one way ticket. A vote for obama is a vote for socialism.

    • Johnnygard

      daves usually has better and longer answers. The DNC must have let him off work at 5pm today.

    • daves

      Johnnygard – where have you been?

    • 2martin2

      Perry won’t shut border………….so don’t tell me I’m safe or secure, financial or physical.
      Look at his record and what he says.

    • Anthony San Diego

      Look at all of their records, forget what they say. Dad always said, “Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.” Ron Paul is the only candidate who has been consistent when voicing his beliefs for America.

    • susan

      You are so right. Ron Paul is the guy to run, if only he would

    • Hope

      Ron Paul truly is the only candidate that can and will get our beloved America back on solid ground. Media and liberals are extremely worried if he is chosen as our next president. Ron has seen what has been happening in DC for quite sometime and the communists chosen to represent us. The Federal Reserve who are stealing from us and making us slaves to them for a very long time. All these things we never were aware of. Ron wants to get rid of all these maggots but too many Americans are not paying attention to this wonderful patriot. The media calls him “an old senile man” and too many, ignorant citizens are actually believing all these lies. Beautiful men and women seem to attract all but how about their true patriotism. I doubt that non of them have the love of our nation than Ron Paul with his ideas and work needed to get the USA back on track. For once listen to your own minds and stop behaving like sheep. Just pay attention to Ron Paul the next time he will be on stage with the other candidates.

    • DefendConstitution

      Perry is another obama with lighter skin color. Please research Perry, Romney and Cain and after you read as much as I have, you wil run away from Perry and waqlk away from Romney.

    • Anita Robertson, RN

      Jo, Succinct and to the point! Excellent comment, no way to improve on that except agree with you!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Jan De Capua

    @Raymond and All Patriots go to this site then email this site to every congress person you can…….

    http// embedded

    E-mail this to all your freindS and ask them to share it. Also the site Raymond put up.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      I went to your posted website,NICE.. Thank you…

    • Mfinity

      don’t forget about slamming POTUS e-mail box with ALL of this nation’s complaints! Send to and send daily and get friends to send daily, perhaps that will help overcome his correspondence abilities.

  • Jiminbartow, Sgt.USMC

    While I am not religious, the way things are going, with such evil in the world, with bo in the lead, I am almost to the point of imagining the possibility that bo has a contract with Satan to do his bidding here on this earth to bring the greatest Christian nation on earth down to its’ knees and possibly into the abyss, never to return again for 1000 years. Could bo be the Anti-Christ? Think about it. Alot has happened that, 5 years ago, would have been unimaginable.

    • T-man

      Hitler was Satin inspired as well, yet i don’t think he was the anti christ, the nations of the world are under the control of satin.

    • edward

      T-man, It’s Satan not “satin” either way neither ever existed, except in the minds of the brainwashed.

    • Mfinity

      Edward, you are correct when saying that evil never existed except as the outward expression of “lack of God” in one’s life, but I declare that SATAN is the entity that attempts to persuade us away from that God that gave us life.
      Let us pray that God will continue to bless America (in spite of its resistance).


    • patriotrenegade

      I do believe that kissinger is the antichrist. His history is perfect and he still controls our govt regardless of “party”.

    • Allan

      So you believe the opposite…that’s fine, but what makes you any less likely to be brainwashed? If no heaven exists, I’d rather have lived by the good foundation of religion than find out what hell is like.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      Like the minds of the brainwashed obama voters!!!!!

    • Otto

      NO mater how he spelled it you got the message Little Man

    • CarolsKey

      You see it’s like this…there are many things YOU may not believe in that are nonetheless proven beyong a doubt. Let’s take gravity…you may not believe in it, but jump from a 20-story building and you are still dead.

      So, I’m guessing using my logic, that hell will be a real eye-opener for you?! May God Bless you soon with Heavenly wisdom!

    • DENNIS W

      The word is ‘SATAN’ not ‘satin’……..

    • Stan Lee

      Regarding Obama, any title will do as long as it equals “evil.”

    • Marte

      I’m not religious either. But what you say is something that has crossed my mind more than once.

    • TrueIndependent

      It is unbelievably sad that anyone spends their time thinking like this. While principled public servants do the best they can to make the world even slightly better than what others have been able to, citizens need to be engaged in helping to build and propagate positive solutions. Can you name the last thing you did to help someone? To make life better for those around you? To serve your country in a way that elevates those elected by the people to serve and empowers them to do the right thing? That is citizenship, and it is all of our obligation to be citizens. To engage, to think well, to act constructively and to build collaborative relationships even with those of our fellow citizens we disagree with. There is no other way to shepherd a genuine democracy through all the dark temptations to which the human soul is subject.

    • stillsane

      He is a precursor to the antiChrist and is definitely a tool of satan. Don’t forget he is a Muslim Communist. He is filled with evil and corruption and is an enemy to America and to the world.

      The antiChrist will be able to perform many signs and wonders which will be able to fool the world. If you stay close to the Lord and read your Bible, you will be able to recognize him when he comes and avoid the trap.

      There are already Christians who have fallen away such as the Episcopals and now a Presbyterian church who just ordained an openly homosexual pastor. All this is in the Bible.

    • http://Firefox PeterNJ

      Not to mention Chrislam!!!

    • daves

      Romans 13:1-14
      Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

    • Raymond

      Where’s the rest of the verses?

    • CarolsKey

      I believe “out of context” and “doesn’t support his point” would be applicable here…

    • daves

      Why – would they change the meaning of this verse?

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      daves,the Bible also says if it goes against God the reject it.The laws of God are higher than the laws of man.The Bible says,you are for me or against me.

    • NoSoup4U

      Obama is no THE Anti-Christ. Notice I capitalized “THE”. There will not be ONE person that is THE anti-Christ.

      1 John 2:18
      King James Version (KJV)
      18Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there “many antichrists”; whereby we know that it is the last time. (Emphasis added)

      1 John 2:22
      King James Version (KJV)
      22Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? “He is antichrist”, that denieth the Father and the Son.
      (Emphasis added)

      1 John 4:3
      King James Version (KJV)
      3And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and “this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world”.
      (Emphasis added)

      2 John 1:7
      King James Version (KJV)
      7For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. “This is a deceiver and an antichrist”.
      (Emphasis added)

      Till next time: Your Brother in Arms

  • 1S-1K

    Well. Why don’t some of us get off our butts and do something. If they can occupy Wall St., why can’t we occupy Pennsylvania Ave. and start a “Impeachment Rally?” Contact your Congressmen and urge then to look into proceedings. obuma has done many things that are impeachable, i believe.

    • chitown bob

      That is one great idea. I will gladly help in organizing any such demonstration. Occupy D.C. Fantastic idea! Who wants to go along?

    • Eva Catarinicchia

      I’ll go. If Hillary and O’evil one don’t like this country, they need to move to Afganistan or somewhere like it. Let’s see how long it takes them to appreciate and defend our country. I keep saying, “This country belongs to the U.S.Citizens, not this handful of evil liars.”

    • http://PatriotUpdate USAF Ret.

      “Only a handful” ?? I’d say there are many more than that!!

    • Marte

      The problem in… those of us who actually believe in the American way of life are busy working. We can’t take a month or two off to occupy anything.

      That’s why these idiots make so much noise and we don’t.

    • patriotrenegade

      How about visiting the HQ’s of the real enemy: council on foreign relations, trilateral commission? New world order, and the cause and owners of many of our leaders. They have offices in DC and NYC. Wouldn’t it be cool to see brezhinski trapped in his luxury office?

    • an eye 4 an eye

      don’t forget the bring gallons of tar and bundles of feathers, so we can send the OBUMMER AND HIS BUDDIES OUT WITH INDIGNITY FOR DOING SUCH A GREAT INJUSTICE TO AMERICA—-TAR AND FEATHER THESE PUKES


    just shows obama is muslim and hates americatime to remove obama with extreame force


    time to get kkk to washington dc to git rid of obama

    • Marstew1

      Thomas,You are a racsist,backwoods hick.But your sentiment is probably secretly mirrored by many on this page.While your at it,I bet you would like to shoot a few illegal immigrants at the border as well.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      To rid obama from us we just need to expose his fake birth certificate and the fact he took foreign aid to go to occidental college as a foreigner… Look up on any computer(obama took fulbright foundation money) and see for yourself. Transparecny right?

    • Johnnygard

      THOMAS, Get lost! KKK, what a loser organization.

    • DS

      THOMAS . . . . Really?! The KKK did nothing positive during their hey-day, and I’m fairly certain they can’t / won’t do anything now (even if given a chance).

      KKK? Really?

  • Blane Barnes

    I’m getting tired of Obama and his administration apologizing to Islamic leaders and terrorist/terrorist families. These UNPatriotic UNAmericans must go!!!

  • American For Truth And Justice.

    Transparency right? Fake birth certificate.obama took foreign aid to go to occidenatl college.. The hawaii hospital on obama’s birth certificate did not exist until 1978. Hello. If I know this then the white house knows this and pelosi and reid and holder and biden are all in on giving aid to a criminal. We all better wake up. soros has meetings with obama more than anyother person. almost 40 in less than 3 years. hello. the socialist commie soros meets with obama more than anyone. hello. Wake up people. No more obama or obama lies. Stop soros and obama. stop socialism now. no more obama.

  • American For Truth And Justice.

    October 11, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    I hope everyone is sad for the change…..America, I love my country.. America,the greatest nation of all time. America,why would we want a change? Hello America.. I love my country,period. perfect no. The best ever,for sure!!!!Stop socialism Now. Stop soros and obama from taking America down. obama should apologize to all of America for his lies. Transparency,lie.No backroom deals,Lie again. c-span.lie again. Posting bills on the internet before voting on them. Lie again. No special interest group favors,another lie. Oath to uphold our Constitution,Lie again. Hello America,are we done with the lies? Transaprency remember? Stop socialism now. Stop soros and obama

    • patriotrenegade

      soros is a CFR and enemy. He is only the money dispenser. Look up council on foreign relations, trilateral commission, and bilderbergers. That’s the big picture.

    • Anthony San Diego

      Look up the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and their cronies… That’s the bigger picture.

  • Kathleen

    This is not news to me…it is Obama’a norm!

  • Remington 870

    Obama appologizing is nothing new. Every day Obama proves how weak he is to the world and how incompetent he is to lead our country. Better pray there will be an election in 2012 instead of Martial Law and suspended elections.

    • Nancy

      OH NO !!!!!!

    • DS

      Martial Law & “suspended” elections? Oh, YES!! MUCH, much more a likelihood and possibility than not. There are already “rumblings” about it in the Senate, with a Dem Senator suggesting it.

      Now…..WHERE would he get such an idea?!

  • Charles Whitlock

    It is time for IMPEACHMENT proceeding to begin. Who are we waiting on?

  • Gray Beard







    • T-man

      Americans that plot and encourage the overthrough of America are treasionist trators pure and simple.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      Just like obama and pelosi and holder ect…..

    • Margaret

      Both are Communists and Obama is also Kenyan
      Sunni Muslim. We won’t be seeing anything else from them except their love of Communism and Muslims.

    • DS

      UNFORTUNATELY……. the military is at the behest of the POTUS. BOTH are lead by civilians. It was set-up & established like that, for the very simple reason that something like a full-fledged “revolution” could not take place…..

    • Gray Beard

      I’m replying to myself, which I have never done before, but upon further thought and, I want to make it clear right here at the beginning, that I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY, and know very little about the strictly legal side of things, but…

      I think the United States may have just opened itself to at least one of the biggest “Civil Rights” Lawsuits, ever filed in our Courts. With Obama directing his Secretary of State, to apologize to the family of these ANTI-AMERICAN TERRORISTS, both of whom were United States Citizens, for, I assume, not giving their sons…Due Process of the Law…as afforded every other United States citizen, and killing them on, again I assume, direct orders of the Commander-in-Chief, without being provided “Due Process…” could open this country to a Lawsuit, the Taxpayers are going to have to pay, because of a stupid move in apologizing in the first place for the killing, but now compounding his mistake…stupid thinking…with an apology to the families…

      We should note here, that the father of the one man killed, was educated in the United States and is presently the Minister of Agriculture in Yemen. This is a man who knows his options.

      I hope I’m wrong. As I said, I know nothing about what really happened here, nor do I know anything about the Law. This is only opinion…nothing more, nor anything less.

  • Stan Lee

    Obama is so apologetic when an upper-tier,Muslim terror schemer against the United States is finally run down and killed.
    Let’s not forget that it was the voice of the United States President, broadcast world-wide in news reports, that brought Egypt’s Mubarak down. Obama insisted that Mubarak should resign.
    When he governed Egypt,he kept a lid on the kind of violence now rampant in Egypt.
    Yesterday, reports from correspondents in Egypt reported the deaths of at least 25 Egyptian Christians(Copts) at the hands of rampaging Muslim mobs.
    And, not a word of indignation from the President of the United States!
    He owes apologies to all those Egyptian families who are burying their loved ones.
    His meddling brought religious unrest to that country.

    • TrueIndependent

      Not clear on what you are endorsing. It sounds like you are opposed to Pres. Obama standing up for democracy, demanding an end to torture, killing and kleptocracy, which suggests that instead of supporting democracy yourself, you are angered by anyone who would stand up for democracy and demand an end to torture, killing and kleptocracy. Would you prefer your community be ruled by elected officials accountable to the people, or by oligarchs with private armies? Or by a totalitarian dictator running a police state, like Mubarak?

      If you care about the people of Egypt, and the spread of democratic values throughout the region, then support the ongoing empowerment of the democracy movement. You will not help them be free by casting the post-dictatorship transition as nothing more than violent extremist mobs.

      We did not abandon democracy in Philadelphia over the summer because random groups of teens became violent. Democratic thinkers need to stand with each other and support each other’s rights to live in peace and freedom, not elevate oligarchs, dictators, torturers and murderers, simply because they sometimes allowed us to pay them to do unconscionable things.

      Once again: our country, our democracy, and our children, deserve much better than such arbitrary nonsense. Support Egyptian freedom, American freedom and human freedom in general, by standing with those who support the democratic transition. Abandon the thugs and dictators to the dustbin of history, where they belong.

    • Gray Beard

      Yes, Obama’s speech was the beginning in Egypt and now elsewhere in the Middle-East. Let’s see…Egypt was/is a friend of Israel, I believe. Am I correct that they have a treaty with Israel and diplomatic relations with Israel?

      Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the fact that Obama does not like Israel, nor any of her friends or allies, even going as far as his like and/or dislike of the United States of America. He has already done more to destroy this country than any other single human-being in History.

      Obama wants to see the destruction of Israel and of the United States of America, as we now know it. He wants the U.S.S.A., as does Mrs. Clinton, our estemed Sec’y of State, George Soros, his mentor and all other Progressives/Communists.

      Get rid of Mubarak; break the treaty and diplomatic relations with Israel, then get rid of the U.S. Constitution. Obama will then think his job done.

      Let’s stop him in 2012, if not before.

  • Chris


  • Judyanne

    Call your congressman and senator to tell them to stop passage of HR3071 Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2011. This act allows Obama to continue to keep his past secret after leaving the office. (Leaving the office thats a nice thought.)

    • Gray Beard

      There can be only one reason why Obummer wants to keep his records secret…HE IS NOT A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!”

      He is the first President in our History to keep ALL HIS RECORDS, including college transcripts, birth certificate, etc., etc., totally secret. Why, Mr. President? What exactly are you hiding?

      Did you apply to Harvard as a Foreign Student? This, as I see it, is your “Catch 22!” If you did indeed apply as a Foreign Student, why did you say you didn’t? If you didn’t apply as a Foreign Student, then why did you feel you had to say publically that you didn’t? You either did or didn’t. Which is it, Mr. Community Organizer?

      The problem is that you are so PHONY, nothing you say can be believed. MAKE ALL YOUR RECORDS PUBLIC AND DON’T TRY TO KEEP THEM SECRET AFTER YOU LEAVE OFFICE. This is The United States of America, you IDIOT! When running for office, we tell the truth, or, the media eventually gets the truth and publishes what is true and what is not.


  • http://none james

    Did the Muslims apologise for all the people that died on 9-ll? I think not. America you are being duped by a man and women that have no business in our “leadership”. Voting will only remove the wort off our “A”. Better idea…………………..

  • TrueIndependent

    It is very shocking how violent and irresponsible this website’s hatred of the president of the United States is. Do you all really believe that visceral, devout, fundamentalist hatred of the president and our government, that deliberate lies and distortions, amount to patriotism?

    It was the Obama administration that killed these terrorists, at the orders of Pres. Obama. Your attempts to make uninformed people believe that Pres. Obama hates America are just about the most anti-American thing going around. Try to rise above those visceral tendencies, and be better than the worst of those you sometimes agree with.

    Our country, our democracy, and our children, deserve much better than what you’re putting out in articles like this.

  • http://patriotupdate Emily

    Daily prayer:

    Father, remove the wicked from office and power.

    Father, expose the unjust.

    Let the light of Your holiness spread across this country.

    In Jesus name.


  • tess

    WHY DOES THIS APOLOGY SURPRISE ANYONE? THINK BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF obama’s reign of terror, HE WENT OVERSEAS, HUMILIATED AND INSULTED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, APOLOGIZED FOR OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY AND PUT IT DOWN..remember is 40+ czars are either commies, socialists, maoists or criminals.. AYERS, SOROS, VAN JONES, REV. WRIGHT, BLACK PANTHERS, AND THE LIST GOES ON.Doesn’t matter if you are religious or not.. everyone better start PRAYING.

    • gaetano

      Praying is over,it’s time to fight.

    • American For Truth And Justice.

      I thought Treason was a hanging offense? Can we get some ropes please? About 535 ropes will do for now….. Transparency right?

  • Doc Freeman

    Well some of the idiots in our country voted a fool in to the office of the president along with his communist green administration. Now our government is apologizing for killing a self proclaimed admitted committing treason citizen after BHO went on his apology tour when he first got elected. Now I hope everyone will realize what a fool we have as Secretary of State also. What is really upsetting is that we can not get rid of them till Jan. 20th 2013. Had Congress done its job we would have this man as president. They made John McCain prove he was a citizen, but not BHO. We need to prosecute every one who was in Congress on Jan. 2009 that let BHO get by without proving he was eligible to even be president.

  • Doc Freeman

    Correction Had Congress done it job we would NOT have this man as president.

  • d ballard

    Ahhh! He died?? The 535 are in it for themselves. Vote em out, if that doesn’t work vote them out again. I think we need to change all term limits to two years for awhile. If we let them know we can take away as well, then maybe we might get some people in there that actually work for the American people. I write the kids all the time and now am seeing some improvement in the way they should be thinking, at least they’re responding to specifics now. The “Silent Majority has been SILENT long enough and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I have not figured out as of to date why the banks and wall street were bailed out. $$$$$$$$

  • Sandy

    Who holds back the flood when you are accused? Don’t tell me that you are a law abiding person and it won’t happen to you. You’re law abiding right up until a law is passed infringing on something that you do. At times you don’t have to be “doing” anything, you could be a law breaker just because of your etnicity. We need to keep “due process” in place for ourselves, for the future.

  • buddy9210

    Well Cubbies, you know how to cure this Jock Itch??? You go to the poles and vote these ASSCLOWNS into private life!!! Instead of sitting around and gripping about what these Closet Communists are doing, just start getting moblized and work and donate like their ASSCLOWN donors do!!! So, also Cubbies, remember this, in 2008 alittle more than half of the registered voters put this BUTTPIRATE into office and his ilk. And it will be pissed off Americans who fear the loss of their country to vote this BUTTPIRATE out. SO WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T TAKE THE 2012 ELECTION LIGHTLY, BECAUSE THIS IS HOW THAT CLOWN WILL STAY IN THE WH!!! God Help Us!!!

  • Patriot and an American

    I’ll betcha that Obozo never apologizes to We The People!!!

  • Rick

    And how about our InJustice department and Eric Holder. Get a load of the truth behind the scenes with a great book “Injustice” by J. Christian Adams. The reality is worse than most think:

  • Dave Trimble

    That’s like apoligizing to Hitler’s family for bombing Berlin!!! I don’t see Hillary apoligizing to the families of all the people she had killed.

  • Ed Orr

    How many ways are there of saying TREASON where b.o. is concerned.

  • richard holmes

    Who is going to apologize to hilldogs’ family that she was slain in a drone attack to save this country?

  • richard holmes

    These communist people running this country need to be hung for treason.

  • DH

    This president is a clown, a bad joke. Sorry I killed your father/brother, but I did it intentionally. I wonder if he is actually retarded. But then again, he has apologized for the United States being the United States to just about everyone, and has made enemies of our best friends, including England, Canada and Israel.

  • Larry Tarter

    We need to get rid of some of the current RNC,weed out the squeamish collaborators if wer`e ever going to have an honest Conservative Republican party like wer`e supposed to have!!!!!!!.

  • JVB

    Liberals are ass clowns. Nothing surprises me in what they do or say….they are clowns.

  • D. Hanes

    I wonder if this Obama government can get any more assinine? This is just disgusting and I am disgusted with Hillary too for even taking part. The Democrats have pretty much declared to the world that they are on the side of the terrorists… thanks to the ass hole in the white house.

  • nativaele

    This is really sad .How could a person tell any family that after killing one of their own they apology
    and expect any family member to receive such a bezar apology from the killer.

    Especially in this case .

  • John DeMarkey

    Hank Williuams Jr.said it all!!
    The United States of Socialist America!!
    Wake up America or we will e a Socialist Country in 2012!
    The rich and the poor! NO Middle Class!!
    Obama is destroying this great country with his band of meery men, Reid, Pelosi and Frank!

  • am2sweet

    Obama doesn’t deserve to be in charge of this country when his alliance is to Muslims. When is congress going to wake up and get him out anyway or are they all afraid of him?

  • Nancy

    So why did we kill him if we’re sorry??? How pathetic and embarrassing is that sack of manure that calls himself president??? He must go NOW! He obviously has a identity crisis- well, obummer, let me break it down for you- you’re a lying communist muslim faggot.

  • Nancy

    Someone said something about Huntsman- i understand that huntsman’s family contributed heavily to dirty harry reid’s campaign- that means i don’t even consider him a viable republican canidate.

  • janya38

    Why is everyone limiting their choices to Romney, Perry or Cain. My vote is for Gingrich and I don’t give a damn how many times he’s been married or even if he cheated on his wife. So did JFK, Clinton, Bush,Sr. and others who just didnt’ get caught. Marriage has 2 sides to every story.

    Newt is, without question, the most intelligent candidate running. He knows what he’s talking about, has a sharp mind, quick wit and in a debate, he will make Obama and all other candidates look intellectually bankrupt.

    Go Newt!

  • TNSue

    What’s new??? obama opolgizes to all the muslim luving ass wipes. It’s a wonder he didn’t do it personally,bending until his britches split.

  • Dan

    When are the “NO BALLED” people in comgress going to wake up and IMPEACH this SOB traitor and send him and his ME, ME, Me fat assed “B” wife back to Kenya where they belong. I love this country but now dispise our goverment. America is in “BIG TROUBLE” !

  • The Eagle

    What do you expect from a (couple of asses) from the “Donkey Party, (Hillary & Obama)opologizing to a terrorist, that wanted them both dead.

  • GOPar

    Apologize to an enemy of the state? You have to be kidding. Were there any apologies to all the people of 9/11. How about the border patrol agents killed by the mexican cartel with guns probably supplied by the AFT and DOJ? Bet the administration didn’t apologize to the families of those agents. The list could go on and on. The heros of this country deserve more than just a few words in the news. The liberal news at that. The people protecting this country deserve more. The administation has again made a fool of itself and probably will continue to do so. Shame on Hillary for even doing such a thing. She may think she works for obumer, but the truth is, she works for us.

  • Richard William Faith

    Let’s see now… obama orders this guy killed, and then apologizes to the guy’s parents? POLAR OPPOSITES manifest in the SAME obama? Isn’t that SCHIZOPHRENIA?

  • robert

    All the comments I have read I believe are correct. With this administration being as corrupt as they are out in the open, my concern is how do we stop this election from being stolen?

  • Yellow Horse

    That should be painted on the whitehouse walls!!! ” We are applogizeing for killing TERRORIST Samir Khan ” Who’s mission in life was to Kill All Americans And Jews!!!
    Signed Pres. Obama
    The shit just goes on!!!

  • Marked man

    I would like to pose a question. Let say you have a son who strays from the Christian moral upbringing he was brought up in and turns to drug running. He is then killed by a Border Patrol agent…I say good for the border patrol agent he did his job, but If it was my son, since I was not the drug runner and even though my son turned bad I would still love him, and would feel very respected if I was given condolences from the person who killed him. Even though I would understand what had to be done by the agent…Just a thought.

  • Marlene

    Bam-Bam is just covering his butt – again – with more apologies. Can the terrorists family be so stupid that they don’t realize that Bam-Bam gave the ‘nod’ for this to happen? So why would they accept an apology for an intentional act? Bam and Billary are merely showing their disdain for the terrorist’s family by apologizing. The slain terrorist admitted that he was happy to commit terrorist and treasonist acts against the Us. That legalized his assasination and no apologies were necessary, except from one terrorist to another. Bam-bam and all of his administration are traitors to we, the people of the United States of America. Down with all terrorists from the White House down to the grungiest caves in Afghanistan.

    • catman

      The real reason obummer appologized is because muslims are not supposed to kill other muslims. AND OBUMMER IS A MUSLIM THRU AND THRU.

    • Didi

      Sorry, Marlene, but this terrorist was “collateral damage” as far as Obama was concerned. Obama probably did authorize the killing of said other terrorist and this was just another who had to be sacrificed as collateral damage so that some of Obama’s blinded sheep would think he is trying to “protect us” from terrorists. I believe he was very sincere when he apologized to the family because he doesn’t want ANY terrorists against America to perish.
      He is on the campaign trail for re-election and has to have a feather or two in his cap before November 2012. The supposed SEAL execution death of Osama and the taking out of a couple of other terrorists like this at least give him SOMETHING that is considered positive that was done during his term in the White House. He will make sure that he has at least one thing every couple of months or sooner together that makes him look as if he is an effective leader.

    • Stan Lee

      I believe that an ongoing program to search out, find, and kill these terrorists has been ongoing.And, with just cause.
      I don’t believe this was a product of the Obama regime. This was a strategy of the Bush Administration which, while Obama blames Bush for everything he can think of, has done very little with original thought unless we mention his insane spending.
      Insofar as fighting against our enemies is concerned, Bush should be recognized as such a man who did it despite a MSM and Democrat Party which vilified him at every opportunity they could create.

    • David Spiller

      Even this guy should have had at least a kangaroo court and death sentence, Is Marlene the next victum of Obummer without any trial. How about Mr. Limbaugh, or the tea party ? Are they in his crosshairs too ? This was an act that shows Obummers diss-stain for our laws and ripe for his impeachment!

    • Stan Lee

      How serious is a “Kangaroo Court” as you suggest? Such a proceeding would be a superficial attempt to make a killing appear legal. That’s how the process earned its name.
      When that guy joined with Awlaki in operations against the United States,planning to kill Americans,he incurred the possibility of being killed in the pursuit of killing Americans.
      He was a casualty in a war in which he gladly enlisted jihadis to go to their “paradise.” Now, he has joined them.
      Poetic justice.

    • patriot4life

      This Obama has to be Voted OUT!!.. This guy has over 45 Czars… twice as many as Soviet union. Patriots what is going on in our Country…?…We must Get out in Droves and get rid of this guy and ALL his Cronies!!. I million Dollars a minute in NEW Debt.. Please , Please Lets all get together and get this Menace OUT in 2012.

    • MC

      You got that 100% correct! The present administration needs to be impeached for treason.

  • jack

    Barack Husein Obama has a grand farther and father who are Moslem. Now that makes him a christian! Somehow, I must be missing something. The president has been apologizing
    to the Moslem world for our past performance.I am waiting for the same president to apologize for the murder of Christians in Egypt by the government he so willingly supported to replace Mubarak’s Government. Don’t hold your breathe. Sgt. Jack

    • http://google phil de priest

      have you noticed the muslim yellow curtain in the east room where o. b. gives his speeches.

    • Didi

      Every Christian that bites the dust is just one less that Obama has to devise a plan of which to disposeof us, himself. The roots of his rage and hatred for America and patriotic, white, Christian Americans run so deep that nothing will uproot them for his entire life. Some apologies he can fake, and some apologies would be hard for him fake because of the joy he would be feeling inside.

    • Richard William Faith

      Kind of like faking the LACK OF an orgasm!

    • L.J. Middleton

      In math two negatives make a positive. However, Obama is not a Christian and has proved that fact some time ago. He did utter to a reporter that he was Christian, but that is just so much Taqiyya. The man is a criminal and a liar. He uses people then discards them when they are no longer useful. How many of his former supporters have made negative comments about him? Let’s hope the American people know how to say “Change,” since Congress and the Senate will not oblige themself (impeachment) with getting rid of this Saudi Arabian plant in the Whitehouse.

    • Jim

      Can Iran hang Obama for turning his back on Islam? After all his father was a muslim. The same logic being used on the Christian minister in Iran.

  • buckeye

    Where is the proof??? Oh! I know Rush Drugball said it>

    • Johnnygard

      buckeye, It’s time for you to go hide, unless you want to tell us how great Obama has been doing. Like with the economy, unemployment, gas prices, National debt, “Fast and Furious”, Solyndra, etc. It’s a sure bet you won’t address all 6 of the above items. Three of them?

    • Johnnygard

      NOTICE: As shown above, to get rid of liberals on this site, just challenge them to defend the Obama record and they disappear.

    • Lanny Gene Wood

      Don’t you know that the liberals say all six incidents mentioned were ” George W. Bush’s fault.” The DOJ & ATF are now saying that “Fast & Furious ” was part of a project that the Bush Administration started.

      When is Obama,the wonderboy of the age, going to step up to the plate and take credit for his own errors as he does for his batted runs? He didn’t hesitate to take the credit for Osama-Bin-Laden’s death.

      As the Commander-in Chief of all USA armed forces and inteligence organizations he’s responsable for pushing the button on Samir Khan as well. Now he’s apologizing to Khan’s family for having him killed? Obama the bummer!

    • gaetano

      would you like the proof in BLACK or WHITE?

  • James Ferro

    Keep your guns loaded and close!

    • Sue

      You better hide your guns as EL Obama is on the look out for them…he has all his U.N buddies who are gonna collect them for him…
      Then he is gonna collect us and put us in the tanks he has made ready for all of us Infidels.
      Look at Denver Airport Art and Fema trains !!!!
      Will we apologize….no way…

    • Dennis Bartlett

      Sue , When I hide my guns , that will be a time when my fingers are gone and besides , blue helmets make a great target . The UN has no business in this Country either as a political body or an enforcement tool .
      Ocrap is a jerk and a “Traitor” . Wonder if he has apologized to Awlaki’s next of kin ?

  • lou colonmateo

    Now Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s keep it politically, no racial slurs nor relegious overtones. We are better educated than they are. Thank You

    • P B

      Yea lou, on my worst day I am better than these pigs on their best day.

    • ctcwilson

      here, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have yet another “apologist”. Wonder how this creep would “feel” were it his family on 9-11? Prolly would not “feel” anything; a sociopath has no “feeling”. They, like the diaper head terrorists, just search for yet another victim. We need to get some tree trunks and ride these creeps out on a rail.

    • ctcwilson

      Numb skull. Here we have a soft peddling litlte snot nosed Fabian Socialist who actually thinks that turning the other cheek will be respected by this bunch of diaper heads who condemn the very Scriptures that speak to turning the other cheek. If we would just round up all of these worthless camel humpers and ship them out, then nuke that part of the world with blanket nuke bombs we could have 1000 year of peace. Worked in Japan. Question: Do any of you “out there” have even a clue how and with what they attend to their bodies when they defecate? They use thier left hand. That’s how the right hand hand shake came about. They DO SCRATCH their body lice heads with their left hand. This is why they are known as shit heads.

    • ctcwilson

      .. Lord.. Lord.. what an ignorant meathead. Brainless. Another left wing Fabian Socialist. Moron. Just a mornic ultra liberal, uneducated, uninformed, moron.

    • ctcwilson

      um.. isn’t the colon down there we we defecate? This rear end colon whatever his moniker is, is an idiot.

  • nvrpc

    I wouldn’t appoligize for crap. If you hang around with terrorist, drug lord or gang bangers and get taken out in the process, then we’ve done the world a favor. You are who you associate with, end of story, this fact will never be proven wrong.

    • Didi

      He was a self-proclaimed terrorist and traitor to America. He deserved what he got. END OF STORY…no apologies…no regrets… no, no, no.
      Celebrate, people, celebrate!
      Celebrate, people, celebrate!
      Traitor won’t be risen…won’t be risen…
      Come on and celebrate execution of this scum!

  • bobeau

    The apology comes as no surprise to me.



    • PD

      Chuck, I’m really sorry to hear about your son. God Bless you sir and, God Bless your precious son.

    • Didi

      Nor will Obama apologize when any of America’s sons are killed by his muslim brothers.

    • del

      The old skank hillary is as big of an idiot as ovomit….they are brown nosing old george soros and hoping to rule the world and steal even more than they already have!!! clintons and ovomit should be in a jail cell for life and their stolen assets returned to
      We the People!

    • P B

      Chuck you can’t look to this administratiion to apoligize for anything that was done to our troops. I would like to apoligize for your sons death, we are all brothers in the service. I served two tours in VietNam.

  • John Gaver

    Rather than apologize to the dirt-bag’s parents, the B. Hussein administration should apply the standards that are on the State Dept. web site and assume that this piece of filth intended to lose his US citizenship.

    From the US State Dept. web site:
    The premise that a person intends to retain U.S. citizenship is not applicable when the individual: (5) performs an act made potentially expatriating by statute accompanied by conduct which is so inconsistent with retention of U.S. citizenship that it compels a conclusion that the individual intended to relinquish U.S. citizenship.

    This scum openly described himself as “proud to be a traitor to America.” That pretty much settled the “so inconsistent with retention of U.S. Citizenship” issue. He was no longer a U.S. citizen. He made that clear with his own words and actions.

    If his parents want to get angry, because they think that their dirt-bag son was somehow immune to attack, because he was a U.S. citizen, the State Dept. should direct them to the State Dept. web page on loss of citizenship and explain to them that their son’s death is what any traitor to the U.S. should expect.

    But then, that would be asking a lot of B. Hussein, who obviously doesn’t know how to read, since he has obviously not read the Constitution that he is supposed to serve.

  • Injun Trouble

    Can you people of this great country believe the bullshit our ( so-called leaders ) are capable of doing ??? I am getting really depressed …..NAW, thats not true, but I am getting READY. Has anybody else noticed that OBAMACIDE just seems to be promoting civil unrest ???? Do you think his plan is to PISS_OFF normal people to cause a national riots ??? That would give OBAMACIDE the reason to declare martial law.
    Something to think about.

    • catman

      Hey Injun Trouble….That’s a no brainer. It has been his and the rest of his Chicago goons the plan all along.
      HAIL KING OBUMMMER!! Or words to that effect. Ever watch pitures (videos) of Hitler when his people were lining the streets of Germany? Arms upraised and shouting “Hiel”. That’s gonna be us shortly.
      That is if we don’t wake our collective lazy butts up and do something about htis goon squad in DC.

    • Mfinity

      Heil Oh-Bummah??!??!??

    • ctcwilson

      Pretty clear where Obam-bam stands. (or kneals) He actually believes that placating these sub-humans will insure peace and perhaps prevent another attack. Does he actually believe that his endorsement of the camel humpers will bring about a different acceptance of how they interpret their Koran, where in he first 4 pages it is commanded that they, the camel humpers, convert the Christainss, or kill them? O-bam-bam claims to be a Christain. So, inasmucha s he is the “leader”, let him lead. He should be riding the lead horse in this, the target for the next attack. Why not? After all, he is the leader. Lord, what was in the minds of the American voters when they went to he polls and put him in the White House? Rhetorical question. The abject ignorance that saturates this nation is the product of 55 years of brainwashing. Guilt. God save the nation! Ecuador looks better and better!

  • http://ThePatriot Ken

    Will someone have the balls to take these traitors out please? The least you could do is hang all of them!

  • Mark

    This comes as no surprise since Oblamer apologized to Europe for God knows what, especially when there are thousands of American soldiers buried there. Soldiers that died protecting Europe from Hitler. So if our State Department or the president apologizes to the family for the death of some worthless scumbag terrorist, I am outraged, not surprised. If this sheethead was an American, then he was rightfully executed as a traitor.

    • izzy

      As obama should be!

  • Don Sr.

    As much as I’d like to really burn up the keyboard this evening I’ll just say this; do the muslims even know they lose the fight?

  • Mark

    I think that Obama should not exclude himself from the laws of Islam that he believes in.If those radicals that want to kill him for the attacks by the drones,done by his direction,that he takes credit for,go for it.We will have another day to Celebrate!!!!!!

  • Arthur Hapenney

    One liberal scumbag knows another in the dark as well as at noon day!!!!

  • Richard William Faith

    1) DID, or did NOT, obama order the HIT?
    2) DID, or did NOT, obama APOLOGIZE to the HITTEE’S parents after the fact?
    3) If the true and correct answers to both of the questions above are both AFFIRMATIVE, then HOW can it possibly be argued that obama is not SCHIZOPHRENIC?

  • Hope

    Years ago it was mentioned that we will destroy the USA from inside. Guess what? It is happening right now my Americans. Finally the chosen one for this task was welcomed into the Whitehouse by voters who were not doing their research on the history of this person. Nobody asked what he meant with the term “CHANGE”. There was nothing needed to be changed; it was fixing that was needed! Now our country is dividing and Obama is happy.. Since he has been in office, it has continued without stop. Every week something new developes!!!

  • Mutantone

    It is after all campaign time how else is he going to get the money and votes from the Muslims?

  • bressler


  • rambo

    Khan needs to be careful. He may be getting a visit from Seal Team VI!!!

    • Mike

      Reread the article please. He was killed and our idiot State Department was apologizing for killing a self avowed traitor. We did the right thing as he had claimed to be a traitor and had fled the country so it could be argued that he renounced his American citizenship by declaring his traitorous intent and actions. We have to get rid of this idiotic “leadership” which is not leading us to victory and honor but dishonor and defeat.

    • Stan Lee

      The State Dept. is headed by Hilary Clinton, who is, herself, a strong Leninist. For those who would believe that Hilary would have been a better alternative than Obama, you’re dreaming. She’s no different than Obama insofar as political ideology.
      Anybody remember “Hilarycare” that she tried to drop on this nation when husband Willy was POTUS?
      Hilary is extremely close with her Arab translating Secretary, whose mother is an academic in Saudi Arabia and a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood female auxiliary.

    • Richard William Faith

      Also, Hillary, just like obama, is in the tank with soros. MONEY has CURIOUS ways of “SETTING” agendas. The REAL POTUS is soros; obama is just one of his many puppets. Remember John Kerry? soros spent a fortune on trying to launch Kerry into the White House, but LOST because Kerry is so UGLY and such a PUKE that WOMEN wouldn’t vote for him! That’s the ONLY good thing about him, and THAT’s good ONLY because it caused soros to LOSE MONEY. More importantly though, we are beginning to see that not only are ALL Democrats puppets of soros, but also many Republicans. Furthermore, not all of soros’ puppets are MALE. Consider Hillary (did I just nullify my own point here?). The point is: be careful whom you vote for. NO CFR OR BILDERBERG CONNECTIONS, PLEASE!

  • rambo

    Got in a hurry. SHould have read “Khans family needs to be careful”.

  • Raye

    No surprise. Obummer can’t give his condolences to families that have lost an American hero soldier – but can apologize to enemies of this Country? This is just wrong!

  • TonyinMO

    Instead of apologizing to the family of that terrorist, Obama should be deporting them back to their home country for raising a terrorist.

  • Rick Litchard

    If Obammy is apologetic does that mean Khan didn’t deserve to die? If so then doesn’t it follow that Obammy and his statist thugs murdered him and should be prosecuted?

  • mitchell

    That is sicking, aploggizes, to the enemy of America.That kind of crap will never happen,when we get an real Pres.

  • rkz777


  • Proud American

    Every day there is more news how the President of the United States of American goes out of his way to bring disgrace to our country! My fellow Americans – we need an American President who honors the Constitution and laws of this great country!

  • Janice Fortin

    This is one action I would not condemn without knowing the exact wording of the
    “condolence”. If it was stated that it alarming to discover a citizen of the U.S., a traitor, and that of course, America had to protect its citizens and others residing here against harm. As president, he would have been derelict in his duty, had he not
    taken every precaution to protect his country, its citizens and all who reside therein.

  • Janice Fortin

    He could have added: This is the only course of action open to America now and in the future.

  • Sarge

    All of the traitors need to die sooner than later.

  • Steven Clark

    hell why dont she just have sex with them and kiss them too. All were getting is the screwed part of it and it and good ether.

  • Ed

    What’s so surprising?. One Muslim Terrorist always apologizes to another terrorist for killing him and sending him to collect his 17 virgins or whatever they collect. Maybe some one will send obama to collect his virgins.

  • MB

    What suckers you all seem to be … IT’S ALL POLITICAL starting with the title of the article, Shocking! Obama Apologizes to Slain Terrorist’s Family … it’s meant to get/keep everyone upset at Obama … if this was done there is a political reason for doing so, just like in the past when we fought Vietnam then brought Vietnamese people to our country and gave them social security checks each month to live on … and Obama being a muslim give it a freaking rest already, what part it played in his life was done when he was a child with a stepfather who is no longer a part of his life … children don’t have a say in where they are sent to school or church. How many American children are forced to go to a church or taught religious views when young that mean nothing to them as adults … lots !!

  • Raymond

    I don’t find this shocking, after all he’s a muslim

  • james

    I have grown to see Obama as a traitor to the nation the elected him. I think that’s all I need to say.

  • Mfinity

    Oh MY!



  • http://n/a Ron

    Did I vote for Obama? No! Will vote for him in the next election? No! Do I have any respect for him? No! Do I think that he is a traitor? Yes! Do I think that he will change? No! Do I trust any of his czars? No! Do I trust his Secretary of State? No! Do I trust his Attorney General? No! Do I think his entire cabinet and SCOTUS appointees should be removed from their offices? Yes! When? Sooner than tomorrow, but the government is essentially temporarily closed until opening office hours tomorrow! Am I a legal citizen of the United States? Yes! Am I impatient to have this person removed from the Oval Office? Yes! By assasinaton? No! By legal election results? Yes! When? November, but next year unfortunately! Will you be happy to see him leave office? Exceedingly! Any confusion about where I stand? No! My politicial party, Independent! Who will I vote for? For the person whom my research will prove to be the best candidate to faithfully perform their duty to America! Who is that? Wait for just before the election next year, and I will tell all of you! But, not now! I am still researching! Just another veteran asking America to awaken and do the voting that will restore America to the finest nation in the world! Note: We do not have to build walls to retain our citizens! They can leave anytime they want to go, even like the young man who had turned agaist American, his native land! “Is there a man who’s soul so dead, to himself has not said? This is my own, my native land!”

  • Jennie

    I think that if this traitor wasn’t watched so closely, he’d be gone by now.

  • JUozas Vasiliauskas

    Gentlemen :
    Idiotism and so called political tolerance has no limits. The next step of Comrade Barak is to apologise the relatives of Comrade Osama .
    Best regards.
    Juozas Vasiliauskas

  • Jim

    Mr Obama speaks for himself in this occasion- People who deal in violence to solve problems usually die in a violent manner; this should be no surprise to his family, unfortunately for them

  • Raymond

    Song by Christina Houston about Obama

  • Candace

    Does anyone realize that this country is becoming more Communist every day? The change people thought they were going to get isn’t the one they wanted. I have some friends that were totally backing Obummer. Not one of them still stands up for him. Obummer needs to get out of the office of the President. He doesn’t belong there.

  • deathtononbelievers

    i cant believe our admin has appologized for killing a traitor and murderer of Americans. i guess o couldnt personally go to that family, bow to the family, and give his appologies.

  • kurt bloom

    When 75% of a people can not read the muslim bible and have to memorize the words,how can you expect a rational responce for anything in their lives??????? Alebaba and his seven thieves that come from the city of thieves.

    • Fed Up

      PLEASE dont confuse THE BIBLE with their ‘little book of hate!’

  • Polishpicl

    After losing a son in the Army (1999)I did not recieve an apology except from his unit. I also am VERY down on the way this country changed ( HIS CHANGE) which we DID NOT know prior to his election. WE need to get back on our feet and elect a president that has a back bone. NOW we need CHANGE to CHANGE the CHANGE. OH and I AM RETIRED MILITARY MYSELF. My guns are ready. AND I DONT understand why the baldies havent already taken him out.They DID Kennedy.
    Seems like a lot are on MY SIDE TOO.

  • cayn

    This whole administration makes me vomit. This towel head is not the only traitor to America anyone that apologizes in a time of war to the enemy is more of a traitor. Where is the apologies to the families for his work done from the same state department. Sickening. Despiteful. Traitorous. Their time is coming for a conservative change where we become the usofa and don’t apologize to anyone and we go back to kicking asses. We are the big kid on the block and we should not back down ever again. Soon this clown and his band of imbecilic morons will be gone.

  • Jim

    Obama can apologize in his own name if he wants to, but not in mine. I’m not sorry that he is dead. I have no wish for anyone to “apologize” in my name.

  • Ted A

    I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry WTF ! I’m sick of it, Hank Williams stated a opinion, under the Constitution he as we all do have the right to free speech. He said what was on his mind at the time and in a manor of speaking that was truthful in it’s form just a comparison. I find no fault in it’s context, but do with the apology. It’s time we end this kiss ass I’M SORRY Bull shit and stick to what we feel and say. The truth is the truth and if you feel strongly about what you say then you don’t need to say anything to make others feel better by saying your thoughts are wrong. Stand up for yourself, Say what you feel and stand by it! And if a few don’t like it then tell them to “Aww Shut up” F— em.
    I’m sick of it! That’s my opinion. God Bless America.

  • Stan Lee

    As disingenuine as Obama has proved himself, does anyone in his/her right mind believe he’s ever meant one apology he’s made?
    It’s an Obama tactic to gain gratification without demonstrating any other good will than the fake apology he’s probably been making ball his life.

  • ken dixon

    O, bummer needs to grow a set and man up he bows to kings, he is a dispiccable presidant, hillary clinton needs to stop kissing ass also

    • Tess

      APOLOGIZING? Is this a BIG JOKE? We got this president who is one of them. That’s all I can say. We have to get rid of him. A Republican nominee who ever he or she will be has to have a BIG WIN. Lord-willing, God our one and only SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST help us.

    • RON

      Tess, I even understand that just a few days ago, Obama tried to apologize to Japan for WWII. They told him to go away…

    • rev Larry

      the big O should apolagise for pretending to be human,

    • Richard William Faith

      Au contraire!
      How more boldly, belligerently, arrogantly, or condescendingly could obama possibly show his contempt for the American people? He has an ENORMOUS PAIR. This is not a matter or whether or not he has guts. Oh, no, it’s far worse than that. It’s a question of WHOSE SIDE HE’S ON. DEFINITELY NOT OURS!

  • Brooklyn Jo Ann

    obummer apologized because it must be his half brother, this evil dictator has to go and now. how much more can we take of this bullsh–

  • madog2

    Barry Soetoro the whitehouse joke and his whore Hillery have been all over the near east and south america apologizing for America. He has shown repeatedly that he is a comie muslim lover. The dimwit-o-crats have elected an american hating scum bag and he has appointed every type of crook known to the free world to the highest offices
    God help us because Washington want.

  • General Mayhem

    POTUS Obama, now Candidate Obama, is a poor excuse for a President. Bless Jimmy Carter who is no longer the worst President we ever had. What will it be for you? Freedom or Tyranny?

    • General “Bull” Krapper

      Hey General — For ObamAHole I always use POTUS as in “Pal Of Terrorists Und Socialists”. I hope you agree. Stay Well/Stay Safe — The General

  • Raymond

    WISCONSIN man beaten with a tire iron by a Muslim for allegedly insulting Islam
    Posted: October 10, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam | Filed under: Islam in America |30 Comments »
    A 47-year-old Wausau, Wisconsin, man was violently beaten with a tire iron and hospitalized. Witnesses claim that the attack occurred after he was involved in an argument over the Islamic religion.
    The Blaze One witness told a Wausau Daily Herald reporter that he saw the suspect pull up in his vehicle, get out of the car and then accuse the victim of criticizing his Islamic faith. According to the witness, when approached, the victim denied the charge. Unfortunately, that did little to stop the assailant from unleashing his fury.

    The suspect purportedly grabbed a tire iron, hit the man in the head, punched him, then hopped back into his vehicle and sped off. A second witness, Bakonn Jackson, confirms these claims. In describing the scenario, Jackson said, ”it is unusual when an argument ends with the use of a tire iron, but it’s not unheard of.” (Especially when the insultee is a Muslim)

  • Patti

    Well I used to accuse Obama of being just a Terrorist lover, now I know for a fact that he is.I

    I am sick and tired of this POS!

  • Patti

    Let me speak for my buddies and friends that no longer have a voice because they have been murdered by these Terrorist.

    Hey Terrorist scumbags and family – Comrade Obama does not apologize for me – in fact I hope that we kill more of you!

    • Lorriek.

      Amen, we have lost too many good men and women, fighting to keep us safe and to apologize for the killing of a terrorist, a traitor, is appalling and what is even more insulting is that the so-called President of the USA is doing the apologizing, 2012 cannot come soon enough!!

    • Louis

      Instead of waiting for the 2012 election why not have Obama impeached.There is a lot of talk about doing this.Instead of talk DO IT.GET-R-DONE!!!He has broken the law over and over yet nothing is done about it.We should ALL wake up and get rid of Obama and the Obamination and take back our beloved USA.

    • scarry larry

      dear God: I voted for o’bama?! why hast thou forsakin me? I’m feelin bamboozled, forsaken, and disalusioned. please send us a new president in 2012, that can restore my american faith and valu’s. a disabled vietnam war combat veteran…

    • http://AOL Lorrae

      I forgive you for voting for this atrocity of human flesh. May God be so forgiving!
      All we can do…is vow to NOT make the same mistake twice.
      Please, make sure you vote, and vote this man ‘out’.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Scarry Larry… At least you have the guts to admit it it and I thank you for that… Most of the idiots go slinking off into the darkness, trying to blame someone else. Now that you hve seen the light, please try to convince some of your friends and family. We need all the help that we can get to save our country. Thanks, Ann

  • Rudi

    Let me speak for my fellow Americans who were killed by terrorists – PHUQ ISLAM

  • http://patriotupdate Robert Christy

    Its only fitting now for the administration to compensate the poor victim’s family by allowing them to file a suit for punitive damages! Maybe we should apologize to ALL the terrorist’s families weve killed!

  • Ray

    This article is a bit ambiguous. Was it Hillary that apologized, or was she told to by President Obama? Lets get this straight.

    • Richard William Faith

      Does it really matter which of the two aforementioned robots of soros passes an order to the other? Aren’t they interchangeable?

    • RON

      Ray, why should it matter who gave the apology. They’re both on the same team, opposite us. I believe it’s called Anti-American

    • http://AOL Lorrae

      Oh Ray….GROW UP!

  • smarty

    this is shocking, but this is coming from Khan? I would like to see proof from our State dept. or Sec. of State that this occured.

    • Louis

      Do you really think that this corrupt government would tell you the truth?Obama and his henchmen islamic buddies make sure the truth is hidden.They lie thru their teeth.They are not like Paul Harvey by telling the rest of the story.The rest of the story is the part that kills americans.

  • Jane

    Regarding Ron Paul, I rarely agree with him on foreign policy, but when he says this country should be declaring war through the Congress, I agree. This is a no mans land between our judicial department and our war department. This propagandist was at war with us, we should be at war with him and as such we should be able to kill him on whatever battlefield or arrest him as a POW and send him to Guantanamo.WE are at war with a Islamic Cult that has declared war on us. Congress’ should do it’s job.

    • Tiffany

      Agreed. But, America should be a nation of laws and I worry about empowering “the state” to action that is not accountable. An apology was unnecessary, but the ultimate question is: when killing an American citizen because they are defined as a terrorist without due process of law, aren’t we violating the same Constitution we seek to uphold and protect? Unfortunately, maintaining liberty is sometimes an emotional inconvenience.

      Because one thing is for sure, social-Marxists like Obama would seize the opportunity to utilize the Patriot Act’s horribly loose definitions of “terrorist” to silence opposition if given the chance, as they have already done by continuing the unlawful policy of rendition. Slippery slope, friends. I know my forefathers fought too hard and lost too much blood and treasure to preserve the same liberties we’re allowing to slip away because it is emotionally viable at the time. We either march forward to liberty or tyranny, not dance in the middle.

  • Pineapple

    We apologies to the families of those killed by terrorist, for not killing more terrorists.

    • http://AOL Lorrae

      Please learn to speak English. It would help greatly.

  • mimi


    • http://comcast. evelyn

      WOW MIMI

  • http://patriate bgray

    There are no insults that he will hear and no names that will phase him, no smears that will stick , he is happy unto himself and is just an ass. I send my condolences to the families left behind by our fighting men who have lost their lives to this scum.

  • Karlly

    Well that was stupid…it now leaves the door wide open for a lawsuit against the USA! We have morons running our country!!

  • Karlly

    And another thing, if those two guys were plotting against the USA, whether they were in a foreign country or not, they chose their destiny and its called treason. Our gov should be apologizing to every military man and woman who has been killed in the line of duty for this country and not some moron who wasn’t even loyal to the USA!!

    • http://AOL Lorrae


  • Larry E

    This is like a family apologizing to the murderer of their son or daughter for providing him with the opportunity to kill. It’s about time this whole administration gets some common sense, a pair of gonads, and the State Dep’t finds a brain somewhere. The sawdust they got when Hillary too over, doesn’t seem to be working at all.

  • Wolf-Talker

    Wonder when the Great Black Father in Washington will apoligize to the U K for the American Revolution, or to Germany for their defeat in WWII and let’s not forget Japan for that matter.

    • Richard William Faith

      obama doesn’t like the U K anyway. As for Japan and Germany, he probably doesn’t care much one way or the other.

  • Wolf-Talker

    O Great Black Father in Washington when are you going to apoligize to the famlies of all the members of the Armed Forces for killing their family members!

  • Joyce

    These past 3-1/2 years have been a nightmare! Everything evil has become the norm. I’ve tried pinching myself many, many times, but I just can’t seem to wake up!! Please, Jesus, make this horrible nightmare go away!!! Send Obama back to the fires of Hell from which he came!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Joyce… Amen Me too!!

  • Tiffany

    I am a patriot. I love my country and support action to defend this nation and her interests. However, this is not about politics. This man was a terrorist. However, also an AMERICAN CITIZEN. Blur the line of who we can and cannot kill at whim because they’re a “terrorist” and that’s how liberty dies. Scum should be brought to justice through rule of law, otherwise what do we have but a tyrannical template waiting to be usurped for the next “terrorist”; foreign or domestic.

    • StandUpPatriot

      Get real, Tiffany, the “citizen” in question was in the company of one Anwar al-Awlaki, a known foreign terrorist, who was the target of the attack. That “citizen” doubtless knew exactly who he was travelling with and the attendant dangers that were involved. His own bad choices cost him his life.

  • JGK

    All these apparently are not any of the 40%
    who approve of him and his ilk…Why get mad
    at Obuma….why not get a little upset with
    the 40% and the 12% who put him on Pennsylvania ave…

  • Julia Ann Faulkner

    We should all know by now that Obama is a terrorist himself…That makes this the right thing for him to do.

  • Sheeple Hearder

    The STANK of the entire B-O administration can SHOVE IT……..

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    I also just heard a few weeks ago, that O tried to apologize to Japan for Nagaski and Hiroshima a country who bombed us at Pearl Harbor. Yet he tamples over Boeing, Gibson Guitar, Arizona. Just goes to show where his loyalties lie. I have felt from the beginning that he was trying to destroy America from within and he is showing proof now. I felt the bombing that ended World War II was justified. It was horrible but we will never know how many more lives were saved on both sides.

  • Alfredo

    Obummer and Hillari are both traitors.

  • Seralynn Lewis

    @ Tiffany….I don’t think he was the target of the “so-called” assassination. However, it should and MUST be noted that he WAS confirmed as anti-American. What he was doing was treason! Do you think any OTHER nation in the world would have allowed this kind of behavior? Yes, he had freedom of speech but when a person is advocating making bombs in your mother’s kitchen…we MUST stand together against such behavior and call it what it is…treason!

    Consider this: When a person is in the company of an American drug dealer, and that person along with the drug dealer is killed as a result of the drug dealer’s activity, the person’s family is not given an apology. What is different about this situation? We live in a society where its citizens are afforded a certain level of security. There is NO security when confirmed terrorists are afforded more rights than its citizenry.