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Why Romney’s Iowa Robo-calls are Targeting Rick Perry, Not Herman Cain

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Is Mitt Romney ramping up in Iowa in a possible play to win that state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses?

There are growing signs that the former Massachusetts governor – a leading GOP presidential contender – is doing just that.

Mr. Romney funded robo-calls Thursday to Iowa voters featuring an Arizona sheriff accusing Texas Gov. Rick Perry of being “part of the illegal immigration problem,” the Associated Press reported Friday.

In a clarification, a Romney official told Politico that the sheriff, Paul Babeu of southwestern Arizona, held a live conference call with Iowa voters, and that voters who did not pick up the phone received a voicemail.

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  • Ltjg

    While I have always agreed with Sheriff Babeu and Hope he has a successful run for Congress, I can not get all warm and cozy with Romney. I will Vote for Romney only if I have to. He is not my first choice. Agreed, we must do something about our Borders. A fence is not enough. Our Military is the answer. I am still questioning the attacks on Cain and will not beleive the Media until proof is given. As far as I am concerned, A man is STILL innocent until proven guilty. Although, I am not a major Cain supporter either. Frankly, it is still too early to completely decide. We all have a long way to go and several other debates left. But Romney so far does not do anything for me.

    • nvrpc

      Ltjg: It’s not just the borders it “all points of entry”. Illegal’s and terrorist are coming in faster than you can imagine as well as all the drug which in the end finance the terrorist and the cartel. All Points of Entry must be secured, snipers and drones deployed and action to assure they understand the consequences for “trying ” to enter and above all deportation of ALL illegal aliens, assets seized and their children go with them back to their homeland. It is the ONLY way you will ever resolve our overburdened welfare system and take America back. Oh and one more thing. You must get all socialist pigs out of every office around the country and all traitor RINOS too. We have a lot of work to do in a very short period of time…

    • Ltjg

      Yes nvrpc, I agree with you. When I refer to Borders, it encompases All Boundaries, All Geographical Features.

    • T Lady

      Yes to all of the above. America is being turned into a Banana Republic.

    • Karen

      I hope you had a chance to watch yesterday’s debate between Cain and Gingrich. Not only did each candidate treat the other with civility and respect, they presented some honest HOPE for our country. My vote? Newt and Cain in 2012 as president and vice-president. They ARE a dynamic duo indeed.

    • jj

      i stumbled on that debate soley by accident. Excelent dialogue. They showed very high respect for each other and as one of them said very near the end, there were no “gotcha’s” by the facilitator. I think they are looking to a Cain/Gyngrich ticket. I love the last question from Cain to Gyngrich; “When you are elected VICE-prseident, ,,,”. I thought Newt was going to roll on the floor with laughter.

    • Barbc

      Cain / Gingrich I will vote for them regardless who sits in which chair.

    • Beth B

      Yes, nicey-nicey, for the most part. It was needed. But that “ticket” is not the best thing to come of this. Newt, when necessary, can out-debate anyone, but deliberately chose to avoid that sort of thing. Applying a 9% Fed. sales tax on the poor would be devastating, and Newt Knows! My response to H.Cain, is “Nein, nein, nein!”

    • Politicalgal1

      I’ve had enough Hope from the last Hope and Change candidate. I want a President with a strong conservative governing record who understands that restoring the Tenth Amendment (state’s rights) is the key to freedom and liberty in this country. I want a President who understands that energy independence is key to our economic prosperity and national security.

    • Ltjg

      Yes Karen, It was refreshing to see Unity between our Candidates instead of Bashing each other. I do think they do more harm than good for each other and just feeds the Media with more Negatives. Newt always supported the Reagan idea to approach debates by saving the attacks for the opposite Party and Not each other. I am far more interested in ideas not digs. if I wanted to see a fight I would have turned on a War movie (smile).

    • Susie40

      I too cannot cozy up to Romney unless it is the last ditch only way we can confront obama. Newt/Cain is my choice.
      LOVED the CSPAN discussion!

    • Jonathan Gartner

      I agree a lot with Perry. I would like to see a wall go up and shoot to kill orders on the border with troops (not enforcement officers) a division in rotation would do from some of the models I have seen. He has been the state that not only has the biggest problem because of the length of the border but also has had his hands tied by Obama’s polices and administration.

    • Melissa

      I totally agree. the repubs are all going in the wrong direction if they just insist on doing NOTHING with the illegal immigrant problem. They all to scream to deport them. Now that’s likely. Not. I thought the conservatives were more intelligent. I am quickly changing my mind.

    • Rod

      Weather or not you like or dislike any of these guys. Don’t cut each others throat before you go up against Obama. It makes us look like the Demo’s that we are fighting.
      My Vote is Cain. Yours may be someone else, but in the end. Whoever wins, we all need to get behind him to win or kiss this country goodbye…

    • Mdvd

      From reading these comments, I conclude we will have another 4 years with Obama because we are NOT going to choose the right NOMINEE. Gingrich is a full-pledged politician with an immoral life (wife cheater 2x); Cain is a joke. How many times are you going to let this guy make mistakes, i.e., China has no nuclear weapons? Negotiate with terrorists? He is pro-life, but will let women make a choice? THAT’S A PRO-CHOICE statement!!! Cain is using the exact words of John Kerry, Ted Kennedy on abortion!! And yet, he keeps saying he’s pro-life. He’s dodging questions about harassing 3 women. The Restaurant published what happened. Read it please!!! I thought the Republican party is a party that defends family and the unborn? The victims of harassment are liars? We need to protect women who are harassed in the workplace. We need to protect the unborn. We need to protect family values. Romney had a change of heart about abortion. And so do many people change their hearts too re abortion. Why can’t we forgive Romney for changing his belief in abortion? But we are willing to forgive wife cheating and sexually harassing women? Who has the most experience in running this economic chaos. We need someone who knows global business. Romney’s personal asset will tell us he can surely run a business. We surely do not want a President who runs millions of $$ at Tiffany’s . If he cannot even personally manage his personal money, how can he manage the biggest economy in the world? I know you know who I’m talking about. Newt and Cain ticket? will be a disaster. Ask him about his Tiffany account …why he owes $2 million?

  • http://www.americanfreedombybarbara Barbara Espinosa

    What Perry is doing in Texas to secure the border. Oct. 30, 2011
    Roundup: Texas Adds New Cameras To Border Security
    Posted on
    Forty Percent of U.S.-Mexico Border WIDE OPEN
    Did you know that FORTY PERCENT of the U.S.- Mexico border is public land that current environmental law dictates cannot be driven on even by U.S. Border Patrol?


      I smell a rat there. Does it mean that the goverment is leaving an opening, perhaps on purpose, for the entrance of illegals, and for drug cartels to operate without risks?
      Everything is possible!

    • Melissa

      It appears that NO ONE is listening. Truly sad for this country.

  • vietnamvet

    I will vote for whoever takes the Republican nomination.
    But I would be most pleased to cast that vote for Newt.

    • Ltjg

      Hello vietnamvet, Although I have not committed myself yet, I must say I have the greatest admiration and respect for Newt. I have always liked him and had hoped when he ran long ago he would have won. He is a good man.

    • scotwright

      I wonder if you would place yourself in the office of Human Resources Manager of a company in which all of your money and your future were invested in. You have three candidates for the job. A known philander who left his wife’s deathbed to carouse with his present wife, a man who wants to raise taxes on the POOR, and a man who has fixed several companies, a major international organization and a large liberal state. If you choose the first one you get Newt Gingrich, the second is Herman Cain, and the third is Mr. Romney. As you can see Mitt is the best qualified and you should overlook your anti-Mormon prejudice and help Mitt save America. The other candidates are just window dressing and could possibly lose to the Commie Dog who now infests the White House. Let’s not put a weak candidate up to defeat a Satanic creature like Obama.

    • Ltjg

      I just got done watching cspan the Texas Debate between Cain and Newt. It was the best ever and thoroughly enjoyed both Gentlemen. Pull it up on computer, It is worth watching.

    • Karen

      I second that. Watch the debate. Now that is respectable politics, unlike ANYTHING we see in today’s administration and/or many of our currently competing politicians. PLEASE, PLEASE, if you didn’t see the Texas debate between Newt and Cain, watch it. I FINALLY have hope for our country again.

  • Kay

    What are RINOS?

    • scotwright

      RINOS is the plural of RHINO which is Republican In Name Only. Someone who claims to support the party platform and really is working for the Democrats is justly called a RHINO. While all of the Republican candidates aren’t perfect I would call any of them RHINO.

    • scotwright

      Correction to previous post. I “wouldn’t” call any of the folks who are major canditates for the Republican nomination RHINOS.

    • Beth B

      Huh? Did you omit the word, “not”?

  • Shane

    Perry is soft on illegal aliens, as was W. Bush. It must be a Texas thing, as Texas has been overrun by hordes of illegals from Mexico. Perry wants to give all no-criminal illegal aliens work permits and allow them to stay here. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Obama and Perry when it comes to illegal aliens.
    I will probably vote for Newt in the primaries.

    • NOliver

      Governor Perry is not soft on illegals…he is not for amnesty period. Texas is not overrun with illegals and other states have a bigger problem than Texas. He wants to issue the visa’s…which do not necessarily mean those will be allowed in our country or to stay…but we have to identify and locate the illegals, as well as track the immigrant coming here to work. As for rounding up and deporting…man…what a bunch of deficit we can rack up doing so with some 12million all over this country now. But, remember…Gov. Perry did not listen to Bush or Obama when that Mexican National came up for execution for brutally raping a Texas gal…He did not back down to Mexico either… Do some homework on the issues before popping off with accusations…as Cain should also do. As for the debate…it was class 101 for Cain…twice Cain was asked to answer first…he could not so he passed to Newt to educate him…We do not need a trainee again…we need a proven leader…I see Gingrich and Perry as the only choices we should be considering…we don’t have time to wait and pussy foot around and we need a leader who knows how to get Congress to move in the right direction. We have foriegn threats galore…and a nation that needs to move forward ASAP! Just what have we been gripping about since the beginning of the Tea Party…Gingrich and Perry are the only ones who have not missed a Constitutional question…and Gingrich has said at the Regan Dinner in Iowa…Gov. Perry really made him understand the Tenth Amendment…DO SOME DAMN HARD THINKING AND VETTING THIS TIME…OUR NATION DEPENDS ON IT!

    • Suzye Marino


      I couldn’t agree with your response more if I had written it! As a matter of fact, I noted on The Five this a.m. about Cain constantly deferring to Newt on way too many questions. I thought I must be the only person who noticed his obvious inability to respond to those questions and wanted Newt to give him some ideas first. Honest, open-minded vetting must be done on all candidates — even Cain!!

    • Jonathan Gartner

      NOliver I agree whole heartedly Perry has done the best job that he could do. I wish some people would study history of Texas this would give them some understanding of what is going on down there. I am in Michigan and I understand the problems with a border that long and 40% being public land patroled very sparsely because of the Obama administration

    • Bree

      Thank God for that Jonathan, I agree that Perry has done the best job he can do for a border state. He’s a great candidate not simply a politician like most others.

    • Al

      All candidates in the Republican party are part of the big socialist tent.

      I will support Ron Paul. No more big government types. All the other ones are the establishment. All seem to supoort the FED and I will not support him. I wilol not vote for any of so called lesser of two evils. Evil is evvl!! This is why this country is the way it is thanks to big socialist government from the Demopublicans. I do know what socialism/communism is all about. I lived it. Both parties are mesing up this country. Ron Paul is the man for this time in history. Gee why has he been receiving more campaign contributions from both active and retired military? See stats on FEC Federal Election Commission. No more crony capitalsim. We need to freeze spending and not just cut rate of growth of government for it will still continue to grow. Of course esrablishment politicians say its a cut but not a spending freeze. It all smoke and mirrors. Time to stay with principle and enough with this lesser of two evil absurdity

    • Melissa

      You have got to be kidding. Please act more intelligently and try to help figure out how we are going to assimilate this group, not only into the country, but to encourage them to be Republicans because most of them share the same ideals and goals as we do. And by the way, we will not be deporting 15 million illegal people any time soon…..

  • nvrpc

    I voting for Cain. The rest are worthless politicians.

    • Helmon

      Romney is the Answer

    • Jonathan Gartner

      What Obama-lite????

  • Zeb Blanchard

    Here’s Devvy Kidd on Newt Gingrich:
    Newty is NWO, CFR, and RINO in one package!

  • keith

    Well, although I like Newt personally, he does have problems. One of those problems was getting on the cap and tax bandwagon. His second major problem is the reason he went from respectable polling numbers to basement bottom in polling. He defended Obamacare. Of course, he didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare that was modeled after the Republican alternative to Hillarycare, and he was Speaker of the House at that time pushing that alternative. Bottom line is Newt is a skilled politician who knows how to win votes. Whether or not he would kill cap and tax and repeal Obamacare remains to be seen. But you can bet Team Obama already has those hostorical reels loaded showing Newt backing cap and tax as well as Obamacare.

  • Christopher McCormick

    Maybe the sheriff should ask Romney if he can spare a few thousand of those annoying men in short sleeved shirts that ride bicycles and try to tell us they are Christian, to patrol the border. The Feds have jurisdiction not Govonors.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Yep to about 40% of the land right where the illegals come in

    • jj

      Bashing the practices of a mans religion will get you nowhere. I am not of his same religion but we do have freedom of religion in this country.

  • keith

    I personally will support Cain until the nomination. Should Newt win, I will probably support him. Any of the other nutcases running, with the exception of Paul are just as liberal as the nutcase we currently have, just a kinder gentler version. Paul is just an idiot. I do agree with many of his domestic stances but his foreign policy is ignorant and that is putting it nicely. A vote for Romney or Perry would be just as good as voting for Obama.

    • scotwright

      If we don’t support our winning candidate against Obama we will then probably get a “President for Life” like Castro,Kim Jung Il, or Chavez. This is so important I would even vote for an Evangelical to get Obama evicted from the White House. This election is BY FAR the most important election of our lives and a little ignorance about the nicest people I have ever known (Mormons) shouldn’t stop us from making the right choice.

  • gerd

    The difference between Obama and Romney is that Romney is an American. Other than that, not much difference at all. Well, I guess Romney ia all white, just a white Obama.

  • keith

    @Christopher, that is the problem with America today. Too many people gladly cede their liberty to the all powerful federal government. If you like being a slave to the state (federal government) go ahead and move to Mexico or Cuba. The more I have the federal government out of my life the better off I am. To put it another way, I don’t need or want federal hypocrits taking responsibility for any of my life or my decisions. I enjoy taking responsibility for myself thank you. That includes taking responsibility for securing my own private property by whatever means I choose to deploy.

  • sb36695

    Cain/Gingrich 2012!

  • keith

    @sb36695: Tried to give you a thumbs up and it recorded a thumbs down. I’m with you all the way on that ticket.



    • http://HELP Believer

      My husband and i are in our 60s, and have been voting for over 45 years.We vet every candidate from beginning to end, then make our decision. As of now,we are most impressed with Michelle Bachman.We both came to the same conclusion, Herman Cain is not experienced enough for the presidency. Last night was no debate, it was a conversation between 2 men.Gingrich tries to act like he has all the answers. He is not a MIRACLE worker.We have no money to train people for 99 weeks while they are unemployed. Save while you are working, for a possible future job loss, then your worries will be gone. Cain nor Gingrich knew where the money would be put, that the workers who opt for privatizing their Social security. Who handles this? The Federal Government? I think running a COUNTRY is a whole lot different then running a company. There are many more issues then just business troubling this Nation! One thing I do like about Michelle is she does have a TITANIUM SPINE! She doesn’t COMPROMISE no matter how disrespectful she is being treated!

  • donotlikeobama

    Romney will not try to destroy the Constitution of this country. We won’t have a country if that is allowed to be destroyed. Borders, economy, healthcare, won’t matter. We won’t be a free nation without it. No more Execute Orders, no more free lunches by life time terms in Congress, no more the people serve us..not we serve the people. No more Obama. And, Romney is a Christian. He believes in Jesus Christ, the son of God, born of Mary, died on the cross, resurrected 3 days later and went to sheep who are not of this fold.

    • Christopher McCormick

      Mormons are not Christians. Look it up you fool. Christians don’t believe Jesus and Satin are brothers. Mormons do. God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are one. Mormons say they are separate. Mormons think they will become Gods, Christians know there is only one God. You can’t lay hands on a dead persons casket and save their soul. You have free will, you must ask God yourself to keep your soul.

    • Christopher McCormick

      Satin knows Christ was born of a virgin, died on the cross and rose three days latter as well. Mormons are moral, structured and patriotic Americans. They are not Christians however. They are Mormons. Again, just because they put Christ in lader day saints does not make them Christian. Look it up.

  • donotlikeobama

    No more Executive Orders, sorry.

  • am2sweet

    Of course at some point in any election the mud starts flying. I heard that Perry was the one that brought up the charges against Cain of sexual harrassment. I know someone must have as those two women were quiet until now. I think the whole thing was resolved years ago and only brought up now to hurt Cain’s campaign.

    • donotlikeobama

      I was told that Perry was a Democrat but changed to Republican so he could win the Governor’s race in Texas. Will he flip again once President? Will Cain have a trist under his desk? Kennedy didn’t make the country Catholic, Carter didn’t make us Southern Baptist and Romney won’t make us all Mormon’s. But Obama, will make us all live under Muslim Rule and take away the Constitution. Choose your poison wisely voters.

    • Melissa

      Perry is the answer if you ever get to understand the immigration issue. He”s lived with it, governed it and is trying to settle it once for all – where everyone benefits.

    • Beth B

      Absolutely. The Islamic ideal is to destroy all infidels, and that means us. BHO is in that camp, and needs to be impeached immediately, to avoid any more of the devastation that he seeks to place upon this country that was won with the blood of our forefathers.

    • Christopher McCormick

      Democrats in Texas ,Like Charley Wilson and Rick Perry are a different breed. Let people keep their guns and money and you stand a great chance of getting re elected. Perry became a republican when he was elected lt.Govoner. Yes perry, like Reagan changed party affiliation. Blue dog democrats are extinct. They were called Reagan democrats before the party took a hard left. Now north east republicans like Snow,Collins and Scott brown are the Obama republicans. So is Romney.

    • Walker

      am2sweet, It has been established that Perry, nor anyone in his camp leaked the story on Cain. Cain rushed to judgment and accused Perry without even getting any evidence. He rushed to judgment.
      Also, if Cain was accused of sexual harassment (and he WAS) don’t we have the right to know that. If you believe he is innocent . . . .eveb though 3 separate women have accused him, then that is your choice. But this is the second time that Cain has jumped to conclusions and accused Perry of something Perry did not do!!!
      I will NOT vote for Cain no matter what . . . .I dannot respect a man who blames someone else with no evidence.
      Do you knwo why he blamed Perry?? Because in 2004 he had told someone who works on Perry’s team about the harassment suit. . . so he thought that man repeated it . . turns out he did not. But I find it very interesting that told the man about it in 2004, yet when the story broke, he said he could not recall any details. Give me a break. He has changed his story too many times. In the beginning, I had a lot of respect for Cain. Not any more.

    • Bilbo77

      Cains people have already stated that Perrys’ campain had nothing to do with the harassment claims.

    • Bree

      Yes, you’re right Bilbo, it has been proven and most of what is repeated here is usually slander. 99.9% of the time. No truth to any of it.

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul Won the Illinois Straw Poll, and Update hasn’t said a word as usual. The Patriot is as crooked as the rest of the Media.cain Slick Willie is on his way out,You all know Slick Willie ,and his wife voted for barry don’t you ??? What else would you expect of a X Top CEO of the Federal Reserve,that has a bad memory of a Sexual Assault !!!

  • Kenneth Irvin

    It is a well known policy to go ahead and make a settlement with these kind of charges such as the ones against Herman Cain. I think if the truth was known those women would have to go to jail or at the very least pay back the settlement they got plus a heavy fine for falsely accusing the man.

    • jj

      ANY an who has been through the resurection of several compaines is going to get complaints from at least a few disgruntled employees. All to often a simple accusation can bring a great man down. I have had women give me a dirty look just because I held a door open for them…. Go figure..

  • dfrank

    The subject of this article was why Romney’s Iowa Robo calls are targeting Perry instead of Cain: and it seems obvious that Romney, or anyone else would spend their resources where they think they will work to the greatest good with minimal risk of doing harm.

    Perry is certainly still a viable candidate; and, attacking Cain, right now could be perceived as attacking a man while he is down, not usually a smart move. Deservedly or not, Cain is the sympathy darling right now. To me, it seems an astute decision to target Perry and just wait to see if Cain will continue to self-destruct in his efforts to explain his current situation.

    • Bree

      Cain is the flavor of the month and he’s going down. It will be a very different story next month when more is revealed about him watch and see.

  • Melissa

    I hope Perry prevails. We have a lot of “prejudice” repubs out there – and it’s not the black variety. We have to be better informed about the illegal issue and resolve it in a way that best benefits the repubs AND the illegals. Weare not as smart as we think we are…

  • Politicalgal1

    Interesting to think that Herman Cain’s business background best qualifies him to be president. He does give a good motivational speech. I encourage voters to not take Herman’s word that it was him who turned the company around. Some of those who worked with Cain during his years in Omaha say longtime executive Ronald Gartlan, now CEO, did more of the heavy lifting.

  • Joe

    I think they all have their heads up a very familiar place, as usual. I guarantee you that Newt Gingtich will be the guy. He completely outclasses this group of bozos.

  • Judi

    The Chicago media reported that Mayor Rahm Emanuel was behind leaking the story about Cain. The Mayor used to be Obamas chief of staff. Surprise Surprise. So lets accuse the republicans of dirt again. It was not Perry. By the way Read Perry’s book Fed Up. He knows the constitution and will not raise anyones taxes. WHY YOU ASK because he thinks the federal government needs to stop spending money and he is against giving them more. People didn’t listen last time to Obama… better listen this time. I live in Illinois and don’t want to pay 17% sales tax ever.!!!!!!!

    • Bree

      So right Judi, so right!!

  • http://74337 Lyle Sharp

    Well Hello , I think also that Newt. and Cain would be good . but I also think we need
    Dr.Ron Paul’s wisdom to bring about the transformation .He has called and worked
    for nearly thirty years to reestablish our
    constitution . I think His vision of the USA
    and the world as a whole is the most important aspect of this election
    aspect of this election. He is not part of the establishment,”Chicago Corruption”. I’m not sure about the others. Vote for Ron Paul we need Him now .We are sailing on Uncharted

  • Earle Belle

    George Will: What’s the Point of Mitt Romney?

    In a column for The Daily Caller last week: , I wrote/asked the following:

    As a conservative friend about my age once said, he’s despised every president during his adult life more than his predecessor. George H.W. Bush was a sorry follow-up to Ronald Reagan. Clinton was worse than H.W. Bush. Then we got another Bush worse than both his dad and Clinton in terms of growing government. Now we’re stuck with the worst president of modern times, who is every bit the incompetent failure Obama’s harshest right-wing critics portray him as.

    But again, conservatives are going to replace him with … who exactly?

    At its core, American conservatism has always been a critique of the modern state. Both Goldwater and Reagan questioned what the role of the federal government should be, believing this was the primary task of any true conservative. Many today seem to believe conservatism is simply a matter of whether Republicans instead of Democrats should be in charge of an ever-expanding federal government. This is backward thinking, and conservatism never has been — and never should be — about making big government simply more Republican.

    For too many conservatives, these questions are too philosophical and therefore impractical to be important. I, too, believe in being politically practical. I agree, for example, that the most important goal right now is getting Obama out of the White House. But then what? Bush III? Obama-lite? This is where conservatives must think about philosophy. The history of American conservatism is a history of losing. Practical Republican politics have yet to lead to ideological victory. Quite the opposite. And to the degree that practicality must always trump philosophy means conservatism will continue to lose.

    Columnist George Will believes that Republicans who are willing to settle for Mitt Romney as the supposedly practical selection are making the same losing choice:

    The Republican presidential dynamic—various candidates rise and recede; Mitt Romney remains at about 25 percent support—is peculiar because conservatives correctly believe it is important to defeat Barack Obama but unimportant that Romney be president. This is not cognitive dissonance.

    Romney, supposedly the Republican most electable next November, is a recidivist reviser of his principles who is not only becoming less electable, he might damage GOP chances of capturing the Senate: Republican successes down the ticket will depend on the energies of the tea party and other conservatives, who will be deflated by a nominee whose blurry profile in caution communicates only calculated trimming. Republicans may have found their Michael Dukakis, a technocratic Massachusetts governor who takes his bearings from ‘data’ … Has conservatism come so far, surmounting so many obstacles, to settle, at a moment of economic crisis, for THIS?

  • Gene Vallorani

    Governor Perry knows how to protect the border and will do it correctly. The anti-Hispanic hysteria sweeping the Republican Party is going to push these hard working, pro-life family-oriented Americans into the arms of the Democrat Party then where will the country be? Not all Hispanics are illegals. Romney has hired someone else to do his dirty work and if nominated will cause a lot of true conservatives to sit out the election. Common sense tells us to stick with Governor Perry.

  • Texaz T

    Come on,Mitt
    Whos going to mow your lawn?

  • Lou

    yet,Mittens never mentions RomneyCare giving free health care to illegals,and mowing his lawn,and favored amnesty along with Ted Kennedy.Perrys stated many times he opposes amnesty.He’s a hypocrite and a flip-flopper.

  • Mike

    I was a staunch Tea Party supporter until they started turning radical with their anti-hispanic ,hispanic hate rhetoric calling children born here “anchor babies” ,electric fences that “kill Mexicans”and all.The GOP will lose without the hispanic vote and you can blame the Tea Party for that if it happens.

  • ETx

    They have gone too far and its going to cost them this election.As proven by Rick Perry,you can have a conversation and a discussion about immigration and border security without demonizing people of brown skin.Many have lived here for generations and are law abiding,tax payers only to be told to go back to a country foreign to us.I was born in the U.S. and have been told many times by these so called Patriots to “go home” ,just by looking at the color of my skin and my last name.Herman Cain if hes the nominee will not get the crucial latino vote after his anti-immigrant comments.So many latinos are against him that he will never win Florida or Nevada.

  • neinneinnein2999

    be very CAREFUL,Tea Party!
    It was this kind of rhetoric in 2010 that sunk Meg Whitman and Sharon Angle.

  • LB

    The way the Tea Party speaks,Latinos are Americas new “negroes”.The solution?:Send us ALL BACK.

  • GGomezz

    Tom Tancredo lost his bid for Gov of Colorado thanks to his hateful anti hispanic stance.

  • Christopher McCormick

    You have that Nut Job Ron Paul wanting to make friends with Iran reconcile.They want us DEAD! the two best friends we have are Canada and Mexico. Over 60 percent of our oil comes from them. Wise up folks!