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Latest Obama controversy: Who’s ID’d as organ donor?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Officials running a federal program that is considering redefining death are going to be seeking further public comment after members of the Christian Medical Association raised alarms about several problems, including what they believe would be an open door to pressure families to donate organs before their loved one has died.

The proposal could move the federal government closer into alignment with what has been proposed by longtime Barack Obama adviser Cass Sunstein.

Obama’s “regulatory czar” was revealed in 2009 to have pushed strongly for the removal of organs from those who did not give their consent to becoming an organ donor.

In his book, “Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness,” Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler presented the possibility of the “routine removal” of organs because “the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone’s permission.”

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  • Ltjg

    First they want all our money and now this. This infuriates me to No End. I was a compassionate organ donar and have it Marked on my Drivers License to donate but now, I am changing it. I do not belong to the STATE. What I do is out of compassion. My soul belongs to God not the State.

    • brunch20

      I fully agree, I will also have my name removed from the donar list.

    • Minnie

      I want all my parts burried – PERIOD

    • Hiram Davis

      My ass does not belong to the state and neither do my internal organs. I will leave it on my driver’s license because I have chosen to do so. The wealthy have the inheritance tax. The rest of us have the final tax. This is it; cradle to grave.

    • Michael

      Contrary to your beliefs, I fear your physical body does/will in fact belong to the federal gov’t. Of course they want your soul also, but have not been able to leverage the devil out of the way yet……

    • debbi

      Maybe because they are the Devil. Or at least working in cohoots with him.

    • Charles Martel

      Well said debbi!!

    • WillyT


      Power hungry politicians are not devils, just selfish, souless, arrogant, leeches.

    • Texan living abroad until Texas secedes

      Don’t belittle them and call them leeches. When they run for office they are usually already millionaires so money is not the issue here. It’s all about power.

      Anyone who sacrifices time with his family to become a politician is inherently either corrupt/evil or in the case of a few exceptions only runs because he is worried for his country.

      In a republic, to become a politician you generally have to lie to the public, have fundraisers with special interests, sacrifice your family (time with them but also make them suffer in the spotlights too). This is why all of them are cheating on their wives. They care less about their families than gaining power (and what do they want power for if not to force some intern into their lap like Clinton did).

      Frankly, having people born into power via hereditary birthright is starting to seem a lot more common sense than having a system where the power-hungry are given power.

    • JIM


    • Rodger Higgins

      I DO NOT and WILL NOT belong to the State of the Federal Government. I belong to God my creator and have paid taxes all of life to NOT BE indebted to these slimy asses.

    • http://Yahoo Luca Brasi

      When I Expire , my remains will be under the care of my family to dispose of as they see fit… Period !Should ANY one , government or no, attempt to interfere with this prosess ,they will most assuredly join me on my journey into the un-known …..Period!

    • Geneva

      Michael, I have never thought about who would own my dead body before, and know nothing about the issue. I would appreciate it if you could explain why you agree that the Government would in fact own it. That does seem strange to me. Thank you.

    • Ron

      More stupid stuff to get people upset. Come on people lets get a life.

    • Bulldog MAMA

      I am not sure why peoples opinions are being blocked. I agree, stop it. Maybe this is not the place we need to be leaving our strong opinions? Let everyone be seen.

    • iluvfreedom

      Hey Ron your “stuck on Stupid”.

    • Pete

      What the f#@k is wrong with Ron’s response.

    • Pete

      You can print my remarks but not Ron’s ???
      You got to be kidding. Mine was vulgar and inappropriate. You must be a liberal.

    • M. E. N.

      AMEN Brother. You are right on track. You said it wonderfully. We all are God’s people…now all we have to do is convience Obama and his czars

    • James

      I think all of Washington including President OBummer should give their organs now… they are no good for anything else.Washington, leave us alone. Do what you are supposed to do… protect this country and keep the existing laws. Stay OUT OF OUR BUSINESS and this includes our choices to make our own decisions…

    • Alex

      So true, I read a story about a woman who was an organ donor, she was at an accident between two auto’s, she over heard the two paramedics talking while they were both helping one person, one asked the other if he was going to help the other person in the other car, his reply was that he was an organ donor.

      That says a lot, plus if people allow this, it’ll be like the movie coma. Where they will begin killing people in routine operations (especially the young) and then harvesting organs.. We are not slaves and do not belong to government. Plus I want to use my organs until I’m done with them, then destroy this empty shell.

    • Al

      The stories about treatment being held back if the accident victum/patient is listed as an organ donor is nonsence! However there are those of subhuman intellgence who love to spread this stupid idea. I’m the recipient of a heart transplant and it’s these ignorant people that help to make available, viable organs scarce. For someone to take their name of a donar list because “somebody” heard this is abject stupidity!

    • boone

      I guess you know it will take a civil war to get are country back from the liberals and people like obama and start a new government
      if you think i’m wrong than you are kidding your self check your constitution it’s in there.All i can say is stock up on ammo LIVE FREE ARE DIE.

    • Jim

      Before during and after death My body belongs to God, I am only the temporary custodian, Seems to me that anyone trying to take parts of it without my or Gods permission near or after death must therefore be closely aligned to the Devil

    • JC

      Sad truth folks…we’re “inventory” not people. We’re owned by “United States Inc.”
      Google that term…it might surprise you how our government is really structured.

      No I’m not endorsing it and no I’m not making it up.

      This fellow explains something I’ve known for a long time but couldn’t articulate:

    • LadyLiberty

      Most people on this site are old timers like myself. I just read something on AOL or Yahoo that they don’t really like to use kidneys from someone over 60 yrs old for transplants. I think that’s pretty much how they feel about all the other old parts we have. I don’t think we have to much to worry about.

    • Victoria DeLacy

      I hope you are correct, being just over 56 myself it is a concern, especially since I am also disabled so they really do not value my life enough in the first place – pray that it never gets here the way it was in Nazi Germany during WWII!

    • http://NA H.E.DAVIS

      We have to remember all the young people killed in accidents every year. If it were your child, would you want to make the decision, or allow the gov’t to make the decision as to what was donated? The govt’ has no right making these decisions.


      And if your diabetic they won’t take any of your parts no matter how old you are.

    • MilitaryPatriot

      Amen. I have done the same thing. Renewed my drivers license today and took off organ donor. If I give out of kindness and compassion, no godless anti-Christ, Muslim, dictator will tell me who I give to, no matter what. How about we donate BOs balls to a pig.

    • VT Patriot

      How about an even swap, the pigs for obozo. Sounds like a fair trade to me..

    • Troubles-a-brewin

      Thats not a fair trade, the pig gets the short end of the stick

    • Lily

      Ever hear of, or watch the movie called “COMA!” I would not doubt if this will start happening. I have never offered to be an organ donor, because they do charge the patient for the organ. I went into the American Red Cross to give blood, and I asked, if there is a cost to a patient for my blood by the medical facility who gets my blood. I was told yes. I want some poor person to be able to have my organs and blood for free, but that is not the case. Somebody is making money of my organs and blood. God rest Steve Jobs soul, but it angers me that this man got a liver transplant, because he refused to get treatment that would have given him a high chance of beating his cancer. Unfortunately, it was too late by the time his family convinced him to have the treatment he needed. Someone lost out to a liver transplant, because Steve Jobs had the money to buy being placed in front of other people who were on the transplant waiting list. So many wealthy people and people in Hollywood have been put in front of other needy people, because MONEY TALKS!!!

    • Lily

      Sorry for the sloppiness of my post about organ donors. I just get angry when I think of how many wealthy people are put a head of the less financially fortunate. I don’t begrudge people who have money, and God forbid, I am not an OWS, but given who the person Obuma is, I can see this organ donor rule he wants being used to cater to the upper crust, if Obuma has it his way.


      You know the old saying just like I do, and it’s been around for years.


    • LadyLiberty

      Lily, these are the people that will be able to get the transplants…because they have money and can afford it. No such luck for the Medicare people. I’m going to make sure that I eat, drink and be merry going forward.

    • Bill

      Let’s add Sunstein’s pea-sized commie brain to that pig!

    • MSuseck

      I recently saw a movie on cable (can’t rememeber the name) but it was about children being “conceived” in order to be donors in their 20’s. They were to give 3 donations. If they survived after that, no more donations, but of course, none did. Sounds like that will be the next step for the “czar” who believes we all eventually belong to the state. That’s what you get when you have an administration that does not really believe in God, only “god”,or private property, individual wealth, individual freedom, etc. God help us. I’d vote for a turd over this idiot. He has to go!!!



    • LadyLiberty

      James, they aren’t asking; they are taking what belongs to the people not the STATE.

      I say start with Barack Obama and his adviser Cass Sunstein

    • Real American Patriot

      right on ltjg odumbo and his commie muslim crronies are too stupid to understand people,they have to be the absolute worst when it comes to their agenda, my distaste & hate for them grows more daily!!!


      Your distaste & hate for them grows more daily!!! Wow what hate you must be developing
      before long you will hate as much as I do, just look at my user name and then you will see how much further you have to go.

    • Truth not lies…..

      The socialist democrats led by obama not only hold back jobs and take our money they are involved in insider trading themselves. stop earmarks now. Transparency remember?Telling obama to love America is like telling a rattlesnake not to bite. Transparency right?About that fake live birth paper and the foreign aid to go to college. How did obama even get on the ballot? America has been soldout. Transparency my A$$.

    • Jan

      Let’s just vote Sunstein and Obama OUT in Nov 2012! That will take care of this crazy proposition. Please remain an organ donor; that program is very beneficial when administered properly. Thank you.

    • liberty

      I totally agree with your thinking………..

      Perhaps a better plan would be to remove Cass sunstein’s head, and donate it to the scientific community to study the problems with a miswired brain……………


      No not miswired brains, they are all the same when you are a Progressive Liberal Commie or a Progressive Liberal Commie Muslim.

    • irishcowboy

      You know, there is an easier way to gain ETERNAL LIFE….. using other peoples organs and body parts, is only another temporary way to extend life, but to get ETERNAL LIFE, one must only give their life to Christ, Jesus, the one and only True Son Of God, The Creator of all things….

    • an american

      I couldn’t agree more with the comments made! We see what China does with their people, they look for the smallest reason to arrest someone and then they are imprisoned and very conveniently they have the body parts that some rich drunkard needs and they remove the harvest the body parts from the prisoners and sell them for top money! This is what these idiots want to do! Here in America, they are attempting to make us their slaves an inch at a time and own us and take everything that we have. This is bigger than people realize. The democrats are so dumb to rally for obama who is planning a new system of slavery. People don’t realize that there is no money to be had and the well has run dry and those who don’t want to do something to be self-sustaing, are going to be easily eliminated because it will be a waste of money to sustain them and maintain their smoking and drinking. They will be easily expendable.
      Why can’t they understand that?
      God Bless America, God Protect America

    • Dano in Texas

      That is IT! Open fire………..but first, harvest all usable organs from the Regulatory Czar (while still alive!)

  • Raymond

    The brand new TV show featured on Cable TV channel TLC tries to depict Muslims as “ordinary patriotic” Americans but fails to deliver in its very first episode by featuring a radical Shia Imam Husham Al- Husainy. In the first episode the Imam is featured marrying a male convert to Islam to a secular Muslim women. The Imam was exposed on the Sean Hannity Show back in February 2007. I remember listening to the actual interview live in which it was obvious the Imam supports Hezbollah a terror entity listed by the State Department. The Imam hates the the USA and Israel. You can hear in the interview what a nut job the Imam is and his gymnastics and crazy attacks in order to avoid answering simple questions.

    The main stream media continues to propagate the illusion of a moderate Islam and moderate Muslims.

  • Raymond

    Censored again……

  • Raymond

    In honor of the 44th President of the United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: “ Barocky Road .”

    Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes. The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

    The cost is $92.84 per scoop…so out of a hundred dollar bill you are at least promised some CHANGE..!

    When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but after you pay for it, the ice cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you at no charge.
    You are left with an almost empty wallet, staring at an empty cone and wondering what just happened. Then you realize this is what “redistribution of wealth” is all about.

    Aren’t you just stimulated?

    • Patriots for America

      Love it!!! Will send it to all my friends.

    • Jack Bishop

      Bravo Raymond ! ! ! Bravo Bravo !!!!!!

      What a wonderful sense of satirical humor but yet serious. Hope the general public wakes up soon.

    • MilitaryPatriot

      Wouldn’t that make a great Christmas gift for this country. To left the vale of stupidity.

    • Curtis Bostic

      great comment Raymond!

    • Jerome Daniel Ford

      Raymond, thank you for your service, and I love to read your comments, your Army friend , Danny Ford

    • Raymond

      The Army is a great branch…

    • Bluewolf

      Yeah, now they want to take our organs without our consent. This is SATAN at work, folks. Wake up and start turning this around. I am taking organ donor off my drivers license. I will NOT go to a hospital now matter how sick I get if they start this haneous act!

    • bill rowland

      Yea Raymond best discription I’ve seen.

    • Lily

      Very clever!!!

    • an american

      I sure hope that the ice cream story is true because it does explain the obama concept. They should offer it to the obama’s first; maybe…. although doubtfully, it will drive the point, if not to the brain, perhaps to his ears. hehehe

    • MH

      You hit the nail on the head Raymond keep up the good work.

  • “Tommy Gunner”

    I’ve got an even better idea. All pedaphiles,rapists,murderers,’three striker’s’ and illegal immigrants could be “harvested” for transplant needs instead of being incarcerated/supported at taxpayer expense. Now that would be a good deterrent to repeated negative behavior. And provide a good source of much needed medical resources and eliminate some of the “drain” on the taxpayer at the same time. ( I can just hear the bleeding-heart liberals screaming at that idea !!!)

    • Michael

      Most of those folks have enough genetically wrong with them, I would not want their tainted organs.

    • DoNotLikeObama

      I would instruct my family to cremate me ASAP and do a memorial service later. I also would not any part of those people in my body should I need it.

    • DoNotLikeObama

      Sorry, I would not want any part of them in my body or my families for that matter. The thought gives one the creeps.

    • Skyknight

      That’s pretty much how they do it in China. They execute the prisoner with a small caliber bullet to the brain in a location where he is brain dead but the body continues to function long enough to harvest his organs.

      The Chinese government makes a lot of money from the sale of organs. I suspect Obama is aware of this practice and looking to implement something similar here under Obamacare.

    • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

      For those that were ‘CHEATED’ out of the level Education you needed, History will show that we should NOT have Negotiated the outcome of WWII, but rather been the ONE and only Leader to decide who got what, we would have gone without the Military Problems that have cost us so deeply, after thinking about that for a time, Ask yourselves how much better WE would be when the MILITARY runs the war to Compleate Victory rather than allow the Polititions to leave us to have 1 or more wars to fight rather than leave us to live in longer periods of relitive peace.
      Think about that the next time some PINKO Commy/Sociopath tries to explain ANYTHING just Ignore them and go about your day, you’ll be better off for it!. qapla’

    • Bione

      My vacationing son was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room in June. I expected to learn that his kidneys and perhaps other organs had been removed, as this is done in Thailand, as in China. The autopsy report did not acknowledge that this was done, however. Who knows? Now this may happen in America too? We need to get these creeps out of office fast!

    • JohnC, Freeport, NY

      I don’t know if I would want sub-human organs in my body. Maybe the zoo animals would eat them.

    • armyvet

      Illegal immigrants? That includes the WH Squatter. . .:)

    • Charles Martel

      Yes, sadly it does.

    • Shot in the Foot

      Why sadly? Then we could get rid of him by his own rules.

    • Bulldog MAMA

      How about giving them a one way ticket to Afghanistan, with guns to defend themselves, Sorry.

    • James

      Check the above “donated” organs for drugs and other defects. Not necessarily a pristene
      life style group.

    • VT Patriot

      Tommy, You must be reading “the rise of the third reich”. It’s happening here, day by day, minute by minute…

  • Lloyd in Oregon

    Obama not only wants you money, He demands your blood too!

    • Tearlag

      …and your kidneys, and your liver, and heart and lungs and Lord knows whatever else. I’ve read this “suggestion” dribbled out by Cass Sunstein before, and what is even more mind numbing beyond the hideous presumption of state ownership of Americans, is that not one of our elected representatives has taken him to task for it.

  • Pacamomma

    Time for action. He needs to be arrested and tried for treason and high crimes against our people and our constitution.

    • sanysue

      i agree, slavery was outlawed 200 years ago.. saying the state owns our bodies is straight communism.. last time i heard we are a democracy.. obama and his thinking he can control every aspect of our lives is criminal.. he needs to be impeached and tried for treason and for forcing big goverment down our throat..nixon was a horrrible president but obama is worse, he’s taking our rights away from us one by one.

    • celticwaryor

      sanysue, we are NOT a democracy, we ARE a republic!

    • Luke Patrino

      Finally someone who gets it. Go to the (Declaration To Restore The Constitutional Republic). It’s all there and all true.

    • Ken

      and then we can use his organs along with Sunstein’s.

    • Will

      I wouldn’t feed his organs to pigs I like bacon to much

  • screaming eagle

    I still believe obama and many in his administration have serious mental issues and need professional psychiatric counseling and treatment. It has been said that hitler had syphillis and that is what caused him to act in the manner he did. I just wonder?????

    • Sandra

      Screaming Eagle…do ya think, he’s mental? I believe he’s been diagnosed as a narcisstic psychopath with paranoia by several physchiatrist…I’d like to add to those in… Sociopath as well. He cared about one thing, himself and he will take this country down if he has to chop us up indiviually to do it…HE HATES THIS COUNTRY PEOPLE WITH EVERY FIBER OF HIS BEING, HE HATES US ALL.

    • swarming bees

      Since Obama thinks Hawaii is in Asia, then that means He was born in Asia, by his own admission,n and since Asia is not America, well then, He isn’t a natural born American afterall. Sorry about that Barak, but you made your bed. Hawaii is Asia and Obama was born in Hawaii/Asia.

    • Jr

      Don’t excuse his madness; it is brought about because of his evil soul. He can help that but has no desire to do so. Evil is a chosen path in most cases.

    • John

      No, people who commit morally monstrous evil acts are sick because of their sin, not vice versa. i heard someone who was present at a live Hitler speech say the air had a tangible force of evil. Evil is real, and prayers for our protection and their deliveerance /exorcism is the answer. Let us pray and repent, sacrafice /fast.

    • Paul

      I give a rats scrotum about Odummies mental health. I just know he has to go, the sooner the better. If I have to hold my nose and vote for Romnry I will. As for my organs God gave them to me and I’m going to return whats left of them when I cash out. I have never signed on as an organ doner and never will. I have always been affraid of this possible senario

  • John David Welch

    I bet the Muslims are exempt from this one too .

    • Shot in the Foot

      It is against their belief to damage the body after death.

  • De

    Let’s remove Cass Sunstein’s brain. He’s so brilliant, some dummy somewhere could definitely benefit. Could call the new man Franken-stein. Get it?

  • Barbara Paolucci

    I’d like to know how it is that Sunstein/Obama claim ownership of any human being.

    • Michael

      Simple, he is the POTUS and this other turd is a czar.

  • Victor Barney

    As thw world will know on September 16, 2012, President Obama is not only the “forbidden foreigner” over u.s. of Deuteronomy 17:15 and he is also the “Anti-Christ”(Marxist)there only because the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 in the Hebrew Scriptures are coming to bear witness against the REAL ISREAL by the Seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16). In fact, he will get to murder these two-witnesses once their 3 1/2 year witnessing as been completed! However, these witnesses will stand again in 3 days and one-half and when they do Obama will be cast into the lake of fire and be eternally destroyed! Watch!

  • Kissmyass

    They have awaken the collective consciousnes.
    They should be watching out for THEIR body parts.

  • Eli Jones

    Obama is one creepy thug. He must be removed from office as soon as possible.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate T. Jefferson

    Need a new part? Call Barry’s Used Organs, We have an over stock in slightly used organs. If you act in the next 30 minutes we have practically new hearts that were owned by Democrats and seem to have never been used. Act now and we will throw in a complete oil change and tire rotation free!

  • Jeff

    Glenn Beck said on his program when it was on Fox, more than a few times, that he thought Cass Sunstein was the most dangerous person in America.

    • Donna

      Glenn Beck got it right! He tried to tell the people but many people thought he went too far! He went out on a limb to try to inform the people about the dangerous people who are running this country!

      I salute Glenn for his voice and presenting an awakening of the people!

    • Victoria DeLacy

      You can now listen to Glenn Beck at the new GBTV online – check out!

  • W Smith

    We aren’t quite to “The Island” yet but perhaps well on the way. “The Island” was a Hollywood movie from a few years back I still find hard to believe they allowed on the silver screen. I take that back. The last two decades or so Hollywood has turned “Silver” to “Mud”; story to charade and heart into blood spattered walls. Don’t get to excited when you win a trip to “The Island”.

  • http://yahoo Bob Asbra

    As sick as this sounds, I assure you this is the thinking of Obamas administration. To think this country would consider 4 more years of this sickness.

  • Moronsinthewhitehouse

    Ron: that’s exactly what we are tryimg to for ourselves and our kids.
    Sorry that you still don’t get it.

  • JVB

    And Obama has the AUDACITY to say electing a Republican in 2012 would be a dangerous step BACKWARDS!! This man is a menace.

  • Bruce Feher

    The State Above ALL Else! We are nothing without the State! Um? Sounds a little like 1930’s Nazi Germany to me.

  • JohnC, Freeport, NY

    Cass Sunstein and barack obama are enemies of the USA, and should be arrested and tried for treason. When found guilty, they should face a fireing squad. I VOLUNTEER!

    • 57girl

      (LOL) Don’t sound so eager, John. I suspect there will be a long line of volunteers. Maybe we should sell lottery tickets to determine the winners. We could use the money to help pay down the National Debt. Mr. Transparency has racked up while pretending to be the President.

  • RD

    Obama is a person that if really put the question in private would say that the american people is a bunch of stupid people or cows to be herded, and taken care of as an good socialist sees fit. I would love to have a few recordings of the sarcastic remarks he and his administration makes regarding the people of this country. In America, the people are slow to act because we are tolerate and want to believe the good in people. This man has forgotten that we the people will not be pushed but so much and so far and when we as a people reach that point.”Then Mr. Obama and all his thugs will get the messege”. Love thy neighbor, but keep your enemies close. As long as we hold true the words of Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death” The obamas of this country will never be able to deal with america or it people.

  • DGD


  • Takethis

    They have awaken the collective consciousnes.
    They should be watching our for THEIR body parts.

  • Raymond

    Let’s Recap “2009”

    1. The American people inaugurate a half-Arab president with a total of 142 days experience as a U.S. Senator from the most politically corrupt state (city) in America whose governors have been ousted from office. The President’s first official act is to order the close of Gitmo and make sure terrorists civil rights are not violated. (Honest mistake?)

    2. The U.S. Congress rushes to confirm a black Attorney General Eric Holder whose law firm we later find out represents seventeen Gitmo terrorists. (An honest mistake?!)

    3. The CIA Boss appointee, Leon Panetta, has absolutely no experience, has a daughter Linda, we find out, who is a true radical anti-American activist and a supporter of all the Anti-American regimes in the western hemisphere. (There were socio-economic factors involved!)

    4. We got the second most corrupt American woman (Pelosi is #1) as Secretary of State; bought and paid for. (You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig).

    5. We got a Tax Cheat for Treasury Secretary who did not properly file his own taxes for 12 years.

    6. A Commerce Secretary nominee who withdrew due to corruption charges.
    (Another honest mistake???)

    7. A Tax cheat nominee for Chief Performance Officer who withdrew under charges.

    8. A Labor Secretary nominee who withdrew under charges of unethical conduct.

    9. A Secretary HHS nominee (Daschle) who withdrew under charges of cheating on his taxes.

    10. Multiple appointments of former lobbyists after an absolute campaign statement that no lobbyists would be appointed.

    • Bluewolf

      Raymond, you are 100% right. I can’t see why people out there still think he is doing fine as the POTUS! They have been brainwashed and have no mind of their own.

    • Shot in the Foot

      Because it is all for the party! Darn wasn’t that the nazis belief.

    • Raymond

      Sad but true.

    • LadyLiberty

      Bluewolf…because he is putting GREENBACKS in their hands!!!

    • VT Patriot

      Oh Raymond, these are just 1 in 100 chances. Who would have guessed. They all seemed like such nice folks at the time. I’d have never guessed that they were all crooks,I mean ya know, like what are the odds. After all, we needed a bunch of un-elected, unconfirmed czars to run our country.

    • manuel a

      i would like to know what does the us military feel about martial law comeing to our shores and will our millitary fire on american citizen?

  • James Ferro

    Do you visualize a private Obama Organ Donor bank for his personal and exclusive need and use only? His plan may be to live forever as a good dictator must especially in light of some crazies trying to pop him through the White House windows. This guy is the worse! Probably decided this during his last round of golf.

  • Janiece

    Oh come on folks! You neeed to see the entire comment not just what was gleened here to focus and stir up anger and misunderstanding!
    I work in a hospital operating room 5 days a week…. and I can tell you that this is one of the most respecteed and honored request a patient can give.
    I have NEVER (in more than 15 years as s surgical nurse) seen or ever heard of the violations asseerted here!
    I am surprised how many folks bit on the bait!

    • James

      Janiece, Look to the future. It is all yet to come. BHO is not past…..

    • lilolady

      That was then, like yesterday. This is now. Any donors
      you know that belonged to the State?

    • LadyLiberty

      Janiece, You are a useful idiot for the Libturds and that have no brains and can’t put things into prospective. You must know your are a communist and don’t know it.

  • Dre

    A BIG part of elite Progressive dogma is found via the study of global population control…it’s their historic core interest flowing into global war-wealth and commodities grabs. Cass et al are huge students of all the above. What is amazing is many of the Czar choices escape Congressional background checks and review. Cass is folowing the 1940s German Model with some medical changes used in Germany-of course.However one might note more open becuase they feel Americans are all stupid crack smokers.

  • iluvfreedom

    Since Obama has been President there is a heavy feeling of suffocation, like chains are being wrapped around our once free country. Our Christian freedoms are being quietly taken away behind closed doors, our rights taken away. Corporations are over regulated. We are being told what we can buy, what we can eat, and what we can do. Now government wants to control the internet too! Good is evil, and evil is good! I want off obomination planet flako! Wingnuts like Pelosi and Reid pass their rotten laws, along with their rotting brains! I pray to God it’s not too late for America land of the free home of the brave!

  • Raymond

    Orville Smith, a store manger for Best Buy in Augusta, Ga., told
    police he observed a male customer, later identified as Tyrone
    Jackson of Augusta, on surveillance cameras putting a laptop
    computer under his jacket. When confronted the man became
    irate, knocked down an employee, drew a knife and goes for the door. Outside on the walkway were 4 Marines collecting toys for the
    Toys for Tots program. Smith said the Marines stopped the man,
    but Jackson stabbed one of the Marines. Cpl. Phillip Duggan in
    the back; the injury did not appear to be severe.

    After the Police and an ambulance arrived at the scene Cpl.
    Duggan was transported for treatment.

    “The subject was also transported to the local hospital with
    two broken arms, a broken ankle, a broken leg, several missing
    teeth, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions, assorted lacerations,
    a broken nose and a broken jaw…injuries he sustained when he
    slipped and fell off the curb after stabbing the Marine.” according
    to a police report.

  • Raymond

    Censored 3 times today…..

    • iluvfreedom

      Keep posting Raymond!

    • Shot in the Foot

      Hey Raymond we must be well liked cause they keep getting me to.

    • lilolady

      Good for you!! You are HOT

  • Saundra

    There must be a hot corner of hell waiting on these people!

  • UncleRoy1

    “the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions” sort of adds a new meaning to ‘you can’t take it with you’. The State Owns???

    • UncleRoy1

      Which one of you lib morons gave me thumbs down?

    • Victoria DeLacy

      Being a citizen of this nation in which our Constitution and Bill of Rights are designed to protect both our freedom and our right to life should suffice to insure that we have our rights as citizens respected. When Obama decides to dictate who lives or dies, it is has been long since time to get him removed from office!

  • 57girl

    “regulatory czar”
    I don’t know what pisses me off more, Obama’s Czars, or the fact that we would even have to think twice about our own safety should we decide to be organ donors. I’m sure Obama can write an executive order or something to make organ donation mandatory. He writes one for everything else when the Constitution gets in his way. Really, why should a person dare think they have a right to their own body? I hope anyone that voted for Obama in 2008 at least sees the light before the 2012 elections get here. America can’t take much more of Obama’s ‘rule’.

    • lilolady

      Anybody remember the music from ‘Twilight Zone’? …
      Me too.

  • Raymond

    Obama’s CZARS
    I’m not sure if this information is
    100% up to date…… Raymond

    Richard Holbrooke
    Afghanistan Czar
    Ultra liberal anti gun former Gov. Of New Mexico.
    Pro Abortion and legal drug use.
    Dissolve the 2nd Amendment

    Ed Montgomery
    Auto recovery Czar
    Black radical anti business activist.
    Affirmative Action and Job Preference for blacks.
    Univ of Maryland Business School Dean teaches US business has caused world poverty.
    ACORN board member.
    Communist DuBois Club member.

    Jeffrey Crowley
    AIDS Czar
    Radical Homosexual..
    A Gay Rights activist. Believes in Gay Marriage and especially, a Special Status for homosexuals only,
    including complete free health care for gays.

    Alan Bersin
    Border Czar
    The former failed superintendent of San Diego .
    Ultra Liberal friend of Hilary Clinton.
    Served as Border Czar under Janet Reno
    – to keep borders open to illegals without interference from US

    • VT Patriot

      Wow, thanx for that…

  • Don



  • Vantrice Burkes

    I don’t have any parts that aren’t completely used up

  • Raymond

    David J. Hayes
    California Water Czar
    Sr. Fellow of radical environmentalist group, “Progress Policy”.
    No training or experience in water management whatsoever.

    Ron Bloom
    Car Czar
    Auto Union worker. Anti business & anti nuclear.
    Has worked hard to force US auto makers out of business.
    Sits on the Board of Chrysler which is now Auto Union owned.
    How did this happen?

    Dennis Ross
    Central Region Czar
    Believes US policy has caused Mid East wars.
    Obama apologist to the world.
    Anti gun and completely pro abortion.

    Lynn Rosenthal
    Domestic Violence Czar
    Director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence.
    Vicious anti male feminist. Supported male castration.Imagine?

  • Raymond

    Gil Kerlikowske
    Drug Czar
    devoted lobbyist for every restrictive gun law proposal,
    Former Chief of Police in Liberal Seattle.
    Believes no American should own a firearm.
    Supports legalization of all drugs

    Paul Volcker
    Economic Czar
    Head of Fed Reserve under Jimmy Carter when US economy nearly failed.
    Obama appointed head of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board which
    engineered the Obama economic disaster to US economy.
    Member of anti business “Progressive Policy” organization.

    Carol Browner
    Energy and Environment Czar
    Political Radical Former head of EPA – known for anti-business activism.
    Strong anti-gun ownership.

    Joshua DuBois
    Faith-Based Czar
    Political Black activist-Degree in Black Nationalism.
    Anti gun ownership lobbyist.

    Cameron Davis
    Great LakesCzar
    Chicago radical anti business environmentalist.
    Blames George Bush for “Poisoning the water that minorities have to drink.”
    No experience or training in water management.
    Former ACORN Board member (what does that tell us?)

  • Raymond

    Van Jones
    Green Jobs Czar
    (since resigned).. Black activist Member of American communist Party
    and San Francisco Communist Party who said Geo Bush caused the
    911 attack and wanted Bush investigated by the World Court for war crimes.
    Black activist with strong anti-white views.

    Daniel Fried
    Guantanamo Closure Czar
    Human Rights activist for Foreign Terrorists.
    Believes America has caused the war on terrorism.
    Believes terrorists have rights above and beyond Americans.

    Nancy-Ann DeParle.
    Health Czar
    Former head of Medicare / Medicaid.
    Strong Health Care Rationing proponent.
    She is married to a reporter for The New York Times.

    Vivek Kundra
    Information Czar
    Born in New Delhi , India .
    Controls all public information,
    including labels and news releases.
    Monitors all private Internet emails. (hello?)

  • Raymond

    Todd Stern
    International Climate Czar
    Anti business former White House chief of Staff
    – Strong supportrer of the Kyoto Accord.
    Pushing hard for Cap and Trade.
    Blames US business for Global warming.
    Anti- US business prosperity.

    Dennis Blair
    Intelligence Czar
    Ret. Navy. Stopped US guided missile program as “provocative”.
    Chair of ultra liberal “Council on Foreign Relations”
    which blames American organizations for regional wars.

    George Mitchell
    Mideast Peace Czar
    Fmr. Sen from Maine Left wing radical.
    Has said Israel should be split up into “2 or 3 ” smaller more manageable plots”.
    (God forbid) A true Anti-nuclear anti-gun & pro homosexual “special rights” advocate

  • Raymond

    Kenneth Feinberg
    Pay Czar
    Chief of Staff to Ted Kennedy.
    Lawyer who got rich off the 911 victims payoffs. (horribly true)

    Cass Sunstein
    Regulatory Czar
    Liberal activist judge believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good”.
    Essentially against 1st amendment.
    Rules against personal freedoms many times -like private gun ownership and right to free speech.

    John Holdren
    Science Czar
    Fierce ideological environmentalist,
    Sierra Club, Anti business activist.
    Claims US business has caused world poverty.
    No Science training.

  • Raymond

    Earl Devaney
    Stimulus Accountability Czar
    Spent career trying to take guns away from American citizens.
    Believes in Open Borders to Mexico.
    Author of statement blaming US gun stores for drug war in Mexico .

    J. Scott Gration
    Sudan Czar
    Native of Democratic Republic of Congo.
    Believes US does little to help Third World countries.
    Council of foreign relations, asking for higher US taxes to support United Nations

    Herb Allison
    TARP Czar
    Fannie Mae CEO responsible for the US recession by using real estate mortgages to back up the US stock market.
    Caused millions of people to lose their life savings.

    • Sam

      Great! I am one of those people, now what do you want me to do with this information?

    • John

      Pass it on

    • lilolady

      Read’em and weep. Learn – never let it happen again.
      Put a stop to them, NOW. Some are gone because of our actions.

  • Raymond

    John Brennan
    Terrorism Czar
    Anti CIA activist.
    No training in diplomatic or gov. affairs.
    Believes Open Borders to Mexico and a dialog with terrorists and has suggested Obama disband US military.

    Aneesh Chopra
    Technology Czar
    No Technology training.
    Worked for the Advisory Board Company,
    a health care think tank for hospitals. Anti doctor activist.
    Supports Obama Health care Rationing and salaried doctors
    working exclusively for the Gov. health care plan.

    Adolfo Carrion Jr.
    Urban Affairs Czar
    Puerto Rico born Anti-American activist and leftist group member in Latin America.
    Millionaire “slum lord” of the Bronx , NY.
    Owns many lavish homes and condos which he got from “sweetheart” deals with labor unions.
    Wants higher taxes on middle class to pay for minority housing and health care.

    • roy b

      Read Revelation. Satan has been released and Cass Sunstein has been ordained by him. and Cass works for…….well I think you see where I’m going with this. But the good news is that Satan won’t win and neither will the evil doers. To God be the glory!

    • LadyLiberty

      Roy, Sign up and watch Glenn Beck. Dec 8th, he has the solution to everything on how we will win our country back.

  • John

    Hey O’trashobama, stick it where the rest of your family belongs…Up yours !!

  • UncleRoy1

    “presumed consent” – because you didn’t specifically say no? what type of logic is that? Sounds like a way to open the doors for rape, abuse, etc. etc. there was ‘presumed consent’ because the victim did not specifically say ‘no’….. sound like lib talk to me…. ‘presumed consent’??

  • Raymond

    Ashton Carter
    Weapons Czar
    Leftist. Wants all private weapons in US destroyed.
    Supports UN ban on firearms ownership in America .. No Other “policy”

    Gary Samore
    WMD Policy Czar
    Former US Communist.
    Wants US to destroy all WMD unilaterally as a show of good faith.
    Has no other “policy”.

    • Guest

      Great! Now what am I supposed to do with all this worthless information? I have a company to run and a family to take care of!

    • JRRS

      OK! Now what? Vote against Obama and it all goes away.

    • VT Patriot

      Thanx for all of these above Raymond. Never seen them all lined up in ‘stooges row’ like this before. Hoping I have your permission to keep copies of these. They are a direct reflection of what the H**l is wrong with this admin. This has obviously been planned out for a few generations, and when the found the perfect “Howdy Doody” puppet, BINGO…
      Thanx, great work.

  • Frogman

    Garbge in! Garbage out! And anyone was expecting different of this tremendous mistake we call president, and his crowd of crony gangster bufoons that worship the ground the Socialist alien walks on????

  • Fed Up

    Agree with Tommy Gunner’s idea and Raymond has it right on with the ice cream. Not only is Nobama taking away our freedom while we’re alive, but now he wants to eliminate the digity of a person’s death against their will to disect their body. Friggin unreal! With the imlementation of the Obamacare, he will be able to to keep his body warehouse completely stocked whenever he wishes and with whomever he wishes.

  • Sivispace

    Let me get this straight Comrade Sunstein. A Woman owns her own body and reproductive rights; that is the left’s bedrock position. But she looses that right when she has an acute injury? Is that what you’re saying? Can you at least be consistent? Our bodies are vessels of the Holy Spirit. Only God can decide when we die. So comrade, be consistent, keep your hands off all people’s bodies unless they consent in writing. I know your Marxist philosophy places a premium on dehumanization and on manipulating the youth. Those of us are patriots will not allow you or any of your allies turn this nation into a Worker’s Paradise.

  • marie carlson

    I removed “donor” from my license. My son was in a car accident almost 13 yrs ago and he had donor on his. He ended up with a severe brain injury because the ER physician decided he was a good donor candidate! We didn’t find this out until we requested his records for the rehab facility. His inter-cranial pressure was off the charts by the time the neuro surgeon saw him – EIGHT hours after he was brought in. I tell people he survived in spite of the drs. and hospital NOT BECAUSE OF THEM. Now the government wants to take our organs without our permission??? God help us –

    • Dixie Doodle

      This donor box that you have checked on your drivers license – am I missing something? I was under the impression you don’t become a donor until you are pronounced deceased. Am I wrong? I’d like to know because if that’s the case, I want it removed from my license, also.

  • richard sather

    It appears that God is giving Satan free rein now. The insanity in the world leadership is beyond comprehension. All freedoms will soon be wiped away. Fight while you have breath! The end is near. Repent now.

  • guest on this planet

    Frankenstein couldnt have said it better. Now they want to take Gods place even though they dont believe in Him. The State controls all .

    • Red

      That’s what socialism is, dear guest.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      Then I’ll say it again: The state be damned.

  • Irma

    This is taking that saying “the only sure things are death and taxes” way too far! The Obama people are freaky-scary monsters.

  • Victoria DeLacy

    As a member of the vulnerable disabled community, I learned long ago that it is highly unwise and potentially lethal to either sign on as an organ donor OR sign any DNR forms – when you do that, they can legally rob you of your organs before you’re actually dead AND if you get hit by a car in the parking lot of the hospital they can due to a DNR just stand around and let you die. Instead, I got a lOving will from American Life League (national right to life has them available, too) stating in so many words “spare no expense, keep me alive” because I’m Not Dead Yet, and I want to live! If Obama is unwilling to respect such life protective directives, he should be impeached, indicted and removed ASAP.

  • http://FaceBook ROBERT GULLIFORD

    This Ungodly Disregard For The Santity Of Human Life. Obama Is Another Tony Blair…..Remember..Both Have Been Passed Off As Being “Devout Christians” By The UK TV Media

  • Red

    When is all this hot air going to stop? There are people on this blog that have been saying the same words for two years and nothing ever changes. You have to get your represetatives involved and recruit people to vote against our dictator. Writing here is fine to express your opinions, but somewhere along the line you have to DO something!

    • Dave

      Red, I write to my Senators and Rep. all the time. I just received a response from one of my Senators concerning an email I sent to him about BO’s fake birth certificate. The answer I got from my Senator was that he believes the birth certificate is genuine and the issue should be ended. It’s becoming a waste of time contacting them. They do what THEY want and could care less about us.

    • VT Patriot

      Wow, you must live in VT too.. I’ve got Leahy,(D) abd Sanders,(Soc). Talk about peeing into the wind.

    • MH

      I contact my rep and senators all the time unfortunately I’m in Massachusetts so they just ignore me. I can’t give up I’m scared to death about where this country is headed. Can’t wait til 2012 vote them ALL OUT!

    • Red

      Unfortunately, if you live in a state that has entrenched Democrat representatives, there is little you can reason with them. The only choice is to try to vote them out of office. Some states are so solidly socialistic there is no hope for change. That’s why all the effort to cast out Obama nad others has to be focused on the “swing states” like Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Pennsyvania, etc Trying to change Calif, Mass, Oregon, or New York is futile.

    • guest on this planet

      MY rep in my district is jesse jackson jr and senator is durbin what can i do except move

    • Linda

      Run against them! Those criminals need to go!!!

    • MH

      You have my sympathy it sucks not to be represented doesn’t it? I’m sick of it.

  • http://FaceBook ROBERT GULLIFORD

    This Ungodly Disregard For The Santity Of Human Life. Obama Is Another Tony Blair…..Remember..Both Have Been Passed Off As Being “Devout Christians” By The UK TV Media

  • Dave

    Dictator-In-Chief working overtime dictating to the sheeple.

    • Dottygirl

      sheeple? As of late, lemmings seems more accurate.

  • Bluewolf

    They can all go to haides if they think they are going to take my organs without my consent! I am telling my husband to creamate me right away and spread my ashes in my favorite location.

  • Loynee

    The first thing that should have been done was to force Obama to produce a valid birth certificate.e all know that had it been one of us, we would have had to produce that certificate. Next, we need to find out who is behind all this. Obama didn’t get where he is by merits and certainly not with the help of someone who had long ago planned all this. What scares me is to know that there is a whole organization somewhere that are running the show. They have much more up their sleeve. They want Obama to stay where he is and he will. Whoever got him there in the first place will keep him there in the next election. You can not cross these people or you may be found dead. He will investigate anyone who speaks against him. He is a threat to our country and all our citizens. And so is she, his wife.

    • Dottygirl

      You nailed it. There are forces behind this clown who spends most his time playing golf and traveling. He is just a puppet. So was Clinton who often reminded me of a naughty boy doing his tricks to see just how far he could push his luck. Well and so was Bush who just played a different kind of stupid. Every President as of late has shown being so inept that even the most stupid can see that there is some group behind the throne. I doubt it is one individual, although Soros seems to try to make us believe that it is he.

      Interesting story where we can see some similarities:

      Yes, “Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore”, either.

  • Alberto Ess

    Who will be in line to get Pelosi’s boobs.

    • katja tarullo

      are you referring to Harry Reid and Chris Dodd?

    • bucknaked

      Albert, after reid and muslim in chief chompin on em their may not be much left. LOL

  • bluqe

    The state owns, the federal gvernment owns.
    Now I ask you, Obamas “regulatory tsar” the main Obama guy pushing the organ controversy, of taking organs from people who have died and in some cases, those who have not yet died and in any case niether have agreed to be organ donors. This is our president and his administration. When I here this type of thinking from our governments it immediately brings to mind Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. the leader of the facist world and the equally
    cruel and inhuman communist party of the USSR.
    I would like to point out to that lyinbg snake in the white house and his Chi-towm gang of sneak thieves, America is not yet a Nazi state and even with him trying so hard, we are also not yet communist either.
    The man and his administration are such a bunch of perverts.

  • Loynee

    I meant to say: certainly without the help of someone who had long ago planned all this

  • Sutekh

    I’ve never checked the organ donor box, because I knew from the beginning what would happen.

    Never give up any of your rights voluntarily. There are too many people trying to take them by force or by fraud already.

    The idea of cutting up live people for spare parts is totally, completely, and absolutely demonic. That “slippery slope” thing about accepting homosexuality is actually true. Once the public accepts that the entire cultureand morals are “negotiable,” they have already surrendered, because one dependable absolute after another will be swept away by those with the political power to do so.

    Obama probably has a lot of illegal alien relatives who need transplants.

    I hear all the time about how evil religious people are, but not even Torquemada would have done what Obama wants to do.

  • John Phares

    I don’t care what is done with MY body AFTER it is dead; am PLANNING to give it to science so people can see what 25 yrs of substance abuse can do to things other than liver. Obama want my body? He can have my dead bones.
    State want my body? Hmmm… Soylent Green anyone?

  • Ann C

    How many different ways do we need to explain the term “socialism” before people stop being lemmings and understand what this president is doing TO our country??

    God breathed life into my body, and my body belongs to me, and the “state” aka Obama and his socialist mob have NO right to mine or any other person’s. We can choose to donate or not donate our organs, but, for heaven’s sake, no living individual would look up from his or her hospital bed and say, “Well, I’m terminal anyway, so help yourself to my parts.”

    Where has Congress gone? Impeachment is way overdue.

    • Red

      Our representatives in Congress are scared to death of the word Impeachment for fear of the consequences. Look at the chaos that is being createdin cities all over the country over non-issues. What are they capable of doing if an attempt is made to Impeach and remove him from office?

  • Shot in the Foot

    I got the rats beat! I’ve had canser 3 times thanks to agent orange. They can’t use any of my parts unless they want to kill someone.
    The laugh is on them this time!

  • bob

    Why don’t we use their laws against them. If all organs belong to the state we should lock them up and use their organs on common citizens. When they complain just tell them hey you made the law.

  • CHUCK.

    Just how long must sane people tolerate these
    totally insane idiots who are hell bent on destroying OUR country? What further perversions must Obama come up with before we have enough GUTS to impeach him, and then lock him up for even trying to destroy our Democracy? WAKE UP AMERICANS, WE HAVE IMPEACHED PRIOR IDIOTS FOR LESS.

  • Raymond

    BEIJING / CHANGCHUN – The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it has launched an investigation in the wake of a media report in South Korea about capsules from China – made from the flesh of dead babies – being used as stamina boosters.

  • rkz777

    AND WHAT’S NEW. DOES THIS SURPRISE ANYONE, ANYONE WITH BASIC AND TRUE HUMAN BELIEFS OF GOOD. THIS IS WHAT THE lowlife socialist thug followers who voted for these maggots have brought us. ENJOY IT, WALLER IN IT, ENJOY YOURSELVES, THE beast has arrived.


  • http://yahoo cottagemist

    This borders on the Natzi experimentation doctors…the degredation of the dignity of death…the spiritual rape of peaceful..death. Obama and his administration are evil.

    • VT Patriot

      When I was younger, I had the pleasure of meeting a PHD in 13 scientific fields from Poland. My Dad’s company had hired him as a consultant, spoke (I believe) 7 languages, etc. Absolutely brilliant man. Unfortunately he was partially paralyzed, and grotesquely deformed. He (because of his brilliance) had been used by hitlers experimental doctors for all kinds of experiments which left him in this condition. At that time, they were attempting to find out why his brain was so superior to their own. They destroyed a beautiful man, all in the name of “improving their knowledge” of the human brain. Looks like this is on it’s way. Heil obozo.

  • Kim Turnage

    Ultimately, who will decide who donates what organs and who will decide if someone receives a transplant? The most desired organs will be in the very live bodies of young healthy adults, whereas the ones needing transplants may not be “important” members of society. Who will decide if a recipient is “worthy” of receiving such a valuable commodity? This is an ethical can of worms that does not need to be opened. According to Mr. Sunstein, the gov’t owns us body and all, so when does the gov’t decide we don’t need our body anymore and start taking pieces away?

    • Peter Beam

      Tell Sunstein and Obama that again they have gone way to far. Get both of them out of government as fast as possible.

    • Bill Dobbin

      If they own the body then let them pay for the funeral.

  • Christie

    Obama wants learn from China, he desperately needs lots of money.

  • Linda

    God is watching them, and He’s laughing, because He knows their end. Which is burning eternally in hell!

    • TheThinMan

      Hogwash my dear. No one, NO ONE, has any idea what happens after death or what will happen. Even the BIBLE isn’t clear about it. And then, believing, God is the judge of who goes where, and very many who cry Lord, Lord, will be cast out. I suppose God will watch until Hell freezes over. I have nothing to worry about – my body parts are old and there are few except the very very desperate that would want them. Blood bank won’t even take my blood – and no, I have no terminal or communicable disease like AIDS. I haven’t taken drugs, except for a very occasional headache, for over two years now. I’d be much more concerned that one day these stringy old body parts may be needed for food.

    • Raymond

      11And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. 12And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. 13And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. 14And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. 15And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.
      Revelation 20

    • John

      I agree

    • katja tarullo

      Yes, God knows…but I think he’s crying…

  • politicstick

    Just to be clear and give fair warning:

    any questions? (c:

  • PattyAnn

    Once again Raymond…. Excellent information and humor …!!!!

    God bless you and protect you always!

    Ever heard of Jack Bauer… The TV Series ’24’…???

    I think we need a real-life Jack Bauer… so when you’re done in the Marines you might want to think about that! :o)

    • Cheyl

      LOL My bumper sticker says Jack Bauer For President!

  • Nikita 63


    • Ervin


    • PaleHorse Comes

      It’s simple really – blood-sucking ticks don’t care about the health of the dog.

      So, now that the ticks feel all empowered and everything, they are going to suck the dog dry.

      That’s what you get when you put ticks in charge of the dog.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Karen Marie


    • Marlene

      You’re first in line after me, Nikita!

    • Mo Better

      MAObama and Joey “Plugs” Biden were taking a walk when they came upon a kid playing in a pile of $hit. They watched for a moment and saw the kid was making human figures. MAObama asked the kid what he was doing. The kid responded- I’m making a Vice-President. Insulted that the kid would think of Biden over him he asked – What aren’t you making one of me, the President? The kid replied: Because I don’t have enough $hit.

      Yep, somehow the brain dead morons of this country managed to elect the most detestable, despicable, repugnant, reprehensible, evil, no heart, no soul pile of excrement to the highest office in the land. Incredible! I marvel over that fact on a daily basis, as in my 65 years I have never seen the like of it. In fact, if we had held a legitimate, all-out, no hold barred, do-our-level-best contest in 2009 to find the absolute worst individual to sit in the Awful/Offal/Oaf-full Office we couldn’t have done worse than the Horror-At-1600.

      God save us and SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

    • TheThinMan

      Now watch carefully as he is elected for four more years because the republicans are bent on screwing the conservatives with their RINO candidate.

  • BillK

    What’s next, death panels????? Which will tell people whtn they have to die.

    • TheThinMan

      I’d like to be next.

    • Red

      We already have them. A neighbor is being denied the medicine that has previously put her in remission. There is a “shortage” of her medication! In other words, you are too old to be worth saving, so we will give your meds to someone younger.

  • Donald W Shipley

    I remember when Hitler and Himmler’s SS were in the business of skinning prisoners for the tatoos they wanted for their lampshades!
    Was it not decided for them whose skin was owned by whom? What are we becoming, as we slide more and more into immoral, godlessness?

  • Fran.

    Taking any organ while a person is alive is murder. Taking it after a person is dead with out written permission is stealing. Either way the Government is becoming more and more corrupt. Either way God WILL have the final say.

  • Jeff

    I am a Organ recipient. I do not agree with the policy that government owns our body. I think maybe there should be a mandatory box to check on your driving license. To Donate or Not to donate. If the box isn’t checked then the application is stopped. Until the box is checked that way there is no question of what the person wants done with the body. The family can’t change what the person has checked. Plus the person can have that part changed at anytime. End of the problem as I see it.

    • Marlene

      In Washington State, our drivers’ license has that option. I’ve gotten so old and worn out that I doubt that any of my organs other than my pancreas, is healthy enough for transplant. Too bad, BamBam. You’d reject me.

  • Donald W Shipley

    When I read what Nikita 63 just wrote, above mine, I wonder (AGAIN) why the comment on mine about “Your comment is awaiting moderation? His was his opinion, tho gross. Mine was stated fact, from the history fo the times….

  • Lino

    Please, if you need a brain replacement do not ask for the brains of Cass Sustein and Richard Thaler and Obama too!

  • Doris

    Since when does the state own our bodies? This is socialism at its finest!!!!!!!

    • Paul Hurley

      July 9, 1868. Up until that time you were a citizen of your State. It’s not a trick or at least it was a trick of the people back then to incorporate as an amendment to the Constitution. FDR, through the war powers act had state of emergency added. He then used his Executive order power and declared an emergency which suspened the Constitution and it has never been reversed. The Constitution was never intended to have the Fed to govern We the People. It was intended to regulate interstate commerce (foreign trade) and provide a standing army. Read the U.S. Constitution, can be found at The National Archives and Records Administration. The States were to have government for the people and the States were the real servents of the people. Check this out if you have a hard time accepting what I have presented.

    • Jim Harrison

      It’s Huxley’s Brave New World!

    • Dottygirl

      The State claims to own your kids by forcing them to be in school. If they don’t go YOU go to jail and the State takes the kids away from you.

      Next step, they claim to own your body, too.

  • EA

    The Right to life, Liberty, but not our bodies? Wow now this is a historic event. Our founders would be so proud.

  • mg

    I will have my family burn my body in a box in the back yard before I let touch me, they don’t own me and I’m not a slave to the government.

  • Theodore J Gager

    Oh yeah! Well then, if the state has the right to people’s dead bodies, then they also bare the responsiblity for the funeral costs. Along with the rights go the responsibilites. There is no free lunch or in this case free organs.
    Sunstein is a burnout left over from the acid dropping sixties. He pulls stuff out of his a$$ and tries to make it sound credible. Just leave your full remains to your family in your last will and the state can go scratch it’s perverbial a$$.

  • Joe

    Well as long as that A -hole is in the W H this will continue to happen that’s part of obummercare

  • MH

    How low can they go now we are their slaves they own our bodies and can do whatever the *$%# they want with them. It’s time they are put in their place once and for all.

  • Higgs

    These “people” are cold, callus, monstreous bastards. No one “owns” a dead persons body, especially not the government. As the article states, guess where these “stolen” organs will end up – in the young and not the elderly needy who just might have been in need first, or, perhaps a person of the “haves” or the government and not person in need from the “have nots” and cannot to afford it.

  • Troubles-a-brewin

    This is such B.S. who the hell do they think they are, this is against alot of peoples religous beliefs, My Mother was a jehovas witness and they dont belive in that and who says the state owns the body I dont see them paying the hospital bills or the funeral costs, give me a break if they thought they could charge us for the removal of the organs they would. This man that was elected president if you can call him a man is simply put TRASH and needs to be thrown out with the garbage!

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate daniel

    Tyranny won’t happen over night. But before you know it it’s there staring you right in the face.

  • AliveStillKickin

    I am now an organ donor but this makes me want to say “NO”
    WTH….They are going to take them anyway and I love saying “no” to the government.
    They need a box to check that says HELL NO!!!

  • jan

    It is time to remove Obama and those in Congress who support him-hopefully the Republicans have a candidate who can beat him in 2012. How close do we have to come to the Hitler regime in Germany before people see what he is?

    • John

      Newt is my choice. In my opinion, he is the most qualified.

  • Bill

    With communist Obama and this comrades the state owns you and can decide who is to live or die.

  • Ed Hayden

    Ultimately, the voters have to take direct responsibility in voting this President and this congress into office, the worse part about this congress are those members who were voted into office 12-16-24 years ago.

    2012 may be the last chance in making any positive corecctions… America is in a very sad situation… If America votes Obama and many congressman from both parties back into office, especially the encumbants who have served more than two terms they will deserve the results just as they are currently receiving…

    • MH

      Let’s get TERM LIMITS now!

    • Dottygirl

      Ed, the trouble with what you say is that unfortunately those of us who did not vote for this President, many in Congress and Sente, unfortunately are in the same boat as those who voted for them and we all sink together.

  • rustypipe

    Cass Sunstein is a COMMIE! There are 70 more commies in our own Congress. Pelosi, Barney Frank, Rosa Delauro, are on the list put out by the commies themselves. Check it out at – – they have the entire list posted!

  • G-Man

    This is what happens when the state decides it has supremacy over those whom put it in power. The Soviets and the Chinese had similar things in place. Just think, the time is coming when we will be nothing more than a walking bunch of spare parts, waiting to be cannibalized so that somebody they believe to be more important than the rest of us peons can continue to live. With Obamacare, who lives and who dies will a decision taken not by doctors, but a ghoulish panel of bureucrats. Looks like Sarah Palin was right all along.

  • Marlene

    Since I’ve never accepted Obama as MY president, I don’t see how he and his minions can claim they own my body. They can have each and every body of those who voted for them but not mine. Hell no, they can’t have one square inch of my old, dried up body! Where is this any different than the Death Panel that the stupid Democrats and Liberals have pooh-poohed. After Bam-Bam rescinded that item that he had put into the Medicare rules, the Dems had the gall to tell Republicans they were imagining things. It was active from early December, 2010 until he returned from vacation in Hawaii on January 6, 2011. That was reported by several media outlets and because his plans were exposed, he said he was rexcinding it because too many people had learned about it and it might harm his bid for re-election. I’ve got news for him – rescinding that didn’t erase our memories and we KNOW he is an unfit (putting it cleanly and mildly) president. You may have guessed by now that I’m 1,000% anti-Obama.

  • stormy

    The state does not own $hit.God gave me this body to do with as I please as long as I live.While I am living,I decide what is done with my remains,not the state.Who would get the body parts?You can bet your sweet a$$ it would not be a poor person who could not afford the transplant.Only the rich elitist would benefit,to further the perfect society.

  • sicktodeath

    Check your Bibles out folk. This PUKE is the MAN OF SIN it talks about in the Bible. Daniel and Revelations is full of the things this Rascal will do. He is already changing the times and the laws like it states. He is a raiser of taxes. He has already done things different than his father had done.Wake up America this is the end time!!

    • handyman


    • Guest

      He thinks he owns everything and tells everyone what he wants to happen. He had no money when he came to the USA. How he traveled all over the planet while he was so impoverished is another coverup. Same old.

  • sicktodeath

    Prepare to meet the Lord!

  • Troubles-a-brewin

    Im marked as an organ donar on my license and have been since I was 18 35 years ago and I still believe in the program, But obama aint Sants Claus and these arent Christmas presents hes trying to shuv down our throats, Him and the rest of the rat bastards working for the builtabergers should be burned out.

    • handyman


    • handyman


    • Kayle

      I wouldn’t accept an organ or part from him even if my life depended on it.

    • Guest

      Speaking of parts….. I wish he would DE-PART soon.

    • greg

      Can’t use hienna animal parts anyway.

    • Bob McCormick

      Pass You ain’t putting any of that a–h’s organs in me

    • Dorothy

      would not want them

    • lenny

      why should his body parts go to a human, he’s not human.

  • John

    My son received a heart transplant in July but it was nothing the government did. The “donor” was a 19 year old young man whose parents made the decision to donate his organs. That’s the way it should be. I would hate to think that someone in my family received an organ that was taken from a deceased person by the damn government without the permission of that person’s family. If an organ from someone in my family was taken without permission, I’d go on a hunting trip and guess who the first prey would be.

    • handyman


    • Guest

      Seems like there was a hunter in DC who was stupid he didn’t know the Obuumer was not there..

    • lenny

      to bad he wasn’t would solve our problem.

    • William

      They are doing what the Nazis did!!! Retarded people were considered “Hopeless” so were killed. Will this mean that you don’t even have to be dead to have your organs removed? Just judged hopeless?

  • Troubles-a-brewin

    Im in moderation again!

    • John

      t use cuss words or “key words” then they will not monitor you as it is done by computer & they pick up on some words & any & all profanity

    • lenny

      me to.

  • Big Dog


    • Freedom Now

      I hope every American votes for RON PAUL for president. Anyone else wins…we’ve lost our country for good. Defender of The Constitution!
      Any questions GOOGLE Ron Paul. He is the only one who can turn this country around.

    • will

      ron paul is not the only one,Newt Gingrich has the knowledge to get the job done and bring America back to Americans.

    • Guest

      I can see Newt (?) debate with Obummer and win. Also a Constitutionalist with USA PEOPLE as his top priority.

      The campaign has been a yo yo so far. I hope they get nasty against Obummer soon.


    • tictac

      There are good things about each one – wish we could take to “good” in each GOP candidate and make one extraorindary leader. obama Must go without a doubt. He has done more damage in 3 short years than all the presidents put together in the past…even Jimmy Carter and I didnt think they could get much dumber than him. AND I am from Georgia. Whew – what were people thinking when they voted for Obama – they got fooled just like the Bible states – wolf in sheeps clothing. End times are fast approaching.

    • liz

      Ron Paul is a nice man but I would not vote for him, Newt is the smartest one up there and Cain is a good man and would do good for our country, however whomever is the nominated I will vote for. Newt would wipe the floor with o

    • handyman


    • Guest

      Newt also said he would pick Cain for a VP running mate.

    • liz

      cause he is the smartest person up there and i think they would be best for the country, regardless of Newts past.

    • tictac

      People keep talking about Newt’s past – Eisenhower had a long time girlfriend, F Roosvelt had a girlfriend – JFK well I dont think anyone has broken his record with infidelities, Clinton no explanation necessary – Yes it would be nice to have a leader that has a moral compass BUT they just arent there anymore. I think Newt would do an excellent job and OH YES he could take on obama without problem.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Judith Meeks/sinking widow

      I never attach the “P” word to his name, just refer to him as B.O. because that is what is most fitting. “P” word? Never! He is an imposter,unfit to hold the office,has no work or economic sense, hates this Country and all that it had stood for. But, yes, he is a master of disaster.

  • Troubles-a-brewin

    Im marked as an organ donar on my license and have been since I was 18 35 years ago and I still believe in the program, but obama aint Santa Claus and these arent Christmas presents hes trying to shuv down our throats him and the rest of the rats need to be burned out!

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      They may spend eternity burning if they keep going like this.

    • KittyKat

      we can only hope…

    • A Patriot

      They long ago locked in their place in the fiery furnace.
      We are being ruled by the devil incarnate, and we invited him in.

    • SanctuaryLady51

      Not me!!!

    • tictac

      I agree – the devil himself obama – AND to think some people actually had a part in electing him into the highest office of the land to destroy this nation. I sure hope those voters have learned a valuable lesson, Just hope it isnt too late to turn this nation back around. BUT obama MUST go.

    • Golden Bear

      It who they do not know and not what they are doing that is goning to keep them ‘roastin’ after they leave this earth. You mignt say the temperature is hotter than 7734 writthe up-side down.

    • A Patriot

      Part of my heart of hearts hopes they will burn, but as a Christian I know that thought process is wrong. However, I do not have any good wishes at all for them.

    • Jerry M

      It is not man’s job to judge man but they will be judged by God when the time comes.

  • Troubles-a-brewin

    In moderation over one word (bas__rds.

    • John

      You can use the word bastard but not in the context you used it before

  • Troubles-a-brewin

    Insert after rat.

  • believer

    Is ob and mrs ob doners? I’d hate to be the

    • Igor

      I’d rather die first.

    • AppraisHer

      believer, if they are doners, I want barry’s brain and her heart, because they have never been used.

    • Nana

      the last comment is too funny —- thanks – great to laugh so hard before bedtime

    • AnyD

      At least they couldn’t donate any heart or Brains.
      And he has no guts either. Pretty useless some to think of it.

    • Nana

      clever but he has guts and gall…

    • Insurgent

      The most arrogant, obnoxious, egotistical,cocky, lying, illegal SOB to ever sleep in the White House, besides being a LFN !!!

    • A Patriot

      Not sure what an LFN is, but I have a definition of my own that I like quite well.

    • handyman


    • handyman


  • DTR

    Now my body and all of it’s parts belong to the Government?? Wow!! I thought it was just my house and job and personal Liberty!! Either Obama and his Czars pack or I do. But wait….WHY should I be the one to pack and move ??? I was here along with my ancestors a LONG time before the “Change left in my pocket” came riding in!

    • handyman


    • Rick

      One glaring problem that most people are not aware of and that is these rules they are trying to make will not apply to them. Only the “little people” who don’t deserve to make decisions for themselves. What is equally sad is that so many people are buying into their lies. They cannot see the truth for what it is really is. The truth has no friends. They would sell their soles for any pimp with a great smile and is a smooth talker. Hmm, sounds like someone we are talking about, doesn’t it?

    • Hope412

      I saw this sign at a church one week,It seems appropriate,”Some People Work Hard To Get What They Want, Others Just Vote For It.”

  • Igor

    Troubles, I too am an organ donor, but no way no how is Ogabe and Co. going to “harvest” organs from people, period. Sunstein can go pound sand, people’s organs belong to the PERSON, *not* The State.

    • Old dog

      Anybody here feel like their in the Twilight Zone, or maybe in the movie Soylent Green?

    • Kay

      Get people to watch The Omega Man. That’s where we’re at.

  • truckman

    need to clean house up there anybody not elected in 2010 needs to go including the supremer court

  • http://yahoo barbara

    God help us science fiction coming to life. We as Americans had beter start standing up and fighting for our rights and our lives before this man and people like him, sell us down the road of no return.

    • SilentWarriorBear

      BARBARA —


  • Linda Heath

    First destroy our Country, then destroy our bodies. Our bodies belong to God. He is not pleased with this moron destroying his property.

    • handyman


  • SilentWarriorBear

    Onama needs a brain transplant ….. errrrr ….. correct that he needs a brain

    • Butch 179

      If you could put just one brain cell in his head, the poor thing would die of lonliness.

    • handyman


  • http://patriotupdate Larry Hallett

    If teleprompter boy aka moon bat should ever decide to donate his brain don’t believe it all there is where a brain would be is a little turd.Any other body parts he says he’ll donate that would be a lie also. The bastard’s
    hollow i.e. there’s nothing to him.

    • handyman


  • Janice Fortin

    Did he authorize transplants from his mother?

    • John

      When the clown was botrn the Dr. smacked his mother

    • DeclareTruth

      Obama’s father? Hmmmm – I think Jesus spoke to that in John 8:44 (at least that’s what came to mind as I thought about the issue) Here’s what He said: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” I say, “If the shoe fits…”

    • SanctuaryLady51

      The truth will out!

    • czman75

      Allow me to fix that statement: Has no respect for “Unterhumans”, only the Uberhumans…

  • SilentWarriorBear



  • DeclareTruth

    See what happens when our rights are deemed to have come from the State instead of from God? These Godless tyrants believe that the state giveth and so the state taketh away. Do not doubt that they will actually push things this far. They will. They have been working on this takeover of our government for a very long time and have changed so many things a little by little that people didn’t notice, and even if they did, they were mocked as “conspiracy theorists” and “nut cases”. Now people are noticing and I pray it’s not too late. God save America.

    • SanctuaryLady51

      Many noticed and tried to do something abt it. Others just stuck their heads in the sand and ignored it.

  • PWR11

    Cass Sunstein, What the hell? You’ve got to be kidding me? You know I did not renew my donor status on my drivers license because of the thought of something just like this!! I can’t believe it, I was right!! Except it dosn’t matter if I give them my permission or not?? The Government owns my dead body?? Since when?? Actually I was just worried about the fact that if my donor status was to give, it might affect a DR.’s decision!! Hell I never thought about a BLOOD SUCKING POLITICIAN!!! I certainly hope that Cass is not a donor, no one should have to live with his heart!!

    • WD Patriot

      Sir, I am a recipient of two organs from an 18 year old boy who died in an accident. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I would not have made it without donors, and there is not a morning I do not arise and thank the young man, AND HIS FAMILY, who all are donors. Think again about being a donor, I am in spite of the damage. There is NO INFORMAYTION given to the doctor UNTIL AFTER a person has been pronounced dead, and then even the family of the deceased donor can refuse to allow the donation. The organ procurement organization has very strict rules and laws which currently make it a very safe and worthy cause. Please reconsider, someone’s life (perhaps close to you) may depend on it.
      This government Cass Hole’ character is the demon in disguise, and he should be executed for his inhuman demeanor, He, nor the government has any right to take from the body anything! There are some cultures (Navajo, and Apache to name a couple) who will not allow it for they feel they will need their body in the next life.
      We must call our congressmen and senators and tell them if they vote for this piece of garbage bill, then we will come hunting them, either thru the voting box or the cartridge box!

    • steve

      While I support everything you said and the fact that you still have your life I am not and will not be an organ donor.

      Why is it that the hospital, doctors, organ transportation services, etc can make money off the kindness and humanity of the donor but the donor’s family cannot even take a tax deduction for the cost of burying their loved one?

      Congress is the reason. They fear/give the excuse it would induce people to sell their organs. So until Congress allows the family of the dead donor to take a 100% deduction for funeral expenses or forces everybody to do it for free like the donor then all a donor is really doing is making a lot of money for a lot of people.

      Don’t misunderstand me. I support life and preserving it. I do not support and I do detest people making money from the humanity and kindness of one person while the law will not allow that dead persons family a single dollar.

      It is time the law is changed. It is time to allow the family of the donor to lay to rest their loved one and at least be afforded the decency of be allowed a tax break on the burial costs. Or everybody involved does it for free. The donor did.

  • Ken Chambers

    Bill Ayers told an undercover reporter that they (the Obama crowd) would have to terminate as many as 25 million conservatives who couldn’t be re-educated. What on earth are they going to do with all those organs?

  • Ken Chambers


  • elaine wilson

    Now you see why they want a Death Panel under obamacare to decide who receives any medical care? If they need some organs to sell on the black market or for one of their own they will just let you die. Even scarier is the comment they think the State owns our body parts and they can take our organs when they want, not necessarily after we died. 9read their interpretation of hopeless cases)
    May sunstein go to hell quickly where he belongs.

  • BillF

    It seems like every day there is another attrocity tied to
    the Corrupt Government of Obama and yet He has quite
    a few supporters in the United states! Obama has to go out
    in 2012 and hopefully be put in prison! The Democratic
    Party does not exist in America anymore, It is now the
    Socialist Party of the United States!

    • A Patriot

      “Socialist Party” sounds much too nice for this crowd. Godless Tyrants Party, or Communist Thugs Part sounds more like this group.

    • RULKEN

      A Patriot; I have been saying that ever since Obama was “elected?”, I truly have my doubts about as well. Remember that ACORN, (still around by the way, just under a new name), stole so many votes, that to this day we really don’t know how many!
      This IS “The Enemy Within” as written about in Michael Savage’s book! WE ARE AT WAR AS WE SPEAK!!

  • budman

    Seems to me, if they remove organs without the written consent, it is a violation of medical
    practice and subject to prosecution. Why do you think they require a written document that must be witnessed?
    If this came before the Supreme Court, there isn’t much doubt this administration wuld get their hands slapped.

    • KittyKat

      If cass sunstein is in on this, they won’t need written consent…and even if written consent IS needed, they’d ignore it and take what they want anyway. Obutthead is doing this already – ignoring rules he doesn’t like. They are doing this in China for years.


    MY ORGANS! I got an organ for you DUMBA.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Tell you all that the election of Obama and company would lead us down the path to no civil rights being left in the end.
    Well, Here’s another example of a corrupt government with to much power and if you think they haven’t already come up with a way for them to profit from your body part’s your blind and stupid.
    We don’t have until Nov. 2012 to save our country and you better start waking up to the hard truth.
    When you say I live in a free country thank a Vet and when you say my country is no longer free blame yourself!
    It seems that some just don’t get it even when their hit over the head.
    If you took the time to look over the American Communist Party Doctrine to see what their agenda is in America you might just wake up one day.
    What’s going on today didn’t just start in the last few years but has been going on and moving ahead slowly for over 80 years.
    The process to take down America was stepped up in 1963 after the removal of JFK which was killed because of his views on politic’s. Today’s standards would have JFK and his brother Bobby were listed as a highly conservative figures in government and they couldn’t have that.
    Look this up and see if you can see where our government has been leading us under these rules, I think you’ll see a shocking wake up call going off in your head.
    Would your government lie to you?, You Bet it would!

  • Larry E

    Cass is as Glenn Beck told those of us who pay attention the most dangerous person in the country. The government does not own my body or any part of it, dead or alive, no matter what little Cass baby might think. He needs to be slapped down so hard that he bounces, then maybe the government can harvest his organs if there is anything inside him that’s not totally rotten.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Boy, I get this every time that I tell the hard truth here.
    I guess their afraid that if you know the real fact’s you’ll revolt.

  • sonata

    They want you dead..hense the reason for ObamaCare Health they can get your dead parts!!

    • RULKEN

      Your right, it’s time to take up arms, and destroy them, when and where ever they are!

    • Irma

      This gives new meaning to the “Death Panels”!!! YIKES!!!

  • Richard Vandervort

    I’m making this statement for one good reason and it’s in the hopes that it will be your wake up call.
    You will only live free and die free if your willing to put up the fight to remain free.

    • DTR

      Richard, Finally!! Your comment got through. And a good one it is. So True , so true…

  • Richard Vandervort

    If you really want to understand what’s wrong please read this link.
    I think you’ll get the big picture.

  • skip gainer

    Can you just imagine the bidding wars over Grandmas liver? I hope they at least leave her hospital room when haggling over her liver!

    • Richard Vandervort

      You know that our government is all about profit and government care’s little to none as to who they hurt in the process.
      Hey, I guess we could look at this one as a good thing though.
      If you need a heart transplant you can always ask for one from a politician because it will be like new as they never used in at work in the government.

  • A True Australian

    The idea that “the state owns” the body of a deceased or soon to be deceased person I would think is rather communistic and very disturbing. Please don’t let it happen there as the idea is sure to come here (we import stupid ideas here) afterwards.. Me thinks that the Berlin wall didn’t come down because democracy had triumphed, but that communism had made enough inroads into the West for it to triumph..

  • A True Australian

    I just noticed an advertisement on this page that seemed so apt it reads, “New and used Organs for sale, New local listings daily” Makes you think doesn’t it? (I know it’s for musical instruments!) But I can only just imagine the “black market” in taking organs from perfectly healthy people and selling the Organs to various organisations…

  • Diane

    THIS IS utterly disgusting ! But they do this illegally in 3rd world countries. Sell body parts from healthy LIVING people. People that seem to be alone with no connection to anyone in those countries. Sad that the world has come to be so immoral- Between drugs & guns & body parts & human slavery & Black market Adoption. ALL IN THE NAME of Greed for BIG MONEY. In the name of Jesus Save America.

    • Richard Vandervort

      I guess this is now OK here too now that under Obama were nothing better then a third world country.

  • Wolf-Talker


  • taxi 11

    Crazy again big brother intrusion. Is there no limit to these heavy handed politicians ..America Where are you? ???

  • Richard Vandervort

    When I was younger an older man told me the money was in body parts.
    To think that I’ve went this many years thinking he was talking about the auto industry was foolish.

  • Anne

    The state cannot and should not own our body parts. We all own our own bodies and no one should try to take something from me without my permission. Cass Sunsteom is a dangerous man who seeks ways to control all of us. Unfortunately many of his ideas can work when your not aware of what is going on. How can you redefine death? Dead is dead. It’s always been when the heart stops. Do they want to declare someone dead while their heart is still beating and the organs are fresh? Obamacare must be repealed or the government will be able to control everything in our lifes under the guise of keeping us healty.

    • Richard Vandervort

      It’s OK just ask Obama, He’ll tell you that government knows whats best for you.

  • BarleyWheets

    The poorer you are the more likely that your organs will be harvested with or with out your consent or religious convictions. Thats a fact and already is happening in lots of areas.

  • Coach D

    It’s time to stand up against this regime

  • Mike

    don’t hammer your swords into plowshears
    just yet we will need them in original
    condition in the near future.

  • Dee

    These people are pure evil. Read Proverbs 6:12-19. There are events in the bible where God dealt with evil,Daniel 4, is one example of God’s judgement.

  • Robert

    You mean they are actually going to wait until we’re dead? Wow, what a deal, Cass. You give the communists a bad name. Oops, sorry, I forgot you are one aren’t you.

  • DocJohnM

    The donation program is fraught with controversy, always has been. Years ago, a USC pathologists was caught with his hands in the cookie jar by selling donated body parts for personal gain. Now Obama wants to “mine” human bodies while still alive. At least the pathologist had the good graces to wait for them to die. Yet another case of crappy ethics by the all mighty Obama. What a tool!

  • peb777

    The government can take my organs?? OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

  • Annie Oakley


  • RHSchumann

    So Cass Sunstein has waxed elequent that he wants to remove organs from people who have not given their permission. And now it is Obama’s fault.
    The problem is that there are not enough organ donors. We need to convince more people to sign up to this very Christian concept. What better gift can one make than enabling another person to live?

    • Joy

      There is not anything Christian about donating body parts. Yes it is Obama’s fault since this is his American hating, communist man of choice. You want the gov to take your parts when and where they desire then fine turn yourself over to the sick crowd but DO NOT suggest that others do so. You sound evil not Christian.

    • ACEMAN

      The beginning of Soylent Green. Tired of your comments being moderated, awaiting moderation, or even deleted? Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. No PC police! Join today! Language Warning.

    • daves

      I will be honored if my organs are used to save a life.

    • Charlene

      Yeah, if it’s your choice. I’d like to know how these idiots determined that the “state” owns the rights to body parts. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Carol

      That is NOT what this is about- I also have chosen to donate. The issue here is CHOICE. Don’t you get that?

    • Army CWO Retired


      Who, in their right mind, would want your organs? You are the ‘Poster Boy’ for National Socialism.

    • wesurroundthem

      As long as it remains your CHOICE, and not a state mandate, God Bless you.

    • WyoWayne

      ….BUT, it is the choice of every individual!!! NOT the Gov.

    • NANCY

      yes it us a wonderful thing to donate but it just that donate that is volunteering to do so. I have had a liver transplant and realize how important donating is. But it opens a big can of worms when they can just help a person to die sooner because they Are so sick. and not useful any more . It is all part of share the wealth .We are nothing but a tool for the government

    • Susie

      Are you kidding? What part of You are not dead yet! don’t you get?

    • Othello

      Hey Einstein,(daves)
      The government is talking about taking organs WITHOUT permission, not people who are willing to donate. The government/state DOES NOT OWN ANYONES BODY!!!!!

    • daves

      Did any of you read the article? It doesn’t say anything about taking organs without permission.

      It says somewhere, some guy thought that bodies belong to the state. Completely irrelevant to the proposal being talked about.

    • Othello

      Yes, we did read the article. READ THE LAST LINE!
      THIS administration already thinks they own us. Obama and his cronies, (Cass Sunstein being one of them) want that kind of America. They are out to destroy America.

    • Craig

      Does the strong STATEMENT of OWNERSHIP in the article actually mean THE US as a Corporate entity actually “OWNS” its citizens, R/TH its
      citizens OWNING the US Corporate Entity? Maybe someone smarter than the rest of us can explain how the OWNERSHIP CLAIM made in the Article is based on legal fact. If this is actually so, about US corporate “ownership” of its citizens, it may give many cause to reflect.

    • Carolyn Grow

      You are right!!!

    • Fletchguy

      I am a conservative Tea Partier but completely disagree and support donating your organs. My ex fiancee had both kidneys fail at 17 and need a transplant to live. If it wasnt for donors she would have never been off a machine. She is 35 now and has had 2 kidney transpalnt which have allowed her to have some sort of normal life. I encourage everyone to sign the back of your license and donate your organs when you pass.

    • Robin Ghosh

      First of all, being a member of the Tea Party has nothing to do with donation of organs. Secondly, that the ‘state’ would consider MY body THEIR property to do with as they please just because I may not have offered my organs for donation is tantamount to barbarianism and plunder! I happen to be an organ donor, but that is my choice as a free person. NO ONE has the right to donate them for me unless I have designated a Medical Power of Attorney to do so. The ‘State’ has NO rights over my body. Period!

    • Pathfinder

      RHSchumann: IF BHO was not in such close ideological agreement with Cass; then this would NOT sully him. However, since Sunstein IS an Obama appointee; then policies favored by this Obama appointee DO also reflect on the imposter-in-chief.

    • Ramona Callender

      so stealing is your idea of being a christian? sounds like your an obama fan. well I am going to buy you a one way ticket out of MY country so you can live in a third world country of your choosing ok.

    • Army

      I will help you pay for that one way ticket! The beautiful thing about America (before Loser OBUMA came along) is the freedom of choices, opportunity to prosper and earn wealth. Since this loser has arrived in 3 years, ALL of that has diminished and he has single handedly is destroying the middle class, take our freedoms and is attempting to invoke Tierney! Against OUR WILL!

      If you don’t like America as a free capitalist country, where the individual makes their own decisions and earns their own wealth, YOUR FREE TO LEAVE!!


    • C.C.

      This is America – THE LAND OF FREEDOM!
      I like the choice of whether or not to donate my body parts. NOT TO BE “FORCED” AS OBAMA SEES FIT!!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA IS A DICTATOR!!!!!SHAME ON THE CHIMP!!!!!!

    • daves

      There is no stealing involved in this proposal.

      The negative is that they could be asking relatives at a very sad and difficult time.

    • Jonathan Gartne

      Christian??? Oh you must be one of those liberation Theologist’s. If you feel the need go ahead but, do not be making decisions for the rest of us or we will make decisions for you.

    • randy

      my bad,clicked plus by mistake……

    • randy

      sorry,clicked on wrong commnt

    • am2sweet

      Giving an organ is a very nice thing to do and wonderful if it saves someone’s life. However it shouldn’t be required. Our bodies are our own and we should be able to decide if we want to donate or not. The government has no right saying what we should do with our bodies. The only other person that should have a say once we are gone is a spouse, parent, etc. They would know your wishes. This reeks of turning one class of people into doners for another, perhaps wealthier class.

    • GetReal

      That’s what Socialism is all about. The rich ruling class vs. the poor working class.

    • GetReal

      Do some objective research to see who has all the money. Turns out to be socialist democrats. No wonder they want to tax INCOME but never ASSETS. Tax income and you can prevent everyone else from advancing themselves.

    • Stan in Texas

      Actually, I have no problem with the Government encouraging people to be organ donors.




    • Glenda

      AMEN to that Stan!!! Can we don’t want to put Obama’s brain in ANYTHING that will preserve it!! It’s already been fried and brainwashed. How is it that Clinton was impeached and others and BHO gets to be pres. without even a birth certificate or school records or ANY proof of his citizenship????? Everyone (except his Muslim, Islamic friends and partners in crime) wants him ousted any way possible but they’re all afraid of him for some reason. The Media has been bought out by him and his partners.GO BACK TO AFRICA ALL OF YOU!!!

    • Pineapple

      Science would probably reject it.

    • Donna Sargent

      You are assuming that either one of them has a brain….and one knows what happens when one ass u me (s) anything.

    • Herbie

      Perhaps ol’ Cass should begin his harvest at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – naw, that would be unproductive because the Resident in Chief has neither a brain or heart that is worth harvesting.

    • Elaine Connelly

      Cass Sunstein is a woman. I am a woman, and I do not claim her. She is an evil person. She should not be in her position. She sounds like Frankenstein’s Daughter. Does she want to come and get some of my parts? If so, she better come armed, because I will be locked and loaded against her. OBAMA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST!

    • dizdamduster

      The freakin’ govt. does NOT own us and we are not used car parts to be pulled on request! What Frankenstein atheist came up with this one?? This has to be stopped.

    • Wayne

      Sounds like someone has had a drink from Obamas’ kool-aid. We may be short of donors, but the government doesn’t have any “rights” to our body parts. Cass Sunstein is a behind the scenes guy, but he is as bad Barry (excuse me, Barrack).

    • Jdavidc

      I agree that organ donation is an honorable thing but it MUST be the donors decision, NOT the governments!!!

  • Little Old Woman

    I couldn’t even begin to count the number of emails I’ve written to members of Congress, and I don’t know how many petitions I’ve signed, which were delivered to the members of Congress. None of these efforts has seemed to do any good, and I am beginning to wonder if we are completely wasting our time contacting all of those “do-nothing” people who are supposed to be doing what we, the taxpayers, tell them we want done!

    Maybe we should all be contacting all of the idiots who are living and working in the White House, flooding them all with emails, snail mail, and phone calls. I’m talking about contacting Obama, Sustein, Holder, and all of the rest of Obama’s Czars that he has hired, without any approval from the members of Congress.

    I don’t know if it would do very much good to change our tactic and start contacting the main idiots who are the ones causing all of the big problems, but we certainly don’t seem to be getting anywhere at all when we spend our time contacting the people who are in Congress, over and over again!

    • BARNEY

      Vote, vote, vote and vote……it is the only chance we have. I do believe there are still enough real Americans to make a difference. If not, I fear we are in for a rough ride.

    • Susan

      “Voting”? Hmmmm It seems that even if we vote there are a number of persons out there that aren’t legal citizens or the dead are voting in favor of what we don’t want. It seems to me that Obama should have been tried for treason a while ago, but nothing is happening with that either…

    • Sharon

      Barney, If we get 4 more years of OMoron, then I fear this great country to become a Dictatorship, which is exactly what OMoron wants!!!!!!

    • daves

      I guess we’ll find out in 2017.

    • Diane Winkler

      If that is the case, then O will eliminate the terms of potus.

    • Honest1inVA

      ACTIONS, MY FRIEND, SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! They will not do anything about our emails. our petitions, etc.
      They WILL do something when we all exercise our second amendment rights and show up at the White House door!!!
      Hate to say it, but that’s the ONLY way we are going to make any REAL progress!
      Until that day comes, we are going to keep suffering. Like it or not.

    • rocky

      I believe what you are doing does have an effect. Ever heard of the saying the squeeck wheel gets the tension. In this case someone is being effected. Keeping working because the other side is squeeking and they have the big megaphone, the leftist lame stream media. I wonder when the media hires someone today if they ask questions which actually is discriminatory to comservatives, a right thinking people? I am sure the answer is a big “Yes.”

    • Remington 870

      I do the same writing to my reps and I live in Red State SC where we honor men like Joe Wilson and Jim DeMint. Sentator Graham is a RINO. I believe the GOP Congressional majority is cowardly because they know if they object to the Obama machine some allegation will be made to destroy those who object the loudest. Sex allegations seem to be popular. Herman Cain has been destroyed. And I would have voted for him. Have you read about the recall vote to outs Gov. Walker from Wisconsin? Why can we not innitiate similar recall to out Obama? Something to think about.

    • Army CWO Retired

      Remington 870,

      Good idea, but there is no Constitutional method to support recalling a president. You KNOW the constitution would be very IMPORTANT to Liberals if it helped their cause. They only hate the constitution when it gets in their way.

    • daves

      South Carolina gets 1.21 in Government funds for every 1.00 it pays in taxes.

      Why is it us blue states (Minnesota here) are always paying for you red states?

    • Stan in Texas

      Good info………but did you notice the last page…..Washington, D.C. blows them all out of the water.

      6 times as much spent as collected!!!!!!

    • Elaine Connelly

      Dave: You are really an idiot. If you live in Minnesota, you are part of the problem. Go live somewhere else, preferrably not in he United States.

    • daves

      I much prefer it here in God’s country.

    • Glenda

      I so agree Remington! Let’s try that and see if the leaders get the idea!!

    • hollygreen9

      I know some little old ladies that are locked and loaded. I am also! Their rights and laws stop at my space.

    • Little Old Woman

      hollygreen9, I AM one of those little old ladies who stays locked and loaded at all times, with both of my weapons within easy reach. I was trained to shoot to kill, and I can definitely hit what I aim at, whether it’s with my shotgun or my pistol!

      Like you, I believe that a criminal’s rights stop at the doors leading into my house. If a person is foolish enough to cross one of my door facings, especially after he or she has been warned not to do so, that person must be wanting to eat some lead. I would never turn down anyone who is “hungry” for something to eat!

      By the way, my “handle” isn’t just a funny line; I use it because it fits. As a 64 year old mother and grandmother, I am only 4′ 10 1/2″ tall, and I weigh all of 92 pounds. I may be small, but I have always been told to remember that “dynamite comes in small packages!”

    • Stan Jones

      I think you may be right; My Congress WOMAN! is Shelia Jackson Lee. OMG

    • sally


    • Jerry

      Please so not contact these idiots! They are psychotic! They are neurotic! There’s no logic in their thinking! They can’t see good! They are so enthralled with power that they think it is going to last forever! They even think they are above hammering out a budget! I think, at the time of the 2012 elections, there will be enough “mad dims” who will jump ship on these corrupto-crats and czars that they will vote otherwise! Most of the left-wing liberal are so fed up with zero and joe that some of them feel that these psychotic escapades are less than giving any thought to. zero know his days are numbered and his czars and other followers should know it too! That is why they are carrying on like they are! I’m thinking they, themselves, know that noe of this is going to happen, Little Old Woman!

  • Dabne of Shiteland

    In most cases of psychopaths like Mr. Obama, what the situation is is that the person is delusional and is in fact mentally disabled as they say now, but rather to be specific, retarded. They are often abused as children or neglected which tends to have a similar effect and like Adolph Hitler who was beaten by his father every day, can do tremendous harm to other human beings and living things. Thus, Mr. Obama fits into a very uncomfortable and unfortunate psychological profile and we should all pray that fate intervenes in such a way that the outcome is positive rather than negative as was the case with Hitler.

    • Dawn Laughlin

      I agree that Mr. Obama is mentally ill, but his mental illness is extreme narcissistic personality disorder. It is a REAL mental illness and all of the symptoms:
      A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:
      1) Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
      2) Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
      3) Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
      4) Requires excessive admiration
      Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
      5) Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
      6) Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
      7) Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
      Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    • Dawn Laughlin

      There are 9 symptoms, not 7. I messed up the numbering. He has ALL 9 symptoms.

    • BornFree

      Oh my goodness, he’s a womern!

    • patty

      if o and biden were not in charge, Boehner or any new tea party/Republican candidate would be. we could have some wonderful executive orders getting rid of ocare,all czars,all regs since 2006,and also no foreign aid,slam shut borders,make all reps and senators be on social security and medicare, but no pay until debt repaid in full. should be accomplished within a year. don’t you think we could do much better?

    • Jerry

      Boehner has been acting President ever since he became speaker of the House of Representatives! The dims have not had the expertise to craft a budget since zero has been in office! Yes!, the whole dim crowd is retarded and they have been this whole century and most of the 20th century because, economically and historically they should know that John Maynard Keyes idea of bloated government ideas will never work in the USA capitalist society! They do not even consider the idea that there haven’t been a two-term dim-elected President since FDR but clinton! They should be wondering why a situation of this magnitude occurs with the policies they try to implement!

    • hollygreen9

      Would that be his suicide? We can only hope1

  • Joyceann

    It’s the Christian thing to do, they say. Funny how it’s alright to be Christian now that they want our organs. I’ll bet they’ll even let me say God out loud.

    • wesurroundthem

      Sorry, I really meant to check “like”!
      You are absolutely right ! Convenient Christian values. It is what has got us to where we are; good when we follow them, bad when we ignore them in the name of “freedom”.

  • J

    Didn’t they make a movie on this subject? I believe it was named: ‘COMA’, people were kept in a state of coma while doctors would experimentally distract [remove] parts at will. Then replace the rest of the body in a special room for further study.
    This goes way beyond theft, invasion of privacy, and many more medical perversions.

    • Glo

      I remember the movie well; it scared the bejeebers out of me.

    • daves

      There is also the Monty Python movie where they came to people’s houses to collect organs. They kept saying “but I’m not dead yet”.

  • Pete0097

    I would like to know where in the constitution does it say that the state has ANY claim to our bodies after death? It sounds like they are making the start of claims that the state owns our parts BEFORE death so they may save one of their own.

    • Army CWO Retired


      The Constitution says our bodies belong to the government in the same place it says the government owns the rights to a citizen’s firearms…in a clause that lives ONLY IN THE MINDS OF LIBERALS, COMMUNISTS, and NATIONAL SOCIALISTS. For a more realistic interpretation, the Liberals would do well to remember what happened the last time a government decided to take property away from Americans in 1775. British troops were deployed to Concord to seize American weapons in April, 1775. A fellow named Paul Revere rode ahead to warn them and the citizen militia was called up. The Militia waited for them at ‘The Old North Bridge’. They engaged the British and fought them to a stand-off in the battles of Lexington and Concord. We all know who won the ensuing revolution, but few really understand the sacrifices made to achieve that victory. We must resolve not to let that victory be forgotten. Let not freedom slip from our grasp.

    • daves

      It doesn’t say that in the Constitution and it is not true. I am not even sure why this article brings up that mans beliefs.

  • http://PatriotUpdate JB~

    We all seem to forget that this “man” was elected by the people for the people we just forget who those people are. Everyone who voted for him wanted “change” well thats what Americans got. No one seemed to ask the question just who this man is and really didnt care. Change is what they wanted. Sometimes you get what you ask for but be careful because it may not be what you think it is. We as Americans seem to not pick a president on what they did in the past only what they promise today. Look what this man has done to America in the short time he has been in office. I dont know about anyone else but he seems awful confident he will still be in office longer than 4 more years. I feel there are things happening in our country to really “Change” every way we live. Its very upsetting to see how many “Americans” are hurting because of what has taken place in the last 3 years. Our fore fathers fought for our freedom and we are throwing it away. We have been called stupid in the past and now I see why. We let Socialism take over bit by bit. More is to come. This guy should be impeached or tried for treason for what he is doing to us yet we wait for an election when he is pulling us down day after day. Yes we are stupid Americans!

    • BARNEY

      Please remember that next November. If he gets another term, he will have time to do the same types of things he has supported in S. America…..we don’t need no stinkin’ constitution. He will extend his dictatorship as his pals have done down there. Vote for anyone but him, at least it is a start.

    • Susan

      If there is no united front against the one, then he will be re-elected by default. You can’t waist your vote on just anyone other than. We will have to agree on one and vote against the other. That will be the only way to defeat Obama and his crew. (Or if Social Security finally enforces the law and has Obama tried for fraud on his S.S. number.)

    • Susan

      Sorry the word should have been “waste” not “waist”

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    This is just the logical, ‘reasonable’ result of our pro death agenda over the last 30 yrs. When the courts said it was ‘OK’ and ‘legal’ to kill a baby before it was born, you had to know where that kind of worldview would lead. And now, here we are being shown that end.

    God is pro life because He is the author of life. If we abandon that truth, anything is up for grabs; morality is gone and ‘man’ gets to decide what’s ‘right, reasonable or legal’. Pretty frightening thought.

  • Freeman

    And, all this time, I thought they worked for us. I guess I have been wrong. So, now the Federal Gov wants to enforce canabalism, that is of course what organ transplants are. When I die, come on over and eat me. We have truly advanced sooo far.

  • Evelyn

    this administration is a nightmare

  • NancyJ

    Of course, organ donation is a private choice for people.
    I, personally, would like to go out the same way I came in. With all my parts that God gave me.
    When a friend was found to have leukemia; however, I offered to be tested for any help that I could give. This would have left me with some pain, but all my parts. :)

  • David

    Ya try and take my orgins, The only way is that I die in a car wreck other than that if I’m termanal I will go out in the woods of my 180 acres and shoot my self the cyotes and bears & Turkey buzzards will take care of that.Communist bastards

  • Bonnie

    Just another invasion of our freedom and proof Obama wants to become our dictator. If people don’t wake up soon, we will be living in a muslum communist world with both of them telling us what we can and can not do. God help us all and God help this country!!!!!!

  • Linda

    I am someone who tried to be an organ donor for my sister who needs a kidney transplant. Unfortunately I was not able to give her one of my kidneys. To be a donor as well as the recipients requesting a family member to give an organ is a personal private decision that only belongs within the family. For someone to suggest that it be taken because we own your body is morrally unacceptable. Yes, you could say that it is a Christian thing to do, but it is ultimately the private decision of the donor and the recipient. So RHSchumann, you are way off base.

  • sally


  • sally


  • Linda

    The State and/or no other governmental office owns anyones body that has deceased. That is bull. Only God owns one’s body always…he made it. And if you do not believe that, well too bad for you! The decision is now and should remain in the hands of the family, it is the only humane thing to do.

  • Robert R

    It’s amazing how every day I wake up, have my coffee, get on the internet to read what the rabid President and his cabinet have come up with now to further bring us down. This time they have completely lost their minds. When do they get to play God? A man who does not believe in God yet wants to play him. When are the citizens going to stand up and say enough is enough? As far as donating body parts, that is everyone’s right whether or not you want to donate them that is why they as you if you would like to donate your organs when you die.

    This ass is now trying to tell us they can take our organs whenever they feel they are needed by someone, someone who is a Oboner support, just as evil as him and his stupid cronies. They want to be able to put you in a coma and take anything they want. This dam arrogant fool definitely needs to be locked up until we find what is mentally wrong with him and if there is a cure. His idea of the Government being allowed to do this sort of thing is completely ludicrous, insane, and foolish.

    His ridiculous ass needs to be stopped and stopped now. Isn’t there anybody out there that has the guts to stand up for the people who elected the officials and tell this jack off that he has gone far enough. If there isn’t anybody out there, then all members of elected government officials need to be replaced. Impeach the stupid SOB POS POTUS before we are doomed with this ass for life.

  • Magi

    Another way to get the word out of these rotten things that his czar’a are suggesting and acutally doing to us is to print out the article and make copies of it and plaser them in laundry mats, shopping centers on their boards, anywhere there is a free board to post things. this way, all those who do not get to read these rotten things and are not being told in the media will get a real eye opening on what this administration is all about. WE can make a difference if we do this. Hell, put them on the windshields of cars in parking lots.There are a lot of people who do not get or read the happenings of this administration as the media will not put that out there. Thank God for The Patriot Update and others that will.

  • SilentWarriorBear


    If everyone who reads this takes some kinda action and would tell one person who in turn tells one person this problem [Washington DC – Islam – Obama – Etc] would go away !!!

    Your lack of attention to the situations have created this CHANGE !!!


    • patty

      so many evil people in dc. o,holder,reid,pelosi,geitner,murray, frank,morton,nap,hill,chu and now cass sunstein the thief of the body,dead or alive, how corrupt can these socialist one world communists moslem traitors all be (and include all the corrupt politicians who are bought off by soros or other terrorists.)not just all your money and wreck your mind,job,car,house,etc.USA is under attack from within,and our election is vital.abo.yep,anybody but ovomit or hill the UN shill.they need to all be kicked out for forever. one way. leave.or be sent to gitmo for fast trial and execution.Treasonous traitors are too corrupt,too dishonest,too greedy,too powermad. out asap. no sharia ever. out unAmericans. OUR freedom and safety first.Save Arizona and America. Restore our good lives without bad people here. Deport all criminals(politicians) and all gangs and all expired visas,illegals, etc. No more sleeper terrorists here.o lets in 80,000 muslims every year with no investigation,3 days orient,then lets go anywhere they want with monthly checks,housing vouchers,free food stamps,medicaid,education,ocare(soon if not repeal that illegal mandate) o is a closet muslim homo. he should never have snuck in to our white house with his overspending,corrupt,radical,lying ways and unAmerican beliefs and crazy executive orders which are unconstitutional and very wasteful and biased and wrong.

    • daves

      For the most part, I am.

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    The regime has obviously concluded that there is more money in the organ black market than running guns to Mexico.

  • haroldson

    let ole bho be the first to make a parts donation, Unless his surplus parts are contaminated from all the bull sh-t he is always trying to pass of on the unsuspecting public.

    • patty

      we heard he has aids.

  • ken

    And nobody sees a problem with this??

  • michael sharpe

    Cass Sunstein is a very wicked person. Let us remember that from the Garden up until now His father has been about Idol Worship.Our Father has Blessed us with all of our needs.Above that,We must put on our adult Christian Britches[Ephes.6]and Gear up.We have the Power of Life and ….. in our mouth-start speaking;our Angels are standing by.

  • Dennis Wright

    Surprise, surprise, my daughter just wrote on this, her notes on this debate topic follow:

    I quote John Adams one of the fathers of our constitution to reiterate the importance of property:
    “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it— aanarchy and tyranny commence. If “Thou shalt not covet,” and “Thou shalt not steal,” were not commandments of heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free. (John Adams)
    Implied consent no matter how it is masked with altruistic ideals of lives saved, the reality and fundamental violation cannot be ignored. The Declaration declares that when there is persistent evidence that a particular government intends to rule with “absolute authority….reducing people to the status of objects without rights- then it is the People’s right and even duty to “throw off” such despotic government … to secure the People’s future security.”
    So sit here, and ponder. Listen carefully to what they will tell you to make you believe that implied consent is merely a community effort to ensure the greater good and that lives our saved.
    But ask yourself– Lives saved at what cost to liberty? (pause)
    What we offer you is another side to the same coin. We too want lives saved but not at the expense of your individual liberty. My colleague and I will further expand on ways that we can help alleviate the organ shortage while preserving your individual, inherent right to self preservation in life and even in death.
    With this, my friends, I leave you with a thought. George Washington, our nation’s first president warned that “Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant.” Be careful how big you let your fire get, you always want to be able to safely put it out.

  • Robert R

    It’s amazing how every day I wake up, have my coffee, get on the internet to read what the rabid President and his cabinet have come up with now to further bring us down. This time they have completely lost their minds. When do they get to play God? A man who does not believe in God yet wants to play him. When are the citizens going to stand up and say enough is enough? As far as donating body parts, that is everyone’s right whether or not you want to donate them that is why they ask you if you would like to donate your organs when you die.

    This idiot is now trying to tell us they can take our organs whenever they feel they are needed by someone, someone who is an Oboner supporter, just as evil as him and his stupid cronies. They want to be able to put you in a coma and take anything they want. This dam arrogant fool definitely needs to be locked up until we find what is mentally wrong with him and if there is a cure. His idea of the Government being allowed to do this sort of thing is completely ludicrous, insane, and foolish.

    His ridiculous dick tater needs to be stopped and stopped now. Isn’t there anybody out there that has the guts to stand up for the people who elected the officials and tell this jerk off that he has gone far enough. If there isnt anybody out there, then all of the elected government officials need to be replaced. Impeach the stupid POTUS before we are doomed with this ass for life.

  • mike johnson

    I guess in the words of Paco from “The Good Bad and The Ugly’ Ya gonna shoot,shoot, don’t talk.

  • Karin Gililland

    These are the same words as H!tler!! These people are com munists and “We the People” are not doing ANYTHING!!! IMPEACH NOW!

  • Carol

    I don’t think some folks really read this article. It’s the Christian group that is against this. Not for it.

  • Glo

    When he was “voted” in as president, I immediately thought of the Israelis who wanted a king and God told them how it would be, but they insisted anyway and they got Saul. Everything turned out just as God told them.
    So, now we have “change” just as they.

  • Glen

    First, our body belongs to GOD.

    Having said that, and if BO gets his way in taking our body parts, the next step would be selective killing, by the government, to harvest our body parts.

  • Lenora Barber

    I am alive because someone made the decision to be an organ donor. I also get to be an organ donor when I die. Although many, many organ donors are needed every hour of every day, I do not support the process Cass Sunstein proposes. Not only is it illegal and immoral, it’s an insult to the legacy of those people who were generous enough to donate. Shame on him and on this entire administration as they continue to erode the heart and soul of our country.

  • Hank

    Why not make it simple JUST TAKE ALL OUR RIGHTS AWAY WE Haven’t noticed so far so just do it. It is time for us to become non descript, walk alround sombi like and have all our wants and need supply by our all knowing Government. Just think we can all sleep in the park and some jurks will bring us food, or better jet we can lay in the hallways or allies or abandaned buildings
    beter jet since the government will supply every thing maybe just maybe will can sleep in the White House or any Millionars Home weather they like it or not. AH Utopia Wonderful know wake up and piss the world is on fire.

  • Jerry

    So o-care is not healthcare none whatsoever and it seems that this regime feels that if they want that “special person” to live, they are going to get these organs without any permission from the survivors of this death to fix up their “beloved one.” Supposed their “beloved one” is a liberal and they want to keep this person! Hypothetically, it could be one of those stinking OWS crowd! So they take organs from a conservative and give it to a deviating person of fraud, crime and whatever else that they want to discredit good moral thinking people the ability to combat the liberal entities! How nice of you, you dick taters! You all are full of BS! I’m sure there’s going to be one big fight tantamount to repealing o-care! So let the fight begin! Just remember that there are still law-abiding citizens stronger than you sh%t-a$$e$ can ever think you are worth! For uninformed people, do your thing! But when it come to us critical thinking people you are going to have the biggest fight you criminals want on your hands!

  • VeganDave

    How can hard core socialists and outright communists such as Cass Sunstein, Stephen Chu, Jeffery Immelt, Van Jones, el al be allowed to hold positions in the federal government? That was a rather rhetorical question because the answer is pretty clear — the media covers for these communists because communism is the agend of our “main stream” media. These Progressives, socialists, communists and the deranged in the media must rooted out of any and every corner of US society (shuned). The anti-leftist movement can not stop after Obama is expelled in 2012.

  • Florida Jim

    Cass sunstein was exposed by Beck as liberal who worked behind the scenes to “nudge” people into a progressive idealism.
    Now that he and his wife are in the Obama adminmistration many of the sleazy policies come from them.

  • Play2k

    Organ re-distribution… Cass the ass sustein is a conmtemptuous alinsky radical with the rest of obama’s moa/che loving administration. They didn’t win any elections on any of this!

  • Thomas Beckett

    If the state claims to have the rights to our bodies, then does the state own us? Such legal gibberish. We should take a more aggressive attitude toward these mutants who think they’re going to do with us as they please. Perhaps we should surgically remove such people from any positions of authority without their permission.


    Wake up folks! BO may stink worst of all, but neither side and all politicians are no good MAFIA types of thugs, … crooks, thieves, murders, etc, one an all. Even the sincere ones get poisoned by the political NWO venom of the serpent, once inside and debriefed.

    TRUTH is that the filthy rich are running the show, the so-called “bankers” (men in black with black hearts). Politicians are only puppets. Follow the money and look up. See the strings attached. Why do you think Perot dropped out? Chicken threatened. Why did Andy Jackson almost get assassinated? He printed our own real money. Why Lincoln? He did the same. Why Kennedy? He gave a revealing speech and was going to out them. Why the same economic problems and uprisings everywhere – WORLD wide? What is OWN, backwards?

    It was the FRB that our country was sold out to. It is the true leaders, behind the scenes, running the show. They pit everyone against everyone, using maneuvers and propaganda (mostly media + more misinformation). They are liars! They create poverty and cause chaos.

    Watch “NWO, Secret Societies & Bible Prophecy, Vol 1″ on YouTube. .
    This is not an ad. I am just a watcher.
    Good luck and may God bless.

  • Carol J

    Absolutely not. I was pressured into signing consent papers when my youngest was shot. They said he was brain dead. I had been given Prozac without my knowledge, in a cup of coffee, before going to the hospital. I signed the papers because I was numb and knew my son would want that. The next day, after it was too late, I realized what I had done. He was type O negative and had my head been clear I would never have done it.

  • wan wilton

    am sending 2 grand pianos and a saxaphone

  • Bill Weston

    Radical socialist, communist thinking reasons that the state is sovreign. This means that everything that we individuals own or can earn belongs to the state. The the state in its “benevolence” then gives us homes, food and cloths, and a little money for discretionary spending as long as the state is supported. Even getting married and raising a family can only be done with “permission” of the state. The children are therefore “wards of the state” on temporary loan to the parents. The state then determines who gets educated and how much education is granted. Consequently, body parts belong to the state when life is completed. If a “shortage” of body parts occurs, then the state has the right to “shorten” select lives to fill the need. If you don’t see this post as a description of tyrrany, then read it again more slowly! As for me, I endorse LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

  • Idylewylde

    Ah ha!

    I warned everyone about this. No one listened.

    Why do you think that Obama is pushing to have children listed as non-Human?
    His regime actually stated that a non-adult is not yet fully human.
    If a fetus has no rights, then why should we expect anything less from these people?
    They will use rationing to deprive children .. and, as the child dies, they’ll harvest the healthier young organs .. healthier than older adults.

    These people aren’t just criminal .. they’re evil in ways that go far beyond mere ghouls and vampires.

    By the way .. the RINOs were in on this scam. This plugs directly into Big Pharma research grants, and the RINOs have placed Big Pharma above the law, no federal regulation. And they did it for the money.

    Do not vote for a filthy Lib or RINO .. they’re worse than ghouls.

  • Jennifer

    Soylent Green Next with these people. Turning normal people into cannibals! I mean maybe some people are not religious, but most people know what is sick and evil when it is in their face! Is Ron Paul the only non N.W.O. candidate? Because frankly I don’t buy this whole republican/democrat and conservative/liberal stuff anymore. Mitt Romney’s team help write the healthcare bill for Obama? And wasn’t Perry and Bachman Democrats before? These people all play for the same team!

  • Laura

    I’ve never displayed opted for “donor” on my drivers license. I’ve been an O. R. clinician for years and have seen the caliber of person who qualifies to harvest organs. These folks show up covered in tattoos, looking like they’ve been sleeping in parks. They’re like vultures descending. They disgust me. I’m really sorry for people in need of organ renewal. But I’m adamant, no one should assume or God forbid attempt to legislate the right to utilize my loved ones’ body parts. Heaven help the assh@&e who even asks me. One more bit of info to chew on folks. If you’re a donor, and I mean it’s listed on your drivers license or you’ve expressed as much, it is front and center on your chart. Also, 12 years ago, a human heart was worth 40,000.00. Imagine what it’s worth today. Still want to advertise what you’re worth on your chart? I thought not.

  • Sue

    Since healthcare will be rationed, maybe we can die in peace with no one knowing until we stink. Organs will not be reusable.

  • Annika

    Let me see if I get this right… Someone who claims that a woman has the right to ‘choose’ over her body (ie: abortion) has now decided that government can also ‘choose’ her body parts when she dies.
    From one monstrosity to the next, it makes perfect sense.

  • Adolph

    If no permission will be required I vote for starting with sunstein-asap

  • USMC0351Grunt

    We be pimpin God in the name of the White House

  • smokey888x2

    Hey, donating is just the beginning and not enough — the state wants it all comrad.

  • ctc01

    Well, I guess if the state owns the body parts, than they would also own the entire body & be responsible for the funeral cost. What the government can’t get from us while we are living, than they get after we are dead. We have no choices living or dead in our Free country.

  • StopUSAGiveaway

    What can you expect from an illegal aiding the world to invade making certain we the people are down and out while EVIL destroys the USA from within due to fools and those who are homosapien parasites whether Public Assistance of Corp Welfare…the middle class workers are diminishing …whom have supported this nation…while our US Military lives have been systematically sacrificed on foreign soil each generation for the TREASON WITHIN and BETRAYAL of US Troops!

  • Pat

    The state did not pay for my birth or the birth of any of my relatives. The state did not educate me, the state did not pay for my living expenses during my life, the state did not feed me, the state had no contact with me except to receive my tax money each year. Each person ownes their own body with the control of what will be done with the body after death. This is between the person and God. If I view this correctly, we the people own the state since we have vested interest in that state by which we have supplied money to them year after year with sometimes not much in return. To say a state can take control of your body and do with it as they see fit is beyond belief. What on earth has our country and this world come to stooping this low. You think you have heard and seen everything; guess what there is always something that will shock you to the core. You think your body becomes a piece of garbage after death to strip your organs and anything else you may want without the consent of a family or that person. Our entire system of government must need a complete new beginning.

    • PatThePatriot

      Very well said.

    • Michael D. McLeod

      Well said Pat! All I can say is for those of us that still believe we are a free people? Better arm yourself, buy ammo, stock up on food and water! We have the most corrupt illegal administraiton running our country and it is time to fight back in peace if we can.

    • joant

      We have to rid DC of the radicals, who are hell bent on making America into a Socialist regime. The Lame street media is doing their bidding by feeding us what they want us to know,while hiding the truth. Congress, has been exposed for their insider trading and all the perks they give to themselves,and though it might take a few elections to purge DC of the abusers of the system,it is essential that we do so. In 2012, we have the opportunity to vote out the present administration,by voting in people who are not out to destroy America. I’m sick of the way Obama,is blaming everyone but himself, for the failures, that belong solely in his lap. His lies, when Campaigning in 2008,have proven to be just that, lies and more lies. We believed his Snake oil salesman’s words that his goal was to “Fundamentally Change America,” but now we are aware of what he really meant! Our eyes are open after 3 years of lies and deception from the man who promised us a rosy future, but gave us the exact opposite. VOTE HIM OUT in 2012!

    • DD

      Well said, thank you.

  • Michael F. “BEAR” Cooper

    Just where the hell do these people get the idea that they or any government owns any person, dead or alive. Enough is enough, if any Administration would have done even a tenth of what this one has done preachment wouldn’t have been considered, it would already have been a done deal. Well have we had enough “change” yet.

  • http://deleted grandma lliberty

    well seeing as I am approaching 80 and have enjoyed every one of my days of life, if they can find anything worth salvaging when I am finally called home, they are welcome to it… and to make sure they don’t find anything worth while, I am going to rev up my living it up until God calls a halt to it!!!!!

    • Mary Kilbourne

      Hey G-ma Liberty, it sounds like you’ve got the right idea… it ’til the doors fall off!!

  • Bob

    I hope this administration BURNS IN HELL!

  • James Curtis

    Excepet of COURSE is you are MUSLIM. Then your body is sacred. And Prez Pookie wouldn’t dare to allow any desicration of a fellow believer. Same way they get out of the mandatory requirements laid out in Obammycare.

    • Jackie

      @ James…Bin Lauden’s body was not seen, after the kill, and nice deceant burial at sea. I don’t believe it, but made for a reason to “ask no questions, and get no answers”. I see a lot of comments, but can’t respond to said comments, after this page. Appears some confusion exits, ref this article…

  • edward

    Well you know the old saying:

    Nothing in this world is guaranteed except death and taxes…….now you can add Odama body parts snatching to that list

  • Linda

    Guess what folks? The gov. DOES in fact own your body. Since the united States of America became the United States, and your name on legal documents are in all CAPITAL LETTERS. This is not you. This is your strawman. Check it out. It’s true. Birth certificates, marriage license, death certificate, drivers license, ALL CAPS.

  • Emil

    They cannot have mine …..I have cancer
    guess there is some benefit to cancer as
    I definitely do not believe in donating
    body parts. It is another form of cannibalism. My bible forbids it.

  • StevenI

    So what kind of a kick back are the Democrats getting for these organs?

    Apparently “Life, Liberty” no longer exist in Obama’s world.

  • VegasLarry

    I want to know where the authority is that the state claims the right to my body parts. Exactly what statute gives the state that right? Talk about raping the right to freedom of choice! Since I have never been deemed a ward of the state at anytime in my life, where do they (the state)get off claiming body parts after I die? All they would get is a shiny brass jar that contains my ashes!

    • whitechicuva

      Same here Vegas lol

  • Booko_D_Dead

    What’s the difference between the government and a prostitute?…A prostitute stops screwing you after you’re dead.