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NASCAR Crowd Boos Michelle Obama

Sunday, November 20, 2011

nascar michelle obama

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed at NASCAR’s season finale at the Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday.

The appearance was part of an initiative to honors military troops and families. They first lady and vice president’s wife also served as grand marshals for the big race.

At the beginning of the race, an announcer introduced the two women, who were met with a loud combination of both cheers and boos.

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  • fliteking

    I’ll be the first to say it. Good.

    • Dave

      I second that!



    • Janice Harbin

      I would love to HEAR the boos to Michelle Obama, but your page does not allow it!

    • rodney burke

      I’ll be the third, Let them continue until Barry and the bitch are gone back to Chicago where they belong! Michelle DESERVES our boos and contempt by the way she has behaved. She is NOT a first lady in any way, shape or form. She is an insult to the title. Of course being the wife of a non-president, it fits.

      I want her booed EVERYWHERE she goes from now ON!!

    • Jacqui

      Give me a break,I also say GOOD, only another OBAMA photo-op……

    • http://auN john wiemer

      This pathetic vote seeking attempt could only work with their idiot liberal base and never with conservative USA loving Americans. They are too stupid to even know most mainstream citizens are wise to their garbage.

    • Evermyrtle

      Booing anyone, does not reflect on the one being booed but on the booer and does not honor then.Makes them look foolish.

    • nifongnation

      It needs more then simply booing. It and its mate require a little Sicilian boat trip with cement shoes.

    • Ray

      Yes, cement shoes, LOL

    • nifongnation

      Correct. Michelle is foolish and needs more then verbal abuse, as well as her pariah mate. Obama’s photos often show a similar expression of insolence as Mussolini, who was hung by his feet in the aublic square. Hopefully, the pariah will share the same fate.

    • patriot2

      well evermyrtle,I don’t care,booing works for me.and now the head muslims wife knows who their vote is NOT coming from.thanks everyone at the track.

    • Evermyrtle

      I knew I would get booed, but that is fine. I thank GOD I can stand against adversity when I am right and I WILL STAND FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IS RIGHT. IF I HAD EVER CAUGHT MY CHILD BOOING ANYONE I WOULD HAVE DUCK TAPED THE MOUTH

    • Dudley

      Boot out the ones Cheering, They don’t belong there.

    • mg

      two thumbs up for the people that were booing

  • Raymond

    CBS drama ‘BLUE BLOODS’ whitewashes NYPD officer’s cold-blooded murder by Muslims at a NYC mosque

    New York City cops are seething at CBS’ ‘Blue Bloods’ for including a scene that reworked one of the NYPD’s darkest chapters, without acknowledging the violent death of an officer and the fact that his Muslim murderers were allowed to flee.
    PI Bill Warner Officer Philip Cardillo was fatally wounded April 14, 1972, after answering a fake 911 call of a cop in trouble inside Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7 on W. 116th St. Cardillo died on April 20, and there were never any convictions in the case. In the Nov. 4 episode of the cop drama, a similar scene was filmed in the same mosque — only instead of the officer dying, he was simply knocked out cold.

    • D Paul

      Great posting. Did not know. The “Blue Bloods” episode was very good. I support your stand. However, this may be the closest view that could and would be shown.

    • http://thepatriotupdate Bouboulina

      I never heard about that murder in NYC, but it doesn’t surprise me. In 1972 my 2 babies & my husband & I were assaulted & nearly killed by members of the Nation of Islam (aka Black Muslims), the un-American, Marxist-oriented hate group that is now run by Louis Farrakan & whose members are not true practicing Muslims in the strictest sense. They & many others had infiltrated the US Armed Services & the same month we were assaulted 7 US servicemen were ritualistically murdered in their sleep by them & a colonel’s wife was left for dead but survived after a 3-mo. coma & 6-mo. hospitalization. An 8th serviceman, a Marine, survived & lived to shine the light on what was happening. The military covered up these incidents quite successfully at the time. Once again the NoA is on the move & the situation is extremely grave as their political agenda is worse than ever. Pray for our country & our people.

  • Raymond

    I love it…

  • nvrpc

    Booded, as they should have been. My only wish is that everyone at that race would have turned their backs on them and said BOOOO as loud as they could hopefully giving these two clowns a message loud and clear but as you can see you have some RINOS in NASCAR that applauded them. NOT!

    • hollygreen9

      Turning your back is the worst demonstration of dishonor. She and he hubby deserve it!! I am a retired military man, and to me, she is the worst kind of scum infesting this country.

    • rodney burke

      I am retired Air Force and I agree, she is an insult to the military and to NASCAR which I think sucks!

    • http://yahoo CAL


    • Berenice

      Unfortunately they would have been turning their backs on two of our military and that is NOT acceptable.

    • Big Ugly, Wyoming

      You are wrong – the prior service gentleman was applauded quite nicely – The Pet Gorilla and the Clown’s Mistress, on the other hand were not boo’d nearly enough.

    • nifongnation

      Maybe Obama and Michelle can shoulder a weapon and lead the charge!

    • Evermyrtle

      I don’t say they did not deserve it but you people deserve better that to make yourselves look like spoiled children. Surly there is a better way to let them know hoe you feel.

    • patriot2

      evermyrtle anything else would be akin to a rousing welcome to hitler.they didn’t deserve any better.

    • Nikita 63


    • Greg

      Hope they all get out and vote their husbands out.

    • Bulldog

      Amen to that

    • nifongnation

      How about all the citizens packing and shooting in the air at the same time followed with boo?

  • labman57

    Gotta cut the crowd some slack.

    Breathing in all of those exhaust fumes no doubt clouds their judgement. Or perhaps their necks are mostly red rather than red, white, and blue.

    • kysteelgirl

      You are taking up for a woman that, by her words & deeds, has no love for our country. Shameful

    • OT4bHo

      The “First ” creature and her companion belong at a Nascar event as much as Jan Brewer or ROy Beck belong at a LaRaza PRO Illegal alien rally… In other words, they DON’T belong there…
      The spectators were practicing their right to FREE SPEECH (… while we still have it… ).

    • OT4bHo

      Just re-read my post, and need to CLARIFY ! The people booing were uing their right to free speech because those “women” should NOT have been there. bHussein and mrs bHusssein don’t like or respect the military ( or Secret Service ) so their presence was hypocritical.

    • D Paul

      As a Navy vet, I find your comment unfortunate in denigrating an entire group of people. This is just as bad as any type of ethnic profiling.

    • Dean

      D paul, I’m sorry but I don’t understand your comment.

    • celticwaryor

      Dean, I understand it perfectly. What is it that is so confusing to you?

    • Davey

      D. Paul,

      You must have served with one of the dictators like Hitler or Stalin. You need a Marine to throw you off the ship.

      You must be a traitor like McCain who sold his unit and ship out for special treatment.

      You sound you like the fraud, manipulation, lies, you can leave while you can! You must have been out at sea to long!

      Get the f+++ out of my country BOY!

    • Victor- :

      Hey Labmoron, how would U like suck a redneck

    • Jmpr143

      And perhaps you should just not reply to something you know so little about. Mrs Obama hates this country–she is only “proud” now because her husband got elected and she can have taxpayers pay for all their parties and vacations!

    • Jmpr143

      And perhaps you should just not reply to something you know so little about. Mrs Obama hates this country–she is only “proud” now because her husband got elected and she can have taxpayers pay for all their parties and vacations!

    • Satchks

      Not proud of her country UNTIL her husband holds the highest office in the land…

      Bogus, Fake. Sad.

    • http://googlechrome David

      Thanks Jamal!

    • Capt Gene

      labman57-You and your fellow travelers hate anything American. That’s fine. My suggestion to you is that there are no armed guards keeping you here. There are lots and lots of countries where you’ll fit right in. Just leave your passport at the gate on your way out.

    • SweetOlBob

      Labman: Let me get thus straight. You are actually supporting MeeShell the Mooch ??
      Forget NASCAR and go watch a quilting bee.
      What is it ? Did she send you atographed pictures from all of her vacations ?

    • Buddie Risner

      Why don’t you left wing morons move to any european country? I mean there is no problem getting into or out of the USA so pack a few bags and go there and hang out with your socialist loser friends. you will feel good, we will be happy – that is called a “win-win”

    • nifongnation

      Yuri Bemenov would not agree.

  • Another Veteran

    Imagine that, truth will always prevail over evil and untruths. They wouldn’t have gotten booed if they’d leave their spouses…. They are tarred with the same brush, but on the other hand, they deserve the bums rush…

    • Evermyrtle

      You are right they could leave their traitor, America destroying husbands, and maybe deserved, getting booed, but that does not make people look any less like spoiled brats who will stoop to booing in mass, or booing at all.

    • nifongnation

      The spoiled brats are sitting in the streets blocking traffic.

  • OT4bHo

    Did they even realize they were being booed… ?

  • Dave it! ha!

  • Ihatelibs

    Did she steal any cars?

  • Kenny

    They should have been booed. The First DOG cares nothing about our servicemen. She’s way too self centered.

    • Charles Martel

      Dogs are not nearly that ugly.

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    I’d boo her for all the vacations she takes, spending taxpayer money like it was water.

  • andrew musaelian

    I would have done the same had I been there. Two broads are just plain stupid and an total embarrassment to our country. WE WILL take it back in November and oust these communists.

  • drumking

    Unfortunately, Michelle will interpret the boos as coming from all the white-trash rednecks who “cling to their guns and religion,” and aren’t “smart enough” to understand just how brilliant her husband is, and how he’s working to “fundamentally transform” the USA. The real trash, however, is currently occupying the Oval Office.

    • Evermyrtle

      Maybe, they thought booers were trying to get down to their level.

  • Patrick Henry

    Ha, ha, haaa, everybody knows the Obama’s and liberals hate NASCAR fans and rural Americans that “cling to their guns & religion.” So glad they were booed because the reason they were there was PURE politics.

  • hollygreen9

    All that I can say is she is a COW,unworthy to live in this country. She ranks alongside HAnoi jane!!!

    • Michael in Iowa

      Jane, Jill & Michelle=a trio of Com(mie)rats.

    • Shot in the Foot

      Please do not insult cows!

    • Buddie Risner

      thats right I have never seen a real ugly cow, but michenic odummer is one ugly woman

    • Jay

      hee hee

    • Evermyrtle

      I am sorry there are few people on this site who are acting as I believe CHRIST would have HIS people act. Boo me if you want,too. I will stand for what I think is right, not like I feel like doing!!!

  • wishladya

    I could have predicted that!!

  • hollygreen9

    All that I can say is she is a COW,unworthy to live in this country. She ranks alongside Hanoi Jane!!

    • Evermyrtle

      Calling her a cow does not make her any more a cow than calling yourself a Christian make you a Christian.

    • Evermyrtle

      And NO,I do not like her one little bit. I think she is just as bad a destroyer as is Obam, but we are the only ones responsible for ourselves

  • mel

    MOOOCHELLE IS THE FOOD POLICE!!!!!She probably really went there to tell the crowd what NOT to eat.

  • Lita Z. Biejo

    I would do the same thing to these two women. Maybe Michelle would realize then how good is this country to them and she could extend her appreciation for being educated out of taxpayer’s money.

  • jon

    That’s wonderful news. Did the fans throw them out??? They are the lowest of the lows.

  • leon

    Nothing to comment you covered it all…

  • Kay10

    That’s pretty mild considering.

  • Mike


    God Bless,

    A Christian Since My Baptism in 1949
    A Man Married to the Same Woman for 38 Years
    A United States Citizen from Birth
    A Veteran of the USMC
    A United States Taxpayer for 46 Years
    A Father Since 1979 and a Grandfather Since 2007
    A conservative Who Believes in the Original Constitution of the United States of America.

    • Shot in the Foot

      Thanks Mike.

    • Shot in the Foot

      Thanks Mike.

    • Brian

      Thank you, and good for you. Your service and your life experiences are appreciated.

    • nifongnation

      A taxpayer is nothing to be proud of, especially to a tyranny of pariahs and Constitutional ingrates. As long as our unalienable rights are ignored, it is the patriots right, duty, obligation to exercise these rights, and to take up arms against this heresy.

    • Davey

      Semper Fi Mike,

      Young people don’t know what patrotism is because they have taken it out of the schools and allow traitors from mexico fly their rag over “Old Glory”!

      Double standards because our flag offends them. If anyone including Want-a-be Americans can kiss this Old Marines ass!

      Semper Fi Brother!

    • Davey

      Google or Youtube Fall of Republic,Obama Deception, New World Order,End Game, Chemtrails, George H W Bush NWO,
      Net Neturality, Continuty of the Government of the Governmnet,Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot,

      Fight back America! OOrah!

  • RealAmerican

    NASCAR should be booed and their advertisers boycotted for allowing these anti-Americans access to our sacred territory. They used us to spread their communistic campain as if they are one of us. If NASCAR goes along with this, then I’ve attended my last NASCAR race and purchased my product advertised on a NASCAR channel.

  • RealAmerican

    NASCAR should be booed and their advertisers boycotted for allowing these anti-Americans access to our sacred territory. They used us to spread their communistic campain as if they are one of us. If NASCAR goes along with this, then I’ve attended my last NASCAR race and purchased my last product advertised on a NASCAR channel.

  • connie

    I hate Nascar, but I wish I had been there to join in the booing. Too Funny!!!

    • Jmpr143

      Me too–I’d have had a ton of fun with booing them

  • http://yahoo bruce beyor

    I shake with anger that she is our first lady.

    • Charles Martel

      Yes Bruce, me too, and i also shake with anger that her husband is in the WH!

    • SickofThemAll

      Me too – and I wish I would never have to see her face again – maybe her very large behind as she leaves OUR White House!

    • Glenda

      She is not my first lady, and he is not my president. Never will be.

  • DoctorBob

    I am a Vietnam veteran. This scum in the White House are not worthy of the title “commander in chief,” and deserves not one second of respect. He’s a fraud through and through. Yes, Obama, we remember how you threatened to not pay the troops as a weapon to get one of your budget bills through. You DON’T use the military like that! You NEVER turn you back on them, and you DO salute them! Puke! As for Moochelle and Jill, go home. Nobody wants you here.

  • leon

    Boycott the left sided huffington post ,if your comment rubs them wrong you will loose your ability to make a sensible response to their liberal agenda.Liberalism is a mental disorder….

  • krdave

    They surely expected that. I certainly did. The last thing I would have expected to see was Moochelle at a NASCAR race.—-Now, if there had been an occupy Homestead movement going on……

    • nifongnation

      We could kick some commie ass!

  • Not PC

    Yes you have some people that booed them, but you know there are some Democrats who goes to the NASCAR races to too. And could it be the ones that applauded them are just a bunch of sucks! I would’ve thought that you people would have enough gray matter to figure this out. It seems to be fairly elementary to me!

    • NoCrud


  • JD

    I am so proud of the NASCAR fans !! Wish I were there. If only the wall street protesters were half as smart. NOBAMA 2012

  • Colo43

    Couldn’t of happend to a more fitting person!

  • Greg

    Does anyone remember the comment she made about 2 years ago about needing to make sure her shots were up to date when going to see such a group of people? She said she wasn’t sure what kind of diseases could be running rampant around THAT bunch of people…nice. Hope she made a fast exit and beat feet back to the protective walls of Washington.

  • billy bob

    back on 2009 when the Yankees were playing the Phillie’s in the world series Michele Obama and Jill Biden were to throw out the first ball at Yankee stadium and it was to go to a soldier who won the bronze star with valor and was awarded the purple heart he only had one hand any way he went to the mound and Michele shook hid hand at a distance and Jill Biden pulled him down and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek very sincere then after they threw out the first pitch Michele Obama went over to Derick Jeter and gave him a big hug and a kiss I have absolutely no use for her or her old man so I’m elated she got booed at a NASCAR race great!

  • corace

    She couldn’t care less about nascar, or our beloved troops. She’s the arm pit, and BO, well he stinks.

  • beeonebob

    I can’t not imagine this same crowd of Patriots booing FINE LADIES such as Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush, or even a Patriotic Democrat First Lady such as Jackie Kennedy or Bess Truman… So I don’t think party affiliation has as much to do with it as political philosophy. Nascar fans recognize QUALITY and CLASS, and they DO NOT APPROVE of low class Anti-American Socialist GAR-BAGÉ! Do you get it, Dumbo-Crats??

  • Calvin

    It is an embarassment that she represents the United States as a First Lady. She certainly has no ettiquet and dresses like a slob. What a disgrace!

  • Steve

    They deserve the BOOO 100000000000 x.


    What would have been better if everyone just stood up and walked out of the race then maybe they would of gotten the message? Actually I rather doubt they would of gotten the message even then since they are to full of themselves to even realize what had just happened!

    • Pamela Harper

      Kenneth, It costs way too much money to go to those races to simply just walk out, BUT they ALL could have got up & gone to the concession stand. It’s doubtful that the spectators would have missed anything being said by Moochel or Jill.

  • Bill Hampton

    Moochelle sickens me….the Frump…

  • Brian

    She probably tried to say something intelligent, but with her speech impediment, that no one seems to comment about, it probably came out sounding like Elmer Fudd.

  • dave CS

    I certainly hope that it hit home its about the only state We The People have to be heard! I think its the best present,ooooooo Im so happy!

  • comsense08

    Was she waving a Bible and drinking a beer? Well no wonder she was booed.(just kidding). What she needs is about 100 more days of that. Then she might be able to relate to how we feel about their form of government!She cannot, nor will she ever be able to realate to the REAL AMERICANS! Those are the people who built American, and keep her running!

    • NoCrud

      Well let’s see:

      We have MO/S who tolerates an Alinskyite husband and we had Hillary C who was also wife of a man who apparently knew no love for the wife. Neither woman sees this as strange enough to consider leaving their Kings…

      While most women are ladies enough to leave someone who is a non-loving husband or one who had a past of homosexual encounters and is still (with Rahm Emanual) members of a homosexual club in Chicago, this all brings me to realize that while most women are ladies, others, like Michelle, are just females of the race.

    • SickofThemAll

      Since Moochelle is the one who led Obummer to Rev. Wright, I suspect she has as much to do with his current mindset as Ayres or Wright or Alinsky…or his commie, muslim family.

  • Bruce Feher

    Brave ladies, both! I bet their “better” halves wouldn’t have the guts to go…………..

  • Rebecca Anderson

    Yeh God!! They are the scum of the earth, I’m a let-go underwriter from Countrywide Home Loans because they did- not- want-to- hear what I had to say or what I could just see let go 9-2006, fully trained beginning in the late 60’s.

  • Bob

    For the record, I know quite a number of democrats and all but one said they will NOT vote for Obama, one even said he liked Gingrich over Obama. I even had one tell me that he thought he was a democrat but decided he was a Republican!

  • Pudbert Savannah GA

    This is how clueless these idiots are…

    They actually think that people are ignorant enough to not get how they’ve trashed our country in only 3 years…..

  • 1949

    2Ch7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Myra

    I just came from China and they are making fun of Americans. One man said that he did not feel sorry for Obama but that he felt sorry for the crazy people who put him in office. They can’t stand the Obama’s and they know that Obama hates Americans!!

  • John Cassis

    NASCAR has no common sense or class .


      Oh yeah….as if Moochelle had any idea what class was………………She’s so classless, clueless, and I guess you like that….why is that?

    • Othello

      OH REALLY? I was at the Phoenix race and ALL the NASCAR fans are like family.
      NASCAR fans love: God, their country and are VERY supportive of our military.
      At the end of either the truck race (which was not in Phoenix this year), the Nationwide race, K&N races or Sprint cup the people in the infield have BBQ’s, and invite their neighbors to join them.

  • steven

    These are 2 women that represent a view that anyone that goes to Nascar is an ignorant redneck. They were lucky all they got was booed.

    • NoCrud

      I feel sorry for the Secret Service officers assigned the “doody” of providing protection for the Obamaroids.

  • steven

    These are 2 women that represent a view that anyone that goes to Nascar is an ignorant redneck. They were lucky all they got was booed.

  • Davey

    Well Veterans,

    Looks like we will have to take charge soon or we are done.

    The Troops Support Ron Paul more than they did in 2008. He is a veteran who knows veterans and some C++t and the commies office will never understand it!

    Google Police State 4 Alex Jones and the MIAC & DHS report.

    Veterans are a threat to the Police and they are right, especially the Marines! OOraH!

    Semper FI!

    • NoCrud

      Davey, your comment was OK except for the Ron Paul tidbit.

      We can thank Ron Paul and other Third Party types for Obama’s win in ’08 because they divided the Republicans enough for the Democrats to win. This is a constant Democrat political strategy. They though they could beat McCain until Sarah Palin came on-board and then they panicked.

      As for those who say that McCain was “the lesser of evils,” this is also a Democrat mantra designed to cause division in the Republican/Conservative ranks. Keep in mind that McCain was against abortion and same-sex marriage and was for a strong military (and where does Ron Paul stand on this???) but the idiots still either voted for a Third Party or stayed home to “send a message.” And that message is now in the Oval Office…

      The same idiots who voted for a third party also chant: “Anyone but Obama” — however, that anyone could not be McCain because he was too much like a Democrat to suit them so they allowed Obama to get in. These nutz should have been told by their third party heroes to vote Republican but those people wanted to vote for a man instead of the country.

      And when asked, Ron Paul hints that he will not run as anything but a Republican but he knows he has a bunch of hero-worshipers who will vote for him. And so he smiles.

      Democrats know how to beat and win at the polls: They divide the “enemy” and always vote the Party. Voting for them is a cheating thing, by hook or crook they will win in 2012 even if it means stealing the election or calling for Martial Law.

      As Rush Limbaugh might say, we are shrewd…

  • 2WarAbnVet

    This fake concern for the military by these Obama/Biden criminals turns my stomach.

    • dean jones

      Michelle & Jill cared nothing for the military until it was time for re election. Michelle deserved the boos because of anti American comments, disrespect for the Flag, & spending our taxpayer money on frivilous vacations.


    It’s a real stretch to call the trailer trash a lady. She’s all for herself and no one else.

  • Patriot7

    Maybe the crowd was sending a message for these two to take to their husbands.

  • Pegs

    The author can’t write or spell and as for the TWO BOOBS better words were never spoken. BOOOO

  • Donna

    Good for the booers!!!!

  • ReaperHD

    What this commie trash won’t do to get re-elected…..

  • Hiram Davis

    Really? They had to produce a bi-racial couple for this event? I’m not belittling the man’s service. I just think a bi-racial couple at NASCAR is a more than just a little ‘in your face’. Boo to NASCAR for even promoting this joke as something serious.

  • dave CS

    that should have been “stage” not state!

  • Sherry Michel

    I am active duty and I will say that I am wondering what in the world the Americans(?) that did applaude, were happy about? What respect do we owe Michelle Soetoro-Obama? It is a joke that these two women are even in the positions that they are now…and it is not even a funny joke. This country needs to pull together what is left of it, quick!

  • Rosanne

    Heartfelt to see all of these positive responses for a Constitutional change of governing. NASCAR, Motorcyclists, Hunters alike…all you solid Americans…remember in 2012 and vote these leeches out of office.
    The czars, too,the Obamas are taking America for its got, while living high on the hog.
    It is a pitiful mess they have made, thanks to the money that backed him and idiot voters who fell for his lies. There is one Messiah, and it isn’t Obama! Let’s take Amerca back!

  • Keith

    Since they were at a race .. would they be considered “Race-ists”? I’d boo too regardless.

  • freescot

    Michelle Obama and Joe Biden’s wife must live in a fantasy world if they even think everyone just loves them….and I hear everyday complaints from my kids about the new school menu and how much they hate it, and begging me to send lunches from home to school. Michelle Obama needs to stay out of our schools and our homes. The govt needs to butt out of our lives period. Push will eventually come to shove, and the coarse of history will be repeated.

  • David A. VanBockel, M.D.

    I have not been a NASCAR aficionado in the past, but now I want to sign on.

    • albert vajda

      I, too

    • James

      Me too!

    • theBigLogic

      Are u sure?

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      GET THE HINT, MOOCHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jim

      Me too, count me in with those REAL AMERICANS booing the Anti American Socialist and her husband the WORST pres in history! Wonder how buses the UNION THUGS and LIB DEM SCUM had to send in to have the OBAMABOT IDIOTS there to cheer! LOL!!

    • http://yahoo Lew aka Conservative

      As of today, I now love NASCAR!!!

      Black and Jill went up a hill to fetch a federal loan, Black was tested and found to be protested and Jill was married to a DUNCE!! yea, it does not rhyme but neither does black and old!!LOL,LOL

    • Dinkiedow

      Good One!

    • mharris2012

      Did u really have to use the word black an talk about race.I’m a black conservative an I don’t care for Obama either.But let’s leave race out of it. let me tell u why I can’t get my black friends to become republicans because of remarks like that.That’s why they always vote Dem so be a little bit more senstive.Although I don’t know why they had those two liberals there anyway?Oh well just sayin.A proud conservative no matter what.

    • Bea

      Please understand.
      We HATE an ideology not a skin color.
      Right now, the skin color is an easy target due to the expression of what we have heard for years from Affirmative Action and ‘get whitey’ and ‘kill them cracker babies’…and the hatred toward true American Conservatives.
      Hillary is not exempt from our distain…that ugly, goast bag of demonic vile.

    • righthook

      I couldn’t agree more!!

    • MarkBench

      LOL….Why didn’t they just sneak into a KKK meeting….stupid, arrogant Liberals. What did you think was gonna happen? Willy T Ribs would be there?

      Ummm…Mrs Obama, these people have guns and Bibles.

    • floramae

      That my be true, but why in god’s name did NASCAR, invite them in the first place??? so I wouldn’t be too quick to want to join.

    • http://yahoo Enrique

      good for them, They believe that all American-Mexicans are for them,well,this one is not.

  • Owen Barnes

    NASCAR people have always been my kind of people!!! One more reason to love NASCAR!!!

    • albert vajda


    • Marianne

      It would have been so much more effective if they would have turned around and stood silent. What a message that would have sent. Now they will be portrayed as red-neck racists.

    • Scott B

      no problem if that is what it takes to get them out of the WHITE house then fine I will become a redneck racist. Y Not. they have been perpetuationg rasism in AMerica forever they like it that way.

    • Dinkiedow

      They Already Do,Call Us Redneck Racist and I’m Proud To Be On Their Hate List!! Semper Fi! I Called For This For 2 Weeks On Twitter!

    • MarkBench

      Semper Fi from I Corps, Vietnam. Screw ’em if the cant take a joke.

      The arrogance required to be announced at a Nascar event is typical of Liberals. Didn’t Barack and Joe tell you broads these people got guns and Bibles? LOL

    • janet lynn

      NASCAR people are REAL people.

  • Carol Fryer

    They have as much right to boo as those Wallstreet protestors do to run around nakid.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate notassmartastherestofyou

      You’re wrong. They have every right to boo. The OWS jerks have no right to obstruct our daily business they way they do. You should know the difference.

    • Tejanojack

      Carol: I absolutely agree, but the word is “Nekked”. :)

  • Roger

    If the rest of the people treat them the way NASCAR fans did they would get the message but they are to Dumb to know their time is running out So lets stick to our guns and Vote them out in November

    • mely


    • http://ThePatriot Perfectlyaged

      Why was Michelle even invited….she does not like America or the Americans!
      She is not one of us!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo Lew aka Conservative

      Michelle was invited because NASCAR wanted a TAR BABY!! Jill was invited cause she goes around in circles!

    • Jstarusa

      With an election coming up, they turn colors if it benefits Obama. She was probably cursing under her breath…

    • cj

      That’s right. Her vacation extravagnza has been REVOKED!!!!!

    • albert vajda

      vote 4 obama unemployment, 11/12

    • cj

      AGREED!! Let’s vote all the anti-military socialists OUT!
      I am so glad that these two anti-American fakes were booed!

    • DJ Fisher

      Just so long as their “masters” don’t FIX the elections and try to say that the majority of Americans wanted Tyranny.

    • Jstarusa

      There may be hope yet!!If more people would stand up to the president and his administration we might be able to recover!At least take that executive signing power away from him, or at least limit the use of it and enforce it!

    • Sues

      No problem Roger. It’s been on my agenda all along.

    • Scott B

      NO NO NO. We need to prove him ineligable to be there in the 1st place. then everything he has done is out the window. COmew on people Lets do whats right and not just what is easy. Prove him a Kenyanite and ship him back. I will pay the airfare, it would be alot less then he is taking from me now for all his freebie trips on AFone

  • uzitiger

    I would have booed her as well. To call her a lady is a contradiction in terms.

    • Mo Better

      I boo Moochelle Antionette Fatazz at every opportunity – it is just my way of articulating my disdain for a Marxist rat who, along with her husband, the Stealth-Muslim-Of-The-White-House, despise and destroy all of America, its values, history, rights, freedoms and its Constitution.

      Given what these Marxist rats have done to this country it should have been all boos and no cheers – America is a great country but its people are slow to awaken to the truth about the Tyrant-In-Training, Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…..

    • cj

      SO TRUE Mo Better!

    • seminator

      I think the cheers were for the Sergent not the Bimbo’s.

  • Jim Ponac

    These women just like their husbands are socialists and need to move to another country rather then trying to disrespect the USA. They must GO!!!!

  • death to non believers

    booing will happen at every non-political event either one attends. they deserve it.

    • Jeff D

      The only reason Michelle is not booed at political events is that the crowd is carefully screened so that it only contains 0bama-zombies.

  • SSMcDonald

    First Lady ??? My mother taught me the difference…First Woman is more correct.

    • http://none ITOLD YOUSO

      she be black
      accept her as black
      FIRST HO!!!

    • Karla, CA

      Much as I dislike Michelle Obama, that wasn’t necessary.

    • theBigLogic

      I disagree with your statement. These creatures have to get the message!

    • Fed Up


    • catfish

      With a capital C.

    • Texas Patriot

      first female gorilla

    • Howard Milor

      because she has no class and does not try to have any either

    • dbcook

      Actually, I believe bottom lady is the correct term. Love you NASCAR Fans.

    • http://yahoo Lew aka Conservative

      NOT first lady!! BUT FIRST LARDY!!! BIG BUTT to boot!

    • Lance

      Touche’ Agree wholeheartedly!

  • Dudley

    Michele Obum ALWAYS pets kids on the top of the head. She is grooming them to be her slave with her elite one world order

    • Lance

      “her elite one world order”,……never gonna happen. The M@obama pair are not clever enough, or communist enough. Darn, Che’ woulda offed these marxist wannabes.

    • keepingmyeyeonyou1

      Wounder were their man man was. “George”

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate notassmartastherestofyou

    My question is why were some of them cheering. I would think NASCAR fans would be more patriotic than to celebrate anything about this administration, especially the woman spending all our money one her vacations while her husband tells us we need to pay more in taxes.

    • Stan

      The cheering was for the Veterans and their families attending the race. Which was well deserved as for the other two, they got what they deserved.

    • Roberta

      The problem with the O’Bummer’s is that they think they are Royalty—-Wrong! The man that is President is not smart enough to know that he is being used like a puppet by the Democrat Party. You see, I said Democrat Party!! NOT Democratic Party as
      democratic means a fair assessment on both sides of any discussion, action, or plan of making changes. Changes which are voted on and are legal under the laws of this Country.

      even, sustained actions taken with fairness in mind. For b

    • Lance

      Exactly right on the “Democrat” point. It makes me ill when I hear (even from those that should know better), it is the “Democrat Party”, not “Democratic Party”, and certainly far from any semblance to a democratic (small d) republic.

  • WDB

    She’s way off her “graze”!!!

  • becca

    I hope this happens all over the country!!!! We need to send a strong message to BO and Moochelle that we won’t stand for disrespect of our country from supposed leaders. BO won’t salute, won’t have an American flag behind him at his podium till recently, won’t wear an American flag pin. Pretends to honor our military. Moochelle hates our country and white people. Vote them out!!!

  • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

    Never underestimate the rednecks! They just
    may save our country.

  • RayR

    Here’s what happens now. All NASCAR fans will be labeled as raciest and the Obama backside kissers scream in unison, “SEE WE TOLD YA SO”.
    Hide and watch the roaches come out of the woodwork.

  • pamela patrick

    Nascar fans know an unpatriotic person and one that is grandstanding on the backs of our military. If I had been there I would have booed to. Maybe she will finally get the idea we don’t want her or her husband any more, they have distroyed this country.

    • sargentrage

      I bet the people that cheered were told to do so

  • LouiseCA

    Ya gotta love NASCAR.

  • Sabaii

    Yeah, like America takes care of its troops and Veterans.NOT! A volunteer Army PFC in Iraq makes $14,800.This includes hazardous duty pay!. This puts him in the poverty category. Food stamps and church food if he has a family. Shame. I am a Vet still fighting for my injury compensation since Vietnam; 46 years and they still are ‘working on it’.

    • P.J.

      My husband was in Vietnam also.
      He’s still fighting for his disability payments. He has war disabilities with zero compensation.
      He always says that he hopes to live long enough to see the payout.
      The United States spends billions on other countries and their citizens.
      Our veterans should be number one.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR CLAIM TO A DIFFERENT STATE or OFFICE. Sounds like your VA office is stingy.

  • Jack F.

    The boo’s were not loud enough. It does’nt matter I wrote NASCAR off my list anyways. Sorry Mark Martin( my favorite hard working driver), And Rousch Racing my favorite race team.

  • Colt Lane

    The cheers were plants. The booos were true americans patriots. Run the bastards out of our country.

  • Janice Fortin


    • Dee

      Amen. She goes not care about anything but money

  • Colt Lane

    Go to hell liberals socialist, leave

  • gutsywoman

    I am not a fan of auto racing either but I do know that Nascar and it’s fans represent the true heart of America – down to earth USA lovin people who work , take care of their business and their families and would die to keep this country free from scum such as the Obamas and their communist backers. These people are weaklings and puppets of the Marxists . Let’s get them the hell out of power . Traitors are perpetrators of treasonous acts against our country. They should be dealt with accordingly

    • ken

      And they drink a lot and I mean a lot of BUD BEER!!

  • Howard Milor

    Good she was where people know a phony when they see one.

  • http://thepatriotdepot Dee

    That the “1st Cow” was booed is expected by real Americans.
    FBHO and his.

  • Kate

    I cant imagine her at a Nascar race. I bet she has never even seen a race! She was probably gone before the firstlap was over! Why would Nascar even pick her? This was just another photo op and another campaign stop! She could careless about Nascar otherwise she would have had her daughters their with her to share in her enjoyment of the race! So who paidfor her and Mrs.Biden to fly and and be there? Us the tax payers who didnt want her there ?

  • tod

    They had to hide beside a real Hero just to try sneak through it .

  • Mary S

    My question is WHY did they ask her in the first place? They both do not seem ginuine to me regarding the military.

  • Joey

    I was upset when NASCAR asked her fat bottom to appear…but now, I’m smiling! Thanks to everyone who yelled “BOO!!” – you were shouting for me FOR SURE! Maybe they were saying MOO for the first bovine!!

  • Evermyrtle

    Even thought I would NOT have booed, I agree most of the Dems are racists

    • Steven

      This is not about dems dimwit it is about a disrespectful bitch where she should not have been anyway….it was not about troops it was campaign foolery for obamination….

  • http://yahoo Tom Gill

    Why waste your time on a keyboard!RISE UP!!Stand UP!!No one is going to do it for you!!It is up to the people who love this country to save it…It all started one hundred ninety six years ago with a presidential tyrant,and has morphed into the tyranny of today,

    • gutsywoman

      AMEN !!!

  • Tom

    Interesting… comments on Huffpost are directly opposite of these, which I do agree with. If she wants to be cheered, she should hang with the the OWS crowd.

  • George

    May they get the message — especially at the 2012 Election. ..

  • luca brazie

    isn’t it something that during the civil war the south was democratic and the north was republican. now were depending on the south witch is all die hard Conservative and the other Conservative states to get rid of this big eared bum that has control of most of the urban cities and the liberal(commie)states. it’s still not too late,but if this mouth piece of that old scum bag george soros gets in again it’s all over for this once beautiful country….GOD bless AMERICA.

  • Brett


  • George Bernard Vieto

    No truth to the rumor there was a sign that read “BOOO!” when Mrs Biden and Obama appeared behind them like in the Three Stooges short “You Nazty Spy.”?

  • Ashie

    This really made my day!


    maybe the ones who invited her knew she would get booed and wanted her to know how most of america feels about her and her bi-racial husband, im soo tired of hearing he is the first black pres, he is not black, his mom was white, but, if the blacks want to claim him as one of their own…….

    • Roy

      obamas true identidy lies in his DNA which is 3% African 66% Indonesian and 31% caucasian. Being born in Indonesia to Lolo Soetoro of Indonesia and Ann Dunham of the US. They really made fools of the true African Americans who are truly Americans. The sad thing is too many of them still support little Barry probably out of embarrassment mostly.His name was Barry Soetoro when he fist came to the US as a young man. His namy was changed from Barry to Barak and given the sir name of his step dad so he could use the race card for political reasons and it worked very well. Hopefully America will finally use some sense and wake up. But is it too late?

  • Ramona

    Just shows how stupid nascar is…people do not want politics in their sports and yes we do acknowledge the military ever day not just during a sports event.

  • SHERMAN (like the tank)

    Bet the public affairs organizer that set up that event for the ladies is unemployed tonight!

    • Eddie

      I hope they are! What a travesty of this great sport to have those two socialistic and America hating women there present!

  • Lorne Dey

    Maybe people are finally waking up to how bad these people really are.

  • JVB

    Intelligent people know when they’re being manipulated, used, or exploited. Intelligent people are repulsed by people going out of their way to get only what they want by being fake. Booing seems appropriate.

  • joe

    GOOD! I can’t stand the sight of her or her idiot husband.

  • Steven

    This country won’t be worth living in if he isn’t voted out, it will look like vietnam during the war…

  • Speed

    I clicked on the link to the story as reported by “Huffington Post”,and read some of the comments there. WOW-you REALLY wanna get pissed off? Check THAT out! I quit reading after just a few. One thing I did learn there is that the comments there mostly relate to the “low IQ of NASCAR fans,and somehow they could barely hear any booing.
    And by the way-watch that calling Obama/Soetoro’s wife “Trailer Trash”;Trailer Trash has a LOT more class and style than that.

  • http://na Lorne Dey

    Maybe people are waking up in mass as to how bad these miserable people really are.

  • Alfredo

    Yeah this happened during the introductions before the race. I was watching on TV and heard the boos. That was great!

  • Flyrodroger

    This women does not deserve to even stand beside a veteran.Muchell obama hates the military,as well as nascar,wake up people ,this is a campaign ploy

  • CaptTurbo

    Way to go NASCAR fans! I’m proud of you!

  • George

    AWESOME!!!! Wish it was LOUDER so the ENTIRE country heard it!
    Both are losers!!!
    Should not have let them step foot on hollowed ground.

  • Eddie

    This democrat president’s wife at a NASCAR race? It is a misnomer anyway! Glad to see that happen that the boos were heard! I cannot imagine that not happening since the NASCAR crowd id an American loving, God loving group of folks. Especially do they not like anti-Bible, anti-flag, pro-European, big government socalism promoted in this great country!

  • Jim

    Guess her next venue will be the N.R.A. convention…….

  • Al Duhan

    I will never forget that this Black Bi–h stated that she hated America & the Americans. But that all stopprd when Obama gave the keys to Fannie & Freddie to help her self. So now she is in love with our American Money but still hates us, the real Americans that founded our America. Yes our country.

  • Ann C

    Most NASCAR people can discern a hypocrite when they see one.

    Ever onward, NASCAR!!

  • theBigLogic

    The real traitors are the libloons who voted this clown into office. They didn’t get there on their own volition, the unamericans put them there.

  • Svensk

    How sweet it is!!!! The Mooch and the Analorifiss Party (Democrats) were booed….

  • trex


  • Jerry

    could not view video, must have been shut down by our politbureau, much like they took that Ford “no bailout money” commercial

  • The Gizmo51

    An example of the 1%ers upset with their own wanting to aid the 99%ers.

  • jjinfl

    You go, NASCAR fans! After the NASCAR drivers said their “No thanks” to a summons to meet the king and queen at the White House, I was disappointed that M’Belle would have been invited to this race as an honoree. She was just making another one of their fake attempts to drum up votes among the great unwashed Southern masses who cling to guns, cars, and religion. Also trying to act like she just loves the military and wants to help them. Ha-ha! Does think we are too stupid to see through her little act? She thinks of us as little pesky annoying ignoramouses who need to be silenced and moved over to the lib side, casting their votes for OB IN 2012 without any question. I can hardly stand watching her sneer at the camera, and switch the channel when hubby shows up on t.v. Both of them need to get over themselves and let us live our livesin peace.

    • Thomas D.

      I change the channel when any of the LYING DEMO-THIEVES come on the boob-tube. THE OBDUMMERS MOST OF ALL.

  • Birdman

    Who was the Dumbass that invited those two to be anything at a NASCAR event, where real Americans gather?????

  • http://yahoo Tom Gill

    During the”second war of independence”,it wasn’t about democrats and Republicans.The great American Tyrant only got 36%of the vote.The war was about freedom from tyranny that came from Washington.You think Obama is bad,and a tyrant(and he certainly is),you should read the truth,not what you have been taught in government schools.Remember what George Orwell said;”those who control the past,control the future.Those who control the present,control the past”

  • Thomas D.

    This is another reason that NASCAR has let me down!! To have this promo for the demo-dumba–es, that care less about patriotic valves, be Grand Marsalls’. Made to do this by the MSM and ESPN for next years T.V. rights. Nascar isn’t about the good ole boys building Strong, Fast, and Durable running cars anymore. It’s politics all the way every since ESPN bought into their coverage. I have just about stopped watching NASCAR because of this. The days of good old hard driving a fast car has gone to the wayside because of the NASCAR rules and playing favortism to their selected teams by means of cautions that aren’t warranted, and to put the choosen-one up, to have a chance to win the checkered flag. That if not, they wouldn’t even be in the top five. GLAD TO SEE THAT A GOOD MAJORITY OF FANS STILL HAVE A PATRIOTIC HEART FOR THE COUNTRY THOUGH.

  • Birdman

    Who was the Dumbell who invited those two to be anything at a NASCAR event, where real Americans gather?????

  • Brad

    What did she think she was going to, the Watermelon 200? Didn’t anyone tell her Afrosheen, BET and Jet magazine don’t advertise on NASCAR cars?

  • Terri

    After insulting and denigrating the NASCAR crowd as red necks and idiots, the Elitest *itches NOW want to go slumming and court these people for votes? You’ve got to be kidding! Guess they figured that Michelle Obama is trashy enough to send to the “trashy rednecks” pandering for votes. The fans have it right. They know the score and they know these hags would never deem them worthy of notice if their husbands didn’t need the votes. GO NASCAR FANS! Don’t be fooled by the slummers in the White House.

  • justintime

    Where was the rest on the illegals (uncles, aunts,grandmothers and other kenya family members that are now in the US?) They too deserve a lot of boos— toos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://PatriotUpdate JB~

    Obamanation doesnt think they will be put out of the WH. I really wish our people would get it together and prove he is not an American citizen! They are a disgrace to our great country and to put them into the WH is a disgrace. Im ashamed to say they are the leaders of our country. I hope that everyone who pays taxes votes them out. Why is it they let those who dont pay taxes vote! There should be a law that if you dont pay you cant vote! All those who think the government should “give” them a living and they dont work shouldnt be able to say who is our president. Obamanation would loose for sure!

  • Alice I. Stevens

    Because I am “ME”

    Oh how I love being the
    President’s Wife !!
    I am proud of the U.S. for the first
    time in my life !!
    Because I am First Lady, my
    life is a breeze !!
    With many, highly paid, attendants
    to take care of all my
    desires and needs !!

    My vacations with family, dog,
    private chef, and attendees
    Are billed to the taxpayers, because
    I am “ME” !!
    This country’s depression gives me no stress,
    I’m having the “The Time of My Life” –
    It only applies to the rest !!

    In accommodations I demand nothing
    but the best
    And because I am “ME” they must
    Honor my every request !!
    If from the tax payers,for my extravagance,
    I hear any flack;
    I’ll just pout and say
    “It’s because I am Black “ !!
    So I beg you vote for the man who
    Resides (sometimes) in the White House
    So it will not change my life style,
    For he is my Spouse !!

    ©Alice I Stevens – June, 27, 2011

  • http://ThePatriot Perfectlyaged

    Why in the world would any American cheer for either of the Obamas when Obama goes to Turkey and tells those people that the Americans are arrogant, derisive and divisive and that we are lazy!
    Obama’s immoral past is coming out in the news today…he can no longer deny his gay life with Larry Sinclair and Reggie Love!
    Western Jouralism wrote this article….
    Do you recall the media demanding Obama’s explanation of why Larry Sinclair might have been lying when he alleged that he and Obama got drunk together and had homosexual sex? Of course not! Yet Sinclair was very up front and willing to answer any questions.

    • am2sweet

      Simple, the ones that cheered for Obama and Biden voted for their husbands. I would have been among those that booed had I been there.

    • http://comcast FIGHTING CITIZEN

      Her & her husband better get used to the booing. It’s just begun. They are liars, hipocrits, conivers & law breakers. The majority of American CITIZENS are so fed up with this Gov., the polls will confirm it all. NObama & his followers are the biggest disgrace & failure this Country will ever know. IMPEACHMENT & PROSECUTION FOR HIM, HOLDER, NEPOLITANO & THOSE LIBERAL JUDGES WHO WERE BOUGHT BY NOBAMA. IT’LL ALL COME OUT. TERM LIMITS FOR JUDGES & ALL GOV. OFFICIALS.

    • HM2 raygun

      Nov. 2012 can’t happen soon enough!!

    • Daniel from TN

      There may not be an election in 2012. Rumor control states obama is searching for a reason to suspend the 2012 elections, even though there is nothing in the Constitution or federal law that authorizes obama or any other president to do so. If he succeeds in suspending the elections look for civil war to break out almost immediately.

    • Patsy Downing

      I was always under the impression that an election could not take place during a time of war. I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • Patriotsrn1

      I have a feeling that if those who are in DC feel they are about to get kicked out of Office and in danger of being brought to Justice by those who will be elected, then they will direct their Minions (like Van Jones) to get the USEFUL IDIOTS to Riot! Then Obama can Declare Martial Law and Suspend the Constitution!!! That is why they have these OWS groups setting up semi-permanent Camps in many big Cities around the Country and why the Officials are allowing them to stay there?! Then they will already be in place so they can go on the rampage as soon as they are called upon!!!

    • Rachel

      It’s not a stretch to think that Obama and his Marxist Mafia have organized these nasty OWS sleaze-ins knowing they would get out of control and then they can declare martial law.

    • Jesussaid Love

      We had an election during the civil war. Nothing will stop it, it will happen. Obama will get reelected because nobody who is against him so far is half as smart and most Americans know it. Why can’t the Conservatives get someone who isn’t a clown to run? Are they all to busy making money to serve their country?

    • jug

      He is smart alright, but the problem is that he is totally crooked! Just like the Muslims whose religion allows them to lie, or even commands them to lie, to advance the Muslim religion.

    • Neil Walden

      No wonder Obuma want’s to ban guns. It’s time to march on Washington Locked and loaded 50,000 strong

    • Dwight Hill

      Daniel , first , the Pro Organizer From Chicago who thinks that he’s the president , can’t do that , stop the election . As , that will show that that’s all he wanted , and it will expose how he is a Muslim Commie traitor , and it won’t even go to a civil war . I think , that when he finds out that he will end his career , then he will try something . Again , it will end the same way .

    • jug

      There is a reason that he is a lifetime member of the Chicago, “Men’s Country” gay bathhouse!

    • Neil Walden

      How about Donald Young who is said to be another lover of Obuma. Shot to death. Why isn’t CNN telling this story? They can spend two days or a week on Mr Cain and the rest of the GOP but not one minute on the killing of Donald Young.

  • del

    Both are as ugly as the uglies they are married to…socialist pigs all….We must get this trash out of our government!

    • GENE

      Any idea’s on how to get congress and the senate to impeach this imposter.

    • EddieW

      We gotta get rid of Obozo, our Liar in Chief, but…will he get the country destroyed within the next year? He’s done over 80% so far, but with a year to go, and his hatred for this country so strong…I dunno!!!

    • sonny

      We need to get rid of the IDIOTS that put them up there. There are a LOT of them.

    • John Pirtle

      Hey, lets restart the Civil War. Except this time, with Democrats and Republicans basicly living in close proximity, it will be like a giant chaotic murderous mob.

      Won’t that be cool.

    • buckeye

      Sonny, I guess you can’t remember the corrupt Bush Adm. and his 28% rating. Also Black Water now known as Xe Services, Ken DeLay, Bill Frist, Dov Zakheim, also the little goat story while the twin towers was being taken down and we only had one war plane in the whole eastern part of the U.S. because Cheney had them all out west on a training mission.

    • http://comcast FIGHTING CITIZEN

      I do remember that Bush had A DEM. HOUSE & CONGRESS. Need I say more, moron?????? Get off the same old blame & whine game. It’s old & boring & childish.

    • Big Boss Ogg

      Sonny, according to all the polls, there are a lot fewer than there were just a year or two ago, what with all of the independents bailing, and the 20 somethings who are coming to realize just how large the deficit is that’s been handing down to them by little o.

    • whitechicuva

      @ Jug, he is not smart, this statement is how he got where he is…tks sonny.

    • http://comcast FIGHTING CITIZEN

      If we had a Congress with any GUTS, IMPEACHMENT WOULD HAVE BEEN STARTED. They need to go with him. If he were impeached, this Country might stand a chance, but only if we got someone who will pass & ENFORCE THE NECESSARY BILLS. The AZ immigration law in ALL STATES, amend the 14th, Cut & weed out Welfare frauds & set time limits & CUT ALL BENEFITS TO ILLEGALS. DEFICIT GONE.

    • minnie

      Even if Congress would start impeachment, the Senate democrat Controlled would not pass it, but it would give reason to start dictorship to the evil minded for sure.

    • Dwight Hill

      You got to be joking , right ? ” Cut of the welfare for Illegal Aliens , and the deficit will be gone ” ????? By the time 2012 ends , thanks to the Pro Organizer from Chicago who thinks he’s the president , the deficit will blow up to 17 trillion bucks . Not only from the ” borrow ” that he got from China , but his own spending which doubled of what W.Bush did . That won’t vanish by cutting of the spending on Illegal Aliens . No sir , that’s only a part of the problem . That is only the top of the iceburg . You still have the 80 % under water that you can’t see .

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      I agree Del, we need to remove them to regain America’s dignity and self respect!!!!!

    • willie

      Return to JesusChrist and the Father Jehovah, and you may gain a bit of the former honor and glory thatGod promises those who obey Him? What to do about the Millions of murdered (aborted babies) and the millions more made in to drug slaves and Booze hounds.How do you dignify such as this?

    • BigJohn

      You are in the wrong forum. The bible thumping forum is elsewhere.

    • Phil

      Sorry, Big John, but this is exactly the right forum for the comment you disagreed with. Look at our history; as long as “In God We Trust” was acted on, as well as printed on our money and elsewhere, we grew. Now the liberals are trying to throw God out the door, and we’re sinking!

    • John

      Well, I wasn’t gonna comment today until you started with the Bible thumping remark. You my friend are a fool! The Bible says,” the fool says in his heart there is no God.” God created the heavens and the Earth and is everywhere and as the owner has the right to be anywhere. God gives man 70 to 90 years here and many fools like yourself trade those few years for the eternity they could spend living with God and loved ones. I read an author named Karl I. Payne today who likens it to standing on the corner and trading $100 bills for $1 bills. Soon someone would call you crazy and tell you what a crummy deal you are making. People who believe there is no God don’t do so for the lack of evidence / proof. They do it because they are in rebellion to God and want to live the life of sin and filth they live without having to follow anyone elses standards. If you think there is no proof that there is a God I challenge you to read a small paperback book by James Kennedy titled,” Why I Believe.” It isn’t new and can be had on-line for less than the cost of postage. Remember, when you’re dead it’s too late cause friend, there is no purgatory just Heaven or Hell.

    • frank1737

      Big John,

      I will gladly say that you are a D–Ned Fool:Keep your rude words to your Mentally Ill Self or You Could Become a Casualty!

    • C. Pierce

      May God bless you, Willie. Jesus is our sure and ONLY hope.

    • Larry F

      Michelle Obama has got to be the ugliest female I have ever seen. I nearly throw up in my mouth every time I see that ugly face. She is the female version of Henry Waxman of California. My brother hit the nail on the head when he said when he sees her it is like seeing a charactor from planet of the apes! touche’ bro!

  • justintime

    I wouldn’t just boo — I would bring a lot of dog crap to send their way…………..

    • Daniel from TN

      Wouldn’t pigs blood be more appropriate?

  • Don Worth

    Maybe people are waking up to what they truly are… Self serving and think that they are entitled to waste our money for their selfish impulses. This should be a cleer message of their unpopularity. Maybe their unrealistic world of Obamaland is finally beginning to fall apart.

    • Hipockets

      Agree Don’ Has anyone noticed how Obama is in Air Force one almost daily, gallavanting all over the world’ What is he accomplishing??? Making this country look more stupid is all. I’m sure it’s all at tax payer expense. Probably all his campaigning too. We’re payin the bill daily to get someone we don’t want–Elected. Wonder if anyone has compared him to other Presidents and their flying time?? Also all the vacations he and his family take and we pay for the flying expenses. He flys his damm dog on a separate plane.( again at our expense). He and his wife are taking advantage of their position way overboard and I for one am DAMM sick of it’ Most of us would love to be able to take a vacation,Heck,I’d love to be able to pay my property taxes.VOTE HIM OUT IN 2012′

    • Doyle

      First off, let me say I m not an Obama supporter.
      That said, day after day I read these responses and they all blame Obama.
      Folks, the clueless powerful in Washington are the problem. When are we going to wake up and quit allowing “Them” to toe the party line?
      Whatever happened to what is good for all of America?
      If you want to reduce the deficit, we need to simply quit spending money we do not have. It is that simple. Eliminate all Fed Income taxes, and then roll ALL federal employees into the Social Security system. Place a Fed sales tax on all point of sales. There is a huge underground labor for cash market in this country that could easily be corrected if we forced the tax onto spending. As for those folks at the IRS, they could then focus on collections from businesses and get off the backs of the poor consumer who tries to interpret thousands of regulations that are worded so no one can. When the deficit is reduced to a manageable amount, reduce the tax percentage.
      Yes, this will hurt me because a portion of my income is from Tax free muni bonds. But the greater good would be that the deficit would go down.
      In addition, bring back the Glass-Stiegel (The backing Act of 1933) and reduce the size of those 2 big to fail institutions.

    • http://patriot Dorothy Heath

      Don I sure hope Obamaland falls soon for America’s sake before they cause the downfall of the only truly free country in the world!!!!IMPEACH NOW!!!

    • Daniel from TN

      Forget impeachment! It will never happen! Democrats will not turn on one of their own, REGARDLESS (Wiener was just a token sacrificial lamb). Republicans simply do not have the courage to address the matter(s). Even if the House mustered up the courage and impeached obama, does anyone actually believe Reid will allow it to go before the Senate for a vote, knowing there ARE a few Democrats who will vote to remove obama from office?
      Our best hope now id if enough individual states exercise their right to vett obama for themselves.
      FYI. The US Supreme Court has stated in several cases individual states DO have the right to independently vett candidates. Until now, though, there has been no need for the states to exercise that right.

    • Diane

      Absolutely not Daniel, Reid hasn’t brought any of the bills to the floor that came from the house & he won’t… sure like to know if he was bribed with some great sweet heart deal, can’t believe they re-elected that guy! I firmly believe you should have to past some kind of Political test in order to vote, otherwise dumb & dumber will re-elect Obama too.

    • Patsy Downing

      I like your plan and i5t just could work.

    • Diane

      And unfortunetly my State of Washington wouldn’t vet him… Christine, Patty Murray & Maria are all losers. Did you notice they only but Senators on the super Committee that were not up for re-election? They never intended to do something about the deficit… Patty Murray never saved a dime in her life, all she knows how to do is spend. I might add that the bologny she spends on were all stupid things that have to have continuous subsidies to continue running, like the Amtrack & the failed Bio-diesel plant.

    • Rachel

      Arizona tried to pass a law where all candidates must prove they are citizens to even get on the ballot and the justice system stepped in and tossed it. Let’s face it, the underhanded Democrats covered ALL their bases. They have the Democrat controlled liberal media carrying water for them in every case, and when the people got hip to the media’s bias and tried to take matters in their own hands (to fix illegal immigration or frauds running for President)on their state ballots, the Democrat controlled liberal judges step in to shoot down the will of the people, in almost every case.

      I can’t remember the last time this was a nation OF the people, FOR the people or BY the people. It’s become a nation of crooked politicians and socialist tyrants, for the benefit and enrichment of crooked politicians and socialist tyrants, BY a bunch of crooked politicians and socialist tyrants who are all in bed with their corporate donors who don’t even think of themselves as Americans anymore.

      Voting makes a difference? I don’t think so. The Italians knew how to deal appropriately with these kinds of fascist crooks….remember Mussolini.

  • http://AOL Thomas

    Thank “GOD” Some People Are Still Awake,Very Glad To See This Happen Too The First Slob Of America, She Really Deservses This.Way Over Do. Maybe More People Will Finally Wake Up. God Bless Our Used Too Be Great Country Before They Got In.

    • tdel

      White trash booing black trash so what’s new?

    • Gary

      And pary tell do you fit in ???

    • mike

      tdel must be mistaken, he thought (he-she-it-whatever) the subject matter was about the OWS morons

    • Nellie CA

      You mean! Biden’s wife and Michalle? Black and White!
      Bible toting, back country, American loving people are not trash! What we have in the W.H is trash. White trash and Black trash. one is both!

    • rasha

      Ha ha ha!!!! It shows how we Americans REALLY feel about these phonies!

    • http://comcast FIGHTING CITIZEN

      I keep saying that they are losing their ground & we are sick of seeing them. I flip the channel when I see any of them on tv. It really sounds & looks like most Americans have seen the light. I admire the ones who finally see the NObamas for who they are. Bye bye NOBAMAS. Can’t wait.

    • Evermyrtle


    • Evermyrtle

      Censored, again, Blast!!!

    • willie

      tdel; you are another evidence of a sick society. I despise liberals as much as any one,but how can you talk as you do and then speak of A Loving and forgiving Christ to them? Would they listen to you?

    • Daniel from TN

      They probably wouldn’t listen. But they must be given the opportunity to choose.

    • ruth

      race card doesn’t work anymore you moron!

    • Big Daddy G

      Did you–all non-obamaites–notice it is always the Dumocrats that always, ALWAYS, bring racism INTO most every conversation, discussion, post, debate?

      They–Socialists and liberal, left-wing ilk–that have a love affair with stirring the racism pot.

    • MaryS

      I agree completely. The LAST place these people should be is at a NASCAR event. They are too stupid, I guess, to know what NASCAR represents… that is the American spirit. We are all about Country, Troops, Honor, and the American way. It ranks up there with them showing up at a World Series game. It’s just another photo op and a chance for them to spend the taxpayer’s money for yet another free weekend getaway. It’s disgusting. Glad they were Booooeed…

  • TonyinMO

    I find it incredible that Ms. Obama would “lower” herself to mingle with those same “apathetic, gun-grabbing, bible thumping, church going, redneck racists” that her husband deplores. What a hypocrite!

    • Richard C

      No surprise, she is showing up everywhere—there is an election next year! She might even stay in the USA for more than 2 months before her next vacation!

    • JoJo

      LOL yes…LOVED the booing. Must be a major shock to her highness. I just wish the booing would be loud and clear wherever Obama appears. THAT would be something.

    • Nellie CA

      Thank you! Thank you! I am with you! Bible, gun mama! back country hick, Christian! GOD BLESS YOU!

    • Bea

      I say the same, Nellie.
      We did not go! Had our own boycott party!

      Those people curtle my blood.

    • lilolady

      I wonder if the obamination had to cox the queen with
      a little Tiffany’s treasure to take the job at NASCAR?
      And …. Who at NASCAR thought it was a good idea to
      have these particular Hate America First Harpies even
      attend? Bought off, I guess to make them appear almost human.

    • DiverDown

      Bill France, NASCAR’s boss made that (mistake) decision.

    • willie

      How would you communicate your thoughts to ms obama personally.?

    • whitechicuva

      @ willie, I would ask her “why such hypocrisy.. attending a white hating church for over 20 yrs. the public finds out and out they go..why pretend, just say hate you whites. I have heard their preacher, of the 20 plus years say “hate the blank white blanks.” That would be no. 1. No 2, they are not my God, nor showing respect for my country…ask her why she is married to a homosexual socialist musulum…etc..

    • whitechicuva

      opsey, carried away…lol

    • MaryS


    • MaryS


  • http://PatriotUpdate Warren Wilson

    Nascar is patriot territory. Nothing but the best. True it is that Obama and Biden think that they might be “fooling us,” but they didn’t fool the fans at the racetrack. I question though the BOO-ing. That is usually something only lefties do. Conservatives usually suck it up and ignore the left-wing overtures.

    • Joe

      Warren, We have been way too nice for way too long. It is time to fight fire with fire.

    • don in atlanta

      joe your so right ,to nice for to long when is the right go to pick up stem and clean house like the white house and congress and all the rino reps .people it is way past time look around you no jobs no home anymore people sleeping under bridges and in there cars BHO didnot do this all by him self,it has been comeing for a long time it is bad goverment going back to clinton.

    • willie

      What have any of you done in the past to make the situation better? To many have lowered their standards to acting just like the liberals do? I think its an all out attempt to destroy the whole country.

    • Neil Walden

      What do you want done?

    • Daniel from TN

      May I restate that in a more gentlemanly way? It is time to take the white gloves off and put the boxing gloves on!

    • Charles Martel


    • Joseph S

      That’s been the conservatives problem all along. They sit back a take it. Well,,,NO MORE. What we’re going to do, is TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY and restore it to what our founders wanted.

    • Johnnygard

      Warren, I don’t normally like booing, but I think it would just come out before you even had a chance to think. Kind of a reflex action!

    • willie

      Looks like a lot of people will be “BOO-Hooing” before this mess is over. And most of them will be the elderly and children and the weak and injured >

    • William Henry

      How about the booing, that Bush received when he addressed the NAACP? The current administration has become a farce, the Obama’s live like the rulers of a nation, instead of leading the nation. The way this administration has trashed the American Dream is a travesty. This man is touting his JOBS plan will create jobs, but when private enterprises attempt create jobs he stops them in their tracks. For example, Boeing want to build a jet in South Carolina, creating 5,000 to 6,000 jobs and stimulating the economy of the surrounding towns, Obama and the NLRB stops it because S. Carolina is right to work state and no unions. After the BP incident Obama shuts down all the oil rigs in the Gulf and forces 40,000 out of work, the moratorium was ordered by a judge to cease and Obama ignored the order. The last was when Canada was going to put a pipeline through several states and create 25,000 jobs and reduce the price of gas in the interim, Obama put the stop on that and really never gave a reason, or reasonable explanation. Yet! he gives over a billion dollars of taxpayer money to upstart companies making green energy, and producing only 5,000 jobs; before they went bankrupt and the taxpayers were left out in the repayment plan. Here is a interesting tidbit that was posted on another news site; The left wing millionares and billionares that have promoted Obama’s “tax the rich” mantra, all owe the IRS $millions and are fighting them. GO FIGURE!!!!???

    • Teresa

      Yes, they do not expect us to boo and be rude but maybe it is time to get down and diry and not be nice. Nice is really acting like you dont care enough to fight for what you believe in. We have let them walk all over us and it has gotten worse. God wants us to fight back against this and bring him back to the family, and schools so we have to fight back. Get down there with them in the mud and show them we care enough to fight for our beliefs.

    • Bea

      It is HIGH time Christians and American Patriots speak up and MAKE THEIR VOICE HEARD!

      Make them hear you!
      Make them hear you!
      Make them hear you!

    • willie

      One atheistic woman brought the trouble to us by getting rid of prayer and Bible readings in our schools. God Granted us these gifts so that we could be a Godly Nation but we didnt want that so now we have nothing but hate in our midst. God Please Forgive us ? We know that You can sort out the ungodly.

    • Neil Walden

      Don’t give me this God stuff. Where was God when the Jews got the death sentence? How many died? Or was it because God didn’t like Jews. I DON’T THINK SO.

    • ruth

      we can only suck it up so long!

  • RG

    No wonder, it’s what they deserve.

  • http://aol Jen

    Well, It’s about time that the people start showing openly how they feel about the Obama’s. We need to get this trash out of the WhiteHouse and get someone in there that loves Our Country and it’s people.

    • willie

      Agreed Jen, but we do have Legal means to do this, we need to scrub out all the greedy politicians that are ruining our country

    • Daniel from TN

      Legal means as in rigged election machines in Nevada in 2010? How else do you think Reid was reelected?

    • http://comcast FIGHTING CITIZEN

      Citizens should demand strick screening at the polls, ID, preferrably a LEGAL birth certiciate & SS card. This Gov. should have the means & technology to do this. They sure know how to keep track of how much WORKING CITIZENS MAKE SO THEY CAN TAX US.

  • Gma Neal

    LOL…what more can you say. oh yeah…I’m proud to be an AMERICAN!

    • ViRenie

      2 Cute!Thanks for the chuckle. :-)

  • Heyoka

    There are not Marxists they are just common thieves, another part of the Chicago Gang into politics.

    Actually it was George HW Bush that formally announced the “New World Order” His family helped rebuild Gremany and supported them until 1942, yes after war had been declared. They were almost held on treason and had property siezed under the Trading With the Enemy Act. They were in business with the Harriman family who helped start the Federal Reserve, don’t forget to checkout A Harriman who was on FDR’s cabinet. Then too you may as well know that FDR’s uncle was once on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

    You see all these families think that are higher and mightier than just common folk. Why they deserve to rule just ask them. Check out Soros connections to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, same people. Why do you suppose this stuff keeps happening? ITS PLANNED!!!! Oh I’m just a conspiracytheroist there is nothing whong with your TV seet do not try to adjust the picture just have another glass of Kool Aid…..


    Our father in heaven has no sympathy for liars and cheaters of the faith and larry sinclair was both covered up and tax payers paid for the lawyers to make that happen back in 2007,08,09!

    • willie

      Agreed propheccy Alert, God does hate sinners, the Bible says so, but it also tells how God gave His Only Begotten Son topay for the sin debts of those who repent and follow His way

  • justintime


    • E.Blake

      They will probably get the EPA to ban NASCAR, and say it is ruining the environment.

    • El Lizard


    • Hipockets

      This has already gotten a lot of attention when it was announced they were going to be there to be Grand Marshals and have a Big Bar-B-Q for the Service guys.Tons of people (me included’) sent Nascar a e-mail complaining of their choices for this event. People were livid and said they were quitting watching the races,buying the products etc. Hopefully,Nascar got the message,but alas”They did’nt have the guts to cancel the event. Can’t go against the Obamas I guess’

    • Joyce from Loris

      Did you see the stands, Hipockets? They were FULL! I couldn’t believe that fans would support this event with these “women” there. I was also amazed that, with all the people who served in the Iraq/Afganastan wars, that the only one they could find was a white man married to a black women, with 4 little mixed breed children. Little Obamas?

    • Ed

      Today my family and I went out to dinner. It was a big deal, since because of the odummas, it is now more than we can afford, but I thought we could maybe splurge, since our money—what little we have is now almost worthless, because of the obummers and the dems that support them.
      Well, speaking of telling us what to eat and drink, just as with Nascar fans, I got a happy meal for my 6 year old daughter. It was with french fries, but she got a very disappointing cellophane (global warming increasing) enclosed packet of dried up chinese labor sliced things that were supposed to be apple slices—-part of the dictates of the dick-tatress in chief to eat healthy. I was so angry, that I was shaking, and my high blood pressure, also due to our benevolent dick-tator and -tatress went through the roof. I managed to hold it back, but when I commented rather firmly to the manager that our hypocritical rulers should just get out of our lives and move to Cuba, I made certain that the young little girl who served us heard this as well as everyone in earshot. The manager being a business owner of McDonald’s said she agreed with me and said this directly to me, so I could see her sincerity.
      They are forced by elephant ass moo-cheelle to serve us this really unhealthy prepackaged filled with chemicals and preservatives and likely poisons- apples? to reduce the surplus population. We have to get those arrogant racist Fascists out of our lives. More and more people can finally see. The people at McDonald’s today could see they are not alone and I felt that too. Thank-you Nascar Fans for also affirming America.

    • willie

      Yeah I think NASCAR made a big mistake also in asking them to come, but NASCAR will pay for it in the long run. Will riots and cancellation of races make it better for the Company??

  • Tomcat

    Booing shows bad taste, and will bring charges of racism against NASCAR fans. I would have been better it the entire place just silent, I would not have been rude and sent even a stronger message

  • daniel

    I would like to say that these women are innocent of their spouses shortfalls therefore they do not deserve the treatment they got. In reality I can’t.
    Michelle’s history leaves me some questions unanswered. I also wonder if she is still proud of America?
    Why any woman would want to be connected with gaff prone good ole Joe Biden is beyond me.
    Now, I do not believe for a second that either of the Obamas were so conceited to believe that the presence of the first lady would be smooth. If anything this will be used as ammunition for their cause. How could anybody in their right mind actually believe NASCAR fans would react any other way than negative to their presence?
    By the way good job to the NASCAR fans.

    • http://AOL Ellen

      Interesting duo — the wife of the liar-in-chief and the the wife of the king of gaffs.

    • willie

      Daniel is that your mixture of sugar and vinegar??

  • The Gizmo51

    People tend to fear what they don’t understand!

    • Richard C

      Everything about this administration has been soooo transparent—what more is there to understand? You don’t have to lick it off you shoe to know you have stepped into it! Out with these bums in 2012!

    • Renato Farfal

      How prolific…………..NOT !!!!

    • Robin Margolis

      Your a Moron !

  • Roy

    Barry and Machelle think they’re gods. NASCAR fans are real Americans. They thought that if they shove it down the throats of NASCAR fans everybody else would continue to roll over and play dead. Maybe this will give others courage to stand up for the unique blessings we’ve been given here.

    • William Henry

      These so called media junkies think the American people love them, when it is really the press that does. I wonder if they flew to Florida on seperate jets? They also love to spend other peoples money and tell you how to live. Now all michelle has to do is return to Kenya and listen to all the children sing praises to her (under threat of a lashing if they don’t.)

    • William Henry

      The other thing that bothers me is, since when did Obama care about the military? Her husband uses the troops as cannon fodder. The military is in a quandry, the ROE has caused soldiers to get killed and the lifting of the DADT has created more confusion and lowered morale than at any time in history. He doesn’t listen to the generals or their recommendations. NASCAR I boo along with you.



    • Insurgent

      Mooooo-chelle hates white people!!!

  • Doug

    Anyone cheering any a liberal at any race should be ashamed of their selves, since the liberals hate racing. It pollutes the air & risks lives for no reason. According to them. That’s with any sports where danger is involved. Narrow mineded is not an American trait.

  • old Navy

    That was nothing! You could barely hear any boos.

    We don’t need to boo anyway, just vote.

    • Insurgent

      You make it sound like the machines are not rigged.

    • willie

      Check the machines out or would you rather the liberals do it for you ???

  • Doodlebug

    I can’t imagine who would have cheered them!!
    Certainly no one with a brain in their head.
    I sure hope they’re all out of Washington real soon.

  • MarineVet.61

    I like Rushes nickname for the 1st wench,the 1st”line backer!” hahaha

  • GENE

    Good comments here. I just keep wondering why the sorry losers in DC have notfound an ounce of guts and go after the obama’ to kick out of office and out of this great country. They make me sick everytime they show up on TV.

  • Mark

    Tont Stewart thanked the “MAN UP STAIRS” for this unbelievable race.I wonder what Michelle did after hearing that????

    • Patrot

      Mark: There’s no doubt that she had no clue what to do, or say, because she doesn’t believe in God or America!


    • Bea

      Almighty God, the Holy One is NOT the man upstairs!
      Get some Holy Boldness you Christians!

    • Othello

      Some people DO call God “the Man upstairs” Tonyt Stewart is a Christian.
      GROW UP!

    • ruth

      michelle is probably trying with obuma what to see what they can take away from us all next.

  • barbpatton

    Oprah Winfrey at least her limitations and does not bulldoze herself onto “hallowed” ground. Som why don’t these to troll idiots know that NASCAR is not a place for them and they should be hiding in their coffins until the son goes down. I for one am happy that they were given the “BOO” greeting BOO OBOOMA!!

    • Joyce from Loris


    • Charles Martel

      Yeah Joyce, me too??!!

    • ruth

      loved it, hope there will be more!

  • Higgs

    Did anyone expect loud cheers of popularity and love? Please, give me a break. One’s married to a man who is slowly killing this country’s economy, power, wealth, and respect in the world; and, the other is married to a buffoon and addictive liar. Both men lie, but Biden is the best of “off the cuff” made up info. I can’t believe they got a cheer from too many in attendance. I’m surprised they had any cheers at all. Those that booed, well, it was not nice, but I understand why. That’s another thing this administration has done, divided this country more than it’s ever been in the last decade. That, my friends, has been done on purpose by “Obamaski” and his “Czars.”

  • john

    obama is the first person in the white house that is not a president he is the firest person in the white that is a dictater and i am a bible thumper thank you.

  • Insurgent

    More campaigning strategies from two phony bitches with husbands that are equally as phony.

    America is tired of these hypocrites trashing this country!

    Moo-chelle needs to pack their bags and go home to Kenya; she and Buckwheat hate the whiteys !!

    • Insurgent

      Moderation??? read the First amendment

    • Mountain Man

      Don’t hold your breath for moderation on my part!

  • Coach D

    Thanks to all the veterans and military for fighting for our freedom.! And I’m sincere. These tyrants better get used to that sound.

  • Eddie

    Got to love those boos. What the hell does Michelle know about NASCAR nor could she care less about the sport. I think it was her wet weave that scared everyone and the fact that she is anti American. No secret there. Hope the media replays that endlessly.

    • Hipockets

      Eddie”Don’t think the Media will broadcast anything about this event”After all George Sorry -ass owns most of the Media stations and the Obamas are his puppets’

  • Dale

    Most of your Nascar crowd are American loving people.

    • Patrot

      ….and God fearing, too!

  • Larrya PA

    The booing don,t hurt they begged nascar to be there to try to get a few votes that was their motive.

  • marg1

    Another Executive Order coming from the person in the White House–

    Booing the First Lady is punishable by beheading.

    • Patrot

      We couldn’t be at the race but, we watched it on TV and, yes, we all gave her a loud BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      After all, that is the least we could do.

    • Joyce from Loris

      Boo!!!!!!!! That’s for Michelle.

  • Insurgent

    At least not all Americans have their head stuck up their keister—————–
    they know a lying phony when they see and hear one.
    The 2012 campaign manure wagon continues to roll with dung falling off everywhere !!

  • Nellie CA

    Love you all and thanks for the good laugh on Michelle and the booing. She should be booed and mooned by the Occupants.
    My question~~

    • Daniel from TN

      I can answer one of your questions. The FBI is under the US Attorney General, Holder. If Holder instructs the FBI not to investigate then the FBI’s hands are tied.

  • OAHS

    Way to go NASCAR fans …

  • http://patriotupdate littlepat

    So old “Big Butt” got what she deserved. Too bad rotten tomatoes weren’t thrown! When will they realize they better hide indoors until they’re ready to leave town. Real Americans don’t want to see them or hear them.

    • ruth

      big butt, lol.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    I wish the boos would have been just a little louder. I did notice how anxious and uncomfortable MAObama was acting. She couldn’t stop fooling around with the childs hair in front of her. I wonder if she was thinking about her husband and the failed assassination attempt at the WH? Wondering when the next time will be. Maybe he’ll stay home and get some work done.

    • Mike B.

      Mr, Moron Obama get work done? That would be a first.

  • Gary G

    I purposely did not watch the race after hearing that these two jackasses were going to be involved. What the he’ll is wrong with NASCAR allowing these anti-American anti-business know nothing phonies be a part of what used to be the great American sport. Football was great and I don’tbmiss NASCAR as long as they’re heading down that road, I’m done with them just like we should all be done with the Obama lies.

  • Rocky

    America is not lost. With folks like the NSCAR fans America WILL survive !

  • Mike B.

    Gotta love NASCAR fans, They let their voice be heard…. Cheer the Veterans and boo Mrs. Moron #1 and Mrs. Moron #2.

    • GrandmaAmerica

      I totally agree with you MIKE B!

  • n2trophies

    I was at a Port Arthur Tx home comming game. We lost. When the Pt. Arthur home comming Queen, who was black,came by our side of the field; we stood up and claped for her honor. As she passed by us she turned her back to us. We were all white with white players. I find Blacks are the ones that have the problem of discrimation. We did not boo her though she deserved it.

    • Bea

      I’m sorrry you guys lost.
      Show dignity and forget the ‘queen’ who didn’t behave like a Lady.
      Believe in yourselves.

    • Joyce from Loris

      Understand the experience! I hope you remember that. So many times, these young black girls are voted into these positions, and those who do the voting are trying to be “politically correct”, there by exempting some young deserving girl the chance to be a “real queen”, one who would respond to well intended accolades in the manner a well trained, and deserving queen would. See what they get when they try to be politically correct?? Rudeness.

  • Barbara Simpson listener


  • tag

    The porch monkey got what she deserved this time – hopefully there will be more to come and then maybe she’ll get the hint? Ya think?

  • Janiece

    I am ashamed of the comments on this situation.
    All your words and thoughts are heard by the Almighty and will be part of your judgment.
    What would Jesus do? What does he think of you when you behave and remark in this way? You are not allowed to edit your behavior or comments when you face his judgemnt.
    Silence is a better option.

    • Hawker

      How does a boo become a sin . Your attempt to shame someone fall flat . you are not a christian just another liberal troll plying your stupid thought controll attempts.

    • The Bobster

      Up yours, ni qqer, to quote Blazing Saddles.

    • Othello

      Silence is not an option when two people who HATE America, are at a sport where the fans LOVE America.
      God did hear the boos, but I’m pretty sure He understands why they were booed.

  • Lois Alltogether

    Wow finally I hear what I have been praying for… that people will finally see and hear that they aren’t what some people thought they were…

  • Annika

    This First Lady is traveling the country campaining for her husband, and by doing so she has placed herself in the political arena. We reap what we sow. Also, except for the Cubans, South Florida is mostly Democrats territory, and that tells a whole lot about how South Floridians­ feel about the Obamas.
    Enough with these bafoons already!

    • Bea

      Actually, the cubans love their freedom! They know what Socialism and Communism looks like and they DO NOT WANT the obamas as leaders of the country they finally got to.

  • Lowell Flatford

    Wish I had been there to boo them both, guess I will just let my voice be heard next Nov. when I vote against both of them. God Bless America.

  • John Hand

    The crowd was being ‘polite’ and careful with their jeers and boos because Ms Obama and Ms Biden made sure to have themselves standing beside a war veteran hero. Had HE not been there, the boos would have been overwhelming.

  • E. G


    Christ called the Politicians of the day just what they were, washed, white ‘coffins’ with dead men’s bones inside. That is just what we have down there in DC. They do not give a flip for what the common American citizen cares about. They are there only to promote themselves and their cronies. POX on them all.

  • Troubles-a-brewin

    They are lucky I wasnt there it would have been a heck of alot louder! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  • Ted

    Really,,We need to do EVERYTHING we can to clean ALL these scumbags out.Wake up as many people as you can.Those controlling our Gov. and Schools are Communist/Marxist (ie-Enemy of Liberty)This is not a new plan,They have been working on this for almost a Century.
    Now that they have drained our Country of it’s Moral’s and Value’s,They are moving in for the kill,And soon. Don’t be decieved.

  • Sergeant Major U.S.M.C. Extreme Far Right Conservative TEApublican

    Will we see more of this story through the week? Probably not unless she starts whining again how this country is.

    • Mike B.

      Semper Fi.

  • frances ohm

    I am proud to be an American, home of the free, and soon this trash in the W.H. will be taken to the dump. Come on America, show this fool in the WH we are retaking our country. If he doesn’t like, then take a slow boat to Kenya where he was born. To a whore mother and a pimp father.

  • Steven Goranson

    Maybe Mrs. Obama wouldn’t have been booed at if she had the same class and respect for her fellow Americans as did her predecessors like Elenore Roosevelt and and Jackie Kennedy. If you want respect you have to give it 1st of all but if your opinion of everyone else is that they are lower class than you you’ll get booed at. Southerners are proud of being religious, loving guns and loving this wonderful country. Don’t try telling them to live in a way that violates their pride and religious convictions. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before. Even though I was raised in Iowa I find that after living in Oklahoma and Alabama I have much in common with the ideas they have of telling the present President to take his socialistic ideas and ideals and stick ’em where the the sun don’t shine.:(

  • ScarletDove

    Why were these 2 women asked to be Grand Marshalls of NASCAR–makes no sense, Michelle Obama does not like this country, she likes the perks the taxpayers are providing her and her husband who are exploiting the presidential position.

  • Jerry C

    You’re damn right they booed. Nascar is loud rowdy America, those two represent repression, regulation, and communism. Screw them. Hey, ladeeeez! Meet the real America!

  • Lou

    I guess the American people are beginning to wake up and smell the garbage that’s in the WH. Let’s hope they stay awake so they can get the garbage out of there in 2012.

  • mrrzk

    What were they campaigning for?? to spread more lies………….


    By the time Obamas term is over, he is going to be hated by this country. His only friend will be Soros–maybe (another useful idiot). He will have to move back to Kenya!!

    • Jeanne

      Great! and the sooner they leave, the better.

  • Eddie

    I for one will definetly tell NASCAR how I feel in inviting those two people to this event for sure!

  • RAM

    From what I understand, Nascar got tons of emails, phone calls and letters, from fans that had been Nascar fans for years. Most said if Obama was gonna be on this (either one) they’d never watch or go to another Nascar race. They toned it down by having a Veteran and Cub Scouts run interference for Biden and Obama. The boo’s would have been even more evindent if they were up there alone.

  • Sutekh

    How long now before the White House orders Hillary to negotiate a UN treaty creating a global ban on stock car racing?

  • denny

    it was a vote getting plain but the nascar fans didn’t fall for it. 2012 can’t get here soon enought and get obuckwheat out of the white house

  • Steve

    Did you know that President’s Day was originally Washington’s Birthday? Does anyone remember him? You Know the Father of our country. The man who defied a Tyrant at the risk of his own life, and that of his family. The man who if caught would have been hung as a traitor because he knew that there was a higher authority than that of evil tyrannical rulers, an authority that everyone will eventually be accountable to! An authority that he often gave all the credit praise and glory to even while suffering the hardships of the winter at Valley Forge with his half naked, starving ragtag army who’s tracks could be traced by the blood left in the snow by many of his soldiers bare feet, almost always without provisions, a good quarter of the army died of cold, starvation, and disease. Several thousand more deserted. Yet those who stayed and survived the suffering of that brutal winter formed a brotherhood that could never be broken, for it was God Almighty that General George Washington credited for the American Army overcoming overwhelming odds and devastating hardships and defeating the strongest military power of his time! The very same authority that the communist of the world hate and despise because they are the egotistical, arrogant, self serving, self proclaimed masters of the universe, who expect you and me to bow down to! For History repeats itself and when communist and other tyrannical invaders destroyed a society from within, they first destroyed their history and their national pride, don’t let this happen remember our Fore Fathers and the risk they took for our Declaration of Independence! They knew exactly how to deal with Tyrants and we are their descendants, never let our children forget! I took an oath to protect my country against all enemies! Foreign and domestic!

    A nation that does not remember where it came from, or what its foundations were, is easily destroyed, by its enemies, either from within, or without.
    What kind of man was George Washington that ordinary men would follow him, though the misery and hardships of Valley Forge, on to the battle fields against the strongest military power of their time, fighting for a cause that if lost their very reason for fighting, the Declaration of Independence would have been their death warrants.
    Over 60 years ago all American children learned in school, the story of our founding father George Washington, as a 23 year old Colonel of Virginia Militia under the British General Braddock along the banks of the Monongahela river, near Fort Duquesne, which is now Pittsburgh , Pa. and how he miraculously survived the first major battle of the French and Indian War at the hand of God, 20 years before the signing of the declaration of independence.

    The Battle of the Mongahela, also known as Braddock’s Defeat was fought on July 9th 1755. 

     Washington had done everything he could to inform Gen. Braddock of the tactics of the French & Indians, of getting down behind cover and firing only when a target was visible, but Braddock was insulted to be advised by an inferior officer. On the morning of July 9th, 1755, Braddock and 1000 of his men, along with Washington and some of his Virginia regulars, crossed the southern shore of the Monongahela.
    Colonel Thomas Gage had a forward detachment of 350 soldiers, and 250 workers, and axemen, cutting a path. They were about 10 miles from Ft. Duquesne. It was around 1:00 pm. Gage and the forward detachment had just crossed a ravine, when scouts, and flanking parties came running back towards them, waving them off. Just then, they were hit with a fusillade of musket balls. It immediately became chaos. The British could not see their enemy, for they were hidden behind rocks, hills, and trees. The rain of bullets kept coming in on them, dropping them like flies. Gage’s men fired back at the direction of the smoke plumes from their enemies’ rifles, but hit nothing but rocks, hills, and trees, merely splintering bark. Gage’s men continued to drop, and the horses, some of them wounded, began to panic, and bolt, carrying wagons full of their weapons and ammo, trampling men on the ground as they galloped off. The workers and axe men fled. For the Indians, who were crack marksmen, this was like shooting sitting ducks! Eventually what was left of Gage’s forward detachment began to retreat. Gen. Braddock, hearing the gunfire, left 400 troops along with most of the Virginia regulars, with Sir Peter Halkett, and most of the baggage. Braddock and his remaining troops, Washington, and a 100 or so, Virginia militia hastened towards the battle. The retreating men collided with the advancing men, setting them to more confusion. All the while, the French and Indians continued to rain down musket balls upon them with deadly accuracy, and force. It became an instant slaughter, as Braddock instructed his men to form columns (making them easy to hit, because of their red coats, and being in plain sight) like they were accustomed to doing in Europe. Musket balls rained down on them at will, cutting them down and anything else that gets in its way, with an instantaneous efficiency! The 100 or so Virginia men, quickly adopted the Indian style of warfare, and dropped behind trees, and shot when only an enemy target was visible. Gen. Braddock was furious at this, and barked orders for them to get out from behind the trees. He saw this as cowardice, according to his rules of engagement. Braddock was undaunted in his task, bravely going to and fro amidst the shower of musket balls, trying to rally his troops. He had five horses shot out from under him. But for all his bravery, and reckless courage, he could not stem the tide.

     God’s hand can be seen protecting Washington this whole time. Because he was busy going back and forth across the battle field, completely exposed. Carrying out General Braddock’s orders. One soldier observing Washington stated: “I expected every moment to see him fall. Nothing but the superintending care of Providence could have saved him.” Indians testified later, that they had singled him out, but their bullets had no effect on him. The chief suddenly realized that a mighty power must be shielding this man. “Stop firing!” he commanded. “This one is under the special protection of the Great Spirit.” A brave standing nearby stated, “I had seventeen clear shots at him…and after all could not bring him to the ground. This man was not born to be killed by a bullet.” They were convinced that an Invisible Power was protecting him. Washington had two horses shot out from under him, he had four bullet holes in his coat. Yet he had been untouched by bullet, or arrow. Scores of victims had fallen beside him, yet he went unharmed, protected by God’s hand! Every other mounted officer had been slain! Eventually, Braddock was mortally wounded in the side, and fell. When this occurred, all the British troops fled in confusion. Washington gathered up what was left of the Virginia men, barely 30, the injured General, and covered the retreating British, leaving all the baggage, weapons, provisions, cattle, horses, behind for the enemy to plunder. General Braddock died three days later. In the aftermath, 714 British soldiers had been killed, 37 wounded. 26 officers out of 86 were killed, and 37 wounded. Only 30 men and 3 officers were killed, of the French and Indians!


    15 years later, after this battle, an old respected Indian Chief, sought out council with Washington , when he heard that he was in the area. Through an interpreter he explained that he had set out on a long journey to meet Washington personally, and to speak to him about the battle 15 years earlier. He said: “I am a chief and ruler over my tribes. My influence extends to the waters of the great lakes and to the far Blue Mountains . I have traveled a long and weary path that I might see the young warrior of the great battle. It was on the day when the white man’s blood mixed with the streams of our forest that I first beheld this chief. I called to my young men and said, mark yon tall and daring warrior? He is not of the red-coat tribe—he hath an Indian’s wisdom, and his warriors fight as we do—him is alone exposed. Quick, let your aim be certain, and he dies. Our rifles were leveled, rifles which, but for you, knew not how to miss—’twas all in vain, a power mightier far than we, shielded you. Seeing you were under the special guard ship of the Great Spirit, we immediately ceased to fire at you. I am old and soon shall be gathered to the great council fire of my fathers in the land of shades, but ere I go, there is something bids me speak in the voice of prophecy. Listen! The Great Spirit protects that man [pointing at Washington ], and guides his destinies—he will become the chief of nations, and a people yet unborn will hail him as the founder of a mighty empire. I am come to pay homage to the man who is the particular favorite of Heaven, and who can never die in battle.”


    This story was once well known by all Americans, taught to our children in our schools


    . But thanks to the traitors, and infiltrators who hate God and America this story and many like it can no longer be taught in school to our children!


    This is not the complete list; it was taken from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963.

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .
    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST!
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10


    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”
    George Washington


    • Richard Vandervort

      I hope you put the communist agenda list on the White House Blog for Facebook like I did, It’s so much more effective doing something like that.

  • jakob

    thanks nascar fans for showing your true courage and honesty. too bad we dont have a congress with some honesty and sincerity.
    vote out every incumbent, just for the record.

  • Jeanne

    Remember the words, “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of America”. Her words are coming back to haunt her….She deserved every last one of the boos and I hope she can tell the Liar in Chief how humiliating that was.

  • Reneesluse, Independent

    Loving this!
    SOoo Damn Hilarious!!
    I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg.
    It’s called *Reality* Moochelle,
    Deal With It :)

  • John Pirtle

    NEWSFLASH!!!! Obama is the continuation of Every Bush Policy of any significant consequence. All this racist wailing and gnashing of teeth is triggered by a public relations campaigns. However, it is really just a double bluff to make sure he is reelected and continues all those great Bush Policies. Like charging every man woman and child in the USA 12000 on their credit card for wars of choice against people who didn’t threaten us.

    The massive Obama debt is a continuation of the Bush created TARP to socialize the wall street losses.

    You guys just swallow this stuff hook line and sinker.

    • ruth

      lets blame Bush, doesn’t work anymore, it’s all obuma the evil from with-in, and not just in the white house, get my drift?

    • John Pirtle

      Why doesn’t it work any more. The TARP was a Bush creation. It socialized ( that means the government paid for ) the losses of Wall Street gamblers. It was done to keep the economy from imploding. Maybe that was wrong. Maybe we the American People should have let the whole financial system come crashing down. I guess that is a judgment call on the part of Bush and then contunued by Obama. What all you Republicans and your really sleazy racist rhetoric don’t get is that Obama is the third Bush term. You just ate this stuff up when Bush was doing it but when Obama continues it you suddenly hate it. The OBAMACARE was a Romney plan supported by Gingrich and other republicans. Instead of having mediacare for all, we get a Republican plan that makes it a federal crime not to purchase corporate insurance ( with the premiums copays and deductibles designed to deny care ) and rake off one third of the money.

      You guys are such gullible people.

      You have swallowed an ad campaign.

      The policies are destroying the American Middle Class, but all you care about is the talking points they pour into your head.

    • http://n/a Kathleen Nobile

      I feel sorry for you … talk about indoctrinated. We will not be free until we remember to think for ourselves. Surely even you can see the damage he has done and is continueing to do. Just check the numbers.

    • Tony Page

      You are a total idiot. I would like to see proof that Gingrich supported Romneycare.

    • Don39

      I agree that bush was a socialist. I agree you are a fool, and refuse to buy into your lack of logic. Like others I defy you to provide proof of the crap you spout.Especially about Gingrich’s so-called support of Romneycare. I to think everyone should have medical insurance, but not forced by the federal government. But provided by the free markey and competition and the knowledge you can’t pay , you ndo not get treated at the expense of others!

    • Othello

      This “it’s all Bush’s fault” crap is getting old!
      Obama has been in office 3 years (3 years too long). HE increased our debt by, what was the amount again, oh ya $14 TRILLION! in his first year!

    • John Pirtle

      The TARP was a Bush plan to keep the economy from imploding. This D versus R theater is just that, Theater. Its designed to keep us from paying attention to the real game of destroying the country. Bush and Obama are working for the SAME BOSS!!!!!! Can’t you see that? All this Obama hating is designed to assure the reelection of Obama. Why you ask. Because yahoos like NASCAR fans insulate Obama from the populist progressive demands of the left. All this Rightwing hysteria is theater to assure the reelection of Obama, so he can continue BUSH POLICIES!!!!!

    • Pegi

      Excuse me dear but NASCAR fans are not yahoos! Perhaps you need to look in the mirror. Name calling isn’t polite!

    • GrandmaAmerica

      WOW! John! The hate for all people seems to reek from your words. Even if your right about Bush, so what, its over. Never to happen again. Obama has gone beyond that for the last 3 yrs. Is this what you want more of bushs and oabamas antics for the next 4 yrs. Stand with us, and use this passion you have to keep Obummer from getting elected and giving us 4 more years of HELL! Trust me, Obummers just gotten started. He will make Bush look like a Saint!

  • honeybee

    Do you really suppose those two “twits” thought there would be a BIIIGG celebration because they deigned to be in attendance at a NASCAR event with “those Bible believing, gun toting people who believe in their religion”? I strongly suggest NASCAR fire the idiot/s who came up with that bright idea. Or are they too afraid of the “flag burning” Moochelle and the dummy who is married to Biden. Hope the flight back to DC was filled with everything wonderful. NOT!

  • Aubrey Young

    Evening all,

    I believe family should be off limits and the booing was wrong. I believe President Obama is a failure as President but the greatest failure was by the American people for voting him into the office as President. Why he is running again I have no idea.

    All be well and safe.

    Aubrey J. Young.

    • Don39

      Obama sacrificed his family, not those expressed their disgust! Do you really think that Michelle is an innocent? If so you are to naive to be talking hear.For all she has cost the tax-payers, no amount of booing could ever suffice to express our disdain.

  • Jay Piano

    We need to get rid of this Phony, Illegitimate,Trojan Horse, Muslem, Manchurian Candidate, Communist, Bogus, Mistake of a President that now occupies the White House. or the United States is DOOMED!!!!! That simple. I’m glad she was booed! God Help Us!

  • Beetlebom

    Dear Patriots, Christians, ALL! I take no issue with any of you! Had I been there, I would not have spent one second “booing” two worthless rag straddling splittails! The impression I got, America’s Warriors were being honored. I believe that thousands of Loyal American Fans reacted the same way. They did not and would not “polute” or “taint” their respect and appreciation for those Warriors. (Who knows it might have been some embarassment to them.) booing two old has beens that never was. As far as ol Moochele and Jillblane, I wouldn’t urinate in their filthy mouthes if their guts were on fire. I WOULD NOT LET them distract my mission, honoring our TROOPS! Semper Fi all. Beetlebom

  • azjohnny

    i don’t think the boos were for lady michelle per se but rather those gawd awful buck teeth or maybe they couldn’t see the race track because her rump was in the way.

    • quakedad

      She ain’t no lady….that’s a walrus

    • Trazzer17

      And will y’all try to get it right? The term “First Lady” should never be used in referring to Obozo’s wife. She is more correctly known as the The First Fatass”

    • Don39

      Obama is not the ligitimate president, we do not have one currently, and the moose is not a first Lady!

    • CherL

      Probably either or and the cheers were definitely for the soldier, not Ms Obama or Biden

    • seabee combat vet

      You know that the cheers were only for the sniper and his “Bi-Racial” (how convenient for m.o.) family, and she knew that it would take a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airmen’s presence for her to eek out any positive reaction to her appearance, and I will never forgive nascar for their stupidity in this move. As soon as she was on camera, off went the T.V.. This morning I saw the outcome on the news, congrats to Tony Stewart!!
      Nascar lost a 50yr. fan yesterday!!!

    • BUD


    • G Carson

      See her head whip around defiantly when she heard the crowd beginning to boo before she was officially announced? What an ego! “How dare they boo me!”

    • http://patriotupdate.comc UPSETVET

      Who’re the idiots that invited Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to kick off a NASCAR race. The Obamas and the Bidens are like two turkies on Thanksgiving Day morning, in the wrong place at the wrong time. lol

    • brian conway

      Their appearance was just a ploy to impress
      what they consider the rubes. Nascar is one of the largest attendance venues in sports
      and is to be mined for votes. Oh gee! Look it’s Michelle, she can’t be too bad if she loves Nascar. Yeah right!

    • Pegi

      it’s OK Brian…we NASCAR fans didn’t buy it for a minute.

    • ValleyPeople

      If you look at the replys about that witch Obama getting booed, the dirtbags sticking up for her or distracting the point about her being booed, they are obviously left wing/ scum*ags using their time to try and infiltrate one of the few conservative sites that exist.

      Thats because they have to try and control everything and everyboy. All you need do is look at the posts and you know exactly who they are and what they are doing.

  • Keith J

    Maybe Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden will take the message home to their husbands: America doesn’t want you any more because you’ve done a deplorable job in governing. This administration has tried to diminish the rule of law and create a socialist society of dependency rather than one of self-sufficiency.

    The NASCAR fans like to cheer on the drivers who struggle to win. And they recognize the pretenders.

    • Grif

      Oh Oh Obummer will probably bypass the constitution and shut down NASCAR !!

    • BUD


    • Janice

      YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • T Lady

      At least NASCAR fans know something the Officials don’t: This Administration is extremely unpopular, elitist, and out of touch with their predominantly Conservative/TEA Party voting base. Whichever Whiz Kid came up with this dud of an idea should either be demoted to Gofer or forced to resign.

  • lizaz

    I would have been booing also if I was there!!!!! What a pathetic joke these morons in DC are!!!! Good for NASCAR!!!!

  • skip gainer

    Yeah she was boo but main stream media is keeping it a low profile. Where were all the Confederate Flags?

    • RHSchumann

      That’s right: We need more Confederate flags. Some idiots are still pining for Slavery.

    • Mike Mulligan

      You know Mr. Schumann, the Civil War was not about slavery, don’t you?
      That’s because you are of the 60% that believe everything that the lame stream media writes.

    • jim

      HEY Schumann all the communist democrats are pining for govt slavery SO WHATS YOUR POINT BOY

      websters dictonary : DEM-O-CRAT

    • frog

      Jim, you hit the nail on the head! Webster couldn’t have had a better definition! I say clean out the entire socialist, communist, Marist crooks on both sides of the aisle.

    • jim

      HEY Schumann all the communist democrats are pining for govt slavery SO WHATS YOUR POINT BOY

      websters dictionary : DEM-O-CRAT

    • skip gainer

      If you think the Civil War was fought just over slavery, then you really need history classes. What Abe Lincoln, did was totally illegal, all states have the Constitutional right to succeed from the Republic. Check out who own the first black slave in America, who really segregated us and who was thye worst plantation owners!

  • jeanne

    I watched and HEARD the boos on tv. It was loud …….trust me. And it was live…!!!

  • nique

    You are a clueless idiot…

  • whitechicuva

    When I read they would be there in all their glory, I thought, uh huh…and uh huh was right..yes a bad move on their part..tks NASCAR fans, for doing what I wish I could have done! 😀

  • Rose-Marie Noa

    Good for them!!! I would have booed also. Michelle is a no talent big assed bitch if there ever was one!!! All she knows how to do is spend other people’s (ours) money! She should be ashamed of herself! Mrs. Biden is a Phd. but she cant be too smart being married to that dumb ass!

  • Shavis

    I have no use for mo, but kinda felt for the kids… “Mom, why’d everyone boo at us?” Guess they gotta learn the truth sooner or later.

    • Yahoo

      She brought the kids as a human shield.

  • ruger416

    How they were ever let on the grounds by NASCAR is beyond me. NASCAR did their Fans a HUGE disservice by letting this America hater anywhere near. The o’bama’s have absolutely no use for the armed forces or the American People. All michelle is in it for is the lavish vacations on our dime.

    • Janice

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

    • Alice

      you got that right, but why can’t more people
      see that for themselves? They are playing Americans for the fools that they think we all are. I was shocked that nascar was so fooled.

    • frog

      Ruger, have you noticed as we get closer to the election Obozo is playing up to the military? Guess he had a change of heart, NOT!!

  • Mountain Man

    What a difference in the comments on this post and the full post from Huffington. Obviously redneck comments vs those from the Huffington ELITE, that cannot understanding how the rednecks could be so rude to Her Royal Highness. Those of us clinging to our guns and Bibles obviously ain’t got no cooth! And I’m glad to class myself as one of the uncooth rednecks. It was just such an obvious plastic photo op.

  • John

    To bad they didn’t boo her completely out of the race track

  • Jeff Reuteler

    Who is the idiot who invited these two power hungry morons to be the Grand Marshalls.

    • BUD



    • G Carson

      They probably invited themselves.

    • njgirl

      If you remember, a couple of months ago NASCAR drivers were invited to the White House by his highness. I believe the whole deal was set up then.

    • Janice

      Once a fool, always a fool. He’s probably gonna whine about how shabbily his wife was treated……….damn fool!!

    • seabee combat vet

      And if you remember, some declined the offer. It was graciously called prior commitments but I prefer K.M.A. oblowhole!!!

  • Dusty

    When I heard Those two non-American loosers were going to be the grand marshals at, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS OUR NASCAR. That is a disgrace to OUR MILITARY and to NASCAR. Who In The World Would Have Did Such A Disgrace To America. Booing Is The Least America Could Pass On To Those Theives. Destroying Our Beautiful Amereica.

    • Carol J

      While I agree on some points, Dusty, you have made an untrue statement. Both ladies are American by birth. You make things difficult when you say things that just are not true.
      As for the race, I missed it. First time I didn’t see the final Cup race. But I did get to see my 49ers whip Arizona instead.

    • G Carson

      Yeah, both ladies are American by birth, even Obama is American by birth BUT HE’S NOT A NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN. A NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN IS 1) BORN IN THE USA BY 2)TWO US CITIZEN-PARENTS. Obama’s father was Kenyan, never took out US citizenship. He’s an illegal president (Minor v Happersett, US Supreme Court, 130, 88.

    • Janice

      I’ve been saying that all along, but he always gets his ass covered which is a sign of shady happenings. He’s not one of us, and he is destroying all that we fought for to make America the best that we could. He is a puppet born by a mother who was worthless and a corrupt bum of a father who helped groom him into the animal that he is.

    • Jaclyn Barnes

      Janice,Your right on the money!The reason Marxist Dictator and Mrs.Barrack H.Obama get away,with everything.Is because they own the media lock,stock and barrel!He’s been on t.v. more then any other president and,she’s also done her share of t.v. appearances!So they can go on lavish vacations together or alone with family,she has more security then she needs!Have all the lavish parties they want!But why should they care it’s only the American taxpayers money,we’re using!!While he’s destroying a great Nation called the United States of America!I’m sure that she and her Dictator husband took advantage,of affirmative action!I’m thrilled that she was booed at,the only ones that I feel.Sorry for are the girls.When they say mommy why do people hate us?I wounder how she’s going to answer them!

    • frog

      Why isn’t the gool ole Americans, yes I’m talking about us Nascar fans boycotting the media that supports these socialist, communist people?

    • Johnny

      Carol, maybe Dusty just misspoke and meant to say UN-Americans.

    • 57chero

      Carol, for one – both – women do in fact hold America in low regard. One was born here filthy rich , while the other( we know which one) was a complete – LEECH – off the tax payers as well. So they may have been born,,,, here,, but neither care for the American ideals.

      And for either of those so called – ladies- to be hosting one of Americas biggest sports events is a – COMPLETE AND TOTAL JOKE – .

    • seabee combat vet

      American’s by birth,America Hater’s by choice!!!!

  • Ralph Vaughan

    I didn’t think the booing was either prevalent or that much of a big deal, and I rather doubt she even noticed — might have been too busy looking for Volts, Teslas and Priuses among the entrants.

  • Winston on Truth

    What troubles me is that the veteran and his family had to endure that entire grouping with the socialists on either side of them.

  • steve

    Its makes me wonder what exactly were they expecting? Or more likely they are campaigning for their husbands to show the average Middle American that “we care.” It didn’t work.

    For conservative commentary on current and world events affecting America please click on my name.

  • itallmatters

    The dislike continues to grow larger. Keep chanting….. ANYBODY BUT OsamaBAMA in 2012!!!

  • John Pirtle

    The TARP was a Bush creation. It socialized ( that means the government paid for ) the losses of Wall Street gamblers. It was done to keep the economy from imploding. Maybe that was wrong. Maybe we the American People should have let the whole financial system come crashing down. I guess that is a judgment call on the part of Bush and then contunued by Obama. What all you Republicans and your really sleazy racist rhetoric don’t get is that Obama is the third Bush term.

    You just ate this stuff up when Bush was doing it but when Obama continues it you suddenly hate it. The OBAMACARE was a Romney plan supported by Gingrich and other republicans. Instead of having mediacare for all, we get a Republican plan that makes it a federal crime not to purchase corporate insurance ( with the premiums copays and deductibles designed to deny care ) and rake off one third of the money.

    You guys are such gullible people.

    You have swallowed an ad campaign.

    The policies are destroying the American Middle Class, but all you care about is the talking points they pour into your head.

    • Aviyah

      What in hell do TARP (or George Bush for that matter) have to do with this topic? Do you have any idea, John Pirtle, how absurd it is for you Leftists to continue with this juvenile blame Bush strategy, especially even while you yourself are accusing others of parroting idealogical partisan talking points?

      This story is not about TARP. It has nothing whatsoever to do with George Bush. It certainly has nothing to do with race either. It’s about middle America’s disenchantment with this Marxist Administration.

      Nascar fans are clearly aware this Administration does not give a damn about the average American. Neither Bush, TARP, nor race relations can be accountable for the failures of this Administration. Solyndra, Fast & Furious, record breaking unemployment statistics, inflation, over regulation resulting in stymied economic growth all fall on the Obummer Administration.

      Stop with the ridiculous attempted detraction that Bush is somehow at fault for every stupid failure which the Obama has been involved in.

    • Jerry

      Then why doesn’t Obama stop it? Has Obama Care lowered private insurance costs? No! Has Obama Care lowered Medicare and Medicaid cost of premiums? No!

      All this law has done is take more money from the middle class to pay for what a lot of people who will not work get free from the government. It is time to realize nothing is free.

    • seabee combat vet

      You are correct, Bush did start the TARP, but only started it. He never let the tarp become an expected thing like oblowhole has done, nor did he take over companies, for the sake of the unions, ie; Government motors, and by the way, when G.M. was about to go public with it’s stock, oblowhole made sure that the Chinese were allowed to buy up 69% of the stock before any American could, Bush didn’t do that, and oh yeah, how many billions has oblowhole lost of the taxpayers money because he is such a “BRILLIANT BUSINESSMAN?” Get your head out of oblowholes butt long enough for some fresh air and truth!!!

    • desert rat

      John Pirtle, you are an absolute idiot. A complete moron. That is all I have to say.



  • John Pirtle

    New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says that Newt Gingrich is just the latest of the “fools and clowns” in the Republican presidential race to become a frontrunner.

    “I have a structural hypothesis here,” Krugman told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour Sunday. “You have a Republican ideology, which Mitt Romney obviously doesn’t believe in. He just oozes insincerity, that’s just so obvious. But all of the others are fools and clowns. And there is a question here, my hypothesis is that maybe this is an ideology that only fools and clowns can believe in. And that’s the Republican problem.”

    Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan spoke up in Gingrich’s defense.

    “We need a little on the pro-Newt side balance,” she remarked. “The base of the Republican Party knows that the establishment of the Republican Party doesn’t like Newt. That’s a big plus.”

    “It was his time,” Krugman explained. “The Republican base does not want Romney and they keep on looking for an alternative. And Newt, although — somebody said, ‘He’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.’ But he is more plausible than the other guys they’ve been pushing up.”

    • Walter W. Charles

      Isn’t Paul Krugman the winner of the Nobel Distal Alimentary Canal Prize?

    • John Pirtle

      to quote Clint Eastwood, “That sounds like the voice of experience”

      This must be one of you areas of special interest.

    • Big Daddy G

      Paul Krugman is a pig-sty Socialist. Peggy Noonan is a left-wing RINO.

      Christiane Amanpour is an alJazer liberal, and her employer (ABC defghi…) is on the edge of socialism.

      None of the above noted are reliable American-values information sources.

    • Aviyah

      Does it not “ooze insincerity” for Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to show up at a Nascar event implying they’re the typical American Nascar fans? The insincerity is apparent by the indignant scowls on their faces while doing it. It oozes almost as much insincerity as Michelle Obama’s supposedly incognito appearance at Target with a film crew conveniently in tow. What frauds!

    • Johnny

      John, you gave your self away in the first sentence when you mention that hack Krugman.

    • desert rat

      John Pirtle, then why the hell don’t you run for office you whiner.

  • John Pirtle

    You guys should watch the “South Park” episode where they lampoon NASCAR. Butters plays the Obama Hater.

    • Walter W. Charles

      Sorry, Johnny, I have better things to do with my life than sit around watching cartoons on TV! Get a life!

  • geneo

    there is still no one i can vote for what the heck is this world comming too!

  • Tom Stewart

    How Can We Go Wrong?? Just So It Is Not The Imposter Barack Obama. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots, ABO.

  • John Pirtle

    The TARP was a Bush plan to keep the economy from imploding. This D versus R theater is just that, Theater. Its designed to keep us from paying attention to the real game of destroying the country. Bush and Obama are working for the SAME BOSS!!!!!! Can’t you see that? All this Obama hating is designed to assure the reelection of Obama. Why you ask?

    Because yahoos like NASCAR fans insulate Obama from the populist progressive demands of the left. All this Rightwing hysteria is theater to assure the reelection of Obama, so he can continue BUSH POLICIES!!!!!

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az.



    • Jerry

      The TARP plan was a plan to use the American Government (taxpayers) to guarantee by loaning money to the banks to firm up their balance sheets until the next two plans were in place. 1. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates on government bonds to near zero. 2. Then they allowed banks to drop interest they paid on passbooks, CDs and savings account to consumers to near zero, thereby allowing the banks to keep all that excess cash profit. Did it help banks? Yes. Did it allow banks to get rid of Toxic Assets? Not all. Did it help the American Taxpayer? Other than not allowing the government to fold, No. The question is, are you better off today than you were three years ago? If not, you know what to do.

  • CC

    She will blame the booing on racism.

    • Toni

      LOL. They are already blaming it on the Tea Party… and I say, give me more TEA!!!!

  • wjc

    how did the race go. I refused to watch it due to the commies being there. Hope lots of NASCAR fans refused to watch it.

    • seabee combat vet

      I turned it off as soon as she come on camera, Nascar lost a 50yr. fan with me yesterday. On ESPN this morning, I learned that Tony Stewart won the race, hence the Championship!! Way to go SMOKE!!

    • frog

      Nascar just like all of the big Corps. want to be close to the powers to be, it doesn’s matter if they are communist, they thought they could get these anti- Americans on stage and bring in more viewership which will make them more money. well they might just lose their base by doing that!

    • Pegi

      wjc…you missed a great race. Smoke won and Carl gave it all he had. I just ignored the 2 ladies and concentrated on the vet and his family.

  • rowley

    Easy to Boo Hypocrisy

  • Pete

    While I am very much against Obama and his policies, I think a much more potent response would have been complete silence rather than the boos. Would have sent a far stronger message and not subjected the brave Army Sargent and his family to the booing!

    • Frank

      sorry i must disagree. while i respect men and women in service to America i believe we must show our displeasure with our current administration whenever we have the opportunity. it goes to freedom of speech which those soldiers bravely defend.

    • Robert Casale

      I agree with your strategy. Silence in place of applause is so much more dignified.
      The media will only hear the applause as their reporting leans all the way to the left

  • Theodore J Gager

    What’s the big deal? I spit on the ground every time I see any of those dirtbags!


    The only living person that comes to mind as being hatted more than Michelle Obama and Biden is the prez. Obama himself!

  • mr bad example

    there has to be some dark corner in hell with a few spare space heaters going full blast for obama and that twit biden!

  • Randy

    With the way Obama has tried to squelch any opposition to himself; you might better look for some way for him to do away with NASCAR calling it a racist organization. What a dummy insulting about every fan in the nation by downing the TEA Party, God fearing, military supporting, and gun toting Americans.

    • frog

      Yea and the bad thing about it is the Nascar fans would just sit on theirs butts and do nothing but blog about it. It’s time for actions, vote these communist out in 2012.

  • Carol

    Booing isn’t nice,there where other ways to show the attitude,why Nascar even invited them was a disbelief—–these two had a good so call photo-opt,especially when Mrs. O could care less about the military and the USA—all for show if u ask me—they should have gotted a TRUE American HERO

    • Johnny

      Where, Carol, does it say that we should be nice to traitors and America haters? Bye the way, they did have a true American Hero, standing just between the two socialist pigs.

  • http://Comcast John Randazzo

    The first lady is a joke. She’s an admitted racist. She dislikes the American flag and the national anthem. She also likes to spend the taxpayers money on lunches and vacations.

  • Johnny

    We can’t help it if every time we see Moochelle we remember her most infamous words “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.” uttered after her mate’s election to the presidency. I give a well deserved boo to all of that admenstration cycle.

  • Stephen Czaja

    “For the 1st time in my life I was proud to be an American.” When hubby won an election
    “They cling to their guns and God.”
    She supports the “occupy” crowd.
    She believes all whites are racist.
    She attended a racist church for 20 years.
    Her fool husband is a Socialist and a racist.
    See, when you have been insulting people for most of your life; they tend to remember. But I bet you thought we were too stupid to remember. Nope.

  • Buck Ofama

    Good ol NASCAR fans…y’all know a lowlife when you see one!

  • Toni

    She’s lucky they don’t tar and feather her and her husband.

    • frog

      While you are at it how about saving some tar and feathers for Congress at least most of them. We do have a few true Americans in Congress but not many!

  • Emme

    This was why I canceled Better Homes gardens because of that WH witch–boycott anything to do with those fakes! I’d taken that magazine for years–there had never been anything on front bout a home or garden, then they put a classless last lady on there!

  • Cinders

    Wow…….is all I can say.
    I can’t believe all of you “Americans”? can be so down right nasty!

    • Retired Marine

      Oh great, an OWS adherent giving the rest of us lessons in civility. Thank you so much, now go back to your tent.

    • frog

      This made me think about the video I saw on TV with one of the OWS spoksman saying they needed to get some of the military on their side so when they try to take over this country they would have some help as most of the military would be with the true Americas. Obama’s civil army is SEIU and the likes.

    • Patriot1776

      I guess, if you want to call that being nasty. But I call it nasty when the first lady makes an extremely racist remark publicly after her husband won the election saying that “for the first time in my life I am proud to be an American.” Then she proceeds to take luxury vacations on the backs of the tax payers. Her husband goes around belittling Americans and appologizing for the greatness of this nation while preventing job creation and lifting up illegal aliens above law abiding citizens.

      Judge us as you will, but she entered one of America’s bastions of patriotism in NASCAR. With an opening prayer, the singing of the National Anthem and the flyover of the fighter jets in honor of our veterans – done every race day, not just as a ploy to re-elect the worst president this country has ever known.

  • Emme

    *but a home or garden. Let’s face it folks–we’ve tried too long to be nice and people (you know what I mean) are using us up and turning on us. I saw it with a lazy one that worked for my company–slept in the job, but no one else better sleep on the job, but they couldn’t get rid of her without being racist and against AA.

  • Bucko

    She is 6 weeks out of the trees, a commie mal mal loon!! Give her a mango and she would eat it with her feet!

  • Dani

    I’m sure the crowd knew a political appearance when they saw one and that those women didn’t really want to be there. No one appreciates a phoney with ulterior motives.

  • ValleyPeople

    If you look at the replys about that witch Obama getting booed, the dirtbags sticking up for her or distracting the point about her being booed, they are obviously left- wing/ scum*ags using their time to try and infiltrate one of the few conservative sites that exist.

    Thats because they have to try and control everything and everyboy. All you need do is look at the posts and you know exactly who they are and what they are doing.

    • texasdraw

      They are hired college students who get a nickel a post, Shws just how desperte the libtards are, They hire their radical recruits to do their dirty work . Same as OWS , The leaders who are of foreign descent are living in hundred dollars hotel rooms, And the protesters are poopingin buckets and getting peppet sprayed. Sound s exactly third reich propaganda.

  • Patricia

    Come on now, don’t put the Grand Ladies down. BTW, did Michelle wear a blue hat like the Queen of England along with white gloves? Did she give the dainty hand wave? If not, I guess she’s still practicing. Trying her queeenly image out on the rubes and hillbilly’s she and her husband so sneeringly put down. You remember, the ones that cling to their guns and religion!

  • http://Patriotupdate/Nascar M.R. Johnson

    well, it seems like the White House sees real America, not the prearranged settings like they normally receive! no has swept through the crown making sure only Liberals were present.

  • tag

    Did these two actually think they were going to be popular when the oskunko prez is as hated as he is? Well,duh! Stand up,grilla, and let your brains air out!

    • Truth and Transparency…

      Nascar fans have not drank the obama kool-aid.Transparency right?No birht certificate and foreign aid to go to college as a foreigner and all the insider trading. America has been sold out. Nascar fans are down to earth Patriots and are not fooled by two faced lies. Transparency remember?

    • Connie

      I would be very concerned about my personal safety if I were them.. I am not surprised at all at the audience response.. I would not be surprised if tomatoes,ect. were not thrown at the guests… They are 2 very stupid people to think their appearance would be appreciated by the military and other Americans.

    • Truth and Transparency…

      Why moderate Transparency?

    • BTaylor322

      Of course, they’re so totally out of touch, that it would never occur to them that they’re HATED. Real Americans kind of react that way to people who are trying to destroy the country that real Americans LOVE! I think it’s hysterican, and all too well deserved.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Stanley Duncan

    That is fantastic. I never was a big NASCAR fan, but I will be from now on. Seems like my kind of group. Anyone opposing the Queen of America, is people that I want to align myself with. GOD Bless America!

  • texasdraw

    Mooch from hll is a flaming red, hates america,hates white america. I do not know the moron who booked this gig, Bt he a lso is a flaming stupid, Too put two of the elite communist on a american ticket.
    IfI had been ther I also would of booed and told the flaming reds to get the hll out of america and go back to k enya.

    • Jan

      The disturbing part are the ones at a NASCAR event who cheered. Well deserved booing was correct but the cheerers had to be acorn and union plants in the crowd.

    • Cate

      Some of the ones cheering were probably doing it for the serviceman and his family, not for o & b.

    • RtirdTXCavTnkr

      Exactly what I was thinking. I refused to watch the pre-race and missed the start just so I wouldn’t have to see those two women. What they’ve planted their names on to attempt to endear themselves to the military is a shame, because America loves our service men and women.

    • john nicoletti

      The most Un American First Lady to occupy the White House. Ugly as sin, and just as nasty. Four and out . Pleaseeee.

    • revere

      Please stay in Texas. That way we’ll know where all the stupid & ignorant people are.

    • Esteban Berberian

      Speaking of ignorance, its the president who thinks that servicemen are corpses! Having said that, George Bush, with all his goofy demeanor, is by far the wiser and smarter of the two. I don’t care how smart you sound, I want to know how stupid you aren’t.

    • Janice

      Quite true………….and we have the worst of the worst in office now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woodweasel

    What the hey! What did they expect?? They don’t do anything that isn’t in the plan book. Were they looking for some kind of sympathy?? Where they out to attempt to make the middle class look bad? Somebody show them the door! We don’t like them, and never will. Bugger out, Obummer (and the b*tch that came with you).

    • Janice

      You couldn’t have said it better………… and tell her to leave OUR money behind!!!!!!

  • Rick G.

    I wrote a comment on the Huffington/Puffington Post and they totally ignored it chosing to pander to their left wing comments calling all of us NASCAR fans toothless, dumb rednecks, and you know the rest…. Well, I knew I’d see comments from “Our” side here. It’s sad that Huffington can’t be unbias in their blogs.

  • Brian P.

    Uh oh! Look for stiff regulations and taxes on NASCAR now from Obama……as soon as he comes back from another vacation that is.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      NASCAR needs to apologise to the American people.

    • Kalev

      Thank you fans of NASCAR for the boos.
      Ronald you’re an idiot.

    • Chuck

      Now wait a minute I think NASCAR should appologige to America for putting these two there and for nothing else. The gonads they must have to think these two would be accepted

    • Boletero

      Ronald I like you, you are funny and made me laugh !!!!! LOL……….

      You id….

    • Conservative

      I think NASCAR should also appologize to America for inviting those two nitwits to speak!!! Who actually wanted to see them??? NOBODY that I can think of!

    • concerned

      Aside from being an idiot, you my friend need to take yourself, and the rest of commie friends, back to wherever you came from. Or, better yet – do yourself in for making such a stupid comment.

    • Janice

      Sounds like you’re one of the commie jerks who need to get the hell out of our America! Why don’t you see if you can catch a lift with the Obummers out of this country and into oblivion????

    • Dick

      No, Mr & Mrs Obama need to apologize to the citizens and taxpayers of America.

    • John

      They don’t call her Moochelle for nothing !
      How things have changed! If you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans facing certain destitution, earning less than subsistence wages stocking the shelves at Wal-Mart or serving up McDonald cheeseburgers, prepare to scream and then come to realize that the benefit package for these servants of Miz Michelle are the same as members of the national security and defense departments and the bill for these assorted lackeys is paid by John Q. Public:
      1. $172,2000 – Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
      2. $140,000 – Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
      3. $113,000 – Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary)
      4. $102,000 – Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady)
      5. Winter, Melissa E. (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
      6. $90,000 – Medina, David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
      7. $84,000 – Lelyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
      8. $75,000 – Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
      9. $70,000 – Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Projects for the First Lady)
      10. $65,000 – Burnough, Erinn J. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
      11. Reinstein, Joseph B. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
      12. $62,000 – Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
      13. $60,000 – Fitts, Alan O. (Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director for the First Lady)
      14. Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
      15. $52,500 – Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)
      16. $50,000 – Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)
      17. $45,000 – Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
      18. Tubman, Samantha (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
      19. $40,000 – Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
      20. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
      21. Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
      22. Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)
      There has never been anyone in the White House at any time that has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the First Lady’s social life. One wonders why she needs so much help, at taxpayer expense, when even Hillary, only had three; Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and prior to Mamie Eisenhower social help came from the President’s own pocket.
      Note: This does not include makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, and “First Hairstylist” Johnny Wright, 31, both of whom travelled aboard Air Force One to Europe.

    • GrizzlyIX

      With enough prayer & luck, the Commie Gravy Train ENDS NEXT NOVEMBER! ! ! !



    • Airdaleusn


    • darlene

      When they are out in 2012, it looks like they may add to the unemployed stats. ANYONE BUT BARAK HUSEIN OBAMA IN 2012!!!

    • Truth and Transparency…


    • Janice

      That would never happen. They are classless and are bleeding our country dry. They want to use us up and destroy America. Do you actually think they would have the decency to apologize? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JimW

      Apologize for speaking their mind?! Do we not have the first amendment, Freedom of speech? Isn’t that what protects those clueless IDIOTS who call themselves Occupiers? I want to see your face on Tuessday evening after you realize that the Conservatives have removed the SCUM – ANTI AMERICAN liberarals from office in 2012!!

    • B H Whitehouse

      Ronald You think like you spell.

    • billy

      Ronald is not the brightest bulb in the harbor. I think he meant to express that NASCAR made a stupid decision in choosing these two pinko airheads as Grand Marshals instead of the wives of military heroes.

    • Jim

      Nascar is the American people.

    • http://N/A Beverly Hawkins

      Ronald,I feel sorry for you in that you are so mis-informed and are on the side of those who only want to destroy America as we know it. Michelle Baby probably has never watched a NASCAR race in her would be “too redneck” for her as in her mind she feels she is above all of America.

    • Julius Lohr

      Sorry Ronald, but it was the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S response to this ridiculous last-ditch campaign stunt…..not NASCAR’S! Maybe you have been keeping up on current events but the first “Lady” is certainly NO fan of the American people….why does she deserve anything above reciprocal contempt?

    • Skip Foss

      NASCAR owes no one anything the fans were the ones doing the booing because of the America hating commie freak her,her low life muslim commie and Hanoi Jane are all well deserving off boos maybe now she will get the message that we can hate someone like and her old man. Oh yea you’re an assinine idiot

    • Bonnie

      Obama needs to apologize to America, and then GET OUT.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      No what needs to be done is to have both of them given a ride on a NASCAR strapped on the front bumper so they have a nice view and ron you can join them

    • Ken Moreland

      I agree. NASCAR should apologize to the American people for the fans who cheered.

    • Truth and Transparency…

      ronald,your a socialist commie.Transparency right?

    • Ron Campbell

      Just like the Osama oops Obama clan apologised to President Bush at the inaguration when they booed

    • Peter DiRenza

      Brian: You are so right. Obama has done this b4.

      Negativity of the NAASCAR CROWD toward Michelle
      and Jill, but especially Michelle, has created a
      vindictive reaction from the White House.

      Don’t be surprised at anything now.


  • Bill Holtzclaw

    Shocker! NASCAR has sucked ever since the #3 left the track. They have been pandering to Jesse Jackson, et al, to avoid lawsuits. I didn’t see a lot of “diversity” in the crowd!
    Probably can’t afford the ticket. All of the music played by NASCAR all weekend suggested that diversity was abound!

    • Peter DiRenza

      Why. in this day and age would anyone concern
      themselves w/ Jesse Jackson or Rev.? Sharpton?

      These are two of the worst enemies living in the
      United States who, along w/the Neo BP party, hate
      anything “white” and will take any action to destroy
      this country.

  • URKiddinMee

    What the hell were NASCAR officials THINKING to have invited these two marxist to a red-blooded, All-American event? Will Fidel and Raul Castro be next year’s Grand Marshalls?

  • Kookie

    Tickles me to death. Did Michelle think she’s important. Couldn’t shut her mouth while the introductions were made.

  • Randy

    It’s because Nascar didn’t have the guts to tell JJ to go fly a kite.

  • Eli Jones

    I surmise that most of the NASCAR fans despise moochelle as much as I do. I look forward to helping send gorilla girl and her bi-sexual control freak husband back to the political sewers of Chicago where misfits like them belong.

    • Morgan

      well said! ditto 4 me.

    • Eddie

      Eli…I’d like to commend you on your choice of words. I love to hear people say what they really think. I agree with you 1000% Eli. My comment to BIGFOOT (Mooooochelle) would be…BACK IN YOUR CAVE YOU OLD BAT !One of the biggest reasons I despise OJUDAS is because he thinks he is god and I don’t !

    • El Lizard

      Brother, I.m gonna print your comment so I don’t loose site of the truth….I could have not said it better. It pisses me off that NASCAR has stooped to the level of ESPN….HANK WILLIAMS, JR. step up and write a song for this slap in the real Americans face.

  • URKiddinMee

    Apparently, the automatic censor program will not let one post a link. Google “NASCAR fan feedback form” and you can let NASCAR officials know what you REALLY think!

  • jettthemesh

    Toto, we’re not in San Francisco anymore.

  • Tom

    God save us. I hope there are not as many stupid people voting next year. Only thing I can’t stand worse than a commuist elitist is an arrogant ignorant communist elitist that thinks they are important.

    • CHUCK


    • christin

      you are right on, and it is scary.

    • Nancy Newell

      We can only hope and pray!

    • Nancy Newell

      I totally agree….afterall, voting is not about the color of a persons skin!

  • fat cow says

    i would of bood and told them to get the blank out of here neither one care for whats going on,im personally glad they got bood,that should tell them something,

    • revere

      Yes, it probably let them knoe that there are ignorant hate-filled people like you in the crowd!

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    They should not have been booed. I think complete silence would have been a better message from these Americans who have ALWAYS been proud of their country.

    • http://facebook ronald yurchak

      Good one. I like it..

    • USMC Force Recon

      So Capt. and Ron, you both don’t appear to be vested in America’s Liberties and Constitution…hm !!! May I suggest to you that Somalia, Kenya, Lybia are great for people that think like you do. I will use ALL of my precious liberties any time any place to demonstrate my love for my country.Of course with this commie in the white house the Constitution is in extreme danger. Thunder thighs moochell is a disgrace as well as her muslim husband. At one time many many years ago I drove in NASCAR’s lower divisions for a short time. God Bless those NASCAR fans and somebody that invited these idiots needs an attitude adjustment….Because I served and protected your rights you are able to speak what you desire to speak, favorably of someone or to show disdain….God Bless America…Semper Fi

    • WASP

      How stupid are these socialist cows and their staff to even accept an invitation that should never have happened? Everybody keeps harping on how smart Obumbler is. I sure as hell don’t see it. He lacks any fragment of common sense. Another figment of the libtard MSM’s warped imaginations.

    • Chuck

      What else could they think would happen this is red kneck (no disrespect intended) at it’s finest

    • El Lizard

      I would rater have seen our redneck brothers throwing tomatoes and rotten fruit….if it were not for the brave solder standing in their midst.

    • Peter DiRenza

      Silence in this case would be brassy, not golden.
      Silence can be interpreted as “acceptance.” And of
      course, people like the Obamas really believe that
      they are well liked. They hate to admit that anyone
      could hate them for destroying (or trying to) our
      Nation. Just heard that he is blaming the GOP for
      having to raise taxes next year. He doesn’t get it
      that his frequent spending of trillions is the real
      reason for the deficit. Plus his not working but
      having campaigned since taking office plus his
      expensive trips and vacations are NOT helping the
      financial status of this country. He’s hoping that a new war would stabilize the country.
      world war will create financial stability.

    • Janice

      Actually, they’d have to be brain dead if they thought they were liked in this country. They are dragging in all the rift-raft into our country to get votes to continue living the good life, cause they ain’t getting it anywhwere else. Anyone with half a brain would see right through them, and they do. The ones that like them are chomping at the bit for some nibbles BO throws their way with taxpayer money to get more votes. The celebrities that support these phoney un-American outsiders, who are as racist as Al Sharpton, are morons and total dits. Hope they get at their riches and you’ll see a big change in their feeling towards these monstrous leeches.

  • http://yahoo ruth Fox

    God Bless all you Nascar fans who booed this anti-white American hating communist marxist – they are trying to get white America’s votes because there are not enough black votes to get him reelected. They need the white votes and they don’t have them! Next, she will going to a CMA show where there will be more white people. I hope and pray they boo her out of there, too.
    White America is awake now, Moochele Sasquatch!

  • Jeff

    Gee, how sad. To see two such fine, upstanding arrogant, hypocritical, elitist control freaks treated in such a manner? Warms the cockles of my heart?

  • ask230

    @ Dusty (November 21, 2011 at 12:26 am):

    The only thing that’s a disgrace here is the fact that these NASCAR fans didn’t show proper respect to the First and Second Ladies of the United States. Regardless of political beliefs, Americans should show respect to the President of the United States, the Vice-President of the United States AND THEIR FAMILIES. You do this out of respect for the OFFICES of the President and of the Vice-President. Booing these women shows that these fans have no respect for their own country. Any congressman or senator will tell you that s/he shows great respect when in the presence of the President or Vice-President — even when they are members of another party or working against them on a particular issue. Party and politics are irrelevant to the fact that the Presidency and Vice-Presidency are honored offices. It doesn’t matter the political persuasion of the people holding them. You still show basic respect and decorum to anyone representing them.

    • Othello

      We will show them respect when they show the American people repect.
      Respect is EARNED not automatically given!

  • http://Newwavecomm. Betty Phillips

    So “Big Butt Michelle was booed?” Did she actually think that the Americn people have forgotten her “hating America remark” I only wish I had been there, I would have thrown her a “banana. Betty

    • Morgan

      Someone pick me up off the floor! i went rolling on that one. Great!! HAaaaaaaaa….hheeeee. LOL…lol….eeee….haa

    • ask230

      @ Betty:

      “Throw her a banana”? Did I really just read that?? That’s stooping pretty low — regardless of how much the Obamas suck. You shame this great nation, its founding fathers, and your fellow countrymen when you resort to racist comments.

    • mharris2012

      I agree whats with all this racist stuff? I happen to be a black conservative an it hurts my feelings to read all this stuff it looks like every Reply is something racist I mean Bananas everybody knows what that means.Yea I don’t like there politics but lay off the silly childish remarks.It’s like a feeding frenzy with some of u people.They are still in office so lets respect that. Fortunately they will be out next year. But be nice there are other races out here listeing.

  • http://* ann

    I cannot beleive that NASCAR could not have had a disabled Soldier/Soldiers to havae the honors instead of these two. What a disgrace and shame that NASCAR didnt have their real hero’s at heart.

  • REDTOES1946

    Watch out for the pay backs. Obuma will shut down Nascar like he did the oil drilling and put more people out of work. I wish some one would put him out of work!

    • smarie

      We CAN put him out of work! We have the power to vote this terrible president out of office. But we have to get to the polls and actually vote to do it. Everyone – vote in the next presidential election! Vote Obama out!

  • Bob L.

    As soon as the announcer said they were having an interview with Ms. Obummer, I changed channels and checked back periodically to see if it was over. I got POed that the race may have been held up for her to talk.

  • David

    Regardless of WHO they are or their politics I am SICK of POLITICIANS using the MILITARY, wars and dependants for POLITICAL (support?) causes. They sent their WIVES to NASCAR because they (biden-obama) would have NEVER had the balls to show up themselves. Oh! yeah! obama-biden out of the country or busy elswhere DUH!— Msgt USAF, ret — VOTE THEM ALL OUT!



    • Toni

      My son is presently serving his 3rd tour in Iraq and my husband did 30 yrs in the Corps, both my other sons were former military too and if you think I wouldn’t have lost it at this event, let me assure you that both of these fake-azz trailer trash commies would’ve heard me booooooo the loudest.

    • Sonja M


      RIGHT ON!

    • El Lizard

      I’m with you sarge……good post.
      USAF E-5 1966 honorable discharged.

  • Richard Jackson

    Michelle Obama is using every chance she can to get the Votes from our military and she doesn’t give a dam about this country or our wonderful service person’s, it’s all about living another four years in the WhiteHouse with Obummer and live in the lap of luxury and rip the American people off for another four years. They are a disgrace to our Country…

    • Toni

      She comes to Camp Lejeune and talks to the military spouses about how hard it is when your spouse is serving on deployment. How the hell would she or Biden’s wife know what it’s like. Neither one of their husbands served their country – they just use this country and our military. Trust me, they aren’t fooling anyone.

  • Magnum

    Wish I would of been there! I would of helped ! Like they care! It’s election time they pretend they care. M Obama cares only about her family’s power over all of us.

  • William Jordan

    Redneck racist bigots!

  • MOdawg

    I hope that ALL of NASCAR nation is awake and aware to what these progressives are up to; so many are one issue voters, such as many union members, who vote straight Dimocrat, yet if you question them about their values (God, guns, NASCAR, hunting, fishing, taxation, etc.) they are actually conservative. Be assured that the fake-conservationist tree huggers will be coming after NASCAR thanks to their global warming agenda, while they continue their assault on true conservationists like NRA member hunters and BASS member fishermen, and their spread the wealth assault on hard working taxpayers and small business owners, the true lifeblood of most of us! God help us all, Nov. 2012 can’t come soon enough!

  • Richard Vandervort

    Seeing as Michelle just said how much she loathed and despised our military and all that they stood for she earned every Boo that she got.

  • proudamerican

    Nascar fans are real Americans-michelle obama is a socialist bent on destroying the economy with the help of her husband and chief socialist. Real Americans boo our enemies-the obamas must be our enemies?

  • Oink !

    I thought it was more of a Moo than a Boo.

  • Mary S

    0 and M both hate this country. They both have spoken against our country and now want to be re-elected and we will see them do things to win the “hearts of Americans” with their lies and goody-goody actions. They are not to be believed. They have not changed their belief to try to destroy our country. Their actions do not define their words. The old addage: “Actions speak louder than words” fits them to a T.
    Our only hope for this country is God; we need to all turn back to Him and make him first in our lives.

    • revere

      Unless of course God ran as a Democrat.

  • Sunseeker

    Unfortunately, the boos were not loud and long enough. That’s the trouble with America, there PC intimidated. There should of been a cascade of disaproval that would have drowned out the noise of the NASCAR engines. They should of said: COMMUNISTS GO HOME!

  • HRH

    Wow. A communist who by her own admission wasn’t proud of her country until her husband was elected was booed at NASCAR. In other news the sun will be setting in the west this evening.

  • Margaret Hood

    All I can say, is this probably was an assignment from the White House. She has a away of barging in on programs and making her presence know. But hey, so do we Ms. Obama. If indeed NASCAR was pressured into inviting her…she got a real eye opener, for her dearly beloved has not produced job for this area and didn’t he promise??? She got what she deserved because it is what it is~~~

  • http:Google C.B.

    Looks like the microphones were adjusted in order to lessen the booing? And the fans did have a predicament regarding Sargeant Barry and our military being honored at the same time. You couldn’t boo Muchelle and Jill and then applaud Barry. That (to my idea) was done on purpose. The Obamas will resort to anything in order to further their goals of BHO getting reelected. And as far as Nascar being pressured? Well I have a feeling the sponsors had a lot to do with this farce too.

  • ColtAnaconda

    I loved it. Just what kind of reaction did she think she was going to receive? She is out trying to bribe people to vote for the idiot-in -chief again. Ain’t gonna happen. True Red, White and Blue Patriots are fed up. If people would have done their homework in the first place obummer never would have been elected in the first place.

  • Skip Foss

    This appearance was just a set up for the HIRE A VET bill that Hussien signed this morning,the bill is as big a big bunch of bullshit as the proud feeling they have for our vets.If you beleive their crap I’ve got a bridge in Alaska I’ll sell ya

  • Ron Kenwisher

    The people who sent boos to the elitist marxists from Washington DC are the intelligent ones. The one who cheered are idiots.

  • smarie

    I would imagine that NASCAR was trying to be politically correct by inviting Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden to the race. They had to have known that not everyone would appreciate seeing these two women there. With the way this country is falling apart, there are bound to be plenty of people at any gathering who want to see Obama booted out of office. But, there will be some supporters as well. Some people would support this terrible president even if he personally came to their homes and threw them out on to the street. Come to think of it, he is already doing this, although he doesn’t appear personally. Obama has to go.

  • Bill Weston

    For all of you political pundits and surveyors out there, if you want to know what americans really think go to a NASCAR race and perhaps a hockey game. All you have to do is leave your agenda behind and bring an open mind if you have one. Baseball, football, are pretty good sources of opinion, but these sports are “mainstreamed” and big business. Basketball is targeted for innercities so opinions there are probably biased as a generalization. Mrs. “O” didn’t tell us to “eat cake”, but I’m sure that she enjoys living in the “main house on the government plantation”.

  • Bill Weston

    As I see it, many NASCAR fans probably feel that the wild turkey should be the national bird and not the eagle. Ben Franklin was right about the bravery and cunning of the wild turkey. All I really know is a lot of “rednecks” that I know are very similar :)
    I don’t know if I’m a redneck, but I’m pretty comfortable among them and I understand most of what they have to say.

  • d stout

    Who were the dunderheads that asked them to go along for the ride????


    Dang! I missed that. This southern REDNECK VETERAN hasn’t worked in 2 1/2 years and doesn’t get any financial help, my skin isn’t right color. They would have heard my boo – I would have used bullhotn; but I can’t afford the tickets or tv!!! I hope there are enough TRUE AMERICANS left in this country to vote oblama and moochelle and the rest of the SUCKERS out of office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoomail Herman McCloud

    Who is this mischelle obama, She sure as hell
    isn’t first lady not in my view she ain’t but then again neither is obama president to me either, He’s not even a legitimate
    American and if he was then he wouldn’t have spent so much money in covering up the issue of his birth certificate,Oh well I
    don’t want even think about this piece of
    shit who wang his way to the whitehouse
    through illigitimate certificate and bribes
    of money, Now he’s got machelle out there
    tyring to mix in with people who she has
    absolutely nothing in common with, Whats

  • STMIKE123


  • Truth and Transparency…

    Transparency right?Nascar fans have not drank the obama kool-aid.Transparency right?No birht certificate and foreign aid to go to college as a foreigner and all the insider trading. America has been sold out. Nascar fans are down to earth Patriots and are not fooled by two faced lies. Transparency remember?

  • Luke Taylor

    It is all about election time. Here are the instructions: Michelle and Jill you go to NASCAR, Obama you invite country music stars to the White House. Soon Obama will want to be invited to a Tea Party Event. Can you believe these two trained Marists will do anything to get elected?

    • Peter DiRenza


  • kevin kelly

    I would have booed the biden’s and m.o. also.I would have told those three you are’nt welcome here.I was a FLORIDA citizen in 2004.

    • Firedog 63


      These elitests, flying at taxpayer expense, trying to “Fit in” with the common folk was a very disgusting display. Yes, there were there ostensibly to honor the military BUT the majority saw right through the ploy. It was nothing more than a reelection campaign stop to promote BHO.

      NASCAR fans may be called rednecks but they are hard working Americans who are disgusted with the Liberal, Communist track that Obama is taking. They may be “Rednecks” but they aren’t dumb.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Why didn’t mochelle and Bidens wife say, I THINK THE MONEY WE WOULD SPEND ON planes, security,food,drinks, extra friends and passengers would be better spent if we were to give this money to take care of HOMELESS VETS!

    • Don39

      That was with tongue in cheek I assume. Being royalty they say, let them eat cake!

    • Janice

      Because they hate our homeless vets, our military, our country and its people. They are using us for their own benefit. They even look down on the very people….our secret service…who protect their sorry butts. They think they’re beneath them. What a joke they are.

  • tmt

    The obamas might be rich but they have the attitude of ghetto rats.

    • Don39

      Not all who live in the Getto are as you indicate and likely few are what the Obama’s are! You owe the getto dwellers, at least those that would be elsewhere if they could, an apology.

    • Janet

      You cannot compare the Obamas to ghetto rats. Rats are intelligent animals and the comparison hurts the rats’ feelings and annoys them.

  • christin

    vote for WHOEVER the republican nominee is…then we will win back America from those in the process of intentionally killing this country. Remember, anything is better than the haters occupying the White house at this moment.

  • Don39

    The appearance of Michelle Obama and Dr.Biden anywhere is not an honor to anyone not of the sociaocommunist bent. We all know where they and their ilk stand on the military, us bitter clingers and true Americans.They will not change our mind and should not embarrass us by making such phoney appearances. Ditto for their husbands. I am not a NASCAR fan, but I love those that are after hearing that reception.

    • Truth and Transparency…

      Transparency right?Nascar fans have not drank the obama kool-aid.Transparency right?No birth certificate and foreign aid to go to college as a foreigner and all the insider trading. America has been sold out. Nascar fans are down to earth Patriots and are not fooled by two faced lies. Transparency remember?


    What do Casey Anthony and Barack Obama have in common?

    They are both getting away with Murder… NEVER LET A LIBERAL ANYWHERE NEAR A JURY BOX, OR VOTING BOOTH… nothing good will come from it. They lack the capacity to think
    logically or compute simple common sense.


  • Jennie

    I think Moochele got confused between NASCAR and NAACP.

    • Mike

      How low class can you people be? I don’t recall anyone booing Laura Bush or Dick Cheney’s wife whoever she was!

    • Tom

      You’re absolutely right. They were not booed. Think about it.

    • Richard H Burns

      Maybe its because its common knowledge that Michelle hates WHITE PEOPLE!!

    • Othello

      Maybe that’s because Laura Bush and Dick Cheney’s wife LOVE AMERICA! Michelle and Jill DO NOT! AND NEITHER DO THEUR HUSBANDS!

    • John Griffin

      Talk about low class!! I heard the Bush family get booed at the Obama Inauguration. Don’t kid yourself!! You lefties can be the most rude and offensive crowd that could ever be!!!

    • Samuel

      I guess not they wwere good women what di d Michelle ever do for this country or Borack either

    • bdevilandcanes

      very good. the NAACP may not be communist enough for them to visit.

  • Mamooska

    The best way to be “heard” is to get out there and vote in 2012! It is not a privilege, but an obligation to save this country from those who would like to see it destroyed. God bless America AND all our troops. You are the real heroes.

    • Doff Trolio

      Mamooska They cannot be voted out. Read The Declaration. Action is what it takes and maybe some blood. Freedom is not cheap or handed to you on a silver platter.

    • http://n/a Ron

      Dear Mamooska, those heros also include people like you, who type their opinions to other communicatrs in freedom and liberty. Thank you for your enlightnmet and please, enjoy your comming holiday season. Ron

  • giley

    I think the Boooo message was loud and clear. It is all a facsade with the Obamas as far as supporting the military. Lets’ not forget that it is election season!!!!!!!!!

  • Doff Trolio

    I know 99 and 9/10% will not belive me I have not voted for a Demrat or a Reprat or Indrat after i voted for Trickey Nixon. You get one and the same out of all three. Nobody reads The Declaration it says nothing about voting the out. These Rats cannot be voted out the same as Castro, Stalin, Ect. Talk is cheap Action is real. Anyone who thinks Obommer will not get elected in 2012 pull your head out of the sand. You said Clinton would not get reelected duh. I am old and ready to check out. You young wipersanappers have not seen anything yet the day will come for you when you go to work in the morning just to get food for that evening. You better wake up and smell the roses before it is too late. I am ready to die for my freedom are you.

    • http://n/a Ron

      Yes! my friend, and like yourself, I am a bit long in the tooth also. I am proud of being born in America and treasure those things that she has donated to my everyday living. It is my belief, there is no finer cause for which to die, than in the defense of our freedoms and liberty. If I cannot be fortunate to serve with you, know that I would have enjoyed marching by your side, into that final battle before Eternity.

    • Damon Blankenship

      Damn straight Doff, Obama already has a george Soros company counting votes in wisconson and you know its going to be dirty. Yea im ready to do as our founders knew we would HAVE TO do, Take back WE THE PEOPLE’s country, Im In, I’ll be there just let me know.

  • Linda

    Way to go Nascar fans…you make me proud!!!!!

  • Noelle


    • Janice

      What? And give up all the perks they get by bleeding the taxpayers dry?? They hate us and will do everything they can to destroy our country and its people. What animals! I hope their children don’t follow in their footsteps. Can’t wait until Karma gets them!!!

    • Avis Page

      I’ll chip in on a one way trip to get them out of the good old U.S.A. I hear Libya is in need of a dictator!!!! George Soros needs to get out of our country, too!!!

  • madashell

    It was arrogrant for these two women to think they should even be at a Nascar Race!! Being Co-Grand Marshalls is an honor they don’t deserve. I don’t understand why anyone in Nascar would even ask them to participate, or did Nascar ask?? Is there more to the story that we don’t know???

  • ron scofield

    I am a NASCAR fan. I feel it was totally inappropriate for both of them to be there. I would really like to know who set this up. I feel they were out of place. Please when you find out

  • mharris2012

    I have never seen so many racist people in my life dont’t get me wrong I am no fan of the Obamas either but I am a christian an a conservative too.A Black one as well we might not like what they do but at least respect the office that some of u put them in an please be a little senstive to others like me out there reading this I mean monkeys bananas everybody know what that means.2012 hopefully they will be out of there.

    • Othello

      How is “booing” racist?

    • Bear

      I don’t care if a person is blue, green or purple!Race has nothing to do with it, but some are always try to bring it into it. Obama is the biggest racist of all.He plays the “race card” every chance he gets. Obama, his family & his cohorts(of all colors & backgrounds)he has around him do not care about this country, & seem to be doing everything to bring it down. They were USING our military & all the brave men & women in it to get a good campaign photo opt. I’d be willing to bet they have never even seen a Nascar race before.

  • J. B. Andrews

    There are enough “entitlement” voters in the
    USA to re-elect Obama. It will take a miracle to dump him in 2012. Get eveyone
    you know to the polls in 2012. This may be
    your last chance.

    • Charlie

      … and like THEY say (and do): “Vote early & vote often.”


    I was not a NASCAR fan but NOW I AM. Glad the two witches got a chilly reception.

  • KS49

    To bad BHO wasn’t out on the track being chased around by the cars. That would have sent ratings thru the roof…

    • Janice

      Yeah, and maybe he’d wind up on the moon and regret cancelling the NASA program. Funny just to imagine it!!!

  • bashinnc

    She was where she was not wanted – she was also not needed to support our troops. Her and her wanna be ruler husband have never given our troops one thought or support until he became prez. He even wanted them to pay for their own HEALTH INSURANCE!! That’s right servicemembers – pull out your blue cross blue shield when hit by a mortar round!! And then this puke of a prez had the ‘audacity’ to say ‘didn’t they volunteer’,,,,,, come on America quit sucking up to this puke prez and his wife who finally felt pride to be an American AFTER her husband was elected to Prez…!!!

    It is really incredible that more people haven’t taken shots at them — literally verbal and with live ammo….. destroying this country with marxist and socialist programs that we don’t want and CAN NOT AFFORD. ‘support and defend the constitution…. that is the oath of the servicemember …… not follow blindly!!

    Continue to speak out America and lets get this affront to our culture out of office!!!

    Stop pay hamas (terrorist) to destroy us!!! Check it out ==== it is happening!!

  • No hippie chick

    May not be relevant, but I saw Air Force 1 landing in San Diego for the basketball game. Don’t like who is on board, but seeing that glimmering sign of the American people really hit me. Never seen it before.

    I don’t approve of (okay I loath) the politics of the first couple, but there are still some things (ideas?) bigger than the people currently in office.

    I am proud to be an American & I and mine WILL be voting!

  • John

    We need to remove the Obama’s now or they may use our own military against us with martial law.

    • Beemer

      Does anyone believe that 99% of our military would actually take armed action against US citizens?

    • Bear

      OUR Military wouldn’t, but remember Obama once said he would have a “civilian army bigger & better funded than our armed services”? He never said why….. and it was never mentioned again.

    • proudamerican

      Of course they wont. Yes, there are a few bad apples in every bushel, but todays military is not like the military of old. They dont take just anyone and you have to have your act together to get a spot. As a result, they are educated and get news from home every day in real time and they know that obama is a 100% impostor. I believe we can count on our great military to stand with us.

    • proudamerican

      The above comment went straight to moderation! Nothing in it to justify this! CENSORSHIP???????

  • Richard H Burns

    Couldn’t be because Ms. Obama hates WHITE PEOPLE!!

  • http://netzero so cal grandmother

    i wonder also why moose and biden took over a thing with military wives, have they done anything to help military families? i don’t think so, those people are classless and clueless. i am voting for the person who will re-instate my happy meal. not all of us are to fat to enjoy them. sorry michele.

  • Tom

    Honestly, booing these scum is too good for them. My only regret is that their husbands were not there so that someone could have given these men (not their offices) all the due respect they deserve and in accordance with their (at least Mechelle and obama’s) islamic traditions, by hurling shoes covered thoroughly in pig feces at them. But even this would be far too decent for these indecent swine. These illegal alien criminals and their treasonous unAmerican policies, practices and islamo-fascist agendas are the worst problems our nation has. Their eviction from the White House after being thrown out of office by the voters cannot come soon enough. He should drop out of the election if the well being of the USA were truly near and dear to their hearts. It is certain that they have done nothinbg to better our republic since the criminal stealing and obama’s illegal holding of his office.

  • Bear

    I guess you can’t recall anything that HE said, here, or state an opinion is if is about our country’s leaders. What exactly did I post that got it sent to “moderation”??

  • cluv

    Myself and about 20 other disabled veterans meet with each other about once a month,I was injured while training for Viet Nam.But most of these guys were in combat,And not one of them wants anything to do with This so called President or his Wife.Its an insult for them to be invited to Nascar.If you really want to help Veterans,Leave the office of POTUS!.

  • Denisa Dellinger

    All I can say is that it is free speech. A boo or a yea can say a lot. On one hand I think it was disrespectful because there were children in the box and on the other, I ask why are they there? I still can see her face as she whispered something snitty to her husband not so long ago involving a flag ceremony. “All this for a da** flag” , whatever she said was not good.

  • http://talktalk johnny h

    Perhaps instead of gping tp Nascar Michelle and Biden should get a grip of the $15 TRILLION debt they have gotten us into.
    USA is downgraded by S&P already, so USA Interest rates for boeeowing UP!
    If you drive across the Midwest you will find, just like the 1930s abandoned town where homes have been left behind as citizens LOSE ALL HOPE as a result of Washington and the fininciers.
    2012 is a turning point for USA.
    If Obama wins a second term this proud country if down the tubes…BIG STYLE!!
    We already have basic freedoms stolen by the socialist leaning “Programs” with their unaccountable `Crats living off the people and enjoying their lifestyle.
    We need to SCRAP all the bureaucratic programs set up by the socialist Politcally correct. It would get USA out of debt in no time.
    Government has swollen too much and these programs benegit ONLY the `Crats who are employed by Washington!!
    CUT TAXES CUT PROGRAMS SACK OBAMA and campaign for term limits for all politicians presently in National Government.
    No-one in industry is now guaranteed a job for life, so why should senators and representatives expect one??

  • peggy

    I am proud to hear that everyone at NASCAR booed m.o an biden’s old lady. These two old heffers don’t know how to dress or fix their hair and look a disgrace to our entire nation. They are pathetic representatives of America. Tell michelle to stop blowing billions of tax payers money and keep her ass at home where she belongs. She’s had enough vacations, now stay home where she belongs. They think they are so smart, but the entire world is making fun of them and their husbands. Anyone who votes to re-elect these tow idiots really need to check themselves into a mental institution. Obama will never get my vote!

  • J J

    Did these “special ladies” have to pay for anything out of their own pockets or did the tax payers pay for their trip, tickets, food, etc???? I’m tired of paying for their vacations and their campaigning.