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GOP Senator: Tea Party Challenges ‘Killed Off’ Chances for Republican Majority in Senate

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Sen. Dick Lugar said challenges by Tea Party candidates are partly to blame for the Republicans not having a majority in the Senate.

Lugar, a six-term Republican senator from Indiana, is up for re-election in 2012 and facing a primary challenge from a Tea Party-backed Republican opponent.

Lugar told CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that he’s the best chance for the GOP to hold on to his Senate seat, and that similar challenges by Tea Party candidates are part of the reason Republicans are in the minority in the Senate.

“Republicans lost the seats before in Nevada and New Jersey for example and Colorado where there were people who claimed that they wanted somebody who was more of their Tea Party aspect, but in doing so they killed off the Republican chances for majority,” he said. “This is one of the reasons why we have a minority in the Senate right now.”

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  • Pat

    what a crock of you know what, it is guys like him that are THE problem & not the tea party reps. Get rid of all the old fogies that have been there way tooooo long

    • candi

      what he says is true whether you like it or not.

    • Mark Matis

      Well let’s take this a bit further then. If the foul donkeys-in-elephant-suits pull any more of their crap this coming election, they can ALL pack their bags and rot with their unadorned donkey buddies.

    • Mitch Reed

      I second your comments Mark…he is Obama’s favorite Republican Senator…what does that say for this Rhino’s validity?

    • merit shop

      That is why he is whining like he is. Vote him out.

    • Billn

      Candi you are right in one aspect. But both you and Sen Luger have completely missed the point. If the Rep. Sen. in their districts had been true to the party while at the same time been true to the American people’s rights. Had been for less government, states rights, and responsible spending they would not have had an opponent in their respective contests. These life long cancers in our grand republic fail to realize their time is at an end. We want honest public servants, not American royalty.

    • http://yahoo Mickey Davis

      Candi you are as bad as this do nothing,that has been living the good life and giving nothing back in return,Try and stay focused.

    • Carol Small

      Sorry Candi you are wrong as well as Lugar, we want Constitutional Conservative Republicans not hot shots in 5K suits who have been there way to long. The arrogant jackasses are bigger elitists than the Liberal Democrats, they need to be gotten rid of. If they ever had a spine it disappeared along time ago.
      And as far as the Nevada Senator, Harry Reid anyone following those elections knows that the Unions stole that elect for Reed and he barely won. Lot’s of buiyers remorse in Nevada have you listened to Steve Wynn lately.

    • Joe

      You – and Luger – miss the point, Candi. The question is, do we want a Republican majority, or a *conservative* majority. Luger, and you, seem to be saying, in effect, “Gee, the only thing the Republicans have to do to take the majority is just stop being so darned *REPUBLICAN*.” If only we adopted Obama’s polices, we could have a GOP majority! Yeah…and *then* what?

    • Dave

      Well said my friend.

    • David

      I saw a poll where people who claim to be Tea party members were backing Newt by a large margin. Supporting RINO’s like Newt will ensure another round of complete Dem control come 2013. Newt has too much baggage and will drag down the rest of the ticket with him. In that sense, the Tea Party is killing any chance for a majority just by the RINO they support for the GOP nomination.

    • David Schumacher

      Luger is much of our problems. What a RINO he is. Our job is to rid the Senate of Democrats and RINO’s. Get out country back to the constitution. A document Dick Luger does not like.

    • Penny

      Yea Right Lugar, You seem to forget Republicans were more in the minority than they are now. The Tea Party had nothing to do with the state of the senate. They have brought up Republican numbers in both houses. Let’s see if we can’t replace the senator from Indiana for a better senator next time around.

    • Lawrence Schultz

      Are you people insane or stupid, or both?
      Look at Delaware where Mike Castle would have been a sure bet to be elected but you lost because of putting up a crackpot like Christine O’Donnell whose claim to fame is that she is not a witch. Or what about Nevada where Reid would have lost if you hadn’t nominated the nut job that you did.

    • Audrey

      I could not agree with your statement more. It appears that you gave thought to your statement. Wonder how many more just shout out without ever thinking.

    • deeCee

      Christine O Donnell would have been an excellent Senator. Reid decided he wanted to be elected and did whatever it took.
      Reid is the only person to ever win an election by double digits when he was behind by more than the margin of error a day before the election.
      The only way Reid was able to do it was shut down the polls for several hours and have his union buddies rig the machines to give him the election. Reid should be in jail not the Senate.

    • Penny

      Christine O’Donnell would have been an excellent Congress member. She was pounced upon by the jackaels both left and right. Even our great “perjurer in chief” bill clinton went on televison and called her that “witch woman”. Let’s see how many times has he and his wife been caught lying to the public. Hillary makes it a life long art of lying and then saying” oh, I misspoke” misspoke my a** she is a lying piece of human feces like her husband and obama.

    • Ron Homan

      If we keep sending the same bunch of nefarious jerks to Washington we will lose our liberties forever. We need more conservative women in congress and send the entire bunch of RINOs home.

    • alex

      i guess you are both stupid and insane what good does it do to have an R after your name if you are worse than a democrap?

    • MH

      The voting machines were rigged in Nevada by the union members who take care of them and “REPAIR” them when they’re not working “CORRECTLY”.

    • Byron

      Wrong, Christine O’Donnell would have won if asses like Calr Rove and the rest of the “Establishment” rwepublicans had supportede he instead of bashing her. They are as afraid to the Tea Party candidates as the Dumocraps.

    • Byron

      Sorry about the pizz poor spelling.

    • http://yahoo Mickey Davis

      Lawrence try not to say to much and people will not know how misinformed you are.Do you not know how Reid was put back in the white house???The same way obama was./// F R A U D

    • Joe

      alex, below, has it right, Lawrence. Having a GOP majority does nothing, if, in order to get it, the GOP has to emulate the Dems. At some point, one has to *stand* for something, something more than a D or an R. I’d rather have a Senate with 100 conservative Dems (if you can find such a thing) than one with 40 liberal Dems and 60 liberal Republicans.

    • Lance

      Agreed! Lugar is BEYOND being a RINO. He is a small “s” socialist pig, who has made millions off a apathetic electorate. Now that folks are awakening to where this government has been leading us for the last sixty years, he wants to save his fat bvtt.

    • giegie

      You said it right Pat, a bunch of crock he’s spilling. Nevada didn’t lose because of the Tea Party. One person went against Harry Reid and they decided to back her because of it. The reason Sharon lost is because of two reasons, one being voter’s fraud and one being a lot of liberal wealth and thinkers which makes Nevada a blue state, and this was the worst lost the country had I have ot admit.

    • Carol Small

      The fact that Harry Reid and the Unions were able to steal the Nevada election was devastating for this Country, had that jerk not won, things would be a whole lot different right now. He Is A Snake.

    • jim

      Right On!! We do NOT need namby pamby rhinos, they ARE the problem!! We need Strong Tea Party Republicans who have the GUTS to keep their boot on the necks of these Lib Dem Morons and NOT GIVE AN INCH!! IF you are not in it for the FIGHT, then GET OUT, because we MUST fight these Idiots every step of the way, or we will have NO country left!!

    • Gerald Watson

      Its pretty bad when our so called Republicians such as Luger try to keep the status quo. The tea party folks are doing what they were elected to do. We need more of them.

    • alex

      you are 100% right

    • http://google KD

      Michael Savage has been saying this for years that the GOP and Dems. have been tradeing off -back and forth for years . It is one big “party” just back & forth to skim off as much as they can. Totally SICKENING!

    • icetrout

      RINO Season opens 2012 NO LIMIT!!!

    • Carol Small

      What I fear more than anything in 2012 is that the Democrats and the main stream media will pick our candidate like they did John McCain. I stood behind Democrats voting in the Republican primary, laughing at the fact that they were going to vote for McCain, and he won in Michigan. The way the media is depicting Ron Paul, my fear is that he will win. The remarks that man has made in the last week are absolutely devastating for the Republican Party. Let alone the Muslim remarks he has made about Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachman, with friends like Paul the Party needs no enemies abdm The Media is keeping him alive.

    • Joe

      Carol, I think you’re being optimistic. At the risk of being considered a “conspiratist,” I’ve been saying for quite a while that the 2012 election will be only a show. Given that this regime’s DoJ has openly made clear that it will not enforce the Voting Rights Act on behalf of white complainants against black defendants, I expect “Black Panther” stuff at polling places nationwide. (Why not; they’ve made it clear there’ll be no consequences.) That means folks who “look” like they might not vote for Dear Leader will be effectively blocked from voting…so there will be no genuine election, but only a sad piece of political theater.

    • American Patriot

      Its the ballot box or the bullet box. Get plenty of the bullet box, because if the basters cheat again, we need to 1776 all over again!

  • Winston

    Perhaps Sen. Dick Lugar fears losing his Senate seat because he is more “Republicant” than conservative which the Tea Party representatives in the House are. Instead of being “Republican”, Lugar and other neo-cons (McCain, etc.) should resign and let sincere conservatives take their seats because Tea Party conservatives are much more less likely to COMPROMISE their values than the Republicants are willing to do.

    • Gus

      Dick Lugar was a conservative once but he changed his mind and became a rino. I agree that he needs to be ousted and a Tea Party believer to replace him. As a former Hoosier I have to admit that I voted for him at one time bu he has to go. Vote him out Hoosiers!

    • shannon853

      leave a job where you do not have to do anything but bullshit? never! what is needed is replace all members of congress with new blood.

  • Gary

    This slimebag RINO! He knows the tea party is after his ash, so he has to bad mouth them!! Vote the bee stard out!!

    • Michael Matthews

      Right on! He’s gotta go!

  • Carol Fryer

    And more Bs. Once again the citizens are the problem, not the government. The government is here to help you…lol Sure

    • Penny

      Carol, I spent several hours yesterday reading quotes from our “Founding Fathers”, there is NO WAY IN HELL they wanted the government or leaders we have today. They vehemently warned against big government, redistribution of wealth, HIGH DEBT, the entire 9 yards, including free handouts which people are becoming addicted to, 40 million on food stamps? Why?

    • http://yahoo Mickey Davis

      Penny 40-million democrat votes,from the 40 million gimme gimme gimmes

    • http://ThePatiotUpdate Marilyn Smith

      The government is here to help you about like the devil is here to show you the way to HEAVEN.Vote the establishment bums out. I don’t want to be shot in front of a hole out in the desert by the dictator’s czars.

  • Bert

    Any excuse to use if he gets defeated. WE NEED TEA PARTY supported candidates. We have to get ride of RINOs

    • Bert

      Sorry, we dont want to ride them… just get rid of them…

    • Ralph

      Yeah, we’ll leave the riding to Barney Frank!

    • Big Ugly, Wyoming

      I think ol’ Barney Boy would rather be ridden, face first.

    • candi

      well, the tea party people he mentioned did lose, and they did cause the republicans to be the minority in the senate… cant you see what happened and probably will happen again… those tea party candidates did not win in those states, and regular republican candidates would have won… period

    • http://ed Edward Levy

      who just sold out to let the President get exactly what he wanted with the 2 month deal instead of the 12 month?


      PS lets vote any imcumbents out from both parties when the are up for re-elction

    • Billn

      It’s people like you Candi that vote the party line, no matter what the record of the incombant. I see the same thing in my district too, and it doesn’t matter if they are Rep. or Dem. They don’t take the time to check on what their elected officials are doing. They njust vote the party line cause thats what they’ve always done. Do this nation a favor and educate yourself on what the politicians are doing behind your back.

    • Joe

      So what, candi? If the only way to get a GOP majority is to speak, vote, and act like Dems…does it really *help* if the GOP is in the majority? It’s not about Dems and Republicans anymore; it’s about conservatives and socialists, for the soul of this Republic.

    • http://yahoo Mickey Davis

      Candi you drink way to much of the liberal media’s kool-aid, so you got what they want you to have in information.

  • David in MA

    “Lugar, a six-term Republican senator from Indiana, is up for re-election in 2012″

    Somebody is worried, as he/they should be.

    Lugar, business as usual just might be over, have a nice trip home.

  • Linda

    Or maybe, just maybe, Lugar is a “lefty” Republican that needs to go

  • Doodlebug

    Maybe this six term Senator needs to sit back and listen to the American people. We want CHANGE in Washington not the same old c___ that we have year after year. He’s sounding like obummer, blame someone else instead of himself. Maybe he is the one who continually votes against us! Maybe he is part of the reason that our country is in the shape it is in! Stop blaming the Tea Party and starting listening to what they are trying to tell you, stop borrowing and stop spending.

    • NM Patriot

      They’re all statist, globalist traitors. Our only hope is to get more Patriots, who believe in restoring the Constitution. NDAA votes show who the traitors are, mark them by their votes.

  • Charles R. Helms

    LUGAR, you are a RINO!!!! We are tired of the flip flop ways of career politicians!!! If you would do your jobs and stay true to the conservative ways you wouldn’t have to be scared!!!!

  • Jennie

    Of course he’ll say anything to get re-elected. We’ve got to get rid of those that are not aligned with the Tea Party; your everyday RHINOS. Then perhaps we’ll gain some respect…

  • Ken

    When do these old republicans say we need to support their choices when they win the primary, but when a Tea Party candidate wins the Republican primary the party elites do not support them? Vote out the dinosaurs like lugar and fix the problem! As far as I can see, lugar, mccain, graham etc. are the problem as much as obummer.

    • candi

      its too bad you people posting dont understand how anything works… what he says is true, whether you like him or not. put a tea party person up against a dem and the dem witll win in the general election,,, did you not see that… please know what you are saying before you post.

    • Ken

      I see you have surrendered. You surrender only helps the status que.

  • Keith Parsels

    Too bad! your next you liberal RINO.

  • Paul G.

    Lugar is part of the problem and needs to go. The new crop of Tea Party backed Republicans will rescue America. Examine Lugar’s voting record during his tenure in the Senate, the man is a sell-out and is at least partly responsible for the decline of the Republican Party.

  • http://momeymap ken trzecki

    All incumbents, regardless of party must go

  • Jack

    Lugar and the rest of the stoggy old guard better listen because the Silent Majority is coming back to throw them all out of office. We are all tired of giving in to runaway spending and big government.

  • Jerome Daniel Ford

    If only those Tea Party candidates would go away then we could keep lying to the people by saying what they want to hear and doing just what benefits us. Rinos have to go and those that think like them!

    • candi

      dont you remember its because of a tea party person harry reid is still in the senate, and also del. was a loser because of a tea party candidate… why cant you see this..

    • Wally

      I do see it clearly. You are right. A liberal Republican, who might’ve been reelected was defeated.

      I’d rather unseat a big government Republican – and have a slim chance at getting a Constitutional Rebublican elected – than settle for business as usual.

    • Penny

      Candi, I think your buddies on huffpost are missing your gems of wisdom. Harry Reid won Nevada becaus lo and behold they had computer malfunction and the unions had to come out and fix their computers, yea they fixed the computers allright. As for Delaware, Christine O’Donnel was given no support because RINOS did not want her to win.She came very close with no help whatsoever.

    • Bear SF in RVN

      Candi…Why can’t you see that even if those two seats had been won, we would still not have a majority!

    • Byron

      No, it was because the “Establishmnet Republicans” did not back the candidates that the PEOPLE in those states nominated, the Party candidates lost and the party acted like two years olds and pouted because their candidate was not on the ballot. The reason I no longer give to the Party but to the individual.

    • Cape Conservative

      I, too, no longer contribute to the national party…Jim DeMint has a great Senate Conservative Fund that sends our $$ directly to candidates with STRONG conservative values. Many who received his support won their elections…I intend to continue to contribute in this manner. At least I can believe my $$ were used wisely.

    • rebel 44

      candi,you need to turn your head a little to the right.the air going into your left ear is making soooo much noise coming out your right ear that I can hardly read your comment.

  • john paul jones

    I hope the people in Indiana wake up soon & send this Rino establishment ‘Hack’ packin. Lugar, along with Mccain & Graham are prime examples of whats wrong with the republican party.

  • Roberto

    These guys could learn a lot from our First President: he didn’t want to be King, would NOT accept more than 2 terms!

    These Senators today are the exact opposite. Career scum.

  • Ihatelibs

    Time for Dick and the repubicans to head out to pasture.

  • DH

    We need to get rid of this relic. He is part of the problem. We have to cut spending, actually stop the danged spending. He just doesnt get it.

  • F. Wilson

    So we should vote for a rino just so we can be happy that a Republican is in the senate?
    Not with my vote!

  • Jerry Bruckhart

    Another R.I.N.O. crying because his days of pillaging the peoples pockets are coming to an end.

  • Roswell Evans

    Don’t blame the Tea Party for your situation. If you and your republican colleagues wouldn’t have strayed from conservative principles, their never would have been a Tea Party.

    • MH

      Isn’t that the truth!!!!

  • Todd

    This guys is just afraid the people will get rid of him for being too liberal. You can read how he is on good terms with obozo here:

  • dthatch

    Lugar may be a rino but he’s right about Nevada. Either of the other two Repub candidates could have beaten Reid. Sharron Angle ran an incredibly inept campaign putting all her emphasis on illegal immigration (not to mention chronic foot-in-mouth disease)while NV had the country’s highest unemployment and foreclosure rates. Hopefully the Tea Party will give equal consideration to conservative views AND competence the next time around.

  • Cat5210

    I live in Indiana, and am embarrassed that we have
    kept this RINO in the senate.
    Right now I am doing all that I can to see that he does not go back.
    Any one that votes for those to supreme court appointees, as he has done, does NOT deserve
    another term. He has been there too long now!!!
    I cannot wait to see him DEFEATED by the Tea Party!!!

  • Ron

    Winston, you are correct. Lugar’s time is up. I feel a hard change coming.

  • lilolady

    Of what use is a Republican Majority in either the House OR Senate if they always vote Democrat? Or
    ” compromise ” with Democrats. Republicans have
    abandoned all the principles and honor and ties to the Constitution. They deserve nothing and have earned nothing but our contempt. So many of our present difficulties lie at the feet of republicans who “go along, to get along”, and failed to demand the proper “Vetting” of our dark prince.

  • pelican bill siegler-shuler

    Not only is this correct but it will probably insure in the coming election the same end result in all branches of gov’t. Third party, tea party will insure that the right goes down. It will give the liberal litigious Democrat entitlement left control no matter how few votes they garner. We have lost the ability compromise and govern from the center. You need to fight the battles that can be won that sill win the war. We can not win all the battles. If you are dead it does not matter how right (pun) you were. Capitalism will be dead in the US. Even Atlas will stop Shrugging. 230 Years of America will end. Religious freedom will be severely limited. The American way of life as we have known it for the last 65 years will cease. WE the people…will be we the government. It you want to know what happens ask John Halt and and read Revelation in the Bible. The world today is fulfilling both prophesies.

  • Kim Turnage

    SIX terms!! And what have you accomplished Mr.Lugar? Nothing but fattening your pockets and those of your cronies and special interests. The Beltway Establishment Republicans are part of the problem-you can’t tell them from the Democrats! If you’re compromising on limited gov’t, reduced federal spending, illegal immigration, then you ARE NOT a conservative. The Republican party got hijacked just like the Democrats only by slightly differing idealogues. It’s time we have a party for We The People-regardless of color, wealth, sexual preference, or education. That’s why the Tea Party is so successful, it’s not just conservatives but also liberals and independents who’re fed up with the lies and BS by BOTH parties in Washington. Be afraid Senator Lugar, be very afraid. Your time has come.

  • Mary Locke


  • steve c

    I support tea party candidates. But in some states, a regular republican will have to do. O’donnell comes to mind. I’d rather have someone who votes on the right side 75% of the time than 0% of the time.

  • Charles Martel

    Another entrenched, selfish, establishment rino speaks. No surprise what he said considering the source! A selfish old bag who’s had it too good for far too long!!!

  • TCII

    Time to retire these old cows. he is one of the reasons there is a tea party.

  • Randy

    A majority is worthless it is made up of big government, career politicians, regardless of affiliation. The Tea Party is on track. It is congress that is off track through the inordinate influence of careerists and pork barrel politics to buy reelection.

  • mr bill

    You know, most of these Senators that have been there “more than two” terms have been there too long. Our forefathers saw service to this nation as a side line not a life long position.

    They keep telling us to “HIRE A VET”
    well who better than the returning veterans who have seen that savages of war up close and personal to fill these elected seats ?????

    I would tell other freedom loving nations that are controlled by some despot if they wanted our help to try to make them a “REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC” NOT A DEMOCRACY we would be more than willing to lend support, but if you ask us to come in and support you militarily it will be “GLOVES OFF” We would come in for the trouble makers Mulla’s or who ever the oppressor is and most likely innocent people will die ! But they are not going to be ours. We hold nothing back, if they hide behind children and women of your nation then the innocents will be killed. War is hell !

    Our help would be decisive and quick.

    Lugar has already been there 4 terms too long !

    The Indiana military forces should form a joint task committee of all of the returning Vet’s from Indiana. Select the best and brightest. In the military we are all green. Color is not an issue. We want the “BEST” TO RUN AGAINST OUR OPPONENT OR SOMETIMES THE “ENEMIES” OF OUR COUNTRY AND WHAT WE STAND FOR.

    I say Hire a Returning Vet to take Lugar’s place. Any Volunteer’s ?

  • Herb

    Six terms should say it all. Thank you for your service Mr.Lugar but six is enough. Please retire and go home. We need term limits for all our politicians. Lifetime politicians are a big part of the problem.

  • Thom

    The TeaParty made the RIGHT call, and we’ll do it again. Better NO GOP candidate than a milk-toast, cotton-balls, professional GOP politician that will sell us out every time.

    You’re part of the PROBLEM “Luuuugggyy” and we’re hockin’ you up and spittin’ you and your kind to the ditch.

  • Raymond

    ‘Sharia’ Austria: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff found guilty of ‘Denigration of Religious Teachings’ for telling the truth about Islam

    Freedom of speech no longer exists in Austria, as definitively proven by the Vienna high court. This week, a judge upheld the conviction against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on the following charge: “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion.” In simplest terms, this means that in Austria, as in other nations across the Western world currently transitioning to Sharia (Islamic law), speaking the truth about Islam is not tolerated, and, more and more, is against the law.

    • MH

      God help us it’s just a matter of time if we don’t get to work on saving our country!

  • http://www.facebook velma moore

    Lugar the american people are hotr on your butt. You already know your going to lose Mr. RINO. Sounds like you have already became part of the communists in d.c.

  • Walter Bunyea

    That’s just bad reporting.

    Good reporting would’ve gone a step further and told us who is running against Lugar, so we could send his Tea Party opponent a contribution.

  • PapaMike

    Pres. “O” said that Lugar was one of his best Republicans. Why not? Lugar agrees with “O” on everything.

    He is up for re-election in November. I hope they vote his butt out.

  • DeannaRae

    From the land of Marco Rubio, we Tea Partiers can testify that the Rinos like Charlie Crist and Richard Lugar are the problem. Get some brains, Indiana, and toss that worthless bag of skin out of the Senate!!

    • DrSique

      I hear a lot about Marco Rubio but are you aware that he single handedly scuttled several important pieces of illegal immigration legislation when he was in Florida? They are trying to get the same bills passed now that could have already had a positive impact for American workers in the Sunshine State.

  • Dan

    Lugar’s first name suits him..

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Dear Mr Lugar,,,, Why do we need you? Six terms and nothing to show for it. So sorry we will have to pay your sorry a$$ for you don’t deserve it.Pass the word, for more is coming.We The People.

  • john

    I guess he forgot about the land slide election in 2010 when for the tea party we took by historic margins the house and nearly the Senate.

  • Guest

    Never saw so many idiots in one place before. Tea party just like another Ross Perot, and all they did was steaL votes from legitimate candidates. The Dems must just love it.

    • MH

      You are not a welcome guest. Why don’t you go be with your own kind. Liberal marxist, socialist, commie, progressives would love you.

  • DrSique

    One would have to wonder why so many Tea Party Candidates were elected to the House with Lugars attitude. Establishment Republicans are running scared and they are attempting to convince Americans that they have the answers. If Republicans had been doing their jobs for the last several decades, there would be no Tea Party.

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    So, will someone please tell me what would be the difference in retaining this lump of steaming excrement, or, ceding the seat to a liberal democrat?

  • http://none Mac

    It is great to see these comments that talk right to the problem, if the current office holders dislike the tea party folks, they are not our type, put them out to pasture!!

  • Airdoc

    It was the old party republicans like Rove, etc, that wouldn’t get behind the Tea Party candidates. That is why we didn’t win the Senate and in the mess we are now.

  • “Tommy Gunner”

    LUGAR is not a Republican nor has he ever been – Just another LIBERAL – RINO – Republi-CAN’T. If he truly wanted to help the country and the state of Indiana, he could just drop out of the reelection process and let worthy candidates vie for the chance to DEFEAT a Liberal Democrat.

    • Cape Conservative

      We saw that our other famous ‘get-along’ RINO, John McCain, couldn’t bear to leave his post last election either!

      What is it with these people that they think ONLY THEY can save our country???? Their actions only further the cause for TERM LIMITS because their egos exceed the limits of common sense! They REFUSE to accept the fact that someone else could do their job BETTER!

      I wish the electorate would wake up and do the right thing in November 2012. We MUST take back our country from these people who refuse to do what is best for America!

      I say Marco Rubio for Senate Minority Leader and Alan West for House Speaker – that would be an EXCELLENT beginning for a return to the values that made America GREAT!

  • Tom Whitcomb

    The problem with the Republican party is all these old farts that won’t get out of the way and let some new blood in. TERM LIMITS!!!!

  • Jeff

    I would just rather back a true conservative for the senate and lose than keep the same old RINOs like Lugar in . Of course the new kid on the block conservitive can win if we all get on board contrary to what their opponents want us to believe .

  • Tonys Take

    This is the same “DICK” that is begging for the Tea Party support today? If the GOP fails to take the majority in the senate in 2012, it will be because of the Socialist Democrat lies combined with the deafening silence from the GOP establishment!

    I can’t wait until we have the power to flush the political ambitions of the RINOs right down the toilet! Payback is a… mmm… Donkey!

  • Ernest Emmerling

    A complete crock. You gotta wonder how these guys ever got on our side in the first place. The Tea Party has been effective at nothing except that they are known to be the only loyal opposition to the Marxist Democrats. They’ve accomplished nothing but being a known presence. If it weren’t for the bad media coverage, they wouldn’t be known at all it is so weak.

  • Mad Dog 16

    Repectfully, I disagree with Sen.Lugar.He and his ilk are the reason this country is in such trouble. He votes with the liberals on many issues and will live by his record. His wisdom is based on progressive government and the ability of the elite’s(to do what they think is best for this nation.)

  • Jack

    The Democrats are the majority in the Senate, that’s why Reid is the top dog still.

    There are a few tea party congressmen, but still the vast majority of Republicans are globalists….just like the majority if Democrats are globalists.

    They are griping about congressmen that put America/Americans first instead of a majority that puts foreign interests/big government as the priority.

    • MH

      2012 clean house vote them all out limit their terms NOW.

  • StrokerMcgurk

    George Wallace circa 1955—“There isn’t a dimes worth of difference between any of them, either party”. You’re a phony Lugar, a Gingrich progressive.

  • E Nuff

    The Republicans need not accept Democrats as legitimate counterparts. These are radical anarchists who wre funded by illegal foreign contributions. The republicans are not represeting we the people adequately becoming more demonicratic like in turning backs on God and Country. This is the problem the replicans need to understand the democrats are adversaries to America who must be treated and dealt with as the enemies from within communists announced in their overthrows convinces.

    • Cape Conservative

      I don’t believe you’ll find a Republican member of Congress claiming membership in the Socialist Party as do many Democrat members.

      There should be a law that would NEVER NEVER NEVER allow members of CONGRESS to belong to the American Communist Party or Socialist Party or any such anti-American group!!!

      And while I am on this kick, I would like to see an end to ALL caucuses – don’t care if they are for blacks/women/hispanics/tea party/purplepeopleeaters – Congress members should represent ALLLLLLLL of their constitutents, not a select few!

  • sfs444

    Here is our opportunity to get rid of the career politicians, to keep them honest. We need fresh idealogic minded conservatives that have not given up or in to the lobbyists. We, as conservatives and morally responsible Americans need to stand together in this resolve to get this country back on its feet, and rid ourselves of trash like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Clintons. We need to get Christian candidates, and not athiests and Bohemian Grove pagans like Gingrich. Re-establishing morals, justice and a favorable business climate in Ameerica is the first step in recovering our society, strength.

  • Anthony

    More like the people in Congress not doing what the people want them to is why the Tea Party doesn’t have a majority!

  • http://n/a Phil McKenney

    Bottom line – Term Limits – Vote for Conservatives who will support our Constitution 100% and put all politicians back on Social Security and stop all the “perks” That they vote for themselves. Unbelievable retirement and medical care for life is a disgrace. Where are the checks and balances?

  • Kevin

    Right vs. Left….Left vs. Right…Thats what they want you to see, while every one is watching this IN FIGHTING, it should be a wake up call. Because when ever this foolishness is going on, you need to look just a little deeper, to see what they are doing behind every ones back. They are nothing but magicians…Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat…while your watching the hat, they pass the NDAA bill so if you act up in any way, they can cart you off to jail FOREVER….HOCUS POCUS….POOF YOUR GONE!!!

  • mark

    Lugar needs to do the work of the people not get along with those who do not want to keep the country great. Tea Party or not just quit spending money. Get rid of the people who want to blame everything on others and go to work for the PEOPLE.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Dick Lugar might be right but I hope not. It is a sure thing that the establishment Republicans like himself and Mitch McConnell are incapable of saving this nation from socialism or financial ruin. They simply do not have the principles to do so. Because we need a Republican majority in the Senate next year, I would not vote the old GOP guard out yet. But if conservatives can help take control of both houses of Congress in 2012, Lugar, McConnell, and others like them should be targeted for replacement as soon as possible. They have not served the nation well.

  • Ralph

    Why does Luger want or need to be re-elected in 2012, he is fixed for life any way he goes. That is what needs to be fixed, shorten terms and live on SS instead of such large pension. Do their job and go home and get a real job, then they might see how honest people live.!!!

  • Greg

    Goodbye RINOs. We don’t need two socialist parties bankrupting us.

  • MH

    Lies and more lies the reason we don’t have more senators is because most of them are progressives just like their opponents. Why vote for the cheap immitation when you can vote for the real liberal, commie, socialist, marxist,progressive idiot in the democrap party?

  • Dave S.

    You have it all WRONG, Senator…it is John “the crybaby” Boehner who is the reason, along with his buddies, there in Congress! They have shown the American people (who “were” depending on them) that they have no backbone, when it comes to facing Obummer and his buddies, in the WhiteHouse! America may as well start a 3rd party, since the Republicans that we voted for, and trusted in, seem like they are NEVER going to stand up to Obummer! Congress is a laughing stock! And if the GOP thinks that they are going to push Romney down our throats, then YES! we do need the Tea Party to step in, and become a force to recon with! I am all for it. The GOP Congress is so afraid of losing their JOBS! At least you would know that you “did the right thing”, but now you just may lose them becuzz you did the wrong thing! I do try to make scense of maybe they caved becuzz of wanting to see that everyone had a nice holiday..I can understand that, but by God, I certainly hope that in 2 months, when this all runs out, Congress will DEMAND that Obummer and his worthless help either sign the “cuts” the end of 2012, OR, that they FORGET about it, altogether!
    Only signing into affect each and every bill/item that comes along, just for a couple or three months at a time is simply the WhiteHouse putting up “smoke screens”, to keep everyone’s attention off what is really the BIGGEST issue, and that is…THE Presidential Elections!

  • chuck Kolstad

    Look! We ALL want A CONSERVATIVE Majority in BOTH Houses. But what we DON’T Want are ANY RINOS in either of The peoples’ houses! A KNOWN Liberal democrat is desired over ANY RINO! A RINO is NOTHING but A Liberal CLOAKED in Republican Aristoi clothing!!! PLEASE! Let’s DUMP ALL of the RINOS that we can in 2012!!!Conservatives are DONE with RINOS!!!

  • Charles S Flynn

    Lugar is on his way out, via the Tea Party, and has been told that fact for several months, now. He is nothing but a RINO, voting with Dems WAY too many times.

    Have a nice retirement, Dickiepooh…

  • marg1

    Hey, Dickie, thank goodness the Tea Party is there to stop you liberals from growing this obese federal government and sink our country further into debt.

    We’re onto you RINO politicians who are nothing more than Dem lites.-Big Gov’t./Big spenders.

  • Ed

    The only difference between a “Republican” majority consisting of establishment RINOs like Lugar and a “Democratic” majority is that in a RINO Republican majority Lugar gets to keep his well-connected, nest-feathering job.

  • Patriot7

    The Tea Party speaks for the majority of Americans whether these encrusted politicians such as Lugar like it or not. The Tea Party is the answer to America’s problems, not the problem that Lugar alleges. The problem with these six term politicians is that they have lost touch with their constituents. They need to retire and let someone else do what they failed to do. Term limits are the solution to what ails Congress.

  • james lomax

    The Republican Old Timers just dont understand, it is not for the party but rather for the country and they just cant let go. They are part of the problem that has existed in Washington and they need to go to turn this country around.

  • DJW

    He needs to be vote out all those that went for this 2 month extension are playing into the democrats hands. Him and a bunch more need to be replaced with tea party ideas decrease government control, spending and taxes. He has been there way to long already and is to old like McCain and several others.

  • John P

    Thirty-six years as a ssenator from Indiana, talk about do nothing Rinos he is one of the oldest. I wonder how much pork this bum is reponsible for. His problem is he is afraid he may replaced by somebody who do something for the country instead of the good old boys of the Republican Party.

    • Cape Conservative

      And then how will he ever have a local post office or federal building or airport named after him when his successor does a GOOD job and his constituents learn what a total DUD he was all those years!

      I agree with others posting – NO MORE SPECIAL RETIREMENT OR MEDICAL BENEFITS!!! Let them learn how to open their own 401k or live off social security. They are NO BETTER than the least of their constituents – too bad no one has gotten that through their thick heads!

  • http://AOL Easy Ed

    The problem isn’t Lugar, it’s the incompetent liar soiling the Oval Office.

    • don

      i’m soory but mr lugar an his like is the problem. rino to the bone

    • sid

      someone show mr luger and his friends, the door!!!

    • Temple Riddle

      Lugar is the reason for discontent and therefore is helping Obama win with his negative remarks about suppoed fellow Republican. Guess Teaparty has to separate to get rid of negative. How can those candidates expect people to vote for them when they throw out so much trash about each other. Shame on them

    • Mr Jack

      He knows he won’t be re-elected. Good. No more career politicians. Go home. Do you take the tea party serious now? LOL LOL

    • Anne

      Mr Jack: Exactly right…

      “Lugar, a six-term … ” is all we need to know.

    • Mr Jack

      So why do we need the gop anyway. Or dems for that matter.

    • Rich

      Because if we don’t have a congress at all, then we have a dictatorial police state. Which is what Obama will make us into if he gets another 4 years. Which is the way it is already heading. Now TSA wants more $ than was already appropriated to have more VIPR teams to do highway checks, train station checks, bus station checks-etc etc etc. Is this what you want? I don’t. More gestapo tactics. More martial law. Want to be stopped on the street and asked for your picture ID and other papers? I don’t. If he gets another 4 years-I will leave this country. At least until Hitler/Obama is done and his gov’t disassembled. Thanks.

    • Pogo del Nuit

      Sen Lugar is a major part of the problem in the Senate. He has been there so long he is regarded as a part of the decor. He is so old that he takes more time to respond than most jets do to fly from coast to coast.

      I have nothing against age; since I am among the senior group but we need honest, young, virile, people with a concern for the status of this nation and the continuation of the US as a Global Power. With folks like Lugar we will not have a majority because folks are tired of re-electing career politicians who sit in DC for a life and do nothing.

    • Bill 1776

      Reply to Pogo del Nuit: It may be better when they do nothing. The more laws they pass the less freedom we have. More laws, less freedom!

    • Higgs

      Sen. Lugar is a “rino” through and through. He’s one of the “good ol’ boys” that needs to go. He’s played both sides. The garbage coming out of his mouth is the reason there is no Republican majority. It’s so pathetic, he sounds like a Dem…it’s somebody else’s fault.

    • somaval

      wow! whatta firestorm of heartfelt and brain generated responces! seems like teaparty folks don’t look too kindly upon mr lugar’s comments; i think the “people” have spoken and it don’t reflect well upon republicans. i only hope the republicans get into a right thinking program, and quit acting so stupid! romney, really? we couldn’t do better than this? i just may stay home election day as one socialist progressive is as bad as another.

    • iitywybad

      Lugar isn’t the whole problem, but he is a big part of it. Obama referred to him as “my favorite Republican” because Lugar has been prone to support big government liberal policies.

    • Pogo del Nuit

      lity, it is the folks like Lugar who are RINO that give the other 2% a bad name. Did I get that right 98% are like him and there are 2%who are effective. Yep I got that one right.

    • nativetx03

      OOOO come on lets vote the SOB back in there so they can ship in more Muslims, and leave the borders open, we need more Illegals in here so we can go real broke, like Obama is wanting us to.

    • JJM Libertarian

      Both parties are to blame for oversized overcontrolling fed gov. Reduce fed gov to size capable of paying our debt and return control to the states.
      Unfortunate that Paul has a couple messages that many fear – but his overall beliefs are what this country needs.

    • Charles Martel

      Easy Ed, BOTH are problems.

    • bilbo baggins

      Easy Ed,
      I live in a swing district . Last time it went to a Ta Party candidate for Representative,the time before that to a Democrat and the time before that to a Republican. I go to the local coffee shop for breakfast and carefully listen to the talk around the counter. Listening rather than talking gets you more answers than trying to convert someone. It is a little early for that anyhow. Yesterday morning took the cake, two ladies about 33 to 38 sitting and talking politics. Neither one of them knew who Newt Gingrich was!!!!! One said she liked Donald Trump because she had been to one of his casinos….Incredible but that is the mentality we are dealing with folks. Listening to the men was a little more tolerable. They hate our new Tea Party rep….that is a consistant theme ever since he was hooted out of a townhall meeting for lying about his vote on the Ryan budget(He told the crowd it was an accident and that he meant ot vote the other way. The crowd did not buy it. Word was all over town after that…He won’t be back for any more townhalls you can believe it. It looks like we will swing back to the Democrat next fall. It did not help to have the Republicans on the wrong side of the Payroll tax hassle. Giving Obama a win was a huge mistake. Any protracted hassle in 60 days about this payroll tax thing will cement the Republicans into the wrong position. Just pass the damn thing and let it fade into the background.Once that happens, last week’s fiasco will fade into the woodwork. I think the Tea party Republicans are riding a wave of overconfidence,,,,,I think they will have to work harder than last time to retain their seats. The possibilities for wins in the Senate are much better if Republicans dont shoot themselves in the foot. Trashing Sen Lugar or any other Republican incumbent is a mistake.

    • LesD

      The Tea Party is destroying the Republican party….The split is so wide you guys are going to lose both houses and the presidency.
      A third party is almost guaranteed to split you guys even more.

    • Aitor Ametxazurra

      The problem is clearly Obama but also all the RINO Republicans in the Senate and in the House who enable our Corruptor in Chief. Lugar absolutely has to go and so do the likes of
      Murkowski, Snowe, Collins and Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. That these two phony “republicans” could agree to “The Committee of Twelve” or the recent FICA deal which serves to de-fund Social Security while raising taxes on all new home buyers in the face of a housing market disaster should be proof enough to anyone of their complicity in the economic and political catastrophe this nation faces today.

  • SwampFox2U

    Both parties are Socialist. Voting for Luger or Romney is a vote for another brand of Socialism of entrenched Politicians. If one bothered reading Obamacare one would see the plan was to expand the Federal Government into every area of your lives. The farce was medical care which was the minor part of the policy. Romney and his sitting Republicans will not change Obamacare or anything else including run away spending. It is time to clean house and do the true Change.

    • Dave

      You are right! The RINO’s are the problem, not the TP. The RINO’s and the Democrats are going in the same direction, just at a faster pace. Let’s see which party has spent too much and put us in debt, oh both parties!

    • sid

      first off, why does everyone, still say democrat? name one??? and second, i’m thirsty, i think i’ll have a tea!!!

    • bilbo baggins

      Hey Sid,
      I have battled kidney stone problems for years with several trips to the lithotripter to have the stones smashed. When I passed them, they were analyzed. the culprit was a combination of orange juice and tea . You can bet, after the pain I had to endure, I won’t be drinking tea anymore,,,,Now I drink lots of cranberry juice…..There are foods that are dangerous for us seniors as well. One of the worst is spinach. I used to love that but I am terrified now. I substitute cabbage and brussel sprouts for that. Enjoy a good diet Sprite and save the Tea for your politics Have a nice day

    • http://none Lee

      bilbo – – watch out for that diet Sprite.
      The aspertame might give you muscle problems,
      like it did to my wife.
      And, I think his reference to tea was not to
      drink, but to join the Tea Party.

    • sid

      i think i’ll have some more!!!

    • Spidermike

      “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of Socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly”. ~ Norman Thomas, American Socialist

    • Heyoka

      They are not socialist, in the true sense of the word. They are Totalitarian in philisophy. They don’t care which “party” is in as long as they are supporting their ends. “One Worlders”, I say. Notice how the money can be followed to the major banking interests. The only reason they are trying to collect all the political power is to protect their monetary bag boys. Bush and the Fed, Obama and the World Bank and IMF via Soros. No theroy here, just keep watching the pattern. It’s all about destroying your property and labor through manipulation of the currency.

      I the near future we may not be able to pay off the debt. We will be in a perpetual debt cycle and then the bankers can dictate the life we live. They already do through the politicians. Once they got the world on a specific currency, See the “Brenton Woods Accord” they used to gold and currency from the US to infultrate the markeys that were curtial to development in the world. Their intent is putting us so far under that we can never get it back.

      They just use the people in the various parties to keep the people’s attention diverted so they can close the noose.. Watch and see…..

    • Heyoka

      I meant crutial not curtail… Oops!

    • Cactus

      You have more problems than that. I suggest you re-read your post.

    • Regina

      Exactly, have said it over and over. Most of the b.s. that comes out of Washington via the MSM is groundclutter. Keeps people from looking at what is important. “FOLLOW THE MONEY.” The people who pick themselves up by their bootstraps and go to work everyday and pay their bills, and try to create a better life for their families; aka “THEMIDDLE CLASS.” Have just had most of their future stolen from them. Next it will be your property. WAKE UP AMERICA, ITS ALMOST TO LATE.

    • FundamentalistKiller

      Good. If this dude”s right, Rule 1, “Anyone but Obama”, applies. If he gets the nom., VOTE ROMNEY! If not, see Rule 1.

    • Pogo del Nuit

      Swampfox, you have driven the nail home on every point. They are all in need of a change. Change from civilian clothes to prison uniforms. There does not appear to be anymore honest people in politics. Perhaps they should change the title to Thieves Incorporated.

      Any member of either house that has been there more than two terms should be removed and put behind bars for the theft they committed during their two terms. A politician can beg,borrow, and steal a lot of money in two terms.

      Why do people campaign so hard for a job that only pays a mediocre wage unless the perks are far outdistancing the salary.

      Obama, had less than enough money to buy a home when he went into office and now three years later he has a net worth of 26 million dollars. I sure wish I knew his secret.

    • Regina

      THERE IS NO SECRET, OBAMA HAS SOLD US OUT. where is that 3.4 trillion anyway. How much of that is salted away by these crooks-in-office.

  • Ross Cooper

    What’s the difference between a RINO And a Democrat,without a true conservative, there is no difference!

    • Kentucky

      Amen! Everyone knows Lugar is a democrat disguised as a republican. Indiana needs to get rid of this RINO in 2012!

  • Ann C

    If it were not for the TEA Party members in the House, there would not be a conservative majority there.

    Too many Repubs have sold their souls in the hopes of being reelected, which, by now, they should know that we are beyond the “up to here” with sellouts to Obama’s socialist, anti-American, anti-Semite, pro Muslim agenda.

    Talk about shooting oneself in the foot, Repubs refuse to back TEA Party candidates who are running against Democrats. How illogical is that!!!

    We need to pray that Sen.Lugar, et al., will be enlightened to the fact that only the truly conservative candidates should be elected so that we can get our country back to what it once was. It will take much work, but it can be done.

    Pray, people, pray!!

    • TheThinMan

      There is NOT a conservative majority in the House of Representatives – if there were – Boehner would NOT be Speaker.

    • sid

      very good!!!

    • Tejanojack

      Brother did you hit the nail on the head! Tejano Jack

    • David T Sanders

      Don’t blame Boehner- Senator McConnel , the Republican Senate minority leader pulled the rug out from under John Boehner as slick as a Rino can do that job. Sure is a good way to keep the keep the status quo in charge.

    • Pogo del Nuit

      Amen Ann. You have defined the problem and how it should be addressed.

  • Bob

    All of these posts are absolutely correct.
    Yes, all need to be fired. They (the Government) not the public are directly responsible for what has happened to our great country. They are blaming everyone and everybody but themselves. They need to be held accountable for the present state of affairs. We all need to let every politician know they’re walking on shakey ground and also remind them they work for us, they don’t own us. America is the Home of the Free!

  • james lomax

    There is a smokescreen in Washington. There is no Republicans and Democrats. John Boener is the original Cave Man. “So easy even Boener can do it”. He meant to cave the whole time but he makes it look good when he does cave. Its a smokescreen, one of Obamas golf buddies and partner in crime, and they are both criminals.

  • Walt

    Lugar and other old guard republicans need to get out of congress. We need true conservatives.

  • chuck

    What a clown Luger is, u repubs lost seats because u do didly squat for the people. be a man luger we already have BOY obama in the white house so stop blaming others for your ineptness and typical selfist attitude of do nothing LIFERS in congress.

    • Cactus

      I wonder how these guys stay in office so lo ng since nobody likes them. Think we are being sand bagged or are we the real enemy?

  • Henry

    Term limits people, term limits. 1 term, 6 years, then bye bye. NO fat pension, No plush bennies, Just go home and become one of us.

    • charlie

      He needs to retire already, he has been in to long already. These people need to have a job and not make politics a career. New blood with some different plans. Not a bunch of old fart’s who are only concerned about there wallet and could care less about anyone else. Not to mention they have no conjones.

    • del

      This old boy is typical of the old boys in the senate: connell, mccain, graham, etc….get them all out and start anew in the senate. There is where the rhinos rein….that is why the obozo idiots won the 2 dump on SS

    • Mr Jack

      I don’t think he has any job skills so he is trying to hold on to what he has. Good luck with that. Sounds like he is in fear of losing.

    • Jay

      Now thats a pregnant thought1

    • Cactus

      Do you have any ideas how we can force the congress to approve term limits and get themselves fired? I thought not.

  • Mustang

    The only chance to get this Republican party back in control is to get rid of all that are coming up for re-election and replace them with new Conservative/Republican blood. And I might add; get rid of Boehner as leader and get someone in there that has guts to go against the Democrats and their Socialist,Marxist desires without crying because he/she may have hurt someones feelings. In like a Lion and let the sheep take care of their selves. Bauchman may be a good candidate as she is every much a tiger as Pelosi

    • Neil Lane

      Michelle Bachman would be an excellent Speaker of the House!!

    • Steve G.

      I agree, most of the Republicans that are career politicians are nothing but spinless RINOs that wouldn’t stand up to their own shadow let alone the Democraps. There are a few good ones but they’re few and far between and out numbered. We need reps that won’t back down and work for the conservative form of governing and protect the rights of the people and the Constitution.

    • Chuck

      You had me Mustang, until you promoted Bachman. She’s a big government neocon who would only get us involved in more illegal wars. She should be considered a RINO as well. Anyone who would vote in favor of the unpatriotic Patriot Act is not looking out for the American people. Those in Congress must only be reelected based on their voting record. Anyone who voted in favor of the so called Patriot Act or the NDAA bill recently passed is not upholding their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

  • george

    The senators reasoning is not suprising as he is part of the conservative problem. Sen> Lugarhas been in the senate for 36 years(1976)pre RR. He is one of the Rockerfeller Repubs an product of the Prescott Bush(Ct) era This was the era of the Democrat denomination and the repubs were living down the nomination of Barry Goldwater, and trying to head off RR. These dinosaurs must be removed and hooray to the competition from the TeaParty. Maybe he should follow in Arlen Spectator foot steps. We don’t need to do away with our two party system but we must be more accurate in our ideology. The days of the conservative Democrats are history so the party designation should be Conservative and Progressive.

  • chuck


    • Cactus

      Are you an adult? You post like an adolescent.

  • Luke

    I gotta believe that Indiana will make the right choice both in the primary and in the general. There’s no way that someone who can beat Lugar will lose in the general election.

  • Eddie

    BLAME…BLAME…BLAME… That’s all we ever hear anymore. I believe that CONgress is occupied mostly by children. Children always blame somebody else when something goes wrong. Swampfox I am in your camp on this one. We need to get rid of every stinkin’ last one of them and get some REAL men and women in charge. It’s past time for a major house cleaning. The way I see it is if you’re incumbent you’re history. No if’s ands or buts. Time for you to go. You’re not doing anything anyway but taking up space. With one exception and that would be Allen West. I believe he is the one sole survivor of this sorry ass CONgress. What’s their approval rate right now…9% ?

    • Cape Conservative

      I believe there are few more than Allen West – most of the tea party supported congressmen/women and senators have stayed true to their principles. Allen West and Marco Rubio and Mike Lee have PROVED their standards are worth fighting for. As I said earlier, I’d like to see Allen West take over the Speaker position…we need NEW BLOOD!

    • MH

      Allen West for president!!!

    • Chuck

      No! MH I cannot support Allen West for President. I could never support someone who voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act recently passed. The National Defense Authorization Act deprives United States citizens of their due process protection guaranteed to all U.S. citizens by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It allows for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens arrested on U.S. soil, for merely being suspected of association with a terrorist or terrorist group. I could never support someone who voted in favor of the Patriot Act, either.

    • hope4thefuture

      The same West that just voted for the NDAA and voted for the Patriot Act that have both done more to destroy our freedom than anything else in the history of this country. Every politician that voted for both of these is a traitor to the Constitution.

    • Chuck

      I understand where you’re coming from Eddie. However, there are some good people in both chambers of Congress. To make a blanket statement that we should replace them all is a knee-jerk reaction. This is exactly what those who are really in control want us to think and react, which only serves to keep us as divided as possible. What we need to do is replace them based on their voting record. I would say that anyone who voted for the Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act, a bill recently past by both the House and Senate with a large, bipartisan majority is not upholding their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution must go because they are not looking out for the American people or this country. Anyone newly elected must have their feet held to the fire, so they don’t deviate from the Conservative principles they ran on. They must always vote in a manner which is supported by the Constitution. Finally, it’s up to us to make sure anyone elected continues to uphold his/her oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. Anyone who doesn’t uphold their oath must be voted out in the next election.

  • http://PatriotUpdate nancy

    Remember when Arlen Specter said that Tea partiers were not representative of the American people, Lugar? See where it got him, so I say Bye Bye to you, too, Lugar!

  • James

    Lugar is what the republican leadership has become, liberal progressive, not what the republican party “claims” to be, constitutionally conservative.

    To elect the only true constitutional conservative republican, the only republican who actually stands for what the republicans “claim” to stand for, you have to vote for Ron Paul.

    • Sharon Jeanguenat

      Wrong! Ron Paul is a racist, & we do not need another racist in the WH. A white racist, or a black racist, is still a racist, & we do NOT need either. And, he is also anti Semite. The newsletters that people are questioning him about, all had HIS signature, & he can say that he didn’t know what was in them. Either he is lying, or dumber than a box of rocks, & we don’t need him.

    • Cactus

      Ron Paul is not a conservative republican, he is a radical libertarian. Before you fall in love with Ron Paul you need to do some research on this gentleman. If you do, you will find out that he is a disaster looking for a place to happen.

    • Chuck

      I have done my research Cactus and the only disaster I have found is the one we are in now, and Ron Paul is the only member of Congress. or candidate running for President who has warned about stretching our military resources too thin around the world and the economic collapse due to corruption in Washington, Wall Street and the Federal reserve banking cartel, otherwise known as the “Housing Bubble.” The wars and economic collapse we find ourselves in today didn’t just happen by accident, and they didn’t happen overnight. It has been in the works for the past 99 years. Coincidentally, this corresponds exactly with the number of years the unconstitutional Federal Reserve has been in existence. Although I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says, I do believe he will be the best President for this country, right now. Before you accuse me of being a Democrat or Libertarian, let me just inform you I’m not foolish enough to fall for the illusion regarding Democrat Republican , along. I’m not a part of their the left/right paradigm. No! I’m not Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian, either; I’m Independent and can think for my self, so I know that 98% of the politicians in Washington, DC are corrupt. In addition, we all know who they are. They are the ones who voted in favor of the Patriotic Act and the National Defense Authorization Act recently passed. It’s our job as Americans to route them out, not to condemn a true Patriot like Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the rest of the 2% in Congress, today.

  • TheThinMan

    Lugar is a six term (of six years each) Senator – you want term limits – here is one that is useless and it’s time for a replacement. Time to get rid of establishment progressive Republicans and replace them with Senators who believe in and support the Constitution of the United States of America. This Senator IS one of the problems with our congress.

    • Jay

      We need a good candidate to run against Lugar to get the nomonation and then (hopefully, it will be a tea party conservative) person thgat loves this ciountry and willing to fight for it.

  • Penny

    Everyone, I know most of Us on this blog love and honor this country. Go See proof of what has been going on since the turn of the century in this country. Never, I say Never support a progressive, liberal, socialist or you are supporting communism.

  • Brian

    Lugar is a senile old fuckhead who belongs in a nursing home. If his stupid family had any brains, they would send this retard to one.

  • http://none Swampdog

    Dick Lugar is symbolic of the problems in D.C.. This piss ant has had 36 years to right all the wrongs, and what does he have to say?Give me one more term, then Dickweed says it’s the TEA partys fault! Slimy bastard uses Obama bin Ladens playbook!

  • Lee

    The conservatives have voted for the GOP selection for years. Where did it get us? It is time to vote for a true conservative or not at all. We can form a true conservative party and a few years from now we can tell who is really leading the country in the right direction. The time when the Democrats and Republicans play “good cop bad cop” must end. They are both bad for the country as evidenced by most of the last 50 years.

    • Cactus

      If you vote outside the republican party I can tell you what you will get. A DEMOCRAP. Everybody with at least half a brain knows this. Just watch and see how well the Obummer does in 2012. He may well get re-elected. Don’t be surprised if he does. Democrat women don’t raise any kids that will vote for anything other than the party.

  • Roy

    If the man had any sense, he would embrace the Tea Party. Change is coming.

  • W.A.Bullard Jr.

    Lugar is a piece of crap RINO and he and so called republicans like him are the rreason the part is a minority party. lugar is no different than Reid, than Pelosi, than Boehenner, than McConnell. They all haver one gthing they are bloody G/D parliamentarians who are motre interested in sliught of hand than in substantive legislation which will keep them in power. I would rather have a minority oparty of 49 disciplined Senators who are “Republican” in philosophy. The one thing that did not change in 2010 in the “biyear” was the leadership, the same gutless power hungry selfish greedy bastards and sonsofbitches in my party who’s principle philosop[hy is “duck”, don’t lead and above all kiss the collective ass of the press.

  • Dana Carter

    The problem is not as Senator Lugar says, The Tea Party! Senator Lugar GO HOME. You have been in office for 36 years. Apparently, you don’t get it. The JOB is not a post for life. Our forefathers never intended for any Professional Politician. You shouldn’t be fighting to keep a job that you have held for 36 years why don’t you help to put a fresh face into the office and spend all your time making sure that the Republican party takes back the Senate.

  • http://html jimbo

    Lugar is SO a part of the problem! This monkey has an R behind his name, simply b/c it’s not a D. Otherwise….can’t tell any difference.
    Lugar’s there to enrich himself, and thinks voters should have a parade for him while he does it.
    “Term limit” is exactly one more than Lugar should have been allowed. Please, Indiana, give this parasite a merciful end to it’s pathetic, largely inconspicuous career.
    I know of what I speak, too. BennyBoy Nelson and “Which way did they go” Johanns need to feel a size 14 boot up their ass in November, too. It’ll be Tea Party’ers who do the heavy lifting there, too.
    BTW, thanks for NOTHING, Lugar!
    One more item….want to read a 19 year old short-read that was prophetic / visionary? I can’t urge you enough, to read “The Ruling Class” by Eric Felton. Your blood will boil…..

  • niles

    I’m all for taking our country back. I hope and pray it’s not too late. We have been on the socialist train since Roosevelt. It’s been picking up speed. The only true non socialist we have had in 40 or 50 years was Reagan. He was the bump on the track that slowed the momentum. We sure could use a guy like him. A true conservative, not just a lip service wanna be.

    • auntvick

      RICK PERRY, walks the walk not just talking the talk. Long record of conservative action has Texas at the top in job creation. He is a man for all and no nonsense governing. He is ready to do the hard work. All in for overhauling DC. He is definitely NOT one of the”good ole boys” in the club.

    • Cactus

      What we really need is some real men in this country. I guess women’s lib has made girly men out of too many Americans. If all this crap had come down 50 years ago when we had real men we would have started either another civil war or another revolution. Now all we have are men who post to these blogs and complain about how bad things are getting. Then we turn around and send Dick Luger back to the senate for a seventh term. When will you quit bitching and DO SOMETHING? NEVER? Thats what I thought.

  • Oregon Bill

    James are you serious, Ron Paul is the highway to Obama’s reelection, we need to get Obama out, the old curmudgeon is not the answer.

    • Jay

      That is utter nonsense. Paul is better off straying in the Senate..but he is not nor will be, presidential

    • Cactus

      He is not in the senate, he is in the house and has said he will not seek re-election to the house. Thank god for that.

    • Joanneo

      Oregon Bill..who do you want another one world gov.? We don’t really have a choice. Check out all candidates before voting.

    • Cactus

      I will tell you this and you can mark my word. If you depend on solving the problems this country faces with the vote you will not succeed. We have been voting and we have just got in deeper and deeper. Until some fundamental changes have been made in this country that cannot be made by the vote, things will continue to erode faster and faster until we have lost everything. If you are young you need to talk to someone sixty years or older that is a conservative. Let him tell you of the freedoms that we once had but have no longer.

  • John Gaver

    Here’s a truism that TEA Partiers need to keep in mind.


    RINOs’ like Lugar aren’t just scared that they’ll lose their gravy train. They’re scared that Conservatives will learn that we can win with Conservative candidates.

    The RINO establishment has been crying wolf… I mean crying Goldwater for almost 50 years now and it’s time to call them on it. If we can’t win with a full slate of Conservatives, then we need to know. If we can win with Conservatives, then we need to know that too, so our future actions can be based upon fact, not hyperbole.

    In actuality, Lugar and his RINO buddies could care less about the GOP controlling the Senate. They’re most afraid that Conservatives will finally realize that we can win with a solid slate of Conservative candidates and then they’ll all be out on their …

    • Truth

      I agree 100%. Lugar has to go……..along
      with alot of his buddy RINO’S.

  • Dave

    I’m embarrassed to say but I thought Dick Lugar passed away back in the 1990’s. He was a
    great supporter with Reagan but needed a cause or someone to follow. He certainly shouldn’t be considered a reliable source nor an inspiration to any Party. He needs to retire and collect his $263,00 annual pension and leave politics alone. Besides, he doesn’t know anything about the American Tea Party other than what they tell him at the Assisted Living Center…

    • Pogo del Nuit

      Dave, he did pass away back in the 90’s but no-one has the heart to tell him he died 21 years ago. They have him sprayed with preservative every so often to keep the odor to a tolerable level. Old Senators don’t die they just smell that way.

  • buddy9210

    Hey Cubbies, can someone tell me what the hell this clown has to offer to help the state of this country??? All this Rhino wants to do is sit around and grip about how some of the new blood tried to do some thing with the MASSIVE debt and all the crap his turncoat idiology has gotten us!!! Hey Lugar, maybe it is time for you to turn in the towel and go do some retired time on the Tax payer’s dime because your retirement is from the greatest IRA in the world, you know about $95k a yrs, for retired Senators!!! Maybe Lugar you should try to help get the mess cleaned up instead of telling someone else who wants to do right what not to do, just shut up and get out of the way and let someone clean it up, hell you made it!!!

    • Cactus

      Instead of asking Lugar what he has to offer, maybe you should be asking the people who have returned him to oiffice time after time what he has to offer. I think the people in Indiana have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are not capable of governing themselves.

  • http://InternetExplorer Homer

    It is because of people like Lugar that the Republicans lost control of the senate. He hasn’t amounted to a damn since he has been in office. He is about the most liberal back-stabbing in the senate outside of Hairy Weed.

  • Eli Jones

    This is easy to understand. Lugar is just before getting his Rino butt kicked by a Tea Party candidate.

  • SantaFeSteve

    The real problem is we don’t teach economics in school. If we did, the Tea Party would not be as ignorant as it is but neither would the Democrats or the Rinos.

    In a day of ignornance, Obama will find reelection fairly simple. So even he, dumb as he is, is smarter than the Republican Party.

    You can tell that by the other posts here.

  • DB

    Vote for someone new!

  • V. Tomas

    I live in Indiana and can’t wait to help vote Lugar out amd send him to the pasture…

    • Truth

      AMEN to that!

    • Cactus

      My question to you is, “Why have you waited so long”?

  • ConservativeNotRepublican

    If a liberal says something about anything, and there’s not a conservative around to correct them…are they still wrong???

    • Pogo del Nuit

      Conservative, what could a liberal possibly say that wasn’t wrong? You don’t have to have an audience to tell a lie. It might help in court but it isn’t needed when the liar is a liberal.

  • Dorothy

    the rep. can not get any thing through the senate most of the time it is dead on arrival Bush could not get any thing through because of that witch was speaker at the time. we had better be careful who we vote for president we need a strong honest person but who ?????

    • Truth


    • Henry

      Newt – 2012

    • auntvick

      Perry is our best shot at retooling our government.

  • http://thepatriotupdate Conservativ

    yust send him to home he forget to represent as Tea Party Member

  • Truth

    We need an INDEPENDENT to run……

    TRUMP/PALIN……..I hope he jumps in,

    I’m sick of both parties! We need a hard-

    #ss to stand up for THE PEOPLE!!!!!

    • Marc Jeric

      Anybody but the Mulah Obama! A third party candidate means a sure re-election of Barry Soetoro, that maexist Muslim from Kenya. Remember how we got that disbarred felon Clinton for 8 years – thanks to that hissy creep 3rd party Perot!

    • Truth

      I think TRUMP/PALIN ticket would kick his #$$!

    • Henry

      Truth, you’re delusional.

    • Cactus

      If you think that an independant will get you anything but another term for Obama, you are a moron.


    Lugar is an old dog with no tricks and fooled himself into believing he’ worthy, he should just go home and stay?
    Whining comes with cheese!


    If the teaparty beats ya you deserve to be beat!

  • Marc Jeric

    Komrad Lugar is just another RINO – “let us get along to get along” type.

  • Jim

    Lugar has been in the senate too long.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    He is wrong as can be. Republicans are to blame for not having the majority in the Senate. The only reason they have a majority in the House right now, is because of Tea Party people. But, they are going to lose the majority in the House too, if they don’t stop caving into Obama. They need to impeach his sorry behind, but not ONE of them seems to have the guts to do it. Even several of the Dems said that what Obama did with us going into Libya was impeachable. But, has any of them even tried to do anything? No! And, so far Boehner, in the House, & McConnell in the Senate have continued to sell us down the river.

  • james

    I like my luger much better! It’s a Glock.

  • Willard R. Brumbaugh, LUTCF

    Lee, I would agree with you, except we do not have time to lose an election just to make our point.

    The Democratic party has no incentive to listen to us. The Republican party does. So we need to press the issue within the Republican party, and get as much as we can every time we get a chance to vote.

  • CrustyOldGoat

    Poor dick, thinks his positions are valid. FACT: Colorado has 2 democrat senators because the ‘republican’ party REFUSED TO BACK THE PARTYS CANDIDATE simply because Ken Buck was not under party control. We have a democrat governor because the ‘republican’ party BACKED A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE over the person the PEOPLE chose.

    2 bumper stickers for 2012: “obama/biden – DUMB and DUMBER” and the democrats old favorite, “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!”

  • Sandy in NY

    Real Republicans support Israel and are not racists. To uphold law unequivically is acceptable but racisism is not. I mean real racism, not just simply disagreeing with someone. Ron Paul would be a disaster for this country. He has some good points but no enough to be President of ALL the people.

    • Cactus

      You are absolutely right Sandy. Ron Paul is both a racist in that he hates blacks and he is an anti-semite in that he truly hates jews and Israel. He still believes that we should not have gotten involved in WWII. He believes we should bring all our troops home, close all of our military bases around the world and fight our next war here in the US.

  • Phil

    I’ve been aware of Lugar way back in the late 60s as mayor of Indy, and up to the 70s into the 80s.

    Senator Lugar really started out on the right track, but as he has been re-elected for new terms Senator Lugar is becoming more of middle of the road.

    I don’t want to be disrespectful, but he has served our nation well, and it is time to let a new breath of conservative take the reins. I have a hard time believing he wants to stay for power, but he believes he is better to serve our nation because he is a seasoned Senator who knows how to negotiate. The idea of being a seasoned senator is problem where the Democrats gain their entitlements and he will give in for a small token for conservative values. This type of strategy is what affects his decisions.

    It is time for change and it needs to happened with everyone voting for the Tea Party candidate.

  • Moose

    Senators like Lugar are the problem, not the Tea Party. It’s RINOs that pretend to be fiscal conservatives but go along with the Democrats spending more money then the government takes in. Lugar should move on and let a true conservative take his seat. No more excuses!

  • TaterSalad

    Senator Logar……… will become primaried in 2012 and you sir will also become unemployed. We are not in the business of electing and supporting RIN’s. AMF !

  • linda

    Lugar is a progressive and has no business calling himself a republican. He is a lost soul, can’t imagine what the heck happened to him….he has so lost his way

  • Doc P

    What a dolt. Check the math there ole boy. The GOP picked up a higher percentage of seats in the Senate that were up for election than they did in the House. The reason why the Senate did not flip was because of the fact only 1/3 is up for reelection every 2 years (33 or maybe 34 seats not 436).

    The fact you come out and disparage the group that energized the base is typical of what the F is wrong in Washington and you are such a huge part of the problem. Bot Democrats and RINOs fear the Tea Party because the people are taking back our government from power hungry sociopaths like you!
    Not one Tea Party candidate ran as an independent after losing primaries but multiple RINO’s did. RIGHT? How about some honesty you cowardly pathetic excuse for a human? It was pathetic sorry RINOs like you that really cost the GOP the Senate not the few tea party candidates who lost to a democrat incumbent.
    Go crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

  • FEH

    As Lawrence Lessig suggest in his book “Republic Lost” the long term solution to electing people who truly represent them is to pass a law changing the way all elections are funded. Read his book and you will see how we can eliminate the lobbyists and special interest groups and all of the the comments about how the wishes and expectations of the individual voters have been ignored. Mr. Lessig’s concepts are far too long to be explained here.

  • Truth

    These old rino’s just want to finish their lives in total luxury and want to be worshipped. Term limits and no one over 60 should be able to run for congress!

    • Jay

      Remember folks, if we can get Obama out of office, we need a majority in both houses. I am disappointed with Virginia not allowing Gingrich on the ballot – sounds too much like a Democratic tactic to pull in other states as well. I think that Gingrich would have a better chance to beat Obama – more so than Paul or Romney. Trouble is that all of this debate stuff is turning off the public.

  • Servant

    Let’s not be intimidated by these old bastions in the GOP. It is abso;utely necessary to clean house to restore sanity in DC. We need to be consitently conservative when it comes to candidates at all levels. The president race also have liberal infusion of threats that we MUST support any GOP candidate. I say no. The candidate needs to be all around conservative. I like to call out Palin. She is clean from all DC connections, and ows little, if any, political capital to the GOP “establishment.

    • auntvick

      We already have the best candidate to do this job, that’s Rick Perry. Palin won’t do. She is not in and won’t get in. Rick is the maverick she professed to be. He is ready, able and experienced. He’s more tea than she.

    • Cactus

      You could not be more wrong. We should do all we can to get a good conservative as our nominee but we must all vote for the GOP candidate, no matter who it is, or we will certainly get Obummer for another four years. If that happens you may not ever get to vote again.

  • Truth


    • Servant

      Sorry, I can’t follow you on Trump. He is a loose canon with no history as a conservative. He has produced some conservative talk since about 2009, but he is not my choice.

  • BillK

    With alleged GOP senators like Lugar, it is no wonder the GOP might do badly. I wish he and others like him would stand up and admit that they are really not GOP’ers.

  • devildog

    It’s high time there was a 3rd party — Rino Republicans are what kills this country – they keep voting for big government like the jerk liberals and are killing this country – we the people are going to take back this country for good! Down with Democrats and Down with Republicans!!!

  • Travis T

    I support the Tea Party 100% because simply they are the people that are amongst the simple and common folks such as myself.

  • Robert Winkley

    I first met Richard Lugar during the campaign in 1976. At the time I was with the Republican National Committe assigned to a house candidate in Indiana. Both of us were using Bob Teeter of Michigan as a campaign consultant so I had to work with a young guy from Indiana named Mitch Daniels. Mitch was kind of a smart aleck in those days but he did know how to market a candidate successfully. He got Richard into a sport shirt (and our of his suit), had him working with country folks, and keeping his mouth shut about his liberal views. After the way that Mitch has developed politically I wonder is he is still proud of his 1976 victory – I do not think so. Happily, though, I’m sure we will be rid of the internationalist senator from Indiana in November who I suspect will be joined in his absence by Orin Hatch of Utah. Both of whom should have been retired years ago.

    • Jay

      Ummm, when does that “patriot” McCain come up for re-election? He should join the other two.

  • ED

    No Lugar, it’s old fossels like you that have ruined the GOP party! Time to clean out all the dead weight….

  • TGF

    It’s heartening to see that most of these comments are right on the mark. You can fool some of the people some of the time……….but I believe, “The Party’s Over!”

  • rev nichael hahn


  • David B.

    As a Conservative first the tea party didn’t cost the GOP the Senate,it was themselves because they didn’t have a set and wanted to keep it status quo! If the GOP ever gets their collective heads out of their rears we would stand a better chance to keep what is going on from happening.We need term limits in the worst way and get fresh blood and ideas going instead of the same old gaga!

    • Jay

      You are right of course…inaction by the Senate and Representatives to impeach the SOB in the WH and holder, are clear examples of their uselessness in government.

    • Cactus

      If people will remember, the GOP controlled the house and senate for the first six years Bush lite was prez. They did such a poor job that both houses went to the dems in Bush’s last mid term election. The GOP only won the house back in Jan this year.

  • fubert bar

    Idiot doesn’t understand, we don’t want more of the sames ‘business as usual’ republicans. We want patriotic conservatives. …. Look at the great work our ‘republicans’ did with the latest tax debacle …. two-month tax reprieve paid for with 10 years worth of increase to the cost of mortgages. Isn’t the whole idea of paying for a tax cut kinda like a child telling his parent that he can lower his allowance, but that they’re going to have to pay for it by giving him more money. People need to remember that we (the citizens) are the parents, and the politicians are the children! Aren’t you tired of seeing the children take such horrible advantage of their parents?

  • mcleod51

    Dick Lugar is likely to turn on the Republican Party if he is primaried successfully. He is already slandering the conservative base of his party. He may have been of service at one time, but he will soon enough repay Republican loyalty with soundbites and even endorsements that the democrats will use against us. He is a consummate schoolyard bully.

  • Bud

    Reid and Pelosie are as crooked as the day is long. Reid is only in office because nothing was done about the discovered vote rigging. He panders to the illegal aliens and the give me croud. No one but the entitlement croud is stupid enough to even listen to the crap they spew. Well there are those who believe we should all be equally poor as long as the other guy is putting in all the effort for what he/she gets. The congress and the senate should both be run out on a rail for not upholding the constitution, as they are sworn to do!!

  • wyllo sanders


  • Tony N

    Like if we the people elect any more of these RINOs we are screwed anyways Republican senate or not !!!!!! Go Home RINOS , GO HOME RINOS , GO HOME RINOS , GO HOME RINOS you are the Problem , You are the problem You are the problem , these are the worlds we the people need to repeat over and over and over so this gets into peoples heads !!!!!

  • TALES McKinley

    They have built personal empires with salary for life after one term in office and benefits befitting any monarch. The Laws they write and pass EXCLUDE them from any responsibility and they have united with the JUDICIARY to neutralize any mess they might be possibly exposed. In the meantime while they grab all they can, The Resident of The White House builds a $Billion treasure Chest and plays a similar role of frustrated Media choreographed concern of conflict but just aloof enough to blame the opposition for gridlock with the Best of Intentions. How does this play out in the Electorate ? PERFECTLY ! Democrats blame Republicans and Conservatives Blame Liberals but in the Next Election voters RETURN these Media propped thieves, liars and ever wealthier ELITE Class of rulers to their TAX tapping Cash Management offices while they grumble but do nothing to STOP the INSANITY ! Any wonder things are getting worse.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Not to worry. The past 2 years of proposed legislation and the obstruction of needed legislation with poison pill amendments shows conservatives unrepresentative of majority Americans and unable to govern to move the country forward. Voters everywhere on the right, center and left recognize this and will correct federal and state imbalances in November. Meanwhile policies to expand the electorate, citizens’ healthcare, veterans benefits, equitable taxation, restore good-paying jobs and workers’ rights will continue to show right wing extremists in Birch and TEA factions as anti-American progress, equity and capitalist. Needed regulations will abound and codicils diminishing middle class values and safety nets will be promoted to continue American primacy on the world stage.

  • bebe13

    Sen. Lugar just wants to keep his old butt in there. Bye-bye rino, better the tea party than you.

  • nobody

    Luger is part of the problem. He has been there for 6 terms. The GOP need new blood with people with balls and backbone. Just look at how weak the speaker of the house is. Frannie and Freddy rates rise for 10 years to pay for this last 2 month tax cut extension.
    Soon it won’t matter once this administration get through we will be under a dictator or communist. We need rep. that will stand up

  • fubert bar

    Of course, these are the same RNC royalty that would have us believe that only Newt/Romney are ‘electable’ … We have to stop settling for the candidates picked for us by the media and /or the RNC.

  • RJLigier

    With the Gay Left aka progressives, Rockefeller Republicans, neocons fighting the Gay Right aka libertarians, jacobins, in the 2012 election cycle, I’m surprised Lugar would make such a duplicitous statement as he is a member in good standing of the liberal wing of the Republican Party.

  • David in Indiana

    Dick Lugar..USED to stand for the proper way to stand by your guns! Now he is grass in the wind. a RINO of the highest order. He is the Indiana post child for term limits. With as many terms as he as served you can see the weakness in the Indiana Reflubican party. Some consider Indiana a “red” state. Here in the Bloomington (read that suburb of Indiana University) and it’s “progressive” social(ist) agenda. Conservative (independent) thinkers are classified as racist, hillbillies,KKK nut jobs….all the while the left “occupy public land” are glorified as social conscience raisers….The T E A party is the hopeful beginning of a return to common sense government that DEMANDS accountability of our law makers. In that effort Luger has to be replaced.

  • Doug `Cooper

    SAY, C-ya and don’t let the DOOR hit ya in the ass. All career congressmen/women it’s time to turn out the light cause the party is over, where tired of your pork bills,+special interest groups, and only needing the American peoples vote just to help you get elected,then you don’t remember us. Well its not happening any more, we are sick of it=were taking our nation back, before you destroy it. Enjoy retirement

  • Dococ

    overspending is the problem. From 1995 to 2006 Lugar’s GOP overspent! The TEA party didn’t prevent them from having a majority for 12 years. If Lugar’s GOP won’t cut spending then they don’t deserve a majority.

  • Army CWO Retired

    Senator Lugar is the Co-LEADER of the problem in the Senate. He and Senator Reid are two of a kind. Incompetent, self-serving, anti-freedom STATISTS. The only thing worse than a Democrat is a RINO, and Lugar is the Ace of RINO’a.

    Vote for freedom in 2012. Your life depends on it.

    • big wyo

      army cwo perfect comment no improving that.
      resign barry resign – wheres the BC

    • big bags

      thank you for stating the obvious. I, and so many others, are in agreement! Lugar must go. The moron simply does not understand that we are all very aware that there is no difference between Democrats and many Republicans. He is a RINO who believes that he still is behind the curtain! Hey Professor, look behind you!

    • Rob Roy, MacGreggor

      You are right. The Republican part is the problem. Not the tes party. that AH needs to take the hint..The old Rep. Party was the problem they need to change.

    • Daniel Spickard

      Exactly! The old republican party are a bunch of wimps with no back bone! If they had a backbone and a pair of balls, we wouldn’t be in this mess that we’re in. Obama and his band of idiots would have been impeached and thrown out the door several years ago. I think that it’s time we get a whole new senate. I could train a bunch of monkeys to do their jobs! What a discrase!

    • Jerry

      What Lugar says is pure BS; he is trying to alibi his WAY less than conservative status with he liberals and other Democrat jackals in the the Senate. He is one of the worst RINO’s in Congress and we need the Tea Party to get a REAL conservative to blast him out in the Indiana primary, a state that is conservative enough to place the seat in conservative hands.
      Lugar and Hatch of Utah another conservative state that needs to elect a new REAL conservative in 2012. These two RINO’s along with Collins and Snowe of Maine should get the heave-ho as soon as they are eligible.

    • Damon

      Jerry, Thanks for saving me a lot of writing because you said it all for me! Thumbs up to you. This is a crock of “Bolivian Manure” if I ever heard one. This old fart needs to seep back in his hole.

    • Bob De

      Agree with you on Lugar, snowe and Collins But Hatch is a standup guy.

    • budman

      You are correct but Lugar is also correct except for Nevada where the election was won by rigging voting machines and the illegal vote which Harry Reid flat out stated he would use to win. You know something is wrong when being down six percentage points in the polls there prior to the election, he became the winner. I hope the Republican candidate wins her lawsuit about this and Reid is removed from office.
      The other candidates the Tea Party picked were not well known and never gained traction with the voters and also the fact Democrats outnumbered Republicans in these states. If the voter doesn’t know the candidate, they generally vote their party so it would be fair to say it was a far reach by the Tea Party.
      Lugar is a business as usual Congressman and should be replaced. Let us hope that the candidate has enough recognition to make it a Republican win; otherwise Lugar’s warning becomes a reality.

    • jd

      Colorado Tea Party candidate lost to a dem. because the state party would not back our choice for the office. Then the turncoat Tom Tancrado left the Rep. party and ran as an indep. which split the Repbulican party in this state. We rectified part of the problem by firing our state Rebuclican president. We now have a strong conservative running the party in this state.
      This is the same in many of the other states the state repub. offices did not back the peoples’ candidate. This goes for the RNC also.

    • Gary L Thompson

      That has to be the ultimate solution, putting true grassroots Republicans in charge of the party machinery, so they give real backing to November candidates serious about restoring rule of law and stopping the economic suicide of the country.

      At the same time, the Tea Party should also take over the conservative parties and unite them into a new constitutionalist party, to counter the Libertarian influence in taking the GOP in the wrong direction, and as part of a long-term strategy of shaming people out of voting for the anti-American and totalitarian Democratic Party (hey, it’s been done, the old Jim Crow Democratic establishment looked just as unassailable in the South just a few decades ago), and offering a true conservative party as the new second-party alternative.

    • fubert bar

      Exactly! the RNC needs to be re-staffed or replaced. They are the reason, more than anything else that many of the conservatives lost last time around.

    • Tony in MO

      I don’t know why Lugar doesn’t just register as a Democrat. He votes with the Dems most of the time. He’s about as RINO as a RINO can get. He’s about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

    • Teresa

      Thank you for your service! You have it exactly right, Our lives do depend on getting the Rhino Republicans out. They are out to destroy this Republic just as much as the Demorats. Clean the house and senate from top to bottom and spread bleach and sunlight through out so no more mold can grow.

    • Cecil

      Right you are. The Rino’s (Lugar and others, like John McCain) are the reason we don’t have a majority of “conservatives” in the Senate. The heck with the Republicans, I want constitutionalists and conservatives in Congress. I don’t care what letter follows their name, if they’re progressives they need to go.

    • Meme

      Sen Lugar,
      You and Harry Reid ARE the problem.
      You have been a do nothing Senator ever since you got in. Thank goodness we have the Tea party group letting people know what you have not done while up there giving yourself a big pay raise while denying elders and disabled people a tiny raise on their disability and retirement checks of life.
      You have not taken the lead for anything to help the poor, sick, or elderly or anyone else in the USA.
      Get off your duff and get some positive legislation going for the GOP and quit kissing behinds of Harry Reid, the President, and their ilk.
      If you can’t be a good Republican, get out of the GOP.
      You, Harry Reid, and the President are a disgrace to our government and to the American People.
      A good place to start is by telling Harry Reid to do his job and bring all those bills that the House has already passed to the floor for an up or down vote. Which of course he won’t do because if he did the President coupld not be going all over the country and the world telling everyone that it is all the GOP’s fault He would havce to stand on his own sorry deeds. And if he still sits on them, put his name and picture, aliong with the President’s too, out on the news media, the Newspapers, the congressional Record and every other place you can find his name and blast him for stalling the votes on the issues. He gets on the cameras almost every day and repeats his parrot speech that the Republicans are not presenting anything for the Senate to vote on.
      That is a lie and you know it is yet you sit up there and blame someone else while letting him lie like a dog.
      Quit following the President and Biden and blaming everything on somebody else, It is a sickening trait in the President and the VP and it is especially sickening for you when you refuse to stand firm against the unconstitutional issue. Sarah Palin and rbvry other name you can think up.
      Be a man! Stand up for what you were elected to do You should be ashamed to talk about the Tea Party like that. If you think blaming them is hiding the lack of action on your part, you are sadly mistaken. It is only showing how utterly incompetent you are and that you are not trying to do anything but feather your own nest!
      Shame shame shame.

    • Meme

      Sorry about all the typos. I had a finger injury and hit the wrong button before I got it all checked out.

    • Ellie

      Wish the Rino’s would listen to what the people are trying to tell them, they need to balance the budget, stop all the free stuff to the illegals and why doesn’t the President do as he tells us to do. Cut back on spending, intend to write to Senators and house member and ask them how much the President’s and family vacations have cost us these 3 years. Read where this one was $4 million, that would help with the budget if he would not take such expensive holidays and vacations and stop taking advantage of his position.

    • G. Brown

      Makes no difference! Luger wil be re-elected as will Reid when his time comes around again. It’s all one party and probably always has been.
      I would say, make sure you know where your family and friends and faimly are about 3 months before the 2012 elections takes place, because I don’t think there will be any.
      McCain and Levin have opened the door too mase arrests by our own military and both are traitors and they also will be re-elected. G. Brown

    • Potawatomi13

      Seems to me that it’s unwise and ill considered statements like Lugars that hurt our cause. We do NOT need any negativity within our own Republican/Tea Party family folks.

    • msbets

      You better believe it, luger can pull up his pants and go home as far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t believe this nonsense at all!!

    • http://firefox Sunny

      Reid won by a close call and only because illegals had voted. I have friends in Nevada and they say they were shocked that Reid won again because they can’t stand him, but Like Obama, falsified votes got him in again.

    • Gary L Thompson

      We will never get rule of law restored in this country until we clean out the RINOs and replace them with true Americans willing to call Democrats (or anyone regardless of party) to account for illegal and tyrannical acts.

    • Chuck

      He is completely correct in saying it is the TEA PARTY that caused the loss of those two seats. His reasoning really goes to why the States should select their senators by their election of the Executive of the State, the Governor. The 17th amendment needs to be repealed. If we trust the Governor that we elected, then the Governor should choose the Senator that Represents the State.

      The Senate is for the States. The House is for the People.

  • Bud


    Question 1:
    If you knew a woman who was pregnant,
    Who had 8 kids already,
    Three who were deaf,
    Two who were blind,
    One mentally retarded,
    And she had syphilis,
    Would you recommend that she have an abortion?

    Read the next question before looking at the response for this one.

    Question 2:
    It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts..
    Here are the facts about the three candidates.

    Candidate A:
    Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologists.
    He’s had two mistresses.
    He also chain smokes
    And drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

    Candidate B:
    He was kicked out of office twice,
    Sleeps until noon,
    Used opium in college
    And drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.

    Candidate C:
    He is a decorated war hero.
    He’s a vegetarian,
    Doesn’t smoke,
    Drinks an occasional beer
    And never committed adultery.

    Which of these candidates would be our choice?

    Decide first … No peeking, and then scroll down for the response.

    Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Candidate B is Winston Churchill.
    Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

    And, by the way, on your answer to the abortion question:

    If you said YES, you just killed Beethoven.

    Pretty interesting isn’t it?
    Makes a person think before judging someone.


    Amateurs … Built the ark.
    Professionals … Built the Titanic






    • MIKE

      Insight into a microcosm of the past, well done. With hindsight it is so easy to get it right. When you plagiarize others ridicules tidbits as you did here, it gets even better. Do you have anything original to say on this subject?

    • Potawatomi13

      That really does make you think. I was right on #1 but completely WRONG on #2. Very knowledgeable post. I thought you were talking about 3 of our candidates. Make that 2 with otraitor being the first one.

  • James

    Boener, the cry baby is as much Rino as any of them. I’m a full blooded Republican and I am all for the Tea Party.

  • Joann Parker

    He just don’t get it it not so much party as its call looking out for self. ALL HAS to Go. Washington has to be clean-up, like throw all out and start over with term limits. ITS NOT THEIR WASHINGTON, It belongs to WE THE PEOPLE

  • Bud

    My last post goes to thought about the present candidates and in no way is meant to vindicate any liberal, socialist, Marxist, communist democratic agenda. Just wanted clarity on that point.

  • DJ

    Establishment Republicans who make behind the scenes deals with Democrats are the reason why it hasn’t mattered whether or not there was a Republican majority. Even with one, they are still voting like Democrats. Tea Party candidates are the only hope for getting back to the Constitution.

  • Tommy

    Mr. Lugar, who do you think voted in the republicans in the house and replaced some in the senate? There wasn’t a tea party in 2008 and look what happened. Where are the republicans in the senate trying to get the first budget in 3 years passed? It doesn’t sound like you give a da– one way or another.

  • gerald

    Don’t bet on it Senator Lugar. We want term limits and especially Constitutionalists in office.

  • PipelinePete

    I met Senator Lugar in 1975 and was very impressed with him at that time. However, over the course of time, he has come to exemplify everything thats wrong with our Congress. If I could, every congressman running for a third term would be voted out until the voters have a chance to vote on term limits and a balanced budget. It’s the only way we can fix our broken system.

    • Rob Roy, MacGreggor

      Remember Lugars were used by the Waffin SS.
      Enough said.

    • MIKE

      As I love to play devil’s advocate, I must point out that the Luger you speak of was well made and in service still, some of them over one hundred years later. Let us hope this human example is not so sturdy.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    If it weren’t for the TEA Party, the Republican party would have spent a couple of decades in the wilderness. And if they nominate another loser like McCain, they will find out how much the TEA Party truly despises the Establishment Republicans that got us into this mess. It is highly likely that the Libertarian party is a better fit for the TEA Party, if the Pacifists like Ron Paul can be thrown under the bus.

  • mark

    NO, Mr. Lugar, it just takes time to get all you career politicians out of office to get this country back on the right track! Vote Tea Party canidates and this country might have a chance to be great again!

  • Disgusted

    Seems to me it’s the republicans who are the biggest threat to us and will get Obama re-elected in 2012. I believe they are and have been for decades, in collusion with the democrats. They’ve done nothing but kiss up to them and want to make nice with them. You CAN’T be friends with democrats because most of them have no decent principles, they are without conscience and will do whatever they can to undermine this country and stay in power. I don’t think the republicans are much better. They all need to go.

    Open your ears and eyes and REALLY listen to all of them. None of them pay any attention to us. The Tea Party is a real threat to the democrats AND the republicans because it means THEY will also be replaced and they don’t want that anymore than the democrats to. They’re all disgusting to me.

    • mascmen7

      Republicans including Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, Wall Street Journal are covering for Obama who was born in Mombasa, Kenya and educated by the Russian Academy of Sciences.So why elect or support such traitors. Our nation is going down as Russia is on a war footing building one super secret sub every 10 days which will destroy all our shipping lanes. No more foreign oil. No more Wal Mart junk. No more tvs and electronic gear. No more Odumba flying around on joyrides. Putin will replace Odumba and be better at it.

    • Drop Dead Fred

      In a large way i agree. There are far too many rino’s out there. I’d like to see some real conservatives.
      I’m not talking about Roe vs Wade. Abortion is a red herring that the democrats and rino’s use to distract us from more serious topics such as the federal reserve, unemployment, the housing crises, the economy,etc…
      compared to this nation falling into such dissrepair it becomes a third world nation overnight, abortion rights are a minor concern. When you have such a massive portion of your country unemployed, impoverished or almost homeless few people are worried about an abortion issue their worried about feeding their families and keeping a roof over their heads. I know thats what I’m seriously worried about and I still have my job.
      Real change needs to occure in congress and i’m not talking about musical chairs with other rino polititions.
      I’m talking they need real leadership and to get off their butts and do something to make this country better. they need to stop pussy footing around that clown in the oval office and start telling him what the hell is up. They need to start messing with thiose rediculous democrats in the senet also.
      Flood those fools with so much balogna hat they’ll be glad to get a real bill.
      Seperate everything. stop piling earmarks and what nots onto each bill and send them along as stand alone items so the US can see exactly what those democrats are up to.
      Refuse to write bills that that usurper demands that is questionable when weighed against the constitution.
      Start chasing down corrupt officials regardless as to which house or party they are in.
      You expect us citizens to spy on each other and rat each other out. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

  • Disgusted

    PS-I’m talking about the politicians, not the everyday person out here.

  • Joy

    Lugar is a poster boy for same old, same old – the Old Boys’ Club, etc. HE’s the reason for a GOP minority in the Senate – NOT Sharron Angle or Christine O’Donnell!! He wasn’t up for election in 2010 – but he is this year, and he better start looking for work as a lobbyist (if he hasn’t already lined something up) asap. He’s a walking example of what’s killing the GOP – fat cats and the professional policital class. I hope & pray that the Tea Party DOES mount an effective campaign to send this corrupt old so-and-so into a very cushy retirement!

  • Eddie

    The problem with Republicans like Lugar is they don’t see a reason to be different than their Democrat buddies. Always wanting to croos the isle like McCain, and I fear Romney. Romney’s definition of being a Leader is something who can compromise with the other side who are controlled by mostly Socialists. Ronald Reagan’s definition of being a Leader was someone who had a vision and could get people to follow it. I fear the Republican Party for the most part has “no vision, and definitley lacks the spokesman who can get someone to even follow a vision”.

  • Drop Dead Fred

    I’m not saying that Luger is the right man for the job. I’m also not anti tea party.
    What I Am saying is that they need to develop a more prosperous strategy.

    1st. Focus on seats that are held by Democrats. Getting them out and establishing a conservative majority in both houses should be a prioriy.

    2nd. Ferret out the real rino’s. There are frequently individuals (shall remain nameless) who tend to swing toward the popular vote. Always has been and always will. These are of the least concern at the moment. They will tow the party line when the party finally has one worth towing.

    3rd. Be willing to coexist with other real conservitives. Realize when another group (libertarian, republican)has a strong candidate that they can work and become allies with. No one is perfect, not tea party candidates, supporters or workers. Be willing to throw your party support behind some one else when you are getting edged out. The reciprocation will be rewarding.

    4th. lern when enough is enough. If you continue to dilute the field it only makes it tougher for those who are going to vote to choose someone. This only gives your opposition an edge. You will probably loose that seat to a democrat. Is that what you really want.

    The thing that I personally dislike about the tea party is that the majority that I have met have an all or nothing attitude. This is not inland Russia durring the German invasion of Stalingrad. Using scorched earth tactics will not provide you with anything resembling an advantage. It only makes you look fanatical and irresponsible.
    That aside I belive that the tea party has some valid candidates. Wether or not they are poised to takeover stratigic seats and use their funding wisely remains to be seen. I have no intrest or intention of investigating any public position outside those of the state in which I reside. Save of course the executive office.
    For that position I support whole heartedly the honorable Mr.Ron Paul.

  • Ed Hayden

    The problem with the Senate is not the tea party. The crisis in the senate lay with the democrats and republicans who quit serving the people, who quit listening to the people,
    who traded in the values of Americanism for a centralized government, who through executive orders and congressional regulations in supressing the people in America, who have destryed the economy and the millions of Americans lives and future with any care or passion for the American people, who have walked away from the constitution of which when sworn into office pledged to up hold the Constitution during the last 65 years. Senator Dick Lugar is one in along with his long time colleagues who have not a with of common sense or business accum that have all but destroyed America. America is broke financialy and moraly and the our government leaders are the poorfest example of leaders in the world.

    • Drop Dead Fred

      I like much of what you said but they still are not the poorest examples in the world.
      A close third perhaps.

      But in all seriousness, What will it take to force these recless dictators to perform their jobs in the mannor our founding fathers envisioned?
      How can we oust them for failing to represent us the populace.?
      How can we barr someone from office that has abused his powers of office?
      Does anyone out there actually have some realistic solutions or are you all about just flapping your gums and complaining.

  • steve

    We already have term limits. You CAN vote them out. The real problem is too few spend an adequate amount of time researching candidates backgrounds themselves. It’s called doing your civil duty and watching the dim bulb controlled media is a poor substitute for it.

    • Jay Palmquist

      Every one of these career politicians have quickly become multimillionaires …if they were able to stay in office long enough. How? With rampant insider trading.

      You and I would go to jail doing the same thing. However they exempt themselves. So, it’s no wonder these politicians are desperate to continue with the status quo. It pays (them).

      That’s why we’ll see no meaningful reform in spending and continued redistribution of (our) wealth and general undermining of our freedoms.

      Creating and maintaining as many entitled, dependent voters as possible, also keeps them in office and continuing to take advantage of their positions. Follow the money.

    • June9245

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Gary L Thompson

      “If they (the greater number in this country not descended from the original colonists or Founders’ generation) look back through this history to trace their connection with those days by blood, they find they have none, they cannot carry themselves back into that glorious epoch and make themselves feel that they are part of us, but when they look through that old Declaration of Independence they find that those old men say that ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,’ and then they feel that that moral sentiment taught in that day evidences their relation to those men, that it is the father of all moral principle in them, and that they have a right to claim it as through they were blood of the blood, and flesh of the men who wrote that Declaration, (loud and long continued applause) and so they are. That is the electric cord in that Declaration that links the hearts of patriotic and liberty-loving men together, that will link those patriotic hearts as long as the love of freedom exists in the minds of men throughout the world. [Applause.]”

      In the long run, it will be impossible to acheive one of our Constitution’s central objectives of “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” so long as the pulpit, teacher’s desk, professor’s lecturn, the news desk, and entertainer’s stage are not filled with the kind of individuals that Abraham Lincoln described above. Instead, they are presently filled for the most part with those cowed into silence by the intimidation of the progressive element at best, and open enemies of our Declaration and Constitution at worst. Surely the Founders would have recognized the need to wrest away these institutions away from the Loyalist Tory element of our generation, and made it their top priority.

  • PWR11

    If this wasn’t so pitiful, it would be funny. Let me see Conservatives are the reason we don’t have more conservatives in office!! What part of “Your not doing the job the people elected you to do” does he not get? I don’t think anyone believes they cannot reach a compromise with the Liberals on bills to get them past. It just seems that we give up and stray from our true feelings way too easy. We need people that have a spine in DC to do our bidding. People that are not worried all the time about re-elections. We need to come out on top of at least some of the copmromise’s being made, seems like we get the “Hinde tit” way too often. We also need people that can defend our positions, I never seen such ineptness amongst the GOP before. Heck, I can defend free enterprise better than these stiffs!!

  • Gerald Guy

    Lugar needs to get real! The only reason Republicans control the House is because of the Tea Party. Lugar is a dyed in the wool RINO and the only good RINO is a unemployed one! Throw em all out of congress!!

  • Rocky

    Lugar the Buggar talking again…another RINO that needs to bite the dust along with John McLame, Snowe, Collins, Christie, Romney, Boehner, McClellan, et. These are the elitist, Eastern establish liberal/left-wing communist/socialist types who have ruined the party of Lincoln and turned to the fat cat bankers, corrupt Wall Street investment houses, Bilderbergers, CFR, etc. It’s time to kick them out. Stop sending money to the Republican National Committee. The RNC National Leader Princey Reince Priebus spent $2 Million of Republican money to derail Herman Cain by paying the sluts money to speak against him. The Republican hierarchy is no better than the crook in the White House.

  • Ed

    Can you say Term limit ? TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL TL Term Limit!!!!! Get them the HELL outta office. They’ve been in sense the Dinosaur !!!!!!

  • Kat… :)

    They really think that just cause they “say” its so…makes it so…ITS NOT…this is just more smoke and mirrors from the RINO crowd…don’t believe a word they say…we are gonna win big…this is all they got left to try stop us…its just more Lies!!! :)

    • Drop Dead Fred

      “They really think that just cause they “say” its so…makes it so…ITS NOT…”

      Well It seems to be working for them so far dear.

  • Eastern Eagle

    Lugar’s crapping his pants because the Tea Party favorite in his state, Richard Mourdock, will spell the END of Lugar’s sorry career. Lugar puts Israel first, NOT America; that’s HIS problem (one among many). Can this RINO with all Godspeed! And REID is the biggest PARTISAN SCUMBAG EVER in the US Senate!

    • The Bobster

      Even the Israel firster X-t ard vote won’t save this RINO’s sorry a$$.

    • The Bobster

      Even the Israel firster X-t ard vote won’t save this RINO’s sorry a$ $.

  • pete kennedy

    Luger lives in the past…..he is a detriment to those determined not to allow the Marxist to take over the world. I can guarantee you he never heard of the Frankfurt School or any of the 1930 socialist who came over from Germany and established themselves at Columbia University.

  • Rob Roy, MacGreggor

    You know we had a Republican majority when Gingrich was in office.What did they do…Not a Frigging thing but compromise our country away. The OLD Republican guard is as bad as the Dems. One side of the Communist coin.

  • Lane

    What Senator Lugar doesn’t understand is, regardless of the consequences, the people elected him to do their will, not what he wants to. If he loses his office, so be it. He’s been there to long and is tainted anyway. If we lose the majority and do the right thing, then the voters are the losers.

  • dave CS

    We lost Nevada and Delaware because of the likes of Lugar and Rove. Just like the inset rust and disease of in the democrates, the same disease is rampant in the republican party. The Tea Party had both Delaware and Nevada won, it was the RINO’s and careeer politians and KARL ROVE. He is a s. o b. and baby.

  • Mickey

    I’m a Hoosier and will have the opportunity voting against Lugar in the primary. I know several people that will do the same.


    It all boils down to what we are going to do about the problem? We need someone to lead the charge, get on the air and let all people know what is the exact problem. You don’t hear any media including Fox tell any of the real problems involved here so people can see some light. So how do we get to all these makeshift people on Fox to open up and tell it like it is instead of having people like Carl Rove and his buddies on there who are establishment people and no different than those we have in present power.

  • BillF

    Its hard for Lugar to give up a position where you are highly paid plus you get to keep all you can steal. Lugar is
    in the same class as Hank Johnson who was worried about
    Guam tipping over!

  • heylottylotty

    Realizing that the true Honest, Dedicated Americans in our Nation either don’t have the mega bucks to run for office or do have money but don’t want to be shotgunned by the existing Gustappo system now in office. Some of the best Presidents were not upper eschalon attorneys. Most of those with ties to town and community were good. Then look at what we have to choose from today!!! See who our “peers” have put in top positions for the Presidential race? How do we as a nation overcome that? Men like mr. dick Lugar know how to spin the truth to make themselves look pure. NOT.

  • Rank

    Six terms says it all. We must primary every Senate and House incumbents that are up for election that has served 12 years or more! No more life time politicians… especially RINOs like Lugar… or any Progressive Democrat or Republican.

  • dave in houston

    Lugar is as senile as McCain and needs to be voted out..

  • http://webnewsdaily mike

    sick sicker and sickest. republicans are greedy and self serving….call up your reps and tell them times up. their terms can be stoppped / recalls recalls do it our way or get out and we will help you pack your bags.. go back to you little law office. 90% of you are legal practitioners. go home if you cant control you greedy asses… the will of us not your moneyassed greedy favor grabbing jerk offs. yeah i have no more faith. only god i will understand. you politicians are contemptable garbage.thers no way to rid them of their stench. its their way of life. rats naturally are filty. most of our so called leaders resemble the characteristics of rats. years ago we used to burn dumps its a shame we cant clean up washington similarily. where will those “rats” go? think about it…

  • stevor

    Good, let’s totally kill the GOP AND the Democrat parties, which are OWNED by the banksters!

  • Bisley

    Lugar and the liberal Republicans, who control the party leadership, are the problem. They actively worked against conservative Senate (and House) candidates, who might have won with a little help. For what they did with Lisa Murkowski, the whole leadership needs to be booted out.

    As for Lugar’s dream of a Republican majority (with his kind of Republicans), we had that several years back and what good did it do for the country? With a few exceptions, it wouldn’t have been much different with Democrats running the show.

  • eric johnson

    Mr. Luger republican squishes who vote for liberal democratic policies are precisely why the Tea Party came to life. you are the problem and not the solution, are you really that dense?

    • Samuel

      The ineptitude of the Tea Party members, in the recent Social Security tax cut extention, was an astonisning display of inexperience. They allowed the Democrats to set a trap for them over a ridiculous 60 day deal. They fell for it completely and are now branded as the people who wanted to “raise taxes on the poor working man.”

  • JVB

    We’ll just see about that.

  • Rank

    Why do we need more than 4 people serving in Congress? You know like the four people that passed the 2 month extension in 2-1/2 minutes last Friday… without any floor votes! Legislative action at it’s absolute lowest, and may I add most corrupt level!

  • UncleRoy1

    Too bad Mr. Lugar and the establishment won’t read any of these comments. They could care less what ‘we the people’ think…

  • patrick stanley

    RINOs like Lugar are the problem not the Tea Party. RINOs exist to protect the right flank, to use a militry analogy, of the Democrat party. With RINOs in place conservatives can’t directly engage the Liberals.

  • david hoffman

    Why is it the only political group of common people trying to restore America “back” to her greatness , being so vilified ? Lets stop and Think, how is it, If your “not” speaking the truth the resistance can be so low? The truth does hurt! and they do fear it. Its time to tare down this monstrosity the progressive liberals have built, what new world order can they build from the ruins they leave behind, a Nation of band-aids ?

    • niles

      If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.
      For Mike, I borrowed this, you can call it plagiarize if you want.

  • curtis

    what good is majority if they arent conservatives anyway? If we are going to have liberal policies, let. the Dems get the credit.

    • Dood

      Exactly!!! Make it obvious who’s killing us.

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      But on the other hand, we conservatives have to recognize that California, New York, Illinois, and the rest of yankeeland are too far gone to ever have conservatives in power. If the GOP ever wins there, it’s with a moderate who bad mouths the tea party like Dick Lugar.

      It’s time for us to do what the founders did when an oppressive democratic parliament taxed them too much and passed too many invasive laws, and I would note the founders didn’t suffer even 10% of the taxes or illegal invasions of our privacy we do today! Can anyone imagine Washington allowing TSA agents to grope his genitals?!

      It’s time to secede! When government if 45% of GDP, passing laws allowing citizens to be detained without trial, declaring wars without the congress (Libya), etc. It’s time to face the fact that the USA has become the next USSR unfortunately and they were fighting a war in Afghanistan like us too when they collapsed economically as we are.

      But the good news is, when the USSR collapsed there was no civil war when parts seceded. Why? Nuclear weapons. Texas for example has dozens of nukes and the USA’s ONLY nuclear manufacturing plant. We CAN secede and do it peacefully!

  • Dens

    Lugar and his ilk are what has “killed off” conservative chances of winning anything for years. He needs do us all a favor and shut his mouth and go home.

    • Dood

      Lugar needs to go. We’ll never change anything with these “insiders” playing on the same team all the time. And that team is the corrupt Dems AND Republicans vs. US!

    • ekim

      Lugar needs to rethink which side of the isle he is on !

  • Doug

    What a pompous ass! He and the others like him, repubs and demos, are one of the reasons the Tea Party came about and are challenging this bunch of greedy _ _ tards. The self-serving, self-righteous ass Lugar deserves to be beat. He needs to be voted out. Indiana deserves better…..elect a person that cares for the people.

    • ekim

      You said it all, Doug !

  • dre

    Aren’t we all planning to replace both sides of the house with Tea thinking or min. patriots?

    Including and not from withstanding both the President and his full house of Chiisi Czars. i.e., that include jr. and you Joe b.

    I am not sure why these types of News articles are relevant.

  • niles

    50% or less get out and vote. The ones that vote usually have the most to gain or lose.
    Those on public assistance or looking for a free ride. Which leads us to socialist like Obama in the white house. When the majority starts voting the minority will stop controlling.

  • http://google JoeH

    Well it is just another example of divide and conquer only by republicans. Blaming the Tea Party for attempting to straighten out all that is wrong with these “comfortable” life time senators is all they can come up with. I’ve heard it before and I agree: KICK EM’ ALL OUT” over two terms.

    • azwayne

      When we admit there is ONLY ONE party corrupt politicians, we’ll identify who needs to go, almost ALL incumbents for sure. Don’t be held back by supporting unknowing lying party leaders. Liberal propaganda media wilol do no good either.

  • David A Friece

    Lugar is NOT GOP, he is RINO.
    I’d say even Left of RINO!

  • Marine223

    The TEA PARTY will be the Reason O’Scamo will pack his Bags! Lugar should help him, then go jump into the Potomac himself!

    • azwayne

      We do need to strengthen the tea party, and it is not ONLY avenue to victory. Tea party is NOT strong enough. LAck of leadership ans set of principles. Many took advantage and abused giving tea party bad name as well,

  • Ron

    Excellent! Let’s hope the Tea Party keeps it up until all the Rino’s are out, including himself!

  • The Bobster

    Loogie is an open-borders traitor. The TP needs to flush HIM from office.

  • http://yahoo Chuck Sherman Jr

    6 terms this old guard maggot has served??? Does he still have a pulse??? I know he doesn’t have any balls!!!

    • azwayne

      You didn’t mention lack of brains and senility. Voters are not well enough informed, party followers have been destruction of America, know the candidates or don’t vote, quit following the media.

  • Doug

    Rome wasn’t built in a day…so getting rid of all those that think a world community of the collective is the right way to go for Americans is a fool. We will take back our Great Nation, one bum at a time! Maybe if the GOP would get behind the Tea Party like the Domcrazies stand behind the Occupying Mud People…we would have taken the Senate…it is a two way street!!! And if the GOP is forced to look around and do what they have placed the Tea Party People to do for them in weeding out those that wear the same black hats as Democrazies…there wouldn’t be a Tea Party!! It wasn’t the Tea Party that started the Bubble we are all paying for. It wasn’t the Tea Party that spent America into the current situation. It isn’t the Tea Party that wants to send jobs off shore!! It Isn’t the Tea Party that uses the Race Card…or is willing to let the other side use it to separate our Great Nation into Latins, Blacks and Whites…we want one America! One Nation Under God…the Same thing most Great Leaders wanted for this Country..until people like those currently occupying Washington DC killed him and his dream. We no longer need a NAACP, Black Panthers, any more than we need a KKK Group…herein lies much of the problems!! In God I Will Trust…and I can only Hope Many others will do likewise! I am a Tea Party Person…and I won’t allow the media to cast my vote..I can do that just fine!!

    • Drop Dead Fred

      I don’t see anyone blaming the tea party for anything other than occasionally getting in their own way.
      Sad but true.
      The GOP is not the only party that needs to learn to work together. All conservative parties need to realize that they are serving a common agenda.
      Which would happen to be to oust every last democrat from the face of the planet! I mean office.
      Pardon my humor.
      But this still will not resolve all of our problems. Accountability and constitutionality are paramount.
      Whom ever is in office regardless of party needs to be held firmly accountable for whatever unethical, illigal or unconstitutional action they have partaken in.
      Only when an individual stands to loose something valuable to themselves such as dignity, larg somes of money, their jobs or their freedom do they stand up and take notice of the ramifications of their own actions.

    • Guest

      I agree with all of you who said “fire em aof” I emailed one of the senators here in Vermont and asked and wanted a reply about Obama care. Of course he is a democRAT and his answer was a jumble of HIS reasons why we need Obamacare cuz there are soo many people who don’t have medical/health care

      Typical. This one started out as a mayor and progressed to the Senate.

      I answered his answer and said I don’t believe you are anything but an Obama socialist and bye bye… you are gone as far as I am concerend.

      I wrote to a different Senator regarding gun control 2-3 years ago and he said “forget it. They will never pass gun control”

      I sent him the same question this year again. This time he siad we NEED gun control as there is way too much crime of people killing innocent citizens. Another DemocRAT.

      If we phone them they don’t do anything. If we sign petitions to them I think they round file them.

      I have been an activist since 01/01/2009 and by this time it’s hard to not give it up but the Tea Party is trying so hard I think I will hang in there. I am a member as well and we need more people like you to help in the fight to win America back and start over. Please join.

      God bless.

    • azwayne

      Everyone with brains and education needs to become activist, it’s time to get noticed and make noise.every way possible.

    • Sunshine49

      You wrote: The GOP is not the only party that needs to learn to work together. All conservative parties need to realize that they are serving a common agenda.
      Congress IS serving a common agenda — for the Fed and the ones who want a one world financial order. Our present situation is just as much the Reps fault as the Dems.

      Just check out who voted for what to control the people. The ONLY one who consistently votes FOR the people and the Constitution is Ron Paul, but many of you have been brainwashed that he is unelectable. Who is doing the brainwashing — other so-called conservatives, that’s who!

      The only other choices we are given will just keep up the status quo and the U.S. will still become a socialist democracy run by elites. The only way we are going to have a chance at getting our country back is if we elect Ron Paul in the primaries.

  • Drop Dead Fred

    I see alot of finger pointing and complaining about what is wrong yet noy ONE offered solution.
    The answer cannot simply lie within electing other officials.
    This provides no form of accountability to be enforced apon them.
    We need real solutions that can be applied and enforced by the general public.
    We need to begin at state and local levels and this will allow these new tools to be tested.
    For number one I am going to suggest that locally we lobby our own governments to enforce any oaths of office (regardless of what office ie. Mayor Police Chief, selectman, Govenor state rep, what have you) as a leagally binding verbal contract with the general public for no less than the full term of office.
    That the penelties for violation of that oath are as follows
    1) A violation of oath of office shall be a (class ?) felony offence punishable by a minimum fine of $x,xxx but no more than $xx,xxx Plus any restitution deemed appropriate by a court of law and/or a minimun sentance of two (?) years and impeachment from office with a minimum banishment from office of (x) years. (one electoin cycle to run consecutive with any conviction sentance?)
    I figure if people can get something along these lines passed in their local legislatures and offices. then it would make it a lot easier to push it up hill to congress and then the other branches of government.

    • comsense08

      No, as a nation we need to stop looking to Washington every fricking time we don’t get our way. We, as a nation, needs to abolish biased, and biggoted associations. Once we clean up our act, there will be no need for a corrupt government. They have become corrupt because WE tried to circumvent the process and BUY the way we want. WE did not like the vote of the majority, so WE filed court cases and WE made the judges decide. And if WE didn’t get our way we took it higher, then WE paid congress to make laws that favored a minority over the majority. All this mess started with us. It’s end has to start with us. We HAVE to stop taking federal money, and we HAVE to start solving our own issues. Take the power and the control from them. After all, WE sent all these corrupt politicians up there into that corrupt system. Ron Paul said it pure and simple, “If I can get more of my peoples money back for them I will” while voting for pork barrel bills. Every one of them thinks like that. So Ron, you like taking my Michigan money for your Texans? Thanks, idiot, you and the reast of the 545.

    • Sunshine49

      The problem goes back to 1913 and the “direct” tax on the people. Before that the States controlled their own money. Ron Paul wants to get back to the States controlling their own money and not this corrupt system of begging the Federal government for their money back.

      If states like California can’t make it on their own money — tough! Maybe the people who live there will get tired of people like Pelosi and vote in Constitutional type representatives to run their state.

      Another thing is that the Senators should be appointed by their states as it was originally written in the Constitution. Now they don’t really answer to anybody because the elections are so rigged and the people are so brainwashed.

      Critics of the Seventeenth Amendment claim that by altering the way senators are elected, the states lost any representation they had in the Federal government and that this led to the gradual “slide into ignominy” of state legislatures, as well as an over-extension of Federal power and the rise of special interest groups to fill the power vacuum previously occupied by state legislatures.

      This happened in May of 1913 right after the government gave itself the right to tax the people “directly” in April. Then part of Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act on Dec. 23, 1913 while the majority of Congress had gone home for Christmas.

      Since the Federal Reserve Act essentially gave full control of the banking system to private bankers, there was strong opposition to it from rural and western states because of fears that it would become a tool of certain rich and powerful financiers in New York City.

      As you can see, we are fighting a hundred years of corrupt government taking the money and power away from the people. We can only pray that we can undo the damage that has already been done. People waking up to the truth is a big step in the right direction.

  • George

    Anyone in the legislature longer than seven years is either “guilty of” or compliant with” the current problems. Enough said!!!!!

  • joel smoyer

    Clean house now no more maybe this guy any one with 2 terms is out we need some one like Marco Rubio- Palin OR Newt[ Palin or Rubio} and Michell Bachman as house speaker that would be the best for this country.

    • K

      Not Palin, as an Alaskan I know that she would be bad for the country as she was for our state.

  • John Campbell

    Don’t complain about Lugar.

    Send $ to Lugar’s primary challenger Richard Mourdock’s campaign!

    It’s the only way to shut up RINO Lugar for good.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Lugar is one of these progressive Republicans, otherwise known as warmed over Democrats. Blaming the Tea Party for his total incompetence is just one of the traits of a fool. If this fool can explain to me why ten years of higher mortgage rates in exchange for two months of payroll relief is good for the country I’ll kiss his butt in Times Square.

    • comsense08

      Not to mention the Tea Party has been around since just 2010. He, on the other hand, has been around, what? 60 years? The Tea Party started BECAUSE of him. We just didn’t get started early enough to clean out the senate like we did the house. Don’t worry Mr. Lugar, you are done…toast….finished, and it will be the Tea Party that does it.

  • Steve Hillier

    If the Republican Establishment had backed the Republican nominees in the 2008 & 2010 elections we would have a majority, but it was more important to retain their power than win the Senate. Get the RINOS out, NOW.

  • Michael

    This dude, along with anyone else who’s been in office for more than one term, needs to go. Don’t matter what party they are. If they’ve been in DC for more than one term, they are as screwed up and out of touch with the public as Obama is. You, Senator Lugar, are a burden to this country. Along with any other Senator or Representative who’s been inside the beltway too long. Go home and be with your family. Live well off the money you’ve bilked from us taxpayers. Just leave us the hell alone!!!

  • Samuel

    The new Tea Party people fell right in line, once they got their jobs and a place to sleep, rent free. Their performance in the recent Social Security tax cut extention was nothing short of juvenile. Fight when you are right and fold when you are wrong, but don’t hang on and make fools of yourself and of the party. That ridiculous bit of ineptituide caused a 12 point rise in Obama’s favorable ratings and may very well have cost republicans the election.

    Whether you like it, or not, Ron Paul is not a republican. He is a life-long Libertarian who has run as a such two times before this current run. He is nery stubborn and may very well run as an independent to split the vote and asssure Obama’s reelection.

    • Colonialgirl

      We hear from a RonPaulZombie.

    • oltootr

      Colonialgirl,should read, Obamagirl, Biggovermentgirl, hatefreedomgirl, something along those lines fit better!!!!

    • comsense08

      Tea Party did great! Just picked the wrong fight to take that kind of stand on. They need to “major on the majors” and “minor on the minors”. They were failed by the flawed Republican leadership that resides in Washington. THIS is the sewer we need to clean up. We need to identify the major players in the Republican establishment, and clean them out. Put in some REAL conservatives and watch what happens.

  • REC

    The reason we don’t have a senate majority is because the losers that ran didn’t stick to conservative values.
    Lugar is a loser. He should have been gone a long time ago.

    • Samuel

      The reason the Republicans didn’t gain control of the Senate is because the Tea Party backed unelectable candidates, or were fooled into backing democrats like Brown, in Massachusettes. The ones that did get elected folded like a house of cards in the big budget votes and now have foolishly made the party look weak and confused over this tax cut extention.

    • comsense08

      Got your facts a little backwards there. The Tea party candidates stood their ground in spite of being clobbered by the media and by our own party! It’s the RINO Republicans, who like to “just get along” and “reach across the isle” who sank us. Have we ever yet seen any democrate “reach across the isle”? If not, why the hell should WE?? Screw them and the media, and just plain do what is right!!! Just for once, can we get someone up there who can talk, can articulate the conservative ideal and refute all the democrate garbage and FIGHT? Why are all Republicans such sissies? I have Dave Camp for a representative, been up there for years, I get his emails about all he has done in Washinton. I write him back and ask why in hell I never see him on TV fighting for the conservative causes we sent him up there to do….. no response.

    • Suzanne

      I am from Indiana and we can’t wait to get Luger out. HKe votes with the democrats more than the republicans. He has been there forever and never had to worry about his seat. Now, we have a solid conservative running and people are excited. He is just mad.

  • tymtrvlr

    Thanks to the gutless, antiAmerican rinos we got screwed over with the super majority of marxists in the senate giving us obamacare, the worthless republicans never demanded a recount of the al franken election, putting that literal worthless marxist clown in the senate. The republicans in the senate are the problem, time to take out the human debris/trash.

    • McClarinJ

      If only we had a senate brim-full of Dick Lugar clones. Then we would have a, well, hmmmm… I guess we would have a Senate that votes just about the way it does now. It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

    • Neil Walden

      Lugar you are nothing more than one of those that the tea party needs to toss out of WA-D.C. At least the tea party put a stop to some of Obumas spending. Lugar you are nothing more than a peice of S___ and you and your buddy Obuma needs to go. Are you having sex with him like Donald Young and Larry Bland? Watch your back you may get shot in the head.

    • http://PatroitUpdateNews John Dunn

      If the “establishment (R’& D’s) were surprised by the results of the 2010 elections watch what happens as a result of the 2012 votes. I for one and I personally know dozens of others here in Colorado that would be delighted to remove the rest of these clowns ( from both sides of the isle). Some of the Tea Party neubees did drink the koolaid in the last 2 years but many didn’t and stood their ground. We need to take the trash out in mass … 2010 started the push so if you’re not registered to vote, get registered and then vote and let’s continue what was started in 2010. Many holding seats on both sides of the isles are already resigning because they see the handwriting on the wall. When someone like Barney Frank desides to not run again, I believe they want to go out winners and not be thrown out on their backsides in mass.
      I thank god that Obama was elected because now anyone who has or ever had wondered what Socialism-Marxism is like well behold it is here along with all the damage, spending, confusion, big government and the rest of the foolishness that has come along with it
      through the current White House and staff.
      Do you value your country ? Don”t Wait Till it’s Gone !!!

  • RW

    The key word for me, and it seems the rest of you, is six years… Time to go Mr Lugar. Id rather take the chance of losing the seat rather than giving incumbents a 4th term. Mr Lugae4…get out….stay out…and don’t ever come back. Brought to you by a Tea Party Organizer.

  • tymtrvlr

    Now we have adolph hitler and mickey mouse voting to recall Scott Walker, why is this allowed to stand? This is a pathetic disgrace, these liberal activist marxist judges are making a laughing stock out of our laws.

  • Joe Seven

    We have been lied to so much by these sleazy politicians that noone cares what this clown says. Throw them all out.

  • Kinloch

    Thank you Mr Lugar,and my advice to you is start packing your RINO ass and be ready to on your way before the progressive liberal traffic is jammed on the way out of DC,as my resolve is increased to campaign your kind and the rest of the ruinous trash out and bring in those who will restore our constitutional government and begin the process of undoing 100 hundred years of bad for America legislation

    • Wondering Woman

      AMEN – Vote Ron Paul in as President and vote all the new world order puppet congressional members out to give him a fighting chance at saving this country and returning it to being
      governed under the guidelines of our Constitution.

      Please, let’s never let our guard down again and let our government get as corrupt as it now is and has been for some time.

    • Neil Walden

      I’m with you.

    • Colonialgirl

      We hear from another RonPaulZombie.

    • oltootr

      Another comment from Obamagirl, hatefreedomgirl, commiegirl!!!!!

    • Michael

      Wondering Woman,
      You’ve got it correct.

  • frustrated American

    The elections are rigged. What makes you think we will be allowed to vote them out of office? Look at Harry Reid, he lost and still retook his seat. It was set. The minute they try to use the military against the populace, I think they may get a shock. Martial law will replace the entire congress after new elections. The military is oathbound to do that. Any military leader who tried to supercede that would get shot by his own troops. And any politicians that tried to stop it could be shot as traitors as well. They want a new world order? Give it to them. Purge the rat-infested halls of Congress and the White House of the traitorous scum. They call the Tea Party the problem because it is their problem with keeping the status quo. Them stealing what little we have left. You don’t argue with a leech, you pull it off and stomp it.

    • nmgene

      To our troops. We know that you are not allowed to keep your weapons or ammo on base, doesnt that seem a little strange? You need to buy your own ammo and weapons and keep them off base where you can get them when you need them. Remember your Oath, to support and defend the Constitution. You do not have to follow an unconstitutional order, and the Officer giving that order has commited TREASON.

    • Wondering Woman

      Bill Clinton signed the papers making it illegal for our troops to carry a weapon on base. We can thank him for 13 deaths at Ft. Hood, and we can thank Obama and Holder for stalling prosecution until they cooked up the scheme to call it “work place violence”. Strange but if one American had killed 13 Muslims after yelling “God is good”, we would have heard it being called a hate crime massacre before the victims blood had time to clot!!!!! Let’s all remind the two most bigoted racist (Obama and Holder) of this the next time one of them tries to play the race card. Time they woke up to the fact that it isn’t their black or brown skins that bother us – it is their black hearts.

    • KennyB

      Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S. Read the rest of this story on It will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

  • Lloyd Rogers

    Sen. like Lugar is what has put in the hole we are in….they see no wrong in what they do. Lugar is so liberal he might as well change his registration to Democrat.

  • Frank

    Lugar is part of the big government, RINO problem. Even-though I live in a different state, as part of the Tea Party I’m one of those supporting his Tea Party opponent. It really doesn’t do much good to support a RINO over a Democrat… both push for big government. The GOP needs to reform itself into a small government, Constitutional Party or go the way of the Whigs.

  • http://Hadenough Raleigh Harke

    Senator Luger is part of the problem. The Congress has done great damage to this country. Senator Luger and many others need to be replaced. The Tea Party has a better answer for the problems that need to be dealt with.

  • Sparky

    Bye Lugar. We the oppressed will miss you. NOT!

  • Lee

    You cannot win a war when the guy in the fox hole next to you is not sure which side he is on. 1st terminate the RINO Republicans, then we can go fight the Democrats, until this is done America has no chance.

  • mark

    I’m SORRY, USA, this sad example of RHINO is the Senior Senator from my State… We’ve been faced with him as our “Republican” choice because he’s not had a strong contender. This time, though, we need to retire him…

  • BraveHeart

    I wrote an essay on the word, “ABDICATION.” (Look it up) This is what our represenatives are doing. ABDICATING our rights and freedoms to their power hungery desires and greed. It’s time to throw them all out and start anew. The TEA PARTY people are trying to get a more moral representation in both houses. Not the likes of what is there now.

  • Warren Fales

    The USA is doing what Jesus told John that it would do. Revelation ch.13 and verse 11 “speak like a dragon”. The dragon is Satan.See Rev.12:9. America has turned her back on God and Satan is in control. Good people are attacked and abused. We are on the way to a one-world government.

    • keepyourpower

      You are correct. Should we try to do anything?

  • Drexel S. Fuller

    Lugar is a Status-Quo Republican,slower Socialism to put in layman terms, he needs to go along with at least 2/3’s of his comrades.

    • GINGER

      Time for the TEA PARTY to really amp up and show this jerk and all the other rinos and socialist Dems what WE THE PEOPLE can really do.!

  • razor

    The scum have got to go Repubic or dumacrat

  • Lloyd

    Thats the trouble with you mutton heads over there in Washington, you give up without a fight, and you give up too soon.

  • Yankee Lover

    I agree with you all Lugar and the RINO’s must go.
    Tea Party Patriots are giving us all some hope for 2012. Tea Party Republicans have stood their conservative views and principles, we need more like them at all cost.

    • keepyourpower

      Not exactly Yankee lover..

      All of the SC TEA party Republicans in the House and Senator Graham voted for the Defense Authorization bill even though their constituents called and wrote them and told them NO! All of them!
      I will be trying to help the next new TEA party Conservative defeat my Congressman.
      He drank the Establishment kool aid!

      And Senator DeMint finally saw the light and voted against it when it came back to the Senate.

      He has TEAM DEMINT. and they are trying to get new TEA Party Senators and possibly house reps. Patriots need to help with the funding!

  • Jim in Tucson

    I hate those RHINO Republicans as much as the Dems. I say get rid of both parties for a fighting chance at getting back to our founding fathers values and principles. The Dems are Socialist/ Fascists with some Marxists mixed in but the RHINOS really aren’t that far away from the Dems these days either in the name of compromise. Every time the RHINOS compromise, we are that much closer to Fascist/Socialistic and Communist policies. That’s a FACT.

  • Sandyfoot Miller

    Dick Lugar used to be one of the good senators, but not lately. He needs to retire. Pay no attention. The Tea Party
    is just what the Republican Party needs to get back its “backbone”.

    • http://PatroitUpdateNews John Dunn

      AMEN Register and vote … go to the caucuses and stand up for who you believe is best and may the best guy win. But remove Any current rift raft..

  • keepyourpower

    Better to have a new Senator than have one of the Establishment Corrupt Senators.

    Please help me remove Lindsey Graham ..peeps!!

  • Cogiito

    No one said that politicians on either side of the aisle were brain surgeons.

    What did he do during the 2010 sweep?

    Time for him to go, and any that have been hanging around more than two terms. They are all part of the problem.

    Anyone running for office should have to pass an intellectual test……half of them would not make the minimum cutoff.


    Little Dick Lugar, Obama’s favorite Repubican

  • Robert

    The rino Republicans are a bunch of cowards!!! They should all be replaced with true conservatives.

  • Conserve

    Rino Lugar is one of the fine senators that just sold us down the river with the two month ss tax extension along with his rino senator buddies.

  • BIg JOHN

    I will give all the money I can to support any TEA PARTY Candidate That runs a liberal,OR a GOP Rino out of office. Any state, any race for office. We all must do this in 2012 or we will lose this GREAT USA.

    • Michael

      BIg John,
      There is strength in numbers. It’s time to stand up and be counted. The military won’t turn on its own. As Ben Franklin replied when asked after signing “What did you give us .. a Republic if you can keep it.”

  • cleareyes

    I told your people, that I thought you were senile. And I would give till I bleed, to get you out!
    You helped to put in a judge that will make law. Why in hell do we need to pay your lazy ass to do that job. When you are willing to give that job away to a judge.

  • Mary A

    When newly elected representatives go to WDC they seem to contact a disease called “liberalism” and no medicine has been developed to cure it. Someone needs to come up with a “vaccination” that will keep them from catching that disease before they get there.
    Right now the best we can do is make sure we are right with God and pray for His deliverance from the shadow of evil over WDC.

    • Michael

      Mary A,
      It’s the shots which contain Mercury in them .. only problem is it kills.

  • pj gildernew

    The real reason is the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT (career politicians) didn’t back the Republican candidates in Nevada and NJ just like they didn’t support a candidate here in Los Angeles for a special election for a House of Representative seat. Craig Huey a businessman in LA took on a career democrat politician in Janet Hahn and the democrats bankrolled her entire campaign whereas MR Huey ran his campaign with his own money even though he was PROMISED by the Republican OLD GUARD he would receive support, HE DID NOT!! IT almost seems the OLD gUARD is in league with the Dems and many like Gingrich are globalists as well!!! DO you realize what that means for the US?? No more sovereignty, we take our orders from and international board or cabinet like the EU members!!! Is that what we want?!? GUys like Gingrich and Romney will take us there as well that is why they are getting all of the publicity and real conservatives such as Bachmann and Santorum!!! Merry CHRISTmas to all!! and for those who are PC Happy Holidays (BTW holiday comes from HOLY DAY so I will take that as well since Thanksgiving is a holy day, CHISTmas is a holy day, and New Year is a holy day as it announces how many years since Christ was born loud and clear!!)

  • Alaska Andy

    I’m amazed how even the so called Republocans can be so far from the truth.
    The tea party represents veterans, hard working Americans, True patriots, all sects of religioous background, and anyone who believes in this great Republic. These people believe in the sacred piece of paper the “Constitution” which is the law of our land. I am one of those people, a veteran,
    worked all of my life, hunt and fish, go to church and celebrate 4th of July Veterans Day
    and of couse Christmas and Easter. This is the base of the Tea Party. But the people who we elect tend to go off on their own and become greedy, power does corrupt.. They don’t like following rules, and blame others for their own bad choices. But these choices affect all of us. If you can’t do the right thing for what you have been elected for, then you don’t need to be there.
    You need to “Listen to us” we put you there and sure as heck can take you out. I don’t want our Congress to be full of Republicans.`
    I want Congress to be full of Constitutional Americans. So Mr. Luger, it’s time for you to go somewhere where you would be more appreciated with your moderate so called liberal policies and ideas. Try Cuba…

    • http://yAHOO Jan

      not all of them.. I have attended a couple meeting of the teaparty. And there are alot who do not stand for what PALIN FIRST STARTED. BACHMAN FOR ONE SHE IS A LOT LIKE pelosi and ried.

    • Stealth

      Are you for real??? To think that Bachman is even REMOTELY like Pelosi or Reid shows you are ‘out there’….

    • haditinsd

      I often say experience is what got us where we are and 36 years is way too much experience in Washington D. C.. I’ve seen too many politician start out really well but after about two terms forget all about the people who sent them there. Even some of the Tea Party group have already turned sour.


      I have to wonder if its the constant death-threats from the Union leaders,and the Illuminati’s threats and bribes that make them feel helpless to change anything? Most Congressment dont have reliable body guards, and how many in office are willing to die for the RIGHTS of the people? unlike the soldiers overseas, who risk it everyday.

    • Daniel from TN

      This issue was a hot item on the web about 18 months. There are rumors that members of Congress have received death threats if they challenge obama’s eligibility to be POTUS. I hope this is not true, but it would explain the lack of action.

    • Sunshine49

      There wasn’t much they could do the first two years with the Dems in control. Besides, they would have to prosecute the whole Dem party for the fraud.

    • John Acord

      Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County, Arizona is doing the best investigative work into Hussein’s eligibility of any official in the country, and he has the tools and resources to do it effectively. I understand the work will be so good it will become the major issue of the campaign. Support Sheriff Joe.

    • Moses

      The Illuminati doesn’t make threats. They do not have to. They have others to make the threats, which they see, and like to have made. But they do not make threats.
      The Illuminati really doesn’t care much for anything except ruling the world…..Their way.

    • Howard Wolf

      You re dead on. Tea Party candidates were elected to hold the line. They all campaigned on dumping Obama-care. They did what they were elected to do. Rank and file conservatives are tired of playing footsie with those who are destroying the country and gradually minimizing the Constitution. Do you hear us Senator Lugar?

    • WASP

      Lugar’s just another establishment politweasel who has been at the public hog trough waaay too long. Clean out all these old B#$@^%$s. Too long in the District of Criminals destroys any sense of right and wrong they might have had.

    • http://netzero Lenny

      Time to move the capital like they did in 1861.


      I think the Tea Party needs to replace most if not ALL the Republicans in Congress. What the H is a Republican nowdays? Carbon Copies of Democrats? You allow the damned judges that should’ve been impeached to control everything. WHAT did you DO when you had the majority in the Bush years? Besides Get your asses rich on insider trading?

    • http://facebook oliverio bagaco

      I’m no’t an Americam, but i totaly agree with you, you guys have the best constitution in the world, and this guy can’t seat, he should be fire
      ,e and all like heme,the world is gething in trouble becouse governments have to match power, they put theme selfs and the party first.

    • Millicent

      He know his days are numbered so he tries scare tactics. My fondest wish is to see all the Commies from both parties swept into the trash bin of histroy.

    • Ken Walker

      I agree with you to a point. I fully believe that our representatives should uphold the Constitution first and that the Tea Party does this best.
      But, when you have a three party system and 2 of the 3 hold conservative values, you will devide the conservative vote and ALWAYS give the election to the Liberal party.. Simple Mathematics. Has nothing to do with ideals, just math.

    • Axmickl

      I agree with most of what you say but, Lugar is right about Nevada. If the tea party had not nominated their wild eyed candidate with a shaky past we wouldn’t be dealing with shill from spotlite nevada today.

    • Kitty

      Could not have said it better and thank you for your service.
      Merry Christmas!

    • Cajun Mark

      Lugar is a Republican? He is more like a RepubliCANT. He in the reason why we need to retire these mush heads and get in some real Americans that come from real working back grounds

    • Bigmo

      The Republican Party is Democrat Light. They think there are distinct differences, and sometimes there are, but anyone who challenges the Republican Establishment is labeled an extremist. The Tea Party was ridiculed by John McCain, a Republican Establishment guy, creamed by a non-american, non-christian….need I say more. Lugar doesn’t get it, most Republicans do not get it. The only answer to America’s problems is a third party….the TEA PARTY

  • fliteking

    ““This is one of the reasons why we have a minority in the Senate right now.”

    Luger is one of the old school RINO’s that does not want to see his power eroded.

    I bet he could not name one thing he has done for the “people”. He has been busy sucking up to blue dogs and turning tricks for lobbyists.

    • Paul

      The GOP its self needs to have a firm chat with him and any others that feel as he does, explaining that they looked out for their selves instead of the people who elected and paid them.

    • Ivar Christensen

      Don*t hold your breath for *the GOP* to talk to this RINO to straighten up and vote right. Name once this fella has voted conservative. I can name about 10 times this good old boy has voted with B.O. and his socialist agenda—and I*m just a dumb farmer!!

    • Bill Lynes

      What they need to do is give him and others like him a swift kick in the BUTT!

    • http://yAHOO Jan


    • mg

      So true.

  • K

    Get rid of Luger. That festering old pile of garbage has been in power too long.

  • Richard DeBragga

    Lugar is talking about Tea Party candidates like Angle in Nevada and O’Donnell in Delaware. The Tea Party has to do something to head off such defective ‘wannabe’ candidates. Concentrate on the winners like Marco Rubio. Lugar does not need to be taken out. He is bascically conservative and if re-elected will be more conservative in his next term. He gets it. We don’t need to create another Bayh or Hartke in Indiana who will be impossible to defeat for several terms by trying to punish Lugar. (When will we be able to get rid of Coons in Delaware now that he is an incumbent?) We need a Republican Senate in 2012!


      Harry Reid was able to stay in power because at the last minute, he got his SEIU goons in to fix the vote!! Sharron Angel was winning and ahead in the polls up to the last week.
      We know for sure this election was stolen from Sharron. It probably isn’t the only one
      either. Acorn, the Seiu and others are committing fraud in our elections and getting away with it. Demand your state require voter I.D. to vote! We must stop this
      practice that the Dems use.

    • http://yAHOO Jan

      I witnessed the reid thugs in Reno registering the mexs in hispanic neightbor hoods.. I saw a copy of the ballot last year with and X by his name for them to vote for. him…the same thing happend in Las Vegas and San fransisco to get pillosi re-elected.

    • Charlie

      I agree-the election WAS stolen from Sharon Angle. And this election it is going to be much worse ALL OVER the country! I am from NW Iowa and they are already talking about the fierce occupying protesters that are going to interfere with our caucases on Jan 3rd.

    • Rick, USAF (ret)

      Lugar is sadly greatly mistaken. It’s the GOP’s own fault they are the minority in the Senate. If they had rallied behind and thrown their whole support towards the Tea Party candidates like Angle, O’Donnell, and Fiero in 2010 instead acting like a bunch of crybabies perhaps they’d have a majority in the Senate and the Kalifornication state would have a Governor that’s worth their weight in gold. All I heard in 2010 was a bunch of sore losers in the primaries and, as a show of force, those crony friends of the losers decided rather to punish the victors even though they were of the same party. What the “old” establishment needs to do is to wake up and smell the coffee or, in the case, recognize the change in the wind that is making it clear that their constituents are sick and tired of the “business as usual” attitude those still in power have and those of us who care about and believe in the Constitution are finally fed up to the point that we are doing something about it. We don’t need “term limits”, we already have them and they are called elections. In 2012 there will be another big change in the guard where more old school Republicans will be out and new, fresh uncorrupted Tea Party candidates will step up to the task of taking back the America that our founding fathers envisioned and begin to restore the Constitution that those same great minds drafted put in place over 200 years ago. If Lugar and the rest of the old guard can’t understand whats at stake then they NEED TO GO. Period!!

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Lugar is a RINO & he is about as Conservative as Pelosi. He is also not a friend of the Second Amendment & votes for more firearm restrictions. He needs to go!

    • Daniel from TN

      FYI. Angle lost in Nevada in 2010 due to election fraud; specifically, rigged voting machines. I’m not familiar with O’Donnell’s situation. Rubio is a good candidate for state or federal congress. However, Rubio cannot be POTUS or VP because he is not a natural born citizen.

    • lowell

      I think Rubio is elligeble

    • Axmickl

      Rubio is at least as natural born as our present interloper.

    • DEW

      I totally agree Richard!! Why the low comment rating??

  • Transplanted Texan

    THANK GOD FOR THE TEA PARTY!!! Lugar is just another professional political hack that is part of the problem rather than part of the solution. The government – whether it is run by Republicans or Democrats – is the problem. The political struggle in this country is “We the People” against the “political class” – politicians – public employee unions – lobbyists – wall street croney capitalists and bailed out big business. That political class – Republican and Democrat are all about the accumulation and exercise of power at the expense of freedom for the People.

    • Jeff

      Throw them all out!!!

    • Moses

      Believe it or not, that is precisely what Obama is trying to do. throw out all our elected officials, and become the Dictator of the United States of America. If he gets re-elected for another 4 years, his Muslim friends will take over this country, and even those in power, will either kneel down and pray to Mecca, or they will DIE! That is what Obama is aiming for.
      For our elected officials, they all NEED TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!

  • Drew

    The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the “Pindar”. The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for “Pinnacle of the Draco”, also known as the “Penis of the Dragon”. Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth.

    Recently, there are reports that the Marquis de Libeaux is the Pindar, but this is disinformation. The true current Pindar is the head of the Rothschild family, as has been for several hundred years. He is based in Germany near Frankfurt. In the late 1970s, he oversaw the sister project to Montauk, called M.A.L.D.A. is an anagram for Montauk-Alsace-Lorraine Dimensional Activation. This project was located near the city of Strasbourg, France, historically once part of Germany.

    Interestingly, there is a winery on the east end of Long Island, not far from Montauk Point, called Pindar Vineyards. This wine is growing in popularity, gaining international accolades. This fits nicely into the plan, as this area will be a part of the capital district of the Earth/United Nations in the Empire State! Red wine is symbolic of the blood ingested by the Reptilians. The wine can become sanctified as it did in the Roman Catholic Church, a patsy for the Reptilians. In the Catholic Church, wine replaced the blood in ceremony.

    The Illuminati here on Earth have established a pyramid structure of control identical to the system that exists in the Draco Empire. The pyramid with the Reptilian eye, located on the American one-dollar bill, is symbolic of this control structure. The eye is the cap on the pyramid, thus explaining why the original surface of the Great Pyramid in Egypt was capped in solid gold.

    The Pindar is represented by the gold cap on the pyramid. The next layer, or “eye”, on the pyramid represents the 13 ruling families. They are as follows:
    Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) – Pindar
    Cavendish (Kennedy)
    De Medici
    Sinclair (St. Clair)
    Warburg (del Banco)
    Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)
    Each of the 13 ruling families is given an area of the Earth and/or a particular function to fulfill on the Earth. These particular functions include global finances, military technology/development, mind-control, religion, and media.

    Each of the 13 ruling families has a Council of 13 as well. The number, 13, has great significance to them. They know that there are 12 types of energies that pass through the 10 aspects of God-Mind. The totality of the 12 energies equals a 13th energy. This is considered the most powerful knowledge.

    They also know that there are really 13 Zodiac signs, not the commonly acknowledged 12. They have kept the 13th hidden for centuries because it is the sign of the Dragon. They keep the qualities and traits of this sign secret to avoid giving away clues to the Reptilian mind-pattern.

    The next layer is the second-in-command families who do the support work for the Pindar and 13 ruling families. While all of the 13 ruling family members are shape-shifters, all members of the 300 supporting families are not. They do, however, all have a high percentage of Reptilian DNA.

    They are known as the “Committee of 300″.These families include such notable names as Agnelli, Balliol, Beale, Bell, Bouvier, Bush, Cameron, Campbell, Carnegie, Carrington, Coolidge, Delano, Douglas, Ford, Gardner, Graham, Hamilton, Harriman, Heinz, Kuhn, Lindsay, Loeb, Mellon, Montgomery, Morgan, Norman, Oppenheimer, Rhodes, Roosevelt, Russell, Savoy, Schiff, Seton, Spencer, Stewart/Stuart, Taft, and Wilson. There are many others.

    The Committee of 300 use many well-known institutions to accomplish their goals, including the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgers, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Mafia, CIA, NSA, Mossad, Secret Service, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service, and Interpol, to name a few. All of these are private organizations or corporations set up as public service devices, but this is far from the truth.

    The Illuminati structure also creates artificial countries to further their goals. Examples of these are the United States, Switzerland, Kuwait, the Soviet Union, Panama, Israel, Italy, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, most of Black Africa, all of the Arab countries, and all of Central and South America. These nations were created to amass wealth for the ruling families and their supporters, to hide or keep their wealth, and to create unstable conditions necessary to start wars or increase military budgets.

    Switzerland was created as a neutral banking centre so that Illuminati families would have a safe place to keep their funds without fear of destruction from wars and prying eyes.

    The United States was established with 13 colonies, one for each of the Illuminati families. The original flag had 13 stars, and still has 13 stripes. The eagle, the symbol of the United States, holds 13 arrows in its talons. The United States is actually a corporate asset of the Virginia Company that was established in 1604 in England with direct involvement of the Rothschilds. The finances of the Rothschilds were necessary to fund the exploration and exploitation of the North American continent.

    The assets of the Virginia Company, including the United States, are owned by the Holy Roman Empire via the Vatican. This occurred in 1213 when King James gave all English assets to the Reptilian Pope. Executorship remains with the British royal family, but actual ownership lies with the Roman Catholic Church.

    The United States of America is not named after Amerigo Vespucci, as you learned in school. The Illuminati would never name a continent, actually two continents, after an Italian mapmaker. The name is actually a combination of words.
    “Am” is the Hebrew word for “people”
    “Ame” is also the command form of the Spanish/Latin verb “to love”
    “Eri” or “ari” is a Hebrew term for “lion”
    “Rica” is the feminine form of the Spanish word for “rich”
    “Ka” is the ancient Egyptian word for soul, or spirit force within a body
    There are two layers of meanings. The Ancient Hebrew/Egyptian translates to say,
    “the people of the lion with spirit force”
    Hence, the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the one-dollar bill. The Latinized version translates to say, “love riches”, in a feminized/physical reality way. This gives an idea of what they had in mind.

    Take this a step further, and one sees the mixture of the feminine Latin/eagle ideas with the masculine Hebrew/lion ideas. The symbolic statement of America is that it is a combination of Lemuria and Atlantis; a blend of the human/Lyrae with Reptilian/Draco. Perhaps the anagram LSD, an Illuminati created drug, has a hidden meaning as well: Lyrae-Sirius-Draco!
    The combination of these three civilizations would produce the most powerful, technological Empire ever known!
    In 1776, the creation of the United States as an independent nation coincided with the declaration into public existence of the official Illuminati organization by member Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria. Publicly, Mr. Weishaupt appeared to be determined to create an organization comprised of the European elite that would uplift mankind.

    Of course, this was part of an Illuminati global ceremony. The creation for the United States and the Illuminati global ceremony. The creation of the United States and the Illuminati organization were artificial beginnings for public consumption. The United States was the device to be used to bring the Illuminati into public acceptance. Current Illuminati members believe that Adam Weishaupt was a look-alike for George Washington, and it is actually Weishaupts image that appears on the one-dollar bill.

    George Washington was a wealthy slave and plantation owner. He is known to have raped some of his female slaves and used some of the male slaves in ritualistic ceremony. There are many people of the Black race who can literally trace their genetics to the founding fathers. George Washington also ordered the building of the Montauk Lighthouse in 1796. This lighthouse included an underground area for supply storage in case of a British coastline invasion. If he had only known what that area would become – or did he?

    The 13 ruling Illuminati families constantly vie for control amongst themselves. During this time period, the Spanish, British, and French Illuminati all fought to win control over North and South America. The Rothschilds kept these Illuminati factions in line by sending Hessian troops to monitor the situation. The leaders enjoyed these war games, pitting one against the other to see who would win. The hundreds of thousands of lives lost were meaningless to them.

    The Manifest Destiny of the United States was created to expand the territory of the Aryans at the expense of the native populations. As always, the Illuminati seek to destroy native peoples and their cultures. This is an attempt to destroy their knowledge of God-Mind, as well as the possibility that the natives will impart this information on to others. Especially important is their need to eliminate native cultures with ancient knowledge of Atlantis and Lyrae.

    The natives that gave them the most problem were the Cherokee Indians because this tribe retained most of their Atlantean knowledge, even accessing the Bear/Bigfoot frequency for information. For this reason, these people were uprooted from their homeland in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and forcibly marched to Oklahoma on what is now known as The Trail of Tears. Many died along the way. Only a remnant remained in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. In the north, the vast Iroquois/Mohawk nation was disbanded. The Montauk, direct descendents of the Atlanteans who call their leader Pharaoh, were systematically eliminated.

    The Rothschilds were aggressively involved with the slave trade from Africa, importing slaves to North and South America as well as the Caribbean. They were very careful not to import Blacks from the eastern areas of Ethiopia or Sudan where the descendents of Solomon were located, instead concentrating on western and central Africa for the slave populations. These areas had the pure mixture of Anunnaki and simian genetics, and the programming desirable for the Illuminati agenda.

    The Rothschilds decided that splitting the United States colonies would double their profits. So they politically created, and financially supported, the Civil War. The Civil War was actually a global ceremonial ritual to bring slavery to its next level. This war allowed the North to win, and publicly abolish slavery. The best slaves are the ones who do not realize that they are slaves. This alleviates rebellion and resistance. This was the status immediately following the Civil War. Blacks in the South are still slaves. There is still segregation, even in the North. The Illuminati still consider Blacks to be second or third class citizens. Only now the slavery is subtle and masked.

    Since the Civil War, there have been other staged wars that entrenched the trend toward globalization. The Spanish-American War of 1898-1899 acquired more land for the American Illuminati, placing a greater portion of the Earth’s surface under American jurisdiction. World War I was designed to change the map of Europe as well as test germ and chemical warfare technology for future use. This coincided with the worldwide influenza outbreak designed to reduce the global population, making control easier. World War I also laid the foundation for the German role in the next war.

    World War II was a test of the final globalization and extermination projects. It was also designed to test mind-control machinations; to test the use of fluoride which deadens brain activity and slows resistance to authority; to experiment with slave labor camps and study the development of resistance; and to teach the masses to spy and report on one another.

    World War II brought three primary goals of the Illuminati to fruition.
    The first was that hidden Illuminati symbolisms were brought to public attention from the underground strongholds in Tibet and Egypt, such as the Swastika and the ankh.
    The second was the creation of the State of Israel as a foundation for the New World Religion.
    The last was the creation of nuclear weapons as part of the Illuminati global ceremony.
    During World War II, the Germans helped to perfect “sex-slaves” as a means of transmitting information amongst the elite. Sex-slaves can be either male or female, who are sexually programmed using Wilhelm Reich procedures, which are illegal in the United States, but used by the Illuminati and government.

    These sex-slaves deliver messages and keep programmed sleepers in line. The sex-slave is downloaded with a message or function through various sexual acts and drugs, which can only be released by repeating the same sexual act with the target, or person, to be activated. They are trained to know their target’s trigger words and trigger events to activate, delete, or change programming.

    In recent years, several women have come forward claiming to be the sex-slaves of globally recognized political figures. Many were used as information couriers between high-level male Illuminati. Usually, look-alikes of the political figures are used in the incipient programming as a focal point for the sex-slave. The slave is put through a desensitizing process, so there is no pleasure in the sexual act; it is merely a duty to be performed. Many times the slave becomes sexually promiscuous, repeatedly having sex with people who look like the intended target. It is a sad life.

    By the end of World War II, one of the three major Illuminati global rituals was accomplished. This was the nuclear explosion that took place in 1945 at the 33rd parallel as a test for the nuclear attack on Japan. This explosion was symbolic, representing the simultaneous creation and destruction of matter and energy. The year was symbolic as well. In numerology, 1 + 9 = 10, representing the 10 aspects of God-Mind. The number 10 further breaks down to 1 + 0 = 1, representing a new beginning. Continuing, 4 + 5 = 9, representing the end of a cycle. Symbolically, the entire event represented the end of a cycle to prepare for a new beginning using the new creation of God-Mind out of destruction.

    Additionally, a cylinder containing material still not explained by the government was trucked into the nuclear explosion testing. This cylinder was made from pure steel and allegedly was the same physical dimensions as the Kabala describes for the creation of Golems. Kabala is ancient Hebrew metaphysics that has been a staple for the Illuminati for millennia. Golems are artificial beings that are used as a slave force. It is highly probable that this was a symbolic ritual for the creation of the society of Golems.

    World War II also allowed the European/American Illuminati to destroy the Japanese Illuminati desires of global domination. The Japanese royal family, represented by Emperor Hirohito, have always been ostracized as non-legitimate by the ruling 13 families. The Japanese claim to be direct descendents of Lemurian purebred Reptilians.

    The European/American Illuminati claim that the Japanese Illuminati are descendents from a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. This lower species is considered a worker class without any political clout or influence. The European/American Illuminati also claim that East Indians are a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. The 13 ruling families consider light skin and hair to be an elite characteristic.

    On January 17, 1994, Japan sent a seismic event to California. Exactly one year later on January 17, 1995, the city of Kobe, Japan was seismically destroyed. Kobe was the home of the Japanese electromagnetic weaponry centers. The European/American Illuminati will not tolerate thorns in their sides. The destruction of Japan and its royal family will continue in the coming months.

    Every year, the Illuminati hold meetings to plan the events of the coming year to accomplish their main objective formulated millennia ago of global control and domination. In the 1850s, they pinpointed their target date for complete domination with an agenda called Plan 2000. This has since been revised to 2003. The fiasco election of George W. Bush Jr. to office is a key sign that they are on target. The public lesson of the United States presidential “election” of 2000 is that the citizens do not vote for anyone! Even the Illuminati are now finding it increasingly difficult to conceal their plans.
    Return to Reptilian Saga

    Return to Illuminati


    • Evan

      Drew, what planet did you originally come from??

    • beabet

      Drew is so almost right on; in the last few years; bits and pieces of this has come out; on the history channel; but not all together; i have heard a lot on the #13 and a few names of these poeple; and there agenda; keep up the good work we need to know who we r voting for; and get this off track; ronald reagon know; listen to some of his speaches also; he talked about this; reagon change the course and extended this a few extra years; then clinton and bush came and put it all on course again; thx drew;

    • Moses

      The part that I respond to, is the part where Drew says that there is a 13th symbol, which is kept hidden, as it is the symbol for the “Dragon”. The symbol is no longer hidden.
      I should know, I have the symbol. I am a Dragon.

    • Donna

      What are you smokin?

    • Sunshine49

      I have a friend who also believes as you do so I am not unfamiliar with what you posted.

      What I do know is that some of the names you listed have a lot to do with the world’s problems.

      Rothschild with the banking (Fed) and Rockefeller with the food supply through genetic seed engineering.

      It’s still the age old battle between good and evil no matter how you believe it’s coming down.

  • Henry Brauchler

    Sen Lugar is shooting off like a Luger. The mess we are in nationally is due to the inept Senate and some Democrat Congressmen. Blaming everybody but them when it is their watch. Same with numbskull Obama !!! The Tea party is the only REAL reason we have not turned Socialist/Communist yet, a-hole!!!

  • RLPartridge

    RINOs lioke Lugar elected Obama to office by nominating the “Vietnam Candidate” John McCain. Those of us who could not stomach him had to vote Libertarian on principle.
    (They did the same thing with Bob Dole.)

    • Ron Kenwisher

      If the people are smart they will vote Lugar out of office. He is not a true republican. Also sounds a little stupid. He probably voted for the two month extension instead of a year and also supported the hidden fees for freddie and fannie.

    • Axmickl

      If you voted libertarian instead of supportijng the republican candidate then you are a bigger part of the problem than Lugar. You will probably vote for Trump this time and get Obama re-elected.

  • Archangel

    At least the TEA Party gave it a shot and that’s a lot better than anyone else tried to do! So, they backed a couple of candidates that didn’t work out, learn by your mistakes and correct them the next time around! They did pretty good for a new group of people just starting out! Luger is a a piece of garbage, so is Boehner and McCallum, and Rubio, like Brown is not what he appeared to be. It is difficult to find individuals that won’t allow themselves to get sucked in to the BELTWAY BULLSHIT!

    • Detector

      “Luger is a a piece of garbage, so is Boehner and McCallum, and Rubio”

      I beg your pardon, Mr. Archangel…I am 100% Teaparty conservative…flew out from the west coast and marched on the capitol the day before the infamous Obamacare vote…I will take Marco Rubio against anyone you’d care to stand up against him. We need many more of his caliber…the Teaparty will be ramping up shortly for the 2112 contest…you can help us or stand by the side and watch. It’s up to you. Semper Fi

    • Axmickl

      You are correct on Bohner but please don’t place Rubio in the same tub with him. You do the party and the country a great disservice in doinfg so.

  • comsense08

    HE is one of the MANY reasons we have absolutely NO power in congress. His way of thinking and his mindset, and his instastinat attitude towards sucking up to the extreme left and “making nice” instead of fighting for the freedom of this nation. HE has failed America and ought to be driven from Washington. Time for the Tea Party to give him an A$$ woopin next election. Let him know who really loves this nation and is not going to take his crap any more. Time for the pasture you old hag!

  • jim

    Luger is the problem not the solution.
    Send him home with a $75K total retirement benefit package.

    • Cathy

      I think his retirement benefit will be much more than $75,000, plus he will have all his health benefits which will be exempt from Obamacare.

  • celticwaryor

    The reason weedy reidie won in Nevada is because of voter fraud – plain and simple!

    • Axmickl

      Voter fraud was the keword in the Nevada election and besides all the union and acorn influence Harrahs was very instrumental in getting Reid re-elected. They threatned their employees with job losses if he lost.

  • Evelyn

    It seems that Senator Dick Lugar thinks the
    Tea Party members should just sit on their hands and not try to have a voice in the government; just go as sheep and vote for the Republican, no matter how inept he may be
    (like McCain). I WILL vote Republican, because I believe the future of this nation is at stake; however, before the election I am going to remain active in the TEA Party
    in an effort to elect some people from the President on down, who have backbone enough to do what they are supposed to do. This latest cave just makes me sick. Those of us who CARE about our country must work hard to get responsible people in congress and in the White House.

  • Caeser

    Luger,is a six term Republican.
    Time for him to get a new career.Time for all the hacks to go.2012 is live or die for
    for the country.If we stay with the game players, we will all attend the Funeral of America…

  • steve

    Let me see…6 terms means he has at least 36 years in the Senate and he is trying to extend that to 42 years.

    Mister Lugar you and your kind are the reason you are being challenged. You are a career politician that no longer speaks for the people and have lost your way. Yes Mister Lugar I am more than old enough to have watched all 36 + years of your behavior.

    I bear you no ill will but it is time for you and so many others to simply leave gracefully. Follow Reagan’s example on how to leave with grace, dignity and honor. May Ronney RIP.


    Time for the OLD fart to retire. He has lost contact with reality.

  • sergio

    This guy must be in jail for be supporter of a dictactorship in Cuba,hi is a close friend of Castro,shame on him.He is a communist.

  • old1

    RINOs can’t stand the taste of Tea!
    Did Dick Luger even once demand Obama prove he was a Natural Born American Citizen? Does the Old RINO Dick even know what it takes to be a Natural Born American Citizen? Like McCain, Luger is too old to get it done, it is time for the New Radical Republicans to propagate the herd and create a New Republican Party of viral young men hell bent on stamping out Communism in America at all costs! The Communists almost destroyed our country! We have to rebuild it from the ground up. The foundation is the first place we need to get to work on after we tear down the filthy walls built by Communist lies.

  • Geoge

    Most of the posts are spot on. It’s the old “Rockefeller” Republicans like Lugar, not just the obvious RINOs like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins from Blue Country, who don’t have a clue what a conservative principle is, or the constitution is about, and just “go along to get along” with the liberals, year after year, who have put us at the risk we now face as a nation. The person who caved was Mitch McConnell and trhe Senated Republicans

    • Stan B

      YOU left out a few of the good ole boys repub crooked RINO’s Boehner is, Cantor is McCarty the richest people in USA are congress & SenateKICK THERE ASS”S ALL OUT 2012…

  • Doc Jim

    Exactly; it’s time for Sen. Dick to stand down. He’s a six term senater looking for the seventh. As Master Po said to Grasshopper; “it’s time for you to go”… Not for the same reasons, though. He’s tarnished and no longer effective for his constituents that voted him to office and paid his salary and perks. New blood with the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence as One Nation Under God being their manifesto.

  • Sharon

    With RHINO’S, such as Lugar and their are still far too many of them, it is no surprise they were in the minority; for over years. It is safe to assume, they want another 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. Go along, to get along is their motto. Compromise to the RHINO’S, Democrat’s and “The Media” means, totally agree with the Democrat Power Hungry Master’s!

  • Neil J

    I am sorry I voted for the Bastard Lugar, 35-years ago when I was in Indiana !!!!

  • http://yAHOO Jan

    SHE IS TOO MUCH LIKE harry reid.

    • Stan B

      Jan who are U talking about its not the tea party it’s the crony repub crooks..we R talking about Lugars, Snow Brown , Boehner

  • skip gainer

    No this stupid ignorant man name lugar who is a large part of the problems facing our country today. Lugar is the establishment politician who tells the tea party just go along with the program and listen to us we know better. When lugar and the rest of the good old boys brought this trouble upon us with their wheeling and dealing. If anyone has divided the so called republican party it is these good old boys who divided it in the first place because they know what is good for us.If the old guard does not want to close ranks with the tea party. Then they get what they deserve, you can not tell what party the old guard is from, they are all so much alike. They have sold America and I believe we passed the tipping point of getting it back with elections, they control the money hence they control us.

  • Todd

    I am absolutely horrified with people like Lugar. If not now when is the fight going to begin?. Or are we just going to let the McCain’s, Lugars, Collins, Snow, and other rhinos along with the left wing liberals continue to take this country down. I could go on forever but tea party people and conservaties get the message. Happy new year go Jim DeMint.

  • Sukhotai

    Lugar needs to go home and stay there. He is one of the OLD cronies that just take up space, along with a bunch of the others. Thank God for the Tea Party and it’s working to try and put credible decent men and women in office who will actually follow the constitution. As to Reid and Pelobag, they simply need to be drowned.

  • Dave

    We need to rid the party of the Lugars, Boehners and McConnels. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. They even need to go before ovomit.

  • Vern

    Senator “DickHEAD” and the rest of the careern politicians are what got us here, their the reason America is circling the drain, all of congress are traitors to our constitution and should be hanged. their all liars and thieves and anyone who still believes in either party is a total moron. Its time for freedom loving Americans to pick up our guns and rid our whitehouse and halls of justice of all the bottom feeding scum that is sitting there now. And while were at it lets evict all the filthy muslims from our land ..they have no business in America, they don’t want to accept our law or our GOD,

  • kk

    It’s because of politicians like you,Senator Lugar,that our country is in big mess.Lugar and other RINOs and CINOs must be voted out and defeated in all Congress races by true conservatives.Lugar has voted for things that make him,in my opinion,a liberal,a solid liberal.Our only chance to get back on track and continue in the spirit of our Founding Fathers is a true constitutional conservative.The only such candidate who is running for a president of the United States is Michele Bachmann.She,unlike Senator Lugar,possesses a consistent and unwavering voting record.She says what she means and she means what she says,not worrying about what her own party will think of her.To bring America back to what our Founding Fathers intended it to be-Bachmann 2012.Check out Michele’s website to see what her plans for turning our country around,not upside down,are.

  • c stan

    It only dumped the RINO’s and will continue to do so in 2012…
    The Tea Party may seem silent now but it has grown since 2010 and it’s Patriots will continue to be heard come election time!

  • The Bear

    6 terms in The Senate and what do we have to show for it? Throw the guy out and lets get some folks who are not lifers.

  • Pete

    It’s high time to retire the RINO Lugar. He sounds more like a Democrat everyday. We can thank him for voting for Elena Kagen for Supreme Court Justice. He is so full of BS when he blames the Tea Party for the GOP not winning a majority in the US Senate and that his Tea Party GOP challenger will have a tough timing winning the fall election. Richard Mourdock, the state treasurer of Indiana, who is challenging Lugar the RINO, will have little problem defeating the RINO and less of a problem winning the general election to replace Lugar in the Senate. Time to retire Lugar.

  • Michael O’Flaherty

    Lugar obviously is another RINO who always plays along with the Demorats, leaving Conservatives with no voice. Lugar needs to go back to Southern Indianer and snooze there, making it possible for we Constitution-loving Conservatives to finally hasve a strong voice and stop the Communization of the world’s greatest representative Democracy to right Freedom’s ship and survive in spite of what Obummer has done to destroy this formerly great Nation. We need a Congress with less politics and more principles !
    Michael O’Flaherty, 8-year volunteering vet and a true patriot.
    Land of the Free, because of the brave.

  • Michael O’Flaherty

    I wrote a one paragraph reply on the RINOs and you killed it — contained no bad language , etc. Your system stinks; I’m leaving your site. it’s a waste of time.

  • dkbokc

    Term limits! The American people need to raise a major stink to get this done!

  • oldgringo

    The old Republican Guard don’t like Tea Party Folks for the simple reason Tea Partier’s have total disdain for the corrupt good ole boy network of the Republicrats and we the people are on the verge of throwing the bums out of office on their soiled Heinie!

  • http://yahooo Anita

    Dick what you are really saying is the Demos are still the majority party because rhinos like you vote just like them. You as are many of you who are still in DC have been there too, too long. It is now time that DC is given a super enema to rid our system of imitation repubs and fill DC up with real live conservative republicans. Tea Party keep up the good work.

  • E

    Really?! Interestingly the same Tea Party candidates are the reason for the majority in the House. I think Sen Lugar has been too long in Washington and he needs to retire.

  • Em Jones

    Nothin’ will change in the senate until the old line republicans are all gone. The democrat senators are corrupt; the republicans more so because they pretend to be something that they clearly are not. They care only ablout their perks and their power. The repubs hate conservatives.

  • Hank

    Sen Lugar going for (6) terms – he needs to be replaced. He reminds of Scott Brown from Mass. He just carries the (r) behind his name. I can’t find anything on Lugar that warrants he should get another teem

  • steve

    His voting record has been exposed and he is loosing to the Tea Party candidate. Rhinos are being challenged in 22 races and the Tea Party candidate is winning in 21 of them.

  • Daniel from TN

    Lugar is a poster child for two things.
    1. Term limits for members of Congress.
    2. An upper age limit for members of Congress.

  • AfricanWarrior


    Thanks to the 2011 budget deficit debate; among others, we were allowed to serve as living witnesses to an unprecedented historical event. This would serve as an event never before seen by any American living today. In fact this was an event not witnessed by any since the youthful days of our Nation.

    Not since then have we witnessed a collective group of duly elected officials stand first and foremost for the will of their constituents, before that of their party’s special interest, and by doing so keeping their oath to office.

    They chose to stand firm to their word, even though doing so caused them great distress and defamation at the hands of the most vile and corrupt in our corporatist controlled government, as well as; the ridicule hurled around the clock daily by the corporate run medias propagandist meat puppets.

    They would endure the same historical degree of abuse as the Patriots that won our original Liberties and Freedoms by defeating the most powerful tyrants of their day.

    Only the true enemies of our nation would dare seek to demonize those who would dutifully choose to honor their constitutional oath, by choosing to represent the true will of the people, rather than the corrupt will of the political parties, which have usurped the power of the people’s government for their own self-servient agendas.

    Those who stood opposed to their actions, stood willfully opposed to the will of the American people.

    They arrogantly seek to convince the people by the means of Media propagandist that their elected duty to represent somehow grants them the authority to exercise their will without question, to be that of our own.

    Their actions lay bare a disturbing truth, one which reveals that they seek not to represent the people, but to redefine the meaning of representation so as to silence the willful voice of We the People.

    The people do not vote for the purpose of granting an individual the right to act as a surrogate parent or guardian in regards to making their decisions.

    They are elected to serve the will of all the citizens with-in their district or state, regardless of their age, race, color, and gender, as well as their religious, political, or sexual ideologies.

    They are chosen to represent the expressed will of those who elected them to office, not to decide by personal choice what the will of their constituents should be. Their duty is to the people only, not to the special interest of a political party.

    The problems that our nation contends with today do not arise from acts of wrong doing committed by the broke back blue color majority.

    Each and every one of our nation’s problems arises from the largest special interest lobbies in Washington. The same special interest that have stolen from the American people, that which they were fiducially charged to protect and defend.

    The Democratic and Republican parties, along with the three headed oligopolistic owned Media, and their multimillion dollar Propagandist are truly the greatest Domestic Terrorist threats the Government of the People shall ever face.

    How can any rationally reasoning nation of people foolishly believe in a government that claims to serve a unified people, when that government is predicated upon a system, which has been deliberately designed to divide the people as a whole?

    How can we believe in a government which claims to serve the American people, then denies us in Census the choice to be counted as simply American?

    How can any American entrust their life to a government who’s Congress recently gave a standing ovation to a President for the successful assassination of an American citizen and his child, and since has made it without regard to collateral damage lawful to assassinate any American, even those on our native soil; without question of accountability or proof of guilt? A government that has codified into law via the NDAA, which is better described as a Rapture Law

    Only one suicidal, or in need of serious medication in conjunction with intense psychotherapy would ever entrust their life or the lives of their family to a government that embraced such a tyrannically insane sociopathic ideology.

    Only a corrupt court rotten to its very core would up hold such a law to be Constitutional.

    Only a morally bankrupt society could retain trust in a national media that stood quietly aside to allow such an unlawfully illegitimate government to remain unaccountable for the passage of such outrageous laws as NDAA.

    Never before has it been so clear that the Democratic and Republican Parties, along with the national media are nothing more than mere appendages of the same despotic monster.

    Never has there been a truer enemy revealed to the American people, than those revealed by the passage of Senate Bill 1867 (NDAA); and the march into tyranny goes on.

    The American people have been betrayed by both parties, and it is time for both to be permanently exiled from every crack and crevice of our government for their traitorous acts.

  • Mutantone

    How about moving on Sen Luger and getting new ideas and thoughts in congress that understand that it is not the party but the country. Look at what you have allowed to happen and now you are like the president it was not your fault the Tea Party caused it nothing in your voting helps to prove that the real issue was your votes and the lack of standing that caved into them. So do not blame the blameless for your lackings

  • MakpatHi

    RHINO B——- like LugaR,McCAIN and OTHER RINO’s
    Too Numerous to Mention. He is one of the sobs that is
    Worried about losing his seat to the influence of T-Party
    Members in AMERICA that are fed up with there B.S.!!!

  • Jeff Brodhead

    So far as I’m concerned, I belong to NO “party”!

    I am so sick of these turdblossoms, on both sides of the aisle, I just want to rid America of DC completely. They are the cream of the crap and do not represent their constituents, in anything other than superficial ways – at best!

    There are a few, who work hard to defend the Constitution, but far too many suffer Cranial-Rectal Inversion Syndrome.

    Republican’ts, who speak as Luger did, don’t deserve to be called “Senator”, or “Congressman”. DemonicRATs don’t deserve to live on U.S. soil, period!

    To go on the Commie-News Nutwork and say crap like he did, shows just how POMPOUS the DC jackasses have become.

    Tea Party’s fault??? Tea Party’s VICTORY! The sooner BOTH “parties” are “killed-off”, the better, ya dumb arse!

  • Steve Wulfeck

    Here we go again….prop up the left right paradigm. We don’t need control for the sake of control like this Senator would like to us to believe. We need Constitution loving reps if which we have so few…an Lugar is certainly not one of them. I have never heard him stand up against any abuses of power and corruption. The Federal Reserve, Executive orders….This guy is the problem. The solution is to throw him out adn probably try him for treason.

  • Mike Knight

    The Tea Party is what won them the house, and all the seats they gained.

  • Puger G Calabalini

    Luger and his ilk are the reason Republicans are a minority party. Please send Luger packing… the memorable words of Alfonso Bedoya “Don’t need no stinkin Rinos”

  • ruth

    Don’t listen to Lugar’s BS – the DUMBOCRATS will be defeated in 2012.

  • Barb

    He’s a RINO and needs to go. He stands with the dems on almost everything.

  • Cathy

    Without the Tea Party, the House would still be controlled by the Democrats, and the Republicans would not have gained seats in the Senate. There were some mistakes made in candidates, but that goes with the territory. I think Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell were mistakes as they did not portray the strength needed nor the backgrounds. The Tea Party must be very selective in choosing their candidates in our fight. They aren’t going to win them all, but they must win a majority of the elections.

    They did very well in the House and in the Senate with Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson. Mike Lee and Ron Johnson defeated long-time incumbents, Marco Rubio defeated the establishment candidate, Charlie Crist, and Pat Toomey defeated the Democrat who defeated Arlen Specter.

    Making comments on this website and others will not win elections. We must get out and support the good candidates with our letters, money, and just talking to others. Many of those that I speak with feel that this election is do or die for this country. If Obama is re-elected, he will destroy the America we love and cherish. Nothing will stand in his way as he won’t be able to be re-elected, and he won’t care what he does to the Democrats as long as it is his way.

    This is a fight to the finish just like a war, but it is a citizen war and we need our military to stand with us. It can be done.

    We here in PA have had success on our local level in routing the undesirables, but it takes resolve, and it takes getting involved and getting the facts out to the people. If we could do it here on a small scale, we can do it to save our country.

    • Tom

      A GREAT post!

      You are soooo correct cathy!

      I’m in neighboring New York which is pretty much of a lost cause, but even here we are fighting..and we got a Republican Congressman to replace the Democrat (Massa) who once represented our rural district.

      He is doing well enough that liberals already hate his guts.

  • Ed Gallagher

    Lugar is full of it. He forgets that it is the rank and file of the republican party that gets to choose the candidates in a primary, not the party elite. Odd, he didn’t have a problem when the party chose a loser in McCain. The party can’t afford to let the media and silk stocking crowd choose which candidate will be acceptable to the left. Why is it that the conservatives in the party always have to bend for the liberal wing but when a conservative gets nominated the party hierarchy takes a six month vacation.

  • Patriot

    Blue Dog and Rino Republicans have failed Conservatives in this country and share an equal responsibility with the Democrats for the mess that we are in today. The Tea party is a huge threat to the POLITICS AS USUAL GANG. Lugar and others of his type must go! We must not make the same mistake again and be pushed by the Republican Establishment to choose another McCain twin to run against Obama! It is time to draw a line in the sand. We have drifted way to far to the left to continue kneeling to the people who are destroying this country.


    Just as the sling of David brought down a Goliath so it is with your vote that can bring down the beast in Washington D.C.

    It was the establishment’s lack of support of the tea party candidates’ that caused their loss. Call friends in Lugar’s homestate and throw the SOB out. THROW OUT ALL IN CONGRESS IN 2012 – THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS!

    • Glen Xx

      I disagree. DC may be a little like

      sadom & Gamora but there are still at least

      ten good members in each chamber. In the

      senate, 13 men voted against the NDAA

      6 GOP, 6 dems, 1 Ind. However Lugar Must go.

      He is RINO, Sh$t and must sink.

  • terz81

    Senator Lugar reminds me of a Used Car Sales man.
    Another reason for Term Limits

  • Ted

    Senator Luger has just written a great epitaph for his future unseating. I could not think of a stupider statement to make to the cable TV channel and to the people of America. Selfserving, arrogant, elitists like Senator Lugar have no place, serve no purpose for WE THE PEOPLE. YOUR FIRED.

  • John Acord

    Luger knows he is going down to primary defeat. The polls and the people of Indiana have had enough of his traitorous liberal votes and liaisons with the left. He has used his Senate position to amass a fortune by insider trading and other skulduggery. Time for Dick Luger to pack his bags and move to M Street where his lobbyist bosses will further enrich and reward him for his decades of laboring on their behalf.

  • Ronald Kabacinski

    Lugar is a big supporter of the Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST), which would give complete control of the Oceans and Seas to the UN. The people of Indiana need to tell this liberal to get “LOST” in the 2012 Primary.

  • Poggie

    Republicans and their conjoined ‘sisters’ the Democrats…vote ’em all out and GO Tea Party! They are the reason that more and more people are INDEPENDANTS. If Romney or ‘Bilderberg’ Perry are the nominees, I promise to vote Independant or for Obama to get this collapse hurried along. America is doomed with a continuance of past, failed, Party systems.

  • Pegi

    We need more Tea Party people in Congress and less of what we have now. Don’t think they would have caved on the recent extentions. They are the only people that will truly reduce the deficit. It’s time for Mr. Luger to resign.

  • Mike S

    The problem is big government progressives in both political parties that put party power ahead of limited government and freedom. Both Bush and Obama grew government to where it has doubled in size over the last 10 years. Obama is worse but it is the mindset that “people are too stupid to make their own decisions” that unites them.

    • ctc wilson

      I am sick and tired of hearing this “invented” word, “progressives”. They are not for “progress”, they are Communists.. Pure and simpe. Communists. Dictator Communists, brothers of Huga Chavez, and, that said, IF the dumb and stupid, moronic, lazy Americans do not get off their you know whats and pay attention, in this lifetime, the morons will be living at the end of a gun. We, thanks to the son or a Communist mother, the son of a non-American Communist father, the grandson of Communist Grand Parents.. are now at a place where we TAKE OUR NATION BACK, or we file spiritual bankruptsy and turn it all over to the likes of George Soros, et al. The “et al”, include the Communist in the White House, and democrap Communist members of Congress. Hello? Dumb a*s Americans are literally trashing themselves and throwing their nation in the garbage heap of the rest of the Huga Chavez’es.. Sick. Disgusting. Twisted, crippled, perverted. The queers and the lesbos and the Communist are taking over our nation. Is this what you want and what you will leave to your own children??? My God in Heaven.. what the hey is wrong with the lazy, stupid, and uninformed American electorate???? Strike that. Rhetorical question.

  • Den

    The Tea Party philosophy has flushed out the career politicians to expose themselves for who they are.

  • Axmickl

    Pelosi is a good target this year. Lets focus on San Francisco this year and wipe this stain off the congressional role. Threaten a boycot or something if they re-elect her. Do something other than shout on this forum at the choir.

    • Glen Xx

      The Only way to defeat witch Nancy is to find

      a good, conserviative Democrat to primary

      her. She could lose to a tea party

      democrat. that would be sweet.

  • ald

    Dick Lugar = NEO-CON RINO!

  • Boyd

    RINO talk!

  • Boyd

    Oh, add this too. Indiana, find a Tea Party rep and kick this guy out!

  • 1minuteman

    he says this because he knows that he is a rino and the tea party has targeted him for removal and rightfully so. another liberal in sheeps clothing.

  • spence451

    The teaparty represent conservative values in this country’ something sorely lacking in either of the big two. If the GOP had supported the teaparty canidates instead of what the two party are just alike on we would be incontrol of the Senate as well. The GOP is lately just as interested in nominating a progressive who is just as bad or democrat lite that they have left conservative out of the loop.

    • 57chero

      I have to agree, and I am prbably going to have a hard time voting this time around even knowing what it means if I don’t just go along. I AM SICK TO DEATH — OF THE LESSER OF 2 EVILS WHEN VOTING

    • Lynn

      I agree in part. I to am sick to death of having to choose between two evils. I want to the men and women that represent me to be incorruptible and willing serve not for personal gain but as statesman that are more concerned about protecting our liberties. However, to shirk our responsibility to vote in those who at least will move the country back towards conservative principles is to commit political suicide and will leave a country filled with uncertainty for our children and their children. One battle at a time, slowly but surely, we must retake our precious country back from the progressives. Don’t give up! Too much is at stake.

    • ctc wilson

      Hey.. I am thinking about a “write in” vote for all of the races, almost. A vote for “Bob” would be better than the moronic choices given. I am continuing my plan to leave the country. I see nothing but darkness here, the communists in control and the “change” taking years and years to correct, IF it can be corrected. Americans have become weak and ineffective, except for the forces that hasten a full blown Centralized Communist rule. My opinion. After all, the school chidren for the past 15 years have been fed a constant diet of communism. When only a mere 31% of he eligible voters are determining the future of the country, we are doomed to darkness. Soon, at the point of a gun. That’s the difference in Socialism and Communism. Communism is Socialism with a gun pointed at your head. Under the current regime, this is where we now are. Hello? Anybody “out there” paying any attention? I think not.

    • poacher

      cutie pie and i have been looking at leaving for several years. so far the best i have come across are chili and panama. any suggestions on where else to look?
      there is one other consideration. how long do you think the u.s. empire will tolerate freedom in another country?

    • jack

      57Chero….please vote. do not give up on us….it is hard to watch the mess in DC..but people like you and I will make the changes that are necessary..

    • cheryl

      I think what he is saying it hurts the elite and Rino republicans are losing to the tea party conservative canidates. It was the tea party that caused the take over of the House for the Republicans. Look at that senator at the begining of the article. He looks like he’s a 100 years old and has held office for to many years.

    • HB Edwards

      To abstain is to vote for the greater of two evils. Hold your nose, if you have to, but vote!!

  • Sunshine49

    To the moderator

    I would like to know why you are putting my comments under moderation when they are only facts with links to the truth.

    It seems you don’t moderate opinions using foul language, but you won’t tolerate the facts and the truth.

    You must be working for the government’s Internet police and gathering the names of everyone who knocks Obama and the government because you won’t allow posts with just facts.

    I see I am wasting my time coming to this site.

  • Jim

    Been in the Senate for 6 terms, Hey Howdie Doodie, you are part of the problem and I pray you go down in 2012 with the rest of the traitors who have enslaved America!

  • Klaus

    This just proves that term limits is the only answer.

    • 57chero


  • 1 horseman

    Here is a very good indicator of a perfect example of needing term limits. Lugar is so far out of touch with what the “people ” are looking for with the Tea Party that he can’t see past what is wrong with today’s government.

  • linda

    from the mouth of a RINO that has been around way toooooooooooo long. Voter fraud especially in Nevada. Next election obummer will try to declare martial law, dictator is his goal and the RINO’s want to be sure they are included as his minnion.

    • Tom

      I think that many people are starting to worry that Obama hopes to becomes amercia’s Hugo Chavez..a future dictator…and are taking steps to prepare.

      An anecdote tod emonstrate; About 10 years ago, I applied for and got a full carry pistol permit, One of the individuals I used a a character reference did so reluctantly because he said he was against firearms.

      Just 3 weeks ago, he asked me to be his character reference..for a pistol permit.

      Kind of says it all..doesn’t it?

      I think that if Obama ever does try to trample further on our Constitution and impose a dictatorship on this coutry..he is in for a nasty surprise.

      When I was in the US military..we took an oath to the US Constitution, not to any government that might choose to usurp it; I can’t envison our military allowing any final destruction of our freedoms.

      And this isn’t Europe..or some banana republic, where the people are helpless sheep.

  • Rogue Warrior

    What we need in the U.S. Senate is a Patriot majority. America has been betrayed by the Progressives and Establishment leaders of BOTH political parties. Richard Lugar is a Tory in need of retirement.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Lugar is another RHINO that does not understand what voters were telling elected officials in 2010. If he is still unaware of what the people are asking of elected representatives—then he needs to be voted out of office and a Tea Party representative installed as his replacement.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    tEA pARTY wANTS ALL rhinos,progressive republicans and Dems out;; there is no party representing real Constitutional, small government AMERICANS;; WE WILL GAIN CONTROL OF ALL HOUSES BY EXPRESSING OUR CONSERVATIVE VALUES AND THEN IT WILL NOT MATTER IF THE REPUBS/PROGRESSIVES COME ALONG OR NOT.

  • Florida Jim

    We need more strong conservatives not Dick Lugars or John McCains.We must take the Senate, hold the House and dumo Obama. Even then it will take time to undo all the regulations and hidden laws in the Obama edicts written in and still not known by many except the writers.

  • JIM

    hey lugar you must have read the communist menefesto and taken a play right out of the book …go ahead commie boy blame the TEA PARTY for your being a rino ….nit wit your the problem and were the cure

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    THE NEED FOR A third party is null and void;; we vote in the party we have the largest support in ; then we fix it;; both existing parties are wrong for America;; get the long termers out and revamp the system.

  • benth165

    Dear Mr. Lugar. You sound as if “Sour Grapes” are coming out of your mouth. You will get exactly what you deserve along with all of the other sniveling rats who have betrayed the American Public, for positions of self agrandizement.
    Our two party system has fallen off a cliff, and is allowing itself to be dictated to by an out of control President who is actually a Socialist, taking us down the road to total tyranny.
    If you study history you idiot, you will understand that you are allowing our president and his cronies to follow plank by plank of the fallen Nazi Socialist Party, because you all are inthralled by his Oratory and short sound bite style of speaking.
    You idiots have fallen prey to the oldest ploy in history.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    who says the Tea Party can not play hardball;; use the rules the two existing parties play by and then clean it up once we have power.

  • Pat

    Everybody in Washington sits around and blames someone else for all the problems they have all creared themselves, and can’t figure out how to solve. As far as term limits go all anyone has to do is vote them out everytime an election comes up. They need to stop blaming everyone else and get to work for the people whe elected them to do the right and moral thing. We are their employers, I say fire them all

    • ctc wilson

      Yes.. of the suggestions, the most dominant is for the ignorant, moronic, Amerioan people to wake up and smell the roses, before the blight kills them all off.. I don’t see this happening. Most here are so uneducated and uninformed that they do not see a repeat of the Greeks experience. Sad. American ignorance, spells the end of a dream that didn’t last long enough. Thus, I depart. I leave the sinking ship, wishing not to go down with the rats. How sad!

  • chummali

    Lugar, the RINO, needs to take off the blinders, and look at what the Tea Party accomplished in the House of Representatives in 2010. Could he be next? I hope so.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Hard core conservative REAL AMERICANS want the government down sized and brought into control and in budget,, eliminating the give away to people spitting out fatherless babies; stop the RAPE OF AMERICA BY THE MINORITY GAMERS.

  • Wes

    While Dick Lugar challenges the TEA Party I challenge Dick Lugar for his compromising values. I’m from Indiana and Dick Lugar’s time has come and gone. At his age he has mellowed to the point that he too soft. He has sided with Obama too many times and must be replaced by a true TEA Party candidate.

    • ctc wilson

      I don’t see this the same way. What I DO see is a fat ass Congress, overloaded with leeches and crooks that thier riches have outstripped any other sources of profits that are available to the “average” American. With insider info, having exempted theirselves from these laws, are being used for them to make additional millions, at our expense. Why should these deadbeats be receiving their annual pay, $174,000.00 per year, EVEN if they serve ONLY ONE TERM? Stop this madness, and clean house.. as to say the House of Representatives, AND, the Senate. Get rid of these thieves.. do it NOW, or there is NO hope for our nation. Clean house! I, for one, will write in “Bob” before I will vote for any of these deadbeat thieves!! Starting with the top dog.. that piece of incompetent rubble, a Fabian Socialist. For those of “you” out there who, due to your ignorance, do not know.. LOOK UP.. GOOGLE, FABIAN SOCIETY, FABIAN SOCIALISM. See for yourselves what YOU have put in the Presidency. Sickening. Disgusting. Vile.. Shame on you! Democrap equals Communist. Do you get it? Hello?

  • Donald

    It was the establishment Republicans and Democrats who gave us the mess we now have. How true the words of George Washington sound.
    Washington’s Farewell Address 1796
    I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the State, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally.

    This spirit, unfortunately, is inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind. It exists under different shapes in all governments, more or less stifled, controlled, or repressed; but, in those of the popular form, it is seen in its greatest rankness, and is truly their worst enemy.

    The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty.

    Without looking forward to an extremity of this kind (which nevertheless ought not to be entirely out of sight), the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.

    It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.

  • Old Sarge

    The reason that the GOP in in the minority is because of old do nothing Senitor’s like Luger and McCain and a few others have been setting on their thumbs doing nothing while the country is going down the drain, as for the newley elected Tea Party members if they do not do the job they were elected to do we will replace them with someone who will and will keep doing this EVERY election until we get this once great country back on track.

  • ejdan

    Lugar is either choosing to ignore the issue or fails to understand that HE is the problem. 6 terms in the US Senate is 4 too many and in his case 5 too many.
    We don’t need the progressive party running the country. Republicans are progressive light for the most part. We need true conservatives. Dick, you are the issue why conservatives don’t have a majority in congress. That is fine for now; we aws conservatives know that it takes more than one election cycle to rid the riff-raff from the cesspool that DC has become. WE remain pactient yet determined.

  • el_loco_jp

    Somebody explain to me why I should care what “Lugar the Rino” says about anything. He is the reason we don’t have a conservative majority in the Senate. If he, and the rest of the “establishment” Republicans, would just get out of the way and let some intelligent, right-thinking, Tea Party Republicans in we could begin to fix the problems facing this country.

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    Bull$h!t !!!!

  • Jim Uberti

    Why are the Demos attacking the Tea Party?
    Because they’re terrified that they will do meven more damage to them than 2010.
    Establidhment Rinos like Lugar want to ntain the status quo where one hand washes the other.How we allowed Congress to establish their perks, become individually wealthy and perpetuate themselves is something I will never understand. BUT, I do know, that if this isn’t reversed, and soon, our country is gone.
    The Tea Party has to become stronger and hold feet to the fire after they’ve supported and won a majority.
    To h#ll with people like Lugar.

    • Jim Uberti

      Sorry about my typos. (Not much of a typist).
      However, I’m delighted that so many of you feel the same way.
      Remember, elect them, and then watch them!!!
      We CAN take this country back.

  • benth165

    If anyone is interested in how our Congress voted on HR-1540, “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012″, you’ll find that both parties voted almost equally to fund our enslavement, because they were either intimadated or scared into voting for that horrendous Socialist Plank

    We are on the verge of Tyranny and our Congress is not listening to us and are running scared because they are being bullied by an out of control Executive Branch, hell bent on robbing from the poor and giving to the rich which is the makings of our enslavement. If you don’t think so Read the bill !!!

  • Jerry

    As a member of the Tea Party I strongly support all of your reasoning. We already have some but do need term limits from President down to Board of Education Member. That is the only way we will be able to get this country back on track. If there was not term limits for the president he would stay in office indefinitely. Term limits for all!

  • James

    The established RNC and DNC are the problem with government. Folks like Luger are the results of this pandering for power that has become the “corruption of power” in DC. This Nation is the only true form of governance “by the people” on the planet, and our Constitution is the greatest document of any government that exists. Only the desire to remain a free people will save this Nation, we must vote for the kind of government that we “really want”, hopefully not the “one” we currently have. This is either a government of the people or we will become another “failed socialist experiment”. That’s the choice folks, vote for our form of government as indicated in the Constitution or, once again, vote for the government who promises “chocolate” and has only “you’re money” with which to pay for it!

  • BobL.

    I am beginning to suspect the integrity of our election process.Remember what old Joe Stalin said: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing, the people who count the votes decide everything.” How else could Harry Reid have been re-elected or “rubber stamp” Michael Bennet win his first full term in Colorado?


    Term limits? Balanced Budget Amendment? Third Parties? Letters to Editors? This has been going on for years. The bought politicians don’t give a damn about you. There is only one thing which will work – won’t fail – THROW THEM ALL OUT OF CONGRESS IN 2012! President Pinocchio will be defeated but the criminals in Congress must go. Join me in spreading the word – everybody out!

  • Morton L. Friedman

    Providing lucrative retirement benefits for elected officials is an abomination. Eliminate them and you will not have ‘career’ politicians whose main purpose is self-serving. Eliminate retirement benefits and you will have no need for term limits, for those with public service as their mantra will quickly leave in order to establish and fulfill their personal needs in the private sector. For over 100 years after this republic was established there were no retirement benefits for elected officials. It took a penniless US Grant widow to open that Pandora’s box.

  • sally


  • MaNUEL

    Dick Lugar is part of the problem. Entrenched legislators who will stop progress and the peoples wishes to protect his pet projects. As a conservative he should be embracing the TEA party efforts. That put him in the RINO category. It is all these entrenched RINOs who are really hurting the country with their double talk. There is no reason for Democrats to have any control in Congress or the White House. Democrats represent a minority in the country, except for 18 year old’s, most people are conservative by nature. It is people like Lugar who create such confussion that makes people vote Democrat and Democrats to take advantage of the situation.

  • Shane

    The Senator is correct that the Tea party cost the GOP several seats in the Senate with Harry Reid surviving because his opposition was a poor tea party candidate. I prefer to choose the most conservative candidate who has the best chance to defeat the Democrat. This is why I do not support Bachman, because she cannot defeat Obama.

  • Bear

    Yes to term limits on congress AND judges. Sure we can vote them out if everyone would VOTE. Many talk a good game, but where are they when it comes time to vote?? And how do we know our votes will be counted?? Voter fraud is alive & well! Even in the primaries votes have been altered, or votes have been “lost” & fraud has taken place. I even find it strange that when we had the last Presidential vote, Hillary was doing great & all of a sudden an unknown, unqualified nobody like obama steps into the picture & takes off like wild fire & Hillary just slinks off. One of the Dem’s darlings just backs off & gets out of the way for obama.Of course she got a pretty good job in his administration! And the conservatives were left with McCain! Point is I don’t think we got a FAIR election then & probably won’t this time. Either there was voter fraud or people were paid off. And now there is the possibility that for some contrived reason Marshall Law can be enacted & the elections will be called off.Our government has gotten so corrupt I put nothing past them. But yes, EVERYONE MUST VOTE, & vote out all Rhinos!We have to do everything we can to save this great nation & get back our American & Christian values. Get ride of all the old goat “lifers” & get a NEW president. Remember it is the president that APPOINTS the cabinet
    & judges.

  • Retired Marine

    Luger is Republocrat, a lying thief who is so liberal he dates barney franks. Who in their right minds keep voting this piece of crap in? Do us a favor and have you have your heads examined. He is a lying liberal communist anti-american obama loving a-hole. Vote his a– out. He is the king of insider trading, and country sell outs. Good god people, quit voting for this thing.

  • Retired Marine

    What is with the comment moderation? 1st Amendment not good enough for this site?

  • dockywocky

    Let’s hope that the challenger puts Lugar out to pasture. He hasn’t done much to deserve continuing in the Senate. Time for new blood.

    • poacher

      it would be more accurate to say, “republicans kill chance for a conservative majority in the senate.”

    • Chuck

      Mr. Lugar’s 6 terms in office are reason enough to replace him. The entrenched power structure of the Republican Party is a major part of the problem. We have a primary election between now and the general election. If Mr. Lugar is the better man, he will prevail in the spring and be the candidate in the fall. If not, then it’s high time for his retirement. Congress won’t impose term limits on itself, so it’s up to the people to do it for (or TO) them. Above all, we must get out and vote, and encourage all the conservative couch potatoes who DON’T vote to do it this time. Failure is not an option, and not voting will lead to failure.

    • ed

      RIGHT ON! LEFT OFF! Lugar is a RINO and an ahole!

    • haasstrep68

      I agree with you, ed. Sen. Lugar is nothing but a RINO (Republican-in-name-only) and a fraud/*sho. I don’t trust anything he says or does. He’s a traitor, anyhow, just like the rest of the treasonour RINOs in DC. See website:

    • Ron

      Lugar has been there too long,it’s time for him to go.

    • rtbwriter

      Senator Luger seems to have forgotten that it was the Tea Party that gave us the majority in the House. It was the RNC fighting against conservative America and the Tea Party that lost the Senate

    • Beel

      Lugar is yet another RINO. He has to go. I am SICK, SICK of ALL the Washington Elitists who are going to leave office with the most fabulous benefits that none of us will ever enjoy. Thier attitude sucks. Get rid of them all!

    • Daniel

      I agree lets get rid of all of them, but not before getting rid of their lucrative benefits. Let them learn to live off of normal jobs and Social Security like the rest of us. Let them see what it’s like when the Government holds back your Cost Of Living Adjustment(COLA) and gives themselves raises.

    • Charles

      Lugar is a RINO.The reason is simple. House members are up for re-election every two years. Senate members are up for re-election every 6 years. Only 1/3 of Senate seats were up for re-election in 2010.The Media was able to convince the naive and gullible that re-electing the Democrats in the Senate was the best deal. Nevada is a prime example. They re-elected Reid. The House Republicans have passed 25 pieces of Legislation and Reid in the Senate has shelved all 25 and not even allowed an up or down vote. There are 100 Members in the Senate and 47 Republicans. There is a minimum of 47% of the Country that doesn’t have a voice on the floor of the Senate. Thanks Nevada.

    • Max Penn

      Lugar’s plan will make for more RINO’s. He has been in the Senate for 6 terms,@ 6 years each. He needs to get a real job now.

    • http://DemooversightmembertellsWHnottoacceptsuboena James

      He is over 80 years old, do you think anyone in their right mind would hire an old codger like him? Besides, he is fabulously wealthy thanks to his “insider” trading all those years while in the House and the Senate. He then could be retained by some consulting firm and collect a handsome fee for influence peddling in the halls of congress.

      His time is up!

    • you select the candidate

      As we face the beginning of a New Year, I take this opportunity to remind you we are only a few weeks away from a crucial milestone in our fight for liberty and our American way of life.

      In January, we have the opportunity to run for Committeeperson positions in our local areas. Many of these positions are either vacant or being held by “status quo conservatives” whose only contribution is to preserve business as usual. This is why the American people are continually being sold out by their elected leaders, it’s because your Committeepeople who are responsible for evaluating and then choosing who the candidates will be through the nominating process, continue to support the Arlen Specters and other assorted RINO types of candidates by nominating them at the conventions each year.Thereby leaving the voters with a choice on election day between either a RINO Republican or truely horrific Democrat. Which is why you are always entering the voting booth thinking to yourself, : well I guess I have no choice other than to vote for the RINO Republican because he is the lesser of the two evils :

      Voting does not occur until after the candidates have been selected. Therefore, the only method that can effect any meaningful change whatsoever is for you to become involved in the candidate selection process by becoming a committee person yourself. Then it will be YOU who will be evaluating the candidates and choosing who will receive the party endorsement and thereby appear on the ballot for the voters to choose from on election day. This is why I urge you to view this 2-minute video which explains the quest to find and recruit true conservative patriots nationwide to run for and win the positions of Committeepeople. We will not have another opportunity to do this until 2014.

      we just need YOU to step forward to defend your conservative values. The time to make a decision and have a positive impact on the candidate selection for future elections is NOW!

    • Phil

      It’s time for conservatives to take a stand. America is at a crossroads. It’s time to get rid of light weight Demoncrats that call themselves Republicans. I’m tires of hearing we have to settle for the lesser of two evils, because a true conservative can’t win. That’s what has got the country in this mess. If the Demoncrat controlled media thought that conservatives couldn’t win that’s who they would tell us to support.


      Lugar might be bad but the Democrat is worse and as in other elections the Democrat walked off with the victory due to
      losing the independent vote whom voted Democratic.

    • Storoit

      I have held back this thought for some time…..There are actually three forces at work – 1)Democrats (i.e Socialists), 2) the established Republican leadership (and the moneybags for both) and 3) Conservatives – the Tea Party and the rest of middle America. The problem is that neither of the first 2 groups represent anyone but themselves in their quest for power, and the founding principles of the US are left lying in the dust.
      While I have heeded Rush and Hannity and others saying that a third party would mean perpetual Socialist government, it is becoming more and more apparent to me that a Conservative Party is needed, since the Republican Leadership is not listening, and has no intent to rock the boat by standing on anything resembling a conservative principle.
      I am sure the Whigs felt angst when part of their party split away to form the Republican Party prior to the Civil War. They elected Lincoln as a minority party then. So where are the Whigs today?

    • poest

      Mr. Lugar happens to be right. What is the sense to winning a battle, only to loose the war because you are thinking like we are playing checkers when the real game is actually chess! As voters we must be clever, not emotional.

    • Remington 870

      Amen! Time to get rid of the old fart Reps who have done nothing but bend over for Obama. Sure the Tea Party scares the hell out of them, because they have long forgotten the true meaning of the Constitution.

  • Victor Barney

    WRONG! America having women being the overwhelming largest voting block is the current enemy of our Republic! Do you reader’s really believe that the women that voted for Obama didn’t understand what a “fundamental transformation of government” met? Well, then, welcome to Adam’s world once his wife and first-born son made their blood covenant with DEATH! No? September 16, 2012! WATCH FOR THAT DATE!

    • Retired Marine

      You know not all women are that gullible. My wife wouldn’t vote for a libtard if a gun was pointed at her head. A damn fine Marine Wife, been through hell with me having been deployed alot. Some women have more backbone than the pansies that voted in OAhole, who is not nor has ever been my commander in chief. I follow american presidents. That being said, you are not completely wrong either.

    • The Enemy

      Victor: There is some validity to your comments. Some (not all) women vote according to their natural protectionist instincts and they will vote for whatever politician they think will provide the most for them and their children, albeit at their taxpaying neighbor’s expense.

    • Theodore J Gager

      Yeah, okay, but how about the single women, without kids, that vote because they are flustered by a fast talking dirtbag?…

    • don wayne

      well then said single mom needs to quit sleeping with him……

    • Buzzymuzzwelle

      you are assyouming that.

    • Christel

      I am a 66 year female that has never missed an election. I’ve never voted for anyone because of some need to take care of me or my children. I never liked or trusted Obama from the git-go and still think he’s a piece of trash to be thrown out. I’m also from Indiana and do not like Lugar. He has to go. He’s sided more with the Obama administration, kissing their ‘a**es’ than standing up for the people. Get all the incumbent bastarts OUT, OUT, OUT. Also, shame on Nevada….what a pathetic brain wash that was. Sad day for the USA.

    • Dolores Tamoria

      Don’t cover all women voters with your masochistic paint brush. We ALL don’t vote
      like that.

    • Craig Bline

      Good morning Archie Bunker.

    • Charles

      Nonsense. House members are up for Re-election every two years. Senate members are up for Re-election every six years. Only 1/3 or 30 members were up for Re-election in the Senate. A large majority of the House were up for re-election which has 435 members. If the Tea Party was responsible for the turnover in the House then why not the Senate?Do you think that Women only voted that way in the House etc?. The reason is that fewer were up for Re-election in the Senate and the Media etc had less members to convince the naive and gullible voters. Thanks to Nevada for another 6 years of Harry Reid who has shelved 25 pieces of Legislation passed by the House this year and hasn’t even allowed an up or down vote.

    • Chuck

      Actually, there’s evidence to suggest that NV voters did NOT re-elect Reid. Evidence of fraud in that election has not been seriously pursued and examined. Congress needs to police its own ranks, and the House is the one tasked by the Constitution to initiate action to impeach/expel elected officials. Since the people of NV can’t mount a recall election against Reid, it’s left to members of the House, now dominated by conservatives, to act for them. I think it’s clear already that the Republican leadership is in bed with the Dems, and our Republican Speaker of the House is no exception.

  • VnVet56

    Time for Lugar to be retired, poor guy can’t even remember that the GOP lost the majority in the Senate in the 2006 mid-terms; long before the Tea party came into existence. It was GOP spending and irresponsibility that lost them the majority, and their failure to back what the majority of their constituents wanted kept them in the minority, unlike in the House, which was delivered to the GOP by Tea party voters.

  • The Enemy

    It’s not surprising that the old, establishment, “good ol’ boy” Republitards are trying to squelch the conservative TEA movement. The TEA movement is shaking the bed that the establishment GOP and the Democraps have been together-in for far too long!

    • Mac McComas

      The Tea Party (with which I agree) MUST remember the Ross Perot fiasco when he formed a third party and pulled many, many
      Republican votes and allowed Bill Clinton into the Presidency. Had the Republicans stuck together, we would never have heard the name “Clinton”. GET TOGETHER, REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!!

    • Dolores Tamoria

      The Republican Party belongs to We The People and we are taking it back to the Party of Lincoln. All of the Rinos will be removed.

  • pete bowling III

    time for lugar to go !!!!

    • Brenda

      I agree Lugar has to go. This man voted for one of Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and now that woman is on the Court. I have not voted for this man in the last several elections and I speak out against him. He is old and needs to retire. Lugar is the prime example why we need term limits. He is only interested in his own power and I would really like to know just what Obama promised him to get his vote for the Court.

    • Beel

      Correction” he is NOT a RINO, but a Democrat mis-named. And a Liberal Dem, at that!

  • Abe

    Lugar is one of the reasons obama is still the illegal president!!!!

  • Robert

    Dick?.yes he is one.

  • Robert Deering

    Lugar is an example of why we need term limits !!

  • joe

    I, don`t think, it`s the tea party the blame, it`s the old out dated GOP we have in place. My wishes are that all will be voted out. It takes a real jerk to blame the tea party and these old farts must go. Lets take our country back, lets don`t just watch from the sidelines while that screw us even more and laugh about how stupid we all are.

    • Mike Travis

      Voting out RINO’s won’t work. Look how long McLame. Grahmnesty, and others have been there. We need to put an end to all their nonsense by charging those with treason who have violated their oath of office by knowingly letting Oscuma run for potus. That will get their attention. all voting does is put another group of criminals into office which changes nothing.

  • blackhawk

    Take a hike Lugar .

  • Scott

    A big reason Ken Buck lost in Colorado was proven voter fraud. Get ready America Barry Soto is preparing to rob another election from the American people. We need our represenatives to speak for us not for their personal agenda

  • Ozarker

    Time for all six-term congressionals to go!

  • Willy

    You ALL better work together, YOU can’t split the vote 2 or 3 ways and WIN! READ MY LIPS!!!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      “You all…” No, the Republican Party “Leadership” had better accept the fact that THEY had better stop with the ‘business as usual’ attitude of being in bed with the treasonous Socialist Democrats.

    • Chuck

      Willy is absolutely right. The Republican established leadership won’t change, and we can’t make them. We can’t recall them, but we can “un-elect” them. The only way to do that is to stand united as conservative, patriotic citizens and NOT SPLIT THE VOTE! Voting for the enemy just because your favorite guy or gal didn’t get thru the primary is juvenile and self-destructive. Expecting a bunch of old fogies who’ve built themselves power structures over the years to just resign is stupid and lazy. WE ALL MUST VOTE, and we must aggressively drag the “couch potato” conservatives who never vote into the polls on election day if necessary.


  • Tony

    If all republicans were like Lugar, I would welcome anyone that would booth them out.

  • Bear

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”What is this, why is my comment being moderated. Can somebody tell me why & what I said that SOMEBODY,the powers that be, didn’t like. I didn’t cuss, I tried to use good English & stated an opinion. Is it because I named names, or said I thought our then candidate for president was an unqualified nobody. WHAT?

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate ConservativeIndependent

      All of my comments are being treated the same way. I haven’t named anybody or defamed anyone. I’ve reread them several times and find nothing that could even be viewed as extreme. Oh well.

  • Jeff B. Willis

    There is a mild argument that the Tea Party candidates are too extreme. But Lugar has been there too long. He needs to retire! His day is passed. We desperately need to look at term limits. It’s “hangers on” like
    Richard Lugar and Barney Frank that compromise the entire system.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Is it extreme to want government to function within it’s means and without continually spending more and more on invented programs designed to mostly control us?

  • Theodore J Gager

    Lugar thinks he’s part of what makes the USA great. He’s actually part of what makes it second rate!

  • Ralph

    All RINO’s must go along with all of the bleeding hart liberals. If we don’t start a revolution soon, there is no hope for the greatest nation on Earth to continue in it’s current path.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Start saving up your money now for a trip to Washington. If Obama gets re-elected by voter fraud or by cheating, then all that’s left is to REVOLT! That Revolt would begin in Washingon where we do little talking, but physically invade the Halls of the Presidency, the Senate, and Congress. Words and votes seem to have little effect on stopping the illegal activity and treason going on in Washington, but if the treasonous politicians find themselves getting beaten to a pulp, or the Communist sympathizer politicians get hung at the nearest light posts, THAT they will quickly understand. I’ll bring the ropes! If this sounds like an extreme statement, then what else is there to do to stop this slide toward ruination and “change.” Obama is a closet Communist. The sooner we accept that fact, the sooner we get rid of him and his “Progressives.” (read: Communists) The Communists don’t play by any rules. We shouldn’t either…that is if we want to maintain a free country.

    • Geneo

      I agree, it is the RINO’s that have made the Republican Party what it shouldn’t be. And yes, term limits need to be official or the people need to implement them unofficially until some elected official has the guts to enter the bill for debate. Professional politicians have to go and next year is the time to do it regardless of party.

  • Don Sr.

    The Bible says that everything and everyone has it’s or their time and they are no more. This is true concerning our leaders. If we have a reprobate minded leader it’s because we first accepted something less than God would have wanted for us. You as one or as many set the stage for God to work with. We have accepted so many things in the past at least 50 years and what you have before you now is the product of that acceptance. If you vote out of a reprobate mind you’ll get the result of that action and you might not like what you get. Ask God to help make your next decision in voting

    • Craig Bline

      Amen to that!!!
      When we started taking GOD out of schools and the American like we started becoming a 2nd class nation. DeToucville,(spelling)stated that when We stopped being a good nation we would fail. Well we stopped.

    • Mary JO Tedrick

      This is sooo true! If the establishment of the GOP won’t work for the people of this nation to re-estabilsh the constitution and fundamentals of our laws, to garuntee the freedom of speech and the right to speak the name of GOD in the public square, we are doomed as a nation. As for women voting for their own selfish gains, I sincerely suggest you re-think that thought! I have never supported the women’s movement because of anti GOD (He didn’t love women, If he didn’t why did he create them?)bra-burning exstremists who became the voice of man-hating abortionists without a conscience! I have always questioned the sincereity of all of our politicians. Today I ask if the GOP fully understand just how serious this nation is close to collapse!?

  • JimRed

    All RINOs MUST be primaried out, for sure. But if that fails, the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat! And we MUST fight like heck for TERM LIMITS! No more career poiticians; they are the seed of our destruction.

    • JimRed

      No more career poiticians

      That, of course, is POLITICIANS.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      I’ll expand on the “no career politicians.” I’ll add NO CAREER ATTORNEY POLITICIANS. You can’t get a straight answer out of any attorney politician. Everything is a spin or non-answer where all we want is the truth.

    • Geneo

      Ah yes, you have invoked the first rule of ballot checking. If you don’t personally know the record of the candidate, check to see if he or she is a lawyer. Then find another candidate to vote for. These are generally the worst kind of politicians and don’t buy into the claim that we need them to get the bills written correctly. Hog wash, look at what they have done. Plain English should be the order of the day.

  • Rock

    This web site is a magnet for extremist right wing logger heads that represent no one by themselves and their crazy views fueled by anger and hate topped off with a healthy dose of ignorance.

    Happy New Year…..folks like you that use this site will go no where and the more you push your unreasonable emotional hate the better chances that President Obama will be re-elected.

    • wtmixon

      we dont hate anybody, rock, you must be talking about your left wing nut jobs or what names did you call us after saying we are the name callers?

    • Chuck

      Don’t waste your time! This guy’s “name” says it all… so why waste the forum space with replies?

    • JimRed

      Instead of engaging in name-calling, why don’t you address an issue and explain where you think that we are wrong and why you believe you are right? While you are at it, cite the constitutional authority involved.

      If you don’t believe in the Constitution as a basis for our laws, that’s your right. Just man up and say so! Then maybe we can have a productive discussion.

      Same to you who agree more with me- name calling doesn’t help. I don’t mean avoiding truthful statements which offend the left; you guys know the difference.

    • Nonne

      Okay, Rock, you’ve had your rant. NOW, it is YOUR time to say something sensible. Make a political comment that is meaningful and logical. Go ahead. Try.

    • Craig Bline

      Tell us what you really think Archie.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      When one sees treason in Big Government and one doesn’t get emotional, then one must be brain dead.

    • Morelle

      It is people like you that has helped to bring about our economic troubles by voting in Obama.

    • Mary JO Tedrick

      Liberals love to come on sites to comment and to call people names that they themselves can’t live up to! If they were under the same load of threats, bullied by the mainstream media that only spins a story for about a 30 second sound bite on any given topic that is in the publics interest be it politics or the death penalty, they lose all reasoning. They buy into the dividing of the people of this nation by this president, who takes NO responsibility for any of it , to stay in power! If the dems stay in control of the senate and WH we are finished as a nation. Sorry, but they will suffer the same consequences the rest of us will. Foolish people!!

  • Roy Mcd

    We MUST rid ourselves of all these socialists, communists,and people who hate the United States, We MUST vote each incumbent, BOTH Republican AND Democrat, OUT OF OFFICE… AND, seek term limits….

  • wtmixon

    its rinos like Lugar that proves there’s no difference between a democrat and a rino. it’s time for him and mitch McConnel to go and Boenher and the rino from alaska and all establishment republicans.

  • Mike,Sr.

    This is another ass that needs to be replaced.

  • Bob DD

    Hey Mr. Lugar, how about accepting “personal responsibility” for your stinkin’ actions?

  • June McWilliam

    Term limits is the answer.Doing something about voter fraud is another. Both sides give lip service to this, but don’t do a damn thing about it.


    Lugar is another RINO elite incumbent, his pricipals are loosely based on “if you cannnot get all you want then, get what you can” his idea of quality is also as loose as his pricipals. Instead of taking the high ground and putting presseure on the Deemers like aways his RINO thinking came to the forefront and he decided that caving was his way of living to fight another day and dragging out poor thinking and allowing the deemers to swindle the taxpayers again.

    RINO’s are like a team that cannot score inside the red zone and then bragg about how hard they played. They are nothing more than eloquent overpaid losers.


    The Lugar’s in the congress are a prime example as to why term limits salary only and a fair tax are a imperative if we ever want real representation to be restored and do away with this elitism.

  • RonT

    Another individual that doesn’t understand what the “Tea Party” is about! Probably hasn’t been to a meeting or anything. He is buying the garbage from the media and the Democrat party. It’s time for Lugar to retire and see things outside the beltway!

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      There is no Democrat party. There is, however a Democratic Party. Just like there is a Republican Party and not a Republic party.

  • SJSmith800

    Thank you Sen. Lugar for you for your impotent bit of insight. It means so much coming from a six-term incumbent. We are so unimpressed with what you and the GOP have accomplished so far in your six years of service. Why would anyone considers that there might be a better choice.

  • rowley

    Look how great the GOP establishment messed up the nomination for Pres. in 2008.
    GOP did not win the landslide 2010 election.
    The Tea party did it for them.
    ESTABLISHMENT GOP will lose 2012 election without the Tea Party voters.

  • ConservativeIndependent

    The reason the R’s lost the majority in the senate is because from 2001-2006 your party spent/wasted our tax dollars at a rate comparable to D’s normal spending. This caused the lemmings to tune in to more of what the D’s were saying. You lost the majority in the 2006 elections. The TEA Party hadn’t evolved, yet. You lost the majority because you were trying to be more like Democrats/Progressives. If the R’s get the majority it won’t be because they’ve aligned themselves with the Progressives. It will be because they returned to their Conservative/ Small gov’t principles. The TEA Party is gradually winning our party back.

    • ConservativeIndependent

      I meant to say the TEA Party is gradually winning our country back. Sorry for the typo

  • General Mayhem

    Face facts: Congress and Administrations, past and present, are the direct cause of the disgusting situation our Country is now in. A six term Senator is clearly part of the problem and must go. If they caused the problem, they certainly are not smart enough to fix it. If the DNC does not clean house of these old “establishment” politicians, Obama will win.

    • The Enemy

      General Mayhem: The challenge is educating the VOTERS who keep electing and re-electing the liberals, including the RINOs. Look at what the Nevada voters did last year by re-electing the fossilized Scary Harry Reid, “The Pride of Las Vegas”! We’re stuck with his crapola in the Senate for another long, long six years!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Harry Reid won by cheating. At the start of the voting day the (left-wing) “News” Media admitted that Harry Reid had only a 20% chance of winning. The Casinos bussed non-English speaking workers to the polls to vote for Harry Reid. The Unions provided vans to take people to the polls to vote for Harry Reid and gave people McDonalds and Starbucks free coupons if they promised to vote for Harry Reid. Many voting machines automatically had Harry Reid’s name checked off as your selection. Some people reported that when they checked off Sharron Angle’s name, the check mark appeared back on Harry Reid’s name? The company who maintains the voting machines are SEIU members. The exit polls taken indicated that Sharron Angle had won. By the end of the day Harry Reid had won? I don’t believe that he really did.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Wow. Not one fact or honest statement in that whole diatribe. Must vote Republicon…

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      You said “education” when you should have said “indoctrination” or “brainwashing”. Be more accurate nest time.

  • Spud

    Of Course this RINO believes that it’s the tea parties fault if we don’t win a majority in the senate in 2012. This guy is part of the problem, has been in DC way too long and has cozied up to the dems for as long as I can remember. Everytime I hear this blowhard talk I think I’m listening to one of the liberals on the left. Come on Indiana, you can do much better that this guy. It’s time for all of these leftist dems and centrist RINO Repubs to go. It’s no wonder the countries in the state it is.

  • kenneth

    Senator Lugar is partly right, in that we Republicans made serious blunders in the 2008 elections (principally in Nevada and in Delaware). The mistakes were not in voting for Tea Party nominees, though, but in the individuals we selected. I plead guilty of complicity in Nevada, where we nominated a certified LOON to oppose Dirty Harry Reid. The lady in Delaware who opposed Sen. Coons was clearly not qualified and lost an easily winnable seat. As to Sen. Lugar, I am not sure he (a genuine RINO) would be preferable to some unknown Tea Party candidate.

  • The Enemy

    Of course Hehr Lugar would say that. He’s “one of them”! He’s one of the “good ol’ boy”, establishment, “go along to get along”, “reach across the aisle” Republitard RINOs. They are eligible for the “endangered species” list. Or they could just join the Democrap Party. There’s little difference.

    • ConservativeIndependent

      Legislators like him are already members of the Dumocrap party. They just continue to claim to be progressive Republicans. It’s like a comparison between a Liberal and a progressive. Wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

  • Dallas

    Republicans have had a number of chances in the past to make Ethical and Moral changes in Congress, but when GIVEN the majority, they went back to “politics as usual.” That’s what Luger is trying to protect.
    TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO “CLEAN HOUSE” and start over. 2012 can’t come soon enough for me.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Republicon have spent decades proving their utter lack, if not contempt for morality. It doesn’t matter how many opportunities you give the GOP. They’l never do it.

  • Larry Tarter

    Another elitist Rhodes scholar,I knew of this over fourty years ago,just been hiding his Liberal elitism for a long time,my beloved state of Indiana would be a heck of a lot better off without him,that`s for sure.Either his Liberalism,and his senility surfaced when he made his Supreme Court choice public,either way he needs to go.

  • Ernest T.

    Term limits! Pay based on the average pay for the citizens they represent, only when they are serving, no retirement of any kind. Live all the laws they write for us. Public service should be service not a high paying career,

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate ConservativeIndependent


  • ruth

    How about Chuck Schumer’s brother-in-law being quietly voted in for a New York judge – he has been one of the ones referring liberal judges to Odumbo so the Senate can vote them in along with Kerry, Gillebrand, Boxer, and so on….
    What scumbags!

  • Lou B

    Lugar and many like him on both sides of the aisle are pieces of crap and need to be flushed into the Potomac River. Self serving people who once every tow or six years act like they are or have represented us. A pox on them and their homes for the inextricable mess they have created and will leave for my children, grand children and great grand children to pay interest on. They have no freaking shame among them. They are shameless pigs.

  • http://aol lou stuart

    term limits,we need them now.
    the framers who wrote the contitution,intend then ,they should throw their,people should run,serve 1 term,and go home.the feel they’re above the rest of us,and think they know better what’s good for is the time for all citizens no matter wake up,get these lifers out
    of washington,take away their cadillac perks
    and if they broke laws, to feather their own nests,throw them in jail,not some country club.throw them in with,tough,hardened convicts.thats where they belong.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Term limits have another name. They’re called elections.

  • Hardtack

    Lugar totally misses the meaning of the Tea Party – which is to replace the establishment GOP, Democrats and Neo-Cons with honest-to-God conservatives. The fact that Lugar doesn’t grasp it only indicates that it is time for him to go.

  • Jerree Richardson

    Lugar has done his job but is now a RINO

  • kmw

    No Dick! Those tea party candidates lost because you and your establishment buddies decided to punish the tea party. John Cornyn and friends on the Republican Senate Electoral Committee decided to hang these candidates out to dry and throw your support behind a RINO in California instead. She also lost, by the way.

  • don wayne

    we do need to give all the career pols a boot, right in the @$$, and make term limits in all political positions mandatory. folks, we don’t need a pol to introduce a bill or a constitutional amendment, we the people can do it through public mandate, just like cali voted for their marriage act without permission from a sniveling congress. it was through public insistence, by adding a ballot issue the was important to them. we need to take a lesson here and learn if we want it done, do not involve the self protecting legislature.

  • Carol

    All I can say is: TERM LIMITS!!!

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      They’re called ELECTIONS!!!!!!!

  • Dee

    These idiot Republican Establishment are talking thru their a$$ because their mouth knows better… RINOS like Mr Lugar are out of touch with the Republican rank and file… Mr Lugar needs to be put out to pasture.. Dementia has set in and the only thing he can think of is ‘blame the Tea Party’. We need more Tea Party people in both the House and Senate so they can revamp the pay struture and lower the pay of all of Congress to half pay, no lifetime pensions, regular social security and term limits to all elected officals. After two 4 year terms, it’s back to regular life just as Our Founding Father did back then…

    • T Lady

      They’re starting to freak out. Jim DeMint’s got ’em on the ropes. Keep it up, Jim!!!!

    • Sheila Charmak

      Right on -Jim DeMint is the greatest guy
      and a true conservative. Boy, if he ran
      he’d have Obama on the ropes for sure.These
      Rhinos are nuts-they need to go.

    • righthook

      I love Jim Demint. He would have absolutely been my pick for president this time around. Mike Pence was up there too. At least Pence is running for governor in my state, so I’m thrilled about that.

      Lugar is a total RINO, which is why he’s being targeted by the tea party this election. Richard Mourdock is his opponent, and a true conservative. He’s ahead in the polls, and already has a great reputation in the state.

    • Alexander

      You know, if they spent more time taking care of theor constituent’s business and listen to their wishes, no one, tea party or not, would threaten their position. Fail to listen to the people you were elected to represent, it’s only natural that they would want someone else.

    • http://none munie200212533

      I agree 100%!!!

    • Dale



      I’m beginning to think that the terms should be lengthened and limited to one term. For ex. make Senators’ terms 10 years instead of 6 & representatives’ terms 5 or 6 years instead of 2. It seems that they spend the majority of their time running & positioning for re-election.

    • Jackson TX

      De-Horn the rinos…

    • Larry

      True, True, and Sooo TRUE!

    • Robert Branscome

      I totally agree. Remember the old saying, A dog hit with the rock will bark!!!
      Well he is one of many that are going to bark.

    • Tom Stewart

      Right-On Dee That Is What I Like About Gov Rick Perry Cut Everything In Half. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots & Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  • Dee

    Forgot to say that it is the fault of these RINOS who have no backbone.. they are a bunch of GUTLESS wonders who have no spine and have the audesity to blame everyone but themselves..maybe they are listening too, too much to Obummer as he blames everything and everyone for his failed policies and bad decisions… pretty soon these RINOS will start blaming Bush, or the tsunami, the huricanes and God knows what else but themselves

    • Andee

      Yep, the Tea Party put many new faces into the House and lo and behold, they caved on almost all that has come through for remediation..the worse and most harmful, as well as hateful, is the weakness of the Speaker of the House…we need Third Party candidates to takeover and these Third Party members need to be from the common people, you know we that work for a living, have to budget, believe in the goodness of being a Christian, know what morals, values and ethics are and what they can do for a nation…you know, “we” that believe in the people and in common sense…no has divided the nation along with the thrust for homosexuality being promulgated in our country…Putin told the one in the W House, “it will divide your nation, don’t go down that road.” Paraphrased of course.

    • jimbo999

      Third party candidates usually result in the election of Democrats. They split the Republican vote. Because of them we got 8 years of Clinton, who received less than 50 percent of the vote. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama for 4 more years, something that we can not afford to do.

    • Military Mom

      I think it is about time for a third party President….If anyone has ever read history, this country was never meant to be a TWO PARTY country….Dems…are out for the Dems…Repubs….are out for the Repubs…Not one single person in this administration cares about “We the People”….Sorry I guess I shouldn’t do so much research….God Bless our Troops and God Bless America…..

    • http://x Washington22

      Military Mom, please rethink……….Time for a third party? Talk like that will get us 4 more years of O-bite-me………………No No No Work hard and get the right Republican into the Whitehouse! Then work just as hard to get ALL Republican replacements for the House and Senate. With BOTH houses Republican, we’ll be stronger than ever and we’ll be able to get America on course once again. ABSOLUTELY NO third party………….

    • TimBinNC

      Military Mom,

      I have to gree with Washington22…
      First, since our political structure only allows for a 2 party system we must use the existing political parties to get good, decent people elected. Since the anti-American socialists have completely taken over the democ~rat party our only option is the semi-conservative Republican party to retake our contry from the socialist plants in both parties.

      Then make those candidates promise to work towards an overhaul of our entire election system. The best and most simple way is:
      The top 2 party/candidates in the primaries get to run against each other in the November election. This will make it an even playing field for 3rd and 4th party candidates and will force the parties to clean up their memberships. Since it is entirely impossible to get the socialists out of the democ~rat party, it would force the morons who can’t recognize the company they keep, to the center with the Republican RINOs. Whether true conservatives will stay as/in the Republican party or venture to the Constitutionalist party remains to be seen, but it will take an election or 2 for the shakeup to show as a payoff for the good.

      Don’t give up hope, but don’t give in either.
      Even if we must hold our noses again remember, a slower decline is better than an abrupt stop, which gives us a little more time to adjust the brakes.

  • GrumpyOleMan

    It’s the RINO’s like this ahole that is the reason Republicans do not have the senate. Seven terms is six too many. Time for him to find his calling in life, and it isn’t the US Senate! Term limits people, will fix our problems.

    • Andee

      The House and Senate will never write and pass legislation to this effect..and the reasons are clear..written all over their forheads and hands…corruption, greed, is up to each and every American to make sure term limits are held at two terms each for each House…

  • The Conscience

    Hey people, Lugar represents six terms of the problems we have in the Republican Party. It’s time we get want we need by getting rid of him and all the rest of the bums in Washington. Six terms have passed and what has he done for the people? let’s do this right this time around and send a clear message.

  • SKPatriot , MI

    With Republicans like Lugar who needs Democrats?

    • toosmarttovoteGOP


    • FreeMan

      There really is only 1 party. I call it a snake with two heads. 1 tells 1 story and the other tells another. However, they do exactly the same thing. Where in the Constitution does it authorize a party system?

  • CaptainCrash

    The republicans are a-posed to unions. Working people need unions because big corporations are greedy and will make people work for next to nothing and no benefits. Some corps make millions even billions of $ profit, if they would share some of that with their employees the economy would soar. I think we should do away with both parties and vote people in that do not have a personal agenda. We need to make these people obey the constitution and stay out of our lives.

    • Damon

      CaptainCrash–I gave you the thumbs up because I can agree with the spirit of your writing and your intent but I do believe for the most part you were misunderstood. Having said that, I want to explain to you that the Unions when they started out WERE and use to be good for the people. They protected worker’s rights such as long hours and unsafe working conditions as well as fair pay which is one thing you capitalized on. I do agree with fair pay but the Unions have taken this overboard and when they did not get their way to manipulate big business and corporations, they went on strike, thus closed down plants. Now, how much better off were the workers with no jobs. This plus the over powering regulations on business are what is driving the jobs out of this country. We need to put a stop to this mess and the DEMOCRATS, WHO CLAIM TO BE FOR THE PEOPLE, are the driving force for reaping havoc on the economy. However stated, the Republicans have also had their fair share of treating workers like Peasants in going too far to the right, taking away such labor laws that threaten the security of the safety of workers. I am going to give an example between the Republicans and Democrats of which they work together for the common loss to AMerican freedom and jobs. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION–of which I and most of the country is against. Why hasn’t this been stopped-ANSWER=THE REPUBLICANS love this for big business because the big business supports the Republican party and the illegals will work for less thus creating a job loss to our economy. The Democrats love this because the illegals have been voting and it means more voted for the Democrats–you can see how this is not working for the common good of the United States economy, mixed with over regulations drives the jobs out of the country. If the country could have a third party line that would have a clear written declaration of strict rules for any politician to sign stating they these are the rules to be associated with this party which would be to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights along with a strict moral code that upholds the Christian fabric of which our Nation was founded then I would gladly reign in a third party but until then we have to stick with what we have. I vote Republican and as we all know they are not always the best–by the way–with the third party I envision–either they sign the pledge and abide by it or they are exposed and kicked out of the party–then voted out of office–until this happens, we will not have our country back–this is the reason why I am a member of the Tea Party to help bring about change to the United States.

  • connie

    Let’s face it; the powers that be rule Washington and the world; if yoou put a true patriot in office, they’ll tell him how it’s gonna be and if he refuses to go along they’ll shoot hiim like they did Kennedy, Reagan and Wallace.

    • Sumerian Man

      Not if we all back him! To do so would be political suicide and possible rebellion.

    • Andee

      Yep, Kennedy would not play footsie with Hoover, they were bitter enemies politically, hence he was killed by the government and by a government agent…Oswald was a patsy just as McVeigh..

    • http://PatriotUpdate Kevin

      As much as he is idolized, don’t forget that Kennedy was a bleeding liberal and a “progressive” big Government President.

    • Damon


  • John Hardman

    After six terms as a Senator, it is long past time For you to take your leave from the “GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB” and go quietly into the murk of History.
    I suppose that you are aware that Obama is planning on making a Marxist/Leninist National Socialist Society of our Nation. There are Many like you who have set on your wrinkled old butts and witnessed this blatant election fraud that allowed Obama to get into our White House (with the aid of Nancy Pelosi, who vetted His credentials to be President.)
    My own Congressman Bill YOUNG is guilty of the same sin of silence as many members of House and Senate openly broke their oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution from ENEMIES both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.
    You Sir have tarried to long at the Fair good bye and good riddence. Our Ship is in peril of sinking yet many of your Buddies in DC choose not to lift a finger or voice to at least seem interested in helping.
    The Tea Party approach to returning to the Constitutional Principles that made the United States of America the most successful enterprize in the history of Civilization is far more noble than being complicit in it’s demise by inactivity or worse yet; by sedition or Treason.
    The 2012 Election will give Patriots (that includes Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and so-forth who are also aware that Obama is actually “a Man without a Country”. He has no credentials to show who He is and from whence He came. Obama was born in Kenya, Africa. Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and moved to Indonesia as a Muslim. When He was about 10 years old, His maternal Grandmother from Hawaii brought Him to the USA to live with Her in Hawaii. What is known is not a pretty picture, He is a Marxist Communist, a glib Speaker and a Community Organizer. He is not a Native Born American and cannot legally serve as President…Yet no one in Washington can find the COURAGE to CALL HIM OUT on His outrageous gall (and aiding and abetting from traitors within the halls of House and Senate. And what about those Czars…are you Guys out of your minds..Shame on the whole lot of you sorry malingerers.

    • Icky

      I agree whole heartedly. Wish what you are saying could be shouted from the house tops and maybe we could get some attention on this inposter. I am appalled at why the Congress will not call a spade a spade and expose this “jerk”. We has made a fool out of everyone of them and in turn us. They know what he is and will not do anything.

    • Military Mom

      Thanks for the awesome post John, it was a pleasure reading it….God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America…..

    • Damon

      John Hardman–where in the world have you been, brother. We need more men like you in the United States. I give you an A +.

  • Don39

    Lugar is a two-bit lying defying RINO piece of crap. We do not need the Senate if they are Obama socialist anyway. RINOs are responsible for the demise of the Senate along with their crooked democrat compatriots! RINOs are responsible for the demise of the Constitutional Republic right along side of the crooked thug progressive democrats, to include an illegal occupant of the White House and the sell out of the Armed Forces. RINOs are running true Republicans out of the GOP, just as the Progressives ran true none sociocommunist out of the democrat party. The degrees of difference betweeen them is hardly worth argueing over. And that includes the RINO candidate ROMNEY! Again , in case you missed it the first time Lugar , and the other RINOs are traitors to the Republic and their oathes of office to protect and defend the nation and the Constitution.

    • Andee

      Lincoln was the last President that America had under the Republic…there are two Constitutions, the latter making us a corporation where each of us are nothing more than chattel assets, hence, the teacher in CA was right when she said, “You do not have control of your child.” Constitution for the United States of America vs Constitution of the United States of America. Read, learn and decide.

    • Military Mom

      Amen to that……

  • toosmarttovoteGOP

    For the sake of America and the world let us hope that the headline is true. We can ill afford the depression that the Greedy Olpgarchic Plutonomy will thrust the world into again.

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    Lugies been there too long. His rice bowl is threatened by the newcomers who are tired of the current attitude of “business as usual”. “Business as usual”, meaning protecting incumbent seniority, committee assignments, perks, voting themselves benefits that the rest of us don’t get, and of course, working on their re-election. Many have invested half their adult lifetimes cementing a golden taxpayer paid retirement, deluxe lifetime medical coverage, and all wihtout having served a day in a combat zone other than the District Of Columbia.

  • Belcara

    The Tea Party exists because the Republicans make us sick. They have betrayed everything the conservatives believe in. They are turn coats who have sold the American people down the river or under the bus or however you want to say it. They don’t represent anyone but themselves and we are sick of it! You too,Lugar!@

    • Military Mom

      Thank you Belcara, you are so right….The Tea Party is another scapegoat….I am the Tea Party and I usually only read the smut about us, but lately I have been researching headlines like this one…I have to say that I honestly do not know where these stories come from….I have been to many tea parties and many of us have hair of grey, walking canes or walkers….But we are too radical for Washington D.C…….Go figure…

    • Damon

      Military Mom–well said but I do not have grey hair

  • Jesse

    I’m ready…AND WILLING , to do my part to help organize a MASSIVE march on Washington and call it an ” END THE TREASON MARCH ” and stand at a podium and call these traitorous bastards out BY NAME , one and all . Anybody got any ideas on how to get something like this started, my email address is People we had better band together and do something…doing ANYTHING, is better than doing nothing .

    • Taxpaying Unit

      It may not amount to anything either, but I am trying to serve all the guilty parties in DC with copies of the declaration published by the US Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders in conjunction with their veterans march on DC back on 11/11/11. It calls for the immediate resignation of basically the whole administration (including the czars), the leadership of both houses of Congress, and zero’s two SCOTUS plants, et al., and for the members of the House who didn’t vote for the debt ceiling “deal” to immediately begin impeaching the ones who don’t resign. I don’t have very high expectations, but I agree with you…what we need is, like the country song says, a little less talk and a lot more action. Maybe, if these demands come often enough and loudly enough, we can get some action?

  • Sumerian Man

    “Tricky Dick” Lugar, now here’s a Rino that has yet to see a democratic bill he didn’t like. He and Donnelly of Indiana are two of the biggest socialist benefactors in congress. Not just an embarressment to their respective parties, but to the honest people of Indiana as well. Amazing how vocal they are on little insignigficant bills, but nowhere to be found on the big issues, till after the vote.

    • Sumerian Man

      oops, on the spelling, I’ve been typing a lot lately and my hands and eyes are paying the price, but a small price to pay to try to help get the truth out there and try to get some real human beings elected. I for one have had enough of these overpaid trained monkeys or zombies, or in many cases, felons and traitors. Time to clean house while we (the people) still have a house to clean.

    • Andee

      While not perfect, Paul is the best choice we have..he had fought repeatedly for the Constitution, been ridiculed by we the public, been put down by his own party and of course accused of almost everything under the sun from the Demorats… he does not support the Patriot Act nor the UN…and we need rid of both of them.

    • Military Mom

      Go Dr. Ron Paul…….Gotta love the man….

    • Are you Serious

      Yeah right. What is there to love? The man is senile.

  • raygun

    Well, since some GOPers are Rinos maybe the Tea Partiers are the real conservatives. Maybe if the Tea Party replaces the GOP, we can take the country back from the commies.

  • Gene

    who’s running against Lugar & where can I contribute to that person’s campaign?

  • Jstc

    What Lugar is saying here is that Republicans can’t win unless they act like the proverbial cheap imitation of the Democrats. So, if they do, what’s the point of even voting? The Tea Party is the best things to come along in US politics in 20 years! Ron Paul for President!

  • http://None Sumner Thompson

    Listen up, come 2012 there will be this election that will make or break the USA what little IS left! The GOP IS going to put up a candidate and that person is who we MUST SUPPORT, love him/her or lump them, that will be our candidate. If you want another four years of what you are seeing now, then stay home and let President Zero and his band of thieves stay in Washington. Myself, I am going to support the GOP choice and do a lot of praying. You should too or you will know the consequences. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Korean Vet

    If you want to know–“who chopped down that
    Cherry-Tree”-! (Don’t look at the Voters-!)
    Even voters’ Kids like Cherries, plus their
    parents also-! If you’re growing “Skunk
    Cabbage”–then don’t be surprised to find
    them chopped-down-! RINO’s are being taken
    to the Dump-! If you’re not a conservative,
    “Leave Now & Save the Tax-Payers’ from using
    money in expensive Elections”-!

  • Co-opted Confederate

    If Luger is the GOP’s “best Chance” Why Hasn’t he initated impeachment procedures through his collegues from Indiana in the house. If the Republicans had half as much brains as they do money they would all jump ship and become Tea Partyers.or wholey embrace the tea party adopt their Platform, positions,and kiskick obama snd the neo commie Democrats so hard and far out of D.C. that. they soil their knickers before they hit the city limits.

  • Moe

    Sounds like he is just another faux Republican who is quietly (?) upholding Obama’s stratagies of destroying the freedoms we are guananteed in our Constitution.

    At what poiint, at what bribe, at what cost does someone sworn to uphold our Constitution, join those determined to destroy it?

  • Moe

    When those who claim to be with us, deny us, then you must ask how deeply are we embedded with those who willingly advocate the destruction of our Constitution.
    Please read again and again the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independance. Are we coming to a time when we as American Citizens will need to invoke it once more?
    The time seems to be coming near when we will be called to Choose Sides.

    • Military Mom

      You are also right….God help us all…..

  • Adrian Vance

    The old guard Republicans are really members of the party of THEM. When elected they revert to the evil side and spend all their time dreaming up schemes to steal from US.

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

  • http://waitingforindependence Independentwaitingforindepence

    You incumbents wouldn’t be so worried if you had gotten off you butts and done something in the last 10 years, except talk.
    New blood is the only answer. Remove the democrats and rhino’s in the senate, restore we the people are in charge. Do the people’s bidding or find another job.

  • Donna Dawson

    No doubt Lugar and his ilk have to go. However, we have the “Tea Party” elected that voted YES for NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act. This egregious act is a treasonous one against American Citizens and totally eviscerates the 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution. Our Bill of Rights is dead in America and we must also thank those same, go along to get along, Tea Party electorate for condemning whichever American this and future president’s deem a “terrorist” threat.
    If this is our future with Tea Party Candidates then I say no thank you to them. If one elected to office cannot uphold our Bill of Rights they are not fit to “serve” and should also be removed post haste.

  • traitors in gov

    Go Tea Party.. The only thing a Luger is good for is to put ammo in it.. other than that it is all wind…

    blow away Luger.. time to shut up and go home.. you will be voted out if there is an election in 2012…

  • http://PatriotUpdate Kevin

    Sour grapes Dick. You have been in office too long anyway – time to pick someone who is not a RINO.

  • brs

    Dick Lugar is target one and he his reacting by attacking the very base that is unhappy with him. Lugar has to go.

  • James D. Burke

    Senator Luger sat on his manicured fingers while the left eviscerated the nation. Did Luger question Obama about what the President meant by “Fundamentally Transforming” the country?? Did Luger ever stand firm and say “this far and no farther.” Luger made NO stand against the disembowelling of the Nation by Obama? Fact is “the republican party has committed political fornication with the left on a continuous basis for 80 years. The republican party sit on its hands while the “left” took over our colleges, universities, the media, and other civic organizations across America. The republicans helped the left bankrupt America. The republican party, with the aid of the likes of Luger,are helping to isolate freedom loving people and now has the audacity to blame the Tea Party republicans. The republican party has bought into the Hegelian philosophy and helped shift the nation to where Russia found herself just prior to the Communist revolution led by Lenin. Luger has gone from gold, to brass, to tin then to lead and has become dead weight on the life of freedom.

    • Taxpaying Unit

      Very, very well said. Thank you!

  • AVCurmudgeon

    The reason the GOP is not a majority is because the GOP, standing as it does as the right wing of the Democratic Party, does not deserve to have a majority. I hope we are able to unseat Obama in 2012, and after that give the GOP the burial it so richly deserves.